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00:15 Welcome, and thank you for joining me.
00:17 I'm Eric Garloff, your host for Walking With Jesus.
00:20 In this, our twelfth episode in this series, we're going to be
00:23 talking about Casting Your Doubts Away.
00:25 In today's day and age it seems that there are skeptics
00:28 everywhere you turn.
00:29 It seems you can't believe in anything or anyone without
00:33 having someone contradict what you think or believe.
00:35 As time goes on this type of skepticism will only increase
00:40 especially as it pertains to the religious community.
00:45 Voices will arise from every direction; voices attempting to
00:49 draw people away from God.
00:50 These voices will come from strangers, from friends,
00:53 and perhaps even from our own family or relatives.
00:55 There will be voices of doubt, voices of discouragement,
00:59 and voices of uncertainty, voices attempting to distract,
01:03 to discredit you, or to insinuate you're foolish
01:06 and uneducated, voices which if not dealt with properly
01:10 may even cause you to begin questioning your own beliefs
01:13 or abandon them altogether.
01:15 These voices are employed by the enemy to break down our faith
01:18 in God, and to ultimately destroy our walk with Jesus.
01:22 So now that we've exposed these tactics of the enemy,
01:25 we can formulate a defense to his attacks.
01:28 The number one defensive weapon that you can carry in your
01:32 arsenal is the Holy Bible.
01:34 But our defense is not gained by simply carrying
01:37 the Bible around, but rather our defense is found in reading
01:41 and studying the Bible with the belief that is God's inspired
01:45 word to our soul.
01:47 Our defense for the skeptics is to have the attitude that
01:51 if the Bible says it, I believe it.
01:54 We have pointed out before during this series that history
01:57 has validated, vindicated the Bible, that archeology
02:01 has vindicated the Bible as well, that science has validated
02:05 the Bible.
02:06 Therefore we have no reason to doubt the Bible,
02:09 and every reason to believe it's divinely inspired writings.
02:15 God has proven over and over again it's accuracy
02:18 and its relevancy.
02:20 Therefore, I say again, If the Bible says it, I believe it
02:25 should be the motto of every Christian today.
02:27 Steps to Christ, page 75, 76 says:
02:45 And many other subjects presented in the Bible are
02:48 mysterious and too deep for the human mind to explain
02:52 or even fully to comprehend, but we have no reason to doubt
02:57 God's word because we can't understand the mysteries
02:59 of His providence.
03:14 Should we then be surprised to find that in the spiritual
03:19 world also there are mysteries that we cannot fathom?
03:22 The difficulty lies solely in the weakness and narrowness
03:26 of the human mind.
03:27 God has given us, in the scriptures, sufficient evidence
03:31 of their divine character.
03:33 We are not to doubt His word because we cannot understand
03:37 all of the mysteries of His providence.
04:28 So to put it plainly, in a few words, the very complexity
04:32 of the Bible declares to us the superiority and intelligence
04:35 of it's divine inspiration.
04:39 In fact, the Holy Bible is the best selling book of all times;
04:42 selling an estimated six billion copies worldwide.
04:45 Many of it's truths can be easily be discerned by a child,
04:48 yet at the same time its complexity and profoundness
04:51 can cause the worlds greatest thinkers to ponder its passages
04:55 while searching for its deep hidden meanings.
04:57 These deep meanings can only be understood by the sincere
05:02 seeker of truth as the Holy Spirit enlightens the mind,
05:05 and reveals them to the honest in heart.
05:07 The Bible's literary style also varies as does it's authors.
05:12 Yet each one when studied and diligently compared
05:16 is in complete agreement with the other.
05:18 The very fact that the Bible is so simple, on one hand,
05:21 and yet so far reaching into the very core of humanity,
05:24 on the other, leads many a skeptic to reject it
05:28 simply because they cannot fully understand
05:30 its hidden treasures.
05:32 The Apostle Paul says in Hebrews 3:12:
05:43 In the book of Deuteronomy 29:29 we find a passage which says:
05:57 So you see, my friend, God wants us to understand we're not going
06:02 to answer every question, every doubt, or every concern that the
06:05 skeptics throw our way, but He does want us to stand firm
06:09 on those things which He has already revealed to us,
06:12 which we do know and understand, placing our faith and our full
06:16 trust in Him.
06:18 When the time is right God will enlighten His people more fully
06:23 to the wonderful truths still hidden in His Holy Word.
06:26 Until then, however, God intends for us to be constantly
06:30 searching His word of truth for deeper meaning,
06:33 and for guidance, but this will only come as we seek Him
06:36 in prayer and ask for the presence and the power
06:39 of the Holy Spirit to enlighten us.
06:41 Friends, the Savior's promise to His followers in John 16:13
06:47 is: When he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide
06:51 you into all truth...
06:52 Yes, the same Holy Spirit, which led the men of old
06:56 to write the Holy Scriptures is the same Holy Spirit we need
07:00 so that we might understand what the Holy Scriptures say.
07:05 Once again, turning in the book, Steps to Christ, pages 78, 79
07:09 we read this: When we come to the Bible reason must
07:14 acknowledge an authority superior to itself,
07:16 and heart and intellect must bow to the great I Am.
08:09 however learned they may be they are liable to error in their
08:13 understanding of scripture, and it is not safe to trust
08:17 their explanations.
08:55 and a willingness of heart to obey it.
08:58 And all who come to this spirit, to the study of the Bible
09:02 will find abundant evidence that it is God's word,
09:05 and they may gain an understanding of its truths
09:09 that will make them wise unto salvation.
09:13 It would stand to reason then that a person's salvation,
09:17 his or her destiny eternal, should be the most important
09:20 thing in their life.
09:21 Why is it then that many who profess Christianity
09:25 will very rarely, or sometimes even never, pick up the Bible
09:28 and search it for the words of knowledge, truth, and life?
09:34 We should, indeed, be in the word of God every day,
09:36 and thus we will guard our soul against the attacks
09:39 of our enemy.
09:40 In this way the Christian puts on his or her armor to withstand
09:44 the poison darts of the skeptics.
09:46 Jesus said in John 7:17:
09:52 In other words, knowledge is imparted as we act
09:55 upon His will.
09:56 In addition to placing yourself in God's word
09:58 on a regular basis, we can also guard ourselves from the attacks
10:02 of the skeptics by gathering together on a regular basis
10:05 with fellow believers.
10:06 This is very important, and it's a very important part of keeping
10:09 our faith strong and healthy.
10:11 So much so that the Bible says in Hebrews 10:25:
10:25 What day is the Bible writer speaking about?
10:27 He's speaking about the day when the Lord Jesus will return.
10:31 In other words, he is saying, as more and more time goes by
10:35 the need to draw nearer to each other in spiritual fellowship
10:39 grows greater and greater.
10:43 Friends, doubts are nothing more than a seed planted in
10:47 your mind by the enemy.
10:49 That's why it's so important to deal with your doubts
10:51 right away, before they have a chance to take root
10:55 and spring up into something larger.
10:58 Romans 10:17 says: Faith comes by hearing,
11:02 and hearing by the word of God.
11:04 So God brings us full circle in our faith.
11:07 But for our faith to grow, we need to keep ourselves
11:11 in the word of God.
11:12 If you have any doubts take them to the Lord right away.
11:16 This is where you'll find the strength to choke the seeds of
11:19 doubt before it chokes your faith.
11:21 So what if you say your faith is weak, or you don't know if
11:27 you have enough faith to believe in Jesus?
11:29 Well, in that case, I'd like to remind you of Paul's words
11:33 found in Romans 12:3 where we read that:
11:40 Think about that.
11:42 God would not call you to believe in Him if He had not
11:45 already given you the gift of faith in the first place
11:48 because it is only through faith that you will believe.
11:53 According to John 3:16 Jesus died, that whosoever believes
11:56 in Him might not perish, but have everlasting life.
11:59 Friend, I'm so glad that God used the word whosoever
12:05 in that verse because that word is very, very important.
12:08 That word whosoever means any; anyone who believes in Him.
12:12 It means every; everyone who believes in Him.
12:15 It means all; all who believe in Him.
12:18 It means as many as; as many as believe in Him shall not
12:24 perish but have everlasting life.
12:26 Aren't you glad God used the word which includes
12:28 all of mankind?
12:29 You should be because that means He's included you as well.
12:32 It means all mankind has been given a measure of faith,
12:36 and that measure of faith nurtured and strengthened
12:39 will carry you through every trial until you see the return
12:42 of Jesus in the clouds of heaven.
12:45 My words of encouragement to you are to keep reading
12:48 the Holy Bible.
12:49 Keep praying to God and ask Him to increase your faith,
12:51 thereby protecting you from the seeds of doubt.
12:54 Then step out in faith and exercise your faith,
12:58 and you will soon see God's power working in your life.
13:01 As you keep on walking with Jesus, please pray and ask God
13:06 for guidance.
13:07 Now, until we meet again next time for our final episode
13:10 in this series, the staff of Sapphire Throne Media would like
13:13 to wish upon you, and your loved ones, the many blessings
13:17 of Almighty God.
13:18 May His love and mercy shower down upon you.
13:24 Walking with Jesus is exciting.
13:27 No one but Jesus can give you eternal life.
13:30 We pray you draw close to Him every day as you
13:34 study the Bible.
13:35 Our next episode is Happiness in Jesus.
13:38 Please be sure to join us.


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