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00:01 Music...
00:13 Piano...
00:25 Hark! the herald angels sing,
00:29 "Glory to the newborn King!"
00:33 Peace on earth, and mercy mild,
00:37 God and sinners reconciled!"
00:41 Joyful, all ye nations, rise,
00:45 Join the triumph of the skies;
00:49 With th' angelic host proclaim,
00:52 "Christ is born in Bethlehem!"
00:56 Hark! the herald angels sing,
01:00 "Glory to the newborn King!"
01:04 Christ, by highest heaven adored:
01:08 Christ, the everlasting Lord;
01:12 Late in time behold Him come,
01:16 Offspring of a virgin's womb.
01:19 Veiled in flesh the Godhead see;
01:23 Hail, th' incarnate Deity,
01:27 pleased with us in flesh to dwell,
01:30 Jesus, our Emmanuel.
01:34 Hark! the herald angels sing,
01:37 "Glory to the newborn King!"
01:44 Have you ever had exciting news
01:49 that you want to just burst to tell someone?
01:51 Maybe you got an "A" on a test
01:53 that you studied really, really hard for,
01:55 or maybe you found out that your all-time favorite author
01:58 is coming to your local bookstore to do a signing.
02:01 Or perhaps, you were just picked
02:04 as school lead in a Play or voted Class President.
02:07 You know that feeling when you just want to shout out
02:09 to the whole world what just happened...
02:11 you can't stop smiling, you want to twirl around.
02:14 Well, the angels felt just like that when Jesus was born.
02:18 They were so excited to tell the news
02:21 it was the best news ever... way better than an "A" on a test
02:24 or being voted Class President could ever be.
02:27 They wanted to tell the world
02:29 but they could only tell the humble shepherds in a field.
02:32 But these shepherds listened to the angels in amazement.
02:35 They immediately left the field
02:38 and went to find Baby Jesus to worship Him.
02:40 When they arrived at that manger,
02:43 they had to fall on their knees in adoration.
02:46 It truly was a special holy night.
02:49 Pause...
02:52 Music...
03:06 O Holy Night!
03:09 The stars are brightly shining
03:14 It is the night of our dear Savior's birth!
03:23 Long lay the world
03:27 in sin and error pining
03:31 Till He appear'd and the soul felt its worth.
03:38 Music...
03:40 A thrill of hope
03:43 the weary world rejoices
03:47 For yonder breaks
03:50 a new and glorious morn!
03:55 Fall on your knees
04:02 Oh hear the angel voices
04:09 Oh night divine
04:16 Oh night
04:20 when Christ was born
04:24 Oh night divine
04:32 Oh night
04:34 Oh night divine
04:39 Truly He taught us
04:43 to love one another
04:48 His law is love
04:50 and His gospel is peace
04:55 Music.
04:57 Chains shall He break
05:00 for the slave is our brother
05:05 And in His name
05:07 all oppression shall cease
05:12 Music...
05:13 Sweet hymns of joy
05:17 in grateful chorus raise we,
05:21 Let all within us
05:25 praise His holy name
05:29 Christ is the Lord
05:36 O praise His name forever
05:43 His power
05:47 and glory
05:51 evermore proclaim
05:58 O night
06:02 divine
06:06 O night
06:08 O night divine
06:12 O night
06:17 divine
06:23 O night
06:29 O night divine...
06:37 oooo...
06:42 Pause...
06:45 Even though the shepherds realized
06:47 that it was a holy night,
06:49 they also realized that the Savior of the world
06:51 came for everyone...
06:53 even the humble shepherds
06:54 after all, they saw Baby Jesus in a manger
06:57 a feeding trough... instead of a palace fit for a king.
07:00 He was able to sleep away in a manger.
07:03 Joshua, will you play for us "Away in a Manger?"
07:07 Pause...
07:08 Piano...
07:24 Away in a manger,
07:27 no crib for a bed,
07:31 The little Lord Jesus
07:34 laid down His sweet head.
07:37 The stars in the sky
07:40 looked down where he lay,
07:45 piano...
07:51 The cattle are lowing, the baby awakes,
07:56 But the little Lord Jesus no crying He makes.
08:02 I love Thee, Lord Jesus,
08:05 look down from the sky
08:08 And stay by my cradle
08:11 'til morning is nigh.
08:15 Music...
08:22 Be near me, Lord Jesus,
08:25 I ask Thee to stay
08:29 Close by me forever,
08:32 and love me, I pray.
08:35 Bless all the dear children
08:38 in thy tender care,
08:41 And take us to heaven,
08:44 to live with Thee there.
08:47 Piano...
08:56 Be near me, Lord Jesus,
08:59 I ask Thee to stay
09:03 Close by me forever,
09:06 and love me, I pray.
09:10 Bless all the dear children in Thy tender care,
09:17 And take us to heaven,
09:20 to live with Thee there.
09:24 Bless all the dear children in Thy tender care,
09:28 And take us to heaven,
09:33 to live with Thee there.
09:41 Pause...
09:46 I like the last verse that says,
09:48 "And bless all Thy dear children in thy tender care,
09:51 And fit us for heaven,
09:53 to live with Thee there. "
09:54 After all, the shepherds wanted to stay with Jesus
09:57 but they had to leave
09:59 and let the new family sleep that silent night.
10:01 Perhaps you can sing along with John Harley, Kenly and Nia
10:05 as they sing: Silent night.
10:06 Piano...
10:20 Silent night!
10:24 holy night!
10:28 All is calm,
10:33 all is bright
10:38 Round yon Virgin
10:43 mother and Child,
10:48 Holy Infant so tender and mild,
10:57 Sleep in heavenly peace,
11:07 sleep in heavenly peace
11:16 Piano...
11:23 Silent night!
11:27 holy night!
11:32 Shepherds quake
11:37 at the sight,
11:41 glories stream from heaven afar,
11:51 heavenly hosts sing Alleluia;
12:00 Christ, the Savior is born,
12:10 Christ, the Savior is born.
12:19 Piano...
12:34 Silent night!
12:38 holy night!
12:43 Son of God,
12:48 love's pure light,
12:52 Radiant beams from Thy holy face,
13:02 With the dawn of redeeming grace,
13:11 Jesus,
13:14 Lord, at Thy birth
13:21 Jesus,
13:25 Lord, at Thy
13:29 birth.
13:35 Pause...
13:41 All the way back to the fields, I can only imagine the
13:44 pictures in the minds of the shepherds.
13:46 How happy they were to see the face of Jesus the Lord
13:49 even at His birth.
13:51 It must have been some time that passed
13:53 before another group of people came.
13:56 Their job was to know all about Science, Math and History
13:59 which led them to study the words of the Bible.
14:02 Even though they didn't come from a Christian nation.
14:05 they had studied the stars and knew that that star
14:09 had to mean: the Savior of the world had been born
14:11 as prophesied.
14:13 The wisest thing they ever did
14:16 was to search for the promised Messiah.
14:18 Can you imagine their shock when they arrived?
14:21 They must have asked, "What child is this?
14:23 What king would come in the humblest way?"
14:26 Pause...
14:28 Piano...
14:42 What child is this,
14:45 who, laid to rest,
14:47 On Mary's lap is sleeping?
14:54 Whom Angels greet with anthems sweet,
14:59 While shepherds watch are keeping?
15:06 This, this is Christ the King,
15:11 Whom shepherds guard and angels sing;
15:18 Haste, haste, to bring Him laud,
15:23 The Babe, the Son of Mary.
15:30 Music...
15:33 Why lies He in such mean estate
15:38 Where ox and donkeys are feeding?
15:44 Good Christians, fear: for sinners here
15:50 The silent Word still pleading.
15:57 Nails, spear shall pierce Him through,
16:02 The cross He bore for me, for you.
16:08 Hail, hail the Word made flesh,
16:14 The Babe, the Son of Mary.
16:22 So bring Him incense,
16:27 gold and myrrh,
16:29 Come peasant, king to own Him;
16:35 The King of kings salvation brings,
16:41 Let all... let us enthrone Him.
16:48 Raise, raise a song on high,
16:53 The Virgin sings her lullaby.
17:00 Joy, joy for Christ is born,
17:05 The Babe, the Son of Mary.
17:14 Music...
17:15 This... this is Christ the King
17:20 Whom shepherds guard and Angels sing;
17:26 Haste, haste, to bring Him laud,
17:33 The Babe, the Son of Mary.
17:39 Music...
17:41 What child is this who, laid to rest
17:47 On Mary's lap
17:53 is sleeping?
17:58 Pause...
18:04 We really don't know how many wise men they were
18:06 but we do know that they had three gifts.
18:09 They were so happy to share their gifts of Gold,
18:11 Frankincense and Myrrh with this humble family.
18:15 They too wanted to join to join the angels
18:16 from the realms of glory
18:18 to worship Christ the newborn King.
18:20 How about you?
18:22 Will you come and worship Christ the newborn King?
18:25 I hope you enjoy this next musical piece
18:27 by Joshua, Michael and Amy
18:29 as they play: Angels from the Realms of Glory.
18:32 Pause...
18:36 Angels from the realms of glory,
18:39 Wing your flight o'er all the earth;
18:43 Ye who sang creation's story
18:47 Now proclaim Messiah's birth.
18:51 Come and worship, come and worship,
18:54 Worship Christ, the newborn King.
18:59 Shepherds, in the field abiding,
19:03 Watching o'er your flocks by night,
19:06 God with us is now residing;
19:10 Yonder shines the infant light:
19:14 God with us is now residing;
19:17 Yonder shines the infant light.
19:24 Thank you for that beautiful music.
19:26 Let me tell you a story about Raul.
19:29 Raul was walking home from delivering some food
19:32 to a neighbor
19:33 when he saw an old man hunched over
19:35 with an old leather bag that looked disgusting on his back
19:38 heading toward the house he had just left from.
19:41 He noticed five boys heading to the man.
19:43 One of them yanked the knitted hat off of the old man.
19:46 "Where are you going?" they teased
19:48 tossing the hat over him to each other.
19:50 "Oh, what's in that bag? Did you leave anything for us?"
19:53 the boys teased some more.
19:55 It wasn't until a neighbor opened the door
19:58 that the boys scurried out
19:59 and the old man knocked on the door
20:01 Raul had just come from.
20:03 Later that night, Raul was ashamed of himself.
20:06 He couldn't sleep...
20:08 "Why didn't I even try to help that old man?
20:10 After all, he didn't do anything wrong. "
20:12 The next day was Christmas Eve
20:15 and many people were having special suppers
20:18 with their families.
20:19 Raul was outside bringing some firewood into the house
20:22 when he heard footsteps in the distance.
20:25 It was difficult to see through all the snow
20:27 that had fallen that night sky
20:29 but the shape looked like that old man
20:32 he had seen the day before
20:33 carrying his old bag
20:35 and likely smelly bag over his shoulders.
20:38 This time the bag seemed heavier than before
20:42 and he was heading toward the rickety bridge.
20:45 "Where is that old man going?" Raul thought to himself.
20:47 "No one lives there in the woods. "
20:49 At least, Raul didn't think so.
20:51 It only leads to the woods.
20:53 By now, Raul was curious
20:55 yet, he decided he'd better head into the house
20:58 to help prepare the fire.
21:00 All evening Raul couldn't sleep
21:03 because he couldn't stop thinking about that old man.
21:06 He kept tossing and turning.
21:08 Eventually, he decided he'd better head into the outhouse.
21:11 While he headed to the outhouse,
21:14 he heard a man scream and he crashed.
21:16 This time, Raul couldn't see anything
21:18 but he decided he'd spring into action.
21:21 Raul ran over to the rickety old bridge
21:23 and there was the old man waist high in freezing water.
21:26 "Here, let me help you... " said Raul
21:29 lying over the ice to lend a helping hand.
21:31 There was no doubt this man was cold
21:34 but his bag seemed empty.
21:36 "What's your name?" Asked Raul.
21:38 "France de ba... "
21:39 "You mean, the one and only France de ba...
21:41 the one that owns the tapestry?"
21:43 That started the conversation
21:46 and Raul insisted that Mr. De ba come into the house to get warm.
21:50 Raul had learned that Mr. de ba had been giving gifts
21:53 to the less fortunate for ten years or more.
21:56 "Why do you do this especially when it's dangerous
22:00 like it was tonight?" asked Raul.
22:02 "Well, there are some children that just won't have anything
22:05 for Christmas if I don't bring them something...
22:07 but more than anything that gifts can't provide,
22:11 I want to bring joy into their lives
22:13 but the joy doesn't come from these gifts,
22:16 it's more the fact that I pray for each family
22:18 and through the years,
22:20 I see how God answers my prayers.
22:21 When they no longer need me to come to their homes
22:25 to find that little bit of joy,
22:26 they see the joy that comes from knowing Jesus
22:29 and seeing their prayers answered
22:31 is the best gift I can enjoy seeing. "
22:34 So, you see, the best gift you can give others
22:38 is really your time
22:39 and most importantly, it's your prayers.
22:41 Are there people you can think of that can use your prayers?
22:45 I'm so glad that Jesus loves us so much
22:48 and was willing to come and save us.
22:50 Our next song was written by a friend of mine in Australia.
22:54 Reminds us that the most precious gift of all
22:57 is really the love of Jesus who came to save us all.
23:01 Pause...
23:03 Piano...
23:06 The most precious gift was given
23:10 The night that Christ was born
23:14 Savior of the world
23:18 Jesus came to save us all
23:22 He came as one of us
23:26 He came humbly without fuss
23:30 Laying in a manger
23:34 Was God's greatest gift of love
23:38 O glory to Jesus
23:43 Hallelujah...
23:46 O glory to Jesus
23:49 Was God's greatest gift of love
23:53 O glory to Jesus
23:58 Hallelujah...
24:01 O glory to Jesus
24:04 Was God's greatest gift of love.
24:09 The most precious gift was given
24:14 The night that Christ was born
24:17 Savior of the world
24:21 Jesus came to save us all
24:25 He came as one of us
24:29 He came humbly without fuss
24:33 Laying in a manger
24:37 Was God's greatest gift of love.
24:41 O glory to Jesus
24:45 Hallelujah...
24:48 O glory to Jesus
24:52 Was God's greatest gift of love
24:56 O glory to Jesus
25:00 Hallelujah...
25:04 O glory to Jesus
25:08 Was God's greatest gift of love...
25:15 Was God's greatest gift
25:18 of love.
25:25 Pause...
25:31 Once we realize the precious and humble gift of Jesus,
25:35 we can't be silent.
25:36 We want to tell everyone about the good news of Jesus
25:39 and that He has come to save everyone including you.
25:43 Will you help spread the good news?
25:45 Are you ready to tell what Jesus has done for you
25:48 and go tell it on the mountain?
25:50 Pause...
25:51 Piano...
26:00 Go, tell it on the mountain,
26:05 over the hills, and everywhere:
26:09 Go, tell it on the mountain
26:13 That Jesus Christ is born!
26:17 While shepherds kept their watching
26:21 O'er silent flocks by night,
26:25 Behold throughout the heavens
26:29 There shone a holy light.
26:35 Go, tell it on the mountain,
26:39 Over the hills, and everywhere:
26:43 Go, tell it on the mountain
26:47 That Jesus Christ is born!
26:51 The shepherds feared and trembled
26:55 When lo! Above the earth
26:59 Rang out the angel chorus
27:03 That hailed our Savior's birth.
27:08 Go, tell it on the mountain,
27:13 Over the hills, and eveywhere:
27:16 Go, tell it on the mountain,
27:20 That Jesus Christ is born!
27:24 Down in a lowly manger
27:29 The humble Christ was born,
27:33 And brought us God's salvation
27:37 That blessed Christmas morn.
27:43 Go tell it on the mountain,
27:47 Over the hills, and everywhere;
27:51 Go, tell it on the mountain
27:55 That Jesus Christ is born.
28:02 Gloria...
28:10 in Excelsis Deo!
28:14 Gloria...
28:20 in Exclesis Deo!


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