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00:01 A good father takes time to play.
00:05 He has strong integrity.
00:08 He is someone that is truly dedicated.
00:12 He is not afraid to show his love.
00:15 He is a caring provider.
00:19 And he is a kind spiritual leader.
00:23 These are just a few ways to describe a father's heart.
00:32 Hi and welcome to A Father's Heart.
00:34 I'm your host Xavier.
00:35 And today, we're going to be discussing
00:37 the financial hardships or being broke as a father
00:41 and those kind of things
00:42 that are burdensome on a father's shoulders.
00:45 And today, to speak about
00:46 this is my friends Gordon and Denry.
00:48 How are you guys doing? Doing great.
00:50 We're doing great, man. Blessed and highly favored.
00:53 All right.
00:54 You know, there's a lot of hardships
00:57 that families go through, there's a lot of hardships
00:59 and a lot of things that are ingrained into us as,
01:04 you know, young kids and into adulthood,
01:06 and that is the sense of being a provider for a family.
01:09 Yeah.
01:11 How do we instill some of those values
01:13 or how do we even begin to make sense
01:16 of what it's like to be a provider
01:18 and while being broke and not having any money?
01:22 Well, let me redefine.
01:24 I want to just redefine one word.
01:26 I don't call it broke
01:28 'cause I'm never broke 'cause I'm a child of the King.
01:29 That's right.
01:31 And because I'm a child of the King,
01:32 I know who to go to when I need something.
01:34 So for me, as a father,
01:36 my children see that part of me
01:38 that I'm always praying and sharing openly with them
01:43 about our financial situation and what we're going through,
01:46 what we need, you know, we sit down
01:49 and I'm a big believer in budget.
01:53 So I would just literally show them,
01:56 "Okay, this is how we budget."
01:58 My wife on the other hand, you know, she is okay.
02:00 You set the budget up
02:02 and she will kind of do her own thing,
02:04 but that's all right.
02:05 But any...
02:07 And the important thing, I think, as a father,
02:09 being able to show your children
02:12 the real struggles of finances
02:15 because money is not something that you can just let fly
02:20 'cause if you don't handle it, it will handle you.
02:21 I mean that's so...
02:23 That's just my take on it.
02:24 I don't know what Denry has to offer here.
02:27 I'm not as sanctified as Gordon.
02:31 I've been broke. I mean, I'm blessed.
02:34 Yes. But I've been broke.
02:35 So you're not broke, you're blessed.
02:37 Blessed and broke.
02:39 Broke transition into bless, whatever you want to call it.
02:42 But I know the taste of the venom of being broke
02:45 and it hurts, even as a pastor.
02:48 You know, my wife is not working right now,
02:50 she's a student in college, my children are in school,
02:54 and taking on that burden of preparing, making sure that,
02:58 one, they can go to school, they have food at home,
03:03 so we have to buy the food, all right?
03:05 The bills are paid, the lights are on.
03:07 You know, that consumes a lot of your income.
03:10 And so there's been times when we had rice and beans.
03:15 We had rice and bean meals for days,
03:17 you know, we had some ramen noodles
03:19 or those kind of things because...
03:21 It's been what...
03:22 Now we've never missed a meal,
03:25 so this is where the blessing part comes in.
03:26 Never missed a meal, the lights never went off,
03:30 never got ejected out of our house,
03:33 and all those things.
03:34 Two cars, this year, the Lord provided
03:38 and also our children pay for school,
03:42 my wife pay for school.
03:44 You see what I'm saying? So this is what I'm saying.
03:46 Yes, I might feel broke, but yes, I'm blessed
03:49 because God just takes the little bit
03:51 that we have and he just blesses it
03:54 and covers in so much demographics that I'm like...
03:58 You're right.
03:59 I might feel broke but I'm truly blessed.
04:01 The blessings, you know...
04:03 I had to share a quick story with you.
04:05 When I first got married so many years ago,
04:07 just God's goodness and God's...
04:10 My lights were off.
04:13 You know, my son was about four years old
04:17 and I got home from work and we had no lights
04:20 and, you know, everything is on electric,
04:21 the stove, everything.
04:23 So we couldn't cook, we couldn't do anything,
04:25 and I'm like, "Man, oh."
04:27 And I'm frustrated. I said, "Not again."
04:30 So I put my son in the back of the car
04:32 and I'm gonna drive to one of the restaurants
04:34 and just get something so that he can eat.
04:36 And I am literally fussing with God as I'm driving.
04:40 "God, I'm serving you.
04:42 God, I'm doing all of this,
04:43 and here I am, in this position.
04:46 And, you know, I'm working, my wife is working."
04:48 I'm just fussing with God.
04:50 And I drove into the parking lot,
04:52 and, you know, tears,
04:53 I'm angry, I want to just give up.
04:56 You know, I don't know if you've ever been there,
04:58 just want to give up.
04:59 And at the back...
05:01 In the back of the car seat,
05:04 I heard, "Oh, yes, He cares.
05:07 I know He cares."
05:09 Mercy. My four-year old.
05:10 Wow.
05:12 I nearly crashed a car
05:13 as I pulled into that parking lot.
05:15 Wow.
05:16 And I stopped the car and I said, "Wait a minute.
05:19 This is my son
05:21 and here is God answering me through him,
05:25 telling me that He cares."
05:27 And I'll tell you, from that there,
05:29 I got a different perspective of my God and, as a father,
05:34 how He deals with me.
05:35 Yeah. You know, through my son.
05:38 I mean, I'll tell you, it was a powerful thing for me,
05:40 a powerful moment.
05:42 I stopped crying, changed my perspective,
05:45 I stopped being angry, I stopped fussing with God.
05:47 And I know that I had to make some changes
05:49 because at that time, I wasn't operating on a budget.
05:52 We were just operating
05:54 as the money comes, you spend it.
05:55 Yes.
05:57 And so, you know, we were just living,
05:58 and I had to learn
05:59 how to do some things to make some changes,
06:02 and the struggle is there.
06:03 God just gives us enough for the day,
06:08 He has never really given us a whole lot.
06:10 So, you know, it's just a day-by-day thing for me.
06:13 You know, I gathered two things from what each of you said.
06:15 You know, Denry, you're talking about being broke versus
06:20 what broke really means.
06:21 But both of you and myself, we have something in common,
06:25 we have good helpmates.
06:27 Amen.
06:28 I go out, with me, I like to spend,
06:30 I like to spend, you know, right?
06:33 Why cook when I can go out to eat?
06:35 You know, why I have a car
06:37 that has over 100, 000 miles when I can just,
06:40 "Hey, why not, we'll just payments
06:41 on the new car."
06:43 But you know, my wife taught me that not being broke
06:47 is not what culturally being broke means.
06:50 What I mean to say is, Caribbean culture,
06:54 you live in accordance to your means,
06:56 and that's one thing
06:58 I'm trying to instill in my girls, live in...
07:00 And I haven't forgotten about that.
07:01 You live in accordance to your means.
07:03 If you make 20,000, 30,000 a year,
07:06 you don't live like you make millions a year,
07:08 and that's one thing that I instill in my girls
07:10 because obviously,
07:12 culture has a big influence on men,
07:15 especially as fathers and being providers,
07:17 you got to have the best job, the best income, the best car,
07:21 the best of everything.
07:23 When in reality, as Christian men,
07:26 God already has the best of everything,
07:28 we just got to be patient enough.
07:30 And one of the things that I had a conversation
07:32 with my five-year old daughter about was going out to eat.
07:36 I sat down with her and I discussed with her,
07:38 "Hey, you know, that money that you're using
07:40 that we can use to go out and get one meal,
07:43 we could probably use that money to buy
07:45 a few different meals at the store,
07:47 the grocery store.
07:48 We'll buy some groceries that can make
07:50 for a few different meals."
07:51 But you know, living this dream, as they say,
07:55 the American dream, it means to spend, splurge.
07:59 And to me,
08:01 that's irresponsible stewardship,
08:03 you know, that's one thing...
08:04 I don't know.
08:05 How do you feel about teaching our kids
08:07 from early on what it means to be
08:08 good stewards of God's money
08:11 because He is the one giving you the money?
08:12 That's right.
08:13 What do you think about teaching our kids stewardship?
08:15 That's the other dynamic.
08:17 So you know, we talk about being broke,
08:19 and a lot of times, it maybe you're inability to,
08:24 you know, position yourself in a better job or whatever.
08:26 But most of the time, let's be honest with ourselves,
08:30 it's because we're living above what we make.
08:34 And so, you know, our cultures...
08:38 You know, 'cause this happens to different groups,
08:40 different races.
08:42 Many times, we get money,
08:44 we feel like we have to spend it
08:45 to buy the biggest car, the biggest house,
08:48 you know, to show people off.
08:49 We live for now,
08:51 so there's a mentality of spending money
08:53 that you live for now.
08:54 So what we teach our children at home
08:56 is the importance of saving,
08:59 but not just saving but save for purposes.
09:02 One of my sons, he blew my wife and I away.
09:06 He just mentioned,
09:08 you know, some of what you said,
09:09 he wants to go out.
09:10 He said, "Can we just have a day
09:12 where we just go out to maybe Applebee's, right?"
09:14 And he said, "How much would it cost?"
09:16 I said, "For five of us, roughly around,
09:20 you know, $40 to $50, right?"
09:23 He said, "Okay."
09:24 Two days later, he said,
09:25 "Daddy, do you think there's things I could do,
09:27 like around the house where I can, you know,
09:29 maybe work a little bit, you give me a couple dollars."
09:32 This guy is eight years old, right?
09:35 So I said, "Yeah, yeah. We could do.
09:36 Wash mom's car. Blah, blah, blah."
09:38 So he's been doing these different things,
09:39 then he has money in the safe, he came to me the other day
09:43 and he poured out all this money.
09:45 He said, "Daddy, I got $50. Can we go now?"
09:50 But then I said to him, "Well, this is good.
09:53 I want you to save $50 more
09:55 because what I don't want you to do
09:57 is spend your $50 and then you're broke."
10:02 I said, "The wise thing what we do,
10:03 spend your $50 but you still have $50
10:05 in reserve in case of emergency."
10:08 So now he's working towards that.
10:09 I believe that's practical.
10:11 So he can have his fun, you know, he can have some fun,
10:15 but he can also preserve for the future.
10:17 Here's where I'm different.
10:19 My difference is
10:20 you live poor now so you can live rich later.
10:24 So whatever you have to save...
10:27 Why go out to eat when I can cook at home
10:30 and just eat at home?
10:32 And the same thing I tell my children.
10:34 Both of them are, you know, some of them have been working,
10:37 and I've been saying to them,
10:39 "You have to put something up, you have to put something."
10:43 The thing about our culture is that we live for the moment
10:47 and we don't live to leave inheritance
10:49 to our children.
10:50 Exactly.
10:51 As fathers, we just live and we just...
10:53 We want to spend everything, no inheritance.
10:54 We don't think about investments,
10:56 we don't think about,
10:58 "Okay, what's going to happen four years,
11:00 five years when we die?
11:02 Something we can pass down to them."
11:03 So I think and I'm a firm believer
11:07 is that you have to teach responsible stewardship,
11:10 you have to teach how to save, you have to teach that.
11:13 Every time you get some money, you want to go burn it
11:16 and buy a pair shoes or, you know...
11:19 I saw folks who'd be buying Jordan's
11:22 or all of these different kind of sneakers,
11:28 but yet, they don't have the money,
11:32 and the kids are not having a good education,
11:35 or things are not happening at home.
11:38 So I really...
11:39 I'm a firm believer that we need
11:41 to teach our children to be responsible.
11:43 Teach them how to invest,
11:45 teach them how to put money away,
11:47 teach them how to budget the money
11:49 because if you don't have a good control of money,
11:52 the money will control you.
11:54 And before you know it,
11:56 you wouldn't have anything left.
11:58 I teach my kids, "Make sure that before you spend it,
12:01 it's on the paper.
12:03 I want to see.
12:04 I want to see it on the paper before you spend it."
12:06 You said you differ from me
12:08 but you're basically saying the same thing
12:10 that I'm saying but you're looking
12:12 at a different perspective, right?
12:13 Probably.
12:15 Think about it, you work hard,
12:16 there is a point that you need to appreciate
12:19 what you're working, right?
12:20 I'm not saying for you to work
12:23 and splurge your money all the time you get it.
12:25 Now and then, you do need to delight in what you did.
12:28 My wife loves, once in a while, me taking her out.
12:31 My mother...
12:33 I got it from my mother.
12:34 She disliked...
12:35 Talking about dads. She disliked my dad.
12:38 When they first got ordained,
12:39 he used to take her out now and then.
12:42 Then he just got into this,
12:43 I don't know if it was religion,
12:44 or his view, philosophy, he just stopped.
12:47 And till today, she is like,
12:49 "Man, I just wish he just take me out.
12:51 Just...
12:52 I don't want to cook all the time.
12:53 I don't want to cook every day.
12:55 I just want to sit down,
12:56 let somebody serve me, let's pay...
12:58 Let's help bless somebody else
13:00 so that they can take food home for their family."
13:03 And so it's not that I'm saying...
13:05 Live I said, I said the same you're saying.
13:06 I said, "Spend the money wisely."
13:08 I told him, "Raise the money.
13:10 You want to go to this particular restaurant,
13:13 raise that money, but raise additional money
13:16 so you're not spending your money and wasting it,
13:20 you also have money in reserve."
13:21 So we're saying the same thing, I think we just...
13:25 You have to enjoy life.
13:27 Solomon says enjoy it. Amen.
13:29 I enjoy life, I don't have to spend.
13:33 Starting to say things in my life.
13:35 You guys sound like you're saying the same thing,
13:37 it's just, you know, being wise in what you invest in,
13:40 enjoy it but don't be wasteful.
13:43 Exactly.
13:45 You know, if you enjoy to go out,
13:47 plan ahead and have proper cushion,
13:51 especially for your kids,
13:52 so they can understand that concept.
13:53 You know, I grew up in a home, again, Puerto Rico,
13:56 we were good, you know, we lived great,
13:59 never above our means.
14:00 We move out and it seems like we get caught up
14:04 and, "Let's go out to eat, let's go out to eat."
14:06 When my wife and I...
14:08 Things were like...
14:09 One of the first years we were married, it was...
14:11 We sat down to do our budget
14:13 and we had spent like 400 bucks that month on eating out.
14:17 I nearly...
14:18 I almost passed out.
14:19 And I'm not a budgeter
14:21 but when I saw that, I was like...
14:22 You know, and it wasn't big expenses,
14:27 it was little, like a drop in a bucket.
14:29 You know, I'm like, "We did what?
14:32 We did what? Spend 400 bucks on going out.
14:34 We could have used that, you know...
14:35 That's money for groceries
14:38 for two or three months right there."
14:40 Yeah.
14:42 You know, so that's kind of a sobering thought.
14:44 What I teach my kids is "Don't be a prude.
14:49 Don't, you know, be so stingy that you don't enjoy life,
14:53 but at the same time, be wise."
14:55 And one of the things that I found refreshing,
14:58 and we use it a lot in church but it made no sense
15:00 until I started properly tithing,
15:03 which is a separate topic altogether,
15:06 but, you know, I really hold tithe to,
15:09 you know...
15:10 And Malachi talks about it.
15:11 When you gift God, we give that 10% out of your paycheck,
15:16 even though it might seem like a lot
15:18 and you might be left with what you think is nothing.
15:21 When I look back at every single time
15:23 that I tithe, not only physically
15:25 but emotionally from my heart, gave with joy,
15:29 every bill was paid and I had a surplus every time.
15:33 But my question is, what about the fathers that are divorced,
15:39 the ones that are having to pay
15:40 hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars
15:42 in child support?
15:43 What do you say to those men that are,
15:45 well, in their eyes, they are broke
15:47 because they have no paycheck?
15:49 I want to answer that,
15:50 but I want to also talk about the tithe,
15:53 which I think is not a separate topic
15:55 because it goes within this whole budget thing
15:56 and how to do it.
15:58 This is the first thing
15:59 that we ought to take off of the top.
16:01 You're tithe and your offering, what's given to God
16:03 and what's staying in local church, that is...
16:07 If you're making a small amount of money,
16:10 if you have all the child support
16:12 that you...
16:13 whatever it is that you have,
16:15 that needs to come off at the top first.
16:17 And that's where your trust level comes in
16:20 and then you allow God to do the rest.
16:23 But if we worry about,
16:25 "Oh, I don't have enough for this.
16:27 I don't have enough for that."
16:29 And so we hold back on Lord
16:32 and we don't receive the blessings,
16:34 then there's nothing added to us.
16:37 So for me, and I can just tell you,
16:41 I had an issue with it.
16:43 I'm just going to be very plain.
16:45 I had an issue with tithe
16:47 'cause I worry about what the church is going to do,
16:48 what this is, and all that kind of stuff.
16:51 And I never have money, never had money.
16:54 Let me put it again. I never had money.
16:56 And we were working for a very good money.
17:00 But after I gave up, I said,
17:02 "You know, I don't care what's going to happen.
17:04 I'm going to be obedient to what God says."
17:06 Yes.
17:07 'Cause I have two little children
17:09 coming up and...
17:10 I have to live an exemplary life
17:13 so they can see.
17:15 So I said, "You know what, I surrender."
17:18 Allow God to do it.
17:19 I started being faithful with my tithe,
17:21 being faithful with my offering.
17:23 And I'm telling you,
17:24 God has blessed over and over and over again
17:29 because that's what He promised.
17:31 So I will say to any father out there
17:33 that is struggling financially, any father that have
17:38 all these different child supports
17:40 and they can't make it,
17:41 take whatever little you have and you give that 10% plus
17:47 some to God and allow God to deal with the rest.
17:51 You know, these men who are fathers
17:55 who have gone through divorce
17:58 or they're widower or they,
18:01 you know, stepped out of their relation,
18:03 whatever the reason they have a child
18:05 and they're not with the wife,
18:07 you know, there is that burden that comes with this.
18:12 You know, child support, alimony,
18:13 or they got to pay the debt of the wife,
18:16 whatever the case maybe, there is that burden.
18:19 And I think what we could do to encourage fathers
18:23 is to empower them.
18:26 Some cultures and communities have these circles
18:30 where basically they stretch money
18:34 around each other, okay?
18:37 So we will come together, we will come together and say,
18:41 God forbid, "My wife passed.
18:43 And he went through a divorce."
18:45 And, you know, you're still stable,
18:47 you know, we can stretch our money out,
18:49 we loan from each other,
18:51 we pass our money on, we support,
18:53 we encourage each other, we..."
18:55 Okay, you know, I have a job opening next week
18:59 at the company I work at.
19:00 Why don't you apply for it?"
19:02 So we empower each other, then we teach them,
19:06 "Okay, how do you live with this money
19:08 that you're making?
19:10 Before you were making thousands and thousands
19:12 of dollars,
19:13 but with all this new financial restraint,
19:15 you can only live with this much."
19:17 So education. So empower, educate, right?
19:22 And then, you know, we teach them now to equip,
19:25 we equip them.
19:27 We equip them with financial resources.
19:29 What to do with some investments
19:31 that you can tap into?
19:33 I don't think we really have
19:35 that too much dialogue in churches
19:37 and in our community of what to do with money,
19:41 how to make money work for you?
19:42 We do know how to save.
19:44 Our grandma does know how to save.
19:45 They put it under their mattress.
19:47 But there's more things they could do also
19:49 with the money that is saved
19:51 if we teach and educate these men,
19:53 especially those who are in hardship.
19:55 One thing that we're...
19:56 I'm going to just tell you,
19:58 this is a very passionate thing for me
20:01 because I'm tired of seeing, especially the black community,
20:05 live below the level that they're living at.
20:08 Yes.
20:10 And the reason why is that
20:11 they don't know how to handle money.
20:13 Yes.
20:14 And so what I have started
20:16 and it's beginning to start in the church.
20:18 I've met a young man and he had the skill set...
20:21 Because I'm a pastor,
20:22 you know, I don't have the time to do everything.
20:24 He has a skill set, he was a stockbroker,
20:26 and we were talking,
20:28 and I shared my vision with him.
20:29 I want to start an investment club
20:31 in my church.
20:32 I want to be able to teach people
20:34 how to invest, how to save, how to budget.
20:38 And so he was able to put up a curriculum together,
20:42 whereby we're going to start that very thing.
20:44 We got to be able to teach people
20:46 how to do these things.
20:48 When they learned, they know how to invest their money,
20:50 they have become empowered.
20:52 What do you...
20:53 You put a...
20:54 You get $500 and you invest that $500
20:56 and then you see later on, you get $510,
21:00 you know, and then you see that growing
21:02 and you understand compound interest,
21:04 you understand all these things,
21:05 you get excited about it and it really empowers you
21:09 to save more.
21:11 And you don't need to have a lot of money.
21:13 So even that father that's struggling
21:15 or that parent that is struggling,
21:17 you don't have to have a lot of money
21:19 to start something,
21:21 to start saving, to start investing.
21:23 Just think about leaving an inheritance
21:25 for your children.
21:26 I think that's important is just teaching our kids
21:28 how to budget, you know,
21:29 'cause we think about budgeting,
21:31 we think about big numbers, you know, but I'm...
21:33 You know, my wife went through something that
21:36 these individuals she was with...
21:39 Two of them went out
21:40 and were given a X amount of money
21:44 and they ended up buying a package
21:46 of a particular item that was five dollars,
21:48 you know, where they could have...
21:50 Right next to it, was the same exact item,
21:53 different brand but for less.
21:56 You know, we get caught up in brand names,
21:58 and that's one thing that I try to teach my kids.
22:01 Just because this is this brand and this brand is glorified,
22:05 it doesn't mean you can't get the same quality for less,
22:09 quality over quantity.
22:10 Yeah. Yeah.
22:11 And that's one thing...
22:13 How do you teach your kids quality over quantity?
22:15 Again, it starts with that understanding of,
22:18 you don't have to live like the Joneses,
22:21 you don't have to follow
22:22 whatever everybody else is doing.
22:25 So if they want to buy whatever it is,
22:29 you don't have to do that.
22:31 Know how to handle your money.
22:32 A great system that I teach my children,
22:35 I tell to people about is an envelope system.
22:38 So you have an envelope for everything,
22:40 and so if you're going to buy shoes,
22:43 you have your shoe envelope.
22:44 And so every time
22:45 you get some money, you put a dollar,
22:47 you put $10, whatever it is, that's your shoe envelope,
22:50 your grocery envelope.
22:51 So you have an envelope system
22:53 where you're putting your money in.
22:55 So whenever you have that amount,
22:58 you just take it out of that envelope
23:00 and you use it.
23:02 If there's nothing left in the envelope,
23:03 then you can't buy whatever name brand
23:05 or whatever you think you have to buy
23:08 or you feel that you need.
23:09 So I think, those are the things
23:12 that you enforce in your children,
23:14 then they begin to understand, "Wait a minute.
23:16 There is value in money."
23:18 And when they realize there's value in money,
23:21 name, brand, and all that stuff will go out the window.
23:24 Another important element, and you touched on it,
23:28 but I think because you're speaking
23:30 to a wide demographic
23:33 and good amount of people pray, its prayer.
23:36 Oh, yes.
23:38 Now I've...
23:39 You know, our parents were private with that stuff,
23:42 they didn't talk about finances,
23:44 talk about the hardship until we got older.
23:46 "Like, man, wow.
23:47 You guys really had...
23:49 We thought everything was good."
23:50 So what my wife
23:52 and I have been starting to engage
23:55 with our children in prayer
23:57 that we are
23:59 in a financial blunder right now
24:02 and we're looking to the Lord for help.
24:05 And in our prayers, we were saying,
24:07 you know, "Lord, you know, right now,
24:08 the kids need to go to school.
24:10 You know, this is going on.
24:11 Financially, right now, we don't have it."
24:14 And for the children to see that God answered the prayer,
24:19 they're in school, this is...
24:20 whatever, that increases their faith.
24:23 So faith is truly something that we need to capitalize
24:26 if you want to use these F words.
24:28 Do you have finances?
24:30 If you really want real finance, put faith.
24:33 Faith.
24:35 I'm going to say something
24:37 and I'm going to share two quick things.
24:40 One, prayer is the key. It is.
24:43 Part of setting your budget up is prayer.
24:46 You know, my kids, my family, we were praying and said,
24:49 "Lord, we need this.
24:50 We need that."
24:52 And they would know that we're praying about it.
24:53 When it came time for us to get them back in the school
24:56 and the money's not there, let me tell you something,
24:59 I'm in my office, I'm praying, I said, "God, you know,
25:01 they've got to go back to school.
25:02 I'm finished with Andrews,
25:04 so I know there's no money nowhere."
25:05 God said, "Get up and go to Andrews University.
25:08 Go and look into your account."
25:10 That I've been out of Andrews for two years.
25:12 I looked into my account
25:13 and there was over $2, 000 sitting
25:14 in that account for me.
25:16 The lady said, it came from the government.
25:17 Who knows why, who knows...
25:19 I know it was God and God was able to move.
25:21 My wife just called me today
25:23 and said, "Oh, we got another blessing."
25:26 You know, I didn't expect it.
25:29 Someone called us and said,
25:30 "Oh, you wrote a course for us and we never paid you.
25:35 So here's $2,000."
25:37 It is because of prayer
25:38 and it's because of our faithfulness to God
25:42 and because we are responsible stewards
25:46 in budgeting, trying to live within our means,
25:48 and of course, you splurge a little bit,
25:50 but I think prayer is the key.
25:52 Yes, it is. Exactly.
25:53 I believe that.
25:54 Yeah, I think it's just the matter of understanding
25:56 that money comes and money goes,
25:59 but God is everlasting, you know, and it sounds...
26:02 To some people, it might sound redundant, like you,
26:05 praying Christians...
26:08 But to me, it's like, I believe it
26:09 because I've experienced it and that's one thing
26:11 that I think all three of us share in common
26:13 that we experience the burdens and hardships
26:17 of what it's like to earn a paycheck
26:19 and just see it, poof, go out the window.
26:22 And we've learned through our difficulties
26:24 and what it is like to budget, to be broke,
26:28 as society says, you know, defines it.
26:31 But even though, to the society,
26:34 we might seem like we're broke, to God,
26:37 we have riches,
26:39 we're about to walk on streets of gold.
26:40 Yes. Streets of gold.
26:43 And that's one thing I want to tell fathers
26:45 is the fact that,
26:47 you know, finances are never easy,
26:50 especially as a Dad,
26:52 there's always this burden of needing to provide anything
26:55 and everything to your kids, to have the best job,
26:58 the best paycheck, the best of everything.
27:02 Finances actually break up marriages,
27:04 that's one of the key factors of breaking our marriages.
27:07 So it's important that you learn for yourself,
27:11 not wait for anybody else to teach you,
27:13 but actually go and find the information
27:15 that you need to have the resources.
27:18 And fathers that are pastors of different churches,
27:21 set up programs in your churches
27:23 that can teach men, so they can teach their kids.
27:27 And even though we want to leave an inheritance
27:30 or some kind of money,
27:32 the best inheritance is the wisdom
27:34 that we can provide through our experiences
27:36 through our issues,
27:37 through the ordeals is that we've gone
27:39 through as fathers
27:40 on what it's like to really be broke,
27:43 to have nothing.
27:45 So I encourage you today to pray about everything.
27:49 Pray about your money and your finances,
27:52 pray about your children and help them to understand
27:55 that the ultimate supplier is God Himself.
27:58 I thank you for watching. Please join us again next time.


Revised 2020-12-02