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00:04 And comes from the DVD series, "Awesome Science"
00:10 NOAH JUSTICE: Because of its amazing beauty and size,
00:13 Yosemite National Park was one of the first pieces of land
00:16 set aside for the enjoyment of the public in the United
00:19 States.
00:21 The amazing granite cliffs are a part of the Sierra Nevadas,
00:25 a huge rock batholith thought to have been
00:28 formed over millions of years.
00:30 But new evidence helps researchers understand
00:33 how the formation of these mountains
00:35 took just weeks or months.
00:37 In addition, Yosemite Valley is thought
00:40 to have been formed by the Merced River and multiple ice
00:43 ages over long ages.
00:45 Yet this huge valley is actually evidence
00:48 for erosion due to a catastrophe during and right
00:52 after the Flood.
00:53 Secular scientists have over 60 different explanations
00:56 for how many ice ages have been formed.
00:59 But astute researchers recognize that the conditions
01:02 right after the global flood are the best model to explain
01:05 the one major ice age.
01:08 Another amazing geologic feature appears
01:11 just a few hundred miles from Yosemite--
01:13 the great Zion Canyon in Utah.
01:16 Secular scientists have some major challenges
01:19 explaining how the cliffs were formed and the canyon was cut.
01:23 Huge sandstone layers, steep canyon walls, amazing arches,
01:28 and large hanging valleys are all good evidence
01:31 of a worldwide catastrophe-- all this
01:34 and more next on "Awesome Science."
01:42 "Awesome Science" takes you on a field trip
01:45 to some of the most amazing geologic and historical sites
01:48 around the world where we use the Bible as our history
01:52 guidebook to interpret what we see,
01:54 that the Bible can be trusted.
01:56 And empirical science falls in line
01:58 with the Biblical account of Creation,
02:00 the Fall, and the Flood.
02:03 Science, it's awesome.
02:17 Yosemite is breathtaking from the minute
02:20 you enter her Cathedral granite peaks
02:22 rising several thousand feet above the valley floor.
02:26 It's no wonder author and champion
02:28 for the national parks, John Muir,
02:30 said no temple made with human hands
02:32 can compare with Yosemite, where God's attributes and glory is
02:38 revealed.
02:39 Muir believed that the best place
02:41 to discover the true attributes of God was in nature
02:45 and that God is always active in the creation of life,
02:48 and thereby has continued to keep
02:50 the natural order of the world.
02:53 About the size of Rhode Island, Yosemite National Park
02:57 covers 1,190 square miles and is full of valleys, giant cliffs,
03:03 waterfalls, alpine lakes, and even active glaciers,
03:07 with its highest point being over 13,000 feet.
03:12 Yosemite was first set aside by President Abraham Lincoln
03:15 on June 30, 1864, and given to the state of California
03:20 to oversee.
03:21 It was the inspiration for the first national park,
03:24 Yellowstone.
03:27 When the National Park Service was organized in 1916,
03:31 Yosemite was adopted in as a national park.
03:35 It is visited by over 3.7 million people,
03:39 mostly in the seven square mile area of Yosemite Valley.
03:43 From the valley floor, giant granite cliffs
03:45 goes straight up and have names such as Half Dome, El Capitan,
03:49 and Sentinel Dome.
03:51 As one looks around, questions are
03:53 formed about this amazing granite rock
03:55 and how it was carved in such a deep valley.
03:59 The granite is thought by secular scientists
04:01 to have begun forming over 210 million years ago.
04:07 After the formation of the Sierras,
04:09 the valley was mostly cut by the Merced River
04:12 and finished off by large glaciers.
04:14 Obviously, these time scales don't match up
04:17 with the Biblical account of a few thousand years.
04:20 Evidence has come to light to help explain
04:23 the quick formation of the granites
04:24 during the Flood of Genesis, as well
04:27 as a model for rapid formation of the massive glaciers
04:30 and ice sheets from the ice age not long after the Flood.
04:34 What evidence?
04:35 I'm glad you asked.
04:38 That's why a group of scientists called the RATE group who
04:41 believe in the Biblical account of creation,
04:44 a young Earth, and a global flood,
04:46 challenged this secular idea of long ages
04:49 by looking deeper into the rocks to develop
04:52 a different and better model.
04:55 To date volcanic rocks when they cool,
04:57 a method called a radioisotope dating is used.
05:01 This type of dating analyzes the radioactive elements
05:04 in the rocks.
05:05 Each radioactive material called parent elements
05:08 decays into other elements called daughter elements.
05:12 For example, uranium-238, the radioactive parent element
05:16 eventually decays into the stable daughter
05:19 element of lead.
05:20 Over 4.468 billion years, half of uranium atoms in a rock
05:25 would turn to lead.
05:26 So it is called a half-life.
05:28 It has been demonstrated by observation
05:31 that different radioactive elements decay
05:33 at different rates.
05:34 Some have half lives of seconds.
05:37 Others decay much more slowly.
05:39 But of course, no one has watched Uranium-238
05:42 for four billion years.
05:44 That would be a very boring job.
05:46 So the rate is calculated from the small sample of time.
05:50 You can't measure a radiometric date
05:52 like you can measure the mass of a rock.
05:54 You have to calculate it.
05:55 And that calculation only gives you the right date
05:58 if the assumptions are true.
06:00 There are three basic assumptions
06:02 used when calculating a radiometric date.
06:05 The first assumption is that there
06:07 was none of the daughter element in the rock to begin with.
06:11 For example, you have to assume that no lead was in the rock
06:14 when it was formed to use the uranium-lead dating method.
06:18 But how would a scientist know this?
06:20 They can't.
06:21 That's why it's a faulty assumption.
06:24 The second assumption is that the radioactive element
06:26 decays at a constant rate.
06:28 The rate was not faster or slower in the past.
06:32 That is the uniformitarianism concept again.
06:35 Yet, the Bible teaches something much different.
06:37 The Earth has gone through a huge catastrophe,
06:40 the global flood.
06:43 In addition, this second assumption
06:45 does not take into account heat, or pressure, or other forces
06:49 that might have had an influence in the decay
06:51 rate of an element.
06:52 In some instances, we can observe radioactive decay rates
06:55 changing drastically.
06:57 The third assumption is that the elements in the rock
07:00 operated in a closed system.
07:03 In other words, there were no outside influences
07:06 on the parent or daughter elements, no addition
07:09 or removal of uranium or lead, which
07:12 is a big assumption considering that the rock has supposed
07:15 to have been around for millions of years.
07:19 If there was any contamination, then
07:21 all bets are off on having a good sample
07:24 to calculate the age of the rock.
07:26 For those who believe in long ages,
07:28 these assumptions are critical to their beliefs.
07:31 While there are methods to get around
07:33 some of these assumptions in some cases,
07:35 any breakdown in these assumptions
07:38 would lead to a total meltdown of the arguments
07:40 based on radiometric dating.
07:43 The RATE group decided to take a fresh look at this subject
07:46 and see what they could learn without being
07:49 forced to stick to the uniformitarian assumptions.
07:52 They wanted to know if the rate of decay
07:54 had been different in the past due to catastrophic
07:57 geologic processes during the global flood.
08:01 They also looked at the issue of the daughter elements
08:03 to see if they were in the rocks from the beginning, which
08:06 would throw a monkey wrench in the calculations
08:09 for the dating of these rocks.
08:12 Third, they intentionally looked for evidence
08:14 that radioactive processes had produced accelerated decay.
08:18 They begin their research by collecting over
08:20 1,000 rock samples from all over the world,
08:24 including Yosemite Valley.
08:26 When some radioactive elements decay,
08:28 in addition to producing the daughter element,
08:31 alpha particles are thrown off from the parent
08:33 as it changes into the new element, such as polonium-210,
08:38 also known as radium F.
08:40 We can see this decay in the form of radiohalos.
08:44 Radiohalos are the damage left by the emission of some
08:47 of these alpha particles captured
08:49 in the surrounding rock during the decay
08:51 series of uranium-238.
08:53 As I said, the half-life of uranium-238
08:57 is supposed to be 4.468 billion years to arrive at lead.
09:02 But the different types of polonium
09:04 only have half-lives of 164 seconds, 3.1 minutes,
09:09 and 138 days.
09:11 If the crystals in the granite rocks
09:13 cooled slowly over millions of years or even one year,
09:17 the radiohalos from the polonium would
09:19 have reached the end of their life and disappeared.
09:22 When the rocks from Yosemite were studied,
09:25 the most bizarre thing was discovered.
09:27 Polonium halos were found frozen in the rocks.
09:31 The fact that we see any radiohalos from polonium
09:34 is good evidence that these rocks
09:36 cooled very, very quickly, fast enough
09:39 to capture what the damage had done to the crystals
09:42 before the polonium all turned to lead.
09:45 It is believed by secular scientists
09:47 that the granite in the Sierra Nevada
09:49 was formed slowly over millions of years.
09:52 But the fact that the polonium radiohalos are found especially
09:56 in abundance in all the granitic rock layers
09:59 means something much different than slow, gradual processes.
10:04 With the right conditions during the Flood,
10:06 the entire pluton, or mass of igneous rock,
10:09 could have formed very quickly, maybe even
10:11 within a couple of weeks.
10:13 This massive catastrophic process
10:15 would have contributed greatly to the accelerated decay rate.
10:19 As the flood waters receded, due to the continents rising
10:23 and the sea floor sinking, the Sierras
10:25 were uplifted to their current position,
10:27 likely in a matter of months.
10:29 The flood was quick and catastrophic,
10:32 just as the Bible says.
10:33 It didn't take millions and billions of years
10:36 to form these rocks that we see today.
10:38 Science, it's awesome.
10:46 As you enter through Yosemite Valley,
10:48 the granite cliffs rising above 3,000 feet
10:52 impress the viewer with the grandeur of God.
10:56 From Glacier Point, a visitor can view Yosemite Valley below.
11:00 Without question, something big cut this valley.
11:04 Secular scientists claim that as the mountains were being pushed
11:07 up over millions of years, the Merced River
11:10 flowed a little bit faster and cut this valley.
11:13 Yet, it's hard to imagine this little river cutting
11:16 this huge valley.
11:18 It just doesn't make sense based on what
11:20 we know about the principles of erosion.
11:22 There's just not enough water flow.
11:25 In addition, what source was behind the Merced River
11:28 to allow it to erode this much land?
11:31 It just doesn't exist, except in the case
11:34 of a massive catastrophe, such as the global flood.
11:38 In the 1800s, John Muir explored the park
11:41 and was the first to hypothesize glaciers
11:43 were involved in eroding Yosemite.
11:46 It's true that glaciers cut and smooth
11:49 a valley that already exists.
11:50 But a valley as big as Yosemite requires something much larger,
11:55 like a global flood.
11:58 Near the end of the Flood, the continents
12:00 were beginning to rise.
12:01 Mountain chains were being pushed up.
12:04 And the valleys were being formed.
12:06 This catastrophic activity that was moving continents
12:09 subsequently caused the waters to accumulate
12:12 in the new ocean basins.
12:13 And huge sheet erosion planed off the new top layers
12:16 of the Earth.
12:18 As there was less water flowing towards the ocean,
12:20 the erosion continued as the water flowed in channels,
12:24 cutting giant canyons, water gaps, and valleys.
12:29 Evidence for this massive water erosion
12:32 is everywhere on this Earth, including Yosemite Valley.
12:35 But the erosion of this famous valley wasn't over yet.
12:39 The Great Ice Age was to come next.
12:41 And it also left its marks.
12:44 Yosemite is a testament to the glory of God.
12:47 But it's so much more than that.
12:49 It's a display of quick and catastrophic processes
12:53 in its formation and erosion during and after the Flood.
12:57 From the radiohalos to the quick formation of the Ice
13:00 Age after the Flood that affected the park,
13:03 the Bible gives us the best starting point
13:05 to explain the evidence.
13:07 It didn't take millions of years to form,
13:09 just big events in a short time period.
13:12 When we use God and His Word as our history guidebook,
13:16 all that we see in nature starts to make sense.
13:19 If a secular worldview, which is based on man's opinions,
13:23 is used, the explanations of nature will never quite fit.
13:27 That's why the there is no agreement on how the Ice
13:30 Age developed, because none of their ideas
13:32 involved the catastrophic processes as
13:35 described in the Bible.
13:37 When you build a puzzle, you build the outside edge first.
13:40 Then you work to fit in the middle pieces.
13:43 In much the same way, we use the Bible as our frame,
13:46 then begin to fit the pieces inside together.
13:49 In the end, it all connects within a coherent and Biblical
13:52 worldview.
13:54 Sure, we don't know about all the details
13:56 of this world we live in or its past.
13:59 But we can discover and learn about God's world
14:02 using His Word.
14:04 That means working to understand every aspect of this world
14:08 and how it works and how it is explained best
14:11 by a Biblical worldview.
14:13 Science, it's awesome.
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15:08 Standing over 2,000 feet, these are
15:11 some of the highest sandstone cliffs in the world.
15:14 The criss-crossing patterns are due to the layers being
15:17 deposited in flowing water.
15:20 This valley has clear signs of the sandstone being formed
15:23 by water, then eroded by water.
15:26 Zion includes nine separate geologic formations thought
15:30 by secular scientists to cover 150 million years of Earth's
15:35 history, yet those who believe in long ages
15:38 have some major challenges when trying
15:40 to explain what we see at Zion, because a proper understanding
15:44 of the evidence doesn't mesh with their story.
15:47 Instead, astute researchers recognize
15:49 the catastrophic formation of the layers
15:52 and the cutting of this enormous canyon.
15:54 It wasn't millions of years, but perhaps just weeks.
15:59 Zion is a towering example of geologic action
16:03 due to the catastrophic flood action, the Biblical flood
16:06 of Noah's day.
16:10 As one meanders through the giant canyons,
16:13 the walls of sandstone are enormous.
16:16 The largest layer is the Navajo Sandstone, which
16:19 is up to 2,200 feet thick.
16:24 This layer is known to cover 140,000 square miles
16:28 of the southwest.
16:29 The source of these sand grains can
16:31 be traced to the northern Appalachians
16:33 over 1,000 miles away.
16:37 Secular scientists have suggested several ideas
16:40 on how this sand moved across the continent.
16:43 One idea is that an ancient river transported them
16:46 from the northeast to the southwest,
16:49 but no evidence exists for this grand waterway.
16:53 Another idea is that they were blown across by the wind.
16:57 But how did they miss being deposited in the Midwest
17:00 as well?
17:01 When the details surface, this idea
17:03 is dashed and broken against a big wall.
17:07 Without a global flood model, secular scientists
17:10 have a big challenge trying to explain
17:12 how these sand grains got here.
17:14 But with worldwide catastrophic conditions during the Flood,
17:18 the sandstones are easily explained.
17:21 When sand is blown, the backside of a dune
17:24 is typically more than 30 degrees.
17:29 We also know that if water moves sand, the backside of the dune
17:32 is less than 30 degrees.
17:36 This can be observed around the world
17:38 and can be tested in the lab.
17:40 Most of the cross-beds in the Navajo Sandstone
17:43 have angles less than 30 degrees,
17:46 which we can deduce that they were moved by water.
17:49 Only one event in Earth's history would have the water
17:52 and speed to move 140,000 square miles of sand.
17:57 That event was the global flood of Noah's day.
18:02 When you tour through Zion Canyon,
18:05 one question keeps on coming to mind.
18:07 How was it cut?
18:09 Whatever the process was, it had to work its way
18:12 through thousands of feet of sediment.
18:15 Secular scientists attribute the Zion's erosion
18:18 over millions of years to the Virgin River,
18:20 which flows through the bottom of the canyon.
18:23 Just a casual glance at the Virgin River
18:26 shows that it flows too gradually
18:28 to have caused this much erosion.
18:31 The river doesn't even reach the canyon walls.
18:35 What is more, as one looks deeper
18:37 into the canyon's features, it becomes evident
18:40 that this canyon was cut in a very short period of time,
18:43 just days or hours.
18:45 How?
18:46 Let's look a little closer.
18:47 One of the strongest evidences researchers
18:50 use for a young cut canyon is how steep the canyon walls are.
18:55 If the canyon was formed over a long period,
18:57 gravity, erosion, and other natural forces
19:00 would have caused these steep walls
19:02 to collapse into the canyon in various places.
19:06 As a result, this valley would have been V-shaped
19:09 with lots of debris.
19:11 But there is very little debris on the canyon
19:13 floor, which is a sign of a much younger canyon.
19:18 In several places around the park,
19:20 there are huge arches high in the canyon walls.
19:23 Arches like these in sandstone will eventually erode away
19:27 and fall to the canyon floor.
19:30 If the Virgin River took millions of years
19:32 to carve this canyon, then these arches
19:34 should have collapsed and eroded away a long time ago.
19:38 But they are still there.
19:40 In addition, the park is full of hanging valleys.
19:44 Hanging valleys are formed when massive amounts of water
19:47 go through an area at high speeds,
19:50 cutting the landscape from many different directions,
19:53 generally due to flooding conditions.
19:55 Some valleys are higher than others and spill
19:58 into the lower ones.
20:00 When the flood waters go away, the intersections
20:03 of the upper canyons into the lower canyons are left hanging.
20:07 Zion is full of these giant hanging valleys.
20:11 A huge amount of water moving together at the same time
20:14 would be required to create these features.
20:17 If small streams over long periods of time
20:20 were responsible for carving the hanging valleys,
20:23 then they should have been eroded down
20:25 or be completely gone, yet they remain
20:29 as a remnant of a global flood where the receding flood
20:32 waters raced across the entire continent.
20:35 One of the features in the park that secular scientists point
20:38 to as evidence for slow and gradual erosion
20:41 by the Virgin River is a place called Big Bend.
20:44 They say that if catastrophic processes were at work,
20:48 this feature would have been eroded away.
20:52 We know that when flowing water finds an obstruction,
20:55 it usually finds a way around it.
20:57 Obstructions will usually be harder
20:59 than the layer being eroded.
21:01 The water finds a weaker point and goes that way.
21:05 This is exactly what happened in Big Bend.
21:08 And this is consistent with a Biblical view.
21:11 You can make this simple observation at the beach.
21:14 Watch how receding waves cut the sand.
21:17 Most of the time, they don't go in a straight line
21:20 but find the weakest point in the sand.
21:22 With all of these observable facts, the amount of water
21:26 and the speed of the water needed to cut Zion,
21:29 it is a testament to the flood of Noah's day.
21:32 After covering the entire Earth by day 150,
21:36 the flood waters were receding.
21:38 As the continents rose and the ocean valleys sank,
21:41 water ran off the continents, first in sheets.
21:45 Then it began to channelize.
21:47 When the water finally emptied into the oceans,
21:50 it left these canyons.
21:52 This whole area in the southwest is full of large scale
21:56 erosional features.
21:58 Secular scientists have had a difficult time
22:01 explaining all of these features through
22:03 slow and gradual processes.
22:05 The global flood best explains what we see here
22:08 at Zion and at many other geologic features
22:12 around the world.
22:14 The Biblical record can be trusted.
22:17 As we look at the geologic record,
22:18 the evidence starts to make sense
22:20 when you include a catastrophic global flood
22:23 as described in the Bible as a real historic event.
22:29 Through our study of the canyon, it's
22:31 plain to see that the Bible's description
22:33 of a catastrophic flood event best
22:35 explains the formation of these layers and the erosion at Zion,
22:39 hands down.
22:41 Secular scientists look at present geologic processes
22:44 and say changes happened over long ages, like at Zion.
22:49 They hold to those uniformitarian belief
22:51 because they have a secular humanist worldview.
22:55 This worldview denies that there is a God who created
22:58 and who delivers judgment against sin.
23:01 If man does not have to be accountable to the Creator,
23:04 then he can live any way he wants.
23:07 The Bible tells us that it's by their own actions and thoughts
23:11 that they hold this world view and deny
23:13 the truth found in God's word, not because of an unbiased view
23:17 of the evidence.
23:19 We can view the evidence starting with the truth
23:22 of what the Bible says.
23:23 And it matches up with quick, catastrophic events.
23:27 Zion shows God's great handiwork but also His judgement.
23:32 The Bible tells us that the global flood
23:35 was brought by God because of man's
23:37 rebellion against his Creator.
23:39 Only one man was found righteous, Noah.
23:42 And he and his family were saved.
23:44 Notice the grace of God.
23:46 He sent a means of salvation through the ark.
23:48 The Flood was real.
23:50 The Bible can be believed.
23:53 But there's also a warning to all of us.
23:56 God's judgment is coming again, this time by fire.
24:01 Man had over 100 years before the flood
24:04 to turn and repent of his rebellion.
24:07 God is patient.
24:08 He desires to see all men repent of their sins
24:11 and turn back to Him, for God has sent
24:15 another means of salvation.
24:18 If you have not turned to God through Jesus Christ,
24:21 the Bible says today is the day of salvation.
24:24 Repent and turn to Him now before His judgment
24:27 against man's rebellion comes again.
24:31 That's it for this episode of "Awesome Science."
24:33 Join us next time as we explore more
24:35 of the Biblical account of Creation,
24:37 the Fall, and the Flood.
24:39 Science, it's awesome.
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