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00:19 Hello, friends, welcome to A Sharper Focus
00:22 Wednesday night Bible Study here
00:24 at the 3ABN Worship Center.
00:25 We'd like to welcome you with a hearty amen,
00:27 can we say amen?
00:28 Amen.
00:30 We have our Bibles, and our lessons,
00:31 and we'll let you know in just a moment
00:32 how to get a copy of that to join us
00:34 and follow along on this exciting study,
00:37 "The Anatomy of Righteousness."
00:39 This is a new lesson,
00:41 we are going to walk through the Word of God,
00:43 that's a very important topic anatomy.
00:46 I took anatomy and physiology in class,
00:48 I just want to make a disclaimer at the beginning,
00:51 I am not a physician.
00:53 So we are going to learn about anatomy
00:54 from a non-doctor.
00:56 But we're going to look at the anatomy of righteousness
00:59 which is revealed in the Word of God.
01:03 Before we go any further to let you know
01:05 where you can get a copy of the lesson
01:06 and before we sing our theme song,
01:08 let's begin with the word of prayer.
01:10 Loving Father in heaven,
01:11 we thank You for this opportunity,
01:13 the privilege is ours to open Your Word
01:14 and study together,
01:16 and we pray that Your Holy Spirit
01:18 will be our guide, open our minds, and hearts.
01:21 What we are about to learn, Lord,
01:23 is key to our walk with You, send Your Spirit
01:26 to be our teacher and also to empower us.
01:30 We pray in Jesus' name.
01:32 Amen.
01:34 Now if you want to get a copy of the lesson,
01:35 go to this following website it is ASF.3ABN.org,
01:41 and download lesson number 38, The Anatomy of Righteousness.
01:46 Now this is a long lesson,
01:48 so I'm going to be breaking it down into sections,
01:50 I think thus far I have about 30 questions,
01:54 but we're not going to cover 30 questions tonight,
01:56 we're going to try our best to cover 15.
01:58 But if you've been a part of this program before,
02:00 you know, sometimes,
02:02 we get to seven, we get to five, we get to nine,
02:04 and the good thing about this program is
02:06 whatever we don't cover now, we cover in the next program.
02:09 Amen? Amen.
02:10 So tonight, we're going to do that.
02:12 And now it's our time for our theme song,
02:15 our theme song is Victory in Jesus.
02:18 If you want to join us to sing along, you may do that.
02:21 Let's sing our theme song together.
02:31 I heard an old, old story
02:35 How a Savior came from glory
02:39 How He gave His life on Calvary
02:43 To save a wretch like me
02:47 I heard about His groaning
02:50 Of His precious blood's atoning
02:54 Then I repented of my sins
02:58 And won the victory
03:02 O victory in Jesus
03:06 My Savior, forever
03:09 He sought me and bought me
03:13 With His redeeming blood
03:17 He loved me ere I knew Him
03:21 And all my love is due Him
03:25 He plunged me to victory
03:28 Beneath the cleansing flood
03:32 I heard about a mansion
03:36 He has built for me in glory
03:40 And I heard about the streets of gold
03:43 Beyond the crystal sea
03:47 About the angels singing
03:51 And the old redemption story
03:55 And some sweet day I'll sing up there
03:58 The song of victory
04:01 Key change.
04:03 O victory in Jesus
04:06 My Savior forever
04:10 He sought me and bought me
04:14 With His redeeming blood
04:17 He loved me ere I knew Him
04:21 And all my love is due Him
04:25 He plunged me to victory
04:29 Beneath the cleansing flood
04:33 He plunged me to victory
04:36 Beneath the cleansing flood
04:43 Amen? Amen.
04:45 That is the truth, and this song, we have done,
04:47 since I think the beginning of our program,
04:50 and we'd like to do it again, but I don't think so.
04:54 But it's such a fun song, they want us to sing it again.
04:58 We have sung this song almost every program,
05:01 and it's been now...
05:03 I think maybe four or five years,
05:05 it seems like time has gone by so quickly
05:07 since we've been doing A Sharper Focus.
05:11 But I thought about the title of the song,
05:13 we've been singing Victory in Jesus,
05:15 and then I also thought about the number of topics
05:18 we've been covering, and we've covered
05:20 a number of topics on the steps of how to be a Christian,
05:23 number of those things.
05:25 But just recently, I entered into another study
05:28 on the anatomy of righteousness
05:31 because it came to my mind as a pastor
05:35 and studying the Word of God, my wife, and I
05:37 really got into reading our Bibles more,
05:39 praying more, studying more.
05:42 We determined to start the New Year
05:45 on an empowered note
05:47 rather than, you know, Sabbath School Lesson,
05:50 memory verse, come to church,
05:53 we decided to fill our tanks as often as we can.
05:57 Amen? Amen.
05:59 And that meant, reading the Bible,
06:01 letting God speak to us,
06:02 then knowing that we can speak to God through prayer.
06:05 And what God has been doing He's been opening up doors
06:08 to help us to see
06:10 this Christian walk on a very, very clear way.
06:14 And so what came to our minds in the study is
06:19 the Anatomy of Righteousness.
06:21 We want to be righteous, don't we?
06:22 Yes.
06:24 Because there is nothing else that we can be
06:27 to get into the kingdom of God,
06:28 we can't be almost righteous, we can't be somewhat righteous,
06:32 we've got to be righteous.
06:34 But there is a nemesis, and we know his name,
06:36 his name is Satan, Lucifer, the dragon, the devil,
06:40 the fallen angel.
06:42 But there's another nemesis that is involved in our DNA.
06:45 And it's a three-letter word.
06:47 It is spelled S-I-N, and what is that?
06:49 Sin.
06:51 And it has been the nemesis of humanity
06:54 ever since the fall of man.
06:57 Now if you think about this, I've watched
06:59 baseball games, basketball games,
07:02 I've seen the playoffs,
07:05 I've seen the championship basketball games,
07:06 I've seen the World Series in baseball,
07:08 whatever country you might be in,
07:10 and it might be of the soccer championship
07:12 or the Super Bowl.
07:13 And what I've learned is the coaches on both teams,
07:17 they spend hours studying the strategies
07:22 of the other team.
07:23 And the number one reason why is they want to win.
07:27 And I thought, "Wow, do we spend as many hours
07:31 studying our Bible as a coach spends studying the strategies
07:36 of another team?"
07:37 There is another team up against us,
07:39 it's Satan and his fallen angels.
07:41 And the key he uses,
07:43 you know, when the coach learns
07:45 the secret weapon
07:47 or the secret strategy of the other team
07:49 or the secret strategy
07:50 of a very good basketball player,
07:52 they may say,
07:53 "He goes to his left all the time or his right"
07:55 what you remember.
07:56 He's right all the time.
07:57 He moves to his right, and when he moves to his right,
07:59 we're in trouble.
08:00 Or he goes to his left, and when he goes to his left,
08:02 we're in trouble, he's going to score.
08:04 So they seek to cut off the avenues that empower him.
08:08 And in the very same way, when we understand sin,
08:12 what it does, how it works, how it impacts us,
08:17 the difference it makes in our lives in our daily walk,
08:20 how to get rid of it,
08:22 and then we understand the mission of Jesus
08:24 and His relationship to sin.
08:26 Then all of a sudden, we become clear about
08:29 not just being Christians that have
08:30 28 fundamental beliefs.
08:32 You know, there are certain beliefs
08:34 you can't do anything about.
08:35 The Sabbath is the Sabbath whether you believe it or not.
08:38 People die and resting till Jesus comes
08:40 whether we believe it or not.
08:42 The fundamentals of the Bible are there
08:43 whether we believe them or not.
08:45 But the most important thing that affects everyone is S-I-N,
08:49 and spells what?
08:50 Sin. Sin.
08:52 So we're going to begin...
08:53 We're not going to cover it all tonight,
08:54 but we're going to begin learning about
08:56 the Anatomy of Righteousness.
08:57 Now, you know, anatomy when you'd learn this
08:59 and if you're a medical student,
09:01 you might be far more advanced in this area than I am,
09:05 but you start learning terms you've never heard before.
09:08 And we're going to talk about some of those terms,
09:10 justification, glorification, sanctification,
09:14 imputed righteousness, imparted righteousness.
09:17 We're going to talk about those terms,
09:19 but we're going to talk about those later on.
09:21 What I want to do more than anything else
09:23 is if I could use another title, this will be...
09:28 And I want to say this in the right mindset.
09:30 I don't want to be little this topic at all.
09:32 This would be righteousness for dummies.
09:36 All right?
09:37 I'm including myself in that.
09:39 I'm not calling anyone dumb.
09:40 But I believe that
09:41 the easier it is to understand,
09:43 the quicker it is to grasp
09:45 rather than using all these polysyllabic words,
09:49 these esoteric terminologies, these theological...
09:53 You know, as Pastor CA says
09:55 ecclesiastical obiter dictums,
09:57 all these words that just sound great,
09:59 but what did he say?
10:01 So let's begin with the most elementary question of all.
10:05 Question number one, it is simply said,
10:09 "What is sin?"
10:11 Let's go in our Bibles to 1 John 3:4.
10:14 What is sin?
10:16 And depending on the translation you have...
10:19 And by the way, many of you know
10:20 if you've studied this lesson with us,
10:22 we put the answers on the screen,
10:24 but we'd like to use our Bibles because in using our Bibles
10:27 we learn to use our swords, right?
10:30 What is sin?
10:32 1 John 3:4, the King James Version has one definition
10:36 which is the same as the New King James,
10:37 they just use different words, but here it is.
10:40 And let's read this first one together,
10:42 it will appear on the screen.
10:43 Here it is.
10:45 The answer is,
10:46 "Whoever commits sin also commits," what,
10:49 "lawlessness, and sin is lawlessness."
10:52 Or the King James Version says,
10:54 "Sin is the transgression of the law."
10:57 I asked the question,
10:59 how many of us have been pulled over by a police before.
11:04 Don't raise your hand.
11:06 Put your hand down.
11:08 I'm seeing those hands pop up all over the world
11:10 in my mind's eye.
11:12 But we try our best not to meet police officers
11:17 unless we schedule a friendly meeting with them,
11:21 but we've been there.
11:22 And when you transgress or violate the law,
11:26 a police officer shows up, pulls alongside of you,
11:30 and they try to be as cordial as possible on most occasions.
11:34 And depending on the situation that they assess,
11:36 they might be just really nice to you and let you go
11:38 or they might sense,
11:40 "Wow, we've got more here than just a speeder."
11:42 Whatever the situation is
11:44 and they're professionally trained to assess that.
11:46 But they ask for your license and your registration,
11:49 and then they ask you this question
11:50 that's really kind of weird,
11:52 "Did you know that you were speeding?"
11:56 Now how many of us know that question is coming?
12:00 Did you know...
12:01 And the other one,
12:03 did you know how fast you were going?
12:05 Well, I had that question asked to me once.
12:08 Here I'm in the local,
12:10 I got a ticket at 72 miles an hour,
12:13 and the speed limit was 70.
12:15 And I felt that was not fair.
12:17 So I went to court, they gave me an option
12:20 to either pay right away or go to court
12:21 and appeal to the judge.
12:22 So I went to court,
12:24 and I decided to put on a very nice suit.
12:26 I wanted to look legitimate,
12:28 I want to look like I am not a sinner,
12:31 I am not an intentional violator of the law,
12:34 so I had all my externals on.
12:36 I went to court, and they waiting
12:38 for the judge to come out, and they said, "Okay."
12:41 The court clerk came out,
12:42 "How many of you would like to plead guilty?
12:44 Anybody not guilty?
12:45 If you want to plead guilty and pay the fine,
12:46 just raise your hand."
12:48 While the people that raised their hand, they pled guilty,
12:49 they went...
12:50 She said, "Go to the clerk and just pay the fine.
12:52 Okay, I guess those of you remaining
12:54 are pleading not guilty.
12:56 Okay, if you're pleading not guilty,
12:57 don't raise your hands.
12:58 You'll have to...
13:00 You wait here to appear before the judge."
13:02 So she came to each person
13:05 and asked this elementary question,
13:08 "How fast were you going?"
13:10 So she got to me, and I said, "Seventy-two."
13:15 But she said, "Sir, what was the speed limit?"
13:18 I said, "Seventy." She said, "You were speeding."
13:21 I said, "But it's about...
13:22 "Sir, you broke the law."
13:24 I said, "But I just..."
13:26 "Sir, you broke the law.
13:28 So you have a choice now, you could appear to the judge,
13:32 you could just go ahead and pay the fine."
13:34 I figured, "You know, let's just go and pay the fine.
13:36 It's not going to work
13:37 because if she as the clerk convicted me,
13:40 the judge is not going to...
13:41 He's not going to change her assessment."
13:44 "What was the speed limit?" "Seventy-two."
13:46 But then on another note, there is,
13:48 one, you know you're guilty, what do you ask for?
13:50 Do you ask for justice or do you ask for mercy?
13:52 What do you ask for? Mercy.
13:54 And they said,
13:56 "Throw yourself on the mercy of the court."
13:57 Well, I knew that day, it wouldn't going to work,
14:00 so went ahead and paid the fine.
14:01 On another occasion...
14:03 I don't have too many speeding ticket stories to tell,
14:07 but I'm telling you this for the particular reason.
14:08 So on another occasion, I parked in California
14:11 in a handicap zone,
14:14 but my mom had just come out of the hospital,
14:16 and she needed medication at one of the local pharmacies,
14:19 and I had to get her as close to the door as I can,
14:21 soon as I got out of a car, a female officer pulled up,
14:25 put out a ticket, writing me a ticket.
14:27 I said, "Ma'am, I'm trying to get to the pharmacy, it's...
14:32 I know, I don't have a handicap sticker."
14:34 She said, "Tell it to the judge."
14:40 I went to court,
14:42 I said, "Your Honor,
14:44 here's the situation."
14:45 He said, "What did the officer say?"
14:48 "She said tell it to the judge.
14:49 So I'm telling you."
14:51 He said, "If you can prove
14:52 that your mother was discharged from the hospital on that day,
14:56 I would dismiss the ticket."
14:57 Man, I ran out of there so fast
15:00 because I knew that the records would indicate
15:02 she was discharged, went to the clerk,
15:04 the ticket was forgiven.
15:06 That day, I asked for justice
15:09 because he gave me the parameters for justice,
15:11 on the other occasion I asked for mercy.
15:13 When you look at what the Bible says about sin,
15:16 sin is also lawlessness.
15:18 In other words,
15:20 when there is a disregard for God's law,
15:22 the end result is S-I-N, what does that spell?
15:25 Sin.
15:27 So now sin is the only thing
15:29 that we need to really be concerned about on our planet
15:31 because it's the only thing that could condemn us
15:34 to destruction at the very end.
15:36 It's the only thing that can prevent us
15:37 from being saved.
15:39 Now the other question is...
15:40 Question number two, so write the answer down,
15:42 what is sin?
15:44 And the answer put in your own words,
15:45 the transgression of the law, or the violation of the law,
15:48 that means it happens when God's law is violated...
15:53 And I want to go a little deeper tonight.
15:56 Are you ready?
16:00 If you look at the Ten Commandments,
16:02 even if you do not
16:05 knowingly break any one of those,
16:08 you are all ready in violation of the law.
16:13 That's why this study is even deeper than just,
16:15 "Well, which commandment did I break?"
16:18 If you became painfully aware of the commandments,
16:20 the first four, our relationship to God,
16:23 the last six, our relationship to our self.
16:25 If you look at them and said,
16:27 "I haven't broken any of those."
16:28 You are already in violation of the law.
16:31 This is how deep I'm going to get tonight,
16:33 are you ready for that?
16:34 And you'll find out that in just a few moments,
16:36 you might say, "How is that?
16:39 How could I be in violation of something
16:42 that I didn't knowingly violate?"
16:45 You're going to see how much deeper it is
16:46 than speeding.
16:47 Now if you got pulled over by a police officer,
16:50 and you were not speeding, and he said,
16:51 you were, would you be upset?
16:54 Because you were not.
16:56 We're going to see that this issue about sin
16:57 is bigger than just breaking the law,
17:01 but we are born
17:04 out of harmony with God's law.
17:07 That's how we're born.
17:08 So let's find out how that happened.
17:10 Go to question number two.
17:11 So the answer is...
17:13 What is sin?
17:14 The transgression of the law or it is lawlessness?
17:15 Question is...
17:17 Very simple questions, where did sin come from?
17:20 Let's go to Ezekiel 28.
17:23 Where did it come from?
17:26 Isn't that the question we asked
17:28 when the police officer pulls us over,
17:29 "Where did he come from?"
17:31 Then we ask that question, "I didn't see him."
17:34 I got wise, and I started to really looking out
17:36 for police officers, and when I couldn't find him,
17:39 I just knew that people says, "This is the area, go slowly."
17:43 I saw a police officer once standing
17:44 on the top of the overpass in the far right corner
17:47 with a speeding gun, I thought,
17:49 "Look, he's really trying hard."
17:52 They hide out there.
17:53 But the question is where did he come from?
17:55 So the question, where did sin come from?
17:57 Ezekiel, where we are?
17:59 Ezekiel 28, let's look at this together.
18:01 And we're going to look together at verse 15,
18:04 but I'll lead up to that.
18:06 I'm going to read verse...
18:07 When I get to verse 15, I'll have the graphics persons
18:12 bring that up.
18:13 Let's see who is being talked about here.
18:15 First, verse 13,
18:18 "You were in Eden, the garden of God.
18:21 Every precious stone was your covering."
18:25 And all the precious stones it mentioned,
18:27 "The sardius, topaz, and diamond,
18:29 the beryl, onyx, jasper, sapphire, turquoise,
18:33 and emerald with gold.
18:34 The workmanship of your tumbrels
18:36 and pipes was prepared for you on the day
18:39 that you were created."
18:41 And then verse 14.
18:42 "You were..."
18:43 And notice this, I want you to...
18:45 The reason I'm reading these
18:46 are because you were, meaning, you're no longer,
18:48 you were.
18:49 "You were the anointed cherub who covers.
18:53 I established you.
18:55 You were on the holy mountain of God.
18:58 You walked back and forth
18:59 in the midst of the fiery stones.
19:01 You were..."
19:02 Bring that text up now.
19:04 Let's read it.
19:05 "You were," what,
19:07 "perfect in your ways from the day you were," what,
19:11 "created, till iniquity was found," where,
19:14 "in you."
19:16 So now if you think about where did sin came from,
19:19 it started inside of the heart and mind
19:23 of one who's talked about here, his name is Lucifer,
19:26 who was that cherub that angel that covers.
19:29 You want to get a picture of that,
19:30 he had the mercy seat, he had two angels,
19:32 one on the left, one on the right,
19:35 and they cover the mercy seat,
19:37 which is in the presence of God,
19:38 that was the angel that walked back and forth
19:40 in the midst of the presence of God, he was there.
19:43 But the reason why I says, you were, you were,
19:45 you were, you were is because
19:47 when this desire
19:51 started within him
19:54 something occurred,
19:56 his position changed,
19:59 he was perfect
20:01 but because of this desire
20:04 that perfection was broken,
20:07 he was no longer the way he was before.
20:09 But now let's put this down.
20:10 So what answer would you put?
20:12 Where did sin come from?
20:13 And your answer is
20:15 within the heart and mind of Lucifer.
20:19 And the reason I say this,
20:20 and you'll see this in a moment ago
20:22 because if you think about people ask,
20:24 "Well, if God knew, why did God create him?"
20:28 If you look at the beginning of verse 15, it says,
20:30 "You were," what's the third word?
20:32 What's the third word?
20:34 Perfect.
20:35 The Lord didn't create a defective being,
20:37 but He created a being with freedom to do, what,
20:41 to choose, freedom to choose.
20:44 There are people that don't speed,
20:46 there are people that speed, what's the difference?
20:50 Choice.
20:51 One chooses to speed.
20:53 Now I want to say
20:55 just for the record in Southern Illinois,
20:57 there are some people that go too slow.
21:01 But they are still abiding by the law,
21:04 they don't even want to get near violating it,
21:07 and I commend them.
21:11 But now let's go to question number three.
21:12 We're going to unpack this very carefully.
21:15 Iniquity was found in him,
21:17 it wasn't found in God's creation,
21:18 it was found inside of Lucifer.
21:21 Let's see how this was found.
21:22 Question three,
21:24 how are the developmental steps of sin described?
21:27 This is very interesting, the developmental steps.
21:34 And we're going to Isaiah 14:12-14, all right?
21:40 Let's look at that.
21:41 Isaiah 14:12-14.
21:44 Here's the answer.
21:45 Starting in verse 12, it says,
21:47 "How you are fallen from heaven,
21:49 O Lucifer, son of the morning!
21:53 How you are cut down to the ground,
21:56 you who weakened the nations!"
21:58 And look at verse 13, "For you have said," where,
22:03 "in your heart."
22:04 Notice what he claimed.
22:05 "I will ascend into heaven,
22:10 I will exalt my throne above the stars of God.
22:14 I will also sit on the mount of the congregation
22:19 on the farthest sides of the north.
22:22 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds," together,
22:28 " I will be like," what, "the Most High."
22:30 And the answer is...
22:32 Or the question is, was he?
22:34 But was... That was his aspiration.
22:36 Here's the second step, here's the second step.
22:39 First of all, iniquity is often...
22:40 Sin has started in the person, not in their surroundings,
22:43 within the individual.
22:45 When Lucifer decided, he wanted what God never gave him,
22:48 want to be what God never placed him
22:49 because this is showing...
22:51 These steps here in Isaiah are showing that
22:53 God never placed him in these positions,
22:55 the place that God occupied, he wanted that,
22:58 and he summarized all his aspirations by saying,
23:00 "I will be like the Most High.
23:03 I'm not satisfied that You're in that position.
23:05 I want to be in that position."
23:07 Right? So let's put this down.
23:09 How are the developmental steps of sin described?
23:13 When I becomes the major focus.
23:19 When I, when self becomes the major focus.
23:25 When self and what self wants becomes the major focus,
23:30 and that's where the crumbling begins.
23:35 That's where the crumbling begins.
23:38 Well, I'd like to...
23:43 I want to...
23:44 Now we'll look at the situation.
23:47 He said, "I will be like the Most High."
23:52 But he was not going to be like the Most High.
23:55 I'm going to add one more thing before we turn off.
23:58 And I'm going to read this verse in Isaiah14:15,
24:01 the Lord said,
24:03 "Yet you shall be brought down to Sheol, "
24:05 that's the Hebrew word for hell,
24:07 "to the lowest depths of the pit."
24:11 In other words, you're not going to be high,
24:13 you're going to be low.
24:15 And by the way, this didn't happen instantaneously.
24:17 He gave Lucifer opportunities to reverse,
24:21 but you're going to see in just a moment.
24:22 So he's now brought down...
24:23 And I would have...
24:25 If I would do this little different...
24:26 He's brought down,
24:28 and this aspiration is something
24:29 that he deeply set his mind on.
24:32 So now he's brought down, he's cast to the earth.
24:35 Now I'm kind of going a little reverse sense,
24:38 but let's look at question number four,
24:43 very important, all right?
24:45 So he did not accomplish what he aimed at accomplishing.
24:51 But now he makes an offer.
24:53 He makes an offer.
24:54 Very simple questions, but very profound impact.
24:58 Question number four, look at this,
25:01 question number four.
25:05 And we're in Genesis by the way.
25:06 And the question is,
25:08 "What offer did Satan make to Eve?"
25:12 What offer did he make?
25:14 Look at Genesis 3.
25:18 What offer?
25:23 Okay, and we're going to read verse 5,
25:27 but I want to work my way up to it, all right?
25:29 So let's walk through the story.
25:31 This is now...
25:32 And by the way...
25:35 And by the way, this situation that
25:39 Adam and Eve find themselves in...
25:44 I want to go to Genesis 2 just to set the stage.
25:47 Look at Genesis 2
25:49 and look at verse 15 to 17.
25:53 All right?
25:54 Look at this.
25:57 It says...
25:59 If you're following, you'll have it?
26:00 It says, "Then the Lord took the man
26:03 and put him in the Garden of Eden to tend,"
26:06 that is to cultivate," and to keep it.
26:09 And the Lord God commanded the man saying,
26:12 "Of every tree of the garden you may," what,
26:15 "freely eat,
26:17 but of the tree of the knowledge
26:19 of good and evil," you shall not eat it
26:24 or, "you shall not eat,
26:25 for in the day that you eat of it," what,
26:29 "you shall surely die."
26:31 Now I want you to catch something.
26:33 He didn't say in the day you touch it,
26:36 he said, "In the day, you partake of it."
26:38 Now let's go now to the question.
26:41 What offer did Satan make to Eve?
26:43 Let's go, starting with verse 1 of Genesis 3.
26:45 We're going to walk through this.
26:46 We're going to try to get the whole picture formed.
26:50 God created woman now,
26:53 and now she finds herself at the tree.
26:58 Watch this.
27:00 "Now the serpent was more cunning
27:02 than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made.
27:06 And he said to the woman, 'Has God indeed said,
27:09 'You shall not eat of," how many trees,
27:12 "every tree of the garden'?"
27:13 Did God say that she couldn't eat of every tree?
27:15 No, God said she could eat of every tree except one.
27:20 And verse 2,
27:22 "And the woman said to the serpent,
27:23 'We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden,
27:28 but of the fruit of the tree
27:30 which is in the midst of the garden,'
27:32 God has said, 'You shall not eat it,
27:35 nor shall you touch it, lest you die.'"
27:37 Did God say that?
27:39 No, He said don't eat it, He didn't say don't touch it,
27:41 He said, "Don't eat it."
27:43 Let's keep going.
27:44 "Then the serpent said to the woman,"
27:46 the first lie recorded in Genesis,
27:48 what did he say?
27:50 Well, the second lie, the first one was told by Eve,
27:53 but the first lie he told us, together, "You will not," what,
27:58 "You will not surely die."
28:01 Now here is the answer to the question.
28:03 And by the way that statement today
28:06 has been the foundation of the idea
28:07 that people die, but they really don't die.
28:10 That's the whole idea of spiritualism.
28:12 They keep on living, they're not really dead.
28:15 But look at verse 5, here's the question.
28:17 What offer did Satan make to Eve?
28:19 Here's what he said.
28:21 "For God knows," let me bring that on screen,
28:23 "for God knows in the day you eat of it,"
28:27 what will happen,
28:29 "your eyes will be opened and you will be like," who,
28:32 "God, knowing," what, "good and evil."
28:34 In other words, he says, "By disobeying God,
28:37 you're going to see what you have never seen,
28:40 God is holding out on you, God knows
28:43 that in the day you eat of it, your eyes will be open
28:46 that's why God is holding out on you,
28:48 there's something God doesn't want you to know."
28:51 Well, let me ask you a question.
28:53 Are there things that you know now that you wish
28:55 you never knew?
28:56 Can I get an amen? Amen.
29:02 So it's not necessary to know it.
29:06 But the devil said, "God knows that if you partake,
29:12 you gonna have better vision,
29:13 better insight than you had before."
29:16 In fact, no.
29:18 And I know what you're thinking,
29:20 so we're going to go there in just a moment.
29:21 So write the question down,
29:22 what offer did Satan make to Eve?
29:25 "You will be like God."
29:28 In other words, "You'll be elevated,
29:30 you'll be better than before
29:33 if you go ahead and follow my suggestions."
29:36 And I tell you, if you live long enough,
29:40 if you live for 15 minutes, you know that's not true.
29:44 I'm talking about
29:45 in the conscious mind of an adult.
29:48 So now let's see
29:49 because the next question is really important,
29:52 we'll see that this offer that he made...
29:55 We're moving right at the pace, I think is good for tonight.
29:59 In other words, if you follow my suggestions,
30:02 you'll be better off than you are
30:04 by being obedient to God.
30:06 And, you know, friends,
30:07 that's not the case by any means.
30:10 Number five, here it is,
30:13 how do we know
30:16 that Satan could not fulfill his offer?
30:20 How do we know
30:22 that Satan could not fulfill his offer?
30:25 What offer did he make to Eve?
30:28 What offer did he make?
30:29 You'll be like God.
30:30 How do we know he couldn't fulfill that?
30:33 Because if you're following carefully
30:35 as we continue this lesson, you're going to see...
30:39 I'm just going to kind of give you a quick preview.
30:41 You're going to see that where Adam, Eve failed,
30:45 Jesus succeeded.
30:50 And the same thing he said to Adam and Eve
30:52 or to Eve is the same thing he said to Jesus,
30:55 in a different way,
30:56 he appealed to the very same things.
30:58 Let's look at this.
31:00 How do we know?
31:01 Revelation 12.
31:04 If you follow the Bible, you have in the beginning,
31:08 you have the controversy started, in the end
31:11 you have the controversy finished.
31:14 But Revelation gives us a snapshot of Genesis.
31:20 Look at Revelation 12:7-9.
31:22 How do we know that the devil could not fulfill his offer?
31:25 How do we know?
31:27 Let's start.
31:28 "And war broke out," where, "in heaven:
31:32 Michael and his angels fought with the dragon,
31:35 and the dragon and his angels fought,
31:37 but they did not prevail," Amen someone?
31:41 "Nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer."
31:46 And verse 9.
31:48 And by the way, who's the dragon,
31:49 somebody tell me?
31:51 Satan is.
31:52 Revelation 12:7.
31:54 Well, we're going to read it right now.
31:55 "So the dragon was cast out, that serpent of old,
32:00 call the Devil and Satan, who," does what,
32:03 deceives the whole world, he was cast to the earth,
32:08 and his angels were cast out with him."
32:12 Now the reason why he couldn't offer
32:13 what he promised is because
32:15 he didn't get it himself.
32:17 How am I going to give you something
32:19 that I was not even able to accomplish myself?
32:21 I wanted to replace God and in my fight to do it,
32:26 I got kicked out.
32:29 So now I'm telling you to do what I know it doesn't work.
32:33 Let me just pause a moment and say something.
32:41 I'm going to look at the camera and tell you that
32:43 sin offers you what Satan knows it doesn't work.
32:54 He'll make a suggestion to follow the path of something
32:57 that he knows it doesn't work, it did not work in heaven,
33:00 he lost the battle to insist on it,
33:03 and he got put out,
33:04 and his angels got cast out with him.
33:06 So in the context of reversing this,
33:09 he's in the garden now
33:11 to continue this temptation to say to Eve.
33:14 He didn't say to Eve, "I didn't win," he says to her,
33:17 "You could be like God."
33:18 Well, he knew that couldn't be the case.
33:20 So since he couldn't be like God now he says,
33:22 "Since I didn't win, here's the key,
33:25 I don't want you to win either."
33:31 So sin takes you down a path, but it promises you,
33:34 you will be like God, you'll be elevated,
33:36 you'll be better off only to realize, you won't be.
33:40 Let's go on to see why.
33:42 Now if you read Genesis,
33:47 you know, the rest of the story,
33:48 not only did Eve eat the fruit,
33:50 but she gave it to Adam, Adam ate it.
33:55 Eve was deceived, but Adam wasn't.
33:58 Let's look at the next question.
34:00 And I'm just laying some foundation.
34:02 We're going to get into some things that are quite...
34:05 And the answer is how do we know
34:07 that Satan could not fulfill his offer
34:10 because he lost, he lost, he lost.
34:17 You can't make a person victorious
34:18 if you don't know how to win.
34:20 You can't offer me a victory that you don't have.
34:24 He lost, he could not offer her something that he didn't have.
34:27 Okay, question number six.
34:28 Thank you for bringing it on the screen.
34:30 Here it is.
34:31 How did sin enter the world?
34:34 How did sin enter the world?
34:37 Huge.
34:38 Romans 5:12.
34:41 Romans 5:12.
34:51 Sin is like mice, by the way.
34:55 I don't know if you know what I'm talking about.
34:57 Any opening, a mouse will get in.
35:03 Okay, here it is, Romans 5:12.
35:07 All right, here is the answer.
35:11 "Therefore, just as through,"
35:13 together what's that next two words,
35:15 "one man sin entered the world,
35:19 and death through sin,
35:22 and thus death spread to," how many of us,
35:25 "all because all sinned."
35:28 Now I want to go back to my initial comment
35:30 that I made not too long ago.
35:32 Even if you never consciously
35:34 broke any of the Ten Commandments,
35:37 because of this statement we are all born
35:41 out of harmony with God's law.
35:46 A baby is born and, you know,
35:47 we say babies are so innocent when they're born.
35:53 They look so cute, you know, downy soft, velvet soft skin,
35:58 and there's a reason why the Lord
35:59 lets babies be born small.
36:01 One doctor said
36:03 if a baby was born at 150 pounds,
36:08 the mother's life will be in danger.
36:11 Because you see how hard a baby cries
36:13 when you missed their feeding time,
36:15 just put that same pressure
36:18 and add about 140 more pounds to that.
36:23 The nature, the reason why and here's the key,
36:25 the reason why the Lord allows a child to be born as a baby
36:30 because it's something that they have to learn.
36:32 You'll get it when I start repeating it.
36:34 Train up a child in the way they should, what,
36:37 go because they don't know,
36:38 they are born with this
36:40 discombobulated direction of life.
36:43 They don't know, all they want to do is eat
36:45 and be comfortable and sleep.
36:47 Eat, be comfortable, sleep, right?
36:49 That's the number one aim for baby, "Feed me now!"
36:53 That's the nature.
36:56 And they'll scream, and they'll kick,
36:59 and they'll whine, and you'll hold on patiently
37:03 until that baby is weaned away from that.
37:07 But the reason why
37:08 we cannot blame our situation...
37:12 And I want to say this carefully,
37:14 the reason why we are in the situation
37:17 we're in is Adam opened the door.
37:20 What did he do?
37:22 He opened the door.
37:23 Go with me to 1 Corinthians 15, I want you to see,
37:25 I'm gonna add another text to it.
37:27 Oh, actually, we're gonna be going there in just a moment,
37:30 we're going there right now.
37:31 So here's the answer, how did sin entered the world,
37:34 put one name down, what's his name?
37:37 Adam. Through Adam, one man.
37:40 This is very huge through one man, all right?
37:44 And the Bible describes in the very next question,
37:46 what happens as a result, one man open the door,
37:50 one man open the door.
37:52 Now you might have heard
37:55 some of the questions this far and say,
37:56 "Well, I've heard some of these questions before."
37:57 What's going to be quite different about this study is
38:00 we're going to get to...
38:02 We're laying the foundation just to understand
38:03 how we got into circumstances, the situation we're in.
38:08 But what we're going to do is go into the DNA.
38:11 See, I'm using words,
38:15 I know our nurse knows what that means,
38:17 our medical team here knows what that means.
38:22 I know the word, but I don't want to mess it by now
38:24 and sound really dumb on air, but...
38:29 DNA is fine.
38:30 DNA is great for right now.
38:32 I know how...
38:34 It's in my mind, I'll use it on the next program,
38:36 I write it down because...
38:38 Anyway, yes, we're going to go into the DNA of it
38:41 to understand how it works.
38:43 But one man opened the door, okay?
38:45 Now listen to the question number seven.
38:48 How does the Bible describe
38:50 the impact of the sin of one man?
38:54 How does it describe the impact of the sin of one man?
38:59 Let's go to 1 Corinthians
39:02 15:22.
39:09 And what this verse is going to do,
39:11 it's going to set up the two categories
39:14 the only two categories we have in humanity
39:17 is we've got to choose
39:18 whose child we want to be, right?
39:22 Either the first Adam or the last Adam.
39:26 But look at the text. Here it is.
39:28 1 Corinthians 15:22.
39:31 And the Bible reads as follows.
39:32 "For as in Adam," how many of us, "all die,
39:36 even so in Christ," how many of us,
39:40 "all shall be," what, "made alive."
39:43 Now the reason why I don't want to run pass this, it says,
39:46 "All shall be made alive," which means until Christ,
39:50 we were not made alive, we were dead, did you get that?
39:54 As in Adam all die, that's the fact,
39:56 that's the present circumstances.
39:58 "Even so in Christ all shall be made alive."
40:03 Meaning, you don't have it yet until you have Christ,
40:06 that's what the Bible says in 1 John,
40:07 "He who has the Son has life."
40:11 So until we have Christ, we're not made alive.
40:15 When we're in Adam, we definitely have death.
40:18 So write that down.
40:20 The question is how does the Bible describe
40:21 the impact of the sin of one man?
40:24 What word, what simple word can you put
40:27 or what simple phrase, all die?
40:29 How many of us?
40:31 All die.
40:32 So now how many is all?
40:39 Right now we don't have any hope.
40:41 Whatever planet you're...
40:43 Sorry, whatever country you're in...
40:45 I don't know where that came from.
40:46 Whatever country you're in, you're in the category of all.
40:52 How many of us in the category of all?
40:55 Everybody raise your hand, all, we're all, all.
40:59 All.
41:00 Every person you see driving on the street,
41:02 every person you meet in the store
41:04 is in one of these categories or the other, all.
41:08 As in Adam all die.
41:09 Now, man so far
41:13 has only been able to...
41:19 Let me use a different phrase,
41:20 funeral parlors deal with the dead,
41:24 but they don't deal with death.
41:27 You follow?
41:29 A funeral director says,
41:33 "How would you like us to handle your loved one?"
41:38 They're dealing with the dead,
41:41 but they can't do anything about death.
41:44 So that's not the answer because they too are in Adam,
41:48 even the funeral director is in Adam.
41:51 One day, the funeral director...
41:54 There'll be a funeral for the funeral director.
41:57 And here is the point I want to make,
41:58 and this is really important because I want to really build
42:00 a very solid foundation on this
42:03 is that unless we are in the new category,
42:05 all shall be made alive,
42:08 then we are hopelessly condemned at birth
42:11 to the all that are in Adam.
42:14 So what do you have to do to be lost, somebody tell me?
42:18 Nothing.
42:20 Say it again?
42:21 Nothing.
42:22 You just have to not want to be saved,
42:25 you don't have to do anything,
42:26 you could stand here, and do nothing,
42:30 and you've accomplished your demise.
42:36 Satan made an offer to Eve,
42:39 he represents the church,
42:40 Jesus is going to make an offer later,
42:43 I'm going to show you that, all right?
42:45 Let's go to the next question, number eight.
42:54 Now are you ready?
42:56 Put on your snorkel gear,
42:58 we're going to go in the water now,
43:00 and later on we're going to put on our tanks.
43:03 But right now, we're going to just get our snorkel gear on.
43:05 Here is the next question.
43:07 Where does sin have its greatest impact?
43:12 Where does sin have its greatest impact?
43:17 Okay, let's go ahead and look at Romans 7.
43:21 Romans 7, by the way, if you ever get a chance
43:24 to read all of Romans 7,
43:26 Romans 7 is not a book written before Paul was converted,
43:31 Romans 7 is written after his conversion.
43:39 But when you read it, it sounds like
43:41 he's not converted yet because he knows
43:45 there's nothing wrong with God's law,
43:49 and he pinpoints the problem.
43:51 Let's go to Romans 7,
43:53 and we're going to look at verse 17,
43:56 but I want to go ahead and kind of add
43:59 some other components because I know of verses
44:01 that I have not included in my study,
44:05 so I'm going to just start with verse 14, all right?
44:07 Let's start with verse 14, we'll make our way down to 17,
44:11 and then you'll see that if you're watching on at home,
44:13 you're watching, see this on the screen.
44:15 Let's look at this,
44:17 "For we know that the law is," what,
44:20 "spiritual," but now look at this,
44:22 "but I am," what, "carnal,"
44:25 and what's the next word, "sold under sin."
44:28 The terminology of the word there Paul is using a slavery
44:32 that when they sold people, they were slaves, sold.
44:36 He said, "And this is the evidence of that.
44:39 For what I am doing," together, "I do not understand.
44:44 For what I will to do, that I do not practice,
44:50 but what I hate," what's the three words,
44:53 "that I do.
44:55 If, then, I do what I will not to do,
44:59 I agree with the law that," it is what, "it is good."
45:03 But now let's get the answer,
45:05 where does sin have its greatest impact.
45:08 Let's look at the verse together and read it.
45:10 "But it is no longer I who do it," together,
45:14 "but sin that dwells," where,
45:18 "in me, in me."
45:22 I said a moment ago sin is like mice
45:24 when they get into the house...
45:27 Sin is like termites when they work...
45:31 They eats you from the inside out.
45:37 And so what I want you to put down
45:40 next to this answer,
45:43 question number eight, write this down,
45:45 sin is an enslaving power,
45:49 sin is an enslaving power,
45:53 it enslaves you because Paul says,
45:56 "It is no longer I who do it,
46:00 but sin that dwells in me."
46:04 He says, "I'm not doing this, sin is doing it."
46:10 Because he says, "What I want to do, I can't do,
46:12 what I don't want to do, I do that.
46:15 Sin is at work, it's doing it,
46:17 it's no longer I who do it but sin that dwells in me."
46:21 Now let's go to number nine.
46:25 We'll get a few more before the program ends tonight.
46:27 All right.
46:29 Question number nine.
46:33 Why are we incapable
46:38 of producing righteousness?
46:40 Why are we incapable
46:43 of producing righteousness?
46:47 The word incapable means, what, incapable.
46:51 You can't do it.
46:53 It's like given a blind man a bat and say,
46:55 "Hit a home run, we need a home run."
46:58 He can't do it. He can't do it.
47:01 Incapable.
47:02 Now let me make a point as you go to the text,
47:04 the text by the way, is Romans 3:23.
47:07 While you're going there...
47:08 And let me just tell you this,
47:10 this is why
47:14 you should never say to people just do it.
47:20 That's the Nike commercial, that's a Nike...
47:22 Just do it.
47:24 No, Paul wanted to just do it, but he said,
47:27 "I can't because it is not I who do it
47:31 but sin that dwells in me."
47:33 He said, "Just do it."
47:36 And then some people are taught just try harder,
47:39 if you just try harder, if you put your mind to it...
47:44 I'm telling you according to the scriptures,
47:45 it doesn't work.
47:46 And here's the reason why, why are we incapable
47:48 of producing righteousness?
47:49 Here's the first answer Romans 3:23, together,
47:54 "For all have," what, "sinned and," what,
47:57 "fall short of the glory of God."
48:00 You know what that means, it doesn't mean
48:01 that you just fall short of the glory of God,
48:04 it means you are incapable naturally
48:06 to even reflect His glory.
48:08 So you know what it's like,
48:10 it's like polishing a car that's rusty.
48:15 Why would you put polish on a car that's rusting?
48:20 It's at the point where it is incapable
48:22 to reflect any more light, it's rusted.
48:25 Sin makes us rusty.
48:27 And so when he says,
48:29 "Fall short of the glory of God,"
48:30 I look deeper into this because
48:32 what I used to think before and what I thought before was
48:35 sin makes you take a big leap,
48:37 and you fall short like by three inches
48:40 or five inches or maybe a foot.
48:42 That's not what it means.
48:43 It means you are incapable
48:45 of even reflecting the glory of God.
48:47 Go with me to Isaiah 60.
48:49 Let me show you the opposite of that.
48:52 Isaiah 60, we're not going to look at the next text yet,
48:54 but let me show you the difference.
48:57 Let me show you the converse to that, the converse of that.
49:01 Okay, Isaiah 60.
49:06 Okay, now when you can't...
49:09 All sinned and fall short of the glory of God.
49:12 And by the way, this is where we're headed,
49:14 this is where we're headed,
49:15 this is where our ultimate aim is,
49:18 this is where God wants us to be.
49:19 Isaiah 60:1, it says, "Arise," what's the next word, "shine,
49:24 for your light has come.
49:27 And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.
49:32 For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth,
49:35 and deep darkness the people.
49:37 But the Lord will arise over you,
49:40 and His glory will be seen upon you."
49:42 Can you say amen to that?
49:43 So when it says, we fall short of the glory of God.
49:46 That's our present situation, but God is giving us hope,
49:49 and this verse saying,
49:51 one day you're going to be able to
49:52 "Arise, and shine, for your light has come!
49:54 And the glory of the Lord will be risen upon you.
49:57 And the glory of God will be seen on you."
50:00 So how do you get from falling short of the glory
50:02 to the glory of God being seen on you?
50:04 That's what we're studying.
50:07 Because you know what,
50:08 we have all sinned and fallen short
50:10 at various times in our lives,
50:12 but my desire is I want the glory of God
50:17 to be seen in me.
50:20 Help us, Jesus.
50:23 Psalm 51:5 on question number 9.
50:26 Psalm 51:5 is a second reason why we know
50:30 we are incapable of producing righteousness, okay?
50:35 So we know that it's going to happen
50:37 because the Lord says,
50:38 "The glory of the Lord has risen upon you,
50:40 the glory of God will be seen on you."
50:42 But until that happens, we meet Him as a rusty car,
50:47 we all fall short of the glory, all right?
50:49 Here it is.
50:51 Psalm 51:5, why we're incapable,
50:53 here's what the screen says.
50:55 "Behold, I was brought forth in," what,
50:59 "iniquity,
51:00 and in sin my mother," what, "conceived me."
51:04 I looked into this passage more.
51:07 It was not talking about an illegitimate birth,
51:09 it was talking about illegitimate circumstances,
51:12 it was talking about an illegitimate world.
51:14 You were born into a world that's just laced in iniquity,
51:17 you're born into a world that's laced in sin,
51:19 that's the situation you were born into.
51:21 Why? Because your dad is Adam.
51:24 Sorry, our father is Adam.
51:26 You were born into that situation
51:28 because that's the best your mother could have done.
51:30 Let me tell you, the reason why it's using the word mother
51:34 is because you need a man and a woman to make a child.
51:37 Adam seed transmits sin,
51:40 so the best the mother could do is bring out a baby
51:43 to just like the seed the father planted.
51:46 Did you follow that?
51:48 The reason why this child comes out in iniquity
51:50 and comes out in sin is because that's the seed Adam put there.
51:56 So when we say, "Brother from another mother."
52:00 Let me give you the good news,
52:02 we all don't have the same mother.
52:04 Can we say amen?
52:05 Also it would be brothers and sisters legitimately,
52:08 but we all have the same father.
52:10 His name is Adam, until...
52:12 We're going to talk about the until, right?
52:15 So this text is saying when you come into the world,
52:19 the seed of sin from Adam
52:22 no matter what mother you come out of
52:26 that same nature is transmitted from thousands of years ago,
52:32 that's why the first seed of Adam Abel,
52:37 the second seed of Adam Cain.
52:40 What did Cain do?
52:41 Killed Abel.
52:43 From the very beginning that nature of Adam
52:46 was being displayed throughout humanity.
52:48 It didn't eventually develop,
52:51 murder was, didn't just eventually develop
52:53 that was in the seed from the very beginning.
52:59 So the answer is,
53:01 why are we incapable of producing righteousness,
53:05 what answer did you put?
53:08 Ha?
53:13 Sin and iniquity is in the very atmosphere
53:17 in the world that we were born in.
53:19 Put that in your own terms, put that in your own terms,
53:22 or you could say simply this,
53:24 "We all fall short of God's glory."
53:28 That's another way of...
53:29 That's the whole scripture of Romans 3:23.
53:32 Okay, now let's go to the next one.
53:35 Romans 3:23.
53:38 Now based on the clock,
53:39 we might not get to the next five,
53:42 but we've got next week if God gives us life,
53:45 all right?
53:46 Number 10, here it is.
53:50 How does the Bible further describe the effects of sin?
53:56 How does the Bible further
53:58 describe the effects of sin?
54:02 We all know this one by heart,
54:04 so I'll just go ahead and give you this
54:06 as extra credit, are you ready?
54:09 "For the wages of sin is," what, "death,
54:12 but the gift of God is," what, "eternal life,"
54:15 and there it is, again, the qualifier,
54:17 "in Christ Jesus our Lord."
54:20 The Lord doesn't just give you a gift,
54:22 He's got to get you out of Adam into Christ.
54:26 You don't just get the gift,
54:28 the gift is not given where you are,
54:31 the gift is given to get you out of Adam into Christ.
54:34 As in Adam all die, even so in Christ.
54:39 You want to get that theme together.
54:42 Eternal life in Christ, as in Adam all die,
54:46 even so in Christ all shall be made alive.
54:49 This text is showing the shall be.
54:53 The shall be is a gift.
54:55 Now when you come to the realization
55:00 that the Lord loves us so much He wants to give us that gift,
55:04 He didn't say, "I want to sell you that gift."
55:07 He says, "I want to give you that gift."
55:12 When I was doing this lesson,
55:15 I had a chance to study this lesson with someone,
55:17 I had a chance to talk about a lesson with my wife.
55:19 When I want to contemplate this lesson, again,
55:21 I couldn't hardly talk about it,
55:24 it fill my eyes with tears.
55:25 We're eating dinner, last night, Indian food.
55:31 And the lady kept coming over to the table,
55:32 "Is everything okay?"
55:34 And I kept saying, "You don't want to come over here now,
55:35 I'm having a moment?
55:37 I'm wiping my eyes, I'm thinking of this gift,
55:41 and I'm saying, "I'm so glad,
55:43 He's giving us this gift because I can't afford it."
55:49 And secondly, I don't deserve it.
55:53 Salvation is not because we deserve it.
55:56 Salvation is because Jesus loves us.
56:00 He sees us all...
56:01 Can you imagine the assembly line of...
56:04 I don't know how many people were born today,
56:05 but every one of them that were born today
56:07 were born in Adam.
56:08 There's only one way out and that's in Christ.
56:12 But the world does such a good job
56:14 to keep us distracted.
56:15 Write this down very carefully.
56:17 How does the Bible further describe the effects of sin?
56:20 Death.
56:21 We're going to end on that note
56:23 because we're going to come back on the next study
56:25 and show how do we get out of death
56:28 into the gift of eternal life.
56:30 It's beautiful.
56:31 So I'm saying to you,
56:33 the gift that Jesus has come to offer us,
56:35 we can't afford it, we can't buy it,
56:38 we can't work for it, it's a gift.
56:40 We're going to talk about
56:41 how He made that gift available.
56:43 But let me ask you the question,
56:44 aren't you glad the gift is available?
56:46 Can I get an amen?
56:48 This gift is available for every one of you
56:50 watching this program, including us.
56:53 And so, friends, if you stay in God's Word,
56:55 and you stay in Christ, keep on studying God's Word.
56:58 And if it doesn't make sense, let me promise,
57:01 one day as you keep studying,
57:03 it will come into A Sharper Focus.
57:06 God bless you.


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