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00:41 Hello and welcome to 3ABN Fall Camp Meeting.
00:44 I can't believe Mollie Sue and Yvonne
00:46 and the rest of you that Fall is here officially.
00:50 Now in southern Illinois it hasn't felt like it
00:52 till today. This morning was a little cool
00:54 but it's been just like summer. But I love it!
00:57 I would like Fall except I know Winter's coming.
00:59 That's true. And so it's beautiful with all the colors
01:02 and all of those things.
01:03 But thank you for joining us those of you at home
01:06 and for those of you who have traveled...
01:08 and I know some of you quite a few miles.
01:10 And as the weekend begins to continue here -
01:14 we get tomorrow and Friday night and Sabbath -
01:16 we're going to have a packed house here.
01:19 And we've got some great speakers. Elder John Bradshaw
01:23 is our featured speaker. We have a number of others
01:26 here... not that ya'll are "unfeatured" but
01:28 we won't go through that tonight.
01:30 And then we have on Sabbath a special guest:
01:33 Little Richard. Yeah... that's right, 'cause
01:35 in town... Mollie, has anybody noticed this besides me?
01:40 We'll say... We'll be at a market or somewhere
01:42 and say: "Oh, it's something about 3ABN. "
01:44 We'll say: "Why don't you come out this Sabbath?
01:48 Eleven o'clock Little Richard's going to be there. "
01:50 And they'll go: "Who? " "Little Richard. "
01:52 "THE Little Richard? " We say: "Yes! " And they
01:55 say: "Like the singer? " One lady said:
01:59 "Like the guy who gets up on the pianos? "
02:00 I said: "Not any more. "
02:02 "At 84 years young he doesn't get on the piano any more. "
02:05 But yes, he's going to be here. What an incredible testimony!
02:08 We interviewed him. Oh, he was incredible
02:11 and so transformed by the power of God.
02:14 So transformed. I'm super excited.
02:17 For those who didn't see the interview,
02:19 you're going to be so blessed by what he says.
02:21 It's a blessing. Amen! So we're planning on having
02:24 a great weekend together. And for those of you who've
02:26 driven a long ways or flown here
02:28 it's going to be a great Camp Meeting. A very spiritual
02:30 Camp Meeting. Amen! And we get to know each other better.
02:33 We get to draw closer to the Holy Spirit.
02:35 For those of you at home, if you have an opportunity -
02:39 we don't know where you're you're from - catch a plane,
02:41 get a car... whatever you've got... a bicycle
02:43 and come and join us here at 3ABN.
02:47 We're excited today. We just had a board meeting.
02:49 Brian: come up here a minute.
02:51 He's our treasurer. You can tell how a board meeting goes
02:55 by looking at the treasurer's face.
02:57 Anybody know what I mean? Am I making that up?
03:00 OK, look: several people agree with me on this.
03:02 This was a happy day. It's a happy day?
03:04 Yeah. All right. Well, you know, Danny,
03:07 my step-father, Lyndon McNeilus,
03:10 told me in my youth. He said:
03:12 "The gospel never goes forward without determined opposition. "
03:16 Oh... OK. And that is true.
03:19 And for 3ABN, we are on the front lines of the battle
03:24 for proclaiming the gospel to all the world. That's right!
03:26 And so we get more than our share of opposition. OK.
03:31 But at this board meeting we could give a report
03:33 on God's marked blessing - OK - on 3ABN
03:38 and what we are doing to spread the gospel.
03:41 And so we could take joy in His power
03:44 to overcome opposition.
03:46 And that was neat. That was just a great time we had together.
03:50 Absolutely. See, it must have been a good board meeting
03:53 and things must be going well 'cause he's smiling.
03:56 That tells you a lot. Mollie Sue...
03:58 Well, I like the word that he said: determined opposition.
04:02 But you know what? We're even more determined!
04:04 That's right! And we are deter- mined because we are overcomers.
04:07 And God has shown Himself so faithful, hasn't He, Danny,
04:11 Yvonne? So faithful to this ministry.
04:13 Over the last few years specifically, I guess
04:16 I'm thinking about, but for the last 33 years
04:19 God continues to show Himself faithful.
04:22 And you know what the litmus test is? All those souls
04:26 that are coming out of darkness and into light.
04:29 We praise God for that!
04:31 All right. Now we made some changes today
04:35 in the board meeting and people in different positions.
04:39 And maybe you should introduce a couple and tell us what
04:41 their new positions are. I would love to!
04:43 We have a general vice presi- dent. His name is Greg Morikone.
04:48 Greg. And we also have a corporate secretary.
04:53 Now these are corporate officers of 3ABN.
04:58 And the corporate secretary is none other than Jill Morikone.
05:02 All right! So we are continuing to grow.
05:05 Danny, more people are coming in to put their shoulders
05:08 under the weight of this ministry to help us carry it
05:11 and we praise God for that. Amen!
05:12 Greg or Jill: give us a little word over here.
05:16 They're instant in season and out of season.
05:19 We are now!
05:20 You know, it's a blessing to be a part of the ministry of 3ABN,
05:23 isn't it? I mean, you guys are team members as well.
05:25 So Jill and I are so blessed to be a part of 3ABN.
05:29 It's interesting... Just yesterday I was telling Jill
05:31 today at lunch time... Eighteen years ago,
05:34 so September 27, 1999,
05:37 I stepped foot into the offices of 3ABN
05:41 right over here. And it's just neat. You know,
05:44 you don't know where God's going to lead you in anything
05:46 that we do, right? All God is asking us to do
05:49 is to be faithful, right? In whatever that is.
05:52 And so we're all a part of the spreading of the gospel
05:55 around the world, and what a privilege it is.
05:57 So it's a blessing. Jill and I love being here at 3ABN.
06:00 It's a tremendous blessing. But it's a blessing to meet
06:03 each one of you. It really is because you're part of the
06:06 3ABN family. So we're blessed to be here.
06:09 Amen! Greg came to 3ABN because he was called of God
06:13 to come here. And I wish I could say that
06:15 but I came here because of him.
06:17 And that's a good reason. She was called of God
06:20 to come here 'cause I needed her!
06:21 She just didn't know it at the time.
06:24 I needed her badly. I was a bachelor cook.
06:26 Oh, she's changed my life WAY POSITIVE!
06:30 So anyways... when I
06:35 When I came I just came because I loved him
06:38 and I knew that God had called us together in marriage
06:41 and I thought "Well, that meant ministry, too. "
06:43 But I wasn't really sure what that meant here.
06:46 But I love the ministry of 3ABN because it changes lives!
06:51 We hear of letters, we hear phone calls,
06:53 we hear from people all over the world
06:56 whose lives are changed and touched for eternity.
06:58 Just tonight I met this couple right here.
07:01 And they are brand new baptized Seventh-day Adventist
07:06 Christians because of the ministry of 3ABN.
07:11 That's what this ministry does, and what an incredible
07:14 privilege to have a part in this ministry. Wow!
07:17 Where are you from? Where ya'll from?
07:19 Des Moines, IA. Des Moines, IA. All right! Praise the Lord!
07:22 Welcome to the family for sure. Amen!
07:25 Thank you. Brother Bruce. We have the chairman of our board.
07:30 Bruce and Jacki. Jacki, you can come up too.
07:33 Don't be bashful just 'cause I am.
07:36 Give us the word, Bruce.
07:38 Our picture's a lot better with Jacki in it.
07:41 Amen! Yeah!
07:46 As with Danny and Mollie, what they said about
07:51 Greg and Jill. No company goes forward without
07:56 undermanagement coming up.
07:58 And Greg and Jill have been in the trenches here
08:01 learning different jobs and different aspects
08:03 of this, and I have great confidence in them.
08:06 I'm thankful that they've accepted the call
08:08 that they have. Amen! And I praise Jesus for this ministry.
08:11 Jacki and I have a couple of radio stations
08:15 that run 24 hours a day. One Spanish and one English
08:18 from 3ABN. And we're very thankful
08:20 that that's going on, 'cause while we're sleeping
08:22 the good news is being spread.
08:25 Not just in our little hometown
08:27 but around the world that's going on.
08:30 And each one of us standing here and out there
08:33 and everyone that works here at 3ABN is part of that.
08:37 It's just an... Just think about you - your donation -
08:40 is putting someone to work 24 hours a day
08:43 spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.
08:45 Thank you very much. Honey, tell them what you think.
08:48 I am very thankful to be here tonight...
08:51 for the opportunity. And I praise the Lord
08:55 for bringing all of you here. And thank you for coming.
08:59 Thank you for loving Jesus.
09:00 Brenda, tell us quickly what's happening with you.
09:04 The whirlwind we call her. All right.
09:06 Well, I am really excited because... and I'll give you
09:09 more of an update tomorrow night... but a lot of things
09:11 have been happening - moving and shaking -
09:12 for Kids Network. And I've got some exciting updates
09:15 for you. I've also been busy in speaking
09:19 in churches all around the world. I've been to many of
09:21 your neighborhoods if you're watching.
09:23 And I'm excited because week after next
09:29 I'm going to be doing a Week of Prayer.
09:30 I don't get to go very often to do a whole Week of Prayer
09:33 at a school. But it just so happens that my son-in-law
09:37 is the principal of the Holland Adventist Academy.
09:41 And when he took that job this year
09:43 he said: "Can we get Miss Brenda to come? "
09:46 And of course, I'm going to go support.
09:48 So I'm going to be there for the whole Week of Prayer.
09:51 And I'm really excited about that.
09:52 All right. We're glad you're here, too.
09:54 Roy, what's happening? Today you had some good reports.
09:57 Roy and Earlenne, tell the folk what you do
10:01 and maybe they want to talk to you.
10:03 Well, we sure hope so 'cause we love to see the smiling faces
10:07 that are out here in our audience.
10:10 And we know that the audience and our listeners on the radio
10:15 are smiling. And we know that because of the donations
10:20 that come in and also the annuities, charitable gift
10:24 annuities and the trusts that are written.
10:27 And we had the pleasure of writing a $500,000 annuity
10:33 yesterday. Amen!
10:35 And that's something that we say "Praise the Lord!
10:38 every time. That's good. Pastor John and Angie.
10:41 Give us a word. Well, they told me "step forward in the light. "
10:46 And you know, when we look at 3ABN Camp Meeting
10:51 we pause and ask ourselves: "How long has it been? "
10:54 And now it's been 14 years that we have been here.
10:59 Time flies when you're having fun... blessed.
11:03 And so we don't know what the future holds
11:06 but we do know that God holds the future.
11:08 Amen! But what I like about this ministry is
11:10 that from the very inception till now...
11:14 A few months ago I did a sermon called: "Why? "
11:18 This ministry has not forgotten why it exists.
11:21 And when you don't forget why you exist
11:25 you have a continued purpose for existence.
11:28 And so no matter what the year is Danny will always say
11:32 "We exist to preach an un- diluted three angels' messages:
11:38 one that will counteract the counterfeit. "
11:40 And that shapes everything we do.
11:43 This is not a ministry that apologizes for a straight
11:46 message. Can I get an amen for that?
11:48 Because we're too close to the end to meander in the maze
11:51 of mediocrity as I said to someone earlier.
11:53 So thank you, Danny, for even allowing the Lord to
11:56 put our names in your mind
11:59 to be a part of a ministry that will one day
12:02 if we continue to be faithful we'll hear the words: "Well done
12:05 thou good and faithful servant. " So, anything, Honey?
12:10 I'm just honored to be a part of this ministry and I praise
12:14 God to be here at 3ABN.
12:17 This is the movers and shakers of the world, right?
12:20 And so I'm honored and thankful. I work for 3ABN Radio.
12:24 And I'm so happy to be working there.
12:29 And remember Jay Christian in your prayers.
12:32 He's going through treatments right now and just remember him.
12:36 He's our fearless leader for radio.
12:39 And we thank you for your prayers. Amen.
12:41 Amen. Shelley and J.D. What have ya'll got to...
12:45 J.D., you're doing some great new venture. What are you doing?
12:48 Well I am very very fortunate that I'm getting to call
12:52 people like yourself. In fact, I see some people
12:54 out here that I've talked to.
12:56 You know, there are a lot of people that love the Lord
13:00 with all their heart. And when you love something
13:02 you put your money where your mouth is.
13:04 And there are so many people that actually donate to 3ABN
13:09 and I'm having the opportunity to call these people.
13:12 And you are these people.
13:14 And it just absolutely just...
13:17 I cannot believe the response that we're getting because
13:21 they're just so pleased that someone is calling them
13:23 thanking them for what they are doing.
13:26 And then, of course, we always have prayer.
13:28 Amen!
13:30 Well, J.D. and I thank God every day...
13:33 We pray all the way to work and we're always so thankful
13:36 that we get to live a life of purpose and for the privilege
13:39 of being here. Every year Danny announces
13:43 at our Day of Prayer when we get all of the
13:48 company together and we pray. But he announces a theme
13:53 for the year. Last year it was Year of Evangelism...
13:56 Evangelism. This year it is the Year of Sacrifice.
14:01 So you will notice that is actually our theme for this
14:04 Camp Meeting is Sacrifice: His and Ours.
14:08 And this is something that I just want to thank
14:12 everybody who is a member of the GO! Evangelistic Team.
14:18 Thank you for what you're doing in your neighborhoods
14:22 passing out the information that we send,
14:25 the resources that we send you.
14:27 And thank you for your support because this is a team effort.
14:32 We couldn't do what we do without you.
14:35 And so we thank you all so very much.
14:38 We love you. Thank you.
14:40 Brother Kenny and Chris: you guys have been on the road
14:44 for the last few weeks. Give us a little update.
14:46 Well, we've enjoyed ourself. It's been quite an honor
14:49 to be able to be in service of the King.
14:52 We do believe that He's coming soon.
14:54 We believe we're in the last hours of earth's history.
14:56 We believe that we need to be doing everything
14:58 we possibly can to hasten His coming. Amen!
15:01 So that's why we're very grateful and thankful to be
15:04 part of 3ABN. We feel like that from the bottom of our heart.
15:08 Very grateful and thankful to have the opportunity to get
15:10 the message to the world.
15:13 I think about that every day.
15:14 We thank God for it every day. Yes!
15:16 And it still like goes over my head. I keep thinking
15:19 this message is going around the world!
15:21 People are accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.
15:25 And that's all around the world 24/7.
15:27 So what a blessing that is. I'm still just "addled" by it
15:31 and very grateful and thankful to God
15:33 that He's keeping us busy.
15:35 Glad to be part of the family of God
15:37 and certainly part of this family here. We love each one.
15:40 And we love you! So nice to see people
15:42 that we saw at the Spring Camp Meeting and so on.
15:45 And so we're glad that you're here and glad you joined us
15:48 at home. Amen! Amen! What a blessing to be a part
15:52 of God's... There is no better work... NO BETTER WORK
15:56 than to be working for our Lord and Savior!
15:58 And brothers and sisters, we are seeing things happening
16:01 in this world that we never dreamt about.
16:04 And it just is another sign showing us
16:07 that our time is short and we don't have time to get old.
16:10 We don't have time to get sick.
16:12 We've gotta keep going and get fast.
16:14 Many of you know, 2017... Why did she look at me
16:17 when she said old?
16:19 I saw that.
16:21 You know, 2017 started out as a very very rough year.
16:26 And my brother and sister here, they were with us
16:29 and we grieved and we cried.
16:31 And we didn't know if God was finished with us yet.
16:34 But one thing that the Lord told Pastor Kenny
16:37 in the middle of the night... He said: "Kenny,
16:40 you shall not die but you SHALL live to proclaim the gospel. "
16:45 And by God's grace we are seeing that being restored.
16:49 And God is the restorer of all things.
16:51 And bit by bit He is doing that.
16:54 And we're so grateful 'cause we're not ready to lay down
16:57 and quit just yet. Amen! Amen!
17:00 Yeah, they've been gone the last several weeks ministering.
17:03 We almost sent search and rescue for you.
17:05 But we found out everything was OK.
17:07 I might add you didn't do that but you sure went over
17:10 and mowed my yard when I needed it.
17:12 Well that's all right... needed to be done.
17:14 By the way, I'm going to be in Russia for a whole week
17:16 Kenny. We're leaving Sunday...
17:20 this Sunday and we'll be gone for eight days.
17:24 Anyway... Well, you know, brother thing.
17:27 You know how we do.
17:29 Dr. Murray: give us some good words.
17:32 You know, God is so good. Twelve and a half years ago
17:36 we used to say: "How do you get to 3ABN? "
17:39 "You go to nowhere... make a left. "
17:43 And now it occurs to me that the gospel is going from nowhere
17:47 to everywhere. All right! And God is blessing.
17:50 Irma's not with me tonight. She's home "doping up" on
17:53 Goldenseal and Echinacea.
17:55 She got a little scratch in her throat.
17:57 But over the last couple of weeks she's heard her name
17:59 called more than ever in her life.
18:01 Someone left a message on her phone: "Irma, you're tearing
18:04 my house apart. " Hurricane Irma was going through.
18:06 "You're tearing my world apart; you need to slow down, Irma. "
18:10 And I said: "You know, you do need to slow down. "
18:13 But you can't slow down for the Lord because these are
18:15 the last days. And we are all convicted that there's just
18:19 time enough to do the work of God...
18:22 to get the work of God done.
18:24 And as I look at this wonderful group of people
18:26 nobody is here by accident.
18:28 And you are not here by accident.
18:30 We are all ordained of, called by,
18:32 and assigned to a task by God.
18:36 And if we will but do our job,
18:39 just do what's in front of you,
18:41 Jesus will come and we can go home.
18:43 Because as much fun as Camp Meeting is here
18:47 it doesn't hold a candle to that great Camp Meeting in the sky.
18:51 Right! And we want to get there and be part of that.
18:54 Yvonne? One of the things that I love about 3ABN
18:58 is that it is truly a channel of blessing.
19:00 So you don't just see "3ABNers" on 3ABN.
19:05 You see all different ministries coming together
19:09 with the truth, with the message that Jesus is coming
19:13 back. We have all kinds of programming that really meets
19:18 people where they are. And so I am so thankful
19:21 to be a part of this family and we are a team.
19:24 I feel like this is a family.
19:27 We are all part of God's family.
19:29 And we all have a work to do.
19:32 And that's why we're here now and that's why you're here.
19:36 It's not a coincidence that you're here right now.
19:39 God ordained for you to be here tonight.
19:42 And so we're just thankful for you; we love you!
19:45 We're thankful that you watch and support 3ABN.
19:48 And we solicit your continued support of 3ABN
19:51 so that we can get the gospel out to a lost and dying world.
19:55 Amen... Amen. I'm going to give you a little
19:59 little example of some... You think about this for a minute.
20:02 What if I told you that...
20:05 Well, let's say you got a nice car.
20:07 I don't know what kind of car you got.
20:08 Let's just say it's a Cadillac; you got a nice Cadillac.
20:11 All right. Somebody said "uh-huh" behind me.
20:13 OK. You got a nice Cadillac.
20:16 And I said to you: "I'm going to buy that Cadillac
20:19 from you. I'll give you more than probably what it'll
20:23 appraise for and I'll let you keep it for 5 years,
20:27 maybe 8 years. And you can own it. You can do everything
20:31 that you did. You don't even have to pay your gas.
20:36 You don't have to pay when it needs repaired. "
20:39 Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?
20:42 Right? "It's your car but I'm going to buy it from you
20:45 but I'm going just to let you use it just like you always did
20:48 at no cost. " How many would do that?
20:50 That's not a trick question. How many would do it?
20:53 If you're not raising your hands up maybe you don't have one.
20:55 So right? 'Cause I know we're all thinkers.
20:58 So I know sometimes we set you up.
21:00 Well, that's what happened to us. We've been praying
21:03 the last several years. We said: "Lord, we have been spending
21:06 more money that's coming in. We really need something. "
21:09 And without going into the detail, we've have someone...
21:11 We have some downlink stations that are free to air.
21:14 Has nothing to do with Dish Network and cable and satellite.
21:18 For free to air stations in different cities.
21:20 We had some people come to us and said: "I'll buy a number of
21:24 these. We'll buy them from you and we'll give you what you're
21:27 asking for them but we'll let you keep them.
21:30 Only we'll pay all your upkeep. We'll pay... Which is almost
21:35 get this: $75,000 a month. Wow!
21:39 I'm going to get out. I don't think they heard me.
21:41 All right. $75,000 a month!
21:45 OK... they heard; they heard.
21:49 They heard. But they said: "We're going to let you
21:52 stay on the air. You use it like you always did.
21:55 But if anything goes wrong with the tower, the antenna,
21:58 the maintenance, the transmitters, we'll fix them.
22:01 But you stay on the air for free. "
22:04 Now how many of you would sell those stations?
22:06 Now... does that sound like a "God thing? "
22:09 Amen! That's what happened already
22:11 and the money is in the bank.
22:13 So God made up the difference. We said: "By the end of the
22:15 year... " For years we've said: "We always end up in the black.
22:19 We've never been in debt. We won't borrow money;
22:20 we won't beg for money. " The last several years
22:23 have been a struggle, and guess what God is doing.
22:24 He's putting us right back where He always did
22:27 in ways that you wouldn't believe.
22:29 So... it's amazing! Amen!
22:32 You know, it reminds me... Last Camp Meeting
22:35 we were able to announce to the whole world
22:38 that we were going on all over Europe,
22:40 Uganda and other areas of the world where God,
22:45 just by the power of His Spirit, had miraculously got us on
22:50 where multiple millions of people were hearing the gospel
22:53 that couldn't hear it before.
22:54 And now... this Camp Meeting: something good always happens!
22:59 And now we're telling you that once again,
23:01 God has moved mightily on our behalf.
23:04 We're continuing to be on and God is just blessing us
23:09 abundantly. Amen! I want to make one statement...
23:11 correction. Now get this: Some of the leases...
23:14 like when we are on television stations...
23:17 we lease a tower and we pay the rent and what have you.
23:20 Some of those are like $3,500 a month.
23:23 Well with the latest these new stations
23:27 they just bought, I said: "We don't pay anything.
23:30 It's now a station is $100 a month. "
23:35 One station is $100 a month so 13 stations = $1,300 a month.
23:40 That would have been thousands and thousands and thousands
23:43 of dollars and still on the air. I'm telling you:
23:45 God is still in the business. Yes! Because who wouldn't want?
23:48 Now let me ask you again: if you got a beautiful car
23:52 and you're making payments on it and I said: "Let me buy that car
23:55 and you use it. It's your car. I'll have nothing to do with it.
23:58 I'll pay all your gas; I'll pay your insurance.
24:01 If anything goes wrong with it, I'll fix it. "
24:03 How many would accept that offer? Amen! All right!
24:05 Now look at all the hands that went up!
24:09 Ah!
24:12 You know, of course I'm speaking theoretically.
24:18 As my dad said... he used to say...
24:21 We'd say: "Dad we need lunch money. We're going to school.
24:24 You got any lunch money? " He'd say: "Boys, I'd love to
24:26 give you some money but I am financially embarrassed. "
24:29 He would say. So that meant: no, we didn't have any money.
24:32 So I'm financially embarrassed, Bruce.
24:36 Anyway... But you get the idea.
24:38 God is so good! And she said: "Putting us
24:41 on areas... We used to pay $34,000 a month
24:44 to reach into Europe to several million homes.
24:48 Now it's costing us a few thousand a month
24:53 to reach almost 2/3 of all the people in the whole UK.
24:58 That's people in the inner cities. People in London
25:01 that we never could reach when were were there just 2 years ago
25:04 saying: "Lord, how are we going to reach all these people? "
25:06 It was impossible to buy time, Christian foreigners,
25:10 to buy time for a Christian station just 2-3 years ago
25:14 or so. And now God opened that up
25:17 and we're on these stations - several channels -
25:20 24/7 reaching approximately 2/3 of all the people in the UK.
25:24 I mean, is that? Is somebody with me or is that exciting?
25:27 Amen! That's called God.
25:30 That's called God.
25:32 Well guess what? We're all in this together.
25:34 We're all family. We're all in this together.
25:36 We couldn't do it without you. Without your love,
25:39 your prayers, your financial support.
25:41 But we're all soldiers and we're all on the front lines
25:45 of the gospel. So thank you at home for what you do.
25:47 All of you here. Tim, we need to sing something.
25:49 What are we going to sing? Let's do Onward Christian Soldiers.
25:51 Let's see if we can get it up on the screen,, OK?
25:53 All right. If you don't know the words, lip it...
25:56 act like you do, right?
26:55 Amen! Just a little while we'll be going home, right?
26:58 Yes! Just a little while. I saw a great group of...
27:00 probably the greatest group of young people in the history
27:03 of the world are right back here in this corner.
27:05 Raise your hands back there. We've got NAPS group with us!
27:08 They come here. Camp Meeting would not be the same
27:13 without NAPS. And I'm going to ask everybody to do something.
27:16 I'm going to ask you when you see these young folk
27:18 walking around, just walk up... You say: "Lord, what would You
27:21 have me do? " and just write them a check.
27:23 I promise you the money that you give to this group
27:25 will be... 100% of it goes to the gospel.
27:29 So you think about it. We don't need an offering...
27:31 take up an offering here or there.
27:33 We can do that for them, too, if you don't.
27:35 Forgive me for this. I was at a church one time...
27:39 Years ago we used to sing gospel music.
27:43 Tommy and Melody's mother before her accident.
27:47 And we were singing together and we were in a church...
27:49 it was a Pentecostal church.
27:51 And the pastor was so glad to have us.
27:53 "The Shelton Trio is here tonight! "
27:55 We got through singing, NAPS, and he said: "Now let's take up
27:58 an offering for the Shelton Trio. "
28:00 So, that's normal... they do. They took up an offering.
28:03 He sat up there and he counted it. He said: "That's not good
28:05 enough. We're going to take up another one. "
28:07 So he said: "These folk came all the way... " We came 6 miles!
28:11 "They came all the way here from their home
28:14 and we're going to do some more. " So they took up
28:17 another offering. They took up the third...
28:20 So he started saying: "You know what? I'm going to
28:22 take up one more offering and if it's not a good one
28:25 I know those of you who have money in my church
28:27 and I'm going to call you by name!
28:29 So... If you don't want me to call you by name,
28:32 you give a good offering. " We got a good offering that time!
28:35 So I don't want to call any of you by name, but for NAPS
28:38 over here I probably would. So this group of young folk:
28:42 they're the best in the world. They are used by God
28:45 to do great and mighty and marvelous things.
28:47 They're going to be giving a testimony a little bit later on.
28:50 All right. Why don't we have a good prayer, C.A.?
28:53 Another prayer for this whole Camp Meeting.
28:55 Then we're going to have Bro. Tim Parton bless us
28:57 in some music. Shall we pray? Father God,
29:00 we do not now solicit Your presence and Your blessing
29:05 because FEEL Your presence and Your blessing.
29:09 We just ask that You would be the honored guest.
29:13 Would you, dear God, be pleased
29:16 to accept our prayers, our preaching,
29:20 our singing, and our worship?
29:24 And in exchange for these give us Your presence
29:29 and Your power. Oh, dear Father,
29:32 bless all that happens here over these next several days.
29:37 But more than that, may a fire be lit in each of our hearts
29:42 that will burn brightly and ever brightly
29:47 as the darkness seeks to close in.
29:50 Help us, Lord, to shine for Jesus
29:54 and to keep on shining until the light in our souls
29:59 is reflected in the light in Your eyes
30:03 as we see You face to blessed face.
30:07 Keep us, Lord, faithful. Loving You,
30:11 working for You, walking with You,
30:14 holding on to Your unchanging hand
30:18 until You take us from labor to reward,
30:23 from trial to triumph
30:26 to the day we see You in glory.
30:30 And we thank you, Father, for what You're going to do
30:34 over these next several days in answer to the prayer of faith.
30:38 In Jesus' name, Amen and Amen.
30:42 All right. We're blessed to have Bro. Tim Parton.
30:45 He's the director/general manager of our music channel.
30:50 Praise Him! And Yvonne, Tim won't say this about himself
30:55 and I'm glad he doesn't. But we know that he's one of the most
30:59 gifted musicians in the world, actually.
31:02 And what a blessing to have him here!
31:03 And he loves Jesus, and he always has such an
31:06 up-beat spirit. And so we're so thankful for you, Tim,
31:09 and what you do for the cause of God
31:11 and the gifts that God has given you and you share
31:14 for the Master. Amen! Thank you so much. Thank you, Danny.
31:17 It is a privilege of mine to be a part of the team
31:20 here at 3ABN. I'm very humbled by what they allow me to do
31:25 as far as music. And we're finding that
31:27 music... the scientists are saying that music has such
31:31 a vital role in Alzheimer's,
31:37 in diseases of the mind.
31:40 And it's such an amazing thing that we read in the Bible
31:45 about David singing way back when.
31:50 And he knew that there was something about music
31:56 that soothed Saul's soul.
32:01 So it's a privilege to be a part of the music ministry
32:05 here at 3ABN. Just last week I had the privilege
32:08 of giving a call to a lady out in San Diego who was
32:12 102 years old. And she sang to me
32:17 a song and she personalized it.
32:20 There's a song that says: "I am so glad that Jesus loves me. "
32:25 Every time the word me came up she said "Tim. "
32:28 Jesus loves Tim; Jesus loves Tim.
32:31 I am so glad that Jesus loves Tim...
32:34 Jesus loves Tim and me.
32:38 102! How sweet. And the Word of God says
32:41 that "We love Him because He first loved us. "
32:48 All I have to offer the world through my music
32:51 is Jesus.
32:54 If the ship of your life
32:58 is tossing on the sea of strife,
33:02 you need Someone.
33:07 And if you feel so all alone
33:11 and your house is not a home,
33:14 you need Someone.
33:21 If it seems life isn't fair
33:24 and there's no one left to share
33:27 all those lonely days and nights
33:31 and things just won't turn out right,
33:35 and you need Someone to care...
33:39 Someone who'll just be there...
33:43 you need Someone.
33:49 I give you Jesus!
33:55 He's the peace
33:58 that passes all understanding.
34:05 I give you Jesus!
34:09 He's the perfect love
34:11 that casteth out all fear.
34:18 I give you Jesus!
34:23 He's the water that you'll drink
34:26 and never thirst again.
34:32 I give you Jesus!
34:37 My friend:
34:40 I give you Jesus!
34:51 If the pressures all around
34:53 keep your spirits to the ground,
34:57 you need Someone.
35:03 And if your body is in pain
35:06 and your health you can't regain,
35:10 you need Someone.
35:16 And if at times when you have tried
35:19 with all the strength you had inside
35:22 and it seems that you have failed
35:25 remember on the cross He nailed
35:28 all the bitterness and grief
35:32 to bring you peace and sweet relief...
35:37 He is that Someone that you need!
35:42 I give you Jesus!
35:47 He's the peace
35:49 that passes all understanding.
35:56 I give you Jesus!
36:00 He's the perfect love
36:02 that casteth out all fear.
36:09 I give you Jesus!
36:13 He's the water that you'll drink
36:16 and never thirst again.
36:22 I give you Jesus!
36:27 My friend:
36:30 I give you Jesus!
36:38 And here are some reasons why I give you Jesus.
36:41 You can sing along with me.
36:43 For Jesus paid it all...
36:50 all to Him I owe!
36:55 Sin had left a crimson stain:
37:02 He washed
37:04 it white as snow.
37:11 And He walks with me
37:17 and He talks with me...
37:21 and He tells me
37:24 I am His own.
37:30 And the joy we share
37:34 as we tarry there
37:39 none other
37:42 has ever known.
37:51 Jesus is the sweetest name
37:56 I know!
38:00 And He's just the same
38:05 as His lovely name.
38:12 That's the reason why
38:15 I love Him so.
38:22 For Jesus is
38:25 the sweetest name
38:29 I know.
38:35 Jesus,
38:39 Jesus,
38:41 Jesus!
38:46 There's just something
38:49 about that name!
38:56 Master,
38:58 Savior,
39:00 Jesus:
39:04 like the fragrance
39:07 after the rain.
39:14 Jesus,
39:17 Jesus,
39:19 Jesus!
39:23 Let all heaven and earth
39:28 proclaim.
39:33 Kings and kingdoms
39:38 will all pass away
39:43 but there's something
39:47 about
39:49 that name!
39:54 So I give you Jesus!
40:00 He's the peace
40:02 that passes all understanding.
40:08 I give you Jesus!
40:11 He's the perfect love
40:14 that casteth out all fear.
40:20 I give you Jesus!
40:24 He's the water that you'll drink
40:27 and never thirst again... no, never again.
40:34 I give you Jesus!
40:38 My friend...
40:40 I give you
40:44 Jesus!
40:53 Amen.
40:58 Amen! You know, back in 1986...
41:03 Thank you so much, Tim. Amen again?
41:05 Amen! Back in 1986
41:08 when my wife and I were in the Heritage Singers
41:10 we were down in I think Mexico.
41:12 And you know, when you have 15 people traveling on the bus
41:16 and there are just a few inches or sometimes a few feet between
41:18 each one of you. We just had one of those weeks
41:21 where just we could not stand each other.
41:23 Everybody wanted to leave for whatever reason.
41:26 And I had an assigned section. Each of the guys had
41:29 a section in the bus that they were to load the equipment in
41:32 every night. And while I was loading the equipment in
41:35 my wife and I were thinking, I was thinking to myself:
41:37 "I want to leave. I'm just done with being on the road. "
41:40 And as I was loading the bus the Lord poured this song
41:45 into my mind. And I walked on the bus
41:48 and you know, people were ready to talk. I said: "Shh, shh! "
41:51 Ran to my locker. Got the lyrics.
41:54 Got the sheet out and wrote all the lyrics down.
41:56 And now this song has become a song to remind me
42:01 that way back in 1986
42:03 the Lord saw my life 30+ years later.
42:08 And the message in Isaiah 43 "Fear not for I have redeemed
42:12 you; I have called you by My name. "
42:15 And the song title is: And You Are Mine.
42:36 There are times I wonder
42:40 why I'm here.
42:44 And I wonder if
42:47 He really cares.
42:51 Then I wonder if He died for me
42:58 when He gave His life
43:02 on Calvary.
43:05 Then I see
43:08 the sun begin to shine
43:13 and the warmth I feel
43:17 brings peace of mind.
43:21 Through the rays He says
43:23 "I love you so...
43:27 you are Mine. "
43:32 He said to me:
43:35 "You are Mine;
43:39 for you I died on Calvary.
43:43 You are Mine;
43:46 through My blood I set you free.
43:50 So when the clouds begin to gather
43:56 remember you are Mine. "
44:05 My Lord, I want to understand
44:11 just how I fit
44:14 into You master plan.
44:19 If the fruit I bear is
44:23 from Your tree,
44:26 and if the world
44:29 can see Your love through me.
44:33 But now I know,
44:36 my Lord, just why I'm here.
44:41 And it's plain to see
44:44 You really care.
44:48 So I thank you now
44:51 because I'm glad to know
44:55 that You are mine.
45:00 He said to me:
45:03 "You are Mine...
45:07 for you I died on Calvary.
45:11 You are Mine...
45:14 through My blood I set you free.
45:18 So when the clouds begin
45:22 to gather
45:24 remember you are Mine. "
45:32 "You are Mine...
45:36 for you I'm coming back again.
45:40 You are Mine...
45:44 I'll be with you to the end.
45:48 Through your life I know
45:51 that the world will understand
45:55 that you are Mine.
45:58 And oh,
46:02 you are Mine...
46:06 I have saved you through My grace
46:09 and I know
46:13 one day you'll see Me face to face.
46:17 So when the clouds begin
46:21 to gather...
46:23 when the clouds
46:27 begin to gather...
46:31 and when the clouds
46:34 begin to gather
46:37 remember you are
46:41 Mine! "
46:56 You know, one of the greatest blessings
46:58 is to work at a place that is inhabited by the Lord.
47:04 And there is so much turmoil in the world today,
47:07 much of it tinged with racial undertones.
47:13 It is so good to work in a ministry
47:17 where everybody loves everybody -
47:21 hear me - and everybody loves the Lord.
47:27 Are you hearing what I'm saying?
47:29 The rumors are true.
47:33 We really do love each other
47:35 and we love each other in Christ.
47:38 And there's no better place to work than a place
47:41 where everybody loves everybody
47:44 and everybody loves Jesus.
47:48 And the message, the burden of this ministry
47:51 has always been, is now,
47:55 will always be Come To Jesus.
48:16 Weak and wounded sinner,
48:20 lost and left to die.
48:23 Raise your head, for love
48:27 is passing by.
48:30 Come to Jesus;
48:34 come to Jesus;
48:37 come to Jesus
48:42 and live.
48:46 Now your burden's lifted...
48:50 carried far away.
48:53 His precious blood has washed away your stain.
48:59 So sing to Jesus;
49:03 sing to Jesus;
49:07 sing to Jesus
49:11 and live.
49:16 Just like a newborn baby
49:20 don't be afraid to crawl.
49:23 Remember: when we walk
49:25 sometimes we fall.
49:30 But... fall on Jesus;
49:33 fall on Jesus;
49:37 fall on Jesus
49:42 and live.
49:47 Sometimes the way gets lonely,
49:52 steep, and filled with pain.
49:56 So if your sky is dark
49:58 and pours the rain
50:02 then cry to Jesus;
50:05 cry to Jesus;
50:09 cry to Jesus
50:14 and live.
50:20 And when the love spills over
50:25 and music fills the night
50:29 and when you can't contain the joy
50:32 inside, then dance for Jesus;
50:38 yes... dance for Jesus;
50:41 dance for Jesus
50:46 and live!
50:59 And when your life is over
51:04 and your work is done
51:08 rest in peace and wait
51:12 until He comes.
51:18 Then fly to Jesus;
51:22 fly to Jesus;
51:26 fly to Jesus
51:32 and live!
51:42 Fly to Jesus
51:49 and live.
52:36 On Christ the Solid
52:39 Rock I stand
52:43 All other ground is sinking sand...
52:49 All other ground
52:52 is sinking sand.
53:02 My hope is built
53:05 on nothing less
53:07 than Jesus' blood and righteousness.
53:14 I dare not trust the sweetest frame
53:19 but wholly lean on Jesus' name.
53:25 On Christ the Solid Rock I stand
53:29 All other ground is sinking sand...
53:34 all other ground is sinking sand.
53:46 When darkness veils His lovely face
53:51 I rest on His unchanging grace.
53:57 In every high and stormy gale
54:02 my anchor holds within the veil.
54:07 On Christ the Solid Rock I stand
54:12 All other ground
54:14 is sinking sand...
54:17 All other ground is sinking sand.
54:29 His blood...
54:32 it fills me.
54:36 He then is all my hope and stay!
54:42 When He shall come
54:47 with trumpet sound
54:51 O may I then
54:53 in Him be found
54:56 dressed in His righteousness alone,
55:02 spotless to stand
55:04 before His throne.
55:12 All other ground is sinking sand...
55:17 All other ground
55:19 is sinking sand.
55:23 On Christ the Solid Rock I stand
55:28 On Christ the Solid Rock I stand
55:32 All other ground is sinking sand...
55:38 On Christ the Solid Rock
55:43 I stand!
55:59 Amen! Thank you, sis. What an incredible blessing!
56:05 Don't you love to hear Yvonne sing? Amen!
56:07 Every time she does it ministers to my heart.
56:10 Praise the Lord for our first hour!
56:12 For the music, for the anointing of the Holy Spirit.
56:15 Every time we come into Camp Meeting Greg and I
56:18 always go before the Lord and say: "What do You have for us
56:21 at this Camp Meeting? What can You show us
56:24 in our hearts and lives? " God wants us to come before Him
56:28 with open hands and an open heart.
56:31 He wants to give us clean hands and a pure heart.
56:35 He wants to change our lives and pour out His Holy Spirit
56:39 so that this work can be finished in this generation.
56:44 My grandfather is 98, and he was told when he was a kid
56:48 "Jesus is coming soon. " And you know what?
56:50 I believe He is going to come in this generation.
56:53 So thank you all for being here with us.
56:56 Thank you at home for joining us.
56:58 Don't go away. In two minutes we have the next hour.
57:02 We're going to have Bible Question Panel
57:04 and then we're going to hear from Elder John Bradshaw.
57:07 So what a blessing this Camp Meeting has been!
57:09 We will be right back.


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