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The 144,000 and the Great Multitude Part 1 of 2

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00:15 Well, good morning.
00:18 I trust you had a good night sleep.
00:21 We ordered good weather for this week.
00:24 Because we knew you were all coming from far away places,
00:27 and we have some people from Denver.
00:33 So how many do we have from Denver?
00:37 Five, wow. Praise the Lord.
00:40 I've been promised that next year a bus load
00:43 is coming from Denver.
00:45 Hallelujah for that.
00:47 Well, let's have a word of prayer.
00:49 And then we'll get into our study.
00:52 Father in heaven, thank You for giving a good night's rest
00:55 to each one of us.
00:57 Thank You because You've given us new life this day.
01:01 Thank You so much for being a wonderful God.
01:05 We thank You especially for Your Word.
01:08 What would this world be like if we didn't have any guidance
01:11 as to what's happening.
01:12 But we know exactly what is happening and
01:15 what's going to take place,
01:17 because You have informed us in Your Word.
01:20 So as we study about the interlude in Revelation 7,
01:23 we ask for the presence of Your Spirit.
01:26 Give us a clear mind and willing hearts.
01:30 And we thank You for hearing our prayer.
01:32 We ask it in Jesus' name. Amen.
01:37 We're going to begin our study on page 281.
01:41 Page 281.
01:43 This is the interlude that is found between
01:50 seal number six and seal number seven.
01:53 This afternoon we will be studying seal number seven.
01:57 Let me just give you a little bit of context,
01:59 because we might have some people that are watching the
02:02 live stream and they haven't been with us
02:04 in all the other sessions.
02:06 So let me just give you a little context of
02:08 where the interlude fits within the sequence of the seals.
02:12 The first seal represents what?
02:15 The apostolic church going out conquering and to conquer.
02:19 Thousands are joining the church abandoning paganism.
02:22 So Satan says, "Okay, that's not working.
02:25 Let's persecute them and kill them,
02:27 try to kill the church off."
02:29 But the church grows all the more.
02:32 So Satan says, "That's not working.
02:34 So let's change the plan."
02:37 So then under the third seal, the black horse,
02:40 he introduces apostasy into the church.
02:43 And that's much more successful.
02:45 And the apostasy under the third horse, the black horse,
02:48 now becomes the papacy in the fourth horse.
02:52 And people die of famine because the Word of God is scarce.
02:56 And people also died because they are killed if they
02:58 don't agree with the church of that period.
03:02 And so, then in the fifth seal, the martyrs that were killed
03:05 during the period of the fourth horse are crying out.
03:09 And they're crying out for two things.
03:11 They're crying out for what?
03:13 Judgment and to be avenged.
03:17 And so, where does God answer their pleas.
03:19 In the first part of the sixth seal He announces,
03:22 "I am going to judge."
03:25 In the second part of the sixth seal comes the avenging part,
03:30 which is the second coming of Jesus where Jesus destroys
03:35 those who gave wrong verdicts on earth.
03:39 Now the sixth seal ends with a question.
03:43 "The great day of His wrath has come,
03:46 and who shall be able to stand?"
03:49 Now we would expect that question
03:51 to be answered, wouldn't we?
03:53 And the answer would be, of course, in the next chapter.
03:57 And that next chapter, chapter 7, is the interlude
04:01 that explains who is going to be able to stand.
04:06 Those who receive the seal of God are going to be able
04:09 to stand in the great day of God's wrath.
04:13 So that's where the interlude fits.
04:16 The interlude is referring to the final sealing of those
04:20 who will be alive when Jesus comes.
04:23 It's right before the close of probation,
04:26 right before the time of trouble.
04:28 The 144,000 will be sealed, and the seal will protect them
04:33 during the time of trouble.
04:35 So that's where this interlude fits.
04:37 This is talking about the very end time generation.
04:41 Because it's the sealing of the 144,000,
04:43 and the 144,000 will be those who are alive
04:47 when Jesus comes.
04:48 What a privilege to be alive when Jesus comes.
04:51 So let's go to our syllabus, page 281, as I was mentioning,
04:55 now that we have the context.
04:58 Is this an important subject to study?
05:00 Some people say, "Who cares about the 144,000?
05:03 Let's talk about the love of Jesus."
05:05 Well, we are talking about the love of Jesus.
05:07 Jesus tells us all these things so that we don't
05:11 fall into Satan's traps.
05:13 So His messages are messages of love.
05:16 Two quotations from the spirit of prophecy.
05:18 One is, Selected Messages, volume 1, page 174.
05:23 "It is not His will," that is, God's will, "that they shall
05:26 get into controversy over questions which will not
05:29 help them spiritually, such as, 'Who is to compose
05:34 the hundred and forty-four thousand?'
05:37 This, those who are the elect of God, will in a short time
05:41 know without question."
05:42 So some people say Ellen White is saying that
05:45 we shouldn't even talk about who's going to
05:46 compose the 144,000, when they're going to live.
05:49 No, Ellen White is saying that we can't specify individuals
05:53 who belong to the 144,000.
05:55 We can't say this guy, yes. This one, no.
05:59 This woman, yes. This woman, no.
06:01 No, we can't choose individuals and say
06:03 who is going to be among the 144,000.
06:06 But we can know when that group is going to live.
06:09 The second quotation, Review and Herald, March 9, 1905,
06:13 reads like this:
06:15 "Let us strive with all the power that God has given us
06:20 to be among the hundred and forty-four thousand.
06:23 And let us do all that we can to help others
06:27 to gain heaven."
06:29 So it's very important then to struggle with all the power
06:33 that God has given us to be among the 144,000,
06:35 obviously if we are alive during the closing scenes of history.
06:41 Now there are several issues that we need to deal with
06:44 when we talk about the 144,000.
06:46 And that's our next section. The issues.
06:50 What are the biblical sources for the 144,000?
06:56 What is the relationship between
06:58 the 144,000 and the great multitude?
07:02 Because the great multitude is also in chapter 7.
07:05 So we need to discover the relationship between
07:10 the 144,000 and the great multitude.
07:13 Who are the 144,000 and at what stage of history
07:18 do the 144,000 live?
07:21 In what context do they appear in the book of Revelation?
07:25 Not only when they exist historically, but in what
07:28 textual context do they appear in the book of Revelation?
07:32 Are they natural Israelites who live in the Middle East?
07:37 Will Ellen G. White and Mrs. Hastings
07:41 belong to this group?
07:43 We'll talk about Mrs. Hastings a little bit later on.
07:46 Some people say, "Well, Ellen White said that Mrs. Hastings
07:49 is going to be among the 144,000.
07:51 And Ellen White herself said that she
07:52 would be among the 144,000."
07:54 So we're going to deal with that.
07:56 Is the number literal or symbolic?
07:59 What is the seal that the 144,000 receive?
08:03 What kind of character will they possess
08:06 and how did they develop such a character?
08:09 And then, why are Dan and Ephraim missing from the list?
08:15 So those are some of the things that we will address.
08:18 We're not going to address Dan and Ephraim.
08:22 That would take us far beyond the time that we have here
08:27 in class, but I might mention a few things about that.
08:31 Now let's talk, first of all, about the 144,000
08:34 in the book of Revelation.
08:36 The specific number is mentioned only twice
08:40 in two passages.
08:42 In Revelation 7 and in Revelation 14.
08:47 However, the concept of the 144,000, even though the
08:51 specific number is not mentioned,
08:53 is found in two additional chapters.
08:57 Now let's look at these four sources in the book of
08:59 Revelation to see what the emphasis is.
09:01 Each passage has a particular emphasis.
09:05 Revelation 7:1-8, the emphasis falls on the sealing
09:11 of the 144,000 so that the angels can identify them
09:16 and protect them during the time of trouble.
09:18 In other words, the seal is a sign of protection
09:23 because they have to go through the time of trouble
09:25 when there will be a death decree,
09:27 when they will be thrown into prison,
09:29 and Satan will have full control of the impenitent.
09:32 So they need to be protected.
09:34 And those who have the seal will be protected by God.
09:38 So the emphasis in Revelation 7 is that they receive the seal
09:43 to be protected.
09:45 In Revelation 14:1-5, that's another place where the specific
09:49 number is mentioned, the emphasis is on the character
09:52 of the 144,000.
09:54 And because they have the character,
09:56 they receive the seal.
09:58 And because they have the seal, they are protected
10:01 in the time of trouble.
10:02 Another place where the 144,000 appear in Revelation,
10:06 although the specific number is not used
10:08 but it's very clear as you read these verses
10:10 that it's referring to the 144,000 because the song
10:13 of Moses and the Lamb is mentioned as in chapter 14,
10:18 is Revelation 15:2-4.
10:21 And the emphasis here is on the victory of the 144,000.
10:26 The 144,000 have gained the victory over the beast,
10:30 over his image, over his mark, and over the number of his name.
10:34 So the emphasis in Revelation 15 is on the victory.
10:38 And then the fourth place where it's found
10:42 is Revelation 19:1-8.
10:46 Here, the emphasis is on the jubilatory singing
10:49 of the 144,000 because the harlot has been judged
10:54 and God's people have been avenged.
10:58 So you have these four sources for the 144,000
11:01 in the book of Revelation specifically.
11:04 However, there are other places in the Scriptures
11:07 where you have the concept of the 144,000.
11:12 We have to study the story of Enoch
11:14 in order to understand the 144,000
11:17 because he's a type of the 144,000,
11:20 according to the book, Patriarchs and Prophets.
11:23 It would be helpful to study the story of Elijah.
11:26 The whole story of Elijah is a typology that has to do
11:31 with the end time generation.
11:34 Ezekiel 9:1-6 which refers to the sealing.
11:38 The receiving of the seal on the foreheads of
11:41 those who sign and cry because of the abominations
11:45 that are done in the earth.
11:47 Then yesterday we looked at Joel 2 where the question
11:50 is asked, "The great day of His wrath has come,
11:52 and who is going to be able to stand?"
11:55 Obviously, that passage is dealing with the 144,000.
11:59 Joel 3 in connection with Revelation 14:14-20.
12:04 Once again, we need to study that passage in order to
12:07 get the full picture.
12:08 Then we studied several passages yesterday.
12:10 Psalm 15, Psalm 46, Psalm 91, Psalm 24:3-6.
12:19 All of those passages we looked at yesterday
12:22 where the question is asked, the same question
12:25 basically of Revelation 6:17.
12:27 So we need to study those passages as well.
12:31 Daniel 3 is an illustration of the liberation of God's people
12:35 from the fiery furnace of the time of trouble.
12:37 The whole story of Daniel 3 is a typology.
12:41 The story of Daniel 6, Daniel and the lion's den.
12:44 Once again, that's an illustration of the
12:47 end time generation that will be protected
12:49 from certain death.
12:50 You know, the issue in the days of Daniel
12:52 was over the law of God.
12:54 "The only way that we're going to get this guy
12:55 is because of the law of his God."
12:59 And so, it deals with the law of God and with worship.
13:02 And so, that story needs to be studied in order to
13:05 fully understand the 144,000, the end time generation,
13:10 and the time of trouble.
13:12 And then Exodus 34:28-35.
13:15 This is where the face of Moses shines.
13:18 The book of Hebrews 12:14-29 picks up on this and applies it
13:23 to those who will be alive when Jesus comes.
13:25 Then you have, of course, Zechariah 3,
13:28 which we haven't gotten into.
13:29 Malachi 3:1-5, which we did look at briefly.
13:35 Isaiah 33:12-17, which has the same question, basically,
13:41 as Revelation 6:17.
13:42 And Nahum 1:6-7.
13:44 So there are lots of passages that address the issue of
13:48 the end time generation, the 144,000,
13:50 the type of character they will have.
13:52 So we can't just stay in the book of Revelation
13:56 because we allow other passages to explain
13:59 the book of Revelation.
14:01 Now let's look at the chronology from the close of probation
14:05 to the general resurrection.
14:08 The chronology, we're going to look at the order of events
14:11 from the close of probation to the general resurrection.
14:16 And I'm going to give you the pages from the book,
14:19 The Great Controversy.
14:20 Because Ellen White presents these events
14:22 in the precise order in which they're going to occur.
14:26 In, Great Controversy, page 613...
14:28 By the way, you also find Bible verses that corroborate
14:31 what Ellen White has to say in the book, Great Controversy.
14:35 On page 613 Ellen White quotes Daniel 12:1
14:41 which says that Michael will stand up.
14:46 That expression, "stand up," means, to begin to reign.
14:50 You say, how do we know that?
14:52 Because earlier in the chapter, actually the previous chapter,
14:56 earlier in the previous chapter, Daniel 11:2-4 tell us,
15:02 for example, three kings will yet stand up in Persia.
15:08 What does that mean, three kings are yet to stand up in Persia?
15:11 It means three kings are yet to reign in Persia.
15:15 So, "stand up," means that Jesus is going to begin to reign.
15:19 Why is He going to begin to reign?
15:21 Because His kingdom is made up.
15:23 What is His kingdom?
15:25 His people.
15:26 So how did He reveal who His people are?
15:29 In the investigative judgment.
15:30 So the judgment is finished, His kingdom is complete,
15:35 now probation closes, Jesus is going to reign over His kingdom.
15:38 So in, Great Controversy, page 613, we have
15:42 Jesus standing up.
15:44 That is the close of probation.
15:48 Then I want you to notice also, The Great Controversy,
15:50 pages 613 and 634, through 634, that is.
15:57 Here, we have a description of the great time of trouble
16:00 after the close of probation.
16:03 So in other words, probation closes, Michael stands up,
16:07 and then you have the great time of trouble.
16:10 From page 613 to page 634, a very long chapter,
16:15 Ellen White discusses the issue of the time of trouble.
16:20 Then you get to page 635, and the title of that chapter
16:24 is, God's People Delivered.
16:27 And there you have a description of the death decree.
16:31 And then you go to, Great Controversy, pages 635-636,
16:36 God's voice delivers the 144,000 from the death decree.
16:42 The fact that the names of the 144,000
16:44 are written in the book...
16:47 Did you notice Daniel 12:1 says, "Your people will be delivered,
16:51 everyone who is written in the book."
16:53 When were they written in the book?
16:55 When was their name confirmed in the book?
16:58 In the investigative judgment when their
16:59 cases came up.
17:01 So on page 635 and 636, God's voice delivers
17:06 the 144,000 from the death decree.
17:09 And the fact that the names of the 144,000
17:11 are written in the book indicates that they successfully
17:15 pass the pre-advent investigative judgment.
17:18 Then on page 637, we're going in chronological order,
17:21 you have the special resurrection.
17:24 And that is found in Daniel 12:2,
17:28 also Revelation 1:7, Matthew 26:64.
17:32 There are several verses that address this.
17:34 Revelation 14:13, et cetera.
17:36 The special resurrection includes those who pierced Jesus
17:39 and the greatest enemies of the truth,
17:42 and it includes also those who died in the faith
17:45 of the third angel's message.
17:48 Then interestingly enough, on page 640, God's voice
17:53 announces the day and hour of Jesus' coming.
17:57 Now isn't that interesting.
17:59 So in other words, the special resurrection
18:03 and the deliverance of the 144,000 takes place
18:06 before the second coming of Christ.
18:08 Right before the second coming of Christ.
18:11 So then on page 640, God's voice announces
18:13 the day and hour of Jesus' coming.
18:16 And then in, Great Controversy, pages 640-641,
18:21 Jesus arrives above the surface of the earth.
18:26 Like it says in 1 Thessalonians 4.
18:29 You know, God's people will be caught up in the clouds
18:33 to meet the Lord in the air.
18:35 And then on page 644, you have the general resurrection
18:40 of all of those who died before the third angel's message
18:45 was proclaimed.
18:47 So you have this chronological sequence.
18:49 And it's just exactly in the order in which it appears
18:52 in the book of Revelation.
18:55 Now let's go to Ellen White's chronological portrayal
19:00 in a little more detail?
19:03 Let's follow the sequence of events
19:05 that she portrays in chapter 38 to chapter 40
19:09 of, Great Controversy.
19:10 Chapter 38 is titled, The Final Warning.
19:14 That is the loud cry, by the way.
19:16 And she begins the chapter by quoting Revelation 18:1.
19:22 Let's go through this so that we have the sequence clear.
19:26 The chapter describes the final loud cry message,
19:29 Revelation 18:1-5, accompanied by the power of the latter rain.
19:35 It also brings to view the final test for the whole world
19:39 over the mark of the beast and the seal of God.
19:43 The sealed ones are the 144,000 from the
19:45 twelve tribes of Israel, yet they are from every nation
19:49 kindred, tongue, and people?
19:51 Now isn't that interesting?
19:53 The 144,000 are from the tribes of Israel,
19:56 but they're really from every nation,
19:58 kindred, tongue, and people.
19:59 This would seem to indicate that the 144,000
20:01 are not literal Jews.
20:04 This is Ellen White's commentary on Revelation 7:1-8.
20:08 Notice this.
20:09 "The Sabbath will be the great test of loyalty,
20:13 for it is the point of truth especially controverted.
20:16 When the final test shall be brought to bear upon men,
20:20 then the line of distinction will be drawn between
20:23 those who serve God and those who serve Him not.
20:27 While the observance of the false Sabbath in compliance with
20:30 the law of the state, contrary to the fourth commandment,
20:34 will be an avowal of allegiance to a power that
20:36 is in opposition to God, the keeping of the true Sabbath,
20:41 in obedience to God's law,
20:42 is an evidence of loyalty to the Creator.
20:46 While one class, by accepting the sign of submission
20:48 to earthly powers, receive the mark of the beast,
20:52 the other choosing the token of allegiance
20:55 to divine authority receive the seal of God."
20:58 Are only the Jews going to receive the seal of God?
21:01 They're the only ones that are going to be
21:02 tested over the Sabbath?
21:05 Only the Jews are going to be tested to see whether they
21:08 receive the mark of the beast?
21:10 No.
21:11 The three angels' messages goes to every nation,
21:14 kindred, tongue, and people.
21:15 That includes the third message.
21:18 And so, we begin to discern here in chapter 38
21:22 that the final message is for the entire world,
21:25 not only for the Jews.
21:27 And the seal of God is received not only by
21:29 literal Jews, it's received by people from every nation,
21:34 kindred, tongue, and people.
21:35 Are you with me or not?
21:37 Now let's read the next statement.
21:40 "The restraining Spirit of God is now being
21:43 withdrawn from the world.
21:45 Hurricanes, storms, tempests, fire and flood,
21:50 disasters by sea and land follow each other in quick succession.
21:56 Science seeks to explain all these."
22:01 Is science trying to explain all these things?
22:03 Of course. It's climate change, right?
22:08 You know, scientists today say it is an absolute scientific
22:12 fact that climate change is due to too much oil, you know,
22:19 to much gasoline consumption, and so on.
22:23 The same scientists say that evolution is a proven fact.
22:29 So we have to take it with a grain of salt.
22:32 We know that the explanation of science is not the explanation.
22:35 Yes, the weather is changing.
22:37 Yes, there's more and more disasters.
22:39 But it doesn't have to do with, you know, carbons being thrown
22:44 into the atmosphere.
22:45 It has to do with the sinfulness of humanity.
22:47 And God is releasing the winds of strife.
22:51 So she says, "Science seeks to explain all these.
22:54 The signs thickening around us, telling us of the near
22:58 approach of the Son of God,
22:59 are attributed to any other than the true cause."
23:05 Powerful statement.
23:07 "Men cannot discern the sentinel angels restraining
23:10 the four winds that they shall not blow until
23:13 the servants of God are sealed.
23:16 But when God shall bid His angels loose the winds,
23:20 there shall be such a scene of strife
23:22 as no pen can picture."
23:24 You think things are bad today?
23:27 You ain't seen nothing yet.
23:30 When probation closes and the Spirit is removed,
23:34 the winds are released, this world is going to be a jungle.
23:38 And that's why only the 144,000 that are sealed
23:41 will be protected from death.
23:44 Notice, Maranatha, page 266.
23:47 "Angels are belting the world,
23:50 refusing Satan his claims to supremacy,
23:53 made because of the vast multitude of his adherents.
23:57 We hear not the voices, we see not with the natural sight
24:01 the work of these angels, but their hands are linked
24:04 about the world, and with sleepless vigilance
24:08 they are keeping the armies of Satan..." How?
24:11 " bay till the sealing of God's people
24:14 shall be accomplished."
24:16 So are the angels still holding the winds?
24:19 Yes, the angels are still holding the winds.
24:22 Praise the Lord for that.
24:24 In the book, Maranatha, page 266,
24:27 "John sees the elements of nature;
24:29 earthquake, tempest, and political strife,
24:31 represented as being held by four angels.
24:35 These winds are under control until God gives
24:39 the world to let them go.
24:42 There is the safety of God's church.
24:44 The angels of God do His bidding,
24:47 holding back the winds of the earth,
24:49 that the winds should not blow on the earth, nor on the sea,
24:53 nor on any tree, until the servants of God
24:56 should be sealed in their foreheads."
24:58 So the question is, is the sealing something that
25:01 takes place during probationary time?
25:04 Yes.
25:05 Does God seal those at the very end of time,
25:08 those who are going to go through the time of trouble?
25:10 Absolutely.
25:12 So that's the chapter, The Final Warning.
25:15 It's the loud cry, through the power of the latter rain.
25:19 Those who decide to accept God's Sabbath
25:23 are sealed with the seal of God.
25:24 Those who reject the loud cry receive the mark of the beast.
25:29 And then, of course, what happens?
25:31 Probation closes.
25:33 In fact, in chapter 39, the chapter on, The Time of Trouble,
25:38 Ellen White begins the chapter by quoting Daniel 12:1;
25:41 Michael shall stand up.
25:43 And then the rest of the chapter describes the time of trouble.
25:47 So let's go through this.
25:49 God seals His faithful ones before the time of trouble.
25:53 When Jesus ceases His intercessions, the four angels
25:57 release the winds of strife.
25:59 There is then a contrast between Satan who numbers
26:04 the world as his subjects and the little company who keep
26:08 the commandments of God.
26:10 That's the contrast that Ellen White draws.
26:12 While God's people suffer hunger and thirst,
26:16 they do not die.
26:18 Ellen White links the thirst with the waters
26:21 turned into blood and hunger with the sun
26:24 that scorches the vegetation.
26:27 That's in, Great Controversy, pages 628-629.
26:29 This is the period of the great tribulation.
26:33 Revelation 7:14 states literally in the Greek
26:37 that the unnumbered multitude...
26:39 Now we start noticing something else.
26:41 That the unnumbered multitude is actually going to
26:44 go alive through the time of trouble as well.
26:46 Because the Greek says that the great multitude
26:51 which no one can number goes through the tribulation,
26:55 the great one.
26:56 That's the way it says it in the Greek.
26:57 It doesn't say, through a great tribulation.
26:59 It says, "through the tribulation, the great one."
27:03 Those who go through this tribulation will not die.
27:06 They will be alive when Jesus comes.
27:09 That's the chapter on, The Time of Trouble.
27:12 The next chapter in the order is chapter 40,
27:16 God's People Delivered.
27:18 After the first four plagues, which are taking place
27:21 during the time of trouble, God's sealed ones
27:25 are still in danger.
27:27 Page 635.
27:28 That's where the wicked are about to rush upon God's people.
27:33 But at the outpouring of the fifth plague of darkness,
27:36 we read this yesterday, they are delivered by the voice of God.
27:41 The wicked multitudes are arrested.
27:43 That is the drying up of the Euphrates.
27:46 The waters that wanted to drown God's people
27:48 in the sixth plague.
27:50 The seventh plague brings about the final fall of Babylon.
27:54 The special resurrection then occurs, and those who
27:57 died in the faith of the third angel stand with the 144,000.
28:02 Important point.
28:03 They don't stand among the 144,000.
28:06 Those who resurrect in the special resurrection
28:08 stand with the 144,000.
28:11 It's a distinct group.
28:13 This all happens before the day and hour
28:15 of Jesus' coming is announced.
28:17 Jesus descends from heaven, and the wicked ask the question
28:21 of Revelation 6:17, "Who shall be able to stand?"
28:25 Now the general resurrection of the righteous takes place.
28:28 The 144,000 then stand victorious in heaven.
28:33 So are you catching the sequence?
28:36 Now let's notice the next paragraph,
28:38 an important point here.
28:40 It is significant that Ellen White never quotes
28:44 Revelation 7:1-8 which speaks of the sealing of the 144,000
28:50 in the chapter titled, God's People Delivered.
28:54 She only quotes Revelation 14:1-5,
28:57 Revelation 15:2-4, and Revelation 7:9-17
29:02 which describes the great multitude.
29:04 Why did Ellen White not quote Revelation 7:1-8
29:09 in the chapter titled, God's People Delivered?
29:13 Simply because she spoke about the sealing in the chapter,
29:17 The Final Warning.
29:19 Now she is concerned, not with the sealing of the 144,000,
29:23 but with their deliverance and final victory.
29:26 In all three passages she quotes, the 144,000 stand
29:30 victoriously upon the heavenly hill of Zion.
29:34 So she wouldn't mention the sealing of the 144,000.
29:37 She mentioned that in the chapter that has to
29:39 do with the final warning.
29:41 In the chapter, God's People Delivered,
29:42 she's dealing with the victory of the 144,000.
29:47 Now let's go to page 288.
29:52 And let's notice here the case of a Mrs. Hastings.
29:59 You say, who was Mrs. Hastings?
30:01 Well, let's take a look.
30:02 Because people say, "Ellen White is going to
30:04 be among the 144,000."
30:06 "Mrs. Hastings is going to be among the 144,000."
30:09 So we're dealing with some technical matters because
30:11 people are going to bring these things up.
30:13 Will Ellen White be a member of the 144,000?
30:17 The evidence clearly indicates that she will not.
30:20 If God will translate the 144,000 to heaven from among
30:24 the living, Ellen White cannot be among them
30:27 because she is dead.
30:29 I mean, that's pretty clear, isn't it?
30:32 Furthermore, Ellen White never says that she will
30:34 be among the 144,000.
30:37 It is always with the 144,000.
30:42 Is there a difference between among and with?
30:44 Absolutely.
30:45 To be among means that you belong to the group.
30:48 With means that you're with them,
30:50 but not necessarily a member of the group.
30:54 Notice one example where Ellen White says that
30:56 she's going to be among the 144,000.
31:00 Early Writings, page 39.
31:02 "Then the angel said, 'You must go back,
31:04 and if you are faithful, you, with the 144,000,
31:10 shall have the privilege of visiting all the worlds
31:13 and viewing the handiwork of God.'"
31:16 So not among, but with.
31:18 Every time that she refers to herself,
31:20 she says, "with," not, "among."
31:25 Furthermore, Ellen White does not fit the description
31:28 of the 144,000 she herself gives
31:31 in, Great Controversy, pages 648-649.
31:34 There she says that they go through the time of trouble,
31:36 they experience hunger and thirst,
31:39 you know, they suffer the anguish of Jacob,
31:42 they'll be alive when Jesus comes.
31:44 Well, she doesn't fit any of the descriptions
31:47 she herself gives of when the 144,000 are going to live.
31:52 Now in 1850 Ellen White wrote a letter of condolence
31:57 to a brother Hastings who had just lost his wife.
32:02 And I want to read that statement by Ellen White,
32:05 because she had a custom of writing to people who were
32:09 in bereavement because of the passing of a relative.
32:13 This is what she wrote.
32:15 "I hardly know what to say to you.
32:17 The news of your wife's death was to me overwhelming.
32:21 I could hardly believe it and can hardly believe it now.
32:26 God gave me a view..."
32:27 When she uses the word, view, she means, vision.
32:29 "God gave me a view last Sabbath night that I will write.
32:33 I saw that she was sealed..."
32:36 Mrs. Hastings was sealed.
32:38 "...and would come up at the voice of God..."
32:41 Notice, "come up at the voice of God."
32:44 "...and stand upon the earth, and would be..." What?
32:48 "...with the 144,000.
32:52 I saw we need not mourn for her;
32:55 she would rest in the time of trouble..."
32:57 Can she be one of the 144,000 if she's resting
33:00 during the time of trouble?
33:01 No.
33:03 "...she would rest in the time of trouble,
33:05 and all that we could mourn for was our loss
33:09 in being deprived of her company.
33:11 I saw her death would result in good."
33:17 Now, God seals the 144,000 during the loud cry
33:21 just before the close of probation, as we've noticed.
33:25 Further, the 144,000 do not rest during the time of trouble.
33:29 They're going to go through the time of trouble.
33:31 How could God have sealed Mrs. Hastings in 1850?
33:36 According to Ellen White, God will impress His seal
33:40 on the 144,000 in the same period as the unrighteous
33:43 receive the mark of the beast.
33:45 Was the mark of the beast being stamped on people in 1850?
33:49 Were people receiving the seal of God in 1850?
33:52 Absolutely not.
33:54 In, Manuscript 51, 1899, Ellen White stated that
34:00 no one has yet received the mark of the beast.
34:04 This is almost 50 years after the death of Mrs. Hastings.
34:08 Nobody had yet received the mark of the beast,
34:10 or the seal of God, for that matter.
34:12 So if Ellen White says that Mrs. Hastings was sealed,
34:16 it must not be the final end time seal of God that is
34:21 spoken of in relationship to the 144,000.
34:24 It must be the seal of the Holy Spirit.
34:26 It must mean that she is secure,
34:29 not necessarily the end time seal.
34:32 We'll come back to that in a moment.
34:33 Notice this statement.
34:35 This is, Evangelism, page 234.
34:37 "No one," this is in 1899, "has yet received
34:41 the mark of the beast.
34:43 The testing time has not yet come.
34:46 There are true Christians in every church,
34:48 not excepting the Roman Catholic communion.
34:51 None are condemned until they have had the light
34:54 and have seen the obligation of the fourth commandment.
34:57 However, when the decree shall go forth enforcing
35:01 the counterfeit Sabbath, and the loud cry of the third angel
35:05 shall warn men against the worship of the beast
35:07 and his image, the line will clearly be drawn between
35:11 the false and the true.
35:12 Then those who still continue in transgression
35:15 will receive the mark of the beast."
35:19 So Mrs. Hastings must have received a different seal
35:24 than the end time seal of God which is given at the same
35:27 time period as the mark of the beast.
35:30 In, Great Controversy, page 605, Ellen White once again tells us
35:34 when the seal of God will be given
35:37 and when the mark of the beast will be given.
35:39 It's right before the close of probation
35:41 during the loud cry.
35:43 The loud cry will separate the living into
35:45 two groups, basically.
35:47 Here is the statement.
35:49 "The Sabbath will be the great test of loyalty,
35:51 for it is the point of truth especially controverted.
35:55 When the final test shall be brought to bear upon men,
35:58 then the line of distinction will be drawn between
36:01 those who serve God and those who serve Him not.
36:04 While the observance of the false Sabbath in compliance
36:07 with the law of the state, contrary to the fourth
36:10 commandment, will be an avowal of allegiance to a power
36:13 that is in opposition to God, the keeping of the true Sabbath,
36:19 in obedience to God's law,
36:21 is an evidence of loyalty to the Creator.
36:24 While one class, by accepting the sign of submission
36:27 to earthly powers, receive the mark of the beast,
36:30 the other choosing the token of allegiance to divine authority,
36:33 receive..." What? "...receive the seal of God."
36:37 So is this clear?
36:38 Is Mrs. Hastings going to belong to the 144,000?
36:41 No. She's going to be with them.
36:44 Because she's going to be raised up at the voice of God.
36:48 And what happens when the voice of God speaks?
36:51 We already noticed when we studied the chronology of
36:54 these events that it's when the special
36:56 resurrection takes place.
36:59 So what seal did Mrs. Hastings have?
37:02 Well basically, when Ellen White says that she was sealed,
37:07 she simply means that her case is secure.
37:10 She's secure.
37:12 She's going to be saved, in other words.
37:14 She has the seal of the Holy Spirit.
37:16 The apostle Paul mentions that people who have accepted Christ
37:19 and are saved have the seal of the Holy Spirit
37:22 when they believe.
37:24 And so Mrs. Hastings was a believer.
37:25 She had the seal of the Holy Spirit,
37:27 but she did not have the end time eschatological seal
37:31 that will separate the righteous from the unrighteous.
37:36 Now let's notice the sealing as it relates to the four winds.
37:41 Because Revelation 7 refers to the four winds.
37:45 We've already noticed, you know, several things
37:47 in our study together.
37:49 We've noticed Bible sources where the 144,000 are mentioned.
37:55 We've noticed what the issues are.
37:57 We've also noticed the 144,000 in the book of Revelation.
38:02 The chronology of end time events.
38:04 We've also noticed more specifically
38:06 the case of Mrs. Hastings.
38:08 Now let's take a look at the sealing
38:11 as it relates to the winds.
38:14 Both Scripture and Ellen White explain that while Jesus is
38:17 interceding in the heavenly Sanctuary,
38:19 the winds of strife are restrained.
38:22 The Holy Spirit restrains the winds
38:24 through the ministration of the angels.
38:27 When Jesus changes His garments and intercession ends,
38:31 the Holy Spirit is withdrawn from the earth,
38:34 which is another way of saying that the angels
38:37 cease to hold the winds.
38:38 So through whom does the Holy Spirit do His work?
38:42 He does it through the ministry of the angels.
38:45 In fact, Ellen White has a statement where she says
38:47 that through the ministry of the angels
38:49 the Holy Spirit is enabled to work upon human hearts.
38:53 These are very interesting statements.
38:56 Let's notice a couple of statements here from
38:59 the writings of Ellen White.
39:01 Signs of the Times, November 17, 1898.
39:04 This has to do...
39:06 You know, we say the Holy Spirit is withholding the winds.
39:12 But the angels are holding the winds.
39:14 So in other words, the Holy Spirit through the angels
39:16 holds the winds.
39:17 So when the Holy Spirit is withdrawn,
39:19 what does that mean?
39:21 It means that the angels release the winds.
39:24 Notice this statement.
39:26 "The Lord is in active communication
39:29 with every part of His dominions.
39:32 He is represented as bending toward the earth
39:36 and its inhabitants.
39:37 He is listening to every word that is uttered.
39:41 He hears every groan; He listens to every prayer;
39:45 He observes the movements of every one;
39:48 He approves or condemns every action.
39:50 The hand of Christ draws aside the veil which conceals
39:54 from our eyes the glory of heaven;
39:56 and we behold Him..." Where?
39:58 " His high and holy place, not in a state of silence
40:03 and indifference to His subjects in a fallen world,
40:06 but surrounded by all the heavenly host:
40:09 ten thousand times ten thousand and thousands of thousands,
40:14 all waiting to go out at His bidding
40:17 on errands of mercy and love."
40:21 So how does God remain in active communication
40:23 with His creation?
40:26 Through the ministry of the angels.
40:29 Now let's notice, Ministry of Healing, page 417,
40:31 which is similar, but it has some additional information.
40:37 "The Bible shows us God in His high and holy place,
40:42 not in a state of inactivity, not in silence and solitude,
40:47 but surrounded by ten thousand times ten thousand
40:50 and thousands of thousands of holy beings,
40:53 all waiting to do His will."
40:55 Now here comes something that we didn't find
40:57 in the previous statement.
40:59 "Through these messengers He is in active communication
41:05 with every part of His dominion."
41:09 Let me ask you, where is God?
41:13 He's everywhere?
41:16 No He's not everywhere.
41:19 Yes, but personally we don't pray,
41:23 "Our Father which art everywhere."
41:27 We pray, "Our Father which art in heaven."
41:28 God is sitting on His throne in heaven.
41:30 Jesus has a human body and He's standing
41:32 before the Father in heaven.
41:35 So who takes our prayers so that the Lord hears our prayers?
41:39 The angels.
41:40 Who brings the answers back?
41:43 The angels.
41:45 So once again, she states that God is "surrounded by
41:50 ten thousand times ten thousand and thousands of thousands,
41:53 all waiting to do His will.
41:54 Through these messengers He is in active communication
41:57 with every part of His dominion.
41:59 By His Spirit He is everywhere present.
42:01 Through the agency of His Spirit and His angels..."
42:05 And the angels are really the foot soldiers
42:07 of the Holy Spirit.
42:09 "...He ministers to the children of men.
42:12 Above the distractions of the earth He sits enthroned;
42:16 all things are open to His divine survey;
42:20 and from His great and calm eternity
42:23 He orders that which His providence sees best."
42:28 How important is the ministry of angels?
42:32 Extremely important.
42:33 That's why all throughout...
42:35 Have you ever noticed how the angels were involved
42:37 in the ministry of Christ?
42:39 That would be an interesting study to do.
42:41 Go to the gospels, look up the word, angel or angels,
42:44 and see how many times the angels were involved in the
42:47 ministry of Christ.
42:48 In fact, Ellen White, in the book, Desire of Ages,
42:53 tells us that the miracles of Christ were done by the
42:57 power of God through the ministry of the angels.
43:01 So the angels were involved in the ministry of Christ.
43:04 You know, some people say, "Well, how was Jesus able
43:06 to walk on water?"
43:09 You can't walk on water.
43:10 Gravity makes it impossible to walk on water.
43:13 How did Jesus walk on water?
43:15 Did He defy the laws of physics?
43:18 No.
43:20 You know, I don't have any proof for this,
43:22 but I believe that the angels just bore Him in their arms
43:26 so that He could walk on the water.
43:28 You know, so you have all of these events
43:31 in the ministry of Christ.
43:33 We mentioned the centurion, you know.
43:35 He understood how it works.
43:37 He said, you know, "I'm a man of authority.
43:38 I tell this servant, 'Go do this,'
43:40 and I tell the other servant, 'Go do that.'"
43:42 He said, so basically he's saying, you know,
43:44 "You have also Your emissaries that can
43:46 go and heal my servant."
43:49 So the centurion understood this.
43:52 Now, Ellen White wrote about the moral condition of
43:55 the world when angels release the winds.
43:59 Here's the moral condition of the world.
44:01 "When He leaves the sanctuary,
44:03 darkness covers the inhabitants of the earth.
44:07 In that fearful time the righteous must live in the
44:10 sight of a holy God without an intercessor."
44:15 Not without a protector, folks.
44:18 Without an intercessor.
44:20 You know, we need to be careful about scaring people
44:24 about the time of trouble.
44:25 You know, some ministers say, "During the time of trouble
44:29 you're on your own."
44:30 No, you're not on your own.
44:32 If you were on your own, everybody would be killed.
44:36 There's no longer an intercessor,
44:38 but there's a protector, because Michael is going to stand up
44:41 to protect His people.
44:44 So let's, during the time of trouble let's say,
44:46 "Hey, it's going to be a difficult time,
44:50 but you're going to have somebody protecting you."
44:53 So once again, "In that fearful time the righteous
44:57 must live in the sight of a holy God without an intercessor.
45:01 The restraint which has been upon the wicked is removed,
45:05 and Satan has entire control of the finally impenitent."
45:09 Does Satan have full control of the finally impenitent today?
45:13 Praise God that he doesn't.
45:15 And the world is a mess.
45:17 But can you imagine what the world is going to be like
45:20 when Satan has full and complete control
45:23 over all of the wicked?
45:25 He can't kill the righteous.
45:27 It's kind of like the story of Job.
45:29 God said, "You can do whatever you want,
45:31 but you can't kill him."
45:34 That story is going to be repeated again.
45:36 So God protected Job.
45:38 So notice, she continues writing,
45:40 "God's long-suffering has ended.
45:42 The world has rejected His mercy, despised His love,
45:46 and trampled upon His law.
45:48 The wicked have passed the boundary of their probation;
45:51 the Spirit of God, persistently resisted,
45:54 has been at last withdrawn.
45:57 Unsheltered by divine grace, they have no protection
46:01 from the wicked one."
46:02 Wow!
46:04 It's amazing.
46:05 "Satan will then plunge the inhabitants of the earth into
46:09 one great, final trouble.
46:12 As the angels of God cease to hold in check
46:15 the fierce winds of human passion..."
46:17 That's what the winds represent.
46:19 Fierce winds of human passion.
46:22 "...all of the elements of strife will be let loose.
46:26 The whole world will be involved in ruin more terrible
46:31 than that which came upon Jerusalem of old."
46:36 You want to know what happened in Jerusalem of old?
46:39 Read the first chapter of, Great Controversy.
46:42 Ellen White says that Satan was in control of the nation.
46:46 It was kind of like the French revolution,
46:50 where Satan, a power from the abyss,
46:52 had total control over France.
46:55 Just read those two chapters
46:57 on the destruction of Jerusalem
46:59 and the one on the French revolution;
47:00 The Bible and the French Revolution.
47:02 That is what the world is going to be like.
47:05 In the past it was just the city of Jerusalem,
47:07 and just France.
47:09 But the whole world is going to be that way
47:11 when the winds are released.
47:13 So why would God seal the 144,000?
47:17 Folks, because if He didn't seal the 144,000
47:20 before the winds were released, they would cease to exist.
47:25 God is going to care for His own.
47:28 That's the message.
47:30 Notice the next statement.
47:33 "Angels are now restraining the winds of strife,
47:36 that they may not blow until the world shall be warned
47:39 of its coming doom; but a storm is gathering,
47:43 ready to burst upon the earth; and when God shall bid His
47:48 angels loose the winds, there will be such a scene of strife
47:54 as no pen can picture."
47:59 The next statement we're going to skip because
48:01 I already read that one.
48:02 That's where Ellen White tells us that science
48:05 tries to explain what is happening, scientifically.
48:10 They say, "All of our problems are caused by global warming.
48:13 And the problem is solved by solving global warming.
48:18 Then we'll have a nice world.
48:20 You know, nice beautiful environment."
48:24 Is that what the Bible says?
48:26 No, the Bible says things are going to get worse and worse.
48:30 The environment is going to fall apart.
48:32 That's what the book of Isaiah says.
48:34 It doesn't mean that we should not care for the environment.
48:37 As Adventists, we should care very much for the environment,
48:41 shouldn't we?
48:42 You know, we should be good environmentalists.
48:46 But we know that no matter how much man tries
48:51 to resolve the issues of this world,
48:53 the world is disintegrating.
48:57 And our hope is in a new heavens and a new earth.
49:00 Not created by man, but a new heavens and a new earth
49:04 created by God.
49:07 Now the next point, which I think we might have time
49:10 to just finish this one, are the 144,000 literal Jews?
49:15 We should have answered this question already, right?
49:18 Have we already answered this question?
49:20 Are they literal Jews?
49:23 To whom do the three angels' messages go to?
49:26 Every nation, kindred, tongue, and people.
49:28 Only to Jews?
49:30 No.
49:31 So does the third angel's message warn against
49:34 receiving the mark of the beast?
49:36 So how many nations are being warned about
49:39 the mark of the beast?
49:42 So is the mark of the beast going to be received
49:46 by people from every nation?
49:48 So is the seal of God going to be received
49:51 by people from every nation?
49:53 If that's true, then the 144,000 cannot be literal Jews
49:57 because they're the sealed one.
49:59 So if we just use a little common sense
50:03 we can reach that conclusion.
50:04 They are not literal Jews.
50:06 Although, the evangelical world today says that after the
50:10 rapture there's going to be 144,000 Billy Grahams
50:15 that are going to go out and proclaim the gospel.
50:18 And they're going to win over the great multitude.
50:20 That is not biblical.
50:22 Because people from every nation, kindred, tongue,
50:24 and people are going to receive the mark of the beast
50:27 and also the seal of God.
50:28 Because the three angels' messages go to everyone.
50:31 But let's go through this material anyway.
50:33 Ellen White well understood that the 144,000 sealed ones
50:36 from the twelve tribes of Israel are not literal Jews.
50:40 Notice the following clear statement where Ellen White
50:42 intermingles the texts that speak of the 144,000
50:46 with those of the numberless multitude and states that the
50:49 sealed ones will be from every nation, kindred,
50:51 tongue, and people.
50:54 This is, Counsels to Teachers, page 532.
50:57 "The message of the renewing power of God's grace
51:00 will be carried to every country and clime
51:04 until the truth shall belt the world.
51:07 Of the number of them that shall be sealed
51:11 will be those who have come from every nation,
51:14 and kindred, and tongue, and people."
51:18 So are they literal Jews?
51:20 No.
51:21 From every country will be gathered men and women
51:25 who will stand before the throne of God
51:28 and before the Lamb, crying..."
51:29 Now notice, this is the great multitude
51:31 she's talking about now.
51:32 We begin to catch a glimpse that the 144,000
51:35 and the great multitude are the same group.
51:40 You say, "Well, how is that possible?
51:41 144,000 is a number that you can compute.
51:44 A numberless multitude you can't compute.
51:47 So how do you say that the 144,000
51:49 and the great multitude are the same group?"
51:50 We're going to address that later on.
51:53 So, "From every country will be gathered men and women
51:56 who will stand before the throne of God
51:57 and before the Lamb, crying, 'Salvation to our God
52:02 which sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb.'"
52:04 That's Revelation 7:10 about the great multitude.
52:07 "But before this work can be accomplished,
52:10 we must experience here in our country the work of the
52:14 Holy Spirit upon our hearts."
52:17 Clearly, although Revelation 7:4 states that the sealed ones
52:23 are of the tribes of the children of Israel,
52:26 Ellen White perceptively understands that these
52:29 sealed ones are from every nation, kindred,
52:32 tongue, and people.
52:34 Therefore, the sealed ones cannot be literal Jews.
52:37 The 144,000 are members of what?
52:42 Spiritual Israel.
52:44 The spiritual tribes of Israel, if you please.
52:48 And we don't have time to get into the idea that really
52:52 you have twelve personality profiles in the twelve tribes.
52:57 And you will go through the gate depending on
52:59 what your personality profile is.
53:01 But that's a subject for a different time because
53:03 that would actually take a whole Anchor school
53:05 to study the characters of the 144,000.
53:08 Maybe we'll do that sometime if the Lord doesn't come before.
53:12 The three angels' messages are God's final warning
53:16 to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people.
53:19 The third angel warns the world about the dangers of
53:21 worshiping the beast and his image and receiving his mark.
53:25 It is clear that people from every nation, kindred,
53:28 tongue, and people must be warned to receive
53:30 the seal of God and refuse the mark of the beast.
53:35 In contrast to those from every nation, kindred,
53:38 tongue, and people who worship the beast and his image
53:40 and receive his mark on their foreheads or in the right hand
53:44 are those from every nation, kindred, tongue, and people
53:46 who have the seal of God in their foreheads.
53:49 If people from every nation, tribe, tongue, and people
53:51 receive the seal of God, they cannot be literal Jews.
53:57 And the next paragraph adds another thought.
53:59 The four angels hold the four winds of strife
54:02 until God's servants are sealed.
54:05 So, why four angels at the four corners of the earth?
54:09 Because they're globally holding the winds, right?
54:12 Of the world.
54:13 Not only in Israel, of the whole world.
54:16 His seal on the foreheads of His people who live
54:19 in the four corners of the earth.
54:21 In other words, those who are in the four corners of the earth
54:23 receive the seal.
54:25 That is international. That's not only the Jews.
54:28 When Jesus returns He will gather His elect from where?
54:32 From the four winds of heaven.
54:35 So once again, that's a clear indication that
54:38 you're not dealing just with the Middle East,
54:40 with the literal nation of Israel.
54:42 The final crisis is global.
54:45 And so, this indicates that God's people lived
54:49 in all the world, not only in literal Israel.
54:54 So is this clear?
54:58 Are the 144,000 literal Jews that live in Israel?
55:04 No.
55:06 And I would like to just mention that the Seventh-day Adventist
55:10 church has a huge task with the Protestant world.
55:15 Because conservative Protestantism
55:18 basically has imbibed futurism from beginning to end.
55:23 What they teach is that the church is going to be
55:26 raptured to heaven.
55:28 And once the church is raptured to heaven,
55:30 then begins the seven year tribulation.
55:33 And the seven year tribulation is primarily for the Jews.
55:37 And so, you know, all of the nations
55:40 will be against the Jews.
55:42 But there will be 144,000 faithful literal Jews
55:46 that will become Christians, and then they will go and proclaim
55:49 the message to other Jews and to the world.
55:52 Basically, what happens is, the attention of people is
55:56 directed to the Middle East for the
55:58 fulfillment of Bible prophecy.
56:00 And people are looking over there and saying,
56:02 "Well, let's wait and see what the Muslims are going to do."
56:05 You know, "Let's wait and see if the Russians attacks them,
56:09 the bear attacks Israel."
56:10 You know, and they're all looking at what's
56:12 happening in the Middle East.
56:13 They're expecting a personal antichrist
56:16 to rebuild a literal Jewish temple,
56:18 and to sit in the temple, and to build a great big
56:21 statue of himself, and command everyone to worship
56:24 the image of himself.
56:26 And so, everybody in the Christian world
56:29 is looking to the Middle East for the fulfillment of prophecy,
56:32 for a future antichrist, for a tattoo that is going to be
56:36 placed on people's foreheads or on their hands.
56:40 Meanwhile, the true antichrist sits in Rome.
56:45 And the emissary that will help him get his power back
56:49 is in the United States of America
56:52 in Washington DC, and nobody can see it.
56:55 The politicians can't see it.
56:58 The people can't see it.
57:00 And the reason why is because they're
57:02 looking in the wrong place.
57:05 The devil has used a counter play.
57:07 He's getting people to look at where the conflict isn't.
57:10 It kind of reminds me of football.
57:12 You know, in football you have a counterplay.
57:15 It's where all of the guards pull to one side,
57:20 and the opposite teams says,
57:22 "Oh, the runner is running to that side."
57:24 So they all go to that side.
57:25 And then the runner goes left.
57:28 And even though there's no blockers,
57:30 because all of the linemen went one way,
57:34 many times the runner is able to score a touchdown.
57:37 So that's what the devil has done.
57:38 He's done a counter play, saying,
57:39 "This is where it's going to take place."
57:41 But it's really going to take place over here.
57:44 So as Adventists, we have a huge message
57:46 to present to the religious world.
57:49 And they need to know what the true issues are
57:52 in the final conflict between good and evil.


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