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Participants: Danny Shelton (Host), Little Richard


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00:49 Praise the Lord! Good morning and welcome
00:52 to Fall Camp Meeting here at 3ABN in West Frankfort, IL.
00:56 And we're so thankful for all the crowd that's here
00:59 and our special guest today - yes! is Little Richard.
01:03 Now I'm havin' to call him... I call him Bro. Richard, right?
01:06 But the world knows him as Little Richard. Yes.
01:09 So we're so thankful that you're here today, Bro. Richard.
01:11 I'm glad to be here.
01:13 Absolutely! First camp meeting I've been to in many years.
01:17 All right. Yes. And I think you haven't been speaking in
01:20 publicly in very many... in quite a few years, right? Yes.
01:23 Yes... yes. So how did we get you up here?
01:26 I know we didn't offer you any money.
01:28 No... we don't charge money to talk about God.
01:34 OK. We just want to be a part of His kingdom.
01:38 He's been so good to us. All right.
01:41 And He's such a merciful God. Um-hmm.
01:43 And I'm just so glad that you invited me
01:47 and I'm glad that I was able to come.
01:50 Because I know that everybody here is trying to get ready
01:54 to meet Jesus. That's right!
01:56 That's all that's left in this world, isn't that right?
01:59 That's right. We all need to get ready to meet Him
02:02 because He is coming soon. Amen!
02:06 And whether you're ready or no He's still coming!
02:10 That's right. So get ready. Amen!
02:12 We have another special guest, and I want to introduce
02:16 Tara Chambers. She's from the City of West Frankfort.
02:19 And Tara... come up just a little bit.
02:22 And I think you were going to give Bro. Richard a welcome.
02:26 Absolutely! It's not every day that we get a legend here
02:29 in southern Illinois to come and join us.
02:31 And our special guest today has sung songs that
02:36 people - millions of people around the world -
02:38 can recite word for word.
02:41 But the word he's going to share today
02:42 is so much more exciting than any of that.
02:45 And we're so blessed to have you here today.
02:47 Thank you. So excited to hear your testimony.
02:50 Thank you so much. And we know that it is not only
02:52 going to touch southern Illinois and everybody that hears it
02:54 but thanks to Three Angels Broadcasting
02:57 people all over the world are going to be touched by God
02:59 through your testimony. Praise God!
03:00 So we just thank you and we are so happy to have you here.
03:04 Welcome to West Frankfort. Thank you so much.
03:07 Tara: I want to ask you a question.
03:09 Now I'm going to put you on the spot in front of the whole world
03:12 but now you're pretty young. I mean
03:14 you know Richard... he gives his age. He's 84 now.
03:17 Do you really know who he was?
03:18 Have you ever heard him sing really?
03:20 I have... and I've heard all of the mainstream stuff
03:24 that everybody else has heard, BUT
03:26 I have to do a little tattling on myself here for a minute.
03:30 My favorite Little Richard piece
03:33 was Rubber Duckie from Sesame Street.
03:40 I watched that as a kid
03:42 and you became famous to me on that day, so...
03:45 Thank you. She told me that back stage.
03:47 She said: "Oh, I love his Sesame Street stuff! "
03:50 My grandkids were the same way.
03:52 I said: "We're going to interview Little Richard"
03:54 and I said: "You guys don't know... " "Oh, yes,
03:57 we do! We watch him on Sesame Street. "
04:00 The young kids - yes - all the way to the older folks.
04:04 How about you, Yvonne. When did you first hear Little Richard?
04:07 Oh, you know, I don't know if Richard remembers this,
04:12 but years and years ago my parents did some work
04:16 on one of his projects... a gospel project
04:18 at Ephesus Church... and so they sang.
04:21 In New York... OK... and they sang behind him.
04:24 So I knew of him from there and of course, in the music business
04:27 I mean... whether you're in the music business or not
04:30 he's a legend. Everybody knows Little Richard. Yes!
04:32 So I've known about him for years and years
04:35 and it's my privilege to know him as Brother Richard.
04:39 Absolutely. Pastor John,
04:42 you got a phone call a couple months ago from who?
04:46 From his brother, right? Peyton?
04:48 I was in my office and his brother Peyton called.
04:50 And he said: "The Lord has impressed me to call you
04:53 and I chose to do it today. "
04:55 And he says... we had a conversation.
04:58 Peyton, if you know his brother, is a very mild mannered...
05:00 You can tell him a storm is coming. He'll say: "It is? "
05:05 He's on his way here now. I know... I know.
05:07 I wouldn't let him not be here.
05:10 And so he said: "Well, you know, we have a little church
05:13 down in Tennessee. Do you come to little churches? "
05:15 I said: "I go wherever the Lord wants me to go
05:17 but tell me something about your church. "
05:18 And he says: "Well, we had some baptisms 9 months ago... "
05:23 This was earlier last year he was telling me this.
05:25 He said: "And Richard got baptized. "
05:28 I said... uh, I said: "Richard?
05:31 Am I supposed to know Richard? "
05:36 He said: "Little Richard! " I said: "THE Little Richard? "
05:41 I said: "How do you know him? " He said: "I'm his brother
05:44 and I'm the elder of the church and if you would accept our
05:48 invitation we'd like to have you come down and visit. "
05:51 So my wife and I went down and Brother Richard was there
05:55 Sabbath morning. And I don't know if you've ever had the
05:58 experience. I wished it was the other way around:
06:00 him preaching and me saying "Amen. "
06:02 But to have him saying... He was saying: "Tell it!
06:05 Tell it! Uh-huh, all right, yes Jesus. "
06:09 And he was "egging" me on.
06:11 And I said: "Man, I wish they'd do that at my church. "
06:15 We have too many white people in our church.
06:18 But then we sat down at lunch and he and Angie, my wife...
06:23 they just talked like they knew each other all their lives.
06:25 And I just sat there and was amazed. I said:
06:26 "Lord, what is this all about? Why am I down here in Tennessee
06:29 talking to Little Richard? How did that work out? "
06:31 Now I know why today. Amen!
06:34 God works in amazing ways. Absolutely!
06:36 We want to ask, Pastor, if you would just say a prayer
06:40 for the anointing of the Holy Spirit to move in this crowd
06:43 today and for those watching literally around the world
06:46 because the testimony that he has... he gives all
06:49 honor and glory and praise to Jesus. That's right.
06:51 And that's what the world needs to see today
06:53 and here is people... letting them know
06:56 the only answer for this world's problems is Jesus. Amen!
06:59 Let's just bow our heads.
07:01 Loving Father in heaven, we stand here this morning
07:04 under the grace and anointing of Your Holy Spirit.
07:08 And, Father, as we were reminded so wonderfully
07:10 in the Sabbath School lesson study this morning
07:12 we would rather boast in our infirmities
07:15 that the power of Christ may rest upon us.
07:19 And Lord, today we glory in the cross of Christ
07:22 by whom we have been crucified to the world
07:25 and the world has been crucified to us.
07:26 And today, Lord, this is an amazing journey
07:29 that Bro. Little Richard has taken. We have seen
07:31 his trek - um-hmm - and the world knows who he was.
07:36 But Father, we praise God for who he is.
07:39 Amen! And he's come today to speak to the hearts and lives
07:42 of many who are on a road looking for what he had already
07:45 found, coming to the conclusion that there's no greater joy
07:48 and no greater purpose than living for the glory of God.
07:51 And today I pray an anointing on his heart,
07:54 his mind, his voice, his life.
07:57 That we will hear through the trek of his experiences
08:00 how God in an amazing way continued to pursue him.
08:04 And Lord, today as we remember who he was
08:07 we thank God for who he is. Amen!
08:10 Even more than who Little Richard is, we thank
08:12 You for who Jesus is. Yes! Amen!
08:15 There's no depth to which we can sink
08:17 that the Lord cannot reach down to the "guttermost"
08:20 and take us to the uttermost.
08:22 And so today we want to glorify in the righteousness of Christ.
08:24 May his words be guided by Your Holy Spirit.
08:28 May his mind be anointed.
08:30 And may those who listen and watch and be a part of this
08:33 experience know that this is just a glimpse.
08:36 That, yes, if ANYONE is in Christ
08:38 he is a new creation. Yes. Old things have passed away;
08:42 behold, all things are new. So we give You this program.
08:46 And may you use Your servant, Bro. Little Richard,
08:49 to just let people know this critical hour is the time to
08:52 choose Jesus. Amen! For there is no other way
08:55 to find happiness and eternal joy.
08:58 And we pray this - yes - in Your precious and holy name,
09:01 Amen. Amen! All right. Thank you, Pastor.
09:03 Thank you, Tara, for coming in.
09:05 Right now before Bro. Richard speaks
09:08 my daughter Melody is going to sing a song.
09:10 We're doing away with a lot of preliminaries.
09:12 Even the offering today.
09:14 So when you leave rather than to take the time
09:16 away from him, when you leave today
09:18 there'll be little buckets out here. Maybe we should put
09:21 wheelbarrows out here by faith. Little buckets that you all can
09:24 drop a check as the Holy Spirit impresses you to.
09:28 And thank you Melody. What are you singing right now?
09:30 I Will Never Leave You Alone. OK... thank you, honey.
09:55 Wandering in the wilderness,
09:59 stumbling in the dark,
10:02 life put me on a road
10:05 I prayed I'd never have to walk.
10:10 Helpless and uncertain,
10:14 staring at a wall,
10:17 I wondered where the Lord
10:20 was in it all.
10:24 But God said
10:28 "I love you forever;
10:32 I will never leave you alone.
10:39 And days when
10:43 you feel your heart can't take it
10:47 I will be the One to make you strong.
10:54 And I'll be there to help you
10:58 carry on...
11:02 I will never leave you
11:06 alone. "
11:20 Picking up the pieces
11:24 of dreams that had to die,
11:28 trying hard to understand
11:32 and not to question why.
11:35 It took a while to realize
11:39 what now I clearly see:
11:43 that holding on to Him meant
11:46 letting go of me.
11:50 And God said
11:54 "I love you forever;
11:58 I will never leave you alone.
12:05 And days when
12:08 you feel your heart can't take it
12:13 I will be the One
12:15 to make you strong.
12:20 And I'll be there to help you
12:23 carry on...
12:27 I will never leave you
12:31 alone. "
12:47 And God said
12:51 "I love you forever;
12:56 I will never leave you alone.
13:02 And days when
13:06 you feel your heart can't take it
13:10 I will be the One to make you strong.
13:17 And I'll be there to help you
13:21 carry on...
13:25 I will never leave you
13:29 alone...
13:36 I will never leave you
13:42 alone. "
14:03 Amen!
14:07 Thank you Melody.
14:09 It's our privilege today - and it's hard to say - introduce
14:12 to the world as they already know him
14:14 but Bro. Richard Penniman.
14:17 Bro. Richard: the time is yours.
14:19 If you need anything, we're here to assist you
14:21 but other than that we know God has put a lot
14:23 on your heart today. All I can say: "In times like these
14:27 we need a Savior. " Amen!
14:30 In times like these we need an anchor. All right!
14:34 We need Jesus. Amen!
14:36 There's never been a time in our life as it is today
14:40 where we need God so much.
14:43 Without Him, we can see that we're doomed.
14:47 Without Him there is nothing.
14:50 I was just thinking about the Word of God.
14:53 You know, we read all kind of magazines
14:56 and I just see where my friend just passed away.
14:58 Hugh Hefner: he was a good friend.
15:02 You know, but he represented another book
15:05 but we represent the Bible. All right! Amen! OK!
15:08 And I'm so glad that I know Jesus. Amen!
15:13 Eighty-four years old... I know Jesus.
15:16 Amen! Eighty-five this year.
15:19 If I live, I know Jesus.
15:22 It's nothing like Jesus. That's right.
15:25 Brothers and sisters, ladies and gentlemen,
15:28 remember: I don't care what color you are.
15:32 Black, white, red, brown, purple or yellow...
15:35 it don't matter.
15:38 Jesus loves you. Amen! All right! He made you.
15:43 Jesus: the Word of God.
15:46 In times like these I just stated we need a Savior.
15:50 You guys remember that Jesus IS the Word of God.
15:54 Um-hmm. And all scripture is given by inspiration of God
15:59 and is profitable for doctrine, for correction,
16:02 for instruction in righteousness.
16:05 That the man of God may be perfectly furnished
16:07 in all good works. Yes! I have learned
16:11 that when I go to bed at night,
16:14 when I sleep with the Bible in my arms,
16:18 it makes me feel comfortable.
16:21 It's something to have, like the other night at my place
16:25 the lights went out. And that's a horrible feeling.
16:30 I didn't know what to do!
16:33 I said: "Oh, God... " There wasn't nobody there
16:35 but me, and I can't walk.
16:38 I said: "Oh, God... please. "
16:40 And I learned that's when you need Jesus.
16:43 Um-hmm. And listen ladies and gentlemen,
16:46 don't let nobody tell you anything different.
16:48 All right. The Seventh-day Adventist church
16:52 is the church that I came to.
16:55 I was brought up in the Baptist church.
16:58 I went to the Baptist church on Sundays
17:02 I'd go to the movie. If I went to the Methodist church,
17:05 I'd go to the movie. My grandmother was in the
17:07 Methodist church; my mother was in the Baptist church.
17:10 My sister met a preacher by the name of Elder Ward.
17:17 He was preaching in my home town of Macon, Georgia,
17:20 where I'm from, and he was in this great big tent,
17:25 he and his wife. She was playing the piano.
17:27 And the girls was going to the tent because Elder Ward
17:30 was a good-looking guy... he was handsome.
17:33 And they was all going to the meeting trying to get
17:35 this woman's husband.
17:38 I could hear my sisters saying they thought they had him.
17:43 And he had them... you know, he was just smiling with them
17:47 and just... He got them in the truth!
17:52 And they was this lavish... And my sister became
17:56 an Adventist... which we didn't know anything about.
18:00 I heard my grandmother talk about it.
18:02 Her name was Miss Alma.
18:04 I heard her talk about it.
18:06 But my sister came home that day
18:09 and I saw my Daddy was so mad.
18:11 She threw the pork chops out in the back yard!
18:17 She threw the hot dogs in the back yard!
18:20 She threw the sausage in the back yard.
18:24 And my Daddy said: "Who threw out all that
18:27 good meat in the yard like that? "
18:29 My sister said, we said: "Peggie did it. "
18:32 My Daddy said: "I'm gonna kill you, girl. "
18:36 He said: "You know how much we paid for that? "
18:39 He said: "And you're going to eat that. Go out and get it! "
18:44 Because she had read that God didn't want us to eat
18:48 that kind of food... that He had clean meats for us.
18:53 And the Bible tells us what is clean and what is not clean.
18:58 But she wanted to get the family to goin' the right way.
19:02 She threw it all out to make sure
19:05 that we wouldn't eat any more.
19:07 And at the time I was mad with her, too,
19:10 because I didn't want... I wanted my pork chops!
19:13 I loved pork chops! That was my favorite meat.
19:18 Pork chops and ham? My Lord, my God.
19:23 I would eat that all day long.
19:26 And everybody in my home town, Macon, Georgia,
19:29 could get pork 'cause it was cheap. It wasn't expensive.
19:34 And so after that didn't nobody want to join the church
19:38 'cause they didn't want to give up their meat.
19:41 They knew Elder Ward was telling the truth
19:44 but they didn't want to give that up.
19:46 But Elder Ward said: "God's got something good for you. "
19:51 Amen! And when I read with him and I got with him
19:56 his sermon every week would be about Little Richard.
20:00 I was wearing real long hair
20:02 and make-up on my face, the eyebrow pencil...
20:06 all that stuff and you couldn't tell me nothing.
20:12 The make-up made me look lighter and brighter...
20:17 but it couldn't fix up. But God showed me something.
20:23 God showed me that: "Richard, if you live for Me,
20:29 I'm going to give you eternal life. " Yes!
20:33 "I'm going to give you everlasting joy;
20:36 I'm going to give you immortality. You'll never die. "
20:42 "It will be day from now on; it will never get night again. "
20:46 How can it get night with Jesus - the Light of the World?
20:50 Amen! Can't no darkness come in there!
20:53 He and His Father ain't nothing but light... a consuming fire!
21:00 It's really something... it's really something.
21:03 I just said: "Well, Lord, if You just help me
21:07 learn about you. " So then He made a way
21:13 for me to go to Oakwood College.
21:16 I went to Oakwood College. I got there; I didn't know why
21:20 why I was there. I was there and I learned about Jesus.
21:26 I didn't know that God was a consuming fire.
21:29 I didn't know that... I never knew that.
21:31 Nobody never told me that.
21:34 I never knew that Jesus and His Father
21:39 and the Holy Ghost... I never knew that
21:43 all three of them are God.
21:46 I didn't know that
21:48 'cause in our church they didn't teach that.
21:51 All they taught in our church
21:53 that when you die you go to heaven.
21:56 Everybody that died in my home town went to heaven.
22:00 I don't care if they were the biggest drunk in the city.
22:03 They was a drunk... they went to heaven.
22:06 And I remember the pastor be preaching the funeral
22:09 and he'd say: "Oh, John, I can see him now.
22:13 He's up there by the throne. "
22:15 And I said to myself: "John is drunk by the throne? "
22:22 And then here he's preaching another man's funeral
22:25 that was a killer: "He's by the throne. "
22:28 Here's another man that was a big thief: "He's in heaven. "
22:33 And I say: "Everybody can't be going to heaven.
22:36 Then nobody go to hell. "
22:39 EVERYBODY went to heaven.
22:41 And I said: "Well, Lord... " I said: "What is this? "
22:45 But wasn't no preacher telling it 'cause the preacher
22:48 didn't know the truth either! That's right.
22:51 The Lord said: "Ye shall know the truth and the truth will
22:54 set you free. " Amen!
22:56 And when you're set free you can tell the truth.
22:59 Not only can you tell the truth but you will KNOW the truth.
23:03 Amen! And I started reading and I started studying
23:07 about the seven last plagues.
23:09 I started studying that "What shall it profit a man
23:15 if he should gain the whole world
23:18 and lose his own soul?
23:21 Or what shall a man give God in exchange for his soul? "
23:26 Don't you know, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters,
23:30 that the whole world... You talk about winning the lottery.
23:38 Everybody's trying to win the lottery/let's make a deal.
23:42 God wants to make a deal with you! Amen!
23:46 His deal is everlasting life!
23:50 Everlasting life!
23:52 He's going to give you a mansion that He built for you!
23:56 He built it for you: you and you.
23:59 It don't matter. Ain't no racism in heaven.
24:02 Amen! NONE!
24:06 You know, I just think about how the boys used to make fun
24:09 of my mother because my mother's real fair... she's Indian.
24:14 She's Mohican Indian and she's real light... like you!
24:25 That's the way my Mama looked.
24:27 The guys used to talk about my Mama
24:29 but I loved her... you know?
24:31 That was my Mama.
24:32 But I found out something: that if you live for Jesus
24:38 you love everybody. Amen!
24:42 If you live for Jesus, you may have been hateful
24:45 with hatred but if you live for Jesus...
24:48 I remember I used to have all that in me!
24:51 I'm from Macon, Georgia.
24:54 I was treated real nasty and I was trying to get revenge.
25:00 But I read where Jesus said: "Vengeance is Mine
25:03 and I shall repay. " Amen!
25:06 I learned that love covers everything.
25:11 Amen! It covers it all brothers and sisters.
25:14 I don't care where you've been or what you've done.
25:17 I don't care if you're a drunk; I don't care if you're a thief.
25:22 I don't care what you're... Give your life to Jesus
25:25 and He will change your life. Amen!
25:27 He changed my life. I was full of hate and animosity.
25:32 My best friend killed my Daddy.
25:35 Oh! My Dad died at 39 years old with twelve children.
25:42 And I learned... That hatred that I thought I had
25:46 I didn't think I did have it. I was a real hater!
25:49 And I learned that people that I used to thought that I
25:52 hated I loved. When I saw him I could just feel it.
25:57 And when you love somebody you can't fool nobody
26:00 and act like you love them when you don't.
26:03 They could see it in your eyes. OK.
26:06 The white guy that said he loved me
26:11 he used to call me "Snow. "
26:15 I knew that was a lie!
26:21 I would go in that office and when I would go in there
26:24 he would say: "Good morning, Snow. "
26:27 I said to myself: "Where did he get that from? "
26:31 I know I didn't look like snow.
26:35 And he said... But I would go there because
26:39 I would be hungry. I would go by there
26:42 and they would give me money and I could get me a hot-dog
26:44 or a sandwich. You know, I came up... My Mama had
26:48 12 children, and it was hard to feed twelve children
26:52 back in that day. My Dad was a bootlegger.
26:56 He sold whiskey to feed us.
26:58 My Mama never worked.
27:01 She couldn't work... she was out raising those children.
27:05 And I'm going to tell you something:
27:08 faith is the substance of things hoped for - Amen!
27:13 the evidence of things not seen.
27:16 That's in Hebrews 11:1.
27:19 We need to have faith in God.
27:23 Amen! We need to believe that there is a God
27:26 and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.
27:31 And He said by it the elders "obtained a good report. "
27:36 And I'm going to tell you some- thing, brothers and sisters:
27:40 get on your knees and talk to Jesus.
27:44 Don't you go to bed another night -
27:47 another day - without giving a commitment to God.
27:52 The world is getting ready to end.
27:54 Jesus is getting ready to burst the clouds.
27:57 Amen! Please, please
28:01 give your life to Jesus.
28:04 Because I just stated to you: in times like these
28:08 you need a Savior. Amen! You need an anchor.
28:13 You need a heavenly Father.
28:16 He has been a good Father... a good God.
28:19 And I read so much ladies and gentlemen.
28:22 I started carrying books around.
28:24 I started carrying a book around called Steps to Christ.
28:29 And I would go everywhere with that book.
28:34 I been taking that book for now around 50 years!
28:41 Every day I get out of the bed you know what I've got?
28:45 That book! And everybody here today
28:50 that don't know Jesus
28:53 that haven't made a commitment to Jesus
28:57 I want to give you one of those books.
28:59 Amen! I've already autographed it and everything.
29:04 And you read that book and study that book
29:07 so you can get close to God.
29:09 Because I don't want you to lose your soul.
29:14 I don't want to lose mine.
29:17 And I tell you: it ain't nothing like being a part
29:20 of the third angel's message.
29:22 I'm so glad that Danny invited me to be a part
29:25 of the third angel's message.
29:27 It gives you a "comfortness" that you never had.
29:30 It gives you a peace and a joy that you never had!
29:35 And I'm going to tell you something:
29:37 you've got to get close to God.
29:40 Amen! You've got to just sell out to Jesus.
29:44 You know, a few days ago a guy called me
29:47 and he has a show that is on every Friday night.
29:51 I can't call the name of this show.
29:54 His name is Lee Daniels.
29:58 He offered me all kinds of things to be a part
30:04 of his show. He wanted to have the Little Richard Show
30:07 that comes on every week.
30:10 And I told him... I said... He said: "But you said
30:13 you might do it. " I said: "But I've been thinking
30:16 that I can't serve two masters. " Amen!
30:20 "I can't live for Jesus AND the devil.
30:23 I've got to hold onto one one of them and let one go. "
30:28 I said: "I can't do that. "
30:30 He said: "Well if you don't do it we're going to still
30:33 make up a show under your name. "
30:35 I didn't like that.
30:38 I didn't want no show out without me.
30:40 But see, when you get famous anybody can use your name
30:44 but it just won't be an authorized version from me.
30:47 But anybody can use my name.
30:51 I hate to say that 'cause I know somebody's going to
30:53 hear that and say: "Well I'm going to use it! "
30:55 I'm going to tell you not to use it
30:59 because see if you do you'll hear from somebody.
31:04 Not to hurt you
31:06 but to show you that it's not right to do bad things.
31:11 It's not right to do it.
31:13 And I just want to just give everything to God.
31:18 Everything. Amen! How many of you
31:21 here today read the Bible every day?
31:28 High... high!
31:31 How many of you read the Spirit of Prophecy every day?
31:37 I love the Spirit of Prophecy.
31:39 You know what I was reading about before I came here?
31:41 Early Writings. I love that book!
31:45 I love that book!
31:47 You know, I'm going to tell you something
31:49 ladies and gentlemen:
31:51 I think that what we need today
31:55 is not so much preaching as teaching.
31:59 We need somebody to teach us.
32:01 We don't need nobody "Wah, wah... " screaming.
32:04 You don't need that!
32:06 You need somebody to teach you like Jesus taught you
32:10 so you can understand, so you can learn.
32:13 But I remember I used to go to church...
32:16 Every black person went to church if he wanted to shout.
32:21 They were the shoutinest people I ever seen in my life!
32:25 And there one old lady, she jumped up on her left leg
32:28 she'd do the James Bond all across the floor.
32:34 That was the dancin' old woman I've ever seen!
32:37 And she'd just be screaming. I said to myself:
32:41 "Sit down, Esther. "
32:44 "Take a seat, Esther, please. "
32:47 Every time the preacher said something
32:49 Esther was up on her left leg all across the floor.
32:55 Some people go to church just on emotions.
32:58 But it's bigger than that... it's MORE than that.
33:02 And black people are very emotional.
33:06 I know I am.
33:08 I heard my sister sing a song when I was at my church
33:14 and I could feel the hair movin' all up my arms
33:19 because she sings with feeling.
33:22 It's not so much... She expresses with feeling
33:27 because what she expresses she MEANS that!
33:31 And when you mean something it comes out.
33:35 It comes out. And I'm going to tell you something: young people
33:39 give your life to Jesus. Yes! Amen!
33:43 Give your life to Jesus.
33:45 I made millions of dollars...
33:49 You know, I picked up the telephone one day
33:53 and the guy said: "Did you know you was worth
33:57 over forty million dollars? "
33:59 I said: "Me? "
34:03 He said: "You are worth over $40 million. "
34:06 'I said: "Well... what bank is it in? "
34:13 "I want to know where the bank is located
34:16 so I can make my trip! "
34:19 And so I got on the phone, and my son had told me
34:23 that, "Dad, " he said, "they say you're worth over $40 million. "
34:29 I said: "Well somebody has put something away
34:31 and didn't tell me! "
34:33 I said: "I don't remember seeing it! "
34:36 So I got on the phone and they dialed that number
34:40 and it said: "Little Richard: his estate is worth over
34:45 $40 million. " I said: "Well, would you tell me
34:50 where it's located... where the bank is? "
34:54 And they cut me off!
34:58 I knew that was a lie!
35:00 I ain't never seen no forty million dollars!
35:04 And I'm going to tell you something:
35:07 I don't want no forty million dollars.
35:11 I found out something: the more you have
35:16 God requires something from you. Amen!
35:20 When you have money like that
35:22 and somebody's down the street that's losing their house
35:26 you're supposed to save it.
35:30 You can't have all that money and don't share it.
35:32 Jesus blesses you to be a blessing. Amen!
35:37 You can't sit there with all of that money
35:39 and don't feed no poor people. It don't matter...
35:41 I'll tell you something: I don't care what color you are!
35:45 It don't matter! If you've got that money,
35:48 help the person that needs it.
35:51 Amen! If he's black, help him.
35:53 If he's yellow, help him!
35:55 If you don't know what color he is, help him!
36:01 Because that's what's happening.
36:04 See... Jesus gave. God gave His Son
36:10 for us... because He shares.
36:15 Jesus wants us to be just like Him.
36:18 We've got to copy Him.
36:20 We've got to share. You can't have all this money
36:23 and don't... I remember a lady said one time
36:28 to me... she said: "You've got the money. "
36:31 Really truly, I liked what she was thinking
36:36 but I didn't have the money!
36:39 She thought I had what I didn't have.
36:42 You know, you can think a person is rich and they're not rich.
36:46 A lot of the entertainers you think they've got money.
36:49 They ain't got nothing!
36:52 They ain't got nothing but you think it.
36:55 You see the long car. You see the fingers full of...
37:01 boom, boom, boom.
37:05 You know, and you think they've got something.
37:09 They ain't got nothing. Hmm.
37:11 But I went to a man...
37:13 I was losing my house in California.
37:16 A big, beautiful mansion...
37:19 and I didn't have nobody to save it for me.
37:22 I didn't owe... I think I owed about $3,000 on it.
37:26 It had been my house, and wouldn't nobody save it for me.
37:31 Joe Lewis was my neighbor.
37:35 But I didn't go to Joe Lewis.
37:37 I believe they would have saved it
37:39 but I didn't want them to know that I was losing it.
37:42 Isn't that crazy?
37:43 They're going to know it when they put you out!
37:53 You know... Joe Lewis is back there doing this
37:55 big punching: he would have helped me
37:59 but I didn't tell him.
38:03 You know, I remember one time James Brown -
38:05 that's the singer that I helped become a star -
38:10 in Houston, Texas, he had a big accident.
38:14 He didn't have no money.
38:16 And he came to me, and I felt condemned
38:20 if I couldn't help.
38:22 And when I can't help a person it makes me feel bad.
38:25 I wish I could help.
38:27 I went to this man to save my house
38:30 and you know what he told me?
38:32 He said: "Brother Richard,
38:34 I'm praying for you. " Oh!
38:37 I looked at him and I said: "Sir, God sent me to you
38:43 for you to answer the prayer. "
38:47 He looked at me, he said...
38:54 I said: "God told me to tell you to answer the prayer. "
38:59 He said: "Well I'm praying for you. "
39:02 I said... When I left I started crying
39:05 'cause the Lord DID send me to this man.
39:09 I'd never been to him.
39:11 God told me to go to Bro. So and So and he'll help you.
39:15 He helped me to find my way
39:17 to the door to get out of his house!
39:20 And I'm going to tell you something: I lost my house
39:23 that could have been saved.
39:25 And I learned something from that:
39:27 that if you ain't got it tell the truth.
39:31 I've had people to come to me that I had 2 or 3 dollars
39:34 but I needed it 'cause I was closing out something myself.
39:39 You understand?
39:41 But if you don't have it tell the truth.
39:45 But most people don't believe the truth!
39:48 Specially from somebody like me.
39:51 Like James, like Elvis, like Bruce Springsteen.
39:58 Like... oh boy... all of them my friends.
40:03 But most of the stars won't give you no money.
40:07 But I know some that would.
40:10 But back in that time I didn't know these people.
40:15 Plus, and I don't like to go around to people begging.
40:18 I never cared for that.
40:20 I don't like to do that, but Jesus wants us to share.
40:25 And see, what we've got to do: we've got to look just like
40:28 Jesus. When the Father, Jehovah, looks down
40:32 He's gonna see His Son.
40:34 If He don't see His Son,
40:36 you ain't goin' nowhere.
40:39 He's got to see His Son in you and in me.
40:43 And that's what we've got to pray. Ask God to make me like
40:46 Jesus. "Help me to be like Jesus. "
40:50 "Help me to walk like Jesus. "
40:52 "Help me to talk like Jesus. "
40:55 "Let this mind be in me that is in Christ Jesus
40:59 our Lord and our Savior. "
41:01 He'll do it for you. God wants you to be saved.
41:05 If He didn't want you to be saved,
41:07 He wouldn't have gave His Son to make a way for you.
41:10 Amen! Isn't that something?
41:13 How many believe that God the Father made a way for you?
41:17 Amen! Higher!
41:20 Ooh, boy, boy, boy.
41:22 I see some black hands, some yellow hands,
41:25 some white hands... I see some HANDS!
41:30 And I'm going to tell you something ladies and gentlemen:
41:33 get on your knees. I wish I could get on my knees.
41:37 I feel so bad 'cause I can't pray like I used to on my knees.
41:42 I don't feel sometimes like my prayers are going
41:44 where they should go 'cause I can't get on my knees.
41:46 But God showed me that they're going. Amen!
41:49 But I bow to Him and I hold the chair
41:52 and I say: "Oh, Lord, please help me. "
41:55 And He does.
41:59 He does, but there's nothing like getting on your knees
42:02 talking to God. There's nothing like that.
42:05 Young people, old people... There are some old people that
42:09 ain't trying to live right.
42:12 I saw an old man the other day drinking.
42:14 They're getting drunk; they're smoking dope.
42:18 You know, I was talking to a guy the other day.
42:21 He was coming to see me.
42:23 I said: "You are welcome to come but you can't bring
42:25 no dope. " He said: "Well I have a paper. "
42:30 I said: "I do too. "
42:33 He said: "But I have a paper where the doctor told me
42:37 that I NEED this weed.
42:39 That I could smoke wherever I go. "
42:42 I said: "Why do you need this weed? "
42:45 He said: "So I can get high! "
42:49 I said: "But that don't mean that... God didn't make that
42:53 for you. You've got to let the stuff go in your body
42:57 that God said should be in your body...
42:59 not that junk. "
43:02 That's what it is: a bunch of junk.
43:04 "Well it's herbs... God made herbs. "
43:07 I said: "But He didn't make it for you to use it like that. "
43:10 And he said: "Could I stay all night at your place
43:14 tonight with you and your son? "
43:16 And I've been knowing this little boy from a child.
43:20 I said: "You can come but you can't bring no dope. "
43:23 I started to tell him: "Would you let me search you? "
43:29 Because I didn't want the police to come because
43:32 first of all there are things that I'm smoking
43:34 because I was an entertainer.
43:36 And I don't smoke no... I don't use no drugs.
43:39 I don't get high. I don't want...
43:43 The medication that the doctor gives me
43:45 for pain - I've been in some horrible pain -
43:49 I don't like to take medicine.
43:54 Sometimes it makes me feel sick on the stomach.
43:57 I don't like to take it
43:58 but sometimes I have to 'cause I be hurting so bad.
44:02 I feel like my leg is going to come off.
44:04 You know? And then the Lord showed me
44:07 why he permitted me to be in this condition
44:10 in this position: He did that to save me.
44:14 Amen! If He hadn't did that I would still be out around
44:16 an old man still playing the piano and singing.
44:20 Screaming and hanging; hollerin' and banging.
44:26 And that's what I was doing.
44:29 The average person that's screaming can't sing.
44:33 He said: "I enjoyed your song last night. "
44:36 You mean you screamed last night.
44:40 You know, I'm living in Nashville, Tennessee.
44:43 I love Nashville.
44:46 I've been there; I used to go there when I was a boy
44:50 and I just love the place.
44:53 And you know, it's just... A lot of the country singers
44:58 like Loretta Lynn, Dunbar: these people are friends of mine.
45:03 You know, and I want to get a chance to go
45:06 and to tell them about Jesus.
45:08 And I'm going to do that in another few days.
45:10 I'm going to them and tell them about Jesus.
45:13 I'm going to pray with them.
45:14 'Cause the Lord has impressed me to do that to all of them.
45:17 Amen! Tom Jones called me a few weeks ago...
45:24 He called me a few weeks ago
45:26 and he told me, said: "Little Richard,
45:28 do you know Sr. Rosetta Fobb? " I said: "She was a good friend
45:31 of mine, Tom. " He says: "Well I love her music. "
45:36 I said: "Me too! I love it. "
45:38 He says: "Could I come down to Nashville and record
45:44 this song with you? " I said: "What song is that? "
45:46 "Footprints of Jesus. " All right.
45:48 He wanted to record that with me.
45:53 I'd like to see him record it with her.
45:57 And when I talk to him I'm going to tell him that.
46:00 I'm going to tell him that. And you know, Dolly is a friend.
46:05 I've got a lot of friends in the country that God wants me
46:08 to go back to and talk to them.
46:10 A lot of friends in rock and roll. Yes.
46:13 A lot of friends are in the rap music.
46:16 How many of you like rap music?
46:19 I know... you like it but you're ashamed to raise your hand.
46:25 You like it but you just don't want to say it.
46:28 You don't want nobody to know that you have
46:31 that you are there. In fact, you don't know where you are.
46:39 You know, rap music... When I hear it between me and you
46:44 I don't understand it. Me either.
46:47 I don't hate it but I don't understand it.
46:51 I don't know what you're looking for.
46:54 I don't feel it... I don't know.
46:58 And you know, just like Jay-T called me not long ago.
47:03 Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned his name.
47:05 Lord, please forgive me.
47:10 That's out... I've got to complete it now.
47:14 He wanted me to record a song with him.
47:17 This song he did that has 4/40, whatever it was.
47:20 He wanted me to be on that.
47:23 It's a big hit, and they offered me a lot of money to do it.
47:28 When they first came they offered me $25,000.
47:31 $15,000 then it
47:34 then it went... You know, and I said:
47:37 "I can't do it. " I love Beyonce
47:40 but I can't do it. "
47:43 I said: "I can't do that. "
47:46 I said: "I love you but Jesus is getting ready to come. "
47:49 Amen! And I said: "I don't want a little money
47:53 to cause me to be lost when people are trying to
47:55 win the lottery and Jesus is making you an offer
47:58 bigger than the lottery: He's offering you everlasting life! "
48:03 Amen! Eternal life!
48:05 Eternal life: no more dying, no more crying,
48:09 mo more moaning, no more hunger, no more...
48:13 Oh God, what more do we want? What more do you need?
48:20 I just want to tell you to get right with God
48:24 and to do it now.
48:27 Because the judgments of God gonna be in the land very soon.
48:31 Oh yes. In fact, they're already in the land
48:36 and you need to get closer to Him.
48:39 I want to thank you all for coming out today.
48:43 I want to thank you all for listening to me
48:47 because what I'm telling you is the truth.
48:49 Rock and roll is not a part of Jesus.
48:53 Anything that is not of God is not from God.
48:58 You understand me?
48:59 I want to see you come closer.
49:02 I want to give you one of the little books that I give out
49:05 to everybody that wants to learn about Jesus.
49:09 How many of you here would like to have one of my
49:11 autographed books?
49:14 Raise your hands real high.
49:18 Oh my! Well, are you going to be here tomorrow night?
49:26 We're going to give some of them out tonight
49:28 but we have to give some of them out tomorrow night.
49:30 We're going to send some more books back
49:32 but we're going to leave them here
49:33 to let the church give them out and the pastor give them out.
49:37 The pastor told us to bring these things but we did.
49:41 And I want you to pray for me that God will help me to
49:44 stay faithful to Him - Amen! and to get more faithful
49:47 than I've been. To be a part of Him and to get closer to Him.
49:54 I know I've got some more time.
49:57 You've got all the time you want.
49:59 Huh? You've got all the time you want.
50:01 When you're through we may have Yvonne sing.
50:03 How long have I been speaking?
50:04 It doesn't make any difference... not long enough.
50:07 Oh Danny, don't say that, please.
50:09 I... There you go... they've spoken.
50:16 I don't want you to get bored with me.
50:19 No! Because I ain't going to talk about but one thing
50:22 and that's Jesus. All right! I don't know nothing else
50:25 to talk about. Amen! Anything else
50:27 I stopped talking about it a long time ago.
50:30 I just tell you... and pray that God would keep me faithful
50:35 and pray that He would help me walk again.
50:39 You know, I'm not so raring to just walk
50:44 but I do want to be able to go to the bathroom!
50:48 That's all the walkin' I want.
50:50 Just let me walk to the bathroom.
50:52 That's a very private thing there. Yes!
50:54 You know, and other than that you can take it back
50:57 when I get back in the room.
51:00 I don't want to go to no movies.
51:03 I haven't been to the movie in years... many years.
51:08 But I have just given everything to the Lord Jesus Christ.
51:12 Amen! Because He said
51:15 "Let not your heart be troubled.
51:18 Ye believe in God... believe also in Me.
51:21 In My Father's house" He said, "there are many mansions. "
51:25 He said if it wasn't so He wouldn't have told you,
51:27 didn't He say that? Amen!
51:29 I want you to know that the lottery is not what you need.
51:33 You need Jesus and He has a gift for you.
51:37 He's going to give all of us the gift of eternal life.
51:39 He's going to give all of us mansions.
51:42 He's going to give us... we're going to have wings!
51:45 We're going to be able to fly. I don't like to fly airplanes
51:48 but with my own wings I'll fly.
51:52 I want them wings.
51:55 I want that. And I was reading the other night
51:59 where the Lord said many of us will entertain strangers
52:03 and they've been angels. That's right.
52:06 And I remember one day in my limo on the highway
52:10 me and Walter Arties... we was in the limo
52:15 and a few other guys.
52:17 And there was a tall black guy. Oh, he was so tall!
52:23 And we had got lost in the desert... we had got lost.
52:27 And I said: "We'll ask this man to show us the way. "
52:33 And we got down to this man and we asked him
52:35 would he show us how to go. And I said:
52:38 "We should have picked him up and gave him a ride
52:40 since he helped us. "
52:42 We turned around and wasn't nobody there! Hmm!
52:45 He was tall!
52:48 And many of us have entertained angels...
52:51 you've had dinner with them in your house
52:53 and they were angels!
52:55 Do you know that? A whole lot of us have...
52:58 The Lord says be careful of entertaining strangers unaware.
53:02 Unaware... because many of us have entertained angels.
53:07 You know, because God is trying so hard to save us.
53:13 He's not willing for any of us to perish
53:16 but all come to repentance.
53:18 That's all. He just wants to give us a chance.
53:21 He don't want to see us lost.
53:23 And the reason Jesus hasn't came: He's been giving us
53:26 a chance to get ready! Amen!
53:29 He's giving us a chance to get ready and get right with Him
53:33 so we can be saved.
53:35 And He's permitting us to become sick and different things
53:37 to get straight with Him.
53:40 And remember that you've got a chance to get right.
53:43 Start right now. Amen!
53:46 Right now start, and God is going to bless you.
53:50 He's going to help you; He's going to keep you
53:53 and He's going to guide you.
53:55 Amen! And I want everybody to raise your hands.
54:01 I want everybody to bow your heads.
54:04 Lord Jesus: We come to You, Lord.
54:09 Lord, we realize that we need You
54:13 and without You we don't have nothing, Lord.
54:18 In times like these, dear Lord, we need a Savior,
54:21 we need an anchor.
54:23 Oh, God, help these people; help me and all of us, Lord,
54:27 to get close to You, Lord.
54:29 Put our hands and put your hand into God's hands.
54:34 Oh, God, create in us a clean heart
54:38 and renew a right spirit within us.
54:42 We ask you O God to please live out Your life within us.
54:47 Dear Jesus, and let this mind be in us
54:51 that is in Christ Jesus our Lord and our Savior.
54:55 Help us, O God, and forgive us for our sins...
54:58 known and unknown sins.
55:01 The past, present, and the future and all secret sins.
55:04 And cleanse us, dear Lord, from all unrighteousness.
55:07 O God, I rededicate my life to You, Lord.
55:11 In Jesus' name, Lord, we just want to be a part of You.
55:17 In Jesus' name and for Jesus' sake we want to thank You Lord.
55:22 Amen and amen. Amen! Yvonne, sing for us.
55:27 Thank you so much.
55:40 I
55:43 surrender all;
55:49 I surrender
55:54 all;
55:57 All to Thee
56:01 my blessed Savior...
56:07 I surrender
56:13 all.
56:19 All to Jesus
56:24 I surrender,
56:28 all to Him
56:31 I freely give.
56:36 I will ever
56:40 love and trust Him,
56:45 in His presence
56:49 daily live.
56:55 I surrender
56:59 all;
57:02 I surrender
57:07 all;
57:11 All to Thee
57:15 my blessed Savior...
57:20 I surrender
57:25 all.
57:29 I surrender
57:34 all;
57:37 I surrender
57:42 all;
57:46 All to Thee
57:50 my blessed
57:54 Savior...
58:00 I
58:03 surrender
58:11 all.
58:22 Amen!
58:23 Do you feel the presence of the Lord here today?
58:27 Amen!
58:30 As I walked through the door
58:35 I sensed His presence.
58:39 And I knew this was
58:43 the place where love abounds.
58:50 For this is the temple
58:54 Jehovah God abides in:
59:00 we are standing
59:03 in His presence
59:07 on holy ground. Sing this chorus:
59:11 We are standing on holy ground.
59:13 We are standing
59:20 on holy ground.
59:23 And I know there are angels all around...
59:26 And I know that there
59:31 are angels
59:33 all around! Let us praise Jesus now...
59:38 Let us praise - let us praise -
59:45 Jesus now. We are standing in His presence...
59:51 We are standing in
59:56 in His presence - on holy ground - on holy ground.
01:00:04 In His presence
01:00:08 there is joy
01:00:10 beyond measure.
01:00:14 And at His feet
01:00:17 peace of mind
01:00:20 can still be found.
01:00:24 If you have a need,
01:00:29 my God... He has the answer.
01:00:35 Reach out and claim it
01:00:38 for child you're standing
01:00:41 on holy ground.
01:00:46 We are standing on holy ground...
01:00:48 We are standing
01:00:54 on holy ground... And I know there are angels all around...
01:01:00 And I know
01:01:03 that there are angels
01:01:07 all around.
01:01:12 Let us praise - let us praise -
01:01:18 Jesus now... We are standing in His presence...
01:01:24 We are standing in
01:01:29 His presence on holy ground.
01:01:37 Today you have heard a testimony
01:01:40 of somebody who has been there, who's done that...
01:01:42 who's had it all
01:01:46 in the world's opinion,
01:01:48 but when you listen to Richard speak
01:01:50 he says he has it all now
01:01:53 'cause he has Jesus. Amen!
01:01:55 I know there's gotta be somebody here and at home
01:01:57 we know there are people around the world watching
01:02:00 that today you would like a new touch from Jesus.
01:02:03 If you would like a new touch from Jesus today,
01:02:06 there's not much room to come forward...
01:02:08 we're pretty crowded here...
01:02:10 but we're going to take just a moment. If you want to kneel
01:02:12 and you want to pray. If you want to stand
01:02:14 and you want to pray, we want to just have a moment or two
01:02:18 of silence to give each and every one of us an opportunity
01:02:22 to ask Jesus Christ into our heart and soul.
01:02:25 This man came a lot of miles;
01:02:27 he's never asked for anything.
01:02:29 He says: "All I want to do is share Jesus. " Amen!
01:02:34 And today I know with his blessings
01:02:36 we can make an appeal to each and every one of you
01:02:40 to take this moment together and ask for Jesus.
01:02:44 If you want to come forward, you can come forward
01:02:46 too... right here. Yes.
01:02:47 Anybody that wants to come on down just come on down.
01:02:50 If you want to re-dedicate your life to the Lord,
01:02:53 you want Jesus to do something in your life...
01:02:56 Here they come. Come on down; it's all right.
01:02:58 We'll make room for it.
01:02:59 Thank you, Bro. Richard, for your ministry and how God is
01:03:02 using you today to speak to the hearts of people.
01:03:05 Come on down!
01:03:07 There you go. Give it all to Jesus!
01:03:12 You've got a chance now to give your life to Him.
01:03:16 Give it all to the Lord.
01:03:26 Yes, Lord.
01:03:30 Yvonne, I'm wondering if you would say a little prayer
01:03:32 for each and every person here. Those on the air, too.
01:03:38 Father God, we just come before Your throne right now.
01:03:41 We just praise You, Lord.
01:03:43 We praise you for the gift of Jesus Christ
01:03:46 who lets us know that there is no sin too great...
01:03:50 there's nothing that cannot be forgiven.
01:03:53 So we come and we lay our hearts before You
01:03:56 right now, Lord. And we ask You to forgive us of every sin...
01:04:00 everything that comes between us, Lord. Yes, Lord!
01:04:03 Let nothing come between our souls and the Savior.
01:04:08 Lord, we praise You that Little Richard has come
01:04:11 and shared this word - yes - of testimony with us, Lord.
01:04:16 We thank you, God. We thank You for what you've done in His life
01:04:19 for what You've done in our lives, and for what
01:04:22 You're going to continue to do in our lives.
01:04:24 Lord, we just pray that one day we will be ready
01:04:28 to be with You so that we will hear those words
01:04:32 "Well done, thou good and faith- ful servant. " Thank you Jesus.
01:04:35 Oh Lord, we just thank you and praise You.
01:04:38 And we pray that we will be ready and one day soon
01:04:43 we will all stand around the throne and praise You
01:04:47 in person - Amen! and say: "Worthy is the Lamb
01:04:51 that was slain! " We praise You, God,
01:04:53 and thank you in Jesus' name, Amen.
01:04:57 Amen. Amen.
01:04:58 Bro. Richard, any closing remarks to these folk?
01:05:01 Yes. I want to say that Jesus loves you...
01:05:08 He loves you with everything He got.
01:05:12 He didn't only die but He resurrected for you.
01:05:17 And He's going to resurrect us that die in the grave
01:05:21 to bring us so we can have a part of the immortal life.
01:05:26 Jesus wants you to come down now. If you have a problem
01:05:30 with rock and roll, with anything that is not what
01:05:33 it's supposed to be would you come down now?
01:05:36 Come out of your seats and come to Jesus.
01:05:39 Would you give God a chance?
01:05:41 Like I said: "What shall it profit a man if he should gain
01:05:44 the whole world and lose his own soul?
01:05:47 Or what shall a man give God in exchange for his soul? "
01:05:51 Would you come on down now?
01:05:53 Would you give God a chance now?
01:05:56 Let me see you come on out to Him now.
01:05:58 Amen.
01:06:00 While you're coming down let's sing maybe the greatest song
01:06:03 ever written. Yes! Jesus loves me
01:06:08 this I know:
01:06:11 for the Bible tells me so.
01:06:18 Little ones
01:06:20 to Him belong...
01:06:25 they are weak but He is strong.
01:06:31 Yes, Jesus loves me!
01:06:37 Yes, Jesus loves me!
01:06:44 Yes, Jesus loves me...
01:06:50 the Bible
01:06:53 tells me so.
01:06:59 Anything else, Brother?
01:07:04 I... I'm just so amazed
01:07:10 to see so many people coming down
01:07:12 to give their life to Jesus -
01:07:15 Amen - and to be prayed for.
01:07:17 I'm just happy to see that.
01:07:19 And I just hope that you would pray for me in your prayers
01:07:25 that I will be more faithful than I've ever been
01:07:28 to Jesus. 'Cause we don't know what death is.
01:07:32 And Jesus is getting ready to come
01:07:35 and I don't want to be lost.
01:07:37 How many of you want to be saved? Amen!
01:07:40 How many of you want God to help you overcome?
01:07:44 Amen! That's what I want.
01:07:47 I want God to help me to be a living walking Bible for Him.
01:07:51 Amen! And to live the life that Jesus lived
01:07:56 'cause He is our example.
01:07:58 And I just thank God for the opportunity
01:08:02 that I had to come here with this beautiful audience
01:08:06 of people that love Jesus.
01:08:09 Thank you so much and God bless you.
01:08:13 We're going to ask Pastor John to come out.
01:08:18 And what we want to do right now. We are going to have...
01:08:21 My brother Kenny is a pastor. We're going to lay hands on you
01:08:24 right here and we're going to ask Bro. John
01:08:27 and we want all the folks here. Yes.
01:08:28 Brother Richard goes through a lot of pain.
01:08:30 Yes. He has for many many years.
01:08:32 He's been in this chair what? Almost 20 years?
01:08:34 Yes... a long, long time.
01:08:36 He suffers a lot and so we want to have a prayer.
01:08:38 And we know that God hears and answers prayer.
01:08:41 So right now, right now we want each and every one of you...
01:08:45 He's prayed for you. Now we want you to join us
01:08:48 in a prayer. Bro. Kenny: would you lead us
01:08:50 in a prayer for Bro. Richard?
01:08:54 Our wonderful heavenly Father,
01:08:57 truly God, today You've blessed us with Your presence
01:09:01 and Your Spirit. Yes. We thank you for our dear Bro. Richard.
01:09:04 We thank you for his love for You. Yes!
01:09:07 It's shining through. We don't need to lift him up
01:09:09 because we've not seen him today we've seen Jesus.
01:09:13 Yes. We've heard Jesus.
01:09:15 We've heard the call; we've felt the Spirit of the Living God.
01:09:19 We've seen a man that was walking around
01:09:21 thinking he had the world as it were in his hands.
01:09:25 He was a dead man until he met Jesus.
01:09:27 Now he's alive now and one day be alive forever more. Yes.
01:09:32 But Lord, as Your servants many times there are things
01:09:35 that happen - yes - that we can't explain.
01:09:38 And we see him in a wheelchair that doesn't make any of us
01:09:41 happy... it makes us sad
01:09:43 because we realize he's wanting to do more for You.
01:09:46 And O Lord, You can raise him out of the wheelchair.
01:09:48 There's nothing that's too big, too small for our God.
01:09:52 And so I pray in a special way, Lord, that You will just
01:09:55 continue to anoint Bro. Richard in a special way. Yes!
01:09:57 He has just blessed our hearts today here on the Sabbath Day.
01:10:01 All of heaven has come down.
01:10:03 Our hearts just feel joy inside.
01:10:06 We cannot raise one hand but two hands.
01:10:08 Lord, if we would raise our feet at the same time we'd do that!
01:10:11 But praise God, hallelujah - yes, Lord - that You have seen
01:10:14 fit to come down. And I pray that You would lay Your hand
01:10:17 on him: the great hand of the Physician
01:10:20 and the great Healer who knows what is best. Yes.
01:10:24 Bro. Richard mentioned that maybe he's in this position
01:10:27 today to save him for eternity. And Lord,
01:10:30 if that be the case continue to save him,
01:10:33 continue to walk in the light You have given to him.
01:10:36 Continue to give him opportunities and privileges
01:10:39 to witness, to tell others
01:10:41 of what You can do in each heart and each life.
01:10:45 And so Lord we pray for the healing if it be Thy will.
01:10:48 Whether it be today or tomorrow we have faith to believe that
01:10:52 You can do it. The Bible says where two or three agree
01:10:55 or touch on anything it is so in the name of Jesus Christ
01:10:59 our Lord and our Savior. Yes! Lord,
01:11:01 please... I've heard him mention the pain.
01:11:04 and it pained us to hear him say "I'm going through pain
01:11:07 in my leg; sometimes it feels like it's coming off. "
01:11:09 But Lord, you can put that leg back on.
01:11:12 You can take the legs that are basically dead
01:11:14 and You can put life into them again.
01:11:16 They can run around like a deer and jump like he used to.
01:11:19 Oh Lord, I praise You that You can do these things.
01:11:22 But until then, most of all that each one of us will be saved
01:11:26 in Thy kingdom. And when we see Jesus
01:11:29 one day soon we'll say it's worth it all.
01:11:32 Some day, when we see Jesus, no matter what we've been through.
01:11:35 Just give us now the grace - give Bro. Richard the grace,
01:11:38 faith, strength to continue on. Amen!
01:11:42 Continue to motivate him to give these books.
01:11:45 Praise God! That just lightens our hearts
01:11:48 to say, regardless of our age, regardless of our condition
01:11:51 we can do something for the cause of Christ.
01:11:53 How embarrassed and ashamed some of us need to be.
01:11:56 And so Lord, as we're ashamed as we come before You
01:11:58 we lay it out. And You won't say You won't get onto us.
01:12:01 You'll just say: "Oh Kenny, redeem the time. "
01:12:04 And so I pray You will redeem the time for each one of us now.
01:12:07 As our hands are laid upon him right now we're praying again
01:12:10 for the mighty power of the Holy Spirit.
01:12:12 Yes, Lord. Continue to lead, guide, and bless.
01:12:15 And though we may not see Bro. Richard any more in this
01:12:17 life I'd sure like to spend eternity with him.
01:12:20 I know that. With every one that's here,
01:12:23 every one that came forward. Lord, our hearts rejoice
01:12:25 and we are really exceedingly glad
01:12:27 to see Your Spirit move like it needs to move in and among us
01:12:31 as a people. Set us on fire for You.
01:12:33 Lord, we need a fire... we need to be stirred up.
01:12:37 And as You stir us up for Your cause, Lord,
01:12:39 this work can be finished. You can be seen in Your men
01:12:43 and women of the world, and then Your image reproduced
01:12:45 and then You can come. So help us, Lord, we pray.
01:12:48 We ask You, we plead with You, and we thank you
01:12:50 for this opportunity and privilege today - Yes, Lord!
01:12:53 and the power that has been here through Your Spirit.
01:12:56 In Jesus' precious, holy, lovely, wonderful name
01:12:59 of Jesus we pray with thanksgiving. Amen and amen!
01:13:03 Amen! Thank you all.


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