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Christ or Barabbas

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Participants: Kenny Shelton


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00:48 Welcome to Fall Camp Meeting Homecoming 2016!
00:52 Have you been blessed? Amen!
00:54 What did I tell you? What an inspiration from last night
00:57 for those of you that were here last night.
00:58 Those of you that joined us on 3ABN or listened on the radio:
01:02 we hope you were blessed. We know we were blessed
01:04 for being here. It's just... To me it's a taste
01:08 of what heaven's going to be like, isn't it?
01:09 To be able to be together to worship the Lord,
01:12 but in heaven we'll be able to do that face to face with Him.
01:15 Won't that be amazing?
01:17 And it's a blessing to be here at Camp Meeting.
01:19 And I know last night we had a raise of hands for those that
01:22 were here for the first time for Camp Meeting
01:23 and quite a few of you were here for the first time.
01:26 And it's a blessing to have you here. Maybe you've just
01:28 joined us for the first time on 3ABN.
01:31 We hope that it's not your last but that it will continue.
01:33 And also, coming to 3ABN... we hope this is just
01:36 part of your tradition if you want to call it that.
01:38 We have the Fall Camp Meeting; we have the Spring Camp Meeting.
01:41 It's always a blessing to be together to worship the Lord.
01:45 And I know 3ABN is a team effort.
01:48 You know, you have those that are on 3ABN
01:49 but 3ABN is you all
01:51 and 3ABN is you at home as well.
01:53 You know, it's a team... because as we pray
01:56 and as you pray and as you support financially
01:59 the ministry of 3ABN many souls around the world -
02:02 And isn't that incredible? -
02:04 are being won to Jesus Christ.
02:05 You think about it: while we're sleeping...
02:07 You're in a tent here at Camp Meeting. That seems like
02:10 camping... Camp Meeting. But you think about it:
02:13 you're sleeping in your tent or your hotel room,
02:15 Jill and I at home.
02:17 The message is going out around the world 24/7.
02:20 And it won't be until heaven that we'll find the full story
02:24 of what God has done. So thank you again...
02:26 thank you for supporting the ministry of 3ABN.
02:29 This morning we're going to be blessed
02:30 with a message by Pastor Kenny Shelton.
02:33 He has been, of course, with Danny since the very beginning
02:36 of 3ABN and has been there right with him.
02:39 We appreciate his ministry and his wife, Chris,
02:41 and the ministry and the bless- ing they are to us here at 3ABN.
02:45 And of course, for you that have been following on 3ABN
02:48 for many years you're very familiar with them.
02:50 We also before he speaks have Vonda Beerman.
02:54 She is going to be bringing us special music
02:57 a great song called No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus.
03:01 Isn't that a blessing? Christ definitely cares
03:03 for each one of us. She and her husband Merlin -
03:06 he is unfortunately not able to be here
03:08 for our Camp Meeting - but they have been a part of 3ABN
03:10 for many years. But before we start let's open in prayer.
03:13 Father in heaven, what a blessing it is
03:15 to be here at Camp Meeting to hear Your Word,
03:20 Lord, just broken down by Your servants.
03:23 And, Lord, we know that we can hear so many messages
03:27 but, Lord, we want Your Holy Spirit as You're speaking
03:29 to us and convicting us, that it would take root in our hearts.
03:33 And Father, it wouldn't be like "Oh, that was a great sermon"
03:35 but, Lord, it would become part of us and that as You speak
03:38 to us we would listen and obey. Be with Pastor Kenny
03:41 as he brings us the message today. Be with Vonda
03:44 as she brings us the song in worship.
03:46 Lord, that You would be with them as they present Your
03:49 message. Be with those that are in attendance,
03:51 those that are viewing on 3ABN. Lord, bless them
03:53 in a special way. And in Jesus' name we pray,
03:57 Amen.
04:17 I would love to tell you what I think of Jesus
04:24 since I've found in Him
04:27 a Friend so strong and true.
04:32 I would tell you how He changed my life
04:37 completely...
04:42 He did something that no other Friend
04:46 could do.
04:50 No one ever cared for me
04:57 like Jesus...
04:59 There's no other friend so kind
05:04 as He.
05:08 No one else can take the sin
05:12 and darkness from me.
05:18 Oh how much
05:20 He cares for me.
05:35 Every day He comes to me
05:39 with new assurance.
05:43 More and more I understand
05:47 His words of love.
05:51 But I'll never know just why
05:55 He came to save me
06:00 till some day
06:02 I see His blessed face above.
06:08 No one ever cared for me
06:14 like Jesus...
06:17 There's no other friend so kind
06:22 as He.
06:25 No one else can take the sin
06:30 and darkness from me.
06:36 Oh how much He cares...
06:40 oh how much He cares...
06:45 oh how much He cares
06:51 for
06:56 me!
07:05 Amen!
07:11 Amen! Praise the Lord!
07:13 No one ever cared for me like Jesus.
07:16 Now that's a fact, isn't it?
07:18 Good to see each and every one. We welcome those of you
07:20 visiting us around the world and those who are here
07:22 for the Camp Meeting. Praise God!
07:25 We look forward to spending this time together
07:27 in the study of God's Word.
07:29 And you know what we always do: even though we have prayer
07:31 and we have prayer and we have prayer
07:33 I'm going to kneel up here and I'm going to have prayer
07:35 one more time. If you would like to join with me,
07:37 please feel free to do it. I'm going to kneel right now
07:40 as we have prayer.
07:44 Kind, loving heavenly Father, again we thank you
07:46 for the privilege of prayer.
07:48 We're thankful that we can call upon Thee. In our time of need
07:50 You said You would hear and You would answer.
07:52 Now we ask for the power of Thy Holy Spirit.
07:54 Give us understanding of Your Word.
07:57 Give us clearness of heart and mind.
07:59 Lord, I ask that You would forgive me of any sin,
08:02 anything in my heart and life that needs not be there today.
08:04 I need to hear Your voice and the people need to hear Jesus.
08:07 We need to stand behind the cross of Calvary.
08:10 May this message be one today
08:12 that will bring us to the point of decision
08:14 if we have not come to that point.
08:16 And yet every day we need to make a decision:
08:18 is it going to be Christ or is it going to be Barabbas?
08:21 Bless us now, we pray.
08:23 Bless each mind, each heart, each ear.
08:26 May we be receptive to Your Spirit. In Jesus' name,
08:28 Amen. Amen.
08:31 Praise the Lord! I pray that you brought your Bible
08:33 with you because you know I'm always...
08:35 I'm a believer in this: I believe that you check
08:37 the preacher. You know, I'm going to be nice about it
08:40 but all preachers are not preaching the truth.
08:42 And so you need to check it with the Word of God, don't you?
08:45 In the power of the Holy Spirit so you'll know what truth is
08:48 because the devil is deceiving, isn't he?
08:50 He's a deceiver.
08:51 I'm going to talk about for the few moments that we have today
08:54 Barabbas instead of Christ... or Barabbas or Christ?
08:58 What is it going to be? A decision every day
09:00 that you have to make and I make every day of my life.
09:04 Because as we look at it we have 1. certainly Christ that we want
09:08 and we have Barabbas, who represents the world
09:11 or the enemy. We have several... If you have your Bible
09:13 you'll want to turn to Matthew if you will
09:15 in the New Testament. Matthew chapter 27.
09:18 This is a familiar story I'm sure to most of you.
09:22 But we pray the Holy Spirit will do some wonderful wonderful
09:25 things here today as we open the blessed pages of the Word of God
09:29 and God speaks to us. I like to think of this account
09:33 in scripture... three characters if I might say that
09:38 that are prominent. And cer- tainly Jesus would be number one
09:41 wouldn't He? But then we have Pilate
09:43 and then we have Barabbas.
09:45 And so just quickly a little run down in case maybe you
09:47 have forgotten. I know none of you forget like I do.
09:50 But the little account... you think of Barabbas.
09:53 You think about what kind of a man that he was.
09:57 Did you realize that Barabbas claimed to be the Messiah?
10:02 Yeah! He claimed to be the Messiah.
10:05 He claimed to be able to come into the world
10:07 and he was going to bring the world under a new order.
10:10 He was going to explain some things to them.
10:13 He was going to cause an uproar; he was going to cause a change
10:15 to take place, but he was doing it under the masquerade
10:19 of a Christian. Interesting.
10:22 Think about it. Oh, that's kind of interesting.
10:25 He was sentenced to death.
10:28 He was sentenced because of the acts that he had committed,
10:32 the choices that he had made.
10:34 The two companions of Barabbas
10:38 died on the cross with Jesus, didn't they?
10:40 Those two that died on the cross were his cohorts.
10:44 They worked along with him.
10:46 And so the cross that was made for Barabbas who was going to be
10:49 in the middle... Jesus was nailed there instead.
10:52 Kind of an interesting thought.
10:54 And then we have Pilate. Many of us are like Pilate
10:58 because we find that we... sometimes we're weak
11:01 and we're vacillating.
11:03 And we have pride, and we don't want to lose our position.
11:06 See, Pilate didn't want to lose his position.
11:09 He just said: "You know, I have this...
11:12 popularity. I want to be popular. "
11:14 And he wasn't too... but he had this spirit of compromise.
11:18 In Adventism today we have no room for compromising
11:21 the Word of God. But it's being compromised right and left
11:25 and God's people need to know what it is to expose those who
11:27 are trying compromise the way of the truth.
11:31 We also realize Jesus... we praise God that
11:36 Jesus was willing to come down, willing to die on the cross
11:39 for us. You have your Bibles: Matthew chapter 27.
11:42 I'm going to read just a few verses down quickly
11:44 to give kind of a low-down of what we're going to discuss
11:48 and what took place. Notice verse 15 with me.
11:51 Matthew chapter 27. I like this. Here's what the Bible says:
11:55 Come on, church. This is what the Bible says.
11:57 This is good. "Now at the feast
12:00 the governor was want to release unto the people
12:02 a... " What? "a prisoner whom they would. "
12:05 Notice what it says quickly. "Now at the... " What?
12:08 "at the feast. " So we know at the time of the feast -
12:10 notice this - it was customary to release what?
12:14 Who? A prisoner - notice that - at the time of the feast.
12:18 And you realize that was of pagan origin
12:21 but the Jews loved it.
12:23 Somebody still with me?
12:25 God's people loved it even though it was of pagan origin.
12:28 We have to be careful about those things that originate in
12:30 paganism, right?
12:31 Have to be very careful with those things.
12:33 But they loved it and they wanted to be involved with it.
12:36 Verse 16: "And they had then a notable prisoner
12:42 who was... " What? Yeah... "called Barabbas. "
12:45 He was notorious.
12:47 He was known for some of his deeds... things that he had,
12:51 had been doing. In fact, we realize as we read a little bit
12:55 more about Barabbas that he did some things that
12:59 people could not explain by watching what he was doing.
13:02 The enemy was working through Barabbas.
13:05 Barabbas represents what? The enemy.
13:07 And he was working, and there seemed to be some signs
13:09 and miracles and wonders and deceptions
13:11 that were done. And people thought: "Oh, even though
13:14 it looks like it's not right it must be because we can't
13:17 explain these things." Same thing taking place
13:19 in the world today and when Jesus... you know, the enemy
13:22 shall come impersonating Christ.
13:26 Verse 17: "Therefore when they gathered together... "
13:29 notice: brought before Pilate again...
13:31 "he said to them: 'Whom will ye that I release
13:34 unto you? Barabbas or Jesus which is called Christ? ' "
13:38 Skip to verse 20:
13:39 "But the chief priest... " Notice who was guilty here,
13:42 notice who was leading... "chief priest and the elders
13:45 persuaded the multitude that they should... " Do what?
13:48 "ask Barabbas and destroy Jesus. "
13:51 Interesting! If you look at Desire of Ages page 590 on this,
13:55 it says: "The Jewish leaders were addressed as the rulers
13:59 of Sodom and Gomorrah. "
14:01 Wow! The enemy had taken possession of their minds!
14:08 Notice verse 24: "The governor answered and said unto them:
14:11 'Whether of the twain will ye that I release unto you? ' "
14:14 And notice what they said?
14:16 "All of them said: 'Barabbas. ' Pilate said to them:
14:20 'What shall I do with Jesus which is called Christ? ' "
14:23 This is what I present to you today and I present to myself.
14:27 Every day the question comes up to each one of us:
14:30 what are we going to do with this One called Jesus?
14:33 What are you going to do with Jesus Christ?
14:35 And notice: "They all said to him: 'Let Him be crucified! ' "
14:38 Notice: everybody... ALL OF THEM said.
14:40 This is an interesting account because we have to realize
14:44 that the judgment hall scene -
14:46 the whole scene of the judgment hall
14:49 in Jerusalem - is a symbol of what will take place
14:53 in these last days. Think about it. What is it?
14:56 It's going to be repeated.
14:58 So what Christ went through God's people are going to be...
15:01 have to go through. And we have to be ready for that.
15:04 And that means we need a relationship with Jesus Christ.
15:07 "They said: 'Crucify Him! ' " Let's get to verse 25 quickly.
15:10 "And then answered all the people... "
15:12 And what did they say?
15:14 "His blood be on us and our children. "
15:17 What audacity! What boldness as it were!
15:20 The enemy was speaking out.
15:22 He was speaking through the people, and they said:
15:24 "We don't care! We're going to crucify Him! "
15:26 "We don't care what happens; let His blood be on us. "
15:29 Like it was just ordinary blood. Interesting.
15:34 That's why people say, they ask the question today:
15:36 why is it that the Jews, as a nation, people go through...
15:39 have been through such turmoil?
15:42 And they seem to continue; they've never gotten out of it.
15:45 It's because they prayed as it were this prayer.
15:48 They said: "Let His blood be on us and our children's
15:50 children. "
15:52 People chose Barabbas in the place of Christ we realize.
15:55 And they are to feel, Desire of Ages says, pages 738-9
16:00 to "feel the cruelty of Barabbas as long as time shall last. "
16:03 That might answer some questions. People say: "Why
16:05 do they keep going through? Why are they in the midst
16:07 of this all the time? " Because they asked...
16:10 Here it continues... the article... it says this:
16:13 "His blood be on us and our children. "
16:15 "That awful cry ascended to the... " Where?
16:17 "very throne room of God.
16:20 Sentence pronounced upon them- selves was written in heaven. "
16:24 Interesting.
16:27 Their prayer was heard.
16:29 The blood of the Son of God was upon their children
16:33 and their children's children... a perpetual curse.
16:37 Interesting when you think about it.
16:40 Barabbas in character represents Satan we know.
16:43 He's the god of this world.
16:46 And we realize as we look we need not be surprised
16:49 at anything that's taking place in our society today.
16:52 Nothing should surprise you: those who are studying
16:54 and reading the Word of God.
16:56 These things are going to come to pass we realize
16:58 at the time because the choice is there every time.
17:00 Is it going to be Christ or is it going to be Barabbas?
17:03 Is it the god of this world? What is it
17:05 that maybe we hold onto?
17:08 Because the scene is going to be re-enacted at the cross.
17:13 We realize we're going to have to go through
17:15 this garden experience. We're going to have to go
17:17 through the things that the enemy throws at each and every
17:19 one of us every day of our life.
17:21 But the question will come back.
17:23 God's going to say to each one of us: "What have you done with
17:27 My Son? " Does that make sense?
17:30 The world must give an account
17:33 of what they've done to Jesus Christ.
17:36 God is going to hold each one of us accountable for that.
17:39 We're all under the condemnation
17:43 if we don't repent and change our ways.
17:44 We'll talk more about that.
17:47 "What have you done with My Son? "
17:52 What an awful statement!
17:54 "What have you done? " And if we haven't done something
17:57 about it, if we haven't made a change,
17:59 the time will come that God will say: "Depart from Me
18:03 ye that work iniquity. I don't know you. "
18:06 He's holding the world responsible for how they...
18:09 their response to Jesus Christ.
18:12 I don't know about you, but I know false doctrines are
18:15 coming in right and left.
18:17 That's exactly what Barabbas was doing.
18:19 Christ was presenting the truth. Barabbas was bringing in false
18:21 teachings and false doctrines
18:23 and the world was following after Barabbas.
18:26 "Give us... give us Barabbas, give us the world. "
18:29 It's no different in most of the churches today.
18:32 In society today, the cry still is... it has not changed:
18:37 "Give us the world; give us Barabbas! "
18:40 "We don't want Christ in here. "
18:42 We're throwing Him out every opportunity that we have
18:44 in this world. We're trying to get rid of Christ.
18:46 And one of these days, He's going to say: "It is finished! "
18:49 "It cannot continue to go on! "
18:53 The enemy loves to bring in, you know, false doctrines
18:57 and teachings because it gets the attention of the unconverted
19:00 and they find the back door rather quickly.
19:03 Instead of unity there's disunity.
19:08 The enemy is permitted to come in.
19:11 And you know, we think about it in this world here.
19:13 The Bible says... just a couple passages...
19:16 Acts 20:30 the Bible speaks about
19:18 "Men will arise, speaking... " What?
19:21 "perverse things to draw away disciples after them. "
19:26 So we know the enemy is going to come in.
19:28 We know he's going to speak and he's going to use people to
19:30 do these perverse... That means he's going to speak
19:33 distorted things. They're going to speak corrupt things.
19:37 They're going to twist things up.
19:40 They're going to turn things around; they're going to go
19:42 at it backwards. And some of us can't figure out
19:47 when that's taking place because we don't know the Word of God.
19:49 We have to know the Word of God
19:51 because we live in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation.
19:55 Is that what it says? Read Philippians 2:15
19:57 when you have the opportunity.
19:59 Read Luke chapter 9 verse 11.
20:02 A perverse generation: a generation that loves
20:05 error and not truth.
20:08 What an hour that we live in!
20:11 And you know, these errors - this corruption - is going to
20:15 exist in the church until the end of the world
20:18 and it's going to wax worse and worse.
20:21 God's true church - I believe this with my whole heart - is
20:24 going to be the light... the light of the world.
20:26 It's supposed to be! But it's in a world that we find
20:29 that has been demoralized by sin.
20:32 It's polluted; it's dark... and God's calling for us to
20:35 light that light. Let our light shine before men.
20:39 And I believe this: the counsel that Paul gave to Timothy
20:43 in I Timothy 4:16. He says: "Take heed
20:47 to thyself and to the doctrine. "
20:50 So I say to God's last-day church
20:52 "Take heed today to thyself and to the doctrine
20:55 because we must know them. "
20:58 I don't like to sit idly by and see a doctrine changed
21:02 and changing. And new words are being used
21:06 and new meanings are given to them.
21:08 But it's a strange doctrine, and we have to know the difference
21:12 my brothers and sisters.
21:13 No use to act like it's not happening because it is!
21:17 We see many, many, many claiming to have new light.
21:20 How many? Somebody come up and say: "I've got some new
21:23 light. " Remember: if it's truth it's always been.
21:26 Right? It may be somebody'll say: "You need to study this. "
21:30 Well you may have studied it 30 years ago. Truth is truth...
21:32 It's always there. Praise God for that!
21:35 But yet they say: "I've got new light, "
21:37 but at the same time what are they doing?
21:39 They're tearing down those truths
21:41 that God has given to His people.
21:43 So it cannot be the truth! It cannot be.
21:47 I think this: if they, if they do this it simply... to me
21:50 shows that they've changed lead- ers... they've changed leaders.
21:56 And there's something going on always - I'll put it this way -
22:01 there's something always emerging.
22:03 Is somebody with me?
22:04 Something always emerging and going on.
22:07 Something supposed to be different that's going on.
22:10 But you know, our test will always be the same:
22:13 Isaiah 8:20. The Bible says to what?
22:16 "To the law and..." What? "and to the testimony:
22:18 if they speak not according to this it's because... " What?
22:21 "there's no light in them. "
22:23 It didn't say a little bit of light. It didn't say partial.
22:26 It says there's "no light in them. "
22:28 That means NONE... ZERO... NADA!
22:31 Somebody still with me?
22:32 Instead of saying: "Well, I think, they seem to be... "
22:35 The Bible has spoken: there is NO light.
22:38 It's "to the law and to the testimony. "
22:40 And God says in His Word we are to bind up the testimony.
22:44 Isaiah what? 8:16.
22:46 To bind up the testimony and do what?
22:48 What does it mean "bind it up? "
22:51 God said His last-day people are to tighten it up.
22:53 Is there somebody with me?
22:54 Tighten up the testimony; straighten up the testimony.
22:57 Tie it together... "bind up the testimony. "
23:02 Testimony... the prophetic. We look at the injunction
23:06 the testation of these truths that God's given us.
23:10 He said: "Seal... " Notice this: "seal the law. "
23:13 Do what? "Seal the law. "
23:15 People don't want to hear about law any more.
23:16 They don't want to hear about obedience.
23:18 You know, Barabbas didn't want to hear about it.
23:20 Jesus came to show us what it was all about.
23:22 He obeyed His Father, right? He kept His commandments.
23:25 Barabbas said you didn't have to do it.
23:27 "Seal up the law. " That means to make it.
23:31 Did you get it? That means to mark it out.
23:33 That means to fasten it; that means to seal it up.
23:36 That means to lock it up!
23:37 God said: "I want you to lock up this truth"
23:40 instead of being blown by every wind of doctrine that comes by.
23:44 Many people are trying to change the straight testimony.
23:48 They're trying to trade it in, you know, for something
23:51 that... something new.
23:53 So I have to ask the question to the church today,
23:55 I have to ask the question: what's wrong with
23:57 the truths that God has given this church?
23:59 What is wrong with what God has given us to proclaim
24:02 to the world? If you're going to trade it in for something,
24:05 right, what are you going to trade it in for?
24:09 God's given us our appointed work
24:11 which we are told that not a peg or a pin is to be removed
24:15 from these truths, and people are doing more than that.
24:17 They're removing the pillars of our faith!
24:19 And we sit idly by and do nothing.
24:21 That's exactly what Barabbas was doing:
24:23 he was removing the pillars!
24:26 I ask you: "Why? Why? "
24:28 What's wrong with repairing the breach?
24:32 What's wrong with repairing the breach in the law of God
24:36 which we've been appointed to do as a people?
24:38 Is there anything wrong with that?
24:40 What's wrong with being a restorer of the path
24:43 to dwell in?
24:45 What's wrong with raising up the foundation of many generations?
24:48 What's wrong with this message?
24:50 Nothing is wrong with it. It's what's been given to us.
24:53 We've been challenged to give it to the world.
24:56 What's wrong with being God's peculiar, particular people
25:00 giving clear three angels' message to the world
25:04 and not apologizing for it?
25:07 What's wrong? Why is it that we want to trade it in?
25:10 Why do we want to water it down?
25:12 I tell you this: if you choose Christ,
25:15 you know, you're going to be hated.
25:17 That's what the Bible said.
25:18 Matthew chapter 10 verse 22.
25:21 Jesus said: "You're going to be hated... " Notice this:
25:24 "hated of all men for My name's sake. "
25:27 Most of us just don't like to be disliked
25:29 let alone hated. Did you get it?
25:31 We want everybody to get along and think we're "just it. "
25:34 But you know, you're going to be hated.
25:36 That means... You know what that word hated in the Greek is?
25:39 Detested. You're going to be detested
25:41 if you stand for Christ because Christ was detested.
25:45 Choosing a common criminal and murderer over Jesus Christ.
25:49 The world still has the same attitude.
25:52 He said: "For My name's sake but if you endure unto the end... "
25:55 if you stay fast, if you hold fast... if you abide -
25:58 notice that - in Him you're going to be saved
26:01 in the kingdom. Hated why? Why will you be hated?
26:05 Think about it.
26:07 Why would you be? Jesus was hated!
26:09 He did nothing but good but He was hated.
26:12 You'll be hated because you will not yield
26:15 to the doctrine and the commandments of men...
26:17 that's why. You're not going to honor a day that the man of
26:21 sin put in the place, the 1st day, of the 7th day of the week
26:24 which is sanctified, blessed, and set apart.
26:27 Somebody still with me?
26:29 You think about it. You'll be HATED
26:32 because you honor what God says to honor!
26:34 He says: "Those that honor Me I will... " What?
26:36 "I will honor them. "
26:38 Satan's purpose for command- ment keepers is to put us
26:41 out of existence. You do know that?
26:43 You're here by the grace of God today and I am, too.
26:46 The enemy just wants to put you out. Why?
26:48 So his supremacy to this world as it were
26:50 won't be disputed.
26:52 But he wants to try to get rid of us.
26:55 We need Jesus! We need Jesus!
26:58 You say: "What do you mean? " What is He doing right now?
27:00 Oh, you know what He's doing. Where's He at right now?
27:03 He's making intercession for me.
27:05 He's making atonement for me because I need it
27:07 because all have sinned, come short of the glory of God.
27:10 We need that. We need to know where He's at.
27:13 The hour of the judgment continues on.
27:15 Think that's Hebrews 7:25. Thank God for that!
27:19 Jesus stood before Pilate, Matthew chapter 27 verse 11.
27:24 Notice: the ruler wanted Jesus to be released.
27:28 He didn't want Jesus to be crucified.
27:30 Is that true, church?
27:31 He really didn't want it on examination.
27:33 He didn't really want Jesus to be crucified.
27:35 And so he thought: "I have to have a plan here. "
27:39 He wanted the people to choose to release Jesus
27:43 from the cross experience.
27:45 He didn't really want Him to go through that.
27:47 He could find no fault with Him.
27:49 Interesting! People can't find fault with Jesus
27:52 but they fall in love with Barabbas. What's wrong here?
27:56 How could this be done?
27:58 If you were in Pilate's shoes, how could you have done?
28:02 You want to... but the mob is angry!
28:04 The devil has taken over every mind of the rulers
28:07 all down to... to every person
28:09 that supposedly... What? Named the name of Christ.
28:12 And they all had the devil inside of them, and they said:
28:14 "No, we don't want Jesus. "
28:18 Pilate came up with a good deal. He said: "You know what?
28:21 It'll be very simple. I'll bring both of them out here
28:24 and I'll put Jesus over here and I'll put Barabbas
28:27 over here. " Now be careful with this one.
28:29 Anybody with any sense will be able to pick the one they like
28:32 to have to go ahead, you know. One go to the cross
28:34 and one be released. Because Barabbas had all
28:37 the marks of the world on his face even...
28:39 in his attitude. People knew who he was.
28:42 They knew what he was guilty of.
28:44 So Pilate says: "Here's what I'll do:
28:45 I'll just put one here - Jesus -
28:47 all the miracles, all the nice good things that He had done -
28:50 surely they'll look upon Him and see a peace.
28:52 They'll see a radiance, they'll see a glory of God
28:54 on His face. Surely they will choose Him
28:56 and they'll crucify Barabbas
28:58 So I'll just bring them both out here. "
29:00 Hmm. And then he looked at them and he said:
29:04 "Whom will ye that I release unto you. "
29:07 Matthew 27:17-20. "Whom will ye that I release
29:11 unto you? " What would you choose today?
29:16 Two were standing there... what would happen?
29:20 Who would you choose?
29:22 Remember: these were God's people.
29:24 Where they not? They were supposed to be.
29:28 And so they looked upon them and said: "Hmm,
29:31 we want Barabbas. " And then what did Pilate say?
29:34 "What am I going to do with Jesus? "
29:37 I challenge you with that today.
29:39 What are you going to do with Jesus?
29:41 What are you going to do with Jesus?
29:42 He came into this world to save us.
29:44 He came into this world to set an example.
29:46 He came to set the world straight.
29:48 But notice: the counterfeit was Barabbas that said
29:50 he had a new order of things.
29:52 He was going to set the world straight.
29:56 Interesting thought!
29:58 "What shall we do with Jesus? " And notice: all of them said,
30:02 everybody involved said: "Let Him be crucified! "
30:05 Matthew 27:22. "Let Him be... " What?
30:07 "Let Him be crucified! "
30:10 The multitude was stirred with wrath.
30:13 See, it seems impossible. Surely this group we have here
30:16 and those around the world you wouldn't say...
30:17 you wouldn't... you wouldn't fit into that group.
30:19 Surely you wouldn't fit into that group.
30:21 Surely you'd be at least one voice
30:22 crying in the wilderness that said: "No! I choose Christ! "
30:25 See, every day of my life there's Barabbas over here
30:28 and there's Christ over here. And I'm looking at Barabbas,
30:30 I'm looking at Jesus, and I must make a choice every day
30:32 of my life. Whether it's in the workplace, whether it's in the
30:35 home, whether it's in ministry. Wherever it is
30:37 I have to choose Christ. I have to look at both of them
30:41 and I have to make that choice.
30:44 But the enemy comes in and he stirs the minds of the people
30:47 when they were asked to choose.
30:49 And they looked at this robber, they looked at this murderer,
30:54 and then they looked at Jesus.
30:56 Seemed like such a simple choice, but...
30:58 We still live in a world that rejected Jesus Christ.
31:04 Is that true, church? We still live in this world
31:06 that we talked about that crucified, despised.
31:10 The shame, the guilt still rests upon this world
31:13 for what we've done with God's Son!
31:16 Something has to be done. And lest we - listen church!
31:19 Those you say "I'm an atheist, I don't care. I'm not going to
31:21 get involved. " Your involved whether you like it or whether
31:23 you don't like it. Are you still with me?
31:25 If you were born on this planet, you're going to be involved.
31:28 You're going to heaven or hell one way or the other.
31:32 There's no saying "I don't want to be. "
31:35 And God will pose that question to every one of us
31:39 that's ever been born: "What are you going to do with My Son? "
31:43 "What are you going to do with Jesus? "
31:46 All of heaven emptied out; what are you going to do with Him?
31:48 Unless we individually repent toward God. Why?
31:53 Because we've broken God's law!
31:56 Think about it! Then we have to exercise faith
32:00 toward Christ... who has been rejected.
32:03 We too... If we don't do that, we too will lie under the
32:07 condemnation of choosing Barabbas instead of Christ.
32:11 You say: "I wouldn't! If one stood here and one stood here,
32:13 I would not choose Barabbas. " Every day of your life
32:16 you have that choice. And I guarantee you,
32:18 many of us have said: "I'll take Barabbas over Christ.
32:20 I know the right thing to do; I know what I should say.
32:23 I know what I should do; I know what the Bible says...
32:25 but I choose Barabbas. "
32:28 That choice - that decision - every day of your life
32:31 is so so very important.
32:33 God has a controversy with the people of this world,
32:37 and if we do not repent of that
32:40 and ask for forgiveness we will be... we're going to be
32:43 charged with deliberate rejection and the murder
32:47 of the Son of God.
32:48 This is heavy duty that we're talking about today.
32:51 The murder of the Son of God!
32:54 But it can be so easy to take it to God in prayer
32:58 and ask for forgiveness.
32:59 Do you realize, because of the rejection of the Son of God
33:04 the world has crucified afresh Jesus Christ.
33:08 They put Him to open shame. You remember reading that
33:10 in Hebrews chapter 6 verse 6?
33:13 Remember: we put Him to open shame
33:15 through the persecution of His people.
33:18 Think about this: the world crucifies afresh,
33:22 puts Him to open shame. Notice this:
33:26 when the world - we know this - when the world rejects
33:29 the saints they reject Christ.
33:33 When the world rejects the message,
33:35 you see, they reject the message of God.
33:39 Satan is alive and well sad to say.
33:42 He is "the accuser of the brethren"
33:44 the Bible said in Revelation chapter 12 verse 10.
33:47 You know? And you know what the enemy says?
33:51 You're no exception and I'm no exception.
33:53 He's pointing his finger at you and you and you and you
33:56 and me, and he said: "All of these people are
33:59 full of sin. " Stay with me, church.
34:04 Those of you at home, we said whether you're an infidel,
34:06 an atheist, whatever you're going to be: you're involved.
34:08 The finger is being pointed. The devil says
34:11 "You are full of sin. "
34:14 What would be your response? What do you mean?
34:17 And then the enemy begins to go and he begins to point out
34:22 particular sins that he's tempted you to commit
34:27 and you fell for it.
34:28 The devil knows every time you fell short
34:32 of the glory of God. Did you get it?
34:34 From the day that you were born until right now he knows
34:37 everything. Interesting how he has learned
34:40 because we know the Bible says there's a book of deeds
34:43 and the good things will be written.
34:45 Right? Of course, the bad things are all written in a book.
34:47 The enemy has his book.
34:49 Are you there, church?
34:52 And he's written those things down and he's bringing them
34:55 before the Father and saying: "Look, these people profess
34:57 to be Your people? Look at them!
34:59 They are mine and I want them.
35:02 You must turn them over to me; look what You did to me
35:06 and the angels! You cast them out!
35:09 They've done worse than this! "
35:11 This is interesting.
35:13 Sins... all these sins!
35:16 You know, in the book of Zechariah, 3 verse 1,
35:20 is an interesting thought. Zechariah 3:1.
35:25 The Bible says: "And he showed me Joshua. "
35:28 Interesting. We realize the high priest
35:30 but also Joshua represents the people who keep the
35:34 commandments of God. Joshua does what?
35:38 He represents the people who keep the commandments of God.
35:41 This is who the enemy is angry with:
35:44 those who keep the commandments of God.
35:46 We talk about so often the two identifying marks
35:49 of God's last-day church.
35:51 There's no use trying to erase one of them... there's two.
35:54 That's what God says.
35:56 "He showed me Joshua, the high priest,
35:59 standing before the angel of the Lord. " Notice:
36:02 "Satan - the adversary - standing at the right hand
36:05 to resist him. "
36:07 So the enemy is there... he's resisting.
36:10 Just notice that. He's saying: "They're mine. They're full of
36:12 sin. " Interesting thought!
36:17 He knows... he knows.
36:22 What will be the choice? There's going to be Christ;
36:25 there's going to be Barabbas, the things of this world.
36:30 You have to make that decision. I have to make that decision
36:34 because somehow we need some help beyond ourselves.
36:37 We've got to have some outside help to get inside!
36:42 Too many of these self-help programs and "look to me"
36:45 and look to this and something inside of you.
36:47 That's the devil if I ever heard of it!
36:52 Testimonies to Ministers 39 makes a real bold statement
36:58 that we just talked about. It says here that Satan
37:01 represents the people of God as GREAT sinners.
37:05 Not just sinners but a GREAT sinner.
37:08 "They can't stay in Your hand, Lord, because look at them! "
37:10 Now we realize a little later on as you read it
37:13 these are the ones that what? They repent of their sins.
37:15 But before that it's: "Look at this! Look at this!
37:18 Look at this what's going on here. "
37:20 Now notice what he does. He presents the sins
37:24 of every individual to God.
37:27 Think about that in your own life.
37:30 Here the article says, Testimonies to Ministers 39
37:32 says: "The list of sins he's tempted them to commit
37:36 through their life. "
37:41 He presents to God every sin that he has tempted you
37:47 to commit.
37:49 How long would that list be?
37:53 In your life, how long would that list be?
37:56 Every one of them. And he said: "It's written down here.
37:59 It's right here... look at all of this. "
38:03 How long would that list be?
38:06 And then he says what? "I want them!
38:09 They are to be given to me because... " They've done what?
38:13 "because of their transgressions.
38:15 They belong to me, and I'm going to destroy them. "
38:20 Interesting.
38:24 The article goes on. I like this. Even the enemy knows this.
38:27 You know, you're blessed and I'm blessed
38:29 as a follower of Jesus Christ because He says
38:32 the devil then does what? "He urges... " Notice:
38:35 "that they should not be protected by ministering angels
38:38 against the confederacy of evil. "
38:41 The enemy realizes he cannot get to the people of God if we
38:44 choose Christ. If you choose Barabbas, you're in trouble!
38:47 If you choose Christ, the pro- tecting angels will surround you
38:51 and take care of you and your family.
38:53 Meet all the needs. How wonderful that is!
38:56 But notice that he does it. How long would that list be
38:59 if I may be so bold to think about it here.
39:02 I have this here... here's that list.
39:04 And John and Pete and Fred and - whoever - Sally,
39:08 all this right through here. Your name is on this,
39:11 and he takes it like this and he goes...
39:14 And he just rolls it out and he says: "Look!
39:18 Look! " Every one through your entire life.
39:25 "It's written, Lord... they're mine.
39:29 I want them. I want them; they're mine. "
39:34 Interesting. But he knows he can't get to God's people
39:39 because of those protecting angels
39:41 that surround them because... Not because... from sin.
39:45 Because they have confessed those sins and they're no longer
39:48 so if he puts that roll out there today we would find what?
39:51 When His blood covers it it's white. There's not anything
39:54 written on that list that was full before.
39:57 It could have reached from here to California
39:59 with some individuals and probably mine.
40:01 Mine might have gone out in the Pacific, I don't know.
40:04 Maybe on down to the bottom if it's four or five miles.
40:07 But I have the confidence and assurance of God's Word
40:10 that if we confess our sins He is faithful and just.
40:14 And that roll as it were Satan has, when he goes to
40:16 unroll it... Whoo! Forgiven!
40:20 White... clean. There nothing there to appear against me
40:24 in the judgment. How wonderful that is!
40:27 Christ or Barabbas?
40:31 I want to read just a paragraph or two quickly.
40:34 Prophets and Kings page 582.
40:37 This... I love this statement here.
40:39 It says: "He... " Satan... "was determined to cause... "
40:43 This is talking about Israel's destruction...
40:46 He's determined to cause your destruction in this world.
40:49 Is that not true? He's determined to do it...
40:52 that's why you're going through what you're going through.
40:54 But God is reversing it and turning it around
40:56 in little tests and trials to prove your character
40:58 and my character for heaven.
41:00 This is beautiful when you think about it, but Satan is
41:03 determined. Notice this: like Israel of old, us today,
41:07 "while they were obedient he could do them no harm. "
41:12 While we are obedient to God's commands
41:16 the enemy can do us no harm.
41:19 He simply gives a smoke screen. Are you still with me?
41:21 He simply makes insinuations.
41:23 He say: "Oh, but... " And we fall for that many times
41:25 and say: "Oh, there's not a chance, there's not a chance. "
41:28 But as long as we're obedient to God He is our protector.
41:31 He is our provider; He is our sustainer.
41:34 Thank God for that! The devil cannot do us any harm!
41:38 But notice: when Israel rebelled, what happened?
41:40 When they transgressed the law of God something happened.
41:43 What happened? They were carried away into captivity
41:46 into Babylon, weren't they?
41:48 Over and over it was shown that what?
41:51 Blessings or a curse; Christ or Barabbas.
41:56 You're going to choose one or the other;
41:58 I'm going to choose one or the other.
42:00 We need to make it consistent every day of our life that we
42:03 choose Christ as our Lord and as our Savior.
42:09 Prophets and Kings 585 says:
42:11 "Never is there one received into the family of God
42:14 without exciting... " notice this: "the determined resistance
42:18 of the enemy. " The enemy's going to fight tooth and nail.
42:22 You find it difficult to talk to your own family;
42:24 difficult to give Bible studies,
42:26 people make decisions for Christ, because the enemy says
42:29 "They're in my rank now and I don't want them to leave.
42:31 I'm going to do everything I can to make sure. "
42:33 That's why they're sick and they can't come
42:35 when they say they're going to come to church.
42:36 That's why something happens. They can't, you know, do
42:38 what they need to do and follow through because
42:40 the enemy is at work. We need to realize that today.
42:43 What will we do with this Man called Christ?
42:47 What will you DO? Barabbas or Christ?
42:52 The enemy looks at our charac- ters and our character flaws.
42:57 If we have character flaws
42:59 we will not enter the kingdom of God.
43:01 He expects us to be like Jesus, right?
43:04 He's given us all the power that we need.
43:06 Given us the Holy Spirit to bring conviction and power
43:08 to gain the victory over the enemy... who is already
43:11 defeated anyway.
43:13 The enemy knows this for sure: Prophets and Kings 585,
43:17 notice this: "He exalts in their defective characters. "
43:21 The enemy knows your character because he has the list made.
43:25 And if it's not been repented of, he has that list.
43:27 Everything is there, and so he says: "Look at that
43:30 character. " And you know only the character is going to
43:32 make it to the kingdom of God... one like Jesus.
43:36 So he says this... notice: "For he knows that only
43:39 through their transgression of God's law
43:43 can he obtain power over them. "
43:46 Only how? Only way the devil can get power over you,
43:49 can have that power, is when we transgress the law of God.
43:53 Other than that he cannot harm you.
43:56 The only thing that can come to you is if it goes through God
43:59 first. Are you still with me, church?
44:01 It has to go through God first. God has to give permission first
44:04 before it can be, the devil can lay anything on you.
44:07 Because God knows that you're able through Him
44:09 to endure what is thrown on you.
44:11 Isn't that wonderful?
44:12 He said: "I'll make sure it's not too much.
44:14 I don't want to overwhelm you. "
44:18 He can have no power so we need to quit saying
44:21 "The devil made me do it. "
44:27 The enemy knows probably better than we.
44:29 We know it because it's head knowledge.
44:31 We know that if we confess He's faithful and just to
44:35 forgive. We know that; we've read it.
44:38 We certainly believe that.
44:40 The devil trembles when he sees God's saints
44:43 on their knees and are making a choice for Christ
44:46 and they're leaving the side of Barabbas.
44:47 And so... the fight then begins.
44:50 The enemy knows this: if anyone - contrite heart -
44:53 asks forgiveness, regardless of their life and their past
44:56 or anything that they've ever done,
44:58 they will receive pardon and grace from God.
45:01 They will obtain it. And so what does the enemy do?
45:04 He starts presenting your old past to you.
45:07 He starts presenting your sins,
45:09 you know, so he tries to discourage you.
45:12 Don't raise your hand, but there's probably been many here
45:14 that's maybe been discouraged because you think you've moved
45:16 on and then the old devil starts throwing some things
45:18 back out that used to be once.
45:22 We need to look forward through the grace of God.
45:25 By God's grace WHITER THAN SNOW!
45:29 Prophets and Kings 587 says:
45:32 "Not one soul who in penitence and faith
45:35 has claimed His protection
45:38 will Christ permit to pass under the enemy's power. "
45:41 I think that's such good stuff; makes me want to jump and shout!
45:44 It just really makes me want to jump and shout.
45:46 "Not one soul... "
45:50 Sorry for their sin. They come to Him; they confess
45:53 and forsake, "will Christ permit to pass under the enemy's
45:57 power. " Think about that, church!
46:00 No one. These promises are sure.
46:05 "Let him take hold of My strength that he may make
46:08 peace with Me, and he shall make peace with Me. "
46:11 Isaiah 27:5.
46:13 God says you shall make what? "You shall make peace. "
46:18 So regardless of our life, regardless of what's happened,
46:20 and today as we will choose as we go about our work
46:23 as we mentioned in the home or wherever it might be
46:25 you will have this situation that will develop
46:28 that you'll have to make a choice.
46:30 You're going to have to make a decision.
46:31 You've got a list that's as long... wrap around this earth
46:36 of things that, you know, the enemy's throwing out
46:38 and saying: "They're mine! " What are you going to do with
46:40 that? Are you going to accept Barabbas?
46:43 Are you going to accept Christ?
46:45 What will it be as God's last-day people?
46:49 What will you do with this Man called Jesus?
46:54 What will you do with Him? What have you been doing
46:56 with Him? How have your choices been?
47:02 I believe this: all who claim to believe present truth...
47:06 Is there anybody here that believes in present truth?
47:08 Yeah... praise God. That's why you're here, isn't it?
47:11 Why you watch 3ABN... present truth!
47:13 And it's very difficult sometimes to find present truth
47:17 in all meetings. We may call ourselves a certain name,
47:20 this and that, to find present truth. And believers
47:23 in present truth... people who will advocate present truth
47:26 is sometimes very difficult to find.
47:29 We don't know the difference between the common and sacred
47:33 anymore, and God is calling a people back.
47:37 He's calling us, He's calling us. If you are a believer
47:40 in this present truth, these words, regardless of however
47:43 vacillating maybe you have been or I have been
47:48 God is calling us back to obedience.
47:52 He's calling us back.
47:56 He's calling a people who will stand tall and straight
47:59 and give the truth regardless of the cost.
48:04 And there will be a cost.
48:06 You stand for Christ there will be a cost.
48:08 It will cost you in this life
48:10 but I guarantee you it's going to be worth it.
48:12 "Though your sins be as scarlet... " He said...
48:14 "I make them white. "
48:17 God's looking because this world is a perverse generation
48:22 that we talked about.
48:24 He's looking for s people who will stand boldly to vindicate
48:26 the law of God. And many of us in our own church sometimes
48:31 are not vindicating it, we're not following with it.
48:33 We know it, but we just kind of want to throw it out.
48:36 We're looking for a new way... an easier way.
48:40 Are we willing to do the Isaiah 58 that we talked about?
48:44 The breach in the wall that the man of sin made.
48:50 He, too, under the guidance of the enemy just like
48:53 Barabbas. Who's going to be His people today?
48:57 Do you dare to stand for Christ?
49:00 Do you dare to take a stand for Jesus Christ?
49:06 Or will you fall for Barabbas?
49:09 Will you be fooled by Barabbas?
49:11 Will you be fooled by these who are preaching false doctrine
49:14 and teaching and trying to change things all around?
49:17 We talked about giving kind of different definitions
49:20 to what we understand is distorting what is truth.
49:25 What will you do? What am I going to do?
49:31 I find every day that I am challenged.
49:34 Every day I know you are challenged.
49:37 Each one of us... What will you do with Jesus?
49:43 Pilate did not want Christ to be crucified.
49:47 We talked about it. He did not want to lose his position.
49:51 But because he was weak and vacillating
49:55 and he was a man of compromise you realize what happened?
49:58 "I don't want to lose the position I have. "
50:00 Because of what he did to Christ he lost his position.
50:05 And not long after that he committed suicide.
50:09 Interesting when we turn our back on God
50:12 the things that can happen in life.
50:14 We no longer... no longer have the mind of Christ.
50:17 We no longer have that Spirit to lead, guide, and direct
50:20 and we make bad choices and decisions.
50:25 Christ crucified, Barabbas's friends on either side.
50:33 One of them that day made a decision.
50:37 One of them said: "Remember me when You come. "
50:44 Think about it. Christ would have gone to the cross
50:47 if it had just been that one individual.
50:49 The cross that was meant for Barabbas.
50:51 But there was salvation at the cross...
50:54 not just for the thief but for the world that's offered.
50:58 What will you choose? Who will you choose today?
51:01 I believe this: the truth has been lying in the dust
51:06 long enough. We need to raise and elevate a standard
51:12 higher than ever before.
51:14 We need to bring the truth to the top.
51:18 We need to agitate, agitate, agitate
51:21 the truth of God's Word.
51:23 And I see this is the hour; I believe this is the hour.
51:27 This is the hour that God will use you.
51:31 He's going to use 3ABN as we all work together
51:33 to go into all the world and preach the gospel
51:36 to lift up the truth, to lift up Calvary.
51:38 To let people see Jesus that they may choose Him
51:41 instead of Barabbas.
51:42 Who will you choose today?
51:47 Who will you choose today? We have a few minutes left.
51:50 I want you think along with me before we close
51:52 in the last 5 minutes or so.
51:54 You have a choice to make as well as I do.
51:57 They say: the old, old story. Write on my heart every word.
52:01 But the decision must be made daily.
52:05 Who will we choose today? Who will we follow?
52:08 Who is appealing to us as we behold?
52:11 Barabbas appealing; the world is appealing.
52:15 Is it because of pride that may- be we will not come to Christ?
52:18 Is it because of position we will not come to Christ?
52:21 We don't want to lose our job; we don't want to lose our
52:23 standing in the community we will not follow Jesus Christ?
52:26 Look what happened to Pilate.
52:28 Look what happened to multitude millions of people
52:31 in the past and will continue if they make the wrong choice.
52:36 May I encourage you to make the right choice.
52:38 What are you going to do with Jesus?
52:41 What will you do with Jesus?
52:46 If you choose Jesus as your Lord and your Savior today
52:49 wouldn't it be nice if we could just maybe stand?
52:51 Somebody may want special prayer.
52:53 We want to do it in the next few minutes that we have.
52:56 Maybe you haven't chosen Christ
52:59 the way that you maybe want to today
53:01 and you're going to say: "You know, I want to come up forward.
53:03 I want to have special prayer. "
53:04 "I want to make sure it's sealed. I want to make sure
53:07 that when that list is all thrown out
53:09 that all this stuff is not written on it from the day
53:11 I was born as it were.
53:13 But now it's white and it's clean, and I need to make sure
53:15 that it's right... and today's going to be the day. "
53:19 Is there someone today to say: "I want to come forward? "
53:22 "I want special prayer because I want to make sure
53:24 that list is white as snow. "
53:27 Is there someone today wants special prayer?
53:29 Don't hesitate... just come right on up.
53:30 Praise the Lord... yes! Come right on up for prayer.
53:33 Remember: you're thinking about that list and you want to
53:35 make sure that list is covered by the blood of the Lamb.
53:38 If there's any kind of a doubt at all, dear friends,
53:41 the devil's going to say: "Well just don't worry about it
53:43 today. " No, no... that's wrong.
53:45 The Holy Spirit says today's the day.
53:47 Come while you have the opportunity and chance.
53:51 Remember: what are you going to do with Jesus?
53:53 What are you doing with Him right now?
53:54 Are we still "sitting on Him" as it were?
53:56 Or are we going to let Him rule and reign in our hearts
53:59 and in our life? There's others who still want to come quickly,
54:02 want to come quickly so we can have special prayer
54:04 together. We want to have special prayer together
54:08 because it is the day of decisions, is it not?
54:11 That's it? Honey, I don't know if you would have time.
54:14 You might want to run back and see if they'll give you a mic.
54:15 I want you to come and pray with me.
54:17 OK? I think we'll have time if you'll hurry up.
54:20 See, somebody probably heard that already and they're already
54:22 getting it ready. We need to pray, don't we, as a church?
54:26 We need to pray because we're in a "battle royale. "
54:32 And there's going to be winners and losers,
54:34 and you can be a winner.
54:35 And God wants you to be a winner. He's called you.
54:37 Is there somebody else that maybe is fighting
54:39 a little issue and things you want to make sure
54:41 that you're covered by the blood of the Lamb?
54:43 Praise the Lord. You can stand where you're at.
54:44 You can come forward. Whatever you want to do.
54:46 I want to make sure that I'm covered by the blood today,
54:49 how about you? I don't want there to be "maybe I am. "
54:53 I know by the Word of God we can be sure today
54:56 that we're covered by the blood of the Lamb.
54:58 Our life is clean and it's white and it's smooth
55:02 because of Jesus Christ.
55:04 Barabbas will be presented and Christ will be presented.
55:10 Who will you choose? What are you going to do with Jesus?
55:14 What are you going to do with Jesus?
55:19 The world will give an account one of these days soon.
55:22 But because you stood for Jesus Christ
55:25 He's going to stand for you. Amen!
55:28 He's going to be in the judgment for you.
55:30 When your name comes up in the judgment He'll just say:
55:32 "Oh Father, My blood... My blood. "
55:34 There's no list; it's been covered by the blood of Jesus
55:38 Christ. There's no list for the other as it were
55:40 if the list was out here and it had Joe Blow's name on it.
55:43 Probably a big bunch of you would be running up here
55:45 trying to see what old Joe did. Don't worry about what
55:47 Joe did. Covered by the blood of the Lamb.
55:50 We're going to pray for that. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!
55:52 That's exciting, isn't it?
55:55 We're going to pray for that right now.
55:57 You have family and friends outside the ark
55:59 you have a burden for. Where's your children?
56:01 Where's your grandchildren? Where are they at?
56:03 What's going to happen to them? If they're not with Christ,
56:06 "He who is not with Me is... " What? "is against Me. "
56:09 They've chosen Barabbas today.
56:10 If you have not chosen Jesus Christ, those of you around
56:13 the world, you've chosen Barabbas the enemy!
56:16 Please make that change today. Honey, I want you to pray
56:18 for them. We'll kneel here. It may not be possible
56:20 for all of you. Hands? Family, friends, different ones
56:23 you have a special burden on your heart.
56:24 We'll pray in the last minute that we have right now.
56:27 Let's go to the Lord in prayer, shall we?
56:28 Most gracious heavenly Father, I just thank you for
56:33 the people who have stood today. Yes!
56:35 The people who have said: "I want Christ over Barabbas. "
56:39 Father, each and every day we have a decision to make.
56:42 Thoughts come into our mind; things that we turn on,
56:45 things that we listen to, what we read.
56:48 Father, I pray that today is going to make a difference
56:53 in every person's life. Amen.
56:55 And I know that they brought the burdens of their children.
56:58 Yes. They brought the burdens of their grandchildren.
57:01 Father, we're just barely seeing through this glass
57:05 that's so dark, but the enemy has his hand
57:08 in so many things to keep us away from the truth
57:12 to help us not to see things in the light that we should be
57:16 seeing them in. So Father, we pray today
57:19 that You will remove that cloud of darkness
57:22 and may we see the light of truth.
57:24 May we see Jesus, and may we continue each and every day
57:28 to choose Christ over Barabbas - Amen!
57:32 is our prayer in Jesus' name.


Revised 2019-09-23