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00:15 Hello, I'm Eric Garloff, your host for Walking With Jesus.
00:18 History often remembers people for what they have accomplished
00:22 in their lives.
00:23 To gain a greater insight into the life of an individual
00:26 we often study what they stood for, what kind of character
00:30 they possessed, what impact they had on society,
00:33 and in the world, etc.
00:35 So it is with God also.
00:38 Today, in episode number 10 we're going to be talking about
00:42 gaining a knowledge of God.
00:45 In past programs we have mentioned that God's
00:49 fingerprints, so to speak, can be seen in the things
00:52 He has created.
00:54 Studying His creation then becomes one of the ways we can
00:58 gain a deeper knowledge of God Himself.
01:00 As we do this we learn of His infinite wisdom and power.
01:05 We experience something of His endless love for humanity
01:09 as He prepared a world of infinite marvels and beauty
01:13 for us to enjoy.
01:14 The unsearchable secrets of the universe lie with Him as He
01:19 has created and ordained all things that are, and all things
01:23 that will ever be.
01:24 All nature, whether found on land, or in the sea,
01:27 or in the heavens above testify and proclaim something about
01:31 the God of Creation.
01:33 This is just one of the many avenues in which a person can
01:36 experience God and gain a knowledge of Him.
01:39 Before I continue, however, I'd like to point out one thing.
01:43 Every man, woman, and child would do well to keep an open
01:47 mind about the existence of God.
01:49 You see many have already made up their minds and claim
01:53 that there is no God, but this is a reckless and irresponsible
01:57 path to follow.
01:58 Here's what I mean by that.
02:02 If a person assumes there is no God, and he or she lives
02:06 their life according to that belief, and then finds out
02:09 at the end of time that God really does exist,
02:12 then that person has forfeited their eternal life because they
02:16 rejected the only One who could save them from eternal death.
02:21 On the other hand, what could you possibly lose by believing
02:25 in Jesus as the Savior of the world, and by following Him
02:28 in doing good for others?
02:29 Friends, there's absolutely nothing to lose, but I tell you
02:33 today, there's everything to gain.
02:35 A second avenue that you can examine to gain a knowledge
02:39 of God is to study the miracles found in the historical writings
02:44 of the Bible.
02:45 For example, just recently I saw a story floating around
02:49 on the internet where the scientists claimed that they can
02:52 explain the parting of the Red Sea.
02:56 Now they said that a constant wind blowing at 65-67 mph
03:02 would be enough to hold back the water at a certain location
03:05 of the Red Sea.
03:06 This would then permit the children of Israel to walk over
03:10 to the other side.
03:11 Now the people who were saying this did not believe in the
03:14 miracle which God had performed at the Red Sea.
03:17 They were trying to find a scientific explanation
03:21 to eliminate God from the equation.
03:23 However, when you study the Biblical account,
03:26 you will notice things which cannot be answered by the
03:30 scientific explanation that was proposed.
03:32 One such detail, which the scientists admitted
03:36 in this article themselves, is the fact that the Bible account
03:40 states the children of Israel walked through the parted Sea,
03:44 which had a wall of water on both sides, on their left
03:47 and on their right.
03:51 You see, my friend, when God works a miracle there is no
03:55 human explanation for it.
03:56 In the case the scientists proposed the water would have
04:00 only formed a wall of water upstream from them.
04:04 The down stream water would have all flowed away,
04:07 and the rest of the seabed downstream from them
04:10 would have been emptied, as the water would have continued
04:13 to flow away.
04:16 The scientist's explanation would have had some really
04:21 unbelievable timing attached to it as well as the Biblical
04:25 account said that God parted the sea to provide the children
04:28 of Israel an escape route from the pursuing Egyptian army.
04:32 Not only that, but the sea only remained parted long enough
04:37 for the Israelites to safely pass through after which
04:41 the sea closed up again just in time to swallow up the whole
04:44 Egyptian army that had entered the sea in pursuit
04:47 of the Israelites.
04:48 Yes, my friend, there is just too much coincidence here,
04:53 don't you think?
04:54 Too many orchestrated events of timing to actually think
04:59 this was a freak of nature, a thing of chance,
05:02 something which just happened at the right time,
05:04 and for the exact length of time needed to accomplish their
05:08 escape, and the destruction of the Egyptian army.
05:12 There are at least three other avenues which can be explored
05:16 and which will lead you into a deeper knowledge of God.
05:19 I would suggest that all five of these avenues
05:22 that I'm sharing with you here today should be traveled
05:25 in your search of a knowledge of God.
05:27 Just to recap, we have already spoken of finding God in nature,
05:32 and also in the historical accounts of the Bible.
05:35 The next place you can find God is in the prophetic events
05:39 of the Bible.
05:40 Now, the fulfillment of these prophetic events can also be
05:44 tied to history, but what makes the prophetic events different,
05:48 and a separate avenue of research is the fact that
05:52 prophecy is something which is told before it happens.
05:55 Many of these things just simply could not be known by man.
05:59 They had to be spoken by an all knowing God; a God who knows
06:04 the end from the beginning, a God who guides the events
06:08 of time and knows the course that humanity will trod.
06:11 There are many prophecies in the Bible which display
06:15 the foreknowledge, and the study of these will leave you utterly
06:19 amazed at the accuracy of their exact fulfillment.
06:23 There are prophecies which predict the rise and fall
06:27 of successive nations, impacting the landscape of the world
06:31 as we know it today.
06:32 There are prophecies which predict local events
06:36 in the lives of individual people.
06:38 There are prophecies which predicted the exact time the
06:42 Messiah would come, how long He would minister to humanity
06:45 on this earth, and when He would give His life as our Savior.
06:49 There are also prophecies concerning the setting up
06:53 of God's kingdom here on this earth.
06:56 Now most prophecies have already taken place with great accuracy.
07:02 And when we see these having already been fulfilled,
07:05 we are inspired with trust in God and believe in His word
07:09 that those prophecies yet to come will also be fulfilled
07:13 exactly as He has predicted.
07:17 The fourth avenue that a person can follow, to gain a knowledge
07:21 of God, is in finding other people who themselves
07:24 have already traveled these same roads.
07:26 A person can gain much from talking to those who have
07:29 already had this personal experience with God.
07:32 That's why it's so important as Christians to share
07:36 one's faith with others.
07:37 It is here where we can fill in the information that they need
07:41 to find a deeper and more fulfilling knowledge of God
07:45 in their own lives.
07:46 This sharing of our faith, however, must also be
07:49 accompanied by a life which has been transformed
07:51 by the grace of God; a life which reflects the character
07:55 of God, and proclaims what God has done for you,
07:58 or for me, for us.
08:00 Perhaps the most important avenue to gaining a knowledge
08:04 of God is the fifth avenue, which I'm going to mention
08:06 right now.
08:07 This is the study of the story of redemption in the life
08:10 of Jesus as found in the Holy Bible.
08:12 The book, Steps to Christ, has this to say about the fifth
08:16 avenue, and it's found on page 61.
08:55 Our faith and love will grow stronger, and our prayers
08:59 will be more and more acceptable to God because they will be
09:03 more and more mixed with faith and love.
09:06 They will be intelligent and fervent.
09:42 As we just saw in this passage, the infinite mercy and love
09:47 of Jesus, the sacrifice made on our behalf, call for the most
09:51 serious and solemn reflection.
09:52 I truly believe it's by traveling in this avenue
09:56 that a person will discover the riches of obtaining a knowledge
09:59 of God, and where a person will find the strength and desire
10:03 to travel the other avenues leading to an even deeper
10:06 understanding and knowledge of God.
10:09 So then, my friends, I encourage every one of you who is
10:13 searching for a knowledge of God to follow these five avenues
10:17 with an open heart, and an open mind.
10:19 The promise of God in Jeremiah 29:13 is:
10:31 Yes, friend, if you search for God with all of your heart,
10:34 you will find Him.
10:35 He will speak to your conscience and lead you along the pathway
10:40 of life.
10:41 Just to recap now, these five avenues, once again,
10:44 are as follows: 1. The study of nature,
10:48 leading you to see the fingerprints of God
10:50 in His creation.
10:51 2. The study of Biblical history, especially focusing
10:55 on the miracles of the Bible, and leading you into an
10:58 understanding of the awesome power of God.
11:00 Another is the study of the prophetic events of the Bible
11:04 proving that no matter how bad things may look, or get,
11:08 that God is still in control of the universe.
11:10 A study, so to speak, in the movement of God in the lives of
11:15 real people as you meet them in your daily search, learning how
11:20 God has worked in, and impacted their own life.
11:23 And finally, and most importantly, a study of the
11:26 redemption story proving God's great love for you
11:30 was manifested in the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross of Calvary
11:33 for your sins and for mine.
11:38 A few words of wisdom in regards to reading the Bible are found
11:41 in Steps to Christ, page 62, which says, There is but little
11:45 benefit derived from a hasty reading of the scriptures.
12:35 But there are others whose meaning does not lie on the
12:38 surface to be seen at a glance.
12:40 Scripture must be compared with scripture.
13:16 So you see, my friends, it's vitally important that we come
13:20 to the Bible with the right intentions asking God in prayer
13:24 to reveal Himself to us as we study His Holy Word.
13:27 I pray this program has helped to guide you in your thoughts
13:31 and your plans to gain a deeper knowledge of God.
13:35 In doing this you will not only come to know Him personally,
13:38 but you will also continue to grow in Him day by day.
13:41 May God, according to His mercy and grace grant you
13:45 that which you need the most as you continue walking with Jesus.
13:53 Growing your walk with Jesus is very important, so we ask you
13:57 to read your Bible each day, and practice what you learn
14:01 on a daily basis.
14:02 Join us for our next program where we will discuss
14:06 how you can open your heart to God.


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