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00:40 Hello and welcome back to 3ABN's Fall Homecoming
00:44 Camp Meeting. We're so thankful that you have stayed with us
00:47 and joined us for all these wonderful programs.
00:49 You've been blessed at home, haven't you?
00:51 Amen! You've been blessed here?
00:53 Amen! There we go... all right!
00:55 Sorry... didn't mean to trick you on that.
00:57 But it's a blessing.
00:59 You know, it's a blessing to receive God's Word, isn't it?
01:01 One of the important things is, though, is that when we hear
01:04 God's Word and we say: "Wow! Powerful sermon! "
01:06 Right, Pastor Kenny? Amen! It's more than just that.
01:09 We need to go home, right? And share what God has done
01:13 or what we have learned because as we share we become...
01:16 We don't want to become a Dead Sea because
01:17 everything's poured in. We have to also share it with others.
01:20 Amen; absolutely. We're so excited!
01:23 I can't believe we're down to the last two programs here
01:26 for our 3ABN Fall Homecoming. Kind of sad, isn't it?
01:29 It is kind of sad. Where there's preparation there's excitement.
01:32 We want to meet each one of you
01:34 and get to spend time together
01:35 and open up the Word of God and share.
01:37 That's what Camp Meeting's all about.
01:39 It's about revival and reformation.
01:42 It's about the work the Lord Jesus Christ wants to do
01:46 in your heart and in mine.
01:47 You know, just yesterday
01:50 we were in the middle of Camp Meeting, but I ran to my office
01:53 because I had some voice mails that I needed to return.
01:56 So I ran over to my office - that's OK - and I told Greg
01:59 "I've gotta return a couple because these people called in
02:01 and, you know, I need to call them back. "
02:04 And one was from a woman by the name of Hyacinth.
02:08 And she called and she said
02:11 "I want to thank you for leading me to Jesus. "
02:15 Amen! I had first connected with her
02:20 probably eight months ago. She'd been watching 3ABN.
02:26 She was a member of another denomination
02:28 and she said: "I just learned about the Sabbath.
02:31 And I just learned that when we die we sleep
02:35 and then Jesus will sound the trump
02:39 and we will be resurrected. "
02:41 And she said: "I just learned all that stuff. "
02:44 And the interesting thing is we had a hard time connecting
02:46 several months ago. She left a message
02:49 and then we were taping Sabbath School panel.
02:51 And when we do Sabbath School panel it's a whole week long.
02:54 So we were taping and she left a message.
02:56 And I get back to the office and I call her back
02:58 but she didn't answer. And then the next day when I was
03:01 recording she called me back. And then that night
03:04 I would call her back. And we went back and forth
03:06 for a whole week. And she said: "The Lord told me to call you
03:09 and that you would pray for me. "
03:11 And so we prayed together and I "Googled... "
03:15 Praise the Lord for Google! I "Googled" a local SDA church
03:19 in her area. I called the pastor and I said:
03:21 "Would you go visit her? "
03:23 "Would you pray with her? "
03:25 And he did. And two weeks ago today
03:27 she was baptized. Amen!
03:32 That's a result of each one of you. That's right.
03:35 That's a result of you at home standing with and supporting
03:39 this ministry. Because of that people are coming to know Jesus.
03:42 Amen! Yeah, this evening we actually want to share
03:45 what God is doing. We have some departmental reports.
03:49 And it's exciting, isn't it? to always see what God is doing.
03:51 So we have some reports this evening. We also have
03:54 some rolls that we're going to be playing this evening
03:56 of what God is doing here at 3ABN and around the world.
03:59 And also we have some wonderful music, so I know this hour
04:01 is goin to go by quickly. You know, we've been doing
04:04 this theme song called what?
04:06 Onward Christian Soldiers.
04:08 So before we go into our roll and some of our reports
04:11 let's actually sing our theme song. What do you think of that?
04:14 Onward Christian Soldiers.
04:15 As soldiers I think we should maybe be standing.
04:17 Yes... let's stand. Let's all stand as we sing
04:19 Onward Christian Soldiers with Tim.
04:21 All right. I don't know... if you want to march, do it!
05:19 Amen! Please be seated. Thank you!
05:21 You all sound great.
05:25 Let's have a prayer. Father in heaven, we are so very grateful
05:29 Lord, for being our God, our King, Lord, our Provider:
05:35 the Supplier of our needs.
05:38 Lord, thank you for providing for the ministry of 3ABN
05:41 for all of these years.
05:43 Thank you for providing the means for the people
05:46 that supported this ministry for all of these 32, 33 years.
05:50 Lord, we look forward with great hope
05:53 of what You have in store for the ministry of 3ABN.
05:56 We pray for a special blessing upon Mr. Danny Shelton, Lord,
05:59 and the vision that You have given to him.
06:01 And thank you for him staying true and faithful
06:03 to that vision. And Lord, we just pray for a special blessing
06:06 on these last couple of meetings here at Camp Meeting.
06:09 And Lord, we thank you for Your love and Your care
06:11 for each one of us. In Jesus' name we pray, Amen.
06:15 Amen. Normally every 3ABN Fall Homecoming Camp Meeting
06:20 we have Julia Outkina here with us.
06:22 She's 3ABN's Russian executive director
06:26 and she does an incredible job.
06:27 This is 25 years since 3ABN Russia began.
06:32 It's hard to believe. 1992 is when Danny Shelton
06:36 first went over to Russia... Pastor John Carter.
06:39 They held that evangelistic series. And you remember
06:42 thousands of people were baptized
06:44 and 3ABN Russia was born.
06:48 It's 25 years since then and Julia was not able to be here.
06:53 And the reason for that is we're leaving tomorrow
06:56 along with Danny and Yvonne and several others for Russia
06:59 for the 25th anniversary celebration. And in fact
07:02 you want to watch that at home next weekend.
07:06 The meetings will be broadcast so you can see the 25th
07:09 anniversary celebration Friday night and Sabbath afternoon.
07:12 So make sure you check that out.
07:13 But because Julia could not come
07:15 she sent her special roll that we want to play right now.
07:19 It is in celebration, in commemoration
07:22 of what God has done in and through the ministry
07:26 of 3ABN Russia for the last 25 years.
07:29 Let's take a look at that.
08:05 Hello. I'm Julia Outkina and with me is the general manager
08:09 of 3ABN Russia Alexey Britov.
08:12 Hello dear viewers and Camp Meeting participants.
08:16 The year 2017 marks the 25th anniversary of
08:21 3ABN Russia. For a quarter of a century
08:24 the Lord in a marvelous way turning hindrances into
08:28 blessing has been leading us.
08:33 On October 6 and 7 the celebration will take place
08:37 in Nizhny Novgorod with the participation of our
08:40 founder Danny Shelton and a wonderful group of people
08:44 coming from 3ABN. We'll broadcast this event from
08:47 Russia for 3ABN viewers.
08:50 Meanwhile, since we are not present at this Camp Meeting,
08:53 please allow us to make a video report on our developments
08:58 since the Fall Camp Meeting last year.
09:04 This year can be called the year of extension
09:07 of 3ABN Russia's broadcasting. That's true, Alexey.
09:10 It will be no exaggeration to call the growth of the number
09:14 of cable companies rebroadcast- ing our around-the-clock signal
09:18 God's miracle. No surprise, though, that it
09:22 all started by severe opposition from the devil.
09:25 A month before we were scheduled to switch to a new satellite
09:29 the uplinking company that we were holding negotiations with
09:33 unexpectedly refused to continue working with us.
09:37 We were shocked and couldn't understand what was the reason.
09:41 Initially we even thought that there came some kind of a hint
09:46 to them that being Protestant we were not desirable clients.
09:50 But later we realized that these times were not here yet
09:55 but that company had become a victim of unethical competition.
10:00 We had only two weeks to find another partner
10:04 and conclude a contract that would comply with all
10:07 the necessary technical requirements
10:09 and two more weeks for all the cable companies
10:13 broadcasting us to switch to a new satellite.
10:16 We were concerned that in the process of such a quick
10:19 transition we might lose many of them.
10:22 Alexey was very efficient in all that,
10:25 and praises be to God He performed a miracle
10:28 by leading us to a company
10:30 that undertook to uplink our signal
10:34 to 2 satellites instead of one
10:36 and at a price about two times lower
10:39 than we paid for the previous satellite.
10:43 Due to our prayers and coordinated actions
10:47 we didn't lose a single cable operator
10:50 and even got three new ones.
10:53 Our signal is broadcast now by two Russian satellites:
10:58 Express AT1 and Express AT2.
11:01 These satellites cover the territory of Russia, Ukraine,
11:05 Moldova, Kazakhstan, Finland, Estonia, Latvia,
11:08 Litva... with a potential viewing audience about
11:13 230 million people.
11:16 On the screen you can see the latest figures
11:19 of how many cable companies rebroadcast us at this time
11:23 and how many cities can watch us around the clock.
11:27 You can see a significant growth since last year
11:30 and the potential audience of these cities
11:33 is over 72 million people.
11:37 We have a bold dream.
11:39 Please join us in prayers
11:41 that by the end of this year we have 100 cable companies.
11:48 One of the reasons for the growth in rebroadcasting
11:52 is that the Lord again - for the third time -
11:55 provided for our participation in CSTB Telecom and Media
11:59 International Convention in Moscow.
12:02 And we got quite a number of new contacts there.
12:05 For our program to be accepted by more cable companies
12:09 we consider it important to create materials
12:13 that form public opinion in favor of 3ABN Russia
12:17 and Protestantism in general.
12:20 This is why we accepted the invitation
12:23 of EuroAsian Division to cover several significant
12:27 events with the participation of prominent religious and
12:31 political figures whose well-balanced opinion
12:34 and constitution-based approach
12:37 is important for the Russian people to hear.
12:41 The Lord helped us to make interviews with them
12:44 in which they wished success and God's blessing
12:48 to 3ABN Russia and its viewers.
12:51 Among these people were representatives of the
12:54 administration of the president of Russia
12:56 and the clergy from the Russian Orthodox as well as
13:00 other traditional religious Russia.
13:03 We don't know if they have ever watched our programs
13:07 and our explanation of their openness is that all these years
13:13 the Lord has been leading us and powerfully intervening
13:17 on our behalf in the Russian society.
13:20 Based on these interviews we made a powerful 20-min. video
13:25 for cable companies that helped them to overcome
13:28 their possible prejudice against us.
13:32 Our big praises for all this go to the Lord:
13:35 our best PR manager in the whole world.
13:41 And now, Aleksey, let us update our dear
13:44 Camp Meeting participants and viewers
13:47 on our other ways of reaching 3ABN Russia viewers.
13:51 Absolutely! Our programs are also broadcast
13:55 by 42 regional TV companies from 10 minutes to 2 hours a week.
14:01 Potential viewing audience is over 17 million people.
14:06 We have Internet, video, and radio streaming channels
14:10 and this year, through the support of 3ABN,
14:14 have opened a Russian language mobile app.
14:17 Some of our programs
14:19 up to several hours a week
14:22 are on five satellite channels.
14:24 That's great, Alexey.
14:26 And now the Lord's miracle is that one of our cable partners -
14:31 Infolink - has made a mobile app that alongside with their
14:35 own programming allows their viewers to watch
14:38 the most popular channels of Russia
14:41 and they included our channel into that list.
14:44 The app has been downloaded by 1-1/2 million people!
14:49 They can potentially watch us and all this has been done
14:54 by a secular company that even didn't ask us
14:57 for the permission. Of course we have taken advantage of this
15:01 opportunity and asked them to place brief ads of 3ABN
15:05 Russia that appear before the viewers can watch
15:08 the popular Russian channels.
15:10 And Infolink hasn't charged us much for that at all.
15:15 We actively extend our coverage through YouTube
15:19 and social media. On the screen you can see the
15:23 growth as compared to last year.
15:26 Also, the hours viewed on YouTube have gone up a lot.
15:31 This shows that our programs are actual for people
15:35 who look for God.
15:39 The Lord leads the extension of our coverage
15:42 and the growth in production
15:44 hand in hand. In November 2016
15:48 we taped a new series The Depth of the Gospel
15:51 with a wonderful Bible scholar Pastor Vitaliy Oleinik.
15:54 Together with our general manager and host of theological
15:58 programs - church elder Alexey Britov - they opened the gospel
16:03 of Jesus Christ starting from the first pages of the
16:06 Old Testament and all the way through Torah
16:10 revealing the beautiful harmony of the love of God
16:14 and salvation by grace through faith.
16:16 The series is very important for the Protestant denomination
16:20 that are torn between legalism and cheap grace.
16:24 And now the new theological series
16:27 The Secret of Immortality was taped in May
16:31 with our other talented guest Pastor Andrey Junak.
16:35 The myths about the state of the dead are dispelled
16:38 and the beautiful God's truth about the way to salvation
16:42 and eternity shines on the viewer
16:45 destroying the veil of ignorance.
16:48 After several years break we resumed production of
16:52 a series on creation: "The Mystery of Life. "
16:55 This time we taped a new guest, master of biology
16:59 Daria Hassanova and our own computer editor
17:03 Olga Feofanova as her host.
17:06 We renovated the set for our program on practical
17:10 Christianity: The Contrasts of a Human Heart.
17:13 We have also resumed producing a youth program
17:16 Pitstop and a testimonial program
17:19 The Real God. We have developed a new series for kids
17:23 "Fancy That! " which is hosted by kids.
17:26 The 1st program is dedicated to the year of ecology in Russia.
17:31 This year we have also taped
17:34 a great musical group of kids from the south of Russia.
17:38 We have made a new musical set.
17:42 Our guest performers and viewers love it.
17:45 And our new young workers not only please us with
17:49 their professional but also with their artistic talents.
17:54 This year we have also introduced new graphics
17:58 in branding our TV channel.
18:00 We like very much how it looks.
18:07 You can see how many programs we have taped from September
18:12 last year to September this year.
18:16 We have also continued developing new radio programs
18:19 and improved our radio programming
18:22 by adding more music and Bible quotes in between the programs.
18:30 Weekly we got a lot of letters and e-mails
18:33 from our viewers who share their testimonies,
18:36 ask questions, send us prayer requests,
18:39 and request for literature.
18:44 This year we have made reconstruction of the storage
18:49 for the mail room, repaired the make-up room,
18:52 and made the green room,
18:54 changed the piping of the heating system,
18:58 and made repairs in the guest apartments.
19:02 We praise the Lord that He has provided
19:05 to make repairs and renovations in our beautiful 3ABN Russia
19:10 Evangelism Center's facade and the roof.
19:14 From the bottom of our hearts
19:17 and on behalf of the Russian people
19:19 we thank you, dear viewers and supporters of 3ABN.
19:23 It is due to you that for twenty-five years
19:26 the Lord has been saving the perishing souls
19:29 in our country through the dedicated ministry of 3ABN.
19:34 And today when we summarize what has happened
19:38 since last Fall what a refreshment from the Lord
19:42 it is. He is obviously showing that right now
19:46 is the accepted time that we need to boldly move forward
19:51 in faith and that the best fruitage of salvation
19:54 is yet to come. Amen and amen!
19:59 If God is for us, who can be against us?
20:34 Amen! Praise the Lord!
20:36 Praise the Lord!
20:39 It's encouraging, isn't it?
20:41 Boy, I tell you: it's amazing the work that they do there.
20:44 And they have a very small staff.
20:46 And again we thank Dr. Julia Outkina
20:48 and Alexey. I think I'm saying that correct: Alexey.
20:51 Alexey Britov is the general manager.
20:54 They do an incredible job.
20:55 They really do. And again, we thank you
20:57 for all of your support... some of you many years
20:59 in support of 3ABN Russia.
21:01 And we're looking forward to going. We have never been,
21:03 so to see the evangelism center there
21:04 in a couple of days... we're really looking forward to that.
21:07 Absolutely. To see what God is doing and to meet the people
21:10 first-hand. So thank you for your support
21:13 and thank you for your support as well.
21:15 Next we have another network
21:17 that we want to bring out right now.
21:19 We have Dare to Dream Network.
21:22 How many of you love Dare to Dream Network?
21:24 Praise the Lord for what He is doing in and through
21:27 Dr. Yvonne Lewis and her son Jason Bradley.
21:30 You all are welcome to come out.
21:32 We so appreciate their leadership, their, um...
21:36 what God is doing in and through you all
21:38 with the network. Share with us.
21:41 Thank you Jill and Greg.
21:44 How many of you have been watching Dare to Dream?
21:47 Oh... Now let me see again.
21:50 I'm sorry... I just looked at Lemuel.
21:52 OK... praise the Lord!
21:54 Praise the Lord. We are so happy and thankful
21:58 for Dare to Dream because it really is transcending culture
22:03 and it really is reaching
22:05 many, many, many people
22:07 with the gospel in a practical way, right Jay?
22:10 Absolutely. You guys know Jay, right?
22:12 My blessing. He's my son and my assistant.
22:16 What do you think about Dare to Dream, Jason?
22:19 I love it, and I love it for multiple reasons.
22:22 One: because it's taking the gospel of Jesus Christ
22:25 around the world, but I love it because it is very practical.
22:29 You know, people tell you: "Oh, you should eat healthy. "
22:32 Well how do I eat healthy?
22:34 We have cooking programs. A new one: Creative Cooking.
22:37 Um-hmm... which is going to feature different vegan chefs.
22:41 Now the first season features the Holmes sisters
22:44 and they create some delicious vegan meals.
22:47 Ah! Even... what was it? A sweet potato pie?
22:50 A sweet potato pie! Ohhh!
22:52 And I made it! You know, this stuff is stuff that you can take
22:55 the recipes and make them at home.
22:57 I had someone ask me just recently...
23:00 Someone said: "I'm trying to become a vegan
23:02 and I don't know what to do. " Well, I said:
23:06 we have on our website... Just go to our website.
23:09 You can get the recipes from there;
23:11 you can watch the programs.
23:12 So it really really is a blessing. Creative Cooking is
23:15 going be a good one so make sure you're watching.
23:18 Absolutely... and you know I LOVE food.
23:19 I do... I do know that. I'm passionate about that.
23:22 I do know that, yes. All right, all right, OK.
23:25 This year we had quite an eventful year
23:29 in terms of some of the news programs that we have.
23:32 We did also lose one of our hosts.
23:35 Arthur Nowlin. He and Dr. Kim Logan-Nowlin
23:39 were the hosts of Making It Work.
23:43 And they were hosting it together. So much fun!
23:47 So... It was just so insightful.
23:49 And he passed away this year.
23:51 Yes. And so Dr. Kim is continuing with a new program
23:57 Live To Be Well. And that is going to be airing soon
24:01 so we want you to be on the look-out for that.
24:03 OK. So Jay, what do you think
24:05 is the most popular program that we have on Dare to Dream?
24:10 Now I think all of you know what that might be,
24:12 but I'm going to say it anyway just for you:
24:14 is Salvation in Symbols and Signs.
24:18 Salvation in... There is not a... Praise the Lord!
24:21 We give the Lord a hand clap for that one.
24:24 There is not a day that goes by that we don't get an e-mail
24:27 about Salvation in Symbols and Signs.
24:30 It is a study of the book of Revelation.
24:32 It's with Pastors James Rafferty and Ivor Myers
24:37 and they just... we know that the Holy Spirit has
24:41 given them the insights that they have into this book
24:45 because you know flesh and blood did not reveal this to them.
24:48 They give... they make the book a love story.
24:53 It's a love story! Jason and I are the two students
24:57 and we sit there. And I've heard that some people are
24:59 not real happy with my little comments 'cause I'm like:
25:02 "Umm... Oh! "
25:05 So I'm sorry; I can't help it.
25:07 It's just so rich. It's so rich I can't help but make
25:11 these noises. But anyway, we are really excited about
25:14 that program. AND what are we going to do
25:15 with Salvation in Symbols and Signs?
25:17 Well, it's already on our YouTube channel. Right!
25:20 BUT we are going to record Daniel.
25:24 So that's next. We have to get some dates for that
25:26 but we're going to record Daniel.
25:28 And then we have another program that might be in the works
25:32 with Pastor Ivor Myers that's going to be absolutely
25:35 amazing by God's grace.
25:37 Um-hmm. In fact, coming up in November
25:41 Bellum Art and Engineering has also done a program
25:44 for us. They submitted a program Daniel and the Revelation.
25:48 And it has amazing graphics!
25:50 Oh, it's a wonderful program.
25:53 So we want you to watch for that. It's going to be on
25:56 in November on... Is it October or November?
26:00 Come to think of it... Just watch the website.
26:03 It's October... it's October.
26:05 And it's going to be with... Pastor Henry Wright
26:10 is one of the pastors that's going to be talking about
26:13 Revelation, and so it's just... I'm not going to give away
26:17 anything else. Just watch for it.
26:19 Now... You know, the Bible calls...
26:22 We're called to be good stewards, right?
26:24 Well how can we be good stewards if we don't know how to properly
26:26 manage our money? Yes. We have a program called
26:29 Dollars and Sense and it's hosted by
26:31 Ryan Mack and my mom.
26:35 And Ryan Mack worked on Wall Street. He's been on
26:38 CNN, MSNBC.
26:41 And he was the president of Operation Hope.
26:45 And he really... What he does is he ties in the Word -
26:49 financial principles from the Word -
26:53 and ties that in with the finance aspect.
26:57 How to budget; how to avoid financial predators.
27:00 For example: pawn shops and check cashing places
27:04 and all these things. Rent-A-Centers. Yes.
27:07 And all these things.
27:08 Financial pitfalls that are going to set you back.
27:11 So that you can become a better steward. Yes.
27:16 So... we said all that to say
27:19 please watch Dare to Dream. Check us out.
27:22 But how though? OK... OK! I like that!
27:25 All right. So you can watch it on your iPad, your iPhone.
27:30 Download the free 3ABN app
27:33 and you can watch it 24/7.
27:36 On your iPad, your iPhone, go to the website,
27:39 go on your computer. Tell me... and YouTube.
27:42 We have a YouTube channel.
27:44 Please, please tune in to YouTube and like us on
27:47 Facebook and watch us on YouTube.
27:49 You can watch on demand, so all the programs that you like
27:52 you can just watch them there.
27:54 And we have gone over our time.
27:55 All right, so we have Pastor C.A. Murray
28:00 who is just a wonderful friend and a blessing to our family.
28:06 When I was just coming back to the Lord
28:09 I was actually pregnant with Jason
28:11 when Pastor Murray re-baptized me.
28:15 And so Jason has been baptized more than one time.
28:21 Third time's a charm.
28:22 So Pastor Murray is going to sing for us now.
28:26 And he's going to sing Is It Any Wonder.
28:29 Let's welcome Pastor Murray. Thank you.
28:31 Just won't be the same without you... that's right.
28:36 Since we are plugging our networks
28:38 I want to put in a plug for 3ABN Proclaim!
28:42 Amen! It is our preaching and teaching network
28:45 and God has blessed it in many, many ways.
28:48 We have many many people who have come to the Lord
28:51 and been baptized through the preaching on 3ABN Proclaim!
28:55 The Doug Bachelors, the Dwight Nelsons,
28:57 the Lyle Albrechts, the Steve Wohlbergs,
29:00 the David Klinedinst. The list goes on and on.
29:03 And if you tune in late late in the night
29:06 you may see me... but it's late, late at night.
29:09 But God has blessed that network
29:11 and it is a part of the 3ABN family of networks.
29:30 When I think how Jesus loved me,
29:36 how He waited patiently
29:41 even when I turned my back and walked away.
29:47 When He knew I wanted everything
29:52 this world could offer me
29:55 well I guess He knew the price
29:58 I'd have to pay.
30:02 So He watched me stumble downward,
30:06 saw each compromise I made,
30:10 heard each lie I whispered just to get my way.
30:17 Still He waited there to hear me
30:22 when I cried to Him and prayed
30:26 then He saved my soul
30:29 and that is why I say:
30:33 "Tell me, is it any wonder
30:40 that I love Him
30:43 when you consider all He's done
30:48 for me?
30:51 And is it any wonder
30:56 that I long to do His will
31:00 and let His light shine out for all to see? "
31:06 And is it any wonder
31:11 that I praise Him
31:16 each time I think of how
31:19 He's made me free?
31:23 And is it any wonder
31:28 that I've given Him my heart
31:31 when Jesus freely gave His life
31:36 for me?
31:50 When I think how Jesus loves me,
31:56 how He watches patiently
32:00 how His arms outstretch to meet me when I run...
32:07 When I'm feeling down and lonely
32:12 oh, He's there to comfort me.
32:16 In the darkness He becomes my morning sun!
32:22 When I think of how He's healed me,
32:26 how He's touched me in my pain
32:30 how His gentle hands have wiped my tears away...
32:37 Now He's taken every heartache
32:41 and brought happiness again
32:45 Oh, I want the world to hear me
32:49 when I say:
32:51 "Tell me, is it any wonder
32:58 that I love Him
33:02 when you consider all He's done for me?
33:09 And is it any wonder
33:13 that I long to do His will
33:17 and let that light shine out
33:20 for all to see? "
33:23 And is it any wonder
33:29 that I praise Him
33:33 each time I think of how
33:37 He's made me free?
33:41 And is it any wonder
33:45 that I've given Him my heart
33:48 when Jesus
33:51 freely gave His life
33:57 for me?
34:14 Amen! Thank you Pastor C.A.
34:17 It's always a blessing, isn't it? His music. Yes!
34:20 We have the Dinzey s with us.
34:22 And you know what network they represent?
34:25 3ABN Latino.
34:27 How many here speak Spanish?
34:30 Oh... don't be shy.
34:33 Unfortunately I didn't know what they said 'cause I don't speak
34:35 Spanish. That's terrible, isn't it? That's praise God!
34:37 Isn't that what you said? Praise God? Good job, sweetie!
34:40 We appreciate the Dinzey s. I tell you, Pastor John and
34:42 Idalia... they are part of this family.
34:45 I'm not saying they're old but from like the very beginning.
34:49 He actually came as a single man and married her,
34:52 and they've been a tremendous part of this ministry.
34:54 3ABN Latino is... Is it 15? 16?
34:59 Fifteen. Fifteen years old, and it's neat what God is doing.
35:03 They always have tremendous reports of what the Lord
35:05 is doing for the Spanish community.
35:07 We appreciate them and their family. When I first came here
35:10 little Caleb was itty-bitty.
35:12 He wasn't even walking. And of course Caleb and
35:15 Samuel... and you see them on Tiny Tots back in the day. Yes.
35:18 And now they're all grown up and out of the home
35:20 but we appreciate them and their family. What God is doing
35:22 through them. Praise God.
35:25 Well the Lord is good, amen?
35:27 Amen! 3ABN Latino
35:30 thanks to the Lord is on over 80 television channels
35:33 that include the U.S. Two in Puerto Rico.
35:36 We have a couple in Mexico...
35:38 incognito, they say.
35:42 And we also are on over 1,500 cable companies.
35:46 Amazing what God is doing.
35:49 But the Lord, you know, He gives us so many opportunities
35:53 to reach out to a lost and dying world.
35:56 It's humbling to see how the souls are being
35:59 transformed - lives are being transformed -
36:02 and they're coming to the foot of the cross.
36:04 They're developing their relationship with Jesus
36:07 as they watch 3ABN Latino being that they download the app
36:13 3ABN. Have you all downloaded your app?
36:17 Yes? OK... very good.
36:20 But the Lord is giving us Facebook.
36:22 How many "Facebookers" are here?
36:24 Facebook? Anyone? Anyone?
36:26 Oh, praise the Lord. Well, we were able to
36:29 broadcast live from Miami, Florida,
36:33 as we did our series on the second coming.
36:36 And it's admirable to see how many countries
36:40 pull together, tune in. And they request prayer.
36:44 They are longing for Jesus to come.
36:46 And they say that 3ABN Latino is their lifeline;
36:50 that it's their church. So we pray for every soul that
36:54 tunes in to watch 3ABN Latino.
36:56 There's no power in us but it is He who we obey.
37:00 To whom we say: "Here I am... send me. "
37:04 So we praise the Lord for all the speakers
37:06 that voluntarily come to 3ABN to record programming
37:11 that this channel demands.
37:14 3ABN is also on mySDATV.
37:17 I don't know if you have your mySDATV yet?
37:21 Many people are praising the Lord for that
37:23 because there are no longer options to watch secular TV.
37:28 So praise the Lord. And of course 3ABN Latino
37:32 we are on YouTube channel
37:34 and many people watch the programming on demand.
37:37 We have not imagined where the programming will be watched,
37:42 but with the Lord there's no walls, there's no limit.
37:46 Amen! Matthew 24:14 says:
37:49 "And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all
37:52 the world for a witness unto all nations
37:54 and then the end shall come. "
37:56 And this is why 3ABN is also doing evangelistic campaigns
38:00 in different places of the world.
38:02 So this year we went to Bogotá, Colombia,
38:04 to preach the gospel, working with the So. Columbian Union
38:09 to bring the gospel to over 8 million people
38:13 that are in Bogotá, Colombia.
38:14 We've been on cable for many years, but now
38:17 it was reaping time. You know, now that you mention
38:20 3ABN Latino being the...
38:23 taking 176 speakers that pulled together
38:28 to have this evangelistic crusade
38:31 it was humbling to see. And I'm going to go ahead and share
38:35 that one testimony. Well there were many... I know
38:37 I'm short on time. But we were supposed to go
38:42 to the conference office for a meeting... so we did that.
38:46 And my husband says: "Why don't you go say hello
38:48 to your friend, the president's secretary? "
38:52 I said: "You know what? It's four flights upstairs. "
38:57 I mean, over there they don't believe in elevators.
39:00 So our hearts were just pounding because the sea level
39:06 We are over 2,000... Two thousand what?
39:11 Two thousand above the sea level over there.
39:13 2,000 feet above the sea level so we were: "Lord, help us
39:18 through this. " But anyhow, we went upstairs
39:21 and there was a young man - 84 years old -
39:27 traveled 23 hours because he heard
39:30 3ABN Latino was going to be there.
39:33 He took a ride in a car, hopped on a boat,
39:37 hopped on a bus, hopped in a car,
39:39 hopped in a taxi. The taxi station he says:
39:42 "Where is the SDA church around here?
39:45 I have to find the 3ABN Latino people. "
39:48 So to make a long story short
39:50 the person there said: "Go to... " Tells the taxi driver
39:54 "Take him to Palermo. " So he went to Palermo
39:58 and he was sitting there when we walked in
40:01 with tears in his eyes and just testifying
40:04 thanking everyone that has made 3ABN Latino possible.
40:09 So praise the Lord. Amen!
40:12 So: a two-phase evangelistic campaign;
40:16 about 849 people baptized.
40:19 We praise the Lord for that.
40:21 We've been invited to return to Colombia
40:23 Cali, Colombia, next year for another evangelistic campaign.
40:27 And already the volunteers that went with us
40:29 want to come. We have run out of time, Idalia.
40:32 We ran out of time but I'd like to mention
40:35 that Pastor John Lomacang is the global evangelism director.
40:41 He joined us in Bogotá, Colombia.
40:44 And it was such a blessing to work in the Spanish world
40:48 with him. And he even sang in Spanish.
40:50 I don't know if you heard about that.
40:53 I'd like to close with this before we announce the music.
40:58 The things going on in the world tell us that Jesus
41:02 Christ is coming soon. Amen!
41:04 I don't know if you've ever driven one of those cars
41:06 that are a stick shift? We've been in first gear;
41:09 we've been in second gear;
41:11 now it's time to go into the fourth and fifth gear
41:13 and do as much as we can
41:16 as soon as we can
41:18 because Jesus Christ is coming soon!
41:20 So we want to do more for Jesus. We ask you
41:22 to pray for doors to open because Jesus Christ
41:26 is coming soon. Amen!
41:28 Well we're going to invite Celestine Barry to please
41:32 join us on the platform. And she is going to
41:35 sing the song My Redeemer Lives.
41:39 Celestine, thank you so much for witnessing.
41:42 May God bless you.
41:53 Who taught the sun
41:55 where to stand in the morning?
42:01 And who told the ocean
42:04 you can only come this far?
42:11 And who showed the moon
42:16 where to hide till evening?
42:20 Whose words alone can
42:23 catch a falling star?
42:28 Well I know
42:31 my Redeemer lives!
42:37 I know
42:39 my Redeemer lives!
42:46 Let all the angels testify;
42:51 Let this life within me cry:
42:56 "I know my Redeemer
43:00 lives! "
43:03 Yes, yes...
43:07 The very same God
43:11 that spins things in orbit:
43:17 He runs to the weary,
43:20 the wounded and weak.
43:25 And the same
43:28 gentle hands
43:31 that hold me when I'm broken
43:36 They conquered death to
43:38 bring me victory!
43:43 Now I know
43:47 my Redeemer lives!
43:53 I know my Redeemer
43:58 lives!
44:01 Let all the angels testify;
44:06 Let this life within me cry:
44:12 "I know my Redeemer
44:18 He lives! "
44:20 He'll take away my shame
44:26 and He lives...
44:29 forever I'll proclaim
44:35 that the payment for my sins
44:40 was the precious life He gave.
44:44 But now He's alive
44:47 and there's an empty grave!
44:54 Now I know
44:58 my Redeemer lives!
45:04 I know
45:06 my Redeemer lives!
45:13 Let all the angels testify;
45:18 Let this life within me cry:
45:23 "I know my Redeemer...
45:27 I know, oh, oh...
45:31 I know my Redeemer lives! "
45:35 I know that I know
45:40 my Redeemer lives!
45:43 I know that I know that I know that I know
45:45 that I know He lives!
45:49 My Redeemer lives!
45:52 Because of this I can face tomorrow.
45:56 He lives!
45:59 He lives!
46:00 I spoke with Him this morning.
46:03 Yes!
46:05 He lives... He lives...
46:10 Now I know
46:14 my Redeemer lives!
46:18 He
46:21 lives!
46:29 Amen! Amen. Thank you Celestine.
46:35 We praise the Lord that Jesus is still alive, don't we?
46:37 Praise God for that. We have the Primo family with us.
46:42 Dr. Moses as Danny affectionately and truthfully
46:46 calls Mr. Moses. He is director of our engineering,
46:49 our broadcast. He's about ready to share some of the hats
46:53 that he wears here. You can see he has his precious family
46:55 with him. Mr. Moses, we appreciate what you have
46:58 brought to 3ABN all these years. Your many hours of
47:01 sleepless nights. Being in charge of broadcast
47:04 you can get a phone call in the middle of the night.
47:06 Is that correct? When something's not going out
47:07 over the airwaves for sure. You have your precious family.
47:10 Sweetheart, I know you're great friends with them as well.
47:12 I know we so appreciate Adima and Cat and Ben
47:15 and your whole family, and you're such a blessing to the
47:17 church here and the ministry here
47:19 and thank you for what you do.
47:20 And he has a couple of other sons
47:21 that can't be here and grandbaby.
47:24 Daniel is in the middle and then Moses. Jr. is the last one.
47:29 Well... the first one. And we have Mr. Ben here.
47:31 He's very strong because he's holding the world.
47:33 You see that? I'm just noticing that.
47:35 Thank you, Ben. Thank you, Mr. Moses. Thank you.
47:37 I just want my family to help me here to
47:40 give you a little idea of what's going on with
47:43 the 3ABN transmission.
47:46 But before I talk about that, allow me just
47:49 one other hat that I help here at 3ABN
47:52 is I am in charge of the French 3ABN.
47:56 And we just finished during the summer here
48:01 new programs with the French. And we are broadcasting
48:04 24 hours a day. If you go to the 3ABN website,
48:10 and then you go to stream and then you select French
48:13 you have 3ABN Français.
48:16 So if you speak French or if you know somebody that speaks French
48:20 you can just show them and tell them to watch 3ABN
48:24 in the French language.
48:28 All this transmission that is done... Benjamin -
48:31 this is the youngest one here - he is holding the world.
48:34 This is the satellite. Around this world there are
48:40 about 1,100 satellites that are in working condition.
48:45 There are actually 2,600 satellites
48:47 that they are not working... they are just dead.
48:50 Because each satellite lives or has a life-span of 15 years
48:55 approximately. Then after that they drift away.
48:59 And each satellite has enough fuel inside
49:04 that from earth, when the satellite starts to drift away
49:09 from earth they push the button and the satellite goes back
49:14 and points the right direction so the transmission...
49:18 It takes 22,000 miles from earth
49:24 all the way to the satellite and then comes back
49:26 another 22,000 miles to be spread all over that area
49:31 that it is reaching. We have eight satellites
49:35 around the world that 3ABN rents.
49:39 Eight satellites transmitting.
49:42 Satellite is a very stable, very good way of broadcasting.
49:47 We have been doing that for three decades.
49:50 But about a decade ago I found out that there was
49:54 a drift in the technology.
49:58 And this is a cable that is fiber optic.
50:04 And inside of this cable there are many different little cables
50:09 and each fiber... the diameter of the fiber,
50:14 the one fiber, is the size of your hair... human hair.
50:19 Inside of that human-hair-size of cable
50:23 there is a transmission like the light.
50:26 And that light transmission carries the video of 3ABN
50:32 here... Camp Meeting. It compresses and transforms that
50:37 in zeroes and ones and sends into this cable here.
50:41 So at 3ABN we have a fiber that goes to the West Coast
50:45 and one other fiber that goes to the East Coast.
50:48 And this transmission goes all the way to Israel
50:52 where they put up to another satellite that covers
50:55 another area of the world.
50:58 We couldn't reach all around the world
50:59 so we have to go up and down, up and down.
51:02 And today fiber is the most effective way of doing that.
51:08 In Australia they take the signal and they go up again.
51:12 I only have one more minute left on the clock
51:17 so I have to hurry. So this fiber allows us
51:21 to use the latest technology. It's called OTT.
51:25 Over-the-top if you hear that: OTT.
51:29 OTT is everything that is used for streaming
51:34 like the Roku box. There are over 5 million
51:39 Roku boxes sold. Also I'm very glad to tell you
51:45 that just last week mySDATV
51:49 finished a package where all the 3ABN channels
51:54 are on the Apple TV.
51:55 If you know somebody that has an Apple TV digital
51:59 Apple TV now has all the 3ABN channels.
52:04 This is just to give you an idea of
52:08 our latest development.
52:12 The mySDATV new box is the blue box.
52:18 This is eight cores of processor inside.
52:23 It's double what we had before.
52:25 The Internet cable is 1 gig -
52:28 capacity for 1 gig of transmission.
52:32 Very very fast!
52:33 I can tell you that from 30 years ago when we started
52:37 on satellite. We went to optical fiber.
52:42 And today using OTT with all these different boxes
52:47 transmission. I don't think there is anything else
52:52 that will improve more than 1 gig of transmission
52:56 or more than 8 core of processing...
53:00 for fast transmission from here all the way to Australia.
53:04 It takes only about 30 seconds to do that.
53:08 So: Jesus is coming... otherwise
53:11 all this technology is going no other way to increase
53:16 or to improve. So I just tell you:
53:19 "Hang in there. Jesus is coming
53:21 and He will finish what He starts. "
53:25 But until then, we're going to continue broadcasting.
53:29 We're going to continue to give the message
53:31 with all these channels that 3ABN has.
53:35 And I want to just show you the video of the mySDATV
53:38 open that shows that from here - from Illinois -
53:42 there is a bunch of these fiber connections
53:48 and all this Internet OTT
53:51 that is just reaching the whole world.
53:56 And we continue with the satellites.
53:58 We continue with LPTV, class A TV,
54:02 full-power TV, all the radios. We continue with everything
54:06 that we have started. We haven't stopped
54:08 but we are just increasing more and more.
54:11 Just want to show you that video so you can get an idea
54:14 of how this is trans- mitting all over the world.
54:17 Thank you for your prayers and for your support of 3ABN.
54:20 Amen!
54:43 So as you see, God is using 3ABN mightily.
54:47 From Russia to the Latino channel,
54:51 the Dare to Dream channel,
54:52 to all the technology. What an amazing God we have
54:56 and what an amazing day we live in!
55:00 Lately I've been looking back
55:03 along this winding road
55:06 to the old familiar markers
55:09 of all the mercies I have known.
55:13 I know it may sound simple
55:17 but it's more than a cliché...
55:20 for there's no better way to tell you
55:25 than to say:
55:30 "God's been good
55:33 in my life! "
55:37 And I feel blessed beyond my wildest dreams
55:42 when I go to sleep each night.
55:45 And though I've had my share of hard times
55:49 I wouldn't change them if I could...
55:53 for through it all
55:57 God's been good!
56:01 For God has been my Father,
56:04 my Savior and my Friend.
56:08 His love was my beginning
56:11 and His love will be my end.
56:15 Now I could spend forever
56:18 trying to tell you everything
56:22 He is...
56:26 but the best way I can say it
56:30 is simply this:
56:34 "God's been so good
56:38 in my life! "
56:41 And I feel so blessed
56:44 beyond my wildest dreams
56:47 when I go to sleep each night.
56:50 And though I've had my share of hard times
56:55 I wouldn't change them if I could...
56:58 for through it all
57:04 God's been
57:09 good!
57:15 Amen! Let's pray.
57:21 Father in heaven, thank you for Your goodness,
57:26 for God, You're good in all of our lives.
57:28 Lord, we just want to be faithful to the calling.


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