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I Believe God

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Participants: John Lomacang


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00:48 You know, we do welcome every one of you
00:51 and that's what every one of the sermons that have been presented
00:56 here at 3ABN's Fall Camp Meeting
00:58 have been for is to prepare our hearts
01:01 for what? For the coming of the Lord!
01:04 How many of you want your hearts prepared
01:06 so that at His return He'll look into your heart
01:09 and you know what He'll find? Purity and holiness at work.
01:13 Don't we want to stand before God with clean hands
01:16 and a pure heart? So that is our prayer today:
01:19 for everyone that's listening on 3ABN radio,
01:23 that's viewing on 3ABN television,
01:26 here in southern Illinois and around the world
01:29 and for every one of you is that God will plant His Word
01:34 deep within your heart. It'll take root and it'll grow
01:37 and it will produce. And you know what it produces?
01:39 The image and likeness of the Lord Jesus Christ.
01:42 We've been predestined to be conformed to what?
01:45 The image of Christ. How do we do that?
01:47 We do that through His Word.
01:49 Well, we are going to be blessed this afternoon with
01:53 Pastor John Lomacang. He's my pastor
01:55 so I can speak firsthand about him.
01:58 You know, he's a good man!
02:00 He's a godly man.
02:01 He knows God's Word, and he will come today
02:05 under the anointing of Almighty God.
02:08 So all we need to do is open our hearts
02:11 and receive Him. And you know, I wanted to tell you this:
02:15 the scripture says: "faith comes by hearing
02:19 and hearing by the Word of God. "
02:22 So I always want to encourage people
02:25 to get these tapes, get the CDs, get the DVDs.
02:29 Listen to them over and over. You know what it does?
02:32 Builds faith in our hearts... strengthens us spiritually.
02:36 And that's what we want. But before Pastor Lomacang comes
02:40 we have Vonda Beerman with us.
02:42 And I'm going to ask Vonda to come on out now.
02:45 Vonda... we were talking earlier. She's been with 3ABN
02:49 for about 20 years. And some- thing we've noticed about Vonda
02:53 is: spiritually she continues to grow.
02:57 The depth of her ministry
02:59 is continuing to get closer and closer to the Lord Jesus Christ.
03:04 Vonda, we appreciate you so very much.
03:07 The name of her song is Life Is Hard, But God Is Good.
03:12 And we thought that fit so well with Pastor Lomacang's sermon.
03:17 He is going to minister I Believe God.
03:21 Vonda, minister to us.
03:38 You turn the key
03:41 then close the door behind you.
03:45 Drop your bag on the floor.
03:52 You reach for the light
03:55 but there's darkness deep inside
03:59 and you can't take it anymore.
04:06 'Cause sometimes living takes the life out of you
04:14 and sometimes living is all you can do.
04:22 Life is hard,
04:26 the world is cold
04:29 We're barely young
04:32 and then we're old.
04:36 But every falling tear
04:39 is always understood
04:43 Life is hard...
04:49 but God is good!
05:01 You start to cry
05:04 'cause you've been strong for so long
05:08 but that's not how you feel.
05:15 You try to pray
05:18 but there's nothing left to say
05:22 so you just quietly kneel.
05:29 And in the silence of all that you face
05:36 God will give you
05:39 His mercy and grace
05:45 Jesus never said it was an easy road to travel...
05:52 He only said you would never be alone.
05:59 So when your last thread of hope
06:02 begins to come unraveled
06:06 Don't give up, He'll walk beside you
06:10 on this journey home.
06:16 And He knows life is hard,
06:23 the world is cold
06:27 We're barely young
06:29 and then we're old
06:34 But every falling tear is always understood
06:40 Life is hard...
06:47 yes, life is hard
06:53 but God is good!
07:20 Amen? Amen!
07:23 Wasn't that a wonderful song?
07:25 Life IS hard, but God is good.
07:29 Thank you, Vonda, for that wonderful song.
07:31 It sets the stage perfectly for the message entitled
07:34 I Believe God. Let's bow our heads together.
07:40 Loving Father in heaven, we thank You for the opportunity
07:43 that in the midst of the storms of our lives
07:48 that God is the constant.
07:50 He is good all the time.
07:53 We pray now that You will take our minds and direct them
07:57 by the presence and power of Your Holy Spirit.
08:01 In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.
08:05 I know you have your Bibles.
08:07 Therefore, open with me to the book of Acts chapter 27.
08:12 One of my favorite stories in the Bible...
08:14 You know, one of the difficulties in reading about
08:16 the apostle Paul and particularly in this story
08:20 is trying to come up with a title
08:22 because this particular story has so many applications
08:28 that when you think of how to apply these to our lives
08:32 you've got to come with a single title.
08:35 And so the Lord impressed me to choose verse 25
08:38 as the central focus of the message today:
08:41 I Believe God.
08:44 Acts chapter 27 and verse 25.
08:51 And I'm reading the New King James version.
08:54 The Bible says: "Therefore take heart...
08:58 Take heart, men, for I believe... "
09:02 Let's read that together: "for I believe God
09:07 that it will be just as it was told me. "
09:12 You know, the initial attack on humanity was
09:15 the fact that Eve did not believe God
09:18 just the way it was told her.
09:20 And ever since the entrance of sin
09:22 the challenge has always been
09:24 when men have not taken God's Word just as it was told them.
09:30 And the apostle Paul outlines a number of parameters
09:35 that will cause our lives to be strengthened, to be safe,
09:39 as we prepare for the final leg in our Christian destination.
09:44 But we've arrived at a time where sharing your convictions
09:46 about Jesus can get you in trouble.
09:49 We're living in a new climate where you cannot share about
09:52 Jesus as freely as we used to be able to.
09:55 When I was raised in New York City, I went to public
09:57 high school. And on the top floor in my public high school
10:01 there was a brass copy of the Ten Commandments
10:04 on the top floor of our school.
10:06 In a public school!
10:08 And I believe one of the reasons our world is in the condition
10:11 that it is in is God is being legislated out of society.
10:15 Can you say amen to that? Amen!
10:17 You cannot have peace when you kick out the Prince of Peace.
10:20 You cannot have morals when you get rid of the moral law.
10:24 And our world is a world where sharing your convictions
10:27 about Jesus can get you in trouble.
10:29 That is not only true today. That was also true
10:32 at the birth of the New Testament church.
10:35 All of the church fathers when the church was being formed
10:39 went under the same challen- ges of sharing their faith
10:43 in a society that was not ready to accept Jesus.
10:48 It's becoming less and less favorable to share your
10:51 convictions about Jesus.
10:53 You've got to be careful about where and under what set
10:56 of circumstances you tell people about Jesus
10:59 because before you know it... Like recently there was a story
11:02 about a little boy that read the Bible verses his mother
11:05 gave to him. She put them in his lunch basket
11:08 and on his lunch hour he read the Bible verses
11:11 that his mother gave to him during his lunch hour.
11:14 And before you know it the police showed up at his door.
11:18 In America:
11:20 the land of the free.
11:22 Really?
11:25 The apostle Paul was a man that did not disrespect
11:28 the government of heaven.
11:30 He respected the government of heaven above the government
11:33 of earth. When it comes down to choosing
11:35 on whose side we stand we must always choose
11:39 the government of God over the government of man.
11:43 The apostles were not confused about their stand.
11:46 When they chose on whose side to show honor
11:50 they always chose to stand on God's side.
11:53 The apostle Peter wrote these words in Acts 5 and verse 29.
11:57 He said: "But Peter and the apostles said
12:00 we ought to obey God rather than... rather than man. "
12:06 Now I'm not preaching anarchy; I'm not talking about
12:09 overthrowing the government.
12:11 But when it comes to the place where we are getting soon
12:14 where we have to choose God's Word over man's word,
12:17 God's laws over man's laws,
12:20 we've got to make up our minds NOW
12:22 that when that time does come
12:24 we will stand on the side of God.
12:26 The apostle Paul shared the same convictions
12:29 as the early church fathers
12:31 but he also shared the same trouble
12:33 as the early church fathers.
12:35 And all of his troubles were based on the fact
12:38 that he always took his stand on the side of Jesus.
12:43 Look at Acts chapter 24 and verse 1.
12:45 This story actually is built... it's foundation is
12:49 built many chapters before Acts chapter 27.
12:52 And so as we walk through the story together
12:54 you will begin to see that the apostle Paul
12:57 was not a man that was unfamiliar with trouble.
13:01 That's why he said "all that desire to live godly
13:04 in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. "
13:08 And our society is getting just like it was in those days.
13:12 Being maligned was the fabric of Paul's life.
13:14 Look at Acts chapter 24 and verse 1.
13:18 The Bible says: "Now after five days
13:22 Ananias the high priest came down with the elders
13:26 and a certain orator... " And a certain orator:
13:29 that's a guy who can talk very well...
13:32 "named Tertullus.
13:34 These gave evidence to the governor against Paul. "
13:40 You know, when Paul stood to preach about Jesus
13:43 he did not care about the common vernacular of society.
13:47 He was in a generation that was establishing
13:50 the pattern that the last-day church ought to learn from.
13:54 You see, if you wait for God to be familiar,
13:57 if you wait for God to be popular,
13:59 you'll never tell about Jesus at all.
14:01 You've got to stand for the Lord in spite of the fact that
14:04 society doesn't consider God to be the popular One
14:06 in our last days. He will never be popular
14:09 in a secular world.
14:11 And Paul the apostle took his stand boldly.
14:14 He was always remanded into custody for the convictions
14:17 that he had. He became a "convict"
14:20 because of his convictions.
14:23 But he always stood on the side of God.
14:25 And Paul's words were expressed in his sentiments
14:29 found in Hebrews chapter 13 and verse 6.
14:31 Notice what he said.
14:33 He says in Hebrews 13:6
14:35 "So we may boldly say the Lord is my helper:
14:40 I will not fear. What can man do to me? "
14:43 What do you say? When God is on your side
14:45 man can't do anything.
14:47 But men will try
14:48 in every attempt to quiet those who stand for God.
14:51 Paul's hands and his feet were bound by chains
14:55 but they could never bind Paul's mouth.
15:01 Isn't that wonderful?
15:02 His feet and hands were always bound,
15:04 but they could never shut him up.
15:07 And the Jews wanted Paul dead at any cost.
15:10 And so they suggested an ambush.
15:12 Go to Acts chapter 25. They suggested:
15:16 "Let's go ahead and ambush him. "
15:18 I'm cutting the story down
15:19 so that we can get the high points of the story.
15:22 He stood before men that didn't like to hear what he had to say
15:25 but he said it anyhow.
15:27 Acts chapter 25 verses 2 and 3. Notice
15:29 what the high priest suggested:
15:33 "Then the high priest and the chief men of the Jews
15:37 informed him against Paul
15:40 and they petitioned him - that is, Festus -
15:43 asking a favor against him
15:46 that he would summon him to Jerusalem
15:49 while they lay in ambush along the road to kill him. "
15:53 They said: "Send Paul to Jerusalem so he can appeal his
15:56 case there, and while he is on his way
15:58 we'll kill him on the way. "
16:00 But I'm so glad to know... You know, I believe that
16:03 not until we get to heaven - hear me carefully -
16:05 not until we get to heaven will we see the many ways
16:08 that God has shielded our lives.
16:12 The way that God has delivered us.
16:14 I firmly believe that my life would have been taken
16:17 a long time ago had God not been the One protecting us
16:21 and guiding us everywhere that we have gone.
16:25 I remember years ago when I was on my way to...
16:28 I was living in Weaverville, California,
16:30 and I was on my way to Redding, California,
16:32 to do worship for the academy there.
16:35 It was an early morning and I had my Forerunner.
16:38 I was driving from our mountain home that was 2,500 feet in
16:42 the mountains. And it was foggy on the road -
16:45 the two-lane highway -
16:47 and I was behind a L-O-N-G logging truck,
16:50 double long logging truck.
16:52 And I decided: "If I'm going to get to that school on time
16:56 or in a hurry, I need to pass this logging truck. "
17:00 So I was on my way passing the logging truck
17:04 and as I was half way in the middle of the truck
17:07 another truck came out of the fog right toward me.
17:10 To my left was the Trinity River
17:13 about 1,500 feet down.
17:15 There was no way to pull off the road...
17:17 just a gravel patch. And I closed my eyes
17:21 and I asked: "Lord, is this it? "
17:23 And I believe to this very day the angels of God
17:26 grabbed that steering wheel
17:28 and guided my vehicle to the only place it could have gone
17:31 and that was down a narrow path that was barely wide enough
17:35 for a vehicle. My vehicle went airborne
17:38 over the tops of trees... cutting them off.
17:41 And when I came to a halt I came to a halt
17:43 just inches from the edge where I could have gone over
17:46 into the river. But God was there with me. What do you say?
17:49 Amen. God allowed me to put that vehicle in four-wheel drive
17:52 and I drove up the hill backwards
17:56 without ever slipping once. Did I do that? Or did God do that?
18:00 I believe that not until we get to heaven
18:02 will we know how many times God has shielded us
18:05 because we dedicate our lives to telling the truth about Jesus.
18:10 Look at verse 9 of Acts chapter 25.
18:13 There are people that have ill intent
18:14 toward those who tell the truth in the behalf of heaven.
18:19 The Bible says: "But Festus, wanting to do the Jews a favor,
18:23 answered Paul and said:
18:26 'Are you willing to go up to Jerusalem and there be
18:30 judged before me concerning these things? ' "
18:32 What Paul didn't know
18:35 was that Festus wanted Paul to go to Jerusalem
18:39 so that on the way the Jews could kill him.
18:42 Paul didn't know that but God knew! Amen somebody?
18:46 God orders the steps of those who stand for the right!
18:51 And so Paul decided: "I'm not going to go to Jerusalem. "
18:54 You see, he knew that to be in Jerusalem
18:56 or in any of the vicinities of the Jews
18:59 was a threat on his existence.
19:01 And so he did the wise thing. Look at verse 12...
19:03 he did the wise thing.
19:05 He said: "You have appealed to Caesar,
19:09 to Caesar you shall go. "
19:11 Paul decided "my only safety was to get out of the region
19:16 of Jerusalem at any cost. "
19:19 And he knew that as a Roman citizen he could
19:23 put his life in the hand and let Caesar decide his fate.
19:26 Just get out of Jerusalem at any cost.
19:28 Make sure that you leave the city alive.
19:31 To leave town in bondage is better than leaving
19:36 town in a box.
19:39 So Paul decided to appeal to Caesar.
19:43 Look at verse 28 of chapter 26.
19:47 Paul had one more meeting. He was called before a man
19:52 by the name of Agrippa.
19:54 You heard his story before.
19:56 You see, all the Jewish leaders - all of the government
19:59 council - decided that they were going to examine Paul
20:02 one at a time to find out what there was about him
20:05 that kept him preaching with such conviction about Jesus.
20:09 And when Paul stood before Agrippa - when you read the
20:12 story there in Acts chapter 26-
20:13 when Paul stood before Agrippa he preached with such conviction
20:18 Agrippa said these words in verse 28:
20:22 "Then Agrippa said to Paul... "
20:23 What did he say? Together...
20:25 "You almost persuaded me to become a Christian. "
20:30 To be almost persuaded is to be entirely lost.
20:36 To almost accept the truth is to totally accept a lie.
20:40 To almost accept the light
20:42 is to totally remain in darkness.
20:44 To almost receive Jesus is to totally reject Him.
20:48 To almost be saved is to be altogether lost.
20:53 In I Peter chapter 4 and verse 18 Peter says these words:
20:57 "Now if the righteous one is scarcely saved
21:00 where will the ungodly and the sinner appear? "
21:04 You know what, friends? I'm glad that the righteous
21:07 will scarcely be saved. What do you say?
21:10 You didn't get that.
21:11 I didn't say saved.
21:14 We'll only be saved by the grace of God. What do you say?
21:17 Not by our deeds... not by our works.
21:19 "For by grace are we saved through faith, and that not of
21:23 ourselves... " It is the what? "the gift of God,
21:26 not of works lest any man should boast. "
21:28 So all the good that we do
21:30 we can only be saved by the grace of God.
21:33 But Agrippa stood there and said: "Paul, you almost
21:35 persuaded me to be a Christian. "
21:39 Then Agrippa said in verse 32 of Acts chapter 26...
21:43 he said to him:
21:46 "This man might have been set free
21:50 if he had not appealed to Caesar. "
21:52 He might have been set free
21:54 if he had not appealed to Caesar.
21:57 Paul was bound but very much free;
22:01 his accusers were free but very much bound.
22:05 Sometimes being in chains... you can be more free in chains
22:09 than those who are not in chains.
22:11 And so Paul decided to take his chances
22:14 being in chains and he decided at whatever cost
22:18 to bring his case before Caesar.
22:21 Now the sermon begins.
22:22 I just laid the foundation... now the sermon begins.
22:26 Acts chapter 27 verse 1.
22:33 "And when it was decided that we should sail to Italy
22:37 they delivered Paul and some other prisoners
22:42 to one named Julius,
22:43 a centurion of the Augustan regiment. "
22:47 Paul decided to get on board with all the other prisoners.
22:52 And Paul was the preacher in chains.
22:55 You know, sometimes as preachers
22:57 we feel like our hands are bound... that we are in chains.
23:00 After pastoring as many churches as I have
23:03 and after becoming familiar with many of my members
23:06 and after encouraging our people from week to week
23:09 to come to prayer meeting sometimes I feel like my hands
23:11 are in chains. Because you can encourage people all you want
23:14 but unless we find the personal need in our own lives
23:19 to present ourselves before the Lord
23:21 nobody can set us free from our habits
23:24 except Jesus Himself.
23:27 So Paul got on board, and in the book Acts of the Apostles
23:31 we read on page 439 the conditions under which Paul
23:35 entered the ship.
23:36 Ellen White says: "In the first century of the Christian era
23:39 traveling by sea was attended with peculiar hardship
23:44 and peril. Mariners directed their course largely by the
23:48 position of the sun and stars. " They didn't have GPS.
23:51 They didn't have what we have today.
23:54 "And when these did not appear... " In other words,
23:58 when they could not see the sun or the moon or the stars...
24:01 "and there were indications of storms
24:05 the owners of the vessels were fearful of venturing into
24:09 the open sea. During a portion of the year
24:12 safe navigation was almost impossible. "
24:15 So when they decided now to undertake this journey
24:18 to go to Rome, it was at the edge of the season.
24:21 The most favorable time of the year was the time of Pentecost.
24:25 What time did I say?
24:26 Pentecost. That's when most people attended the services.
24:29 They came because it was the most beautiful weather
24:31 of the year. But when Pentecost was past
24:33 the weather began to change.
24:36 And Paul stayed in Jerusalem long enough
24:38 to get on board. And when the journey began
24:41 he was on a small vessel. But when the winds began to change
24:45 they put Paul on a larger vessel.
24:48 Look at Acts chapter 27 and verse 4.
24:51 This freedom journey.
24:55 The Bible says: "When we had put to sea
25:01 from there we sailed under the shelter of Cyprus
25:05 because the winds were... " What? "contrary. "
25:09 As Christians we are all involved in a journey
25:12 of freedom. But God never said that we would not
25:16 contend with contrary winds.
25:18 We are living in a generation where the winds are becoming
25:21 more and more contrary. That's why when I look at...
25:24 I said to the Lord I wouldn't mention this, but I have to...
25:28 I think this is the portion of the sermon where we have to
25:30 pray: "Lord, deliver us from evil. "
25:32 When we talk about the elections "deliver us from evil. "
25:38 I said I wouldn't say anything but I've got to say something.
25:42 "Lord, whoever's in the White House next
25:45 please don't ever get off Your throne. "
25:50 We don't have a whole lot of choices.
25:54 That's why I am so glad that God is still in charge
25:57 of how things are going to turn out.
25:59 "Lord, when I turn the news on I don't know what to say! "
26:04 I'm praying that the next person will be an adult
26:12 'cause you know whatever promises they make
26:14 they're not going to keep.
26:15 And why do we get drawn into that?
26:18 From one election to the other, every four years
26:20 we get drawn into standing behind somebody.
26:24 We think that's the guy... or in this case that's the woman.
26:27 Brothers and sisters, it ain't a man on earth
26:29 or a woman on earth... it's God in heaven that's
26:32 in charge of the direction of this church.
26:35 Get all bent out of shape.
26:37 That's why just earlier this week I said
26:39 "You know, the disciples - when they listened to the words
26:41 of Jesus - Jesus said: 'My kingdom is not
26:44 of this world. If My kingdom were of this world
26:48 My disciples would fight. ' "
26:50 We should never be fighting amongst ourselves
26:52 about political issues. Come on, somebody say amen.
26:55 We should be so on fire for the issues of the kingdom
26:58 that we are tuned in to being unified for one purpose
27:02 alone... and that's leading people to Jesus.
27:05 All this political quagmire.
27:07 Now we've got a Green Party and a Libertarian Party.
27:11 I'm so glad there's only one party that I want to be in:
27:14 that's the saved party!
27:16 There was Paul, dealing with the contrary winds.
27:19 And when you look at the history of the Christian church
27:22 I like to call this part of the sermon the contrary winds.
27:25 I always like to do research to find out what kind of
27:28 environment it was in Paul's day.
27:30 What made Paul such a target in his society
27:34 like we are becoming targets in our society?
27:38 I was just in London in a society where
27:42 the Christian church is shrinking.
27:44 Just about 10 years ago Christians were in the 39%...
27:48 now they're in the 26th percent.
27:50 And all non-Christian religions are booming, doubling in size...
27:54 quadrupling in some cases.
27:56 Secularism is on the rampant rise.
27:59 And witches... 80,000 registered witches.
28:02 Only 30,000 pastors registered.
28:05 All that against the rise of the Christian church.
28:08 And in America where we said that we are a Christian nation
28:11 we have more to fear from our own country...
28:16 But I want to say God is still in charge.
28:19 Can you say amen? Amen!
28:21 I always say to my brethren and my church members
28:25 there are certain things that the government could never
28:27 get me to do,
28:36 and that is to perform a same-sex marriage.
28:40 I'll leave it right there.
28:42 A whole lot of other things will be imposed upon the
28:45 Christian church, but God is our ever-present help
28:49 in time of need. In the early church religion was mystical.
28:54 It was based on philosophy, science and Eastern mysticism.
28:58 That was the atmosphere of Paul.
29:01 That was the atmosphere of Peter and the apostles.
29:03 They were preaching... Can you imagine going back to
29:06 a time where the church is just beginning to get started.
29:08 And the first churches opened up in the midst of a mystical
29:12 generation... a generation filled with philosophy and
29:15 science and Eastern mysticism...
29:17 and Rome was at the head of it all!
29:20 Historians say Rome offered the world a pseudo style
29:25 of religion. The historians called this artificial religion
29:30 and here are the reasons why:
29:31 they said Rome offered peace apart from Jesus.
29:35 Rome offered politically-driven society.
29:39 Rome had a church/state society before they even adopted
29:43 the Catholic church.
29:45 Rome offered the good life without conversion.
29:47 Rome merged religions that had very little in common
29:52 and that's happening today in our society.
29:55 Evangelicals and Catholics getting together.
29:57 They have so little in common, but the push is
30:00 let's find ways to control our government.
30:03 The only government that we should be controlling...
30:06 Let me just repeat that: the only government that
30:08 we should be concerned about is the government of God.
30:11 Rome created a false eschatology...
30:15 distorted prophecies. And Rome also established
30:18 a man-centered religion. Historians say that the Roman
30:22 leaders believed themselves to be the sons of God.
30:26 Look at Matthew chapter 24 verses 4 and 5.
30:29 That's why Matthew wrote these words.
30:32 I used to think that these had just application to the end
30:35 but I've discovered that many of what the gospel writers wrote
30:38 has a dual application.
30:40 The reason why they saw the end
30:42 is the began to repeat the very things happening in their day.
30:46 Look at Matthew chapter 24 verses 4 and 5.
30:48 Notice what they said about the world of their day.
30:57 "And Jesus answered and said to them... " What did He say?
31:00 "take heed that... " What? "no one deceives you. "
31:04 They tried to deceive through a man-centered form of religion
31:09 through a philosophical, science, Eastern mysticism
31:13 based form of religion. So when Jesus talked about deception
31:17 he was not talking about 2016 or 2017.
31:20 My wife always tells me: "Don't date the sermon... "
31:22 so forget the date.
31:24 He was not talking about the end time. He was talking about
31:27 what was happening in their day will happen also in OUR day.
31:31 There were earthquakes then. There will be earthquakes when?
31:35 Now! There were wars and rumors of wars when?
31:37 Then! When will there be wars and rumors of wars?
31:40 Today. There was something else that was amazing about that
31:44 generation. That was the generation...
31:47 I don't want to jump ahead of myself, but that was the
31:49 generation the kind of mysticism that Rome offered
31:52 was the kind of worship where they worshiped, this is amazing,
31:57 where they worshiped some strange gods.
31:59 And they mentioned two of the gods.
32:02 One god named Mythra
32:04 and one named Isis.
32:09 Is that amazing or what?
32:12 Isis affected the generation in their day
32:15 and ISIS is affecting the generation in our day.
32:18 Quite a different ISIS
32:20 because the one today is an acronym.
32:21 But I thought how strange it was, under a Roman-dominated
32:26 government, Rome offered
32:32 Eastern mystical worship with those gods becoming
32:36 the central focus. Look at Matthew 24:9-10.
32:40 Another context of their day is existing in our day.
32:47 Opposition to the rise of the Roman religion was met with
32:49 betrayal. Notice the words of Jesus.
32:51 Matthew 24:9-10. The Bible says:
32:55 "Then they will deliver you up to... " What?
32:59 "tribulation... " And what else? "and kill you and you will be
33:03 hated by all nations for My name's sake.
33:07 And then many will be offended and will betray one another
33:12 and will hate one another. "
33:14 In their day, wherever the church was rising up...
33:19 wherever the Christian church was being formed...
33:21 there were those that were a part of the mystical worship
33:25 of that generation, and they would report each other.
33:27 You should read the stories. They would report each other.
33:30 A mother would turn on a father.
33:33 A daughter would turn on the mother.
33:36 All kinds of in-family fighting because if one decided to
33:40 impose his or her beliefs on the other
33:43 they reported it to the government.
33:45 That's what's happening today.
33:49 In some parts of our world you can't talk about Jesus
33:54 and it's becoming that way in our own society.
33:58 In public places you cannot talk... and if you think about
34:01 this, this was not something that just happened.
34:03 This was something that was taking place a long time ago.
34:06 Some of you are old enough when the issue of prayer in schools
34:09 came up. Do you remember that?
34:10 Couldn't pray in schools.
34:12 I always say you don't have to worry about prayer in schools.
34:15 Just give the kids a test... they'll pray!
34:19 Give them homework... they'll pray!
34:21 Don't have to impose that on anybody.
34:24 I've discovered that in airplanes there are no atheists
34:27 in airplanes... especially in turbulence.
34:30 When things go bad, people all of a sudden find God
34:33 somehow... somewhere.
34:35 Today the Christian church is under the same attack.
34:37 Non-Christian cults are growing with such rapidity
34:41 that the Christian faith is being challenged even in
34:44 America. Look at some of the ways.
34:47 Worship of false gods are happening in our day.
34:50 Now you know, people are not bowing down to idols,
34:52 but let me suggest some of the idols that are being worshiped
34:55 today. It's hard to come to church today and turn off
34:58 the world. You know what kind of gods come to church today?
35:02 The "i-god" and the "android god. "
35:13 Now I'm not supposed to have so much silence on the radio.
35:15 Don't change the channel.
35:17 But you know, some people come to church and they can't even
35:19 hear the sermon because the "i-god" and the android god
35:23 are stealing the attention of the worshipers
35:26 who spend more time looking at their devices
35:29 than listening to the Word of God.
35:33 No wonder they call them smart phones.
35:36 Smarter than the people that use them!
35:40 And on the other note, we're more concerned about
35:42 the release of the next device than the return of Jesus!
35:45 Have you noticed that? "When is it coming out? "
35:48 Instead of "When is He coming back? "
35:50 it's "When is it coming out? "
35:52 Have you noticed that? "Does anybody know the date? "
35:54 And I go on the Internet and you see: "What's the rumors? "
35:57 When will the next iPad come out?
35:58 When will the next iMac come out?
36:00 When will the next release come out?
36:01 Everybody's concerned about that. "We've heard
36:03 that it's not going to be too long from now. "
36:05 That's what they do. I'm a computer geek,
36:06 I can talk like this.
36:08 I sometimes get drawn in but at the same time
36:11 I am concerned about when Jesus is coming again,
36:14 what about you? Then there's the social media.
36:19 Don't know why they call it social media
36:22 'cause "social media" has been the number one reason why people
36:28 don't talk to each other normally any more.
36:33 Social media? There are certain things you don't need
36:38 to put on the Internet.
36:43 Hallelujah!
36:47 "I'm going to the bathroom, I'll be right back. "
36:49 Who? Who cares about?
36:52 "I just bought a new phone. " Who?
36:58 We ought to use the Internet to share Jesus.
37:01 There ought to be an Adventist movement that any Adventist
37:03 website you go to there's a Bible study that can be had.
37:06 The Lord pricked my heart last week, and I got an e-mail
37:09 from somebody who was struggling with the idea of
37:12 life after death. And I decided: "You know what?
37:14 I'm going to go to the Amazing Facts website,
37:17 copy their study on what happens when you die,
37:20 and paste it on Facebook
37:24 and then go copy the other link about what the Sabbath is,
37:27 paste it on Facebook. " Come on, amen somebody.
37:30 So I'm doing it. There are links all over the Internet that
37:32 you can turn your Facebook... You may not preach a sermon
37:35 but turn your Facebook page into a breathing Bible study
37:39 page. People come to your page they'll learn the truth!
37:44 I've got family members that think my relatives have died
37:47 and gone to heaven. When I see some of my family
37:50 members: "Well, they're lookin' down on you now. "
37:52 My wife said: "Don't say anything. " I said: "Honey,
37:54 I've gotta say something... that's my family. "
37:56 "They might get upset with you. " I said: "I don't care! "
37:59 Get upset with me now, but I'm going to tell you the truth.
38:01 What do you say? So I said: "No, they ain't
38:04 in heaven now... they are sleeping.
38:06 That's a demon in your house. "
38:09 Tell it like it is when you can!
38:13 'Cause one day they're going to have to face The Book.
38:17 We are so caught up in life, liberty, and the pursuit of
38:20 happiness that it's replaced love,
38:24 witnessing, and the pursuit of godliness.
38:26 America: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
38:31 You can go into New York
38:34 and find a stick and a can
38:38 and start beating on the ground,
38:41 spray paint yourself five different colors,
38:44 and everybody will follow you
38:46 and a crowd will gather around you.
38:48 But you talk about Jesus and they'll think you lost
38:51 your mind. That's the kind of world we live in!
38:54 You say: "Jesus is coming again! "
38:56 "Ah, he's lost his mind! " Now I know how Noah felt
38:59 in his day! That's OK.
39:02 It's all right to be weird because we are not citizens
39:07 of this world anyhow.
39:09 Paul the apostle - this very same Paul - talked about the
39:13 conditions of the last days. Go to that familiar place:
39:15 II Timothy 3:1-7.
39:17 Notice what he said: contrary winds...
39:20 we are living in contrary winds.
39:22 These winds are going to pick up fairly soon.
39:25 He says: "This know also... "
39:28 He talked about conditions that existed in HIS day
39:31 that will be duplicated in our day.
39:35 He said: "This know also that in the last days... "
39:38 What kind of times?
39:39 "perilous times shall come.
39:41 For men shall be lovers of their own selves... "
39:45 No... no explanation needed...
39:49 "covetous, boasters, proud,
39:52 blasphemers, disobedient to parents... "
39:55 I'm not going to pause there...
39:57 "unthankful, unholy... " Some people just
40:01 never say thank you no matter how much you do for them.
40:04 "without natural affection, truce breakers... "
40:07 Can't keep a promise...
40:09 "false accusers, incontinent,
40:12 fierce, despisers of those that are good... "
40:16 That is the strangest thing I've ever heard:
40:18 people that hate people that are good.
40:21 "traitors, heady, high-minded... "
40:25 Some people get a degree and they know more than God.
40:29 "lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God,
40:33 having a... " What? "form of godliness
40:37 but denying the power thereof. "
40:38 And the Bible says: "from such... " Do what?
40:41 "don't even associate. "
40:44 But the journey of Paul went from contrary winds
40:47 to a full-strength storm.
40:50 That's exactly what's going to happen in these last days.
40:53 All these little things that we see
40:55 one day are going to change suddenly.
40:57 All the things that seem to be an irritation right now
40:59 will one day all of a sudden God is going to less loose the
41:02 winds that He's holding back, and everything that
41:05 seemed to be just an irritation
41:07 is going to turn into a full-blown storm.
41:10 Look at Acts chapter 27 verses 14 and 15.
41:15 Let's now talk about some of the full-blown storm issues.
41:18 We talked about some of the...
41:22 some of the contrary winds.
41:24 Let's talk about some of the full-blown issues.
41:27 Acts 27:14-15.
41:30 Look at how the Bible out- lines the storm that's coming.
41:35 The apostle Paul says, or Dr. Luke writes:
41:37 "But not long after a tempestuous headwind arose
41:41 called Euroclydon
41:44 so when the ship was caught we could not head into the wind
41:47 and we let her drive. " Now a couple of things
41:50 that I want to bring out very quickly here
41:51 is whenever a storm gets a name it is no longer just a storm.
41:57 It's a hurricane; it's a typhoon!
41:59 It's a storm that you cannot contend with.
42:01 It is now at the point where you cannot control it.
42:03 That's why the Bible says: "we could not head into the wind...
42:07 we let her drive. "
42:10 Now I was amazed by that because as a preacher
42:12 sometimes as preachers we think we're in control of something.
42:15 But God is going to get the church to the place where we
42:17 have to let it drive. Come on, somebody.
42:19 When we have to put the destiny of the church back into
42:23 the hand of God.
42:26 But we are now faced with Euroclydon-type storms
42:29 in these last days. Let's talk about some of the
42:31 Euroclydon issues. Are you ready for it?
42:33 The Euroclydon issues that are all around us.
42:38 We have feminism and gay rights on one side
42:42 and same-sex marriage being pushed on the other.
42:45 No comment necessary.
42:47 We have Christians losing rights on one side
42:51 and non-Christians gaining rights on the other side...
42:54 in America.
42:56 The issue of to ordain or not to ordain is still
42:59 an internal issue even in our own church.
43:02 Our own Euroclydons are here.
43:05 You can take the life of a baby
43:07 but you can't talk about baby Jesus.
43:11 You can be arrested for reading your Bible
43:13 on your lunch break in public
43:15 but you can go free after you abort a child.
43:19 Our Euroclydon issues.
43:21 Can I tell the truth today?
43:23 Rome is now favored in America more than ever before.
43:26 ROME is now more favored in AMERICA than ever before!
43:32 The supremacy of the pope is recognized on a global scale.
43:37 Not coincidence but a prediction that has come to pass
43:41 with startling accuracy in our day.
43:45 Evangelicals and Catholics are merging
43:48 on the same political issues.
43:51 Like the church of old, these religions that have little
43:54 in common are uniting for strange, unusual reasons.
44:00 I was looking at the Internet today.
44:02 I try to use the Internet for good reasons.
44:05 Research for my message.
44:06 And I noticed that there... You know the colors in politics?
44:09 They have the blue and the red.
44:10 You know how that does. I don't know which one is the
44:12 donkey and which one is the elephant.
44:14 Well, what are they? Elephants and donkeys?
44:16 I don't know. You can hardly move either one.
44:20 I mean really, honestly... you can't move either one.
44:24 I tried... I saw a donkey once at one of our member's houses
44:27 in California... a little, short donkey.
44:29 I thought: "Oh, cute! I could pull him. "
44:31 Not!
44:32 I grabbed his rope; he almost burned my hand.
44:36 But what I'm talking... I noticed this article about
44:41 evangelicals and Catholics are now saying
44:45 in light of what's happening in the political arena today
44:47 they said they have to "find a NEW path"
44:50 to the White House.
44:54 Think about that for a moment: a new path.
44:56 See, what's happening in America is not new.
44:59 Evangelicals and Catholics have been trying to control
45:02 religion for many decades. Remember the religious right?
45:06 The moral majority?
45:07 How can a majority be moral and reject the moral law?
45:15 That's why today I'm so glad, brethren, that God is
45:18 still in charge of how this thing is going to turn out.
45:22 If you think that it's bad now, though, look at verse 10
45:25 of Acts chapter 27.
45:27 Paul says: "Men, I perceive that this voyage
45:32 will end with disaster and much loss...
45:35 not only of the cargo and ship
45:39 but also our lives. "
45:43 Many are going to be laid to rest before Jesus comes.
45:48 Many are going to be put into positions where they have to
45:51 stand for what they believe. But let me encourage you:
45:53 it's better to die and be laid in the grave temporarily
45:57 than to not stand for Jesus and be lost eternally!
46:02 "Fear not him who is able to destroy the body but not
46:05 able to destroy the soul. Fear him who is able
46:08 to destroy both body and soul in hell. "
46:11 That is... only God can do that.
46:16 So if you have to lose your job at K-Mart to keep the Sabbath...
46:24 Even if you have to lose your executive six-figure job
46:27 in favor of the Sabbath, lose it so that you can gain heaven.
46:31 There's nothing worth down here holding on to
46:34 to lose out on eternity.
46:37 One of my favorite writers, Ellen White, says in
46:40 Selected Messages book 2 page 391
46:43 talking about the journey of the Christian. She says:
46:45 "When you think that the work is in danger
46:48 pray: "Lord, stand at the wheel.
46:52 Carry us through the perplexity; bring us safely into port. "
46:56 And then she says: "Have we not reason to believe
46:59 that the Lord will bring us through triumphantly? "
47:04 Has God taken us this far?
47:06 Can He take us the rest of the way?
47:07 Yes He can!
47:10 There are certain things that God can do, but I'm going to
47:12 suggest as I close the message three things that God won't do
47:17 that we've got to do.
47:19 Acts chapter 27 and verse 19
47:21 Paul suggested these, and they apply in a very real way
47:25 to our lives. God can save us, but there are certain things
47:28 that God has called us to do
47:31 personally if we are to survive the storm.
47:33 Acts 27 verse 19... the Bible says:
47:38 "On the third day... " That is, the 3rd day of this hurricane...
47:42 "we threw the ship's tackle overboard with... "
47:46 And what are the next three words?
47:48 "our own hands. " You know, there are certain things that
47:52 no one can do for you but you.
47:55 You've gotta clean out your own life.
47:57 Come on somebody.
47:59 There are certain things that your brother in church,
48:02 your sister in church, your pastor...
48:04 You can't clean out my life; I can't clean out your life.
48:07 We've got to throw the things that are in our lives
48:10 that don't need to be there... we've got to get rid of them
48:12 with our own hands.
48:15 Paul suggests the only thing that can keep us safe in the
48:18 storm is we have to clean out our lives. What do you say?
48:22 Second thing he suggests in verse 34...
48:28 verse 34:
48:35 You've got to keep in mind the ship is rocking.
48:38 The water is tossing the boat.
48:40 The timber is creaking.
48:42 People are fearful that they will lose their lives
48:45 and here's what Paul says. While he's standing there
48:48 in chains he says:
48:51 "Therefore... " verse 34... "I urge you to take nourishment
48:54 for this is for... " What? "your survival
48:58 since not a hair will fall from the head of any of you. "
49:03 What I need to add is between Paul's perception that
49:06 they would lose their lives and God's intervention...
49:09 See, Paul perceived earlier that they would lose their lives.
49:12 But the Lord visited Paul in a vision by night
49:16 and said: "Nobody's going to lose their life. "
49:18 "We might lose the ship,
49:22 but we're not going to lose our lives. "
49:24 So Paul said: "For you to make it, you've got to nourish
49:27 yourselves spiritually. " Let me tell you something:
49:30 nobody could feed you but you.
49:36 Sabbath morning is not enough to carry you through the week.
49:40 Even Wednesday nights is not enough!
49:43 If you don't eat the Word of God every day,
49:45 you will starve to death in this storm.
49:49 The one thing that all of us must do to make it through
49:52 successfully is we've got to nourish ourselves
49:55 every day. And that is particularly a focus for me
49:59 because I'm so busy. I thank the Lord that my wife is
50:02 not as busy as I am. Now she IS busy...
50:06 but when I'm too busy she "unbusies" herself
50:11 to help her busy husband. Amen, somebody? Amen!
50:14 When I was in London we were there for 19 days
50:17 with our London evangelism series with 3ABN and the
50:21 South England Conference. That chair in my room...
50:26 I'm sure that that chair in my hotel room is glad
50:29 I left London.
50:32 From morning till about 4:30 PM every day I was
50:35 sitting in that one chair all day long working on my sermon,
50:38 working on my slides. Couldn't get outside.
50:41 And even after all the preparation for the sermons
50:45 and the slides and preaching every day
50:47 when I got back to the room my wife said: "Let's read
50:49 together. " And I said: "Honey, I'm tired. "
50:53 She said: "No, you're feeding everybody... you need to
50:55 feed yourself. " You could be a cook in the kitchen
50:58 and die of starvation.
51:06 That was divine... I didn't have it in my notes.
51:11 You could be a good cook and die of starvation.
51:13 Whoo!
51:15 Paul didn't just tell them to eat. Notice what Paul did.
51:17 He set an example. Look at verse 35.
51:19 This preacher in chains set an example.
51:22 As leaders we've got to set an example.
51:24 Our members need to see us feeding on the Word of God
51:27 for them to want to feed on God's Word.
51:30 Paul did this in verse 35: "And when he had said these things"
51:34 here he is... "he took bread and gave thanks to God... "
51:38 and notice where he did it... "in the presence of them all.
51:42 And when he had broken it he began to eat. "
51:46 When you read the story... When they saw Paul
51:48 starting to eat then they began to eat.
51:52 If you're a deacon or deaconess or just a basic church member,
51:56 you can encourage other church members by letting them
52:00 see you study your Bible.
52:03 Instead of wasting time at fellowship lunch by talking
52:05 about stuff that don't mean anything
52:08 wouldn't it be nice if we had socials like they did in
52:10 Ellen White's day? You know what kind of socials they had?
52:13 We call it the same thing, but they didn't have socials
52:16 like we have today. What their socials were
52:18 is after they had their lunch they got together in groups
52:22 and studied the message that was presented that morning
52:25 from the pulpit. That's what they called social.
52:29 Social gatherings. And they said sometimes
52:31 the Holy Spirit will fall down on Sabbath School.
52:34 Or sometimes the Holy Spirit would be more present
52:36 after the sermon was done
52:38 because they got together and they fed themselves.
52:41 They let each other see that what was more important
52:44 to them than just the message they heard
52:47 was the nourishment that they got for themselves personally.
52:52 And finally, you've got to do what Paul says.
52:56 Verse 25 of Acts chapter 27.
53:02 You've got to clean out your life; nourish yourself;
53:05 set an example by letting people see you study God's Word.
53:09 And finally you've got to do what he says in verse 25.
53:11 He said: "Brethren, therefore take heart,
53:15 men, for I believe that it will be... " How?
53:21 "just as it was told me. "
53:27 It is too late to modify God's Word.
53:29 God's Word has survived every attempt of extinction
53:34 and God's Word will carry us through to the coming of Jesus.
53:39 But we cannot modify it or alter it or change it.
53:42 We have to believe God's Word just as it reads.
53:45 When Paul stood there he said: "I believe God's Word. "
53:49 Notice he didn't say: "I believe IN God. "
53:52 He said: "I believe God that it will be
53:55 just as it was told me. "
53:59 And so today I stand with the apostle Paul.
54:02 I could preach a message of peace and safety
54:04 but I believe God that it should be just as it was told me.
54:08 I could tell you that the world's economy will stabilize
54:11 but you know better than that.
54:13 One day there'll be jobs for everybody, but the Bible says
54:16 I believe God that it shall be
54:20 just as it was told me.
54:23 I could preach that the next president will have all
54:25 the answers. Please... let's not go there.
54:30 I believe God that it shall be just as it was told me.
54:35 It would be comforting to preach that one day
54:38 men will have a sudden change of heart and the world will be
54:40 converted, but I say again:
54:42 "I believe God that it will be" How? "just as it was told me. "
54:48 To the skeptics that doubt the return of Jesus
54:54 "He that shall come will come and will not tarry. "
54:58 What do you say? One day there'll be no more heartache;
55:00 no more pain; no more suffering; no more death.
55:02 All these things will be forever eradicated
55:06 because we can hold onto the unchanging promises of God
55:10 today. Why? Because I believe God
55:12 that it shall be just as it was told me!
55:15 To the atheist that doubts that God exists
55:18 oh I say to them today: "I believe God
55:20 that it shall be just as it was told me. "
55:24 When we trust God's Word over the word of man
55:27 we can find courage in the midst of darkness.
55:30 Hope... in a world that is falling apart.
55:33 We can find even comfort in the midst of our storm.
55:36 if we allow ourselves to be kept secure by the study
55:41 of God's Word. The study of God's Word has
55:43 kept me through many difficulties...
55:45 has kept my wife and I through many difficulties,
55:47 many challenges because we read God's Word
55:49 and we take God at His word.
55:52 That's why still today in our changing world,
55:55 in a challenging church,
55:57 in a compromising society I still believe God
56:02 that it shall be just as it was told me.
56:04 And finally to the Christian that thinks that Jesus
56:07 has forgotten us, I am so glad that Jesus
56:09 has not forgotten us. What do you say?
56:11 He's coming again!
56:12 He's going to come to take us to our home
56:14 that He's preparing even now.
56:16 And every now and then I imagine what that home is going to be.
56:19 I see myself sitting at the welcome table.
56:21 I see myself walking the golden streets of the New Jerusalem.
56:24 I see myself moving in!
56:27 And by the way, when I'm moving I'm not taking anything from
56:29 earth to heaven.
56:33 That's why my wife and I sat down the other day;
56:35 we talked about the cycles of life.
56:38 When you're young, you want to buy everything
56:40 and own everything and gather everything
56:43 and compile everything and store everything.
56:45 But she said: "There comes a point where you've got to start
56:47 unloading everything 'cause you can't take it with you. "
56:50 Amen somebody. Amen! And she said to me:
56:52 "We've got a whole lot of unloading to do! "
56:56 We'll tell you when so our junk can become your treasure.
57:03 Believe me, brother, today the only hope is to believe
57:06 God that it shall be just as it was told me.
57:10 So the question I end with is why am I going to keep
57:13 holding on? Why am I going to keep trusting God
57:15 in His Word? The answer is simple:
57:18 I believe God that it shall be
57:21 just as it was told me. Let us pray.
57:25 Loving Father in heaven, continue blessing our hearts
57:28 and our minds. May we be faithful
57:30 to trust Your Word.


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