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00:30 Joy to the world!
00:32 The Lord is come
00:34 Let earth receive her King!
00:39 Let every heart prepare Him room
00:45 And heaven and nature sing
00:47 And heaven and nature sing
00:50 And heaven, and heaven
00:53 And nature sing
00:57 Joy to the earth!
00:59 The Savior reigns
01:02 Let men their songs employ
01:07 While fields and floods
01:10 Rocks, hills, and plains
01:12 Repeat the sounding joy
01:15 Repeat the sounding joy
01:17 Repeat, repeat the sounding joy
01:28 Angels from the realms of glory
01:32 Wing your flight through all the earth
01:36 Ye who sang creation's story
01:41 Now proclaim Messiah's birth
01:46 Come and worship
01:48 Come and worship
01:51 Worship Christ the newborn King
02:00 He rules the world with truth and grace
02:05 And makes the nations rule
02:11 The glories of His righteousness
02:16 And wonders of His love
02:19 And wonders of His love
02:21 And wonders, wonders of His love
02:31 Amen. And all the people said amen!
02:34 Wow, what an incredible time of the year
02:36 and what an incredible time in earth's history to be alive,
02:40 isn't it?
02:41 Last generation
02:42 before Jesus comes back to planet earth,
02:44 we'll be able to sing praises to the Almighty King
02:47 and Creator for eternity,
02:49 and sitting at the feet of Jesus
02:51 will be probably thinking of those songs as setting,
02:54 can you imagine what it would be like?
02:55 We want to thank you, all of you for allowing us
02:58 to come in your home, as you do each and every day
03:00 and especially this time of year.
03:02 And I don't know about you,
03:03 but it's a great time of year and probably,
03:05 and they're all look messed up crazy world we live in,
03:08 people seem to be a little friendlier
03:10 when you get out in the stores and shopping and normal,
03:13 except when it comes to the last minute shopping
03:15 and then watch out.
03:17 Aaron Wilburn wrote a song,
03:19 you know, Saturday night at Wal-Mart,
03:21 something like that watch out.
03:22 So, but other than that, it's a great time.
03:25 So thank you again for letting us
03:26 share this time with you.
03:28 So we have our little family here
03:30 and, John, we are glad to have you.
03:33 It's good to be here. Pastor John Lomacang.
03:34 And to make it to this time of year is a blessing.
03:37 And then so it's really good to be here to celebrate
03:39 what God brought us through in.
03:41 What a year 2020 has been, so praise the Lord.
03:43 Absolutely.
03:44 And then, of course, Allison Speer,
03:46 it's good to have you back again for another program.
03:47 Thank you, it's good to be back.
03:48 Thank you, now you got to come back more often.
03:51 In fact, not too long ago, we got a letter somebody said,
03:53 and you were reading and it said
03:55 you got to get Allison Speer back.
03:56 We haven't seen her on 3ABN in a while, so...
03:59 Well, thank you.
04:00 You know as beautiful as this set is,
04:02 I think I'll just move in, if you don't mind.
04:03 Good, good, good.
04:05 We were hoping, you'd say the company you kept
04:07 was really nice,
04:08 but we'll live with the set, this is nice.
04:12 Right?
04:13 Of course, we have Reggie and Ladye Love.
04:15 What's happening Reggie, Ladye Love?
04:16 Oh, mercy, Ladye Love is never without words,
04:18 let's ask if she want to say something?
04:20 Okay, Ladye Love. I did.
04:23 Well, what a year 2020 has been, right?
04:26 How amazing and how unpredictable
04:28 and how crazy,
04:29 and yet Jesus is always predictable.
04:33 I mean He will never leave us, and He says, I'm going...
04:35 He's gone through so many things for us
04:38 and with us during this time.
04:40 And so what it's taught me more is just to rely on Him
04:42 even more because when He's all you have,
04:45 you realize He's all you really need.
04:47 All right. Tim, give us the word.
04:51 All I can say is Merry Christmas.
04:54 Yeah.
04:56 You know, it's such a privilege to work at 3ABN
04:59 and to work with all of you.
05:00 I really do appreciate.
05:01 Really for me, it's Christmas year round,
05:03 because it's about family.
05:05 It's about being with people you love.
05:07 And so I'm very honored,
05:08 very grateful to be a part of this.
05:09 And we're grateful that he's here, right, Yvonne?
05:11 Oh man, we love our Timmy.
05:15 Tiny Tim.
05:17 What's on your heart right now?
05:18 Oh, it's just a blessing to be here,
05:20 to be with our family here
05:23 and to have made it through this year.
05:25 Because as Pastor John
05:27 said this year has been quite trying
05:29 and we're thankful to be here
05:31 and thankful that you're with us.
05:33 All right.
05:34 But we're most thankful for the Lord Jesus Christ.
05:37 Amen.
05:39 And though we should worship Him
05:40 and praise Him all year round,
05:41 right now is a great opportunity
05:43 this time of year
05:44 to share Jesus in the marketplace.
05:46 Not only here, but around the world
05:48 and wherever we travel,
05:49 whether we're going to gas stations,
05:51 or you know, going to the shopping
05:53 or whatever, that to remember the reason
05:56 for the season as they always say,
05:58 and so we're talking about
06:00 none other than Fairest Lord Jesus.
06:02 How am I doing now?
06:03 We're going to try to do another segue to a song,
06:06 and are we getting there somehow?
06:08 I would like to hear Ladye do that?
06:09 How about that? Oh, Ladye Love.
06:11 Why don't Ladye Love do it?
06:12 I think we got a surprise guest on here today too.
06:16 Oh, yeah. We got Ben Lingo.
06:19 And Ben's going to be here.
06:21 Ben works at 3ABN, great guitarist,
06:23 in fact, he doesn't just play how many?
06:26 You play a guitar, piano, violins, cellos, trumpets
06:30 about whatever it is you name it.
06:32 He is not on my Christmas list.
06:34 And he does great on all of them, he really...
06:35 Boy, I have a song also for him.
06:37 I don't know, but if you give it to him
06:38 and he can play it, I'm sure.
06:39 So we're glad that Ben is going to be here
06:41 accompanying a couple of songs today also.
06:44 Ladye Love.
06:59 Fairest Lord Jesus
07:05 Ruler of all nature
07:11 O thou of God
07:16 And man
07:19 The Son
07:23 Thee will I cherish
07:30 Thee will I honor
07:35 Thou, my soul's
07:37 Glory, joy, and crown
07:48 Fair is the sunshine
07:54 Fairer still the moonlight
08:00 And all the twinkling
08:07 starry host
08:13 Jesus shines brighter
08:19 Jesus shines purer
08:24 Than all the angels heaven
08:30 can boast
08:38 Beautiful Savior!
08:43 Lord of all the nations
08:49 Son of God and
08:56 Son of Man
09:02 Glory and honor
09:08 Praise, adoration
09:13 Now and forevermore
09:18 Be thine
09:27 Now and forevermore
09:33 Be thine
09:45 That was beautiful.
09:48 Ben Lingle, you're a talented man.
09:50 So talented...
09:51 He's talented in so many things.
09:53 He plays all the different instruments,
09:54 and he's a sound engineer here at 3ABN
09:59 for quite a while now, he just wears a lot of hats.
10:02 So I'm so grateful that
10:03 you're playing for us today, thank you.
10:05 And let's do a little bit of Oh Holy night.
10:19 Oh holy night
10:23 The stars are brightly shining
10:29 It is the night of our dear Savior's birth
10:39 Long lay the world
10:43 In sin and error, pining
10:48 Till He appeared and the soul
10:53 Felt its worth
10:58 A thrill of hope,
11:02 The weary world rejoices
11:07 For yonder breaks
11:11 A new and glorious morn
11:15 Fall on your knees!
11:23 Oh, hear the angel voices
11:31 Oh, night divine
11:39 Oh, night
11:43 when Christ was born
11:47 Oh, night divine
11:56 Oh, night
11:59 Oh, night divine
12:09 Truly He taught us
12:13 To love one another
12:18 His law is love,
12:21 And his gospel is peace
12:27 Chains shall He break
12:31 For the slave is our brother
12:36 And in His name
12:39 All oppression shall cease
12:45 Sweet hymns of joy
12:49 In grateful chorus raise
12:53 We Let all within us
12:58 Praise His holy name
13:02 Christ is the Lord!
13:10 Oh, praise
13:13 His Name forever
13:18 His power
13:22 And glory
13:26 Evermore proclaim
13:33 His power
13:37 And glory
13:45 Evermore proclaim
14:14 Amen. That's good.
14:18 Beautiful. Wow.
14:20 You know that's just a good feeling
14:23 to sit back and let somebody else
14:25 play some music, you know?
14:27 It's really nice, all through this year,
14:30 I have played my fingers to the bone and to hear Ben
14:35 and I love Reggie.
14:36 I love his voice and that is sweet.
14:40 And I love that line, the gospel of peace.
14:44 Wow.
14:45 His law is love and his gospel is peace.
14:48 Wow. What a sweet thing to know.
14:50 That's my Jesus.
14:51 And there's nothing greater on this earth,
14:54 and once you all maybe come up here
14:56 so we can talk for a minute or so.
14:58 Nothing greater on this earth, and I really mean it.
15:01 I honestly have said to people,
15:04 if I could be anywhere I could be in the whole world,
15:06 wanted to be do
15:08 what I'm anything in the world I could do.
15:10 I'd be right here doing what I'm doing now.
15:13 And there's nothing like knowing,
15:15 and where God wants you to be that you're there.
15:18 When you accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
15:21 And then you say, "Lord, what do You want me to do?
15:25 I'm willing to go where You want me to go?
15:26 Send me."
15:28 And then in this case,
15:29 the Lord said, "Well, that's okay.
15:30 I'll just use you right in your area."
15:33 And so I'm able to do that.
15:35 But sometimes we travel around the world,
15:37 we do whatever.
15:38 But just knowing that we're doing God's work.
15:42 Now, are any of us here perfect?
15:44 No, absolutely not.
15:45 Do we make a lot of mistakes? Of course, we do.
15:48 But there's nothing like knowing that
15:50 we have a Savior that every time we fall,
15:53 that He'll pick us back up.
15:55 All we have to do
15:56 and all you have to do in your life
15:57 is when you submit and commit your life to Jesus,
16:00 and you make a mistake,
16:01 you just say, "Lord, I'm really sorry."
16:03 And if you're not sorry,
16:05 ask Him to give you a godly sorrow,
16:07 because we can't even be sorry on our own,
16:10 it's only through the power
16:11 and the anointing of the Holy Spirit
16:13 can we even realize that we're sinners saved by grace.
16:16 So sometimes we have to pray
16:17 because I talked to people and they say,
16:19 well, I, you know,
16:20 I just, maybe the Holy Spirit's left me
16:23 because I don't know how to repent
16:25 and don't really care.
16:26 And I say, you know, we have to ask God,
16:28 say Lord, I know,
16:30 because you've, we've read in the Word.
16:32 We know that we can't do this on our own,
16:34 and we need you to get us from here to eternity.
16:38 And I promise you that God will hear,
16:40 He will answer your prayer.
16:42 So no matter where you are today,
16:44 when Jesus was on the cross,
16:45 somebody told me this a long time ago,
16:47 they wrote me a letter
16:48 right after we first went on the air.
16:49 And he said, when Jesus was on the cross,
16:51 you were on His mind.
16:52 So I'm talking to each and every person
16:54 around the world when Jesus was on the cross,
16:57 you was on His mind, you were on His mind.
16:59 He could look down the stream of time
17:01 and see if people that would be
17:02 willing to give their lives unto death,
17:04 if necessary for the very cause of God.
17:07 And you know what?
17:08 You're privileged to be living,
17:10 we're all privileged to be living in
17:11 these closing moments of earth's history.
17:13 We've talked about
17:14 and people have prophesied for years,
17:16 but we're living in end times, prophecy.
17:18 This is amazing. So what are we doing?
17:22 Lord, here I am, send me.
17:25 God has something special for you today.
17:27 And while we're here, we're having a great time
17:29 and a lot of fun together.
17:31 And I think Christians ought to be the happiest,
17:32 most excited people on planet earth.
17:34 Don't you?
17:35 Really, we should be,
17:36 so, you know, I'm not going to be
17:38 a stick in the mud.
17:39 I never have been.
17:41 That's an old saying,
17:42 I don't know what it means exactly,
17:43 but I'm not, my mom used to say,
17:45 I'm not going to be an old stick in the mud,
17:46 but I'm just going to be,
17:47 you know, have a good time and enjoy who we are.
17:49 We don't have to worry like the world,
17:51 people are living in fear right now
17:53 through all the past year
17:55 and the elections and all this stuff.
17:56 Oh, we're scared to go out.
17:58 We don't know what to do, even with the virus, you know,
18:00 it's a terrible thing, but we don't have to be afraid.
18:02 Do we use common sense? Absolutely.
18:05 But, we know that when we submit
18:07 and commit our lives to God,
18:09 that all we have to do is say,
18:10 Lord, here we are, as I said earlier,
18:12 and the Lord will impress us what to do,
18:16 where to go, but mainly remember that
18:18 each one of us, as part of the go
18:21 ye into all the world,
18:22 Jesus said, "Go ye into all the world."
18:24 All power is given Me.
18:26 Go ye into all the world to be a witness.
18:28 So today it's my hope and prayer.
18:30 And I'm still thankful for each and every one of you
18:31 that come around
18:33 and you get to be friends and family
18:34 and wish you all could be visiting with us,
18:36 we have so much fun,
18:37 but I'm glad that each of you have
18:39 dedicated your life to the Lord
18:41 and the talents that you have are incredible.
18:43 All of you, I mean, incredible musicians.
18:45 They could be out in the world, and have some,
18:47 maybe have been in the world in the past,
18:49 but like you tell us for a moment,
18:51 you've been in the world,
18:52 but you told me when you came back to the Lord,
18:54 there's nothing like it.
18:56 There's no comparison, I mean, okay, Charmin bathroom tissue,
19:00 singing about Jesus, I mean, there is no comparison
19:04 to the importance and the significance
19:08 of being able to use what God
19:09 has given you to glorify Him and not just to, you know,
19:13 make money and be whatever, but to glorify Him.
19:17 To me, there's nothing that's richer than that.
19:21 Nothing. Absolutely.
19:24 I'm thinking about Ladye Love.
19:25 Ladye Love, we traveled a lot with you
19:27 around the world
19:28 and I've don't know that I've ever,
19:30 Allison met anybody with the kinder heart
19:32 for people than Ladye Love.
19:34 She looks for people.
19:36 We were at a restaurant one night in Nashville,
19:39 down at Opry Mills, I think Aquarium,
19:42 they were shutting the restaurant down.
19:43 We were on the inside,
19:45 but they were shutting the gates
19:46 and we're leaving, but where's Ladye?
19:48 Where's Ladye?
19:49 Where's I'm all panicking and where's Ladye,
19:51 Reggie says don't worry about her, she's gonna...
19:53 She's good, she'll be...
19:54 She was in talking to one of the workers
19:57 who looked like she was having a rough go
19:59 and here, I mean, in there, you know,
20:02 ministering to people and what a way to do.
20:05 And so, thank you, Ladye Love,
20:07 for what you're doing, the heart you have for people.
20:10 I've learned so much from her, and to watch her share.
20:16 And it's like, sometimes we look for Jesus,
20:19 you know, we look for Him and we look all around,
20:21 but we see He's in our life every day.
20:24 And maybe somebody that comes to us that
20:27 we don't really realize that's who Jesus wants us.
20:29 We may be the only Jesus they see.
20:32 So somebody, does anybody tell me
20:34 who sings a song about or at least recites a song
20:37 about the Christmas guests.
20:39 Maybe that would say better than I could do that.
20:41 Allison, that wouldn't happen to be you, would it?
20:43 I'll try. Okay, good.
20:45 If you've got something on your heart,
20:46 share with us too.
20:49 Danny, you're so right, what we have authority over,
20:54 is all the Lord has asked us to give.
20:57 And just like the little boy with the loaves and fishes,
21:02 when Jesus begins to break the bread,
21:06 and He breaks it and He breaks it
21:08 and He breaks it
21:10 and He breaks it until everybody is fed.
21:15 And we never know exactly
21:18 when those people come into our lives
21:21 that we can minister to.
21:23 But God has given us spiritual eyes to see,
21:26 and a spiritual heart
21:28 and the Holy Spirit to guide us.
21:31 So be aware that you never know
21:33 who you're going to minister to
21:35 and what their tomorrows might bring.
21:41 It happened one day near December's end.
21:45 Two neighbors called on an old-time friend.
21:48 And they found his shop so meager and mean,
21:50 made gay
21:52 with a thousand boughs of green,
21:54 and Conrad was sitting with face a-shine
21:57 when he suddenly stopped as he stitched a twine
22:00 and said, "Old friends, at dawn today,
22:03 when the cock was crowing the night away,
22:06 the Lord appeared in a dream to me and said,
22:09 'I am coming your guest to be.'
22:11 So I've been busy with feet astir,
22:15 strewing my shop with branches of fir,
22:18 the table is spread and the kettle is shined
22:21 and over the rafters the holly is twined,
22:24 and now I will wait for the Lord to appear
22:26 and listen closely so I will hear
22:29 His step as He nears my humble place,
22:32 and I open the door and look in His face."
22:36 So his friends went home and left Conrad alone,
22:40 for this was the happiest day he had known,
22:42 for, long since, his family had passed away
22:45 and Conrad had spent many a sad Christmas Day.
22:48 But he knew with the Lord as his Christmas guest
22:51 this Christmas would be the dearest and best,
22:55 so he listened with only joy in his heart.
22:59 And with every sound he would rise with a start
23:01 and look for the Lord to be at his door
23:04 the vision he had a few hours before.
23:08 So he ran to the window after hearing a sound,
23:11 but all that he saw was the snow-covered ground.
23:14 Was a shabby beggar whose shoes were torn
23:18 and all of his clothes were ragged and worn.
23:20 But Conrad was touched and he went to the door.
23:24 And he said, "Your feet must be frozen and sore,
23:27 I have some shoes in my shop for you
23:29 and a coat that will keep you much warmer, too."
23:32 So with a grateful heart the man went away,
23:34 but Conrad noticed the time of day
23:38 and he wondered what made the Lord so late
23:41 and how much longer he'd have to wait.
23:44 When he heard a knock and ran to the door,
23:47 but it was only a stranger once more,
23:50 a bent, old lady with a shawl of black,
23:53 and a bundle of kindling piled on her back.
23:57 She asked for only a place to rest,
23:59 but that was reserved for Conrad's Great Guest.
24:03 Her voice seemed to plead, "Please don't send me away.
24:06 Let me rest for a while on Christmas day."
24:10 So Conrad brewed her a steaming cup
24:12 and told her to sit at the table and sup.
24:16 But after she left he was filled with dismay,
24:19 for he saw that the hours were slipping away
24:22 and the Lord hadn't come as He said He would,
24:25 and Conrad felt sure he misunderstood.
24:29 When out of the stillness he heard a cry,
24:32 "Please help me somebody, tell me where am I."
24:35 So again he opened his friendly door
24:38 and stood disappointed as twice before,
24:41 it was only a child who had wandered away
24:44 and was lost from her family on this Christmas Day.
24:48 But Conrad's heart was heavy and sad,
24:51 and he knew he should make this little child glad,
24:54 so he called her in and wiped her tears
24:58 and quieted all of her childish fears.
25:01 Then he led her back home to her doorstep once more
25:06 but as he entered his own darkened door.
25:08 He knew that the Lord was not coming today
25:11 for the hours of Christmas had passed away.
25:15 So he went to his room
25:18 and knelt down to pray and he said,
25:19 "Dear Lord, why did you delay.
25:23 What kept You from coming to call on me today,
25:26 for I wanted so much Your face to see."
25:28 When soft in the silence a voice he heard,
25:33 "Lift up your head for I kept My word.
25:36 Three times My shadow crossed your floor,
25:39 three times I came to your lonely door,
25:43 for I was the beggar with bruised,
25:45 cold feet, I was the woman
25:48 you gave something to eat,
25:50 and I was the child on the homeless street.
25:54 Three times I knocked,
25:56 three times I came in,
25:58 and each time I found the warmth of a friend.
26:03 Of all of the gifts, love is the best.
26:07 I was honored to be your Christmas guest."
26:14 We never know.
26:28 Love incarnate, love divine
26:35 Star and angels gave the sign
26:42 Bow to babe on bended knee
26:47 The Savior of humanity
26:54 Unto us a Child is born
27:01 He shall reign forevermore
27:07 Noel, Noel
27:15 Come and see what
27:17 God has done
27:21 Noel, Noel
27:28 The story of amazing love!
27:33 Light of the world,
27:36 Given for us
27:41 Noel
27:48 Son of God and Son of man
27:54 There before the world began
28:01 Born to suffer, born to save
28:08 Born to save us from the grave
28:14 Christ the everlasting Lord
28:20 He shall reign forevermore
28:26 Noel, Noel
28:33 Come and see what God has done
28:39 Noel, Noel
28:46 The story of amazing love!
28:51 Light of the world,
28:54 Given for us
28:58 Noel
29:29 Noel,
29:32 Noel
29:36 Come and see what God has done
29:41 Noel,
29:44 Noel
29:48 The story of amazing love!
29:54 Light of the world,
29:57 Given for us
30:03 Noel
30:18 Amen.
30:19 It's beautiful, beautiful.
30:26 Wow!
30:29 I have to recover from that.
30:30 Right. I know.
30:32 I was there.
30:33 I heard the voice just, I felt like Noel.
30:37 Saying, come, and see what God has done.
30:40 Allison, that was not a song, that was ministry.
30:43 It's way beyond that and belting from your heart.
30:48 You know why that song
30:49 is so important to me right now,
30:51 as I was listening to the words of it,
30:53 families that in a world torn like ours has been,
30:58 this has been a year, I know we've said it before,
31:01 but we couldn't imagine what 2020 had become.
31:06 It's just a compilation
31:08 of one disaster after the other,
31:09 the following one eclipsing the prior one.
31:13 And here we'd come down to the end of the year where,
31:16 you know, people are still wondering
31:17 whether or not they could keep their house,
31:20 or people are unemployed.
31:22 Probably a lot of families
31:24 couldn't afford gifts this year.
31:27 Where there are people,
31:28 maybe people that have medical bills
31:30 that they don't even know what to do with.
31:33 And yet in the midst of all of that,
31:34 Jesus is saying, I can see your tears falling.
31:38 I know your heart is breaking,
31:41 and you're going to hear from me.
31:42 And that word Noel
31:44 really took my heart's in place.
31:45 So as I share the song,
31:48 I want you to know, as you listen to this,
31:50 that is in this kind of world,
31:53 that Jesus is going to manifest
31:56 His greatest miracle
31:58 while tears are falling and heartbreaking.
32:00 If you listen carefully, you will hear from God.
32:14 Tears Are falling,
32:17 Hearts are breaking
32:19 How we need to hear from God
32:24 You've been promised
32:27 We've been waiting
32:30 Welcome Holy Child
32:35 Welcome Holy Child
32:42 Hope that You don't mind our manger
32:48 How I wish we could have known
32:52 But long-awaited
32:55 Holy Stranger Make Yourself
33:00 At home
33:02 Please make Yourself at home
33:15 Bring Your peace
33:17 Into our silence
33:20 Bid our hungry souls be still
33:25 Word now breaking
33:28 Heaven's silence
33:31 Welcome to our world Lord,
33:35 Welcome to our world
33:47 Fragile finger sent to heal us
33:52 Tender brow prepared for thorn
33:57 Tiny heart whose blood will save us
34:03 Unto us is born,
34:08 Unto us is born
34:18 So wrap our injured flesh around You
34:24 Breathe our air
34:26 And walk our sod
34:29 Rob our sins
34:32 But make us holy Perfect
34:37 Son of God
34:40 Welcome to our world Lord,
34:47 Welcome to our world
35:01 Amen. Amen.
35:02 That was good, John.
35:06 You know, the songs that
35:08 we've leaned on had been talking about,
35:10 listen to what God has done,
35:12 welcome to our world, but you know,
35:14 I also believe that
35:15 if you want to have an experience with God.
35:19 You know, I love the Book of Revelation,
35:21 it says, "And the spirits said to the church,
35:25 'He that has an ear to hear,
35:28 let him hear what the spirit says."
35:30 So, as I share this
35:32 very well-known song of the season,
35:35 I want you to listen carefully.
35:37 And if you listen carefully,
35:40 you will hear what I hear.
35:48 Do you hear what I hear?
35:51 Do you see what I see?
35:53 Said the night wind to the little lamb
35:59 "Do you see what I see?
36:04 Way up in the sky, little lamb
36:09 Do you see what I see?
36:14 A star, a star, dancing in the night
36:19 With a tail as big as a kite
36:24 With a tail as big as a kite"
36:31 Said the little lamb to the shepherd boy
36:37 Do you hear what I hear?
36:40 Do you hear what I hear?
36:42 Ringing through the sky shepherd boy
36:47 Do you hear what I hear?
36:50 Do you hear what I hear?
36:52 A song, a song, high above the trees
36:56 With a voice as big as the sea
37:01 With a voice as big as the sea
37:09 Said the shepherd boy to the mighty king
37:15 Do you hear what I hear?
37:18 Do you hear what I hear?
37:20 In your palace wall mighty king
37:24 But do you hear what I hear? Do you hear what I hear?
37:30 A Child, a Child shivers in the cold
37:35 Let us bring him silver and gold
37:39 Let us bring him silver and gold
37:50 Said the king to the people everywhere
37:55 "Listen to what I say!
38:00 Pray for peace, people, everywhere
38:05 But listen to what I say!
38:10 A Child, A Child sleeping in the night
38:15 He will bring us goodness and light
38:20 He will bring us
38:23 Goodness and light
38:37 Amen. Amen.
38:45 Wow.
38:47 Keeps getting better and better, doesn't it?
38:49 The more we hear about Jesus, the more excited we get.
38:53 I don't know, we want to give a little testimony right now.
38:57 Sure. What you got?
38:59 Well, I'd just like to say that there's,
39:03 there's some people that very dear to us that
39:07 have gone through so many things
39:08 we talked about earlier this year,
39:11 and I want to have a special prayer
39:13 because some people we've lost some loved ones,
39:15 and I'm sure you have too at home.
39:18 And there's somebody very close to us that
39:22 we've lost, and several people actually this year.
39:25 And I was sitting there
39:26 and I'm listening to all of that,
39:28 and I said, I wonder if we hear
39:29 the Lord's voice and what He's saying today?
39:32 And I believe that we should.
39:33 John, I'm going to ask you to come up,
39:35 maybe just a moment,
39:36 and I want you to talk for just a moment
39:40 and maybe have a prayer for folks at home,
39:43 because right now, though,
39:45 we're here having a good, happy time.
39:48 There's people whose hearts are really heavy.
39:51 And maybe you could just talk to the people at home
39:54 for a few seconds and maybe say a prayer.
39:58 And because we want them to know that
40:00 no matter what's going on in their life,
40:02 whatever's happened, you know,
40:04 that God is in control and He's promised us a future.
40:08 And so for me,
40:10 this is the greatest gift that we could ever get.
40:13 Yvonne's written a song lately,
40:15 her and Tim and talks about the,
40:17 the greatest gift that
40:18 we have is the Lord Jesus Christ.
40:20 So maybe just talk for a moment
40:22 to the folks at home, and let's say a prayer.
40:24 Yeah, sure.
40:27 You know, we're here as Danny said,
40:31 by God's grace we're here.
40:33 We're not here because we had an undefeatable plan.
40:38 We're here because God had a plan
40:39 that could not be defeated.
40:43 I think about 3ABN, Danny, 36 years,
40:47 and we're still here.
40:50 But on the other side of this camera,
40:53 I can't help but to think there's probably somebody
40:55 sitting in an apartment
40:57 where the only sound they hear is the echo
40:59 of their foot's
41:00 or of their feet as they walk through
41:02 their apartment.
41:05 Or they may be sitting in a home
41:08 with their family and has a song
41:10 that tears are falling because this year,
41:14 as much as dad tried,
41:15 he just couldn't make that Christmas list.
41:19 And it's not the time of year
41:23 that should be linked to sadness,
41:26 but for so many it is.
41:30 But I want to go back
41:31 to the real reason for Christmas.
41:34 You know, more than 2000 years ago,
41:38 there were shepherds keeping
41:39 watch over their flock by night.
41:44 And an angel appeared
41:45 to one of the shepherds and said,
41:48 "Behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy."
41:52 And I got pulled in by that story.
41:54 I began to examine the story
41:55 and the shepherds were so afraid.
41:57 Like many of you are afraid.
41:59 Fear has gripped our world.
42:02 Fear has shown its ugly head,
42:04 and maybe some of you are still in fear.
42:07 But while the shepherds
42:08 were wrapped in fear, the angels are saying,
42:12 "Behold, I bring you good tidings
42:14 of great joy."
42:16 And I can see for a moment,
42:17 you've got fear, you got good tidings,
42:19 which one is going to win out.
42:21 And I was reading the story around that,
42:23 and one writer said that
42:25 the angel gave the shepherds time
42:28 for their eyes to adjust to the light
42:32 of that one angel.
42:34 And when their eyes adjusted to the light,
42:37 suddenly there was with the angel,
42:39 a whole chorus of angels, singing glory to God
42:42 and the Highest
42:44 and on earth He sent goodwill to men.
42:47 You may be that shepherd right now in your field,
42:51 and you may be filled with fear,
42:52 but I want you to hear the angels say,
42:54 in spite of what you see around you,
42:56 behold, there is still good tiding of great joy,
43:00 because the gift that was given to us on that day,
43:03 the person of Jesus,
43:05 He is still Lord of all creation.
43:09 And, we're not going through something that
43:11 He did not know about.
43:12 That's why He came.
43:14 His mission was, I've come to save My people
43:17 from their sin.
43:18 I've come to give them life and give it more abundantly.
43:20 So let me encourage you.
43:22 Right now I don't know where you are
43:24 and it could be a great place.
43:25 You might be sitting in the living room
43:27 with all your family around you saying,
43:28 what a wonderful holiday,
43:30 we made it through 2020,
43:31 or you might be all by yourself.
43:33 But I want you to know no matter your situation,
43:36 the news is still good.
43:37 Look at the world as it is, and take a great mental picture
43:41 because I believe not too long from now,
43:45 we're going to see Jesus coming
43:47 and the tidings of great joy
43:49 that were about a little baby,
43:52 will give way to the tidings of eternal joy.
43:57 That will be about our risen and eternal Savior.
44:00 So hold on in the season,
44:02 2020 was bad,
44:04 but it could get worse before it gets better.
44:09 But Jesus Christ, I love it,
44:10 I think somebody said this earlier.
44:12 He hasn't changed in 2020.
44:14 Somebody asks, where has,
44:16 where was Jesus in the midst of all this?
44:18 He didn't change his address.
44:20 You could still offer a prayer and He'll answer.
44:22 And if you text Him,
44:24 I don't know if you get a text back,
44:26 but you might get a Bible text instead.
44:29 So, trust the Lord in this season,
44:31 He is the same yesterday, today and forever.
44:33 And as a pastor,
44:35 I believe the best is yet to come.
44:38 So allow this program to cheer your heart
44:41 and bring you into that close connection
44:43 with the great gift that was given to us,
44:46 and that gift was never taken away.
44:50 Embrace the best gift, the person of Jesus.
44:54 Let's pray.
44:56 Loving Father in heaven,
44:59 You gave a gift which has a price on it that
45:05 we will never be able to calculate.
45:09 When that gift was imparted to humanity,
45:11 it opened the door that said,
45:13 "Whomsoever will, let him come."
45:17 And, Father, You paid for admission
45:19 to the worst and to the best,
45:21 to the highest and to the lowest,
45:22 at the foot of the cross for You're all the same.
45:24 You paid that.
45:25 When you come again,
45:27 there'll be room in Your kingdom
45:28 for every one of us.
45:30 And so far, to lift the burden of that person
45:32 who is challenged this holiday season,
45:35 this Christmas season.
45:37 Bring cheer to their heart,
45:39 so that don't look beyond the present to the future.
45:42 And may they hold onto the promise.
45:44 When You left, You didn't say goodbye.
45:48 You said I'm coming back.
45:50 And so let us by faith encourage you,
45:52 my brother, my sister, my family members,
45:55 be encouraged to hold on for the gift
45:59 and the promise are sure.
46:01 May this season be everything that the Lord intends it to be.
46:05 And may the promise He made be your reality
46:08 in the gift of the person of Jesus.
46:11 In His name I pray, amen.
46:33 We just love the sights and sounds of Christmas
46:38 The mistletoe, the falling snow Say the day is near
46:43 But the thing we love the most about the season
46:48 Is knowing when the tree is gone
46:51 We don't have to stop our song
46:54 It's not just for one day
46:56 We can celebrate all year
47:02 We don't have to wait until December
47:07 To tell the world the good news Jesus brings
47:11 He's coming to this earth was our salvation
47:17 And on any given day
47:20 It can make us sing
47:22 The hope He brought that holy night
47:25 Makes it very clear
47:27 It's not just for one day
47:30 We can celebrate all year
47:44 We just love to hear the Christmas story
47:49 To share some time with family
47:52 And friends we love so dear
47:55 So when the holiday is finally over
48:00 Its spirit should fade at all
48:03 Winter, summer, spring, or fall
48:05 It's not just for one day
48:07 We can celebrate all year
48:13 We don't have to wait until December
48:18 Tell the world the good news Jesus brings
48:24 He's coming to this earth was our salvation
48:29 And on any given day
48:32 It can make us sing
48:34 The hope He brought that holy night
48:37 Makes it very clear
48:39 It's not just for one day
48:42 We can celebrate all year
48:46 The hope He brought that holy night
48:49 Makes it very clear
48:51 It's not just for one day
48:54 We can celebrate all year
48:58 It's not just for one day
49:00 We can celebrate all year
49:11 Sweet. That's good.
49:13 I can hardly believe our time is just about gone, Yvonne.
49:17 The time went by so fast.
49:18 Doesn't it? It does.
49:20 But you know, before we close this program,
49:22 we've kind of made it a tradition
49:24 in the last two or three years,
49:25 while we have Ladye Love here,
49:27 that she's been doing a little bit of the song,
49:29 I'll be home for Christmas.
49:31 Now it was originally was written
49:32 I think during World War II,
49:34 when people were planning on coming home,
49:37 and wanting to be home
49:38 with their loved ones and being away.
49:40 But, I think about our heavenly home,
49:41 you know, heaven is not heaven until God's children are there.
49:45 So not only are we wanting to go home
49:47 but, of course, I think Jesus is waiting to be
49:49 able to come back to take His people,
49:52 His purified bride, His church
49:53 back to heaven to live for eternity.
49:55 But, Ladye Love,
49:57 maybe you could sing a little bit.
49:58 Ben, would you bring,
49:59 maybe I'm gonna do this only for you Ladye Love,
50:02 but after Ben playing,
50:03 I wouldn't normally do this, but you've asked me to play.
50:06 So I'm gonna try to help.
50:07 You can do that rhythm gets hard.
50:09 No. There you go.
50:17 I'm dreaming tonight
50:23 Of a place that I love
50:27 Even more than I usually do
50:35 And although I know
50:40 It's a long way home
50:46 I promise you
50:55 I'll be home
51:01 For Christmas
51:07 You can count on me
51:18 Please have snow and mistletoe
51:29 And presents
51:32 Under the tree
51:41 Christmas eve
51:46 Will find me
51:52 Where the love light gleams
52:04 I'll be home
52:09 For Christmas
52:15 If only in my dreams
53:13 Christmas eve
53:19 Will find me
53:24 Where the love light
53:31 Gleams
53:36 I'll be home
53:42 For Christmas
53:48 If only in my dreams
53:59 If only
54:04 In my dreams
54:29 Thank you, Ladye Love.
54:31 Wow, here you go, Ben,
54:33 let me give you your guitar back.
54:35 Sorry, I messed it up.
54:36 I think we got time.
54:38 Why don't you all come up and,
54:39 Tim, do we have something we can end on?
54:41 What song you want us to do?
54:43 Silent night. All right.
54:48 Okay.
54:52 Wherever you want it.
55:00 Silent night
55:05 Holy night
55:09 All is calm
55:13 All is bright
55:17 Round yon virgin
55:22 Mother and child
55:26 Holy infant, so tender
55:32 And mild
55:35 Sleep in heavenly peace
55:43 Sleep in heavenly peace
55:50 Sing it with us at home.
55:52 Silent night
55:57 Holy night
56:01 Shepherds quake
56:07 At the sight
56:10 Glories stream
56:14 From heaven afar
56:19 Heavenly hosts sing
56:23 Alleluia!
56:27 Christ, the Savior is born
56:36 Christ, the Savior is born
56:45 Silent night
56:50 Holy night
56:54 Son of God
56:58 Love's pure light
57:02 Radiant beams from
57:07 Thy holy face
57:11 With the dawn
57:15 Of redeeming grace
57:20 Jesus, Lord, at Thy birth
57:29 Jesus, Lord
57:34 At Thy birth
57:43 Our time is all gone for today.
57:45 Until we see you next time,
57:46 may the Lord richly bless you
57:48 abundantly more than you could ever ask or think.


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