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Participants: Mollie Steenson & Brian Hamilton & John Dinzey & Jill Morikone & John Bradshaw


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00:40 Happy Sabbath everybody.
00:43 Happy Sabbath! You know, first and foremost
00:45 I want to welcome all of you to 3ABN's Fall Camp Meeting.
00:50 And have we not had some of the most beautiful
00:53 weather? And the anointing of the Lord is in this house.
00:57 And so... and for all of you that are watching
01:00 or listening on 3ABN Radio
01:03 one of the most amazing things that I have discovered
01:09 about the Seventh-day Adventist church:
01:11 Hal and I have traveled a good deal
01:15 and when we were in India on Sabbath morning looking at
01:18 the Sabbath School lesson
01:20 it was the same quarterly and the same lesson
01:24 that we were studying here. When we were in Russia,
01:27 Pastor Bradshaw, it was the same thing.
01:29 So all of you from around the world, just get your Sabbath
01:33 School quarterly. We are going to have an
01:36 incredible Sabbath School today. Haven't you enjoyed
01:39 the book of Galatians? Amen! And you know, it's been exciting
01:43 and learned so much. And then next quarter
01:47 we're looking at the book of Romans.
01:48 So I'm looking forward to that as well.
01:51 Before we start our Sabbath School
01:54 I would like to introduce the panelists.
01:56 First we have to my left Brian Hamilton.
01:59 Brian, it's so good to have you here.
02:01 Good to be here. And John Dinzey.
02:04 Good to have you here. It's a great blessing to be here.
02:07 Jill Morikone. Thank you so much. It's a privilege
02:11 to open up God's Word and share together.
02:13 And everybody knows our Pastor John Bradshaw.
02:16 Pastor Bradshaw, it's so good to have you here.
02:18 Thanks, Mollie. Good to be here. Happy Sabbath.
02:20 Well Happy Sabbath to you.
02:22 Before we go into the lesson
02:24 I would like for us to open in prayer.
02:26 Now we prayed. I would almost say that
02:28 every one of you have already prayed this morning.
02:31 But I'm going to ask John Dinzey if he will please
02:34 to open in prayer this morning.
02:35 Let us pray. Our loving heavenly Father,
02:40 we thank you so much, Lord, that today
02:43 You have blessed us with the breath of life.
02:46 We thank you that we can come before You in Jesus' name
02:50 and we pray that You will bless us as we study together.
02:53 We ask for Your Holy Spirit to give us the words to speak
02:57 and we pray that in all things Your name may be glorified
03:00 and Your children edified here and around the world.
03:05 We ask for this in Jesus' name, Amen.
03:08 Amen. So if you have your quarterly
03:11 turn to the 14th lesson and also you with your Bibles
03:16 turn to Galatians and we're going to start
03:18 in the 6th chapter.
03:21 Now our memory text is Galatians 6:14.
03:25 And something that is our custom
03:27 is that we all read our memory text together.
03:31 So will you join with us, please?
03:33 It's Galatians 6:14. Let's read that together.
03:37 "But far be it from me to boast
03:40 except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ
03:44 by which the world has been crucified to me
03:49 and I to the world. "
03:51 You know, before we start into Sunday's portion
03:55 of the lesson I wanted to just kind of give us a little
03:59 foundation of why Paul wrote this letter to the...
04:03 or wrote this letter which is what we know
04:08 as the book of Galatians.
04:10 Now remember: Paul is the apostle to whom?
04:14 To the Gentiles.
04:16 Now Paul had been to a province, an area
04:19 known as Galatia.
04:22 And so he had established... It doesn't say how many churches
04:26 he had established in this area.
04:28 We know at least probably two or three and possibly more.
04:32 And Paul was an apostle. Now here is what an apostle does.
04:36 An apostle, builds, establishes, and then leaves.
04:42 Now what Paul had done was he had built,
04:45 he had established, he had appointed.
04:47 As his custom was he would appoint elders or leadership
04:50 in those churches and then he would be about
04:53 the Lord's business. He would go to establish churches
04:57 in other areas of the world.
04:59 So now, in the church there at Galatia
05:02 something started happening.
05:04 There were men that were coming
05:08 and they were teaching heresy. They were called Judaizers.
05:13 Now knowing Paul's temperament
05:16 do you think this set well with him?
05:19 It upset Paul to no end
05:21 that these men were coming in and teaching heresy.
05:26 Now here's what they were teaching:
05:28 they were teaching that these Gentile believers
05:33 couldn't be members of the church. They couldn't obtain
05:36 salvation unless on top of accepting the Lord Jesus Christ
05:42 as their Lord and Savior they were? Circumcised.
05:47 They were adding to the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ
05:53 a portion of the law:
05:56 the law of being circumcised.
05:58 Now this upset Paul to no end.
06:03 And so Paul... remember this was a long time ago.
06:07 And so the way Paul had to deal with this,
06:09 the only way he could deal with this...
06:10 he couldn't just hop a plane and fly to Galatia
06:13 and get these things straightened out.
06:16 What did he have to do?
06:17 He had to write a letter!
06:19 And thank goodness, was Paul a prolific letter writer.
06:23 Now I kind of likened this to Danny Shelton.
06:28 I use him as an example quite often.
06:31 But Danny built and established
06:34 Three Angels Broadcasting Network
06:36 with the understanding that we would present a message
06:40 that would counteract the counterfeit: the undiluted
06:44 three angels' messages.
06:46 That is what this ministry was built and established
06:50 to proclaim. So let's just say
06:52 that Danny has to go somewhere else in this world
06:57 and do other work for the kingdom of God.
07:00 And he turns 3ABN on and what does he see?
07:04 Somebody teaching heresy.
07:07 Now do you think that's going to sit well with Danny?
07:09 No! Now what's Danny gonna do?
07:12 He's going to hop a plane!
07:14 Paul couldn't hop the plane so he wrote this letter.
07:19 Danny wrote a book, though!
07:22 Paul wrote letters... Danny does write books.
07:26 He's written some incredible books as a matter of fact.
07:28 So Paul viewed this heresy as an attack on the very
07:33 essence of the gospel itself.
07:36 Because what the Judaizers were saying:
07:40 the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ plus something.
07:43 Now, what does it take to become a child of the Living God?
07:48 The blood of the Lord Jesus Christ!
07:50 What Christ wrought out for us at Calvary and nothing else.
07:55 Paul was incensed and he knew he had to respond
07:59 so he wrote the letter.
08:01 Now, these writings of Paul: were they effective?
08:05 They're so powerful and effective
08:08 that even the great Reformer...
08:11 Who is the great Reformer, Pastor Bradshaw?
08:14 Well there were many, but the great great Reformer
08:16 would be Martin Luther. Martin Luther!
08:18 What was he reading when he came to the realization
08:22 or the understanding of justification by faith?
08:25 What book? Well, in particular he was reading Romans
08:28 and he was also reading Galatians. Um-hmm.
08:30 Luther was reading Romans when that verse leapt off the page
08:34 at him. It came back to him as he was walking on his knees
08:36 up Pilate's staircase: "the just shall live by faith. "
08:39 So Luther was a New Testament man
08:43 and his time spent in the gospel...
08:46 You know, imagine life without Luther...
08:49 where we'd be today. Someone's going to say there was
08:51 another Luther. But imagine the church today
08:54 without that contribution. We'd be in an altogether
08:56 different place. Yes. And the message of
09:00 righteousness by faith. It's very important
09:03 to the Seventh-day Adventist church, is it not?
09:06 That's the foundation. It's foundational.
09:09 And because of Martin Luther grasping this great truth
09:14 the whole world has changed. It'll never be the same.
09:18 And we thank the Lord for that and we thank the Lord
09:21 for this letter. And I just wanted to give you a little
09:24 foundation as to why Paul was writing this letter.
09:28 Now the portion of the scripture that they are allowing me
09:31 to address today is Sunday's portion.
09:33 And it's Paul's own hand, so I want you to...
09:37 Again, we're in Galatians chapter 6
09:42 and we're looking at Paul's own hand.
09:46 Paul would dictate a letter to a scribe.
09:50 The scribe would actually write the letter
09:53 but something that Paul did was at the closing of the letter
09:57 he would always write a portion of the letter
10:01 from himself. So Galatians 6:11 says
10:05 "See with what large letters I have written to you
10:10 with my own... " What? "with my own hand. "
10:14 So you know, in looking at this
10:17 evidently he had written it large. And because we haven't
10:22 seen it personally with our eyes
10:25 or he didn't go on to explain that, you wonder
10:29 why exactly he was writing it in large letters.
10:32 But how many of you text?
10:35 Or even do e-mail?
10:37 When you put something in caps, what does that mean?
10:42 You want people to pay attention.
10:44 It's kind of like yelling with the typewriter.
10:48 So I'm going to say that for Paul to say
10:52 "Look what large letters I am using here"
10:55 it was because he was saying: "Pay attention!
10:57 I want you to look at this! "
10:59 Now Paul wrote 13 of the books of the New Testament.
11:05 How many books are in the New Testament?
11:09 Twenty seven. So he was a prolific writer.
11:14 So in the books of the New Testament
11:19 his closing remarks in these thirteen books
11:22 aren't always the same
11:24 but they're usually quite similar.
11:27 However, in his closing remarks in the book of Galatians
11:31 there are two significant differences
11:34 and I wanted to go over those differences.
11:36 The first significant difference is:
11:40 in the other letters he's very personable.
11:44 His closing remarks address specific individuals.
11:48 However, in the book of Galatians
11:51 he's polite but formal.
11:53 Now think about this: when you're polite but formal
11:56 that's not a lot of warmth going on, is it?
12:00 So you ask yourself: why would Paul be
12:03 polite but formal? The fact that those converts
12:08 that he had labored so diligently with
12:12 were turning - the way he words it is: "to a different gospel. "
12:18 Now that... he... Again Paul... Paul was a little...
12:23 he could be a little feisty, could he not?
12:26 And so he was seeing that these people
12:30 he had labored so diligently with
12:32 were turning to another gospel.
12:34 So go to Galatians the first chapter. Turn in your Bible
12:37 to Galatians the first chapter. Let's look at verses
12:41 six through eight. Galatians 1:6-8.
12:45 Paul says: "I marvel that you... "
12:50 Now he's talking to these believers there at Galatia...
12:53 "I marvel that you are turning away so soon
12:57 from Him who called you in the grace of Christ
13:01 to a... " What does he call that?
13:04 "a different gospel which is not another.
13:08 But there are some who trouble you and want to pervert
13:12 the gospel of Christ. But even if we
13:15 or an angel from heaven preach any other gospel to you
13:20 than what we have preached to you
13:22 let him be... " What's that word?
13:24 "let him be accursed. "
13:26 I love the Amplified Bible. I study out of that.
13:30 There was a time when I only quoted the King James.
13:33 But I started studying the Amplified Bible
13:36 so guess what started happening?
13:38 I started trying to quote the King James
13:41 and I would get King Amplified in there.
13:44 You just... whatever you see... What you behold you become.
13:48 So what I was studying that's what I started quoting.
13:51 So the word accursed: here is the definition
13:55 out of the Amplified Bible.
13:57 The word accursed... "let him be accursed... "
14:00 Anathema, devoted to destruction,
14:04 doomed to eternal punishment.
14:06 So what is Paul pronouncing on these Judaizers
14:10 that are coming to try to give another gospel
14:15 or this heresy to these men and women
14:18 there in the churches at Galatia
14:20 that he has labored so diligently over?
14:23 He is saying: Anathema, doomed to eternal punishment.
14:27 Anathema means a ban or a curse solemnly pronounced
14:33 by ecclesiastical authority
14:35 and accompanied by excommunication.
14:39 And you know, in this time
14:41 if you were excommunicated what that spoke to you was
14:44 you had no hope of heaven.
14:46 So Paul is serious about
14:49 these men that were coming and teaching this heresy.
14:53 Not only does Paul say that
14:56 "anathema... let him be accursed" in verse 8
14:59 he repeats it then in verse 9.
15:04 Paul's strong sense of justice is coming through
15:07 loud and clear. "The Word and the Word only. "
15:10 Is that what Paul was saying?
15:13 "The Word and the Word only. "
15:15 That would be sola scriptura. How many of you
15:18 hold with that? Sola scriptura!
15:21 The Word and the Word only.
15:23 It doesn't matter what your traditions teach
15:27 nor what your experience may have been,
15:31 sola scriptura... correct doctrine is all that matters.
15:36 Correct doctrine always takes precedence.
15:41 Paul cares about these deceived believers.
15:45 Were the believers in Galatia listening to this deception?
15:50 Some of them were falling into this deception.
15:53 He cares about these believers.
15:56 He does all he knows to do to get their attention.
16:00 Now the second thing that's different in this letter:
16:04 his final words are usually just closing remarks.
16:09 In this letter he continues beseeching these believers
16:14 in Galatia to turn from their foolish ways.
16:17 And he says he was doing it again
16:21 with those large letters.
16:23 He wanted these wayward Galatians to return
16:26 to correct doctrine and lay aside their heresies.
16:31 Even in the very closing of the letter
16:34 he once again addresses the issue that is so strongly
16:40 on his heart. Look at verse 15.
16:43 He says: "For in Christ neither... " What?
16:46 What is that word?
16:47 "In Christ neither circumcision nor uncircumcision
16:52 availeth anything but a new creation. "
16:57 The Word and the Word only. It doesn't matter...
17:01 Let me say this again:
17:03 Ladies and gentlemen: it doesn't matter
17:06 what our traditions teach us.
17:09 It doesn't matter what we may have experienced.
17:13 If it's contradicting the Word of God,
17:16 it's not the truth. Amen!
17:18 The Word is the truth. Anything that contradicts
17:22 the Word of the Living God is a lie,
17:24 and the lie - in light of the truth of God's Word -
17:28 will fall to the ground how often? Every time
17:32 in light of the Word. Sola scriptura.
17:34 This Word and the Word only.
17:36 Pastor Hamilton. OK.
17:40 Well. I have Monday's, and Monday's study
17:46 along with Tuesday's was on the subject of boasting.
17:52 Boasting in two different things, though.
17:55 Boasting in the flesh versus boasting in the cross.
18:01 And I believe Bro. Dinzey' s got the boasting in the cross.
18:05 You've got the better one.
18:08 I have the boasting in the flesh subject.
18:11 There were two different motives we'll find out
18:13 as we study these two days.
18:16 The boasting in the flesh motive
18:18 was a selfish motive.
18:20 The boasting in the cross
18:22 was a motive of love.
18:24 Two different motives; two different subjects of boasting.
18:29 So let's look at the text for Monday
18:33 and that's found in Galatians chapter 6 verses 12 and 13.
18:39 And by the way, this is the part of the book of Galatians
18:43 where Paul is wrapping things up.
18:47 And his normal practice in his letter as he wraps things up
18:51 is to be a bit "warm and fuzzy. "
18:54 You know, "Tell Sister So and So... you know, tell her
18:57 Hi or give her my love. "
18:58 Or: "I'm thinking of Bro. So and So. "
19:00 And you know, he ends his letters with...
19:04 with "warm fuzzies" you would say.
19:07 With expressions of love.
19:09 But Galatians he started out hard-hitting
19:14 and he doesn't end lightly either.
19:18 And so there isn't the "warm fuzzies" that you would normally
19:21 see in his letters. So Galatians chapter 6
19:24 and verses 12 and 13.
19:28 "But as many desire to make a good showing
19:32 in the flesh... " Did you hear that?
19:36 "A good showing. " That ought to talk a little bit
19:39 about motive here.
19:41 "These would compel you to be circumcised
19:44 only that they may not suffer persecution
19:48 for the cross of Christ. "
19:51 Another interesting little phrase there:
19:54 "May not suffer persecution. " Verse 13:
19:56 "For not even those who are circumcised keep the law
20:02 but they desire to have you circumcised
20:05 that they may boast in your flesh. "
20:10 OK... so that's the text.
20:14 Paul gives us some hints even before this
20:19 on the very same subject of motivation.
20:22 These teachers that have come in: what are their motivation?
20:25 What's in their heart? Why are they doing what they're doing?
20:29 And so if you turn to Galatians chapter 4 verse 17
20:35 there's another little hint as to their motivation.
20:39 In fact, it's pretty glaring.
20:41 "They zealously court you
20:43 but for no good. Yes, they want to exclude you
20:47 that you may be zealous for them. "
20:52 Now I'm going to do something I don't normally do
20:55 in that I'm going to read this out of a version called
20:58 The Message Bible, OK?
21:01 I don't study with this one.
21:03 It's a bit freewheeling but it's very expressive.
21:08 "Those heretical teachers go to great lengths to flatter you
21:13 but their motives are rotten.
21:17 They want to shut you out of the free world of God's grace
21:20 so that you will always depend on them for approval
21:23 and direction making them feel important. "
21:29 See... now... back to Galatians chapter 6 verse 12:
21:35 "As many as desire to make a good showing
21:40 in the flesh. " So the motive that's coming out here
21:44 is somehow to gain approval.
21:48 If they court you and they get you into their court
21:52 and compel you to be circumcised
21:54 their motive for doing it isn't that they're winning you
21:58 to the Lord... their motive is that they can boast.
22:02 They can gain approval of men or even maybe God
22:07 by what they're doing.
22:08 You see, the motive is a bit twisted there.
22:13 I'm intrigued by this: "Only that they may not suffer
22:18 persecution of the cross of Christ. "
22:22 That takes me back to Galatians 5:11.
22:29 I think that's the verse I'm looking for.
22:32 "And I, brother, if I still preach circumcision
22:36 why do I still suffer persecution?
22:39 Then the offense of the cross has ceased. "
22:43 So some of the motivation
22:45 for the pushing of the circumcision
22:49 was a motivation of not wanting to suffer.
22:54 See, Paul suffered by presenting the cross of Jesus.
22:59 That was not a popular subject to address:
23:03 the cross of Christ.
23:05 That brought persecution both from the Romans
23:09 as well as from his fellow Jews.
23:12 And these people were trying to be Christian,
23:15 stay Jewish, and not suffer any kind of persecution
23:19 as a result of it. And so that was part of the motivation
23:23 is to... You know, if you were...
23:28 if you were a convert to Judaism one of the main signs of it
23:34 for males was circumcision.
23:36 And the Romans didn't always treat people justly,
23:41 but they let the Jewish people practice their faith.
23:44 And if you could prove that you were Jewish
23:46 you were safe.
23:49 And so this was a safety issue you might say.
23:53 And so that was another motivation.
23:57 Verse 13: "For not even those who are circumcised
24:02 keep the law, but they desire to have you circumcised
24:07 that they may boast in your flesh. "
24:11 It was kind of like having a trophy.
24:14 Now you folks maybe don't have this temptation
24:18 quite like some of us who are pastors or church leaders.
24:23 But there's a great temptation for us
24:26 to climb the ladder of success in spiritual things
24:31 by our trophies... the number.
24:35 "Oh, I just baptized 500 here last week! "
24:40 You know? Something like that.
24:42 Now, praise the Lord that 500 were baptized, right?
24:44 Amen! But is my motive for the baptizing
24:49 selfish for praise of men?
24:53 Or is my motive for baptizing
24:56 that souls are saved in the kingdom
24:59 and praise God for what He has done not what I have done.
25:03 But they were boasting in what they were doing.
25:07 How am I coming on time? Am I still OK?
25:10 You're OK. OK... all right.
25:12 So what had brought us to this point?
25:15 How come these, maybe outward appearing well-meaning
25:21 Jewish Christians coming into Galatia...
25:24 what was the whole history of the background of that?
25:28 Have to go back a little ways.
25:30 You think of from the time of Moses
25:33 up to the time of Jeremiah
25:37 the big temptation for God's people
25:42 was the worship of graven images.
25:44 They kept falling back into that.
25:46 You know, Moses is up getting the Ten Commandments
25:50 and what were they doing down below?
25:52 Worshiping graven image.
25:56 So when they were taken by Nebuchadnezzar
25:59 into Babylon they were cured forever
26:06 of the worship of graven images.
26:09 As I thought about that whole subject, too,
26:11 it wasn't the theology that was attractive to them...
26:17 it was the worship practice
26:20 that they were enamored with.
26:22 Think about that.
26:24 In the Christian world today
26:27 are we being enamored by the worship practices
26:32 of secularism? Entertainment industry?
26:36 And is that creeping into the church and its worship practices
26:40 today? That's almost like worshiping a graven image
26:44 you see. But they were cured of that.
26:46 When they came back from Babylon
26:49 they set up synagogues all throughout the land
26:53 and they assigned teachers, scribes, and priests
26:56 to teach. Not only reading, writing, and arithmetic -
26:59 that type of subject - but they also taught
27:01 the Word of God... the law.
27:03 They were very zealous for the law.
27:05 And that was good.
27:08 But Satan always takes the good and tries to pervert it.
27:11 And this happened again.
27:13 They began to lose sight of the purpose
27:18 of the ceremonies and the rituals and the practice
27:22 at the temple. They began to lose sight of its
27:24 meaning and actually began to look to the services
27:29 and the temple and the priests as the ticket
27:33 for salvation... instead of what they all meant
27:37 and in the Messiah that would come.
27:40 They gloried in the services; they gloried in the temple;
27:43 they gloried in the priesthood and not in the Savior...
27:47 not in the Messiah.
27:49 And so as they lost their "spirtualness"
27:51 formalism crept in.
27:54 They added laws upon laws to help us sort of keep God's law.
27:59 Man-made traditions. Jesus had something to say about that.
28:03 "The Pharisees and scribes asked Him... " This is Matthew
28:06 chapter 7 verses 5 to 9.
28:08 "Why do Your disciples not walk according to the traditions
28:12 of the elders and eat bread with unwashed hands? "
28:16 Not hygiene issues let me tell you.
28:18 "He answered and said to them:
28:20 'Well did Isaiah prophesy of you hypocrites. As it is written
28:24 these people honor Me with their lips
28:26 but their heart is far from Me.
28:29 In vain they worship Me teaching as doctrine the
28:32 commandments of men. ' "
28:35 So that's what the Jewish faith had deteriorated into.
28:40 As you come into the time of Jesus it was formalism.
28:44 It was ritual without meaning.
28:47 And so now here these Jewish people become Christians.
28:52 They accept the Messiah
28:55 but they have all this baggage of formalism.
28:57 I find it interesting God wiped all that out
29:00 in the New Testament era.
29:02 The only ritual we have is footwashing,
29:06 the Lord's Supper, and baptism.
29:08 All the rest... wiped away because He knew our tendency
29:12 to worship the service and not the Savior. See?
29:15 So that's kind of the background that was leading to
29:18 why these men were where they were at
29:21 doing what they were doing
29:22 and why Paul was resisting it
29:25 vehemently... vigorously.
29:28 And so anyway if we're to boast
29:31 let's boast in the cross... let's boast in the Savior
29:34 and not anything about what we do.
29:37 Now I have two things that I took as a...
29:41 a lesson for us today.
29:43 As we go out to present the gospel it's important
29:47 that our message is spot on.
29:51 You see, their message was not on.
29:53 They were off on their message.
29:56 But not only did we have a right message
29:58 we have a correct motive.
30:01 Amen! That's what I took from the lesson on Monday.
30:04 Very good. Pastor Dinzey.
30:09 I am blessed to talk about Galatians chapter 6 verse 14.
30:14 I think at first I started looking at it
30:17 and I said: "Well, there's really not much here. "
30:19 But as you dig you begin to see wonderful things
30:22 in Galatians chapter 6 and verse 14.
30:26 Now I'd like to read this from the King James Version
30:29 and then we'll go to the New King James Version
30:31 so you can see a little difference in the translation.
30:35 "But God forbid that I should glory
30:40 save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ
30:43 by whom the world is crucified unto me
30:46 and I unto the world. "
30:49 Now when you go to the New King James
30:51 you see these words where it says:
30:54 "But God forbid that I should boast... "
30:56 Here comes the word boast instead of the word glory.
30:58 "except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ
31:01 by whom the world has been crucified to me
31:03 and I to the world. "
31:06 But we read from the lesson something similar to this.
31:10 This is from the Revised Version. "But far be it from me
31:14 to glory... to boast... " There's the word boast.
31:21 "except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ
31:24 through which the world has been crucified unto me
31:27 and I unto the world. "
31:30 When you see the words "But God forbid"
31:32 the two Greek words here are interesting because
31:36 in the King James they use the words "God forbid. "
31:40 It's really a strong declaration because the word theos
31:44 which means God is not really in the Greek.
31:48 It is two words that are trying to express strong
31:53 declaration to say something like
31:56 "Be it far from me... " "Oh, may it never be
32:00 that I should glory except
32:04 in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. "
32:07 So Paul is saying: "I'm not going to boast about anything
32:10 except the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. "
32:14 And that is something marvelous to consider.
32:18 When you consider the Jewish mind
32:21 to them it was offensive to think
32:26 that the one that they expect to be the Messiah
32:31 was crucified on a tree or a cross.
32:36 To them it was a horrible thing
32:39 because you read in Galatians - earlier in Galatians -
32:43 and it's Galatians chapter 3 and verse 13:
32:48 "Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law
32:52 being made a curse for us for it is written
32:55 'Cursed is everyone that hangeth on a tree. ' "
32:59 So the scribes and the Pharisees
33:02 they were very happy that Christ was crucified
33:06 on a cross because it was a message to the believers
33:11 in Christ: "This man is cursed. " In other words
33:15 there's no possible hope for the person hung on a cross.
33:21 They are lost; no way to redeem them from that.
33:24 So they were trying to discourage the followers
33:27 from continuing to follow Jesus.
33:30 So: "Cursed be anyone that is hung on a tree. "
33:34 So... But Paul is saying: "Boast in the cross? "
33:39 Now what was it to the Roman mind?
33:42 The Roman mind thought that dying on a cross
33:45 was such a horrendous, horrible thing
33:48 that a Roman citizen was of such dignity
33:51 that even though he committed horrible, heinous crimes
33:56 they would not put him to death on a cross.
34:00 This was reserved for those that were not Romans.
34:04 So it was a horrible, horrible way to die.
34:07 I don't know if you've ever looked into dying on a cross.
34:10 But it was a horrible horrible death; a slow, torturing death
34:15 that would normally take days.
34:18 And you're hung on a cross. Imagine that you're
34:22 somewhere hot. You've been somewhere hot Pr. John Bradshaw.
34:27 And there are insects coming at you and you can't
34:31 do anything about it. Your hands are nailed to a cross.
34:36 You can't do anything.
34:38 So it was a horrible horrible way to die.
34:41 And as you slowly began to die you imagined
34:44 the animals become interested in your death
34:46 because that means a meal is coming.
34:49 So it was a horrible horrible way to die.
34:51 And so... But Paul says: "God forbid
34:55 or far be it from me that I should boast! "
34:59 Let's talk about boasting for a moment.
35:01 I don't know if anyone here has ever boasted.
35:06 But people talk about things they are happy about
35:11 and they rejoice about or they...
35:14 you know there's a verse that says something similar to
35:17 "Pride cometh before destruction and a great fall. "
35:20 "A haughty spirit... " yeah... "before a great fall. "
35:23 I remember when I was much younger
35:26 way back on the horizon before... and the horizon was
35:29 the falling of hair... and my hair was black.
35:33 Now think way back. Not too way back because I'm not
35:36 that old... but there I was a teenager
35:39 and we were doing some exercise... some exercises
35:42 in this place. And we were lifting our legs
35:47 in some way and I said: "Hey, I'm pretty good at this! "
35:51 "I'm doing really good at this! "
35:54 And I was looking at the others. I said: "Boy, I'm doing better
35:56 than they are! " And some people taking a tour came in
36:00 and for some reason I said: "I'm doing good; they're
36:03 going to see me. " And I started doing it a little fancy
36:06 and my foot slipped - the one that was on the ground -
36:10 and there I went: blap on the floor.
36:14 Now what do you think happened to me at that moment?
36:18 I was not as happy as before;
36:20 I was not as rejoicing as before.
36:21 My boasting became an embarrassment.
36:25 So for us as Christians
36:30 boasting should not be a part of our experience
36:32 either by words or by actions
36:35 because people lose sight of Christ.
36:40 And we remember the scripture that says:
36:43 "Let your light so shine
36:46 that they may see your good works
36:48 and glorify your Father which is in heaven. "
36:52 And so this is what we should do.
36:55 Our words and our actions should glorify our Father
36:59 which is in heaven.
37:00 Now I'd like to go to this part about the cross.
37:04 Oh... the cross. And what was really Paul talking about here?
37:10 Was he just talking about the cross itself?
37:12 The instrument upon which Christ was crucified?
37:15 No, he's talking about Christ dying on the cross:
37:20 the atoning sacrifice of Christ
37:23 which means salvation unto everyone that believes.
37:28 Because the Bible says that "God so loved the world... "
37:32 So when you think of Paul saying that I should boast
37:35 but in the cross you have to think that he's talking about
37:39 Jesus Christ dying on the cross for his sins.
37:43 For my sins... for your sins.
37:45 And so when we think of the cross we see...
37:48 think of Jesus dying on the cross we see
37:50 a God that loves us so much -
37:54 so great is this love -
37:57 that He's willing to give His Son
38:00 to rescue us from condemnation of sin
38:04 and from the wages of sin... which is death.
38:06 Christ took our place. WE should have been on that cross.
38:11 We DESERVE to be on the cross but Christ took our place.
38:16 So that's why Paul is able to say
38:19 "I can boast in the cross of Jesus Christ. "
38:24 And THAT is something to really boast about!
38:27 And so we can tell the world about Jesus. There's a song
38:32 that says: "Take the world and give me Jesus. "
38:36 Take the world and give me Jesus.
38:39 The early Christians really didn't look for attention
38:44 to themselves. They looked to bring people - people's eyes,
38:48 people's thoughts - to Jesus Christ:
38:51 the Author and Finisher of our faith.
38:54 Because the Bible says that there is salvation
38:59 in no other name but Jesus. And they knew that.
39:04 There's no salvation in the sacrificing of animals.
39:08 There's no salvation in any other name under heaven.
39:14 There are some people that name certain names and
39:17 I'm not going to go into that because we have very little time
39:21 but the only name by which we can be saved
39:23 is Jesus Christ - Amen! and Him crucified.
39:29 Because if you take out from history the fact that Christ
39:34 died on the cross to save us
39:36 you might as well blot out the sun...
39:39 take the sun out of the sky.
39:42 And then there will be no light to shine upon this earth.
39:45 This earth will be complete darkness.
39:47 And this earth still has light and grace because Jesus
39:52 died on the cross for us. Amen!
39:54 And that's why you and I have hope today.
39:57 That's why you and I can say
40:01 "Lord, forgive me for my sins. " By looking to the cross...
40:05 The Father looks... When a sinner comes to the Lord
40:09 the Lord looks at the sinner
40:11 but looks at Jesus dying on the cross for the sinner
40:16 and we can be accepted as the Bible says
40:19 "in the beloved. " And that's why the worst -
40:23 the worst, the very worst - if you consider yourself the worst
40:26 there's hope as you look to Jesus.
40:30 And I would say to you that it is far better
40:34 for us to look to Jesus than to ourselves.
40:37 "By whom the world is crucified unto me and I unto the world. "
40:42 So this is a decision every one of us has to make.
40:45 We talk about the flesh.
40:48 Some people boast in the flesh and their accomplishments.
40:51 But Paul is saying... When he says
40:55 that the world is crucified to me he's talking about
40:58 the flesh... the desires that this flesh may have
41:01 for the world. And that's why I go back to
41:04 you take the world but give me Jesus. Amen!
41:07 And I want to encourage you to continue
41:10 looking unto Jesus; the Author and the Finisher of our faith.
41:13 And we need to remember
41:17 Luke chapter 9 verse 23.
41:20 What did Jesus say in Luke chapter 9 verse 23?
41:24 Jesus said: "if any man will come after Me,
41:28 if anyone wants to follow Me,
41:29 let him take up his cross daily
41:32 and follow Me. " And this is what we all need to do.
41:37 Every day take the cross to crucify self
41:42 and follow Jesus.
41:44 And as we follow Jesus the closer we come to Jesus
41:46 the closer we realize that He died to save us
41:49 the closer we examine this subject of Jesus
41:54 dying on the cross for us
41:56 the more we will lose sight of self
41:59 and our accomplishments and our great things.
42:02 The more we talk about Jesus the better it is for us.
42:07 And I would say to you that the more you talk about Jesus
42:11 the more the holy angels draw near
42:14 and you will have an atmosphere of heaven wherever you go.
42:19 Amen! Wherever you go.
42:20 I would like to finish with this scripture
42:23 that we should know:
42:25 Ephesians chapter 2 verses 8-9.
42:27 "By grace are we saved and that not of ourselves.
42:34 It is the gift of God. "
42:36 And I would like to add the next verse just the first part:
42:38 "Not of works lest any man should boast. "
42:43 Let our boasting be about Jesus.
42:45 Let our glorying be about Jesus.
42:48 And let... the Bible says in Jeremiah chapter 9 verse 23:
42:52 If anyone wants to glory let him glory in the fact that
42:55 God is saying that He "knows me and understands me. "
42:59 So I want to encourage you to look to Jesus
43:02 and lose sight of self. Look to Jesus
43:05 and find hope and salvation.
43:08 Amen! Thank you so much, Pr. Dinzey.
43:11 What a blessing! Hasn't this study in the book of Galatians
43:14 been an incredible blessing? I know it has ministered
43:18 to my heart and in my own walk with Jesus.
43:21 I think I have, Pastor Bradshaw, the best day of everybody here,
43:25 and that is not boasting.
43:27 I have "A New Creation. "
43:30 To me this is the most incredible topic!
43:33 The gospel is all about change.
43:35 The gospel is about God taking us
43:37 from the depths of sin and despair, the slime
43:41 and the pit and the mire of that
43:44 and pulling us out, cleaning us up,
43:47 justifying us, standing us before the Father
43:50 in right relationship with God
43:53 and transforming our lives.
43:56 Making us into the image of Jesus.
43:59 I have one verse here for Wednesday, A New Creation.
44:02 That's Galatians chapter 6 verse 15.
44:06 It comes right after what Pastor Johnny shared.
44:08 "For in Christ Jesus
44:11 neither circumcision nor uncircumcision
44:14 avails anything but a new creation. "
44:19 You know, it's incredible to me
44:21 because Paul in the book of Galatians... and we have talked
44:26 this on the panel and the entire quarter has been about
44:28 this. He has really dwelt on this subject of circumcision.
44:32 And we could say as New Testament Christians
44:35 "Well why is he getting hung up on circumcision? "
44:37 But you know what? Within the SDA church
44:41 we have some pockets... we have some things that
44:45 could be caught up in the same thing.
44:47 Believing that I am justified by faith
44:49 but I have to add some works
44:52 instead of understanding that we are justified by faith,
44:56 by grace through faith alone.
44:58 And nothing I do or don't do
45:02 can ever merit or earn any salvation.
45:05 So the message in the book of Galatians
45:08 is not just for the Galatian church.
45:10 The Judaizers came in and taught them that.
45:12 It's for you and it's for me.
45:15 This passage: "In Christ Jesus neither circumcision
45:19 nor uncircumcision avails anything but a new creation. "
45:23 Paul talks about it three different times.
45:26 There's three parallel passages
45:28 where he mentions circumcision and uncircumcision
45:31 do not avail anything.
45:32 We want to take a look at them and then we want to look
45:34 at how we can become a new creation.
45:37 So the first passage is one chapter back.
45:40 We're in Galatians 5:6.
45:43 Turn back just one page: Galatians 5 verse 6.
45:47 "For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision
45:50 nor uncircumcision avails anything. "
45:52 You see that parallelism.
45:54 It's the same thing we just read in chapter 6 verse 15.
45:57 But this is different. It says:
45:58 "But faith working through love... "
46:02 It reminds me, Bro. Johnny, what you just read.
46:04 Ephesians 2:8-9: "By grace we are saved
46:08 through faith. " Let's jump down to verse 13.
46:12 Because some people say Paul's gospel is all about
46:16 freedom in Christ because we're talking about justification
46:19 and he doesn't focus on any of those works aspects.
46:23 Let's look at verse 13.
46:25 "You brethren have been called to liberty
46:28 only do not use liberty as an opportunity
46:32 for the flesh. " He's bringing some balance here.
46:35 "But through love serve one another. "
46:40 In the Greek there's a word added that's not here
46:42 in our English translation, and it's the word the.
46:45 It says: "through the love... "
46:48 indicating God's divine love... "serve one another. "
46:54 The word for serve in the Greek is the word
46:56 that would come from doulos meaning slave.
46:59 Through love - through God's love -
47:02 we're not called when we're freed.
47:04 We're justified. Paul says "you're walking in freedom. "
47:07 We're not called to stand in freedom and to do
47:10 whatever we want.
47:11 We're called to have God's divine love in our hearts
47:16 and then in turn serve other people.
47:20 Serve our brothers and sisters.
47:22 It's... The essence of the gospel is self-sacrificing love.
47:26 From the manger to the cross Jesus - His whole life -
47:29 He lived to bless other people.
47:32 And His whole life was about self-sacrifice.
47:35 You think about sin. It originated in heaven
47:38 with Satan with self-seeking.
47:42 But the character of God is the exact opposite:
47:45 self-sacrificing love.
47:48 The second one... We looked at the first parallel
47:50 "In Christ Jesus. " This is Galatians 5:6.
47:53 'Neither circumcision nor uncircumcision avails anything
47:56 but faith working through love. "
47:58 The second one was the passage we actually had for today.
48:01 That's Galatians 6:15.
48:03 "In Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision
48:06 avails anything but a new creation. "
48:10 Now that word for new in the Greek
48:13 means new, fresh, of a new kind, unprecedented,
48:18 unheard of.
48:20 You know... Have you ever met someone and all of a sudden
48:23 you say, you haven't seen them in a long time
48:27 and then you come back and you see them again
48:29 and you think: "Something's different about you. "
48:32 "There's something different. You used to do this.
48:36 You used to act this way.
48:38 You used to have this dark countenance
48:41 and all of a sudden I see Jesus...
48:44 I see a transformed character. "
48:47 When God gets ahold of you you know what happens?
48:50 He changes you completely.
48:52 We don't even look like the same person
48:55 we used to look like.
48:56 We are changed completely.
48:58 Those old habits, those old addictions,
49:01 that old way of thinking,
49:03 the old man of sin is put to death
49:06 and the new person comes out.
49:08 That reminds me of II Corinthians 5:17.
49:12 "If anyone is in Christ, he - or she -
49:15 is a new creation. "
49:17 The same word for new there.
49:18 Completely new, unprecedented, unheard of.
49:22 "Old things have passed away; behold, all things have become
49:26 new. " Now let's look at the third parallel passage.
49:29 We're going to I Corinthians. I Corinthians chapter 7.
49:38 I Corinthians chapter 7 verse 19.
49:42 "Circumcision is nothing and uncircumcision
49:46 is nothing. " The wording's a little different
49:48 but it's the same principle.
49:50 He's saying the circumcision or the uncircumcision
49:53 is not the point here. But what is?
49:56 It says: "But keeping the commandments of God
49:59 is what matters. " Now Miss Mollie, when I first
50:02 look at that I think: "OK, keeping the commandments
50:05 of God... Paul is bringing in a different concept. "
50:08 He has been saying what matters: "Faith working through love;
50:13 serving other people, self-sacrificing love;
50:16 a new creation. " And now all of a sudden
50:19 he says: "I'm talking about the law. "
50:22 Keeping the commandments. Let's take a look.
50:26 Galatians 5... jump back to Galatians.
50:30 Galatians 5 verse 14.
50:32 We read verse 13 just a few moments ago.
50:34 Let's look at verse 14.
50:36 "For all the law is fulfilled in one word,
50:41 even in this: you shall love your neighbor
50:44 as yourself. " I think of I John 4:8.
50:47 "Whoever does not love does not know God
50:50 because God is love. "
50:53 The Ten Commandments are a transcript
50:56 or a picture of God's character.
50:59 And God is love.
51:01 So when Paul says here in I Corinthians 7:19
51:04 "Circumcision is nothing
51:06 and uncircumcision is nothing, but keeping the commandments"
51:09 what is he saying? We are to represent
51:12 the character of God and God is love.
51:16 All three of these passages have the same import
51:20 and the same meaning. Now let's look in our remaining time
51:22 at how are we to be transformed.
51:26 You might be at home today
51:27 and you might be saying: "You know what?
51:30 I don't even want to be changed.
51:32 I like where I am right now. " And you know, Pastor Johnny,
51:35 I've done that. I remember once getting in a discussion
51:38 with my husband. It was a discussion.
51:41 And I was thinking: "You know what? I really don't
51:45 want to change. I know I'm in the right and things are... "
51:49 "You know, he needs to change. "
51:52 And I kind of wanted to wallow in that.
51:54 I don't know if you ladies have ever wallowed in something
51:57 like that? I wanted to wallow in that
52:00 like: "OK, I know I should be changing.
52:03 I know I should become a new creation
52:05 but I kind of like sitting where I am right now. "
52:08 Sometimes we don't have the desire
52:11 for a new creation or for a change.
52:14 And sometimes we have the desire but we have no power.
52:18 "God, I'm in addiction. " "God, I'm enslaved in sin. "
52:21 "God, I can't change... I want to but I can't. "
52:26 There is hope for you today.
52:28 Philippians 2:13... one of my favorite scriptures.
52:32 "It is God... " Not me; not Pastor John
52:36 or Pastor Johnny or Pastor Brian or Mollie or any of you.
52:39 "It is God who works in us both too will and to do
52:42 of His good pleasure. " Amen!
52:44 The word in Greek for will is desire.
52:47 So if I don't even have the desire to change -
52:50 if I'm wallowing in my funk -
52:52 what happens? God says: "I can give you
52:54 the desire, Jill, to ask for forgiveness...
52:57 to get out of what you were in. "
52:59 It... that's the first word. "It is God who works in us
53:03 to will... " That is, to desire...
53:04 and to do... " Do in the Greek is power!
53:07 God knows we don't have the strength to change ourselves.
53:11 We come to Him: He gives us the power.
53:14 So how do you and I become a new creation?
53:17 I think three things. Number one: ask.
53:20 Number two: accept.
53:22 Number three: allow.
53:24 Ask. Ask for His forgiveness.
53:27 I John 1:9. "If we confess our sins,
53:30 He's faithful and just to forgive us our sins
53:33 and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. "
53:37 Ask for forgiveness.
53:39 Ask for Him to enter your life.
53:42 Revelation 3:20. "Behold, " He says,
53:44 I stand at the door. I'm knocking.
53:47 If anyone will open the door I will come in. "
53:50 Why don't you open up your heart to Jesus?
53:53 He's not going to force. He never forces.
53:55 Love does not force.
53:57 But He says: "Open up the door and I will come in. "
54:01 First step to becoming a new creation is to ask
54:05 for His forgiveness and ask for Him to enter your life.
54:08 Number two: accept His gift of salvation by faith.
54:13 Accept it. It is a free gift.
54:16 Grace means we get what we don't deserve.
54:19 He takes our penalty; He takes our sin
54:22 and He gives in exchange for that eternal life.
54:26 His righteous white robe.
54:29 Number three: allow Him to change you.
54:33 Surrender to His control.
54:36 Allow Him to do that work in you.
54:39 Let Him transform you.
54:40 One of my favorite scriptures: Romans 12:1-2.
54:43 "I beseech you therefore brethren by the mercies of God
54:46 that you present your bodies a living sacrifice
54:50 wholly acceptable to God which is your reasonable service.
54:54 And do not be conformed to this world
54:57 but be ye transformed... "
55:00 Hold onto that word...
55:01 "by the renewing of your mind
55:03 that you may prove what is that good and acceptable
55:05 and perfect will of God. "
55:07 The word transformed in the Greek is metamorphosis.
55:11 God wants to change us from a caterpillar to a butterfly.
55:15 Real quick: Greg and I were... He loves nature...
55:19 And one morning he said: "Jilly, come look outside. "
55:21 And there was a caterpillar attached underneath the porch
55:24 railing - our front porch - and he was spinning his cocoon.
55:28 And every day we went out and we peeked.
55:31 Still there. We peeked.
55:33 Still there. On Sabbath - there has to be a lesson with that -
55:37 on Sabbath Greg said: "Jilly, hurry and come outside. "
55:41 And I looked outside and the butterfly was coming out.
55:45 That exemplifies the transforming grace of God:
55:50 what He does in your life and in mine.
55:53 How He changes us.
55:55 We wallow on the ground like a caterpillar.
55:58 We crawl in the dirt and the mire of sin
56:01 and He, by the power of His Spirit,
56:04 changes us and we come out as a butterfly.
56:08 By beholding Him. II Corinthians 3:18.
56:12 "We all with open face beholding as in a glass
56:15 the glory of the Lord are transformed... "
56:17 The same word metamorphosis...
56:19 Are changed. We're changed by beholding Jesus.
56:22 We're changed by the washing of the water of the Word.
56:26 We're changed by the power of the Holy Spirit.
56:30 So I don't know about you all today and you at home:
56:32 I want to become a new creation in Christ Jesus.
56:36 Amen!
56:46 I'll have the closing prayer now.
56:59 Would you say amen out there? Amen!
57:02 All right... Galatians 6. Thank you, Jill.
57:06 Verses 16 through 18.
57:08 This is the final stanza here.
57:12 Paul has written almost six chapters to the people
57:15 in Galatia and then he says:
57:18 "And as many as walk according to this rule... "
57:22 You understand what he's saying now.
57:24 The verse before that: "In Christ Jesus neither
57:27 circumcision availeth anything
57:29 nor uncircumcision but... " The butterfly!
57:35 "but as many as walk according to this rule... "
57:37 Notice what Paul is doing here.
57:40 He's pretty uncompromising in this letter to the Galatians.
57:43 "As many as walk according to this rule peace be on them... "
57:46 In other words, if you don't walk according to this rule,
57:49 no peace on you.
57:51 "and mercy and upon the Israel of God. "
57:54 "From henceforth let no man trouble me
57:57 for I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus. "
57:59 Then he signs off: "Brethren,
58:01 the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirits. "
58:04 And he writes: "Amen. "
58:06 I'd like to review with you where we've been this quarter
58:08 in the book of Galatians. I can't review in depth.
58:11 This is just grazing across the surface, but I'm hoping
58:14 it will bring us down to our final three verses
58:18 here at the end of the book of Galatians.
58:20 Paul begins and he says: "I marvel... "
58:22 "I'm just amazed. " "I'm astonished
58:26 that you've left the gospel that I gave you
58:28 and you've embraced something else which quite frankly
58:31 isn't even a gospel. "
58:33 This is very straight language.
58:35 Paul is determined to help them see the seriousness
58:40 of their situation.
58:42 They have stepped off the platform.
58:45 See, here's what I maintain:
58:46 I maintain that when you step off the platform of the
58:49 truth of God's word you've just stepped into quicksand.
58:51 And there's no telling how far you're going to sink
58:55 or how far you're going to drift.
58:57 But you are going to sink and you are going to drift.
59:01 There's only safety in the Word of God.
59:04 See, there are some people who figure that they're smarter
59:06 than God. The first evangelistic series I ever held...
59:09 I cannot tell you where it was
59:11 because you might figure some things out.
59:13 If you know where it was then you're home and house.
59:17 First evangelistic series and I was preaching about
59:19 the 2,300 days very enthusiastically.
59:22 And a man of some great experience
59:24 came to me and he said:
59:26 "I used to believe that. "
59:28 He was a church member. "I used to believe that. "
59:32 And I looked, you know... I was still a little green.
59:36 Wasn't used to men of experience telling me
59:39 they used to believe the truth.
59:41 Said: "I used to believe the truth but I don't believe that
59:43 any more. I've studied and I've learned some different things. "
59:48 I said: "Man! You have to be
59:53 intelligent! You must be smart. "
59:58 And he first... First he took it as a compliment.
01:00:04 He said: "Well, I am a doctor you know
01:00:06 and you know... " I said: "No, no... really. "
01:00:09 "Ellen White believed this.
01:00:12 James White believed this.
01:00:15 J. N. Loughborough believed this.
01:00:17 John Nevins Andrews believed this.
01:00:19 Uriah Smith believed this.
01:00:21 The General Conference president believes this.
01:00:24 Evidently you know more than they do!
01:00:26 You must be smart. "
01:00:31 You know, he stopped and reflected on that
01:00:32 and then I think he figured out what I was getting at
01:00:35 and I figured out it was time for me to get out of there.
01:00:42 When you decide that you know more than the church
01:00:46 you'd better be right.
01:00:49 You're not... you are wrong!
01:00:52 But when you know more than the Bible commentary
01:00:56 and the Biblical Research Institute
01:00:59 and the church... Now I don't want to sound like
01:01:00 those folks where I came from that said: "Well we have
01:01:02 the magisterium and we dare not think otherwise. "
01:01:05 But my goodness, think of the hubris it takes
01:01:08 to think that you know more than the church.
01:01:12 That you know more than what's been revealed to us
01:01:14 in the Spirit of Prophecy.
01:01:15 That you know more than the collective wisdom
01:01:17 of everybody in your congregation.
01:01:19 Here were some people who knew more than the rest of the church
01:01:22 and for reasons that seemed good to them
01:01:26 they decided they would step off the platform
01:01:29 and Paul said: "I marvel! I'm astonished! "
01:01:33 He spoke as was spoken earlier
01:01:36 "Let these people be anathema
01:01:38 who don't believe the true gospel. "
01:01:40 And then he talked about his own credentials as an apostle.
01:01:43 He said: "I received these revelations. I didn't confer
01:01:45 with anybody. I got what I got directly from God. "
01:01:49 You understand the pressure he's putting on them here.
01:01:52 "What I got I got from God.
01:01:55 Where did you get what you got?
01:01:57 And what do you have that can possibly be better
01:02:01 than this revelation that I received directly from
01:02:03 the Almighty? "
01:02:05 So Paul kind of lays into them right from the start.
01:02:08 It's not until chapter 2 that he gets to the point
01:02:11 of circumcision. And he starts to say
01:02:15 or he says in Galatians chapter 2
01:02:17 "I received the gospel of uncircumcision. "
01:02:23 That's a really strong term.
01:02:25 "This gospel message that I have, the gospel of our Lord
01:02:29 and Savior Jesus Christ: it's the gospel of uncircumcision. "
01:02:33 "So what do you have? It cannot be the truth...
01:02:37 it cannot be right. " He talks about the time
01:02:39 in verse 11 he withstood Peter to the face
01:02:43 because Peter was in error, you know.
01:02:46 And I want to look with you
01:02:47 in chapter 2 starting from verse 16.
01:02:51 Let's look there.
01:02:53 Galatians chapter 2 verse 16
01:02:56 Paul says: "Knowing that a man is not justified by the works
01:03:00 of the law... " He's talking about circumcision as the works
01:03:02 of the law. You're not justified that way.
01:03:05 "but by the faith of Jesus Christ...
01:03:07 even we who have believed in Jesus Christ... that we might
01:03:11 be justified by the... " What? "by the faith of Christ
01:03:15 and - what's that next word - "and not by the works
01:03:18 of the law. For by the works of the law shall no flesh
01:03:22 be justified. " Paul is really clear here.
01:03:25 You think this is a talk about circumcision.
01:03:30 It's not... it's about justification.
01:03:32 Wait! It's about salvation.
01:03:34 Let's take it a step further: it's about the gospel.
01:03:36 Paul's saying: "The gospel is at stake here! "
01:03:39 It mattered to him. This was Luther before 1517.
01:03:42 This was Luther before the castle church.
01:03:45 This was Luther long before the 95 Theses.
01:03:50 Luther was defending the gospel.
01:03:52 He wasn't attacking the church; he was defending the gospel.
01:03:56 He knew: "Ah, you could let the church teach whatever it wants
01:03:59 to teach but the church would be robbing people of the gospel
01:04:02 and we cannot let that happen. " Amen!
01:04:04 So Luther stood up and said "The people must know the truth
01:04:07 of the gospel. "
01:04:08 And Paul was doing the same thing here in Galatians.
01:04:11 "You've got to know the truth of the gospel. "
01:04:13 He goes on and he says in verse 20:
01:04:17 "I am crucified with Christ
01:04:19 nevertheless I live.
01:04:22 Yet not I, but... " What?
01:04:24 "Christ liveth in me.
01:04:26 And the life which I now live in the flesh
01:04:29 I live by the faith of the Son of God
01:04:32 who loved me and gave Himself for me. "
01:04:35 In contradisention to people who are living by
01:04:38 the works of the law, the works of the flesh...
01:04:40 whether it's circumcision or anything else.
01:04:43 Paul nails this! "I am crucified with Christ. "
01:04:48 So was he talking about circumcision?
01:04:49 He's talking about the gospel;
01:04:51 he's talking about justification;
01:04:52 he's talking about grace.
01:04:54 For he goes on and says: "This is how desperate
01:04:58 your situation is, Galatians. "
01:05:00 "I do not frustrate the grace of God.
01:05:03 If righteousness comes by the law, then Christ is dead... "
01:05:09 How? "in vain. " What you're doing is negating
01:05:13 the death of Jesus Christ
01:05:15 when you say that righteousness must come by
01:05:19 a work... a work of the law, a work of the flesh. "
01:05:22 Again, and Jill spoke to this eloquently when she said
01:05:25 "All right, we may not be hung up on this issue
01:05:27 but, boy, Christians today have their own issues. "
01:05:30 You know it's right to eat right.
01:05:32 It's right to dress right.
01:05:34 It's right to tithe right.
01:05:35 It's right to worship right, but you are not saved
01:05:38 by any of those things.
01:05:39 Once you are you become a foolish Galatian.
01:05:43 Dress as right as you can... modesty's important.
01:05:45 The world's forgotten that, but a uniform doesn't get you
01:05:47 through the gates. Amen! Eat as well and as healthily
01:05:51 as you can. That's good for you... that's GOOD for you!
01:05:54 But the road to hell is paved with egg substitute
01:05:59 and fake meat.
01:06:05 It's right to eat right, but the minute you think
01:06:08 you're better than anybody else
01:06:10 or closer to God or you've somehow earned favor with God
01:06:14 man, that blessing's turned into a curse.
01:06:17 You've got the right day. Well, congratulations.
01:06:20 The people who nailed Jesus to the cross had the right day.
01:06:24 But if that right day is being carried about by a person
01:06:27 who's still mean and hateful and angry and bitter and critical
01:06:29 and unconverted, that right day is going to come back
01:06:32 and bite you in the judgment. God's going to say:
01:06:34 "You had all this light... what did it do for you?
01:06:36 You didn't allow it to sanctify you. "
01:06:39 Because the truth is some- thing that will sanctify us.
01:06:42 Now I don't know but I think the clock here at 3ABN is faulty.
01:06:48 It goes extraordinarily fast!
01:06:52 So let me hasten on a pace.
01:06:54 Paul say in Galatians chapter 3
01:06:55 how do you get the Spirit? How do you get it?
01:06:57 And he talks about Abraham. Oh, he's appealing now
01:07:00 to the father... that's father Abraham.
01:07:03 He's appealing to... You know, if anybody knew anything about
01:07:06 circumcision it was Abraham.
01:07:09 And he goes back and he says: "Abraham
01:07:12 was made righteous by faith. "
01:07:15 He said: "If you've been baptized,
01:07:18 then you've put on Christ" he says later on in chapter 3.
01:07:22 He says: "There's no more Jew nor Greek,
01:07:23 bond nor free, male nor female. "
01:07:26 You've got to be careful how you toss that verse around.
01:07:28 Of course distinctions still apply but in Jesus you're one.
01:07:30 There's no advantage in terms of salvation
01:07:33 being one or the other... the other or the one.
01:07:35 We're all one in Christ Jesus.
01:07:37 And in Romans chapter 4 he says... sorry, Romans...
01:07:40 Galatians chapter 4 he says: "You've gone back to the weak
01:07:43 and beggarly elements. "
01:07:46 Man oh man, he couldn't have made this any stronger
01:07:50 if he could have. "You all have enslaved yourselves.
01:07:55 Why are you going to back to these things that are
01:07:57 worthless? "
01:07:58 Justification comes from God; what is grace anyway?
01:08:04 We are not saved by the works of the law.
01:08:08 And the Galatians weren't just saying
01:08:11 "You know, we prefer to do this. "
01:08:12 If you were to confer with your doctor when your baby boy
01:08:15 is born and say: "We just think this is right for our family. "
01:08:18 "No harm done. That's OK... no harm done. "
01:08:20 Paul wasn't saying this is some- thing that a Jew or a Gentile
01:08:23 should never ever do.
01:08:24 He's simply saying that "Now that you all have elevated
01:08:27 to the status of justification and righteousness and right
01:08:31 standing with God... Ah, we have a problem then.
01:08:34 That's not right. "
01:08:36 He appeals to them: "Have I become your enemy? "
01:08:39 Knowing by the time he gets to Galatians 4:16
01:08:42 he probably is their enemy now.
01:08:45 In Galatians 5:1 he appeals: "Stand therefore
01:08:49 in the liberty wherewith Christ has made you free
01:08:52 and don't become entangled again with the yoke of bondage. "
01:08:57 Listen: when you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior
01:09:00 and you repent of your sins
01:09:02 you call on Him to fill your heart with His presence:
01:09:05 that's salvation. And you may say: "But I'm not
01:09:08 the finished product. " Look around you.
01:09:13 I'm not the finished product.
01:09:15 That's why we grow in grace.
01:09:18 We grow in grace. We grow in grace towards the kingdom of
01:09:22 heaven. Certainly we're not the finished product.
01:09:24 And if you ever look in the mirror and say:
01:09:26 "Huh... I think I'm the finished product"
01:09:29 then you are deceived and you are deluded.
01:09:33 And now what you've said is: "Thank you, Jesus, for getting
01:09:36 me this far but I've got it from here. "
01:09:38 "I'm the finished product. "
01:09:39 "Let me run to the finish line; I can do this now. "
01:09:41 "Thanks so much for your help. "
01:09:43 Oh, we need Jesus desperately... desperately.
01:09:46 And Paul was saying: "Justification comes by grace.
01:09:49 By grace! Don't frustrate the grace of God.
01:09:52 Through faith, faith in Jesus, I have been crucified
01:09:55 with Christ, nevertheless I live. "
01:09:57 He talks about that beautiful salvation experience
01:09:59 that Philippians 2:13 elaborates on.
01:10:03 Where Jill quoted that beautiful, most powerful verse
01:10:06 of scripture. He says to these people:
01:10:09 "Christ has become of no effect to you. "
01:10:11 Can you imagine that? Of no effect to you.
01:10:15 So we'll look at these last three verses.
01:10:18 Paul says in verse 18 of chapter 6
01:10:23 and not chapter 3... verse 18.
01:10:25 Sorry... verse 16.
01:10:27 "As many of them as walk according to this rule
01:10:29 peace be on them. " That's the rule. He's...
01:10:32 He's clear about that. He says... I like this:
01:10:36 "From henceforth let no man trouble me. "
01:10:41 "I don't want to be bothered about this any more. "
01:10:44 I don't know if this is frustration coming through.
01:10:46 I don't know. Sounds a little bit like it.
01:10:48 I wouldn't charge him with that. I would say this is
01:10:50 just straight talk. "Let's not go over this ground any more. "
01:10:54 "Let's not bother with this any more. "
01:10:57 "For I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus. "
01:11:00 You know, the lesson asks a really interesting question.
01:11:05 The lesson says essentially
01:11:08 what has following Christ cost you?
01:11:13 You know, you could be living in a place
01:11:15 where you've lost your family
01:11:19 to be in the church.
01:11:21 You could be living in a place
01:11:23 where you lost your job... lost your life.
01:11:26 There are some countries where people escape across the border,
01:11:31 get baptized and they go back and they don't tell anybody
01:11:34 what they've done because if they did
01:11:37 they'd be executed.
01:11:39 What did Paul say in Romans chapter 8?
01:11:46 Just powerful: Romans chapter 8.
01:11:50 "For I reckon that the suffer- ings of this present time... "
01:11:52 verse 18... "are not worthy to be compared
01:11:55 with the glory which shall be revealed in us. "
01:11:58 I want to say this just very briefly.
01:12:02 For us... we're not suffering for Christ.
01:12:05 You know in India where they drag you out of your home
01:12:07 and maybe burn you in some villages
01:12:10 or in Iran where they'll take you and stone you,
01:12:12 in Egypt where they'll destroy your business
01:12:14 and run you out of town
01:12:17 yeah... that's suffering.
01:12:19 But for us... You know, you lost a job. Look at you.
01:12:23 You're well fed... you're OK.
01:12:25 There's someone who's in a snit with you.
01:12:28 You know, that's OK. Paul was stoned.
01:12:30 The marks that he wrote about in Galatians chapter 6:
01:12:33 he was stoned, he was beaten, he was whipped.
01:12:36 And he was able to say: "I reckon that the sufferings
01:12:39 of this present time are not worthy to be compared
01:12:42 with the glory that shall be revealed in us. "
01:12:44 Amen! Paul said they're really not much.
01:12:48 He said: "He that spared not His own Son but delivered Him up
01:12:51 freely for us all, how shall He not with Him also
01:12:54 freely give us all things? " And then go on and read
01:12:58 late in Romans 8: "Who shall separate us
01:13:02 from the love of Christ? " It's powerful!
01:13:05 Paul's message was clear;
01:13:07 Paul's message was a message we ought to take on board.
01:13:10 Paul's message - God's message to us
01:13:12 today in the context of this lesson is Christ.
01:13:17 Thank you, Miss Mollie. Amen and amen!
01:13:19 And you know, our prayer for each one...
01:13:22 In Galatians 6:1 Paul says: "Brethren, if any man
01:13:26 be overtaken in a fault... " Our prayer
01:13:29 for each one of you and each one of us
01:13:32 is that God will "search me, O God, and know my heart. "
01:13:35 Isn't that where everyone is saying things can be hidden
01:13:39 is in our heart. "Search me, O God,
01:13:40 and know my heart; try me and know my thoughts.
01:13:43 See if there be any evil way in us
01:13:45 and lead us in the path everlasting. "
01:13:47 Would you like for that to be the prayer
01:13:49 over your life today? You know, we are about to take
01:13:52 a 15-minute break. First, I want to thank all of you.
01:13:55 You did an incredible job.
01:13:57 But we will be back here in the 3ABN Worship Center
01:14:02 in fifteen minutes.
01:14:03 And we're going to have Little Richard with us.
01:14:07 So in the meantime you that are viewing
01:14:09 or listening to 3ABN on media
01:14:12 we have Tim Parton that's going to be playing
01:14:15 some beautiful music. So we don't want you to go anywhere.
01:14:18 We'll be back again. I believe it's going to be two minutes...
01:14:22 or, pardon me, 17 minutes and 9 seconds.
01:14:26 We will be right back. In the meantime
01:14:28 God bless you; we love you.


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