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The Trial of Trials

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00:51 Welcome to 3ABN's Spring Camp Meeting:
00:57 Live from the 3ABN Worship Center.
01:02 And we do welcome every one of you. Thank you all.
01:05 Are you enjoying Camp Meeting? I think we ask you that
01:08 so often... but I have been so blessed.
01:12 The ministers that are ministering are opening up
01:16 new word for us and I believe it's changing all of us
01:19 into His image and His likeness.
01:21 Isn't that what we all want in the first place?
01:24 Well, we are honored this afternoon to have Shelley Quinn
01:27 to present her last message for this Camp Meeting.
01:31 And it's The Trial of Trials.
01:33 This morning what she presented was so beautiful.
01:36 And she's going to pick up there and take it further.
01:39 You know, Shelley has been with 3ABN now for almost 12 years
01:42 and I've known her for almost twelve years.
01:45 During that time you see people through the good times
01:48 and through the bad times.
01:50 And I just want you to know she's another one that's
01:53 the real deal. She's the same any time
01:56 whatever the circumstance is. The woman loves God
01:59 and she opens herself up to God and He blesses her.
02:03 And I want you to receive the word this afternoon
02:06 as she presents it. But right now I've got
02:09 Pastor John Lomacang and Celestine Barry
02:13 that are going to come out and they're going to sing
02:16 a beautiful song for us. It's Gentle Healer.
02:20 So as they come I want to encourage you
02:23 to open up your hearts to them.
02:25 This is another mighty man of God, and the more I get
02:29 to know about Celestine I realize she's got clean hands
02:32 and a pure heart. Isn't that what we look for?
02:35 Before you sing, pastor, let me pray. OK?
02:38 Holy Father, I come before You in the name of Jesus.
02:41 And Lord we praise you and thank You for Your presence.
02:44 Thank you, Lord, that You are here. We ask
02:47 that you would open up all of our hearts.
02:49 Father, open our hearts to receive Your Word.
02:51 And then, Father, as the Word is implanted
02:54 we pray that You would seal it that the enemy can't come and
02:57 steal not one word from our hearts
03:00 but Father it would produce a mighty bountiful crop
03:03 as we're conformed not to the image of this world
03:06 but into Your image and likeness.
03:08 And this is my prayer in Jesus' name. Amen!
03:21 The gentle Healer came Into our town today
03:28 He touched blind eyes And the darkness left to stay
03:36 But more than the blindness,
03:40 He took their sins away
03:43 The gentle Healer came
03:45 Into our town today
03:54 The gentle Healer came
03:57 into our town today
04:01 He spoke one word... that was all He had to say
04:07 And the one who had died
04:10 Just rose up straight away
04:16 The gentle Healer came
04:19 Into our town today
04:38 Oh, He seems like just An ordinary man
04:46 With dirty feet And rough but gentle hands
04:54 But the words He says Are hard to understand
05:00 Yet, He seems like just And ordinary man
05:11 The gentle Healer
05:14 He left our town today
05:19 I just looked around
05:21 And found He'd gone away
05:25 Some folks from town Who followed Him,
05:30 they say
05:35 The gentle Healer is
05:38 the Truth, the Light, the Way.
05:42 The gentle Healer is
05:46 the Truth, the Light,
05:50 the Way.
05:56 Amen!
05:58 Thank you Pastor John and Celestine.
06:01 Isn't that a beautiful song? And they sing so well together!
06:05 Well, you've had your physical food. Are you ready
06:07 for some more spiritual food? Amen! OK.
06:11 We are going to continue. In our last meeting we were
06:15 talking about the Garden of Gethsemane.
06:17 Now we're going to continue along the path
06:21 of Christ's passion. Let's pray.
06:23 Father, as we come in the name of Jesus
06:26 once again, Lord, we just lift before You
06:29 our hearts and ask that You would do a great work
06:33 in our hearts. As we receive Your Word
06:36 sanctify us by this Word, Lord.
06:38 Help us to know You better because to know You
06:42 and to know Your Son Jesus Christ
06:44 is eternal life. In Jesus' name, Amen.
06:47 I want to read to you a quote from Desire of Ages
06:50 page 83. Ellen White writes:
06:54 "It would be well for us to spend a thoughtful hour
06:57 each day in contemplation of the life of Christ.
07:00 We should take it point by point
07:03 and let the imagination grasp each scene...
07:07 especially the closing ones. "
07:09 And then she says we'll have three benefits from this.
07:12 "As we thus dwell upon His great sacrifice for us, "
07:16 first, "our confidence in Him will be more consistent; "
07:19 second, "our love will be quickened; "
07:22 and third, "we shall be more deeply imbued with His Spirit. "
07:27 As I have read and re-read
07:30 both the acts of what happened in the Garden of Gethsemane
07:33 and what happened during the trial of Christ
07:36 I have found these words to be true.
07:39 They've had a profound impact.
07:42 These stories have had a profound impact on me
07:45 as I have considered how and why Jesus had to suffer
07:50 so much before He was crucified.
07:55 Usually we think of His suffering as the crucifixion,
07:58 but He suffered this intense suffering.
08:02 And I realize that His excruciating pain and shame
08:07 before He went to the cross
08:09 is just another demonstration
08:12 of His incomprehensible love for us.
08:16 But we also see the judgment of God...
08:19 how severe the judgment of God and how real the judgment of God
08:24 on sin is. To the degree that we understand
08:29 the measure of Christ's suffering
08:31 is the degree that we will understand His love for us:
08:35 this extravagant love.
08:36 And to the degree we understand His extravagant love
08:40 is the degree that we will trust Him.
08:45 And you know what I have found? Just doing these studies
08:48 and, as Ellen White said, con- templating on them over and over
08:52 has truly helped me lose all doubt
08:58 in anything that God might do.
09:00 We've already considered His intense suffering in the
09:04 Garden of Gethsemane. Now we're going to consider
09:07 His suffering after His arrest in the two phases of His trial.
09:12 First... There were two different stages.
09:15 First He went before the Jewish religious courts.
09:19 He appeared briefly before Annas, then He was shuffled off
09:23 to Caiaphas' house, and then before the Sanhedrin.
09:26 Now the Sanhedrin was like I would call it the Supreme
09:31 Court. It was the ruling council of the Jews.
09:34 There were 71 members in the Sanhedrin
09:37 and it only took 23 for a quorum.
09:40 But this was made up... The Sanhedrin was Sadducees,
09:43 Pharisees, the scribes and then the elders - the lay people.
09:48 And what they did... The Sanhedrin was presided over
09:52 by the high priest. And what they did was to
09:56 coerce Jesus to admit that He was the Son of God
10:00 and then they charged Him with blasphemy
10:03 which was a capital offence in the Jewish world.
10:06 And because... You know, the Sanhedrin had
10:09 considerable authority. But about 20 years before
10:13 Jesus' trial the Romans had passed a law that limited
10:18 the Sanhedrin in their ability to carry out a death execution.
10:22 So they were forced to take Him to the Roman court.
10:25 So He goes from the Jewish religious court
10:29 to the stage of the Roman political court.
10:32 And He appears first before Pilate, of course, who was
10:36 the Roman governor. And they charged Him.
10:38 There was trumped up charges about treason against Rome.
10:42 Pilate sends Him to Herod Antipas
10:45 and Antipas sends Him back... Herod sends Him back to Pilate.
10:49 So please open your Bibles to John chapter 18.
10:53 John chapter 18. I hope you have your Bibles today.
10:57 All four gospels
11:00 talk about the trial of Jesus.
11:06 But the different authors emphasize different events.
11:11 They have different perspec- tives, and what I have found
11:15 as I harmonized all of this and put it together
11:18 there is more written about the trial of Jesus
11:21 than about any other event in the life of Jesus.
11:24 And I have gone round and round with how am I going to
11:26 present this to you. Should I just get up here
11:28 and tell you the story? But if I do that
11:31 you won't be able to do what I've done
11:34 when you go home: to read and re-read
11:36 and consider this. So today what we're going to do
11:39 is read. And we're going to be flipping back and forth
11:42 in all four gospels.
11:44 And we're going to read as it were the transcript
11:50 of Jesus' trial. So we're going to have to go rather rapidly,
11:54 but... 'cause there's a lot to read.
11:57 Before we start let me tell you this:
11:59 the procedures - the proceedings -
12:04 before the Jewish court were all illegal.
12:08 They broke every law of the Sanhedrin.
12:13 First of all, no trial was to be held during a feast day
12:17 or at night. And Jesus' was held before sunrise... His trial
12:20 was before sunrise on a feast day.
12:23 The accused was supposed to be given legal counsel...
12:27 a defense counsel. He was given none.
12:29 The accused was not supposed to be asked a self-incriminating
12:33 question. But Caiaphas made Him under oath
12:38 admit that He was the Son of God.
12:42 So each member of the Sanhedrin was supposed to be an impartial
12:47 judge. They were supposed to vote individually.
12:49 But what we are going to see is that Jesus was convicted
12:54 by an enthusiastic loud group approval.
12:58 And in death cases there was supposed to be
13:00 a full night that passed before the sentence was carried out.
13:04 But they are going to make certain that He gets crucified
13:07 on the same day. So for you note takers
13:09 just jot this down. Our first segment is John 18
13:13 verses 12 through 14 and verses 19 to 24.
13:19 John 18:12-14 and 19-24.
13:23 This is the first phase of the Jewish trial:
13:25 the informal interrogation before Annas
13:28 who was the previous high priest.
13:30 John 18:12: "Then the detachment of troops
13:33 and the captains and the officers of the Jews
13:35 arrested Jesus and bound Him. And they led Him away
13:38 to Annas first, for he was the father-in-law of Caiaphas
13:41 who was the high priest that year.
13:43 Now it was Caiaphas who advised the Jews
13:45 that it was expedient that one Man should die
13:49 for the people. " And John earlier in his gospel said
13:52 he didn't do that under his own authority
13:55 but as high priest he prophesied
13:58 that one would die for the Jewish nation
14:01 as well as for all of God's children.
14:05 So now skip down to verse 19. John 18:19:
14:09 "The high priest... " speaking of Annas... "then asked Jesus
14:14 about His disciples and His doctrine. "
14:16 He wasn't interested in learning; he was interested
14:19 in incriminating. Caiaphas, or Annas rather, had been the high
14:23 priest from AD 6 to the year AD 15.
14:27 And according to the Mishnah the Jews considered
14:31 the high priesthood as an office for life.
14:35 So once you've been high priest, even though you retired,
14:38 you are still considered high priest.
14:41 And Annas was the most influential member
14:44 of the Sanhedrin. So verse 20:
14:48 "Jesus answered him and said:
14:51 'I spoke openly to the world. I always taught in synagogues
14:54 and in the temple where the Jews always met
14:56 and in secret I have said nothing. ' "
14:59 "Why do you ask Me? Ask those who have heard Me
15:03 what I said to them. Indeed, they know what I said. "
15:06 "And when He had said these things, one of the officers
15:08 who stood by struck Jesus with the palm of his hand
15:12 saying: 'Do You answer the high priest like that? '
15:15 Jesus answered him: 'If I have spoken evil
15:18 bear witness of the evil.
15:20 But if well, why do you strike Me? '
15:23 Then Annas sent Him bound to Caiaphas the high priest. "
15:28 Now keep your finger in John 18 'cause we're coming back there.
15:31 But turn to Matthew chapter 26.
15:35 Matthew chapter 26.
15:38 And again if you're taking notes so you can follow this from home
15:42 we're going to look at verses 57 through 68.
15:47 Matthew 26:57-68.
15:51 We're going to look now at what happened at Caiaphas' house
15:56 who... Caiaphas was high priest at the time of this trial.
16:01 He'd been high priest for 18... He was actually high priest for
16:04 18 years... which is the longest
16:08 of any other first-century high priest.
16:11 So verse 57... Matthew 26:57:
16:14 "And those who had laid hold of Jesus led Him away
16:17 to Caiaphas the high priest where the scribes and the
16:19 elders were assembled. But Peter followed Him at a
16:22 distance to the high priest's courtyard
16:24 and he went in and sat with the servants to see the end.
16:27 Now when the chief priest, the elders, and all the council
16:30 sought false testimony against Jesus to put Him to death... "
16:34 They're working frantically to coach witnesses...
16:38 but they found none. Even though many false witnesses
16:42 came forward they found none
16:44 because the testimony of these carefully-prepared witnesses
16:47 just didn't agree. "And so they said: 'This fellow
16:52 said: I am able to destroy the temple of God
16:56 and build it in three days. ' "
16:58 Now of course we know in John 2:19 Jesus said:
17:01 "Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up. "
17:06 What was He referring to?
17:07 Verse 21 said it was His body.
17:10 But in II Samuel chapter 7
17:13 and Zechariah chapter 6 both of those accounts
17:17 portray the Messiah as One who will build the temple.
17:22 So just this accusation... Caiaphas is taking this
17:26 as a calm to the Messiahship.
17:28 So verse 62: "And the high priest arose
17:32 and said to Him: 'Do you answer nothing?
17:34 What is it these men testify against You? '
17:37 But Jesus kept silent, and the high priest answered
17:41 and said to Him: 'I put You under oath by the Living God.
17:46 Tell us if You are Christ the Son of God. ' "
17:50 He's going to coerce the com- mission... admission from Him.
17:54 "Jesus said to him: 'It is as you said.
17:58 Nevertheless I say to you: hereafter you will see the
18:01 Son of Man sitting at the right hand of the power and coming
18:05 on the clouds of heaven... ' " Knowing that this affirmation
18:10 would lead to death Jesus affirms His divine origin.
18:16 And He's drawing here from what? Daniel 7 and verse 13
18:20 where He identifies Himself as the Son of Man who will
18:23 come on the clouds of glory.
18:25 He is a King of heavenly origin.
18:28 He is a co-equal to God
18:30 and He will reign over an eternal kingdom.
18:34 Look at verse 65.
18:36 This is Caiaphas' reaction.
18:38 "Then the high priest tore his clothes saying:
18:42 'He has spoken blasphemy! What further need do we have
18:46 of witnesses? Look! Now you have heard this blasphemy. ' "
18:50 Tearing the clothes was a common expression of grief
18:54 in the Jewish culture.
18:59 It was customary to respond to blasphemy this way, but
19:04 it's interesting. In Leviticus 21:10 the high priest
19:08 was prohibited from tearing his garments
19:11 because they were sacred.
19:14 But Caiaphas was so enraged at this
19:18 that he committed this act of sacreligion.
19:22 And verse 66 he continues:
19:24 "What do you think? "
19:27 "And then they all answered and said:
19:29 'He is deserving of death! '
19:31 Then they spat on Him and they beat Him. "
19:34 Mark says they blindfolded Him
19:36 and others struck Him with the palms of their hands
19:37 saying: "Prophesy to us, Christ.
19:40 Who is the one who struck You? "
19:43 The Sanhedrin found Him guilty
19:48 but they're not yet sentencing Him.
19:50 But some members of the court went wild
19:53 and they're spitting on Him and they're slapping Him.
19:56 And then they dismiss with a plan to reconvene
20:01 shortly after dawn. And they hand Him over to the
20:06 troop of Roman soldiers that had accompanied them
20:10 to the Garden of Gethsemane to arrest Him.
20:13 Now because He was sentenced to death
20:16 these Roman soldiers felt pretty much at ease.
20:18 They could do whatever they wanted with this prisoner.
20:21 And they probably played
20:24 a very common Roman game called hot hand.
20:28 What the Roman soldiers would do
20:31 is they would blindfold the prisoner. And this is...
20:33 We saw that Mark said that He was blindfolded.
20:36 Then they would of all the troops
20:39 there would only be one that would stand out.
20:42 All the rest of them would double up their fists
20:46 and sock the prisoner.
20:48 Then they'd remove his blindfold
20:51 and they'd all be back together and they'd say: "Tell us:
20:54 which one of us did not strike you? "
20:57 So we are given reason to believe that this is exactly
21:02 what happened. In Luke 22 in his account
21:05 the Greek word that he uses is that they beat Jesus.
21:10 "He was bruised for our iniquities. "
21:15 Now keep your finger there in Matthew 26
21:18 and let's flip back to John 18.
21:23 John 18. And again for you note takers
21:27 this is John 18 verses 15 through 18.
21:31 We're going to look at the record of Peter's denial
21:34 as he observed these circus-like proceedings.
21:38 John 18 and verse 15.
21:41 "And Simon Peter followed Jesus at a distance and so did
21:44 another disciple. " This would be John, who's writing.
21:47 "Now that disciple was known to the high priest
21:49 and went with Jesus into the courtyard of the high priest.
21:52 But Peter stood at the door outside.
21:55 Then the other disciple... " young John... who was known
21:58 to the high priest "went out and spoke to her
22:01 who kept the door and brought Peter in.
22:03 Then the servant girl who kept the door said to Peter:
22:06 'You are not also one of this Man's disciples, are you? '
22:10 And he said: 'I am not! ' "
22:14 That's his first denial.
22:15 "Now the servants and the officers who had made a fire
22:18 of coal stood there, for it was cold and they warmed themselves.
22:22 And Peter stood with them and warmed himself. "
22:25 Peter joined the crowd. He was attempting to blend in.
22:30 He was at a crossroad between courage and compromise.
22:34 And unfortunately he failed to die to self
22:37 and he cowardly denied Jesus.
22:39 You know, many of us succumb to the pressure
22:44 of a crowd of unbelievers.
22:46 We falter and we lose our testimony.
22:48 If we do not speak boldly we lose our testimony
22:52 because of fear. Either we're going to deny self
22:56 or we're going to deny Christ.
22:58 Now return to Matthew 26. Just flip back there to
23:03 Matthew 26. Again for you note takers
23:07 this is verses 71 through 75.
23:10 Matthew 26:71-75 tells us the rest of the story
23:15 of Peter's total humiliation.
23:18 Verse 71: "And when he had gone out to the gate
23:21 another girl saw him. " According to John's gospel
23:24 this was a relative of Malchus who'd had his ear cut off
23:29 by Peter with the sword in the garden.
23:32 And she recognized him from the garden.
23:34 "So she said to those who were there: 'This fellow also was
23:38 with Jesus of Nazareth. ' But again he denied it
23:43 with an oath:
23:47 'I do not know the Man. ' "
23:50 Peter was so intimidated by the fear of persecution
23:56 and ridicule... the threat of persecution...
24:01 that he actually took an oath. And what that is saying
24:04 is that he was saying: "I swear by God
24:08 I do not know the Man. "
24:11 This is his second denial.
24:13 "And a little later... " verse 73...
24:16 "A little later those who stood by came up and said
24:20 to Peter: 'Surely you also are one of them
24:24 for your speech betrays you. ' "
24:25 "You've got a Galilean accent! "
24:27 "Then he began to curse and swear saying:
24:30 'I do not know the Man! ' "
24:32 This is his third denial.
24:35 "And immediately a rooster crowed. "
24:39 Now here Luke's account says
24:42 "And the Lord turned and looked at Peter. "
24:47 Peter had witnessed what was going on with Jesus.
24:51 How He was being beaten and socked
24:55 and how He'd been spat upon
24:57 and how He'd been ridiculed.
25:00 Peter, the man who gave up all to follow Jesus,
25:04 the man who was quick to obey
25:06 when he'd been fishing all night and Jesus said:
25:09 "Hey go out into the deep and cast your nets over on
25:13 this side" he was quick to obey.
25:15 He was a man of great faith. He had walked on water
25:18 at Christ's bidding. He was a man of spiritual insight.
25:21 He said: "Thou art the Christ. "
25:24 Yet he was a man of self will and he was still self-confident.
25:30 And in his own confidence he committed this terrible sin
25:34 of denial. What is the lesson that we should learn from this?
25:39 "Take heed lest ye think ye stand you fall. "
25:43 So... exhausted and bruised from the beating
25:47 with His clothes torn and tattered
25:51 Jesus lifts His head and He looks at Peter.
25:55 He looks at Peter and gives him this sympathetic look
26:01 of intense profound love.
26:05 And when Peter saw the look of Jesus' face
26:10 he was heartbroken.
26:13 He realized what he had done and look at what verse 75 says:
26:18 And Peter remembered the words of Jesus who had said to him:
26:22 'Before the rooster crows you will deny Me three times. '
26:26 So he went out and wept bitterly. "
26:29 Just hours before at the Last Supper
26:32 Peter was warned by Christ that he would deny Him.
26:37 And in his usual brash zeal he had said:
26:41 "I will not deny You if I have to die with You!
26:45 You can count on me. "
26:48 But Jesus had prayed for Peter
26:51 and now the power of that prayer was beginning to work
26:57 in Peter's heart and it moved Peter
27:01 to restore him to loyalty.
27:04 So broken and full of anguish he goes out.
27:07 He gets alone with God and he repents.
27:11 Now turn to Luke chapter 22.
27:15 Luke chapter 22.
27:18 For you note takers, we're going to look at
27:22 Luke 22:66-71.
27:26 Luke 22 verses 66 through 71.
27:29 This is His formal trial before the Sanhedrin.
27:35 Caiaphas had called a hastily-called meeting:
27:40 an illegal night session of the Sanhedrin.
27:42 So now it's the dawn of day. He re-assembles the Sanhedrin
27:46 to formulate the charges against Jesus.
27:49 So Luke 22 and verse 66:
27:51 "As soon as it was day the elders of the people
27:54 both chief priests and scribes came together and led Him
27:57 into their council saying: 'If You are the Christ, tell us. '
28:01 But He said to them: 'If I tell you
28:05 you will by no means believe. ' "
28:08 Once again, they expected a militant Messiah...
28:12 one who would deliver them physically, deliver them
28:17 materially. They did not expect the suffering servant
28:22 who was going to die as their substitute
28:26 to deliver them spiritually.
28:28 Do you remember what we said in the last hour?
28:31 Someone has said preconceived opinions
28:35 effectively insulate the mind against truth.
28:41 In verse 68 Jesus says:
28:45 "And if I ask you you will by no means answer Me
28:49 or let Me go. " He knew that they were unwilling
28:53 to let go of man-made religious practices.
28:57 These were abusive bullies.
29:01 And you know something? Bullies are always insecure individuals.
29:07 Bullies are afraid of losing their influence,
29:12 their power. And they're afraid of being powerless themselves.
29:16 And that's what was going on here. Verse 69:
29:19 "Hereafter the Son of Man will sit on the right hand
29:22 of the power of God. " "Then they all said:
29:25 'Are You then the Son of God? ' "
29:27 And He says to them: "You rightly say that I am. "
29:31 The Sanhedrin asked 2 questions:
29:33 "Are You the Christ? " "Are You the Son of God? "
29:36 They wanted to catch Him in clear-cut blasphemy.
29:40 And He claimed Sonship. He claimed that He would not
29:44 remain dead. He said: "You'll see Me at the right hand
29:47 of the throne of the Father. Even if you kill Me
29:50 you're going to see Me again. "
29:52 And He claimed exaltation, and their voices break forth
29:57 in an outrage. Verse 71:
30:00 "And they said: 'What further testimony do we need
30:03 for we have heard it ourselves from His own mouth. ' "
30:08 In other words: "You are guilty of blasphemy.
30:12 You are sentenced unto death. "
30:15 Now keep a finger here in Luke
30:17 and we're going to turn to John 18.
30:22 And I think I've got time to do this. While you're turning
30:25 I just want to share what was going on
30:30 with Judas. We saw what happened with Peter.
30:33 But when Judas saw that they had condemned Him
30:38 for blasphemy and he knew that they had plotted against Him
30:42 to put Him to death, Judas returns to the temple
30:47 priests and he says: "Hey, I've betrayed innocent blood. "
30:51 And there was a divine curse in Deuteronomy and I believe
30:55 27:25 against anyone
30:58 who would betray innocent blood.
31:03 So he says: "I've betrayed innocent blood. "
31:06 And he's trying to give them their 30 shekels back.
31:09 They won't even take it.
31:10 You know what they said? "What is that to us? "
31:13 Which shows they knew that Jesus was innocent.
31:15 But they said: "What is that to us? "
31:17 And so they told him: "You see to it. "
31:21 So their glib response proves
31:24 that they realized His innocence.
31:26 So Judas throws the 30 pieces down
31:29 in the temple and he is remorseful...
31:34 he's trying to make restitution. But unlike Peter
31:38 he doesn't repent. And gripped by guilt, he goes
31:41 out and he hangs himself.
31:43 And then Luke tells us in Acts 1:18 the rest of his story.
31:48 As he hung there in the hot sun
31:53 the bacteria of decay
31:56 caused his body to begin bloating up.
31:59 He was like an over-inflated balloon.
32:02 So when either the branch or the rope on which he
32:06 hung broke, he fell forward and his body split open.
32:11 So that's the difference between just being sorry for your sin
32:16 and repenting. So we should be at John 18.
32:21 We're going to consider verses 28 through 38.
32:26 The Sanhedrin has found Him guilty.
32:29 Now they're going to take Him before Pontius Pilate.
32:31 He's the Roman governor. He was actually the governor
32:34 from AD 26 to AD 36.
32:37 So verse 28: "Then they, the whole multitude
32:41 led Jesus from Caiaphas to the Praetorium. "
32:43 This was the official residence of the Roman governor
32:47 and it was most likely in Herod's palace
32:50 that was on the western wall of the temple.
32:54 "And it was early morning... " early morning...
32:58 "but they themselves did not go into the Praetorium
33:01 lest they should be defiled
33:03 but that they might eat the Passover. "
33:06 This was a Gentile judgment hall, and if they went in
33:09 they'd be ceremonially unclean.
33:11 And when it's referring to eating the Passover
33:14 most likely it's referring to the feast of unleavened bread
33:17 that lasted for seven days.
33:20 But it's soon after sunrise.
33:23 So here Pilate is roused from a deep sleep
33:27 and he doesn't realize that he is waking up
33:32 to the greatest drama in history.
33:35 Verse 29: "Pilate then went out to them. "
33:39 I can just see him rubbing the sleep from his eyes.
33:42 "And he said: 'What accusation do you bring
33:46 against this Man? '
33:48 They answered and said to him: 'If He were not an evil-doer
33:51 we would not have delivered Him up to you. ' "
33:53 Full of pride, aren't they?
33:56 Pilate didn't want to get involved in the internal affairs
34:00 of the Jews, so he says in verse 31:
34:04 "You take Him and judge Him according to your law. "
34:08 "Therefore the Jews said to him: 'It is not lawful for us to
34:11 put anyone to death' that the saying of Jesus might be
34:15 fulfilled which He spoke signifying by what death
34:20 He would die. " Well... what does that mean?
34:25 There's no other - as you're harmonizing this -
34:29 there's no other gospel that's going to explain it.
34:32 We've got to read between the lines.
34:36 It's signifying the death by which He would die.
34:40 You see, the Jews, although their authority had been
34:45 limited, they still stoned, didn't they,
34:49 for blasphemy. They stoned Stephen for blasphemy.
34:52 So they didn't strictly adhere to the Roman law.
34:55 But they were not wanting Jesus to be stoned.
35:00 They were seeking crucifixion.
35:04 Crucifixion horrified the Jews
35:07 because it was the same as hanging on a tree...
35:10 which carried God's curse.
35:14 And that's what they wanted for Jesus.
35:17 Now here the gospel of Luke
35:19 adds that they were hurling accusations of treason
35:23 against the Roman state saying: "We found this fellow
35:25 perverting the nation and forbidding to pay taxes
35:28 to Caesar saying that He Himself is Christ the King. ' "
35:32 But now let's continue. John 18:33:
35:35 "Then Pilate entered the Praetorium
35:38 and he called Jesus and said to Him:
35:41 'Are You the king of the Jews? '
35:43 Jesus answered him: 'Are you speaking for yourself
35:46 about this or did others tell you this concerning Me? '
35:49 Pilate answered: 'Am I a Jew?
35:52 Your own nation and the chief priests have delivered You
35:55 to me. What have You done? '
35:57 Jesus answered: 'My kingdom is not of this world.
36:01 If My kingdom were of this world, My servants would
36:04 fight so that I should not be delivered to the Jews.
36:07 But now My kingdom is not from here. ' "
36:11 He's saying: "I am a King,
36:13 but I rule over hearts... not territory. "
36:17 "Pilate therefore said to Him:
36:19 'Are you a King then? ' Jesus answered:
36:22 'You say rightly that I am a King.
36:25 For this cause I was born and for this cause I have come
36:28 into the world: that I should bear witness
36:31 to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth
36:33 here's My voice. ' " And then Pilate -
36:37 standing in the presence of truth incarnate -
36:41 Pilate says: "What is truth? "
36:45 He is just dismissing the relevance of truth.
36:51 You know, if we consider Matthew's account
36:53 of Christ standing before Pilate,
36:55 it's interesting. Matthew says Jesus did not answer
37:00 one charge that the chief priests and the elders
37:03 hurled against Him... not one word.
37:06 And Pilate marveled greatly because Pilate was used to
37:11 men saying with loud protestation: "I'm innocent! "
37:16 He was used to men trying to defend themselves
37:19 and it was confusing to him
37:21 to see a Man who seemed content to die.
37:24 was being fulfilled.
37:29 "He was oppressed and He was afflicted
37:32 yet He opened not His mouth. He was led as a lamb to the
37:35 slaughter, and as a sheep before its shearers is silent
37:38 so He opened not His mouth. "
37:42 Now flip back to Luke.
37:45 We're going to now consider Luke chapter 23
37:51 verses 4 through 17.
37:54 Luke 23:4-17.
37:57 This is when Pilate sends Jesus
38:01 to Herod Antipas.
38:03 Luke 23 and verse 4:
38:06 "So Pilate said to the chief priests and the crowd:
38:08 'I find no fault in this Man. '
38:10 But they were the more fierce saying: 'He stirs up the people
38:13 teaching through all Judea beginning from Galilee
38:16 to this place. ' Now when Pilate heard of Galilee
38:20 he asked if the Man were a Galilean. And as soon
38:24 as he knew that Jesus was
38:27 and he belonged to Herod's jurisdiction,
38:31 he sent Him to Herod who was also in Jerusalem
38:35 at this time. " Now who is Herod?
38:38 He's the tetrarch of Galilee.
38:40 He's the one who murdered John the Baptist.
38:44 So verse 8: "Now when Herod saw Jesus
38:47 he was exceedingly glad for he had desired for a long time
38:52 to see Him because he had heard many things about Him. "
38:57 "He had heard many things about Him
38:59 and he hoped to see some miracle done by Him. "
39:01 He wanted Jesus to entertain him in other words.
39:04 "Then he questioned Him with many words
39:07 but Jesus answered him nothing. "
39:10 Members of Herod's household were believers.
39:15 His personal steward Chuza was a believer,
39:19 and Chuza's wife Joanna was a believer.
39:22 They were supporters of Jesus.
39:25 You can find it in Luke 8 and verse 3.
39:27 And Manaen, who was brought up as Herod's foster brother,
39:32 was a believer. He was actually a teacher
39:35 in the early church. We find that in Acts 13 verse 1.
39:39 But their reports about Jesus
39:42 had no effect on Herod's unresponsive heart.
39:47 And Herod is the only man that Jesus did not answer.
39:51 Not one word.
39:54 He stood in dignified silence.
39:57 Herod had not listened to John the Baptist
40:02 so Jesus didn't waste any words on him.
40:04 So let's look at Luke 23:10.
40:07 "And the chief priests and the scribes stood and vehemently
40:10 accused Him. Then Herod with his men of war treated
40:13 Him with contempt and mocked Him, arrayed Him in a
40:15 gorgeous robe and sent Him back to Pilate.
40:17 That very day Pilate and Herod became friends with each other
40:20 for previously they had been at enmity with each other.
40:23 Then Pilate when he had called together the chief priests,
40:26 the rulers, and the people said to them:
40:28 'You have brought this Man to me as One who misleads
40:31 the people. And indeed, having examined Him in your presence,
40:34 I have found no fault in this Man
40:36 concerning those things of which you accuse Him.
40:39 Nor neither did Herod, for I sent you back to him
40:42 and indeed, nothing deserving of death has been done by Him. ' "
40:46 So now he's going to offer a compromise.
40:49 "I will therefore chastise Him and release Him
40:52 for... " verse 17 says: "it was necessary
40:57 for him to release one to them at the feast. "
41:02 This was a common practice.
41:04 So now let's look at Matthew 27. Again, note takers:
41:10 this is Matthew 27 verses 16 through 30.
41:15 Pilate is going to wash his hands of it.
41:19 Matthew 27...
41:21 we'll look at verses 16 through 30.
41:27 So Matthew 27:16:
41:30 "And at that time they had a notorious prisoner
41:32 called Barabbas. " He was notorious because he
41:35 had committed a murder in the uprising.
41:37 "Therefore when they had gathered together Pilate said
41:40 to them: 'Whom do you want me to release to you?
41:43 Barabbas... or Jesus who is called Christ? '
41:45 For he knew that they had handed Him over because of
41:49 envy. While he was sitting on the judgment seat
41:52 his wife sent to him saying: 'Have nothing to do
41:57 with that just Man for I have suffered
42:01 many things in a dream because of Him. ' "
42:04 Ancient Christian tradition tells us
42:08 that Pilate's wife's name was Claudia.
42:12 Claudia was a convert to Judaism
42:15 and then later became an ardent Christian.
42:18 So here she is. They've been aroused from their sleep.
42:23 He's out there and she realizes: "Oh my goodness... look
42:26 what's going on. " So she raises a voice
42:30 to try to defend Jesus.
42:32 The only voice that was raised in His trial
42:34 to try to defend Him... a female voice.
42:39 Verse 20 says - and I have to say this -
42:44 her message really enforced... reinforced Pilate's fear.
42:48 We'll see in just a minute.
42:50 Verse 20: "But the chief priests and the elders
42:53 persuaded the multitude... " They're stirring up the crowd.
42:56 "that they should ask for Barabbas and destroy Jesus.
42:58 The governor answered and said to them: 'Which of the two
43:02 do you want me to release to you? '
43:03 They said: 'Barabbas. ' And Jesus said to them...
43:06 or Pilate said to them:
43:07 'What then shall I do with Jesus who is called Christ? '
43:11 And they all said to him: 'Let Him be crucified! '
43:14 Then the governor said: 'Why? What evil has He done? '
43:18 But they cried out all the more saying: 'Let Him be crucified! '
43:23 When Pilate saw that he could not prevail at all
43:25 but rather that a tumult was rising
43:28 he took water and he washed his hands
43:32 before the multitude saying:
43:34 'I am innocent of the blood of this just person.
43:37 You see to it.' " Now first of all, let me tell you something.
43:40 Pilate was not a nice guy.
43:44 History tells us... I mean this isn't just because
43:48 Pilate is some sweet wonderful man.
43:51 He was not a nice man; he mistreated the Jews.
43:54 He did not want to get... There had been so much
43:59 disturbance under his administration
44:01 he didn't want to get involved with this.
44:04 But something made him realize Jesus is innocent.
44:10 He exonerated Jesus 3 times.
44:13 But he's overruled by the people's choice.
44:16 So what does he do? He can't risk any more problems
44:19 with the Jews because Caesar could recall him.
44:24 Rome could recall him or even a worse state.
44:27 So he washes his hands, but he is not free of guilt.
44:33 Pilate had the authority and the responsibility
44:38 to act justly. And it's interesting. I found
44:41 this note... it's so fascinating.
44:43 Eusebius was a Christian scholar and a Roman historian.
44:47 He reports that in AD 37...
44:50 What year was Jesus killed? AD 31.
44:54 In AD 37 Pilate was...
44:59 He only reigned to 36. He was exiled to Gaul
45:04 which was in Western Europe.
45:05 So basically if he reigned from the middle of 31
45:09 to 36... for about 4-1/2 more years
45:13 of reign... he sold his soul.
45:16 We have to remember... whew! Matthew 27 and verse 25:
45:21 "And all the people answered: 'His blood be upon us
45:25 and on our children. '
45:28 Then he released Barabbas to them.
45:32 And when he had scourged Jesus
45:35 he delivered Him to be crucified. "
45:37 You know, we sanitize the scenes of the flogging
45:42 and the crucifixion.
45:44 Perhaps because the Bible writers didn't go into the
45:47 horror of it... but they didn't have to
45:49 because people during their times knew what happened.
45:53 We have to go to extra Biblical resources
45:56 to find out exactly what happened.
46:00 When the Romans flogged a prisoner
46:04 they would strip him to the waist.
46:07 They would tie him to the rack,
46:09 tying his wrists with leather thongs
46:12 and his ankles with leather thongs.
46:15 And then the whip they used was no ordinary whip.
46:18 This was many leather thongs that were loaded with lead
46:23 and sharp bones and iron spikes.
46:26 And then every time they would hit
46:30 every blow would tear into the muscles and the ligaments.
46:35 And bones would be chipped; their bones would be laid bare.
46:40 And if they missed... if they hit wrong,
46:43 they would be disemboweled. Many men died on the rack.
46:48 See, the Rom... Now the Jews... how many blows?
46:53 Forty minus one... 39.
46:57 But the Romans had no such limit.
47:00 Their only stipulation was you beat them till the flesh
47:04 hung off their back.
47:05 So this was excruciating pain.
47:09 "He was wounded for our transgressions;
47:13 He was bruised for our iniquities...
47:16 and by His stripes we are healed. "
47:21 He was weakened from the beatings and dehydrated.
47:25 He hadn't had anything to drink all night long.
47:27 Blood loss. Is it any wonder
47:30 that He was too weak to carry His cross?
47:33 Verse 27:
47:35 "Then the soldiers of the governor took Jesus into the
47:37 Praetorium and gathered the whole garrison around Him
47:40 and they stripped Him and they put a scarlet robe on Him.
47:42 And when they had twisted a crown of thorns they put it
47:45 on His head and a reed in His right hand.
47:47 And they bowed the knee before Him.
47:50 And they mocked Him saying: 'Hail, king of the Jews. '
47:53 Then they spat on Him and they took the reed and they
47:57 struck Him on the head. "
48:00 And John adds: "They struck Him with their hands. "
48:03 This is brutal treatment to our wounded and exhausted
48:08 Savior. The bushes of Palestine
48:11 are noted for their very long - and we've seen them -
48:16 very long very sharp thorns.
48:21 And these thorns... For the soldiers to have twisted
48:25 this together they would have had to have had gloved hands
48:29 or their hands would have been bloodied.
48:31 So when they put that... Each time they put that
48:35 crown of thorns on His head... each time they hit Him over
48:38 the head that would drive the thorns deeper
48:41 into Christ's scalp. And what were thorns?
48:44 They were an emblem of sin, remember?
48:47 When God put the curse on the earth the thorns came.
48:52 So the soldiers placed an emblem of sin upon Jesus' head
48:58 but God crowned Him. He crowned Him with the actual
49:04 sins of the world. Sister White says
49:08 "Imagine... " Let your imagination go to this scene.
49:12 "Imagine now the bloodied, battered
49:17 body of the suffering Messiah. "
49:21 There's a scripture that I really understand now.
49:25 Isaiah 52:14 says:
49:28 "Just as many were astonished at You
49:31 so His... " speaking of the servant, the Messiah...
49:37 "so His visage was marred more than any man
49:42 and His form more than the sons of men. "
49:47 In other words, He was so beaten,
49:50 so bruised, He was unrecognizable.
49:55 So what happens in John 19
50:00 verses 4 through 16. John 19:4-16.
50:04 We're going to have to hurry, I just looked at the clock.
50:09 Pilate's final attempt for compromise.
50:13 Pilate brings Him out and says: "Behold the Man. "
50:16 "Behold the bloody spectacle. "
50:18 "And therefore when the chief priests and the officers
50:21 saw Him they said: 'Crucify Him; crucify Him! ' "
50:24 He said: "You take Him and crucify Him. I don't find any
50:27 fault in Him. " And they said: "But we have a law
50:30 and according to our law He ought to die because
50:32 He claims... He made Himself out to be the Son of God. "
50:35 Whew! Now Pilate's even more fearful.
50:38 History says that he was very superstitious, and the idea
50:41 that he was about to kill a supernatural being
50:45 made him afraid. So he comes back in and he says
50:48 to Jesus: "Where are You from? "
50:50 And Jesus doesn't answer.
50:52 And he says: "Are You not speaking to me? Do You not know
50:55 that I have the power to crucify You and the power
50:58 to release You? " But Jesus says this:
51:00 "You could have no power at all against Me
51:04 unless it had been given you from above.
51:07 Therefore the one who delivered Me to you
51:10 has the worse... the greater sin. "
51:13 So he goes therefore in verse 13
51:16 to sit on the judgment seat
51:20 and he then in verse 14 says:
51:23 "Behold your King. " He leads them away...
51:27 They're saying: "Away with Him; crucify Him. "
51:30 And he delivers Him to be crucified
51:32 so that they took Jesus and led Him away.
51:35 Jesus... whose whole ministry was healing people
51:39 and setting them free... He was wounded
51:42 and bound and led away to be crucified.
51:45 And men thought that they had triumphed, but the real
51:48 triumph was going to be shown in just a few days, wasn't it,
51:51 at the resurrection.
51:53 So let me ask you this:
51:56 why? We know Jesus had to die for us.
52:00 Why did Jesus have to suffer so much
52:04 before His death? What was the purpose
52:08 of His suffering before the crucifixion?
52:12 His suffering reveals the magnitude of God's love for us.
52:18 John 3:16. "For God so loved the world that He gave His only
52:21 begotten Son, that whosoever should believe on Him
52:25 would not perish but have everlasting life. "
52:27 Romans 5:8. "God demonstrated His love by this:
52:30 while we were yet sinners He sent Jesus to die for us. "
52:33 And John 15:13 when Jesus said: "Greater love hath no man
52:38 than this: that he would lay down his life
52:40 for another. " Because of our sins...
52:43 I Peter says He suffered "to bring us to God. "
52:48 Listen: I Peter 3:18:
52:50 "For Christ also suffered once for sin -
52:53 the just for the unjust - that He might bring us to God.
52:57 Being put to death in the flesh
52:58 but made alive in the Spirit. "
53:01 Jesus paid a debt He did not owe because we owed a debt
53:04 we could not pay. Isaiah 53 says: "Surely He
53:09 has borne our griefs, carried our sorrows, yet we esteemed Him
53:13 stricken, smitten by God and afflicted. But He was
53:16 wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised
53:19 for our iniquities. The chastisement of our peace
53:22 was upon Him, and by His stripes we are healed. "
53:25 The violence of sin was heaped upon Him,
53:29 and His suffering reveals the horrendous nature of sin.
53:33 It demonstrates how far He would go for love and righteousness
53:37 because He suffered to make us whole.
53:41 But it is the New Testament book of Hebrews -
53:44 and I don't think we've got time to flip there - so let me
53:46 just say it quickly. In Hebrews chapter 4:14-16
53:52 says He suffered with our weaknesses so that He could be
53:57 a compassionate High Priest.
54:00 "Seeing then that we have a great High Priest who is
54:03 passed through the heavens, Jesus, the Son of God,
54:05 let us hold fast our confession. For we do not have a High Priest
54:09 who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses
54:11 but was in all points tempted as we are
54:14 yet without sin. " And THAT is the reason
54:18 that we can come boldly before the throne of grace.
54:22 He understands! He has proven that
54:27 He's not some distant God.
54:29 He's not gonna let you suffer alone.
54:31 Have you, like Jesus, been betrayed and abandoned
54:35 by those closest to you?
54:37 Have you been verbally abused? Suffered rejection
54:41 and ridicule? Have people false- ly accused you and told lies
54:46 about you? Have you suffered vicious physical abuse?
54:50 Have you been stripped naked and violated
54:53 and suffered intense pain?
54:54 Jesus understands your feeling of powerlessness.
55:00 Jesus knows that you are tempted.
55:03 He understands that you're temp- ted to hurt those who hurt you.
55:07 To lash out against those who abuse you.
55:10 He suffered to give you victory over these feelings.
55:14 He's somebody who can carry our burdens today
55:17 and give us the victory.
55:19 In the decades following Jesus' death
55:22 there were many martyrs who were brutally martyred.
55:27 But knowing that Jesus willingly
55:30 chose to face such physical pain and suffering
55:34 on their behalf gave them the strength
55:37 to carry forward... faithful unto the end.
55:41 By choosing to suffer physical and verbal abuse
55:45 He identified with us so that He could offer us
55:49 His supernatural strength at the times when we suffer.
55:54 As we confront the terrifying trials of life
55:58 we need to reach up for our Savior's hand
56:02 knowing that He is able to give us the help that we need.
56:06 He empathizes; He'll give us the victory.
56:11 We know that He was crucified in weakness
56:14 but He goes on living in the power of God.
56:17 And His power is made perfect in our weakness.
56:21 His grace is sufficient, so we can take great hope.
56:27 We know like Paul said in Philippians 4:13
56:31 "I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me. "
56:37 Praise the Lord!
56:38 One of my favorite promises is Romans 8:37-39.
56:45 It says this: "Yet in all these things
56:48 we are more than conquerors
56:51 through Him who loved us.
56:53 For I am persuaded that neither death nor life
56:56 nor angels nor principalities nor powers
57:00 nor things present nor things to come
57:03 nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing
57:08 shall be able to separate us
57:11 from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. "
57:16 I hope that you will take this study
57:20 and go home and repeat it over and over.
57:24 Watch what it does to your heart.
57:26 Watch how it connects you to the Lord.
57:29 Watch how you will be imbued
57:31 with the power of the Holy Spirit.


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