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Justification / Sanctification / Glorification

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00:51 Welcome to 3ABN's Spring Camp Meeting:
00:56 Live from the 3ABN Worship Center.
01:01 Hello and welcome to 3ABN Spring Camp Meeting
01:05 2016. You guys having a great time?
01:08 Amen! Amen. All right... another question:
01:10 have you been blessed? Amen! Amen.
01:13 Jill and I have, too. You know, here at 3ABN
01:15 I have what we call a production calendar.
01:18 And these Camp Meetings are put on the calendar way in advance.
01:21 So... I'll turn my back to the camera. But I've got the
01:23 calendar behind me and I have this date circled
01:26 months in advance. It's a high- light... one of the highlights
01:30 of the year is 3ABN Camp Meeting - that's for sure.
01:34 And I know that we're blessed always by being a part of it.
01:37 But I know you guys are blessed. Um-hmm.
01:39 And we know that you're blessed at home but I tell you what:
01:41 there's nothing like being here. Is that right? That's right!
01:43 OK. It's nice to see all the smiling faces out here isn't it?
01:46 It is... it's wonderful. We're excited. We have a wonderful
01:49 group of excited happy Christians -
01:51 that's right - ready to come into God's presence
01:54 to learn more about Christ, Calvary, and the Sanctuary.
01:58 Our speaker today is Pastor Ivor Myers.
02:02 Are you familiar with Pastor Myers?
02:04 Praise the Lord! He's an incredible man of God.
02:08 God called him out of the hip-hop industry
02:11 back in 1995. That was what? Twenty, twenty-one years ago.
02:15 He is the speaker/director for Power of the Lamb Ministries.
02:19 He also is a pastor at the Campbell SDA Church.
02:23 He has a precious wife: Atonte.
02:25 And they have four kids. And I remember, sweetheart,
02:27 when they came to 3ABN and the kids were little.
02:30 That's right. They're not so little any more.
02:32 Uh-uh... they're growing up. Amen. That's right.
02:34 You know, and those of you... How many of you have...
02:37 or have seen Dare to Dream's network?
02:40 OK. There is a new series that Pastor Ivor Myers
02:44 is doing with James Rafferty
02:48 and Yvonne Lewis and Jason Bradley.
02:51 Have any of you seen that yet? Have they started to air it?
02:53 They have! They just started to air it.
02:54 Have you seen it? Amen! You have. It's fantastic.
02:58 It's on the book of Revelation so make sure you look at the
03:01 program schedule and tune in to that. They're doing a great
03:03 job with that program. That's right.
03:05 And who do we have for music? We have Celestine Barry.
03:07 And her daughter, Farrah Barry, will be accompanying her
03:11 on the piano. The song they're going to do is
03:13 What Love Is This?
03:14 And then we'll hear from Pastor Myers. His subject
03:17 for today is Justification, Sanctification,
03:21 and Glorification.
03:23 Now before we start let's actually have a word of prayer.
03:26 We can always gain a lot of blessing from talking
03:28 to the Lord. Father in heaven,
03:30 what a blessing and a privilege it is to turn to You.
03:33 Father, You hear us 24/7.
03:36 There's no "Oh, I'm busy... wait. "
03:39 You're always there. Father, thank you for being here
03:42 at Camp Meeting. Thank you for these precious souls that
03:46 are here in this audience, for those that are tuning in
03:48 around the world. We thank you for the ministry of 3ABN...
03:52 for sustaining it for 31 years.
03:54 And Father, we know there's a great work yet to be done,
03:57 a great harvest yet to be reaped.
04:00 And Father, we want to be faithful to that calling
04:02 that you've given to each one of us to share Your Word
04:04 to others. We pray for Pastor Ivor Myers as he
04:07 presents Your Word today. Yes. Father, we want to be
04:10 soft clay that can be molded by Your Holy Spirit today.
04:14 Father, we want You to take our stony hearts
04:17 and Lord just turn it really soft that we'll be...
04:20 Lord, it's so easy to hear a sermon and say: "Wow!
04:22 That was great! " But Father, we want it to change our hearts.
04:25 We want to turn our hearts toward You.
04:28 Lord, I pray for the music as well.
04:29 Bless Celestine and Farrah as they bless us with
04:32 this music. And in Jesus' name we pray,
04:34 Amen. Amen.
05:07 You never change,
05:11 You are the God You say You are;
05:15 When I'm afraid
05:19 you calm and still my beating heart.
05:23 You stay the same,
05:27 when hope is just a distant thought,
05:31 You take my pain
05:35 and You lead me to the cross.
05:39 What love is this,
05:43 that You gave Your life for me
05:50 and made a way for me to know You.
05:55 And I confess
05:59 You're always enough for me...
06:05 You're all I need.
06:09 I look to You,
06:13 I see the scars upon your hands.
06:17 And hold the truth,
06:21 that when I can't You always can.
06:25 And standing here
06:29 beneath the shadow of the cross
06:33 I'm overwhelmed
06:37 that I keep finding open arms.
06:41 What love is this,
06:44 that You gave Your life for me
06:51 and made a way for me to know You.
06:56 And I confess
07:00 You're always enough for me...
07:06 You're all I need.
07:11 Jesus, in Your suffering
07:17 You were reaching,
07:21 You thought of me
07:26 Jesus, in Your suffering
07:32 You were reaching,
07:36 You thought of me
07:45 What love is this,
07:48 that You gave Your life for me
07:55 and made a way for me to know You.
08:00 And I confess
08:04 You're always enough
08:08 for me...
08:11 You're all I need.
08:15 What love is this,
08:19 that You gave Your life
08:23 for me
08:26 and made a way for me to know You.
08:30 And I confess
08:34 You're always enough
08:38 for me...
08:42 always enough
08:46 for me...
08:52 always enough
08:56 for me.
09:14 Amen!
09:18 Amen, amen, amen.
09:24 I'd like to invite you to bow your heads with me
09:28 as we have a quick word of prayer
09:30 before we open the message today. Heavenly Father,
09:34 I ask, Lord, that You would please speak through me today.
09:40 Take these words, Lord, and breathe life into them.
09:47 And Father, I thank you for what You are about to do
09:50 because we pray it in Jesus' name, Amen. Amen!
09:56 Well, hello everyone. Hello!
09:58 It is good to be here with you today.
10:02 I am going to be talking to you about the theme of
10:06 justification, sanctification, and glorification.
10:11 And I've entitled the message today very simply
10:15 The Flow of the Gospel.
10:18 The Flow of the Gospel.
10:20 So, you have your Bibles? Amen! Let's begin.
10:24 We're going to go to the book of Ezekiel chapter 37.
10:28 I'm sorry... chapter 47.
10:30 Ezekiel chapter 47. This is going to be
10:34 the main portion of scripture we're going to be looking at.
10:39 But we're just setting the foundation right now
10:41 so I just want to read it. Ezekiel chapter 47
10:47 beginning with verse 1. When you're there please say Amen.
10:51 Amen! The Bible says: "Afterward he brought me again
10:55 unto the door of the house. And behold, the waters issued out
10:59 from under the threshold of the house eastward
11:03 for the forefront of the house stood toward the east
11:06 and the waters came down from under, from the right side
11:11 of the house at the south side of the altar.
11:15 Then he brought me out of the way of the gate northward
11:18 and led me about the way without
11:21 unto the outer gate by the way that looketh eastward.
11:25 And behold, there ran out waters on the right side.
11:29 And when the man that had the line in his hand went forth
11:32 eastward he measured a thousand cubits
11:34 and he brought me through the waters. " The waters were where?
11:38 "to the ankles. Again he measured a thousand and
11:42 brought me through the waters. " And the waters were where?
11:45 "to the knee. And he measured a thousand and brought me
11:48 through the waters. " Were where? "to the loins.
11:52 And afterward he measured a thousand and it was a river
11:56 that I could not pass over for the waters were risen...
12:01 waters to swim in, a river that could not be passed over. "
12:06 Wow! This portion of scripture is actually...
12:10 it's amazing. But we're not going to talk about this
12:14 right now. I'm simply going to tell you
12:16 that this story reveals to us
12:23 how the gospel works.
12:26 And it is revealed in this river that Ezekiel sees
12:30 flowing out of the sanctuary. Amen!
12:34 Now, before we get to Ezekiel's river here
12:38 I want to just point out a couple things.
12:41 First of all, what is the purpose of water?
12:44 Absolutely... water is used to cleanse.
12:47 And so we'll read in the Old Testament how God speaks about
12:50 using water to purify His people and to give them new hearts.
12:54 In the New Testament it talks about Him purifying His church
12:58 with water. So water in the Bible is a symbol of
13:02 purification and of cleansing.
13:05 And in light of that, I want to share with you something
13:09 that... that to me is absolutely amazing.
13:12 You see, I believe that the waters of the Bible
13:15 reveal to us a story.
13:17 They reveal to us the process whereby God will purify
13:23 His people ultimately. Amen?
13:25 Amen! And so what I want to do right now...
13:27 Again, this is setting the foundation for the book
13:30 of Ezekiel and the river flowing out of the sanctuary...
13:34 but I want to take you back to the very first bodies of water
13:37 mentioned in the Bible, and those are the waters of Eden.
13:42 The waters of Eden. So let's talk about that very quickly.
13:46 The Garden of Eden... If you and I were to go back...
13:49 were able to go back to the Garden of Eden
13:52 and look at the rivers there and take a trip there...
13:55 I know we cannot do that, but if we were
13:57 the rivers of Eden would tell us the story of creation. Amen?
14:01 Amen! It would tell us the story of how God
14:05 created man in perfection
14:07 and how He made him in His image and in His likeness.
14:12 However, it would also tell us the story of how
14:16 man fell because he rejected the word of God.
14:21 So those are the rivers of Eden.
14:24 They tell us the story of how man turned away from God.
14:28 How he was first made perfect but turned away from God.
14:30 Now, the next major body of waters found in the Bible
14:36 is the waters of Egypt.
14:40 It's found in the book of Exodus.
14:43 And it's specifically the Nile.
14:46 Now if you and I were to take a trip to the Nile
14:48 what do you think the Nile would say to us if the Nile
14:51 could speak? The Nile could tell us history.
14:54 The Nile would point us to the captivity of the children
14:59 of Israel, yes? And it would talk about... It would tell us
15:02 about the bondage that they experienced under Egypt.
15:06 So I want you to check this out.
15:08 You know, when man... before sin entered
15:15 man was perfect and made in the image of God.
15:20 But when sin entered
15:22 man became bondaged
15:27 to the flesh. Think with me now.
15:30 Rivers of Eden? Purity... but then man falls.
15:36 The Nile? Captivity.
15:40 OK... So we're going to try that again. Hmm.
15:43 The rivers of Eden tell us about man in his perfection
15:48 but then he falls. The river Nile tells us
15:51 the result of the fall: captivity... bondage.
15:56 Working for pharaoh building his house.
16:01 We might say in a very practical sense
16:03 that each one of us has a Nile experience
16:10 where we were under bondage to pharaoh, yes?
16:15 And we were building his things; we were working for pharaoh.
16:18 We were slaving for pharaoh.
16:20 Yes. Now... so that's the river Nile.
16:23 But the next major body of water found in the Bible
16:27 is guess what? It's the Red Sea.
16:30 Now... the Red Sea. All right, you're not following me.
16:35 The Red Sea. Let me tell you about the Red Sea.
16:39 You see, the Red Sea would tell us the story of a man
16:42 by the name of Moses who comes into Egypt because
16:47 he's going to deliver his people. Yes! Very interesting.
16:52 As Moses comes... You know, Moses as he's born he's
16:56 drawn out of water. He goes into the wilderness for forty years
16:59 and then he returns to deliver his people.
17:02 And what he tells them to do just as they're about to be
17:04 delivered is he says: "Look, I want you to take a lamb
17:08 and sacrifice that lamb. "
17:11 And that lamb being sacrificed is the... was the event
17:16 that led the children of Israel out of captivity -
17:20 yeah - and then leads them to the Red Sea.
17:25 I find it interesting that it's a red sea... red... red!
17:31 So that Red Sea... what happens?
17:33 They cross over the Red Sea and they escape their enemies.
17:38 They are set free from captivity.
17:41 Now let me tell you something: do you realize these first few
17:43 bodies of water explain the process of salvation?
17:47 How we fall into sin and as a result
17:49 we end up in captivity to this world.
17:53 But Christ comes into our lives and says: "Listen,
17:55 I'm going to give you a Red Sea experience. "
17:57 Yes! The sacrifice of Christ allows us to be set free.
18:02 Now I want to share this with you on another level
18:04 because listen: these first 3 bodies of water
18:07 explain to us the entire history of the Old Testament.
18:11 Man created in perfection; man in bondage to sin;
18:15 and then the Messiah coming to deliver His people
18:20 from their sins. We might say that the Red Sea
18:24 symbolically points us to the 70-week prophecy
18:31 where Christ comes to do what? Deliver His people!
18:35 In reality, what was type at the Red Sea -
18:39 the lamb being slain - becomes reality
18:42 in the 70-week prophecy.
18:44 Now, the next body of water found in the Bible
18:47 is the Jordan. Do you remember what happened
18:49 at the Jordan? At the Jordan the children of Israel
18:53 cross over. See, at the Red Sea they were running from
18:56 their enemies. They were running fearful.
18:58 But at the Jordan they cross over ready to conquer.
19:02 They cross over as conquerors.
19:05 Yeah. Do you realize that when you give your life to Christ
19:09 and you get baptized you're running from your enemies.
19:11 Do you know that? Yeah, yeah. You're running from a cigarette.
19:15 You're running from all these things and a past life.
19:18 But Christ says that there's a second baptism.
19:21 And in that second baptism He calls us to go forward
19:26 as conquerors. You know, this is just like the early church.
19:31 So after this Red Sea experience in reality where
19:34 Christ's death sets the church free, then you have
19:38 Pentecost where you have the... we might say the birth of
19:42 the New Testament church where they go forward
19:45 conquering and to conquer.
19:47 Are you with me so far?
19:49 Amen! Now check this out.
19:51 The next major body of water found in the Bible
19:53 is found in the book of Kings. And in the book of Kings
19:57 it's the story of Elijah - right? And the Jordan.
20:02 Now if we were to go to the Jordan, what would the river
20:06 Jordan tell us about it? Who remembers what happened there
20:09 at the river Jordan? In fact, not the river Jordan.
20:13 I'm sorry... it's the brook Kidron.
20:16 Do you remember what Elijah did there?
20:19 He was hiding there, right?
20:21 For how long? Anyone knows how long this famine lasted?
20:27 Three and a half years. Give me that in terms of days.
20:33 Twelve hundred and six... Oh wow!
20:37 Check this out: here you have Elijah.
20:39 He is hiding in the wilderness
20:43 for 1,260 days.
20:49 While he is there in the wilderness he's being fed.
20:53 Do not make me get excited all alone by myself.
20:56 I'm here right now.
20:58 Look at what's happening here. It seems that the bodies
21:00 of water in the scripture are showing us the history -
21:05 excuse me - the history of the plan of salvation.
21:09 The history of the great controversy.
21:12 Now... now I'm building to a point here because I want you
21:14 to understand something. After Elijah is caught up...
21:18 Elijah is caught up - you know that Elisha comes next
21:21 on the scene. Yes? And you remember what Elisha's...
21:24 one of his first miracles was dealing with water?
21:27 He takes a cruse, and there's salt in the cruse
21:31 and he throws it into the water
21:34 and the Bible says the waters "were healed. "
21:38 Healed... very interesting.
21:40 Because look: if Elijah's story of hiding in the wilderness
21:44 would be symbolic of God's church going through this
21:47 1,260-year period then this event
21:52 that happened after Elijah hiding in the wilderness
21:56 this event of Elisha casting salt into the waters
22:01 might mean something significant to us. What do you think?
22:05 Well listen: what do waters symbolize in the Bible?
22:08 Peoples, nations, multitudes, and tongues.
22:13 Do you know the Bible says you are the salt of the earth?
22:18 Do you know that salt was designed to bring healing
22:21 to the waters? You're not feeling it.
22:27 God's end-time message for His people is a message
22:31 of healing for the waters!
22:34 Amen!
22:35 So God says: "I call you to be the salt! "
22:38 This is why, beloved, it is so important for us to understand
22:42 this process of justification, sanctification, glorification
22:46 because it is in this, the everlasting gospel,
22:50 that true healing is found.
22:53 Now that sets us up for... Because that happens
22:57 in II Kings. Then we get to the book of Ezekiel
23:00 where we find this river.
23:05 By the way, Ezekiel...
23:07 the river that is spoken of in the book of Ezekiel
23:09 is the river Chebar. It's the river at which Ezekiel
23:13 is called to speak against the abominations
23:16 being done in the temple and then speak of the glory of God.
23:21 Very interesting... because first you have this...
23:26 Elijah hiding out in the wilderness 1,260 days
23:29 and then the next body of water that we find significant in the
23:32 scripture is the speaking of the abominations being done
23:36 in the temple. All right.
23:39 So... this brings us to the book of Ezekiel
23:42 chapter 47... what we began with.
23:45 And I want to share with you why Ezekiel 47 is so crucial.
23:50 Because, look... let's go back there. Ezekiel 47
23:53 and we're going to start from verse 1.
23:55 Ezekiel 47 and verse 1. The Bible says:
23:59 "And afterward he brought me again unto the door of the house
24:03 and behold, the waters issued out from under the threshold
24:07 of the house eastward... for the forefront of the house
24:09 stood toward the east. And the waters came down
24:12 from under the right side of the house at the south side
24:16 of the altar. Where is this water coming from?
24:22 What is it coming from?
24:24 It's coming from the sanctuary!
24:27 Are you with me? The water is coming from the sanctuary.
24:31 When you read the entire vision that Ezekiel is having here
24:34 he's talking about the purifying power of the water...
24:39 the healing power of the water.
24:41 In fact, down in verse 12 it says something to the effect of
24:44 wherever the waters went there was healing. Amen!
24:48 So... check this out: the waters are coming from where?
24:52 The sanctuary. Where? The side of the sanctuary, yeah?
24:56 So the waters are coming from the side of the sanctuary.
24:59 They're coming specifically from the altar.
25:06 Do you realize that Jesus Himself said: "I am the...
25:11 sanctuary? " He said: "Destroy this.. " What?
25:14 "temple and I will raise it again. "
25:16 So in a sense Jesus used the Old Testament sanctuary
25:20 to symbolize Himself. Now I want you to notice this.
25:23 This cleaning water is coming from the side of the sanctuary.
25:33 What are you guys getting so excited about?
25:35 I'm just saying the side... the side of the sanctuary.
25:38 Yeah, yeah. The waters were coming from the side
25:42 of the sanctuary... specifically the altar of sacrifice.
25:45 Oh, yeah, that's very interesting because the altar
25:48 of sacrifice points us to the sacrifice of Christ.
25:52 Amen! And when Christ was on the cross... guess what?
25:55 His side was pierced and something was opened up.
26:01 So what do we know then? We understand then
26:03 that this vision just may be
26:07 a symbol of the process whereby man is cleansed.
26:12 So now, the Bible says this angel takes Ezekiel on this
26:16 walk. By the way, that would remind us of justification,
26:19 wouldn't it? When Christ died for our sins
26:23 He was justifying us - right? forgiving us of our past sins.
26:28 Amen! Justification, yeah?
26:30 Now check this out: chapter 47 verse 3.
26:35 And the Bible says here: "And when the man that had
26:38 the line in his hand went forth eastward
26:41 he measured a thousand cubits and brought me through
26:44 the waters, and the waters were to the ankles. "
26:50 So notice where the waters are.
26:52 They're at the ankles.
26:55 You know, when you first give your life to Christ
26:58 "Oh man, this is great! "
27:02 "Now I'm walking in the water and this is no trouble at all. "
27:06 The waters are at the ankles. "I'm pretty good, man.
27:10 If this is what life is all about, if this is Christianity,
27:13 I'm in... because this is a piece of cake. "
27:16 "All that stuff I did in the past, Christ forgives me
27:19 and now I can just walk. And I'm just walking in water.
27:22 It's at the ankles... no problem! "
27:26 "Justification... I love it! "
27:30 But the watch what the angel does.
27:33 Verse 4.
27:37 "And again he measured a thousand and brought me
27:40 through the waters. " The waters were now where?
27:44 To the knees. Oh wait a minute.
27:47 You know, it's one thing to walk in water at the ankles.
27:50 You know: "I'm at the ankles now... everything is easy. "
27:53 But now it's at the knees. Ever walked in water
27:57 to the knee? It's a little bit more difficult.
28:00 By the way, what is Ezekiel doing now?
28:03 He's walking.
28:08 Beloved, justification is very simple.
28:12 I come to Christ and He forgives me.
28:15 Sanctification is my walk with the Lord.
28:21 I am now growing in faith.
28:25 Yeah? So I'm walking and now I begin to notice that
28:29 as I walk, the Lord begins to take me deeper.
28:39 The Lord begins to take me deeper.
28:43 Why? Because there are things in my life that need to be
28:47 purified. Yes... Amen. And you know, as we read on
28:52 we see that the water then comes up where?
28:55 To the loins. And you've got to understand,
28:57 beloved, that as Christians it's not enough to stay...
29:01 for us to stay at the ankles.
29:03 Amen! We like ankle stuff.
29:07 You know: "Lord, just keep it at the ankles
29:09 and I'll be all right. " But the Lord says: "No!
29:11 Justification is good but listen, there needs to be
29:15 more in the Christian life. "
29:17 Amen! "I need to take you deeper. I need to take you...
29:20 I need to show you things in your life that need to be
29:24 cleansed and purified... things you don't even know about. "
29:27 Yeah. So as Ezekiel's walking he's going deeper.
29:31 Beloved, how many of you want to go deeper with the Lord?
29:33 Amen!
29:35 So look, we have to leave aside... I don't mean leave...
29:38 Praise God for justification, but not justification
29:42 just by itself. There's a process connected with it
29:46 and that is sanctification. Amen!
29:49 Sanctification is my walk in the Lord.
29:52 Now... listen, listen, listen... check this out:
29:54 come down with me to verse 8... or rather verse 5.
29:59 "And afterward he measured another thousand
30:03 and it was a river that I could not pass over
30:06 for the waters were risen. Waters to swim in...
30:09 a river that could not be passed over. "
30:12 This seems impossible!
30:14 Oh, you're not feeling it now.
30:16 Yes! This was the impossible part. You see, beloved,
30:19 there is not only justification, there is not only sanctification
30:24 but ultimately there is glorification. Amen!
30:28 And you see, beloved, glorification is the total
30:32 removal of sin. Amen! Wait a minute.
30:35 Yeah, yeah, but that's impossible!
30:37 You can't pass over that.
30:43 Listen... listen: justification, sanctification,
30:49 and then what? Glorification.
30:52 Justification is God forgiving me of my past sins.
30:55 I'm sorry... Justification: God forgiving me of my past sins.
30:59 Sanctification is me walking and growing in grace.
31:04 God is delivering me from present sins in my life.
31:09 Glorification is God removing me from sin
31:15 past, present, and future. Amen!
31:19 Yeah? It's the total removal of sin
31:24 so that we get to that place where we no longer have sin
31:28 dwelling in us. I've got a question for you.
31:32 When you're justified, do you have sin dwelling in you?
31:36 Yes. You know why?
31:38 Because you still have the carnal flesh.
31:41 Amen! You still have this flesh.
31:44 Yeah. And so sin is dwelling in you because
31:47 you have not been perfected yet. That's right... that's right.
31:51 Yeah. I mean, God forgave you of all sins during justification
31:55 but guess what, you get up in the morning after baptism
31:58 and... "Oh man... I can't believe.
32:01 What did I just do? " There you go.
32:03 "How did I get up this morning and just let that come out
32:07 of my mouth? " So then begins the process of sanctification.
32:11 "Lord, remove that from my mouth. "
32:14 "Lord, remove that from my heart. "
32:16 And God is through this process moving you from stage to stage.
32:20 You're growing in grace. Amen!
32:24 But glorification is the total removing of sin.
32:30 Amen! And beloved, this is ulti- mately what God wants for us.
32:38 That's why you have the first angel's message.
32:43 "Fear God and give... " What? "glory to Him. "
32:46 It's a message of glorification!
32:50 God's ultimate desire for His people
32:54 is not just to justify them, it's not just to sanctify them,
32:58 it's ultimately to remove them from all their sins.
33:03 Amen! You see, that's why we have this message called
33:06 the cleansing of the sanctuary.
33:11 By the way, did you know that YOU are the sanctuary? Amen!
33:15 Do you not know that you are the temple of the Holy Ghost?
33:18 So if you are the sanctuary then the cleansing of the sanctuary,
33:23 beloved, is not just this idea of God cleansing something
33:27 up there but God cleansing something right here.
33:30 Amen! "Unto 2,300 days then shall the sanctuary... "
33:37 "be cleansed. " That is, glorified.
33:41 All sins have been removed.
33:52 I don't even know where to go from here!
33:54 I'm just like: "OK, what now? "
33:58 Yeah, so as you read this... Ezekiel 47.
34:03 Ezekiel 47 verse 7:
34:07 Verse 6: "And he said unto me: 'Son of man, hast thou seen
34:10 this? ' Then he brought me and caused me to return to the
34:13 brink of the river. Now when I had returned, behold
34:15 at the bank of the river there were many trees on the one side
34:19 and on the other. " Many trees! Things that have grown up.
34:24 Trees, right? "Then he said unto me: 'These waters
34:27 issue out into the east country and go down into the desert
34:30 and go into the sea. Which being brought forth into the sea
34:34 the waters shall be healed. "
34:38 God has a message for the waters:
34:43 the peoples, nations, multitudes, and tongues.
34:47 Wherever this stream goes there will be healing. Amen!
34:53 Verse 10... verse 10. So it says here... oh, verse 9:
34:57 "And it shall come to pass that everything that liveth
35:00 which moveth whithersoever the river shall come shall live
35:04 and there shall be a very great multitude of fish. "
35:08 Oh, no... "Follow Me and I will make you... " What?
35:12 "fishers of men. " "There will be a very great
35:14 multitude of fish because these waters shall come thither.
35:17 For they shall be healed and everything shall live
35:20 whither the river cometh. " Verse 12:
35:23 "And by the river upon the banks thereof on this side and on
35:26 that side shall grow all trees for me whose leaves shall not
35:31 fade, neither shall the fruit thereof be consumed.
35:34 It shall bring forth new fruit according to his month
35:38 because the waters, they issued out of the sanctuary
35:42 and the fruit thereof shall be for meat and the leaves
35:45 thereof for medicine. " Wow!
35:47 Do you know that this river is leading up to the river of life
35:50 in Revelation chapter 22?
35:52 Wait a minute: the Bible starts with the rivers of Eden
35:56 and it ends with the rivers of Eden.
35:59 Full circle... full circle!
36:04 So listen... listen. You see, the Christian is
36:07 ultimately longing for the glory of God
36:11 manifested in us. That's why the Bible says
36:14 that "the whole creation groans, waiting - or travailing -
36:19 as if in birth to see the manifestation of the sons
36:23 of God. " That's why the Bible says it is our hope.
36:28 "Our hope is Christ in you: the hope of glory. "
36:32 Now, do you hope for something that you already have?
36:35 No... no, no, no.
36:38 Which means that the hope of glory
36:41 has not yet been fully manifested in God's people -
36:45 Amen - because we're still what? Hoping for it.
36:50 Yeah? Amen! It's like, umm...
36:54 It's like... look: I John 3:2.
36:57 The Bible says this: "Beloved, now we are the sons of God.
36:59 And it does not yet appear what we shall be
37:02 but we know that when He shall appear we will be like Him
37:06 for we shall see Him as He is. "
37:08 Check this out: we don't know when He appears, do we?
37:13 But when He appears, we will already be like Him.
37:17 Amen! Oh... wait a minute.
37:20 Are you telling me, pastor, that we will be glorified
37:23 some time before He appears?
37:29 Beloved, listen, listen, listen.
37:37 God's people are going to be glorified together. Amen!
37:40 That's why the Bible says in Hebrews 11:39
37:43 and verse 40 that "they without us will not be made perfect. "
37:49 Talking about all the people that came before us.
37:53 Those last people at the end of time...
37:57 they that came before us will not be made perfect without us -
38:02 Amen - those who are alive at the second coming of Christ.
38:05 That's why the dead in Christ shall rise together.
38:08 Amen! Let me say it this way:
38:11 we're going to be born together.
38:13 Oh, you didn't hear me.
38:15 You see, beloved, listen: right now we are just born again
38:18 by faith. That's right... praise the Lord!
38:21 But when Christ comes again we will literally be born again.
38:26 It's like this: do you know that there are...
38:29 you know this... maybe you know this...
38:31 there are three trimesters in a pregnancy.
38:37 When a baby is going to be delivered
38:40 before that baby is delivered... before that baby is delivered...
38:44 Hey I feel it. Before that baby is delivered!
38:48 Did you hear that word?
38:49 Delivered... there are three trimesters.
38:53 In the first trimester you don't see anything.
38:58 Yeah... you can't even tell the person's pregnant.
39:03 Do you know that that's just like justification?
39:10 Yeah, yeah, yeah. "You know, last night I gave my life
39:14 to the Lord. " And people are looking like: "Wait, you? What?
39:17 I know you! No change...
39:20 You just made a decision with your mouth. "
39:22 Justification is much like that first trimester. Yes!
39:28 Justification we might say points us to the outer court
39:32 of the sanctuary - amen - where the altar of sacrifice is.
39:36 Justification: outer court, first trimester.
39:39 Can't really see any changes, but you just claimed
39:44 with your mouth that you believe in Christ
39:46 and you've asked Him for forgiveness, yeah?
39:48 But beloved, in the second trimester
39:51 that's where you begin to show.
39:55 I'm seeing some evidence now that somethin's goin' on, right?
40:00 Amen! Yeah, yeah... that's sanctification.
40:05 Yeah? That would be like the Holy Place
40:11 in the sanctuary. Yeah?
40:12 Amen! Because in the Holy Place what do you have?
40:15 You have the seven-branch candlestick
40:17 representing letting your light shine.
40:19 You have table of showbread representing the Word of God
40:22 and you have the altar of incense representing prayer.
40:24 Now, if I want to grow in grace, guess what I have to do?
40:27 I need to study: I need to pray; I need to let my light shine.
40:30 Amen! That's the process whereby I grow...
40:34 grow in grace. I've got a question:
40:37 have I been born yet? No! Yes?
40:43 I was conceived - yes? but I haven't been born.
40:48 Look, I don't want a baby born in the first trimester.
40:51 No! The baby's not done. That's right. Amen!
40:58 Beloved, Christ is looking down at humanity
41:01 and He's saying: "The baby's not done. " That's right.
41:05 All the generations have simply been a reflection
41:08 of these different trimesters. So... check it out:
41:12 under the third trimester, this is where the baby is completed.
41:17 Wait a minute. The baby's not born yet in the third trimester.
41:21 He's completed. The baby must be completed
41:26 before he is born. Amen!
41:29 Now, it's in the third trimester that no one really knows
41:32 the day or the hour. No one knows the day nor the hour
41:36 but you know it's coming. Amen! Amen!
41:40 So, beloved, listen: in the same way...
41:42 in the same way glorification is what occurs
41:46 in the Most Holy Place. Amen!
41:49 This is why we have such a powerful message, beloved.
41:52 Listen: Martin Luther... he started the Reformation
41:55 with justification. And then the other reformers that followed
42:00 began to move into this concept of sanctification:
42:03 living right. But beloved, as Adventists
42:07 we have a very special message. Amen!
42:10 We have a third trimester message!
42:15 We are living in the third trimester,
42:19 and when the baby is completed
42:24 Jesus comes to deliver. Amen!
42:33 The baby will be delivered only after it's ready.
42:38 And beloved, listen: the baby has to be... Listen:
42:41 do you know that Jesus, when He leaves the Most Holy Place
42:45 in the sanctuary above, there is no Intercessor.
42:49 There's no Intercessor.
42:52 And the reason why that's OK
42:54 is because the baby has been glorified
42:59 shortly before Jesus leaves the sanctuary.
43:05 Yeah? So there's no need to be afraid...
43:08 "How am I going to make it? " No! The baby's been glorified.
43:11 Why? What babies are glorified?
43:14 The ones that were justified and sanctified. Amen!
43:20 Yeah... justification. We have something to do with that.
43:22 You know: "Lord, please forgive me of my sins. "
43:26 Or sanctification... we have something to do with that.
43:29 "Lord, I'm walking with You. I know You're doing this
43:31 but I'm walking with You. " Glorification we have nothing to
43:34 do with it. Glorification... That is something that God alone
43:39 will do for us. Amen.
43:42 We can't: "OK, Lord, now glorify me now. "
43:45 No! Glorification is that which is impossible!
43:51 But with Christ all things are possible. Amen!
43:55 So look: that's why we have...
43:57 Listen... so think about it this way:
43:59 the seventy-week prophecy is justification.
44:03 The 1,260-year prophecy: sanctification.
44:08 The 2,300-day prophecy: glorification. Amen!
44:15 The outer court? Justification.
44:20 The Holy Place? Sanctification.
44:23 The Most Holy Place? Glorification. Glorification.
44:27 Listen: glorification is the removal of all sin.
44:31 Amen! Guess what the cleansing of the sanctuary is about?
44:34 The removal of all sin. Amen! Do you know the process works?
44:38 Let me share with you very quickly. Very, very simple.
44:41 Every time a person sinned in the Old Testament they would
44:43 lay their hands on the head of an animal.
44:45 They would confess their sins over the head of that animal
44:49 and then the animal was slain.
44:52 The blood was taken into the sanctuary
44:54 and therefore the record of sin was transferred
44:57 into the sanctuary. Right? Now, on the Day of A...
45:00 This happened throughout the year,
45:02 but on the Day of Atonement the high priest would cleanse
45:06 the sanctuary and take all the sins and put them on the head
45:10 of the scapegoat and send the scapegoat out
45:14 into a desolate place. OK?
45:16 You go through this very same process
45:18 every week in your house. Every week in your house. Listen:
45:22 day by day you take the garbage out of the kitchen,
45:28 yeah? How many of you do that? And you take it and you put it
45:30 at the side of your house. Is your house clean when you
45:33 remove the garbage? No. Is it clean?
45:36 It is... kind of.
45:42 But there is a memory of the garbage.
45:46 You can't just walk away like: "Haha! Yes! Garbage is gone. "
45:50 No! There's a memory of the garbage.
45:53 Right? Because why? Even though in a technical sense
45:58 your house is clean the garbage is at the side
46:00 of the house. Now, now, now... one day of the week.
46:06 Right? That day you know
46:12 that if you don't get all the garbage out to the curb
46:18 for that truck to come and take it out to a desolate place
46:26 you know that if you don't do that you are stuck
46:29 with the garbage.
46:32 Nobody wants to be stuck with the garbage, beloved.
46:35 This is exactly what the process of justification/sanctification.
46:40 Glorification is the removal of the garbage
46:44 into a desolate place. So by the way,
46:49 when that happens the sanctuary is cleansed.
46:51 Do you know what that means? There's no more memory of sin.
46:56 There's no more memory of sin.
46:58 You don't need to remember it any more because it's been
47:01 removed. God says He's going to cast it into the sea
47:05 of forgetfulness. So you know how He does that?
47:09 Azazel. Anyone know what Azazel is?
47:11 That's the scapegoat that the sins were put on.
47:14 You know what God does in glorification?
47:17 He takes the sins; He puts them on the head of the scapegoat;
47:22 and He sends the scapegoat ultimately into a sea.
47:28 Amen! Remember when He said: "I will cast your sins
47:33 into the sea of forgetfulness? "
47:36 He puts those sins on the scapegoat
47:39 and the scapegoat is put into a lake of fire
47:42 and he is destroyed carrying... In fact, listen:
47:48 before Jesus comes again those who are glorified
47:52 are going to be going through this time of trouble
47:54 and they're going to be trying to confess sins
47:57 and won't remember any. Amen!
48:03 You want to know why? Because the sins
48:08 have been removed from the temple!
48:12 The sins have been removed from the temple.
48:21 The sins have been removed from the temple.
48:27 Because that's where the record of sin is!
48:32 So Christ said: "I'm going to remove those sins
48:34 so that you're not even going to remember them. "
48:38 Glorification... glorification.
48:43 So ultimately beloved, what is God calling us to do?
48:50 He's calling us to be justified.
48:53 He's calling us to be sanctified
48:57 because ultimately He is going to glorify us. Amen!
49:02 Now, there is one more thing I want to share with you
49:05 and I'm going to see if I can summarize it.
49:12 If glorification is in the Most Holy Place,
49:17 there is one key that is important for us to understand
49:21 regarding how to be glorified.
49:24 In the Holy Place in Leviticus 16 verse 2
49:28 the Bible says - God there is speaking. He says: "I will
49:31 appear in the cloud on the mercy seat. "
49:34 I will do what everyone? "Appear in the cloud. "
49:38 "I will appear in the cloud... I will appear in the cloud. "
49:42 God appears in the cloud. Amen!
49:44 You will remember that in the Old Testament
49:47 the cloud led the sanctuary.
49:51 And the children of Israel... the way that they moved
49:54 through the wilderness ulti- mately into the Promised Land
49:58 was by the cloud, yeah?
50:02 So check this out: the cloud represents the presence of God.
50:07 Now, now... the Bible tells us that Moses one time went
50:11 to go speak with God. And the Bible says he entered
50:15 the cloud. Amen!
50:20 And when he entered the cloud he's there speaking with God
50:25 and then the Bible says that when he came out of the cloud
50:27 the glory of God was on his face. Amen!
50:34 How did Moses get the glory of God?
50:38 He entered the cloud.
50:43 He was spending time with God.
50:49 The Bible tells us that the glory of God is seen in the face
50:52 of Jesus Christ. When Moses comes out of the cloud
50:55 his face is shining
50:59 because by beholding...
51:04 The more I learn to behold Christ in the cloud...
51:08 The more I learn to behold... By the way,
51:11 Ezekiel has a vision of God, remember? You remember that?
51:14 Of Christ. And the Bible says that Ezekiel saw this
51:19 rainbow around... around the throne.
51:26 And then he says the rainbow was like the glory of God.
51:30 It was as the appearance of the glory.
51:32 So we know that the rainbow is a symbol of the glory of God.
51:38 Did you know that in the Most Holy Place in the sanctuary...
51:41 do you know that there was a rainbow in the sanctuary?
51:43 Amen! Did you know that?
51:45 "Pastor, what are you talking about? " Listen:
51:47 do you know that there were curtains that were of all the
51:50 colors? Yes. These various colors.
51:52 And then the walls in the sanctuary were made of...
51:55 of mirror-like gold
51:58 so that if you entered the sanctuary it gave the appearance
52:02 of a rainbow around the throne. Amen!
52:06 The glory of God.
52:09 Now you remember that when God sent rain to destroy
52:12 the earth that then He told Noah: "Hey, I'm going to
52:16 put My rainbow... " Where? "in the cloud. "
52:19 If the rainbow is a picture of the glory of God,
52:23 then the rainbow in the cloud tells us that the glory of God
52:27 is found in the cloud.
52:32 If I want the glory of God, I've got to enter the cloud.
52:36 Amen! I've got to let the cloud lead me.
52:40 It's the cloud that led the children of Israel on their
52:43 journey from captivity all the way to the Promised Land.
52:46 It is the cloud that leads us from justification
52:50 to sanctification to glorification.
52:54 Follow the cloud. Yes!
52:57 Follow the cloud. Not only follow the cloud..
53:00 follow the cloud but get into the cloud.
53:02 Amen! Amen! Get into the cloud. Learn what it means
53:07 to have that intimate relationship with Christ.
53:11 Because it is that intimate relationship with Christ,
53:13 that living in the cloud with Christ,
53:16 that allows our faces... that will allow our faces
53:21 to shine with the glory of God.
53:26 Enter the... Now, when Jesus...
53:32 You've gotta read it: Revelation 14.
53:35 Amen! Revelation chapter 14 and I want you to notice this.
53:38 Revelation chapter 14 verse 14.
53:42 The Bible says: "And I looked and behold... "
53:48 I'm going to wait for you.
53:51 "I looked and behold... " What?
53:54 "a white cloud... " And what else?
54:00 Listen: "and upon the cloud one sat like unto the
54:05 Son of Man. " Why does Jesus come back on a cloud?
54:16 Beloved, listen to me:
54:17 The cloud... Jesus returns on a cloud
54:21 for those who have been following the cloud.
54:26 Jesus returns on a cloud for those who have been following
54:32 the cloud, for those who have been living in the cloud.
54:34 When Jesus comes we are like Him because we have seen Him
54:38 face to face in the cloud. Amen!
54:41 And so the glory of God is upon those who have been
54:45 following the cloud, walking in the cloud,
54:47 living by the cloud. Beloved, it is the cloud -
54:50 the Holy Spirit of God - that leads us
54:54 step by step. It is never something you do alone.
54:59 Not justification, not sanctification,
55:03 not glorification. The Bible ends
55:08 with the river of life... full circle.
55:14 The story began at the river of life;
55:17 it ends at the river of life.
55:20 The waters of the Bible reveal to us
55:23 how God plans to cleanse His people from their sins.
55:29 Amen! And beloved,
55:35 justification... first trimester.
55:41 Sanctification... second trimester.
55:45 Glorification... third trimester.
55:49 And then birth. Yes!
55:52 We will all be born together.
55:55 Those who died under the first trimester, yeah?
56:01 We thought: "Man, they died under the first tri... " No.
56:05 They will be born.
56:07 Those who died under the second trimester?
56:10 God says listen: "They without us will not be made perfect. "
56:12 And beloved, I am looking for... I'm born again
56:15 by faith now. Amen! And so are you.
56:19 But I can't wait to be born again in actuality then.
56:25 Heavenly Father, we pray
56:32 that You would help us to understand more clearly
56:34 this message of justification, sanctification,
56:39 and glorification.
56:41 Father, we thank you for reveal- ing to us that we are living
56:44 in the third trimester
56:47 and that the child - the sons of God - are about to be born.
56:53 Thank you, Lord, for walking us through the rivers.
56:56 Thank you, Lord, for bringing the waters up not just to the
57:00 ankles, not just to the knees,
57:01 not just to the loins, but to cover the entire man
57:04 that we may be born again.
57:06 Thank you, Lord, for cleansing the temple from sin.
57:11 Thank you for loving us.
57:15 In Jesus' name we pray, Amen.


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