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00:01 Thousands of songs have been written
00:02 about the most important story in the history of mankind.
00:06 The sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross
00:09 has inspired millions to give Him their hearts.
00:13 Now we invite you to join us as we lift up Jesus Christ
00:17 on this special 3ABN presentation:
00:22 with
00:52 And now: Calvary: Love Found A Way.
03:18 Amen! Praise the Lord!
03:20 Beautiful! Thank you so much.
03:23 Beautiful! I'm going to ask Lanny Wolfe to come up.
03:26 Come up here just a second a little farther.
03:28 Lanny, you wrote this song. It's a beautiful song!
03:31 And the folks out here... you get to see better than we do
03:35 some of the LED lights and some of the different
03:38 pictures they'll put up and video that go along
03:41 with some of these songs. And I want to thank our crew
03:44 for doing an incredible job on that.
03:46 But tell us a little bit just quickly about this song.
03:49 What inspired you to write it?
03:52 This is a lullaby Mary is singing to the Lamb.
03:56 In a stable she's holding the Lamb of God.
03:59 And so Mary is saying: "Rest, tiny hands;
04:02 rest tiny heart; rest tiny eyes. "
04:05 And so she goes through all these items
04:08 basically singing a lullaby to the precious Lamb of God.
04:11 It's that simple. All right.
04:13 Melody.
10:06 Beautiful!
10:09 I'm going to ask Lanny to walk back up again.
10:12 We're getting ready to do a song called It Was Love.
10:14 And you remember about a year and a half or so ago
10:17 that we did a project called Hallelujah! We're Home At Last!
10:21 And on that project Yvonne and I wrote a song
10:25 and I said: "All of these songs were on the second coming
10:28 but this is all on Calvary. "
10:31 So the second coming, we decided to look from
10:34 heaven's perspective what would be happening
10:37 instead of just as humans looking up
10:40 what happens in heaven. So when Jesus stands up
10:44 heaven is changed forevermore.
10:45 So in this project I said: "We've got a lot of songs
10:48 about the cross and Christ and Calvary,
10:51 but what about something from heaven's perspective? "
10:54 So I began to talk to Lanny and I said: "You know, I wonder:
10:58 did angels question God's master plan when man fell from grace?
11:02 Could redemption be bought or would the price be too great? "
11:06 Just kind of led him into it from there.
11:08 He took it - and your daughter, you might tell us about it -
11:12 and came up with a finished song.
11:14 So I really can't take much credit for this.
11:16 We give all credit to God but in the fleshly sense
11:19 I'm honest, Lanny, that you and your daughter wrote most of this
11:23 but thanks for letting me have a little part in it.
11:26 Beautiful song! Thank you, Danny. The important thing
11:29 in this song is that Danny planted the seed
11:33 because without the question "Did angels question? "
11:36 then the song... the tree doesn't grow.
11:39 So Danny gave us the seed, and then my daughter,
11:42 Lanna-Marie, who is just a wonderful song writer,
11:45 and I took the seed and watered the seed.
11:50 And basically from the first two or three lines
11:53 we finished the song. Basically, when this happens
11:55 the best way I co-write is: "Give me what you have
11:58 and leave me alone. " Get out of his way!
12:01 Get out of my way and let me finish the song.
12:03 And... we came back together on the song called It Was Love.
12:10 All right. Ladye Love, can you help me with this?
17:26 Amen! Praise the Lord! Thank you, Ladye.
17:31 The next song we're going to do is entitled, we entitled it
17:35 Gethsemane.
17:36 And were were rushing to get a lot of songs done
17:39 and try to write some new ones.
17:41 And the night before we went down to Nashville
17:44 to track the songs I was sitting with my guitar
17:47 and this little tune came to me.
17:50 And the words just seemed like they just literally flowed.
17:53 And it said: "He suffered Gethsemane
17:57 through blood, sweat, and tears. "
18:00 And I said: "Wow! That's strong! "
18:03 "Each drop of blood He shed bought me a million years.
18:07 God's crowning sacrifice... "
18:09 I said: "Man, this is not coming from me. "
18:13 Some of you are song writers. You ever write a song
18:15 or maybe write poems? I know you guys do.
18:17 Sometimes you know when you really work at it
18:19 then other times when it seems like God just throws it on you.
18:25 Says: "Here, take it... what are you going to do with it? "
18:27 Well, I'm very limited as a song writer and as a musician.
18:31 But I said: "Man, that song is so powerful! "
18:33 "The spotless Lamb of God who now is the great I AM. "
18:37 And I said: "That is a powerful chorus. "
18:40 Reggie called me... talking about, the next morning
18:42 and I sang it to him. I had my guitar, and he said:
18:45 "Danny, you've got to put that on the project. "
18:47 I said: "Reggie, I don't have a chorus. "
18:48 "I don't have... I just have the music to the chorus
18:51 and the words. I don't have any verses. "
18:53 "Think about it; pray about it. The Lord will give it to you. "
18:56 So I was talking to my brother Kenny.
18:59 I said: "The Lord gave me this. " He said: "Man, you've
19:03 got to do this! " Talking to Yvonne Lewis later.
19:06 Next morning we were going to Nashville
19:08 I talked to these people and they said:
19:10 "I can't get that song out of my mind.
19:12 You need to finish that song and do it on the project. "
19:14 So I went to the airport to pick up in Nashville Lanny Wolfe.
19:17 I said: "Lanny, the Lord gave me this little chorus... "
19:20 And that's how you do if you think somebody, without asking
19:23 them to co-write, a guy like him, you don't
19:26 just ask him to co-write so you try to be...
19:28 And he knew exactly what I was doing, but I said:
19:30 "Lanny, the Lord gave me this little chorus. "
19:33 And this is evening by this time. We'd done
19:35 one day of tracking. And the next morning we went to
19:39 breakfast. Lanny said: "Danny, I can't get that song
19:41 out of my mind. You want me to write the verses to it? "
19:44 I said: "Absolutely! "
19:46 So literally that evening he put together - penned -
19:50 some of the most beautiful words I've ever heard
19:52 to the song... the first verse, the last verse.
19:55 And we asked Reggie to sing it.
19:57 It's absolutely... I cry when I hear it.
20:00 I know it's not me, it's not Lanny.
20:02 This: we do give God the credit for this.
20:04 But Gethsemane... Reggie.
26:05 Thank you... thank you, Reggie.
26:08 Wow! Praise the Lord!
26:10 God is good, isn't He? Amen!
26:12 Did you see some of the pictures behind to give a little...
26:16 Jesus. We can't imagine. It says He sweat great drops of blood.
26:21 But each drop of blood bought us a million years
26:24 and more. This love... we'll never understand it.
26:28 About a year and a half or two years ago
26:30 I had written... We were getting ready to do another project
26:33 and I was down with Lari Goss, a great friend
26:36 and wonderful wonderful man. He's now resting in Jesus.
26:39 And I was at his place and I said: "There's a song that... "
26:43 We needed one more song. I said: "I just wrote a little,
26:45 a little song and it says, I entitled it Calvary Says
26:49 Love To Me. And I played it for him on the guitar.
26:52 He said: "Danny, we've got to do this on the project. "
26:54 So as we come to this project: songs on Calvary.
26:58 And that's what Calvary says to us.
27:01 Think about it. It says love.
27:03 You know, the cross of itself is nothing.
27:05 I can go out and make a cross.
27:07 We can do all kinds of things.
27:08 But Jesus shed blood on that cross
27:11 is what changed the whole world.
27:13 When we think about it, we think about the cross of Calvary.
27:17 We're going to have Ladye Love come and sing
27:19 Calvary Says Love To Me.
31:53 Thank you. Beautiful!
31:56 Absolutely. You know, what's amazing to me is
31:59 when God has... Everybody has different gifts.
32:03 And I was sitting there thinking about almost every note
32:06 that you heard of all those instruments was in her mind
32:10 and Lari's mind. And then you add people like Gordon
32:14 on there and Tim Parton, then get these singers on here
32:18 and I don't think that God's people have to take a back seat
32:21 to the world, do you? No!
32:23 And I'm so thankful that each and every one of these folk
32:26 have chosen to use their gifts and their talents
32:29 and abilities for God's work.
32:32 And tonight the question would be: what about you?
32:35 What about me?
32:37 As we're here singing, and I'm enjoying being able to sing
32:40 with such great singers and musicians,
32:42 but most importantly is what does Calvary mean to us?
32:45 What does Calvary say to us?
32:47 Does Calvary say love to us?
32:49 You see, without a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ
32:53 we're going nowhere.
32:54 Literally, there's no life, there's no hope
32:58 without the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ
33:01 on the cross of Calvary. I'm so thankful that
33:04 He's a God of mercy.
33:06 That He's a God of patience.
33:08 That He doesn't mind taking the clay and re-molding it
33:12 from time to time.
33:13 But He'll only do that if we come to Him and confess our sins
33:17 "Lord, I'm a sinner. "
33:20 He says if we do that He is faithful and just
33:23 to forgive us from our sins and cleanse us from some
33:25 of our unrighteousness. ALL! Oh, ya'll are still awake?
33:28 All right. All... all unrighteousness.
33:32 Isn't that amazing?
33:33 That we as frail human agents
33:36 that God would even not destroy all of us.
33:40 But He didn't. His love for us is beyond comprehension.
33:45 So... as great a writer as Lanny Wolfe is
33:48 when he gets to heaven he's going to have to sit in the back
33:51 corner and say: "I thought I was a pretty good song writer
33:53 but I didn't know half the story. I didn't know
33:57 a tenth of the story. " Because we won't know.
33:59 The Bible says: "Now we see through a glass darkly
34:02 but then face to face. "
34:06 Isn't that wonderful?
34:07 I praise God for His plan of salvation.
34:12 Amen! It's very simple.
34:14 Maybe the greatest song ever written
34:17 Jesus loves me, this I know
34:20 for the Bible tells me so.
34:23 Right? Little ones to Him belong,
34:25 they are weak but HE is strong.
34:27 Yes Jesus loves me;
34:29 yes Jesus loves me. Do you love Jesus tonight?
34:32 Amen! I don't care what your problem is
34:35 Jesus is coming back for a purified bride
34:37 and a purified church.
34:39 And as I travel around I see ya'll are just like me.
34:42 You've got a lot of problems in your life.
34:44 Right? And I don't think the reason Jesus is not here yet
34:48 is not because we're waiting on Him.
34:50 He's waiting on us.
34:52 He's waiting on His people to perfect His character
34:55 within our lives so that He can come back
34:57 for a purified bride... a purified church.
35:00 And when we get to that point He says: "I, if I be lifted up
35:03 from this earth will draw some folk to Me. "
35:06 All! You're still awake; all right!
35:09 "Draw all men unto Me. "
35:11 So I'm so thankful tonight to have this opportunity
35:15 to be here and minister music
35:19 that talks about Jesus. Right? The cross...
35:22 the sanctuary. To give the world a last-day message
35:27 because I believe we're living in the end times, don't you?
35:29 Amen! We have present truth to give to a lost and dying world.
35:33 If we don't do it, who will?
35:35 I don't want to stand before Jesus and Him say
35:38 "Why didn't you do? You had the truth, but you
35:40 didn't tell anybody. " I was over in London the other day
35:45 and somebody there said to me: "You know what?
35:47 This is not like anywhere else in the world.
35:50 London is impossible to reach people.
35:53 People don't want the truth; they're not willing to change. "
35:57 And I said: "Well then why didn't Jesus say in
35:59 Matthew 28:18-20 "Go ye into all the world except London? "
36:03 See? He didn't say that, did He?
36:06 He said: "Go ye into all the world. "
36:08 And I said: "I can tell you for a fact
36:10 that people in London are looking for truth
36:13 and they are looking for a change. " There are 30,000
36:18 preachers throughout the great city of London
36:21 but there are over 80,000 registered witches.
36:24 There is every kind of cult you can think of: the New Age.
36:28 There's all kinds of false religions who do not
36:31 give honor and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ and to God
36:35 and they're growing by the millions.
36:37 The reason I believe they're not accepting truth -
36:41 not only London... here: West Frankfort, Illinois,
36:43 whether you're from Alabama, Tennessee, Africa...
36:46 I don't care where you're from -
36:47 is because we have been ashamed of the gospel of Christ.
36:50 We should be so excited that everybody we see
36:54 we want to tell them about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
36:57 Am I right? Amen! I'm starting to get excited
37:00 so I'm not a preacher. Not a son of a preacher.
37:02 I'm going to back up, but we're going to sing a little bit
37:05 about heaven right now.
37:06 Heaven came down and what happened?
37:08 Glory filled our soul. All right.
37:10 Quartet? OK. All right.
37:14 I'll try. I don't have much voice left
37:16 but we'll do it.
40:39 Amen! Yeah! Amen!
40:41 Thank you. Thank you guys. Beautiful!
40:46 I want to say a word about Reggie Smith.
40:49 Reggie... I called Reggie to say: "Reggie, would you
40:52 produce this project? " If you don't know what
40:54 a producer does you can ask Ladye Love.
40:57 He spends... If you have a studio - a music studio
41:02 in your attic - they call it their attic -
41:04 a nice little upstairs. But if you have one,
41:07 you spend about several months in the studio
41:10 so she and Bret didn't get to see him very much
41:13 unless they went upstairs in the studio.
41:15 But Reggie literally pro- duced, put everything together.
41:18 Worked with Kris, Gordon... Larry... everybody together
41:23 and with the choir... putting all the choir.
41:26 Arranging. He literally arranged all the parts
41:28 that we're doing. So Reggie, thank you so much
41:32 for the literally hundreds of hours and months
41:34 that you have put into this project.
41:39 Our next song is Precious Blood. Lanny,
41:42 come and tell us about this. You wrote this song.
41:46 Paul talks about a thorn in his flesh.
41:49 Well for many years of my life a thorn in my flesh
41:52 was cellulitis. Some of you know what that is?
41:55 I don't know what it is; I just know I would get it.
41:58 And when I would get it, it would, my ankle would hurt
42:02 and it would get red, and I couldn't even walk to the car
42:05 to go to the hospital. And then I'd be in the hospital
42:07 for a week and pay $10,000 and come home...
42:10 and then work to pay off the hospital bill.
42:12 So that's what cellulitis was.
42:14 I was on a chorale tour. We were in Cincinnati, Ohio.
42:17 I would never know when this was going to happen.
42:19 It just happened. And so we were there
42:21 and it happened in the middle of a service. I had 50 young people
42:25 on a chorale tour, and I thought: "God, I don't know
42:28 if I can make it through this service.
42:29 Help me get through this service. " So at the end of the
42:32 service I turned the chorale... we had more tour dates...
42:34 so I turned it over to somebody to go on with the choir
42:38 to the next city. I said: "Take me to the emergency room "
42:41 and they did. And so they put me in a room and they started doing
42:47 all the stuff they do. And the first thing they do
42:49 is take your blood. Well, I've had my blood taken many
42:52 times. You have, too. But it was what I call
42:56 as a song writer "the moment of truth. "
43:00 It was THIS time, when they were taking my blood,
43:04 Bro. Murray... THIS TIME I got it.
43:10 Without blood, none of the rest of this works.
43:14 All right. It doesn't matter how beautiful your body is.
43:17 It doesn't matter how much money you've got.
43:19 If the blood is not there, nothing's there.
43:23 And so at that moment of truth
43:25 God impressed me that for hundreds of years
43:28 lambs were brought to offer for sacrifice for sins.
43:34 But Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God - Amen! -
43:38 All right - He went to the cross and He said - come on:
43:41 "I will go and I will shed once and for all. "
43:45 All right. "You don't need to bring any more lambs.
43:48 I am The Lamb... I am the Lamb of God. " That's right!
43:51 Once and for all He drank the bitter cup
43:54 and He took the stripes on His back for our healing.
43:59 And so Jesus Christ heals. He heals today!
44:04 You need to be healed? He took the stripes
44:07 on His back so we could be healed.
44:09 And so this song came in a hospital room
44:12 in Cincinnati, Ohio: Precious Blood.
44:15 Melody.
48:31 Amen! Amen! Praise the Lord!
48:41 Wow! I don't know about you all but I'm getting those great big
48:44 old chill bumps all over me. I'm going to call them
48:47 Holy Spirit bumps, all right? 'Cause it's sure not cold
48:50 in here. But I feel the anointing of the Holy Spirit.
48:53 Is anybody with me on this tonight?
48:56 Because we're singing about the only thing that really matters
48:59 in life, right? 'Cause life itself... the Life Giver.
49:03 We're bringing honor and glory and praise to Him tonight.
49:08 Reggie. We were at your house visiting...
49:11 Reggie went to the piano and said: "I think I've got a song.
49:16 that might work on the project. "
49:19 And it worked. A beautiful song. Tell us
49:22 about this song. Well, this is an old hymn
49:25 and... just a different arrangement. With
49:27 a different arrangement... a little twist to it.
49:29 At The Cross. You know that hymn, right?
49:32 And I didn't know if it would, you know, fit for the project.
49:35 You know you want to tie everything together nicely.
49:37 And I was a little scared to play it for Danny, honestly.
49:40 I was a little nervous but I said: "Well I was just working
49:42 on this little hymn. " And Yvonne was sitting there.
49:45 So I started playing along
49:47 and Yvonne said: "Um-hmm... yes.
49:50 Yes, yes, yes... it's in! "
49:55 So that made the cut. So it's a beautiful, beautiful...
49:58 old lyric but a good song. So... thank you.
54:33 All right. I'm going to ask Lanny Wolfe and Melody
54:36 to come up. I have to tell you a really short story.
54:41 I don't have much voice left
54:43 but I've got enough to tell THIS story.
54:46 I mean, we've gotta talk about something tonight, right? OK.
54:50 Another idea came to me. I'm going to let you do this.
54:53 No, no, no. Another idea came to me about a song
54:57 and I said... Started talking about it. I told Lanny,
55:01 I said: "I've got this, I think it's a great idea for a song! "
55:04 He said: "Danny, that's a baby that needs to be birthed...
55:07 needs to be born. "
55:09 Hung the worlds in space... I said: "Hung the worlds in
55:11 space was the One who hung on the cross in our place. "
55:14 Now... That hit me: that's powerful. I said:
55:17 "Now what if we could write, Joy, what if we could write
55:19 all the parallels like that? "
55:21 Something from heaven to earth.
55:23 Lanny said: "Oh... that's wonderful! "
55:25 So we told Melody about it. Melody came up with the first
55:28 line or two and then Lanny came up with some more.
55:32 Pretty soon I saw the three-way e- mails were going to two-way
55:37 e- mails... and my name was left out.
55:41 My name was left out.
55:43 And I said: "Now wait a minute! I thought I had the baby
55:46 that was supposed to be born. "
55:47 And so now all of a sudden things got very quiet.
55:52 You know what that's like? Like, I'd look at my e-mail:
55:54 "Now surely they'll... No... nothing here today. "
55:58 So anyway, but I'm really glad.
56:01 I'm really glad. I love teasing Melody about this.
56:03 Now you know Lanny's in charge.
56:05 So blame Lanny? Hear what he says... Now wait just a minute!
56:09 God woke me up in the middle of the night
56:12 with a chorus that was in an Easter musical... my first
56:17 Easter musical... called Love Found A Way.
56:19 And I thought it was a chorus because at the time it was.
56:23 It had 3 lines and then it repeated the third line.
56:27 It really wasn't a full- fledged "legit" chorus.
56:30 God woke me up in the middle of the night
56:32 and reminded me that it wasn't a real chorus...
56:35 to make it a chorus. So I called Danny and Melody
56:38 and I said: "I've got the glue for this song. "
56:43 And that was the moment when your line almost went dead.
56:46 When he said "Danny... you're out. "
56:50 But what I'm going to try to do is sing on it anyway.
56:53 Right? I was a part of it. But honestly,
56:56 it is such a beautiful song and Lanny said:
56:59 "It'll just be birthed at another time. "
57:01 The idea that I had. So I'm going to hold you to that,
57:04 OK? But thank you, Melody, for your support in this
57:07 and the words that you gave - thank you - and working together
57:09 with Lanny. Beautiful song, and we're actually entitling
57:13 this whole project Calvary: Love Found A Way.
01:01:58 Amen!
01:02:02 Love found a way. Aren't you glad?
01:02:04 Amen! I'm thankful. Without that there's nothing, folks.
01:02:07 Love found a way. Melody, Lanny, thank you so much.
01:02:11 We're going to have Reggie and Ladye come up.
01:02:13 Another beautiful song. This was written by? Dottie Rambo.
01:02:17 Dottie Rambo. The wonderful Dottie Rambo, yes.
01:02:19 Beautiful song. Ladye Love, you going to sing with him?
01:02:22 I Will Glory In The Cross is the name of this one.
01:02:25 And Danny you know, when we... to do the arrangement and
01:02:28 we all got together in Kris's room and we started
01:02:31 trying to figure out how... It was fun. Oh, you kidding me?
01:02:34 She's magnificent, she's amazing.
01:02:36 And when you called me, Danny, to produce this thing
01:02:38 you didn't tell... I told everybody no twice.
01:02:40 I told you no twice. You did! Because our dear friend
01:02:44 and the most wonderful producer that we ever knew
01:02:48 was Lari Goss. He produced our last Hallelujah!
01:02:50 And so there was just no way -
01:02:53 me - I could follow up anything like that.
01:02:56 Are you kidding me? Really? Lari Goss?
01:02:58 But you know what? I said: "If we can build a great team -
01:03:01 a great team - then we can get through this. " Absolutely!
01:03:04 Of course we started with the magnificent orchestrator
01:03:07 over there, and then Larry obviously was there too
01:03:10 helping write some, and then great musicians and everything.
01:03:14 And you know, we got to thinking about this song.
01:03:15 We said: "How do we treat this because it's been recorded
01:03:17 many many times? " Larnelle Harris did a wonderful
01:03:19 arrangement of this song... an incredible arrangement.
01:03:22 And we started thinking: "How would... " I started thinking:
01:03:25 "How would maybe Miss Dottie have written this song? "
01:03:29 And she... I think she's from Kentucky originally.
01:03:32 Is that right? Kentucky. So she was a country girl
01:03:35 I think, and she played a guitar...
01:03:37 just kind of simple chords guitar.
01:03:39 And I don't think she would have played all these fancy
01:03:41 chords all over the world, you know.
01:03:43 She'd have played just straight... straight ahead.
01:03:46 And so we kind of put a Celtic - OK - feeling to it.
01:03:49 Celtic-Kentucky feeling to it. OK.
01:03:51 So that's what we came to. Yeah, that's right.
01:08:44 Beautiful! I will glory in the cross.
01:08:48 I also want to thank E.T. Everett sitting down front
01:08:50 right here. Amen! Amen! Some of the folks, you might not
01:08:53 be able see her on camera too much but what an incredible job!
01:08:57 She's our sound center manager. Incredible musician.
01:09:01 Literally arranger, singer; and she's worked countless hours.
01:09:06 Bobby Bradley... chief engineer, sound engineer.
01:09:09 Incredible. He is always behind the scenes.
01:09:12 And our whole 3ABN crew here for what they're doing...
01:09:15 it's so neat. In fact, I can say after thirty-one years
01:09:18 it's fun working together. Isn't it, ET?
01:09:21 It's still fun after all these years when you literally
01:09:25 know that you're doing some- thing for the Lord Jesus Christ
01:09:28 and you're able to do it with folk who have the same likes...
01:09:31 the same desires and same mission and motives
01:09:36 that you do, and that's to ful- fill the great Gospel Commission
01:09:40 "Go ye into all the world. "
01:09:41 Tell the people about the Lord Jesus Christ
01:09:44 and Him crucified... giving present truth
01:09:47 to a lost and dying world.
01:09:49 Now we're going to do a medley.
01:09:50 I think Reggie's going to go down now and direct, right?
01:09:53 Help direct. So we're going to do...
01:09:55 Thank you, E.T. You've been doing a great job...
01:09:57 for all that you do. Now we're going to do a hymn medley.
01:10:00 When you know it, some of the songs you hear it,
01:10:02 give us a little bit. C.A. is going to come out
01:10:05 and John and then maybe on some of the choruses
01:10:07 you join with us.
01:15:59 You know what? You all sound really good out there.
01:16:03 Thank you for singing. It's really nice
01:16:05 when we sing to hear you all singing back on songs
01:16:08 that you know. The next song is a song that
01:16:11 Reggie and Ladye and maybe Marty... I'm not sure
01:16:15 who all wrote on this song. But come up and
01:16:18 tell us about it and sing it for us.
01:16:21 It's entitled I'll Never Know.
01:16:26 Danny, I think we're just going to sing it and let it
01:16:28 speak for itself. All right.
01:16:31 But Marty did a great job, right? But Marty, honestly
01:16:34 wrote some music, and I had a kind of a hook in my mind.
01:16:38 You know the hook? You've got to come up with the hook, right,
01:16:40 for the song? Had written the music and I just
01:16:43 was not pleased at all with what was going on with the lyric.
01:16:46 I was just not pleased with it. As a matter of fact,
01:16:48 the only reason it got brought back was because Danny
01:16:51 brought it back because I had already thrown it on the cutting
01:16:53 floor. It wasn't going to make the cut.
01:16:54 But anyway... And then Marty is amazing
01:16:57 and so he wrote a great lyric to it. So... here we are.
01:20:27 Amen! Thank you! Beautiful! Beautiful!
01:20:33 Our last song on this project... we saved it
01:20:38 last for a reason.
01:20:41 It's probably one of the most worshipful songs.
01:20:44 When you listen to it you can't hardly help
01:20:47 but get in the spirit of worship of our Creator God.
01:20:50 Lanny wrote it, and I can actually say this without
01:20:53 trying to be too funny... but he co-wrote it with Beethoven,
01:20:56 wasn't it? In other words he borrowed - we'll use the word
01:21:01 borrowed - some of Beethoven's music
01:21:04 and added his own Lanny Wolfe.
01:21:06 But what an incredible song! And we were able to get
01:21:10 the Aeolians from Oakwood University
01:21:12 so you'll hear them singing with the choir here.
01:21:15 Absolutely incredible young people.
01:21:18 Love Jesus... talent that's off the charts.
01:21:21 And we're so thankful for them
01:21:23 and their leadership in being able to come to the studio
01:21:26 and help Yvonne Lewis. Yvonne's going to be singing
01:21:29 the lead part. Absolutely beautiful song! Thank you, Lanny
01:21:32 for this song, and Praise His Holy Name.


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