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Golden Candlestick

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00:52 Welcome to 3ABN's Spring Camp Meeting:
00:56 Live from the 3ABN Worship Center.
01:02 And we welcome you once again to the 3ABN Worship Center,
01:07 the Thompsonville Seventh-day Adventist church,
01:09 and to Spring Camp Meeting 2016.
01:14 We've been having a wonderful time in the Lord.
01:17 And I didn't know if you knew that when the children of Israel
01:20 went to church they were also going to school.
01:23 There was much to learn about the sanctuary.
01:26 It is the one doctrine that is exclusively a doctrine
01:29 as preached by the Seventh-day Adventist church.
01:31 And the sanctuary doctrine tells us so very much
01:34 about who we are, who Christ is,
01:37 and what Christ is doing in the heavenly sanctuary even now.
01:41 So we, too, are going to school.
01:43 And each instrument, each implement, each piece of
01:47 furniture in the sanctuary has a very specific meaning.
01:50 And we have been learning about those things this very night.
01:53 We will again on tomorrow evening and then again on
01:55 Sabbath. Our speaker for this particular hour
01:57 is John Bradshaw who is the speaker/director
02:01 for the It Is Written telecast.
02:03 He is a world-wide inter- national evangelist and speaker
02:07 and he has much to say as his subject this very night
02:10 are... is/are The Golden Candlesticks.
02:14 I think that's an are golden candlesticks
02:17 and yet it is one piece of furniture so it IS the golden
02:20 candlestick... the seven-branch candlestick.
02:23 And there is much to learn about that particular piece of
02:27 furniture in the sanctuary. And we look forward to a great
02:29 blessing from John Bradshaw.
02:33 Husband of one wife, father of two children,
02:37 and a preacher of righteousness for the Lord.
02:38 And we cannot wait to hear a wonderful message from him.
02:42 We've got a group of people standing behind me.
02:44 I'm going to call our founder and president Danny Shelton
02:46 to come forward and let us know just a little bit
02:48 about what is going to happen just now. Oh, we're privileged
02:51 tonight and honored. We have Lanny Wolfe back at the piano
02:54 and Marietta Webster that's here.
02:57 And Lanny has written songs like More Than Wonderful,
03:00 Surely the Presence of the Lord is in This Place,
03:03 and Whatever It Takes - that we're going to be doing here.
03:06 You didn't write He Touched Me, though, did you Lanny?
03:08 I think that was Bill Gaither.
03:11 OK. Bill who? Well, we won't mention Bill tonight.
03:15 We'll just go... We'll go with Lanny's songs.
03:17 Lanny has written I think over 700 songs
03:20 Grammy Award writer but more importantly
03:23 has been gifted by the Holy Spirit,
03:25 by God to write some of the most incredible songs.
03:28 Lisa, Melody... well, everybody up here
03:31 Tammy, Linda... all of you
03:34 Sandra... all of us... Ladye Love.
03:36 I don't think there's anybody up here that hasn't been singing
03:39 his songs - if we're old enough - I am, I won't...
03:42 I'll let you judge about the ladies here - but a lot of us
03:45 have been singing his songs for 35 or 40 years.
03:47 And it's a real privilege to have Bro. Lanny Wolfe tonight.
03:51 Sr. Marietta, one of my favorite all-time singers
03:54 because you sing under such an anointing
03:57 of the Holy Spirit.
03:58 Tonight we're going to be doing literally one of my
04:02 all-time favorite songs - and yours too for many of you
04:06 who have written to us over the years -
04:07 Whatever it takes for my will to break...
04:10 that's what I'll be willing to do.
04:21 There's a voice calling me
04:26 from an old rugged tree.
04:30 And it whispers: "Draw closer
04:36 to Me. "
04:40 Leave this world far behind...
04:44 but there are new heights to climb
04:48 and a new place
04:52 in Me you will find. "
04:59 We're here at Camp Meeting tonight.
05:01 Camp Meetings are special places,
05:04 and this is a VERY special place.
05:07 I like to come out here to 3ABN.
05:09 So peaceful and quiet... you can see stars in the sky!
05:15 But you know, one of the reasons for Camp Meeting is
05:19 not just so we can get together and see people -
05:21 friends - from last year when we saw them.
05:23 We haven't seen them since then.
05:25 But it's so that we can get together
05:28 and listen to what the Lord is telling His church.
05:31 Amen! And so we have this wonderful place to come
05:35 and get away from the city.
05:37 I thought today about an old song that we used to sing.
05:40 It said: "I'll be somewhere listening for my name. "
05:43 "When He calls me I will answer. "
05:46 Well in this day that we live in
05:49 if you have to live in the city and you have a job
05:52 and you have all the noises that completely saturate our
05:58 time, I'm afraid that's why a lot of people
06:01 aren't hearing Him. They've got so many other noises
06:05 going inside. But we're in this wonderful place
06:08 tonight and tomorrow and tomorrow night.
06:12 And what are we talking about? Christ,
06:15 Amen! Calvary, the Sanctuary.
06:20 That's Jesus calling from an old rugged tree.
06:26 He's calling all the time, but we're just not always listening.
06:29 And so I hope tonight
06:32 and tomorrow night especially when we present this wonderful
06:37 musical celebration about Calvary, I hope that you
06:42 will have your ears tuned to hear what the Lord is saying.
06:45 "Lord, what part do You want me to take in this last day
06:50 when we're trying to get the gospel to the people?
06:53 We want them to listen, Lord. Please use our voice.
06:57 Use our offering... whatever it is that we can do
07:00 to get the gospel around this world.
07:03 Lord, we hear You calling us. "
07:05 There are people who can hear, and I hear it tonight.
07:08 And once you listen and hear Him call you
07:12 and you let Him take you out of this world...
07:14 We're in this world but we're not of it.
07:17 And so if you'll listen, He's going to transport you
07:20 to a higher place... a higher ground. And then that's when
07:26 we can sing the rest of this song.
07:28 All right. But you have to listen first
07:31 and you have to have this relationship with God
07:33 where no one else is in competition for your time.
07:38 Praise the Lord! No one else can get your attention
07:42 when Jesus is trying to get a message to you
07:47 from the cross of Calvary where He died for us.
07:50 NOBODY has done what He's done for me!
07:54 And a lot of people don't know about Him.
07:56 They don't know about Calvary. They don't know!
07:59 And we don't know why He did it. How did He do it?
08:03 You're going to hear some beautiful songs tomorrow night
08:06 about Calvary. And so I just want you to listen.
08:11 There's a voice calling me
08:15 from an old rugged tree
08:19 and it whispers
08:22 "Draw closer to Me.
08:29 Leave this world far behind...
08:34 there are new heights to climb
08:39 and a new place
08:42 in Me you will find. "
10:02 Take the dearest thing to me
10:06 if that's how it must be
10:11 to draw me closer
10:16 to Thee.
10:20 Let the disappointments come
10:23 lonely days without the sun
10:28 if through sorrow - that's all right with me -
10:32 more like You
10:34 I'll become.
11:53 Take my houses and lands,
11:56 change my dreams and my plans
12:01 for I'm placing
12:04 my whole life
12:09 in Your hands. That's the safest place to be.
12:14 And if You call me today
12:18 to a home far away
12:23 Lord, I'll go
12:27 and Your will obey.
13:49 That's what I'll be willing
13:55 to do...
14:01 That's what I'll be willing
14:06 to do...
14:10 Yvonne: That's what
14:15 I'll be willing to do...
14:21 Ladye Love:
14:24 That's what I'll be willing
14:29 to do... Reggie:
14:35 Lord, that's what
14:38 I'll be willing to do...
14:44 Oh... Everybody sing:
14:48 That's what I'll be willing
14:54 to do.
15:05 Thank you, Lord. Amen!
15:08 Thank you. God bless. Lanny Wolfe, Marietta.
15:11 Thank you so much for being here tonight.
15:31 Well, good evening everyone. Good evening!
15:34 Wasn't that music something?
15:36 YES!
15:39 I hope you don't mind me coming out here without an
15:41 actual paper Bible. I intended to.
15:44 But I'll let you in on a little secret:
15:48 these days the Bible is just a prop.
15:53 It's a good one.
15:56 It's a necessary one... it's one I believe in.
15:58 But these days it's a prop.
16:03 Now I have had to explain this in other places.
16:05 But I don't mind... Do you remember the first time anyone
16:09 ever read scripture in church and they read off a phone?
16:11 Remember the first time that happened?
16:14 Did you feel just a little bit conflicted about that?
16:16 Yeah! I did too.
16:18 I had to remind myself: "That's a Bible...
16:21 it's just on a phone. " But I guess the traditionalist
16:25 in me or the something in me just felt a little bit like
16:28 "Well, that seems a little out of place. "
16:30 But the last time it happened you felt less uneasy about it
16:33 because you got over that little hump and you recognize
16:36 it's still a Bible... it's just in a different form.
16:39 Now the first time I saw a preacher preaching from an iPad
16:41 or a Tablet and not a Bible I sort of felt the same.
16:47 Some years ago I turned into my father.
16:49 I remember when we got a video cassette recorder, a VCR,
16:53 at the house many years ago.
16:55 Remember those? Yes!
16:59 They were real modern things once, weren't they?
17:02 I'm sounding like my father.
17:05 And I had to try to teach my father how to program the thing.
17:09 And back them programming a VCR
17:13 was slightly more difficult than piloting a space shuttle.
17:18 And he, he, he just fooled with that for a couple of moments
17:22 and then he said something like "Ahhhhh. "
17:27 And a few years ago I discovered I had essentially
17:30 turned into that man.
17:32 When people are wanting me to us apps and so on
17:35 and they're wanting me to use a Google document
17:37 I mean "Just send me an e-mail. "
17:40 "Oh no, no, no... this is better! "
17:41 "But I have to put in a password to read that
17:45 when I could just read my e-mail. "
17:47 "Oh, you don't understand. " And the reason they say that
17:49 is simply because I don't!
17:53 I don't understand.
17:55 Anyhow, when I saw the preacher come out with the iPad
17:57 I felt slightly conflicted about that. But you know,
17:59 it's OK because if the Bible is on the iPad
18:01 it's still a Bible. You understand how that goes.
18:05 But back to the reason why I just need to explain to you
18:07 lest you think that somehow I'm slightly less faithful
18:10 than you perhaps. I discovered
18:15 that a few years ago Bible manufacturers
18:19 started printing Bibles using much smaller text
18:25 than they used to use.
18:27 Did you notice that? Yes!
18:31 And if you're under 40 and you're sitting there feeling
18:35 smug... yours is coming.
18:42 It's coming... don't feel too cocky.
18:46 So that's that, and I just feel slightly inappropriate
18:50 without the Bible. I meant to bring it out,
18:52 but then truth be told I was listening to the music
18:55 and I was thinking: "Wow, that's great! "
18:57 And uh... forgot it. I got carried away.
19:02 I'm sorry. I really owe you an apology.
19:05 And that's because last night I did not want to begin
19:09 without recognizing the passing of a giant.
19:15 In New Zealand we would say a "totara" has fallen.
19:19 A "totara" has fallen: one of the great trees in the forest.
19:22 A mighty tree has fallen in the forest.
19:25 And I wanted to mention last night, but again, I
19:27 guess I just forgot in the heat of the moment.
19:32 I think it would be inappropriate for me at least
19:35 not to mention the passing of C. D. Brooks.
19:40 I don't know how you can quantify these things
19:43 and maybe this is just what you say when you say
19:45 but in my mind probably the greatest preacher
19:50 I've ever heard. Amen! For me... for me... just for me.
19:54 I was a brand new newly-baptized Christian
19:58 when I first heard C. D. Brooks.
20:01 And I didn't know preaching could sound like that.
20:04 I just didn't know.
20:07 And I didn't know that you could listen to a sermon
20:10 and be set on fire
20:13 like I was having heard the preaching of Elder Brooks.
20:17 As I listened to him I realized he was
20:19 academic without being skeptical.
20:23 He was plain in his preaching without being overly simple.
20:29 He was an orator of the highest order
20:34 but the oratory did not detract from his preaching
20:37 nor was it irrelevant.
20:39 He was self-revelatory.
20:41 I learned a lot about him listening to his sermons.
20:44 But his sermons were not about him.
20:47 He was relentlessly Christ-centered
20:50 and revealed to the world that there was and is power
20:56 in the Word of God. Amen!
21:00 Listening to Elder Brooks the Bible came alive.
21:04 And he revealed to me, long before I preached
21:07 my first sermon that sermons ought to set people aglow.
21:13 Otherwise they are probably not worth preaching.
21:17 And something that I learned reading an interview about him,
21:21 and this came to me as a bit of a surprise.
21:23 Someone asked him about his preaching style and how he
21:26 arrived at his style of preaching.
21:28 And he said in this interview - I think I read it -
21:31 he had never spent more than 5 minutes thinking about
21:36 preaching style... which means he was an original.
21:41 He was not an imitator
21:44 though I suspect he has been often imitated.
21:48 He didn't set out to be anyone or anything other than
21:53 who and what he was... and that was more than enough.
21:57 We have lost a giant.
22:00 And though this is a rather impersonal way of doing it
22:04 I would like to offer my sincere sympathies
22:07 to the Brooks family.
22:10 To his many friends and colleagues who are mourning
22:14 a loss and are feeling an emptiness.
22:17 Just, without wanting to belabor the point,
22:19 I find it fascinating that on day one there was a death
22:24 and people said: "We have lost the greatest. "
22:27 "We have lost the greatest. "
22:30 That was when Muhammad Ali died.
22:32 I recognize Muhammad Ali was a great boxer.
22:35 I don't know too many Christians ought to take joy in that.
22:39 He was also a humanitarian and a civil rights champion
22:42 and by all accounts a wonderful human being.
22:44 But on the very next day I think we lost the greatest.
22:48 Amen! Elder Brooks died.
22:50 C. D. Brooks... we shall see him again. Amen!
22:55 Well, let's pray together.
22:58 Our Father in heaven, we are grateful that we
23:00 can be here together tonight.
23:02 And we are asking in faith
23:06 that Your Spirit will touch our hearts.
23:10 We are grateful for the Bible... it is Your Word.
23:13 And I pray tonight it would be alive... powerful.
23:18 That Your Word would do its work as we open ourselves
23:21 up to Your Spirit. I pray You'd take our hearts;
23:24 make them Yours. If we're dis- tracted, banish the distractions
23:27 and speak in a voice that we will hear. Let it be Your voice
23:31 we hear. We thank you; we pray with confidence.
23:35 We ask this blessing for Your glory
23:38 in Jesus' name. Please say with me - Amen - Amen
23:44 and Amen. If you've ever been to Rome...
23:50 and I don't mean Rome, GA... If you've ever been
23:52 to Rome in Italy then you've been to quite a city.
23:56 It's a fascinating place.
23:58 You might call it a great city. I would say you would
24:01 probably more accurately call it a once-great city.
24:05 In Rome not far from the Forum, very close to the Forum,
24:09 a little further from the Coliseum... not very far...
24:12 but a little further from the Coliseum... is a fascinating
24:15 structure. It's a little over 50 feet high.
24:18 Fifteen and one half meters high it is.
24:20 It's shorter than the Arch of Constantine
24:23 and significantly older.
24:26 The Arch of Constantine was built in 312 AD.
24:30 You can walk pretty much right up to it today.
24:32 It's 1,700+ years old.
24:36 That's phenomenon.
24:39 The Arch of Titus is rather older.
24:44 Built in 82 AD - it's almost 2,000 years old -
24:49 by the Emperor Domitian in honor of his older brother
24:54 Titus. And it recognizes many of Titus's accomplishments:
24:59 some of his military battles and campaigns.
25:03 And one of those that is recognized
25:09 on the Arch of Titus was the siege of Jerusalem.
25:15 And you know about that because it's written of in the Bible
25:18 looking forward to that. It happened in the year 70 AD.
25:22 Jesus spoke of that ahead of time in Matthew chapter 24.
25:26 Jesus referenced expectant mothers and nursing mothers.
25:31 He urged that people would pray that what He was talking of
25:35 would not happen in the winter nor on the Sabbath Day
25:39 when Jews and Christians alike - who all observe the Sabbath
25:44 at that time - would be especially vulnerable.
25:48 Jesus was looking ahead to a time when a Roman general
25:52 would go on to be for a little more than two years
25:55 the 10th emperor of the Roman Empire
25:59 would come and wreak havoc in Jerusalem.
26:03 It was a siege in which thousands and thousands
26:07 of people died. Josephus wrote that at one point one million
26:10 people died in the siege of Jerusalem.
26:12 Historians later say that that number is wildly inaccurate.
26:16 Couldn't possibly have been that many, but the fact was
26:18 that however many it was it was a calamity.
26:24 The temple was destroyed as Jesus said it would be.
26:30 The temple was plundered
26:34 and the armies of Titus carried back to Rome
26:38 many items of great value.
26:41 They took so many riches back to Rome
26:46 that the sale of some of those riches
26:50 realized enough cash that they were able to build
26:54 from the proceeds of the destruction of Jerusalem
26:58 the Coliseum...
27:00 which is sadly ironic I think.
27:07 If you were to look upon the Arch of Titus,
27:09 and you can today, you would notice a fascinating depiction.
27:14 Roman soldiers are depicted on that monument
27:18 as carrying away from Jerusalem
27:22 items of great value.
27:25 They are shown to be carrying away golden trumpets.
27:31 They are shown to be carrying away pans...
27:37 pans that were used for removing ashes
27:41 from the altar at the temple.
27:45 They are shown to be carrying away the table of showbread.
27:52 And they are shown to be carrying away a golden
27:56 candelabrum... the Menorah.
28:00 It is depicted as being spirited away from Jerusalem
28:03 by these invaders.
28:07 Now that golden candelabrum... we shall refer to it as
28:11 the golden candlestick tonight...
28:13 was built by a man talented - gifted by God -
28:19 and hand-picked by God to use his God-given gift
28:24 in the service of God. This reminds me at least
28:27 that if you are given a talent to preach then you preach.
28:31 If you are given the talent to teach,
28:33 then you teach. If you are given the talent to evangelize,
28:37 you are an evangelist.
28:38 If you are given the talent, the gift of being
28:41 an apostle or a missionary, then you use that.
28:44 If you are given the talent - the very practical talent -
28:47 of building or sculpting or creating or fashioning,
28:53 those talents, too, can and really must be used
28:57 for the glory of God. We don't read in the Bible
29:00 that Bezalel preached a single sermon
29:03 but we do read that his work made possible
29:07 the joyful worship of the God of heaven.
29:11 He made beautiful things. He created the laver.
29:16 He created the altar of offering.
29:19 He created the table of showbread.
29:23 All manner of things. The altar of incense...
29:27 these were all items of extraordinary significance.
29:30 God designed that they would be used in the worship
29:35 of Almighty God. In Exodus 31 verses 3 and 4
29:39 God said: "And I have filled him with the Spirit of God
29:43 in wisdom and in understanding and in knowledge
29:47 and in all manner of workmanship
29:49 to devise cunning works.
29:53 To work in gold and in silver and in brass. "
29:59 This gifted man and his team including Oholiab of the tribe
30:04 of Dan. Bezalel was from the tribe of Judah.
30:07 This team was commissioned by God
30:09 to build things of magnificent beauty
30:14 including the seven-branch candlestick.
30:19 And if you want to know what that's like, then you look at
30:21 the depiction on the side of the Arch of Titus.
30:26 There was a central shaft and then 3 other branches
30:31 coming out from the stem if I can call it that
30:34 and all ending up at equal height.
30:39 It's now a symbol... a well-known treasured symbol...
30:44 of the nation of Israel, the Menorah.
30:46 We would call it the seven-branched candlestick.
30:50 Let's go in the Bible to Exodus
30:54 and chapter 25. And this is one of those passages
30:58 where if you were reading the Bible from the beginning
31:00 you would start to wonder if right about now
31:04 you'd just leap all the way forward to I Samuel.
31:08 This is when you start to wonder that.
31:11 You start to speed read and say
31:14 "God will understand for surely I don't need to read this
31:18 too terribly closely. "
31:20 You know, what's very interesting is that God put
31:23 some of these arcane details into the Bible
31:25 and they are there for a reason.
31:28 The deeper you dig the more important they seem,
31:32 the greater relevance they appear to take on.
31:35 None of this is put in the Bible because it's irrelevant.
31:38 None of it is there just to fill up space.
31:40 And even if you struggle
31:44 to extract from passages like this
31:47 something of meaning then you pray and thank God
31:51 for the exercise. I've seen dogs chewing on bones.
31:55 And they don't get much nutritional benefit from chewing
31:58 on a bone, but at the very least it sharpens their teeth.
32:02 So you can read passages like this
32:04 knowing that at the least they will make you sharp.
32:09 Exodus chapter 25 and verse 31.
32:11 The Bible says: "And you shall make a candlestick
32:13 of pure gold. Of beaten work shall the candlestick be made.
32:19 Its shaft and its branches, its bowls, its... " It says
32:22 knops in my version of the Bible. Yours might say knobs.
32:25 Knobs reads better.
32:26 "and its flowers shall all be of the same.
32:29 And six branches shall come out the sides of it.
32:32 Three branches of the candlestick out of one side;
32:34 three branches of the candle- stick out of the other side.
32:37 Three bowls made like almonds with a knob and a flower
32:41 on one branch. Three bowls made like almonds
32:44 in the other branch with a knob and a flower.
32:46 So in the six branches that shall come out of the
32:48 candlestick. And in the candlestick shall be four bowls
32:52 made like almonds with their knobs and their flowers.
32:56 And there shall be a knob under two branches of the same
32:58 and a knob under two branches of the same
33:00 and a knob under two branches of the same
33:02 according to the six branches
33:04 that proceed out of the candlestick.
33:07 Their knobs and their branches shall be of the same.
33:10 All it shall be one beaten work of pure gold. "
33:15 It's significant, and we'll come back to that point.
33:19 "And you shall make the seven lamps thereof, and they shall
33:21 give... " sorry... "and they shall light the lamps thereof
33:26 that they may give a light over against it.
33:29 And the tongs thereof, the snuff dishes thereof,
33:32 shall all be of pure gold. Of a talent of pure gold
33:36 shall he make it with all these vessels. "
33:39 And you know roughly how much a talent was.
33:41 Depending on whose scholarship you're reading, this is
33:44 between... somewhere between 60 and 70 pounds.
33:47 That's a lot of gold.
33:49 No wonder this thing is depicted on the Arch of Titus
33:53 as being carried by several men on the way back form Jerusalem
33:56 to Rome. That was a valuable and beautiful thing.
33:59 "And look that you make them after the pattern which was
34:03 shown thee in the mount. "
34:06 God had revealed to Moses the plan, the pattern of
34:10 the sanctuary. He patterned it after the heavenly sanctuary.
34:15 And ladies and gentlemen, if ever there was a suggestion
34:19 that there was no heavenly sanctuary,
34:22 let's just push that right out of our mind now.
34:25 It is no wonder that Satan wants to distract us
34:30 from looking towards the sanctuary of God in heaven.
34:34 God's way is revealed in the sanctuary.
34:37 The way God deals with sin
34:40 is revealed in the sanctuary.
34:42 Somebody wrote a book you know that was titled
34:44 very appropriately The Path to the Throne of God.
34:48 It was a book about the sanctuary and the sanctuary
34:50 services. The sinner would bring a lamb or some other offering
34:54 across that open space down to the sanctuary.
34:58 And into the courtyard the sinner would go.
35:00 Let's presume it was a lamb.
35:02 The lamb would be slain.
35:05 Interesting: the lamb was dead.
35:08 The sin that had been confessed onto the head of the lamb
35:12 had now been transferred from the sinner
35:15 to the animal sacrifice.
35:16 The sinner could turn around and go knowing that
35:18 his or her sin or his family's sin rather.
35:21 It wouldn't be a her. His or his family's sin
35:23 was now gone... at least separated from himself -
35:27 themselves - to the lamb.
35:29 Thank the Lord for that!
35:31 Now friends, that's wonderful.
35:32 We call that forgiveness from sin justification.
35:36 And that's right. When we confess our sins
35:39 He is faithful and just to do what?
35:41 Forgive us our sins. But ladies and gentlemen,
35:44 the verse does not end there. And to do what?
35:46 Cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
35:49 Now we do not stand here and salute the flag of heaven
35:54 and claim that in and of ourselves we have arrived.
35:58 But we recognize this is God's plan.
36:01 This is God's work.
36:03 As David wrote: "The Lord will perfect that which concerneth
36:09 me. " God will get the work done in your life.
36:13 "He which has begun a good work in you
36:15 is faithful to perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. "
36:20 Ladies and gentlemen, Jesus died for us.
36:22 Can you say praise the Lord? Praise the Lord!
36:24 Jesus died on the cross. Can you say amen? Amen!
36:27 Jesus died for you. Can you say hallelujah?
36:30 Hallelujah! Thank God! But if all Jesus did
36:34 was die for you...
36:36 Can I say this without pushing the envelope too far?
36:40 If all Jesus did was die for you,
36:44 that wouldn't be enough
36:46 because the sanctuary service reveals the path to the throne
36:52 of God. Let's call it the path to sanctification.
36:57 Friends, that's a word we ought to speak more of
37:00 and not less of because the Bible says
37:03 "This is the will of God... even your... " What?
37:07 "sanctification. " That's what the Bible says.
37:10 So the lamb representing Christ died out there in the courtyard.
37:14 And then what did the priest do? He took some of that blood.
37:17 That blood now contains your sin... symbolically so.
37:21 That blood was taken into the 1st apartment of the sanctuary.
37:25 In there it was later... Perhaps on the curtains,
37:28 maybe on the horns of the altar. Usually it was...
37:30 it was ministered down there.
37:33 Inside that first apartment
37:36 on the right-hand side the table of showbread.
37:39 You'll hear more about that this week. But we understand
37:41 that Jesus is the Bread of Life.
37:45 On the left-hand side the seven-branch candlestick.
37:49 More about that in a moment.
37:50 We have just heard about the altar of incense
37:54 that was directly between the entering priest
37:58 and the Most Holy Place. Of course there was a curtain
38:01 there. And then when ministry had been made in the Holy Place
38:05 throughout the year on a special day in the year
38:08 the high priest would then take blood into the Most Holy Place.
38:15 Atonement would be made for sin.
38:17 The people would rejoice! Even the record of their sin
38:21 was gone! They were atoned for... at one
38:26 with the God of heaven.
38:28 Let's understand something: God's plan is that we are at one
38:32 with Him. And thank God we have a High Priest in heaven
38:35 right now - Jesus, the Son of God -
38:37 ministering His blood in our behalf.
38:41 Amen! The death of the lamb, the shedding of the blood...
38:43 that was part one. Was that enough? Yes.
38:47 Sacrificially speaking enough. God could do no more for our sin
38:50 to pay the price for our sin.
38:52 Then the Lamb - Jesus - would die.
38:55 That was an absolutely-complete sacrifice.
38:59 But after the death of the animal now the blood was
39:02 ministered inside the sanctuary.
39:04 Oh, thank God for that! Blood was taken in there.
39:07 Jesus pleads the merits of His shed blood for us tonight.
39:11 Aren't you glad? The Bible says He appears now
39:14 in the presence of God for us.
39:17 That's good news.
39:18 Have you ever wondered if God is really for ya or against ya?
39:20 Of course you have. Don't tell me you haven't.
39:22 Of course you have. If you've suffered a tragedy,
39:24 you've looked up towards heaven and you've said:
39:26 "What do You have? Do you have it in for me God? "
39:30 If you haven't, God bless you.
39:32 If you have, everybody understands.
39:36 You've had a bad day... you wrecked your car.
39:39 There's been a death in the family.
39:41 You're starting to wonder: "Is He for me or against me? "
39:44 We must understand whatever happens
39:49 God is for you. Can you say amen? Amen!
39:53 John the Baptist was languishing in a prison cell.
39:56 Was God for him or against him? For him.
39:58 James was taken out of prison and he had his head separated
40:03 from his body. God was for him.
40:04 Now Peter was in prison sleeping expecting to die the next day.
40:08 How's that for faith? Asleep even though the next day
40:11 he was due to be executed.
40:12 That's faith! And an angel came in.
40:16 Had to strike him to wake him up he was sleeping so soundly.
40:19 Led him out, doorways opening up before him.
40:23 God was for him, too. He lived and he didn't die.
40:26 Hey, let's just let God decide what happens to us. Amen!
40:30 And decide that whatever it is, we believe He is for us
40:35 and not against us.
40:40 And if you are going to measure the goodness of God by your
40:43 circumstances, let me tell you that's a very very narrow
40:46 measure. God is good.
40:48 And Christ tonight is in heaven for us
40:52 and not against us. In that first apartment of the heavenly
40:56 sanctuary... the earthly sanctuary... heavenly as well...
40:59 was the seven-branch candle- stick. It was made from gold.
41:02 It was beaten. It wasn't molded; it was beaten.
41:06 And here's what happens when the workman starts to beat gold.
41:09 Every now and then if you start to beat it
41:10 then you've got to heat it up again to make it a little more
41:13 malleable so you can beat it some more.
41:15 Can you imagine pounding and heat and pounding
41:19 and heat and pounding and heat?
41:21 Well, that's a little bit like what we go through,
41:24 isn't that right? Trials... God turns up the heat.
41:27 What's He trying to do? Burn the impurities
41:30 out of our lives. Mold us and fashion us
41:33 and make us into what we aren't but what we ought to be.
41:36 Now this seven-branch candle- stick you understand represents
41:39 Jesus. Was Jesus beaten? You know He was!
41:42 Was the heat turned up in Jesus' life? Oh yes it was!
41:47 The Bible says Jesus learned obedience
41:50 through the things which He suffered.
41:52 And here's Bezalel pounding away on that candlestick.
41:57 I'm not talking about Jesus needing to be chastised
42:00 because He was unrighteous or a sinner or unholy.
42:02 But Jesus was drawn closer to the heart of God,
42:06 Jesus learned more about what it was to live as a man,
42:09 Jesus was being prepared for that great test
42:13 when He would lay down His life for us all through His life.
42:17 Jesus was beaten and buffeted,
42:19 very often literally, towards the end of His life.
42:22 Think about this... think about this:
42:24 before the seven-branch candlestick shone, it was beaten
42:29 and subjected to heat.
42:31 It was worked. Think about what Jesus went through
42:35 the night before He died. False accusations,
42:39 ratted out by a friend,
42:42 betrayed by a confidant,
42:46 abandoned by the law.
42:49 The man who should have stood up and said: "This is a travesty"
42:53 was the one who said: "Do whatever you like...
42:55 I am washing my hands of Him. "
42:56 Pilate... that doesn't cut it.
42:59 But Pilate wimped out when he should have stood up
43:03 and played the role of a man.
43:04 Jesus was abused... beaten with a reed.
43:08 He was slapped; He was punched;
43:10 He was whipped. They jeered at Him.
43:13 They cursed Him. They watched Him nailed to a cross.
43:18 After all that what did Jesus do?
43:21 He showed the greatest act of love the world has ever
43:26 witnessed. Jesus went through all of that.
43:28 And instead of saying "I'm done, "
43:30 instead of saying "Curse you all, "
43:33 instead of striking them dead
43:35 Jesus allowed a demonstration of agape love
43:40 when He laid down His life for us.
43:42 After all of that darkness Jesus shone brighter than the
43:46 brightest light you've ever seen.
43:47 See, candlesticks aren't designed to be used in the
43:50 daytime unless you're just keeping them for ornamental
43:52 purposes. Candlesticks are only ever any use
43:56 when there is darkness.
43:59 There was darkness in the Holy Place of the sanctuary.
44:03 There was no light shining in there.
44:04 The seven-branch candlestick gave brilliant light,
44:07 and as the walls were made out of gold, my goodness, the
44:09 light in there was dazzling.
44:11 It was gorgeous and it was glorious.
44:14 The seven-branch candlestick was pounded into being
44:17 and it reminds us... This thing - the 7 branches -
44:21 there was light in there... light for your pathway.
44:25 Now you could say this represents the Word of God
44:27 because God's Word is a lamp to our feet
44:29 and a light to our path. That could be so!
44:32 More... that seven-branch candlestick represents
44:36 Jesus who said: "I am the Light of the World. "
44:40 Christ shone, gave light. In Him was light the Bible says.
44:47 And the light was the what? Life of the world.
44:50 The light of Christ gives life to you, to me...
44:54 to the world. When you look into the sanctuary
44:57 everywhere you look you find Jesus.
44:58 From here to heaven who do you see? Jesus:
45:01 He's the Bread. Jesus: He's the Light.
45:02 Jesus' righteousness going up to heaven mingled with our
45:06 prayers. Everywhere you go: Jesus.
45:08 The Lord's in there. What does that tell you?
45:10 Jesus is the Lawgiver and only through Jesus
45:13 can you obey the law of God.
45:15 Everywhere you look. Jesus: the Lamb who died.
45:19 Salvation is totally, fully, completely dependent upon Jesus.
45:24 Ladies and gentlemen, sometimes we get too cerebral
45:27 with our theology. Sometimes we get too technical
45:30 with our understanding of the Bible.
45:32 It's OK to be theologically minded.
45:34 It's good to understand the techniques, but friend,
45:36 you've gotta know Jesus personally. Amen!
45:39 At the end of the day, Christianity is taking Christ
45:41 by the hand... welcoming Christ into the heart.
45:44 Leaning on Jesus every single step of your journey
45:48 from here to there. Jesus: the Lamb of God.
45:51 Jesus: the Bread of Life. Jesus: the Light of the World!
45:56 Thank God for Jesus tonight. What do you say?
45:58 Amen! Jesus: the Light of the World.
46:01 The seven-branch candlestick: Jesus.
46:05 Now you know that Jesus said in Matthew chapter 5,
46:07 as a matter of fact we should turn there, shouldn't we?
46:09 I shall scroll there while I speak.
46:12 Matthew chapter 5. You turn... I'll race ya.
46:14 Matthew chapter 5... are you there yet?
46:16 No you're not? You need one of these!
46:18 Matthew chapter 5.
46:24 I'm resting waiting for you to turn there.
46:27 No... the truth is I can see this, and that's really good.
46:30 Jesus said in Matthew chapter 5
46:32 and verse 13: "You are the salt of the earth.
46:35 If the salt has lost its savor wherewith shall it be salted?
46:38 It's henceforth good for nothing but to be cast out
46:40 to be trodden underfoot of men. "
46:42 Verse 14: "You are the... What? "light of the world.
46:45 A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid.
46:48 You are the light of the world. "
46:49 Jesus said: "I am the Light of the World. "
46:51 Then He said: "You are the light of the world. "
46:53 How can it be both? Oh... very easily.
46:56 As Paul said: "The mystery of the gospel is... " What?
46:59 "Christ in you... the hope of glory. "
47:03 Come on, ladies and gentlemen, THAT is Biblical Christianity:
47:06 Jesus living His life in you.
47:10 And you know what? That's where the rubber meets the road.
47:12 Man, you can know the 28 fundamental beliefs,
47:15 you can recite the Ten Commandments
47:17 and still be lost! That's right.
47:20 You can say: "God bless you. Please turn with me in your
47:23 Bible. Our opening hymn is number so and so... "
47:26 and not even know Christ.
47:30 But that's not the experience God is calling us to.
47:33 If you've memorized the New Testament, congratulations!
47:36 If you don't know Jesus, that memorization is going to
47:39 come back and haunt you in the judgment.
47:42 We are called to not only profess Christ
47:46 but to possess Christ:
47:49 the Light of the World living His life in us.
47:54 "Neither do men light a candle and put it under a bushel. "
47:57 That's a basket. I forget how many pints, but it's about
48:01 8 gallons. We never grew up with bushels where I was from.
48:05 That was a brand of coffee... Bushel's.
48:09 But being as my father-in-law grew up on a farm
48:11 in North Carolina... inciden- tally an hour from the Brooks...
48:15 I just think that's worth pointing out...
48:19 an hour from the Brooks family.
48:21 Everything was about bushels and half a bushel of that
48:24 and a bushel basket of something else.
48:27 You don't light a candle and hide the thing.
48:32 You don't do that.
48:34 But you put it on a candlestick
48:37 and it gives light unto all that are in the house.
48:40 In another place it says: "You don't light it
48:41 and put it under a bed. "
48:43 Friend, our light is to shine.
48:47 I'm walking up a street the other day near the It Is Written
48:49 office. There's no one around. Coming towards me is some young
48:52 fellow... No, he wasn't young; he was older than me
48:54 so he's like a really old fellow as a matter of fact.
48:58 And he sees me, walks towards me and goes:
48:59 "I've got something for you. God bless you. "
49:01 I'm looking at this thing: it's a tract; it's about the gospel.
49:04 I say: "God bless the man. " I don't know who he is
49:06 or what he believes but you know what he's doing?
49:08 He is letting his light shine.
49:10 There's a thousand ways you can do that.
49:12 That's one way that he's doing it.
49:14 God did not give us all this wonderful truth so that we could
49:17 hide it and keep it from the world.
49:19 If we know Jesus, we ought to tell somebody about Him.
49:21 If He's blessed us, be a blessing to somebody else
49:24 and let them know that God is real and alive.
49:26 The atheists are not shy about proselytizing
49:30 and evangelizing. There is still no law against anybody
49:34 sharing their faith in Jesus. Ya have it? Share it!
49:37 You've got it? Use it!
49:40 Don't hide that light. You don't want to do it.
49:43 "Let your light so shine before men... "
49:46 Why? "that they may see your good works... "
49:48 And do what? "glorify your Father which is in heaven. "
49:53 Now I've got to move quickly here but let me say this:
49:58 That seven-branch candlestick reminds us that Jesus is the
50:01 Light of the World. It speaks to us that we
50:03 are the light of the world.
50:05 But I will say this: "The candlestick isn't there
50:09 to do anything else other than to let the light shine.
50:13 That's what it's there for.
50:14 Friends, that's what we are on this planet for...
50:19 in this world for.
50:21 That's why we are here. Not for us!
50:23 Not to collect... not to relax.
50:27 Not to luxuriate. We are here so that God
50:33 might shine through us. Amen!
50:36 How's the gospel gonna go to the world?
50:37 The Lord could have sent angels to do all the preaching.
50:39 It've been done like that!
50:41 Those would have been some good sermons!
50:43 Instead... God raised up YOU!
50:47 And He wants to preach somehow through you. All right!
50:52 The candlestick only exists
50:56 that through it or by it
50:59 light might go to the world.
51:01 How does that candlestick give light?
51:04 Well you would read in the Bible that those lamps,
51:06 the seven lights, were fed by oil... olive oil.
51:09 That was produced by the olives being beaten as well.
51:14 That oil you understand is a symbol of the?
51:17 Holy Spirit.
51:18 As we read in the book of Zechariah: "Not by might
51:22 nor by power but by My Spirit sayeth the Lord of Hosts. "
51:27 Ladies and gentlemen, we are what we are and God knows that.
51:32 David wrote: "He knoweth our frame;
51:35 He remembereth that we are dust. "
51:38 Your brokenness is never so broken
51:43 that the Spirit of God cannot shine through you.
51:46 Christianity is not something you do...
51:49 it's what you allow the Spirit of God to do in you.
51:52 Amen! Your part is surrendering and cooperating.
51:56 God's part is to fill you with His Holy Spirit
51:59 and shine out of your life so that you are truly
52:03 a light in the world.
52:05 Now I need to say this and I need to say it quickly:
52:07 when you get over to Revelation chapter 1 you see Jesus
52:10 walking in the midst of the candlesticks.
52:14 And there may be some debate as to whether these represent
52:16 the seven-branch candlesticks or not.
52:18 I think that's what they repre- sent, but there are 7 of them
52:22 and they represent... or at least there were many of them...
52:25 and they represent the churches.
52:27 Is that right? That's what it says in Revelation chapter 1.
52:30 Now friends, everywhere you go
52:37 there's always somebody ready to criticize the church.
52:42 That's right. Amen. Now there are reasons for that.
52:47 There are reasons for that.
52:48 The main reason is lack of conversion.
52:51 That's the main reason.
52:52 People who are not converted are happy to "rag" on the church.
52:58 We shouldn't... it's the apple of God's eye,
53:02 weak and enfeebled though it is.
53:04 It is the one object upon this earth upon which
53:06 Christ bestows in a special sense His supreme regard.
53:10 It's God's... be careful how you talk about it.
53:13 But having said that, there are some things in the church
53:16 that makes it very very difficult for some people to
53:18 keep biting their tongue.
53:20 You know, you see... So listen:
53:23 let's see if we can do a deal. I don't think we can,
53:25 but I'm going to propose this hypothetical deal.
53:27 Let's covenant with God that we are willing to have Him
53:31 close our mouths and quiet our criticism.
53:34 Instead of criticizing the preacher we will pray for
53:36 the preacher. Instead of criticizing the administrators
53:39 we will pray for the administrators.
53:41 Instead of bemoaning the lack of activity in the church
53:43 we will be activity in the church.
53:47 At the same time, if you're in a position of leadership
53:50 will you give some of us a break?
53:54 We don't want our kids going off to Camp Meeting
53:57 coming back with their heads full of rock songs.
54:00 And I didn't say praise music. I just said rock songs
54:03 and sometimes that happens. We don't need that!
54:05 And if you are young and you think you are hip
54:07 and together and relevant and you think rock music's
54:10 OK, I have a message for you:
54:12 No it isn't!
54:13 It wasn't - Amen! - it won't be; it isn't; it's not.
54:18 We are dumbing down the standards.
54:21 In too many places we are giving our children
54:24 something that looks a little bit like the Bible but isn't
54:27 really the Bible. It wouldn't be that difficult
54:32 really for people in authority
54:35 to give critics less to be critical about.
54:38 Maybe we should work to that end.
54:40 Maybe that's the other side of the deal.
54:42 I'm just picking on one easy target
54:44 and that's all a little bit too predictable I am certain.
54:47 But friends, the church is God's church
54:50 and you find Jesus in Revelation chapter 1
54:53 walking in the midst of the churches.
54:57 They don't get so bad that Jesus abandons them.
55:02 This is His church.
55:05 We say "Praise the Lord" that He has privileged us
55:08 with the opportunity to be a part of the church.
55:10 And we will work for Christ and work to proclaim
55:14 the everlasting gospel with everything that we have.
55:18 The seven-branch candlestick
55:20 fed by the Holy Spirit of God.
55:24 Friends, are you being filled with the Spirit of God?
55:26 You can be. It's amazing, isn't it?
55:29 It's like if Bill Gates came in and said: "I've got a million
55:31 dollars for everybody. " You'd just grab it.
55:34 Tell me if you wouldn't 'cause I'll grab mine and yours.
55:38 No problem.
55:41 God says: "If you then being evil know how to give good gifts
55:43 to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father
55:46 give... give... give the riches of the Holy Spirit
55:49 to them that ask. "
55:50 Man, this is the best deal of your life.
55:52 Jesus said: "I am the Light of the World;
55:55 I will shine. " But further to that... further to that
55:58 "I want to shine in you. " And when you read in Revelation
56:02 chapter 18 and verse 1 the message of the 4th angel...
56:05 The fourth angel comes down from heaven having great power
56:09 and the earth is lightened with the glory of God.
56:12 You know what the Bible is telling us?
56:13 That one day soon this world is going to be lit up
56:17 with the manifestation of the glory of God. Amen!
56:20 In you... by God's grace.
56:24 How does that happen when today we have
56:26 tough times, and we're battling to get on top of
56:29 our own sinful selves. You know how it happens?
56:32 As you surrender to God
56:34 and God fills you more and more and more
56:37 with His presence. That's how it happens.
56:39 We grow in grace. We accept Christ; we are His.
56:42 We are filled with His right... given His righteousness.
56:46 Covered in His righteousness -
56:48 all right... that's right - and we grow in the grace of God.
56:51 We are His and we are growing.
56:53 Onwards... more, more, more towards His kingdom.
56:55 The best is yet to come.
56:57 Greatest ingathering of saints of all time
56:59 are going to happen. Greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit's
57:02 going to happen. We've got to be part of it. Can you say amen?
57:04 Amen! We must... We must pray to that end.
57:07 Our Father and our God,
57:09 we thank you for Christ represented in the sanctuary
57:12 as the candlestick: the Light of the World
57:15 who wants to be the light of the world in us.
57:17 Let it be so. We are weak but we are willing.
57:20 Do Your work in us we pray in Jesus' name,
57:24 please say, Amen and Amen. God bless you tonight.


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