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00:01 Christmas,
00:02 a time when the world pauses for a moment,
00:04 and whether or not they believe in Jesus,
00:05 the birth of our Savior's on everyone's mind.
00:08 We sing glory to God in the highest,
00:10 and on earth peace, good will toward men.
00:13 Celebrate this special season and worship our Savior
00:16 and King as we bring you Christmas
00:19 with the 3ABN Kids Network.
00:22 Hello, I'm Aunt Francine and with me
00:24 are some beautiful children
00:26 from the Marion Seventh-day Adventist School.
00:28 I'd like to say welcome to Aubrey,
00:31 Colton, Yosiah Isaiah, Jaylynn and Landon.
00:35 And I'm thankful also to have Miss Celestine
00:38 and Mr. Tim helping us.
00:40 Would you kindly lead us in "Away in a Manger" please?
00:44 Kids will stand up.
00:54 Away in a manger
00:57 No crib for His bed
01:01 The little Lord Jesus
01:04 Lay down His sweet head
01:08 The stars In the bright sky
01:12 Look down where He lay
01:15 The little Lord Jesus
01:19 Asleep on the hay
01:28 The cattle are lowing
01:31 The poor Baby wakes
01:35 But little Lord Jesus
01:39 No crying He makes
01:42 I love Thee, Lord Jesus
01:46 Look down from the sky
01:49 And stay by my side
01:53 'Til morning is nigh
02:09 Be near me, Lord Jesus
02:13 I ask Thee to stay
02:16 Close by me forever
02:20 And love me, I pray
02:24 Bless all the dear children
02:27 In Thy tender care
02:31 And take us to Heaven
02:34 To live with Thee there
02:47 So beautiful.
02:49 Thank you so much.
02:51 I'm excited to tell you a lovely story
02:53 that happened back in Pepinster, Belgium.
02:56 Do any of you know what continent Pepinster,
02:59 Belgium is?
03:00 Does anybody know?
03:01 It is in Europe. It is in Europe.
03:03 Good job, Isaiah.
03:05 You're right. It is in Europe.
03:07 And in that country,
03:08 it is close to a place near Holland.
03:10 And there's lots of water that sometimes there
03:13 and they would have a special wooden shoes
03:15 and grandma love to wear them.
03:18 And my grandmother, Louise,
03:20 she would just have fun with her shoes.
03:22 And she would clock around.
03:24 And she said, "Oh, Daddy,
03:27 can I wear these shoes later tonight?"
03:28 And he said, "Oh, yes."
03:30 Oh, Louise, would you be willing to help me
03:32 at the shoe store later this afternoon?
03:34 I think it's going to be a little busy
03:35 with Christmas coming around."
03:37 And she said, "Oh, Daddy, I would love to.
03:39 May I, please?"
03:41 And so she said,
03:42 "Oh, I will be there right after school.
03:44 I'll try to get my chores done, and I'll be there."
03:46 And so Louise went to school
03:47 and she had fun with her friend, Mary Lou.
03:50 And she said, "Oh, guess what?
03:52 I get to help daddy in the shoe store today.
03:54 I'm so excited."
03:56 And so she finished her chores and washed the chalkboard.
04:00 And she said, "All right, Mary, let's go home.
04:03 I'm excited to go.
04:04 Let's go. Let's go."
04:05 And so she walked with Mary Lou down the street
04:07 in Pepinster, Belgium.
04:09 And she said, "All right, bye, Mary Lou,
04:11 and she opened the door to her shoe stop.
04:13 And there in the shoe stop,
04:15 she saw a lady with two children,
04:20 a boy, a little boy, and a little girl.
04:23 And the boy was maybe about six some of your ages.
04:27 And the little girl looked about two, four.
04:29 And she said, "Oh, may I help you?
04:32 Are you looking for some shoes?"
04:34 "Oh, yes.
04:35 But it's not for me.
04:36 I want it for Willy?"
04:38 "Oh, let's see
04:39 where if we can find some shoes."
04:40 So Louise went to the shelf and she said,
04:42 "Oh, let's see if these shoes will fit."
04:46 And oh, they're too big.
04:48 And these are too small.
04:51 Oh, I see.
04:52 We have a problem.
04:54 These shoes just don't fit,
04:55 and I don't think I can make this one bigger,
04:57 and I can't make this one smaller.
04:59 I think I know what to do.
05:01 "Would you wait here just a moment?"
05:02 And so she went out to the back and she said,
05:05 "Oh, let me grab some leather."
05:06 And she grabbed some leather
05:08 and she started taking the measurements of the shoes.
05:10 And she said, "Oh, let's see."
05:11 Let me put... Put your feet right here.
05:13 She took the measurements and she said,
05:15 "I think I can have them,
05:17 it would be about three weeks just before Christmas mark."
05:18 Oh, that would be wonderful said Willy's Mom.
05:22 Yes, they are really his Christmas present.
05:24 He needs some new shoes.
05:25 And so Louis said, "All right,
05:27 let me get your name and your address just in case."
05:30 And they will be ready for you here in three weeks.
05:34 Oh, thank you.
05:35 I'm surprised. How old are you?
05:37 And Louis said, "Well, I'm about 10 years old,
05:39 but I'm happy, Dad.
05:41 This is my first day helping out at grandma's
05:43 and grandpa's, and my dad's and mom's shoe store.
05:45 And so Grandma Louise she said, "Oh, I'm so excited."
05:48 And say, "All right, goodbye."
05:50 So they walked out the door.
05:52 And just as Louise was starting to write some notes,
05:56 she's noticed how in the window
05:58 were two little girls
06:00 peering in the window.
06:04 I've never seen those two little girls before.
06:08 Boy, it's cool.
06:10 It's starting to snow, it must be cold outside.
06:12 So Louise would open the door and said,
06:14 "Would you girls like to come in?"
06:16 And the girls looked excited and said, "That sounds nice."
06:21 But the mom said, "No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
06:24 We're not buying any shoes."
06:25 And Louise said, "That's okay.
06:27 There's not a lot of people right now in our shoe store.
06:29 They can come in and spend some time with me.
06:31 I can show them around."
06:33 All right.
06:34 And so the two little girls went
06:36 and while mom was talking with a church member,
06:39 and so the girl said, "Oh, you know what?
06:43 I have a little snack.
06:45 Would you like a snack? Let me get a little snack."
06:46 And so Louise went out back and she grabbed
06:50 what was left out of her lunch pail.
06:52 And she said, I don't have much but I do have an apple,
06:55 the two of you could share and so she pulled out the apple
06:59 and she gave it to them.
07:02 And she said, "Oh, thank you".
07:05 And Louise was noticing while they were sharing
07:07 the apple taking one bite each other.
07:10 She said, "I noticed
07:12 that they have holes in their shoes."
07:13 She's thinking in her mind and their clothes.
07:17 I don't think they have nice clothes like I do.
07:20 She's like, let's pretend,
07:22 "Hey, what if we took your measurements?
07:24 This is the kind of thing I did."
07:26 So she said, "All right, Louisa,
07:29 would you let me measure your shoes?"
07:32 And so Louisa said, "Oh, thank you.
07:34 Oh, this is fun."
07:36 And so her sister, Ella, said, "Oh, yes.
07:39 Measure mine too.
07:41 Measure mine too."
07:42 And so Louise took down the measurement
07:45 and traced the leather
07:46 just as if she was really going to make the shoes.
07:50 And Louise thought, I don't know.
07:54 I know they can't afford this kind of money.
07:56 And so she was asking them.
07:58 Well, tell me a little bit about you?
07:59 Where are you from?
08:01 We're from the countryside far away.
08:03 And we've just moved here into Pepinster
08:06 and there's not a lot here.
08:08 And my dad is sick.
08:11 He has tuberculosis.
08:12 And so we're just trying to figure out what we can do.
08:15 And so they thought, Oh, Louise said, "Oh my."
08:18 And by that time her mother came into the store.
08:22 All right, girls, you ready to go?
08:24 All right.
08:25 And so the girl said,
08:26 bye said Louise to her new friends.
08:30 That evening, she decided to ask her parents
08:34 about it when they were in family worship.
08:36 And Friday night,
08:38 they would often sing songs in French,
08:41 and they would...
08:43 Louise would play the piano not as well as Mr. Tim,
08:47 but she loved to play the piano.
08:49 And she would also sing with her family,
08:52 and while her father would play the violin.
08:55 And sometimes
08:58 they would just sing Christmas songs especially.
09:01 But Louise seemed a little sad.
09:04 And so her mother said, "Louise,
09:06 I noticed that you're a little bit sad.
09:08 What's wrong? What's wrong?"
09:10 She said,
09:11 "I saw two little girls today in the store
09:15 and their clothes were rattled and their shoes,
09:19 their shoes had holes in them
09:20 and they must be cold and wet in the snow."
09:23 And so, "Mama, you remember that doll
09:28 that you gave me for my birthday?
09:31 Would you mind
09:32 if I give it to the little girl?"
09:35 Mom said, "You would give your nice doll,
09:38 your birthday present
09:40 for Christmas present for another girl."
09:42 "Oh, yes, Mama, can I do that?"
09:44 And then I know the other sister would love
09:46 my other Christmas present
09:48 that you gave me last year of my doll.
09:51 And she said, "You would do that?"
09:53 "Yes, Mama, but they really need new shoes.
10:00 I know I can save up a little bit
10:01 of money with the money
10:03 that I'm helping at the shoe store.
10:04 Could I make some shoes for these two little girls?"
10:08 And mom and dad had to look give each other the wink.
10:10 Have you seen your parents give each other that wink
10:12 every once in a while.
10:14 They gave a wink and said,
10:16 "Wow, little Louise was willing to do that."
10:19 Now she didn't have her shoes ready for Christmas.
10:22 But she did go find those girls a few houses down.
10:27 And she said, "Oh, here's a doll for you."
10:31 Now this isn't the doll she gave
10:33 because she gave the doll.
10:34 This happens to be my grandmother's doll
10:37 when she was little.
10:40 But this is the only doll she had left
10:41 because many times
10:43 she would give her nice dolls to her friends.
10:46 She tried to give her very best to them.
10:49 And, you know, God wants us to give your very best to Him.
10:54 But it doesn't mean
10:55 that you have to give your best toys.
10:57 Is that what that means?
10:58 Not necessarily.
11:00 But He does want you to see needs and eventually,
11:03 you know, she was able to be kind
11:05 and do something nice for somebody else.
11:07 And that's sometimes
11:08 when we ask you every once in a while,
11:11 when you see somebody in need, do you help somebody at school,
11:15 or maybe sometimes we can share a little snack.
11:18 Would you be willing to sometimes see
11:20 where somebody else could do something?
11:22 I hope you too at home can also think of times
11:26 when you can help Jesus.
11:28 And this reminds me of a favorite song
11:30 that my grandmother loved to sing.
11:32 Of course, it was in French,
11:34 and it was said something like...
11:39 Now I'm not expecting you to be able to say it in French,
11:43 but I think we could possibly, would you,
11:46 do you think you'd be willing to sing it
11:48 for me in English?
11:50 That would be so special.
11:52 I would really like that.
11:54 So if you please, let's go ahead and sing.
11:56 Kids, lets stand up.
12:04 Now is born the divine
12:07 Christ child Play the musette
12:10 Play the tuneful oboe
12:12 Now is born the divine Christ child
12:16 Sing we all And rejoice this day
12:20 He was born in a stable bare
12:24 On bed of straw How He sleeps so soundly
12:28 He was born in a stable bare
12:32 Let us worship and to Him bow
12:37 Now is born the divine Christ child
12:41 Play the musette
12:42 Play the tuneful oboe
12:45 Now is born The divine Christ child
12:49 Sing we all And rejoice this day
12:57 Ages long since are past And gone
13:01 When the wise men foretold His coming
13:04 Ages long since are past And gone
13:08 When the wise men foretold His birth
13:13 Now is born The divine Christ child
13:17 Play the musette
13:19 Play the tuneful oboe
13:21 Now is born The divine Christ child
13:25 Sing we all And rejoice this day
13:35 Thank you.
13:37 Jaylynn, would you mind having closing prayer for us?
13:45 Thank you for coming as a baby
13:47 and begin the light of the world.
13:50 We have a lot to be thankful for and to rejoice
13:53 in your promises.
13:54 Please help us share Your love
13:56 with others this Christmas season.
13:58 We love You, Jesus.
14:00 Please come into our hearts, amen.
14:03 How many of you are willing to be like Louise?
14:07 I do.
14:09 Remember that when you help others,
14:11 it says, if Jesus is living in your hearts,
14:13 and would you be willing to share the light of Jesus?
14:17 I hope so.
14:18 Yeah, the Christmas season is a special time
14:20 to be able to do that because we want to wish
14:23 everyone a very special Merry Christmas!


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