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The Anatomy of Righteousness -part 4

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00:19 Good evening, everyone,
00:21 and welcome to our Wednesday night Bible study
00:23 here at the 3ABN Worship Center.
00:26 Thank you for taking the time to tune in to join us
00:28 as we continue the topic on The Anatomy of Righteousness.
00:33 And all you need for this program is a Bible,
00:36 and we'll tell you in just a moment
00:38 where you can get a copy of the lesson
00:40 and how you can follow along with us.
00:42 But this is an exciting topic
00:43 because it talks about righteousness.
00:46 You know, many people live in a world of dos and don'ts.
00:50 "What should I do? What shouldn't I do?"
00:53 And even sometimes in sermons,
00:54 we tell people what to do and what not to do,
00:56 but tonight, we're going to talk about
00:58 the secret of how to allow the will of God
01:02 to be produced in our lives,
01:05 and so we talk about the anatomy.
01:07 You know, if you've taken anatomy
01:08 and physiology in class,
01:10 you know that there is a head, the shoulders.
01:11 I am so not medical, the skeletal system
01:14 that holds up everything on the inside,
01:17 if we didn't have a skeletal system
01:19 on the inside,
01:20 everything will fall apart.
01:22 And so in the very same way,
01:24 there is a skeletal system of righteousness
01:28 that holds the Christian together.
01:30 We're going to talk about that tonight.
01:32 But before I tell you how to find
01:34 a copy of the lesson and where to download the copy,
01:36 we always begin with a word of prayer.
01:38 Let's pray together.
01:41 Our loving Father in heaven, we thank you
01:42 for Your precious opportunity.
01:45 Whenever You present this opportunity to us,
01:47 we know that we will be blessed
01:49 when we ask for the Spirit of God
01:51 to guide in our hearts, in our minds.
01:54 Lord, tonight, we submit our will to You
01:56 that You may work in us both to will and to do
01:59 of your good pleasure.
02:02 Bless us, Lord, as we ask for the Spirit
02:04 to be our teacher this evening, we pray in Jesus' name, Amen.
02:10 Good evening, everyone. Can you say amen?
02:11 Amen.
02:13 So good to have you here tonight.
02:14 We are going to give you an opportunity.
02:17 This is the website that you go to
02:19 to get a copy of the lesson.
02:20 Go to the following website,,
02:26 and download lesson number 38.
02:29 Lesson number 38,
02:31 and then we will be able to walk through that together.
02:34 If you've already downloaded the lesson,
02:36 then we're going to begin on question number 13 tonight,
02:39 but before we do that,
02:40 we always begin with our theme song.
02:42 And what is our theme song, it's on the screen,
02:44 what is it called?
02:45 Victory in Jesus.
02:46 Let's sing this song together.
02:57 I heard an old, old story
03:01 How the Savior came from glory
03:04 How He gave His life on Calvary
03:08 To save a wretch like me
03:12 I heard about His groaning
03:16 Of His precious blood's atoning
03:20 Then I repented of my sins
03:23 And won the victory
03:27 Oh, victory in Jesus
03:31 My Savior forever
03:35 He sought me and bought me
03:38 With His redeeming blood
03:42 He loved me ere I knew Him
03:46 And all my love is due Him
03:50 He plunged me to victory
03:54 Beneath the cleansing flood
03:57 I heard about a mansion
04:01 He has built for me in glory
04:05 And I heard about the streets of gold
04:09 Beyond the crystal sea
04:12 About the angels singing
04:16 And the old redemption story
04:20 And some sweet day I'll sing up there
04:24 The song of victory
04:26 Key change.
04:28 Oh, victory in Jesus
04:31 My Savior forever
04:35 He sought me and bought me
04:39 With His redeeming blood
04:43 He loved me ere I knew Him
04:46 And all my love is due Him
04:50 He plunged me to victory
04:54 Beneath the cleansing flood
04:58 He plunged me to victory
05:02 Beneath the cleansing flood.
05:08 Amen. Amen.
05:11 The Anatomy of Righteousness is our topic for tonight.
05:15 We're going to be continuing from question number 13.
05:19 And when we began this study, we talked about,
05:21 we began with the definition of what is sin.
05:24 And we know that sin is the transgression of the...
05:28 Sin is the transgression of the law.
05:30 Also others have said it this way,
05:33 whatever is not of faith is of sin.
05:35 And James also says,
05:37 "To him that knows to do good and does not do it,
05:40 to him, it is sin."
05:42 So sin has a number of components.
05:44 But in short, sin is to go in the opposite direction
05:50 of the will of God.
05:52 The will of God says go to the right,
05:54 sin says go to the left.
05:55 The will of God says do this, and as Satan, we say,
05:59 "But I will, I will, I will."
06:04 And tonight, I want to begin as we go to question number 13,
06:09 I want to begin by asking you, before we go to this question,
06:12 to go with me to the Book of Romans.
06:14 What book did I say? Romans.
06:16 Romans, let's go to Romans chapter 6.
06:19 I have been really enjoying the study of the Word of God,
06:24 and there was a picture that jumped out at me
06:28 in a beautiful way that helps me to see
06:33 that it is not just so much
06:35 learning a list of things to do,
06:39 but to understand to whom we are connected.
06:43 I'm going to read Romans 6:16,
06:45 then we're going to go to John chapter 15.
06:47 I'm going to read Romans 6:16,
06:49 then we're going to go to John chapter 15.
06:52 Matter of fact...
06:54 No, I want to do the opposite way around.
06:56 Can I confuse you?
06:58 Okay, let's go to John chapter 15.
06:59 We're going to go to question number 13 first.
07:01 This actually has a better cadence to it.
07:05 If we go to question number 13 first,
07:07 and then we will be able to go to Romans chapter 6.
07:12 So question 15, oh, it's question 13,
07:16 takes us to John chapter 15.
07:19 But here's the question.
07:21 How will the Lord produce righteousness in us?
07:27 How will the Lord produce, what in us?
07:31 Righteousness in us.
07:32 Let's go to John chapter 15.
07:35 John chapter 15.
07:39 Okay.
07:40 Now John chapter 15 is a chapter on relationships,
07:46 relationships of believers to Christ,
07:49 relationships of believers to each other,
07:52 and the relationships of the believers to the world.
07:55 It's all about relationships.
07:57 And John chapter 15 starts with a very wonderful parallel.
08:02 By the way, I'm going to answer the question first,
08:05 and let's look at John 15:5,
08:07 then we're going to walk through John a little bit more
08:10 to get some more specifics on it.
08:12 So the question is,
08:13 how will the Lord produce righteousness in us?
08:14 Look at John 15:5.
08:16 Let's read this one together since it is the first one.
08:20 "I am the vine, you are the branches.
08:23 He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears," what,
08:27 "much fruit, and without Me, you can do," how much?
08:31 So how much can we do without Christ?
08:32 Zero. We can't do anything.
08:36 So when you say to a person,
08:37 now I want you to really tune into that.
08:40 When you say to a person, "This is what you ought to do,
08:44 this is what you should be doing,
08:46 this is how you should be living,
08:48 this is what you ought to be doing."
08:51 When we put together a list of dos and don'ts,
08:55 before we get connected to Christ,
08:57 it is the most frustrating experience
08:59 you can ever have.
09:01 If you don't know the Lord,
09:02 if you're not connected to Christ,
09:04 "Without Me, you can do," how much?
09:05 So write that down.
09:07 How will the Lord produce righteousness in us?
09:09 By being connected to him, by being connected.
09:12 If you're not connected to the Lord,
09:14 you cannot do anything.
09:16 And one of the challenges is to have
09:18 a whole lot of knowledge and no connection.
09:22 A whole lot of knowledge and no connection.
09:24 And unfortunately, in many cases
09:26 and in some circles,
09:29 Paul the apostle, I believe was the one who said this,
09:32 "Your much study has made you mad."
09:35 And then Paul also says,
09:37 "Zeal but not according to knowledge."
09:40 So you have...
09:41 On one end, you have people
09:43 that are busy, busy, busy, busy,
09:45 and then you have people that are not busy,
09:46 they study, study, study, study.
09:48 And in both cases,
09:50 one is so excited but has no knowledge.
09:53 The other one is so intellectual
09:57 but is going mad
09:59 because study without being led by the Holy Spirit
10:04 is a futile exercise.
10:06 People that are highly intellectual
10:08 are not highly spiritual.
10:11 So it's not about intellect
10:12 because Lucifer was one of the most
10:14 intellectual of angels.
10:15 It's not about intellect.
10:17 I want you to know tonight,
10:18 and this is going to be
10:20 something very carefully studied.
10:21 It is about your connection.
10:23 It is about your, what? Your connection.
10:25 "Without Me, you can do nothing."
10:26 Now let's look at this.
10:28 Let's look at some of the examples here.
10:29 And in the earlier studies I talked about, you know,
10:32 if you go to an orange tree,
10:34 you don't yell at the orange tree and say,
10:36 "You need to produce oranges."
10:39 What is it going to produce?
10:41 Come on, talk to me. Oranges.
10:46 As long as the tree is connected,
10:48 roots in ground, the nurturing,
10:52 nutritions of the soil, the sun, the water,
10:55 all those combinations together,
10:57 then the fruit are going to show up.
10:59 But if you cut off the branch just before the fruit,
11:04 where the fruit's supposed to be,
11:06 the fruit will not show up.
11:07 You'll have the entire structure
11:09 but if there's a severing
11:11 between the branch and the tree,
11:13 the fruit will never show up.
11:14 If there's a severing between us and Christ,
11:17 will the fruit show up?
11:18 Yes or no?
11:20 And it's amazing how the Bible used the word fruit
11:22 for the analogy
11:23 because it only took one fruit for Eve
11:25 to lead Adam into sin.
11:27 And then the Bible says the fruit of the Spirit,
11:31 not the fruits of the Spirit.
11:33 So you don't get bananas, peaches, and orange,
11:34 and apples, and plums.
11:36 And each one of them is a different character.
11:38 One fruit produces in us love, joy, peace, long suffering,
11:42 gentleness, meekness, and patience.
11:44 But the connection is so vitally important.
11:46 Now I'm going to take a little deeper.
11:48 Are you ready to go little deeper?
11:51 Who's subject to whom?
11:55 Is the tree under the control of the fruit,
11:59 or the fruit under the control of the tree?
12:03 Who's in control? Tree.
12:05 The tree.
12:07 So what happens as the sap is going through the tree,
12:10 the tree controls what shows up.
12:14 The fruit doesn't say to the tree, "I need oranges."
12:19 The tree will say,
12:20 "But I am an orange tree, what else can I produce?"
12:24 And an orange cannot say to an apple tree,
12:28 "I need oranges."
12:29 The apple tree will say,
12:30 "You're not get any oranges here,
12:32 I'm an apple tree."
12:33 So what shows up
12:37 is under the control of what the tree produces.
12:40 So who is producing, the vine or the branch?
12:45 Think carefully before you answer.
12:46 Who's producing, the vine or the branch?
12:51 The vine is producing, the branch is presenting.
12:56 The branch presents what the vine produce.
12:57 "I am the vine, you are the branches.
13:01 Without me, you can do nothing."
13:03 Now so in the slave-master relationship,
13:08 which one is the slave, which one is the master?
13:12 Is the fruit the slave or the master?
13:15 The slave.
13:16 Is the tree the master or the slave?
13:19 The tree is the master. Now this is huge.
13:21 I mean, because this is...
13:24 Thank you, Lord.
13:25 After being a pastor as long as I have,
13:28 I revisited this topic by praying for the Lord
13:31 to open my eyes even wider than they were
13:34 and to give me a spiritual understanding.
13:36 You know, have you ever read the Bible sometimes
13:38 and something eludes you and all of a sudden,
13:40 one day, it just clicks,
13:42 that shows the fact that when you say...
13:45 As David prayed the prayer, "Open Thou mine eyes
13:48 that I may behold wonderful things."
13:50 And that's what the Lord did.
13:52 So now let's go to Romans 6:16,
13:53 we're talking about the connection here.
13:55 We are talking about the connection.
13:56 And when you understand the connection,
13:59 you begin to be able to see
14:01 why the following questions are so relevant.
14:03 A lot of times, we have been told,
14:05 I mean, we have relatives, every one of us,
14:07 if you're watching the program,
14:08 every one of you has a relative or many relatives that you say.
14:13 You are old enough to do right, why don't you do right?
14:17 Well, doing right has nothing to do with age.
14:22 It has nothing to do
14:23 with how long a person is been around,
14:24 but I go back to, once again, saying,
14:26 it has to do with to whom you are submitted
14:30 and to whom you are connected.
14:31 Now this is another principle.
14:34 Romans 6:16 is not only a fact
14:37 but it is a principle of production.
14:39 Now in Matthew chapter 7, Jesus says,
14:42 "By their fruits," finish it with me.
14:44 "You'll know them." "You'll know them."
14:46 So by the fruit, you'll know them.
14:51 Not by the tree, but by the fruit.
14:53 When it shows up, you'll know them.
14:57 But this passage is going to tell us
15:00 how it shows up.
15:03 Let's look at Romans 6:16.
15:05 I'm reading in the New King James Version, the Bible says,
15:08 "Do you not know to whom you present yourselves,"
15:12 as what, "slaves," or servants depending on the translations,
15:17 "slaves to obey, you are that one's slave
15:22 whom you obey,
15:23 whether of sin leading to death,
15:28 or of obedience leading to righteousness?"
15:31 So sin leads to, what, death.
15:33 Obedience leads to, what, righteousness.
15:36 Now we've all heard about slaves,
15:39 we've seen movies about slaves, Egyptian slaves,
15:44 African-American slaves.
15:46 I mean, we've seen movies of slaves
15:47 in all different nationalities.
15:49 And the one thing we know
15:51 is that the slave never tells the master
15:53 what the slave wants to do.
15:56 Have you noticed that?
15:58 The slave never says to the master,
15:59 "Today, I'm not going to plough the fields.
16:01 I'm not digging any holes.
16:04 No, I'm not doing that,"
16:07 because the master is always in control of the slave.
16:09 Now this is huge.
16:11 When you think about the connection here,
16:14 who's telling whom what to do?
16:18 The master is telling the slave what to do.
16:20 So anything that the slave does,
16:22 this is really powerful, anything that the slave does,
16:25 the slave could say, "I'm only doing this
16:27 because the master told me to do it."
16:31 So the master gives instruction to the slave.
16:34 Now you only have two outcomes.
16:36 You have righteousness, and you have death,
16:41 sin to death, obedience to righteousness.
16:45 So when you think of who is in charge,
16:49 all we've got to do, and this is something else,
16:52 because the slave, each day,
16:55 has to wake up with this mentality,
16:57 "If I want to survive, I better serve the master."
17:02 I mean, is that true?
17:04 If you've ever seen movies or documentaries about slaves,
17:07 you know that the slave that decides
17:09 to willingly serve the master will have another day of life.
17:13 Now I'm not saying that the Lord will kill us
17:15 if we decide not to serve him,
17:17 but the end result will be, what, death.
17:19 The wages of sin is, what, death.
17:21 So sin to death or obedience to righteousness.
17:24 So when you choose who to serve,
17:26 when you choose who to serve,
17:28 what happens in your life
17:30 is the result of the instruction
17:32 of the master.
17:33 But that's not the only thing.
17:35 I want to go to the next level. I want to go to the next level.
17:38 Remember that, keep that in mind,
17:39 what happens in your life
17:40 happens as a result of the instruction
17:42 and the guidance that comes from the master,
17:44 but it's going to get even more empowering than that.
17:47 Let's go to the next question,
17:48 and then I'll reveal that to you
17:50 through another couple of questions.
17:52 Question number 14, question number 14, all right?
17:57 Here it is.
17:58 Why is human nature helpless
18:01 when it comes to controlling sin?
18:04 Why is human nature helpless
18:06 when it comes to controlling sin?
18:08 You know, you look at this and you think,
18:10 "Yeah, no, no, no, no, no, no.
18:11 Don't give me that excuse. You are helpful.
18:13 You can control sin."
18:15 No, you cannot anymore than
18:19 the slave can tell the master what to do.
18:24 This is maybe revolutionary to some of you
18:25 but follow me carefully
18:27 because I wouldn't say anything that I don't have support for.
18:30 And I'll share with you
18:31 some quotations in just a moment
18:32 to give you further understanding of that.
18:34 But let's look at Romans chapter 7,
18:36 Romans chapter 7,
18:37 the next chapter after Romans chapter 6.
18:39 'Cause Paul talks about the very fact
18:42 that one of his great desires was to do right.
18:46 And Romans chapter 7 was written
18:48 after Paul's conversion.
18:50 He used to be Saul, but now he's Paul.
18:52 Look at the question, why is human nature helpless
18:54 when it comes to controlling sin?
18:56 Here it is Romans chapter 7, Paul says, "But sin," what,
19:01 "taking opportunity by the commandment,
19:05 produced in me," what,
19:06 "all manner of evil," what, "desire.
19:11 For apart from the law sin was," what?
19:15 So here, let me before we go to the next one,
19:17 take that off the screen for a moment,
19:18 before we go to the next one, Paul says,
19:20 "When I didn't know about the commandments,
19:22 I was fine.
19:24 When I did,
19:25 didn't have any relevance to me of whatsoever
19:28 because I didn't have anything to tell me
19:30 that's right or that's wrong.
19:31 But the moment that I saw the commandments,
19:34 and they appeared to me like the speed limit in America
19:38 for a German who drives on the autobahn,
19:40 the moment I saw 55 or 65 or 70 and I'm doing 95 or 100,
19:46 I was feeling fine till I saw an American police officer
19:50 on the side of the road, and the speed limit 70,
19:53 and I'm looking down, I'm doing 105.
19:56 I can't say I'm a German citizen,
19:57 so it's okay."
19:59 Right?
20:00 Because the environment determines what is right
20:02 and what is wrong in that sense.
20:04 In the same way, Paul says, "I was doing fine
20:08 until all of a sudden the law of God appeared to me.
20:11 And then all of a sudden, it defined to me what sin is.
20:15 And then I realized that what's happening in me."
20:18 His sin has taken occasion by the commandment.
20:25 But it doesn't stop there.
20:27 Look at verse 18, what realization did Paul have,
20:31 he says,
20:34 "For I know that in me that is, in my," what, "flesh,"
20:38 how much good dwells, "nothing good dwells,"
20:42 and this is huge,
20:43 "for to will is present with me,
20:47 but how to perform what is good," what,
20:51 "I do not find."
20:52 So as an essence, saying,
20:53 "Man, to will is present with me
20:56 but how to do it,
20:58 I just cannot find how to do it."
20:59 And then he goes down to verse 20,
21:01 and I'm going to come back to this.
21:03 Look at verse 20, he says,
21:05 "Now if I do what I will not to do,
21:10 it is no longer I who do it, but," what,
21:13 "sin that dwells in me."
21:15 And I'm going to break this down
21:17 because he said, "Now if I do what I will not to do,
21:21 it is no longer I who do it, but sin that dwells in me."
21:24 Now we know the story,
21:25 we've heard the anatomy of Satan's fall
21:28 or Lucifer who became Satan.
21:30 We know that all of a sudden, the Bible says
21:32 iniquity was found, where, in him,
21:36 inequity was found in him.
21:38 And that iniquity being found in him
21:41 now became the controlling factor
21:44 in what he continued to do.
21:46 And there's a phrase
21:48 that is repetitive in the desire.
21:50 You see, when Lucifer continued following his own will,
21:56 it took him down the path.
21:57 Let's look at that path
21:58 and let's go to Isaiah chapter 14.
22:00 It took him down a path,
22:02 and I want you to see this comparison.
22:05 It took him down the path and began to produce in him,
22:10 a constitution that God never put there,
22:13 that God never put there.
22:18 Isaiah chapter 14...
22:24 and by the way, we talked about the anatomy of righteousness,
22:26 this really is the anatomy, these passages here
22:29 that I'm going to read now is the anatomy of sin,
22:31 how do we get into doing wrong, and this is an amazing thing.
22:37 Verse 13, "For you have said," where, "in your heart,"
22:43 now that's where it starts, the seed of affection,
22:45 you make your determination.
22:47 You have said, what, "I will ascend into heaven,
22:50 I will exalt my throne above the stars of God,
22:53 I will also sit on the mount of the congregation
22:55 on the farthest sides of the north.
22:57 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds,
23:00 I will be like the Most High."
23:02 Notice what you've seen repeated five times?
23:04 What frames did you see five times?
23:06 I will, over, and over, and over, and over again.
23:11 He determined in his will, remember, Paul says,
23:14 "To will is present with me," but how do I do it.
23:20 I can't figure out how to do it.
23:22 And when you look at this comparison
23:27 between obedience leading to righteousness
23:31 or sin leading to death
23:33 or disobedience leading to death,
23:34 you have to ask yourself the question,
23:36 "Who am I going to put in control
23:38 at this very moment?"
23:40 Lucifer chose not to yield his will to the will of God.
23:43 So all of a sudden, it became,
23:45 "I will, I will, I will, I will."
23:48 And Paul, looking at the fact that sin is residing in him,
23:52 he says, "I want to do this but I can't,"
23:56 because sin took occasion in him,
23:59 and bound him and the condition he was in.
24:01 His mind was one place,
24:04 but he could not find how to do it, okay?
24:08 Now I'm going to go slowly on this
24:11 because I want to give you piece by piece.
24:12 Let's go to question number...
24:14 So write down under question number 14,
24:16 why is human nature helpless
24:18 when it comes to controlling sin?
24:19 What answer would you put?
24:25 Why is human nature helpless?
24:27 That's the key is in the question,
24:29 why is human nature helpless
24:31 when it comes to controlling sin, why,
24:33 because it's what nature, human nature.
24:36 The nature that Adam gave to us,
24:38 I Corinthians 15:22, "As in Adam, all die."
24:42 So the nature is in control of what gets produced.
24:45 The tree produces oranges or apples
24:47 because the tree is an orange tree
24:48 or an apple tree.
24:49 You'll never get anything
24:51 other than what the tree produces.
24:53 Can you? Yes or no? You cannot.
24:56 Let's go now to question number 15.
25:01 I'm metering this out a little at a time.
25:04 Question 15 is as follows,
25:08 "What is the only hope that we have
25:12 to be victorious over the sin nature?"
25:17 "What is the only hope that we have
25:19 to be victorious over the sin nature?"
25:21 Yes, okay.
25:22 I Corinthians 15:57,
25:24 let's go there and look at that together.
25:26 All right, I Corinthians 15:57.
25:31 Okay, here it is, and reading together,
25:34 "But thanks be to God, who," does what,
25:37 "gives us the victory," how,
25:40 "through our Lord Jesus Christ."
25:45 Now it didn't say through our Savior Jesus Christ,
25:48 it said through our Lord.
25:50 What word did I just say? Through our, what, Lord.
25:54 Now why Lord, why not savior, why not king, why Lord?
25:59 Because the Lord signifies the one who is in charge.
26:03 If you've ever lived in an apartment,
26:05 have you heard the phrase landlord?
26:08 Now can you do anything
26:09 other than with the approval of the landlord?
26:12 Well, in some cases you can but you better not
26:17 because it wouldn't yield good results
26:19 because the landlord would say,
26:21 "Did I tell you that you could do that?"
26:24 See, Jesus uses the phrase
26:26 and He uses this in the Book of Luke,
26:28 "Why call me Lord, Lord,
26:31 and do not do the things which I say?"
26:36 Once again, the master is in control of the servant.
26:41 If you call him Lord,
26:43 that is a clear declaration that He is in charge.
26:47 Amen somebody?
26:49 So when we say He's our Lord,
26:51 lot of people want Him as a Savior,
26:53 or lot of people want Him as the king,
26:55 or lot of us want Him as our provider.
26:57 We love to say, "God will supply all our needs
26:59 according to His riches in glory."
27:01 But calling Him Lord means we take our relationship
27:04 to another level and we say,
27:06 "I cannot do anything except through You.
27:09 I can't accomplish anything except through You.
27:15 And I'm putting You in control of my life."
27:18 Now I want to take you another place
27:20 after this question.
27:21 Write the answer down.
27:22 So what do we do? What does the Lord do?
27:25 According to this passage, what does the Lord do?
27:29 Thanks be to God who does, what, gives us the victory.
27:32 So if He gives us the victory,
27:34 who wins the victory, Him or us?
27:41 No, no. He gives us the victory.
27:44 Say it again, Dan. He won it.
27:46 He won it, but He just gives it to us.
27:49 It's like going to the Olympics and it says,
27:52 "John Dinzy, gold medal."
27:54 And you'd say, "But I didn't run the race."
27:58 "Oh, no. You don't have to run.
28:00 We're just giving you the victory."
28:02 See, it shows
28:04 that it's not an act on your part,
28:07 it is an act on whose part?
28:08 His part.
28:10 Now, we are not automatons
28:11 where we have no participation at all.
28:13 I'm going to show you
28:15 where our participation comes in.
28:16 I talked about the slave and the master relationship
28:19 which is simply, He's in charge.
28:20 I talked about the vine and branch,
28:22 He's in charge or producing the fruit.
28:24 But I'm going to go
28:25 and now take you to the practicalities of it.
28:28 Go with me to Joshua 24,
28:34 Joshua 24.
28:38 What does Joshua have to do with this topic?
28:42 You would say, "Man, why not Galatians?"
28:45 You're going to find there's a particular motif
28:47 in the Bible that's repetitive, and it's beautiful.
28:52 You find this in the Book of Exodus,
28:55 you find this in Deuteronomy, you find this in Daniel,
28:59 and you find it throughout the bible,
29:02 in the Book of Revelation, beautiful passages, all right?
29:06 I'm going to go ahead and put a little search here
29:08 so that I could bring this up very quickly.
29:14 Wonderful, got it, okay.
29:16 So yes,
29:21 in Joshua chapter 24,
29:23 Joshua is a very powerful passage.
29:25 As a matter of fact,
29:26 my wife and I read this together.
29:28 And I want to encourage you.
29:29 If you've ever had a journey with the Lord,
29:31 Joshua, by the way,
29:32 is the one who took over when Moses died.
29:36 When the Lord led the children of Israel out of Egypt,
29:39 those who are adults, many of them by the time,
29:41 Joshua took over,
29:43 and then Joshua became an old man,
29:45 many of them died off in the wilderness.
29:48 They were in the journey for 40 years.
29:50 And many of the children that came out of the Egypt,
29:52 little kids running around
29:53 like our little kids running around the church,
29:54 they didn't have a clue,
29:56 they just with their moms and dads
29:57 when the Lord delivered them out of Egypt.
29:59 They didn't understand anything,
30:00 when the commandments were given to the adults,
30:02 the kids had no clue about what the commandments were.
30:04 So Exodus, the second Exodus is the Book of Deuteronomy.
30:08 Deuteronomy was written to remind the older people now
30:12 who are children about the obligations
30:14 that were given to their fathers and mothers
30:16 when they came out of Egypt.
30:17 So when you read in Deuteronomy chapter 5,
30:19 the Ten Commandments again,
30:21 it's not because the Bible just wants to reiterate it,
30:23 it's written out for a new generation.
30:25 It's saying, "In Exodus 20, your folks had this.
30:29 Now that you've grown up,
30:30 here are the same commandments for you.
30:32 Since you didn't understand
30:33 when they got it, here it is for you."
30:36 And so Joshua now is advancing in the years
30:40 and he's recounting the journey of the children of Israel.
30:43 He's going all the way back to Abraham.
30:45 He's going back to the call of God,
30:47 and he's reminding them that every step of the way,
30:49 every victory that they had was
30:51 because God brought them through that victory.
30:54 Can we all say amen to that? Amen.
30:55 God brings us to the victories.
30:57 But then, after he says,
30:59 "When they were on the other side,
31:01 when they were in Egypt, this is how they lived,
31:03 these are the gods that they served,"
31:05 but when you look at the goodness of God
31:07 and all the things He did for you,
31:09 He said the choice is simple, verse 15.
31:17 "And if it seems evil to you to do," what,
31:20 "serve the Lord,"
31:22 let's read this together, are you ready,
31:24 "choose for yourselves," what,
31:27 "this day whom you will serve,
31:30 whether the gods
31:33 which your fathers served
31:35 that were on the other side of the river
31:37 of the gods of the Amorites in whose land you dwell,
31:41 but as for me and my house together,"
31:44 we will, do what, "we will serve the Lord."
31:48 Now I'm going to go ahead
31:50 and hit you with a very powerful point.
31:53 He didn't say,
31:58 "Choose, you, this day what you will do."
32:02 He said, "Choose, you, this day," what,
32:05 "whom you will serve."
32:07 Now when you go back to Romans 6:16
32:10 depending on the translation, depending on the translation,
32:14 the New King James Version uses the word slaves,
32:16 I think the King James Version uses the word servant.
32:19 Correct me if I'm incorrect,
32:20 it uses the word servant, right?
32:21 The key connection
32:23 is when you choose who to serve,
32:26 they are immediately in charge.
32:30 So Joshua didn't say,
32:31 and the Lord never said to Moses to tell Pharaoh...
32:36 Thank you, Lord, for this Revelation
32:38 in our studies together.
32:39 The Lord didn't say, "Tell Pharaoh,
32:41 'Let the children of Israel go that
32:43 they may keep the Sabbath.'"
32:45 He didn't say, "Tell Pharaoh,
32:47 'Let the children of Israel go that I may change their diet.'"
32:51 He never said that. What did He say?
32:54 "Let them go that they may do," what?
32:56 Serve. "Serve me."
32:59 So in serving the Lord,
33:02 He presented to them after they chose to serve Him,
33:07 He presented to them
33:10 His requirements of service.
33:13 My wife and I were in a restaurant,
33:16 and you'll understand this
33:17 more in the contemporary context.
33:21 Now you never call the person
33:23 that attends to your table a slave.
33:25 Don't ever do that, by the way.
33:27 It's not going to get you many good results
33:29 'cause you won't like
33:31 probably what they bring out of the kitchen.
33:34 But when you go to the restaurant,
33:35 you have a menu.
33:37 And you ask for them politely,
33:40 "This is what I'd like on the menu."
33:41 What if they bring you what you don't want?
33:43 What would you say? Take it back.
33:45 Say it again. Take it back.
33:47 Take it back.
33:48 Some of us would...
33:50 Would you just go ahead and eat it?
33:52 No.
33:53 You'd say in a polite way, "This is not what I ordered.
33:56 This is not what I want. Could you change it?"
33:59 And even if it is
34:00 what you ordered and you didn't like it,
34:01 what do they normally do?
34:03 They, what,
34:04 "Is there something else that I can get for you?"
34:06 At that very moment,
34:08 you are the master, they are the servant.
34:11 They want to please you
34:13 because they know in pleasing you,
34:16 it's going to hike up
34:17 the attendance at their restaurant,
34:19 the news is going to get around.
34:21 And most cases, we say, "They have great service."
34:27 But we like to say they have good food too.
34:29 Sometimes you'll say, "Man, the food is not so good,
34:31 but, man, the service is great."
34:36 When you choose
34:39 who you're going to serve,
34:41 they tell you
34:43 how they want you to serve them.
34:46 When we are servants of Christ,
34:49 He tells us how He wants us to serve Him.
34:54 And when you look through the bible,
34:55 this is repeated over and over and over again.
34:57 Let me give you a couple more examples.
35:00 When the Hebrews were in the fiery furnace,
35:03 and Nebuchadnezzar stood there
35:04 and surprised and saw four men walking.
35:07 He said to the Hebrew worthies,
35:11 "The God whom you serve is able to deliver you."
35:16 Right?
35:18 They didn't say...
35:20 Lord, help me say this correctly.
35:23 They didn't say, "The Sabbath I keep is able to deliver me."
35:27 They didn't say,
35:28 "The diet that we had in Israel is able to deliver me."
35:32 Now did they violate the diet? Yes or no?
35:37 You got the example in Daniel 1,
35:38 they refused to violate their diet.
35:40 You know why?
35:41 Because they already knew who they served.
35:43 They have been serving the Lord
35:45 before they became slaves in Egypt.
35:46 And they said,
35:48 "Even in our slavery to this kingdom,
35:51 we're going to still follow the principles."
35:55 And they did it in such a way
35:56 that Nebuchadnezzar joined forces with them
35:58 because it proved that this kind of diet
36:01 was best for their leadership in the kingdom of Babylon.
36:05 But the point I want to make is,
36:07 when Nebuchadnezzar saw them in the fiery furnace,
36:09 he said, "The God whom you serve
36:11 is able to deliver you."
36:12 Now let me ask you a question,
36:13 and I'm going to read a quotation here
36:15 that's powerful.
36:16 Is the God whom we serve able to deliver us from sin?
36:19 Yes or no? Yes.
36:23 Yes. Yes.
36:25 I just paused to take in the yes,
36:28 and I say amen to that.
36:31 When Daniel was in the lion's den,
36:33 have you ever felt that you were in the lion's den?
36:36 Yes. Thank you.
36:39 All of us have kittens
36:40 but one gentleman has the lion's den.
36:42 We've all been in the lion's den.
36:44 The Bible says,
36:45 "For the devil walks about like a roaring," what,
36:47 "lion seeking whom he may devour."
36:49 That's just it. We are on his menu.
36:51 We are the focal point of his desire to devour.
36:54 He wants to devour us through sin.
36:57 He wants to have us yield to him.
37:01 And in the process, get devoured.
37:04 Daniel chose again to pray as he often would,
37:08 three times a day,
37:09 and when Daniel was put in the lion's den,
37:12 the king came in the morning,
37:13 he said, "Daniel, Oh, Daniel,
37:16 is the God whom you serve able to deliver you?"
37:22 And he had enough time to say, "Oh, King, live forever.
37:24 Having a great time down here.
37:27 The God whom I serve
37:28 has sent His angel and has done," what,
37:31 "shut the lion's mouth,"
37:33 as evidence that the God
37:34 whom he serves is able to deliver him.
37:37 Now follow me carefully.
37:39 We often apply that to,
37:40 you know, Daniel in the lion's den,
37:42 the Hebrews in the fire, the Israelites in battle,
37:47 but in our fire of trial, in our battle with sin,
37:52 in our den,
37:53 when wickedness wants to devour us,
37:55 if we choose to serve God...
38:03 there's nothing when you choose to serve God,
38:06 there's nothing that the enemy can do
38:10 to make you break your allegiance to God.
38:13 And you have to ask yourself the question now, why?
38:17 Because your allegiance to God,
38:19 and I'm going to make this very clear,
38:20 your allegiance to God
38:24 is not dependent on what you do.
38:26 It's dependent on who you choose.
38:29 "Choose, you, this day whom you'll serve."
38:32 Now have you ever heard anybody ask the question,
38:37 what is God's will for my life?
38:39 Have you ever asked that question?
38:40 Come on, let's all...
38:41 I believe all had.
38:43 If I could find out what God's will is for my life,
38:45 you know, young people ask that question,
38:46 people have been in the church for many years,
38:48 "What is God's will for my life?"
38:49 In other words,
38:51 "If I can figure out God's will,
38:52 maybe I could do it."
38:53 Go with me to Romans 12:2.
38:56 Romans 12:2.
38:57 And we're going to get back to questions here
38:59 because it's very vitally important,
39:00 and I'm gonna share with you
39:02 a quotation here in just a moment
39:04 that the Lord revealed to me.
39:06 Praise God for that. Okay, here it is.
39:11 I'm going to bring that back up here.
39:12 And I tell you,
39:14 when the Lord speaks, His word is clear.
39:17 Okay, good.
39:19 Okay, what did I say? Romans 12:2, right?
39:22 Okay, let's go to Romans chapter 12
39:24 and we're going to look together at verse 2.
39:29 "And do not be conformed to this world,
39:31 but be transformed by the," what,
39:34 "renewing of your mind, that you may prove
39:37 what is that good and acceptable
39:39 and," what else, "perfect will of God."
39:42 Notice, as you're able to prove what it is.
39:47 What it didn't say is
39:49 you're able to perform what it is.
39:51 He says you're able to prove what it is.
39:54 When you're transformed, you are able to prove.
39:57 Now what I want to go even deeper on now is,
40:00 now go with me to the Book of Philippians.
40:05 What book did I say? Philippians.
40:10 Wow.
40:14 Yes, Lord, yes. Okay.
40:18 Okay, I'm here.
40:19 I was looking at my quotation to share with you
40:21 in just a moment here.
40:23 This is a powerful quotation.
40:24 In the future, I'll put it on the screen.
40:27 All right. Okay.
40:30 Okay, Philippians 2.
40:41 And we're going to read verse 12 and 13.
40:45 Okay.
40:48 Oftentimes, we read verse 12,
40:50 disconnect it from 13, and 13 disconnected from 12,
40:53 but let's look at them together.
40:55 "Therefore, my brethren, as you have always obeyed,
40:58 not as in my presence only, but now much more in my,"
41:02 what, "absence,"
41:04 and this is the part that throws us sometimes,
41:07 "work out your own salvation with fear and trembling."
41:11 We read that and we say,
41:13 "Man, how long do I have to work it out?"
41:17 And then we hear the phrase,
41:19 "Sanctification is a work of lifetime."
41:21 And we say,
41:22 "Man, I wonder how much time I need to be fully sanctified
41:26 so that I can have the assurance of salvation."
41:30 But how do you work out
41:31 your own salvation with fear and trembling?
41:34 Look at how you do at verse 13.
41:36 Here it is, "For it is God who," does what?
41:40 "Works in you both to will
41:42 and to do for His good pleasure."
41:44 Both to will...
41:45 for it is God who works in you both to will
41:48 and to do of His good pleasure.
41:51 Notice the two things he does that we cannot do.
41:58 He says work out your own salvation.
42:00 But in reality, it is God who works.
42:04 Who works?
42:06 Now why is this so vitally important?
42:08 Are you ready?
42:09 Here's the beautiful aspect of it.
42:11 Remember, remember, it is God who works
42:13 because if you were working out your salvation,
42:15 you wouldn't need God.
42:17 Is that true?
42:19 But if God is the one working...
42:20 sorry, not if,
42:21 but because God is the one working
42:23 in you both to will and to do.
42:28 Then you're not working, you want the evidence?
42:31 For by grace, are you saved through faith,
42:35 and that not of yourselves, it is a gift of God, not of...
42:39 Come on, not of? Works.
42:41 Works, lest any man should boast.
42:43 So when you read the phrase,
42:45 when you read the scripture, work out your own salvation.
42:48 It doesn't say, "Yannick,
42:50 you got a lot of work ahead of you."
42:53 And oftentimes, as Christians,
42:56 we think, "Man, I got a lot of work ahead of me."
43:01 And we say this, "When I look at myself,
43:03 I don't know how I could be saved."
43:06 But I'm so glad we had the other part.
43:09 "When we look at Jesus,
43:10 I don't know how I could be lost."
43:14 And why are we so encouraged by that?
43:17 Because if God is working,
43:19 if God is working, is He reliable, Marlena?
43:22 Yes, He is. He's reliable.
43:24 Is He reliable, Yana?
43:25 Is He reliable, everyone? Yes, He is.
43:28 So if God works out,
43:30 'cause, you know, Matthew talks about
43:32 how they are projects in our lives,
43:37 that some people don't count the cost,
43:39 and they can't finish.
43:42 And some people lose
43:43 their encouragement in Christianity
43:45 because they think,
43:46 "Man, I've been a Christian for X amount of years,
43:48 and it just seems like it's just not working right.
43:50 No matter what I do, I just can't get it.
43:56 No matter how much I pray, I just can't do it."
44:01 When all we have to do
44:04 is choose who to serve.
44:08 And God will both will and do of His good pleasure.
44:15 How do I know that?
44:16 Who's working?
44:18 Who's working in us? God.
44:20 Who's working on you? God is.
44:23 If I had to work on myself, now you know how it would be.
44:26 If we had to work on ourselves, we would say now...
44:29 That's why people boast about the things they overcome,
44:31 they don't tell you the things
44:32 they were still struggling with.
44:34 Right?
44:36 "I used to be a smoker, I don't smoke anymore.
44:38 I can't even be tempted.
44:39 I was an alcoholic, two, three bottles a day,
44:42 twelve beers a week,
44:43 doesn't even bother me anymore."
44:45 They are boasting about what they've overcome,
44:46 but they're not telling you what they are struggling with.
44:50 And as Meade MacGuire said,
44:51 "How is it that we boast
44:53 of all these gigantic deliverances,
44:54 but then we tolerate the little sins in our lives
44:57 as though they don't matter for eternity."
44:59 They do matter for eternity.
45:00 But the question you have to ask yourself,
45:02 "If God is now the one working, is He going to work it out?"
45:05 Come on, is He going to work it out?
45:07 He is the one working in you both to will
45:09 and to do of His good pleasure,
45:10 and here's the confidence you have, Philippians 1:6.
45:12 Philippians 1:6,
45:14 He knows what needs to be out of our lives
45:17 and that's why we are told,
45:19 "Do not despise the chastening of the Father."
45:22 Don't despise it.
45:23 If the Lord has to beat us up every now and then,
45:25 and I say beat us up to discipline us.
45:28 He does it only because He loves His children.
45:32 And He does not want us to be saved.
45:33 If He has to put us
45:35 in the fire sometimes to get the...
45:37 He doesn't want us to be lost.
45:38 He doesn't want us to be lost. Thank you very much.
45:40 He wants us to be saved. My wife helps me out.
45:42 She's editing my sermons. I appreciate that so much.
45:45 He does not want us to be lost. He wants us to be saved.
45:49 So whatever does not resemble Him,
45:51 He is going to work it out. Can we get an amen to that?
45:54 Amen.
45:55 But look what he says, Philippians 1:6,
45:58 "Being confident," what is confident?
46:03 Is another word for confident, assure?
46:05 Yes. Isn't it assurance?
46:08 "Being confident of this very thing,
46:12 that He who has begun a," what kind of work,
46:15 "good work in you will," do what,
46:18 will complete it, or will perform it
46:20 until the day of Jesus Christ.
46:23 Amen. Amen.
46:24 So He says,
46:27 "You're not yet where you need to be
46:29 to be in the kingdom, but I'm working."
46:34 And I want to tell you, He's working on you,
46:37 He's working on me. He's working on us.
46:40 Amen.
46:41 Do we know that to be true? Amen.
46:43 Because He wants us to be in the kingdom.
46:45 And let me give you another text
46:46 so you don't get discouraged.
46:47 Because sometimes,
46:49 we look at ourselves and we say,
46:50 "Lord, I don't know.
46:51 I don't know."
46:53 He said, "My children, don't get discourage.
46:56 You cannot see
46:59 how it's going to turn out but just give me time."
47:02 Right?
47:03 How much time did the thief on the cross need?
47:06 Evidently, he didn't need very much
47:08 'cause the Lord imputed to him His righteousness.
47:11 He imparted to him His...
47:13 how can you get that gift at that very moment?
47:15 Because the Lord loved him so much,
47:17 He qualified him out of a repentant heart,
47:20 you know why,
47:21 because at the moment of the life and death,
47:23 he chose Christ.
47:28 But now let's go to I John. I John.
47:32 And I'm going to read a quotation that is huge.
47:37 My wife and I, together, have been studying this topic,
47:41 and it just has made life so much more beautiful
47:46 because we've been able to get the victory
47:50 over those statements that we heard
47:53 as we were growing up as early Christians.
47:55 You know, we said,
47:57 "Well, you go to church,
47:59 and the preacher spends all the time beating you up
48:01 'cause you ain't living right, you ain't doing this,
48:03 and you ain't doing that."
48:04 And you leave more frustrated
48:06 than encouraged because it's true.
48:12 But when we uplift Jesus
48:16 and point the hopeless sinner to the helpful Savior,
48:21 they walk away not discouraged.
48:23 Even Jesus didn't come to condemn us.
48:26 We've got to preach Christ and Him crucified, amen?
48:28 Amen.
48:29 So people that are already in the lost condition
48:31 would not feel even more lost after a sermon
48:36 but will know beyond a shadow of a doubt
48:38 where they can find help and deliverance.
48:41 So remember now,
48:43 this is in the context of God working in us.
48:46 Okay, now get this.
48:49 Here it is, "Beloved," well, sorry.
48:52 I John chapter 3, I John chapter 3.
48:57 And we're going to start with the verse 1.
49:00 The Bible says,
49:02 "Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us,
49:08 that we should be called,"
49:10 what, "sons of God or children of God.
49:14 Therefore the world does not know us,
49:16 because it did not know Him."
49:18 You know why it doesn't know us,
49:19 because we don't look like it,
49:21 we don't live like it
49:23 because God is in us living, and moving,
49:26 and carrying out His will.
49:28 And when God is doing that,
49:30 the world doesn't recognize people
49:31 that are on God's side.
49:33 But look at the next two passages.
49:36 "Beloved," what is the very next word,
49:39 "now are we, or we are the children of God,"
49:42 when are we the children of God, now.
49:45 And this is the part.
49:46 Remember the work He's doing, He didn't finish it,
49:49 but He's going to complete it.
49:51 "And it has not yet been revealed
49:52 what we shall be,"
49:55 but don't get discouraged
49:57 because He's going to finish the work,
49:59 "but we know that when He is revealed,
50:02 we shall be," what, "like Him, for we shall see Him as He is."
50:07 And then verse 3,
50:09 "And everyone who has this hope in Him
50:13 purifies himself, just as He is pure."
50:16 Now what is it mean purifies himself?
50:19 Who is the purifier? Somebody tell me.
50:22 You've got to lean
50:24 in the direction of the only one
50:27 that can cleanse us,
50:29 He purifies us.
50:31 And James says it, John the revelator says it,
50:35 "Blessed is he that keeps his garment,
50:37 lest he walks naked and they see his shame."
50:39 We maintain that day by day. Let me ask you a question.
50:43 I think you know the answer.
50:44 How often should we yield our will to Christ?
50:47 Daily.
50:49 How often? Continually.
50:52 How, moment by moment by moment,
50:55 test by test by test.
51:01 Moment by moment,
51:03 we are not safe for a single moment.
51:04 But I want to read this quotation to you.
51:07 And this is from the Education, page 289.
51:10 If you don't know what the book Education is,
51:12 you can contact us here at 3ABN,
51:14 and we'll make sure
51:15 that we can give you the resource,
51:17 that number is 618-627-4651,
51:21 you can contact us
51:22 if you don't know what the book Education is.
51:24 It's a beautiful resource,
51:25 and it says this, speaking about the will,
51:28 "The will is the governing power
51:30 in the nature of man,"
51:32 the book Education, page 289, paragraph 1.
51:35 "The power of decision, or choice.
51:39 Every human being possessed of reason
51:42 has power to choose the right.
51:45 In every experience of life, God's word to us is,
51:48 'Choose you this day whom you will serve.'"
51:54 Everyone may place his will on the side of the will of God,
51:59 and may choose to obey Him,
52:01 and by thus linking himself
52:02 with divine agencies," this is huge,
52:07 "he may stand
52:08 where nothing can force him to do evil."
52:14 Amen? Amen.
52:15 So what happens?
52:17 Didn't Peter say, "Draw near to God,
52:20 and God will draw near to you."
52:22 Resist the devil and he will do,
52:23 what, flee from you.
52:25 So there is no such thing as...
52:27 many years ago, Flip Wilson said it,
52:29 and some of you are too young to even know who that is,
52:31 don't waste your time looking him up.
52:33 He was an old comedian that said,
52:34 "The devil made me do it."
52:35 No.
52:37 But when you choose who to serve,
52:38 remember Romans 6:16,
52:39 when you choose who to serve,
52:41 immediately you become that one's slave.
52:43 And the slave never tells the master
52:45 what he wants to do and what he doesn't want to do.
52:49 Paul was the evidence of that.
52:51 He said, "What I don't want to do,
52:52 that's exactly what I'm doing.
52:53 What I want to do,
52:55 that's exactly what I can't do."
52:57 And he declared his wretchedness,
52:59 "Oh, wretched man that I am," and then he asked the question,
53:04 "Who will deliver me?"
53:07 We need deliverance. But how do you get delivered?
53:13 Let's go to Isaiah 1.
53:15 I'm giving you a little bit more than the lesson
53:19 because we've covered a number of these questions.
53:21 And in our next broadcast, we're not going to do it today.
53:24 In our next broadcast,
53:26 we will be able to answer
53:27 some of those questions that we have not yet addressed,
53:29 so be patient because the beauty of it is,
53:32 we don't have to finish it all in one broadcast.
53:36 Okay, Isaiah chapter 1, Isaiah chapter 1,
53:41 we begin with verse 18 and 19.
53:45 We go to verse 18 to 20.
53:48 But we start with verse 18. Isaiah 1:18.
53:52 This is such a welcoming way that the Bible says this.
53:54 I like the way,
53:56 you know, the Lord shows Himself
53:57 to be a person
53:58 who invites you into His presence,
54:00 He says, "Come now, and let us," do what,
54:01 "Let us reason together, says the Lord."
54:03 And look at the comparisons,
54:04 "Though your sins
54:06 are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow,
54:10 though they are red like crimson,
54:11 they shall be as," what, "wool."
54:14 And look at how it happens, verse 19,
54:18 "If you are, " together, "willing and,"
54:21 what else, "obedient, "
54:23 you got to be willing to be willing.
54:27 You'll look at the miracles of Jesus.
54:33 Jesus was placed in a position
54:34 where He was told by the one needing deliverance
54:37 by the one needing healing.
54:39 They said, "Lord, if You are willing,
54:41 You could heal us."
54:42 And the Lord says, "I am willing."
54:44 And Jesus was at the point of choosing
54:48 to bend to the pain of human nature
54:50 and the agony of the cross,
54:52 or to go through the agony of the cross,
54:55 and bend to the will of the Father.
54:57 The devil says I will, Jesus says not my will,
55:01 but Thine be done.
55:05 "If you are willing and obedient,
55:07 you shall eat the good of the land.
55:09 But if you refuse and rebel,
55:11 you shall be devoured by the sword
55:14 for the mouth of the Lord has spoken."
55:18 I want to also give you another quotation.
55:21 This is just so beautiful.
55:24 Can I give another quotation?
55:26 Listen to this one. Wow. Here it is.
55:30 Okay, temperance, once again,
55:33 the phone number that I gave you,
55:35 if you don't have this book,
55:36 Temperance, page 112, paragraph 3,
55:40 "God has given us the power of choice."
55:42 What has God given us, the power of, what,
55:44 He's given us all the power of choice.
55:46 Choose, you, this day,
55:47 choose life, two roads, life and death.
55:49 Life and blessings, death and cursings,
55:50 he says choose life, we can all choose.
55:53 God has given us the power of choice.
55:56 It is ours to exercise. So get this.
56:00 When you exercise the power to choose,
56:03 then you now become the servant of the one you choose.
56:06 And then that servant now,
56:08 that one who is in charge of you
56:10 begins to work out his will
56:12 and to do of his pleasure in you.
56:14 James says that,
56:16 "We are taken captive by Satan to do his will.
56:20 When we submit to Christ,
56:21 we're taken captive by him to do his will.
56:24 Listen to this.
56:27 "We cannot control our hearts, we cannot control our thoughts,
56:32 our impulses, our affections.
56:35 We cannot make ourselves pure, fit for God's service.
56:40 But we can choose to serve God, we can give Him our will,
56:46 then He will work in us to will and to do
56:51 according to His good pleasure.
56:53 We can give Him our will,
56:56 and then He will work in us to will and to do
56:59 according to His good pleasure."
57:01 And it ends by saying this,
57:02 "Thus the whole nature
57:05 will be brought under the control of Christ."
57:08 Can I get an amen? Amen.
57:10 So when you choose to yield,
57:12 the vine begins to send sap to the branches
57:16 and fruit shows up.
57:17 It's not...
57:19 the fruit doesn't send sap to the vine,
57:21 the vine sends sap to the fruit.
57:22 So every day, here's what you have to do.
57:24 You got to wake up in the morning.
57:26 You got to put some living Word in your mind.
57:29 You got to say, "Lord Jesus, I cannot give you my heart,
57:32 I want you to take it.
57:34 I cannot exercise my will except to choose You,
57:37 I want to choose You to be the Lord of my life."
57:41 And when we link our selves up with him,
57:43 we are told, when we yield our will to His,
57:46 He immediately takes possession of us
57:48 and works in us to will and to do of His good pleasure.
57:51 How man of you want God to will and to do
57:52 of His good pleasure in your life?
57:54 Amen? Amen.
57:55 Well, friends, if it doesn't make sense
57:57 keep on studying because one day,
57:58 it will surely come into a sharper focus.
58:02 God bless you.


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