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The Anatomy of Righteousness -part 5

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00:18 Hello, friends, and welcome
00:20 to our Wednesday night Bible study
00:21 here at the 3ABN Worship Center.
00:23 Thank you so much for taking the time to tune in.
00:25 We're gonna continue and hopefully finish our study
00:29 on the anatomy of righteousness.
00:32 And it has been an amazing study
00:34 because as you'll discover
00:36 so much of the challenge or the issue
00:38 is not so much what we believe doctrinally
00:41 but what we do spiritually.
00:44 And we want to go ahead
00:45 and balance your walk with Christ
00:46 as we study what is involved in living the righteous life
00:50 and what it means to be a Christian,
00:52 what it means to reflect and reveal
00:54 the character of Christ.
00:56 And so thank you so much for taking the time to tune in.
00:58 We hope you have your Bibles, and your pens,
01:00 gather around for the next 57 minutes
01:03 and just a little less than that
01:06 as we study God's Word together.
01:08 We often sing our theme song, but before we do anything,
01:11 before I let you know how to get a copy of the lesson,
01:13 let's bow our heads and invite the Lord's presence.
01:16 Loving Father in heaven,
01:17 thank You so much for the opportunity
01:18 of opening Your Word and studying together,
01:21 something that we are all in need of.
01:24 We need Your Holy Spirit's strength and guidance,
01:27 and we pray that You'll reach out now and touch the hearts
01:30 and lives and minds of those who expose themselves
01:33 to the power revealed in Your Word.
01:36 May Your Spirit do a job in our hearts,
01:38 we pray in Christ's name, amen.
01:42 Now if you'd like to get a copy of it,
01:43 it's lesson number 38,
01:44 and you go to this following website,
01:49 and download lesson number 38.
01:52 That's
01:55 and download lesson number 38.
01:57 Tonight, we're gonna begin on question number 19,
02:00 question number 19.
02:02 And we have 29 questions,
02:04 and I'm gonna try my best to be as expeditious and efficient
02:07 as I possibly can
02:09 because this topic is not only very informative
02:12 but it's something that we are all in need of
02:14 as we look for victory in Jesus.
02:18 On that note tonight,
02:19 join with us as we sing our theme song
02:21 which has been become
02:22 our favorite song wherever we've gone,
02:23 let sing together, Victory in Jesus.
02:35 I heard an old, old story
02:39 How the Savior came from glory
02:43 How He gave his life on Calvary
02:47 To save a wretch like me
02:50 I heard about His groaning
02:54 Of His precious blood's atoning
02:58 Then I repented of my sin
03:02 And won the victory
03:06 Oh, victory in Jesus
03:09 My Savior forever
03:13 He sought me and bought me
03:17 With His redeeming blood
03:21 He loved me 'ere I knew Him
03:24 And all my love is due Him
03:28 He plunged me to victory
03:32 Beneath the cleansing flood
03:36 I heard about a mansion
03:40 He has built for me in glory
03:43 And I heard about the streets of gold
03:47 Beyond the crystal sea
03:51 About the angels singing
03:55 And the old redemption story
03:58 And some sweet day I'll sing up there
04:02 The song of victory
04:05 Key change.
04:06 Oh, victory in Jesus
04:10 My Savior forever
04:14 He sought me and bought me
04:17 With His redeeming blood
04:21 He loved me 'ere I knew Him
04:25 And all my love is due Him
04:29 He plunged me to victory
04:33 Beneath the cleansing flood
04:36 He plunged me to victory
04:40 Beneath the cleansing flood
04:46 Amen.
04:49 Tonight's topic is
04:51 the truth about the anatomy of righteousness.
04:55 Now if you've ever taken anatomy and physiology,
04:58 maybe, you got to be maybe in high school to take that.
05:02 But another phrase for anatomy of righteousness
05:05 is the scaffolding of righteousness,
05:08 what holds it up.
05:10 There's always something behind the righteous life we live
05:13 and it's an anatomy.
05:15 And what we're gonna talk about tonight
05:16 is how to get to the place
05:18 where that can be reflected and revealed in our lives.
05:21 Now, why is this topic of such great importance?
05:25 Not everybody that is a Christian lives
05:28 the Christian life.
05:30 Not everybody that has a certain set of beliefs.
05:33 And I hate to say, in every Christian community,
05:37 even in the Seventh-day Adventist community
05:39 where the doctrines I believe are very pure,
05:42 we don't all live pure lives.
05:44 We don't all live victorious lives.
05:47 We have a good system of beliefs here,
05:50 but as one writer once said, "The longest distance
05:53 is between our heads and our hearts."
05:56 What we believe here
05:58 and what is lived out in our hearts
06:00 which in fact affects our lives,
06:01 it's a long distance.
06:03 And some people become intellectual Christians.
06:05 In other words, they agree to a certain set of beliefs,
06:10 and then they join a church,
06:11 and then they struggle from that point on
06:13 and what it means to live a Christian life.
06:15 And God never intended for that to be the case.
06:19 He intended for every one of us to find victory in Jesus.
06:22 And so tonight, we're gonna talk about that.
06:24 We're gonna dive right in to the topic
06:26 because it's important,
06:27 I'm gonna get to some very important issues
06:29 that are related to how to live the Christian life.
06:32 Because if you think about an Olympian,
06:34 if you think about a baseball player,
06:36 or a football player,
06:37 or if you're in Australia or in England,
06:41 a soccer player or rugby player,
06:43 if you think about a person
06:45 that play sports or competes, no one,
06:47 he or she wants to be a looser.
06:50 Everyone wants to be a winner.
06:52 They want to be victorious in the Olympics
06:54 that are held world wide and many countries compete.
06:57 No one wants to go to represent their country
06:59 and say, "My intention is to lose.
07:03 I want to lose for America."
07:05 Well, the Christian life is not a competition
07:08 but it is an even field for everyone.
07:11 And what is made available for you and for you and for you
07:14 is made available for me.
07:15 Every one of us can find victory in Jesus
07:18 if we understand how it is accomplished.
07:22 We talked about God's law,
07:25 we talked about the definition of sin,
07:27 we talked about the birth of sin
07:29 being found in Lucifer's heart,
07:31 being unsatisfied about the government of God
07:34 and God's requirements.
07:36 And then we talk about the effect of sin,
07:38 how it came into the world
07:39 through Adam making the choice to open the door.
07:41 We also talked about how it was passed on to everyone of us.
07:44 Every one of us is born with a nature
07:46 that has a natural tendency to do wrong.
07:49 We lean like a tree that leans toward the sun,
07:52 we lean toward the darkness.
07:54 That's our natural inclination, that's our natural tendency.
07:58 We are not born to want to do right.
08:00 We are not born to want to live right.
08:03 We are not born to want to make right choices.
08:05 We are not born to do anything right.
08:08 The Bible says, "There is none that is good,
08:09 no, not even one."
08:12 Even if we have a good job, great education,
08:15 a wonderful salary and nice home,
08:17 a bank filled with income or money,
08:21 we still don't have that inherent.
08:22 We can't buy goodness.
08:24 And so we're gonna talk about tonight
08:26 where our hope comes from.
08:27 Now Paul the Apostle made a statement
08:29 that I want to open up with
08:31 and then we're gonna go to question number 19.
08:33 He says, "But thanks be to God
08:34 who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."
08:37 Can you say amen to that?
08:39 1 Corinthians 15:57 is where you find that,
08:41 "Thanks be to God who gives us the victory."
08:44 So the question is, since He gives us the victory,
08:48 how do we obtain it?
08:49 How do we embrace it?
08:52 How do we experience it?
08:54 When we receive the victory,
08:56 that means Jesus has already won the victory
08:59 and He wants to give it to us.
09:01 But how do we receive it?
09:02 How does it become something present
09:05 and active in our lives?
09:06 Go to question number 19,
09:08 let's begin to look at some of the places
09:09 where the impact of His righteousness takes place.
09:12 Question number 19.
09:15 How does the Apostle Paul
09:17 describe the war that sin causes?
09:22 How does the Apostle Paul
09:23 describe the war that sin causes?
09:28 Let's go to Romans 7:22-23.
09:32 Now the reason why there is a war
09:34 you'll discover in this verse.
09:36 There's a war that sin causes,
09:39 because there is on one side a desire to do right,
09:44 on the other side a nature that doesn't want to do right.
09:46 So you have a desire and you have a nature
09:48 and they are warring against each other.
09:49 Let's look at how the Bible reveals this.
09:51 The Apostle Paul says under inspiration,
09:54 "For I delight in the law of God according to the," what?
09:58 "According to the inward man.
10:00 But I see another law in my members warring
10:04 against the law of my," what?
10:06 "My mind." Notice, it's in there.
10:08 And what happens?
10:10 "And bringing me into captivity
10:13 to the law of sin which is," where?
10:16 "In my members."
10:18 Now let's break that down.
10:20 The law, Paul says, "There is another law
10:22 warring against the law that's in my mind
10:26 bringing me into captivity,"
10:28 meaning capturing me...
10:32 "According to the law of sin which is in my members."
10:35 So get this.
10:36 We have this nature
10:38 that is fighting against what we believe.
10:39 Now why is the law described as the law of my mind?
10:42 Hebrews 8:10 or 8:16, the Lord says,
10:45 "I will put my laws into their minds."
10:47 So we don't walk around
10:49 with two tables of stone saying,
10:50 "Commandment one, two, three, four,
10:53 five, six, seven, eight, nine ten."
10:55 We don't walk around with tables of stone
10:57 because the Lord put them in our minds.
11:00 So when we think of doing right,
11:03 and when we have a conscious mind
11:05 as to what is wrong
11:07 is because the law in our minds saying,
11:08 "Right, wrong, wrong right, right wrong,"
11:12 and then we have a body that says,
11:14 "I don't care what your mind says, I ain't doing right,"
11:17 because our nature fights against it.
11:19 We have this nature that Adam gave us,
11:21 1 Corinthians 15:22, "As in Adam all die."
11:24 So we have this nature that we were born with,
11:26 that's why babies when they're born,
11:28 they cry incessantly
11:30 because they only have one desire,
11:31 to fulfill their selfish needs.
11:33 "I need my bottle, I want my diapers change,
11:35 I need comfort, I don't like what you gave me to eat,"
11:38 and they're continually in controversy.
11:40 That nature is un-regenerated, it's fighting.
11:43 And until that nature is under control,
11:45 we're gonna grow up like babies having a mind that says,
11:49 "This is what we should do,"
11:50 but our heart that says, "I don't want to do it."
11:55 That's why the Bible says,
11:56 "Whatever your hands find to do,
11:58 do with all your might,"
11:59 where there in Ecclesiastes 9:10
12:01 is do it with all your heart, put your heart into it.
12:04 But how you put your heart into it
12:06 when there's a war between the mind and the heart?
12:07 So let's answer the question, how does the Apostle Paul
12:10 describe the war that sin causes?
12:13 He calls it the law of sin,
12:16 the law of sin which is in my members.
12:20 The law of sin is simple.
12:22 A good tree cannot bring forth bad fruit,
12:25 and a bad tree cannot bring forth good fruit.
12:28 It's a law, like the law of gravity, you cannot...
12:31 I mean, you could jump
12:32 and you'll think the law of gravity is suspended
12:34 but you'll be back down on the ground real quickly.
12:37 There's a law at work.
12:39 Now here is something that's very powerful.
12:42 Since it is the law...
12:47 This is really deep.
12:49 Since the law of sin is a law,
12:53 we've got to come up with this idea,
12:55 how do we break that law and keep God's law,
13:00 because you can't keep two laws.
13:02 Because Paul mentioned, "The law in my...
13:05 I delight according to the law of God,
13:08 I delight in the law of God according to the inward man."
13:11 So the law of God, and the law of sin,
13:14 which is in my members,
13:16 how do we break away from the law of sin
13:19 and live in harmony with the law of God?
13:21 That's the question that we have to ask ourselves.
13:23 We'll discover that in just a moment.
13:25 Let's look at the next one.
13:26 Question number...
13:28 So write this down, you did answer that...
13:30 We answered that question.
13:31 Let's go to question number 20.
13:33 Go to question number 20.
13:34 And this is what happens
13:35 when the law that is in our members holds us down.
13:38 Question 20, where do we usually end up
13:41 when we realize that we are slaves of sin?
13:44 Where do we usually end up?
13:47 Romans 7:24.
13:49 Romans 7:24, let's look at what it says,
13:51 where do we usually end up.
13:53 And I like us to read this together
13:54 because this is been an experience
13:55 of every one of us at one point or the other.
13:58 It says, together, "O wretched man that I am!
14:02 Who will deliver me from this body of death?"
14:07 Who will deliver me?
14:08 So you realize you're dying, you know, every one of us,
14:11 the Lord said, "In the day that you eat thereof
14:13 you shall surely die."
14:15 It's true.
14:17 Adam lived 930 years and he died.
14:19 Everybody born ever since Adam died,
14:22 with the exception of Enoch,
14:26 Elijah, and Moses was resurrected.
14:29 But outside of it everyone is subjected to death.
14:31 But this is not just talking about the fact
14:33 that we're gonna all be buried,
14:35 but this is talking about a body of death.
14:36 We're in caps...
14:38 We're captured here
14:39 because our bodies are designed to just want to do wrong.
14:43 Our minds says, "I have a list of right things here
14:47 but I can't do it down here."
14:49 And so Paul says, "When I realize
14:51 that there is a list of good things to do
14:55 but I can't do it, I feel wretched.
14:57 I want to do good but I can't do it.
15:00 O wretched man that I am,"
15:02 and he asks, "Who will deliver me?"
15:04 And the reason he asked that question
15:06 is because he cannot deliver himself.
15:11 And one thing we have to get at the very outset here
15:13 is we cannot deliver ourselves
15:17 because we are slaves.
15:19 Have you ever seen a slave deliver him or herself?
15:22 No. Slaves are chained.
15:25 There's a master in charge.
15:26 And get the principle here,
15:28 the slave is not in charge of the master,
15:30 the master is in charge of the slave.
15:33 So when you are a slave to sin as Paul mentioned earlier,
15:36 "Bringing me into captivity," that's the bondage got you!
15:40 That's why Jesus used so many parables,
15:43 and even at times He used actual stories,
15:45 the demoniac was bound by chains.
15:48 Peter was in prison bound by chains,
15:51 and when you look at the story,
15:53 not only were the chains broken in Peter's life,
15:56 but the Lord released him from prison.
15:57 So we're not just gonna talk about how to break the chains
16:00 because people give up alcohol, smoking in cigarettes,
16:02 and all the other things,
16:03 but then sometimes they realize,
16:05 "I've given up a lot of things
16:06 but I still feel like I'm in prison."
16:08 The Lord wants to bring us all out.
16:09 So write this down.
16:11 Question number 20, where do we usually end up
16:13 when we realize that we are slaves of sin?
16:15 Where do we usually end up?
16:17 Wretched, wretched.
16:21 We come to church, it's the Sabbath,
16:23 or whatever day you go to church on,
16:25 if you don't go to church on the Sabbath study that,
16:29 because I'm not proponent
16:30 to whatever day you go to church on.
16:32 But if you come to church,
16:34 and you want to worship
16:35 but your mind is somewhere else,
16:37 you're praying but your mind is somewhere else,
16:39 you see somebody
16:40 your mind instantly go somewhere else,
16:42 you have challenges during the week,
16:44 your mind...
16:45 You don't catch up to worship until it's done.
16:48 You come to church with just no desire,
16:51 what is being said doesn't hit you,
16:52 you can't catch it
16:54 because you're in this constant battle.
16:56 You're at home in a battle,
16:58 you and your family in a battle,
17:00 you in your marriage you're in a battle,
17:02 with your children
17:04 you're in a battle, and you're wondering,
17:05 "Why do Christian families argue?
17:07 Why are there battles in the home?
17:08 Why are there battles in the church?
17:10 How can we as Christians be a better testament
17:14 to those who don't know Christ?"
17:16 The answer is we have to find a way
17:18 to be freed from that law of sin
17:20 which is in our members.
17:22 And so Paul talks about it as a wretched man.
17:25 Now let's go to the next question.
17:27 We're gonna slowly go through this
17:28 because there are some powerful points
17:30 that are gonna come out tonight,
17:31 and I want to do more teaching than preaching,
17:33 that's why I'm going to the questions
17:34 at a greater pace tonight.
17:36 Question number 21.
17:39 In what language does the Bible describe
17:41 the freedom from sin's law?
17:45 In what language does the Bible describe
17:47 the freedom from sin's law?
17:51 This is wonderful.
17:53 What way and what language does the Bible describe
17:55 the freedom from sin's law?
17:57 Okay.
18:00 Romans 8:2 by the way is where we're going.
18:03 Romans 8:2.
18:05 Okay.
18:09 I like this.
18:11 Now I want to say before I read the text...
18:16 Since you can't violate laws because the law of gravity,
18:20 all the other laws of the universe,
18:22 they're all intact,
18:23 you got to replace one law with another law
18:27 since laws are laws, the laws cannot be broken.
18:30 I mean, you can break them, like speeding,
18:33 yeah, you could violate that
18:35 but you'll discover there's a penalty for that.
18:37 So laws...
18:38 So many years ago, let me use an example.
18:40 When I was growing up between New York and Washington DC,
18:43 the speed limit was 55.
18:45 We all applauded the government when they changed it to 70
18:49 because we all want to go fast anyway.
18:51 Can I get an amen?
18:52 We know nobody who drives 55 anymore
18:55 except the police is around.
18:58 But when they replaced the law 55 with the law 70,
19:02 people got excited
19:03 because the law, they had less of a tendency.
19:07 But now if you go to some places like,
19:08 I heard, I don't know,
19:10 but there's some places between Las Vegas and other places
19:12 where the speed limit is 80.
19:15 And in... Huh?
19:16 Texas. Texas, right?
19:17 Speed limit is 80.
19:19 It's great.
19:20 San Francisco. Right.
19:22 There is nothing out there.
19:23 Speeding, and what it is, you're not violating the law,
19:26 they just changed it from 55 to 80.
19:30 You replace one law with the other.
19:31 So when we read the text
19:33 we're gonna see the principle here,
19:34 it's not breaking one law and honoring another,
19:37 but replacing one law that had us with another law
19:41 that frees us.
19:43 Okay, Romans 8:2, look at this, the language.
19:46 "For the law of the Spirit of," what?
19:49 "Life in Christ Jesus has made me,"
19:53 together, "free from the law of sin and," what?
19:57 "Death."
19:58 Notice, so the language
19:59 is the law of the spirit of life.
20:02 Write that down, that's the answer.
20:04 In what language? The law of the spirit of life.
20:07 So there is a law, God takes out one,
20:10 and this is what's called conversion.
20:13 He takes out the law of sin and death,
20:15 and inserts in the law of the spirit of life.
20:20 And then what happens as a result of that,
20:21 now he begins,
20:23 and you're gonna see what this is all about,
20:25 and I want you to know this is something else
20:28 that I want to clarify.
20:31 We say, "Okay, now I can live the Christian life."
20:34 I'm gonna dispel that rumor tonight.
20:38 We'll say, "Now, I could live the Christian life."
20:40 What I want you to see
20:42 is even how that is accomplished.
20:44 I will go to Galatians 2:20 in a moment.
20:47 "It is no longer I who live."
20:49 So therefore it is not you who live,
20:52 so I can't live the Christian life.
20:54 It is no longer I who live, amen?
20:57 So I can't live the Christian life.
20:59 One of the greatest battles
21:02 we've tried to accomplish is how to live the Christian life,
21:05 and the Apostle Paul says, "It is no longer I who live,"
21:08 because when you die,
21:09 if baptism is a symbol of death,
21:12 burial and resurrection,
21:14 one of the greatest challenges we have
21:15 where we find failure is we say,
21:17 "Okay, I could do this, I got this."
21:19 And we go out trying to do right,
21:21 and then we bump into the law of sin and death
21:24 which is in our members.
21:25 And we say, "But wait a minute,
21:27 I have the right doctrinal positions.
21:28 Why is it that I can't?
21:30 I have everything I believe is according to the scriptures.
21:32 Why can't I live this life?"
21:34 Because you'll discover as I've discovered,
21:37 as we have all discovered at one point or the other
21:39 that there is whatever is still alive
21:42 in you from your old man
21:44 will always be in control of you.
21:46 Whatever still alive from the old man
21:49 will always be in control of you
21:51 until every aspect of who you are is put to death,
21:54 so that the spirit of life
21:57 could now bring to you a new law,
22:00 the law of the spirit of life.
22:02 That's the only way that we can be free
22:04 from the law of sin and death.
22:05 The old law has to be replaced with a new law.
22:09 And it doesn't say, "The law of the Christian of life,
22:13 it says the law of the spirit of life."
22:18 It's a law beyond our ability.
22:20 The quotation I read the other day
22:22 and I'll share with you if we have time tonight.
22:24 But, so write the answer down.
22:26 You wrote the answer down, the language,
22:27 the law of the spirit of life.
22:29 Let's go on now to number 22.
22:31 Number 22, okay.
22:36 What responsibility...
22:39 What responsibility do we have
22:41 in maintaining freedom from sin's law?
22:45 What responsibility do we have
22:47 in maintaining freedom from sin's law?
22:49 Okay, before...
22:50 We're gonna go to Romans 8:1, just going back one verse.
22:52 But before we read the verse, if somebody is,
22:55 if you're a prisoner, if you're ever incarcerated,
22:59 if you're ever in jail, if you're ever been bound,
23:02 and they say, "Okay, your sentence has been completed,"
23:05 or, "you've served your time, now we're gonna let you out."
23:08 When you go out, what's your responsibility?
23:13 To live as a law abiding citizen.
23:17 So the way you walk before, you walk differently now.
23:21 The way you live before, you live, what?
23:23 Differently now
23:25 because you have this continually in your mind
23:28 this idea that, "I could end up right back where I was,"
23:31 and sometimes in a singular act
23:33 you can end up back where you were before
23:35 and you say, "What am I doing in here again?"
23:39 It's called the recidivism rate.
23:41 And in Christianity that happens.
23:44 Christians who don't understand how to live a righteous life
23:48 end up recidivised.
23:50 They end up as a repeat offender
23:56 because they tried, and they failed,
23:58 and they cannot understand the science,
24:01 and I'm gonna use that word carefully,
24:02 there is a science to righteousness
24:04 that is not as tough as the science
24:06 you took in class.
24:08 Let's look at this now.
24:10 What responsibility do we have in maintaining freedom
24:12 from sin's law?
24:14 Look at the wonderful phrase here.
24:16 "There is therefore now no," what?
24:20 "No condemnation to those who are," where?
24:23 "In Christ Jesus."
24:26 Here's the responsibility,
24:27 "Who do not walk according to the," what?
24:30 "Flesh but according to the," what?
24:32 "Spirit." Now that is another one.
24:34 So now there is no condemnation.
24:37 Amen to that.
24:39 So you don't feel condemn,
24:41 you're not living in a condemned state,
24:44 you don't feel condemned anymore
24:46 even though we should never live our lives by feeling,
24:48 it's a dangerous thing
24:50 because when it's rainy, you feel horrible,
24:53 when it's sunny, "Oh, it's gonna be a beautiful day."
24:55 Don't live your Christian walk
24:57 based on the conditions that are around you
24:59 because then we make this point,
25:01 the things that are happening around you
25:03 have less of an impact on your life
25:05 than the things that are happening inside of you.
25:08 What's taking place in here
25:09 determines more of what's happening in your life, okay?
25:13 But now we have to walk not according to the flesh,
25:17 by the way, let me make this real clear.
25:19 You know even after you're born again,
25:21 even after you become a Christian,
25:23 you know what you have left?
25:25 Somebody tell me, what is this?
25:27 Flesh.
25:30 I could use a phrase here,
25:31 you have a defective hard drive, right?
25:35 For those of us who are computer literate,
25:37 you've got a computer that has a lot of viruses in it.
25:41 Faulty hardware that's because it's made by man,
25:45 because it's affected by man.
25:46 So the one thing that we all have
25:48 even after we're born again,
25:50 we have a new life in Christ.
25:53 But here is the beauty and the power of Christianity,
25:58 we have a new life in Christ
26:00 lived out in an old body.
26:05 So the power of the cross
26:08 is to show other people that are in the body...
26:14 in the body that where the war is taking place,
26:19 how do we with faulty flesh
26:22 live a righteous life?
26:26 The answer is simply what?
26:28 Through Jesus.
26:29 But I'm gonna make it clear
26:30 because we know we've said that so often.
26:32 But people say, "Okay, okay, I know it's through Jesus
26:34 but how?"
26:36 We sing, "Victory in Jesus,"
26:37 I know it's through Jesus but how?
26:40 Because, you know, the how is a big, big question, "How?"
26:45 People want the specifics.
26:46 Okay.
26:48 "How do you win the race?"
26:49 You say that to the Olympian, to the Olympian,
26:52 to the Olympian, "I run."
26:54 "Oh, but that's not..."
26:56 They will say, "No, wait a minute.
26:57 It's not... because anybody can run."
26:58 He says, "I train, I train,
27:02 I have a proper diet,
27:06 it's the way I eat, it's the way I live,
27:08 it's the habits in my life,
27:10 everything I do prepares me for the race."
27:14 You say to the basketball player,
27:15 "How do you win the basketball game?"
27:17 "You play."
27:18 No, anybody could play,
27:20 but he trains, he trains, he trains,
27:22 he has a regiment.
27:24 He understands that there is no such thing as failure.
27:27 Failure is not an option.
27:29 And I want to give you good news.
27:30 Christians don't have to fail and succeed,
27:32 and succeed and fail.
27:34 God does not calls us,
27:35 He doesn't call us to live a yo-yo life
27:38 because you know what happens,
27:39 if that's the kind of Christianity we live,
27:41 somebody in the world will catch us on a failure day,
27:45 or somebody in the world will catch us on a victorious day,
27:47 and somebody in the church who catch us
27:48 on a failure day, or vice versa.
27:51 So it's not a hit or miss life, it is a life where we can,
27:55 according to the strength that the Lord makes available,
27:57 we can walk according to the spirit.
28:00 But let's find out how that happens.
28:02 Okay, are you ready?
28:04 We're gonna go now to some very tough questions,
28:08 and we have enough time to cover it.
28:10 Thank the Lord.
28:12 We're gonna go to question number 23,
28:16 question number 23.
28:19 This is gonna be powerful.
28:21 Here it is.
28:22 What are the two choices that we have
28:26 that determine our actions?
28:30 What are the two choices that we have
28:33 that determine our actions?
28:35 Now I'd love to say three choices,
28:38 but you only get how many?
28:39 Two. Two.
28:41 And let me also say this, there is no third lane.
28:47 You're either going east or you're going west,
28:50 you're going north or you're going south.
28:53 You are either going in the right direction
28:55 or the wrong direction,
28:57 there's no third lane.
28:58 There's no place where we wait to decide,
29:01 "Am I gonna be a Christian?
29:02 Am I gonna follow Christ?"
29:04 When you're not following Christ,
29:05 you're following Satan.
29:07 When you're not living for God's glory,
29:09 you're living for the, not for Satan's glory
29:12 'cause he didn't have any glory,
29:13 but you're living for a kingdom of darkness,
29:16 sorry, kingdom of darkness on the left,
29:17 or kingdom of light on the right.
29:20 Okay? There's no third lane.
29:22 But this is where now we're gonna get
29:25 into the nitty-gritty of the specifics
29:27 on how it happens.
29:28 All right?
29:29 The question is, what are the two choices that we have
29:32 that determine our actions?
29:33 Romans 6:16, let's look at that together.
29:37 Romans 6:16.
29:39 Okay, here it is.
29:41 "Do you not know
29:44 that to whom you present yourselves,"
29:47 King James says, "Yield yourselves."
29:50 "Slaves to obey, you are that one's,"
29:54 say it, "slaves whom you obey
29:58 whether of sin leading to," what?
30:01 "Death or of obedience leading to," what?
30:03 "Righteousness."
30:05 You only have two, sin leading to death,
30:08 of obedience leading to righteousness.
30:10 Now what's gonna happen?
30:11 What we're looking here
30:13 is the word slave is a troubling word
30:17 because of the history that is behind the word.
30:20 But in the context here, the word is more like present,
30:25 and then the word slave there also means yoke, to yoke up,
30:30 to be connected to,
30:33 to not be in control of the final outcome.
30:36 So when a person is a slave, and I mentioned this earlier,
30:39 kind of jump the gun but I could reiterate it.
30:42 Who's in charge, the slave or the master?
30:44 Somebody tell me.
30:46 The master is always in charge.
30:48 The slave is never in charge.
30:49 The slave does what the master determines the slave to do.
30:53 Another way of saying that, when we get on the plane,
30:56 wherever we fly, our final leg of the flight
30:59 always leads us back to St Louis.
31:01 And American Airlines has been faithful in saying,
31:05 the cabin is now full, everybody is on board,
31:09 and their final announcement is this,
31:11 "If your final destination is not St. Louis,
31:14 this is a good time to get off the plane."
31:17 You know that means?
31:18 When the doors are closed, you're going to St Louis.
31:21 Once the door is closed,
31:23 you are now a slave to that airplane.
31:27 Wherever it turns
31:29 or if it doesn't make its final destination,
31:31 that's your last flight.
31:32 But wherever the destination is,
31:34 is where it's gonna take you.
31:35 Let me even go a step further.
31:37 When you decide to present yourselves
31:43 in the morning,
31:44 let me make it very practical.
31:45 When you get up in the morning,
31:47 every morning that God gives us breath,
31:50 we've got to begin the day...
31:51 I love the way that the servant of the Lord says,
31:53 it's Ellen White.
31:54 She says, "The first thing we should do in the morning
31:56 is present ourselves to the Lord."
31:58 Let that be our first work, present.
32:00 You know why?
32:02 Because there are two masters waiting for you.
32:05 That's why Paul says, "I die daily..."
32:07 because if Paul, if we were to live out,
32:10 I want to make this clear.
32:12 If we live out what we want to do,
32:14 if we just said, "This is what I want to do."
32:18 We're gonna do it
32:19 because, and here's the other side of that.
32:22 Whether you believe you could or whether believe...
32:24 Whether you believe you can't, you're right.
32:29 Be it unto according to your faith.
32:32 You get what you believe.
32:33 So when you wake up in the morning,
32:34 there are two masters presented right there.
32:39 The one that's gonna lead you to death,
32:41 you can choose to be his slave,
32:44 or one that leads you to righteousness,
32:47 and you can choose to be His slave.
32:49 If you don't like the word slave,
32:50 use the word servant.
32:53 But the reason why the word slave is used,
32:56 the Apostle Paul wanted to be clear
32:58 because he's saying,
33:00 once you connect to one or the other,
33:02 you are not in charge.
33:03 Did you get that?
33:05 When you connect yourself to Satan,
33:07 you are not in charge.
33:09 Let me give you an example.
33:10 Go to Romans 7 very quickly.
33:11 Let me give you a glimpse of a man
33:13 who knew this by experience
33:15 that when you make the wrong choice,
33:16 you are not in charge.
33:18 Okay? This is Paul the Apostle.
33:20 Romans 7, let's look together at verse 15.
33:24 All right.
33:26 Verse 15, this is what happens.
33:29 Well, let's start with verse 14, okay,
33:31 because there's a word in that verse 14
33:33 that I want to show you
33:34 is a word that's connected with slavery.
33:36 Verse 14 of Romans 7.
33:38 He says, "For we know that the law is spiritual,"
33:42 nothing wrong with God's law.
33:43 So many Christians have been taught
33:45 that God's law needs to be done away with.
33:46 No, if you get rid of God's law,
33:48 you're lost
33:50 because there's nothing to point out that you need Him.
33:52 "For we know that the law is spiritual but I am," what?
33:55 "Carnal sold," that's the word for slavery, "Sold under sin."
34:00 So you wake up in the morning, there's an auction.
34:03 How many gonna give me...
34:05 How the whole thing goes.
34:07 Okay, who's gonna be...
34:08 Jesus says, "Wait a minute, I've paid the price.
34:13 You are bought with the price.
34:15 Therefore glorify God in your body,
34:17 and in your spirit which are mine."
34:21 And on the other side, the devil,
34:22 the accuser of our brethren say,
34:23 "You can't do anything."
34:25 So you want to follow somebody who says,
34:27 "You can't live right,"
34:28 or you want to follow somebody who says,
34:30 "I bought you with a price,
34:31 therefore glorify me in your body and in your spirit
34:33 which belongs to me.
34:35 And I have for you life ever more, joy ever more,
34:38 peace ever more."
34:39 And the devil is, his road is sin, and darkness,
34:42 and death, and continual defeat.
34:46 And look at what happens when you decide to go that way.
34:49 When this law is not yet killed in you,
34:51 when the law of sin and death is still in charge,
34:53 look at what happens.
34:55 Verse 15, "For what I am doing I do not understand."
35:00 Have you ever done something
35:01 that you don't know why you did it?
35:02 Come on.
35:04 "I don't understand, why am I talking that way,
35:06 why am I doing that?
35:08 Where did that come from?"
35:09 Because when you present yourself to Satan,
35:11 you do and say things that you don't have any power over
35:16 because he is in charge.
35:18 "For what I will to do, this is what I'm thinking,
35:21 I want to do this that I do not practice,
35:25 but what I hate that I do."
35:28 We do things we hate
35:29 because the wrong master is in control.
35:32 And we hate it because we say, "Oh, man,
35:34 if I had only know it would have been this way,
35:36 I would never have connected myself to that master."
35:40 Look at verse 16, "If then I do what I will not to do,
35:44 I agree with the law that it is good."
35:47 And here's the key, verse 17, "But now I get it.
35:53 It is no longer," who?
35:55 "I who do it but," what?
35:58 "Sin that dwells in me."
36:01 Now, I want you to get that.
36:04 It is not I who do it.
36:05 So often we have been blamed for what we do,
36:08 but it's not us who do it.
36:10 It's sin that it is no longer I who do it
36:14 but sin that dwells in me.
36:17 "What did you do, Yannick?"
36:20 "I have no idea.
36:22 Can't explain it you." Why?
36:23 Because sin is in control.
36:25 Sin is first an enslaving power,
36:30 then it is a controlling power.
36:32 Write that down.
36:33 It first enslaves us, and then it controls us.
36:37 All through the scriptures, those are the pattern.
36:40 Sin enslaves, then sin controls.
36:44 So what you do you say, and when you get free, you say,
36:47 "Man, the stuff I did..."
36:57 And then he says, "I can't find the answer in me."
36:59 Look at verse 18, "I can't find the answer in me,
37:02 something wrong."
37:03 He says, "For I know that in me,
37:05 that is in my flesh," this thing,
37:09 "nothing good dwells.
37:11 For to will is present with me,"
37:14 but here we go again,
37:16 "but how to perform what is good
37:19 I do not find, I can't find it."
37:23 "I'm looking in my mind, I'm looking in my...
37:25 the backseat of my car, I'm looking at my family line,
37:29 I'm looking at my genealogy, I'm looking at the doctrines,
37:32 well, that's a right doctrine, that's a right doctrine
37:34 but I want to do right,"
37:35 and Paul says, "I'm looking everywhere
37:37 and I cannot find it."
37:40 And I'm not gonna find it in my flesh
37:41 because if I look at my flesh, nothing good is there.
37:45 So Christian or a person
37:49 who wanted to give his or her life to Jesus,
37:50 let me make it very clear.
37:53 Don't make the mistake of giving your life to Jesus
37:56 than trying to live that life yourself.
38:01 Let me tell you why.
38:05 Galatians 2:20.
38:06 You might say, "Wait a minute,
38:08 but I'm supposed to live the Christian life."
38:09 Let me clarify that what I meant.
38:11 Galatians 2:20, Galatians 2:20.
38:15 All right, look at it.
38:16 Galatians 2:20.
38:18 I'm gonna read it in the interest of time
38:20 because I want to get through the questions here
38:22 that are very powerful.
38:23 Galatians 2:20 said, "I have been crucified with," who?
38:27 "Christ, it is no longer I who live."
38:33 Paul just said it in Romans 6:18,
38:36 "It is not I who do it but sin does it so that,"
38:39 watch this, this is huge, this is powerful.
38:42 When you decide to follow sin,
38:46 it enslaves you and controls you,
38:48 and it does what it's designed to do,
38:50 like the train you get on that you can't jump off,
38:53 like the plane whose doors are closed that is in flight
38:55 and you can turn it around.
38:57 But when you give your life to Christ,
38:59 ooh, this is powerful.
39:02 When you give all your life to Christ,
39:03 it's still not you, it is Christ.
39:08 It is no longer I who live.
39:10 Paul said, "It's not I who do it,
39:12 and it's not I who live."
39:14 But who is? "But Christ lives," where?
39:16 "In me." And now get this.
39:19 How many of us want to live the Christian life?
39:21 Come on. All of us.
39:22 I hear you say amen
39:23 on the other side of the television,
39:25 we all want to live the Christian life.
39:26 Here is the answer.
39:27 "And the life which I now live in the flesh,"
39:31 this defaulty thing,
39:33 it's possible to live a Christian life
39:35 in this defaulted thing.
39:36 "The life I now live in the flesh, I live by," what?
39:41 "Faith in the Son of God who loved me and did," what?
39:46 "Gave Himself for me."
39:51 Isn't that a blessing?
39:53 And I have to add verse 21 'cause it ends the chapter.
39:56 "I do not set aside the grace of God
39:58 for if righteousness comes through the law
40:02 then Christ died in vain."
40:03 The law was just there to point out
40:05 your need of Christ.
40:07 So when you wake up in the morning,
40:08 there's a law, the Ten Commandments.
40:10 It shows you, "You are a sinner.
40:14 But I can't help you.
40:16 You need Jesus."
40:18 The law can show you your condition,
40:20 but it can't change it.
40:22 Jesus is the one that does it. Amen to that.
40:24 So now let's get back to Romans 6:16.
40:26 So one is a slave to obedience, one is a slave to disobedience.
40:32 On the left side, disobedience, on the right side, obedience,
40:36 and in both cases, a slave.
40:38 You don't accomplish either
40:43 but you still ask him, "But how?"
40:45 I'll give you a hint very quickly.
40:47 Let's go to question number 24.
40:50 I'll give you a hint very quickly.
40:51 When Jesus was at a pivotal time
40:54 in His walk to the cross,
40:57 when Jesus was on His way to the cross,
41:00 the very thought of the agony that lay before Him, He said,
41:04 "Father if it be Thy will, let this," what?
41:08 "Cup," do what?
41:09 "Pass from me."
41:11 In other words, if there's anything
41:12 you could do to avoid this journey I'm on,
41:15 please do it.
41:17 But then He said something that's the key issue
41:19 that I'm gonna expand on in just a moment.
41:22 He said, "Nevertheless not My will but," what?
41:26 "Thine be done."
41:28 When we make a choice
41:34 to put our will on the side of God's will,
41:38 we recognize as Paul says in Philippians,
41:41 "For it is God who works in us both to will and to do
41:48 of His good pleasure."
41:49 So God awakens within us a will because Paul says,
41:52 "What I will to do," he couldn't do it.
41:56 But God, Jesus comes and says, "Oh, Paul,
41:59 I'm not gonna get rid of your will to do right
42:02 but I'm gonna do it through you."
42:03 Amen?
42:04 Christ in you, the hope of glory,
42:08 it is no longer I who lives but Christ who lives in me.
42:13 See that, righteous... But what do we do?
42:17 What is our part, because we're not robots.
42:19 What's our part?
42:21 Our part is to do, what?
42:23 Choose.
42:24 Who is going to be my master?
42:26 If this is my master, I'm gonna talk a certain way,
42:29 live a certain way, act a certain way
42:31 because that's what Satan as a master does.
42:34 He doesn't say, "Okay, do you want to lie today?
42:38 The choice, you don't have to, you can if you don't want to."
42:40 No, that's not the... He's a father of lies.
42:43 He doesn't give you a choice to lie or not to lie.
42:46 He doesn't give you a choice to do right
42:47 and just partial wrong, you're gonna do all wrong,
42:51 and embarrass yourself, and deny God,
42:54 or you're gonna link yourself to Christ,
42:55 and say, "I can't do it."
42:57 And He says, "No problem.
42:59 If you let me in, I'll both will and do
43:02 of my good pleasure."
43:04 For it is God who works in us.
43:06 It is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me.
43:09 The biggest battle on a daily basis
43:13 is getting Jesus on the inside.
43:16 But, you know, it is as simple as making a choice.
43:19 Let's go on. This is gonna be powerful.
43:22 Let's go to very next question. Question number 24.
43:26 What transaction takes place
43:29 when we realize that we are what?
43:32 We are weak?
43:33 That is been a huge, that's a big one right there
43:37 because a lot of people say,
43:38 "I'm not weak, who said I'm weak?
43:41 You know, I'm 35 years old.
43:45 How dare you call me weak?"
43:46 Now I'm not referring to my age, I'm not 35 anymore.
43:51 But no matter how old you are,
43:54 when you get to the place where you say, "I got this,"
43:59 then you don't need Jesus.
44:01 When you think that you could do it,
44:03 you don't need Jesus.
44:05 That's why the Apostle Paul brings us to this passage.
44:08 Go with me to 2 Corinthians 12.
44:11 2 Corinthians 12, we're gonna look at two verses.
44:15 And by the way, as we look at these verses, you know,
44:18 we are told to grow in grace.
44:19 We are told to do, what? Say it together.
44:21 Grow in grace. I want to make it clear.
44:24 We don't grow into grace, we grow in grace.
44:28 Now, what's the difference?
44:30 Let me use an illustration.
44:31 A fish doesn't swim into the ocean,
44:35 a fish swims in the ocean.
44:37 It's already in there.
44:39 We are in God's grace.
44:41 We grow in His grace.
44:46 A plant doesn't grow into the pot,
44:48 a plant grows in the pot.
44:50 Christ has to grow in us.
44:52 If we put Him in every, if we invite Him in every day,
44:55 Paul says, "I die daily."
44:57 You've got to die to self because you know why?
44:59 Flesh is still hanging around.
45:01 This old worn out messed up machine
45:04 that Adam gave us is gonna be one day replaced
45:06 with a bottle that...
45:08 A body that is immortal and incorruptible.
45:11 Amen to that.
45:12 But right now, it's corruptible,
45:13 and it's mortal.
45:15 Or more specifically, it's immoral.
45:19 That's another way of saying mortal, immoral,
45:23 corruptible, mortal, all those things together.
45:27 So what's the answer?
45:29 What transaction takes place
45:30 when we realize that we are weak?
45:31 Look at this, 2 Corinthians 12:9-10.
45:36 Listen what Jesus says.
45:37 Paul the Apostle, I love this.
45:39 "And he said to me," what did he say?
45:41 "My grace is," what?
45:42 "Sufficient for you, for my strength,
45:47 for my," what?
45:49 Come on, talk. "For my," what? "My strength is made," what?
45:53 "Perfect in weakness."
45:56 What kind of strength is made perfect in weakness?
45:58 Jesus' strength is made perfect.
46:00 Watch this.
46:02 "Therefore most gladly
46:04 I will rather boast in my," what?
46:07 "Infirmities, that the power of Christ
46:10 may rest," where?
46:12 "Upon me."
46:13 Now don't go to the next one yet,
46:14 I want to make some application here.
46:17 He says his strength is made perfect in weakness.
46:20 Who is weak, him or us? We are.
46:22 Who is strong? He is.
46:24 What kind of strength does He have?
46:27 Say it, His strength is what? Perfect.
46:31 His strength is what? Perfect.
46:33 So is it possible to be perfect?
46:36 Come on. Yes.
46:38 In whose strength? His.
46:41 But we gotta say this, "I'm weak.
46:45 Once you don't admit you're weak,
46:46 you're gonna try to do it.
46:47 "Oh, man, I've been..."
46:50 I cringe when I hear these words, "I was, I, I,
46:54 I have been struggling this week."
46:56 You will struggle every week when you try to do it yourself.
47:01 You'll always struggle.
47:02 I learned that.
47:04 We all learned that.
47:05 You're never too old to get a new lesson taught to you.
47:09 You'll learn sometimes the hard way,
47:11 "Man, I don't know how that happened."
47:13 So Paul says, when you admit you're weak,
47:17 when you boast, "I'm weak," don't use it as a trophy.
47:20 Don't go around boasting, "Hey, did you know I'm weak?"
47:24 Don't do that way, don't be proud weak.
47:27 Say, "Lord, I'll be humble weak,
47:30 Father, I'm weak, I need your strength."
47:34 Don't boast about your weakness,
47:35 that's not what he's talking about.
47:37 He's saying, "I know what the issue is, I'm weak.
47:42 He is strong."
47:43 Let's go to the next verse.
47:44 Now bring that one up, verse 10.
47:46 It's what it says,
47:48 "Therefore I take pleasure in," what?
47:52 "Infirmities," and what else?
47:54 "In reproaches, in needs, in persecution, in distress,"
47:59 the Christian life, "for Christ's sake."
48:02 And let's end this together.
48:03 "For when I am weak," what? "Then I am strong."
48:08 See when I admit I can't do it...
48:10 I had a big sister that always came...
48:13 Not always, I'm gonna tell the story very quickly
48:15 'cause I want to get a couple more questions in here.
48:17 But when I was a young boy and just getting
48:19 into junior high school, I was a little puny thing.
48:22 You know, I've gained some weight,
48:24 thank the Lord for that.
48:25 But I was a little scared kid in a big school
48:27 with a lot of rough kids that love to fight,
48:30 beat you up, curse at you, beat you up,
48:31 steal things, threaten you.
48:34 And I was nervous so I wouldn't go to school.
48:36 I didn't go to school for 42 days
48:37 when I was in the sixth grade because I was afraid,
48:42 I was weak, and I knew I was weak.
48:45 My sister found out though and stepped up and...
48:50 Her strength was not perfect but a lot stronger than mine.
48:55 And I realized, I don't have to be afraid, I have a sister.
48:59 And now it's the other way around.
49:02 She doesn't have to be afraid because she has a brother.
49:06 But here's the point, we don't have to be fearful
49:07 because we have a Father.
49:09 Come on, say amen.
49:10 Jesus, His strength is made perfect
49:12 when we recognize that when we are weak,
49:16 His strength is perfect,
49:18 His strength is perfect.
49:21 Amen?
49:25 So let's go to the very next one.
49:27 His strength is always perfect, our strength is always weak.
49:30 We got to remember that because we have this thing
49:32 called the flesh, what is it called?
49:33 The flesh.
49:35 And what the flesh does, see the mind is programmed,
49:37 our experiences, the things we practice,
49:40 the things we continue to repeat,
49:43 creates grooves in our brain that defaults in bad actions.
49:47 When those bad actions are replaced with good actions
49:51 by choices,
49:53 we're gonna talk about choices in the next time,
49:55 how to make right choices, the power of choice.
50:00 When those choices lead to different actions
50:04 that grow different habits,
50:06 that develop a different character,
50:08 that determine a wonderful destiny,
50:11 then we recognize that every day
50:13 we're making the choice to follow the Lord.
50:15 "Choose you this day whom you will serve,"
50:18 Joshua 24:15.
50:20 Go to question number 25.
50:21 So the answer to number 24 was, what transaction takes place?
50:27 We receive His strength when we recognize we are weak.
50:31 Question number 25. Okay, look at this.
50:34 Very quick one, I'm gonna hit this
50:35 and go on to the next one.
50:37 What assurance do we have from Jesus regarding sin?
50:40 What assurance do we have
50:41 from Jesus regarding sin?
50:43 Very quickly John 8:36, here it is
50:46 for those of you who know this already, together,
50:49 "Therefore if the Son makes you free," together,
50:53 "you shall be free," what?
50:55 "Indeed."
50:57 Partially free? Come on, talk.
50:59 Partially free?
51:03 "Free," what? "Indeed."
51:06 Totally free, free...
51:11 Now I want you to get the picture now.
51:13 Imagine somebody that said
51:14 they've just been freed from prison,
51:19 but half of their body is behind the fence,
51:21 and the other half of their body
51:23 is in front of the prison.
51:25 Come on, I'm trying to be cynical here for a reason.
51:28 "How did you said you...
51:29 I thought you said they let you out."
51:31 "Well, they didn't let me go yet
51:32 but I'm on the outside half way,
51:34 but I'm still locked on the inside."
51:37 Is that freedom?
51:39 But when the chains are broken, when the prison doors are open,
51:43 and you are walking on new ground,
51:45 are you free indeed?
51:47 Can you say amen? Yes.
51:49 The Lord doesn't want us to...
51:50 So when you know that you've been set free,
51:53 you're free indeed.
51:54 But how do you stay free, that's important.
51:56 How do we stay free?
51:58 Okay, we've got to make choices.
52:00 Let's go to question number 26.
52:02 Moving right along, I think we might finish it tonight.
52:05 I'm trying my best.
52:07 If we don't do it, we'll cover it the next time.
52:10 But question number 26.
52:12 When Jesus sets us free,
52:14 what does He intend for us to become?
52:18 When He sets us...
52:19 What does He intend for us to become?
52:21 Now we know the answer simply is,
52:22 children, sons and daughters of God, yes.
52:25 As many as receive Him, to them He gave power
52:28 to become the children of God, or sons and daughters...
52:30 He gave us that power, that power
52:32 is His imputed righteousness.
52:35 He's the one now calling the shots,
52:36 working out His righteousness in us
52:38 by us choosing Him daily.
52:41 But look at the answer more specifically.
52:42 Romans 6:18, we're gonna stay in Romans 6
52:45 for the next few questions.
52:46 Here it is.
52:48 "And having been set free, you became," what?
52:54 There's that word again, "Slaves of righteousness."
52:57 There's that word again, slaves.
53:00 Well, now wait a minute.
53:01 When you're a slave to sin, Yannick, what did Paul say?
53:04 Could Paul do what he wanted to do?
53:06 Yes or no? No, he couldn't.
53:08 He said, "It's no longer I who do it
53:10 but sin that dwells in me.
53:11 What I want to do I can't do,
53:13 what I don't want to do, that's what I'm doing,
53:16 Oh, I'm sold under sin.
53:18 I'm carnal, I'm sold."
53:20 The word for slavery, "I'm sold into slavery
53:23 therefore as a slave, oh, I can't do right."
53:25 But when the Lord sets us free, he says,
53:30 "You're free from the law of sin and death,
53:34 you're free from being a slave to disobedience."
53:37 But guess what?
53:38 Now you're gonna become a slave of righteousness.
53:42 Amen?
53:43 Now don't get the word,
53:45 don't let the word slave throw you
53:46 because slave of righteousness is this.
53:49 I want to slow down to make this point very carefully.
53:52 A slave of righteousness means, if when you are a slave to sin,
53:57 all you did was sin,
54:00 if you're slave to righteousness,
54:02 all you do is what?
54:04 Right.
54:05 Right, R-I-G-H-T is the route to righteousness.
54:10 See, S-I-N, sinful,
54:13 R-I-G-H-T, when you become a slave to righteousness,
54:17 you discover, "I'm living right,
54:20 I'm thinking right.
54:23 I'm treating people right," come on.
54:26 "I have the right attitude when I go to church.
54:29 I have the right...
54:30 I have the right feelings about people
54:33 because the Lord has taken over my mind.
54:36 My mind has been transformed."
54:37 Romans 12:2, "I have been transformed
54:40 by the renewing of my mind."
54:41 Philippians 1, Philippians 2, "Let this mind be in you
54:45 which was also in Christ Jesus."
54:47 The key to be... We're gonna talk about this,
54:49 we're gonna talk about the choices.
54:50 And I'll just give you a hint, you cannot be free...
54:52 Your mind can't be free
54:54 unless the Word of God is in that.
54:57 The Thessalonians discovered, the word of God
55:00 effectively works in those who believe,
55:02 but the Word of God like a loaf of bread,
55:03 you could have the best dinner on the table,
55:06 but if you don't eat it, you will get no nourishment.
55:09 You could have all the Bibles in the world,
55:11 but if it's not being stored in your mind,
55:13 remember what David the Psalmist says,
55:15 "Thy word have I hid," where?
55:17 "In my heart," remember the distance,
55:19 "that I might not," what?
55:21 "Sin against thee."
55:22 The power is in the living word.
55:24 So when you're set free from sin,
55:27 that is, a slave to sin,
55:29 now you become a slave to righteousness
55:32 which is in fact right doing.
55:33 One last question.
55:35 I have enough time for that.
55:36 Question number 27.
55:38 So I hope you put down for 26, when Jesus sets us free
55:41 what does He intend for us to become?
55:42 Slaves of righteousness.
55:44 In other words, all we are gonna be,
55:46 all that's gonna be happening in our lives is right things.
55:49 Live right, eat right, talk right, treat people right,
55:52 have the right attitude.
55:55 All these things happen when Christ is now the one
55:58 we're linked to.
55:59 Question number 27.
56:01 What is the result of presenting ourselves
56:03 as slaves of righteousness?
56:06 What is it? What is the result? I'm gonna hit it right away.
56:09 Here it is, Romans 6:19, just the next verse.
56:12 Here it is.
56:13 "I speak in human terms because of the weakness
56:16 of your flesh," he's being very frank.
56:19 "For just as you presented your members as slaves
56:22 of uncleanness, and of lawlessness
56:24 leading to more lawlessness,
56:27 so now, so now present your members
56:31 as slaves of righteousness for," what?
56:35 "Holiness."
56:37 Righteousness for what? Holiness.
56:40 In other words, he says,
56:42 you made the choice to use your lips to curse,
56:44 and smoke cigarettes, and drink alcohol,
56:47 now choose to use your lips to speak good things,
56:51 speak righteous thing, use clean words.
56:54 But how does that happen?
56:55 Christ comes in and transforms you.
56:58 He works His life out in you,
57:00 He lives His life out through you.
57:02 See.
57:06 And then there's a power made available
57:08 that you've never known before.
57:10 Now I can't cover the last two
57:11 because we don't have enough time.
57:12 But I want to make it clear, there is a power
57:14 made available to you
57:16 that was not made available before.
57:19 In your former...
57:20 After you agreed to all the doctrines
57:23 that are always right,
57:24 all the 28 fundamentals, or the 29 fundamentals,
57:27 or how many fundamentals you have,
57:28 as long as it is in harmony with the scripture, it's right.
57:31 That's not the battle.
57:33 When you become a Christian, don't just check
57:34 if the Sabbath is right, state of the dead is right,
57:37 died is right, 2300 days is right,
57:39 that's never gonna be wrong.
57:41 But you want to be right,
57:43 and the only way that you can be right
57:45 is linking your life to Christ
57:47 and become a slave of righteousness.
57:51 We're gonna continue studying this topic
57:53 because there's victory in Jesus.
57:55 But here's what you do,
57:56 keep linking yourself to Christ,
57:58 and if it doesn't make sense, friends, one day
58:00 it will come into A Sharper Focus.
58:03 God bless you.


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