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"Our Greatest Need" Part 4

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00:18 Hello and welcome to our Bible studies
00:20 here at the 3ABN Worship Center.
00:22 I thank you so much for taking the time
00:24 for tuning tonight to follow along
00:26 in our continued study on our greatest need.
00:31 We have been talking about repentance
00:32 which in fact is a continued study tonight
00:34 and in a moment I'll tell you
00:35 where you could get a copy of the lesson.
00:37 But all you need right now is a Bible
00:39 and a prayerful heart for the Lord
00:42 to lead you in our study tonight.
00:44 Before we go forward with any further information,
00:47 let us invite the Lord's presence to be with us.
00:49 Let us pray.
00:51 Father in heaven, thank You, Lord,
00:52 for this beautiful opportunity to read
00:54 and study your Word tonight.
00:56 Give us wisdom from above, we pray.
00:59 Guide us through Your Word and may Your Holy Spirit
01:02 have his way in our hearts, in Jesus' name, amen.
01:08 If you'd like a copy of the lesson,
01:10 go to the following website, ASF.3ABN.org
01:16 and download lesson number 39.
01:21 Lesson number 39,
01:22 you might think it seems like a long lesson
01:23 but the topic in fact is a very valid one.
01:27 We've been talking about repentance,
01:28 what've we been talking about?
01:30 Repentance.
01:31 Matter of fact, we didn't welcome our audience
01:33 with an amen, can we give them an amen?
01:34 Amen.
01:35 Our people here in Thompsonville,
01:38 West Frankfort, I welcome you to our study tonight.
01:41 And we've been talking about repentance.
01:45 And so the theme song,
01:47 Victory in Jesus, is about repentance.
01:51 So tonight, before we go any further,
01:53 let sing our theme song together, Victory in Jesus.
02:06 I heard an old, old story
02:10 How the Savior came from glory
02:13 How He gave His life on Calvary
02:17 To save a wretch like me
02:21 I heard about His groaning
02:25 Of His precious blood's atoning
02:28 Then I repented of my sins
02:32 And won the victory
02:35 Together.
02:37 O victory in Jesus My Savior, forever
02:44 He sought me and bought me
02:47 With His redeeming blood
02:51 He loved me ere I knew Him
02:55 And all my love is due Him
02:59 He plunged me to victory
03:03 Beneath the cleansing flood
03:06 I heard about a mansion
03:10 He has built for me in glory
03:14 And I heard about the streets of gold
03:18 Beyond the crystal sea
03:22 About the angels singing
03:25 And the old redemption story
03:29 And some sweet day I'll sing up there
03:33 The song of victory Key change.
03:37 O victory in Jesus My Savior, forever
03:44 He sought me and bought me
03:48 With His redeeming blood
03:52 He loved me ere I knew Him
03:56 And all my love is due Him
03:59 He plunged me to victory
04:03 Beneath the cleansing flood
04:07 He plunged me to victory
04:11 Beneath the cleansing flood
04:17 Amen.
04:18 Yes.
04:20 The topic is our greatest need,
04:24 the truth about our greatest need.
04:28 Tonight I'd like you to open with me to Revelation 2.
04:32 Revelation 2, we are gonna look and lay some foundation
04:36 about this topic we've been talking about.
04:39 The essentials, what is repentance,
04:42 how vital it is,
04:44 and tonight we are gonna delve even deeper into that.
04:47 I think I mentioned in one of our prior programs that,
04:51 is sin is the thing that hinders us,
04:54 which in fact it is,
04:57 then repentance is the thing that,
05:00 the only thing, let me just say
05:01 the way I said it before,
05:03 the only thing stronger than sin is repentance
05:06 and forgiveness.
05:08 Amen.
05:10 The only thing stronger than sin
05:12 is repentance and forgiveness.
05:13 The only thing stronger than our sin
05:16 is the blood of Jesus, amen?
05:17 Amen.
05:19 And so when we talk about that topic,
05:21 one of the churches,
05:23 particularly the church of Ephesus,
05:26 let's go to Revelation 2, and by the way,
05:30 the churches in the Bible, the seven churches,
05:34 it's amazing that when you look at
05:38 all the churches in Revelation,
05:39 there are seven churches, how many?
05:40 Seven. Seven.
05:42 And each of these churches cover,
05:44 they have a literal timeframe
05:47 and they also have a spiritual application.
05:50 The first one, Ephesus, let's look at this.
05:53 I want you to see how when the church began to,
05:58 when the church was established,
06:00 the church of Ephesus is an indication
06:03 of when the church took off,
06:04 when the church under the preaching
06:06 of the apostle's message, the church began to grow,
06:09 the church became more solid,
06:11 but there was something that the Lord wanted
06:13 the church to do in the very beginning
06:15 that He also wants us to do at the very end.
06:18 Here it is, Revelation 2
06:20 and I'm gonna walk through starting with verse 1.
06:24 "To the angel of the church of Ephesus write,
06:28 'These things says He who holds
06:31 the seven stars in His right hand,
06:33 who walks in the midst
06:35 of the seven golden candlesticks,
06:37 I know your works, your labor, your patience,
06:42 and that you cannot bear those who are evil.
06:46 And you have tested those who say they are apostles
06:50 and are not, and have found them liars."
06:53 So you see it even establishes a timeframe,
06:56 the time when the apostles were the strength of the church.
06:59 And it says in verse 3, "And you have persevered
07:03 and have patience, and have labored
07:06 for My name's sake and have not become weary.
07:11 Nevertheless I have this against you,
07:16 that you have" done what?
07:17 "Left your first love," that is Christ.
07:22 But look at the remedy.
07:24 "Remember therefore from where you have fallen,
07:27 together, repent and do the first works,
07:32 or else I will come to you quickly
07:35 and remove your lampstand from its place
07:38 unless you do" what?
07:40 "Unless you repent."
07:41 So Lord is in essence saying, now why does He say lampstand?
07:45 What does He say, well, first of all,
07:47 who is Jesus in the context of lampstand, who is Jesus?
07:50 Say it again.
07:52 The light of the world.
07:54 But then in Jesus' absence, he says, "What are we?"
07:58 You are going way deep on me.
08:00 What are we?
08:01 We are the light of the world, right?
08:03 So He is the light but when He is gone,
08:05 what are you?
08:07 The light.
08:08 Notice what he says.
08:10 But if we don't repent, what happens to our light?
08:13 It goes out. It goes out.
08:14 So repentance
08:18 causes our light to continue to shine.
08:24 Repentance is a prerequisite to causing,
08:28 to keeping our lights on.
08:32 And if we don't repent and the light of Christ
08:35 is not seen through our lives,
08:38 then Jesus will never be known through our lives.
08:41 So here is the connection.
08:45 Repentance keeps the light on
08:48 or repentance turns the light back on...
08:54 and do the first work,
08:56 return to where you are in the beginning,
08:58 return to your first love to Christ
09:00 because what happened,
09:01 as the apostles began to die off,
09:03 Peter warned about it.
09:05 He says, many will come in bringing in heresies
09:09 and life and they'll draw away sheep after themselves.
09:13 So that's why he says, many appear to be apostles,
09:16 but they are not, you found them to be untrue.
09:18 You found them to not be telling the truth.
09:22 And so tonight we want to focus on keeping our light on.
09:26 We want to focus on, keeping our light on.
09:30 You know, years ago, when I heard that commercial,
09:33 the Motel 6 commercial,
09:36 we will keep the light on for you,
09:37 I thought, "Man, why didn't we get that as our saying?"
09:40 You know, in the front of the churches should be,
09:42 "We'll keep the light on for you."
09:43 Amen? Amen.
09:45 Because the light of the glory of God
09:47 should be seen in our lives.
09:49 We will keep the light on for you.
09:51 Tonight we have covered many of our questions,
09:54 but we're gonna begin
09:55 with question number 18 tonight.
09:57 We're gonna begin with question number 18.
09:59 And this question leads as follows.
10:04 "How does Jesus invite the sinner
10:07 to come to Him for forgiveness?"
10:11 How does Jesus invite the sinner
10:14 to come to Him for forgiveness?
10:17 We're gonna go to 1 John 2:1.
10:19 If you are in Revelation, just go back couple of books,
10:24 1 John 2:1.
10:27 How does Jesus invite
10:29 the sinner to come to Him for forgiveness?
10:32 Here is how the Bible reveals the answer.
10:36 "My little children..."
10:39 Who is that?
10:40 All of us.
10:42 "These things I write to you, so that you may not sin.
10:49 And if anyone sins, we have a" what?
10:53 "An Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous."
11:00 You know who an advocate is?
11:02 An advocate is a lawyer.
11:03 And that's the old-fashioned word
11:06 for who Jesus is.
11:07 Your advocate is your lawyer.
11:09 So if you have a lawyer,
11:13 what does your lawyer need to know to defend you?
11:17 Everything. Say it again.
11:19 Everything. Everything.
11:22 So if the lawyer ever appears in the court
11:24 and you don't tell him something, he can't defend you.
11:27 Let me ask you a question.
11:28 Does Jesus know everything?
11:29 Yes. Yes, He does.
11:31 What's so wonderful about this
11:32 and I want to build further on this,
11:34 what's so wonderful about this text,
11:36 and by the way, put the answer in there,
11:38 how does the Bible describe the process, sorry,
11:41 how does Jesus invite the sinner
11:42 to come to Him for forgiveness?
11:45 How does He invite them?
11:46 I am your advocate.
11:48 I am your advocate.
11:49 I am your lawyer.
11:50 Now how much does Jesus know about us?
11:54 Everything. Everything.
11:56 What's so beautiful about that is our advocate Jesus Christ
12:01 knows everything about us.
12:04 And He still invites us
12:07 to have Him as our lawyer, amen?
12:09 Amen.
12:10 Ah, that was not an amen,
12:12 that was a kind of may be an amen.
12:13 Amen?
12:14 Amen.
12:16 Who do you know that will know every awful detail about you?
12:21 And says, "I'll defend you in court."
12:24 But that's not all I did.
12:25 I know everything you did.
12:27 But I'll defend you in court.
12:32 The only thing greater than our sin is our savior
12:36 and our advocate.
12:37 Amen.
12:39 So when the invitation goes out, as the Bible says,
12:42 "Scarcely
12:45 will a righteous man die
12:49 for somebody who has done something good."
12:52 But Jesus died for us in that while we were yet sinners.
12:58 To me, I had to insert that into the middle of repentance
13:02 because you know what?
13:04 Repentance is one thing,
13:06 but knowing that you have somebody
13:07 to stand in the courtroom
13:12 and it takes me back to Martin Luther.
13:15 Martin Luther, the early Protestant reformer.
13:19 It's in the memoir about Martin Luther
13:21 and he talks about a dream he once had.
13:24 About he was robbed of his night sleep
13:29 and he was going through this terrible dream.
13:31 And when he woke up, he recounted the dream
13:33 and he wrote it down for people to remember the dream.
13:36 He said through his dream,
13:39 the devil had rolled out a scroll
13:41 of all of Martin Luther's sins.
13:44 And Martin Luther said he was in agony
13:47 over all the things
13:49 that the devil had been revealing about him.
13:51 But he looked further
13:53 and he saw over every one of his sins,
13:54 a red stamp, "Pardoned.
13:56 Pardoned. Pardoned.
13:58 Pardoned. Pardoned."
14:00 Amen? Amen.
14:02 So when we see that we are here,
14:06 and our advocate is here, he invites us.
14:09 And look at the term he uses.
14:11 He doesn't talk to us like ruffians or goats,
14:14 what does he call us?
14:21 How many little children, if you say, you know,
14:26 they hold up their awry.
14:30 Come here
14:31 and they come and they just bury themselves in you.
14:34 Jesus says, "You can do that."
14:36 That's why he said, "Allow the little children,
14:41 suffer the little children to come to me,
14:43 and do not forbid them,
14:44 for such is the kingdom of Heaven."
14:46 So tonight I want to begin with that picture.
14:48 Whatever you have done,
14:50 you have an advocate whose name is Jesus.
14:54 Amen.
14:55 Whatever you have done.
14:56 And I tell you, reality of it is,
14:59 nobody knows us like he does and he invites us to come
15:03 and receive repentance in His presence.
15:06 Let's go to number 17, so number 19.
15:09 So if you've answered number 18,
15:11 how does Jesus invite the sinner
15:13 to come to Him for forgiveness,
15:15 come to Him, He is our advocate,
15:19 come to our advocate.
15:23 Okay, number 19.
15:28 I know I put the scripture down here
15:30 but we might have to go through that to Romans.
15:32 Okay, "What moves the heart of the sinner
15:36 to seek repentance?"
15:38 What moves the...
15:39 Go to Romans 2:4.
15:41 Romans 2:4, and by the way,
15:45 I know that I am looking at my syllabus here.
15:49 My lovely wife always says, "Any typos?"
15:52 I say, "No, honey."
15:54 I should have been wise to check tonight
15:57 because I left out the scripture with the answer.
15:58 But because you have your Bible,
16:00 that's all we need.
16:01 Can I get an amen?
16:03 Amen.
16:04 Okay, let's go to Romans 2:4.
16:06 It's in the Bible.
16:07 This text will not appear on the screen.
16:09 Romans 2:4,
16:11 and here is what the Bible says,
16:14 "Or do you despise the riches of His goodness, forbearance,
16:20 and longsuffering, not knowing that the," together,
16:25 "goodness of God leads you to" what?
16:29 "To repentance?"
16:30 What leads us to repentance?
16:32 The goodness of God.
16:34 I want to emphasize that because some people think
16:36 that God is this guy with a rifle
16:40 and a sinner's scope on it
16:41 and he is trying to just, "Look at what we...
16:43 Oh, got you."
16:45 And he takes us out.
16:47 The devil does that.
16:49 He magnifies every wrong we've done,
16:51 he looks for the false in our lives.
16:53 But Jesus is not that way.
16:55 He says, "When we are moved by the goodness of God..."
17:02 I heard a story.
17:05 Matter of fact, a pastor told me this.
17:09 He had a very unruly child.
17:12 I won't tell you his name
17:13 'cause you'll know exactly who it is.
17:15 He had a very unruly child
17:17 and the child just was so disobedient,
17:19 he just couldn't get him to do right.
17:22 So the next time the child stepped out of line,
17:24 the father said...
17:26 The father took off his belt
17:28 and the child knew he was in for it.
17:29 I mean that, you know, when the belt comes off.
17:32 But the father laid across the bed
17:35 and gave the belt to his son.
17:38 And he says, "I want you to punish me for what you did.
17:43 Hit me."
17:45 "I can't do it daddy."
17:46 He said, "Hit me."
17:47 "I can't do it."
17:49 "Hit me."
17:51 And his son fell to his knees in tears
17:54 when he realized that his father
17:57 was willing to take his punishment.
17:59 You know what?
18:00 That pastor said he never had any problem
18:02 with his son after that.
18:04 He never had to tell him 'cause he recognized, he said,
18:10 "Our sin wounded Jesus."
18:14 He never had to worry about that son's
18:16 disobedience ever again.
18:17 As an illustration, you can't forget when...
18:20 Now I don't know how many parents
18:21 will be willing to do that.
18:23 You have to have really...
18:26 Anyway, I don't want to take that too far.
18:28 But it worked on this son.
18:32 If you think that you do wrong and you punish your parent
18:36 for the wrong you have done.
18:37 In that, "While we were yet sinners,
18:40 Christ died for us."
18:42 So what moves the heart
18:44 of the sinner to seek repentance?
18:45 What is it?
18:47 The goodness of God.
18:48 The goodness of God.
18:50 Let's go the next question, number 20.
18:53 And I think we're moving at a good pace.
18:55 "What is repentance?"
18:57 What is repentance?
18:59 What is it?
19:00 We've talked about the need for it.
19:02 But what is it?
19:03 What is repentance?
19:05 2 Corinthians 7:9-10.
19:10 2 Corinthians 7:9-10.
19:18 Okay.
19:19 I think we are there.
19:24 Okay.
19:28 Wow. Oh, here we are.
19:30 The Bible says, "Now I rejoice,
19:33 not that you were made sorry,
19:38 but that your sorrow led to" what?
19:41 "Repentance.
19:43 For you were made sorry in a godly manner,
19:49 that you might suffer loss from us in nothing."
19:52 I want to spend a little time on this.
19:55 How were you made, Sawry?
19:57 In a godly manner.
20:04 I have learned to say to children.
20:06 I have young kids at, you know,
20:09 they steal something or they snatch something
20:11 from another young child and the teacher says,
20:14 "Go say you are sorry."
20:16 Now I don't do that. I say, "Go say you apologize."
20:20 Because what happens here...
20:26 you were made sorry in a godly manner.
20:30 Sorrow, real sorrow,
20:32 is awakened by the indwelling presence of Christ.
20:40 You can't force anybody to say sorry.
20:42 And if you force them to say sorry,
20:44 and it hasn't come from their heart,
20:46 it's not really a sorry.
20:48 It's a statement.
20:50 When the sorrow is felt when they understand
20:53 what they have done.
20:55 When the Lord through the conviction
20:57 of the Spirit of God comes into a person's life,
21:01 you got to wait for that sorry to come
21:04 because it's godly sorrow that leads to repentance,
21:09 not sorrow itself.
21:11 We are not saying sorry.
21:13 But sorry in a godly manner.
21:17 Look at what he says it again.
21:18 Not that you were made sorry,
21:20 but that your sorrow lead to what?
21:23 Repentance.
21:24 When it's godly sorrow, it will lead to repentance
21:27 because you are sorry in a godly manner.
21:30 What does that mean?
21:31 That means the Lord in His Word,
21:33 and sometimes when people want to study about repentance
21:36 or sorrow, somebody once...
21:39 Well, the Apostle Paul said it best.
21:41 He says, "I had not known sin except the law revealed
21:45 what it is."
21:49 If you have nothing pointing out
21:52 the transgression you've done,
21:54 if you haven't faced it, and seen it,
21:58 and experienced the ramifications of it,
22:02 then your sorrow doesn't lead to repentance
22:07 because it's not a godly sorrow.
22:09 Criminals stand in front of the judge
22:11 and often when they are sentenced,
22:13 they say to them,
22:15 "What do you have to say to the family?"
22:17 And they say, "I am sorry."
22:25 It's years before they figure out
22:27 what sorry means.
22:29 And I've heard stories where prisoners,
22:32 years later have written letters
22:35 to the family confessing and expressing sorrow,
22:40 and I've heard years later family members have come
22:44 to the prison to visit the person
22:48 who took the life of their loved one
22:50 and they've said, "I forgive you."
22:55 And there was this mending of hearts.
22:58 And the person who was incarcerated,
23:00 who may be serving life, serve life behind bars,
23:04 but for the first time in their lives, they were free.
23:08 So look at the last part of that verse.
23:12 When there is repentance
23:14 and the sorrow is from a godly way,
23:17 that you might suffer loss from us in what?
23:20 You haven't lost anything.
23:23 When it's a godly sorrow, when you repent,
23:26 the loss is prevented, that you lose nothing.
23:30 But when people don't repent,
23:33 and it's not made repentance from a godly manner,
23:36 then there is a lot of loss connected to it.
23:39 Here is the next verse.
23:42 Read it with me.
23:43 "For godly sorrow produces repentance
23:48 leading to salvation to" what?
23:50 "Salvation."
23:51 I left that, "not to be regretted,
23:55 but the sorrow of the world produces" what?
23:58 "Death."
23:59 Notice the difference in sorrow.
24:01 Godly sorrow, what kind of sorrow?
24:03 Godly sorrow.
24:04 Godly sorrow produces repentance leading to what?
24:07 Salvation.
24:08 Not to be regretted, you will never regret.
24:12 You will never regret.
24:14 You will never regret.
24:18 Repentance leading to salvation.
24:20 But there's coming a day,
24:22 when many people in the world are gonna say,
24:24 "Lord, we are sorry."
24:27 But at that point,
24:29 the sorrow of the world will produce nothing but what?
24:32 Nothing but death.
24:34 Wow.
24:36 That was a serious one to ponder.
24:37 So the answer to number 20 is what?
24:40 What is repentance?
24:43 Godly sorrow.
24:45 Godly sorrow.
24:50 And I want to be candid with you.
24:52 I've learned in my own experience.
24:54 Godly sorrow only comes when you put yourself
24:56 before the Lord.
24:58 And we're gonna use some examples in the Bible tonight.
25:00 One of the greatest examples we have in scripture
25:04 of a person who...
25:05 And we're gonna go there when I get to the text,
25:07 we'll go there.
25:08 So I better not rush myself ahead of the story.
25:11 But when you put yourself before God, and you say,
25:14 "Lord," as the songwriter says, "It's me, it's me, it's me,
25:17 O Lord, standing in the need of prayer."
25:19 When you put yourself before God,
25:21 and you say, "Lord, flush me out.
25:23 Clean me up. Show me myself."
25:26 He does it.
25:27 But He doesn't do it in a sense to repulse us.
25:32 He does it in a way to draw us.
25:35 Wow.
25:37 I could spend a whole lot of time on this
25:38 but I won't in the interest of time.
25:41 He doesn't do it to repulse us, He does it to do what?
25:45 To draw us.
25:47 Wow.
25:50 Twenty one.
25:52 Twenty one.
25:56 "What does true repentance produce
26:00 and prepare the way for?"
26:03 What does true repentance produce
26:07 and prepare the way for?
26:11 Acts 3:19.
26:15 Acts 3:19.
26:18 Wow.
26:26 I'd like us to read this one together.
26:30 Are you ready at home?
26:31 Yeah. Here we go.
26:33 "Repent therefore and be" what?
26:36 "Converted, that your sins may be" what?
26:41 "Blotted out, so that times of refreshing may come
26:46 from the presence of the Lord."
26:50 That has a number of good points
26:53 that has made in it.
26:55 Let me show you a couple of those.
26:57 Now remember the phrase, from the presence of the Lord,
27:00 remember that phrase.
27:02 Now go to Revelation 6 with me.
27:05 Revelation 6.
27:09 Okay.
27:14 Revelation 6.
27:16 Okay.
27:25 When you repent and your sins are blotted out,
27:29 it's refreshing
27:31 when you are in the presence of the Lord.
27:34 But look at the opposite.
27:35 Look at the opposite.
27:39 Oh, let's start with verse 15.
27:45 "And the kings of the earth," well, let's start with verse 14
27:48 because this is the second coming of Jesus.
27:51 It says, "Then the sky receded as a scroll
27:56 when it is rolled up,
27:58 and every mountain and island was moved out of" what?
28:01 "Moved out of its place.
28:04 And the kings of the earth," that's the leaders,
28:07 "the great men, the rich men, the commanders,
28:10 or the mighty men, every slave and every free man" did what?
28:17 "Hid themselves in the caves
28:19 and in the rocks of the mountains."
28:21 Let me ask the question before you go any further.
28:23 Were they looking forward to the presence of the Lord?
28:25 No.
28:26 What were they looking?
28:27 They did not want to see Him.
28:29 And what did they say?
28:30 "And said to the mountains and rocks, 'Fall on us,
28:35 hide us from the face of Him who sits on the throne
28:39 and from the wrath of the Lamb!"
28:43 How many times have you seen the wrathful lamb?
28:45 "For the great day of His wrath has come,
28:48 and who is able to stand?'"
28:50 Now, but what happens when we repent?
28:52 What do we receive at the presence of the Lord?
28:55 What?
28:56 It's refreshing.
28:58 It is like a cool drink of water
29:00 on a terribly hot day.
29:02 In other words, it is a welcomed sight.
29:04 Isaiah 25:9 as a response.
29:06 Go there with me. Isaiah 25:9.
29:08 Look at the categorizations.
29:10 They are hiding from him because they haven't repented.
29:14 But those who repent,
29:15 it's refreshing to be in the presence of the Lord.
29:18 Those who repent,
29:20 it's refreshing to be in the presence of the Lord.
29:23 But those who don't, those who don't,
29:27 I am showing you the two classes of individuals.
29:30 We saw one. Hide us.
29:32 We don't want to see him. And I'd be honest with you.
29:34 When a person,
29:36 whenever a person is in sin, what do they do?
29:38 Hide.
29:39 What did Adam and Eve do when they sinned?
29:41 Hid.
29:44 What do children when they sin?
29:46 Hide.
29:48 They either hide themselves or they hide the evidence.
29:52 They hide. They can't wait.
29:54 They don't want to see their parents.
29:55 Oh, I said Isaiah 25, right?
29:57 Yeah. Isaiah 25:9.
30:00 Yes.
30:01 Look at the difference. Look at the categorizations.
30:03 Look at the separation of classes.
30:05 In that very same time,
30:07 "And it will be said in that day,
30:10 'Behold, this is our God.
30:13 We have waited for Him, and He will save us.
30:18 This is the Lord.
30:20 We have waited for Him.'"
30:23 And what will we do?
30:24 "We will be" what?
30:26 "Glad and rejoice in His salvation."
30:30 Here is the point.
30:31 When we are converted and our sins are blotted out,
30:34 we look forward to seeing Jesus.
30:36 Amen? Amen.
30:37 You are not fearful of the coming of the Lord.
30:39 Some people when you, I've seen sermons, you know,
30:41 when sermon is about the judgment,
30:43 when a person's life is not right,
30:45 the sermon on the judgment is terrifying.
30:48 When people talk about the seven last plaques,
30:50 if you don't know the Lord, it's terrifying.
30:53 When you talk about the fires of hell or the second death,
30:56 and you don't know the Lord, it's terrifying.
30:59 But when you know the Lord, okay, go to Romans.
31:04 Okay, go to Romans.
31:07 Okay.
31:13 Okay.
31:15 Matter of fact, not Romans.
31:17 Not Romans, 1 John.
31:20 I said Romans, but it's 1 John.
31:25 1 John. Here is the difference.
31:27 Here is the difference.
31:33 1 John 4.
31:37 Wow.
31:39 And I want to read
31:44 verse 17 and 18.
31:47 The Bible says, "Love has been" what?
31:51 Perfected among us in this,
31:54 that we may have" come on say it,
31:57 "boldness in the day `of judgment,
32:00 because as He is, so are we in this world."
32:06 And look at verse 18.
32:09 "There is no fear in love," but what kind of love?"
32:15 Perfect love casts out fear,
32:19 because fear involves torment.
32:23 But he who fears has not been made perfect in love."
32:29 So you see that what happens.
32:30 When a person, when...
32:32 I'm looking at the screen, when God's perfect love
32:36 takes away our fear, there is no more torment.
32:39 And when you look at the two classes,
32:41 Revelation 6 and Isaiah 25, you look at those
32:45 who are filled with fear and torment,
32:48 hide us from him, fall on us, we don't want to see him.
32:53 I don't know of anybody who runs from a lamb.
32:57 May be a sheep or a goat, but a lamb, a tender lamb.
33:02 But the lamb...
33:07 is fierce to those who have rejected him.
33:12 But the lamb is loving to those who have accepted him.
33:17 Not that his character changes.
33:18 But they see him as the judgment lamb,
33:22 not the delivering lamb.
33:26 So what kind of love do we want?
33:27 What kind of love do we want?
33:29 Perfect love. Say it again.
33:30 Perfect love that takes the fear away.
33:33 Wow.
33:34 That takes the fear away.
33:36 So when the time comes, if we repent and are converted,
33:42 what does converted mean?
33:43 What does converted mean?
33:44 U-turn.
33:46 Say it again.
33:47 U-turn. U-turn.
33:49 That means you're no longer going in the same direction.
33:51 We're gonna see that illustrated
33:53 a little bit more and no longer means,
33:55 you say I am sorry and you continue the behavior.
33:58 No, it's a change in direction because of the change in life.
34:02 Converted, and then,
34:04 your sins or transgressions are blotted out.
34:06 It's like our records are sealed
34:08 and the Lord does not allow anybody
34:10 to unseal our records.
34:12 Praise God for that.
34:13 Now we're gonna go to question number 22.
34:17 Question number 22.
34:20 And this is a little different phrasing
34:21 because I have a purpose behind it.
34:24 Question number 22.
34:26 Here it is.
34:28 "When we enter into a covenant of repentance,
34:33 what do we desire?"
34:35 What do we desire?
34:39 Psalm 51:10, I think you all know it by-heart.
34:43 I think you know it by-heart,
34:44 but I want us to repeat it together
34:47 because it's a beautiful passage.
34:49 And the person that I was gonna make reference to
34:52 that wrote this was who?
34:55 David.
34:56 David the Patriarch.
34:57 After he...
34:59 And by the way, you look in the Bible,
35:00 and I get to text in a moment here, but it says,
35:05 David did everything right in the sight of the Lord
35:10 except about Uriah the Hittite.
35:19 When David impregnated Uriah's wife...
35:26 set up his death, had him killed.
35:31 He lost that child.
35:36 And when David prayed and prayed,
35:38 we read in story together, my wife and I was reading,
35:40 David prayed and prayed
35:41 and prayed and prayed and prayed
35:43 that the baby wouldn't die.
35:45 And when the baby died, David got up the next morning,
35:51 washed his face,
35:53 and went about life as he did before.
35:59 And one of his servants said,
36:01 "David, the baby just died.
36:05 How come you're not mourning?"
36:07 He said, "I already mourned,
36:10 already prayed for him not to die.
36:12 He is dead.
36:13 What need more is there to mourn?
36:15 Let's just go on."
36:18 And you know what? Huh?
36:22 "Okay, my mourning cannot bring the child back."
36:24 But what I like is the servant of God said, "Had David,"
36:29 this is huge, "Had David said to God,
36:35 'Why didn't you save my child?
36:39 Why would You let him die?'"
36:43 We are told that David would have reflected
36:48 his transgression on God,
36:52 made God look like the bad guy rather than him.
36:58 It was really his sin that lead to the death of the baby,
37:01 not God.
37:02 That's why it was so vitally important for people to say,
37:05 this is just something important,
37:06 I am looking at the camera and saying this,
37:07 it's so vitally important for us not to say
37:10 God took my mother, God took my child.
37:16 We just had a horrible school shooting,
37:19 it was on the news, in Kentucky,
37:24 14-year-old and a 15-year-old was killed
37:26 while waiting in the common area to go to class.
37:32 You can't go home and say to that parent, "You know,
37:34 God wants you to learn a lesson out of this."
37:38 That makes God look horrible.
37:43 You can't put two and two together
37:44 to make that even add up to anything logical.
37:49 But so often God receives the blame
37:51 for the horrible things that are done in our world.
37:54 But David did not blame God.
38:00 What did he do?
38:01 What did he do?
38:02 Psalm 15:10.
38:04 What did he do?
38:05 Let's read it together.
38:06 I want us all to read this together.
38:08 Are you ready?
38:09 Here it is.
38:11 "Create in me a clean heart,
38:14 O God, and renew a" what?
38:17 "Steadfast or right spirit within me."
38:19 I like the old, the King James Version,
38:21 renew a what?
38:23 Right spirit within me because before,
38:26 David had the wrong spirit and it's often the wrong spirit
38:29 that leads us to do what we do.
38:31 But David said...
38:33 Let's look at the rest of it.
38:34 Go to Psalm 51.
38:36 I want you to answer the question.
38:37 When we enter into a covenant of repentance,
38:40 what do we desire?
38:41 What kind of heart do we desire?
38:43 Come on, say it. A clean.
38:45 What kind of spirit? Right.
38:46 The right spirit.
38:48 A clean heart and a right spirit.
38:50 A clean heart and a right spirit.
38:53 And the word there, the word there has its place,
38:57 when it says right, also means steadfast
38:59 because steadfast indicates that David is saying,
39:03 "From this point on, I am only going in one direction."
39:07 Steadfast.
39:08 And when the Bible uses the phrase,
39:10 if you look throughout the scriptures, when it said,
39:13 "He steadfastly set his face toward Jerusalem,"
39:16 that means, he had his mind fixed in one direction,
39:19 he wasn't going back.
39:20 Steadfast.
39:22 Steadfast and unmovable.
39:24 He was established,
39:26 he was serious about his conversion,
39:28 serious about his repentance, and he said, "Lord,
39:32 give me a spirit of steadfastness.
39:34 I want that spirit within me."
39:38 Huh?
39:39 A man after the Lord's own heart.
39:42 A steadfast spirit.
39:45 After, exactly.
39:47 But now where are we going?
39:49 So write it down.
39:51 When we enter into the covenant of repentance,
39:53 what do we desire?
39:55 A clean heart and a right or a steadfast spirit.
40:00 I did say we were going to Psalm 51, didn't I?
40:03 I thought so.
40:04 Don't know why you guys didn't remind me?
40:08 I did say it.
40:10 I better not because I have it coming up again.
40:13 But keep it there
40:15 because I have some more parts of it coming up,
40:17 I don't want to jump ahead of myself.
40:19 But now question number 23.
40:23 Question number 23.
40:29 I was moved by the Lord few months ago
40:33 to talk about this topic of repentance
40:35 because you know, don't hear about it very much.
40:37 Don't hear so much about repentance.
40:39 Somebody said to you in California.
40:41 We were preaching in California
40:43 and somebody came to me and said,
40:45 "You preached the third angel's message
40:48 and you included everything except repentance."
40:51 And I said to him, "Tune in on Wednesday night."
40:54 'Cause I didn't forget that.
40:55 Tune in on Wednesday night.
40:58 Question number 23.
41:00 "What happens in a person who has sincerely repented?"
41:05 What happens in a person who has sincerely repented?
41:10 Ezekiel 14:6.
41:15 Okay, I am on my way there.
41:18 Right before Daniel.
41:23 Ezekiel 14:6.
41:28 Okay, here it is.
41:29 The Lord speaking to Israel, here it is,
41:33 "Therefore say to the house of Israel,
41:37 'Thus says the Lord God,'" what's the first word?
41:41 "Repent," what's the next word?
41:43 "Turn," "'Repent, turn away from your idols,
41:49 and turn your faces away from all your abominations.'"
41:54 Now this is a powerful passage.
41:56 What happens when a person
41:58 who has sincerely repented of their sin?
42:01 What word do you see there emphasized more than once?
42:03 Turn. Turn.
42:05 They turn. They turn.
42:07 Not only do they turn away from the things
42:08 that they have had their affections to,
42:11 but they turn their faces away
42:12 from all the abominable things they did.
42:20 The things that they once admired,
42:23 the things that had their attention,
42:25 they turned from their idols,
42:27 the things they idolized, they turned their faces
42:30 from all their abominable things that they had done.
42:32 So turn, turn, turn away, so Lord is in essence saying,
42:36 he says, "I don't even want,
42:37 I don't want you to adore those idols anymore,
42:41 and I want your face to be
42:43 in a completely different direction."
42:47 And in our world today, in our world today,
42:51 you've really got to...
42:53 And it doesn't just mean turn your face away,
42:57 but what in fact, when you turn your face,
42:59 what in fact are you doing?
43:02 What in fact are you doing?
43:03 Turning your eyes. Your eyes.
43:06 Are focusing in a completely different direction,
43:08 as one runner says, "You can't run ahead of you
43:13 while you look behind you."
43:15 When you repent, whatever is behind you,
43:18 let it stay behind you, turn your face
43:20 in a completely different direction,
43:21 turn away from the thing that had your attention,
43:23 had your focus, had your idolization,
43:25 and turn your face away from all the abominable things
43:28 you've done.
43:29 So the answer here is, what happens in a person
43:31 who has sincerely repented, what do they do?
43:34 What did you put down?
43:37 Turn away, turn, turn.
43:40 Turn away, turn away.
43:41 Twice.
43:43 Turn away from doing something and turn your face away,
43:46 don't even look in that direction any longer.
43:48 Get your mind on something completely different.
43:52 Another part to this very same question
43:55 is in Ezekiel 18.
43:59 Ezekiel 18,
44:02 let's look at that.
44:06 Ezekiel 18. It's a sobering topic.
44:09 Very sobering topic.
44:11 Ezekiel 18 and let's look at verse 30.
44:15 Here it is.
44:19 "'Therefore" the Lord says, "I will judge you,
44:23 O house of Israel, every one according to his ways,'
44:29 says the Lord God.'"
44:31 Let's read the rest together.
44:33 "Repent, and turn from all your transgressions,"
44:38 this is powerful,"
44:39 so that iniquity will not be your ruin".
44:44 You know what iniquity is?
44:46 Iniquity is not just sin.
44:48 Iniquity and tres...
44:49 An iniquity and a trespass is not the same.
44:53 An iniquity...
44:55 A trespass is a stumble, an iniquity is an embrace.
45:01 An iniquity is something that has gained
45:04 your complete attention.
45:07 But a trespass...
45:09 'Cause there are different kinds of offerings,
45:11 there are trespass offerings, sin offerings, different types,
45:14 and they have to bring different types of sacrifice
45:16 for different types of sin.
45:18 Iniquity was the greatest of them all.
45:21 But the Lord says, "Repent,
45:23 and turn from all your transgressions, so that" what?
45:26 "Iniquity will not be your ruin."
45:29 So is it possible to be involved in iniquity
45:33 and repent and turn away from it?
45:35 Yes or no?
45:40 And we found out earlier how it happens.
45:42 Godly sorrow leads to repentance.
45:46 Because iniquity is a thing that just has become a...
45:50 The thing that just finds its way into your fiber,
45:56 in your being, in your thoughts,
45:57 in your mind, in your action.
45:59 But the Lord says, "Repent,
46:00 and turn from all your transgressions,
46:02 so that iniquity will not be your ruin."
46:04 So if you look at these both of these answers
46:07 of both of these questions you find here,
46:09 what happens when a person
46:10 who has sincerely repented of sin?
46:12 What do you find in both cases?
46:14 Turn, repent, and turn.
46:19 Not only turn, but repent, and turn.
46:22 Move your life in the right direction.
46:25 And I must say here,
46:27 somebody once asked me...
46:31 they said,
46:34 "What do I have to do to join your church?"
46:37 And I responded, I said,
46:39 "First of all, I don't have a church.
46:43 It's God's church."
46:45 And I said it that way because
46:46 I didn't want that person to think
46:49 that I had any outline for them
46:53 to follow that I made up.
46:56 I said, "If you follow God's Word,
47:00 and you do what God says in His Word,
47:03 and you follow in the footsteps and the example of Christ,"
47:08 but they asked me, "What do I have to give up?"
47:10 And here's what I responded by saying because...
47:12 By the way, the word repent also means give up.
47:16 They said, "What do I have to give up
47:17 to become a member of your church?"
47:19 And I said this, "Anything you give up,
47:22 you get something far greater."
47:25 Ain't that right?
47:26 Whatever you give up, you get something far greater.
47:30 Do you remember that story?
47:31 Let's go to the Book of Luke.
47:37 Go to the Book of Luke.
47:44 It's a story that...
47:58 I am in Luke now, the rich young ruler.
48:12 This story of what he needed to do.
48:21 Luke 10.
48:26 No, no, no, no, no.
48:30 Luke chapter...
48:33 There are two of those but I want to make sure
48:35 I'll get the right one.
48:45 I want Luke, it's Luke 18.
48:56 Luke 18, and let's start with verse 18,
48:59 the rich young ruler.
49:03 Watch this.
49:08 "Now a certain ruler asked Him,
49:13 saying, 'Good Teacher,
49:15 what shall I do to inherit eternal life?'"
49:19 And this is the category of the give-ups.
49:21 Let me show you this.
49:22 "So Jesus said to him, 'Why do you call Me good?
49:25 No one is good but One, that is, God.
49:28 You know the commandments.
49:30 'Do not commit adultery,' 'Do not murder,'
49:33 'Do not steal,' 'Do not bear false witness,'
49:36 'Honor your father and your mother.'"
49:38 And he said, 'All these things I have kept
49:41 from my youth.'
49:44 So when Jesus heard these things, He said to him,
49:49 'You still lack" how many things?
49:51 "One thing.
49:53 Sell" how much?
49:57 "All that you have and distribute to the poor
50:01 and follow me.
50:04 You will have treasure in heaven,
50:06 and come, follow Me.'
50:08 But when he heard this, he became very sorrowful,
50:14 for he was" what?
50:15 "Very rich.
50:19 And when Jesus saw that he became very sorrowful,
50:22 He said,
50:23 'How hard is it for those who have riches
50:29 to enter the kingdom of God!
50:31 For it is easier
50:35 for a camel to go through a needle's eye
50:37 than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.'
50:42 And those who heard it said, 'Who then can be saved?'
50:46 But He said," what did he say?
50:49 "These things which are impossible
50:51 with men are" what?
50:53 "Possible with God.'"
50:55 You find in the other gospels when Jesus talks about this
50:57 very same story, he said to Peter,
51:00 "If he had only followed me,
51:02 he would've had a 100 times more in this life,
51:07 and in the world to come, he would've had eternal life."
51:10 Here is my point.
51:11 When the Lord asks us to repent, of whatever it is,
51:15 He'll replace it with something far greater,
51:17 and far more abundance, and of greater value,
51:20 and lasting value than what we have.
51:23 And then not only that,
51:24 we could have the assurance of eternal life.
51:26 Amen, someone?
51:28 Amen.
51:29 The Lord is not asking us to give up anything.
51:32 He is asking us to embrace everything.
51:35 Now you know I am into astronomy,
51:37 I am gonna get the courage one day to do
51:39 a program on astronomy,
51:40 I don't know how it will fit into this topic.
51:43 But I'm gonna get the courage one day
51:45 to do something on astronomy
51:46 because our planet is a little speck of dust
51:51 in a mega warp of time and space that just
51:55 is too great for even astronomers to measure.
51:58 And we are fighting over that little piece of dust
52:01 out in God's vast ocean of worlds unknown.
52:06 And we want that little piece of dust,
52:09 and we are saying, "What do I have to give up?"
52:10 So let's go ahead.
52:12 Here we are, on this speck of dust,
52:16 "What do I have to give up to join your church?"
52:19 "Your cigarette, your life, your habits, your practices."
52:23 We don't give up anything
52:27 that measures far greater than what God gives us
52:30 when we give up those small things.
52:32 Isn't that right?
52:34 Everything we give up,
52:35 He replaces with something far greater.
52:37 Let's get to next two questions.
52:39 So if you think about, "Well, I got to give up this,"
52:44 whatever you give up, and by the way,
52:46 you can't take it with you to heaven anyhow.
52:50 Tracy, what are you taking to heaven with you?
52:51 Nothing.
52:53 Huh?
52:54 Nothing. Only my character.
52:55 Thank you. I was waiting for that answer.
52:57 What are we taking to heaven with us?
52:59 Character.
53:01 I just got an epiphany.
53:03 No, we are not taking our character.
53:05 We are taking His character.
53:07 Amen.
53:08 Amen? Amen.
53:09 Just got an epiphany.
53:11 Thank you Lord for straitening me out
53:12 on international television.
53:14 I am not taking my character.
53:16 We are taking whose character, Pastor Denzy?
53:18 God's character.
53:19 His character.
53:21 We will see Him as He is,
53:22 but one day we will be like Him,
53:24 He is not going to be like us, we will be like Him.
53:27 Praise God for that.
53:29 That was a light bulb right there.
53:30 That was a light bulb moment.
53:32 Thank you, Lord.
53:33 Question number 24, is that where I am?
53:36 Number 24?
53:37 "How can we tell when someone has repented
53:41 of past transgressions?"
53:43 How can we tell when someone has repented
53:46 of past transgressions?
53:49 I'm gonna start with Matthew 3.
53:53 Matthew 3.
53:58 I have the answers on paper but I like to turn to the Bible
54:01 because the Bible, that's how you get to know more.
54:09 Here it is.
54:12 The answer is, it's very short and to the point.
54:15 Together, "Therefore, what?
54:17 "Bear fruits worthy of repentance."
54:22 What does that mean?
54:23 What does that mean?
54:25 Have you ever gone to the fruit stand before?
54:28 We go to the fruit stands.
54:32 The most accessible fruit stands
54:34 where we all live out here is Walmart.
54:37 Okay, and it probably grows some place overseas.
54:42 I don't know.
54:44 But when you go to the fruit stand
54:45 and all the fruits are separate,
54:46 I know Brian does this 'cause he loves oranges,
54:48 the only guy I know that will eat like nine oranges
54:50 at potluck is Brian.
54:53 But that's good.
54:54 I try that lately and it's really good.
54:56 I mean not at potluck but I've tried that on the road.
54:58 But what do you when you go to select your fruit?
55:02 What do you do?
55:05 You kind of look at it, you kind of look for blemishes,
55:09 you check it out, and then you put,
55:11 and you always come out with the idea
55:13 that you got the best fruit which means you left the worst
55:16 for the people that come after you
55:18 because you would not have left the worst
55:19 if you took the ones
55:21 that you felt were the better ones,
55:23 and because you...
55:28 The tree bore the fruit that you liked.
55:31 In essence, here is what I am saying,
55:34 "The fruit of a tree is never on the inside,
55:37 the fruit of the tree is" where?
55:39 "Always on the outside."
55:41 So when the Bible says,
55:42 "Bear fruit worthy of repentance,"
55:44 somebody will look at you, me,
55:47 or anybody else and would say,
55:49 "You know, I knew that guy
55:53 but he is not the same.
55:56 Look at the life he lives.
55:58 And I've been wondering if it's just a fling,
56:00 if it's just a momentary spark,
56:02 but it's been like two years now.
56:06 He has really changed."
56:09 That's what the Bible means when it says bear fruit.
56:11 And let's look at the next one very quickly
56:13 because you guys are taking so long,
56:16 our time is going to get away from me.
56:18 So how can we tell someone has repented
56:23 of past transgressions?
56:24 What do we examine?
56:26 What do we examine, Norie?
56:27 Fruit.
56:29 The fruit, examine the fruit.
56:32 It's important to have good fruit
56:34 because you know the old saying,
56:35 "One bad apple spoils a whole bunch."
56:39 Now, why do you look for the fruit?
56:42 Matthew 7:20, this is why you look.
56:47 I know you all know this text together,
56:49 so we've got to end on this text
56:50 reading it all together.
56:52 "Therefore by their" what?
56:54 "Fruits you will know them."
57:00 Repentance, let's go ahead and wind it up tonight.
57:03 Sin, repentance,
57:08 conversions, sins blotted out,
57:12 the Lord creates in you a clean heart,
57:15 He renews a right and steadfast spirit,
57:18 then all of a sudden,
57:20 this new tree starts putting out stuff
57:23 that it's couldn't before,
57:26 good fruit, good fruit.
57:29 So you examine the person from where they were
57:32 and you start saying, "Where did this...
57:34 No way that who they were then
57:36 could represent these fruits now."
57:39 So how does it come out?
57:42 How does it come out?
57:45 I left the last...
57:47 Jesus says, "I am the vine, you are the branches.
57:52 He who abides in me bears much fruit."
57:56 So friends, if it doesn't make sense,
57:58 keep studying because one day,
58:00 it will come into A Sharper Focus.
58:03 God bless you.


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