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00:13 Let's have a word of prayer and we'll get right into our study.
00:15 Father in heaven, we just can't help but be overwhelmed
00:21 by the way in which You reveal these things
00:24 long before they occurred so that we could know
00:28 that we can trust Your Word.
00:30 And that the God who acted in the past will be
00:33 the God who will act in the future.
00:35 We ask, Father, that You will bless us as we
00:38 complete our study of the fifth seal,
00:41 that You will give us clarity of thought.
00:43 And especially that You will help us to be faithful
00:46 to You no matter what comes.
00:48 Thank You for hearing our prayer.
00:49 We ask it in the name of Jesus, amen.
00:53 Okay, we're on page 217.
00:56 And in this class we have to get all the way to the end
01:01 of the fifth seal, which will be page 232.
01:04 We have a lot of pages to cover, but we'll do our best to finish.
01:09 So let's talk about the first stage of the martyrs.
01:13 Daniel 7:25 describes the first stage.
01:18 "He shall speak pompous words against the Most High,
01:22 shall persecute the saints of the Most High,
01:26 and shall intend to change times and law.
01:30 Then the saints shall be given into his hand
01:33 for a time, times and the dividing of time,"
01:38 or a half time.
01:40 So what is the first stage where the saints are given
01:43 into the hands of the little horn?
01:46 It is time, times, the dividing of times.
01:48 Which we understand to be 1260 days.
01:52 But days are what? Years.
01:55 What are the dates for those 1260 years?
01:58 538 to 1798.
02:02 Revelation 13 expresses the same period,
02:06 only instead of a little horn it speaks about a beast.
02:09 The beast is the same as the little horn.
02:12 And it says there in Revelation 13:5-7,
02:17 "And he..." That is the beast. The same as the little horn.
02:40 Who is granting it to him?
02:43 God. God is allowing it.
02:54 So were the saints martyred during this period? Yes.
03:06 So this is the first period of martyrs, the 1260 years,
03:09 when the saints were given into the hand of the little horn
03:14 or the beast, and the beast or the little horn
03:17 was actually able to overcome and kill the saints.
03:23 Now let's notice the historical frame of reference.
03:26 The first four churches are parallel
03:29 to the first four seals.
03:31 The white horse would be equivalent to Ephesus,
03:35 and that represents the apostolic church.
03:38 The red horse, Smyrna, is the persecuted church
03:42 of the Roman empire, which is the church of Smyrna.
03:47 The black horse would be Pergamum.
03:50 We talked about Balaam.
03:53 This is the compromising church
03:55 during the time of Constantine the Great.
03:59 And the pale horse, the horse of death, represents
04:03 the papal church, and the equivalent church is
04:07 the church of Thyatira.
04:09 So because the fourth seal deals with Thyatira,
04:14 we need to discuss a little bit about Thyatira
04:18 in order to understand the fifth seal, because in the fifth seal
04:22 the martyrs are crying out because they were
04:23 slain in the fourth seal.
04:25 So let's notice some details about the church of Thyatira.
04:29 Revelation 2:20-23
04:33 And I put some explanations in brackets.
04:36 And I wish I had time to really go into this detail
04:41 extensively, but just let me throw it out.
04:45 I believe that the churches, the seven churches,
04:49 are to Revelation what Daniel 2 is to Daniel.
04:54 The entire book of Revelation builds on the structure
04:57 of the seven churches.
04:58 The seven churches give us a chronology.
05:01 The seals and the trumpets and the rest of the book
05:04 amplify the seven churches.
05:08 Now with that in mind, let's notice Revelation 2:20-23.
05:12 This is the period of the fourth horse
05:15 when the martyrs are being killed.
05:18 It says there in Revelation 2,
05:20 also Thyatira the fourth church...
05:29 So who is active during the period of the fourth church?
05:32 Jezebel.
05:42 "...sexual immorality..."
05:44 A better translation would be, "fornication."
05:46 Who did the harlot fornicate with, symbolically?
05:51 With the kings of the world, with the state.
05:53 "...and eat things sacrificed to idols."
05:56 In other words, introduced idolatry.
05:58 "And I gave her time to repent..."
06:00 How long of a time did God give Jezebel to repent?
06:06 Time, times, and the dividing of time.
06:14 "...sickbed..." What would that be?
06:18 The deadly wound. Yes.
06:23 "...great tribulation..."
06:25 That is, when she's cast into the sickbed.
06:27 What is that?
06:28 The French Revolution. That's right.
06:34 Who are the children?
06:36 The churches that were born from her.
06:45 "...searches the minds and hearts..."
06:47 What event would that be?
06:50 The investigative judgment.
06:53 "...according to your works."
06:54 That's the reward based on the judgment.
06:58 Are you catching an interesting picture?
07:01 You have in the fourth church a description of many things
07:06 that are brought up later in the book of Revelation
07:08 and amplified in other sections of the book of Revelation.
07:13 Now let's say a few things about this harlot, Jezebel.
07:16 What she did during the period of her dominion
07:20 in the Old Testament.
07:21 Because we're going to come back to this and we're going to see
07:23 that during the period of the fifth seal
07:25 when the martyrs are crying out, the apostate church is
07:28 doing the same thing.
07:30 Notice 2 Kings 9:22.
07:51 Very many interesting details.
07:53 Jezebel is called the mother, she is a harlot,
07:58 and she practices witchcraft.
08:01 Notice 1 Kings 18:4.
08:04 There was a group of people who did not want to
08:07 share in this apostasy.
08:25 How long did the massacration of God's saints by the mother,
08:30 Jezebel, who is a harlot and who practices witchcraft,
08:35 how long did that apostasy last?
08:38 James 5:17
08:40 We're dealing with the literal now, because this is
08:42 the Old Testament story.
08:56 You catching an interesting picture?
08:58 See, what happened historically literally in the Old Testament
09:01 happens during the period of the fourth church.
09:03 Now what did Jezebel do during that period?
09:08 We're talking now about the fourth church, Thyatira,
09:11 the fourth seal, because we're going to then discuss
09:14 the crying out of the martyrs.
09:16 What did Jezebel do during that period?
09:20 2 Kings 9:7
09:28 What is going to happen eventually with those that
09:31 Jezebel slew?
09:32 "...that I may avenge the blood..."
09:35 Is that similar to what we find in the fifth seal?
09:48 Do you see the parallel between the fourth horse
09:51 and Jezebel in the period of Elijah?
09:54 Now what happens to the martyrs that die in this first group
09:59 during the 1260 years?
10:02 Well, let's go to our next section.
10:04 The conferral of white robe is another way of expressing
10:08 that the martyrs formed a character fit for heaven.
10:12 In the investigative judgment, God will vindicate before the
10:17 universe the martyrs who were faithful to Jesus
10:20 and died for Him.
10:22 The judgment will reveal that they had the righteousness
10:26 of Jesus in their lives when they died.
10:28 The investigative pre-advent judgment will not yet
10:31 empirically confer the robe, but it will rather reveal
10:36 that the martyrs had a right to it when they died.
10:38 Are you catching the picture?
10:40 When Jesus returns, He will then literally clothe the martyrs
10:44 in white robes of light.
10:47 The investigative judgment pronounces the verdict,
10:50 and at the second coming the verdict is enforced.
10:55 You say, where do we get this idea from?
10:58 Well, from the parable that Jesus told in Matthew 22.
11:01 Remember the story in Matthew 22, the man
11:04 who sneaked into the marriage without the robe?
11:10 Let's read about it here.
11:12 Matthew 22:11-12 clearly teaches that God will assign
11:16 the robe to the faithful before the second coming.
11:18 Right?
11:21 The purpose of the pre-advent investigative judgment is to
11:24 reveal whether people had the white robe
11:26 of Christ's righteousness or not, spiritually speaking.
11:29 That is to say, God assigns the robe in absentia.
11:34 In other words, God, in the judgment says, "This person
11:37 had the robe of righteousness when this person died."
11:40 So he's given a white robe as a verdict, in other words.
11:44 When I graduated with my master's degree from seminary,
11:48 I lived in Colombia, so I could not attend the graduation
11:51 ceremony in person.
11:52 However, the university called my name in absentia
11:56 and sent me the diploma.
11:58 There's an example of this.
12:00 Notice Revelation 3:4-5.
12:03 By the way, this is the church of Sardis.
12:05 That's the fifth church.
12:07 Would that be equivalent to the time of the fifth seal,
12:11 the fifth church?
12:12 Do you know what is offered to the fifth church?
12:16 White robes.
12:17 Just like in the fifth seal.
12:37 So is there going to be a judgment that's going to
12:39 examine the cases?
12:40 The names? Yes.
12:52 Now let's read the note.
12:53 Those who are faithful already have unsoiled
12:57 spiritual white garments, right?
13:00 However, when Jesus comes, the overcomers will be clothed
13:03 in literal white garments of light such as those
13:06 that covered Adam and Eve.
13:08 So now we're covered with a spiritual robe of white.
13:12 Later we receive a literal robe of white light.
13:16 When Adam and Eve sinned, they lost their spiritual robes
13:19 of righteousness, and therefore they lost
13:22 their literal robe of light.
13:25 The purpose of the plan of salvation is to cover us first
13:28 with Christ's spiritual robe of righteousness and then to
13:32 cover us at His coming with a literal robe of light.
13:37 Is that making sense?
13:39 When the judgment ends, there will no longer be any
13:42 opportunity to wash the robes of character.
13:45 At the close of probation, God will make the awesome
13:47 pronouncement that is found in Revelation 22:11.
13:52 "He who is unjust, let him be unjust still."
13:56 And now significantly it says, "He who is..." What?
14:00 "He who is filthy, let him be filthy still;
14:06 he who is righteous, let him be righteous still;
14:10 he who is holy, let him be holy still."
14:15 In the book, Counsels on Education, page 237,
14:18 Ellen White adds, "When Christ shall come,
14:20 He will not change the character of any individual.
14:24 Precious probationary time is given to be improved
14:29 in washing our robes of character, and making them
14:32 white in the blood of the Lamb."
14:35 So what do the white robes represent
14:37 before the second coming?
14:39 They represent spiritually the perfect righteousness of Christ.
14:43 When the martyrs died, did they have the white robe?
14:46 Were they covered with the robe of Christ's righteousness? Yes.
14:48 They're given the white robe.
14:51 They're told, "Rest a while, and then we're going to
14:53 give you the literal robe of light when Jesus comes."
14:56 You'll be not only judged, but you'll also be avenged.
15:00 It is our own responsibility to wash the robes of character.
15:05 However, the cleansing agent is the blood of Jesus.
15:09 In other words, we do the washing
15:11 and Jesus provides the soap and water.
15:16 Revelation 7:13
15:18 "And I said unto him, 'Sir, though knowest.'
15:21 And he said to me, 'These are they which came out of
15:24 the great tribulation...'"
15:26 These are those who have come out of the great
15:27 time of trouble, according to Ellen White, at the end of time.
15:30 And what have they done?
15:31 "...and have washed their robes..."
15:33 Their stolé.
15:34 "...and made them white in the blood of the Lamb."
15:37 What is it that whitens the garments?
15:40 The blood of Jesus. The righteousness of Christ.
15:43 Can we have that robe today?
15:45 Yes, we can.
15:47 And if we have it today, and we should die as martyrs,
15:50 what would happen?
15:51 Well, when Jesus comes, He'll say, "You had My robe
15:54 of righteousness when you died.
15:56 It was proved in the judgment.
15:58 And now I'm going to give you the literal robe,
16:01 white robe of light."
16:03 Like Adam and Eve had before they sinned.
16:07 Ellen White comments in volume 3, Testimonies, page 183,
16:10 "The provision has been made for us to wash.
16:13 The fountain has been prepared at infinite expense,
16:16 and the burden of washing rests upon us
16:20 who are imperfect before God.
16:23 The Lord does not propose to remove these spots of
16:26 defilement without our doing anything on our part.
16:31 We must wash our robes in the blood of the Lamb.
16:35 We may lay hold of the merits of the blood of Christ by faith,
16:39 and through His grace and power we may have strength to overcome
16:42 our errors, our sins, our imperfections of character,
16:46 and come off victorious, having washed our robes
16:49 in the blood of the Lamb."
16:51 The robes represent victory.
16:54 Victorious living.
16:56 Did the martyrs die victorious?
17:00 Listen, folks, they had the righteousness of Christ.
17:02 They were willing to die because of their connection to Christ.
17:06 Certainly they were ready to die spiritually, right?
17:10 Notice this statement, The Faith I Live By, page 51.
17:14 "The resurrection and ascension of our Lord
17:16 is a sure evidence of the triumph of the saints of God
17:20 over death and the grave, and a pledge that heaven is
17:24 open to those who wash their robes of..." What?
17:28 "...of character and make them white in the blood of the Lamb.
17:33 Jesus ascended to the Father as a representative
17:36 of the human race, and God will bring those who
17:39 reflect His image to behold and share with Him His glory."
17:46 Beautiful statement, isn't it, about the white robes.
17:49 Prophets and Kings, page 589, "The assaults of Satan are
17:53 strong, his delusions are subtle; but the Lord's eye
17:57 is upon His people.
17:59 Their affliction is great..."
18:00 This is the time of trouble she's describing?
18:02 The final time of trouble.
18:04 "Their affliction is great, the flames of the furnace
18:07 seem about to consume them;
18:09 but Jesus will bring them forth as gold tried in the fire.
18:14 Their earthliness will be removed, that through them
18:17 the image of Christ may be perfectly revealed."
18:24 When the martyrs died, did they have the robe?
18:27 Yes.
18:28 Does the judgment, pre-advent investigative judgment,
18:31 prove that they had the robe?
18:34 So what will Jesus do when He comes?
18:36 He will give them the robe, the literal robe of light.
18:41 So all of the martyrs died victorious.
18:45 They conquered, they overcame.
18:49 Listen, folks, if they were willing to die for what
18:50 they believed, their connection with Christ was unbreakable.
18:55 Revelation 19:6-8 describes the time when God's people
19:00 will receive this white robe of righteousness.
19:05 It says in verses 6-8 of Revelation 19...
19:36 And what does that represent,
19:38 "the fine linen, clean and bright"?
19:47 Now you say, "Isn't it the righteousness of Christ?
19:49 How is it that it says, 'the righteous acts of the saints'?"
19:52 Well, the righteous acts of the saints shows whether they
19:56 have the righteousness of Christ or not.
19:58 It's the proverbial relationship of faith and works.
20:03 Genuine faith works.
20:05 A faith that doesn't work isn't faith.
20:09 You can't say, "Lord, I believe You," and not do what God says.
20:13 Because then you don't believe.
20:15 In Hebrews 11, all of the people are doing something.
20:20 Noah builds, Abraham leaves, Moses leaves, Abel sacrifices.
20:27 Sarah goes to bed with Abraham even though she's
20:30 beyond child bearing age.
20:34 They're doing something.
20:36 Because faith works.
20:38 So when it says here that the fine linen is the righteous
20:42 acts of the saints, in other words, the lives of the saints,
20:46 the life shows that they have the righteousness of Christ.
20:50 They're not saved by their works,
20:52 but their works reveal whether they're saved,
20:55 and whether they have committed their life to Jesus Christ.
21:00 In contrast to the white robes that are given to the
21:02 conquerors, I want you to notice how John Huss was treated.
21:07 This is, Great Controversy, pages 108-109.
21:10 "Sentence having been pronounced,
21:12 the ceremony of degradation began.
21:16 The bishops clothed their prisoner in the sacerdotal
21:20 habit, and as he took the priestly robe, he said,
21:23 'Our Lord Jesus Christ was covered with a white robe
21:26 by way of insult when Herod had Him conducted before Pilate.'
21:30 The vestments were removed one by one..."
21:34 The vestments that he had.
21:36 "...each bishop pronouncing a curse as he performed
21:41 his part of the ceremony.
21:43 Finally, 'they put on his head a cap or pyramidal shaped
21:47 miter of paper, on which were painted frightful figures
21:51 of demons, with the word, "Arch-heretic,"
21:54 conspicuous in front.
21:56 "Most joyfully," said Huss, "will I wear this crown
22:00 of shame for Thy sake, O Jesus, who for me didst wear
22:04 a crown of thorns."'
22:06 When he was thus arrayed, 'the prelates said,
22:10 "Now we devote thy soul to the devil."
22:13 "And I," said John Huss, lifting up his eyes toward heaven,
22:17 "do commit my spirit into Thy hands, O Lord Jesus,
22:21 for Thou hast redeemed me."'"
22:24 Can you imagine what it's going to be like when John Huss
22:28 resurrects from the dead?
22:31 Talk about vindication.
22:34 Wow!
22:36 So what they did, they removed his priestly vestments,
22:39 they put this cap on his head, they degraded him.
22:44 But in the judgment, when the supreme court of the universe
22:47 meets, it will be shown that his oppressors were wrong
22:51 and he was right.
22:53 And God is going to change the sentence.
22:57 So this is the first period of martyrs, the 1260 years.
23:03 What is it that suspends or divides the first segment
23:07 of the fifth seal with the second segment?
23:09 The deadly wound.
23:11 Notice Revelation 13:10.
23:25 Did the papacy use the sword of the civil power to kill?
23:28 Yes. We already noticed that in the fourth seal.
23:32 So what happened?
23:33 Did the sword of the state give the papacy the deadly wound?
23:39 Yes. Because the papacy used the sword
23:41 of the civil power to persecute.
23:43 Now the sword of France rises against the papacy
23:47 and gives the papacy its deadly wound.
23:51 On the next page, page 223, God told these martyrs
23:55 to rest a little while.
23:58 The word, "rest," here refers to the sleep of death.
24:03 The martyrs cannot literally be crying out and sleeping
24:05 at the same time unless they are talking in their sleep.
24:11 Clearly the word, "rest," is a euphemism for death.
24:15 In fact, Revelation 14:13 uses the same word to describe
24:20 the condition of those who are dead.
24:21 "Blessed are those who die henceforth in the Lord.
24:25 They shall rest from their labors,"
24:27 it says in Revelation 14:13.
24:29 So those who are resting are dead.
24:32 So that would mean that the martyrs are not disincarnate
24:36 souls that are crying out.
24:39 Now let's talk about the second stage of the martyrs
24:43 when the number of martyrs is complete.
24:45 Revelation 13:13, "And I saw one of his heads..."
24:49 That is, of the beast that persecuted during the
24:51 1260 years.
24:52 "I saw one of his heads as if it had been mortally wounded,
24:56 and his deadly wound was healed;
24:58 and all the world marveled and followed the beast."
25:03 After the deadly wound heals, the papacy will persecute
25:06 a future group of martyrs as it did the martyrs of the past.
25:11 According to this text, the deadly wound of the beast
25:13 will heal and the papacy will behave once again
25:18 as it did in forgone years.
25:22 Now I'm going to read several statements from Ellen White
25:24 where Ellen White connects the work of the papacy
25:27 in the past with the wound being healed
25:30 and doing the same thing in the future.
25:31 Notice this statement that we find in, Manuscript Releases,
25:34 volume 13, page 394.
25:37 She's describing Daniel 11:30-36,
25:42 which is the period of papal dominion.
25:44 The same period of the fourth seal when God's people
25:47 are being mowed down.
25:49 And Ellen White says something about these verses
25:51 that were fulfilled during the 1260 years.
25:53 Notice at the bottom of page 23.
25:58 "We have no time to lose.
26:00 Troublous times are before us.
26:02 The world is stirred with the spirit of war.
26:05 Soon the scenes of trouble spoken of in the prophecies
26:08 will take place.
26:09 The prophecy in the eleventh of Daniel has nearly reached
26:13 its complete fulfillment."
26:14 And notice this now.
26:16 "Much of the history that has taken place in fulfillment
26:20 of this prophecy will be repeated."
26:24 Notice, it's not the prophecy that is repeated.
26:27 It is much of the history that repeat in the prophecy.
26:31 In other words, this seal does not have dual fulfillment.
26:34 No.
26:36 Much of the history that fulfilled the fourth seal
26:40 is going to be fulfilled in similar fashion in the future
26:43 because the same power is going to persecute again.
26:46 So she says, "Much of the history that has taken
26:48 place in fulfillment of this prophecy will be repeated.
26:52 In the thirtieth verse..."
26:53 Now she's going to tell us what part is going to be repeated.
26:56 It's the verses that deal with the papacy in the past.
26:59 "In the thirtieth verse, a power is spoken of that
27:03 'shall be grieved, and return, and have indignation against
27:06 the holy covenant: so shall he do; he shall even return,
27:10 and have intelligence with them that forsake
27:12 the holy covenant.'"
27:14 And then she finishes by saying, "Scenes similar to those
27:19 described in these words will take place."
27:23 Are you catching the picture?
27:25 So the papacy is going to have a second period of dominion.
27:29 She's going to do the same thing she did in the past,
27:31 and she's going to slay many of God's people in the future
27:35 as she slew people in the past.
27:38 Notice, Manuscript Releases...
27:40 Actually, Great Controversy, page 579.
27:44 "The influence of Rome in countries that once acknowledged
27:48 her dominion is still far from being destroyed,
27:51 and prophecy foretells a..." What?
27:54 "...a restoration of her power."
27:57 And then she quotes the verse that we already mentioned,
28:00 Revelation 13:3.
28:02 "I saw one of its heads as if it were wounded to death;
28:04 and his deadly was healed.
28:06 and the world wondered after the beast."
28:09 Notice the terminology in volume 5 of the,
28:11 Testimonies, page 712.
28:14 "When our nation..." That is the United States,
28:17 "When our nation shall so abjure,"
28:20 abandon, in other words,
28:22 "the principles of its government as to enact
28:25 a Sunday law, Protestantism will in this act join hands
28:30 with popery; it will be nothing else that..."
28:33 Notice the expression. What?
28:36 You can't give life to something that already has life.
28:40 The papacy received a deadly wound.
28:43 " life to the tyranny that has long been eagerly
28:48 watching its opportunity to..." What?
28:51 "...spring again into active despotism."
28:56 Why isn't the papacy having active despotism today?
29:01 Because the papacy has a deadly wound.
29:04 And the whole world thinks the papacy is the
29:06 best thing in the world now.
29:07 The political leaders say, "Wow, what a great system.
29:11 What a great guy."
29:13 They need this series that we're talking about here.
29:17 We need to pray that they will see this.
29:22 Let's read the next statement.
29:24 "When the land which the Lord provided as an asylum
29:27 for His people, that they might worship Him according to the
29:31 dictates of their own consciences, the land
29:33 over which for long years the shield of Omnipotence
29:36 has been spread, the land which God has favored by
29:39 making it the depository of the pure religion of Christ;
29:42 when that land," this is the United States,
29:45 "shall, through its legislators, abjure the principles of
29:50 Protestantism, and give countenance to Romish apostasy
29:55 in tampering with God's law, it is then that the final work of
29:58 the man of sin will be revealed.
30:01 Protestants will throw their whole influence and strength
30:04 on the side of the papacy."
30:05 It's happening before our eyes, folks.
30:07 "By a national act," that's an act of Congress,
30:10 "enforcing the false Sabbath, they will..." What?
30:15 Well it must mean it didn't have life then,
30:17 because it received a deadly wound.
30:18 "...they will give life and..." What?
30:21 "...and vigor to the corrupt faith of Rome..."
30:24 And then what's the next word?
30:25 "...reviving her tyranny and oppression of conscience.
30:30 Then it will be time for God to work in mighty power
30:32 for the vindication of His truth."
30:37 Does this have anything to do with the third angel's message?
30:41 Whoever worships the beast and his image,
30:46 and receives his mark, will drink the wrath of God
30:51 without mixture of mercy.
30:54 Some people say, "Well, you know, let's preach just
30:56 the everlasting gospel.
30:57 Let's not preach the third angel's message."
31:00 It scares people.
31:02 It offends people.
31:05 And by not offending them, we're not, we're going to
31:08 not offend them right into hell.
31:12 If you don't know who the beast is, you're going to
31:14 end up worshiping the beast.
31:17 If you don't know what the image is, you're going to
31:19 end up worshiping the image.
31:21 And if you don't know what the mark is,
31:23 you're going to receive the mark.
31:27 People need to know this
31:29 in this time of history so that they can
31:31 make the right decisions and be on the Lord's side.
31:36 So let's talk about the final group of martyrs.
31:40 The papacy is going to resurrect from her deadly wound.
31:42 Revelation 13:11-18 speaks about a second beast
31:46 that rises from the earth.
31:47 Everything about this second beast,
31:49 it does to please the first beast.
31:52 It seems like the whole purpose of this second beast
31:55 is to help the first beast recover what it lost.
31:58 And this beast represents the United States.
32:00 Let's read verse 11.
32:09 In the Bible, the dragon represents Satan
32:11 working through Rome.
32:15 The dragon tried to kill the male child.
32:17 It was Herod, a Roman ruler.
32:20 During the 1260 years, it says that the dragon
32:23 persecuted the woman.
32:25 That's Satan working through the little horn, through Rome.
32:29 Here it says that the United States will speak like a dragon.
32:32 Which means it's going to speak like Rome.
32:35 Which Rome?
32:36 Papal Rome.
32:38 So it says it spoke like a dragon.
32:40 And then it says...
33:14 And then later on it says that this beast will enforce
33:17 the mark of the beast.
33:20 Everything this beast does is to please the first beast,
33:24 to heal the wound of the first beast.
33:28 So the deadly wound was not healed in 1929 because
33:30 it's not Italy, it's the United States that will heal the wound.
33:36 Revelation 17 describes this time.
33:40 Do you remember we studied about Jezebel?
33:42 And Thyatira?
33:45 Now we'll come back to that. Revelation 17:1-2, 6
33:51 "Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls..."
33:59 Was Jezebel a great harlot?
34:02 "...the great harlot who sits on many waters..."
34:04 That's multitudes, nations, tongues, and peoples.
34:06 "...with whom the kings of the earth committed fornication..."
34:09 Is that what Jezebel did? Yes.
34:17 Was Jezebel involved with wine?
34:20 She actually killed Naboth to take his vineyard.
34:23 Evidently she was a winebibber.
34:27 And then notice, "I saw the woman..." What?
34:31 Is that Jezebel? Yeah.
34:33 "I saw the woman..." The mother, by the way.
34:37 The harlot. The fornicator.
34:46 Is that the second group of martyrs?
34:49 Yes.
34:54 By the way, this same woman, who is called Babylon,
34:57 is also at the end of time involved in the occult.
35:00 Witchcraft.
35:01 Notice Revelation 18:23.
35:04 "The light of a lamp shall not shine in you anymore..."
35:08 Here, it's speaking about the city of Babylon,
35:11 but the city of Babylon is the same thing
35:13 as the harlot of Babylon.
35:15 The harlot is the religious system,
35:17 the city is the political system.
35:19 They're together.
35:34 "...sorcery..."
35:35 Which is translation in Galatians 5:20, "witchcraft."
35:42 Do you remember that it said in 2 Kings that the blood
35:48 of the prophets and the martyrs was avenged over Jezebel?
35:54 Is that going to happen with the end time martyrs?
35:56 Notice Revelation 19:1-2.
35:59 "After these things I heard a loud voice of a great
36:01 multitude in heaven, saying, 'Alleluia! Salvation and glory
36:05 and honor and power belong to the Lord our God.
36:08 For true and righteous are His judgments...'"
36:11 And at this point the seventh plague has already fallen
36:14 upon this harlot system.
36:16 "...because He has..." What?
36:19 "...He has judged the great harlot
36:21 who corrupted the earth with her fornication."
36:23 And not only judged her in the judgment,
36:26 but also what?
36:27 "And He has avenged on her the blood of His
36:30 servants shed by her."
36:33 So the end time Jezebel, are God's people also
36:36 going to be judged and avenged?
36:39 Yes, absolutely.
36:41 And then, of course, the martyrs whom the papacy slew
36:44 will now have the right to judged those who judged
36:46 and condemned them.
36:49 All the tables are turned.
36:51 Revelation 20:4 states this, "And I saw thrones,
36:55 and they sat on them,
36:57 and judgment was committed to them.
36:59 Then I saw the souls..."
37:01 This sounds like the fifth seal, doesn't it?
37:04 Only it's dealing with the end time martyrs,
37:05 not with the ones from the 1260 years.
37:08 "I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded
37:10 for their witness to Jesus and for the word of God..."
37:14 But now these are the end time ones, because we know
37:16 by the characteristics.
37:18 "...who had not worshiped the beast..."
37:20 That didn't happen during the 1260 years.
37:22 There wasn't the image or the mark, was there?
37:25 "...they had not worshiped the beast or his image,
37:28 and had not received his mark on their foreheads
37:30 or on their hands.
37:32 And they lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years."
37:34 And then it says judgment is committed to them.
37:38 So now they will have a chance, before the entire universe
37:46 they will have a chance to reveal in the books
37:49 the true story of what happened.
37:52 Now let's talk for a moment about Daniel 7 and 8
37:55 and the two stages of the martyrs.
37:57 According to Daniel 7 and 8,
38:00 during the three and one half times,
38:02 the little horn cast down the place of the Sanctuary,
38:07 rose up against the Prince of the host,
38:10 took away the daily, and threw down the stars,
38:13 which represent the saints.
38:15 The text tells us that the little horn
38:17 in Daniel 8 prospered.
38:21 In other words, the little horn had its heyday.
38:24 It trampled on the Sanctuary, it rose against the Prince of
38:28 the hosts who is Jesus, it took away the daily
38:31 from the Prince of the host, it persecuted or cast the stars,
38:35 the saints, to the ground, and it prospered.
38:39 Is that true of the first stage of martyrs?
38:42 Did the papacy prosper?
38:44 Yeah, we noticed this about the little horn in Daniel 7
38:47 and the beast in Revelation 13.
38:49 But now a question is asked.
38:52 What is the question under the fifth seal?
38:54 "Until when, O Lord, do You not judge and avenge?"
38:57 Now notice the connection with Daniel 8:13.
39:00 "Then I heard a holy one speaking; and another
39:02 holy one said to that certain one who was speaking,
39:06 'How long will the vision be concerning the daily
39:10 and the transgression of desolation, and the giving
39:13 of both the Sanctuary and the host...'"
39:15 The host represents God's people.
39:16 "...the host to be trampled underfoot?"
39:18 How long is the Sanctuary and those who worship
39:22 spiritually in the Sanctuary, how long until
39:27 this comes to an end?
39:29 And what is the answer?
39:31 "Unto two thousand three hundred days,
39:34 then the Sanctuary shall be cleansed."
39:35 In other words, there will be the judgment.
39:37 And in the judgment, God is going to set things straight.
39:40 Are you with me or not?
39:42 Now let's read the note so that you can understand this better.
39:46 In other words, how long until the actions of
39:48 the little horn are reversed?
39:51 The answer to the question is that in 1844
39:54 God began to reverse the erroneous decisions of
39:58 earthly courts in the heavenly Sanctuary.
40:01 The judgment begins with the dead,
40:04 including the martyrs of the 1260 years, but also all who
40:08 claimed Jesus as Savior.
40:09 That's a broader view.
40:11 In the judgment, God gives the martyrs what?
40:15 He confirms that they have a white robe.
40:17 And tells them to do what?
40:19 To rest until the rest of the martyrs die as they did.
40:24 Then God will vindicate both groups of martyrs
40:27 in the heavenly judgment, the judgment of the dead
40:29 beginning in 1844 and the judgment of the living
40:32 just before the close of probation.
40:34 And then at the second coming what will He do?
40:38 He will not only have judged, but He will also what?
40:42 Avenge their blood at the second coming.
40:45 The words, "judge," and, "avenge,"
40:47 do not refer to the same event.
40:49 While judging implies the trial, the avenging refers to the
40:53 punishment after God pronounces the sentence.
40:57 In the heavenly judgment, God gives the verdict
40:59 in favor of the saints and against their oppressors.
41:03 Then when Jesus comes, God will actually enforce
41:06 the verdict by rewarding the saints and punishing
41:10 their wicked oppressors.
41:13 The central theme of Daniel 7 is the vindication of God's
41:17 faithful martyrs.
41:18 The little horn persecuted and overcame the saints
41:21 for 1260 years.
41:23 However, in 1844 the Ancient of Days sat on His judgment seat
41:28 and the heavenly judgment began.
41:31 God opened the unerring record books, gave the verdict
41:34 in favor of the persecuted saints, and the time will come
41:38 when the saints will receive the kingdom.
41:43 In other words, God allowed the little horn to do its will
41:46 until the judge came, after which the kingdom
41:49 will be given to the saints of the Most High.
41:52 The persecution during the fourth seal and the crying out
41:56 of the martyrs during the fifth parallels the great tribulation
42:00 of Matthew 24, as well as the period of the church of Thyatira
42:04 as we've noticed, and the war that the little horn,
42:08 or the beast, waged upon the saints of the Most High
42:11 for a time, times, and the dividing of time.
42:14 Do you see all of the parallel passages?
42:16 The church of Thyatira, Daniel chapter 7,
42:19 Daniel chapter 8, Revelation chapter 13,
42:22 are all different perspectives of the same time period
42:26 that we're dealing with.
42:28 Now here's the summary.
42:30 In case you haven't understood everything,
42:32 now we're going to put everything together.
42:35 The papacy slew the saints of the Most High
42:37 during the 1260 years, and therefore their innocent blood
42:41 symbolically cried out for justice and vindication.
42:45 In 1844, God began to examine the case of each one.
42:49 God assigned to the faithful martyrs white robes
42:52 and told them to rest in the grave until the number of
42:55 the future martyrs is complete.
42:58 The Roman Catholic papacy in union with apostate
43:00 Protestantism during the little time of trouble preceding
43:04 the close of probation will slay the rest of the martyrs when the
43:08 land beast heals the wound of the sea beast.
43:11 Those who refuse to worship the beast and his image,
43:13 and to receive the mark, will be slain.
43:16 God will then vindicate the end time martyrs and assign them
43:20 white robes in the final stages of the judgment of the living.
43:24 Finally, at the coming of Jesus, both groups of martyrs
43:28 will be avenged and rewarded with eternal life,
43:31 while their wicked oppressors will be punished
43:33 with death by the plagues.
43:36 That synthesizes everything and brings everything together.
43:40 Now let's dedicate a few moments to talk about the relationship
43:46 between the fifth and sixth seals.
43:50 See, the sixth seal also has two stages.
43:54 And their related to the two stages in the fifth seal.
43:59 Let's pursue this.
44:01 As the fifth seal has two stages, so does the sixth.
44:06 The first part of the sixth seal, Revelation 6:12-13,
44:11 is the judging part of the fifth seal.
44:15 And the second part of the sixth seal is the avenging part.
44:20 Are you understanding the point?
44:23 In other words, the first part of the fifth seal
44:27 is the judging part.
44:29 "Until when do You not judge and avenge?"
44:32 So in the first part of the sixth seal, God says,
44:35 "I'm going to judge."
44:38 In the second part of the sixth seal, He says,
44:41 "I'm going to answer the avenging part."
44:45 This will become clearer as we go along.
44:47 In between these two events we have the parenthesis
44:52 or the interlude of Revelation 7:1-8,
44:55 the sealing of the righteous living.
44:58 The martyrs and the 144,000 are two distinct groups.
45:03 God will judge the martyrs who died during the short
45:06 time of trouble first, and then He will judge
45:09 the 144,000 living saints.
45:11 Because God judges the dead first and then He ends by
45:14 judging the living last.
45:17 We find God's answer to the cry of the martyrs
45:19 in Revelation 19:1-2.
45:22 The avenging part will take place during the period of the
45:25 seven last plagues, particularly when the wicked had to drink
45:30 blood because they shed the blood of the martyrs.
45:33 In Revelation 20:4, God gives this same group the right to
45:37 judge their wicked oppressors.
45:40 The persecution of the little horn during the 1260 years
45:44 leads to the question, "How long?"
45:46 The signs in the heavens during the first part of the
45:49 sixth seal announce the beginning
45:50 of the judgment process.
45:52 In other words, one of the great purposes of the great earthquake
45:54 and the sun darkening, and the moon turning like blood,
45:58 and the stars falling from heaven
45:59 is to announce that the judgment is about to begin.
46:04 It's not only the second coming.
46:06 They're announcements that attract attention,
46:08 they say, "Now wait a minute.
46:10 These signs are spoken of in Matthew 24.
46:13 These signs are spoken of in Revelation 6.
46:16 We're seeing them before our eyes.
46:17 What does this mean?"
46:19 It leads people to study Daniel and Revelation,
46:22 to study the prophecies.
46:23 So that the Millerites can say,
46:25 "The hour of His judgment is come."
46:28 Are you with me?
46:30 Daniel 11:44 describes the end time martyrs when the papacy
46:35 resurrects from its deadly wound.
46:37 In Daniel 12:1 the judgment ends, signs are seen in the
46:41 heavens revealing that the judgment has ended,
46:44 Babylon comes to its end, and God's people are
46:47 delivered and rewarded.
46:50 Now let's notice the timing that Ellen White gives
46:53 to the fifth seal.
46:55 Some people say, "Well, Ellen White commented
46:57 that the fifth seal is still future from our day."
47:01 Yeah, it is future. The second stage is.
47:04 But not the first stage.
47:06 Let's read what she has to say.
47:09 Let's go to page 230.
47:11 Because time is flying by.
47:15 Does the fifth seal apply to events in the past?
47:20 Yes or no?
47:22 Does Ellen White apply it to events in the past?
47:24 Yes she does. The first part.
47:27 Notice, Great Controversy, page 59.
47:31 "In the thirteenth century was established that most
47:35 terrible of all the engines of the papacy; the Inquisition.
47:38 The prince of darkness wrought with the leaders
47:40 of the papal hierarchy.
47:42 In their secret councils, Satan and his angels
47:44 controlled the minds of evil men while unseen in the midst
47:48 stood an angle of God taking the fearful record of their
47:51 iniquitous decrees and writing the history of deeds
47:54 too horrible to appear to human eyes."
47:57 And now notice this.
47:58 "'Babylon the great' was 'drunken with the
48:00 blood of the saints.'"
48:03 This is speaking about those who died during the Inquisition
48:05 in the past, right?
48:07 During the 1260 years.
48:09 "The mangled forms of millions of martyrs cried to God
48:15 for vengeance upon that apostate power."
48:20 So is there an aspect of the fifth seal that is past?
48:23 Yes.
48:25 It there also a future dimension?
48:27 Ah, Ellen White caught this.
48:28 Ellen White knew that there's two dimensions
48:31 or two stages to the fifth seal.
48:33 Notice this following statement,
48:35 Review and Herald, December 21, 1897.
48:40 "When the defiance of God's law is almost universal,
48:43 when His people are pressed in affliction by their fellow men,
48:47 God will interpose."
48:49 This is speaking about future, right?
48:51 "Then will the voice be heard from the graves of the martyrs,
48:55 represented by the souls that John saw slain
48:58 for the Word of God and for the testimony of Jesus Christ
49:01 which they held.
49:02 Then the prayer will ascend from every true child of God,
49:05 'It is time for Thee, Lord, to work,
49:07 for they have made void Thy law.'
49:10 The fervent prayers of His people will be answered;
49:12 for God loves to have His people seek Him with all the heart,
49:17 and depend upon Him as their deliverer.
49:20 He will be sought unto to do these things for His people,
49:24 and He will arise as their Protector and Avenger.
49:27 'Shall not God avenge His own elect,
49:30 which cry day and night unto Him?'"
49:34 Is Ellen White applying the cry of the martyrs
49:36 to the future here?
49:37 Yes.
49:38 Now notice this other statement,
49:40 Review and Herald, June 15, 1897.
49:43 "Roman Catholic principles will be taken under the care
49:46 and protection of the state.
49:48 The national apostasy..." This is future.
49:51 "The national apostasy will speedily be followed
49:54 by national ruin.
49:56 The protest of Bible truth will no longer be tolerated
50:01 by those who have not made the law of God their rule of life.
50:07 Then will the voice be heard from the graves of martyrs,
50:11 represented by the souls that John saw slain for the
50:14 Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ which they held.
50:18 Then the prayer will ascend from every true child of God,
50:20 'It is time for Thee to work, for they have made
50:23 void Thy law.'"
50:25 Is this clearly future?
50:26 Is it talking about the future groups of martyrs?
50:29 So are there going to be more martyrdoms?
50:32 Yes.
50:35 Here's another one.
50:36 "When Protestantism shall stretch her hand across the gulf
50:41 to grasp the hand of the Roman power, when she shall reach over
50:45 the abyss to clasp hands with spiritualism,
50:48 when under the influence of this threefold union
50:51 our country shall repudiate every principle of its
50:54 Constitution as a Protestant and republican government,
50:57 and shall make provision for the propagation of papal falsehoods
51:01 and delusions, then we may know that the time has come for the
51:05 marvelous working of Satan and that the end is near.
51:08 As the approach of the Roman armies..."
51:10 See, now she's going to refer to Matthew 24.
51:12 She's going to connect Matthew 24 with the fifth seal.
51:15 "As the approach of the Roman armies was a sign to the
51:18 disciples of the impending destruction of Jerusalem,
51:21 so may this apostasy be a sign to us that the limit of
51:24 God's forbearance is reached, that the measure of our nation's
51:28 iniquity is full, and that the angel of mercy is about to
51:31 take her flight, never to return.
51:33 The people of God will then be plunged into those scenes
51:37 of affliction and distress which prophets have described
51:40 as the time of Jacob's trouble.
51:42 The cries of the faithful persecuted ones
51:45 ascend to heaven.
51:47 And as the blood of Abel cried from the ground,
51:50 there are voices also crying to God from martyrs' graves,
51:54 from the sepulchers of the sea, from mountain caves,
51:58 from convent vaults, 'How long, O Lord, holy and true,
52:04 dost Thou not judge and avenge our blood on them
52:07 that dwell on the earth?'"
52:08 And then God speedily will intervene to judge
52:13 and avenge their blood.
52:16 So why does Ellen White place the fulfillment of the
52:18 fifth seal in the future?
52:21 The simple reason is that the fifth seal has what?
52:24 A past and a future fulfillment, just like the
52:27 Roman Catholic Papacy has two stages of dominion:
52:30 one past, the 1260 years, and the other future,
52:34 when the deadly wound is healed.
52:36 The past fulfillment was when the martyrs died during
52:39 the dark ages, and the future fulfillment is when the
52:42 persecutions of the past are revived during the short time
52:45 of trouble just before the close of probation.
52:51 Now we have one page left.
52:53 Ellen White refers to two stages of persecution
52:56 in the experience of God's people.
52:58 Volume 9, Testimonies, page 16.
53:01 It couldn't be clearer.
53:03 "It is impossible to give any idea of the experience
53:09 of the people of God who shall be alive upon the earth
53:14 when celestial glory..."
53:17 What is celestial glory?
53:18 What is she referring to when she says,
53:20 "when celestial glory"?
53:24 Yes, it's His character, but what passage in the Bible
53:27 comes to mind when we speak about celestial glory?
53:30 Revelation 18
53:33 What does Revelation 18:1-4 have?
53:37 Yes.
53:38 "I saw another angel come down from heaven..."
53:41 And it says that the whole earth was what?
53:45 Was filled with His glory.
53:48 And then what does he proclaim?
53:50 He says Babylon is fallen.
53:52 "Babylon has become the habitation of demons."
53:55 I don't know why in the Seventh-day Adventist Church
53:57 we want to copy the worship styles of Babylon.
54:02 Babylon had an irreversible...
54:03 Protestantism had an irreversible fall in 1844.
54:09 The point of no return.
54:12 So why would we want to copy their evangelistic methods,
54:16 their worship styles, and so on?
54:19 It's insane.
54:21 Don't we have enough in the Bible to know
54:24 what God expects of us as a church?
54:27 I would certainly hope so.
54:30 Perhaps it's because we've gone astray from our roots,
54:32 from our present truth message, from the Bible,
54:36 from the prophecies that gave origin to the
54:39 Seventh-day Adventist Church.
54:41 Maybe we need to go back to our roots.
54:44 You know, we don't know who we are.
54:49 That's why we want to be like all the other denominations.
54:51 We've lost... We've lost our mind.
54:57 And the only way you're going to have revival is
54:59 coming back to the roots.
55:04 So she says, "It's impossible to give any idea of the experience
55:07 of the people of God who shall be alive upon the earth
55:10 when celestial glory..."
55:13 That is the loud cry.
55:14 Is Babylon going to persecute God's people
55:16 when the loud cry is proclaimed?
55:17 Absolutely.
55:18 "...when celestial glory and a repetition of the persecutions
55:23 of the past are blended."
55:26 So when is this little period of persecution
55:29 going to take place?
55:32 When the loud cry is being proclaimed.
55:35 So is the door of mercy still open when the
55:39 loud cry is proclaimed?
55:41 Yes, because the loud cry is simply the outpouring of
55:45 the Holy Spirit in latter rain power without limit.
55:51 And the message is in Revelation 18.
55:53 Very politically incorrect, I might say.
55:57 I mean, you know, you look at Revelation chapter 18.
56:04 I mean, it could be offensive to many people.
56:07 Well, the message of Jesus was offensive.
56:09 It got Him crucified.
56:10 Same with Elijah.
56:12 Stephen.
56:14 So it would be better not to proclaim the message
56:17 so there's no opposition, right?
56:21 That seems to be the mood these days.
56:24 Revelation 18, notice verse 2.
56:42 What a way to describe the Protestant world.
56:48 We call it Kool-Aid today.
56:55 Of the harlot's fornication.
57:02 The whole commercial enterprises of the world,
57:04 the merchants of the earth.
57:08 And then comes the call.
57:11 Who wants to stay in Babylon when they hear this?
57:15 When they see what's going on?
57:18 I wouldn't want to stay there.
57:20 So when people see what we've been studying,
57:22 all of these things, and God says,
57:26 "Come out of her, My people."
57:31 What are people going to do?
57:34 "I'm out of here.
57:36 I'm joining the remnant.
57:38 Even if it means sacrificing my life
57:42 for the Word of God and for the testimony of Jesus Christ.
57:48 So we've finished the fifth seal.
57:52 In our next exciting episode,
57:55 this afternoon in two sessions we will deal
57:57 with seal number six, which also has two stages.
58:03 So now we'll take a break, we'll come back together
58:07 and continue studying these marvelous things
58:09 from God's Word.


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