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Our Greatest Need -part 2

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00:19 Hello friends, welcome to our Wednesday night Bible study
00:22 here at the 3ABN Worship Center.
00:24 We thank you for taking the time to tune in,
00:26 and we welcome you with a hearty amen.
00:28 Amen.
00:29 We are going to continue our study in the Word of God.
00:31 We're talking about man's greatest need.
00:36 Now, right now we're living in a world where there are
00:38 many needs.
00:40 Not only needs for physical needs and spiritual needs,
00:44 but the world is in turmoil and disaster.
00:48 And there are people that are thinking about
00:50 the basic necessities of life.
00:53 Well, when the basic necessities of life are supplied, there's a
00:57 need even beyond that.
00:58 And we're going to be talking about that.
01:00 So thank you for taking the time to tune in to join us.
01:03 In just a moment I'll tell you how to get a copy of the lesson,
01:06 but before we do anything, before even our theme song,
01:09 we open with a word of prayer.
01:12 Loving Father in heaven, we thank You that we can
01:15 come to You, and You are our ever present help
01:19 in time of need.
01:21 Tonight, Lord, what we need is to turn our hearts away from
01:24 the distractions around us to the God who is calling
01:29 to develop character within us.
01:31 And so be with us tonight, Lord, as study this very vital lesson.
01:36 Furnish our minds with not only understanding,
01:39 but with strength to be dedicated to Your cause
01:42 and Your will.
01:43 In Jesus' name I pray, amen.
01:47 Now each of you should have a lesson with
01:48 fifteen questions on it.
01:50 Check to make sure you do have that.
01:51 And those of you joining us, go to this following website
01:55 to download your lesson.
01:58 Go to asf.3abn.org.
02:04 And download lesson number 39.
02:07 What lesson did I say? Number 39.
02:11 And then if you have that, you can follow along with us.
02:16 Before we do anything else though, we're going to
02:17 sing our theme song.
02:19 And our theme song is, Victory in Jesus.
02:22 So join us as we sing our theme song together.
02:33 I heard an old, old story, how the Savior came from glory,
02:40 how He gave His life on Calvary to save a wretch like me.
02:48 I heard about His groaning, of His precious blood's atoning.
02:55 Then I repented of my sins and won the victory.
03:03 O victory in Jesus, my Savior forever.
03:10 He sought me and bought me with His redeeming blood.
03:18 He loved me ere I knew Him, and all my love is due Him.
03:25 He plunged me to victory beneath the cleansing flood.
03:33 I heard about a mansion He has built for me in glory,
03:41 and I heard about the streets of gold beyond the crystal sea,
03:48 about the angels singing and the old redemption story.
03:56 And some sweet day I'll sing up there the song of victory.
04:03 O victory in Jesus, my Savior forever.
04:11 He sought me and bought me with His redeeming blood.
04:18 He loved me ere I knew Him, and all my love is due Him.
04:26 He plunged me to victory beneath the cleansing flood.
04:34 He plunged me to victory beneath the cleansing flood.
04:44 Amen. Amen.
04:47 Tonight our topic is, The Truth About...,
04:50 together with me, ...Our Greatest Need.
04:55 Now go with me to the book of Philippians very quickly
04:59 as I lay some foundation.
05:02 The book of Philippians.
05:04 It's become one of my favorite books in the Bible.
05:06 I call it, the Olympic book.
05:09 The Olympic book.
05:11 Alright, Philippians. Philippians.
05:18 And we're going to look at the promises that the Lord
05:25 has made to us.
05:27 We're going to go to chapter 4 of Philippians
05:31 and look at verse 13 together.
05:34 Now since we talk about our greatest need,
05:37 we need to know something about our greatest need.
05:40 Look at the promise that the Lord has made.
05:43 And the Bible says in Philippians 4:19.
05:47 I said 13? I mean 19.
05:50 The Bible says, "And my God shall supply..." What?
05:54 "...all your need according to His riches
05:59 in glory by Christ Jesus."
06:02 Now a lot of times we read that verse,
06:04 we think of money right away.
06:06 Because the word, "riches," is in that.
06:08 We think, "Well, I need money, so God is going to supply
06:11 all my needs because He's rich."
06:13 And we start saying, "Well, how much do I need?"
06:15 And we start calling on God for money.
06:18 But that's not what that text means.
06:20 Because it says, "according to His riches in glory
06:24 by Christ Jesus."
06:26 And the Bible says, "Fear God and give glory to Him."
06:29 Now the riches is the riches not only of His provision,
06:34 but the riches of His grace.
06:36 And is God rich in grace?
06:39 Yes He is.
06:40 But not only the richness of His grace, and the riches of glory,
06:44 and the riches of His provision, but also God is rich in mercy.
06:50 God is rich, period.
06:52 But when we read that text, in order for us to understand
06:56 the benefit of this lesson about our greatest need,
06:59 we need to know that whatever that need is,
07:02 "My God shall supply..." What?
07:04 "...all our need according to His riches in glory
07:09 by Christ Jesus."
07:11 So when you get stuck on the financial needs,
07:14 don't pause there, because God can provide
07:18 every need that we have.
07:19 And sometimes we have the need of forgiveness.
07:22 Sometimes we have the need of Him leading us
07:24 to the place of repentance.
07:26 Sometimes we have the need of comfort.
07:28 And sometimes we have the need of just
07:30 knowing that we count.
07:32 And the Lord will provide all of our need according to
07:34 His riches in glory.
07:37 Now in order for us to even benefit further from this,
07:40 we need to understand a few things that's true about us.
07:43 Go with me to the book of Jeremiah.
07:46 Jeremiah.
07:48 Because when we were born into this world,
07:50 we were not born rich.
07:52 I'm not talking about financially.
07:54 Because some people inherited money from their relatives,
07:57 some people were beneficiaries, some people were executors.
08:03 Some people didn't know how much was laid up for them
08:07 until their loved one died or they inherited something.
08:11 Well you know, we are inheritors.
08:13 We are inheritors of the grace of God, the salvation of Jesus.
08:19 But we ought to understand something about our condition.
08:22 I said Jeremiah what?
08:24 Seventeen, and let's look at how we were born.
08:30 This is kind of a depressing text.
08:32 I think that's an understatement.
08:35 Jeremiah 17, and let's look together at verse 9.
08:41 Wow!
08:43 Now the reason why this passage is there,
08:45 you only have to understand it in context of
08:48 what the Lord said in verse 7.
08:50 Because we often read Jeremiah 17:9,
08:53 but we don't really read before that.
08:56 The context of this is, you can trust the Lord's heart
09:01 but you can't trust man's heart.
09:04 Look at verse 9. Look at verse 7.
09:06 The Bible says, Jeremiah 17:7, "Blessed is the man..."
09:11 Who does what?
09:13 "...who trusts in the Lord, and whose hope is in the Lord."
09:19 And I'm going to continue reading verse 8,
09:20 and then to verse 9.
09:22 "For he shall be like a tree planted by the waters..."
09:25 Sounds like Psalm 1, right?
09:27 Planted by the waters.
09:29 "...which spreads out its roots by the river,
09:34 and will not fear when heat comes;
09:37 but its leaf will be green, and will not be anxious
09:41 in the year of drought, nor will cease from yielding fruit."
09:46 Now that's the context of it.
09:48 In other words, you can trust God.
09:49 Whatever you commit to God, He's going to make it prosper.
09:52 But he says, "But what about man?"
09:54 So if you now try to put your trust towards man,
09:56 what's going to happen?
09:58 This is where verse 9 comes in.
10:00 The Bible says, "The heart is deceitful above..."
10:03 How many things?
10:04 "...all things..." And what else?
10:06 "...desperately wicked."
10:07 And here's the question. "Who can know it?"
10:10 We can know God's heart because He's made promises.
10:12 He says, "You'll be like a tree planted.
10:14 Your leaves won't wither.
10:16 Whatever you plant is going to come to fruition."
10:18 And the tree doesn't even have to be anxious when it's hot.
10:21 And the context there is, when drought comes,
10:24 whatever you plant God will bring to fruition.
10:29 So God is able to supply all of our need.
10:32 He's able to prevent drought from causing our crops to fail.
10:37 God is able to provide all of our need.
10:40 But he said, "But don't trust your heart.
10:43 Because your heart may make a promise, but it can't keep it."
10:48 But God wants to provide all of our need.
10:50 And now I want to go to Jeremiah...
10:52 I'm going to go to question number five.
10:54 Since we are in Jeremiah, we're going to begin at
10:55 question number five tonight.
10:57 And let's look at this, because we have to understand
10:59 in order to benefit from the needs that God has provided.
11:02 And I think I mentioned this at the beginning of this lesson
11:05 last episode, was that we're going to talk about
11:09 not just our greatest need, we're going to talk about
11:11 repentance, we're going to talk about confession,
11:16 we're going to talk about what it means to repent.
11:18 What is conversion?
11:20 A lot of people join churches, but not very many people
11:22 repent of anything any longer.
11:25 They say, "I want to be a member, but I don't want to
11:26 repent of anything."
11:27 We're going to talk about, what is repentance?
11:29 What does it mean to repent?
11:31 What does it mean to have a heart of repentance?
11:33 Let's look at the continual picture that develops here.
11:36 Question number five, here it is.
11:45 Go to Jeremiah 13.
11:48 Just four chapters earlier.
11:52 Jeremiah 13, and we're going to look at verse 23.
11:57 Jeremiah 13:23
12:00 And look at this passage.
12:02 You may be familiar with it.
12:03 But I'd like you to read it with me.
12:06 The Bible says, together...
12:19 Now the reason why this passage is included in there,
12:22 because while people...
12:24 Let me use a story to illustrate this point.
12:27 A number of years ago I saw a picture of a man
12:29 who had during the Christmas season gone from
12:32 one orphanage to the other and he had a stack of
12:34 one hundred dollar bills.
12:36 And he was giving out hundred dollar bills
12:39 to people in the orphanages.
12:41 He went from one orphanage to the other.
12:42 He had a stack and he continued doing that until, I guess,
12:45 whatever he allotted had run out.
12:48 Now somebody said, "What a good heart!"
12:51 And they found out that the man was an atheist.
12:55 Didn't even believe in God.
12:57 So what somebody concluded was, it doesn't take a good heart
13:00 to do a good deed.
13:03 It doesn't take a heart that believes in Christ
13:05 to give away money.
13:07 But money is not the measurement of our salvation.
13:11 Finances is not the measurement of our salvation.
13:14 So here is what the person said.
13:15 And I want to make sure I get it right.
13:18 It doesn't take a good heart to do a good deed,
13:21 but a good heart will do a good deed.
13:24 But the deed we do does not change our heart,
13:28 and the heart does not change our deed.
13:30 Did you get that?
13:31 The deed we do doesn't change our heart,
13:33 and our heart is not changed by the deed.
13:36 It's just a deed.
13:37 So you could do a good thing, but the heart is deceitful and
13:40 desperately wicked.
13:42 And we cannot change it.
13:43 So the deed does not change our heart,
13:45 and our hearts cannot make our deed good.
13:49 So we need a good heart.
13:51 Amen? We need a good heart.
13:53 So write the answer down.
13:55 How capable are we of changing our condition?
13:56 And what is the answer?
13:58 We cannot.
14:00 An Ethiopian cannot change his ethnicity,
14:03 he can't change his skin color.
14:04 And the leopard, I have not seen a leopard change his appearance
14:08 to a zebra.
14:09 Can't do it.
14:11 Cannot change his spots.
14:13 Alright, that's the incapability.
14:15 But now let's look at the other one.
14:17 We're going to transition now.
14:19 Question number six. Question number six.
14:24 I like this.
14:25 Because we talked about a lot of conditions last week,
14:28 or in our last episode if it was not last week.
14:30 We talked about a lot of conditions.
14:32 But now when you know your condition,
14:34 when you know your condition,
14:37 when you acknowledge your condition.
14:39 Now there's one thing to know, but there's something altogether
14:42 to acknowledge.
14:43 When you go to a doctor, the doctor says,
14:45 "What's bothering you?"
14:47 You say, "Well, actually I'm just here for a check-up."
14:49 "Well, what made you come here?"
14:51 "Well, I'm not doing too bad, but I'd just like a check-up,
14:54 an overall check-up."
14:56 Well something has to urge you to go to a doctor.
14:58 If you go feeling you need to go, you need to
15:01 let the physician know what kind of symptom is showing up
15:05 so that he can somehow diagnose it
15:08 and see if there's anything wrong.
15:09 When we acknowledge...
15:11 Notice the difference between know and acknowledge.
15:13 When we acknowledge our condition, then we can
15:16 turn to the one who can make that change.
15:18 Now let me ask a couple of questions.
15:21 Can money change our condition?
15:25 No, money can't change our condition.
15:28 Can education change our condition?
15:30 No.
15:32 Can status in life change our condition?
15:36 What about our standing in the community; change our condition?
15:39 No.
15:40 Can we be saved by money, status, education?
15:45 No, absolutely not.
15:46 Nothing can change our condition.
15:49 Yet in our world today, it's amazing to me
15:52 how so many people turn away from Christ
15:54 when He is, in fact, the only...
15:56 What word did I just use?
15:58 ...the only one that can make a difference in our standing.
16:02 Not just before the world, but before God.
16:06 So let's ask the question.
16:08 What options do we have in searching for salvation?
16:12 Let's look together at Acts 4:12.
16:15 Options.
16:17 What options do we have?
16:20 Okay, you all turning there?
16:21 I guess you already turned there.
16:23 Wow, that's pretty good.
16:25 I guess you know where we're going.
16:26 What options do we have? Acts 4:12
16:29 And the Bible says...
16:48 So we live in a world today where people
16:51 call on different gods.
16:54 You know. That's right.
16:56 Muhammad, Buddha, Hare Krishna,
17:03 the millions of gods that are worshiped all throughout
17:06 various Asian countries.
17:08 In America we have a lot of gods too.
17:10 Somebody said, "To find out a person's god,"
17:12 now there was a time when they said, "look at their checkbook,"
17:14 but now it's, "look at their credit card statement."
17:17 Or look at their cable bill.
17:21 People find money for things that are important to them.
17:24 But when you look at this text, what our greatest need is
17:30 is right in this text.
17:31 What is our greatest need that you see in this text?
17:33 What is our greatest need?
17:35 Come on, say it again.
17:37 Salvation.
17:38 Salvation from.
17:40 Because reality is, the world is like a conveyor belt.
17:44 Anyone in the world that does not see his or her need of Jesus
17:48 is on a conveyor belt already to destruction.
17:52 I mean, that's just the way that they're going.
17:54 There's no turning left, there's no turning right.
17:56 And so when you think about, well where can I find answers
18:00 outside of Jesus?
18:02 I think somebody said it this way.
18:04 "People don't like Jesus for the same reason
18:08 they don't like certain restaurants.
18:11 Because they don't like what's on the menu."
18:14 Where's the menu?
18:15 In God's Word.
18:17 And usually people often compare,
18:20 "Well the Bible is a good book,
18:22 but I don't necessarily read the Bible."
18:25 We had a recent tragedy here in America.
18:28 A very terrible tragedy.
18:30 And a person that was, after this atrocity of
18:33 shooting and killing fifty something people in Las Vegas...
18:38 I'm trying not to date this show, but this is
18:39 important for this story.
18:42 ...they began to search his background and they said
18:45 he did not attend church, he had no religious affiliation.
18:48 He never claimed to be a Christian.
18:50 And I thought, and he died that way.
18:54 And I thought, I kind of have an idea where he
18:56 might be ending up.
18:59 Yet there is this mindset in the world today
19:02 that everybody who dies goes to heaven.
19:05 "Oh, he's in heaven now."
19:08 No, I could say for certain...
19:10 Well I'm trying to be kind.
19:12 Because I'll be very candid with you.
19:14 When you're blowing people away with an automatic weapon,
19:17 or with any kind of weapon, when you're killing people
19:20 and then you end up taking your life,
19:21 there's no split second, "Oh by the way, Lord,
19:23 I just killed fifty-four people.
19:24 Will You save me? Thank You."
19:27 No. Come on, now.
19:28 You don't get there in a split second.
19:32 And the trend of your life tells a whole lot
19:35 about where you're headed.
19:36 And what we need to know, if a person doesn't have
19:39 an opportunity, that's one thing, but the trek of your life
19:44 is a determining factor in your saving or being lost.
19:48 It's the trend of your life.
19:50 Not a momentary deed or a momentary misdeed.
19:54 So some people might say, "Well hey, that person needs
19:57 to be saved because they gave two million dollars
20:00 to the local gymnasium."
20:03 Or they donated money to build a building.
20:05 You can't build enough buildings to be saved.
20:09 There is no salvation in any other name
20:13 other than the name of Jesus.
20:16 So write that down. What are the options?
20:17 The only option is who?
20:19 The only option is Jesus.
20:22 Now here is the reason why.
20:24 So write that down for number six.
20:26 Here is the reason why the only option is Jesus.
20:29 Question number seven.
20:31 Let's look at that together.
20:33 Question number seven.
20:43 Or I should have said, what glorious benefit
20:45 do we also receive?
20:48 Acts 10:34
20:52 Acts 10:34
20:56 Sorry, forty-three. I'm looking right at it.
20:59 And I just had a, what do they call that moment?
21:01 What do they call those? Dyslexia moments.
21:04 It just, everything flipped on me.
21:06 Acts 10:43
21:08 So you're looking at it correctly.
21:10 Acts 10:43
21:13 Let's look at that together.
21:14 And the Bible says, here it is...
21:31 You know what remission is.
21:33 Remission is a medical word.
21:35 You know, it's often referred to with what disease?
21:38 Cancer.
21:39 His cancer is in remission.
21:41 Or somebody might use it for other terms.
21:43 But in the most part, the word, "remission," is used for cancer.
21:47 Or you don't often say, "His cold is in remission."
21:52 You say his cold has gone away.
21:54 Or he's almost over his cold or her cold.
21:56 But when the Bible talks about remission,
21:59 if you think of the only thing that can destroy us,
22:02 the only thing that can guarantee us being lost
22:04 is what?
22:06 Sin. It's right there at the end.
22:08 Is what? Sin.
22:09 So if Jesus now, and it talks about here,
22:13 the remission of sin comes not to those who just know His name,
22:17 but to those who do what?
22:19 Believe in Him.
22:21 And belief, let me make this very clear, belief is not just,
22:24 "Oh, I believe in Jesus."
22:26 Because the devils believe.
22:28 James said the devil believes, and the belief that he has...
22:31 As I said to somebody, there are no atheists among the demons.
22:35 Right?
22:37 They are so convinced that there is a Jesus
22:39 that the Bible says it makes them tremble.
22:42 You read some stories in the Bible when Jesus cast the
22:45 demons out of the demoniac and He cast them into a pig.
22:50 The demon said, "Have you come to torment us before our time?"
22:53 They knew it. And the devil knows.
22:54 The Bible says he knows he has a short time.
22:56 So there are no atheists among demons.
22:59 But for some reason people say, "Well, I believe in Jesus."
23:03 "Well, I believe there's a God."
23:04 "Well, I believe..."
23:05 Well no, you have to not only believe in Him.
23:07 But the word there, "believe," means, lean upon, rely upon,
23:10 commit yourself to.
23:12 When you really believe something,
23:13 you commit yourself to it.
23:15 You don't just intellectually accept it,
23:16 or give this intellectual assent.
23:18 When you believe in something, you commit.
23:21 You wholeheartedly, you lean, you summit.
23:25 And then when you do that,
23:27 all of a sudden He begins to reverse.
23:29 Now when it says, "remission of sin,"
23:31 it doesn't mean just take away your sin.
23:34 Because if that's the case, He can easily do that.
23:37 That's what 1 John 1:9, says, "If you confess,
23:40 He's faithful and just to forgive you."
23:43 But this says, "remission."
23:44 Now there's a difference between forgive and remission.
23:47 If somebody could...
23:49 And I think I like the way that they use this
23:51 in the context of cancer.
23:53 Remission meaning, it's reversing.
23:55 What is reversing?
23:58 The effect.
23:59 The cancer itself, it's going away.
24:03 The cancer's impact on you is reversing.
24:07 What remission means is, the impact of sin on you is
24:11 being reversed.
24:14 So building on that for a brief moment,
24:17 when it says the impact of sin on you is being reversed,
24:20 it means what you use to be you are no longer that.
24:24 You are becoming what you...
24:26 You are becoming less of who you were
24:28 and more of who Jesus is.
24:32 That should have been an "amen" right there.
24:34 You're becoming less of who you were
24:36 and more of who Jesus is.
24:38 So that remission point,
24:39 so what is the point of remission?
24:42 Another word for, "remission," here is,
24:44 whatever has impacted you is being reversed.
24:47 It's being turned around.
24:48 You could use the word loosely, "repent,"
24:50 but repentance and remission is not the same thing.
24:52 Repentance comes before remission.
24:55 The remission, the impact of sin on your life is being reversed.
24:59 So let's write that down.
25:01 Acts 10:43
25:03 When we receive Jesus, what glorious benefit do we receive?
25:08 Write that down.
25:10 Remission of sins.
25:13 Remission of sins.
25:14 The reversal of the impact on our lives.
25:17 The reversal of the impact.
25:19 That's why when you look at the man who received his sight,
25:22 you saw a man who was made to see.
25:25 The impact of his sin was reversed.
25:29 When the paralytic who was let down through the roof,
25:32 the Lord said, "Your sin be forgiven you."
25:36 And then He said, "To show you that I am the Lord..."
25:39 What?
25:41 "Get up."
25:43 He first forgave him before He healed him.
25:46 And some of us need to be forgiven,
25:49 and when we accept the forgiveness of God...
25:51 I want you to follow me carefully.
25:53 Some of us, when you don't accept the forgiveness of God,
25:56 the impact of the sin is not going to be reversed.
26:02 Follow that.
26:05 When you don't accept the forgiveness...
26:07 If the Lord just said to that man,
26:08 and He knew his condition...
26:10 We don't really have any insight as to what the Lord meant about,
26:12 "Your sins be forgiven you."
26:13 We just know He said, "Your sins are forgiven.
26:15 But to show you that I am the Son of God,
26:18 get up."
26:23 The healing came after the forgiveness.
26:26 Look at a couple of examples in the Bible.
26:28 When the Lord spit in the man's eye, He said, "Go wash."
26:33 The Bible says, and when he went, as he went, what happened?
26:39 His sight returned.
26:41 The Lord sends him on a process.
26:43 See, when we receive forgiveness from God,
26:46 the impact of the sin begins to be reversed.
26:50 And then the Lord says, now He gave him the capacity
26:53 to stand up.
26:54 Whatever was happening in that man's life, I think Ellen White
26:56 talks about the way he lived caused him to be
26:59 in the condition he was in.
27:01 But the remission of the sin took him out of the condition
27:05 after he accepted the forgiveness of the Lord.
27:12 Remission of sin.
27:13 Go back to that.
27:14 The impact on your life will not continue.
27:17 Now let me ask you the question, how many of you
27:23 would like to be forgiven of anything?
27:28 How many of you would like the impact of your sin to remain?
27:35 Now in some cases it does.
27:40 And the Lord decides.
27:42 But when it comes to healing, when it comes to restoration,
27:46 when it comes to forgiveness,
27:48 when it comes to making a person whole...
27:50 Now if you lost your foot because of something
27:54 you did foolishly, the Lord is not going to give you back
27:57 the foot and say, "Now go ahead and run a race again."
28:00 Sometimes the impact is there to remind you
28:02 of the decision you made.
28:05 But when it comes to...
28:06 If you look at Isaiah...
28:08 Okay, go with me to Isaiah.
28:09 Let me give you an example of remission.
28:13 Where are we going? Isaiah.
28:17 And when I get there I'll tell you exactly...
28:19 I believe it's Isaiah chapter 61.
28:23 Okay.
28:27 Yes, okay.
28:29 This is a beautiful example of remission.
28:33 Isaiah chapter 61.
28:36 Now you're going to notice a lot of conditions here.
28:40 And each of these conditions is the result of sin.
28:43 Now watch this.
28:44 Isaiah 61:1
28:47 "The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon Me,
28:51 because He has anointed Me to preach..." What?
28:55 "...good tidings to the poor..."
28:57 That's not talking about people that are financially poor,
28:59 but the poor in spirit, as He talks about in the beatitudes.
29:02 Those whose spirits are broken.
29:05 "He sent Me to..." What?
29:07 "...heal the brokenhearted..."
29:10 Notice, a person who is broken is now being healed.
29:13 Look at the remission.
29:15 "...to proclaim liberty to the..." What?
29:16 "...captives..."
29:18 A person that was captive by sin, vice, whatever it was,
29:22 He can proclaim liberty; the reversal.
29:24 "...and the opening of the prison to those who are..."
29:26 What? "...bound..."
29:28 Those who are bound in the prison house
29:30 of sin, He does what?
29:31 Opens the doors. He's reversing.
29:34 He's not saying, "I forgive you, but stay in prison.
29:38 I heal you, but stay brokenhearted.
29:40 I come to proclaim liberty, but stay in the jail."
29:44 No, He proclaims liberty and He sets the captives free.
29:48 Let's keep going.
29:49 Verse 2, "...to proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD,
29:54 and the day of vengeance of our God..."
29:56 But look what He continues; the remission.
29:58 "...to comfort all who..." Do what?
30:00 "...mourn, to console those who mourn in Zion..."
30:04 Look at the reversal.
30:06 "...to give them beauty for..." What?
30:07 "...ashes, the oil of joy for mourning,
30:11 the garment of praise for the spirit of..." What?
30:14 "...heaviness..."
30:15 And look at all the results.
30:17 "...that they may be called trees of righteousness,
30:21 the planting of the LORD, that He may be glorified."
30:24 Now here's the point.
30:26 Are you ready for it?
30:28 Unless a person sees what God's remission of sin has done
30:33 in your life, they don't really want,
30:35 they don't want what you don't have.
30:37 If they said, "Well Dan, weren't you that guy who use to
30:40 smoke and drink?
30:42 Is that the same Dan Giguere?"
30:44 And you say, "Sure is. But I'm not the same guy.
30:47 I'm not who I use to be."
30:50 And they say, "Well, how is that?"
30:51 "I accepted Christ into my life."
30:53 Then they see the change, the remission in your life,
30:56 then that's what they want.
30:58 But if somebody says, and I think somebody mentioned once,
31:01 I forgot what church they were going to, but they said,
31:03 "You know, I went to a particular house of worship,
31:05 and I saw that while people were rejoicing and praising God
31:09 on the inside, when they came outside they were
31:11 cussing and smoking and drinking.
31:13 And I thought, 'Man, they were just in there praising God,
31:16 but I don't see any difference in their lives.'"
31:18 And that's why the Lord is saying, "I want to not just
31:21 forgive you, but I want to reverse the impact
31:25 of that sin on your life."
31:26 So when you think about remission, don't think of it
31:28 as just, "Well, the sin is being wiped away."
31:30 No, the impact of the sin is being reversed.
31:34 Amen?
31:36 And that's why it says in verse 4,
31:38 "And they shall rebuild the old ruins,
31:41 they shall raise up the former desolations,
31:44 and they shall repair the ruined cities,
31:46 the desolations of many generations."
31:49 He's talking about, "How long has this condition existed?
31:53 I could restore it, I could bring it back."
31:56 And you know, when you talk about that,
31:57 sometimes you talk about generational sin.
32:00 Generations, generations, generations.
32:02 Somewhere along the way could be broken.
32:03 "I could raise it up, I could reverse it.
32:06 Things that were desolate, I could rebuild them.
32:08 The things that need to be repaired, I could restore them."
32:12 He's talking about remission of sin.
32:14 I wanted to spend a little time on that, because
32:16 remission of sins is what every one of us is in need of.
32:19 Amen?
32:20 Not just the forgiveness, but the reversal of it,
32:23 and not allowing the impact on us to continue.
32:27 Wow!
32:28 Question number seven.
32:30 Sorry, question number eight.
32:32 Question number eight.
32:33 So if you want to put a further note on number seven,
32:36 don't just put, "remission of sin,"
32:38 put, "reversal of its impact."
32:42 Reversal of its impact.
32:47 Reversal of its impact.
32:48 The Lord didn't say to the blind man, "I forgive you,"
32:51 and he's still bumping into trees.
32:54 No, really. I don't want to be cynical.
32:55 But the Lord changed the condition of that person's life.
32:59 That's why the blind man, they had a hard time convincing
33:02 the religious leaders, "Is he the one that was born blind?"
33:08 "Well then, which one sinned, his mother or him?"
33:10 "Neither."
33:12 "Well, how were you made to see?"
33:20 He told them the process.
33:22 And they said, "But how?"
33:26 "So since we don't want to accept your explanation,
33:28 would you tell us how your son was healed?"
33:30 "He's old enough. You ask him."
33:34 And then he said, "Do you also want to become His disciples?"
33:38 Then he narrowed it down, and I like this.
33:40 He was so completely remiss, the remission was so clear,
33:46 he said, "All I know is, I once was blind, but..." What?
33:50 "...now I see.
33:53 So I'm out of here."
33:56 And he went on rejoicing and praising God.
33:59 And there were sometimes that Jesus healed people, He said,
34:01 "Don't tell anybody."
34:03 What happened? Everybody found out.
34:05 The woman at the well.
34:08 She was so excited that she met Jesus.
34:11 And she went to the town and told people,
34:13 and they came back and they all believed on Him
34:14 because of her testimony.
34:16 The remission of sin.
34:17 They saw a changed person.
34:19 They didn't just see a person that met another man,
34:22 they saw a changed person.
34:23 The remission of sin.
34:25 Here's the point of the story.
34:26 What is our greatest need?
34:27 Our greatest need is not just the forgiveness of sin,
34:29 but our greatest need is the reversal of the impact
34:32 of sin on our lives.
34:36 And I heard all these people say "amen" through the camera.
34:40 We all need the reversal of the impact of sin on our lives.
34:45 Yes. Not just forgiveness.
34:47 Forgiveness is like, okay, it's almost like to some people,
34:51 "You're forgiven."
34:52 But the Lord said, what did He say to the woman?
34:54 "You're forgiven, but go and sin no more."
34:56 The reversal of the impact on your life.
35:00 Okay, now let's go to number eight.
35:03 Number eight, here it is.
35:05 Okay.
35:13 Hebrews 7:25
35:15 When we receive Jesus, to what degree are we saved?
35:18 I'm going to go right to that very quickly, because
35:19 I want to jump into some other ones.
35:21 And I think we covered this before, but this is amazing.
35:23 Alright, Hebrews 7:25.
35:25 There are a lot of good 7:25's in the Bible.
35:28 Like Daniel 7:25.
35:30 Here it is. Let's read this together.
35:50 Let me encourage you.
35:51 Tonight there is somebody interceding for every one of us.
35:59 I don't know, in this day and age even with cell phones
36:02 sometimes you get busy signals.
36:05 Isn't that right?
36:07 Or sometimes you don't get through.
36:08 Or sometimes it's, "Leave a message after the beep."
36:12 But when we call on Jesus, there's somebody who ever lives
36:15 to make intercession for us.
36:17 Which means, He's an ever present help in time of need.
36:22 You've got to really understand the impact of that.
36:24 That means, when everything else around you and
36:26 everybody else around you is not accessible,
36:28 He ever lives to make intercession.
36:30 What does that mean?
36:31 That means, Jesus is always our direct line to the Father.
36:36 Always our direct line.
36:39 No storms of life could break that direct connection between
36:41 the Father and the Son.
36:43 So He intercedes.
36:44 What does that mean?
36:46 When I ask for forgiveness, His blood is applied to my life.
36:49 And before His Father, He sees me as He sees His Son.
36:53 Amen, somebody?
36:55 I mean, that's huge.
36:56 I don't want to just say, I've read this text all my life.
37:01 But He doesn't save us.
37:02 He saves us to the...
37:05 Say it again.
37:07 He saves us to the uttermost.
37:09 We always said in New York, "From the guttermost
37:12 to the uttermost."
37:14 I couldn't resist that; I've said that a thousand times,
37:16 but it just fits.
37:17 He goes all the way down and brings us all the way up.
37:22 And He does it like the guy that is standing at the toll booth
37:27 waiting to pay for the next vehicle to pass through.
37:31 A number of years ago we were driving in a caravan of people.
37:35 And we got to the toll booth and the lady went like this.
37:41 She said, "Go ahead." And I said, "But..."
37:45 "Somebody already paid. Just go right straight through."
37:47 You know, one day we're going to be able to walk through the
37:49 gates into the New Jerusalem because somebody paid ahead.
37:55 Somebody paid ahead.
37:58 And it's important for those of us who have heard this story
38:01 so many times to pause and remember the beauty of it.
38:06 Because one of the dangers of being a Christian
38:08 for a long time is, you've heard the story.
38:11 It's like watching the same movie.
38:14 You walk away when somebody else is watching it.
38:17 Have you ever done that?
38:19 Have you ever done that?
38:20 "Ah, I know what's going to happen.
38:22 I've already seen it."
38:24 That's the complacency.
38:25 We should never allow ourselves to hear the gospel,
38:28 which is the good news, and say, "I've heard this story before.
38:32 You can... I've heard it.
38:34 I know what... 'For God so loved the world...'
38:36 Yeah, I've heard it before."
38:38 Don't ever lose, don't ever lose appreciation
38:43 for the good news of salvation.
38:46 Wow!
38:53 Ever lives.
38:56 Number nine, number nine.
38:57 Write that down. He ever lives.
38:59 When we receive Jesus, to what degree are we saved?
39:02 To the uttermost.
39:04 He ever lives.
39:05 Wow!
39:07 What other religious leader can say that?
39:10 Not even the pope.
39:14 And unfortunately, not even Mary.
39:18 Amen.
39:19 Because Mary is not alive.
39:21 You can pray to a wooden statue, a golden statue,
39:23 a plaster statue, a painted statue, a manufactured statue,
39:28 you're praying to plaster of Paris.
39:31 As my dad use to say.
39:35 Right now there's a factory just mass producing
39:38 images of Mary.
39:40 Don't forget to paint the eyes blue and hair brown and
39:43 the skin, you know, whatever color.
39:46 They just mass produce.
39:47 They put them in a mold.
39:48 Let me walk you through the fakeness of this.
39:50 They put all the plaster in a mold, shapes it,
39:53 it comes out just a big ole white statue.
39:55 Then they paint it and polish it up, and
39:57 make it look all colorful, and they sell it,
39:59 and somebody bows down before it.
40:02 That's not what you need to do.
40:04 You need to bow down before the one who ever lives.
40:06 Can we get an amen?
40:07 Ever lives.
40:09 Not an idol on your dashboard, not a crucifix around your neck,
40:13 not a, and for the new-agers, not a gem
40:17 that's glittering in the sun.
40:20 Not even an heirloom that your grandma passed down.
40:26 But you've got to bow before Jesus.
40:29 Because so many people have substitute gods
40:32 that can't do a thing for them.
40:34 I've seen people...
40:36 I was just looking at a video recently,
40:37 actually a documentary, when Pope John Paul II
40:41 visited South America and they were at the temple of
40:47 Our Lady of Guadeloupe.
40:49 This was an experience years ago.
40:50 Our Lady of Guadeloupe.
40:52 That's the apparition that appeared.
40:54 An apparition.
40:56 Meaning, a demon appeared in the form of a lady
41:00 who had already died.
41:01 And everybody, those who saw it, said that God sent a sign.
41:04 An apparition of a dead person.
41:07 Which is what a demon does.
41:09 And so this temple where Pope John Paul II went in
41:13 and bowed before this statue and kissed its feet,
41:18 and vowed his allegiance to Our Lady of Guadeloupe.
41:24 And people were walking...
41:25 I don't want to do it now because the
41:26 cameras can't catch it.
41:28 But they were kneeling and they were crawling their way
41:29 to the temple on their knees to please Our Lady of Guadeloupe,
41:34 when all they had to do was call on Jesus.
41:38 And there's so many people today that are bound
41:40 in form and ceremonies when all they really have to do
41:46 is call on Jesus.
41:48 Number nine, number nine.
41:50 Let's move a little quicker.
41:52 To those who receive Jesus, what promise has He made?
41:55 Let's go to 2 Timothy 4:18.
41:59 To those who receive Jesus, what promise has He made?
42:06 Let's look at that.
42:08 Here it is.
42:11 The Bible says...
42:30 Have you notice, not only does the Bible say,
42:32 "The Lord will deliver me," but the Bible says,
42:34 "He will deliver me from every evil work,
42:36 and then He will preserve."
42:38 He will preserve.
42:39 But have you noticed, in many of the Bible verses
42:42 the word, "glory," keeps appearing.
42:44 The word, "glory," keeps appearing.
42:46 Because you know what?
42:48 Let's go now to Jude.
42:51 Let's go to the book of Jude.
42:53 Write that down.
42:54 To those who receive Jesus, what promise has He made?
42:56 He will deliver us and preserve us.
43:00 Amen to that?
43:02 He will deliver us and preserve us.
43:04 But you know what?
43:05 You have to want to be delivered.
43:07 You have to want to be preserved.
43:09 He's not going to yank you by your collar and say,
43:10 "What are you doing, Yannick?"
43:12 I pick on Yannick because he's a nice guy.
43:15 He's not going to force you.
43:17 But when you call on Him, He will deliver you.
43:19 "Whosoever calls upon the name of the Lord
43:22 shall be saved."
43:23 Now I talked about the word, "glory."
43:25 Let's look at Jude.
43:27 There's only one chapter in Jude.
43:29 I keep seeing the word, "glory," keeps showing up.
43:33 Wow!
43:35 Okay, look at this.
43:37 Verses 24 and 25.
43:41 This is the passage here.
43:43 This goes along with 2 Timothy 4:18;
43:46 He will deliver us.
43:48 "Now to Him who is able to keep you from
43:51 falling," or stumbling, "and to present you..." How?
43:56 Come on, say it.
43:58 "...faultless before the presence of His
44:04 glory with exceeding joy."
44:07 I don't want to run past that verse.
44:08 That means, one day Jesus is going to say to the
44:10 heavenly angels...
44:12 And right now one of the reasons why this is so
44:14 significant is because the great controversy has
44:17 disabled humanity from entering into heaven
44:20 in their present condition.
44:22 So I could imagine angels sometimes saying,
44:24 "Lord, I mean, we just got back from earth
44:27 and I've got any list of sins that I've recorded today
44:30 in the lives of Your children.
44:32 Are You sure You want them up here?"
44:35 I mean, you think about it for a moment.
44:37 Because Satan got expelled and his angels got expelled
44:39 for rebellion.
44:40 And then you look at the world and the condition that it's in.
44:43 I know the angels understand, but the plan of salvation
44:47 is far greater than even angels can comprehend
44:50 because they haven't experienced the saving grace of Christ.
44:53 But just imagine for a moment, they're saying,
44:55 "Are You sure You want them up here?"
44:56 And then it comes to the point where we are saved and sealed,
45:00 and then Jesus presents us before the presence
45:04 of His glory with what?
45:05 What kind of joy?
45:08 Can I get an expression of exceeding?
45:09 What kind of joy?
45:11 Exceeding joy.
45:12 He's happy that...
45:14 He says, "Father, look.
45:16 The work I began, did I finish it?"
45:18 "Yes."
45:19 "The work I began, I finished it.
45:21 And now I can present them before You with exceeding joy."
45:24 The word, "exceeding joy," means, a joy that continues
45:27 to be joyful.
45:29 A joy that continues to be joyful.
45:31 We don't have exceeding joy.
45:33 We have joy.
45:34 And then it lasts for how long?
45:37 "I'm so joyful that you came over.
45:41 Even more joyful that you left."
45:44 You know. Our joy.
45:46 Our joy transitions when... You know.
45:49 Anyway, let me leave that alone.
45:52 But, you know.
45:54 But it's true though.
45:55 That's human nature.
45:57 We're joyful that some people come over.
45:58 We're joyful that some people leave.
46:00 It's true. That's human nature.
46:02 But when Jesus presents us before the Father,
46:04 He's going to be joyful that all of His children
46:07 that were bound, that needed deliverance,
46:09 that needed preservation, that needed joy,
46:12 that needed hope, that needed salvation,
46:14 He's going to present them in a retinue of redeemed
46:18 from all the ages and He's going to present them
46:20 before the heavenly angels and before His Father.
46:22 With what kind of joy? Say it together.
46:24 Exceeding joy.
46:28 And I know why.
46:30 Because He's going to be glad that the great controversy
46:32 is finally over.
46:34 And I want to tell you something.
46:35 So will we.
46:37 That's why verse 25 says, "To God our Savior,
46:41 who alone is wise, be glory and majesty,
46:47 dominion and power, both now and..." How long?
46:50 "...forever. Amen."
46:53 Thank You, Lord.
46:55 Glory. Always.
46:57 "Fear God and give glory to Him."
46:59 Because the glory that He has will be revealed through us.
47:03 I want the glory of Christ to be revealed through me.
47:06 But only as we are redeemed and as we are saved
47:08 from sin and the impact that it once had on our lives.
47:13 Question number ten.
47:14 Let's move right along.
47:15 Question number ten. Here it is.
47:26 Hebrews 10:25 Hebrews 10:25
47:29 What did Jesus do to prepare for His mission of salvation?
47:33 Hebrews 10:5
47:35 I said 25?
47:36 I thought I said that.
47:37 I don't know what's happening to me today.
47:39 I'm having all these short circuits.
47:41 I worked so hard today, I'm trying to get my brain together.
47:43 Hebrews 10:5 Yes, here it is.
47:46 Here it is.
47:47 Now this is important.
47:49 Now as I turn there, I want you to pay particular attention.
47:52 Jesus could have easily...
47:58 Well, let me make the point after we read the text.
48:01 Here it is. Here's the text.
48:16 Okay, now watch this.
48:17 Let's go to the next verse.
48:19 Because we want to add John 1:14 there too.
48:23 Go to the next passage.
48:24 Here it is.
48:41 Notice what shows up again.
48:42 Glory.
48:45 I want us to take a moment and fathom what is
48:47 actually happening here.
48:49 "We beheld His glory,
48:52 the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,
48:54 full of grace and truth."
48:55 What would people have done differently
48:58 if they looked at Jesus and they said,
49:00 "He is the Son of God"?
49:03 Did it make an impact on those who believed?
49:05 Yes or no. It did.
49:06 But on those who did not believe,
49:07 it make absolutely no impact.
49:10 But what I want to bring out here is, Jesus risked everything
49:14 to give us everything.
49:17 Because the Bible says, sacrifice and offerings,
49:19 He could have easily done that.
49:21 But if you look at the verse, "Sacrifice and offering
49:23 You did not desire."
49:24 In other words, all those animals that were killed
49:27 through the Old Testament times, He says, "That was not what
49:32 the Father desired."
49:34 That was just a prefiguring of what Jesus would do.
49:36 That's why there's no need today to sacrifice animals.
49:40 Can you imagine what would happen
49:41 if here at Thompsonville church, "Where is Dan going?"
49:46 "Oh, he'll be back in a moment.
49:47 He's going to get two lambs and a dove."
49:54 And then you see him carrying his bucket of blood.
49:57 "Where's he going?"
49:58 "To the temple."
50:00 "For what?"
50:01 "To have the blood sprinkled on the horns of the altar."
50:05 "What is that smell?"
50:07 Now watch this.
50:09 The reason why the temple didn't have a stench
50:17 is because of what?
50:22 Say it again.
50:24 What did the incense represent?
50:29 The incense that continually rose represented what?
50:34 The prayers of the saints.
50:35 Which was right in front of the Most Holy Place,
50:41 which represented the continued ministration of Christ.
50:44 The mercy seat, the Ten Commandments, the law:
50:47 the glory of God represented there.
50:50 In the presence of God, if the people of God
50:53 would remain in prayer, I want you to get this,
50:56 the stench of their sin,
51:01 the stench of their sin would not be sensed
51:05 by others if we remain before God in prayer.
51:11 If they cease to use that incense, what would you smell?
51:17 The coagulation of blood that had been spilled
51:20 day by day, by day, by day.
51:23 But the scent of that incense
51:25 represented the prayers of the saints.
51:27 What the Lord is intending for us to do is that,
51:29 through His veil, that is, His body, that is, His flesh,
51:33 He became flesh and dwelt among us.
51:36 That's why when Jesus died, the veil of the curtain was torn.
51:41 The veil representing His flesh.
51:44 His flesh was torn.
51:45 Communion service.
51:46 The Bible talks about, this is His body that was broken for us.
51:51 The temple curtain was torn.
51:54 His flesh was torn.
51:56 It did not cost Him a little thing.
51:58 To save us, it cost Him everything.
52:03 So when you think about indulging in sin,
52:09 think of the fact that Jesus sacrificed Himself.
52:13 He put everything at risk
52:16 to give us everything that we don't deserve.
52:19 So I'm glad, Bonnie, that when this is all over,
52:23 we'll be able to not only behold His glory,
52:26 but we'll be able to reflect His glory.
52:28 Amen?
52:30 Oh, but I want to add something else.
52:32 He wants us to reflect His glory even now.
52:39 Our lives are called to reflect the glory of God even now,
52:43 "that they may see your good works."
52:47 The glory of the Lord is risen upon you.
52:49 And when God's glory is seen upon us,
52:52 then He receives the glory.
52:56 When they see your works, they glorify your Father
53:01 which is in heaven to give glory.
53:03 So our greatest need is not just the remission of sin,
53:06 not just for forgiveness of sin.
53:08 But one of our greatest needs is to be a continual walking
53:13 reminder to the world of what Jesus can do to a life
53:16 that's submitted to Him.
53:18 Amen?
53:20 What's different in that person's life?
53:21 What's different in her life and his life?
53:23 That's what happens to a person whose life
53:25 is submitted to Christ.
53:27 The glory of God is seen.
53:28 Amen?
53:30 Let's look at question number eleven.
53:31 I think we can do a few more before we get going here.
53:34 Question number eleven.
53:36 Okay, this is powerful.
53:38 Now He became flesh.
53:40 Could Jesus have failed? Yes or no.
53:43 Yes.
53:45 Because He was subject to every temptation just as we are.
53:48 He put Himself on disadvantaged ground.
53:54 He took on flesh.
53:56 The flesh of His mother through whom He was born.
53:59 So He had the flesh.
54:00 He had the nature of Adam after the fall.
54:04 So had He yielded in the slightest, all of us
54:08 would have been forever captive to the power of darkness.
54:11 But why? Question number eleven.
54:19 Wow!
54:21 Powerful question.
54:22 Go to Hebrews 2:14-15.
54:26 Why did He take on the form of human flesh?
54:28 Someone asked me once, "Couldn't He have just
54:30 saved us from heaven?"
54:32 Could He have?
54:33 Yes He could have.
54:35 But then would He have known what we go through?
54:38 Huh? What do we say?
54:40 "You don't know what I'm going through unless you
54:41 walk in my shoes."
54:44 That's right.
54:46 He could have easily said, "You're saved.
54:49 I ain't coming down there."
54:52 But to be our Savior, He had to be tempted just like we are.
54:59 But there's another reason why Jesus took on human flesh.
55:02 Look at Hebrews 2:14.
55:04 This is amazing.
55:05 Here it is.
55:07 The Bible says...
55:19 Meaning, so when you think that you're by yourself,
55:21 no, He shared in the same.
55:35 Not only did He destroy him, but look at the other part.
55:37 The remission here.
55:55 The devil could kill us.
55:57 And the Lord knew we knew that.
55:59 So it kept us in bondage to fear and death.
56:03 So Jesus now takes on our flesh,
56:07 comes and faces the same adversary,
56:10 He defeats that adversary, then He releases those
56:13 who are in bondage of fear and death.
56:17 And how long did He say?
56:19 Some people, all their lifetime.
56:22 And by the way, all their lifetime they were subject
56:25 to bondage until they met who?
56:28 Until they met Jesus.
56:30 Amen?
56:31 But until He took on that form that we have,
56:35 until He faced the temptations as we do,
56:38 until He was victorious as we would have to be,
56:41 He could never offer us what He didn't say...
56:44 Let me rephrase that.
56:46 ...what He did not experience.
56:48 He could never say, "Tracy, I know what you're
56:51 going through, because I faced it and I overcame it
56:54 in your behalf."
56:55 He could never say, "Larry, I know where you are.
56:59 Because that same temptation came to Me,
57:02 and I overcame it."
57:03 Now let me make something very clear before we close tonight.
57:06 Some people say, "Well, this kind of temptation
57:08 did not exist in Jesus' day."
57:10 There are only three types of temptation.
57:12 Lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes,
57:15 and the pride of life.
57:17 You look at Genesis; three temptations.
57:21 Pleasant to the eyes, a tree desirable to make one wise,
57:24 looked good for food.
57:26 Three temptations.
57:27 Jesus was tempted in three areas.
57:29 And it says, "All that is in the world; the lust of the flesh,
57:32 the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life."
57:34 All that is in the world is in those three categories.
57:37 He faced them all.
57:38 And He was victorious in every one of them.
57:40 Praise God for that.
57:42 So the next time you face temptation,
57:44 know that Jesus put everything on the line,
57:47 not just to save you, but to experience where you walk,
57:51 to know where you walk, to feel what you feel,
57:54 and to be victorious where you sometimes fail
57:56 to experience victory.
57:58 If it doesn't make sense, friends, keep studying.
58:00 One day it will come into a sharper focus.
58:03 God bless you.


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