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01:46 We're gonna have a good time.
01:51 Joyful, joyful we adore You
01:55 God of glory, Lord of love
01:58 Hearts unfold like flowers before You
02:02 Opening to the sun above
02:06 Melt the clouds of sin and sadness
02:10 Drive the dark of doubt away
02:13 Giver of immortal gladness
02:17 Fill us with the light of day
02:36 Let's sing it now.
02:38 It is joy unspeakable and full of glory
02:42 Full of glory, full of glory
02:46 It is joy unspeakable and full of glory
02:49 Oh, the half has never yet been told
03:01 Here we go.
03:03 Joy to the world!
03:06 The Lord is come
03:10 Let earth
03:12 Receive her King!
03:18 Let every heart
03:21 Prepare Him room
03:25 And heaven and nature sing
03:29 And heaven and nature sing
03:32 And heaven, heaven and nature sing
03:39 And heaven.
03:40 And heaven, heaven
03:44 and nature sing.
03:55 Hey, good times.
03:58 Oh, that's wonderful fun.
04:00 We're going to have a great time
04:01 singing just Christmas carols
04:03 and who knows
04:05 what's going to happen right here.
04:06 That was a whole bunch of songs
04:08 that I grew up in church singing
04:09 and we'd start with fancy
04:11 and then went to that joy unspeakable.
04:14 That was some good, good.
04:15 Yeah. Wonderful.
04:17 Thank you for being here, Mark and Wanda Burchfield,
04:21 and thank you for being here.
04:23 We are going to have a great time.
04:25 So I'll introduce the rest of you later.
04:27 And we'll just have a good time, okay?
05:40 Christmas time is here
05:45 Happiness and cheer
05:50 Fun for all that children call
05:55 Their favorite time of year
06:01 Snowflakes in the air
06:06 Carols everywhere
06:12 Olden times and ancient rhymes
06:17 Of love and dreams to share
06:22 Sleigh bells in the air
06:27 Beauty everywhere
06:32 Yuletide by the fireside
06:37 And joyful memories there
07:08 Oh, that we could always see
07:13 Such spirit
07:15 Through the year.
07:25 That is a sweet song.
07:27 I always feel warm when I hear that.
07:29 That's a Charlie Brown feeling song, right?
07:32 Nice. That's good. That's good.
07:34 Thanks, Wanda. Beautiful.
07:36 And thank you to Ginger Pitchers
07:38 and Lake Jones.
07:40 Wonderful.
07:42 You have been my friends through the year.
07:44 You've been on the Praise Him Network,
07:47 you and people love to hear you sing.
07:49 They love your heart.
07:50 They love your voices.
07:52 So it's a pleasure to have you here at Christmas time
07:55 because truly,
07:56 this is a wonderful time of the year, so...
07:58 Yes. This is the best.
07:59 Rest of the year we need this too,
08:01 I think it's wonderful to be with friends.
08:02 So it's great to be here with you guys.
08:04 So thank you very much.
08:05 Here's a little song
08:06 that's a little, not a little song.
08:08 It's a big song
08:09 because it's got a great message,
08:11 big message
08:12 and full of Scripture reference.
08:13 It's an old hymn that is called,
08:15 "Once in Royal David's City."
08:16 And it talks about the life of Christ
08:18 and maybe something new to you.
08:20 It was very new to me.
08:21 And then I realized how old it is.
08:22 But it's new to me and I'm pretty old.
08:24 So I know a lot of songs,
08:25 but I didn't know this one, but it's a joy.
08:27 Well, I think you can do a great job on this
08:29 and I'm going to pull up a little melodica.
08:31 It shrunk. And it did shrink.
08:33 No, no, I'm not going to make any jokes about it
08:35 because it's just my little melodica.
08:37 So anyway, let's do this, okay?
08:39 One, a two, a one, two, three.
08:51 Once in royal David's city
08:56 Stood a lowly cattle shed
09:00 Where a mother laid her Baby
09:04 In a manger for His bed
09:08 Mary was that mother mild
09:13 Jesus Christ her little Child
09:24 He came down to earth from heaven
09:29 Who is God and Lord of all
09:33 And His shelter was a stable
09:37 And His cradle was a stall
09:42 With the poor, and mean, and lowly
09:46 Lived on earth our Savior holy
10:07 And our eyes at last shall see Him
10:11 Through His own redeeming love
10:15 For that Child so dear and gentle
10:20 Is our Lord in heaven above
10:24 And He leads His children on
10:29 To the place where He is gone
10:36 Not in that poor lowly stable
10:41 With the oxen standing by
10:45 We shall see Him, but in heaven
10:49 Set at God's right hand on high
10:54 When like stars His children crowned
10:58 All in white shall be around
11:03 And He leads His children on
11:07 To the place where He is gone.
11:31 Nice. Good job.
11:33 Very sweet. That's nice.
11:35 A lot of great things happen the night of Christ's birth
11:39 and this is a song, Lake,
11:40 I want you to sing and draw us a great picture.
11:43 All right? Sure.
12:00 Kings and shepherds make their way
12:03 Straight to where a baby lay
12:06 Rich and poor and lonely
12:09 Bow before this sight
12:12 A star has led them to this place
12:16 For the Word
12:17 That's been echoing through space
12:20 Becomes a child tonight
12:22 Light to shine in the darkest night
12:25 Light to make all the wrong things right
12:28 Light to show everyone the way
12:31 Light to shine where a virgin lay tonight
12:39 Angel voices fill the air
12:42 Angel wings are everywhere
12:45 Light so bright it's blinding
12:48 Shepherds shake with fright
12:51 A warmth begins to flood the hill
12:54 "Fear not!
12:57 Peace to you
12:58 Good will comes to earth tonight."
13:01 Light to shine in the darkest night
13:04 Light to make all the wrong things right
13:07 Light to show everyone the way
13:09 Light to shine where a virgin lay tonight
13:13 Light will be so bright
13:16 It will shine through the darkest night
13:20 Send down Your holy light
13:36 Star of David, the prophet's star
13:39 Yahweh God come to where we are
13:41 Star to mark the Messiah's birth
13:44 Star of heaven now touches earth
13:47 Light to shine in the darkest night
13:50 Light to make all the wrong things right
13:53 Light to show everyone the way
13:56 Light to shine where a virgin lay
13:58 Star of David, the prophet's star
14:01 Yahweh God come to where we are
14:04 Star to mark the Messiah's birth
14:07 Star of heaven now touches earth tonight
14:19 Yay!
14:20 What a great, great, wonderful night.
14:23 I love, it's a Gloria Gaither Texan,
14:25 she can do it like nobody else can.
14:27 It's this perfect marriage of assurance that the,
14:30 you know, Son of God is born
14:31 but also this expectancy and excitement
14:33 and, yeah, so well put,
14:35 I really love the lyrics to that.
14:36 That is a wonderful thing.
14:37 Well, while you're warmed up and you clearly are.
14:40 I love that.
14:42 So thank you for your voice.
14:43 And let's do another song, Glory to the King.
14:47 This is an old Matthew Ward song.
14:49 I don't know what that means.
14:51 But, yeah, it's a great song
14:53 and we're going to do it in the key of E.
15:08 The sky is shining bright tonight
15:13 Wondering eyes are wide
15:17 The star above the stable tells
15:22 Of heaven's gift inside
15:26 Go and tell a waiting world
15:30 Savior's born tonight
15:35 Glory angel voices ring
15:39 Shepherds hear them sing
15:44 Now we tell them worshipping
15:48 Glory to the King
15:56 Wise men comes from distant lands
16:01 To see the Promised One
16:05 Laying down their precious gifts
16:09 Before God's only Son
16:14 Son of God yet born of man
16:18 To do what must be done
16:22 Glory angel voices ring
16:27 Shepherds hear them sing
16:31 Now we tell them worshipping
16:35 Glory to the king
16:41 To the King
16:45 To the King
16:51 Shepherds, why this jubilee
16:55 Why your joyous strains prolong
16:59 Say what may the tidings be
17:04 Which inspire your heavenly song
17:10 Glo-ri-a
17:19 In excelsis
17:22 De-o
17:24 Glo-ri-a
17:32 In excelsis
17:34 De-o
17:43 Sing it, Brother.
17:45 The sky is shining bright tonight
17:50 Wondering eyes are wide
17:54 Go and tell the waiting world
17:58 Savior's born tonight
18:04 O Glory angel voices ring
18:09 Shepherds hear them sing
18:14 Now we tell them worshipping
18:18 Glory to the King
18:21 To the King, to the King
18:26 To the King
18:28 To the King
18:34 Two in a row.
18:36 That's so good. That's so good.
21:51 Do you hear what I hear?
21:53 Wanda, I admire your playing so very much,
21:56 so versatile in all the things.
21:58 It's just a wonderful gift you have been given by God,
22:01 I'm so grateful.
22:03 So how long have you played?
22:04 Like, have you played forever?
22:06 Like...
22:07 You know, I started, and I'm gonna say how old I am
22:09 but I didn't.
22:11 This is just a guessing end.
22:12 But I did start playing at a really young age.
22:15 I was about nine when I started on dobro,
22:19 14 on the fiddle, a little older for fiddle.
22:21 A lot of people start on violin when they're, you know, five.
22:24 Right, yeah. Yeah.
22:26 So was there music in your family?
22:28 Or was this... Yes, my dad played the banjo.
22:31 I had brother who played,
22:33 my sister played the guitar a little bit at the time, too.
22:35 So we had a little family trio.
22:37 That is great. And how neat.
22:39 I've always known you and Mark, your husband for many years.
22:43 And I've always thought how wonderful it was to,
22:46 to have you, for you to,
22:48 for God to have put you together.
22:50 And you know, both of you be so musical.
22:52 I really admire that so very much, so.
22:54 Yes.
22:55 Well, he has the musical family,
22:58 I mean, he does.
22:59 Everybody in his family is musical.
23:01 I mean everybody, his brother, Jon,
23:03 you know, plays the guitar, Benji plays the mandolin.
23:05 Yeah, many of you watching
23:07 may be familiar with the Burchfield Brothers.
23:09 They've been on 3ABN before,
23:11 and in fact, on the Praise Him channel.
23:13 So yeah, that's Mark's family.
23:15 Everybody, I mean, his mom played the piano
23:17 in the Accordions, his dad played the banjo.
23:21 They had a sewing machine even it was a Singer.
23:23 You did not just say that.
23:27 Well, I don't even get that reference.
23:30 No, I do get that reference, my mother was a singer too.
23:33 You can trust the robber, you can't tell though.
23:34 I know, right. Oh, I love it.
23:36 Well, thank you very, very much for your gift, for your smile.
23:39 And all you bring to this little musical party.
23:42 We're very blessed to have you here.
23:43 Thanks for having us here.
23:44 It's our honor.
23:46 Thank you very much.
23:47 Christmas is about memories,
23:50 and about family and about family memories.
23:55 And I was blessed to have when I turned 18,
24:00 I moved from Kansas City, the west coast of Missouri,
24:04 to the east coast of Missouri to St. Louis.
24:09 And I traveled with Ginger,
24:11 we were both 30 some years younger,
24:13 isn't that amazing?
24:15 At least, yeah.
24:16 That really was crazy to think about that.
24:17 But I was, you know
24:20 I had really never been away from home I guess.
24:23 We know that now, we know that now.
24:24 Right.
24:26 Well, yeah, we learned a lot those, those years.
24:28 You were wonderful.
24:29 But it was a privilege to join the Lester's
24:32 and to live and travel
24:35 and to immediately I mean no more
24:39 that I turn on your street,
24:41 I became a part of Lester family.
24:42 You became a part of the family.
24:44 And that's just your way...
24:45 That was my mom and dad
24:46 and that was my grandma and grandpa
24:48 that was just the way they did, they just and they just,
24:50 if you were part of it, she were a part of it.
24:52 She got invited
24:53 to all of the family birthday parties,
24:55 all of the barbecue, everything, just everything.
24:57 It was just wonderful then.
24:59 And Tim accelerated on ice cream, so.
25:01 Oh, right, right.
25:04 We didn't have a bad day, you know really.
25:06 No.
25:08 There were highs and lows, but again having each other,
25:12 that made it, that's what got us through.
25:13 And you were so young and we are such a family,
25:16 family that you just fit right in,
25:18 you fit like a glove
25:19 and we've always said once a Lester always a Lester.
25:21 And that just kind of the way it is.
25:23 And so, that's why it's very special for me
25:25 to be here with everybody here today.
25:27 And this is just a joy, just wonderful.
25:29 It's a real honor to have you.
25:30 We want to do a song
25:32 that every Christmas for many years
25:36 I remember doing, playing this song...
25:39 For my dad. For your dad.
25:40 For my dad.
25:41 My dad Herschel Lester would love this song,
25:43 and just because it just explains
25:45 it's so very simple.
25:47 And it puts it on a child's level
25:49 and they've always said if you can,
25:51 you know, explain something on a,
25:52 you know, on a child's level that you know,
25:55 people can really grasp a hold of it.
25:57 And this spells out the word Christmas
25:58 and my dad loved to sing this song
26:00 and it's an honor for me to sing this song,
26:02 and I pray I make it through and I'm sure I will.
26:05 But may have, I may have a gurgle or two,
26:07 but we'll get it done.
26:08 Yeah, and it's wonderful,
26:10 it's wonderful to sing this precious song, Christmas.
26:15 When I was but a youngster
26:20 Christmas meant one thing
26:24 That I'd be getting lots of toys that day
26:30 You're too young.
26:31 I learned a whole lot different
26:35 When mother sat me down
26:39 And taught me to spell 'Christmas'
26:44 This way
26:50 'C' is for the Christ child
26:55 Born upon this day
26:59 'H' for herald angels
27:03 In the night
27:08 'R' means our Redeemer
27:13 'I' means Israel
27:17 And 'S' is for the star
27:21 That shone so bright
27:26 'T' is for three wise men
27:31 They who travelled far
27:35 'M' is for the manger
27:39 Where He lay
27:45 'A' is for all He stands for
27:49 'S' means shepherds came
27:53 And that's why
27:55 There's a Christmas day!
28:12 And that's why
28:14 There's a Christmas day!
28:27 Oh, my goodness.
28:28 That is so sweet.
28:29 Wanda, can you come home with me?
28:32 Yes!
28:34 He would be very proud.
28:35 That's a beautiful rendition of that song.
28:37 Thank you for sharing that.
28:40 Some of my favorite scripture in the Bible
28:42 are the verses that talk about
28:45 Christ being our peace.
28:47 And I have a dear, dear friend out in California,
28:52 who has just really meant a lot to me.
28:56 Since I came to 3ABN,
28:59 she has kind of adopted me as my Californian mom.
29:04 And so since my mom passed away a few years ago,
29:07 it was not difficult to put her
29:09 into that little position in my heart
29:13 and so not too long ago,
29:16 my Californian mom requested
29:18 that I sing this little song about peace,
29:22 a little peace on earth.
29:24 And this song is a dear, just a prayer.
29:28 And so to mom,
29:32 I hope that you enjoy this song,
29:34 a little peace on earth
29:35 and I hope that all of you experience
29:37 the peace that only Christ can give.
29:52 Lately I've been praying for a little peace on earth
29:58 The kind the angels sang about
30:02 The starry night of Jesus' birth
30:05 And don't it seem like lately this old world is going wild
30:12 And we could all sure use a taste of mercy mild
30:18 So I'm praying for all it's worth
30:24 for a little peace on earth
30:29 It's hard to imagine a silent night
30:35 In a busy world
30:37 That never seems to sleep
30:42 But when I close my eyes and think of Bethlehem's child
30:48 That's when I realize
30:50 Just what we really need
30:56 Lately I've been praying for a little peace on earth
31:02 The kind the angels sang about
31:06 The starry night of Jesus' birth
31:09 And don't it seem like lately
31:12 This old world is going wild
31:17 And we could all sure use a taste of mercy mild
31:22 So I'm praying for all it's worth
31:28 For a little peace on earth
31:33 I hear a church bell ringing in the distance
31:40 And faith wells up in me
31:42 Like a child
31:47 I bow my head and ask the Lord
31:50 "This Christmas
31:53 Could you help us get along for just awhile"
32:14 Lately I've been praying for a little peace on earth
32:20 The kind the angels sang about
32:24 The starry night of Jesus' birth
32:28 And don't it seem like lately
32:31 This old world is going wild
32:35 And we could all sure use a taste of mercy mild
32:41 So I'm praying for all it's worth
32:48 Yeah, I'm praying for all it's worth
32:54 For a little peace on earth.
33:08 Sweet.
33:10 Amen.
33:12 You know one thing I love about that
33:14 what we're doing it's a, there's a lot of variety here.
33:17 We've got a little bit of youth
33:19 from the younger fellow on the set.
33:22 Thank God for the youth.
33:23 Yes, amen. Yes.
33:25 And I like the energy that you bring.
33:27 And then I love some of the reminiscence stuff
33:29 that you bring.
33:30 I can do that.
33:31 Yes, and the bluegrass
33:33 and yet so all the different styles.
33:34 Well, here's a tune
33:36 that is kind of a spiritual feel.
33:39 And it's just might be
33:42 for somebody who likes spiritual.
33:45 And so if you're feeling spiritual,
33:47 this will be right down your alley.
33:49 This is talking about the shepherds
33:53 on that night
33:54 when they saw the star and the angel kind of said,
33:58 "Rise up shepherd and follow."
34:00 And they did. And they did.
34:02 Never turned away. Never turned back.
34:03 And they did.
34:04 They're glad they did and we're all glad
34:06 to be following Jesus Christ, amen.
34:07 So let's do this, one, two, a one, two, three.
34:23 There's a star in the East on Christmas morn
34:27 Rise up, shepherd, and follow
34:30 It will lead you to the place where Christ was born
34:34 Rise up, shepherd, and follow
34:37 Leave your sheep and leave your rams
34:40 Rise up, shepherd, and follow
34:44 Leave your ewes and leave your lambs
34:47 Rise up, shepherd, and follow
34:50 Follow, follow
34:54 Rise up, shepherd, and follow
34:57 Follow the star to Bethlehem
35:01 Rise up, shepherd, and follow
35:03 If you take good heed to the angel's word
35:07 Rise up, shepherd, and follow
35:10 You'll forget your flocks You'll forget your herds
35:14 Rise up, shepherd, and follow
35:17 Leave your sheep and leave your rams
35:21 Rise up, shepherd, and follow
35:24 Leave your ewes and leave your lambs
35:27 Rise up, shepherd, and follow
35:31 Follow, follow
35:34 Rise up, shepherd, and follow
35:37 Follow the star to Bethlehem
35:41 Rise up, shepherd, and follow
35:43 Where Wanda?
36:09 Here we go.
36:11 Leave your sheep and leave your rams
36:14 Rise up, shepherd, and follow
36:18 Leave your ewes and leave your lambs
36:21 Rise up, shepherd, and follow
36:25 Follow, follow
36:28 Rise up, shepherd, and follow
36:31 Follow the star to Bethlehem
36:35 Rise up, shepherd, and follow.
36:42 Yes, good.
36:43 Can we do that again? Let's do it.
36:44 Oh, yeah, that is...
36:46 We could just go on and on and on.
36:48 It's a good story.
36:50 I'm blessed to have made so many friends
36:51 since I have been at 3ABN
36:53 and many of them work here at 3ABN.
36:56 Boy, isn't that nice to have co-workers
36:58 and co-workers be friends.
37:01 There's not, not everywhere you can work
37:02 that that's the case.
37:03 But in this case it is
37:05 and a lot of those people are in pastoral.
37:08 If you have a need, if you have a prayer request,
37:11 we have a group of people in pastoral
37:14 that are just sitting on the edge of their seat
37:17 ready to answer the phone and to pray with you.
37:20 So don't hesitate to call that number.
37:24 One of the, one of...
37:25 If I can have a favorite,
37:27 one of my favorite people is the gentleman
37:30 that I want to introduce to you.
37:31 His name is JD Quinn.
37:33 I think he's been standing out in the cold all day
37:37 and ready to come.
37:38 Quit your shivering,
37:40 kick off the snow off your feet.
37:41 And come on in here and sit down here.
37:44 I don't know that you have ever been
37:46 on a musical program, have you?
37:50 All I can say is God is so good.
37:53 My goodness, I've seen a side of life
37:55 that I didn't even know existed.
37:57 I keep hearing of the secret meetings
37:59 of these artists,
38:01 getting together they spend all day long.
38:03 And I think the word is called jamming, I'm not sure.
38:05 Oh yes, we've been jamming, haven't we all?
38:08 We've been having...
38:09 But I've been watching this
38:10 and it's absolutely amazing to be an artist.
38:15 You know, I've learned,
38:16 I've given a whole new,
38:19 a whole new dimension in my life
38:21 of what it means to be a professional.
38:23 And I'm really saying that with awe
38:26 because this is just amazing, just amazing.
38:29 You are a kind man
38:30 and you have a wonderful gift in,
38:33 I know that stories that you have talked about
38:35 in praying with others.
38:37 I mean, what a dynamic opportunity,
38:39 you have to, to share that ministry,
38:43 of the ministry of prayer with someone that is in need,
38:47 at the moment of their need.
38:49 That is, yeah, I admire you, I envy you, I will say that.
38:53 You know what I have learned
38:55 that there's so many hurting people around
38:57 and most people want to be heard.
38:59 So you know as Lord increase my patience,
39:02 because some of the stories just break your heart,
39:05 you know, as they start talking,
39:06 but yet you're there at that right time.
39:09 I believe, I believe, I believe,
39:11 I believe in divine appointments,
39:14 being at the right place at the right time,
39:16 you know, and just to see how God works.
39:19 And speaking of right time,
39:21 and not to and unless you have
39:23 something really important to say
39:24 which I'm sure it is, but there was a,
39:26 there was a man
39:28 that was born at the right time.
39:30 At the right time.
39:32 In fact, that's what the Bible says, doesn't it?
39:33 You bet.
39:35 You know, He was,
39:36 He was talked about 2,000 years ahead of time.
39:41 In fact, He was talked about 4,000 years ahead of time.
39:45 And, you know, if you're fortunate in life,
39:48 I'm being philosophical for about five seconds.
39:50 Take your time.
39:51 If you're fortunate enough in life
39:52 to live a long, good life,
39:55 you meet lots and lots of people.
39:57 But I'm going to tell a story by James Allen Francis,
40:03 he wrote this, he was American pastor,
40:05 and he wrote
40:07 what I'm going to read this evening.
40:09 And he described a person in 250 words.
40:13 And as I was talking, if you live long enough,
40:15 you know, and people may say, Oh, I remember him.
40:18 That may be all that they remember
40:20 just him.
40:21 But then there's other people
40:23 that they may talk two days about
40:25 and really say nothing.
40:27 Well, yeah, that's true.
40:28 But then I'm going to share a story this evening,
40:32 about with about 250 words, the solitary life.
40:37 You are precious.
40:42 He was born in an obscure village,
40:44 the son of a simple peasant woman.
40:47 He grew up in another small town,
40:49 and He worked with His father in the carpenter shop
40:52 until He was 30.
40:53 Then for three years,
40:55 He was what we might call a traveling preacher.
40:58 He never wrote a book,
41:00 He never had held political office,
41:02 never owned a house, didn't go to college.
41:05 In fact, He didn't even travel over 200 miles
41:08 from the place that He was born.
41:10 But the places that He did go, He always walked.
41:14 He never did any of the things
41:16 that one normally associated with greatness.
41:18 He had no credentials, but Himself.
41:22 When He was only 33 years old,
41:25 the tide of public opinion turned against Him,
41:28 and some of His friends deserted Him,
41:29 one denied Him,
41:31 and one even betrayed Him
41:34 and turned Him over to His enemies.
41:36 He went through the mockery of a trial.
41:39 He was nailed to a cross between two thieves.
41:42 And while He was dying,
41:44 His executioners gambled for His only position,
41:48 His role.
41:50 When He was dead, He was taken from the cross
41:52 and He was laid in a borrowed grave,
41:55 provided through the compassion of a friend.
41:58 Twenty centuries have come, set and come and gone.
42:02 And today this man is the centerpiece
42:04 of the human race
42:06 and the leader of mankind's progress.
42:09 All the armies that ever marched,
42:10 all the navies
42:12 that ever sailed the seven seas,
42:14 and all the legislative bodies that ever met.
42:17 In fact, all the kings and rulers
42:19 that have ever reigned,
42:21 put all those together
42:23 have not affected the life of a man here on this earth
42:26 as much as that one solitary man.
42:31 God is so good.
42:36 Thank you JD.
42:38 Such a sweet, sweet man.
42:40 I love him.
42:42 And I love this song about another man
42:44 that I love even more than words can say.
43:22 It is He
43:25 Christ who is born today
43:30 Hear Him crying
43:34 In the manger
43:38 King of Heaven
43:41 Son of God
43:47 Alleluia
43:51 Alleluia
44:00 There He lies
44:03 There with the lambkin
44:08 Only swaddle
44:12 For His garment
44:17 With His Holy Mother
44:23 Mary
44:26 Alleluia
44:30 Alleluia
44:41 He is born
44:45 Let us adore Him
44:50 Christ the Lord
44:54 King of kings
44:59 Prince of Peace
45:02 For all the universe
45:08 Alleluia
45:12 Alleluia.
46:10 There's a wonderful hymn
46:12 that we sing throughout the year
46:13 that if you are a child of God,
46:15 you say it is well with my soul.
46:18 And this time of year,
46:20 there's another song that is a much newer song,
46:24 but it talks a lot about that.
46:25 It says all is well.
46:27 And my great friend, Lake Jones is going to sing it.
46:30 All right, let's play guys, 1, 2, 3.
46:52 All is well
46:57 All is well
47:01 Angels and men
47:05 Rejoice
47:09 For tonight
47:13 Darkness fell
47:17 Into the dawn
47:21 Of love's light
47:25 Sing Ale
47:29 Sing Alleluia
47:39 All is well
47:43 All is well
47:48 Let there be peace on earth
47:57 Christ's come
48:01 Go and tell
48:06 That He
48:08 Is in the manger
48:14 Sing Ale
48:19 Sing Alleluia
48:27 All is well
48:33 All is well
48:38 Lift up your voices
48:42 And sing
48:47 Born is now
48:51 Emmanuel
48:56 Born is our Lord
49:00 And Savior
49:04 Sing Alleluia
49:08 Sing Alleluia
49:12 All is well
49:32 Born is now
49:36 Emmanuel
49:41 Born is our Lord
49:45 And Savior
49:49 Sing Alleluia
49:53 Sing Alleluia
49:58 All is well
50:08 Let there be peace
50:13 On earth
50:15 And let it begin
50:20 With me
50:25 Let there be peace
50:32 On earth
50:34 The peace
50:36 That was meant to be
50:42 With God as our Father
50:51 Brothers
50:53 All are we
50:59 Let me walk
51:02 With my brother
51:07 In perfect harmony
51:17 Let peace
51:20 Begin with me
51:24 Let this be
51:26 My solemn vow
51:32 With every step I take
51:39 Let this be
51:41 My solemn vow
51:46 To take each moment
51:51 And live each moment
51:54 With peace eternally
52:03 Let there be peace
52:09 On earth
52:12 And let it begin with me.
52:35 Thank you, Lake.
52:36 I know people say it all the time.
52:38 You know I can't express with words how much fun
52:41 but to truly I feel that way, it's difficult to.
52:44 In fact, I don't want this to end,
52:46 I would like to just be singing for hours more so.
52:49 But we'll do that another time.
52:50 All things must come to end.
52:52 Yes, come to an end.
52:54 And it's time
52:55 that this little get together moves on.
52:58 And thank you so very much for taking your time.
53:00 I hope that something has touched your heart
53:02 and changed your life.
53:04 And remember that Jesus loves you.
53:06 And there's no greater gift
53:08 that you could receive this year or any year
53:11 than Jesus Christ.
53:12 So this is just a beautiful way to end the program
53:16 and you're free to sing along.
53:17 We're going to just play and sing, all right?
53:20 So let's do this, 2, 3.
53:36 It came
53:39 Upon a midnight clear
53:44 That glorious song
53:48 Of old
53:51 From angels
53:54 Bending near the earth
53:58 To touch
54:00 Their harps of gold
54:06 Peace on the earth
54:09 Good will to men
54:13 From heaven's
54:15 All gracious King
54:20 The world
54:23 In solemn stillness lay
54:28 To hear the angels sing
54:50 For lo! the days
54:54 Are hast'ning on
54:57 By prophets
55:00 Seen of old
55:04 When
55:06 With the ever-circling years
55:12 Shall come
55:14 The time foretold
55:19 When peace
55:21 Shall over all the earth
55:27 Its ancient splendors
55:31 Fling
55:34 And the whole world
55:38 Give back the song
55:42 Which now the angels sing
55:57 The First Noel
56:01 The Angels did say
56:05 Was to certain poor shepherds
56:09 In fields as they lay
56:12 In fields where they lay
56:17 keeping their sheep
56:20 On a cold winter's night
56:24 That was so deep
56:28 Noel, Noel
56:32 Noel, Noel
56:37 Born is the King
56:40 Of Israel!
57:32 Noel, Noel
57:36 Noel, Noel
57:44 Born is the King
57:48 Of Israel!


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