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God's Covenant Love

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Participants: Shelley Quinn


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00:48 Good morning and welcome to 3ABN's Fall Homecoming
00:52 2016. What a blessing we've already had...
00:57 we've experienced being here, haven't we?
00:59 Amen! Amen!
01:01 Welcome to our family here and welcome to you, our 3ABN
01:05 family at home. Whether you're watching
01:07 or listening on the radio we welcome you
01:10 and we're so glad that you have joined us today.
01:12 We've had a Spirit-filled anointed Camp Meeting so far
01:16 focusing on the revival...
01:18 the revival that the Lord Jesus wants to make
01:20 in each one of our hearts and lives.
01:23 And right now it is my privilege to introduce
01:26 Sr. Shelley Quinn. She is a woman of God.
01:29 She and her husband J.D. are precious people:
01:33 students of the Word that travel the world
01:37 sharing Jesus. Sharing the gospel of grace
01:40 and how God wants to transform our hearts and lives.
01:43 And she has impacted my life in incredible ways as well.
01:47 She's a woman of God and she lives what she teaches...
01:51 and that's the most important thing.
01:52 Her message this morning is God's Covenant Love.
01:55 But before she comes and ministers to us
01:58 we have a special duet from Tim Parton - he's already
02:02 seated over there at the piano.
02:04 He's is the general manager of our new Praise Him! music
02:07 channel, and Pastor John Lomacang is director
02:10 of world evangelism here at 3ABN.
02:13 And he is also the pastor... he's MY pastor:
02:16 the pastor of the Thompsonville SDA church.
02:19 And the song they're going to be doing is I Must Tell Jesus.
02:23 But before they come and minister to us
02:25 let's go to the Lord in prayer.
02:27 Father, we come before You and we ask right now
02:30 that you would give us ears to hear
02:33 and a heart that is open to receive Your message.
02:37 And we thank you in the precious and holy name of Jesus,
02:41 Amen. Amen!
02:51 I must tell Jesus
02:55 all of my trials;
03:00 I cannot bear these
03:04 burdens alone;
03:09 In my distress He
03:13 kindly will help me;
03:18 He ever loves and
03:22 cares for His own.
03:26 I must tell Jesus!
03:31 I must tell Jesus!
03:36 I cannot bear my
03:40 burdens alone;
03:45 I must tell Jesus!
03:49 I must tell Jesus!
03:54 Jesus can help me,
03:59 Jesus alone.
04:03 I must tell Jesus
04:07 all of my troubles;
04:12 He is a kind,
04:15 compassionate friend;
04:21 If I but ask Him
04:25 He will deliver,
04:30 Make of my troubles
04:34 quickly an end.
04:39 I must tell Jesus!
04:43 I must tell Jesus!
04:48 I cannot bear
04:51 my burdens alone;
04:57 I must tell Jesus!
05:02 I must tell Jesus!
05:06 Jesus can help me...
05:11 Jesus can help me...
05:16 Jesus can help me,
05:20 Jesus alone.
05:33 Amen and amen! Thank you for that beautiful song!
05:37 And how true... Jesus alone can help us.
05:41 Well, you all look really good this morning.
05:43 What did you think of the rain?
05:46 Yeah. You know what? I like the rain!
05:49 My hair doesn't but I like the rain!
05:52 Well, we are going to do an old-fashioned Bible study
05:56 this morning. I hope you have your Bibles with you
05:58 because, you know... I didn't do graphics.
06:01 I'm kind of... hmm... I have mixed feelings about graphics.
06:05 I think sometimes we depend too much upon graphics
06:08 although it is good for our television audience.
06:10 And we want to just welcome those of you
06:13 who are watching by TV or radio or on the Internet.
06:17 Please get your Bibles and join with us
06:20 because what we're going to talk about this morning
06:22 is something that is critical.
06:24 And I think if we under- stand it a little bit better -
06:28 it's a familiar topic - but if we understand it
06:31 a little bit better, I believe
06:34 that we will not have any problem
06:38 with obedience. We won't have any problem
06:41 with condemnation.
06:44 We won't have problems in not having assurance of salvation.
06:49 So let's go to the Lord in prayer.
06:52 Ah, heavenly Father, thank you for this day of life!
06:56 Thank you, Father, that we woke up this morning!
06:59 And thank you, Father, that you are our Maker
07:01 and our Creator, and that You desire the works of Your hands,
07:06 Father. We thank you, Father, for the gift of Jesus Christ,
07:10 the gift of Your Holy Spirit.
07:12 The gift of Your Word, Father.
07:14 And to know that Your grace, Father, has...
07:19 Your grace incorporates divine assistance
07:23 and supernatural power unto salvation.
07:26 Father, I pray in the name of Jesus: forgive us of our sins.
07:30 Just give us cleans hands and a pure heart.
07:32 I ask in the name of Jesus right now, Father, that
07:35 You would get me out of the way. That You would speak through me
07:39 as we read Your Word.
07:41 Send Your Holy Spirit to be our teacher.
07:45 In Jesus' name, Amen.
07:47 What we're going to talk about this morning
07:50 is God's covenant love.
07:52 The unifying theme of scripture is this:
07:57 God is a covenant maker
07:59 and God is a covenant keeper.
08:03 And His covenants define and establish
08:08 His relationship to mankind.
08:11 And over and over again we see
08:13 the heart of a loving God is this:
08:16 "I will be their God and they will be My people. "
08:22 That's what God is looking for.
08:24 And, you know, in the Old Testament -
08:27 during the Old Testament times - covenants were quite common.
08:31 What is a covenant? It is an oath-bound contract,
08:37 an oath-bound arrangement where one person
08:40 is contracting, basically,
08:44 to bless and serve another.
08:47 And what they did... You remember how they ratified
08:50 covenants in the Old Testament times?
08:54 They would sacrifice an animal.
08:57 The covenants were always ratified by blood.
09:02 And we see the same thing with God's covenant with people.
09:07 Now sometimes covenants were unilateral.
09:10 That meant that the other party
09:12 did not have to respond in any way.
09:15 Can we think of unilateral covenants that God gave us?
09:18 How about Noah?
09:20 When He gave Noah the covenant that it would not rain any more
09:24 what was the sign of the covenant? The rainbow.
09:27 So that was unilateral.
09:29 I mean, this is just God saying: "This is what I'm going to do. "
09:32 You don't have to do anything in response.
09:34 How about with David? The Davidic covenant
09:38 that David would always have someone from his lineage
09:42 sitting on the throne. Didn't have to do anything.
09:45 This is a covenant that God was going to do by Himself.
09:49 But sometimes covenants included a response
09:54 from the person with whom the covenant was being made.
09:58 And if you think about the ratification
10:01 we're going to look today how when God made a covenant
10:04 with Abraham He ratified it with blood.
10:08 This was the covenant that you will be justified by grace
10:12 through faith. And the covenant that he would have...
10:17 be the father of many, many nations.
10:20 When God made the old covenant
10:22 He ratified it with blood. They sacrificed.
10:26 And when God made the new covenant
10:29 how did He ratify the new covenant?
10:32 With the blood of Jesus Christ.
10:34 And so we are going to look at that.
10:36 But I also wanted to take this idea of signs.
10:40 There were always signs of the covenant.
10:43 What is the sign of the covenant of God's grace?
10:49 Do you know what it is?
10:51 Exodus 31:13.
10:54 God said: "I have given you the Sabbath Day
10:58 as a sign that I am the One who sanctifies you. "
11:05 See, it has always been sal- vation by grace through faith.
11:11 And as we look at the history of covenants today
11:14 we're going to understand that I hope in a better way.
11:17 What was the sign of the old covenant
11:21 with the book of the law and the book of Moses?
11:24 Circumcision. What is the sign of the new covenant?
11:28 Baptism. See... Jesus only instituted two ordinances
11:34 for the new covenant.
11:36 One was communion, which pointed to His death.
11:40 The other was baptism
11:43 which pointed to the burial and resurrection.
11:46 So there are always signs to God's covenants.
11:51 Now I used to believe -
11:55 and there's still many people who believe -
11:58 that the Old Testament - that the old covenant -
12:03 was salvation by works.
12:07 And I believed that the new covenant was salvation by grace.
12:12 You know, someone has said
12:15 preconceived opinions effectively insulate
12:19 the mind against truth.
12:22 And what you'll find as you're talking with so many people
12:27 who are just like me, growing up in a Sunday-keeping church...
12:31 I was taught all my life the commandments of God
12:34 were nailed to the cross. The Old Testament was not
12:37 important. And it took the Lord
12:43 when He called me to full-time ministry
12:45 He impressed upon my mind by the Holy Spirit
12:48 "Come sit at My feet. Forget what you think you know.
12:52 I will teach you. " And you know where He started me?
12:55 He started me on a study of the sanctuary.
12:58 Whooh! If we don't understand the sanctuary,
13:03 we're not going to understand the rest of God's Word.
13:08 Because when we look at things through the sanctuary...
13:13 the lens of sanctuary understanding
13:16 then we truly understand the ministry of Jesus Christ.
13:20 So the sanctuary is one of the most important doctrines
13:24 that we can know. So it took a lot of time
13:27 because I'm kind of a hard-headed person
13:29 but Biblical evidence disproved
13:33 the traditions that had been handed down to me.
13:36 You know, Jesus said: "You make void
13:39 the Word of God by your traditions of men. "
13:42 What I learned was that 2/3
13:46 of the first 5 books of the Bible...
13:49 Genesis through Numbers...
13:52 is a narrative of God's grace.
13:55 It is a narrative that shows the calling, the election,
14:00 salvation, the providential care of God for His people
14:04 Israel. And I discovered that salvation has always been
14:08 by grace through faith.
14:10 Righteousness has always been by faith.
14:14 In Isaiah 64 and verse 6 Isaiah says that our righteousness
14:20 is nothing more than filthy rags in front of Him.
14:24 How many of you have noticed that the closer you get to God
14:28 the more you recognize your own sin?
14:31 Because the beauty of the brightness of His light
14:38 helps us see. You know, this is why we should never be
14:41 judgmental. What did Paul say?
14:46 "Judge not that ye be not judged. " Amen?
14:49 I learned in Jeremiah 33 and verse 16
14:55 that it says: "The Lord, our righteousness. "
15:01 So the people of the Old Testament times
15:04 knew of God's grace. Please open your Bibles to
15:07 II Timothy chapter 1 and verse 9.
15:10 II Timothy 1:9.
15:14 What I hope to put to bed today during this Bible study...
15:19 Have you ever had anyone tell you that if you are trying
15:24 to walk in obedience that you are trying to be saved by works
15:28 and that you're legalistic?
15:30 That is so untrue. Untrue!
15:33 But let's look at II Timothy 1 and verse 9.
15:35 Paul writes: "Who has saved us... " Speaking of God...
15:40 "Who has saved us and called us with a holy calling.
15:44 Not according to our works but according to His own
15:49 purpose and grace which was given to us
15:54 in Christ Jesus... " When?
15:58 "before time began. "
16:02 The everlasting covenant of grace is God's promise
16:07 to save sinful humanity through the redemptive work
16:10 of Jesus Christ. This is a covenant of redemption,
16:14 His oath-bound promise that was established by God
16:18 before time began. And did you know that
16:21 physicists have now said... I say now. It's been about
16:24 twenty years ago I read this...
16:27 that they now say there was no time before the world began.
16:32 That's what the Bible has always said.
16:35 But His plan was to send Jesus Christ
16:40 to rescue fallen humanity and fulfill His plan
16:44 of giving us the gift of eternal life.
16:47 In Titus 1:12... excuse me... Titus 1:2
16:52 it say: "In hope of eternal life
16:54 which God - who cannot lie -
16:58 promised before time began. "
17:02 So we have the hope of eternal life.
17:06 Do we have immortality right now?
17:10 We don't? There's so many people out there who think we do!
17:14 But I Timothy 6:16 says that God ALONE is immortal.
17:20 And I Corinthians 15:51-55
17:24 explains to us that it is at the last trump
17:29 when Jesus returns to call forth His saints
17:34 from their graves... it is at THAT moment
17:37 that this mortal puts on immortality.
17:40 But before time began
17:43 God had the Calvary plan in mind.
17:46 Revelation 13:8 says
17:48 that Jesus was the Lamb who was slain from the foundations
17:52 of the earth. So, from the foundations of the world
17:57 we know that it is His blood
18:00 that will be the blood of the everlasting covenant
18:03 as Hebrews tells us.
18:04 It is Jesus and righteousness by faith -
18:09 salvation by grace - which is the everlasting gospel
18:13 that Revelation 14:6 tells us.
18:16 So what God's covenants do
18:18 is they are a progressive revelation
18:22 of God's plan of salvation.
18:25 He's unfolding the eternal plan through His various
18:30 covenants. And remember this:
18:33 both the Old and the New Testament say
18:36 we cannot save ourselves.
18:38 Both the Old and the New Testament clearly say
18:41 "salvation belongs to the Lord. "
18:44 So let's consider some of His covenants real quickly.
18:48 These are covenants of grace,
18:50 and it began with Adam and Eve.
18:53 When God created Adam and Eve in His own image
18:57 He implanted in them His moral character.
19:03 It was natural to do His will.
19:06 They understood God's law.
19:09 It was just part of them.
19:12 Now God has a specific command
19:16 that He made to them saying:
19:18 "Do not eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. "
19:22 Why not?
19:24 Because that meant that you are now, when you eat of that
19:29 fruit, you are going to decide what's good for you;
19:32 you're going to decide what's bad for you.
19:35 It's like you were becoming God.
19:38 And that's why when He said "If you eat of this tree
19:41 you will surely die. " And Satan comes along and
19:44 says: "Ha, ha... no you won't! "
19:46 "You won't surely die... you'll become like God. "
19:50 "You can decide what's good for you.
19:53 You can decide what's bad for you. "
19:56 Isn't that what the world is doing today?
19:59 It is! So they were deceived by Satan.
20:03 And the fall of mankind... when they fell
20:08 they recognized they were naked.
20:10 They felt guilt and shame for the first time
20:13 and they actually hid from God.
20:17 But God established a substitutionary sacrifice.
20:21 Let's turn to Genesis 3:15.
20:24 Because as God establishes
20:28 this substitutionary sacrifice
20:31 He shows them - He's fore- shadowing - the redemptive work
20:36 of Christ. So Genesis 3:15
20:39 where God is announcing the everlasting covenant of grace
20:44 that was put into action as soon as man sinned
20:47 to restore the fellowship in obedience.
20:50 Genesis 3:15.
20:53 And God says: "And I will put enmity... "
20:57 a deep-rooted hatred... "between you and the woman
20:59 and between your seed and her Seed.
21:01 He shall bruise your head
21:04 and you shall bruise His heel. "
21:07 He's speaking to the serpent
21:09 who deceived God's people
21:12 and He is saying there's going to be enmity.
21:16 "This is the Great Controversy
21:18 between you and between My Son Christ Jesus, the Seed. "
21:24 Which we will look at. Galatians 3:19 says
21:27 He is the Seed. He says: "OK, serpent,
21:31 you're going to bruise His heel but He will crush you
21:35 under His feet. "
21:37 So when God made this promise
21:41 then He had to do a sacrifice.
21:44 He had to sacrifice an animal to cover their nakedness.
21:48 So that ratified the covenant with Adam.
21:52 Now turn to Genesis chapter 15.
21:56 No, no, no, no. Let' start with Genesis... Yeah, Genesis
21:59 chapter 15 when God made a covenant
22:05 with Abraham.
22:07 Genesis chapter 15, and we're going to look at verses 6-18.
22:12 So I'm going to be reading rather quickly.
22:15 Genesis 15 verses 6 through 18.
22:19 "And he... " speaking of Abraham... "believed in the Lord
22:22 and He accounted it... " He, God... "accounted it to Abraham
22:28 for righteousness. Then He said to him:
22:30 'I am the Lord who brought you out of Ur
22:33 and out of the Chaldeans to give you this land to inherit it. '
22:38 And he said: 'Lord God, how shall I know
22:41 that I will inherit it? ' So He, the Lord, said
22:45 to Abraham: 'Bring Me a three-year-old heifer,
22:47 a three-year-old female goat, a three-year-old ram,
22:50 a turtledove and a young pigeon. '
22:51 Then he brought all of these to Him
22:54 and He cut them in two down the middle
22:56 and placed each piece opposite the other.
22:59 But He did not cut the birds in two.
23:01 And when the vultures came down on the carcasses
23:03 Abram drove them away.
23:05 Now when the sun was going down
23:07 a deep sleep fell upon Abram... "
23:10 This is Abram before he was called Abraham...
23:13 "and behold, horror and great darkness fell upon him.
23:19 Then He... " God... "said to Abram: 'Know certainly
23:23 that your descendants will be strangers in a land that is not
23:26 theirs and will serve them. And they will be afflicted
23:30 for 400 years. ' " So God is telling him in advance
23:34 that they're going to be carried away to Egypt.
23:35 "And also the nation whom they serve I will judge
23:39 afterward. They shall come out with great possessions.
23:43 Now as for you: you shall go to your fathers
23:46 in peace. " He's saying "You shall die in peace. "
23:48 "You shall be buried at a good old age.
23:51 But in the fourth generation they shall return here
23:55 for the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet complete. "
23:58 "And it came to pass when the sun went down and it was dark
24:01 that behold, there appeared a smoking oven
24:04 and a burning torch that passed between those pieces.
24:09 And on the same day the Lord made a covenant
24:12 with Abram. " So He is making a covenant.
24:16 He ratifies it, puts Abraham in a deep sleep.
24:19 And I believe this is when Abram saw
24:22 the day of Jesus. You know, remember when Jesus
24:25 told the Pharisees "Your father Abraham
24:28 has seen My day and was glad. "
24:31 I believe this is when God showed him
24:35 because He's making a covenant of grace with him.
24:38 And I believe this is when the Lord showed Abraham
24:42 what was going to happen.
24:44 Now what we want to do is turn to Galatians 3
24:48 so we can get the New Testament part of this.
24:51 Galatians 3, and we'll begin with verse 6.
24:55 So God is making this covenant with Abraham
24:59 that he will be the father of many... of all nations.
25:01 Blessed through the promised Seed...
25:04 the prophesied Seed of Jesus Christ.
25:06 That he would be justified by faith alone
25:10 not by works and he will receive the Holy Spirit.
25:13 So let's look at Genesis chapter 3, and we will begin
25:17 with verse 6. That's Galatians... thank you.
25:21 You know, it's amazing when you're talking
25:24 you think you say the right thing.
25:26 I appreciate that so much, sister. Thank you.
25:28 Galatians chapter 3 and we will begin with verse 6.
25:32 Galatians 3 and verse 6.
25:35 Paul is writing to the Galatians and he says:
25:38 "Just as Abraham believed God and it was accounted him
25:42 for righteousness. " That's righteousness by faith!
25:45 "Therefore know that only those who are of faith
25:50 are sons of Abraham. "
25:53 So that includes you and I.
25:55 "And the scripture, foreseeing that God would justify
25:59 the Gentiles by faith. " What does it mean to
26:01 be justified? It means that you have been declared innocent.
26:06 That you cannot be charged with your sins.
26:11 It's when you have been set free from your past.
26:18 He says: "The scriptures, fore- seeing that God would justify
26:21 the Gentiles by faith, preached the gospel to Abraham
26:23 beforehand saying: 'In you all the nations
26:26 shall be blessed. ' So then those who are of faith
26:30 are blessed with believing Abraham.
26:33 For as many as are of the works of the law
26:36 are under the curse. "
26:39 Now, we haven't gotten to this covenant.
26:42 When he's speaking of the law here, he's speaking of
26:45 the old covenant - the book of the law
26:48 that was written by Moses that had the ceremonial
26:52 practices and regulations.
26:55 That had the civil laws in it.
26:58 So I'm going to prove that to you from the text here.
27:01 "For as many as are under the works of the law
27:05 are under the curse for it is written -
27:07 and now he's going to quote Deuteronomy 27:2-
27:11 "Cursed is everyone who does not continue
27:14 in all the things which are written in the book
27:18 of the law to do them. "
27:22 What Moses wrote as God dictated it to him
27:28 is the old covenant.
27:29 He wrote it, and they called it the book of the law...
27:32 the book of the covenant.
27:34 And we'll look at that in just a moment.
27:36 "But that no one is justified by the law... "
27:39 the book of the law, the old covenant...
27:41 "in the sight of God is evident. For the just
27:44 shall live by faith. Yet the law is not of faith
27:47 but the man who does them shall live by them.
27:50 Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law. "
27:56 This book: God told Moses to put it on the side of the ark
28:01 that it would stand as a witness against them.
28:04 It had all the curses and all the blessings.
28:07 So he goes on once more and he says:
28:10 "Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law
28:12 having become a curse for us.
28:14 For it is written: 'cursed is everyone
28:16 who hangs on a tree. '
28:18 That the blessing of Abraham might come upon the Gentiles
28:21 in Christ Jesus that we might receive
28:24 the promise of the Spirit through faith. "
28:29 Brethren, I believe... He said: "I speak in the manner
28:32 of men, though it is only a man's covenant.
28:35 Yet if it is confirmed no one annuls or adds to it.
28:38 Now to Abraham and his seed were promises made.
28:44 He does not say 'and his seeds' as of many
28:48 but as of one and to your Seed who is Christ. "
28:52 So the everlasting covenant is this covenant that was made
28:56 with Abraham that "you'll be justified by faith. "
29:00 And then he says: "And this I say: that the law... "
29:04 still speaking of the book of the law
29:07 which was 430 years later... "cannot annul the covenant
29:12 that was confirmed by God in Christ that it should
29:16 make the promise of no effect.
29:19 For if the inheritance is of the law it is no longer
29:22 a promise. But God gave it to Abraham
29:26 by promise. " So he goes on and then he starts
29:29 talking how the law was given to drive us to faith.
29:33 So let's unpack this just a little bit more.
29:36 Turn to Genesis chapter 26.
29:39 Genesis chapter 26 and verse 4.
29:43 Here we have... God has made the everlasting covenant
29:47 with Abraham: that we will be justified by faith,
29:50 that we will receive the promise of the Holy Spirit.
29:53 That it is all going to come through the Seed - capital S -
29:57 Jesus Christ. And some people say: "Yes!
30:03 We are saved by grace. We do not need to worry about
30:06 obedience. " Hmmm!
30:10 Let's see if Abraham understood it that way.
30:14 Let's look at Genesis chapter 26
30:17 and we'll begin with verse 4.
30:19 Genesis 26 and verse 4.
30:22 God is now speaking to Isaac.
30:25 Abraham has passed.
30:28 His life has expired.
30:31 But here's what God says to Isaac.
30:34 He is renewing the covenant that He made with Abraham.
30:38 He says: "I will make your descendants multiply
30:42 as the stars of the heaven.
30:44 I will give to your descendants all these lands
30:47 and in your seed all the nations of the earth shall be blessed. "
30:50 Same words that He said to Abraham, isn't it?
30:54 But now look at verse 5.
30:57 Why is God renewing the covenant?
31:01 "Because Abraham obeyed My voice
31:07 and kept My charge, My commandments, My statutes
31:11 and My laws. " The covenant with Abraham
31:14 was conditioned upon obedience to God's voice.
31:20 There was no written word at the time of Abraham.
31:25 When we read Genesis - the story of Abraham -
31:29 it was written by Moses.
31:31 This is one of the first five books of the Bible
31:34 that Moses wrote.
31:35 So Abraham spoke with God as a friend.
31:40 He knew the principles of God's government.
31:43 He knew His law of love
31:45 and Abraham passed this down to his children.
31:49 It was clear, if you read the book of Genesis
31:53 that all of the laws of God - all of the Ten Commandments -
31:57 are being followed by Abraham's descendants.
32:01 And these commandments were then later repeated at Sinai.
32:08 But during the course of time Abraham's descendants
32:11 are taken away. They're in Egypt:
32:14 a pagan nation, a sun-worshiping nation.
32:18 They're there for 400 years.
32:20 Now remember: there's no written word.
32:23 They are just following what they've heard.
32:28 But it's becoming increasing... When you are enslaved
32:32 it is very difficult to worship in the way that God prescribed.
32:36 So 400 years... Over time, they lost much of the understanding
32:42 of God's covenant with Abraham.
32:44 BUT the Bible says in Exodus 2:24
32:49 that God remembered His covenant with Abraham
32:53 and Isaac. He heard their voice when they cried out.
32:57 He remembered the covenant and He graciously delivered them
33:00 from the bondage of slavery.
33:02 Turn to Psalms 105.
33:06 Psalms 105.
33:12 Here are the people in bondage in Egypt
33:15 just as God had foretold.
33:18 Four hundred years; four generations of people
33:22 are in bondage in Egypt.
33:24 God hears their voice as they cry out
33:28 and He saves them!
33:31 He delivers them from the bondage of slavery.
33:34 Look at Psalms 105 verse 43.
33:38 Psalms 105 verse 43.
33:41 "And He brought forth His people with joy. "
33:47 This is a God of covenant love who loved His people!
33:52 "He brought forth His people with joy and His chosen ones
33:55 with gladness and singing and gave them the lands
33:58 of the nations of Canaan and they repeated the fruits
34:00 of these peoples' labors... "
34:02 Why? Look at verse 45.
34:05 "that they might observe His statutes and keep His laws. "
34:10 Huh! God brings them out of bondage. Why?
34:15 They're under the everlasting covenant of Abraham
34:18 but so that they may observe His laws.
34:21 So He led them to Mt. Sinai;
34:24 He reminds them at Mt. Sinai of His law of love...
34:28 His Ten Commandments.
34:30 But let me ask you a question.
34:33 Did they have to obey His commandments before they were
34:36 saved? No! He saved them first!
34:40 He parted the Red Sea. They were saved by grace
34:43 through faith. They had faith that as they entered the Red Sea
34:47 God was going to keep those walls of water up there.
34:50 They didn't have to measure up to His moral standards first.
34:54 He knew they couldn't!
34:56 You and I cannot measure up to God's standards
35:00 until we are saved and converted and have the Holy Spirit
35:03 within us. They believed God would see them safely through.
35:09 Then He destroyed their enemy.
35:11 Turn to Exodus 19 and verse 4.
35:14 Exodus 19 and verse 4.
35:18 I love this passage
35:20 because we see the covenant-love language of God.
35:24 This is before God ever speaks the Ten Commandments.
35:28 This is before He's come down with all of His pyrotechnics
35:33 on the mountain. Exodus 19 and verse 4.
35:37 God's telling Abraham: "I want you to tell the people this. "
35:40 And what He says is: "You have seen what I did to
35:45 the Egyptians and how I bore you on eagle's wings
35:50 and I brought you to Myself. "
35:53 See the covenant-love language?
35:55 "I want to be your God and you be My people. "
36:00 "Now therefore... " He says in verse 5...
36:03 "if... " This is going to be a conditional... it is
36:08 a conditional covenant... "if you will indeed obey
36:10 My voice and keep my covenants then you shall be a special
36:13 treasure to Me above all the people.
36:16 For all the earth is Mine and you shall be to Me
36:18 a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.
36:21 These are the words, Moses, that you are to speak
36:24 to the children of Israel. "
36:25 Does this not remind you of I Peter 2:9
36:28 that we are a "royal priesthood, a chosen nation. "
36:32 This is what He's saying to them:
36:34 "You'll be My royal priesthood
36:36 if you'll obey My voice. I love you!
36:39 All I ask is your response of love to Me.
36:42 If you love Me, keep My commandments. "
36:44 And so Moses goes and tells the people
36:47 and in the next verse... see, God is pledging His benevolence
36:52 and protection in exchange for their loyalty.
36:54 So verse 7 says: "So Moses came and called for
36:57 the elders of the people and lay before them all of these
36:59 words which the Lord had commanded him. "
37:02 What words? The words we just read
37:04 in verses 4 through 6.
37:08 These are the words: "I'll be your God;
37:12 you'll be My people if you'll just obey Me. "
37:15 And so... verse 8: "All the people answered together
37:19 and they said: 'All that the Lord has spoken
37:22 we will do. ' " "Yes, we'll be His people. "
37:25 "Yes, we will respond in covenant love by obeying Him. "
37:31 But see, the people... Moses then goes back to the Lord
37:35 and says: "Yes! They want to! "
37:37 The people have responded to this before God even spoke
37:41 the Ten Commandments.
37:42 He's invited them into covenant relationship.
37:46 And so the covenant was conditioned upon obedience
37:52 to His voice.
37:55 But their obedience was an expression...
37:58 supposed to be an expression... of covenant love.
38:01 It's a precondition to receiving the covenant blessing.
38:07 So if you think about it
38:09 God's kingdom operates
38:14 on two fundamental principles of love.
38:17 Can you tell me what those are?
38:19 Mark 12:30-31.
38:23 "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart,
38:27 with all of your soul, with all of your mind,
38:29 with all your strength. " And the second is:
38:32 "You shall love your neighbor as yourself. "
38:35 See, the first is unreserved love for God.
38:39 The second is self-sacrificing love for others.
38:44 But the law of love - the Ten Commandments -
38:47 the moral law is and always has been the standard
38:52 of God's government.
38:54 He expects His covenant people to keep His law.
38:57 Now, He first spoke these audibly
39:01 and the people trembled because the Bible says
39:06 when you hear the audible voice of the Lord that, in Revelation
39:09 it says His voice is like the rushing waters...
39:13 many rushing waters.
39:15 But now turn to Exodus 20.
39:19 Exodus 20. The people are trembling now
39:24 in the awe-inspiring presence of God.
39:27 But He is getting ready just to speak the Ten Commandments.
39:32 He's going to remind them of what He had told Abraham,
39:37 what He had told Isaac.
39:39 Remind them of the things that had been passed down to them
39:43 by word. And it starts... This is the preamble
39:47 of the Ten Commandments:
39:49 "And God spoke all these words saying:
39:52 'I am the Lord your God
39:55 who brought you out of the land of Egypt,
39:59 out of the house of bondage. ' "
40:02 Do you hear God's love in this preamble?
40:08 Before we go through the Ten Commandments let me just
40:10 say this: in Hebrew they are called ten words.
40:15 And the syntax - which is the arrangement of these words -
40:19 indicates that they are commandments.
40:23 But they are written in the future tense
40:26 which indicates that they are promises from God.
40:30 Let me repeat that.
40:32 The Ten Commandments are promises from God.
40:38 We have to quit thinking
40:41 that we can do anything without God's power.
40:46 Because what God is saying is
40:49 anything that He calls us to be He will cause us to be.
40:54 It is God working in us to will and to do
40:57 His good pleasure. So here He is. He started off
41:02 this preamble saying: "I am the Lord your God
41:04 who brought you out of bondage. I have borne you to Myself
41:08 on the wings of eagles. " And then He goes on to say
41:12 "You shall have no other gods before Me. "
41:15 "You won't bow down to idols any longer. "
41:19 "No... you won't take My name in vain. "
41:22 "You will REMEMBER My Sabbath Day.
41:25 You're going to be so excited to come spend this time with Me.
41:29 This time that I have sancti- fied, that I have put aside
41:33 as holy... this time for you and I. "
41:37 And then He says to them:
41:40 "You will honor your mother and your father.
41:42 You will not commit murder; you'll not commit adultery.
41:45 You'll not lie; you'll not steal.
41:48 You're not going to bear false testimony.
41:50 You're not going to covet. " Why?
41:52 "Because that's what being in covenant relationship with Me
41:57 is like. I'm going to empower you
42:00 to overcome these things. "
42:03 Then God engraves, we know,
42:07 the only part of scripture that was written with the finger
42:11 of God are the Ten Commandments.
42:14 And He tells Moses: "Put these in the ark. "
42:19 What was the ark?
42:21 That's God's throne.
42:23 They were put in the ark, and the mercy seat was above them.
42:28 Mercy always triumphs judgment.
42:31 But the law is God's...
42:34 the foundation of God's government.
42:39 Now... even after the first set was broken
42:43 God re-wrote them and had them placed there.
42:47 Let me run through the timeline
42:49 of... before we get into the old covenant.
42:52 I've got to hurry. How does time go away so quickly?
42:56 Let's look at the timeline of what happened at Mt. Sinai
43:00 because I think we've got it all wrong.
43:02 So first the people - before God even speaks the commandments -
43:06 they enter into covenant relationship saying: "Yes,
43:09 we will... You can be our God; we'll be Your people.
43:12 We'll obey You. "
43:14 So then God goes and He speaks from the mountain.
43:17 He speaks the Ten Commandments.
43:19 And then the people, because they are fearful,
43:22 say: "Ooh! Moses... YOU be our mediator. "
43:25 So Moses goes up the mountain
43:27 and he receives the words of a special covenant with Israel.
43:33 The ceremonial laws, the civil laws.
43:39 Also the Ten Commandments. He comes down.
43:42 Turn to Exodus 24.
43:44 Exodus 24 and verse 3.
43:47 Moses comes down... Now, mind you, the Ten Commandments have
43:51 not yet been written on stone.
43:53 They've only been spoken.
43:56 Now Moses comes down. And he is writing everything
44:00 that the Lord tells him. So here's what happens.
44:03 Exodus 24 verse 3: "Moses came and he told the people
44:08 all the words of the Lord and all of the judgments. "
44:12 He's reciting the covenant blessings,
44:14 the covenant judgments.
44:15 "And all the people answered with one voice and said:
44:17 'All the words which the Lord has said we will do. ' "
44:21 They're repeating what they said before.
44:23 "And Moses wrote all of the words of the Lord. "
44:26 Everything that God had dictated to him.
44:29 "He rose early in the morning. He built an altar at the foot
44:32 of the mountain and the twelve pillars according to the twelve
44:34 tribes of Israel. Then he sent young men
44:36 of the children of Israel who offered burnt offerings
44:39 and sacrificed peace offerings of oxen to the Lord.
44:42 And Moses took half the blood and put it in its basin;
44:46 half the blood he sprinkled on the altar. "
44:49 What is he doing? He's ratifying the old covenant
44:53 with blood.
44:55 "Then he took the book of the covenant... "
45:02 These are the words that Moses had just written,
45:04 also sometimes called the book of the law.
45:07 "He read it in the hearing of the people and they said:
45:10 "All that the Lord has said we will do. We'll be obedient. "
45:13 So he takes the blood; he sprinkles it on the people.
45:16 In Hebrews chapter 9 it says he also sprinkled it
45:21 on the book. It says: "This is the blood
45:25 of the covenant which the Lord has made with you
45:29 according to all these words. "
45:31 Now, after they've made this old covenant
45:35 Moses goes up the mountain. God tells him in those 40 days
45:39 "Build Me a tabernacle so I can dwell among the people
45:42 and we'll put all of these sacrificial things into place. "
45:47 He comes down the mountain; he sees the people in rebellion.
45:51 He breaks the first set... he goes back up the mountain.
45:53 God's writing this in stone again.
45:56 He brings them down and puts them inside the ark.
46:00 The Ten Commandments were not written on stone
46:02 until after the old covenant was written.
46:06 Do you see that? Why is this important?
46:10 The Ten Commandments, yes, are written in the old covenant.
46:14 They are the heart of the old covenant.
46:17 There's the civil laws, the ceremonial laws,
46:21 and the Ten Commandments that were written in the book
46:23 of the covenant.
46:25 But then afterwards God writes them on stone
46:28 and has them put inside the ark. Whereas
46:31 He has this book of the covenant put on the outside of the ark.
46:37 Stone was permanent!
46:40 Inside the ark it shows it's the foundation of His government.
46:43 On the side pocket it was temporary!
46:46 It was written on animal skins... not by God's hand
46:49 but by Moses' hand.
46:51 So this was... Deuteronomy 31 says that
46:56 it was there "as a witness against them"
47:00 to condemn their actions.
47:02 You know, throughout Deuteronomy
47:07 Moses presents the law of God as glorious.
47:11 "Oh this is a wonderful thing! " He's always saying this.
47:14 And he says: "If your heart's right, you can do it! "
47:17 But God knows our hearts.
47:20 He knows how weak we are.
47:22 He knew the depravity of mankind
47:24 and by grace He provided the sacrificial system.
47:28 And it was all to point... these ceremonial laws
47:33 were food and drink offerings... they were all to point
47:36 to the ministry of Christ.
47:38 And they had the celebrations and the festivals
47:41 and the special annual Sabbaths.
47:44 Not talking about the weekly Sabbath
47:46 but these ceremonial Sabbaths.
47:48 Everything was a shadow of Jesus Christ's ministry.
47:52 Turn to Colossians 22 and verse 14.
47:55 Colossians 2 and verse 14.
48:00 Everything from the old covenant -
48:03 which was a temporary, special contract
48:07 written with the people of Israel -
48:10 pointed to the ministry of Jesus Christ.
48:13 Now Colossians 2 and verse 14
48:19 says this. Paul writes: "Having wiped out the
48:24 handwriting of requirements that was against us
48:29 which was contrary to us... " That means taking it out
48:33 of the way... "having nailed it to the cross... "
48:35 What did He nail to the cross?
48:36 Well let's look in context.
48:38 "Having disarmed principalities and powers
48:40 He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them
48:43 in it, so... " As a result, based upon
48:47 what he just said. Because this thing has been nailed
48:53 to the cross... this thing that stood against us...
48:57 "let no one judge you in food or in drink... "
49:00 He's speaking of offerings...
49:02 "or regarding a festival or a new moon or
49:07 the annual Sabbath... the ceremonial days. "
49:09 He's talking about the old cove- nant, the book of the covenant
49:14 that got nailed to the cross.
49:17 And he goes on to say:
49:18 "Don't let them judge you in food and drink offerings.
49:22 Don't let them judge you in annual Sabbath, these ceremonial
49:27 days. " And then he finishes in verse 17, says:
49:31 "These are a shadow of things to come, but the substance
49:35 is of Christ. " So what got nailed to the cross?
49:39 It was the old covenant... the book of the testament.
49:43 the book of the covenant that Moses wrote.
49:45 It was not the Ten Commandments.
49:47 Turn to Hebrews chapter 9 and verse 9.
49:52 Hebrews chapter 9 and verse 9.
49:56 Christ's death proved that the law was absolute,
50:00 it was unchangeable.
50:02 And if God planned to do away with His law
50:06 then Christ died in vain
50:09 because He died to pay the penalty that we had incurred
50:15 from breaking the law. But look at verse...
50:19 Hebrews chapter 9 and verse 9.
50:22 In reference here, he is speak- ing of the first tabernacle.
50:26 He says: "It... " the first tabernacle...
50:29 "was symbolic for the present time in which both gifts and
50:33 sacrifices are offered, which cannot make him who performed
50:37 the service perfect in regard to the conscience,
50:39 concerned only with food and drink, various washings
50:43 and fleshly ordinances imposed until the time
50:48 of reformation. " He's talking about the Levitical offerings.
50:51 Christ fulfilled all of this prophetic symbolism.
50:55 All of the sacrificial system and the ceremonial system.
50:59 His death - Daniel 9:27-
51:02 prophesied that His death "would bring an end
51:07 to the sacrifice and offerings. "
51:09 So we read in Galatians 3 that Moses... I mean
51:14 Paul said the Mosaic covenant was added
51:19 to Abraham's covenant
51:21 UNTIL the Seed to whom the promise was made would come.
51:27 So once Christ came
51:28 that old covenant got nailed to the cross.
51:33 The sad history of Israel's continued disobedience
51:37 and covenant breaking, though.
51:39 How they twisted and distorted obedience to the law
51:45 as a means of salvation.
51:47 They would rigorously observe the ceremonial laws
51:51 but they'd violate the purpose of the law.
51:54 And Jesus and Paul were both very critical of the misuse
51:58 of the law. But in the Old Testament
52:01 God wrote in Jeremiah 31:33-34
52:05 that He was going to write His law on our hearts
52:10 someday. He promised in the new covenant
52:14 He'd write His laws on our hearts.
52:16 And that promise was echoed in Ezekiel 36:26-27.
52:21 He said: "I'll give you a new heart; I'll put a new spirit
52:24 within you. " That's regeneration; that's new birth!
52:28 He says: "I will cause you to walk
52:31 in My statutes. "
52:33 You see, in Isaiah chapter 42
52:37 God promised that He would give Jesus,
52:41 His Son, as a covenant to the Gentiles.
52:46 Jesus is a light to us.
52:50 Jesus IS the new covenant.
52:53 And even Jesus said, when He was having the Last Supper
52:58 instituting communion, He said:
53:01 "This cup is the new covenant in My blood. "
53:06 "I am going to ratify this covenant with My own blood. "
53:13 So when He died on the cross as our substitute
53:17 He brought the new covenant in and made the old obsolete.
53:22 In the new covenant it is obvious that the church
53:26 is the new Israel. There's so many scriptures.
53:28 If you don't understand that, e-mail me
53:31 and we'll send you those scriptures.
53:32 But Christ fulfills all of God's covenants.
53:35 He's the Seed of the woman's seed of Abraham.
53:37 He's the end goal of the Mosaic covenant.
53:40 He sits on David's throne forever...
53:44 the Davidic covenant.
53:45 So turn to Hebrews chapter 8.
53:48 We have to get to this before we finish.
53:51 Hebrews chapter 8 and verse 8.
53:56 The question is: the Ten Commandments were the heart
54:00 of the old covenant. Are they also the heart
54:03 of the new covenant? Yes!
54:06 Hebrews 8 and verse 8.
54:10 Christ came not only to redeem us
54:13 but that He might exalt and magnify the law
54:16 and make it honorable.
54:18 So verse 8 says this: "Because finding fault with
54:21 them he said: 'Behold, the days are coming
54:24 says the Lord when I will make a new covenant
54:26 with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah.
54:28 Not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers
54:31 in the day when I took them by the hand
54:34 to lead them out of the land of Egypt
54:35 because they did not continue in My covenant
54:37 and I disregarded them. ' "
54:40 See, God keeps covenant
54:41 with those who keep covenant with Him.
54:45 "For this..." he says in verse 10...
54:48 "this is the covenant... " Here's my new covenant...
54:51 "that I'll make with the house of Israel
54:53 after those days says the Lord:
54:55 "I will put My laws in their mind and write them on
54:58 their hearts. I'll be their God; they shall
55:00 be My people. " Christ magnified the law.
55:06 He said: "You've heard it said 'You shall not
55:09 commit adultery? ' I'm saying if you lust
55:12 you're already guilty of adultery. "
55:14 "You've heard it said 'You shall not murder. '
55:15 If you've got hatred in your heart toward somebody,
55:18 you're already guilty of that. "
55:20 He came to magnify the law and He fulfilled the law.
55:24 So His righteousness is given to us.
55:29 It is imputed and imparted to us.
55:34 This is why we can be jus- tified by grace through faith.
55:38 See, Jesus Christ always has been the everlasting...
55:43 the news of salvation by grace is the everlasting gospel.
55:48 But our response of covenant love
55:51 must be this: Jesus said
55:56 "If you love Me, keep My commandments
56:00 AND I will give you another Helper. "
56:03 Allos Parakletos.
56:05 One who is just like Me.
56:07 "I'll give you the Holy Spirit. "
56:10 That's what Acts 5:32 is saying:
56:13 that the Spirit is given to those who obey.
56:16 But the Ten Commandments - just as they were the heart
56:20 of the old covenant they are the heart
56:24 of the new covenant. They are permanent.
56:27 They are God's standard for His government.
56:32 The good news is this: turn to I Thessalonians chapter 5.
56:37 See, we don't... Jesus didn't obey to be saved.
56:43 I mean, to become the Son of God.
56:45 Jesus obeyed because He WAS the Son of God.
56:48 We don't obey to be saved;
56:51 we obey because we ARE saved!
56:54 And it is God who is working in us to will and to do
56:57 His good pleasure. I Thessalonians 5:23.
57:00 "Now may the God of peace, Jehovah Shalom Himself,
57:03 sanctify you completely making you holy,
57:06 separating you from sin.
57:08 May your whole spirit, soul, and body
57:12 be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord
57:14 Jesus Christ. " Now look at verse 24.
57:18 "He who calls you is faithful
57:23 who will also do it. "
57:25 Salvation is by grace through faith
57:28 and our response is love;
57:31 covenant love is obedience.


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