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00:16 So we left off at page 389.
00:19 At the top of the page,
00:21 we were talking about
00:22 the genuine and the counterfeit.
00:24 Let me just give you an illustration of this
00:28 so that we can understand
00:29 how the genuine and the counterfeit
00:30 relate to each other.
00:33 I had the privilege of teaching theology in Colombia
00:37 for six years in a university there.
00:39 One day, I went downtown to a department store
00:43 to purchase some things.
00:45 And when I went to the cash register,
00:48 the cashier took the 10,000 peso bill that I gave her.
00:52 And she wrinkled it in her hand,
00:55 and she lifted it up to look at it in the light.
00:59 And she had a backlight there, she put it under there.
01:04 And she immediately pointed to a policeman that was there
01:08 and asked the policeman to come over
01:09 because it was a counterfeit bill.
01:12 And so, you know, down there,
01:14 you're guilty until proven innocent.
01:17 And here, it's innocent until proven guilty,
01:20 supposedly.
01:22 But anyway, that policeman came,
01:24 another policeman joined him,
01:25 and they took me to a back room.
01:27 And they started interrogating me,
01:30 asking me where I have the equipment
01:33 to counterfeit bills.
01:34 And I told him, Hey, I'm not a counterfeiter,
01:36 I said, I don't look at every bill that I pay with.
01:39 And it was getting kind of serious.
01:41 And one of the policemen then asked me,
01:43 he says, "Who are you?
01:45 Where do you work?"
01:47 I said, "Well, you know, I am a teacher of theology
01:51 at Instituto Colombo Venezolano,
01:54 the name of the university.
01:56 And immediately the expression on the face
01:58 of that policeman changed to the better.
02:03 He says, "Oh, you teach at the school.
02:05 That's a good school.
02:06 People, they're good."
02:08 And I said, "Oh, praise the Lord that He likes."
02:11 But he likes our school, you know.
02:13 And so then he says,
02:15 there's no one who would be a counterfeit from that school.
02:18 So he says, I'm going to show you
02:20 how to distinguish
02:21 a counterfeit bill from a genuine one.
02:23 So I went to the cash register,
02:25 he got the counterfeit 10,000 peso bill,
02:27 and then he took a genuine 10,000 peso bill.
02:31 And first of all, he took the genuine bill,
02:33 and he put it in the light.
02:35 He said, "Do you see a brown line
02:36 running through the bill?"
02:38 And I looked and said, "Yeah, yeah."
02:40 Says, "Do you see the face
02:41 that is visible only in the light,
02:43 the face of the hero of the country?"
02:47 And I looked, and I said, "Yeah, it's nice and clear,
02:50 the face is nice and clear."
02:52 Then he took the bill, and he wrinkled it,
02:55 and it was made kind of a paper
02:56 that would kind of open like a flower after he wrinkled it.
02:59 Then he put it under the black light.
03:02 And the two and the two circles
03:05 that were on the bill shown in neon colors.
03:09 So he says that proves that that's a genuine bill.
03:12 Now he says, "I'm going to show you
03:13 what the counterfeit is like,
03:14 it looked pretty much like the genuine.
03:16 He took the counterfeit bill.
03:19 And he put it in the light.
03:20 He says, "Do you see any brown line?"
03:23 I said, "No, there's no brown line."
03:25 He said, "Do you see the circle?
03:27 The face is kind of blurry."
03:29 "Yeah, it is blurry."
03:32 And so then he took the bill and he wrinkled it.
03:36 And it stayed wrinkled.
03:38 He said, "See, it's made of a different kind of paper."
03:41 And he put it under the black light.
03:44 And there was no neon shine.
03:47 So he says now you know how to distinguish
03:50 a genuine 10,000 peso bill from a counterfeit one.
03:55 Let me ask you,
03:56 how can we detect a counterfeit?
03:59 By knowing the genuine.
04:03 So what is God's genuine day of worship?
04:06 The Sabbath.
04:08 So are we able to detect what the counterfeit would be?
04:12 Well, there's only one other day of worship
04:14 that Christians claim to keep and what day is that?
04:18 The Sunday and you know,
04:20 after that when I paid with a 10,000 peso bill,
04:24 and the cashier would return a large bill to me,
04:27 I would take it, I will look at it, you know.
04:29 And one day, the lady at the cash register says,
04:33 "Well, don't you trust me?"
04:34 I said, "Yes, I trust you as much as you trust me."
04:37 In other words,
04:39 she had a right to look in the light
04:40 so I have a right to look in the light as well.
04:43 I was very captivated by your illustration
04:45 about the Cordy.
04:47 You know, I was going to tell a story about that.
04:49 And I think I'll just go ahead and tell it.
04:51 My wife and I met in Medellin, Colombia
04:55 when I was going to school,
04:57 and at that time, the school was very segregated,
05:01 not in terms of race, but in terms of gender.
05:04 The girls had one side of campus
05:06 and the boys had the other side of the campus,
05:08 like in, you know, countries outside the US,
05:11 very conservative.
05:12 When we came to church, the boys were on one side,
05:15 and the girls were on the other side.
05:17 And there was one side of campus
05:18 that belonged to the boys and one side of the campus
05:20 that belong to the girls,
05:22 and woe to the boy that crossed the line,
05:23 or the girl that crossed the line.
05:26 But for those who officialized their relationship,
05:30 in other words, they were going steady.
05:33 And with the permission,
05:34 of course, of the parents of both,
05:36 there was a special privilege, it was known as the curtain,
05:41 la cortina in Spanish,
05:43 because you could go to the home
05:45 of a faculty member.
05:46 And for a couple of hours,
05:47 you could spend two hours with your boyfriend
05:50 or your girlfriend there behind the curtain,
05:54 you know, but, of course, I'm sure
05:56 that they were checking now and then.
05:58 But, you know, you could spend two whole hours
06:02 every couple of weeks,
06:03 where at other times,
06:06 you know, you couldn't cross the line.
06:09 And we had the privilege not only participating
06:13 in that curtain practice,
06:16 but we also, I taught there,
06:18 so we had students come to our house.
06:20 So we saw both sides of the fence.
06:24 Now, I can assure you something very clearly,
06:27 and that is that we were always on time.
06:32 In fact, we were not always on time,
06:34 we always got there early.
06:36 We guarded the edges in other words.
06:42 And during the time that we were together,
06:45 you know, I wasn't thinking about, man,
06:47 I could be playing soccer right now,
06:49 I could be playing softball or baseball,
06:52 I could be doing something else.
06:53 No, the focus was on one another.
06:58 You know, sometimes I would take a gift.
07:02 Like we bring gifts to church on the Lord Sabbath.
07:06 And when the period was coming to an end,
07:09 we'd say, "Oh, good."
07:11 Are we glad that this is, oh, no, not just kidding?
07:13 Said "Oh, too bad time is up."
07:17 And we would kind of stand there at the door,
07:20 you know, with the faculty there
07:21 and kind of talking to see
07:22 we could steal a few extra moments.
07:25 There was no looking at the church bulletin to see
07:27 what hour is sundown,
07:29 so we could get about our business.
07:33 While I was teaching there was one student,
07:37 a couple that would come to our house.
07:39 And the girl one day, it was the date
07:43 when they were supposed to meet.
07:46 She came and she was crying.
07:47 I mean, she had tears rolling down her face.
07:51 I said, "What's wrong?"
07:52 She says, "Pastor, today was the day
07:55 that my boyfriend and I
07:56 were supposed to meet together here for our date.
08:02 And he preferred to go play soccer.
08:06 What should I do?"
08:08 I said, "Get rid of him.
08:11 Because if he does that now,
08:13 it's gonna be a lot worse if you get married."
08:17 So let me ask you,
08:18 do you suppose that I consider it a huge sacrifice?
08:22 You know, every two weeks, oh,
08:23 I gotta go to this appointment with my girlfriend.
08:26 What a bummer.
08:28 Oh, I just wish that the time
08:30 or the time would just come to an end.
08:32 This is torture.
08:34 No.
08:36 We enjoyed the time together.
08:38 Why?
08:40 Because there was love.
08:41 And so it is with the Sabbath.
08:44 You know, we want to start the Sabbath early to see
08:47 if we can steal a few extra moments.
08:50 And at the end, we don't want the Sabbath to end.
08:53 And our conversation has to do not with other things
08:56 that we would rather do.
08:57 Our conversation has to do
08:58 with our relationship with Christ.
09:01 So the Sabbath is about our relationship with Christ.
09:04 That's what it's about.
09:06 It's not about rules and regulations.
09:08 The reason why we suspend all of our things
09:11 is so that we can concentrate
09:13 on our love relationship with Jesus Christ.
09:17 Now, let's go to the bottom of page 389.
09:22 The penalty.
09:24 What was the penalty for violating the Sabbath?
09:28 Well, Exodus 31:15, says,
09:30 "Work shall be done for six days,
09:33 but the seventh day is the Sabbath of rest,
09:36 holy to the Lord.
09:38 Whoever does any work on the Sabbath,
09:40 he shall surely be put to death."
09:46 Wow.
09:48 Is that true of Adam and Eve if they ate from the tree?
09:52 Let's go to the note.
09:54 At the beginning Satan seem to say to Eve,
09:58 "Do you really think
09:59 that God would pronounce the death penalty
10:01 just for eating a piece of fruit?"
10:04 Come on, be real.
10:06 If God threatened to kill Moses for not circumcising his son,
10:10 how serious would He consider breaking the Sabbath?
10:14 Would God be any less particular
10:17 if people considered the observance
10:19 of the Sabbath optional?
10:21 Some people argue that
10:22 because we do not execute those who break the Sabbath today,
10:26 the Sabbath is no longer binding upon Christians.
10:30 However, this logic ignores that the fact that adulterers
10:33 in the Old Testament suffered execution as well.
10:36 Is adultery all right today
10:39 because we do not execute people for it?
10:41 The fact is, that knowingly trampling upon the Sabbath
10:45 does not presently lead to death.
10:48 But willfully trampling upon it
10:51 will eventually lead to second death
10:54 at the end of time.
10:56 Now, you're probably wondering,
10:58 you know, where did Pastor Bohr get this idea of comparing
11:01 of what happened with Adam and Eve and the tree
11:04 then being able to eat
11:05 from all the trees except for one,
11:07 and that we're able to use all four days for ourselves,
11:10 except for what, all seven, or six days for ourselves,
11:13 except for one?
11:14 Where did I come up with this idea?
11:16 Well, it's in the Spirit of Prophecy.
11:19 Notice this next statement, Our High Calling, 343,
11:23 "As the tree of knowledge
11:26 was placed in the midst of the Garden of Eden."
11:31 And this, you can find this genie
11:33 is another evidence from the Spirit of Prophecy.
11:36 As the tree of knowledge was placed
11:38 in the midst of the Garden of Eden,
11:40 so the Sabbath command is placed in the midst
11:43 of the Decalogue.
11:46 In regard to the fruit of the tree of knowledge,
11:48 the restriction was made, 'You shall not eat of it,
11:52 lest you die.'
11:53 Of the Sabbath, God said,
11:55 'Ye shall not defile it, but keep it holy.
11:58 Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.
12:00 As the tree of knowledge was to test Adam's obedience,
12:04 so the fourth commandment is the test
12:07 that God has given to prove the loyalty of His people.'"
12:12 So there you have a parallel,
12:14 Ellen White draws the parallel between the two.
12:20 Now some people say the Sabbath is for the Jews.
12:24 Well, that's not totally, not totally false.
12:30 Is the Sabbath for us?
12:32 Are we Jews?
12:36 We're spiritual Jews.
12:38 So if we're spiritual Jews, is the Sabbath for us?
12:41 Yes.
12:42 Galatians 3:29 says, "And if you are Christ's,
12:46 then you are Abraham's seed,
12:48 and heirs according to the promise."
12:51 So if we're spiritual Israel,
12:53 we will keep the Sabbath that God gave to Israel.
12:57 Now, let's talk about the final test.
13:00 What were the two issues in the story of Daniel 3?
13:06 And you have a hint
13:08 that is subtle as a freight train.
13:11 Notice the number of times the word worship
13:15 appears in this chapter.
13:17 Is God's law also involved in this story?
13:22 And which of the two tables of the law
13:24 do you think was especially at stake?
13:30 Let's dwell on it for a moment.
13:33 What is the issue in Daniel 3?
13:35 Worship.
13:37 By the way, the Book of Revelation
13:39 draws on the story of Daniel 3.
13:42 Because in Daniel 3 you have Nebuchadnezzar,
13:47 who for a while lived as a beast.
13:50 He raises up an image,
13:52 commands everyone to worship the image.
13:56 And if they don't, they are going to be killed.
13:58 Does that sound familiar?
14:00 And the kingdom is Babylon.
14:03 In Revelation, do we also have an end time Babylon?
14:07 Yes.
14:08 Is the beast going to raise up an image?
14:11 Yes.
14:12 Is the beast going to command everyone to worship the image?
14:16 Yes, and whoever does not worship
14:18 the image will be killed.
14:20 Only in Revelation we're dealing with symbols,
14:22 in the story of Daniel we're dealing with the literal,
14:26 literal Babylon, spiritual Babylon,
14:28 literal image, spiritual image.
14:31 Literal Nebuchadnezzar behaved as a beast for a while,
14:34 spiritual beast, or symbolic beast.
14:39 So basically, Daniel Chapter 3 is about worship.
14:43 Will you worship the true God or will you worship the image
14:47 that Nebuchadnezzar has raised up?
14:49 Now does it also have to do
14:51 with keeping God's commandments?
14:53 Of course,
14:55 which commandments particularly?
14:57 The first four.
14:59 You shall have no other gods before Me.
15:03 Don't bow before idols.
15:06 Right?
15:08 The fourth commandment, respect the Creator,
15:11 there's only one true Creator, and the Sabbath is His sign.
15:15 So in other words, the issue is worship.
15:18 And the issue is also
15:21 the observance of God's commandments.
15:25 Now, what will be the great issue
15:27 in the final conflict on earth?
15:30 Revelation 13:15,
15:33 "He was granted power to give breath
15:35 to the image of the beast,
15:37 that the image of the beast should both speak and cause
15:39 as many as would not," what?
15:42 "Worship the image of the beast to be," what?
15:46 "To be killed."
15:49 So what is the issue in the end time conflict?
15:52 Worship.
15:54 Are the commandments also involved?
15:57 Notice Revelation 14:12,
16:00 "Here is the patience of the saints,
16:02 here are they that," what?
16:05 "Keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus."
16:08 Is Satan going to be enraged against God's people
16:11 who keep the commandments,
16:13 just like Nebuchadnezzar was enraged,
16:15 that these young men would not disobey
16:16 the commandments of God,
16:18 and would not practice false worship?
16:20 Absolutely.
16:21 Revelation 12:17,
16:23 "And the dragon was enraged with the woman,
16:26 and he went to make war with the rest of her offspring,
16:30 who keep the commandments of God,
16:33 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ."
16:38 Now, the seal of God is received only where?
16:43 The seal of God is received only in the forehead,
16:47 or on the forehead.
16:49 Which means that if it's on the forehead
16:52 or in the forehead, it means
16:54 that you serve God out of conviction.
16:59 In the Bible, the hand represents what?
17:04 Work.
17:05 Represents work
17:08 according to the Book of Ecclesiastes.
17:10 At the end of time,
17:12 there's going to be two kinds of people
17:14 that receive the mark of the beast,
17:16 but only one kind of person that receives a seal of God.
17:20 Notice Revelation 13:16,
17:23 speaking about those who are lost,
17:25 "He causes all, both small and great,
17:27 rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark
17:30 on their right hand or on their foreheads."
17:36 So the wicked,
17:38 they're willing to receive the mark on the forehead
17:40 or where?
17:42 On the right hand.
17:45 Now what was placed upon the foreheads
17:47 and hands of Israel in the Old Testament?
17:50 Deuteronomy 6:6-8, "And these words
17:53 which I command you today shall be in your heart.
17:56 You shall teach them diligently to your children,
17:58 and shall talk of them when you sit in your house,
18:01 when you walk by the way,
18:03 when you lie down, when you rise up.
18:05 You shall bind them as a sign on your hand,
18:08 and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes.
18:11 You shall write them on the doorposts of your house
18:14 and on your gates."
18:15 What does it mean to have
18:16 the Ten Commandments written on our forehead?
18:21 That's where your frontal lobe is.
18:23 It means that we serve God with all of our mind.
18:27 We serve Him by conviction, if you please.
18:32 Does that also affect what we do?
18:35 Our actions.
18:37 See, the hand has to do
18:39 with the actions that we perform.
18:41 Yes, it also affects our actions.
18:44 Now what did, where did God promised
18:46 to write His law?
18:48 Hebrew 8:10,
18:50 "For this is the covenant
18:52 that I will make with the house of Israel
18:53 after those days, says the Lord:
18:56 I will put my laws in their," what?
18:59 "In their mind and write them on their hearts,
19:03 and I will be their God,
19:05 and they shall be My people."
19:10 What will God's people receive
19:12 in contrast to the mark of the beast?
19:15 The seal of God,
19:16 and where will the seal of God be placed?
19:19 On the forehead.
19:20 And what is it that is written in the mind or on the forehead?
19:24 God's what?
19:26 God's law.
19:28 So we find that the seal of God
19:30 is related to His law specifically.
19:34 Which commandment does the first angel's message
19:36 draw our attention to?
19:38 We're not going to read the verses Revelation 14:6-7.
19:42 It draws our attention to the what?
19:45 To the Creator.
19:48 Is the first angel's message a message to the whole world,
19:51 every nation, kindred, tongue and people?
19:53 Absolutely.
19:54 The whole world is invited,
19:56 not only invited but commanded to worship the Creator.
20:01 What does the third message warn people not to do?
20:06 It warns people not to worship the beast or receive his mark.
20:10 They are opposites in other words.
20:13 The seal of God is the exact opposite
20:17 of the mark of the beast.
20:20 Now, does the Sabbath commandment
20:22 have anything to do with worship
20:24 and with creation?
20:26 Absolutely.
20:27 Isaiah 66:22-23,
20:31 "For as the new heavens and the new earth
20:33 which I will make shall remain before me,
20:35 says the Lord,
20:37 so shall your seed and your name remain.
20:40 And it shall come to pass
20:41 that from one new moon to another,
20:43 that is from one month to another,
20:45 and from one Sabbath to another," all the Jews.
20:51 That's not what it says, "All flesh shall," what?
20:57 "Come to worship before Me, saith the Lord."
21:02 Why do we worship God?
21:04 Because He's the Creator?
21:06 What is the sign of the Creator?
21:08 The Sabbath.
21:10 Most of the world at the end is going to worship whom?
21:14 The beast, because he claims to occupy the position of who?
21:18 Of God.
21:20 Does he also have a sign?
21:21 Sunday.
21:23 It's that simple.
21:26 And you say, you mean to say
21:27 God is going to test people over a day?
21:28 Well, he tested Adam and Eve over a tree.
21:33 So what's the issue?
21:35 God uses external things to test His people.
21:39 Did He test Israel when He told them
21:40 not to take anything from Jericho?
21:44 Did He test Ananias and Sapphira with money
21:46 that they had in their pockets?
21:48 Yes.
21:50 Because when we are faithful in the external,
21:53 it's a sign that we internally are loyal to the Lord.
21:58 And that's what we were studying
21:59 in our last presentation last evening,
22:02 is the fact that Sabbath observance,
22:05 external Sabbath observance is a sign
22:08 of an internal experience
22:10 that the Holy Spirit is placed in our hearts.
22:13 So if we have the Holy Spirit, and we love the Lord,
22:16 it will be a pleasure to observe His holy Sabbath.
22:20 Let's read now some statements on pages 394 and 395,
22:26 on the importance of this issue.
22:29 And now we're going to talk about
22:30 our church Seventh-day Adventist.
22:31 There's a tendency these days to want to change the names
22:35 of some of our churches,
22:37 Adventist community church, Adventist fellowship,
22:43 and some even take away the word Adventist.
22:47 Did Ellen White foresee this,
22:49 and does she have something to say about it?
22:52 Evangelism 233,
22:55 instead of the people of God becoming less and less
22:58 definitely distinguished from those
23:00 who do not keep the seventh day Sabbath,
23:03 there to make the observance of the Sabbath so prominent
23:08 that the world cannot fail to recognize them
23:11 as Seventh-day Adventists.
23:15 Volume 2 of Selected Messages, 385.
23:18 There is to be no compromise
23:22 with those who are worshiping an idol Sabbath.
23:25 We'll come to that in a few moments again.
23:28 We are not to spend our time in controversy
23:30 with those who know the truth
23:32 and upon whom the light of truth has been shining,
23:35 when they turn away their ear from the truth
23:38 to turn to fables.
23:39 That's why I don't think that we should debate with people
23:41 who don't want to accept and obey the Sabbath.
23:45 It's a waste of time.
23:47 And all it does is give fodder to others
23:51 to take sides and to be critical.
23:55 I was told that men will employ every policy.
23:59 Wow, this is amazing.
24:02 I was told that men will employ
24:03 every policy to make less prominent
24:07 the difference between the faith
24:08 of Seventh-day Adventist
24:10 and those who observe the first day of the week.
24:13 Is that happening?
24:14 As I speak, you better believe it.
24:17 The whole world will be involved in this controversy.
24:22 And the time is short.
24:24 This is no time to hold down our colors.
24:30 Second Messages, volume 2, page 385
24:32 we find this remarkable statement.
24:34 A company was presented before me
24:37 under the name of Seventh-day Adventist.
24:39 These are Adventists, folks, Seventh-day Adventists,
24:42 who were advising that the banner or sign
24:45 which makes us a distinctive people
24:48 should not be held out so strikingly.
24:51 For they claimed it was not the best policy
24:55 in securing success to our institutions.
24:59 The distinctive banner is to be born
25:02 through the world to the close of probation.
25:05 In describing the remnant people of God John says,
25:08 here is the patience of the saints,
25:09 here are they that keep the commandments of God
25:11 and the faith of Jesus.
25:13 This is the law in the gospel.
25:16 The world and the churches are uniting in harmony
25:18 in transgressing the law of God,
25:20 in tearing down, tearing away God's memorial,
25:24 and in exalting a Sabbath that bears the signature
25:27 of the man of sin.
25:29 However, the Sabbath of the Lord thy God
25:32 is to be a sign to show the difference
25:36 between the obedient and the disobedient.
25:38 I saw some reaching out their hands,
25:41 to remove the banner and to obscure its significance
25:45 that's within the church.
25:49 One final statement,
25:51 volume 2 of Selected Messages, page 386.
25:55 Our people have been regarded as too insignificant
25:58 to be worthy of notice,
26:01 but a change will come.
26:03 The movements are now being made.
26:06 The Christian world is now making movements
26:09 that will necessarily bring
26:11 the commandment keeping people to notice.
26:15 There is a daily suppression of God's truth
26:17 for the theories and false doctrines
26:19 of human origin.
26:21 There are plans and movements been set on foot
26:25 to enslave the consciences
26:27 of those who would be loyal to God.
26:30 The law making powers will be against God's people.
26:34 Every soul will be tested.
26:37 All that we would,
26:38 as a people be wise for ourselves,
26:41 and by precept an example,
26:43 impart that wisdom to our children.
26:46 Every position of our faith will be searched into.
26:50 And if we are not thorough Bible students,
26:55 established, strengthened, settled,
26:59 the wisdom of the world's great men
27:02 will be too much for us.
27:08 Now is the time
27:10 that we need to be intensely studying the Bible,
27:15 and discovering all of the reasons
27:17 for our faith because someday,
27:19 Ellen White explains that we will have to appear
27:21 before rulers, governors,
27:25 presidents to give a reason for our faith.
27:29 And so we must know our faith well.
27:33 We must be able to argue why our positions are correct
27:37 and true and biblical.
27:39 Or else as Ellen White says here,
27:41 the wisdoms of the world's great men
27:46 will be too much for us.
27:48 We will not be able to persuade them.
27:51 And by the way,
27:52 you know, the Seventh-day Adventist Church
27:55 publishes the journal Liberty.
27:59 Some people say, "Why do we publish Liberty?
28:01 Or why do we even fight for religious liberty?
28:03 Let the end come."
28:05 You know, let's not try to stop it.
28:08 Let's not try to slow it down.
28:11 Why do we have Liberty magazine?
28:12 Why do we emphasize religious liberty?
28:15 Because we believe
28:16 that many of the individuals that are in government,
28:20 eventually will come over to the Lord side,
28:23 because we share the message of religious liberty with them.
28:27 So it's a method of reaching the thinkers out there.
28:31 So they will see the issues,
28:33 and they'll come over to the right side.
28:34 And by the way, we might be thankful someday
28:37 that some of these individuals read the articles
28:39 in Liberty magazine,
28:41 because they will favor us
28:43 when we come before kings and rulers.
28:45 So it is a blessing
28:47 to have the Seventh-day Adventist Church
28:50 struggle for religious liberty
28:52 and take up religious liberty issues.
28:55 Okay, let's go to page 397.
28:57 We have just a little less than half an hour
29:00 to deal with the idol Sabbath.
29:02 Ellen White repeatedly referred to Sunday as the idol Sabbath.
29:08 It's a very interesting way of referring
29:10 to the counterfeit day of worship.
29:12 Now let's read the verses that we have here
29:14 at the beginning of this chapter.
29:16 First of all, Deuteronomy Chapter 7,
29:19 Deuteronomy Chapter 7,
29:21 and we'll read verses 25 through 27.
29:25 Deuteronomy 7:25-27.
29:29 God is telling Israel what they need to do
29:33 when they enter the Promised Land.
29:37 Actually, it's only verses 25 and 26.
29:39 "You shall burn the carved images
29:42 of their gods with fire,
29:45 you shall not covet the silver or gold that is on them,
29:49 nor take it for yourselves,
29:52 lest you be snared by it, for it is..."
29:56 Now we will come to a keyword
29:57 that we're going to come to in a few moments.
29:59 It is what?
30:01 "An abomination to the Lord your God.
30:04 Nor shall you bring
30:06 an abomination into your house."
30:07 that's speaking about idols,
30:09 "lest you be doomed to destruction like it.
30:12 You shall utterly detest it, and utterly abhor it,
30:17 for it is an accursed thing."
30:19 What a way to describe idols.
30:22 Notice also 1 Kings Chapter 15,
30:26 Chapter 11, excuse me, verses 5 through 7.
30:29 1 Kings
30:31 11:5-7.
30:36 Once again we find the idea
30:38 that idols are an abomination to the Lord.
30:42 Here we find the following words 11:5-7,
30:46 it's talking about Solomon.
30:49 "For Solomon went after Ashtoreth,
30:52 the goddess of the Sidonians,
30:55 and after Milcom the abomination
30:59 of the Ammonites.
31:00 Solomon did evil in the sight of the Lord,
31:03 and did not fully follow the Lord,
31:05 as did his father David.
31:08 Then Solomon built a high place
31:10 for Chemosh the abomination of Moab,
31:14 on the hill that is east of Jerusalem,
31:17 and for Molech the abomination of the people of Ammon."
31:23 So what is idolatry called?
31:26 It is called an abomination.
31:30 Now, why is that important?
31:32 We need to go to Ezekiel Chapter 8
31:35 to understand the reason why.
31:37 Ezekiel Chapter 8.
31:40 Ezekiel is that big book,
31:42 right before the Book of Daniel.
31:45 So let's go to Ezekiel Chapter 8,
31:48 which is known as the abominations chapter.
31:52 Because in this chapter God shows
31:55 Ezekiel an abomination that's being committed
31:58 among those who profess to be God's people.
32:00 This is not the Philistines, or the Egyptians,
32:02 or the Babylonians,
32:03 or the Assyrians that are doing this.
32:05 These are God's professed people,
32:07 and the leaders of God's people,
32:09 the ones that are practicing these things.
32:12 It's called the abominations chapter
32:14 because God shows Ezekiel an abomination
32:16 that God's professed people are committing,
32:19 and Ezekiel thinks, wow, that's pretty bad.
32:23 And God says, "You haven't seen anything yet.
32:26 I'm going to show you a worse abomination than this."
32:30 And so then God shows Ezekiel another abomination.
32:34 And Ezekiel thinks this is terrible.
32:36 And God says, "You haven't seen anything yet.
32:38 I'll show you a greater abomination
32:40 than this."
32:42 The final and greatest abomination
32:46 on the list is found in Ezekiel
32:48 8:16-17.
32:54 Ezekiel 8:16-17.
33:00 And actually, we'll read
33:01 all the way through verse 18.
33:06 Notice it says in verse 16.
33:11 "So He brought me into the inner court
33:14 of the Lord's house."
33:15 So this talking about something that's happening where?
33:19 In the temple, that's right.
33:21 "And there, at the door of the temple of the Lord,
33:25 between the porch and the altar,
33:28 were about twenty-five men
33:31 with their backs toward the temple of the Lord."
33:36 How was Israel supposed to pray?
33:40 Toward the temple.
33:42 Where was the door to the sanctuary?
33:45 It was on the east side,
33:46 which means that if you're worshiping
33:48 towards the sanctuary,
33:50 what is to your back?
33:52 The sun is to your back.
33:54 God did that purposely
33:55 because all of the ancient nations worship
33:57 with their faces to the east.
33:59 But God said, "No,
34:01 you're going to worship with your face to the west,
34:03 so that the sun is at your back."
34:07 So it says here,
34:08 "Then their faces toward the east,
34:11 and they were worshiping the sun toward the east."
34:16 And God's own temple
34:18 taught religious leaders.
34:22 Verse 17, "And he said to me,
34:25 'Have you seen this, O son of man?
34:29 Is it a trivial thing to the house of Judah
34:31 to commit the...'"
34:33 What was this called?
34:35 "The abominations which they commit here.
34:38 For they have filled the land with violence,
34:41 then they have returned to provoke Me to anger.
34:43 Indeed they put the branch to their nose."
34:48 And now God is going to say what the result is going to be.
34:53 "Therefore I also will act in fury.
34:57 My eye will not spare nor will have I pity,
35:01 and though they cry in My ears with a loud voice,
35:04 I will not hear them."
35:08 Wow.
35:10 Was everybody in the city committing these abominations?
35:16 Was every person in the city committing these abominations?
35:21 No, not everybody was.
35:24 So God is saying, because of these abominations,
35:26 the greatest of which is worshiping the sun,
35:30 I am going to punish Israel, I'm not going to have pity,
35:34 they can cry out and I'm not going to hear.
35:37 But in the city, there are some people
35:41 that are not participating in the abominations,
35:44 a small remnant.
35:46 So is it necessary to separate them
35:49 from those who are committing the abominations
35:51 so that when destruction comes,
35:53 they survive?
35:55 Absolutely.
35:57 Chapter 9,
35:59 "Then He called out in my hearing
36:00 with a loud voice,
36:02 saying, 'Let those who have charge over the city draw near,
36:05 each with a deadly weapon in his hand.'
36:09 And suddenly six men
36:12 came from the direction of the upper gate,
36:14 which faces north,
36:16 each with his battle-ax in his hand.
36:19 One man among them was clothed with linen,"
36:22 this is Jesus by the way,
36:23 "and had a writer's inkhorn at his side.
36:27 They went in and stood beside the bronze altar."
36:32 This is in the court of the sanctuary.
36:36 "Now the glory of the God of Israel
36:38 had gone up from the cherub,
36:40 where it had been, to the threshold of the temple.
36:43 And He called to the man clothed with linen,
36:47 who had the writer's inkhorn at his side."
36:50 Now there's gonna be a cry.
36:52 "And the Lord said to him,
36:54 'Go through the midst of the city," which city?
36:58 Jerusalem.
37:01 Is that the capital of God's people?
37:04 Yes, this happened among God's people.
37:07 Go through the midst of the city,
37:09 through the midst of Jerusalem, and put a mark," where?
37:14 "On the forehead?
37:17 Is this similar to Revelation?
37:20 Very similar to Revelation?
37:21 Is this a sign of protection?
37:25 Yes, it is.
37:27 Is a time of trouble coming to Jerusalem here?
37:29 Oh, yeah.
37:31 Is destruction coming?
37:33 Is everybody going to be destroyed?
37:35 No, our group is going to be what?
37:38 Sealed.
37:39 So it continues saying here.
37:42 "Go through the midst of the city,
37:46 through the midst of Jerusalem,
37:47 and put a mark on the foreheads of men
37:52 who sigh and cry over all the abominations
37:56 that are done within."
37:58 Does that mean that they would sigh and cry
38:00 about the abomination of worshiping the sun?
38:03 The greatest of all abominations,
38:06 because it is at the very top of the list?
38:09 Absolutely.
38:10 So what happens after the sealing takes place?
38:13 After the sealing is done, what happens?
38:16 Verse 5, "To the others, He said in my hearing,
38:21 'Go after him through the city, and kill,
38:25 do not let your eye spare, nor have any pity.
38:30 Utterly slay old and young men,
38:34 maidens and little children and women,
38:38 but do not come near anyone on whom is the mark."
38:43 And where do they begin the work of destruction?
38:46 "And begin at My sanctuary.
38:50 So they began with the elders
38:54 who were before the temple."
38:59 So not everybody was practicing the abominations,
39:02 not everyone was worshiping the sun.
39:05 There was a faithful group that were sighing and crying
39:07 because of the idolatry that was taking place,
39:10 and primarily the issue of worshiping the sun.
39:15 And so then, after the sealing takes place,
39:20 Nebuchadnezzar comes to Jerusalem,
39:23 in the year 586.
39:25 And he does exactly
39:26 what it says in verse 6.
39:32 Those in the city who are apostate are destroyed.
39:37 But those who had the sign on their foreheads were spared.
39:43 Now, did the destruction of Jerusalem
39:45 have anything to do
39:47 with keeping the Sabbath or not?
39:51 Go with me to Jeremiah Chapter 17.
39:55 Jeremiah Chapter 17.
40:00 Let's notice something very interesting here
40:03 why Jerusalem was destroyed?
40:06 Well, it's because they were worshiping the sun,
40:08 but it was more serious than that.
40:11 Notice Chapter 17,
40:14 and we will begin reading at verse 24.
40:18 Did the desecration of the Sabbath
40:21 have anything to do
40:22 with the destruction of Jerusalem?
40:24 Absolutely.
40:25 Now, if they were worshiping the sun,
40:27 were they keeping the Sabbath?
40:29 Of course not.
40:30 Notice verse 24.
40:33 Actually verse, yeah, verse 24.
40:36 "And it shall be,
40:37 if you heed Me carefully, says the Lord,
40:40 to bring no burden through the gates of this city
40:43 on the Sabbath day,
40:45 but hallow the Sabbath day," that is sanctify it,
40:48 "to do no work on it,
40:50 then shall enter the gates of this city kings and princes
40:54 sitting on the throne of David,
40:55 riding in chariots and on horses,
40:58 they and their princes,
40:59 accompanied by the men of Judah
41:01 and the inhabitants of Jerusalem,
41:03 and this city shall," what?
41:05 "Remain forever."
41:08 But you have the other side of the coin.
41:11 Notice verse 26.
41:14 "And they shall come from the cities of Judah
41:16 and from the places around Jerusalem,
41:18 from the land of Benjamin, from the lowland,
41:21 from the mountains, from the South,
41:24 bringing burnt offerings and sacrifices,
41:26 grain offerings and incense,
41:28 bringing sacrifices of praise to the house of the Lord."
41:31 That's what's going to happen if the Sabbath is kept,
41:33 the city is going to remain forever.
41:35 But now verse 27 tells us
41:36 what's going to happen if we break the Sabbath.
41:39 "But if you will not heed Me to hallow the Sabbath day,
41:42 such as not carrying a burden
41:43 when entering the gates of Jerusalem
41:45 on the Sabbath day,
41:46 then I will kindle a fire in its gates,
41:49 and it shall devour the palaces of Jerusalem,
41:52 and it shall not be quenched."
41:56 Did Sabbath observance have anything to do
41:58 with the destruction of Jerusalem?
42:00 Absolutely.
42:02 And you'll notice here that Jeremiah lived immediately
42:06 before the Babylonian captivity,
42:10 interestingly enough.
42:12 Now in the light of what we've noticed,
42:14 let's go to the statements from Ellen White
42:19 that we find on page 397.
42:21 We set the stage now,
42:23 by studying the passage in Ezekiel,
42:25 we've noticed they were worshiping the sun.
42:27 And they were,
42:28 they were trampling upon the Sabbath.
42:30 Is it just possible at the end of time,
42:32 that's the type of idolatry
42:34 that's going to be committed by the Christian world?
42:38 Listen to the terminology that Ellen White used.
42:42 The Sabbath question is one
42:45 that will demand great care and wisdom
42:48 in its presentation.
42:50 Much of the grace and power of God will be needed
42:53 to cast down the idol than has been erected
42:57 in the shape of a false Sabbath.
43:02 So what is Sunday?
43:05 An idol and what does, what shape does it have?
43:09 Well, has the shape of the Sabbath,
43:10 but it's a false Sabbath.
43:13 Notice the next statement.
43:15 Review and Herald, March 8, 1898,
43:18 Satan has taken the world captive.
43:21 He has introduced what kind of Sabbath?
43:24 An idol Sabbath.
43:26 Is it just as much idolatry
43:29 and an abomination to keep Sunday
43:31 as it is to worship the sun?
43:36 You say, "Well, it's not the same."
43:38 We'll come back to that at the end.
43:41 He has introduced an idol Sabbath,
43:44 apparently giving to it great importance.
43:46 Is that true?
43:48 He's given it great importance.
43:49 Oh, yeah.
43:50 He has stolen the homage of the Christian world
43:53 away from the Sabbath of the Lord
43:55 for this idol Sabbath.
43:57 And now notice the comparison.
43:59 The world bows down to a tradition,
44:02 a man made commandment,
44:05 as Nebuchadnezzar set up his golden image
44:07 on the plain of Dura,
44:09 and so exalted himself.
44:10 So Satan exalts himself in this false Sabbath,
44:15 for which he has stolen the library of heaven.
44:20 Interesting that she compares it
44:21 with the image that Nebuchadnezzar raised up,
44:24 which by the way,
44:26 that image was in honor of the sun god Marduk.
44:29 What was the image made of?
44:30 Gold.
44:32 Do you know what the ancients called gold?
44:33 The dew of the sun
44:35 because they felt that gold had dripped down
44:38 from the sun at one point.
44:41 By the way, they also worshiped gods of silver.
44:44 Silver was the moon goddess because the moon is silver.
44:48 So idols of gold and silver represented the fact
44:52 that they worshiped the sun,
44:54 and they worshiped the moon.
44:56 Notice the next statement like Cain,
45:00 men are today violating a plain thus saith the Lord.
45:05 So she's compared it with Nebuchadnezzar.
45:09 Now she's going to compare with Cain.
45:11 God has sanctified and blessed the seventh day,
45:15 requiring all men to keep it sacred
45:18 as his memorial of creation.
45:21 But inspired by the arch deceiver,
45:25 man is set up a rival rest day,
45:28 which God regards as He did the offering of Cain.
45:31 Why?
45:33 Because Cain offered God what he wanted to offer,
45:35 not what God commanded.
45:37 The Christian world offers God the day
45:39 that they want to offer,
45:41 not the day that God has commanded.
45:44 She continues, like Cain,
45:47 those who worship this idol are offended
45:50 because God's chosen people
45:52 will not reject the day specified
45:54 in his law as holy
45:57 to keep a rest day of man's creation.
46:00 They try to force their fellow men
46:03 to worship this idol.
46:05 Thus did Nebuchadnezzar
46:07 when he set up a golden image in the plains of Dura.
46:10 And in his pride and self-exaltation
46:12 sought to compel all to bow down to it.
46:16 Is the Christian world gonna compel God's people
46:19 to bow down and keep Sunday as the day of rest,
46:22 man made?
46:24 Yes.
46:26 As Cain set aside God's holy command
46:28 and offered a sacrifice of His own choice,
46:31 so men have set aside God's holy Sabbath,
46:33 and they've exalted one of their own creation.
46:37 Is Sunday a day of worship created by man?
46:41 Yes, it is.
46:43 And Cain was filled with bitterness against Abel,
46:46 as he was filled with bitterness against Abel.
46:49 So they are filled with bitterness against those
46:52 who by keeping God Sabbath
46:54 cast reflections upon the worship of a day,
46:57 which bears no divine sanction or appointment.
47:01 Thus, it has been,
47:03 thus it will be till the end of time.
47:06 Sin is Satan's attribute,
47:09 and it is always lead against good.
47:12 The spirit of Cain is manifested
47:14 in all false religions.
47:16 Satan's work is to condemn and destroy,
47:20 to take away man's liberty and destroy his life.
47:23 Transgression always leads men to act as Satan's agents
47:27 to carry out his purposes against God and righteousness.
47:32 And then she's going to compare the sin of the Christian world
47:36 to Nadab and Abihu, lo, surprise, surprise.
47:40 We've already talked about that.
47:42 Notice this, Review and Herald, December 20, 1898.
47:48 But this day,
47:49 so universally exalted
47:51 that Sunday is a spurious Sabbath,
47:55 a common working day.
47:57 It is accepted in the place of the day
48:00 that the Lord has blessed and sanctified.
48:03 But the sheer result of this course,
48:05 may be seen in the punishment
48:07 which fell upon Nadab and Abihu,
48:10 the sons of Aaron.
48:13 Is it the same principle,
48:15 offering God the secular as if it was holy?
48:20 And in the case of Nebuchadnezzar,
48:23 leading people to worship a man made idol
48:27 representing the sun god.
48:30 Here's another statement Letter 90, 1897.
48:34 The Protestant world have set up an idol Sabbath
48:39 in the place where God's Sabbath should be.
48:42 And they are treading in the footsteps of the papacy,
48:45 whether they want to recognize it or not.
48:50 The Faith I Live By, page 286,
48:52 "Sunday keeping is not yet the mark of the beast,
48:56 and will not be until the decree goes forth,
49:00 causing men to worship this idol Sabbath."
49:04 Has that command come yet to worship the idol Sabbath?
49:08 No, not yet.
49:10 So no one yet has the mark of the beast.
49:15 By the way, no one has the seal of God either,
49:17 the end time eschatological seal of God
49:20 because they're given at the same time.
49:24 Signs of the Times, May 26, 1898.
49:27 Those who live during the last days
49:29 of this earth's history
49:32 will know what it means to be persecuted
49:34 for the truth's sake.
49:36 In the courts injustice will prevail.
49:40 The judges will refuse to listen
49:42 to the reasons of those
49:43 who are loyal to the commandments of God
49:45 because they know the arguments in favor
49:48 of the fourth commandment are unanswerable.
49:51 They will say, "We have a law,
49:53 and by our law he ought to die."
49:56 God's law is nothing to them.
49:58 "Our law" with them is supreme.
50:01 Those who respect this human law will be favored,
50:05 but those who will not bow to the idol Sabbath
50:10 have no favors shown to them.
50:13 In other words, the time will come
50:15 when we will not be able to depend
50:17 upon the First Amendment to the Constitution.
50:22 No such thing as free speech anymore.
50:27 Because a judges
50:29 and magistrates will refuse to listen to the arguments
50:32 because they know that the arguments
50:33 are too powerful.
50:35 Here's another one,
50:36 Review and Herald April 15, 1890.
50:39 Not a move has been made in exalting the idle Sabbath
50:43 in bringing around Sunday observance through legislation,
50:47 but Satan has been behind it, and has been the chief worker.
50:52 But the conscience should not be compelled
50:54 even for the observance of the genuine Sabbath,
50:57 for God will accept only willing service.
51:00 Would it be wrong for the government to enact
51:04 a Sabbath keeping law?
51:06 Seventh day Sabbath keeping law?
51:08 Yes, because the state has no jurisdiction
51:12 over the Sabbath.
51:13 The Sabbath is God's day, it belongs to him,
51:15 doesn't belong to Caesar.
51:18 19 Manuscript Releases, page 244.
51:24 Among professed Christians there are idolaters,
51:28 men and women who are not sealed by God.
51:32 Many have subverted the Christian faith
51:35 into idolatry,
51:37 giving to a man-made institution
51:39 the glory and honor
51:41 that God requires for His Sabbath day,
51:44 and compelling others to worship this idol.
51:48 Notice the number of times that Ellen White refers
51:50 to Sunday as the idol.
51:52 Such ones will surely be visited
51:55 with God's retributive judgments,
51:58 which are to be poured out without mixture of mercy.
52:01 This is seven last plagues, by the way,
52:03 upon the unrepentant
52:05 despisers of God's law.
52:10 Let's read this one more.
52:11 And then I'm going to show you that observing Sunday
52:15 as the day of worship is the same
52:17 as worshiping the sun in principle.
52:19 Notice this statement,
52:21 the Spalding Magan collection, page 22.
52:24 In preaching the truth,
52:26 it is not always best to present
52:29 those strong points of truth that will arouse prejudice,
52:33 especially where such strong feelings exist
52:37 as are felt in the Southern States.
52:40 Those are the red states as we call them today.
52:45 The Sabbath must be taught in a decided manner,
52:48 but be cautious how you deal with the idol,
52:53 Sunday.
52:55 A word to the wise is sufficient.
52:59 Now someone might object.
53:02 It's not the same to worship the sun,
53:06 as it is to worship on Sunday,
53:10 is it?
53:13 A closer look will indicate that in principle,
53:16 worshiping the sun and worshiping on Sunday
53:20 is based on the same principle.
53:23 So let's do it in question and answer format.
53:27 Who created the sun?
53:30 God.
53:31 Did He created for worship?
53:34 No.
53:36 So if we make the sun an object of worship,
53:41 what do we call that?
53:44 We call that idolatry.
53:46 Because anything that we make for worship
53:48 that God has not created for worship is idolatry.
53:53 Now let's ask three follow up questions.
53:57 Who created Sunday?
54:00 The first day of the week?
54:02 Did God create the first day of the week?
54:05 Yes.
54:06 Did He create the day of the sun for worship?
54:11 No, that's a secular workday, isn't it?
54:15 So did He create it for worship?
54:17 No.
54:19 So what happens if human beings
54:21 make it a day of worship?
54:25 It's idolatry.
54:27 Because anything that man makes for worship
54:31 in place of what God has established for worship
54:34 is idolatry.
54:37 It does not really matter whether we worship God
54:39 through a manmade idolatrous object
54:42 such as the sun,
54:44 or we worship a manmade idolatrous day,
54:48 because that also was made by man.
54:51 So we can understand why Ellen White explained
54:55 that Sunday is the idol Sabbath,
55:00 because it has been erected by man
55:03 as a day of worship, not by God.
55:08 So, as we've studied these lessons,
55:12 we studied last evening about the relationship
55:15 between the internal seal and the external seal.
55:19 We did a comparison also, in our first study together,
55:23 between the tree in the Garden of Eden
55:28 and the observance of the Sabbath
55:32 at the end of time.
55:34 We've now talked about the idol Sabbath,
55:38 the Sabbath that has been created by man for worship.
55:42 Everything that we've been doing is actually amplifying
55:47 the issue of the seal of God that is spoken of
55:50 in the interlude of Revelation Chapter 7.
55:55 The Revelation Chapter 7 speaks about the seal of God
55:59 that is given to the very end time generation,
56:03 it's given on their foreheads to protect them
56:06 in the time of trouble.
56:08 And the issue of controversy is going to be what?
56:11 The day of worship.
56:14 Now, in our next lesson, together,
56:18 in our last session this afternoon,
56:20 we are going to study about the Seal of the Living God.
56:25 This is another lesson
56:26 where we're going to take a look
56:28 at different avenues that we can pursue to prove
56:33 that the Sabbath is the seal of God,
56:36 and to also prove that the mark of the beast
56:40 has to do with keeping a counterfeit day
56:44 of worship.
56:46 As we examined two verses in closing,
56:49 we examined Revelation 14:9-11.
56:54 There it says, "Whoever worships the beast,
56:57 his image, or receives his mark
57:00 will receive the wrath of God."
57:03 Immediately after the third angel's message,
57:07 we find that verse that distinguishes Adventist
57:11 from all other denominations.
57:14 And what does that verse say?
57:16 In contrast to those who worship the beast,
57:18 his image and received the mark,
57:20 here are they who what?
57:24 Who had the patience of the saints.
57:28 They do what else?
57:30 They keep the commandments of God in contrast to those
57:33 who worshiped the beast,
57:34 his image and his mark in the third angel's message,
57:36 they keep the commandments of God
57:39 and the faith of Jesus.
57:44 So that is what we're going to unpack a little bit more
57:47 in our last session together.


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