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Table of Showbread

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00:51 Welcome to 3ABN's Spring Camp Meeting:
00:57 Live from the 3ABN Worship Center.
01:01 Welcome to Spring Camp Meeting 2016!
01:06 Are you being blessed like I am? YES! Amen! Amen!
01:10 Camp Meetings are always so refreshing to my spirit.
01:14 And our speaker for this hour, Pastor Ivor Myers,
01:17 is an incredible student of the Word.
01:19 How many of you were here this morning?
01:22 Whoo! Did he bring it this morning or what?
01:26 I had the opportunity to hear that presentation
01:29 and I'll tell you: I wanted to shout.
01:32 In fact, I heard a lot of you all shouting, too.
01:35 When he said that the water flowed the side of the sanctuary
01:40 that was just... I mean, the insight that God has given him
01:44 is just tremendous. And then, when he connected
01:47 the trimester concept in pregnancy
01:50 to justification, sancti- fication, and glorification
01:54 I was amazed.
01:56 What a depth of study, right?
01:59 And the fact that he could bring it to us that God
02:02 inspired him to bring it to us is just amazing.
02:06 So God has opened up the Word
02:10 to our speaker, and he's going to bring it to us.
02:15 Pastor Ivor Myers left the entertainment hip-hop world
02:18 in 1995 to serve the Lord.
02:21 He's the founder of the Power of the Lamb Ministries,
02:24 pastor of Campbell Seventh-day Adventist church,
02:27 husband of his precious wife Atonte,
02:31 and father of four: Joshua, Jaden, Jenesis, and Jaliyah.
02:37 Before our speaker begins and brings us the Word
02:41 Tammy Chance is going to bring a word in song.
02:45 She's going to sing Through the Years.
02:47 And after Tammy sings the next voice you will hear
02:51 will be that of Pastor Ivor Myers.
02:53 Pastor Ivor Myers, also by the way,
02:56 is co-hosting a program on the Dare to Dream Network
02:59 called Salvation in Symbols and Signs.
03:02 It is a teaching on the book of Revelation.
03:06 And my son Jason and I are on the program too
03:09 'cause we need to learn more about Revelation
03:11 like I'm sure a lot of you guys do.
03:13 And so watch that program. It's also going to be aired
03:16 on the parent network as well.
03:18 So look for it in the schedule and watch it.
03:21 You will be so blessed.
03:23 So let's have a word of prayer.
03:26 Father God, we just praise Your name.
03:29 We thank you, Lord. We thank you for Your presence;
03:32 we thank you for Your power;
03:34 we thank you for Your anointing on these meetings.
03:37 And we just pray right now that You will bless our singer,
03:40 that You will bless our speaker,
03:42 and that You will bless our audience - both in the studio
03:46 and our viewing audience, Lord - that all of our hearts
03:49 might be turned toward You
03:51 and that something that's said or something that's sung
03:54 will bring us closer to You.
03:56 This is our prayer. In Jesus' name we pray, Amen.
04:00 What are you singing, Tammy? Through the Years.
04:03 Through the Years. I'm going to ask for prayer while I sing.
04:07 I know a lot of you don't know. I raise labrador retrievers
04:10 and they can get wild as bats.
04:13 And last night I did my share of screaming at them
04:16 when I got home for some trouble that they got into.
04:20 And I know none of you can imagine
04:22 me raising my voice or screaming at anybody
04:25 or anything but... I promise you I can.
04:28 So I'm a little bit hoarse... I'm struggling so pray for me.
04:42 "Don't waste your time in looking back"
04:45 I've heard a lot of people say.
04:49 "Just keep your eyes on the future;
04:53 forget the things you did yesterday. "
04:57 But every now and then I like to look back
05:00 and reminisce how good it's been
05:04 walkin' on the Christian journey
05:08 and havin' Jesus as my Friend.
05:11 Through the years He's blessed me,
05:15 through the years He's kept me.
05:19 Through the good times and the bad
05:22 He's been the best Friend I've ever had.
05:26 Through the years I'll love Him,
05:30 through the years I'll serve Him
05:34 till I reign with Him forever
05:38 through the years.
05:47 Through the years...
05:54 Beautiful memories He's given me
05:57 along with blessings by the score.
06:01 Love like I thought could never be
06:05 got sweeter than each day before.
06:08 Oh I know that I could never explain it:
06:12 the joy His love and goodness bring.
06:16 And if He's been just as good to you
06:20 why don't you join in and sing?
06:23 Through the years He's blessed me,
06:27 through the years He's kept me.
06:31 Through the good times and the bad
06:34 He's been the best Friend I've ever had.
06:38 Through the years I'll love Him,
06:42 through the years I'll serve Him
06:46 till I reign with Him forever
06:50 through the years.
06:55 He's been a strong and a mighty tower,
06:59 He's never left me in my darkest hour.
07:02 I know He won't fail me now
07:06 or through the years.
07:09 Through the years He's blessed me,
07:13 through the years He's kept me.
07:16 Through the good times and the bad
07:20 He's been the best Friend I've ever had.
07:24 Through the years I'll love Him,
07:28 through the years I'll serve Him
07:32 till I reign with Him forever
07:35 through the years...
07:43 through the years...
07:51 through the years.
08:00 Amen!
08:07 Amen. Good evening again, everyone.
08:10 Good evening. Good afternoon again, everyone.
08:16 Please forgive me because
08:19 I've been on a flight. I am like super super tired.
08:23 But I'm super excited, and so
08:27 yeah, whatever the time of day it is to you
08:29 good that time of the day to you.
08:32 All right. So let's have a word of prayer.
08:36 I'm going to be speaking to you today regarding...
08:38 in this message regarding the table of shewbread.
08:43 Let's pray. Heavenly Father,
08:45 again we ask, Lord, that You would please speak to us,
08:48 that You would open our eyes, give us understanding.
08:52 We ask it in Jesus' name, Amen.
08:55 I'd like for you to open with me in your Bibles
08:58 to the book of Daniel chapter 11.
09:03 Daniel chapter 11.
09:07 I've entitled this message The Battle of Armageddon.
09:13 The Battle of Armageddon.
09:14 Daniel chapter 11 and verse 45.
09:20 We'll start with verse 44 rather.
09:23 The Bible says: "But tidings out of the east
09:27 and out of the north shall trouble him.
09:29 Therefore he shall go forth with great fury
09:32 to destroy and utterly to make away with many.
09:36 And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palaces
09:39 between the seas in the glorious holy mountain
09:42 yet he shall come to his end
09:44 and none shall help him.
09:47 And at that time... " Daniel 12 verse 1...
09:52 "And at that time... " What time?
09:57 All right. The time where this power in verse 45
10:01 plants the tabernacles of his palaces between the seas,
10:04 at that time in the glorious holy mountain
10:07 "At that time... " the Bible says: "Michael shall stand up,
10:11 the great Prince that standeth for the children of Thy people,
10:14 and there will be a time of trouble such as never was
10:19 since there was a nation... even to that same time. "
10:22 We are told in Daniel 11 verse 45
10:25 and Daniel 12:1 that
10:29 when this event happens of this power planting his tabernacles
10:34 in the midst of the seas that it is at that time
10:37 that Michael stands up and there will be a time of trouble,
10:41 what we can call the great battle of Armageddon.
10:49 Turn with me if you will to the book of Matthew
10:51 chapter 24 because I want to start off with a parable.
10:56 Actually it's Matthew chapter 25.
10:59 Matthew 25, and let me just see by a show of hands
11:02 how many of you would like to be prepared
11:06 for that time of trouble. Amen!
11:09 We don't want to be caught off guard, Amen?
11:11 Amen! We want to be prepared.
11:14 Matthew 25... Matthew chapter 25
11:18 and please notice with me. We will begin
11:25 in verse 1.
11:31 The Bible says: "Then shall the kingdom of heaven be
11:33 likened unto ten virgins
11:37 which took their lamps and went forth... "
11:41 To do what? "meet the bridegroom.
11:45 And five of them were wise and five were foolish.
11:47 They that were foolish took their lamps and took no oil
11:51 with them. But the wise took oil in their vessels
11:54 with their lamps. While the bridegroom tarried
11:57 they all slumbered and slept. " How many of them were sleeping?
12:00 All. All were sleeping.
12:03 All were sleeping. And the Bible says: "At midnight
12:06 there was a cry made: 'Behold the bridegroom cometh;
12:10 go ye out to meet him. '
12:11 Then all those virgins arose and trimmed their lamps
12:14 and the foolish said unto the wise:
12:16 'Give us of your oil for our... ' What?
12:18 'lamps are gone out. ' "
12:22 Our lamps are gone out.
12:25 So let's pause right here.
12:27 How many of you are familiar with this parable?
12:32 I don't know if you knew this or not, but in this parable
12:34 these ten virgins are all Adventists.
12:42 You knew that, right?
12:44 And how do we know that they're all Adventists?
12:48 Because they are looking forward to the advent of Christ.
12:53 OK... so these are all Adventists
12:57 and they are waiting for the coming of the Lord.
13:01 The lamp represents the Word.
13:04 "Thy Word is a light unto my feet and a lamp unto my path. "
13:10 So the Word of God is here symbolized by the lamp.
13:15 Now, what this tells us is that all ten virgins
13:20 are looking forward to the coming of Christ.
13:22 They understand that Christ is coming again.
13:26 They understand the importance of the second coming.
13:29 But the Bible says that five were wise and five were foolish.
13:33 The difference between the wise and the foolish is that
13:36 the foolish did not bring any oil and therefore their
13:39 lamps went out. And when your lamp goes out
13:43 you can't see. Yeah?
13:47 When your lamp goes out you can't see.
13:50 And so... And so they have no what? What did they
13:53 not take with them? The oil. OK.
13:56 The oil represents the Holy Spirit.
14:00 Now, if you have your Bibles go with me to John chapter 16
14:03 verse 13. Hold your place here in Matthew 25
14:06 and let me show you why this is so important.
14:08 John chapter 16... John chapter 16
14:14 and we're going to take a look at verse 13
14:20 I believe it is.
14:22 John chapter 16 and verse 13.
14:27 The Bible says: "Howbeit when He, the Spirit of Truth,
14:30 is come He will do... " What?
14:32 "guide you into all truth for He shall not speak
14:35 of Himself but whatsoever He shall hear
14:37 that shall He speak. And He will... " What?
14:40 "show you things to come. "
14:44 So if you don't have the Holy Spirit,
14:46 then you will not be shown things to... What? to come.
14:50 The 5 foolish virgins... some- thing catches them off guard.
14:54 Something that they did not prepare for...
14:56 something that they did not see coming.
15:00 And the Bible says that, you know, the prudent man
15:03 foresees evil and prepares for it
15:05 while the foolish man ignores it and walks on
15:09 and is punished. So something happens
15:13 in which the five foolish are unprepared.
15:17 They don't see something coming.
15:24 The Bible says they all "slumbered and slept. "
15:27 Now I don't believe that this slumbering and sleeping
15:30 is necessarily something bad.
15:32 When you slumber and sleep what does it mean?
15:35 There is something you are... you're not aware of.
15:38 Are you aware when you're sleeping?
15:40 No... you're not aware, right?
15:42 So all ten virgins are sleeping. The question is:
15:46 what are they sleeping to? What have they fallen
15:50 asleep to? What were they waiting for?
15:53 They're waiting for the coming of Christ.
15:55 OK? But for some reason time delays and they all
16:01 fall asleep. In other words, they don't have... They don't
16:05 know what day and hour the Lord is coming.
16:08 They fall asleep to the reality
16:14 of the nearness of Christ's coming.
16:16 Now let me re-phrase that... let me re-phrase that.
16:18 They don't necessarily... It's not that the five
16:21 wise are saying: "Hey, who knows when Christ comes? "
16:25 All I'm simply saying is that they do not know
16:28 when the Lord is coming.
16:30 OK? That's it: they don't know.
16:34 I believe that when God brought this movement into existence
16:37 with our prophetic birth certificate in 1844
16:41 we have been preaching and preaching and preaching
16:43 that Christ is coming again. And we all believe it, Amen?
16:47 Amen! But still, we kind of don't know the day
16:51 or the hour. Yeah?
16:53 So... so... so... all are sleeping
16:57 and then something surprises them.
17:02 Let me say it this way: all ten are surprised.
17:07 All ten are surprised.
17:09 In verse 6 the Bible says: "And at midnight
17:12 there was a cry made: 'Behold the bridegroom cometh,
17:16 go ye out to meet him. '
17:17 It was at midnight.
17:22 What surprises both the wise and the foolish
17:25 occurs at midnight. Now why is midnight
17:28 so significant? Because midnight is known as the darkest
17:32 hour, yes? Yes, Amen.
17:36 So something occurs that we might summarize as
17:40 the darkest hour that wakes up both the wise and the foolish.
17:45 The difference between the foolish is that they don't have
17:48 any oil and their lamps do what? Go out.
17:52 We're having a Bible study if you don't mind, OK? Amen!
17:55 So... So the question is we would simply want to ask
17:59 what then could be that darkest hour?
18:04 What could be that thing, that event
18:07 that comes as a surprise upon both the wise and the foolish
18:13 that we could qualify as the darkest hour?
18:20 Well, I invite you to turn with me to the book of...
18:24 We're in Matthew. Let's just go back to Matthew 24.
18:28 Matthew 24 and I want you to notice verse 15.
18:31 The Bible says - Jesus speaking here - says this:
18:35 "When you therefore shall see the abomination of desolation
18:38 spoken of by Daniel the prophet stand in the holy place
18:41 whoso readeth let him understand.
18:43 Then let them which be in Judea flee into the mountains.
18:46 Let him which is on the housetop not come down
18:49 to take anything out of his house
18:50 neither let them which are in the field return back to take
18:54 his clothes. And woe unto them that are with child
18:57 in those days and give suck in those days.
18:59 Pray that your flight be not in the winter
19:01 neither on the Sabbath day. FOR THEN
19:03 shall be... " What? "great tribulation
19:07 such as was not since the beginning of the world
19:09 to this time... no, nor ever shall be.
19:13 And except those days should be shortened,
19:15 no flesh shall be saved. "
19:16 We might safely say that the darkest hour
19:20 is when the abomination of desolation stands
19:23 in the holy place. Yes?
19:26 We're having a Bible study here, Amen?
19:28 All right, so what is that? What is Christ talking about
19:32 when He talks about the abomination of desolation
19:34 standing in the holy place?
19:36 It's something pretty bad... we know that.
19:39 Go with me to Revelation chapter 16.
19:41 Revelation chapter 16
19:45 and we are going to look at verse 12.
19:49 Revelation chapter 16 and verse 12.
19:52 The Bible says here: "And the sixth angel poured out
19:55 his vial upon the great river Euphrates
19:57 and the waters thereof were dried up
19:59 that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared.
20:02 And I saw three unclean spirits
20:04 like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon
20:07 and out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth
20:09 of the false prophet. For they are spirits of devils
20:12 working... " What? "miracles which go forth unto the kings of
20:16 the earth and of the whole world to gather them to the battle
20:19 of the great day of God Almighty. "
20:21 Verse 16: "He gathered them together into a place called
20:25 in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon. "
20:30 We might say that whatever this abomination of desolation is
20:35 standing in the holy place it would be synonymous
20:38 with these three unclean spirits like frogs coming out
20:41 of the mouth of the dragon, the beast, and the false prophet
20:45 which go to gather the whole what? world together.
20:50 That sound fair so far?
20:52 All right... so far so good.
20:55 Now, you're probably wondering: "Pastor, what in the world
20:57 does this have to do with the table of shewbread? "
21:01 Hold your... Just hold on... it's coming; it's coming.
21:06 Let's take a look at this a little bit closer, though.
21:08 When the Bible says that the table of shewbread...
21:12 I'm sorry... when the Bible says that these unclean spirits
21:16 will be performing miracles there's something very specific
21:20 that I want you to notice here.
21:23 It says that these were three unclean spirits
21:25 like what? Frogs. Anyone else know of anyplace else
21:29 in the Bible where frogs are spoken about?
21:32 Egypt. Right. It's in Egypt, right?
21:34 And I want you to notice this.
21:35 In Egypt the frogs were part of the plagues.
21:38 Remember that? But there's something very special about
21:41 this plague of the frogs.
21:43 The plague of the frogs I believe was the third plague.
21:46 And this plague was actually...
21:50 Remember when the magicians made those frogs come forward?
21:54 It was actually a counterfeit of a miracle that God had
21:57 performed. Hmm! Did you catch that just now?
22:02 The frogs were a counterfeit of a miracle
22:05 that God had just performed.
22:07 God said: "There are going to be frogs on the land. "
22:09 And so the magicians counterfeit this miracle.
22:12 Now by the way, it was the last miracle
22:16 that they were able to counterfeit.
22:19 It was the last miracle that they were able to counterfeit.
22:23 So, when that comes to our mind we should be thinking
22:27 "Man, the reason that frogs are here mentioned
22:30 is because these frogs are trying to jog our memory
22:33 that it was the last counterfeit. "
22:38 The last counterfeit that Satan will be able to pull off.
22:44 So I've got a question for you:
22:46 I'm wondering if you're with me right now.
22:48 What possibly could be the last counterfeit
22:52 that Satan pulls off that will sweep the whole world?
22:59 Wow! When Satan himself
23:04 appears as the bridegroom! That's right. Amen!
23:11 Midnight would be the darkest hour.
23:15 Something that is unexpected.
23:17 Now, here's why this is so important to you Adventists.
23:20 To us Adventists.
23:21 Amen! Let me tell you why.
23:25 You see, most of us
23:27 are sitting back and relaxing.
23:30 And we're watching the news
23:33 to see when a Sunday law is going to be passed.
23:38 And we can hear: "Oh, you know what? They're bringing it
23:41 before Congress now. " And that's not a surprise.
23:45 No one's going to be caught off... All Adventists know.
23:47 Oh yes. We can track that, we can watch that.
23:49 But beloved, if what we're reading here is accurate,
23:52 then something is going to happen that is going to catch
23:55 every Seventh-day Adventist off guard...
23:58 the wise and the foolish.
24:00 Because guess what? There's no... Satan does not announce
24:04 when he appears as Christ.
24:06 There's no sign that says: "Oh well, it looks like
24:09 in a week or a month or a year from now
24:11 Satan will appear. " No!
24:13 Could it be that that event of midnight
24:16 is the actual appearing of Satan as the bridegroom?
24:23 Now let me tell you something: how many of you have ever
24:26 run in a marathon? Anyone?
24:30 All right... good... me neither.
24:31 So we're in the same place then.
24:34 If you're going to run a marathon,
24:38 you don't run... you don't train for the marathon
24:44 the day of the marathon.
24:46 You have to be training before the marathon
24:49 so that when the marathon hits you're ready.
24:51 So the reason why the five foolish know
24:55 "We need oil! " is because they identify the sign.
24:58 They go: "Whoa! Wait a minute. This is not the true Christ.
25:01 This is a counterfeit but we are not ready! "
25:05 And beloved, by then it's too late.
25:13 So... so... so... This is what I'm saying.
25:15 Once again, we have our signs that we're looking for.
25:18 "Oh, when I see the Sunday law then I will know
25:21 that it's time to get ready. "
25:23 No! Absolutely not, beloved.
25:26 It's too late. Something will happen.
25:28 Imagine waking up tomorrow morning to the news that
25:31 Christ has come. Imagine that!
25:36 Imagine that. Now let me share something else with you.
25:41 This is absolutely amazing.
25:42 See, this is... We're talking about the battle
25:46 of Armageddon here. And I want you to notice
25:51 that... In fact, come with me to the book of Isaiah
25:54 chapter 14. Now this is very interesting.
25:56 How many of you know what the name Armageddon means?
25:58 First of all, it says "in the Hebrew tongue
26:01 Armageddon. " Two words put together.
26:04 Ar - the Hebrew is Har. It means mount.
26:08 And then Megiddo means assembly.
26:12 So mountain of assembly.
26:16 The mount of the assembly.
26:20 Or we might say the mount of the congregation.
26:25 OK... Isaiah chapter 14.
26:30 Isaiah chapter 14 and I want you to notice this.
26:32 "How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer,
26:34 son of the morning? How art thou cut down to the ground
26:37 which dist weaken the nations?
26:38 For thou has said in thine heart 'I will ascend into heaven.
26:41 I will exalt my throne above the stars of God.
26:44 I will sit also upon the mount... ' Stop!
26:48 The Hebrew har.
26:53 So: 'I will sit also upon the mount... ' Har...
26:56 'of the congregation. ' The Hebrew mo'ed.
27:01 Har... mo'ed. Some translations have it as
27:05 har... mo'ed... den.
27:12 It means mount of the congregation
27:16 the same meaning as Armageddon: mount of the assembly.
27:21 So Lucifer in heaven wanted to sit upon the mount
27:25 of the congregation. Where?
27:28 In the sides of the north.
27:31 All right. Now... just get excited because...
27:33 You may not know why, but just go ahead and get ready
27:37 to get excited. Sit there and like: "What? "
27:40 You see, what does it mean that Lucifer wanted to sit
27:42 on the mount of the congregation in the sides of the north?
27:47 What does that mean?
27:52 I invite you to turn with me to the book of Exodus
27:54 chapter 26. Exodus 26, and I'm going to read
27:57 verses 34 and 35.
28:00 Because the Bible says there: "Thou shalt put the mercy seat
28:03 upon the ark of the testimony in the Most Holy Place.
28:05 And thou shalt set the table... " That is, the table of
28:09 shewbread... "without the veil and the candlestick over against
28:12 the table on the side of the tabernacle toward the south
28:17 and thou shalt put the table on the north side. "
28:24 What was on the north side of the sanctuary?
28:28 The table of shewbread.
28:35 Let me re-phrase it:
28:36 The table of shewbread was on the sides of the north.
28:44 The table of shewbread, beloved, was on the sides of the north.
28:49 What's on the sides of the north?
28:51 That's the place where Satan wanted to sit.
28:55 Oh, so wait a minute, pastor. Are you telling me
28:58 that the table of shewbread gives us insight into what
29:01 Satan wanted to do in heaven?
29:04 Well... well, let's see.
29:06 You see, in Psalm 48 verse 1 the Bible says:
29:09 "Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised
29:11 in the city of our God, in the mountain of His holiness.
29:14 Beautiful the situation, the joy of the whole earth
29:17 is mount Zion on the sides of the north
29:22 the city of the great King. "
29:25 Wow! That sure is a lot of mentions of sides of the north.
29:31 OK... so the table of shewbread is on the sides of the north.
29:34 Lucifer want to sit on the sides of the north.
29:37 What does the table of shewbread represent?
29:39 What's on it? Bread!
29:41 What does bread represent in the Bible?
29:43 The Word of God. So then... Lucifer
29:46 wanted to have authority over God's Word.
29:51 "I want my word to be obeyed over God's Word. "
29:55 It's called the mount of the congregation.
29:58 "I want the congregation to listen to me not God. "
30:04 So in heaven then, Lucifer's desire to sit on the mount
30:08 of the congregation in the sides of the north
30:10 was simply him saying: "My word over God's Word. "
30:16 So... so... what do we know from this then?
30:18 What can we conclude from this?
30:20 That if Satan wanted to do it in heaven
30:26 he's going to try to do it again on earth.
30:31 Now... now... now... check this out.
30:33 So... where is the city of the great king?
30:36 Sides of the where; sides of the north.
30:38 So give me another name for the king then.
30:41 What would this king be the king of?
30:46 He's be the king of the north, wouldn't he?
30:52 Oh... oh... wait a minute! So Christ is the king of the north.
30:57 Or we might say Christ is... He is the One that rules
31:02 over the north. Christ is... Say it with me everyone:
31:04 Christ is the king of the north.
31:07 Very interesting... because you know why?
31:08 In the book of Daniel chapter 11 verse 40 onwards
31:12 we are introduced to a power called the king of the north.
31:19 Oh, wait a minute... check this out, guys.
31:22 What happens in Daniel 12:1?
31:24 Michael stands up.
31:26 Whatever this king of the north is doing
31:29 in verses 40 to 45 it's so like, wait a minute,
31:33 that Michael is like: "All right... OK.
31:37 Now you did this. All right... it's time to stand up. "
31:39 And then the Bible says: "Then there will be a time of... "
31:42 trouble! Matthew 25 anyone?
31:47 Could it be that this king of the north
31:50 coming on the scene
31:52 will bring about that midnight?
31:57 Go back with me. Daniel 11 verse 40.
31:59 Daniel 11:40... then I'm going to start our sermon.
32:05 Daniel 11 verse 40.
32:08 And I want you to watch this here. Daniel 11:40.
32:13 The Bible says here: "At the time of the end
32:17 shall the king of the South push at him
32:19 and the king of the North shall come against him like
32:21 a whirlwind with chariots and with horsemen
32:23 and with many ships. And he shall enter into the countries
32:26 and shall overflow and pass over.
32:28 He shall enter also into the Glorious Land
32:30 and many countries shall be overthrown.
32:32 But these shall escape out of his hand: even Edom,
32:35 Moab, and the chief of the children of Ammon.
32:37 He shall stretch forth his hand also from the countries
32:40 and the land of Egypt shall not escape. "
32:42 So the Bible here describes these actions of this king
32:45 of the North, and basically it's telling us
32:47 that something happens that allows this king of the North
32:50 to sweep through all the countries.
32:54 Something happens that gives the king of the North power
32:58 to just sweep through the world and gather the whole world.
33:03 And if we compare this with Revelation 16
33:06 we see that this event is a miracle.
33:10 It is a counterfeit miracle.
33:12 Do you know that the only thing that will bring atheists
33:16 and Muslims and Jews and Christians and agn...
33:20 Do you realize that it would literally take a miracle
33:24 to bring all of them together?
33:25 You didn't catch that.
33:28 Umm... it will take a miracle.
33:34 That miracle is none other than the counterfeit coming.
33:41 So... when this happens...
33:44 When this happens... By the way,
33:46 the Bible says in verse 45: "He shall make the tabernacle
33:49 of his palace between the seas. He shall plant the tabernacle
33:52 of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain
33:56 yet he shall come to his end and none shall help him. " Good.
34:01 "None shall help him. "
34:04 Let me do this because I'm now running out of time.
34:08 Not really... but I am.
34:10 Listen... What does it mean that he will plant his tabernacle
34:16 between the seas and the glorious holy mountain?
34:18 Well I want you to notice this, notice the parallel:
34:21 in Ezekiel 28 Satan is being described under the title
34:25 of Tyre. In Ezekiel 28 verse 1
34:29 it says this of Tyre:
34:30 "Thus saith the Lord God: 'because thy heart is lifted up
34:33 and thou hast said I am God,
34:35 I sit in the seat of God in the midst of the seas. "
34:39 So where did Lucifer want to plant his tabernacle?
34:42 In the midst of the seas. But in Ezekiel 28
34:45 it says of Tyre - who is a type of Christ - that he wanted to
34:48 sit in the midst of the seas.
34:50 How about this in Exodus 15 verse 17?
34:53 God speaking here, says: "Thou shalt bring them in
34:56 and plant them in the mountain of thine inheritance
34:59 in the place, O Lord, which Thou has made for me to dwell in.
35:03 In the sanctuary, O Lord, which Thy hands have established. "
35:06 So His holy mountain is synonymous with His sanctuary.
35:11 So the Bible is saying that when Lucifer
35:15 decides to sit in the temple of God
35:24 showing himself that he is God...
35:28 Oh wow! Do you realize Jesus said: "When you see the
35:32 abomination of desolation stand in the... " not the
35:36 Most Holy Place.
35:39 Where? "in the Holy Place. " What's in the Holy Place?
35:43 The table of shewbread.
35:46 Now... now: here's something else that you need to know.
35:49 The reason why the table of shewbread was significant
35:52 is because the table of shewbread was to be changed
35:55 every Sabbath. Meaning the table of shewbread was
35:58 to bring one's attention to the Sabbath commandment.
36:03 So when Satan appears and says: "I preside over the Sabbath
36:09 commandment... I have authority to change it"
36:12 then we may know that the abomination of desolation
36:16 is standing in the holy place.
36:22 Yeah... yeah... Great Controversy page 624:
36:27 "As the crowning act in the great drama of deception" -
36:29 as the crowning act - "Satan himself will personate
36:33 Christ. The church has long professed to look to the
36:37 Savior's advent as the consummation of her hopes.
36:39 Now the great deceiver will make it appear
36:42 that Christ has come. In different parts of the earth
36:44 Satan will manifest himself among men as a majestic
36:48 being of dazzling brightness resembling the description
36:51 of the Son of God given by John in the Revelation. "
36:54 And then she says: "The shout of triumph rings out
36:59 in the air: 'Christ has come! Christ has come! ' "
37:01 And then check this out:
37:03 "In his assumed character of Christ he claims to have
37:07 changed the Sabbath to Sunday and hallows all to worship. "
37:14 You see, beloved, listen to me:
37:17 when an overwhelming miracle like that occurs
37:20 if you are not grounded and founded on the Word of God
37:25 your light goes out
37:28 and you will be overwhelmed by the miracle.
37:34 How firmly are we planted on the Word of God?
37:41 How firmly? You can't train for a marathon
37:48 when it's time to run the marathon.
37:51 You have to be prepared before the marathon hits.
38:00 So... "When you see the abomination of desolation
38:05 stand in the holy place. " We know what's coming.
38:08 We know what's coming.
38:11 At the end of time Satan will appear.
38:14 And listen, I know many of you may be thinking: "Well pastor,
38:17 what about what we've always said the king of the North is
38:20 in Daniel 11? " I'm not disagreeing with that.
38:23 I'm just saying that it's more than that.
38:26 You know, it's not just the papal power
38:29 saying: "OK, now everyone's going to worship us. "
38:31 No! It is a combination of the beast, the false prophet,
38:37 AND the dragon!
38:41 The dragon has not yet appeared.
38:45 It is when the dragon appears that power is now given to
38:50 the beast and the false prophet
38:51 if you understand what I'm saying.
38:54 So... so we are told it is under the three-fold union.
38:57 Right now it's only a two-fold union.
39:04 See? So we're watching the movements of the false prophet
39:07 and the beast and the papacy and we're going:
39:09 "Oh, look what they did now; oh, look what they did now. "
39:11 "Oh, better watch this. "
39:14 Guess what? All that stuff is trackable.
39:17 You can watch it... you can watch the movements.
39:20 This what happens is something that comes as an overwhelming
39:24 surprise... to everybody.
39:28 Will you be ready? Will your knowledge of the Word of God
39:31 be sufficient to keep you through that time of trouble?
39:37 That's the question.
39:38 So now here's our mission...
39:41 Are you ready for our mission?
39:42 I want to tell you a story.
39:44 The story's about a man named Joseph.
39:46 How many remember that story?
39:48 Yeah? Yeah? Turn with me to... Go with me to the book of
39:51 Genesis and I'm going to show you something amazing.
39:55 Genesis chapter 37.
39:57 Genesis 37... and notice with me
40:01 Genesis 37 and verse 1.
40:04 The Bible says: "And Jacob dwelt in the land wherein his father
40:07 was a stranger in the land of Canaan.
40:10 These are the generations of Jacob. Joseph being 17 years old
40:13 was feeding the flock with his brethren.
40:15 And the lad was with the sons of Bilhah
40:18 and the sons of Zilpah his father's wives.
40:21 And Joseph brought to his father their evil report.
40:24 Now Israel loved Joseph more than all his children
40:28 because he was the son of his old age
40:30 and made him a coat of many colors. " OK.
40:33 You know what's going on here?
40:36 Joseph and his 12 brothers...
40:41 Actually, it's Joseph and his youngest brother Benjamin.
40:47 The other two are brothers from another mother.
41:01 But they all have the same father!
41:10 They all have the same father. Now, the father loved them all.
41:14 But he's got this special thing with Joseph, right?
41:17 And so the brothers hate Joseph. Why? Because
41:21 Joseph - check this out - the reason why the brothers
41:24 hate Joseph is because Joseph is a commandment keeper.
41:39 They don't like Joseph because he's a commandment keeper.
41:42 So when they see him coming... By the way,
41:45 and Joseph has these dreams, right?
41:47 And in these dreams he's saying: "Look, I saw the future.
41:51 You know, God has given me the Spirit of Prophecy. "
42:04 So they hate Joseph because a) he keeps the commandments
42:08 and b) he has the Spirit of Prophecy.
42:13 And they're like: "Wait. You said what's going to happen?
42:16 That will never happen! "
42:19 Now Joseph loved his brothers
42:22 but his brothers don't like him.
42:25 You know: "You're the new kid on the block.
42:27 We don't like you you commandment keeper.
42:31 Oh, you have the Spirit of Prophecy.
42:35 Who do you think you are? "
42:38 And so the Bible says they hated him and could not speak
42:42 peaceably unto him.
42:45 So... so... the father... the father
42:48 sends Joseph to check on his brothers.
42:55 His brother are supposed to be, they are supposed to be
42:58 feeding the flock. But when Joseph gets there
43:01 he finds that they are not being responsible.
43:08 You guys look excited about something, huh?
43:10 I'm just telling you a story. I'm hearing hmm, hmm, um-um.
43:14 Um um um um um.
43:15 You guys look excited.
43:20 Yeah, and so what they do is that when Joseph comes
43:24 they take him and they cast him into this pit.
43:28 And the Bible says that they sat down to eat bread.
43:31 So it turns out they're eating bread while hating the younger
43:34 brother. They are eating the father's bread
43:42 while despising the new kid on the block.
43:48 And so what do they do? They sell him into slavery.
43:54 And then they say: "Let us see what will become
43:58 of his dreams now. "
44:00 "Let us see what will become of his prophecies. "
44:05 It's a striking similarity in case you didn't get it.
44:11 Because you see, beloved, God brought a movement
44:14 upon the scene at the very end of time.
44:18 Yeah, yeah, yeah. Did you know? Did you know that
44:20 you are Joseph? You didn't know that, did you!
44:25 Yeah, yeah, yeah... you are Joseph, I am Joseph.
44:28 God has called us to be Joseph. Why?
44:30 Because He needs us to go check on our brothers
44:36 from another mother.
44:46 And I understand because our brothers from another mother
44:49 hate... hate Joseph - God's people. Why?
44:54 Because they keep the command- ments of God and they have
44:57 the Spirit of Prophecy.
45:01 Wow! Wow! So they're like: "Oh yeah,
45:06 oh you had a dream. What's going to happen in the future? "
45:08 "You don't know what you're talking about. That's not
45:10 going to happen... that will NEVER happen! "
45:13 And they sell Joseph. "Yeah, you're not one of us.
45:19 Get away. You're not Christians. Christians? "
45:23 "Psst! You have no connection with the father. "
45:27 "You're not one of us. "
45:31 And they shove him aside... they push him aside.
45:34 And you can wonder... you can imagine how Joseph must have
45:37 felt being rejected by his brothers.
45:40 Have you ever been converted into the truth
45:42 and got so excited? You want to go tell everybody
45:45 about what you just learned and especially, you know, your, your
45:48 family and your friends who you know. Now when they hear this
45:51 thing "Aah, they're going to be on fire! "
45:54 And then you take it to them and they're like: "Ah... no...
46:00 and I'm tired of you talking to me about this.
46:02 And if you don't stop talking about this I will cast you
46:05 into a pit. "
46:08 That's right. And you're like: "Now I'm just trying to... "
46:12 And so they get rid of him.
46:17 They get rid of him. And so listen: when Joseph
46:20 goes down to Egypt you know what happens, right?
46:22 I mean... just all kinds of bad things.
46:25 He gets put into this situation where he's got to overcome.
46:28 But listen, beloved, the Bible says: "Think it not strange
46:30 concerning the fiery things which are to try you. "
46:33 Right? And some strange things happen to you. Because
46:36 God was training Joseph for something.
46:40 But in order for Joseph to be ready
46:42 Joseph had to know how to overcome. Amen!
46:46 So number one: Joseph had to know how to overcome.
46:49 Number two: check this out...
46:52 so Pharaoh had this dream,
46:55 and in the dream he sees seven years of plenty.
47:01 He doesn't know this yet, but you know, he sees the seven
47:04 you know, kine, and then the seven good ears of grain
47:08 swallowed by the seven bad.
47:11 And then he needs someone to interpret the dream...
47:13 the dream. And so Joseph comes and Joseph interprets the dream.
47:17 And Joseph tells him: "This is what you must do. "
47:20 "What do we do? " He said: "This is what you must do. "
47:22 "Why? " "Because a famine is coming
47:24 and so we've got to store up bread. "
47:34 "A famine is coming, so we've got to store up bread! "
47:39 So... so God used Joseph
47:43 for something he was not even aware of himself.
47:47 You see... because God loved those brothers.
47:52 You know, how many loaves of bread on the table?
47:56 Twelve! Representing the 12 tribes.
48:00 The mount of the... congregation.
48:04 Satan was after the congregation even back then!
48:09 "Yeah, yeah, yeah: these guys obey my word over God's Word. "
48:12 So God said: "I'm going to use Joseph. "
48:15 And so you know what Joseph starts to do?
48:18 Joseph starts to gather bread.
48:24 Amen!
48:31 He is gathering bread because a famine is coming
48:36 and he knows that in that time of famine people are going to be
48:41 pleading, begging for bread and he's going to be ready.
48:48 He knows a time of trouble
48:54 is coming. And so, he knows: "OK,
48:58 God told me start storing bread. "
49:01 "Why? " "Not for yourself, Joseph, but for others. "
49:04 "For what other? " "Oh, for the very ones
49:07 that hated you and despised you
49:09 and spit on you and sold you.
49:12 Those... I want you to save up bread for those. "
49:15 Beloved, I've got a question for you today:
49:20 are you storing bread?
49:29 You see, beloved, God has not just called you
49:31 so that you can be saved. He's called you
49:33 because He loves... No... He "so loves the world. "
49:39 And so He's saying: "Listen, I need someone
49:43 to start storing bread. "
49:47 "Why? " "Because a famine is coming.
49:50 Not of bread nor of water
49:53 but of hearing the Word of the Lord. "
49:57 And in that time when Satan comes and appears -
50:01 that time of trouble in which this overmastering miracle
50:05 delusion is going to take place - people, if they're
50:08 going to be ready to overcome this miracle
50:11 they must have bread.
50:15 The lamp is the Word of God.
50:18 If they don't have the bread, they're going to succumb
50:22 to this overmastering delusion.
50:23 "Therefore, my people... my people: I need you to be
50:26 studying your Bibles. " No, no, no... not Amen.
50:30 No, no, no, everyone. Not just studying your Bibles.
50:33 "Oh yeah, I study. " "No! I need you
50:34 to start truly gathering bread
50:37 knowing that you're gathering it not so you can fulfill
50:41 "Oh, I studied my Bible today" but you're gathering bread
50:44 because you know that the salvation of others
50:47 depends on it. It's no longer good enough
50:51 to say: "Oh, I let my pastor gather bread for me. "
50:53 Or "I let this one gather bread. " No! God is
50:55 calling you as a Joseph to gather bread. Why?
51:00 Because in that time people are going to be coming to you.
51:03 Listen: if you don't have the Word of God...
51:05 if the Word of God is not... if you're not firmly
51:08 standing on the Word of God, you will be overcome
51:13 by the overmastering delusion.
51:18 So the devil doesn't want you gathering bread.
51:25 He doesn't want you gathering bread.
51:28 How do you gather bread? The same way God told the
51:30 children of Israel in the Old Testament.
51:33 "I'm going to rain manna down from heaven for you.
51:37 Six days I'm going to rain manna down
51:41 and on the seventh day I'm not going to rain any. "
51:49 Wow! We have it backwards
51:53 'cause we don't look for any manna during the six days.
51:56 We just come to church on Sabbath expecting manna.
52:05 So we're not gathering bread!
52:08 Many of us come to church on Sabbath: "Oh, I wasn't fed. "
52:15 "What did you do during the week? "
52:18 God wants us to learn how to gather bread -
52:21 how to gather manna - because it is imperative.
52:24 There is a time of famine coming. A time... of trouble.
52:31 And beloved, listen to me:
52:34 if the Bible says "If it were possible even the very elect
52:37 should be deceived... " Listen, listen: I don't
52:40 know if you catch this.
52:42 When Jesus comes again, what else attends His second coming?
52:47 What else happens?
52:50 What's He coming to do?
52:53 He's coming to raise the dead.
52:54 So the scenario of the second coming
52:57 would include someone coming out of the sky
53:01 and dead people living.
53:06 So if Satan is going to try to counterfeit this as best he can
53:12 guess what else is going to happen?
53:21 Huh?
53:23 Demons. I mean, imagine! I'm not just talking about...
53:28 oh, one demon here. No!
53:32 I'm talking about all of a sudden you've moved from,
53:37 you know... reality and almost like this supernatural
53:41 existence on earth at this point in time.
53:45 Spiritualism.
53:50 This three-fold union
53:54 apostate Protestantism, the papacy, and Spiritualism.
54:02 And beloved, when this thing happens on a global scale,
54:05 and for the atheists seeing is believing,
54:10 do you see how this is the only thing. Listen:
54:14 nothing any living human being can say right now
54:17 on this earth is going to bring all these different religious
54:21 factions and non-religious factions and radical factions
54:24 together. That's not going to happen.
54:27 It will take a miracle!
54:31 And beloved listen: this miracle's going to be
54:33 so overwhelming that if you're not firmly standing
54:36 on the table of shewbread - the Word of God -
54:42 the Bible says even the very elect would be deceived.
54:46 You are Joseph.
54:49 Nobody can gather bread like you.
54:55 No one can gather... Because listen, there's a time coming
54:58 where you will not be able to gather bread.
55:02 And the five foolish virgins
55:05 enter that time unprepared.
55:09 You don't train for a marathon the day of the marathon.
55:14 You train for a marathon way before the marathon hits.
55:19 God has given us His Word.
55:21 Especially us at the end of time He's saying: "Listen,
55:24 you are My Josephs, and I've got brothers out there
55:27 who are going to come and say: "Hey! Remember that bread
55:30 you were talking about? Remember that prophecy? "
55:36 The prophecy that they thought would never happen.
55:38 "I'd never bow down to him. " Guess what?
55:40 It came to pass.
55:42 Imagine Joseph in his time. He's in prison. He's like:
55:45 "How in the world is the Word of God going to come to pass
55:48 like this? How? How? " Beloved, do you look in your...
55:51 You know, "We've been saying this forever!
55:54 You know, is Christ really going to come? "
55:56 I'm telling you: the prophecy WILL come to pass.
56:00 Amen! The prophecy WILL come to pass. The question is:
56:03 Will you be ready? Will you be preparing bread
56:07 while not certain? "Oh, I don't know. Will it happen in my
56:10 lifetime? Will it happen after my life?
56:12 When will it happen? " I don't know, but I'm going to
56:13 start gathering bread. Amen! Because when the brothers come
56:18 to Joseph, he weeps.
56:23 The Bible says: "If your enemies hunger... "
56:28 We are gathering bread for our enemies. Amen!
56:34 That's the heart of Jesus.
56:40 He died while we were yet His enemies
56:45 that we might have the Bread of Life.
56:48 That's my appeal to you.
56:51 You are Joseph... gather bread
56:55 while you have the chance. Not for yourself
57:01 but for the world.
57:04 Heavenly Father, thank you for speaking to us again.
57:10 Bless us, Lord, as we go forth gathering bread.
57:14 We pray it in Jesus' name, Amen. Amen!


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