Christ, Calvary, and the Sanctuary

His Way is in the Sanctuary

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00:51 Welcome to 3ABN's Spring Camp Meeting:
00:57 Live from the 3ABN Worship Center.
01:02 Hello friends and welcome to 3ABN Spring Camp Meeting 2016.
01:07 We've just had a blessed time
01:09 listening to Pastor John Bradshaw's message.
01:12 And this now is the second in a numerical series
01:16 of sermons that will be focused on Christ, Calvary,
01:20 and the Sanctuary.
01:21 We'd like to welcome you with a hearty Amen. Amen!
01:25 And if you are in driving dis- tance or... You know you might
01:28 consider Mississippi driving distance. I just met somebody
01:31 that drove from Mississippi. Met somebody that flew
01:33 all the way from London, England...
01:35 actually Birmingham, England.
01:37 And so that may interpret differently for you, but we'd
01:40 like to invite you because this is just Wednesday.
01:43 We've got Thursday, Friday, and Sabbath and you
01:45 do not want to miss what God has in store for this weekend.
01:50 What better subject matter than Christ, Calvary,
01:54 and the Sanctuary.
01:56 Our speaker for this hour is Pastor David Shin.
02:01 He is a part of our 3ABN family.
02:04 I asked him just a moment ago where he's pastoring
02:07 and I knew that he was in what I might refer to as the
02:10 contiguous United States but he shuffled off to
02:15 Anchorage, Alaska.
02:18 I don't know what the temperature is there, but I'm
02:21 sure he's glad to be here. Here in southern Illinois
02:24 where the temperature is wonderful and warm
02:26 and we have been blessed by the presence of the Lord already.
02:30 His message is entitled His Way Is In The Sanctuary.
02:35 His wife is also here with him, Tennille.
02:36 And I had a chance to meet her, a wonderful young lady.
02:39 A bright smile. Did not know she was related to one of our
02:43 church members. I learn things every day the more I stay alive.
02:46 Praise the Lord for that.
02:48 We also are going to have some beautiful music.
02:50 And I'm going to allow Pastor David Shin to have
02:54 the opening prayer. But our minister of music
02:58 is going to be Sandra Entermann.
03:00 And I tell you, Sandra Entermann is not only from down under
03:05 but when she's here in Illinois she's up above.
03:08 And she has come to bless us, and she is going to bless us
03:11 with this wonderful song entitled I understand
03:14 One And The Same. And after she sings
03:19 I understand we're going to have the opportunity
03:22 to listen to this wonderful message by Pastor David Shin.
03:26 You know, I think... I'm getting the impression
03:29 from the Lord that I need to begin with prayer.
03:31 Can I do that? Let's bow our heads.
03:34 Loving Father in heaven, we thank you
03:36 that as Jesus is uplifted
03:39 that Christ is exalted
03:44 as we focus on the great gift that purchased our salvation
03:49 on that cruel cross of Calvary.
03:52 Lord, we thank you that there is no tomb that holds
03:55 the body of Jesus this night.
03:57 We do pray, Lord, that You will bless our hearts
04:00 as we focus that even now He's in the heavenly sanctuary
04:06 ministering in our behalf.
04:08 Those that are heirs of salvation, He brings our names
04:13 before His heavenly Father. We do pray, Lord,
04:16 that when time shall be no more each one of us will have
04:18 the great privilege of hearing our names called
04:21 to be a part of that eternal redeemed host.
04:25 We pray a blessing on Your manservant this night:
04:27 Pastor David Shin. We pray that You will guide him
04:31 by the presence and power of Your Holy Spirit.
04:34 And Father, when this message is done
04:36 may the gap between You and us and the plan You have
04:40 for our lives be fulfilled in a mighty way.
04:44 In Jesus' name we pray - and all of God's people said:
04:47 Amen and Amen.
04:51 Let's welcome Sandra with a hearty Amen. Amen!
05:14 How should I begin
05:17 to speak about a God
05:21 that I will never comprehend?
05:27 So high and mighty, and yet
05:30 closer than a friend
05:35 The beginning and the end
05:46 The mystery of His holiness
05:50 The wonder of His humanness
05:53 Are one... One and the same
05:59 I can't do Him justice
06:03 With any one name
06:08 The holy God of heaven
06:12 The humble Man who bore my shame
06:19 Are one...
06:22 One and the same
06:35 I scarcely understand
06:39 How a simple servant can be
06:43 called the Great I Am
06:47 How the Son of God
06:50 Is still the Son of Man
06:55 Both the shepherd and the Lamb
07:05 The Healer and the wounded One
07:09 The Father and the only Son
07:13 Are one... One in the same
07:18 I can't do Him justice
07:22 With any one name
07:27 The holy God of heaven
07:31 The humble Man who bore my shame
07:38 Are one...
07:41 One and the same
07:46 The way that we can come to know
07:50 The truth that sets us free
07:53 The life that died and rose again
07:57 Love revealed to me
08:00 You are one...
08:03 One and the same
08:07 I can't do Him justice
08:11 With any one name
08:15 Oh, the holy God of heaven
08:20 The humble Man who bore my shame
08:27 Are one...
08:30 One and the same
08:36 One...
08:38 One and the
08:43 same.
09:07 Amen!
09:11 Amen! Praise the Lord! One and the same.
09:14 Good evening everyone. Good evening.
09:17 Let's bow our heads together as we pray.
09:20 Our Father in heaven, we thank you that You are
09:24 One and the same.
09:27 We thank you for the sanctuary,
09:29 that Your way is in the sanctuary,
09:32 that You have made provision for us through Jesus Christ.
09:37 We thank You that the sanctuary is a model
09:40 of where Jesus is in the plan of salvation.
09:45 We pray that the Holy Spirit would guide us tonight
09:49 as we open the Word of God.
09:50 For we ask these things in Jesus' name, Amen.
09:55 Every year the billionaire Warren Buffett
10:00 auctions off on eBay
10:04 an opportunity to have a face-to-face encounter
10:10 with him every year.
10:12 He's been doing this since the year 2000.
10:16 Last I checked the last auction
10:18 for a meeting with Warren Buffett, the billionaire,
10:22 went for... you ready?
10:24 Two million dollars.
10:29 At an up-scale restaurant in New York City
10:32 you can ask any question,
10:34 spend a couple hours with this famous billionaire.
10:38 I read an interview of a gentleman that had won
10:42 this interview, and the question was asked: "Was it worth it
10:47 to pay millions of dollars to have an encounter
10:51 with this man? " And he said: "It was absolutely worth every
10:55 single penny. " Believe it or not.
10:57 He said it was "a transforming experience. "
11:00 It's amazing that people are willing to pay millions
11:02 to have lunch and interaction with a billionaire.
11:06 However, the Warren Buffett encounter
11:10 pales in comparison
11:14 with the face-to-face encounter that the Bible describes
11:18 and that Adam and Eve enjoyed in Edenic perfection.
11:24 I want to read a statement as we begin our discussion
11:27 tonight: His Way Is In The Sanctuary. This is from the book
11:31 Education page 15. "When Adam came from the hand of God
11:36 he bore in his physical, mental, and spiritual nature
11:42 a likeness to his Maker.
11:45 God created man in His own image
11:47 and it was His purpose that the longer man lived
11:51 the more fully he should reveal this image,
11:55 the more fully reflect the glory of the Creator. "
11:59 And listen to this: "Face-to-face,
12:02 heart-to-heart communion with his Maker
12:06 was his high privilege.
12:09 Had he remained loyal to God
12:12 all this would have been his forever. "
12:17 The book Education tells us that Adam and Eve
12:19 enjoyed face-to-face
12:23 open communion with God.
12:27 I wonder what that was like:
12:29 to have a conversation with God unhindered.
12:34 Open communion with God.
12:38 We know that Adam and Eve sinned, and there was a dramatic
12:44 change in this relationship with God.
12:47 And I want to invite you to open your Bibles
12:50 to the second book of the Bible.
12:52 Exodus chapter 33 and verse 18.
12:56 Moses is on the mountain, about to receive the Ten Commandments.
12:59 He's having a conversation with God, although it is
13:03 different than the one Adam and Eve had.
13:06 And here Moses dares to ask God this question
13:10 in verse 18 and he said:
13:12 "Please show me Your glory. "
13:18 "Then God answered and said: 'I will make My goodness
13:21 pass before you. I will proclaim the name of the Lord
13:24 before you. I will be gracious to whom I will be gracious;
13:27 I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion. ' "
13:32 So the glory of God is the character of God.
13:34 He said: "Show me Your glory" and He gives characteristics,
13:37 elements of His character. And here in verse 20
13:41 God says something interesting.
13:44 And He said: "You cannot see My... " What?
13:49 "You cannot see My face for no man shall see My face
13:54 and live. " There's a dramatic change
13:57 in the relationship with God. Back in Edenic perfection
14:00 Adam and Eve had open communion with God.
14:03 But here we see that God says to Moses:
14:06 "You cannot see My face and live. "
14:09 Verse 21: "And the Lord said: 'Here is a place by Me.
14:13 And you shall stand on the rock and so it shall be
14:16 when My glory passes by
14:18 that I will put you in the cleft of the rock
14:21 and will cover you with My hand while I pass by.
14:25 Then I will take away My hand and you shall see My... ' What?
14:29 'you shall see My back
14:32 but My face shall not be seen. ' "
14:36 In Edenic perfection there was open communion with God.
14:40 Unfettered. And this was made possible because of
14:45 the state of Adam and Eve. But because of sin
14:48 even Moses on the mountain was not allowed to see
14:52 the face of God but was only allowed to see His back.
14:57 This was not because God did not want to reveal Himself
15:01 to Moses but because the condition of man
15:04 had dramatically changed.
15:07 Remember the story of the ark of the covenant
15:10 being taken away by the Philistines
15:12 in I Samuel chapter 6.
15:15 Later the Philistines decided to return it.
15:18 And it was taken into the land of Israel - remember that story?
15:22 by a yoke of oxen that were led supernaturally
15:27 into Israel. The ark of the covenant remained covered.
15:31 Remember the children of Israel went out to the ark of the
15:34 covenant and they uncovered the ark of the covenant
15:37 and immediately individuals died
15:41 from the presence of the Shekinah glory.
15:43 And it's interesting that in I Samuel chapter 6 verse 20
15:47 the individuals that are witnessing the glory of God
15:52 and witnessing the individuals that are dying from the presence
15:55 of the holy God. In I Samuel chapter 6 verse 20
15:59 they ask this question: "Who can stand
16:03 in the presence of a holy God? "
16:07 "Who can stand in the presence of a holy God? "
16:12 Paul comments on this in Hebrews chapter 12 verse 14.
16:16 He says: "Without holiness
16:20 no one will see the Lord. "
16:25 Let me read that again.
16:26 "Without holiness no one will see the Lord. "
16:32 And in Matthew chapter 5 verse 8 in the Beatitudes
16:35 Jesus Himself said: "Blessed are the pure in heart
16:41 for they shall see God. "
16:44 You see, the criteria for having a face-to-face open
16:50 encounter with God is holiness.
16:55 Is holiness.
16:59 So God, wanting that relationship with man,
17:05 institutes the plan of salvation,
17:08 and the plan of salvation is a plan of restoration.
17:13 What is it everybody?
17:15 Restoration. It is to bring us back.
17:21 That is the plan of salvation.
17:23 The book Education goes on in pages 15 and 16:
17:25 "To restore in man the image of his Maker,
17:28 to bring him back to the perfection in which he was
17:32 created, to promote the development of body, mind,
17:35 and soul that the divine purpose in his creation might be
17:38 realized: this was to be the work of redemption.
17:44 So the plan of salvation is to bring us back.
17:48 It is to bring us all the way back to that open, face-to-face
17:53 communion with God that Adam and Eve enjoyed.
17:58 That open, face-to-face communion that sin destroyed.
18:04 And so God reveals the plan
18:09 of how God will bring us back through the sanctuary.
18:15 Psalm 77:13 says: "Your way, O God,
18:19 is in the sanctuary. "
18:23 I want to invite them to put a picture of the sanctuary
18:28 there on the screen. A slide. It's a bird's-eye view
18:32 of the Mosaic sanctuary.
18:35 And you will see from this bird's-eye view
18:40 that the most holy place is there in the inner sanctum
18:45 of the sanctuary. You can see it there with the ark of the
18:48 covenant where the Shekinah glory resides.
18:51 Now the question is this: where were Adam and Eve
18:55 in Edenic perfection? They were right there!
18:59 Right in the open communion with God, face-to-face,
19:04 unfettered. That's where Adam and Eve were.
19:06 Because of sin the entire human race
19:09 were placed outside of the sanctuary.
19:12 The plan of salvation is for God to bring us
19:17 all the way back into the Most Holy Place
19:20 into that open communion with God that Adam and Eve enjoyed.
19:25 You can see from the slide that God does this by bringing us
19:29 into the sanctuary into the courtyard.
19:33 He does this in three distinct phases.
19:36 He brings us into the courtyard experience.
19:39 Then He brings us into the Holy Place experience.
19:43 And then He finally brings us into the Most Holy Place
19:48 experience. That's where Adam and Eve were.
19:51 The courtyard? We call that justification.
19:55 God delivers us from the penalty of sin.
19:57 God brings us into the Holy Place: sanctification.
20:02 God delivers us from the power of sin.
20:04 Then He brings us into the Most Holy Place:
20:08 glorification. God delivers us from the presence of sin.
20:14 God's desire is to bring us all the way back
20:18 And the beauty of the gospel, friends, is that there is blood
20:22 and grace all the way back to the throne of God.
20:27 Amen? It is all through Jesus
20:30 that He brings us back. So God has created this model
20:36 in kindergarten form as it were
20:39 so that it can illustrate God's plan of restoration
20:44 to bring us all the way back to the throne of God...
20:49 to that face-to-face encounter that Adam and Eve enjoyed.
20:56 I know what some individuals may be thinking:
21:00 "Isn't the sanctuary just an Old Testament relic
21:05 that is no longer relevant for New Testament Christians? "
21:10 That is a common sentiment that is held by many.
21:14 They assume that the sanctuary was Old Testament
21:17 and now we are New Testament and that we have shifted to
21:21 a new dispensation and that the sanctuary is no longer relevant
21:26 for us living in the 21st century.
21:29 Yes, it served it's purpose for the Jews
21:32 but it is no longer relevant for Christians living today.
21:37 I want to invite you to open your Bibles very quickly
21:39 to the book of Revelation. In Revelation chapter 4 and verse 5
21:42 we can see that John the Revelator sees a vision
21:47 of a different type of tabernacle and sanctuary
21:52 that is not of the Mosaic origin.
21:55 Revelation is the last book of the Bible.
21:57 Revelation chapter 4 and verse 5.
22:02 "And from the throne proceeded lightnings,
22:06 thunderings, and voices.
22:09 Seven lamps of fire were burning before the throne
22:14 which are the seven Spirits of God. "
22:18 What is John seeing here? He's seeing the candlesticks
22:22 and they are by implication in heaven.
22:26 Go to Revelation chapter 8 verse 3.
22:28 A few pages over: Revelation chapter 8 verse 3.
22:34 "Then another angel having a golden censer
22:38 came and stood at the altar. He was given much incense
22:43 that he should offer it with the prayers of all the saints
22:46 upon the golden altar which was before the throne. "
22:50 Here John sees the altar of incense in heaven.
22:54 And last but not least, go over to Revelation chapter 11
22:58 and verse 19. We see another depiction
23:01 of another article of furniture in the sanctuary.
23:06 Revelation chapter 11 verse 19:
23:08 "Then the temple of God was opened... " Where?
23:12 "in heaven. " Now there are people that believe that there
23:14 is no heavenly sanctuary but HERE WE HAVE IT!
23:17 You don't need to be a Greek scholar to understand this,
23:20 friends, AMEN? Revelation chapter 11 verse 19:
23:23 "The temple of God was opened... " Where? "in heaven. "
23:26 "The ark of the covenant was seen in His temple
23:30 and there were lightnings, noises, thunderings,
23:34 and earthquakes and great hail. "
23:37 So here we can see. In three different instances
23:40 we see three different articles of furniture.
23:42 And in Revelation chapter 11 verse 19 the Bible tells us
23:45 that the temple of God was opened in heaven and he saw
23:49 the ark of the covenant. I believe that the sanctuary
23:53 is not only a model for men but also a model for angels
23:58 and the entire universe to understand God's plan of
24:03 restoration to bring us all the way back.
24:07 Is the sanctuary relevant, friends, for Christians?
24:11 You'd better believe it.
24:13 It is our reference point for understanding
24:17 the plan of salvation.
24:20 Now in Revelation chapter 22 and verse 5
24:25 we see a description of the result of God's plan
24:30 of restoration. Revelation chapter 22.
24:36 This is the last chapter in the Bible.
24:41 Revelation chapter 22 and verse 5.
24:46 It says: "There shall be no night there.
24:49 They need no lamp nor the light of the sun
24:54 for the Lord their God gives them light. "
24:59 Let's actually go back to verse 3.
25:01 Verse 3: "And there shall be no more curse
25:05 but the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in it
25:09 and they shall see His... " What?
25:11 "and they shall see His face. "
25:14 Verse 4: "And they shall see His face. "
25:16 Now this is unprecedented.
25:19 "They shall see His face. "
25:21 We can see that the plan of salvation has been
25:24 restored all the way back to where Adam and Eve were.
25:27 The Bible tells us that in heaven we shall see His face
25:32 AND "His name shall be on their foreheads. "
25:36 Now the frontal lobe - the prefrontal cortex -
25:39 is where the character resides. And the name of God
25:43 is indicative of the character of God.
25:46 Now this is not literally saying that there's going to be
25:48 a stamp with Yahweh on our forehead.
25:51 This is indicating that there's going to be a transformation
25:56 in the people that God allows to fulfill His process
26:01 of restoration. That in the end, His name,
26:04 His character, is going to be in our minds and on our hearts.
26:09 And as a result of this plan of restoration
26:13 we shall be able to see the face of God.
26:18 Isn't God good? Amen!
26:19 Praise God for His complete plan of restoration.
26:24 So we can see in the book of Genesis Eden was lost.
26:29 The communion with God was lost.
26:33 But in the sanctuary we can see that God's plan
26:36 is to bring us all the way back.
26:39 And in Revelation chapter 22 and verse 4
26:41 He will be successful in His plan
26:46 because His name will be on our foreheads
26:50 and we will be able to see the face of God.
26:55 The sanctuary shows us God's plan of restoration
26:58 but I contend this evening
27:02 that it does even more than that.
27:05 You see, the sanctuary provides a roadmap
27:10 for where Jesus is in the plan of salvation.
27:16 It provides a reference point for where Jesus is.
27:20 We just heard a powerful message from Pastor John Bradshaw
27:24 on the Lamb of God.
27:26 And I want to invite you to turn with me to John chapter 1
27:29 and verse 29. John chapter 1 and verse 29.
27:35 Here we see the introduction of Jesus by John the Baptist.
27:39 And it is the most important introduction
27:43 of the Messiah to the Jews.
27:47 John chapter 1 and verse 29.
27:52 This is the introduction of Jesus Christ the Messiah
27:56 to His own people. John chapter 1 verse 29:
28:00 "The next day John saw Jesus coming towards him
28:05 and said: 'Behold the Lamb of God
28:11 who takes away the sin of the world. ' "
28:16 Now if the Jews would have just studied this introduction
28:21 they wouldn't have missed the Messiah.
28:24 I mean, this introduction gives the function and the purpose
28:30 of Jesus in coming to earth. "Behold the Lamb of God
28:33 who takes away the sins of the world. "
28:35 And the role and the function of Jesus was sitting right there
28:41 in Jerusalem because every day lambs were being slaughtered.
28:45 In Leviticus chapter 4 we see how the lamb would be brought
28:49 into the sanctuary. The sinner would places his hands on top
28:52 of the head of the lamb indicating that the sins were
28:56 being transferred from the person to the lamb.
28:59 The sinner with his own hand would slit the throat
29:03 of the lamb from ear to ear.
29:05 The priest would be there to catch the blood.
29:08 So the sins would be transferred from the sinner to the lamb
29:12 to the blood. And then the priest would take that blood
29:16 into the sanctuary and sprinkle it before the veil
29:20 or place it on the horns of the altar.
29:23 So you can see that the sins of Israel
29:27 were being transferred from the person to the lamb
29:31 to the blood to the sanctuary.
29:35 That was the daily service.
29:38 Once a year they would have a yearly service -
29:42 the Day of Atonement - where all the records
29:45 of the forgiven sins of Israel would be cleansed from
29:49 the sanctuary. That's a whole other discussion.
29:52 But if the Jews would have understood this
29:56 they would not have missed the Messiah.
30:02 The only way to understand John's introduction
30:08 is if we wear our sanctuary glasses.
30:14 Did you know that all of us are wearing glasses right now?
30:21 We sometimes call them hermeneutical glasses.
30:26 In other words, when we approach scripture
30:29 there are three factors, broadly speaking, that are in play.
30:34 You have the person, you have the text,
30:36 and then you have the methodology.
30:39 We tend to focus in Biblical interpretation
30:41 on methodology... and that's important. We should have
30:44 the right method in interpreting scripture.
30:47 We should also be sola scriptura. Amen?
30:49 The Bible and the Bible alone.
30:52 But one thing that we do not recognize all the time
30:55 is that all of us when we come to scripture
30:57 we are coming with certain presuppositions.
31:01 We are coming with certain assumptions and biases.
31:05 All of us are wearing some glasses,
31:08 and our culture - being American - all of these things
31:12 skew and taint our interpretation of scripture.
31:16 And that is why we need to even be humble with our assumptions
31:21 and allow the Bible to refine those presuppositions
31:26 and assumptions. I contend today -
31:31 this evening - that the Bible is telling us
31:35 that if we are going to truly understand the work of Jesus
31:40 Christ we need to have on sanctuary presuppositions.
31:47 A sanctuary lens as it were.
31:51 A sanctuary hermeneutic that we need to have on
31:54 in order to understand scripture.
31:57 And the issue with the Jews was that they believed in the
32:01 sanctuary as a doctrine
32:04 but they were not using the sanctuary lens.
32:08 There's a fundamental difference between the two.
32:10 If you were to ask a first- century Jew: "Look, do you
32:13 believe in the sanctuary? " "Yes! "
32:16 They would die for the sanctuary,
32:18 but they were not using the sanctuary as their interpretive
32:22 key for understanding the gospel.
32:24 They had switched lenses.
32:27 They had replaced their sanctuary glasses
32:30 with liberation theology:
32:33 a popular theology of the day
32:37 that the Messiah would come and deliver them from the Romans.
32:41 And because of these glasses they so missed this introduction
32:47 of Jesus Christ. And the consequences of that
32:50 was they ended up killing the Son of God.
32:54 And I fear, friends, today that we as a people
32:59 are in danger of making the same mistake that the Jews did
33:05 over 2,000 years ago
33:07 because we believe in the sanctuary as a doctrine...
33:12 and I believe it as well. But I believe that the sanctuary
33:17 is more than a doctrine.
33:20 It is to be our interpretive key
33:24 for understanding the gospel and the work of Christ.
33:29 And I contend that many of the gospel wars
33:33 that we go through today
33:35 is because individuals have switched lenses.
33:41 They've had a switching of their hermeneutics
33:44 and have imported popular theology for understanding
33:48 the gospel... and have thus come to different conclusions.
33:54 Some of you may be thinking: "You know, David,
33:57 I can understand using the sanctuary
34:00 as a hermeneutic, as a key for understanding Jesus
34:05 at the cross. " But perhaps some people believe that
34:09 "Look, after the cross we don't need to use the sanctuary
34:12 as a hermeneutic any more because Jesus was the Lamb.
34:16 He is no longer the Lamb. We're New Testament Christians
34:19 now. That was the hermeneutic of the Old Testament;
34:21 now we need a different lens, we need a different interpretive
34:26 key. " And I want to invite you to turn with me to
34:29 the book of Hebrews. Hebrews chapter 8
34:31 verses 1 and 2.
34:34 Hebrews chapter 8 and verses 1 and 2.
34:38 Hebrews... written by Paul. New Testament author.
34:42 Paul wrote the majority of the New Testament.
34:45 And here in Hebrews chapter 8 verses 1 and 2
34:49 he makes a stunning statement that has implications in regards
34:53 to the sanctuary. Hebrews 8:1-2.
34:59 "Now this is the main point of the things we are saying:
35:03 we have such a High Priest
35:07 who is seated at the right hand of the throne of the majesty
35:12 in the... " What? "in the heavens. "
35:14 Listen to verse 2: "A minister
35:17 of the sanctuary and of the true tabernacle
35:22 which the Lord erected and not man. "
35:26 First of all, Paul says that there IS a heavenly sanctuary.
35:32 Secondly, he says that Jesus has switched roles
35:38 from being the Lamb to the High Priest
35:42 and He's ministering in the heavenly sanctuary.
35:45 In other words, the implication of this statement
35:49 by Paul should not be missed.
35:51 Paul is not switching lenses after the cross.
35:55 Paul is keeping in continuity just as the sanctuary is
35:59 central for understanding the Lamb, the sanctuary is as
36:03 essential for understanding the function of Jesus
36:07 after the cross in heaven!
36:10 In other words, if we are going to understand what Jesus
36:14 is doing after the cross,
36:17 it is impossible to do that without the sanctuary.
36:21 Paul is saying we need to keep the same hermeneutical key
36:26 for understanding Christ at the cross
36:29 and for understanding Jesus as our High Priest. Amen?
36:34 Amen. We are not to switch lenses.
36:37 We are to keep the same roadmap.
36:40 Keep the same hermeneutical key.
36:44 Hebrews 9:11-12: "But Christ came as the High Priest
36:48 of good things to come with a greater and more perfect
36:51 tabernacle not made with hands
36:54 that is... not of this creation. "
36:57 The Bible is clear: there is a heavenly sanctuary
37:00 and Jesus is there as our High Priest.
37:04 It's impossible to understand this reference
37:07 without our sanctuary perspective.
37:11 I want to read a statement from the book Great Controversy
37:14 page 489.
37:16 When I first read this I was astounded
37:20 at the implications of this statement. Listen to this.
37:23 Great Controversy 489:
37:26 "The intercession of Christ
37:29 in man's behalf in the sanctuary above
37:33 is AS ESSENTIAL to the plan of salvation
37:38 as was His death upon the cross. "
37:41 Now let me read that again.
37:43 Did you get that? Let me read that again.
37:45 "The intercession of Christ in man's behalf
37:49 in the sanctuary above is AS ESSENTIAL
37:53 to the plan of salvation as was His death upon the cross. "
37:59 Our evangelical friends
38:05 uplift the cross, and I agree with uplifting the cross.
38:11 You can see that in the flow of the sanctuary
38:14 if the cross doesn't happen the rest of the sanctuary
38:18 doesn't happen either.
38:21 Blood is essential for the rest of the service to take place.
38:26 But here we can see that the ministry of Jesus as a
38:29 High Priest is as essential
38:34 as His sacrifice for us on Calvary.
38:39 We can see that understanding Jesus at the cross
38:42 we must use the sanctuary.
38:43 Understanding the ascension of Jesus and going to heaven
38:49 as a High Priest we must use the sanctuary.
38:51 And I want to read another statement from the book
38:53 Great Controversy 423.
38:55 "The subject of the sanctuary was the key
38:59 which unlocked the mystery of the Disappointment of 1844.
39:05 It opened to view a complete system of truth
39:11 connected and harmonious showing that God's hand
39:16 had directed the Great Advent Movement and revealing
39:21 present duty as it brought to light the position
39:25 and work of His people. "
39:28 Remember the Disappointment of 1844?
39:32 "2,300 days then the sanctuary will be cleansed. "
39:35 They had the right date but the wrong event.
39:38 And through the understanding of the sanctuary
39:42 a movement was born called Adventism. Amen?
39:47 And it was because the early pioneers
39:53 rediscovered what had been lost down through the centuries
39:57 the relevance of the sanctuary as the interpretive key
40:01 for understanding the work of Christ.
40:04 And notice the language here.
40:06 "The subject of the sanctuary was the key which unlocked
40:10 the mystery of the Disappointment of 1844. "
40:13 In other words, to understand the work of Jesus at the cross
40:16 we need the sanctuary. To understand the work of
40:18 Jesus in the Holy Place as our High Priest
40:21 we need the sanctuary. And then Jesus' transition
40:24 from the Holy Place to the Most Holy Place
40:27 in the antitypical Day of Atonement
40:30 we must use the sanctuary as our interpretive key
40:35 for understanding what Jesus is doing right now.
40:43 If we throw out the sanctuary, friends,
40:49 we as a movement
40:54 can cease to exist. Amen!
40:58 We will just become a cultural entrapping, loving Vegelinks
41:03 and haystacks, and happen to go to church on Saturday.
41:11 Revelation chapter 14: "Fear God; give glory to Him. "
41:14 Why? "For the hour of His judgment has come. "
41:19 Sanctuary context. Amen! It gives us a purpose.
41:23 It gives us context
41:25 for where we are in the work of Jesus Christ.
41:30 I had the privilege and opportunity a few years ago
41:36 to go to Japan.
41:40 Now I'm Korean... never been to Asia before.
41:44 First time... Two, three years ago
41:47 had an invitation to Japan.
41:49 And decided to accept this invitation; went to Japan
41:53 but wasn't able to go to Korea. I hope to go some day.
41:58 I spoke about a week and then we tacked on some vacation time
42:01 and got on a bullet train south to the city of Kyoto.
42:06 Dropped off our luggage and then went back into the subway
42:10 station to go around the city of Kyoto to see some of the sights
42:14 that are there. That is when our vacation
42:18 became a relative nightmare
42:21 because we got lost for 3 hours in the subway station.
42:28 Now if you've ever been to a foreign country before
42:31 and cannot speak the language
42:33 and you're with your spouse
42:36 it can become quite frustrating.
42:38 And here we are wandering around this immense building.
42:43 It had elevators that went up like seven stories
42:46 and we're walking around this thing. Every time we tried to
42:49 speak to someone in English they would go like this.
42:52 And we were walking around getting frustrated
42:55 and just hungry. We were tired.
42:58 And then suddenly we had a hermeneutical awakening.
43:05 We found a map...
43:10 in English, praise God. Amen!
43:14 And using that map
43:18 it changed our understanding
43:21 and altered our experience.
43:26 Suddenly we went from confusion and frustration
43:31 to joy because we suddenly understood
43:36 where we were.
43:40 It was a hermeneutical revolution!
43:43 And we understood where we were in the context
43:46 and where we wanted to go. And we went everywhere!
43:49 Going to all the tourist attractions, and we joked
43:52 amongst ourselves afterward: "You know, we can become
43:55 the American tourist guide for Kyoto. "
44:00 We had mastered this thing.
44:04 And I want to tell you, friends: God has given us the map.
44:09 Amen? Amen! We ought to use it.
44:13 We ought to use it. It's in the sanctuary.
44:16 It's in kindergarten form.
44:18 It's a map for where Jesus is
44:22 and where He is in the plan of salvation.
44:24 Where God wants to bring us. And we cannot afford
44:28 as a people to replace the sanctuary glasses
44:31 with something else. Amen!
44:34 Some cultural phenomenon that is popular. And friends,
44:37 I just want to say very quickly: we need to be careful
44:39 what type of books we're reading. Amen!
44:43 We need to start reading the Bible and not books about the
44:45 Bible. Amen? Because believe it or not
44:48 when we read different authors
44:51 I'm not saying that there aren't things that are fruitful
44:55 for us, but we need to be very careful. Because as we read them
44:58 we are adopting their glasses.
45:02 Our presuppositions, our hermeneutics are becoming
45:06 altered and changed.
45:08 And that is why when we switch glasses...
45:11 and we may know even know that we've switched glasses
45:14 because we read this famous popular author that is
45:17 a New York Time best seller on Christianity... and we read it
45:20 and we adopt their glasses. And suddenly we come to scripture
45:23 and we start to re-interpret scripture just like the Jews did
45:27 2,000 years ago. We need to be very careful, friends.
45:32 What God has given us was heaven ordained.
45:38 Let's not switch.
45:40 The Bible is very clear.
45:43 The sanctuary is relevant for us especially
45:48 living before the soon and eminent return of Jesus Christ.
45:55 The sanctuary is Christ-centered.
46:00 I want to say that again.
46:02 The sanctuary is Christ-centered.
46:07 It is all about Jesus.
46:12 Jesus is the door of the sanctuary.
46:14 He says: "I am the door.
46:15 No man cometh to the Father except through Me. "
46:18 Jesus is the Lamb; Jesus is the High Priest.
46:23 The sanctuary is the most Christ-centered structure
46:28 in the Bible.
46:31 Furthermore, the sanctuary keeps us from creating
46:37 false dichotomy.
46:40 I see this all the time.
46:42 I hear of it.
46:44 Is it justification or is it sanctification?
46:48 Have you heard that before?
46:50 Is it what God does in you
46:53 or what God does for you?
46:57 Is it imputed or is it imparted righteousness?
47:03 And we hear these dichotomies that are presented.
47:07 And when we look at the sanctuary we can see
47:09 that it's not either/or, friends, it's both/and.
47:13 Amen!
47:14 We need to go through the sanctuary in the proper order.
47:17 And we get into the problem when we start emphasizing
47:20 sanctification and the people haven't even experienced
47:23 justification. And I want to tell you
47:28 that the issue when you study the history of Christianity
47:33 is that the evangelicals camped out in the courtyard.
47:39 That's where they stayed.
47:42 Our Catholic friends camped out in the Holy Place.
47:48 Sanctification through merit.
47:51 Through the seven sacraments.
47:53 Wesley came around and a revolutionary idea:
47:58 we need both justification and sanctification.
48:04 Adventists came along,
48:06 and the novel brilliance of the discovery of the sanctuary
48:12 was that we need the whole thing:
48:15 the courtyard, the Holy Place, and the Most Holy Place.
48:21 Amen! And friends, let's not put a discount
48:24 on the gospel. Amen?
48:27 I want to affirm the beauty and the foundational nature
48:31 of the cross and the sanctuary.
48:33 Please don't misunderstand me.
48:35 I'm not minimizing the cross.
48:37 It is foundational.
48:38 We need to uplift what Jesus wants to do
48:41 in sanctification and in character transformation. Amen?
48:45 And we should uplift what God wants to do - praise God -
48:48 in glorification because when we get to heaven
48:51 we're going to be glorified.
48:54 No more back pains; no more cancer;
48:56 no more funerals, praise God.
48:58 He's going to take our mortal bodies and give us immortality.
49:03 Amen? And that is the final phase of glorification.
49:09 God wants to bring us all the way back.
49:13 And it is through the sanctuary that we are prevented
49:18 from false dichotomies when it comes to the gospel.
49:25 It is not Jesus OR the sanctuary.
49:31 It is Jesus IN the sanctuary.
49:35 Let me say that again. It is not Jesus OR the sanctuary
49:39 it is Jesus IN His sanctuary.
49:43 And the sanctuary answers the fundamental question
49:47 what is Jesus doing right now?
49:54 What is Jesus doing right now?
49:58 And I believe, friends, that we as Seventh-day Adventists
50:03 with humility can go and knock on any door -
50:09 Baptist, Methodist, Roman Catholic -
50:14 and ask the question: "Do you love Jesus? "
50:18 And they say: "Yes, I do love Jesus. "
50:21 Then you can say: "Well you will want to know
50:24 what He is doing right now. " Amen!
50:28 And the sanctuary hermeneutic is the only way to understand
50:32 what Jesus is doing right now.
50:35 It answers the fundamental question:
50:38 "Why are we still here
50:41 2,000 years after the cross? "
50:44 "If everything was completed at the cross,
50:47 why are we still here? What is Jesus doing in heaven? "
50:51 The sanctuary answers this question
50:53 and gives us this framework for what Jesus has done,
50:57 is doing, and will do.
50:59 It is to be our framework for understanding
51:03 the work and the function of Jesus Christ.
51:07 The sanctuary is to be our interpretive key
51:12 for understanding the gospel.
51:16 One of my professors, Dr. Fernando Canale,
51:20 professor emeritus of theology and philosophy
51:22 at Andrews Theological Seminary
51:25 contends that the sanctuary is being replaced
51:30 by evangelical tradition.
51:35 And he says that this subtle redefinition
51:40 of placing the sanctuary from being our hermeneutical key
51:44 to a distinctive doctrine -
51:47 this is a subtle shift that is taking place - and he says
51:51 that this subtle shift has theological consequences.
51:56 It has consequences to change the very identity
52:00 and fabric of who we are as Seventh-day Adventists.
52:07 And I picked up a book not too long ago
52:09 talking about different versions of the gospel
52:12 in the church. And there were four different versions
52:16 of the gospel that were illustrated in this book. Four!
52:20 And it should not come as a surprise to us that
52:23 as we are living in the very end of time
52:25 that the devil hates the sanctuary and wants
52:30 this notion of the sanctuary being our frame of reference
52:34 for understanding what Jesus is doing
52:36 be replaced by popular theology.
52:41 When you study Adventist history
52:43 you see that every generation - every 30-40 years...
52:49 Dr. Richard Davidson did a brilliant study
52:51 from a historical perspective sharing how every 30-40 years
52:56 there is an unprecedented attack on the sanctuary.
53:02 Just in our generation there was an attack in 1979
53:06 and 1980. And sometimes God allows
53:10 false teachings to come into the church
53:13 so that we can become more rooted and grounded
53:17 in the Word of God. Amen?
53:20 We're living in an unprecedented time
53:22 and we cannot afford to replace the sanctuary
53:28 with something else. Amen?
53:33 Tonight, if you have not begun the process
53:38 of restoration, Jesus is standing at the door
53:42 of the sanctuary and inviting you to begin
53:46 the process. Amen? Steps to Christ page 31.
53:50 "As you approach the sanctuary, if you see your sinfulness
53:55 do not wait to make yourself better.
53:59 How many there are who think they are not good enough to
54:01 come to Christ. You expect to become better through your own
54:04 efforts. Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard
54:07 his spots? Then ye may also do good that are accustomed
54:11 to do evil. There is only help for us in God.
54:15 We must not wait for stronger persuasions,
54:19 for better opportunities,
54:22 for holier tempers. We can do nothing of ourselves. "
54:26 And she goes on in Steps to Christ page 31:
54:29 "We must come to Christ just as we are. "
54:35 The beauty of the sanctuary is Jesus is at the door
54:38 saying: "Look... just come. Just as you are. "
54:43 I know some millennial's believe in authenticity.
54:45 They say: "Look, I'm not going to come until I feel
54:47 like coming or until I have the right motivation. "
54:50 Well if you wait until then you will never come, friends.
54:54 The only way that you can come to Jesus
54:56 is just as you are.
55:00 It is the grace of God that draws you to the door of the
55:03 sanctuary to begin the process
55:06 through the courtyard, through the Holy Place,
55:10 to the Most Holy Place. But it's important
55:12 that you just come.
55:16 When the leper came to Jesus over 2,000 years ago
55:19 in Matthew chapter 8 the only way that he could come
55:23 was as a leper.
55:27 That was the only way that man could come to Jesus.
55:32 He could have put on a three-piece suit.
55:34 He could have combed his hair.
55:36 He could have put on all of these things to try to
55:39 mask the reality that he was a leper.
55:42 But the only way that he could come
55:45 was as a defiled leper.
55:49 Jesus, the Bible tells us, reached out His hand
55:52 and touched him. The beauty of that story
55:57 is that although the leper came to Jesus just the way that he
56:02 was he did not leave just the way that he came.
56:08 Amen? He left that presence
56:12 of glory a new man... a new creature.
56:17 And as Jesus said those words
56:20 "I am willing... be thou clean"
56:24 it was an illustration of the nature of the gospel.
56:26 The Bible tells us immediately that man was cleansed.
56:31 When we are justified, when we are forgiven,
56:34 it's immediate.
56:36 Sanctification... that's the work of a lifetime
56:40 and that's by grace.
56:41 The important thing is, if we haven't started the process
56:45 let God start it.
56:49 If we are in the process,
56:51 let God complete it. Amen?
56:54 And may the God that started this work in us
56:58 be faithful to complete it in you and me.
57:02 Praise God for His glory. Amen.


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