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00:09 Doug Batchelor: Did you know about 5,000 stars
00:11 can be seen with the naked eye,
00:14 yet with a small telescope,
00:15 you can see hundreds of thousands of stars?
00:19 The largest telescopes on earth
00:20 reveal millions of galaxies packed with stars,
00:24 whereas the Hubble Space Telescope
00:26 might be able to see over a billion galaxies.
00:29 Keep in mind, it's estimated that each of these galaxies
00:33 contain over 200 billion stars,
00:36 and it's now believed over 2 trillion galaxies
00:40 exist in the universe.
00:41 Looking at the sky on a clear night,
00:43 all the stars we see are in the Milky Way galaxy,
00:46 a fiery spiral of stars over 100,000 light years across.
00:52 Such awesome statistics give us
00:55 a small concept of the greatness of God
00:58 and it stirs within us a yearning for space travel.
01:02 But did you know the Bible teaches that the redeemed
01:05 will have this opportunity?
01:07 Join me today as we look at some fascinating Bible facts
01:11 about the incredible future God has planned for His people.
01:19 Doug: We get to talk about heaven tonight.
01:21 And of course, that is a wonderful subject,
01:24 something that you find referenced in the Bible
01:27 over 500 times.
01:28 So, it is a Bible subject.
01:30 Some of the best material is found in the books of prophecy,
01:33 namely the Book of Revelation,
01:35 and also Daniel, Ezekiel talks about
01:38 this kingdom that God has prepared.
01:40 Our presentation tonight is dealing with the subject
01:43 of the glorious kingdom.
01:45 You know, it's interesting that
01:47 it seems like in North America,
01:49 if you can believe the polls,
01:50 that the number of people who believe in God is going down,
01:54 but you still have about 75% of people in North America
01:58 believe in heaven,
01:59 whereas you only have about 23% that believe in hell.
02:02 Isn't that interesting?
02:03 And of the people that believe in heaven,
02:05 90% believe they're going there.
02:09 Well, I believe the Bible teaches it is a real place.
02:11 As I mentioned, it's referenced in the Bible over 500 times.
02:15 Let's find out what the scriptures
02:17 say about this subject
02:18 and how it relates to Bible prophecy.
02:21 First question, what did Jesus promise His people?
02:25 You can read in John 14:2, he said,
02:29 "In my Father's house are many mansions,
02:32 "and I go to prepare a place for you."
02:35 So, one thing we learn about heaven,
02:37 and the word mansion here is dwelling place.
02:41 Jesus said, "I'm going to prepare a
02:42 dwelling place for you."
02:43 He wants us to be with Him.
02:45 It's a tangible place in time.
02:47 A lot of misconceptions about what heaven is,
02:49 and we're going to find out what the Bible says about that.
02:53 He says He's prepared a mansion.
02:56 You ever enjoy watching some of those programs
02:57 about the the homes of the rich?
03:01 The most expensive home in the world is in Mumbai, India.
03:05 And here, let me read you a couple of facts.
03:07 I printed these off because I thought I might forget.
03:11 One of the wealthiest people in the world owns this house.
03:14 It's called the Antilia
03:17 and it was built by a multi-billionaire.
03:20 He's worth about $45 billion, Mukesh Ambani.
03:24 And it tells us that it's 550 feet high
03:28 with 4 million square feet of interior space.
03:32 How'd you like to clean that?
03:34 But that's not a problem for him.
03:35 First six stories will be dedicated to parking lots,
03:38 186 parking places to pamper all the imported cars.
03:43 600 workers in this house.
03:46 And if the traffic is bad, which it is in Mumbai,
03:49 he can land on the helicopter pad on the roof.
03:53 Of course it's got the pool, it's got the palatial rooms,
03:57 20 floors of palatial rooms and a silver staircase.
04:04 And if the guests get hot,
04:05 which it gets very hot in that part of the country,
04:07 there's a room that produces artificial snow
04:10 to cool everyone off.
04:11 So, you go into the blizzard room
04:12 or whatever they call it there.
04:14 And yeah, they've got a panoramic view
04:18 of the Arabian Sea,
04:20 and this house costs approximately
04:22 or just under $2 billion, a home.
04:27 The sad thing is, you spend all that money on a home
04:30 and you're going to still get old and die.
04:32 Man, the mansions that we might build here,
04:36 they're not going to last.
04:38 You're just going to leave it to somebody else.
04:40 Jesus is preparing a place for us
04:41 that will last forever, amen.
04:44 What do we know about the place Jesus is preparing?
04:47 Isaiah 65:17 says,
04:50 "Behold, I create a new heavens and a new earth."
04:54 I think most of us understand why we need a new Earth.
04:56 Bible tells us this earth is waxing old like a garment.
04:59 There's some serious problems.
05:01 But a new heaven?
05:03 What's wrong with the old heaven?
05:05 You need to understand that when you find
05:07 the word heaven in the Bible,
05:10 there's three different ways it describes heaven.
05:13 The word is used three different ways.
05:14 Now, some of you have heard of seventh heaven.
05:17 Person says, "I was in seventh heaven."
05:19 There's no seventh heaven.
05:20 The Apostle Paul tells us in 2 Corinthians 12,
05:25 says that, referring to himself,
05:27 he says, "I knew a man
05:28 "that was caught up to the third heaven,
05:30 "heard words that you're not even allowed to speak."
05:33 And it's a real place, the dwelling place of God.
05:36 The first time you find the word heaven
05:38 or what the Bible calls the first heaven
05:40 is the atmosphere around the earth
05:42 where the clouds float and the birds fly.
05:45 And when the Bible says,
05:46 "The rain comes down from heaven,"
05:48 it's talking about the envelope of air around the earth.
05:50 When God separated the waters above the earth
05:52 from the waters below the earth in Genesis,
05:54 it's talking about the atmosphere.
05:56 When Captain Kirk, what, a couple weeks ago, went to space,
06:03 he had to escape the atmosphere around the earth,
06:05 get out of its gravitational pull.
06:06 So, that first envelope is the first heaven.
06:09 The second heaven is when you talk about the stars
06:12 that God made in space in the cosmos, in the universe.
06:15 The third heaven is referring to
06:18 the dwelling place of God, paradise.
06:21 And so, this is when Paul says,
06:23 "I was caught up to the third heaven."
06:24 It's talking about there is an actual place
06:27 where God dwells.
06:28 Says He's prepared for them a city,
06:31 "He's prepared a city for them."
06:33 Now, when I first read this
06:35 and I thought God's going to take us to a city,
06:38 that didn't really float my boat
06:41 because I've always wanted to run to the country.
06:45 I've been in most of the major cities in the world,
06:48 and born in Los Angeles, grew up in New York City,
06:53 lived with my mother for a while in England,
06:55 lived in Boston, in Miami, been to Singapore,
06:59 and you name it, all over the world,
07:03 Mumbai and Moscow.
07:06 Karen and I have traveled all over the world
07:07 and I just don't like cities.
07:10 This week, we had a day off.
07:12 Karen and I went up in the country
07:14 where we were the only people probably in 10 miles.
07:18 It was really nice to get out there in God's nature.
07:23 But the reason that cities have a problem in this world
07:26 is because in this world, you get people, and people sin.
07:30 And where you got a lot of people, you got a lot of sin,
07:33 and there's crime and there's evil
07:35 and there's selfishness and fighting and murder
07:37 and all these problems.
07:38 That's why cities are so bad here.
07:40 But in heaven, you're not going to have those problems.
07:43 So, when people get together there,
07:45 it's going to be beautiful, pure rejoicing.
07:47 No evil, no problems, no sin, no filth, no dirt.
07:51 He's prepared a city.
07:52 The media enjoys talking about heaven.
07:55 Does heaven exist?
07:56 And some people, when you say, "Picture heaven,"
08:00 you know what they see?
08:02 They see little chubby naked babies with wings
08:06 sitting on clouds,
08:07 playing harps or shooting Cupid's arrows.
08:10 You know what I'm talking about?
08:12 You got all these medieval pictures of people and say,
08:14 "Yeah, I'm going to die
08:15 "and I'm going to go be a fat naked baby in heaven."
08:19 And the media almost makes it sound
08:21 like hell is more interesting.
08:23 Trust me, it's not.
08:25 I hope to inspire you first with a place
08:26 where we want to think about,
08:29 which is going to heaven.
08:30 "Blessed are the meek, they will inherit the earth."
08:33 "Now, wait a second, Pastor Doug.
08:35 "Here it says, 'The meek will inherit the earth.'"
08:37 It's 'cause He's making a new heaven and a new earth.
08:39 We're going to spend time with the Lord
08:42 in these mansions He's prepared
08:44 and He's going to bring the New Jerusalem down from God,
08:47 you read this in Revelation 21,
08:49 out of heaven to the earth.
08:51 But now we're getting ahead of ourself.
08:53 What more do we know about the holy city
08:57 that God is preparing?
08:59 You read, and there's a lot of details.
09:00 Notice, this is Revelation 21.
09:02 It says, "The city is laid out as a square,
09:05 "and he measured the city with a reed."
09:08 This is like, we have tape measures,
09:10 they would measure with a reed back then.
09:11 "12,000 furlongs."
09:14 The measurements are given in this English equivalent
09:18 or biblical numbers.
09:20 By our standards,
09:22 that would be the city is about 1500 miles around,
09:25 or you can figure 375 miles on each side.
09:29 It's about the size of the state of Oregon.
09:32 And so, if you've got a city that's 375 miles on each side,
09:36 is there room for you?
09:38 Some folks have actually thought,
09:39 "No sense trying to go to heaven.
09:40 "I'm just too late in line.
09:42 "There's just so many people,
09:43 "how God going to fit me in there?"
09:45 I promise you, that will not be the problem.
09:47 The harvest is great.
09:49 The laborers are few.
09:50 The Lord wants people to enter the city.
09:53 "The length and the breadth and the height of it are equal."
09:56 And so, it's almost like it's a cube.
09:58 Now, the height of it equal to the length and the breadth?
10:02 When you look at that,
10:04 and this is something of a puzzle for theologians,
10:06 does that mean that in the middle of the city,
10:08 it sort of goes up like shaped like a pyramid
10:10 where it's 375 miles jutting right out
10:13 of the atmosphere of the earth?
10:15 That's hard to imagine.
10:17 Revelation 21:10 and 12,
10:19 "He carried me away in the spirit
10:21 "to a great and high mountain,
10:23 "and he showed me the great city, the holy Jerusalem."
10:27 Now the word Jerusalem, jeru-shalam, it
10:30 means city of peace.
10:33 The earthly Jerusalem
10:35 has been destroyed and rebuilt 27 times.
10:39 And when you go see Jerusalem today,
10:41 they still have the ancient wall that is full of pockmarks
10:44 from bullet holes and arrows and missiles
10:47 and stones that were thrown against the walls.
10:50 You get the evidence of war everywhere.
10:53 And the people in Jerusalem today,
10:55 you've got the Jewish quarter
10:57 and you've got the Muslim quarter
10:58 and you've got the Armenian quarter
10:59 and you've got the Christian quarter,
11:01 and everybody's got their space
11:03 and there's incredible racial tension in the city.
11:09 But the New Jerusalem is going to be very different from that.
11:11 Everybody's going to be part of one family
11:13 and we'll all love each other.
11:15 Descending out from heaven from God,
11:17 it had a great and a high wall with 12 gates.
11:21 Number that's going to continue to appear
11:23 as you look at the New Jerusalem is the number, who knows?
11:26 Twelve.
11:28 You've got 12 gates, 12 foundations.
11:32 You've got Tree of Life has 12 kinds of fruit,
11:35 12 times a year.
11:37 It's 12,000 furlongs.
11:39 Now, why the number 12?
11:40 Twelve is a number that God uses for His church.
11:44 He had 12 patriarchs in the Old Testament,
11:47 12 apostles in the New Testament.
11:49 There are 12 minor prophets in the Old Testament.
11:52 12 is also mathematically an excellent number for builders.
11:56 Any of you men or women, if you've done any building,
11:59 12, there's a reason it's 12 inches in a foot.
12:02 By the way, the fun fact,
12:06 for years, the measurement of the foot changed every year.
12:10 It depended on the size of the king's foot.
12:13 It so happens my foot is exactly one foot.
12:16 And so, when I go measure anything out
12:17 and someone says, "I wonder how far that is,"
12:18 I say, "Wait, I'll tell you."
12:20 And I just go like this and it's right on every time.
12:23 So, when they got a new king,
12:24 if they had a king with a little foot,
12:26 it messed everybody up.
12:28 But they always tried to keep it
12:29 where there are 12 inches in the foot
12:31 because 12 is divisible by one,
12:34 by two, by three, by four, by six, and by 12.
12:40 And so, when you're building and you use the number 12,
12:42 it's the perfect construction number.
12:45 John's a fisherman, he wasn't an architect.
12:47 He got this information from God,
12:49 just like God gave no other plans for the ark
12:52 and they found that the dimensions,
12:54 the ratio of the ark,
12:55 it's the same ratio they use for oil tankers.
12:57 It's a very stable ratio.
12:59 How'd Noah know that?
13:01 They had no oceans back then.
13:03 God is the master architect. Can you say amen?
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13:07 Doug: Don't go anywhere, friends.
13:08 In just a moment, we will return to today's presentation.
13:12 If you're anything like me,
13:14 you're reluctant to turn on the evening news
13:16 and to hear about the never-ending evil, suffering,
13:18 and misery in our world.
13:20 We all long for a world of peace, security, and joy
13:23 where you don't have to constantly worry
13:25 about death and dying.
13:26 But is such a life even possible?
13:29 You better believe it.
13:30 And it's not just some fantasy, it's real.
13:33 And what's more, you can be assured a place in that kingdom.
13:37 That's why "Amazing Facts"
13:38 wants to send you a special free resource called
13:41 "Heaven: Is It For Real?"
13:43 Not only does it show from the Bible
13:45 what heaven will be like,
13:47 you'll learn how to be sure you're there.
13:48 It even answers some of the biggest questions about heaven,
13:51 such as, will we recognize each other in heaven?
13:55 And what kind of bodies will we have, flesh or spirit?
13:58 Friends, with all the bad news in the world today,
14:01 you're going to really enjoy discovering
14:02 all the wonderful things God has in store
14:05 for those that love Him.
14:06 To get your free copy,
14:08 call the phone number on the screen
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14:12 or visit the web address.
14:13 And after you read this incredible resource,
14:16 make sure and share the encouragement with a friend.
14:19 Well, let's get back now to today's presentation
14:21 and learn some more amazing facts from the Word of God.
14:25 Something else you'll notice
14:27 as we look at the different minerals,
14:28 and let's read Revelation 21:12,
14:30 "And the street of the city was pure gold."
14:34 You're still with me?
14:37 You've heard of the golden streets?
14:38 It's real.
14:40 Now, that's why some people say,
14:41 "Ah, now, this has just gotta be a metaphor."
14:43 Well, the Bible says it's better than you can imagine.
14:46 I mean, we pave our streets with asphalt or stone.
14:51 God has no shortage of gold.
14:52 You realize He made it.
14:54 He can make as much as He wants.
14:55 He's got the factory.
14:56 And so, it's not a problem for Him.
14:58 Don't underestimate what God can do.
15:00 The other thing is that you want streets that are durable.
15:03 One of the most durable minerals they have is gold.
15:06 When they found King Tut's tomb in, was it 1922,
15:10 Howard Carter, he looked inside
15:12 and he shone a light in there and they said,
15:14 "Do you see anything?"
15:15 And he looked at the undisturbed tomb.
15:18 The seal had not been broken to the king's burial,
15:20 and the glint of gold was everywhere
15:22 because even after 3000 years,
15:25 the gold was still shining.
15:27 It's an incredible material.
15:29 You don't notice there's any wood.
15:32 Nothing has to die in this city to build.
15:35 God is making it out of minerals.
15:38 What does the Bible say
15:39 about the city's water and food supply?
15:42 Answer, "He showed me a pure river, a water of life."
15:48 Now, Jesus, He offers us that water of life.
15:51 He told the woman at the well:
15:52 You're coming for this water,
15:54 but you're going to get thirsty again.
15:55 But the water that I'm offering you,
15:56 you drink it and it will be inside you
15:58 as an artesian well that will continue
16:00 to spring up and satisfy your thirst.
16:03 She said, "Oh, Lord, give me that water now."
16:05 He revealed to her he was the Messiah.
16:07 By the way, the Lord is offering you that living water.
16:11 You can also read, even in the book of Ezekiel,
16:13 it talks about a river.
16:14 And now, how big is the river?
16:16 You read in Ezekiel
16:17 when he's describing the river in heaven,
16:19 he says he walked out into it
16:21 and he goes out 100 yards and it's up to his ankles,
16:23 and he keeps going out and it's up to his knees,
16:25 and he keeps going out and it's up to his thighs,
16:27 and it just keeps going and going.
16:28 It gets deeper and deeper.
16:29 And then finally he said,
16:31 "It's a river that one cannot cross without swimming."
16:33 What about the food?
16:35 On either side of the river,
16:36 now, notice carefully,
16:38 either side of the river was the tree,
16:40 singular, not trees, the tree of life.
16:44 Always in the Bible when it talks about the tree of life,
16:46 and it's mentioned several places, it's singular.
16:49 A tree on both sides of the river.
16:52 How do you reconcile that?
16:54 Well, they actually have some trees
16:56 that will grow together in their branches.
16:59 I've seen it before.
17:01 Trees that grow up, the branches touch,
17:02 they actually graft themselves together.
17:05 They grow together.
17:06 And I picture this massive tree.
17:08 If the river's 50 miles wide, you better figure a big tree.
17:11 Of course, everybody in the world's
17:12 gotta eat from this tree,
17:13 so it's gotta be big.
17:15 And roots probably go together under the river
17:20 and it has the fruit that helps perpetuate life.
17:24 Man has not eaten from that tree
17:26 since God evicted Adam and Eve from the garden,
17:28 but it will be restored.
17:30 One of the wonderful things about the Bible
17:32 is in the first three chapters of the Bible,
17:35 you learn how man lost eternity
17:37 because he got mixed up with a snake in a garden.
17:40 First three chapters,
17:41 man is evicted from the garden.
17:42 You get to Revelation,
17:44 the snake is destroyed
17:46 and man is restored to the garden and the tree of life
17:48 in the last three chapters.
17:50 The whole book is telling us
17:51 how to get back to the garden, amen,
17:53 and it's through Jesus.
17:55 It says, "The seed of the woman
17:56 "is the one who will destroy the serpent."
17:58 That actually happens in Revelation.
18:01 Tells us that this is some kind of tree.
18:03 Each tree yields its fruit every month
18:06 and the leaves of the tree
18:07 are for the healing of the nations.
18:10 Well, first of all, it's fruit every month.
18:14 And if there's 12 different kinds of fruit
18:15 and there's 12 months in a year,
18:16 how many kinds of fruit is that?
18:18 12 times twelve, 144.
18:22 Another number you're going to find is the 144,000.
18:25 I used to work at Baskin-Robbins.
18:28 Baskin-Robbins is famous for what?
18:30 31 flavors.
18:32 And they've got way more than 31 flavors.
18:34 They promise to have 31 flavors at all time,
18:36 at least they did when I worked there.
18:38 They got hundreds of flavors.
18:40 Whatever your favorite food is,
18:43 there will be some fruit that you're really going to like
18:45 there at the tree.
18:47 The menu will never get boring.
18:49 And we're going to gather and you're going to say,
18:51 "Oh, try this, it's like salsa!
18:52 "You're going to like this fruit!"
18:54 Everyone's going to be, 'cause I like salsa.
18:56 You're going to be tasting all kinds of different fruit.
18:59 But then it says the leaves of the tree
19:01 are for the healing of the nations.
19:03 Healing?
19:04 I thought there's no more sickness.
19:06 Who needs healing?
19:08 Does it say healing of sickness or healing of nations?
19:12 Nations.
19:14 Do you realize that people all around the world
19:16 are divided now by nations?
19:19 People are divided by culture, race, language.
19:23 But as we all come together as the children of God
19:26 redeemed by Christ around that tree and eat the fruit,
19:29 all of the divisions that have separated us
19:32 are healed at that point.
19:33 Can you say amen?
19:35 And so, it's a beautiful, poetic way of saying
19:38 everyone is going to be healed
19:40 of all the divisions from this earth.
19:43 How will living in heaven be different
19:44 than living here on Earth?
19:46 Has a lot of beautiful examples, here.
19:49 Here's some specifics.
19:51 Tells us in Isaiah 35:5,
19:53 "Then the eyes of the blind will be opened."
19:58 Blind people are going to be able to see beautifully.
20:00 And in heaven, whatever your vision is now,
20:03 it's going to be infinitely better.
20:05 Eagles can see three miles away.
20:07 they can see a mouse.
20:08 They got telescopic vision.
20:10 You will have much better vision in heaven.
20:13 "The ears of the deaf will be unstopped."
20:16 You'll be able to hear a rustle in the grass,
20:19 like an elephant, from a mile away.
20:22 And it tells us that the lame man will leap like a deer.
20:26 They're going to have incredible strength
20:27 and they're going to be able to leap and jump.
20:30 You read also, it says,
20:31 "And they will not hurt or destroy."
20:34 Talks about the animals are going to
20:36 all be kind to each other.
20:37 A child will play on the hole of a venomous serpent
20:39 and it will not hurt.
20:41 The wolf will lay down with the lamb.
20:43 You've heard these verses before, right, in the Bible?
20:45 And nothing is going to hurt or destroy
20:48 in all of His holy mountain.
20:50 Got a little amazing fact for you.
20:52 Several years ago, some drug agents,
20:56 they went into the the apartment
20:59 or the mansion of this drug lord,
21:03 and he was busted.
21:04 And in his basement he had a lion, a bear, and a tiger cub.
21:10 He had a lot of money.
21:11 I don't know if you know that Escobar,
21:16 who is the drug kingpin there in Columbia,
21:19 he had his own zoo.
21:20 I don't know what it is with these drug guys.
21:21 They liked animals.
21:23 So, this guy, he had a cub, a bear cub,
21:26 a lion, and a tiger,
21:29 and they were in terrible squalor in the basement.
21:33 But they seemed to get along with each other.
21:35 And so, when they finally,
21:36 they said, the police said, "What do we do with these?"
21:38 There was a group that had an animal shelter
21:40 called Noah's Ark or something
21:42 and they took these animals in,
21:43 and they remained friends.
21:45 They called them BLT, for Bear, Lion, Tiger.
21:50 Kinda like the Wizard of Oz,
21:51 "Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!"
21:53 But it's real!
21:54 And they play together,
21:56 and they fight every now and then.
21:57 They eat together.
21:59 When they go to sleep at night, they all curl up together.
22:01 And you think, well,
22:02 normally in their normal habitat, they'd be enemies.
22:04 In heaven, the animals will not kill each other
22:08 and everybody's going to be a vegetarian there in heaven.
22:12 We're not going to be chasing down chickens
22:14 and cutting off their heads
22:15 and making McNuggets out of them.
22:16 It says we're going to be eating from the tree of life.
22:20 "The wolf also will dwell with the lamb
22:23 "and a little child will lead them."
22:25 So, nothing dies in this kingdom.
22:28 There is no more death.
22:31 "The desert shall blossom as the rose."
22:33 There's going to be places that will be of intense beauty
22:36 and there'll be places that will be of wonderful beauty.
22:39 There'll be no deserts where there's no life.
22:41 Even the deserts here will blossom as the rose.
22:46 "The inhabitant will not say, 'I am sick.'"
22:50 Say amen to that.
22:52 We're just surrounded by news all the time
22:54 of people being sick and being overcome
22:57 by a disease or viruses or bacteria.
23:01 Nobody's going to get sick, nobody will die.
23:03 You'll be in perfect health and vitality all the time.
23:07 Won't that be wonderful?
23:08 And the best news, it says there'll be no more death.
23:11 No one needs to worry or live in fear about death.
23:14 No more death, no more sorrow, no more crying.
23:18 The former things are passed away.
23:20 All things are made new.
23:23 Who's going to be there?
23:24 It says, "These are the ones
23:26 "who follow the Lamb wherever He goes."
23:30 Do you want to be in that kingdom?
23:31 Who's going to be there?
23:33 144,000, it says they follow the Lamb wherever He goes.
23:36 Now, here's a simple principle.
23:37 If you want to follow the Lamb there then,
23:41 you must first follow Him here now.
23:44 - [Congregation] Amen.
23:45 - You will not be able to follow Him there then,
23:48 if you don't learn to follow Him here now.
23:51 Jesus says to each one of us
23:53 what He said to the apostles, "Follow me."
23:56 Follow His teachings.
23:57 He wants us to spend time with Him.
24:01 Will any sad or painful memories from this life
24:04 trouble people in heaven?
24:06 No.
24:07 The Bible says, "The former will not be remembered,
24:10 "nor come into mind."
24:12 Now, that doesn't mean that God brainwashes us
24:14 so we forget that Jesus has redeemed us.
24:17 Even in the resurrection
24:18 when Jesus showed himself to His disciples,
24:20 did He still have the scars in His hands?
24:23 He did.
24:24 So, there'll always be that reminder
24:26 of what Jesus did to die for us
24:28 and that He sacrificed His life for us.
24:32 But we're not going to have any of the painful memories.
24:34 I don't know about you, but I frequently,
24:37 my mind wanders and I go back,
24:39 and sometimes I think about things that I've done
24:41 and I just sigh and I have my regrets.
24:43 And even though I know the Lord's forgiven me, I think,
24:45 "Oh, Doug, what were you thinking?
24:47 "Why'd you do that?"
24:48 You still got it in your mind.
24:50 As you enter eternity,
24:52 how many of you know that it's true that time heals?
24:55 As you enter eternity
24:57 and you get away from the pain of this world,
24:59 after the first million years,
25:01 you're not going to worry about it anymore.
25:02 You'll never forget that Jesus redeemed you.
25:05 Can we adequately describe God's new kingdom with words?
25:10 No.
25:12 "The eye has not seen, nor the ear heard,
25:14 "neither has entered into the heart of man
25:16 "the things that God has prepared for
25:18 those that love Him."
25:21 I just, last year, I read a book.
25:23 I'd done it before, but I read a book on Marco Polo.
25:26 And as a young man,
25:28 he went with his father at 17 years old to China,
25:31 which was this massive empire,
25:33 incredible technology and millions and millions of people.
25:36 And it was so much more sophisticated and bigger
25:39 than what he had left in Europe.
25:41 He came back after 20, 25 years living in the Orient
25:44 and traveling the world,
25:46 and he started to tell the stories
25:48 of what was happening in China,
25:50 talked about this wall that was a thousand miles long.
25:53 They said, "A thousand miles!
25:55 "You're exaggerating."
25:56 Talked about gunpowder, talked about paper money,
25:59 talked about all the incredible things
26:00 and the inventions that they had.
26:03 When he lay dying, it's true.
26:06 He lay dying.
26:07 The priest came to him
26:08 and asked him to confess before it was too late.
26:11 They said, "You're soon going to meet God.
26:13 "You told all these lies about the land of China.
26:16 "Don't you think it's time that you confess and repent?"
26:19 And he sat up and looked at him and said, "Repent?"
26:22 Says, "I've not told you the half of what I've seen!"
26:26 That's always how I feel like during this sermon,
26:28 is I'm not able to tell you a fraction of what it's like.
26:32 But we need to be excited about heaven, friends,
26:35 because if you believe that's where you're going,
26:38 for one thing,
26:39 it makes the sins of this world less attractive.
26:43 Everybody lives in a particular way
26:45 when you're getting ready to take a trip.
26:47 If you're getting ready to go to heaven,
26:50 you know, they talk different there.
26:53 You want God to sanctify your lips now, don't you?
26:56 They dress different there.
26:57 We should dress like Christians.
26:59 They think different there.
27:01 We should be pure in heart.
27:03 And so, we ought to be preparing for that new kingdom, amen?
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