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Early and Latter Rain

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00:51 Welcome to 3ABN Spring Camp Meeting.
00:54 Christ, Calvary, and the Sanctuary
00:57 live from the 3ABN Worship Center.
01:02 All right.
01:04 Praise the Lord and welcome,
01:05 welcome back to our Spring Camp Meeting.
01:09 Apologize about the voice
01:11 but I don't have much to
01:12 and see that I can sit down and do nothing
01:14 or continue to get up and speak,
01:17 so I'm going to do that
01:18 until I have surgery scheduled in a couple of months,
01:20 so bear with me.
01:22 I'm still happy in the Lord, right?
01:24 Whatever is happening so I said
01:25 if I had to I'll learn to use sign language,
01:28 I'm not very good,
01:29 but we got to keep continuing
01:31 to communicate the Gospel to the world, right?
01:33 Jesus said, "Go ye into all the world."
01:35 I don't know about all of you
01:37 but I've been so blessed this weekend,
01:39 the music, the preaching,
01:41 and to see men of honor
01:44 that have given their lives and gifts
01:46 to giving the Three Angels messages
01:49 to a lost and dying world.
01:51 One of those that will be out right after our special music
01:54 is Pastor John Carter.
01:56 And John Carter and I go way back for 25 years now,
02:01 1991 he called me and asked me whether I want to go to Russia.
02:05 I've never been to Russia.
02:07 Long story short, we were able to go.
02:09 We went in '92, held a huge evangelistic campaign,
02:13 saw 2,532 Russians baptized
02:17 right after the fall of communism.
02:19 We began to work together.
02:20 We built the largest protestant facility
02:23 in all the ex-Soviet Union.
02:24 Literally, thousands of people are coming to the Lord.
02:28 Sister Julia Outkina is now general manager of 3ABN Russia
02:33 and we probably have close to
02:34 40 or 50 fulltime Russian workers there.
02:37 The church, we worked together with the church,
02:40 continued Carter, Elder Carter,
02:42 is going back time and time again
02:44 and we are literally seeing the nation of Russia changed
02:48 because of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ,
02:51 because of preachers like Brother John Carter.
02:54 I've traveled with him around the world.
02:55 He has an anointing that is amazing.
02:58 I've seen crowds as big as 100,000 a night,
03:01 sometimes more, places like India, New Guinea,
03:05 and so, God has gifted him
03:06 so I sell that not to give credit to John,
03:09 he is a earthly human vessel,
03:12 but he has decided
03:14 that it's important God has called him
03:15 to do something big and he is going to do it.
03:18 And that is to take the gospel of the Kingdom
03:20 and undiluted Three Angels' messages,
03:22 one who would counteract a counterfeit
03:25 into all the world.
03:26 But before he comes out
03:28 we have a special surprise for you.
03:30 Come on out, Mr. Jimmy Rhodes,
03:32 let's everybody make Jimmy Rhodes welcome.
03:33 Yeah!
03:35 And, yeah...
03:41 Jimmy is among friends and he knows that.
03:43 Of course, Jim and Pam have been for many, many years
03:46 and just about two years ago in the last couple of days
03:49 Pam was laid to rest
03:51 and Jim has not been out playing
03:53 and so we've ask him
03:54 and elder Carter has asked him and others
03:56 Jimmy come on and play something for us.
03:58 He has got a tremendous gift to music.
04:01 How many will pray for Jim,
04:02 because those of you
04:04 that's lost their loved one you know what it is like.
04:06 The struggles you go through.
04:07 But we appreciate your love and your support
04:10 and what you do for the Gospel of Christ
04:12 that you've doing for many, many years,
04:15 and the special gift that God has given you.
04:18 What are you going to be playing for us tonight, Jimmy?
04:20 A Good Camp Meeting Medley.
04:21 A Good Camp Meeting Medley,
04:23 all right, looking forward to it.
04:24 We love it. Jimmy Rhodes.
09:14 I've known Jimmy Rhodes for many, many years.
09:17 I also knew his wife Pam.
09:21 The most wonderful people
09:23 you will meet anywhere in the world.
09:24 Amen. Amen.
09:26 They traveled with me on one occasion
09:28 overseas to Ukraine
09:30 and they gave wonderful music.
09:34 But Jimmy and Pam will never, never part from my memory.
09:44 It was two years ago yesterday when Pam passed away.
09:48 I'm just so privileged to have Jimmy here tonight.
09:51 I had never expected Jimmy would be here.
09:54 But tonight I would like to dedicate this message
09:56 in honor of Pam Rhodes.
09:58 Amen. Amen.
09:59 I also want to say Danny and I've been friends
10:03 for so, so long.
10:06 The Carter Report has been on 3ABN now for...
10:11 I think it is 27 years.
10:14 And Danny has been a loyal, and a faithful,
10:18 and a good, and a funny friend.
10:23 It's all right to laugh, you know, folks.
10:26 Okay, let me give you the topic.
10:28 The topic is By Water, By Blood, and By Fire.
10:35 Do you hear it?
10:36 By water, by blood, and by fire,
10:40 that's how the work of God will be completed in glory.
10:45 I want you to take your Bibles firstly
10:47 to the portion on water.
10:49 I want you to come over here to the book of Ezekiel.
10:54 I want you to come over here to Ezekiel chapter 47
10:59 in the Old Testament to the Word of the Living God,
11:02 Ezekiel 47:2 and onwards.
11:08 This is, of course, a symbolic picture.
11:12 He brought me out by the way of the north gate,
11:15 led me around to the outside to the outer gate
11:17 that faces east
11:19 and there was water running out on the right side.
11:23 And when the man went out to the east
11:25 with the line in his hand, he measured 1,000 cubits
11:28 and he brought me through the waters.
11:31 The water came up to my ankles.
11:33 Again he measured 1,000 cubits
11:36 and brought me through the waters.
11:38 The water came up to my knees.
11:41 Again he measured 1,000 and brought me through.
11:44 The water came up to my waist.
11:47 Again, he measured 1,000
11:49 and it was a river that I could not cross
11:51 for the water was too deep,
11:53 water in which one must swim,
11:55 a river that could not be crossed.
11:58 He said to me, 'Son of man, have you seen this?'
12:02 Then he brought me and returned me
12:03 to the bank of the river.
12:05 "When I returned there along the bank of the river,
12:09 were very many trees on one side and the other."
12:13 And if you look, please, at verse 12,
12:16 "Along the bank of the river,
12:18 on this side and that will grow
12:20 all kinds of trees used for food.
12:23 Their leaves will not whither and their fruit will not fail.
12:27 There will be a fruit every month
12:29 because their water flows from the sanctuary.
12:33 Their fruit will be for food and their leaves for medicine".
12:38 Now, my friend,
12:40 this is a picture of the Gospel of Christ.
12:44 Amen.
12:45 Because where the Gospel of Christ goes,
12:49 where the mighty flood of the grace of God goes,
12:53 you've got healing and you have got hope for the people of God.
12:57 Amen.
12:59 Now let me tell you this, what the church needs today,
13:03 you're listening, what the church needs today,
13:06 what America needs today, what the world needs today,
13:10 salvation not from politics.
13:14 Are you listening to me? Amen.
13:16 The politicians have failed America
13:19 and they have failed the world.
13:22 We don't need it from politics
13:24 and we don't need it from manmade religion.
13:28 And we do not need it from the philosophers
13:31 and we don't need it from the human people
13:34 who are talking about their human theories.
13:38 We don't need it from all of these philosophies,
13:41 what we need is the water of life
13:44 which is the Gospel of Christ.
13:47 Amen.
13:48 Now as some of you folks know
13:50 because I talk differently to you,
13:55 I come from Australia,
13:57 but I've lived in this pleasant land
13:58 now for 30 years.
14:02 The outback of Australia is a vast, vast, region.
14:08 It is a desert in many places
14:09 like Death Valley in California.
14:13 In South Australia there is a place
14:15 that is called Lake Eyre, it is a great salt lake.
14:21 It is 144 kilometers by 77 kilometers,
14:25 a 100 miles about by 50 miles.
14:29 It is hot, it is dry.
14:32 They use it for racing motor cars.
14:36 So, it is flat, it is dead,
14:40 and apparently nothing lives in that area.
14:43 It is 50 feet below sea level.
14:47 But then something happens.
14:50 Up in Queensland, more than 1,000 miles to the north,
14:55 almost 2,000 to the north,
14:58 comes the mighty monsoon.
15:02 And it rains and it rains.
15:05 And then the Diamantina, which is almost dried up,
15:08 and Cooper's Creek, they go into flood.
15:12 And those rivers that were just a few yards across
15:15 are now 100 miles across
15:19 and the water starts to flow.
15:21 It takes six to eight weeks
15:23 to flow the thousands of the miles
15:26 down to this barren and desolate place.
15:32 When it gets there,
15:35 it is met by 200,000 pelicans.
15:41 You tell me, how do the pelicans know?
15:45 And hundred even millions of seabirds
15:50 get there as the water arrives
15:52 and you tell me there is no God.
15:56 You see?
15:59 This happens, a really big flood,
16:03 happens every 25 years,
16:05 a smaller flood every 10 years,
16:07 and a lesser flood every 3 years.
16:10 The lake fills up to 20 feet, 100's of miles across
16:14 with literally millions and millions of fish.
16:20 And around it the dessert rejoices
16:23 and blossoms as the rose.
16:25 This is not the work of man this is the work of God
16:30 because water brings life.
16:32 Amen.
16:33 And what the church needs is not the philosophy of man.
16:37 We do not need more politicians telling us
16:41 how to live we need the Gospel of Christ.
16:45 I want you to come to a great prophecy,
16:47 the Prophecy of Joel 2:23 and onwards.
16:51 Joel, 2:23, "Be glad then, you children of Zion,
16:57 and rejoice in the Lord, your God,
16:59 for He's given you the former rain faithfully
17:02 and He will cause the rain to come down for you,
17:05 the former rain," what does it say?
17:07 "And the latter rain in the first month.
17:11 The threshing floors
17:12 shall be full of wheat and the vats
17:15 shall overflow with new wine and oil.
17:19 So I will restore you the years
17:23 that the swarming locust has eaten,
17:25 the crawling locust, the consuming locust,
17:28 and the chewing locust,
17:29 my great army which are set among you,
17:32 you shall eat in plenty and be satisfied
17:35 and praise the name of the Lord, your God,
17:39 who has dealt wondrously with you
17:41 and my people shall never be put to shame,
17:43 then you will know that I'm in the midst of Israel,
17:46 I'm the Lord, your God, and there is no other.
17:49 My people shall never be put to shame".
17:52 Now listen to what He is talking about.
17:54 "And it shall come to pass afterward
17:56 that I will pour out my spirit on all flesh.
17:59 Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy.
18:02 Your old men shall dream dreams,
18:05 your young men shall see visions.
18:07 And also on my menservants and on my maidservants
18:11 I will pour out my spirit in those days.
18:14 And I will show wonders
18:16 in the heavens and in the earth,
18:18 blood and fire, and pillars of smoke".
18:22 Listen.
18:24 I want you to know something.
18:26 The rain is coming.
18:27 Amen. Mm-hm.
18:29 I want you to know something.
18:30 Nothing can stop it because it is the work of God.
18:34 Pentecost is coming.
18:36 Amen. Yes.
18:37 The early rain was the time of Pentecost
18:40 but the latter rain is going to be greater
18:43 than the days of Pentecost.
18:45 I want you to know this, listen.
18:48 We are living in the time of the latter rain.
18:51 I want to say this in the fear of God tonight,
18:54 I have experienced personally,
18:58 I say carefully,
18:59 I have experienced a foretaste of the latter rain.
19:03 I've seen the glory and I've seen the power of God.
19:08 I'm not an armchair theologian.
19:10 I'm talking about the things
19:12 that I've seen with my own eyes.
19:16 When we went to Papua New Guinea
19:18 not so long ago,
19:19 we started... it's the most dangerous city in the world.
19:23 People would say,
19:24 "Why go to the most dangerous city in the world?"
19:27 Because it has a great need. Yes.
19:32 The need is desperate.
19:34 And there is only one way
19:35 that you can solve the problems in the world.
19:38 The only way you can solve the problems
19:41 and the shootings in the city of Detroit,
19:44 and other cities,
19:46 and Chicago is with the Gospel of Christ.
19:50 Now in PNG we started with a crowd of 70,000 people,
19:54 the next night 80,000, then 90,000, then 100,000,
19:59 then 130,000, then 150,000.
20:04 And some say by the last night
20:06 we had a crowd, Glory be to God,
20:09 can I hear hallelujah coming on?
20:10 Hallelujah.
20:12 Somebody said, "Don't keep it inside
20:14 because it's going to hurt you, let it out."
20:20 On the last night, well, no, it wasn't,
20:25 going back a little bit, about the third last night
20:28 I was preaching on the ministry of the Holy Spirit,
20:32 we put up on these colossal screens,
20:36 the symbol of the Spirit of God which is the dove,
20:40 and after the meeting
20:42 some of the local pastors came to me
20:43 and they said, "Pastor Carter, some of our church members
20:46 have come to us with an amazing story".
20:50 They came out to the university where I was staying
20:53 and they said,
20:54 "The church members came to us with a story,
20:56 they said as you were preaching on the Holy Spirit",
20:59 this is between us and God, this is the truth, they said,
21:04 "A great white dove, a giant white dove
21:07 that doesn't live in that part of the world
21:09 flew over the congregation and our people saw it."
21:13 Amen.
21:14 But wait on.
21:16 We come to the last night and I'm about to preach.
21:20 The soloist was out singing to the crowd,
21:23 I'm standing at the back of this massive,
21:26 massive stage
21:28 and I'm meeting the representatives
21:30 of the government they've come to say,
21:32 "Hallelujah, come and pray for the government."
21:35 That's what they said, "Come and pray
21:37 for the Prime Minister, he needs prayer.
21:39 Come and pray for the minister of justice."
21:42 And as I was standing there, I heard as it is described
21:46 in the Bible, the voice, like the sound of many waters.
21:53 And so I heard the people shouting
21:55 and when I went out every person,
21:58 in a crowd of 150,000 to 200,000 people,
22:02 they were standing, and they we're pointing,
22:05 and they were praising God,
22:08 and as I watched in spellbound fascination,
22:12 a tremendous white dove swooped in over the audience
22:19 and flew over my head and disappeared.
22:23 Amen. Amen.
22:26 You know what the people said?
22:28 I don't know what you're going to say about it,
22:29 but the people said in that part of the world,
22:32 "God has visited His people."
22:37 God sent the Holy Spirit.
22:39 And in the congregation that night
22:41 there were hundreds and hundreds of gang members.
22:46 The toughest people in the world
22:48 and standing to their feet and praising God, hallelujah.
22:53 Amen. Praise the Lord.
22:55 Amen.
22:56 And that day we had a baptism.
23:00 And then, after the final meeting,
23:03 I had an altar call.
23:05 And because God had sent the symbol of the Holy Spirit,
23:11 when I appealed for Christ and I said,
23:16 "God, take over the meeting because I cannot do this."
23:22 And as I appealed in the name of God,
23:26 I would think a crowd of 50,000 people
23:30 came down the front.
23:31 Amen. Amen.
23:33 Have you ever seen a crowd of 50,000 people?
23:37 Fifty thousand people came down the front
23:43 raising their hands and praising God.
23:47 I want you to know we live in the time of the latter rain.
23:52 Amen.
23:54 And I'm not talking like a college professor
23:57 or an armchair theologian.
23:59 Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord.
24:04 Amen.
24:05 "He is trampling out the vintage
24:07 where the grapes of wrath are stored."
24:13 When we ran the campaign in El Salvador,
24:17 we hired the football stadium, you know what the people said?
24:21 "The people won't come."
24:23 You have always got people like that in the church,
24:26 the people who've never done anything,
24:29 and have one ambition to stop the work.
24:32 That's right.
24:33 And they're the most pious ones.
24:35 They're the ones who talk the most religion
24:38 because religion is often a cloak that covers sin.
24:45 Did you hear what I said? Yes.
24:48 False religion is often a cloak that covers sin
24:53 and sometimes the people
24:55 who have the greatest pretensions
24:58 for piety have the greatest sins.
25:05 And that is why we are told to come to God
25:08 and repent for our sins.
25:10 In El Salvador, a vast football stadium,
25:15 when the people came the stadium was packed.
25:19 The largest crowd in the history
25:22 of Central America came not to a football match
25:27 but to hear the gospel of Christ.
25:30 Hallelujah. Amen.
25:31 Hallelujah.
25:33 We had to hire 763 busses.
25:37 Praise the Lord.
25:40 Before that occasion I didn't know
25:41 there were 763 busses.
25:44 That's a vast number of buses.
25:49 Now the carnal heart says,
25:51 it cannot happen, it won't happen.
25:54 The problem is not with the world,
25:57 the problem often is with the church,
25:59 lack of faith.
26:02 There are many of us
26:03 who are living in the desert of sin.
26:05 Let me say this to you.
26:07 It's not good to spend precious time with doubters
26:11 who tell you it can't happen because if it doesn't happen
26:15 they are the reason.
26:17 Shouldn't spend time with them. Don't listen to them.
26:20 Come over here to Joel, 2:28.
26:23 "And it shall come to pass afterward
26:26 that I will pour out my spirit on all flesh.
26:29 Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy.
26:32 Your old men shall dream dreams,
26:35 your young men shall see visions,
26:38 and also on my menservants and on my maidservants,
26:42 I will pour out my spirit in those days."
26:44 Look at verses 15-18 because it is terrific.
26:49 "Blow the trumpet of Zion, consecrate a fast,
26:54 call a solemn assembly, gather the people,
27:00 sanctify the congregation, assemble the elders,
27:04 gather the children and nursing babes,
27:07 let the bridegroom go out of his chamber
27:10 and the bride from her dressing room,
27:12 let the priests, who minister to the Lord,
27:15 weep between the porch and the altar,
27:18 let them say, spare your people, O Lord.
27:22 And do not give you a heritage to reproach
27:24 that the nation should rule over them.
27:26 Why should they say among the people,
27:28 where is their God?
27:30 Then the Lord would be zealous for his land
27:34 and pity his people."
27:37 Listen to me.
27:45 There is something I want to be more than anything else.
27:49 I want to be true to God
27:51 and I want to be true to the gospel,
27:53 and I want to be true to the Bible,
27:55 and I want to be true to the truce.
27:58 Amen. Amen.
27:59 I do not want to sell my soul.
28:03 The Spirit of God will manifest himself
28:07 when we repent of our sins
28:10 and believe the Gospel of Christ.
28:15 What is the Gospel?
28:17 People come to me and they say,
28:20 "You make it too easy to be saved."
28:23 I want you to know I don't make it
28:26 too easy to be saved, God did.
28:28 Yes. Amen.
28:30 What's easier than the text "For God so loved the world
28:35 that He gave His son so that whoever believes in Him
28:39 shall not perish but have everlasting life"?
28:43 There is life for a look at the Crucified One,
28:47 there is life at this moment for thee,
28:50 then look, sinner, look and be saved, unto Him
28:54 who was nailed to the tree.
28:56 Any person can look.
29:00 You don't have to be wealthy to look.
29:02 You don't even have to be smart to be look.
29:06 Salvation is easy, salvation is free.
29:10 I want you to come over here
29:11 to the story of Elijah 1 Kings 18.
29:15 1 Kings 18.
29:17 I'm so glad we've got this lady tonight
29:19 who is helping me along.
29:21 That's a big blessing to me, it really is.
29:24 It really is. I'm so glad you're here.
29:28 1 Kings, 18:41 and onwards, notice this text.
29:34 "That Elijah said to Ahab, 'Get up eat and drink.
29:40 For there is the sound of abundance of rain.
29:43 Put it in your mind'.
29:46 So Ahab went up to eat and drink
29:48 and Elijah went up to the top of a Carmel,
29:51 then he bared down on the ground,
29:54 put his face between his knees and said to his servant,
29:58 'Go up now, look toward the sea'.
30:01 So he went up and looked and said 'There is nothing.'"
30:05 That's what people say, "There is nothing".
30:08 "Seven times he said go again, then it came to pass
30:12 the seventh time that he said, 'There is a cloud
30:14 as small as a man's hand rising out of the sea'.
30:19 So he said, 'Go up, say to Ahab,
30:22 prepare your chariot
30:24 and go down before the rain stops you.'
30:30 Now it happened in the meantime that the sky became
30:33 black with clouds, and wind, and there was heavy rain.
30:38 So Ahab rode away and went to Jezreel.
30:42 Then the hand of God came upon Elijah
30:45 and he girded up his lions
30:47 and ran ahead of Ahab to the entrance to Jezreel."
30:54 Listen to me, look at me, as I need to tell you.
30:58 In spite of the Ahabs and the Jezebels,
31:02 the rain is coming.
31:03 Amen. Amen.
31:05 Hear this?
31:06 In spite of the Ahabs and the Jezebels
31:09 in the political world, in the government,
31:12 and in the church, the rain is coming.
31:15 My message to you is this.
31:17 There is sound of abundance of rain.
31:21 Yes. Amen.
31:23 So it's going to come
31:26 and I've seen a foretaste of the latter rain.
31:30 Amen.
31:32 By water, number two, by blood,
31:37 and listen very carefully to this.
31:39 I won't say anything more important than this.
31:42 By blood,
31:45 John Stott a famous Church of England minister
31:49 wrote in his book, the "Cross of Christ",
31:53 "Unless the cross is the center of our religion,
31:58 it is not the religion of Jesus."
32:02 Lord, have mercy.
32:04 How many Christless sermons are preached
32:07 that don't even talk about the blood?
32:11 "Unless the cross is the center of our religion,
32:17 it's not the religion of Jesus."
32:24 Now, my friend, I know some people will take offence
32:29 when I say this, but I say it in love,
32:31 I say it because it is the truth,
32:34 and our blessed Lord said, "You will know the truth
32:38 and the truth will make you free"
32:41 and a true minister of God is not called to please
32:45 the congregation or the conference.
32:47 Did you hear this? Amen.
32:49 Amen. Are you listening to me?
32:50 A true man of God is not called to preach in such a way
32:55 that will necessarily
32:56 even please the general conference.
32:59 That's right. That's right.
33:00 A man of God is called not to please the people
33:04 but the God who sent him to preach.
33:06 Amen. Amen.
33:09 Now listen, we are saved by becoming members of the church
33:14 though I have baptized tens of thousands
33:17 who become members of the church.
33:20 We are not saved by the act of baptism.
33:25 Baptism simply is an outward indication
33:30 that God has touched my heart and I've been redeemed.
33:34 We're saved in one way, listen my friends,
33:38 let every person know this.
33:41 Let our Roman Catholic friends know this,
33:43 let the Baptists know this, let the Methodists know this,
33:46 let every person know this that we, Adventists,
33:51 in our hearts, at least we, who believe the bible,
33:54 we believe that we are saved by the blood of Jesus Christ.
33:58 Amen. Amen.
34:00 Now come over here to Ephesians 1:7
34:04 over in the New Testament, Galatians.
34:07 Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, Romans, Corinthians,
34:10 Galatians, Ephesians chapter 1.
34:13 I'm glad you have your Bibles.
34:16 Ephesians 1:7.
34:19 Dear hearts and gentle people, it says, Paul says,
34:23 "In Him, in Christ,
34:26 we have redemption through His blood,
34:30 the forgiveness of sins
34:32 according to the riches of his grace".
34:38 Let us read it again.
34:40 "In Him, we have redemption through His blood,
34:44 the forgiveness of sins
34:47 according to the riches of his grace."
34:52 Amen. Listen to this.
34:55 I say this to my fellow ministers,
34:58 I say to the leaders of the church, listen to this.
35:04 There is power in the blood of Jesus
35:08 to awaken the conscience,
35:10 to convict our sin, to stir the emotions, to
35:15 break the controlling power of sin in the life,
35:19 to justify the guilty,
35:22 and to cleanse from all unrighteousness.
35:25 Yes.
35:27 There is mighty power in the blood of Jesus.
35:31 How do I know it? Because I've seen it.
35:34 Praise the Lord.
35:37 Now, as I told you, I think last night,
35:40 God has taken me to Russia and Ukraine 46 times.
35:45 I've not gone because I like vacations.
35:49 It is not a vacation.
35:51 It is hard work.
35:53 Long days.
35:56 When I was there and my dear friend
35:59 Danny Shelton alluded to this
36:00 and Danny has been my friend now
36:02 for 28 years.
36:08 I had a vast audience of atheists
36:11 and members of the KGB.
36:15 I wondered, "How can I reach the hearts of these people?
36:22 This must be
36:23 the most difficult congregation in the world".
36:28 We were running three sessions a day,
36:32 3 o'clock, 5 o'clock, and 7 o'clock,
36:36 each time with about 7,000 people.
36:39 Atheists, unbelievers, men with their hands
36:44 that were stained crimson with the blood of the saints.
36:50 Glory be to God, I say this to His glory.
36:53 I believe I'm the only Protestant minister
36:56 who has ever preached to the KGB on two occasions.
37:01 They sent around their black Limousines
37:04 and took my team and I, took us there,
37:08 took us there
37:10 and asked me to preach the word of God to them.
37:12 Amen.
37:13 I wondered how can I reach the hearts
37:16 of all of these atheists,
37:18 these depressed people,
37:20 these people who had been brainwashed
37:22 by atheistic Marxism, Darwinian ideas,
37:27 the ideas of Nietzsche.
37:32 I had commissioned a great painting.
37:35 It was about 40 feet long and about 30 feet high.
37:40 Now I hung it up at front
37:41 without the great pictorial aids.
37:46 It was a picture of Christ on the cross
37:50 holding on to the nails.
37:54 Christ on the cross, His body lacerated,
38:00 and after preaching on the cross,
38:03 I turned to the Russian people and I said,
38:05 "I want you to look at the cross
38:07 because, Russia, this is your God.
38:13 This is your God.
38:16 This is the God who made you.
38:19 You're not an animal, you're not a machine,
38:22 you're a child of God,
38:24 and the God who made the universe came down
38:29 and was nailed by wicked men and women
38:33 to the cross
38:35 and died in agony bearing the sin of the world."
38:41 Now, I could've gone
38:43 and given splendid talks in psychology
38:46 and every other ideology.
38:50 It would've been so much heartier
38:53 but when I preached on the cross
38:56 and made an altar call in every session,
39:00 I would see 7,000 people
39:03 including the leaders of the KGB,
39:07 not walk down the front but run
39:11 and with their hands raised
39:13 crying to God for mercy.
39:16 Amen.
39:19 Where was the power?
39:22 The power is
39:23 in the blood of Jesus Christ.
39:30 Now I saw it in India, they told me there
39:32 it's absolutely futile.
39:36 The people in the church said to me,
39:37 "Well, firstly they won't come.
39:39 Secondly, if they do come, they won't stay
39:42 and even if they do stay they won't listen.
39:45 Don't spend time with those people.
39:48 They don't have the spirit of God".
39:51 But one night we had a vast crowd
39:53 as far as the eye could see of Hindus and Muslims.
40:00 Amen.
40:01 Hindus and Muslims.
40:03 When I preached on the cross,
40:07 and the spirit of God came upon me.
40:12 I made an altar call
40:15 and virtually the whole audience,
40:17 the Muslims and Hindus,
40:19 the whole audience was moved
40:22 and flooded down like a sea of humanity
40:27 with hands raised worshipping Christ.
40:30 Amen.
40:32 How do you explain that?
40:35 How do you explain it?
40:38 We are talking tonight about "by water."
40:42 That is a flood of water that's coming Holy Spirit.
40:45 Number 2, by blood.
40:50 There is power in the blood of Christ.
40:52 Amen.
40:55 That's what the church needs
40:57 and that's what the world needs.
40:58 Amen.
41:00 And Number 3, by fire.
41:03 The work of God will be finished by water,
41:06 by blood, and by fire.
41:10 I come to Acts, 2:1-3.
41:14 Acts, 2:1-3.
41:19 Dear hearts and gentle people,
41:24 "When the day of Pentecost was fully come,
41:28 they were all with one accord and one place.
41:31 Suddenly there came a sound from Heaven
41:34 as if a rushing mighty wind
41:37 and it filled the whole house where they were sitting.
41:40 Then there appeared to them divided tongues as a fire
41:45 and one sat upon each of them".
41:51 Fire is the symbol
41:54 of the spirit of God.
41:58 I want you to notice a text
42:00 which I will illustrate by contrast
42:03 in the Apocalypse Revelation 13:13.
42:09 Revelation 13:13.
42:16 Dear hearts and gentle people,
42:20 and this is a picture of the last days.
42:24 Revelation 13:13.
42:27 "He, the antichrist, performs great signs
42:32 so that he even makes
42:33 fire come down from heaven on the earth
42:35 in the sight of men".
42:37 What is this talking about?
42:40 This is talking about the antichrist.
42:43 The Bible says, in the last days
42:45 he is going to bring fire down from heaven to earth
42:48 in the sight of men.
42:49 This is an obvious allusion to whom?
42:54 Elijah.
42:57 Elijah, the prophet, the true prophet
42:59 brought down fire from heaven to earth in the sight of men.
43:03 The antichrist is going to counterfeit it.
43:10 But the Bible tells me
43:14 that God will answer the great delusion
43:19 of the false Pentecost
43:21 by a mighty outpouring of supernatural divine power
43:28 which will be the fire of God.
43:29 Amen.
43:31 So the Bible says in the last days,
43:34 "The fire, a representative of the spirit of God,
43:39 will come down on the people
43:41 and the Bible says in Revelation,
43:44 I think, it's 18,
43:45 and the earth was lightened with the glory of God.
43:50 The whole earth, and whole of America,
43:53 and the whole wide world
43:55 as far as you can imagine before the end of this world
44:01 is going to be illuminated
44:03 by the fire of the Spirit of God.
44:05 Amen. This is the Word of the Lord.
44:08 Come over here to Matthew chapter 3.
44:10 Now, I give you lots of text
44:12 because I believe in preaching the Bible.
44:14 The authority is the Bible.
44:17 I want you to know this. Don't forget this.
44:19 The authority is the Bible.
44:21 If you can't get it out of the bible,
44:23 then leave it alone.
44:25 This is true.
44:26 I'm talking about theology and doctrine.
44:28 People come to me and they quote this author
44:30 and this author.
44:31 I say, what does the Bible say?
44:33 "Oh, well, we don't really care."
44:34 I do care
44:35 because I believe in the great Protestant principle
44:39 and you should learn it, Solus Christus only Christ,
44:43 Solus Scriptura only scripture,
44:46 Solus Gratia only grace,
44:48 solus fide only faith.
44:50 That is the battle cry of the protestant reformation.
44:54 Amen.
44:55 And I'm a protestant, so I believe only Christ.
45:01 I don't worship or follow any Pope.
45:04 Amen.
45:06 I do not worship or follow any protestant church leader.
45:11 I follow Christ.
45:13 Solus Christus, Solus Scriptura,
45:17 only the Bible, the authority.
45:20 You know Ellen White believed exactly the same.
45:24 At the last General Conference
45:25 she held up a copy of the word of God
45:28 and she said, "I command to you the word of God."
45:35 So solus scriptura, Solus Gratia
45:38 which means only grace,
45:42 only grace.
45:44 Could we be saved in any other way
45:47 when you think what sinners we are?
45:53 Solus Gratia, Solus Fide, only faith.
45:58 So memorize it.
46:00 Take it home from camp.
46:02 Solus Christus, Solus Scriptura,
46:05 Solus Gratia, Solus Fide.
46:09 Now, I'm going to tell you something else
46:11 not to scandalize you,
46:14 but I tell it to you because I hope I'm honest
46:18 and I hope I'm true to God.
46:20 People come to me and they say,
46:22 "What is your religion?"
46:25 Let me tell you what I tell them.
46:28 And this may scandalize some of you.
46:30 If it does, then you have the problem.
46:34 Listen, what is your religion?
46:37 I say first and foremost I'm a Christian.
46:42 I follow Christ.
46:46 Solus Christus. I'm a Christian.
46:49 Secondly, I'm a protestant.
46:53 I do not follow I do not worship
46:56 a church organization.
46:59 I follow the Bible and the Word of God.
47:03 My authority is not the church, it's the Bible.
47:07 Amen. I'm a protestant.
47:10 And thirdly, I'm an Adventist.
47:14 Now if you get those words around the wrong way,
47:17 you'll neither be Adventist-Protestant,
47:20 or Christian.
47:23 And so our authority is the word of the Living God.
47:28 And if you go and read Great Controversy,
47:30 it was the authority of Ellen White.
47:33 Matthew 3:1 and onwards, 'In those days John the Baptist
47:37 came preaching in the wilderness of Judea
47:40 and saying,
47:42 'Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.'
47:44 For this is he who is spoken of
47:46 by the prophet Isaiah saying,
47:48 'The voice of one crying in the wilderness,
47:50 prepare the way for the Lord, make his path straight.'"
47:54 Then come down a little bit further
47:56 and John says in verse 11,
47:59 "I indeed baptize you with water and repentance,
48:03 but He, who is coming after me is mightier than I,
48:06 whose sandals I'm not worthy to carry.
48:09 He will baptize you
48:11 with the Holy Spirit and with fire."
48:16 So the Bible tells me
48:18 that Christ is going to baptize these people
48:21 with the Holy Spirit and with fire.
48:24 Amen.
48:25 Fire illuminates.
48:30 If you are in a dark place, fire illuminates.
48:34 In Australia, I have a dear friend
48:37 Dr. John Hammond,
48:40 who told me how he was brought up.
48:42 His parents were missionaries, I believe in Boneo.
48:47 And one night he and his father
48:48 were out in the jungle.
48:51 They'd been out to deliver a little baby.
48:54 His father was a doctor.
48:56 And as they we're coming back, the sun went down like thunder
49:02 and there was blackness.
49:04 And there was a river running along beside the path,
49:08 and as they walked along beside the path
49:11 they could hear a sliding slippery sound
49:15 and then a plop.
49:19 They were the giant king cobras
49:21 coming down from the mountain,
49:23 crossing the grassy path,
49:26 and dropping into the stream.
49:30 Back home, Mrs. Hammond and the rest of the family
49:33 were praying for Dr. Hammond and her boy John.
49:37 "Save him, they're late getting home."
49:41 And as she was praying for them,
49:43 as they were walking along on this path in Boneo,
49:47 all of a sudden there was a blaze of light.
49:53 And John had his leg up like this
49:57 and there on the path beneath his trembling foot
50:01 was a great king cobra.
50:05 And his father said, holding the shotgun,
50:07 "John, don't move, I'll kill it
50:10 but he said not now, I may miss and kill you."
50:15 He said, "My son, stand firm and do not move.
50:20 Keep your foot raised."
50:23 And then all of a sudden out of nowhere
50:25 from a cloudless sky,
50:27 there came a burst of lightening
50:30 and it illuminated the scene,
50:33 and the doctor blew the head of the snake.
50:37 God sent the light when he needed the light.
50:40 Amen.
50:41 And fire, my friend, gives you light
50:44 and what we need is the fire of the spirit of God.
50:49 God's fire warms.
50:53 God's spirit is not like a fake fire
50:58 that looks good but is cold.
51:01 You've seen those fake fires and those fake flames.
51:06 Some people have got a fake fire.
51:12 God's fire warms the soul.
51:15 Let me tell you about a man, the man with the shining face.
51:20 We just had a huge baptism in Russia.
51:24 I was standing beside the road on the street
51:27 watching the crowd go by.
51:29 I was somewhat overwhelmed by what had happened.
51:32 I thought to myself, "Could this all be true?
51:35 Is this right?"
51:36 And then I saw a man coming along out of the crowd.
51:39 He was across the road.
51:41 And then he came and crossed the road to me
51:44 but as he was coming along, he stood out in the crowd
51:48 because his face was on fire.
51:50 His face was shining.
51:53 It was shining with the Spirit of God.
51:59 The Spirit of God illuminates
52:02 and God's fire brings the power upon the church,
52:08 power to live and power to go.
52:12 Many years ago,
52:13 there was an Indian man going through a museum
52:16 and there was a tremendous locomotive.
52:20 It was marvelous.
52:21 It was all shiny.
52:24 It was all greased up.
52:26 It was well oiled.
52:28 And the Indian man looked it over and they said,
52:31 "What do you think about it?"
52:32 He said it's wonderful but no fire inside.
52:38 There was no fire inside.
52:40 There was no fire inside, it was dead.
52:44 Now we're gonna have
52:45 a magnificent church organization,
52:47 it can be polished and it can be shiny
52:50 but what the church needs, my friend,
52:53 is fire inside.
52:55 Amen.
52:56 We need the fire of God.
52:59 Let me give you a testimony.
53:02 In Russia, sometimes I would be weary and frayed
53:07 preaching all day.
53:09 You know, I'm still going and I'm no longer a boy.
53:12 Sometimes in Russia I'd be wearied and frayed
53:15 and all my strength would be gone.
53:18 Let me tell you this.
53:21 This is the truth.
53:22 I know what I'm talking about
53:24 'cause this has happened to me.
53:25 I would be feeling nervously exhausted.
53:28 I would be feeling hungry.
53:30 I would be feeling fatigued.
53:33 And as I would walk out on the stage
53:37 to preach to a vast audience of men and women
53:40 who were dying,
53:42 as I would walk out,
53:45 I would feel
53:48 the mantle of His power come upon me
53:52 and I would have fire inside.
53:54 Amen.
53:55 How would I feel?
53:58 Relaxed.
54:00 I would feel warm.
54:05 I would be based and immersed in love.
54:10 People would say,
54:12 my team would say, "It's happened again.
54:16 He's got fire inside."
54:17 Amen.
54:19 And as I would walk off the stage,
54:21 as I would literally walk off the stage,
54:27 it would lift off me
54:30 and I'd be weak again.
54:36 By water,
54:38 by blood,
54:40 and by fire.
54:41 Amen.
54:43 God's work would be finished by water,
54:48 by blood, and by fire.
54:56 Let me say this to you.
55:00 As an old whitehead preacher of the gospel,
55:04 I've been preaching now fulltime for 54 years.
55:09 Amen. Mm-hm.
55:12 Praise the Lord.
55:15 I've experienced the water, I've experienced the blood,
55:20 and I've experienced the fire.
55:24 How many in this tremendous audience
55:27 here at 3ABN in Southern Illinois
55:30 in the United States of America,
55:32 how many here tonight would say,
55:34 "I want to be covered by the blood of Jesus"?
55:37 Raise your hands.
55:38 Amen.
55:39 I want to be covered Lord by the blood of Jesus.
55:42 When I'm under the blood of Jesus, my friend,
55:45 I'm safe, I'm secure, and I'm saved.
55:50 Amen.
55:51 I want to be covered by the blood
55:53 and, Lord, I want the water of the Spirit of God.
56:00 Put your hands up.
56:01 I want the flood to come down upon Lake Eyre.
56:05 I want the birds to come.
56:08 I want the desert to rejoice and blossom as the roads.
56:13 I want the water.
56:15 And who wants with this old preacher?
56:19 Who wants to have fire inside for Jesus?
56:23 Put both your hands up.
56:25 Lord, I want the blood
56:30 and I want the water,
56:32 and I want fire inside.
56:35 Hallelujah. Hallelujah.
56:37 Hallelujah.
56:38 Praise God. Praise God.
56:40 Mine eyes have seen the glory.
56:45 Now...
56:48 I want to bring you to God.
56:50 Please bear your heads.
56:54 My Father, we just thank you.
56:56 We worship you, we bless you, and we praise you.
57:00 We thank you that our needs are met in Christ.
57:03 We thank you for giving us the Holy Bible.
57:06 We thank you
57:08 that we are members of your church.
57:11 Wash us in the blood,
57:14 fill us with the water of the spirit
57:17 and, dear Father, give us fire inside, please,
57:22 for Jesus' sake.
57:24 Amen. Amen.
57:26 Amen. Amen. Amen.
57:28 Praise God. Praise God.
57:30 Hallelujah. Hallelujah.


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