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"Our Greatest Need" Part 5

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00:18 Hello, friends, and welcome to Wednesday night Bible study
00:22 here at the 3ABN Worship Center.
00:24 This is A Sharper Focus
00:26 as you know we've been walking through the Word of God
00:29 on the topic, Our Greatest Need.
00:31 And I think tonight we're going to continue on that topic
00:33 because our need continues.
00:36 Thank you for taking the time to tune in.
00:38 In just a moment we'll tell you how to get a copy of the lesson
00:41 and how to follow us.
00:42 But before we do anything, we always invite the Lord
00:45 to be with us through prayer.
00:46 Let's bow our heads together.
00:48 Loving Father in heaven, thank You Lord
00:49 for the privilege and opportunity
00:51 of opening Your Word,
00:52 tonight open our hearts and speak to us
00:55 that Your purpose for each one of us
00:57 may be accomplished
00:58 and that because of the time we spent together
01:01 that we will be that much more dedicated to following,
01:05 and serving You, and knowing You,
01:07 in Jesus' name we pray, amen.
01:11 Now to get a copy of the lesson,
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01:20 Download lesson number 39.
01:22 You might say they've been on that lesson for 10 years.
01:26 It may seem that way, but we haven't very detailed
01:30 vitally important lesson.
01:31 And download lesson number 39.
01:34 We're going to be continuing from question number 24 on
01:38 and we have 33 questions
01:40 and I think that we're going to start another lesson
01:41 after this.
01:43 But before we do that we always sing our theme song,
01:46 and what is our theme song?
01:48 Victory in Jesus.
01:49 By the way before we do it, let's welcome our audience
01:51 with a hearty amen, can we do that?
01:52 Amen.
01:54 We already and I hope you are too.
01:55 Let's sing the song together, Victory in Jesus.
02:05 I heard an old, old story
02:09 How the Savior came from glory
02:13 How He gave His life on Calvary
02:16 To save a wretch like me
02:20 I heard about His groaning
02:24 Of His precious blood's atoning
02:28 Then I repented of my sins
02:32 And won the victory
02:35 O victory in Jesus
02:39 My Savior, forever
02:43 He sought me and bought me
02:47 With His redeeming blood
02:51 He loved me ere I knew Him
02:54 And all my love is due Him
02:58 He plunged me to victory
03:02 Beneath the cleansing flood
03:06 I heard about a mansion
03:09 He has built for me in glory
03:13 And I heard about the streets of gold
03:17 Beyond the crystal sea
03:21 About the angels singing
03:25 And the old redemption story
03:28 And some sweet day I'll sing up there
03:32 The song of victory
03:34 Key change.
03:36 O victory in Jesus
03:40 My Savior, forever
03:43 He sought me and bought me
03:47 With His redeeming blood
03:51 He loved me ere I knew Him
03:55 And all my love is due Him
03:59 He plunged me to victory
04:02 Beneath the cleansing flood
04:06 He plunged me to victory
04:10 Beneath the cleansing flood
04:17 Amen.
04:19 Our topic tonight is, let's say it together,
04:22 Our Greatest Need. Our Greatest Need.
04:27 We've been talking about repentance.
04:31 We've been talking about,
04:32 we began the topic on talking about what is sin
04:36 and we know sin is the transgression
04:37 of the law.
04:39 Wherever the law of God is broken,
04:42 there is a transgressor or if you could use the phrase
04:46 when it comes to a person
04:47 who stop for any kind of infraction,
04:50 the person is guilty.
04:51 Now I've said this before, but I think it fits right now.
04:54 If a person is guilty,
04:56 do they ask for mercy or justice?
04:58 Mercy. Ask for mercy.
05:00 So the mercies of God
05:02 has been extended to all of humanity
05:05 because all have sinned
05:07 and fallen short of the glory of God.
05:10 Now mercy is not repentance.
05:17 Mercy simply says,
05:19 I'm going to let you off this time
05:20 as a police officer did to me on several occasions.
05:25 Confession is good for the soul,
05:26 heart and the reputation.
05:27 I remember going through Indiana once.
05:29 This was before I was able to afford a GPS.
05:32 So I had my gigantic laptop in 2006.
05:38 And thankfully at the time we had a larger SUV,
05:43 so I'm going downhill in Indiana
05:46 and before I knew it, I'm going downhill,
05:48 there's a big 18 wheeler to my right,
05:50 it's a big sharp curve,
05:52 and as I get around the curve, Ryan,
05:54 I see a black highway patrol car.
05:57 And as soon as I passed, his lights come on.
06:02 And he comes behind me, and he pulls me over,
06:04 and he says,
06:06 "Do you know how fast you were going?"
06:11 I was probably going pretty fast.
06:12 He said, "I clocked you at 87.
06:16 License please."
06:19 Which is, "Oh boy, how much is this going to cost me
06:23 or are they going to let me drive,"
06:25 because in some places they can really throw
06:26 the book at you and say,
06:28 "Pull over, you're going to jail.
06:29 You're going to pay before the judge
06:30 beyond a certain speed limit."
06:32 I was more than 20 miles over the speed limit.
06:35 Don't tell everybody in the world,
06:36 this is just between you and me.
06:38 And I said, "I'll get my license,
06:42 I'll get my registration and insurance."
06:44 And he came back and he said, "Can I ask you a question?
06:48 Why were you going so fast?"
06:50 I said, "Honestly, I was looking down on my laptop
06:53 trying to follow directions
06:54 because we were driving to New York,
06:56 trying to follow directions, and I just didn't pay attention
07:00 to how fast I was going."
07:02 "License and registration."
07:04 He went back to the car, and he came back,
07:06 and he casually leaned on the window, and he said,
07:10 "I tell you what.
07:12 You slow down and we'll just call it a evening,
07:15 is that okay?"
07:16 I was not about to disagree with that arrangement.
07:18 Amen.
07:20 I said, "You know, you get polite.
07:22 Thank you, Officer."
07:24 And he let me go.
07:26 Was I guilty? Yes or no.
07:27 Yes.
07:28 What did he extent to me?
07:30 Mercy.
07:31 But now let's talk about the rest of it.
07:34 So did I peel away?
07:37 Did I peel away?
07:38 No, drove, I stayed under the speed limit
07:42 for some time.
07:44 It was 65 or maybe 55, 58
07:47 because you don't know if they still tracking you.
07:49 You kind of...
07:50 And this is called behavior modification,
07:52 this is an example here, behavior modification.
07:54 You change your behavior for a certain period of time,
07:59 until you feel that, oh, came out of the woodwork
08:03 and no more police around.
08:07 Was I converted, yes or no?
08:09 No, 'cause I still had speed in my mind
08:12 as long as you don't get caught.
08:15 And unfortunately, that's how many of us are
08:17 as Christians.
08:18 We are caught as transgressors of the law,
08:22 the Lord extends mercy to us.
08:24 We say, "Thank you, Jesus.
08:26 Thank you, Officer."
08:27 And we walk away ever so humbly under the grace of God
08:31 and His mercy.
08:32 And we say, thank You, Lord, forgave me of my transgression
08:34 as the officer did of mine,
08:37 but as time goes on something gets into us again.
08:41 And Paul says, it's that nature of sin,
08:45 and then it takes control of us
08:47 because we haven't been converted.
08:50 So tonight, we're adding,
08:53 I appeared to repent to the officer,
08:57 but really about an hour later...
09:04 And all of us have been at one point or another
09:07 guilty of speeding.
09:11 Don't write emails and tell me you haven't.
09:15 But in the life of the Christian,
09:16 every one of us is guilty of something.
09:19 We talked about repentance, repentance is vitally important
09:22 as we talked about it.
09:24 And so tonight what I want to do is
09:25 catapult us into question number 24
09:28 with a very important question.
09:30 How can we tell
09:33 when someone has repented of past transgressions?
09:39 How can we tell?
09:42 Now is it up to us,
09:44 is it imperative for us to know if somebody else has repented.
09:49 But would there be evidence that they have.
09:52 Let's see what the Bible says.
09:53 Go to Matthew 3
09:55 and we're going to look at verse 8,
09:56 "How can we know
09:58 if somebody
10:00 has repented of past transgressions?"
10:08 I don't know if it's just the pastor's thing.
10:11 I remember as reading the text Matthew 3:8
10:14 in the Bible says as follows.
10:16 Let's read this one together since it's the very first one,
10:19 "Therefore bear fruits worthy of repentance."
10:26 Bear fruits worthy of repentance.
10:29 Now if you've ever been a person,
10:31 I think everybody has eaten a fruit
10:32 at one point or another.
10:34 Everybody likes fruits.
10:35 At least I think most people like fruits
10:38 depending on where you're from,
10:39 you might like a certain type of food that's different
10:41 from what we have here in America.
10:43 But you can tell where food is from
10:47 based on just what the fruit is.
10:49 An orange comes from what kind of tree.
10:51 Orange tree.
10:53 Apple comes from? Apple tree.
10:54 Watermelon comes from what kind of tree?
10:58 Can you imagine a watermelon tree?
11:01 Whatever the fruit is, it's produced somehow
11:05 it comes from something.
11:06 So the point of the matter is, whatever the fruit is
11:09 that it's seen in our lives it comes from something.
11:13 And the only way you can tell what kind of tree it comes from
11:17 is by the fruit.
11:18 Now let's go with that thought very quickly
11:20 before we go to the second part of question number 24.
11:23 Let's go to Matthew 7
11:24 and we're going to answer verse 20 in just a moment.
11:27 But I want to show you the rest of that text.
11:30 Matthew 7 before we get to verse 20,
11:34 I want to lead into it, all right.
11:39 The Bible says in verse 16,
11:42 "You will know them by their fruits.
11:46 Do men gather grapes from thorn bushes,
11:50 or figs from thistles?"
11:52 And the answer is no.
11:54 "Even so every," what kind of tree?
11:57 "Every good tree bears good fruit,
12:01 but a bad tree bears" what?
12:04 "Bad fruit."
12:05 And here's the principle, this is the principle,
12:07 this is the reciprocal principle.
12:09 Verse 18.
12:10 "A good tree," what is the very next word?
12:13 "Cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear" what?
12:18 "Good food."
12:19 So before we go to the verse, the next verse,
12:21 you will know if the fruit are bad,
12:24 what's the tree?
12:26 Bad.
12:28 If the fruit is good, what's the tree?
12:30 Good.
12:31 So when you look at your life you'll say, wait a minute,
12:34 and you have to add this in John 15, don't go to it yet,
12:36 but I'm going to go and make this very clear.
12:39 Sometimes we remain, sometimes we connect to Christ,
12:43 and then in our own lives by our behavior we disconnect
12:47 in the way to know whether you are connected
12:50 is by your what?
12:52 By your fruit because Jesus said,
12:54 I am the vine you are the what?
12:56 Branches.
12:57 So if we're connected to Christ, but our fruit,
13:00 if we say we're connected to Christ,
13:01 but our fruit shows something different,
13:03 are we connected?
13:05 Yes or no. We're not.
13:06 You can't say you're an apple and you're connected
13:07 to an orange tree and vice versa.
13:09 So you'll know them by their fruits.
13:11 So look at verse 20, "Therefore..."
13:15 Let me bring it on the screen.
13:17 "Therefore, by their," what? "Fruits you will know them."
13:23 Now some people have said, so write down the answer
13:25 to number 24,
13:27 "How can we tell
13:28 when someone has repented of past transgressions,
13:30 how can you tell?"
13:33 What's another word for fruit in the Christian life?
13:36 Behavior, character.
13:38 What you see
13:40 and we can only gauge a person's heart
13:43 by what we see.
13:45 We can't say, I don't know what they're thinking
13:47 because some people have taken it
13:48 to the next level, they say,
13:50 well, they may, they may not be doing that,
13:54 but what's going on in their minds.
13:56 Well, the only way we'll know what's going on in the vine
13:58 is we look at the tree, the fruit.
14:01 The only way we know
14:03 what's happening in the apple tree
14:05 inside of the whole trunk and the root system,
14:09 if we look at the fruit.
14:12 Nobody has...
14:13 Well, I don't know this to be the fact, but I haven't,
14:16 I've never gone to an apple tree
14:18 and try to open up the trunk of it
14:19 to see what's going on in the inside,
14:21 but I've looked at the what?
14:22 Fruit.
14:24 So it's not important for you to know what's going on
14:25 in the inside of a person's life,
14:27 it's important that you examine the fruit.
14:29 When you look at the fruit, then you'll be able to tell
14:32 where the person is connected,
14:33 by their fruits you will know them.
14:35 So how will you know?
14:37 Their behaviors have changed.
14:41 A person that says, "I have repented, "
14:44 but continue the same behavior really has not repented.
14:50 You get it?
14:51 Let's go to number 25, by their fruit,
14:54 check out how they live.
14:56 Listen to how they speak
14:57 because the Bible makes it very clear
14:59 out of the abundance of the heart
15:00 the mouth will speak.
15:02 You can tell by a person's behavior,
15:04 by their tone of voice, by their actions
15:07 whether or not they have been converted.
15:10 Question number 25.
15:12 Now this part of the lesson I've been longing to get to
15:15 because it shows a particular track.
15:18 Let me go back and establish the track in some way.
15:21 Okay, let's go back.
15:23 Does God have a law? Yes or no?
15:24 Yes.
15:26 When the law is violated, what is that?
15:27 Sin, right?
15:28 How many of us have sinned?
15:30 All. Okay.
15:31 Now, if we confess our sin, is He faithful
15:35 and just to forgive us, yes or no?
15:37 Forgiveness doesn't mean you repent.
15:40 It simply means you confess, but doesn't mean you repent it.
15:45 Does saying sorry mean you repent?
15:47 No.
15:48 It depends on what kind of sorrow.
15:51 And I'll bring that up in just a moment
15:53 because we talked about sorrow,
15:56 but there is a godly sorrow that leads to repentance.
16:02 And then after that godly sorrow
16:05 that leads to repentance,
16:07 something else comes after that
16:08 which I'm not going to jump the gun to go to.
16:10 But let's answer question number 25.
16:13 What does repentance lead to?
16:16 Acts 11:18, I think most of you are there.
16:20 What does repentance lead to?
16:22 Let's look at Acts 11:18.
16:24 This is what the Bible says to us.
16:27 "When they heard these things they became," what?
16:31 "Silent, and they glorified God saying,
16:35 'Then God has also granted to the Gentiles," what?
16:41 "Repentance to life.'"
16:44 So repentance now in order for you to go beyond
16:47 just forgiveness and confessing that you have done wrong,
16:53 in order for the doors of life to open, you have to repent.
16:58 The doors of life will not be opened to a person that says,
17:01 "I'm sorry, I did it."
17:06 Repentance to life.
17:09 That's where the doors begin to open.
17:11 But let's go to the next one.
17:13 Let's go to the next one.
17:17 The door's open.
17:21 The door's open when a person repents
17:25 because it leads in the proper direction,
17:28 you'll find out in a moment.
17:29 Ezekiel 33:19.
17:35 I'm thinking of a text here.
17:42 Yes. Okay.
17:45 And we're in Ezekiel 33:19.
17:47 Are we, yes or no? Yes.
17:49 Okay, let's look at this one.
17:51 What does repentance lead to?
17:53 Repentance, "But when the wicked,"
17:55 what is the very next word?
17:58 "Turns from his wickedness
18:01 and does what is lawful and right,"
18:04 together, "he shall live because of it."
18:08 Another word in this passage, what word do you think
18:11 reflects conversion or repentance.
18:14 What word you think reflects that?
18:16 What word do you see there?
18:18 Turn. Turn.
18:21 You know, you've heard it a 1000 times,
18:23 but it fits right here.
18:25 If you're going in the wrong direction,
18:27 God allows you turns.
18:30 Turn. Turn.
18:32 And in Ezekiel 33:19,
18:34 the Lord was continuing to appeal to the Israelites,
18:37 turn, turn.
18:39 And even that passage or the prayer
18:42 we know so very well,
18:44 "If My people who are called by My name
18:49 will humble themselves and pray and seek My face,
18:54 and turn from their wicked ways."
18:57 Then get the notice, did you hear that?
19:02 Then did you know that?
19:04 Okay, everybody on television said, "Amen."
19:07 Then...
19:09 Amen.
19:10 Let's go to 1 Chronicles.
19:19 And sometimes you might wonder,
19:21 2 Chronicles 7:14. 2 Chronicles 7:14.
19:24 Okay, there it is.
19:26 Sometimes you might wonder, why
19:28 it seems like your prayers are going
19:29 no higher than the ceiling.
19:32 Here's a prayer blocker.
19:35 By the way we went to Ezekiel 33:19,
19:37 our call for the next one in just a moment.
19:39 But I want to insert this in the middle of it
19:41 because this passage,
19:42 the passage we often use for prayer,
19:45 the passage we often use for prayer has a lot to do with
19:48 whether or not we do the very thing
19:52 that activates God listening to you,
19:56 in other words saying, "You're serious, "
19:59 is included in this passage.
20:01 Look at it again.
20:02 "If My people," 2 Chronicles 7:14
20:05 "who are called by My name will do," what?
20:08 "Humble themselves."
20:10 "You have to be humble, and pray, and seek My faith."
20:15 And what is the next word?
20:17 "Turn from their wicked ways."
20:20 You have the if and now comes the blessing,
20:23 "Then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin,
20:27 and do," what?
20:29 "Heal their land."
20:32 Notice what happens for the sin to be forgiven
20:34 in the land to be healed
20:35 and for God to hear from heaven.
20:38 They got to turn.
20:39 What word did I just say, everybody?
20:41 They've got to turn.
20:42 You can't keep going in the same direction,
20:45 you cannot peel away from the high patrolmen,
20:49 "See, officer, thanks for letting me go."
20:52 This guy is nuts, get him off the road.
20:56 He's not really repentant.
20:58 He's taken my grace for granted.
21:01 He has just spurned my mercy, arrest him, he's dangerous,
21:07 he shouldn't be on the highway
21:09 'cause he really hasn't repented,
21:10 he just said sorry and went, and you know I...
21:15 That's why whenever I have been pulled over before,
21:19 I drive away ever so humbly, humble themselves.
21:24 "You say everything perfectly?" "Yes, officer."
21:27 "Were you speeding?"
21:30 "Yes."
21:32 That's not a moment to joke
21:34 because especially in the world today,
21:36 am I right?
21:37 There's a different world today,
21:39 quite a different world today.
21:41 But when you turn
21:44 and then not only when you turn,
21:46 but I want to go and emphasize,
21:48 when you do what is lawful and right,
21:52 you have to now be aligned with God's law again.
21:56 You've got to live a right life.
21:59 And when you look at the lives of the kings,
22:00 when you look at the lives of those
22:02 who had been blessed by God,
22:03 the Bible says they did what was right
22:07 in the sight of the Lord.
22:10 They didn't care whether or not anybody else was around or not,
22:13 they did what was right in the sight of the Lord.
22:16 When you do what's right in the sight of the Lord,
22:19 then you're doing what's right.
22:22 Amen.
22:24 The eyes of the Lord roam to and fro through the earth
22:27 to show Himself strong
22:28 in behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him.
22:32 He'll show Himself strong if your heart is loyal to Him,
22:34 but He's looking.
22:37 Let's look at the next text.
22:38 Ezekiel 18:28, here it is.
22:44 Ezekiel 18:28.
22:45 The Bible says, "Because..."
22:47 This is now the sinner, "Because he considers, "
22:50 he thinks about it, "and turns away from, "
22:53 how many of his transgressions?
22:55 "All the transgressions which he committed, "
22:59 what does the Bible say, look at the promise of God,
23:01 "he shall surely live he shall not die."
23:05 Amen.
23:06 I mean that's encouraging news when he considers.
23:11 You know the word there considers in the Hebrew,
23:13 when he considers, when he stops and thinks.
23:16 When he says,
23:19 like David said,
23:21 "My sin is ever before me, " he thought about it.
23:25 He thought about what he had done.
23:27 He didn't just say, "Well, okay,
23:28 yeah, I did it, forgive me."
23:30 He didn't, he was not light hearted about it,
23:32 he thought about it, "What did I do?
23:35 Did I do that?"
23:37 And he repented and he turned from all his transgressions,
23:41 and then the Bible says, "He shall surely live,
23:43 he shall not die."
23:45 That's a praise God right there.
23:46 He shall surely live, He shall not die.
23:50 You know when you think about God's mercy,
23:52 God could have...
23:53 And I need to say,
23:55 God could have gotten rid of him.
23:57 Let me make it personal.
23:58 God could have gotten rid of me a long time ago.
24:02 Anybody else feel the same?
24:05 God could have gotten rid of any one of us a long,
24:08 long time ago.
24:10 But thank God
24:13 that His rope of mercy
24:15 is a lot longer than ours,
24:20 because some people say, "No, no, no."
24:22 Okay, now, like Peter tried to be nice
24:26 how many times shall we forgive our brother?
24:31 Seven times.
24:32 Oh, he said, "No?"
24:34 Seventy times seven.
24:37 And you know what the key is to that passages,
24:39 if he repents forgive him, if he sins,
24:43 if you repent forgive him,
24:45 that was the key to that passage.
24:47 if he repents, forgive him.
24:51 Somebody might say,
24:53 "Well, how do you know he repented?"
24:58 Let's go to 1 Corinthians.
25:02 You guys looked at me like you were hungry.
25:05 2 Corinthians.
25:08 I can't give you the answer, let the Bible speak.
25:13 2 Corinthians.
25:15 This was in one of our past questions,
25:18 but it fits right here again.
25:20 2 Corinthians 7. 2 Corinthians 7.
25:26 One of the reasons why this topic is so important
25:28 is because it's so easy as Christians to get locked
25:31 into Christian activity without really considering
25:34 what kind of life we live.
25:36 We could do our daily does in our Bible study
25:38 our devotion, we could
25:40 come to church, sing our songs,
25:42 study our Sabbath school lesson,
25:44 and we can go around like a dispenser machine,
25:47 put a chord in and Christianity comes out,
25:49 put another chord and a Christian song comes out,
25:51 put another chord
25:52 and your Sabbath school lesson comes out.
25:53 It's in there, we show up at church
25:55 because we have to be as the Sabbath is true,
25:56 we don't want to violate the Sabbath,
25:58 we want to be here and honor the Fourth Commandment,
26:00 and we do all the things
26:01 that are in our dispenser machine.
26:07 But sometimes tradition can become the roadblock
26:10 to conversion.
26:12 Sometimes habits can be so ingrained in us
26:16 that we are involved in many wonderful works.
26:21 Mathew 7:21-23 and the Lord is saying,
26:24 "I don't even know who you are."
26:26 Let's look at how can we know.
26:27 This is beautiful.
26:29 2 Corinthians 7:9, are we there?
26:32 Nine and 10.
26:33 Look at this.
26:35 "And Paul the Apostle,"
26:36 speaking to the Corinthians he had to ingrain
26:40 in this multicultural church that had so many traditions,
26:44 so many beliefs, so many practices
26:46 that were intermingled
26:47 in their traditional background.
26:48 He had to help them understand the difference between
26:51 salvation, repentance, redemption.
26:54 It was a constant challenge to the Corinthian experience.
26:58 So now look at verse 9, he says, "Now I rejoice,
27:03 not that you were made sorry,
27:06 because a lot of people could be sorry,
27:08 but that your sorrow led to," what?
27:11 Come on, say it, led to what?
27:13 "Repentance, for you were made sorrow in a," what?
27:17 "Godly manner, and look at the blessing
27:21 that you might suffer a loss from us and nothing."
27:24 See when a person repents, see God can pull the rug
27:28 from under us at any moment.
27:31 But when a person repents, the Lord restores and puts back
27:35 what they could have lost
27:36 and they suffer loss and nothing,
27:38 but look at verse 10.
27:39 Look at verse 10
27:41 which fits into where we're headed."
27:42 For godly sorrow produces," what?
27:45 "Repentance, leading to," what?
27:48 "Salvation, not to be regretted when you really repent
27:52 and salvation is restored to you,
27:55 you don't regret that."
27:58 But the sorrow of the world produces death.
28:00 The difference between the sorrow of the world
28:03 and the sorrow of the Christian
28:04 is the difference between Judas.
28:07 Well, Judas actually never repented.
28:10 But he threw the money back like to say,
28:13 "I didn't want to do that."
28:15 And the repentance of Peter.
28:18 And Peter, the Lord said, "When you are converted,
28:23 strengthen the brethren."
28:24 Peter didn't just repent, but he was converted.
28:28 He was what?
28:30 Converted.
28:31 Okay, now let's go to the...
28:32 Where we're number 26?
28:34 Number 26, let's go there.
28:36 Repentance, so often
28:41 we become acclimated to a community of worship
28:43 because we like what they teach,
28:45 we want to check out and see whether or not
28:46 it's in accordance with the Bible,
28:48 and when it's in accordance with the Bible,
28:49 we say great, everything you've told me,
28:51 I could find it in Scripture, it's true, I cannot refute it,
28:54 and then we become academically acclimated to religion
28:58 rather than converted and repentant.
29:01 We join a church.
29:02 But the problem with that is if we're not converted,
29:07 then we haven't put down roots.
29:10 Because if you don't put down roots,
29:12 you don't get fruits.
29:13 Am I right?
29:16 How can you put forth fruits worthy of repentance
29:18 unless you put down roots?
29:22 If you don't have any roots, you'll never have any fruits.
29:24 And so a lot of people are members of a congregation
29:28 until something better comes along
29:30 or until something comes along
29:34 and blows them away in a particular trial
29:37 or the cares of this life,
29:38 and because the Bible says in Matthew 13
29:40 because they have no roots, they cannot endure.
29:44 But if you have roots,
29:47 or more specifically if you have a foundation...
29:50 The roots is Christ, the foundation is Christ.
29:53 If you've got roots,
29:55 then the wind is going to blow, your tree might bend,
29:58 but when the weather's passed, you'll still be there.
30:02 And that's why you cannot gauge your salvation
30:04 based on whether you feel good, or whether you feel bad,
30:06 or whether somebody did something to you,
30:08 or whether they didn't do it to you
30:09 because we have to endure many trials
30:12 before we make it to the kingdom.
30:13 Isn't that right?
30:14 We will go through much tribulation.
30:18 Number 26, here's the question.
30:20 How best can the experience of repentance be described?
30:24 How best
30:25 can the experience of repentance be described?
30:29 Oh, this is beautiful.
30:32 Because, remember, we just read leading...
30:36 I'll touch that passage again,
30:39 "For godly sorrow produces
30:41 repentance leading to salvation"
30:43 that was 2 Corinthians 7:10, but look at the answer here.
30:47 Psalm 23:3,
30:48 how best can the experience of repentance be described?
30:52 Look at what the psalmist says.
30:56 This is so beautiful.
30:59 "He" together "restores my soul,
31:04 He leads me in paths of righteousness for" who?
31:10 "His name's sake."
31:11 Somebody else is leading.
31:13 What I want to point out and I've said this before
31:15 and it fits right here.
31:17 We are being led by someone.
31:22 We are never behind the steering wheel.
31:26 We yield to one drive or the other.
31:31 We are never behind the steering wheel.
31:33 Sometimes we think we're behind...
31:35 I've heard people say, "This is my life.
31:39 I'm going to do what I want to do."
31:40 No, you just yield to a different driver.
31:43 We are never in charge.
31:45 Romans 6:16, let's look at this verse,
31:48 we are never in charge.
31:49 When the Lord is in charge, He's restoring us,
31:53 He's leading us in the path of righteousness.
31:55 Somebody is always leading.
31:57 Let's look at Romans 6:16 very quickly.
31:59 Somebody is always leading.
32:03 I have over the last year the Lord has given me
32:06 three passages in the Bible that I believe
32:08 can be the crux of every experience.
32:11 Roman 6:16 is one,
32:12 Roman 7:17 and Galatians 2:20.
32:15 Those are the three passages that will entirely experience
32:18 that will entirely cover the full expanse
32:21 of whether or not
32:22 you're going to be a solid Christian.
32:23 It will show you who's leading
32:25 and what the end results are going to be.
32:26 Look at Romans 6:16,
32:28 and we're going to be building on the word He leads me,
32:30 He does what?
32:32 He leads me. Now let's see how it happens.
32:34 Let's see how the leading happens.
32:36 Romans 6:16.
32:38 Do you not know that to whom you present yourselves
32:41 slaves to obey,
32:45 "you are that one slave whom you obey,
32:50 whether of sin," what?
32:53 "Leading to death or of obedience," what?
32:56 "Leading to righteousness."
32:58 Somebody is leading.
33:00 When you yield to Christ,
33:02 it's obedience leading to righteousness.
33:05 When you yield to sin,
33:08 it's disobedience leading to death.
33:11 Somebody is always leading.
33:14 Matter of fact to prove it's not you,
33:15 go to one more passage,
33:17 Romans 7:17.
33:19 These inserts are right, very important.
33:21 And I thought to myself,
33:23 I'll be able to get through all this tonight.
33:24 I might or might not,
33:26 but that's what the next program is all about.
33:28 Let's try to move on very carefully.
33:29 So why...
33:30 Is somebody always leading, yes or no?
33:32 Yes.
33:33 You just yield one direction or the other.
33:35 You go on this plane or that plane,
33:37 but you never go into the cockpit, all right.
33:41 They always say before the plane leaves,
33:43 if your next destination is not St Louis,
33:46 this is a good time to get off the plane.
33:51 And whatever your destination
33:52 they checked for the last moment,
33:53 that's why they look at your ticket to see.
33:55 Look at Romans 7:17.
33:56 Somebody is always in charge.
34:00 Let's see what happens when evil is coming out
34:02 what's in charge.
34:05 But now it is no longer I, say those words,
34:08 "It is no longer I."
34:10 One more time, "It is no longer I."
34:14 So who is it?
34:16 Not I.
34:17 Once you yield, it is no longer you who do it.
34:21 But who's in charge?
34:23 But sin that dwells in me.
34:25 Once you yield and Jesus is not the one leading,
34:30 your soul is not going to be restored,
34:33 you will not be led into paths of righteousness.
34:35 What's the opposite of paths of righteousness?
34:38 Paths of what?
34:39 Unrighteousness.
34:41 And that's a daily choice.
34:43 That's a daily choice.
34:44 Your conversation, your habits, your practices,
34:46 that's a daily choice.
34:48 This by the way is Christianity one-on-one.
34:52 More important than prophecy
34:55 'cause you can understand prophecy and still be lost.
34:58 You got to find out every day who's leading.
35:00 If He's leading, He's restoring you.
35:03 But if He's not leading,
35:04 you're being led in paths of unrighteousness.
35:08 And I want to say it very...
35:09 I want to jar you not for His name sake,
35:13 but for His name sake.
35:16 You're standing behind His name
35:20 rather than being covered by His name.
35:26 Now our last one.
35:29 Our last one, Galatians 2:20.
35:31 Remember it is no longer I, but when you yield to Christ,
35:35 come on hurry up, Galatians 2:20.
35:37 Galatians 2:20.
35:41 See, Yannick is already there.
35:43 Yannick is already there. Yannick is already there.
35:48 Here it is, Galatians 2:20.
35:51 Look at what happens when you yield to Christ.
35:53 Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
35:56 Galatians 2:20,
35:58 "I have been crucified with Christ."
35:59 I have been what?
36:01 Crucified with Christ.
36:02 And here it is again the same exact order.
36:05 It is no longer I. It is no longer I.
36:09 Is it amazing that it's exactly the same as Romans 7:17,
36:14 it is no longer I.
36:16 In Romans 7:17, it is no longer I,
36:18 who do it, in Galatians 2:20,
36:21 it is no longer I who live.
36:24 Let's go on.
36:26 But Christ
36:29 lives in me.
36:31 In Romans 7:17.
36:33 But sin dwells in me.
36:35 Is it amazing how the Apostle Paul
36:39 has by inspiration lined up those two passages,
36:43 in sin it is no longer I who do it,
36:46 sin is completely taking control,
36:47 but sin that dwells in me, but when we yield to Christ,
36:51 it is no longer I who live, why?
36:53 Because you've been crucified.
36:54 How can a dead man do anything?
36:57 It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me.
37:00 And so now all of a sudden righteousness start showing up.
37:04 Let me ask you a question.
37:06 If the Lord is leading where else will He lead you
37:08 except righteousness?
37:10 Nowhere else.
37:12 Look at the rest of the passage.
37:13 And now all of a sudden,
37:15 the old character has been put to death
37:17 and notice what it says.
37:19 And the life which I now live.
37:22 It's amazing how you get the credit,
37:23 the life which I now live,
37:27 I live by faith in the Son of God
37:30 who loved me and did what?
37:32 Gave Himself for me.
37:34 And I just want to add verse 21 because we often,
37:37 it kind of gets left out by default.
37:40 "I do not set aside the grace of God,
37:42 for if righteousness comes through the law,
37:45 then Christ died in vain."
37:47 That means, if I can kill a lamb,
37:49 or do a sacrifice,
37:50 or burnt offering to make me righteous."
37:52 This is not speaking.
37:53 And by the way righteousness doesn't come
37:56 through the commandments, the Ten Commandments,
37:58 nor the ceremonial law.
37:59 Righteousness comes through Christ.
38:02 The ceremonial law was to lead us to understand
38:04 that Christ would be the lamb sacrifice.
38:06 The Ten Commandments law
38:07 was the parameters of our relationship
38:09 between God and man,
38:10 but neither one of those can save us.
38:12 If the law could save us, we wouldn't need Christ.
38:14 Am I right?
38:16 But the law shows us that we need Christ.
38:19 And then after we accept Christ,
38:22 the law like a speed limit
38:23 after the police let me go says,
38:27 "You don't want to meet me again
38:30 on the bad circumstances."
38:33 Right?
38:34 We want to keep it right,
38:36 keep it real between us and the police officer.
38:37 In other words, we don't want to meet Christ,
38:40 we want to meet Him in peace.
38:41 Isn't that, right?
38:43 And that's why the law is there.
38:44 Keep the parameters.
38:45 And by the way He's the one that works it out in us.
38:47 Go back to question number 26 and the second part.
38:50 We went to 23 Psalm,
38:52 how best can the experience of repentance be described?
38:55 Look at Psalm 51:12.
38:56 Psalm 51:12, first of all He restores and notice
39:02 what He does.
39:03 Psalm 51:12.
39:05 Here's what the Bible says, David asks,
39:07 "Restore to me the," what?
39:10 "Joy of Your salvation,
39:12 and uphold me by Your generous
39:15 or righteous Spirit."
39:17 Restore to me the joy of your salvation.
39:20 I always wonder
39:23 when I see a Christian
39:26 that just can never be happy about anything.
39:29 I always wonder where are they focusing.
39:32 How could a worldly and be so elated at times?
39:36 And a person that's connected to Christ,
39:38 I mean, let's just put the picture together.
39:40 They are on the plane
39:43 that Jesus bought the ticket for them to get a seat to,
39:47 the next stop is heaven.
39:49 They don't have to worry about food, amenities,
39:53 when it's turbulent Jesus said, "That's okay, I'm the pilot."
39:56 Amen.
39:58 They can go to the worst windstorm,
39:59 the worst wind shear,
40:01 He said, "Just stay on board and when we land,
40:05 we'll be in glory."
40:08 And they're looking out the window,
40:10 "I don't like it on here."
40:13 Where else you're going to go?
40:15 Peter made it very clear.
40:16 The Lord said, "Peter,
40:17 are you also going to leave Me?"
40:19 Peter said, "Where am I going?
40:20 This is the only flight that's going to heaven.
40:22 I'm not getting off."
40:23 Amen.
40:25 Restore to me the, what?
40:26 Joy.
40:28 If we really understood what God has gifted us with,
40:30 if we really understood what Jesus has done for us,
40:33 there will be joy.
40:35 Because there is a joy
40:36 that the world cannot give to us
40:38 and the world can't take it away.
40:41 That's right.
40:42 Cannot give it to us, cannot take it away.
40:44 And then who is upholding us,
40:46 He restores us and He upholds me by Your...
40:50 The word there is capitalized by His generous Spirit.
40:53 Dan?
40:54 That will be the longest flight any of us will have ever taken.
40:57 That's right.
40:59 Did you hear that?
41:01 That would be the longest flight
41:02 any of us would have ever taken,
41:03 but I tell you what?
41:05 No fuel on earth could get us there.
41:07 Only by the righteousness of Jesus.
41:09 Praise the Lord.
41:11 Thank you for that comment, Dan.
41:12 And we're not getting off,
41:14 I'm not getting off in turbulence.
41:17 Here's another one, Psalm 85:4.
41:21 And by the way the answers will be,
41:23 He leads me in the path of righteousness,
41:26 He restores our joy and then not only that,
41:30 Psalm 85:4.
41:32 Look at this,
41:34 "Restore us, O God of our salvation,
41:38 and cause Your anger toward us to do," what?
41:42 "Cease."
41:43 Oh, God's anger doesn't last but for a moment.
41:48 But His favor lasts a lifetime.
41:53 Okay.
41:54 I heard you guys say amen.
41:55 I did hear somebody in Australia say amen.
41:58 I didn't hear it here,
42:00 His anger last for about a moment,
42:02 but His favor last for a lifetime.
42:03 Amen.
42:04 That's huge. That's huge.
42:09 Are you still angry with me?
42:10 And Lord says, "Over what?
42:12 I forgave you of that. And I threw it into the sea
42:16 and I put out a no fishing sign."
42:18 Amen.
42:20 Isn't that wonderful?
42:21 He forgives us and He restores us.
42:23 Beautiful, praise God for that.
42:25 But now we...
42:27 That's repentance now.
42:29 But now let's go to a conversion.
42:31 Conversion.
42:33 Conversion. Where we going?
42:36 Conversion.
42:37 Question number 27.
42:38 He restores us and His anger ceases.
42:42 Getting people angry with us isn't a big deal,
42:45 but getting God angry with you is a serious issue.
42:49 It's a very serious issue.
42:53 And the devil spends all his time trying to get us
42:55 to do something to get God's anger
42:58 rekindled against us.
43:00 Well, here's the question number 27,
43:04 "What else besides repentance does the Bible
43:08 prescribe for a changed life?"
43:11 What else besides repentance does the Bible
43:15 prescribe for a changed life?
43:21 We're going to go to a passage that we visited a long time ago
43:25 because it had two parts to it, it had two parts to it.
43:29 Acts 3:19.
43:31 And by the way this passage
43:36 is proclaimed by
43:41 an apostle who knows what it means.
43:46 All right, this is Peter's second sermon
43:52 after he experienced what he talked about.
43:56 Here it is.
43:58 Peter said, "Repent therefore and be"
44:02 together "converted
44:05 that your sins may be blotted out,
44:08 so that times of refreshing may come
44:11 from the presence of the Lord."
44:13 Now let me show you how important it is,
44:14 how important conversion is.
44:16 Let's go back to the chart again.
44:18 We have the law of God, we have sinned.
44:20 How many of us have sinned?
44:21 All of us have sinned.
44:23 Now when you sin, you often say,
44:25 I'm sorry or then you go to the next level,
44:27 you confess and is God faithful and just?
44:30 What does He do?
44:31 Forgive you, but you haven't repented yet.
44:34 If you repent,
44:35 then the door of salvation is opening for you.
44:38 Repentance is the first step,
44:40 but the sin is still there.
44:43 Did you get that?
44:47 But when you're converted something happens to the sin.
44:53 Look at the text again.
44:56 "Repent therefore and be," what?"
44:58 Converted that your sins may be," what?
45:03 "Blotted out."
45:06 Repentance,
45:08 then conversion.
45:10 When the conversion comes in...
45:14 When the conversion comes, the Lord say, okay, now,
45:19 your sin will be blotted out.
45:22 It's one thing and when you study
45:23 the sanctuary services, it was huge.
45:25 In sanctuary services,
45:26 there was sacrifices made every day.
45:28 But the sins were transferred,
45:29 but once a year the sins were blotted out.
45:32 When the Day of Atonement services convened,
45:34 at the end of that day,
45:36 everyone who had confessed their sins and repented,
45:38 their sin was blotted out.
45:40 And they were guiltless before the Lord.
45:43 They were not the same that they were before,
45:45 conversion took place.
45:50 But if they only repented
45:52 and didn't provide provision for their sins
45:56 to be removed,
45:59 they were not converted and their sin remained.
46:02 Conversion is a powerful thing.
46:05 Conversion is...
46:08 I don't want to give a hint.
46:15 Conversion...
46:17 I'm gonna let the rest of it today.
46:18 I don't want to give a hint 'cause I'm planning a message.
46:22 But conversion is huge.
46:26 It is the step that says, "Yes, you didn't just repent,
46:31 but you have taken a different direction."
46:35 And when you look at the word conversion, you might say,
46:36 "Well, if I typed the word converted in the Bible,
46:39 you'll only find about four references
46:41 or five references.
46:44 But what you'll find in the Hebrew and the Greek
46:46 are other words turn, turn that they should turn and live,
46:52 conversion, repentances,
46:54 a deepening sorrow for that sin,
46:56 that repentance, that godly sorrow
46:59 that leads to repentance
47:00 and repentance lead to salvation,
47:02 it opens the door to salvation.
47:04 And then the conversion comes from that changed heart
47:07 and that changed life.
47:09 Acts 3:19.
47:10 So the question is what else beside repentance
47:13 does the Bible prescribe for a changed life?
47:16 What does it prescribe? What's the word there?
47:18 Write it down, what is it?
47:21 Conversion.
47:22 Got to be converted.
47:26 And, you know, I'm going to ask a question,
47:29 be careful how you answer it.
47:32 Was Jesus ever converted?
47:37 No.
47:40 Yes or no? No.
47:42 I'm glad you guys are awake because He didn't sin.
47:45 Amen. Amen.
47:46 Okay, so I won't even take it any further than that.
47:49 That's why His righteousness is imputed to us.
47:52 He didn't need to be converted, He never sinned.
47:54 He took our sin.
47:57 But He was not a sinner.
47:59 He bore our sin, but He didn't become a sinner,
48:04 He became sin.
48:06 Now this is huge.
48:07 He didn't become a sinner, He became sin.
48:09 That's right.
48:11 He didn't become a sinner, He became sin.
48:13 That means He took on the very nature of Adam,
48:16 that fallen character, took it to the cross as it were,
48:21 hung up there with it as it were, died,
48:26 and left it in the tomb, and came out glorified.
48:30 Amen.
48:31 He didn't become a sinner, He became sin for us.
48:34 He took on that fallen nature,
48:37 but that fallen nature never made Him fall.
48:42 That's huge.
48:43 I mean, if I look back at my book
48:46 or how many times I felt.
48:47 Come on, let's look at our book when we go home.
48:49 How many times have I fallen since I've been born.
48:52 I'd be counting like one, two, three, four...
48:57 I can't come out until I'm done counting,
48:59 I have weeks to go.
49:01 But He never fell.
49:05 Praise God.
49:07 He never fell.
49:09 Never fell.
49:10 Had He fallen in thought, or action, or word, or deed,
49:13 we would be, this Bible study wouldn't be necessary
49:17 'cause we won't be going anywhere.
49:19 The devil will have is...
49:21 Anyway, let's not even think about that.
49:23 Let's just rejoice that He never fell.
49:24 Praise God for that.
49:26 So conversion is what is,
49:29 beside repentance there needs to be conversion.
49:31 I have not heard and I'm just...
49:37 I wish I could turn on TV and hear these TV preachers
49:41 that are talking about, "It's your time, it's your day,
49:44 see that you just you're going to blossom into
49:46 a thousand blessings,
49:47 you're going to be like a butterfly
49:49 and your wings going to be open,
49:50 and your ship is coming in."
49:53 Jesus is not bringing ships in,
49:55 He wants to bring His character in.
49:59 But so many people are looking for ships to come in
50:01 that they never send out.
50:04 "Conversion,"
50:05 without that you could do all the work that you want to,
50:08 but Jesus will say, "I never knew you."
50:10 Look at number 28.
50:12 We're moving right along, I think we might
50:14 be blessed tonight if we get any farther than that.
50:16 Number 28.
50:17 Here's the question,
50:19 "How important is the need for a converted life?"
50:24 How important is the need for a converted life?
50:29 Now we answer with a question,
50:30 well, the answer a very important.
50:32 But let's see what Matthew 18:3 tells us tonight.
50:37 Matthew 18:3.
50:39 Go in there.
50:40 Turn in there.
50:42 Matthew 18:3.
50:48 Okay, the Word of the Lord tells us the following.
50:55 "Assuredly, or surely, or most assuredly I say to you,
51:00 for certain I say to you, unless you are," what?
51:04 "Converted and become as," what?
51:07 "Little children, you will by no means
51:13 enter the kingdom of heaven."
51:16 Is that a left hook?
51:22 Like he said where are you going?
51:25 Yannick, where are you going?
51:26 Ronnie, where are you going?
51:28 Pastor John, where are you going?
51:30 You better be converted.
51:35 Because you ain't getting in here.
51:38 We are not getting in doing what the devil did
51:42 to get kicked out.
51:44 Am I right
51:45 You're not going,
51:47 there is no little corner where the lights are going to be dark
51:50 and the music is going to be hopping.
51:52 There's no corner where our vice is going to be practiced.
51:55 And you know why He says and become as little children
51:59 I looked at that today and my mind just thought,
52:02 "Lord, I want to be like a little child,"
52:05 because you know what?
52:07 When I read that, the commentary says,
52:09 "Children keeps no record of wrongs done to them."
52:16 Little kids, you know, they get on the playground
52:18 they do stupid things.
52:19 You say, "Say sorry.
52:21 Okay, let's go play."
52:22 And they run like they go
52:24 and dive in the dirt together again.
52:27 As long as you don't make a big deal out of it,
52:28 they're not gonna make a big deal out of it.
52:30 You know, he hit me, he hit me too.
52:32 "Say sorry."
52:33 I'll use, I'm sorry let's go play.
52:36 Well, adults like, I ain't talking to her.
52:39 I will not talk to you for the rest of your life.
52:43 You know why?
52:44 'Cause we are in the way.
52:47 Am I right?
52:48 And then we say unto you,
52:49 I'm never gonna forget
52:51 what you did 20 years ago like, uh-huh.
52:55 And then your name get mentioned,
52:57 they say I can tell you some stuff about him
53:01 or her, or them, or that church.
53:04 But the Lord, children keep no records of wrong deeds
53:10 done to them.
53:13 Become like little children.
53:15 And the other thing you say to, an adult say, "Let's go, kids."
53:20 "Okay, we're coming."
53:21 Jesus said, "Follow me."
53:23 You say, "Why?"
53:25 Jesus say, "Come unto me all you
53:27 who are weary and heavy laden."
53:28 And adults say, "What do I have to give up?"
53:31 Kids say, "I'm coming."
53:34 We've got all these conditions and what we don't know
53:37 is the best is yet to come.
53:39 And the Lord said,
53:41 "You don't even know where you're going,
53:42 all you need to know
53:44 is you ain't seen nothing yet, right?"
53:48 So when I read that, I said, like,
53:49 become as little children,
53:51 and then if you don't become, see conversion is okay,
53:55 but He didn't say it, going out like hardheaded adults
53:58 become as little children.
53:59 The little children part
54:01 is as important as the converted part
54:03 because if you don't be converted
54:05 and become as little children, you ain't getting in.
54:10 I heard a man once in court.
54:12 I said the story before, now it fits.
54:15 The woman that was on trial killed his wife
54:20 I don't remember all the details,
54:22 but in the court the gentleman
54:24 while the woman was being sentence.
54:27 You know family members could stand up
54:29 and say something,
54:30 and he turned to the lady who is being sentenced,
54:32 and he said to her, "I can't wait till you die
54:37 and go to heaven so my wife can settle the score with you.
54:44 She's waiting for you."
54:46 There will be no fights in heaven.
54:51 Children, that's why you've got to train up children
54:55 in the way they should go.
55:00 Let them know that, "Yes, forgiveness is possible."
55:03 Okay, he took your ice cream, give him your ice cream."
55:08 It's no big deal.
55:10 You ever see children fall,
55:11 they look at you to see if you gonna make a big deal,
55:13 if you don't they just go like nobody.
55:15 But if you say, "Are you hurt?"
55:16 They will be...
55:18 Isn't that right?
55:21 We make more deals out of stuff than kids do.
55:24 Oh, you just tell, like they will cry for hours,
55:27 but if you say, "No, it's okay,"
55:29 and they go on you know.
55:32 Become like little children.
55:33 Amen.
55:34 What would happen to a church if we could become like
55:36 little children walking in on Sabbath morning,
55:39 hi, sister so and so,
55:41 good to see you, brother, so and so.
55:43 No, keeping no records of a past wrong.
55:46 That's huge.
55:48 That text, put that in your fourth
55:49 of my favorite text.
55:51 And let's see if we can get one more in here.
55:53 Let's see if we get one more. Number 29.
55:55 Number 29.
55:56 Become converted and become like little children.
56:00 Wow, that's a powerful statement.
56:02 And Jesus said it by the way, not the apostles.
56:06 Question number 29.
56:07 Here's a question,
56:08 "What transcript of life is imperative for a person
56:13 claiming conversion?"
56:15 Is imperative, looks like it's one word,
56:16 but is imperative for a person claiming conversion?
56:20 Let's look at Psalm 19:7.
56:23 Psalm 19:7.
56:25 We're going to go there right away
56:27 and since this is going to be our last passage for the night,
56:29 I'd like us all to read it together.
56:31 It's on the screen.
56:32 The Bible says, "The law of the Lord is, what?
56:35 "Perfect."
56:36 Don't ever let your pastor tell you otherwise,
56:39 "Converting the," what?
56:41 "Soul, The testimony of the Lord is," what?
56:44 "Sure making," what?
56:46 "Wise the simple."
56:48 If you're in a church, I heard just recently
56:51 and I don't want to glorify this too much,
56:53 but very familiar speaker in the Christian world
56:57 named Creflo Dollar said,
56:59 "The devil's trying to get you to keep the law
57:01 and if he can get you to keep the law, you sin."
57:06 "The devil is trying to get you to keep the law
57:07 because he knows if you can keep the law
57:09 you will sin."
57:10 And I thought, what?
57:12 And Jesus said, "If you love Me,
57:13 keep My commandments.
57:14 Here are they that keep the commandments of God."
57:16 Open wide the gate so the nation
57:19 that keepeth the law may enter in.
57:23 You cannot say you're converted and this is the point
57:26 that I'm going to wind up tonight.
57:27 You cannot say you are converted
57:29 and live out of harmony with God's law.
57:31 You cannot.
57:33 You cannot say that your experience
57:36 in the grace of the police officer
57:38 and you drive away kicking up sand and dust
57:41 as you pull away from the curb.
57:43 You cannot really say that.
57:45 You cannot say, you continue
57:46 in the same violation of God's law
57:49 if you say you have been converted, you cannot.
57:52 You have to live in harmony with the law of God
57:54 and you'll become,
57:55 His testimony will be sure and you will be made wise.
57:58 Keep studying, friends, if it doesn't make sense,
58:00 one day it will come into A Sharper Focus.
58:04 Let us pray.


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