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00:01 Welcome, and thank you for tuning into this exciting
00:03 edition of Walking With Jesus.
00:22 Hello, I'm Eric Garloff, your host for Walking With Jesus.
00:24 I pray this series has been as much a blessing for you
00:28 as it has been for us to produce.
00:30 I say that because we're now on episode number thirteen
00:33 which is the last in this series.
00:36 Now that may sadden some of you, but our topic for this
00:39 episode is titled, Be Happy and Rejoice In Jesus.
00:43 So let's get started and learn how to be happy in Jesus.
00:47 God has designed our bodies to collect large amounts of data
00:50 through the senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste,
00:54 and smell.
00:55 And whether you like it or not, every time you see someone
00:58 your brain is storing up data, or information
01:01 about that person.
01:02 Based on this information a person tends to make certain
01:05 assumptions about people.
01:07 You could call it stereotyping.
01:09 Now this could be a good thing or it could be a bad thing.
01:12 Let me give you an example.
01:14 Your car breaks down in a section of town which is known
01:18 for its violent crime.
01:19 Worse yet, it's midnight and there's very little light
01:23 in the street.
01:24 You notice a group of people coming down the street
01:26 towards you, and they're carrying clubs and chains.
01:30 They have not seen you yet in your car, so you kind of hunch
01:33 down a little bit, and you try to conceal yourself.
01:36 Your hands are getting cold, clammy and sweaty,
01:39 and your heart is pumping like it's going to jump
01:41 out of your chest.
01:42 Now let me ask you a question.
01:44 Are you about to get out of your car and ask them to help you?
01:48 Of course not, because your brain is telling you
01:51 this is not a safe environment to be in.
01:54 Now before they reach your car you see two policemen,
01:58 in your rear view mirror, coming down the street behind you.
02:02 The group of people with the clubs and chains duck into
02:05 an alley and disappear.
02:07 You now jump out of your car and ask the policemen to help
02:11 you to safety.
02:12 What just happened?
02:14 Your brain gathered information about the people you saw,
02:17 and you based your actions and reactions upon that information.
02:20 Some people may call this common sense, others may call it
02:24 survival instinct, or good judgment, or even being
02:28 street smart.
02:29 But no matter what you call it, it's a result of the information
02:33 that your brain gathered while you were watching those people.
02:39 Knowing that this happens, and understanding the fact
02:42 that it happens, can be one of the best tools a Christian
02:45 can use to share Jesus with others.
02:47 It's like a story that I once heard where a little girl
02:51 was told by her mother that Jesus lives within us.
02:54 Then one day while she was in church listening to the pastor
02:58 the pastor said something that got the little girl thinking.
03:02 On their way home after the church service the girl's mother
03:06 said to her, Dear, I noticed that you have something
03:09 on your mind.
03:10 Would you like to share it with mother?
03:12 The little girl said, Mommy, you always tell me that Jesus
03:17 is inside of me.
03:18 Her mother replied, That's right dear.
03:20 Jesus is inside of you.
03:22 Then the little girl said, Well, today the pastor said that Jesus
03:27 is bigger than all of us.
03:28 The mother replied again, Yes, that's right sweetie.
03:32 Jesus is bigger than all of us.
03:33 Then the little girl said, Well, mother, if Jesus is inside of
03:38 us, and if Jesus is bigger than us, wouldn't He show through?
03:42 Now that's what we're talking about here today.
03:44 Let me ask you, Is Jesus showing through in your life?
03:48 When people watch you do they see Jesus showing through you?
03:52 What is your daily mind-set?
03:55 How do you act?
03:56 How do you dress?
03:58 Can someone observing you, in your daily life, see that there
04:02 is something different about you?
04:04 Can they see, in your character, in your selection of words,
04:08 in your actions, and reactions, the love of Jesus?
04:12 Can they tell that just as the disciples of old walked with
04:16 Jesus, that you, too, are walking with Jesus?
04:21 If the answers to these questions is yes,
04:24 then praise the Lord!
04:25 But if the answer is, No, then perhaps you should be spending
04:29 more time in prayer with God, and ask Him to give you
04:32 the fruit of the Holy Spirit, that there may be something
04:35 within you that others desire and are drawn to Jesus.
04:39 From the book, Steps to Christ, page 81 and 82,
04:42 we find this passage:
05:28 So you see, my friend, it is very important how we live our
05:31 lives in the sight of others.
05:33 They will read us like a book whenever they see us,
05:37 and our book should be telling them that Jesus is within us,
05:42 that we have been walking with Jesus, and that He is our
05:46 guide in life.
05:47 Dr. Floyd Foust, back in March of '89 said, Early in my
05:51 ministry I met a man named Worrell.
05:53 He had been stricken with Rheumatoid Arthritis
05:56 at the age of 15, and when I met him 30 years later,
05:59 at the age of 45, Worrell was totally paralyzed,
06:03 except for one finger, and at that time he could barely speak,
06:07 and was totally blind.
06:08 But he had a string tied to that one mobile finger;
06:11 a string that could turn on and off a tape recorder.
06:14 Although he struggled to speak, he spoke into the recorder,
06:19 and in doing so he wrote for national magazines.
06:23 He authored books and led a happy and influential life
06:26 from his bed.
06:27 This was possible because after initial prayers brought
06:31 no healing, he accepted his lot in life,
06:34 and graciously said, Well, Lord, If this is the size plot in life
06:38 you've staked out for me, let's You and me together,
06:41 show the world what we can grow on it.
06:45 Down the path of humble acceptance, Worrell achieved
06:48 a happier and more useful life within the limitations
06:51 of very restricted circumstances than most people will ever
06:55 manage with excellent physical health.
06:57 II Corinthians 12:9 says:
07:11 How is it with you, my friend?
07:13 How do you handle yourself in the midst of your trials,
07:17 your sickness, or even tragedy?
07:20 If we're walking with Jesus, you can be sure that He has the
07:25 strength and power to give us the attitude of Worrell.
07:29 Once again, his attitude was such that he said, Well, Lord,
07:33 if this is the size of plot in life You've staked out for me,
07:36 let's You and me, together, show the world what we can
07:39 grow on it.
07:40 If each of our lives displayed this kind of attitude,
07:44 then I believe Christianity would become contagious,
07:47 and people would be coming into the church in much larger
07:51 numbers than what we see them coming in today.
07:53 The Apostle Paul said in Philippians 1:12-14:
08:19 Yes, whether you know it or not, whether you like it or not,
08:23 people are watching you to see how you handle your trials.
08:27 And the way you respond to your trials on a daily basis
08:30 can be one of the most powerful witnessing tools you have
08:34 to draw the hearts and minds of those around you into a
08:37 loving relationship with Jesus.
08:41 There are many Bible verses which bring us comfort
08:44 and understanding, and I'd like to share two of those
08:47 with you just now.
08:48 The first is found in the book of Romans 8:28, which says:
09:01 The second text is found in Jeremiah 29:11, which says:
09:13 You see, God really does have a plan for your life.
09:16 His plan is to fill you with His Holy Spirit, and use you
09:19 as a joy filled Christian, to reflect His image
09:22 and character to those around you; to those who are secretly
09:26 watching you.
09:27 God does have a plan, and it's a plan to prosper you.
09:32 It's a plan of hope.
09:34 It's a plan that will give you a future, and lead you into
09:38 His kingdom, Amen?
09:39 There is so much more that I'd like to share with you
09:42 from the book Steps to Christ, and since this is our last
09:45 program, I'd like to try to pack in as much of it
09:47 as I possibly can.
09:48 So here is a passage from page 85 and 86 of Steps to Christ:
10:25 There are many who have an erroneous idea of the life
10:29 and character of Christ.
10:30 They think that He was devoid of warmth and sunnyness.
10:33 That He was stern, severe, and joyless.
10:36 In many cases the whole religious experience is colored
10:39 by the gloomy views.
11:19 but never gloomy or morose.
11:38 It does not quench the light of joy.
11:41 It does not restrain cheerfulness nor cloud
11:44 the sunny, smiling face.
11:45 Christ came not to be ministered unto but to minister.
11:49 And when His love reigns in the heart, we shall follow
11:53 His example.
12:41 Jesus said in John 15:11, These things have I spoken unto you
12:45 that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full.
12:49 Isn't it wonderful to serve a loving God who wants our lives
12:53 to be filled with love, joy, and peace?
12:55 In closing, I'd like to quote you the closing paragraph found
13:00 in Steps to Christ.
13:01 It's on page 90.
13:02 In view of the glorious inheritance that may be his,
13:06 what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?
13:10 He may be poor yet he posses in himself a wealth and dignity
13:15 that the world could never bestow.
13:18 The soul redeemed and cleansed from sin, with all its noble
13:21 powers dedicated to the service of God is of surpassing worth,
13:26 and there is joy in heaven in the presence of God,
13:29 and the Holy Angels, over one soul redeemed; a joy that
13:33 is expressed in songs of Holy triumph.
13:37 Friend, I pray that you have enjoyed this series,
13:40 and I pray that in all you do you'll find yourself
13:43 walking with Jesus in joy and happiness.
13:47 May God bless you and your loved ones.
13:53 This was the closing episode in our series.
13:56 We pray it's been a blessing to you.
13:59 May God be with you and your loved ones, and may you always
14:03 be found walking with Jesus, and growing in His love
14:07 and grace.


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