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The Anatomy of Righteousness -part 2

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00:19 Hello, hello and welcome to our Wednesday night
00:22 Bible study here at the 3ABN Worship Centre.
00:25 This is A Sharper Focus
00:26 and we would like to welcome you
00:28 with a hearty amen.
00:29 Can we all say amen? Amen.
00:30 Good to have you here.
00:32 We are going to continue our study on,
00:33 "The Anatomy of Righteousness."
00:37 And we thank you for taking the time to tune in.
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00:52 But before we go any further,
00:54 we always like to begin with a word of prayer.
00:56 Let's pray.
00:58 Loving Father in heaven, thank You for the opportunity,
01:02 the topic is important, Lord,
01:03 we're talking about the nemeses of humanity
01:06 which is sin
01:07 and we pray that You will guide us
01:10 and strengthen us
01:12 as our eyes are tuned to Your Word,
01:15 as our ears are tuned to Your voice,
01:18 the Holy Spirit speaking to us.
01:20 Give us the strength we need Father
01:21 to not only hear but to live in harmony
01:24 with what You revealed to us we pray,
01:27 in Jesus' name, amen.
01:30 Now, we all have a theme song
01:33 and by the way if you like to know
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01:35 go to this website asf.3abn.org
01:39 that's asharperfocus.3abn.org.
01:43 Download lesson number 38, lesson number 38.
01:47 And if you did it last week,
01:49 we have some additional questions
01:51 which you will need to continue to follow us with this lesson.
01:56 Now after that, we'd like to sing our theme song
01:58 and our theme song is, Victory in Jesus.
02:02 Let's sing this song together tonight.
02:14 I heard an old, old story
02:18 How the Savior came from glory
02:21 How He gave His life on Calvary
02:25 To save a wretch like me
02:29 I heard about His groaning
02:33 Of His precious blood's atoning
02:36 Then I repented of my sins
02:40 And won the victory
02:43 Together.
02:44 O victory in Jesus
02:48 My Savior, forever
02:51 He sought me and bought me
02:55 With His redeeming blood
02:59 He loved me ere I knew Him
03:03 And all my love is due Him
03:07 He plunged me to victory
03:10 Beneath the cleansing flood
03:14 I heard about a mansion
03:18 He has built for me in glory
03:22 And I heard about the streets of gold
03:26 Beyond the crystal sea
03:29 About the angels singing
03:33 And the old redemption story
03:37 And some sweet day I'll sing up there
03:41 The song of victory
03:43 Key change.
03:45 O victory in Jesus
03:48 My Savior, forever
03:52 He sought me and bought me
03:56 With His redeeming blood
04:00 He loved me ere I knew Him
04:03 And all my love is due Him
04:07 He plunged me to victory
04:11 Beneath the cleansing flood
04:15 He plunged me to victory
04:18 Beneath the cleansing flood
04:25 Amen.
04:27 Amen? Amen.
04:28 What we all need
04:30 as that song has just illustrated is victory.
04:34 What is that word?
04:35 Victory. Victory.
04:36 You don't join a losing team
04:39 and nobody celebrates when the team loses
04:44 and in the very same way, we can all celebrate
04:47 because we have victory in Jesus.
04:51 Now this topic particularly
04:53 as I mentioned caught my attention,
04:56 as I was studying and I thought, you know,
04:59 what is our greatest enemy in the world?
05:04 And our greatest enemy is not war,
05:07 not rumors of war, not plagues,
05:10 not the economy, not terrorism,
05:14 our greatest enemy is S-I-N and what is that?
05:18 Sin.
05:19 Because that's the only thing, sin is the only thing
05:23 that can prevent us from being saved.
05:26 Sin is the only thing that can hinder us
05:29 from making the kingdom.
05:30 And so when you think of something
05:32 so vitally important and you understand it
05:35 as clearly as the Bible communicates it,
05:39 you've got to ask yourself the question.
05:42 How could something so important be overlooked?
05:46 How could it be a topic that
05:49 happens to roll out somewhere along the way when in fact,
05:53 it is the one topic that if clearly understood,
05:57 it brings us to the place
05:59 where we can find victory in Jesus.
06:01 Now, I want to describe Jesus' mission
06:03 before we go any further,
06:05 before we dive into our questions.
06:06 Open your Bibles with me to Matthew 1,
06:10 to Matthew 1.
06:15 Okay.
06:18 Matthew 1.
06:21 Now it is clearly obvious
06:25 that when sin entered the world,
06:31 we were all caught in a quandary,
06:34 a quandary that means an unsolvable riddle,
06:39 something that we did not have the answer for,
06:41 but Jesus had the answer for it.
06:44 And although 2000 years had passed
06:46 by the time Jesus came
06:48 to begin His earthly mission and ministry.
06:53 He didn't lose the focus
06:55 that was the key element of his mission,
06:58 and it was described when Mary was told
07:03 what name to give her child.
07:05 Matthew 1:21, let's look at that,
07:08 Matthew 1:21 after the genealogy, we read,
07:12 "And she will bring forth a Son,
07:15 and you shall call His name, together, Jesus,
07:19 for He will do" what?
07:22 Give me some energy, for he will do what?
07:24 "Save His people from their sins."
07:28 He saves them from the things they do,
07:31 but sin is even deeper than the things we do.
07:35 It's deeper than the things we do.
07:37 If you had a dog that bit you four days in the week,
07:41 would you keep him?
07:44 When you couldn't predict when he's going to bite you,
07:46 you really wouldn't.
07:48 If you saw those signs and I've seen them
07:50 before dog on duty five days a week,
07:53 guess which five?
07:55 Have you ever seen that sign before?
07:56 People put those up,
07:57 you don't really approach the fence
07:59 because you don't know what day
08:00 it's going to be on guard
08:02 and they say vicious dog or mean dog,
08:04 and they put a sign there never of a poodle
08:07 but always some mean looking dog.
08:10 Sin is deeper than S-I-N-S, those are the things we do.
08:14 Now go with me to John 1, John 1.
08:19 Sin is the things we do.
08:25 But sin is deeper than that.
08:30 I think last week I showed you a picture
08:31 of a good tree and a bad tree, good fruit and rotten fruit.
08:36 And the fruit are rotten if the roots are bad.
08:39 The problem always is at the root.
08:41 In what we just read in Matthew 1:21,
08:44 those are the fruit.
08:46 But John 1:29 is the root, look at this.
08:53 Call his name Jesus but now, he had another name,
08:56 he had another designation.
08:58 "The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him, and said,
09:04 " let's read that together with some oomph.
09:06 What did he say?
09:07 "Behold!
09:09 The Lamb of God who takes away" what?
09:11 "The sin of the world!"
09:14 He takes away the sin, singular.
09:17 He doesn't say sins, sins are plural.
09:21 The sin is singular,
09:23 so if you were to narrow down one sin
09:27 that could condemn all of humanity,
09:30 what sin would it be?
09:32 Which one would you pick?
09:34 And I'm going to describe to you
09:35 exactly what that sin is.
09:36 Which one would you pick?
09:39 Let's go to question number seven.
09:42 Let's go to question number seven.
09:43 Which one would you pick?
09:48 You'll probably rack your brains
09:49 to figure out which one,
09:51 which one sin could condemn all of humanity,
09:55 which one would you pick?
09:57 Okay. Here's the question.
10:00 How does the Bible describe the impact?
10:04 Question number seven on the screen.
10:05 How does the Bible describe
10:07 the impact of the sin of one man?
10:11 Let's look at this, 1 Corinthians 15:22
10:16 and since it is on the screen I'll read in your hearing,
10:19 the Bible says, "For as in Adam..."
10:21 how many of us?
10:23 "All die, even so in Christ" how many of us?
10:27 "All shall be made alive."
10:29 Now I want you to get this,
10:30 all on the left, all on the right,
10:34 if you are an in Adam how many die?
10:35 All.
10:37 If you are in Christ, how many live?
10:38 All.
10:40 But notice the text there it says,
10:41 "All shall be made alive."
10:42 And what in essence is being said here
10:45 is until Christ came as the Lamb of God,
10:50 The Lamb is the one that takes away the sin.
10:52 What was a lamb used for?
10:54 The lamb was used for the sacrificial system,
10:57 the ceremonial services in order for sin to be forgiven
11:02 the lamb's blood had to be shed
11:04 where there is no shedding or spilling of blood,
11:07 there is no remission or reversing of sin.
11:10 So the lamb had to come in that designation the who...
11:15 What His mission is was described in Matthew 1:21.
11:18 How that mission is going to be described
11:21 or how that mission is going to be accomplished
11:23 was described in John 1:29.
11:26 He's coming as the lamb.
11:29 He's coming as the lamb.
11:31 Now, it wouldn't make any sense for him
11:32 to be described as a lion
11:34 because they never use a lion in the temple services.
11:38 But they did use the lamb.
11:41 And they used what kind of lamb?
11:43 What kind of lamb was it?
11:45 Spotless lamb,
11:47 without any wrinkle, without any defect,
11:50 so when they used the word lamb,
11:52 when the Bible uses the word lamb, it says,
11:55 here is His mission but here is His function.
11:58 He's functioning as the lamb.
11:59 He has to spill His blood, and when His blood is spilled.
12:04 When you think about sin and I study this
12:07 and when you think about the lamb,
12:09 you see the, the offender was to bring the lamb
12:13 to the temple.
12:15 And he was given a bowl and he was given a knife
12:18 as the priest stood there and held the lamb.
12:23 And then he was told to take that knife
12:25 and slit the throat of the lamb,
12:28 but not just to slit his throat,
12:30 to hold the bowl under the throat of the lamb
12:33 as the blood poured into the bowl,
12:36 and he was told to keep his eyes
12:38 fixed on the lamb.
12:40 Look to me and be saved.
12:44 Fix his eyes on the lamb
12:47 until the blood as it's shedding out,
12:49 as it's pouring out,
12:50 the lamb...
12:56 flickers until there's no more life in him
13:00 and he falls dead to the ground.
13:06 How do you think that person felt?
13:10 Can't even describe it?
13:14 Spotless little lamb didn't do anything.
13:18 And he takes him to his place of death.
13:22 But even more ignominious than the death of the Lamb
13:28 was the continuation of the existence of sin.
13:31 And I want to put this in the proper perspective,
13:33 the lamb had to die, but even more ignominious,
13:36 more diabolical than the death of the lamb
13:39 was the continued existence of sin,
13:42 because the wages of sin is death.
13:45 Somebody had to die.
13:47 And in the economy,
13:49 in the transition of this entire function
13:53 there were only two choices as in Adam all die,
13:56 Jesus could have said, you guys died
13:58 because you're the ones out of the sinners.
14:02 Or I die to save my people from their sin,
14:06 Matthew 1:21
14:08 so "For God so loved the world
14:10 that He gave His all only begotten Son."
14:14 The only lamb is the Son of God.
14:17 "That whosoever believeth in Him should not perish,
14:21 but have everlasting life."
14:22 You know the rest but I want to focus on the,
14:24 should not perish.
14:25 Jesus decided that He was going to perish instead of us.
14:29 And when I thought about that, when I think about that,
14:31 it really, it really brings you to a broken place,
14:35 meaning a sorrow for sin
14:38 and then a determination by his indwelling spirit
14:41 not to live in that kind of life.
14:44 Not to live there
14:45 because every time, every time we sin,
14:49 we crucify the Son of God afresh,
14:52 when we live a life in determents.
14:54 And I'm not talking about stumbling
14:55 but living a life in intentional sin,
14:59 and so Jesus came and the text says,
15:01 for as an Adam, how many of us die?
15:04 All die, so put that down,
15:05 how does the Bible describe the impact of sin,
15:08 the sin of one man, how many die?
15:10 All die.
15:12 Now we're going to come back to this verse later on
15:15 because the impact of one man's sin
15:18 and the impact of one man's righteousness,
15:21 there's no comparison.
15:23 The impact of one man's sin
15:26 can never supersede the impact of one man's righteousness,
15:30 that's the good news but, but let's look,
15:34 let's go further.
15:35 Let's go to question number eight.
15:38 Go to question number eight.
15:41 Where does sin have its greatest impact?
15:45 Where does sin have its greatest impact?
15:48 Look at that and we're going to Romans 7:17.
15:50 Romans 7 is a book that was written in harmony
15:55 with Paul's conversion.
15:58 Romans 7 was not written before Paul's conversion,
16:01 it was written after Paul's conversion,
16:03 and the reason I mentioned that
16:05 is because Paul outlines his struggle
16:06 when all of a sudden he becomes fully aware
16:09 that there's a speed limit.
16:11 When he becomes fully aware that there's a law
16:13 that he's now living in violation of.
16:15 You know, when you live in violation of the law,
16:18 you don't walk around with a clear conscience.
16:21 When you know that you're a bank robber,
16:23 you don't hang out at the coffee shop
16:25 where police have lunch, right?
16:29 When you know you're a wanted man,
16:31 you don't hang out in visible places.
16:35 When you know you've done something wrong,
16:37 you try your best to do like your fore parents,
16:39 Adam and Eve, you want to hide.
16:42 But, when the analysis is taken,
16:47 when the diagnosis comes forth, how does this happen?
16:53 Remember as in Adam, how many die?
16:55 Okay.
16:57 When we come forth with the spiritual diagnosis
16:59 of how sin keeps permeating itself,
17:01 how it keeps going, how it keeps alive,
17:04 this text answers the question very carefully.
17:06 Where does sin have its greatest impact?
17:08 Romans 7:17. Let's look at this together.
17:11 Paul says, "But now it is no longer I who do it"
17:15 but what?
17:16 Sin that dwells" where?
17:18 "In me."
17:20 Have you...
17:21 I've met people that have had diagnoses,
17:23 they've said, "I was just diagnosed
17:25 with a brain tumor."
17:27 "Well, I was diagnosed with a small spot on my liver."
17:30 Or I was diagnosed with...
17:32 There's a shadow they don't know what it is.
17:34 You know, that's the most fearful thing
17:37 in all of us because we know what it could be.
17:39 We think of the big C word and what's that?
17:42 Cancer.
17:43 Once we... Oh, they found something.
17:45 I remember being under the care of doctors
17:47 here in Southern Illinois that we found a little,
17:50 little tiny thing in your lung,
17:52 we're going to watch it for two years,
17:55 I just need to say after October last year
17:58 I have been cleared because he said,
18:00 it's just an artifact, it's some kind of anomaly,
18:04 it hasn't moved, it hasn't changed,
18:06 its shape hasn't moved,
18:07 it hasn't gotten bigger or smaller,
18:09 it's some anomaly and those are not unusual
18:11 for there to be some kind of calcification
18:13 in the human body, and I said, thank you Jesus.
18:18 Because when you have...
18:20 When cancer shows up anywhere, you know, you know,
18:24 that you are no longer in control,
18:25 I'm using this illustration.
18:27 You know, you are no longer in control because Paul says,
18:30 sin that dwells where, in me,
18:32 and then all of a sudden you go through all the...
18:34 Well, I need to change my regimen.
18:36 I need to take this medication.
18:37 I need to eat this way, live this way.
18:39 I need to avoid that. I need to take that.
18:42 We start meandering in the maze of what do we do
18:46 to remedy the situation.
18:48 When heaven looked at us,
18:51 I want to give you
18:52 the beautiful good news tonight on this text.
18:54 When heaven looked at us,
18:55 heaven saw that we were all born
18:59 with a cancer cell in every one of us
19:02 and that cancer cell is spelled S-I-N.
19:05 What is it called?
19:06 Sin, it dwells in us.
19:08 So Jesus, the master physician comes with a diagnosis.
19:12 The diagnosis is as in Adam, you're all going to die.
19:15 But I'm coming as the master physician
19:17 to give you the remedy and the remedy is my blood.
19:20 When the blood is applied sin is reversed.
19:22 But what I want you to see carefully
19:24 as we could do nothing about the sin or the cancer in us,
19:28 we can't emotionally do anything
19:29 about the sin in us,
19:31 because it's no longer I who do it but what?
19:34 Sin that dwells in me.
19:36 So where does sin have its greatest impact?
19:38 Put these two words, in me, in me.
19:42 Not in society, but in me.
19:46 Not in society.
19:49 Not in society.
19:51 And as much as we would like to say,
19:53 well, it's the air we breathe, it's the water we drink.
19:56 I know people that live completely healthy lives,
19:59 and they still get some kind of disease,
20:01 that's the lot of humanity, sin entered the world.
20:04 Now, let's look at question number where?
20:06 Question number what?
20:08 Question number nine. Okay.
20:10 Why are we incapable of producing righteousness?
20:17 Romans 3:23.
20:18 Romans is a tremendous book to remain in.
20:21 Romans 3:23.
20:24 Look at it.
20:26 Romans 3:23.
20:29 Wow.
20:32 And once again we're going to see some words
20:33 that seem to be repetitious, okay.
20:36 What is it?
20:38 For how many of us?
20:40 "All have sinned and do what?
20:42 Falls short of the glory of God."
20:45 Now why do we...
20:46 When you look at a baby,
20:48 do you think of a baby as a sinner?
20:51 A baby hasn't committed S-I-N-S
20:54 but a baby is in S-I-N.
20:59 For Adam passed on to you and to you
21:01 and to me and all of us this nature called sin.
21:06 So when the Bible says, that Jesus became sin for us,
21:12 it didn't say Jesus became sins for us,
21:16 because if Jesus became sins for us,
21:19 He can never be our savior.
21:21 So what did He do?
21:22 Let's answer the question here.
21:24 Romans 6:23, write that down,
21:27 why are we incapable of producing righteousness?
21:30 The first answer is why?
21:32 All have sinned.
21:34 If you can put it another way, we all have Adam's nature,
21:37 and then one more, one more.
21:41 Psalm 51:5.
21:43 Psalm 51:5, look at the scripture.
21:46 Look at the scripture.
21:48 And the Bible says,
21:50 "Behold, I was brought forth in" what?
21:54 "Iniquity and in sin my mother conceived me."
22:00 This passage is not talking about an unwed mother.
22:04 This passage is saying, when we are born,
22:07 we are born in a world of iniquity,
22:10 we are born in a world of sin, in sin she conceived me.
22:15 In other words, that's the entrance,
22:17 when we came in,
22:18 the moment you took your first breath,
22:21 we were all in S-I-N.
22:24 We're all in what? Sin.
22:26 A baby is completely innocent of S-I-N-S,
22:29 you cannot prosecute a child when all that child wants to do
22:32 is eat and sleep and have his or her diapers change.
22:34 They have done nothing wrong.
22:36 But given time if you don't train that child
22:39 in the way he or she should go,
22:41 when they get older what happens?
22:43 Then you start seeing the S-I-N turn into S-I-N-S,
22:49 then you start seeing
22:50 the nature begin to act itself out
22:52 because the nature takes over.
22:54 Have you seen unruly children in Wal-Mart?
22:58 Come on talk to me.
22:59 Have you seen them anywhere?
23:01 Man, I tell you when a child...
23:03 I've seen children that stare their mothers down
23:06 and tell them what they're not going to
23:08 and they yell, "I hate you."
23:10 You know, why they say that? That is the nature of Adam.
23:15 I hate, they don't say, I dislike you, mom.
23:20 They go to the word that a little child you wonder
23:23 where did he or she get that word from?
23:25 It's in the nature, it's there, it comes out
23:28 when the child doesn't get his or her way.
23:30 I hate.
23:34 So the answer to this one is according to this,
23:37 did you all put your answers down.
23:39 We were all born in an atmosphere of iniquity.
23:41 We were all born into a world of sin.
23:44 The moment you took your first breath,
23:46 you were condemned,
23:47 you were born into a circumstance,
23:50 in a situation that the only one
23:52 that can remedy that is who?
23:54 Jesus, only Christ.
23:56 Let's go even further. Let's build our case.
23:59 Question number ten. Question number ten.
24:02 I think that's where we ended on our last study,
24:04 but just for the benefit of those of you
24:05 who were not here,
24:07 I drew back a little bit to earlier questions.
24:09 Question number ten.
24:10 How does the Bible further describe
24:13 the effects of sin?
24:15 Since you all know this text so well,
24:17 I just not hold out on you, Roman 6:23,
24:21 let's read this together, "The wages of sin is" what?
24:24 "Death, but the gift of God is" what?
24:27 "Eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord."
24:30 Now, what I like about a couple of the text we read so far,
24:33 I like all the texts but the illustrative point
24:35 I want to make is in,
24:37 in 1 Corinthians 15:22 the Bible says
24:40 as in Adam all die, but it didn't end there,
24:42 it says even so in Christ all shall be made alive."
24:45 Then Romans 6:23, "For the wages of sin is death,
24:48 and then but the gift of God is eternal life."
24:50 Wherever sin is revealed, Christ is revealed.
24:55 And notice what it didn't say, it didn't say,
24:58 it didn't say all shall be made alive
25:01 but as in Adam all die.
25:04 It showed you the problem and it showed you the remedy.
25:09 It didn't say the gift of God is eternal life
25:11 but the wages of sin is death.
25:13 The Bible always accentuates the positive.
25:16 Can you say amen to that?
25:17 It shows you your condition then it shows you the remedy.
25:20 It doesn't say, here's the remedy
25:22 but you're messed up.
25:25 Amen?
25:26 It says, I know you're messed up,
25:28 but here's the remedy.
25:31 It's like one of those, I have good news and bad news
25:33 and what do we often say?
25:35 What do we often say? What do you want first?
25:36 The good news or bad news, you want what?
25:40 Well, you ought to switch that around,
25:42 get the bad news first,
25:44 you don't want the last thing to be bad news, am I right?
25:48 Okay, what's the worst of it?
25:50 Okay, what's the best of it?
25:52 I feel better.
25:54 Don't ask for the bad news last.
25:56 Let the bad news go.
25:57 I wish the news reporters would say
25:59 instead of there's a 40% chance of rain,
26:01 I wish they would say,
26:02 there's a 60% chance of sunshine, right.
26:07 Think positively.
26:08 You know, we have a, coming up here
26:12 with a horrible season,
26:13 we don't know what season it is anyway.
26:16 When there is spring,
26:17 the next day it's almost summer,
26:18 the flowers bud and then they want to die,
26:20 then they want to hide and then they want to come out.
26:22 It's like almost summer, no jacket,
26:24 but then snow is forecast in a few days,
26:27 I hope it doesn't happen.
26:30 Because, because even nature itself
26:31 is going through this discombobulated
26:35 almost arrhythmia of what do we do?
26:38 We don't have any control of our environment
26:40 and that's what sin does,
26:42 sin takes the control of your environment
26:43 out of your hand.
26:44 So write that down, how do we further describe...
26:46 How does the Bible further describe
26:47 the effect of sin?
26:49 Simply with one word death, one word death.
26:53 Now, let's go to number 11.
26:57 Let's go to number 11.
27:00 One was producing righteousness,
27:03 the other one is producing good.
27:06 All right.
27:08 Almost the same question,
27:10 but a little different approach I'm going to take.
27:13 All right question number 11.
27:16 How do we know
27:17 that we are not capable of producing good?
27:22 Now there's a reason I want you to go to Matthew 7:17, 18.
27:25 This is the text that says to you,
27:27 when you meet a person that doesn't know Jesus,
27:30 don't insist that they live right.
27:32 Look at me.
27:34 When you meet a person that does not know Jesus
27:36 regardless of their age, don't say, you know, better.
27:44 They might intellectually know better,
27:45 but they can't do better.
27:49 Here's a reason why?
27:50 Matthew 7:17, 18 you all are there?
27:55 Here it is,
27:57 "Even so every, together, good tree bears" what?
28:03 "Good fruit, but a bad tree bears" what?
28:07 "Bad fruit." Now here is the law.
28:10 Verse 18 is the law.
28:12 "A good tree, together, cannot bear bad fruit,
28:17 nor can a bad tree bear" what?
28:20 "Good fruit."
28:21 So let me ask you the question. Can a good tree bear bad fruit?
28:24 Can a bad tree bear good fruit?
28:26 Can a bad tree bear bad fruit?
28:28 Can a good tree bear bad fruit?
28:32 Can a good tree bear good fruit?
28:34 Can a bad tree bear good fruit? No.
28:36 Good, you guys are sharp.
28:39 Okay.
28:40 Bad does not produce good, good does not produce bad,
28:44 but bad produces bad and good produces good,
28:47 so the question is.
28:50 What do we want to be a part of the good or the bad?
28:54 But then how do you do that when Paul says,
28:57 "There is none that's good, no not one."
29:01 How... Okay, we're getting there.
29:04 My brother Yannick is ahead of me.
29:07 We're getting there.
29:09 The issue is bigger than the S-I-N-S,
29:13 the issue is the root, didn't I say that?
29:15 The issue is the what? The root.
29:17 What's happening with the tree?
29:18 When we go to the vineyards, when you go to Napa Valley,
29:20 when you look at apple trees, when you look at orange trees,
29:22 any kind of tree at all,
29:23 they're supposed to produce good fruit.
29:25 When the farmer looks at this tree and said,
29:27 it's not producing good fruit, they don't look at the limbs,
29:30 they look at the what?
29:31 They look at the fruit.
29:33 And then they go down to the root
29:34 and they say, "Ah, we see what the problem is.
29:36 There are ants eating at the roots
29:38 or there's some kind of germ that is being pulled
29:41 into the tree through the roots.
29:42 The root is the issue,
29:44 that's why this very next question
29:45 is vitally important.
29:46 So the answer is how do we know
29:48 that we are not capable of producing good?
29:51 Because we're connected to the wrong tree,
29:54 we're connected to the wrong tree.
29:56 What's the name of the tree, somebody tell me.
29:58 Sin?
30:00 But what's the... What's his name?
30:02 Adam, right.
30:04 Adam, the Adam nature produces the fruit of sin.
30:09 The Adam nature produces the fruit of sin.
30:11 Question number 12.
30:13 This is significant as you look at the cadence of it.
30:16 Question number 12.
30:18 What will the Lord destroy to finally abolish sin?
30:25 What will the Lord?
30:27 What will the Lord destroy to finally abolish sin?
30:35 Okay, that's right.
30:37 Malachi 4:1.
30:46 I forgot the name of the disease
30:48 but it affected cow, or mad cow disease.
30:50 Yeah, as soon as I mentioned cows,
30:52 I remember what it was.
30:53 Remember mad cow disease?
30:57 I read some of the stories of the farmers
30:59 that when they discover
31:01 that their cattle had mad cow disease,
31:03 mad cow disease affected not just the cattle,
31:05 but effected goats, it's affected other animals,
31:10 in the end it was terrible, and then you had the bird flu.
31:14 Which started in ages somewhere in a crowded market
31:19 where the keeping of the birds were just,
31:21 it was horrible
31:23 and then it spread all over the globe.
31:25 When these farmers noticed that their cows were affected,
31:28 I read the story of one farmer who he said,
31:31 "I didn't want to kill my animals,
31:35 but that was the only thing that I, I had to do it
31:38 to prevent the spread of the disease,
31:42 to prevent the spread of the disease."
31:44 So that's why Jesus had to die
31:47 to prevent the spread of the disease.
31:52 So why is he going to do what we're about to read.
31:54 How will the Lord finally...
31:57 What will the Lord do to finally abolish sin?
31:59 Look at Malachi 4:1
32:02 "For behold..."
32:03 And this is what the farmers did,
32:04 they set their cattle on fire, it was a horrible sight,
32:08 "For behold, the day is coming, burning like a" what?
32:11 "Like an oven,"
32:12 and here's that word again and what?
32:15 "All the proud, yes,
32:17 all who do wickedly will be" what?
32:21 "Stubble and the day which is coming
32:24 shall burn them up."
32:27 Shall do what?
32:28 Burn them up and it says, let me go forward...
32:31 I want to add the other portion to that,
32:33 that will leave them neither root nor what?
32:36 I should have added the other portion to that,
32:39 so you want to add that,
32:40 what will Jesus do to finally abolish sin?
32:44 He's going to destroy the root and the branch.
32:48 He's going to destroy the root and branch.
32:52 So if, so, if the root is destroyed,
32:56 will there be branches?
32:58 Okay, so that's the answer to the question
33:00 sin cannot exist in eternity.
33:03 Sin will not exist in heaven.
33:05 There'll be no chance of sin in the new earth.
33:07 Can I get an amen somewhere?
33:08 Amen!
33:10 There'll be no chance
33:11 because the roots are going to be burned up.
33:13 When you burn up a tree and you stop at the root,
33:15 it's not going to produce anything
33:17 because the roots is the origin
33:19 of what's produced on the branches.
33:25 You cannot.
33:28 But now let's look at the reverse of that.
33:32 Question number 13.
33:37 Question number 13.
33:39 How will the Lord produce righteousness in us?
33:44 John 15, you theologians know where I'm headed.
33:48 John 15.
33:51 John 15.
33:55 And we're going to look together at verse 5,
34:00 John 15:5,
34:01 How will the Lord or even more specifically,
34:05 how does the Lord produce righteousness in us?
34:08 Here it is, John 15:5 and we read in His word,
34:13 "I am the vine, you are the branches.
34:18 He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears" what?
34:24 "Much fruit, for without Me you can't do" what?
34:26 "Nothing."
34:28 So can we say,
34:32 okay, okay,
34:37 I'm not going out,
34:39 I'm not leaving my house,
34:41 I'm not turning the lights on,
34:43 I'm not turning the radio on,
34:45 I'm not turning the television on,
34:47 I'm going to put in ear plugs.
34:50 I don't want my phone. I'm going to turn my phone off.
34:53 I don't want to hear from anybody.
34:55 I don't want to do anything.
34:57 I don't want to listen to anything.
34:59 And maybe I could be sinless today.
35:05 Right?
35:06 Oh, if I could just not hear anybody talk,
35:09 I think I could make it through a day without sin.
35:13 And the Lord says, "Excuse me, it's in you."
35:18 It's where?
35:20 It's not in the phone calls,
35:22 it's not in the television, it's in you.
35:26 Can you take it out of yourself?
35:29 So what do you have to...
35:30 If you look at these two verses together here,
35:32 this is the beauty of it, and I always say this,
35:34 there is no third category
35:35 when it comes to sin and righteousness.
35:37 There is no yellow line like on the highway.
35:40 There is no third place that you can be
35:42 to determine that I'll hang out here
35:44 until I decide to do right or wrong.
35:46 We're either on the left side of the highway, the bad side,
35:50 or the right side of the highway, the good side.
35:53 We're either connected to the wrong tree
35:55 that will be destroyed root and branch,
35:57 or we are connected to the vine, Christ Jesus.
35:59 And look at that again,
36:01 he says, for without me, how much can we do?
36:04 We can't do anything.
36:05 So what I want to point out really quickly here
36:07 is we have come to a particular point
36:10 and we're going to get a little deeper
36:11 in just a moment here, but we've come to the point,
36:13 we've come to this conclusion.
36:14 Sin is not possible to resolve by just trying hard.
36:21 So don't say to somebody, you need to try harder.
36:23 If you just try harder, you can do it.
36:26 That's the most frustrating thing,
36:27 and most world religions
36:29 that kick Jesus out are work oriented.
36:31 They beat themselves, they flog themselves,
36:34 they cut themselves, they do pilgrimages,
36:36 they walk around in circles...
36:40 They say things, they burn fire,
36:42 they run on coal, they run on broken glass,
36:45 they do ridiculous things.
36:47 Thinking that if I could just,
36:48 if I could just humiliate myself,
36:51 then maybe God will accept me.
36:54 But Christians do something that's kind of similar.
36:58 We beat ourselves up.
37:01 We focus on what we have done
37:03 rather than what Christ has done.
37:06 We pray and ask for the Lord to forgive us
37:07 and we get up and say...
37:12 And we still try to fix it,
37:14 when Jesus is the one
37:16 and the only one that can fix it.
37:18 And He's saying,
37:20 if you disconnect from that tree
37:22 and connect to this tree, it's going to happen.
37:25 It's going to happen.
37:27 What's going to happen? What's going to happen?
37:31 Say it again,
37:32 a little louder, a little louder.
37:35 David, you're a little louder than that.
37:37 Good fruit. What's up, what kind of fruit?
37:39 Good fruit.
37:41 So it's really what we're connected
37:42 to on a day by day basis, and Paul makes it clear
37:44 that this is not a once in a lifetime.
37:47 This decision is not just made when you're baptized.
37:50 This is a day by day decision,
37:52 a day by day, a moment by moment decision,
37:55 so let's look at that.
37:56 How will the Lord produce righteousness in us?
37:59 Without Him how much can we do?
38:01 Nothing. We can do...
38:03 We have to be in Him and He has to be in us.
38:07 That's what He does through His Holy Spirit,
38:09 but now, we're going to now go to some of the,
38:12 what I refer to the DNA.
38:13 We're going to go now to the DNA of sin.
38:16 Let's go down to the DNA of sin.
38:17 We're going to go to Romans, Romans 7.
38:21 Romans.
38:26 Romans 7.
38:28 And we're going to...
38:29 We're going to consider question number 14,
38:31 and question number 14 is: Why is human nature helpless
38:38 when it comes to controlling sin?
38:42 Why is human nature helpless
38:46 when it comes to controlling sin?
38:50 Romans 7, we're going to start with verse 8,
38:53 and then we're going to read verse 18,
38:56 and then we're going to read verse 20, all right?
39:01 I'll start with the verse 8.
39:02 Let's bring it up on the screen.
39:04 It says,
39:07 "But sin, taking opportunity by the commandment,
39:12 produced in me all" what?
39:16 "All manner of evil desire."
39:19 In other words, there's no extent,
39:22 there's no telling what you'll do
39:23 because sin is producing all manner.
39:27 You name the category, sin could produce it.
39:29 All manner of not only evil but evil desire.
39:35 That passion, that push to do wrong,
39:38 and then it says,
39:39 for apart from the law what was dead.
39:42 What was dead?
39:44 It's on the screen,
39:45 apart from the law what was dead?
39:47 Sin was dead.
39:48 Let me explain that carefully because this is not something,
39:51 I don't want you to come away with the idea
39:52 that the commandments are bad, but here's what Paul is saying.
39:56 He was living a life
39:58 oblivious of the commandments of God
40:01 but all of a sudden he saw it and he realized, wait a minute.
40:06 Now, let me use an illustration.
40:11 Okay, rather than my human illustration,
40:13 don't lose Romans 7.
40:15 Let's go to James 1.
40:19 Don't lose Romans 7.
40:21 We're going to come back there,
40:22 and you could not, you could hold it off
40:24 and I'll call for the text in a moment.
40:25 But let's go to James 1.
40:28 Okay.
40:32 Okay.
40:37 And I want to look together at verse 25...
40:44 because Paul said until...
40:45 When I became aware of the commandments.
40:49 Through the commandments I realized
40:52 all kinds of evil desire were present in me.
40:55 Because the commandment showed me
40:57 what was going wrong, was inside of me.
40:59 It diagnosed my condition.
41:01 When I saw it, I realized where I was falling short,
41:04 he said, and without that I didn't even know.
41:07 Without that sin was not even, I was not even aware of sin
41:11 for apart from the law sin was dead,
41:14 until I knew that that was wrong,
41:16 it didn't even make a difference to me.
41:19 But look at Romans 1:25,
41:22 because it's all about the mirror,
41:23 it's all about the what?
41:25 How many of you have mirrors in your house?
41:27 Please all of you raise your hand.
41:30 I hope.
41:32 The mirror will tell you your condition
41:36 but the mirror can't change your condition.
41:40 It just says to you, you're in trouble,
41:42 you ear is out of place.
41:45 There's something in your tooth.
41:47 You buttoned the wrong button.
41:49 It just tells you what your condition is
41:50 but it can't do anything for you,
41:52 so those of you who are commandment keepers,
41:54 let me help you out,
41:55 it's good to be a commandment keeper,
41:57 but the commandments can't clean you up,
42:00 only Jesus can.
42:02 Look at this.
42:04 James makes it so clear.
42:05 James throws kind of a wrench
42:10 into the quandary of those
42:14 who want to get rid of the commandments.
42:15 Start with verse 22.
42:19 Okay.
42:24 "But be doers of the word
42:25 and not hearers only deceiving who?
42:30 Yourselves,
42:31 for if anyone is a hearer of the word and not a doer,
42:36 he is like a man observing his natural face.
42:39 What kind of face?
42:41 Natural face in a mirror,
42:44 for he observes himself goes away
42:48 and immediately forgets what kind of man he was.
42:55 How many of us do that?
42:59 Well, actually
43:03 no, I actually appreciate my mirror.
43:04 Come on help me out somebody.
43:06 I actually appreciate my mirror
43:08 because I can't go on television
43:11 with my jacket button like this.
43:14 They'll say, man, what kind of pastor is he?
43:17 His jacket is all messed up.
43:18 Can somebody help him?
43:20 I get all kinds of letters.
43:23 Am I telling the truth?
43:25 Because he'll say, oh, I can't look.
43:28 Those OCD people, am I right?
43:31 They have a hard time...
43:32 Oh, did anybody tell him
43:34 that he has a big ear out of place
43:37 and they'll say, "He had a mirror,
43:39 he couldn't see what was wrong?'
43:41 You see the mirror says to you what's wrong,
43:44 but look at the next verse.
43:48 Verse 25,
43:49 I like it that it begins with the word but,
43:51 "But he who looks into the..."
43:53 Say it together, "perfect law of liberty."
43:56 The commandments is observed by those
43:58 who have been made free.
44:00 The commandments don't make you free,
44:02 Jesus makes you free,
44:04 but the commandments are observed
44:05 by those who have been made free,
44:07 but he who looks into the what kind of law?
44:10 Perfect law of liberty and continues in it
44:14 and is not a forgetful hearer but a doer of the work,
44:18 this one will be what?
44:21 Blessed in what he does.
44:23 So when you see the law of God
44:25 and you'd remember that it pointed out your condition
44:28 and then you start as 1 John 3:4 says,
44:33 you begin to keep your life pure,
44:37 then you'll be blessed in what you do.
44:39 But if you look in the mirror and forget what the mirror said
44:42 and you walk away and just immediately forget,
44:45 people will notice it and they'll see you,
44:48 what's wrong with him?
44:50 What's wrong with her?
44:52 Can he see what he looks like?
44:57 Go back to Romans 7.
44:58 I want to clarify
45:00 that there's nothing wrong with God's law,
45:02 nothing at all wrong with God's laws.
45:05 It's the perfect law of liberty,
45:07 but we're going to go back to question number, which one?
45:10 Number 14.
45:12 Why is human nature helpless
45:13 when it comes to controlling sin?
45:15 Let's go to the very next verse,
45:17 verse 18, Romans 7:18.
45:20 Now we can bring it up on the screen.
45:22 Thank you.
45:23 And the Bible says, "For I know that in me,
45:26 for I know that in me, that is in my flesh,"
45:30 together how much?
45:31 "Nothing good dwells, for to will is present with me,
45:37 but how to perform what is good"
45:40 say it again, "I do not find."
45:42 In other words, I know what I want to do.
45:44 It's like a basketball player being handcuffed.
45:47 You don't put a handcuffed basketball player
45:49 on the foul line with two seconds left.
45:54 I know what I want to do
45:55 but I'm handcuffed.
45:57 You put somebody on there that's been made free.
46:01 Paul is saying,
46:03 I've got this desire to do but I'm handcuffed.
46:07 Let's find out what happened?
46:09 Let's verse 20, verse 20,
46:12 verse 20 and the question is:
46:13 Why is human nature helpless
46:15 when it comes to controlling sin?
46:16 Look at verse 20, he says,
46:18 "Now if I do what I will not to do,
46:22 it is no longer I who do it," but what?
46:25 "Sin that, once again, dwells in me."
46:28 So let's go ahead and talk about this quandary
46:30 for a brief moment.
46:32 One of the reasons why, one of the reasons why
46:34 we come up as failures every time
46:36 is because we think that in and of ourselves
46:39 that we can be victorious by simply trying harder,
46:42 praying harder, reading harder,
46:45 just grit, and good old elbow grease.
46:51 But the Bible says, not of works,
46:53 lest anyone should boast.
46:56 For by grace are you saved through faith,
46:58 that not of yourselves,
47:00 but we're going to go even deeper than that.
47:02 How then...
47:05 do those who are unable to control sin,
47:08 how then do they come off victoriously?
47:12 So what answer did you put down?
47:13 Why is human nature helpless
47:15 when it comes to controlling sin?
47:16 Put down what you can best understand,
47:18 why is human nature helpless?
47:22 It's the same nature.
47:24 It's like when the Bible says,
47:25 can Beelzebub cast out Beelzebub?
47:28 Can Satan cast out Satan?
47:30 No.
47:31 How then can we
47:33 who are accustomed to doing evil do good.
47:35 Can't do it. Can't do it.
47:38 So don't feel bad that you fail.
47:41 Because you have that nature,
47:44 but we're not going to leave you there.
47:46 Let's look at the very next question,
47:47 question number 15.
47:49 Question number 15.
47:52 What is the only hope that we have to be victorious
47:58 over the sin nature?
48:02 And the reason I'm focusing on the nature
48:03 is because when you take care of the root,
48:05 the fruit is going to take care of themselves.
48:09 You guys are real deep thinkers tonight.
48:12 I must say that one more time
48:13 because you might have missed it.
48:15 When you take care of the root,
48:16 the fruit would take care of themselves.
48:18 Amen. Amen?
48:20 Have you ever seen a tree?
48:21 Have you ever walked past an orchard
48:22 and you see the tree going,
48:24 oh man, oh,
48:28 I need some really good oranges this season.
48:31 It's just standing there like...
48:39 Let 'cause he's connected, he's being nourished,
48:44 he's getting the proper sunlight,
48:45 he's getting the clean air,
48:47 he's getting all the nutrition he needs,
48:49 and that's why the Bible says, "Let, let."
48:53 And we'll show you what I mean by that let.
48:55 We're going to go ahead and look at let in the...
48:58 We might get to today,
48:59 but there's a let and there's a let not.
49:02 We're going to let and let not, all right.
49:05 But let's look at this one first,
49:06 1 Corinthians 15:57.
49:09 This is beautiful.
49:10 This is a Jesus centered lesson.
49:15 Yannick, say amen.
49:16 Amen. Okay.
49:18 This is a Jesus centered lesson.
49:20 This means, without Jesus, we can't do anything.
49:26 And I wanted to read this one
49:28 because when somebody does for us
49:30 what Jesus has done for us, you got to say thank you.
49:32 Are you ready?
49:33 Here we go together, "But thanks be to God,
49:37 who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."
49:43 Do you see now why the devil tried his best
49:45 to defeat Christ?
49:47 And I say this again, Jesus didn't become a sinner,
49:51 Jesus didn't become sins, Jesus became sin.
49:56 He took on the,
49:57 He took on the Adam nature after the fall.
50:00 The nature Adam had after he fell.
50:03 Jesus didn't come to take on the nature
50:06 Adam had before the fall,
50:08 He came and took the nature Adam had after the fall.
50:11 So that He could produce, He could defeat that,
50:14 kill that nature when He died on the cross,
50:18 this is really a deep thing.
50:19 When He died on the cross,
50:22 it was the nature of Adam that was killed.
50:26 And so when you accept Christ in that way,
50:28 let me look at, let me see if the text is here.
50:30 It's not here but I want to go ahead and show it to you.
50:33 Go with me to Galatians.
50:34 Go with me to Galatians.
50:36 So write this down.
50:37 What is our only hope
50:38 that we can have victory over sin?
50:41 Jesus.
50:42 And by the way I want you to not miss
50:43 the rest of the text
50:45 because we say Jesus, but notice what the text says,
50:48 it didn't, it didn't say,
50:49 but thanks be to God who helps us when...
50:53 Did it say that?
50:55 It didn't say that, but thanks be to God who what?
50:58 Gives.
51:01 Lorraine, how would you feel if the Olympic Committee
51:03 decided to give you a gold medal?
51:07 You might say, "For what?"
51:10 And they say, "It doesn't matter,
51:11 we want you to be victorious."
51:13 It doesn't matter, we just want to give you.
51:15 We want to make you a winner.
51:17 We just wanted to say, "You won"
51:19 and you say "Won what?"
51:21 Now Jesus, this is where the crown comes in.
51:25 This is what's amazing about salvation.
51:27 Jesus gives us a crown of which we did nothing to get.
51:34 Is that, is that love?
51:36 He gives us a crown
51:38 and we didn't do anything to get it.
51:40 He gives us the victory.
51:42 What happens when a person gives you a gift?
51:44 Come on now, what happens?
51:45 When if I were given you a gift,
51:46 what do you have to do?
51:49 Accept that before you open it she said, open it.
51:53 She's in a Christmas mode, wrong month.
51:57 You have to first accept the gift.
52:00 So one of the hardest thing for us to grab,
52:04 for those of us who are doers, you know,
52:06 so many of us are doers,
52:07 the hardest thing for us to grab
52:09 is that somebody would win a victory for us
52:12 and then give it to us, "But thanks be to God,
52:14 who giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."
52:16 It's a hard thing.
52:18 You say, "What do I have to do for it?"
52:20 Just accept it, just accept it.
52:22 It's imparted righteousness,
52:24 and then you live every day imputed righteousness.
52:26 He imputes every day to you his credit,
52:29 so you're never bankrupt righteously.
52:32 But He impost you something that you can never buy.
52:35 He gives you a medal, He gives you a crown
52:37 that you couldn't even purchase.
52:39 You couldn't even make it.
52:41 You don't deserve, we don't deserve it.
52:42 Let me stop saying you, we don't deserve it.
52:47 But He does it because He loves us.
52:49 Praise God for that. Amen. Amen.
52:51 Now let's go to the next, we gonna dive back in
52:54 because I don't want to be oversimplified.
52:57 I want us to get to some of the nitty-gritty
52:59 of this Roman 7
53:01 because Romans 7 is a powerful book
53:03 and we're going to dive in Romans 7
53:04 by going to question number 16.
53:06 Let's look at that.
53:07 What is the experience of every sinner?
53:10 What is the experience of every sinner?
53:19 Romans 7:15,
53:22 this is amazing, every sinners experience,
53:26 no matter what your denomination,
53:28 everybody has this experience.
53:33 Ain't that something else?
53:35 You look at that and you think, man, I think I was there.
53:38 No, you were there, we were there.
53:41 What, "For what I am doing..."
53:44 Come on, say it with me.
53:46 "I do not" what?"
53:47 "Understand."
53:49 Have you ever done something you don't understand
53:50 why you did it.
53:52 Why, what, what am I doing?
53:55 What, why am I doing that?
53:58 Let's keep going.
53:59 "For what I will to do, that means what I mentally
54:02 I'm hoping to be able to do
54:05 what I will to do that I do not practice.
54:09 Intellectually this is what I'm supposed to do.
54:13 Carnally this is what I am doing.
54:16 And then he says.
54:18 But what I hate...
54:23 that I do.
54:25 How many of you hire this guy?
54:27 We want you to guard our bank.
54:31 How many would hire this guy?
54:38 If that was the case, none of us would have a job.
54:41 Come on say, amen.
54:42 None of us would have a job
54:43 because that's the truth about all of us.
54:45 Before Jesus comes in,
54:47 before we turn the control of our awful lives
54:50 over to Christ,
54:51 we are in that predicament every moment of every day.
54:55 Let's write the answer down. I want to get a few more.
54:57 I want to get a few more.
55:00 We're just getting warmed up.
55:02 I wish it slowed the clock down.
55:04 So question number 16 that was.
55:07 So write down,
55:08 what is the experience of every sinner?
55:14 Our lives don't make sense.
55:18 Don't make sense,
55:20 I couldn't think of a singular word
55:22 but it's confusing at best.
55:26 "How you doing, Dave?"
55:28 "Don't ask."
55:30 "You're okay, Yannick?"
55:32 "Let's talk about something else."
55:34 You gonna make a mark?"
55:35 "Oh, well, ask me that tomorrow."
55:39 Have you all been there?
55:40 We've all been there.
55:44 But now let's look at, let's go deeper,
55:45 let's go deeper.
55:47 Number 17, what is the power.
55:52 What is the power
55:54 that is in control of our human nature?
55:58 What is the power?
56:00 Now you're going to dive into an example in scripture
56:02 that many of you probably have overlooked.
56:04 Let's go and do this very quickly.
56:07 And if we get to number 18, fine,
56:09 but if not we'll get to that next week.
56:12 Let's go to Romans 7:2,
56:13 I'm going to bring the subject in the interest of time.
56:16 Now Paul uses an analogy here,
56:18 he's not talking about an actual wedding,
56:20 he uses an analogy,
56:22 and the woman represents us,
56:24 the husband represents that law that's messing with us.
56:27 "For the woman who has a husband is..."
56:29 What's the next word?
56:31 "Bound by the law to her husband..."
56:33 Sounds like slavery?
56:35 That's what it is.
56:36 "Bound by the law to her husband
56:38 as long as who lives?
56:40 He lives.
56:41 But if the husband dies,
56:43 she is released from the law of her husband."
56:46 So now let me ask a quick question.
56:48 If you don't want to do
56:49 what your husband wants you to do,
56:51 what you have to do?
56:52 I preached a sermon a number of years ago about 2005,
56:55 Mollie Steenson, I presented to her
56:57 a proposal on some sermons
56:58 and Mollie said, "Pastor Lomacang,
57:00 you have to change that title,
57:01 our listeners won't understand."
57:04 I said, "Mollie, it's exactly according to the scripture"
57:07 My title was, "Kill your husband."
57:11 She said, "Could you find another more mild title?"
57:14 I said, "Okay, till death do us part."
57:16 Amen?
57:18 Because what's happening here
57:20 and I might leave this as a cliffhanger.
57:22 I might leave this as...
57:23 Because you've got to see what's happening here.
57:25 What is being said in this text is
57:28 the man you were born married to is messing with you,
57:31 he's going to make you do what you don't want to do
57:34 because his law is in control of your life.
57:39 So you can't stop it until he's dead.
57:44 How you going to kill him?
57:46 The question we're going to answer in the next study
57:49 in the next broadcast, how are we going to kill him?
57:51 Because we want to do right, can you say, amen?
57:52 Amen.
57:54 Somebody's got to die in order for this woman,
57:57 us, to be set free.
57:59 Does it make sense, friends, keep studying,
58:01 one day it'll come into A Sharper Focus.
58:04 God bless you.


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