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00:18 Hello and welcome to Wednesday night, A
00:20 Sharper Focus. Thank you for taking the
00:22 time to tune in and join us for a walk
00:25 through the Bible. Now, wherever you're
00:28 joining us from, it's time to get your
00:30 Bibles and expect the Lord to guide us in
00:33 this study of our greatest need. Now,
00:37 we've been studying this for a while because
00:39 it's our greatest need. Can we get an amen?
00:41 [Amen.] When you are talking about your
00:44 greatest need, you need to know what that
00:46 need is and eyeing out every particular. I'll let
00:50 you know in just a moment how to get
00:51 a copy of the lesson, and we'll sing our theme
00:53 song in just a moment, but before we do
00:55 anything else, we always begin with
00:57 prayer. Bow your heads with us. Loving Father
01:00 in heaven, thank You for the privilege and
01:01 opportunity of our opening Your Word.
01:03 We know that You'll guide our minds as we
01:05 study. We pray that Your Holy Spirit will
01:08 also be our Teacher. Bless the audience
01:11 that's listening and watching. May we not
01:14 only learn, but may we be given the strength
01:16 and the desire, Lord, to serve You with our
01:19 whole heart. In Jesus' name, amen. If you'd
01:24 like a copy of the lesson, go to this
01:26 following website: ASF.3ABN.org
01:32 and there, you'll find lesson #39. We are
01:36 going to be ending lesson #39 and question
01:39 #37, and after this, we'll go to our next
01:42 topic. Lesson #39; what number? 39.
01:48 Why don't we welcome our audience with a hearty
01:49 amen? Can we do that? [Amen.] Here we are in southern
01:53 Illinois, enjoying the changing of the
01:55 seasons. But wherever you're joining us from,
01:57 I hope your weather is good. Tonight, we
02:00 are going to begin by singing our theme
02:03 song. We always like to sing our theme song,
02:06 because our theme song is the overreaching
02:09 message of what we've been studying for
02:12 months-and years! Our theme song is
02:15 called "Victory in Jesus." Let's sing
02:18 that together.
02:27 I heard an old, old story
02:31 How the Savior came from glory
02:34 How He gave His life on Calvary
02:38 To save a wretch like me
02:42 I heard about His groaning
02:45 Of His precious blood's atoning
02:49 Then I repented of my sin
02:53 And won the victory
02:57 Oh, victory in Jesus
03:01 My Savior forever
03:04 He sought me and bought me
03:08 With His redeeming blood
03:12 He loved me ere I knew Him
03:16 And all my love is due Him
03:20 He plunged me to victory
03:23 Beneath the cleansing flood
03:27 I heard about a mansion
03:31 He has built for me in glory
03:35 And I heard about the streets of gold
03:38 Beyond the crystal sea
03:42 About the angels' singing
03:46 And the old redemption story
03:50 And some sweet day, I'll sing up there
03:54 The song of victory
03:56 (Key change!) Oh, victory in Jesus
04:01 My Savior forever
04:05 He sought me and bought me
04:08 With His redeeming blood
04:12 He loved me ere I knew Him
04:16 And all my love is due Him
04:20 He plunged me to victory
04:24 Beneath the cleansing flood
04:27 He plunged me to victory
04:31 Beneath the cleansing flood
04:38 Amen? [Amen.] Victory in Jesus. Tonight's
04:43 topic is the truth about our greatest
04:47 need. [Music starts playing again] I
04:48 guess they want us to sing it again.
04:50 [laughter] That may take a little more
04:52 time than I'm willing to give right now,
04:54 but we enjoy it. You know, people have
04:57 sent us emails, asking for the music.
05:02 A lady sent me an email and she said, "Have you
05:05 recorded that song yet? If you record
05:08 that song, I will buy it." So, we appreciate
05:11 your thoughtful words for us. No, I haven't
05:17 recorded it, but as I see, everyone can have
05:21 an opportunity of singing that song,
05:23 "Victory in Jesus" together. I, tonight,
05:26 want to lay some foundation. We've
05:28 been talking from week to week about our
05:31 greatest need. Now, we've been talking
05:36 about repentance and conversion-not just
05:40 baptism. I want to make a point tonight, because
05:43 there are many people that desire to get
05:45 baptized. Some people do get baptized. Baptism
05:49 is an external expression of an inward commitment
05:54 to Christ. Let's repeat- baptism is an external
05:57 expression of an inward commitment to Christ.
06:02 Baptism doesn't change you. Baptism
06:06 is a public testimony that the Lord has
06:10 come in and made the change. I want you
06:14 to open your Bibles to Ezekiel chapter 37.
06:20 We're going to look at before, during,
06:25 and after. Before, during, and after,
06:32 because there's a picture in the Bible.
06:33 Matter of fact, this passage has received
06:36 so much attention. Ezekiel chapter 37.
06:40 If you know where Daniel is, go back
06:41 one book to Ezekiel. Ezekiel chapter 37.
06:45 An amazing story. Okay, here we are.
06:52 I told you to turn there and I'm looking
06:53 at you turn... Now, I am there. The vision
06:59 of dry bones. Songs have been sung about
07:04 the knee bone is connected to the...
07:06 ...whatever. Whatever it's connected to.
07:09 It's not connected to the elbow; make sure.
07:10 It eventually gets there. But bones are
07:14 connected to bones. But here's- look at the
07:16 question. Let's look at this picture, and
07:18 we're going to dissect it together. Maybe not
07:23 a good word because it's already dissected.
07:24 Dissected. Well, look at Ezekiel 37:1 "The
07:30 hand of the Lord came upon me and
07:33 brought me out in the Spirit of the Lord
07:36 and set me down in the midst of the valley,
07:39 and it was," together, "full of bones." Every
07:47 church has bones in it. We all have bones.
07:51 But the question is... gonna come up later.
07:57 "Then He caused me to pass by them all,
07:59 all around. And behold, there were very many
08:05 in the open valley, and indeed they were,"
08:10 what? "Very dry." Which means- it
08:16 indicates that these bones were dead for
08:18 some time, because bones, they dry out
08:22 a natural process of drying out. If you
08:24 open up a coffin, which, hopefully,
08:28 none of us have had the task to do, but
08:32 if you open up a coffin- and based
08:34 on the date of the person's death, or
08:36 even if you don't know when they died
08:38 and you see a lot of dust in the there
08:39 and the bones are like... You say they've
08:43 been dead for...a long time. The picture is
08:47 presented here. Look at the questions that
08:50 are asked. This is the question that's asked.
08:53 I'm going to come back to this story throughout
08:54 the study tonight, because in each
08:56 juncture of the story, another section of
08:59 this question that's presented to us is
09:01 going to be answered in this story. Here
09:04 it is. "And He said to me, 'Son of man-'"
09:08 let's read the next four words together,
09:10 "'can these bones live?' So I answered, 'O Lord
09:16 God, You know.'" In other words, "Only
09:19 You know!" When we think of the picture
09:23 that is being presented here, this picture is
09:26 not a one-sided picture. It's not just talking
09:29 about people that don't know the Lord;
09:31 it's also presenting a picture of people that DID know
09:34 the Lord. But somewhere along the way, their
09:37 experience died. So whatever category
09:41 you're in, whether you don't know the
09:43 Lord or whether you knew the Lord and
09:45 your experience died, the question is asked
09:48 the same. "Can these dead bones live?"
09:51 Who's the only One that knows? Tell me.
09:57 "O Lord God, You know." Let's look at some
10:02 of the parameters.
10:04 Go to question #27. We're going to milk
10:07 this story, because you're going to see-
10:13 well, I'm going to go back and refer to
10:14 particular portions of the story that
10:17 fit into the context of the questions
10:20 we're going to answer. Now, if we've gone
10:22 over some of them, be patient with me
10:23 because I want to bring this story into the
10:26 questions that we may have covered
10:29 already. Okay, question #27.
10:36 What else? Let's go to Acts 3:19.
10:39 Let me ask you a question. Does baptism
10:44 change us? No. If you're not changed
10:48 prior to that-if you've not invited the Lord
10:51 to come in-you get wet, you go blow-dry
10:54 your hair, and you go home the same way
10:55 you got there. That commitment has to
10:58 be made ahead of time. Baptism doesn't
11:00 ch- and there are some people that
11:01 say, "I got to get baptized! I got to get
11:03 baptized!" What we need first is a changed
11:04 life, and then that baptism says, "I'm
11:08 ready for this new journey." The new
11:10 journey starts. You see, Jesus knew
11:13 His mission before He was baptized. He
11:16 didn't get baptized to wash away His
11:17 sin, because He was sinless. There's
11:20 a pattern you find in scripture. That's
11:23 also a custom in the Jewish religious world
11:29 (when I speak in antiquity). Baptism
11:33 was something that they entered into
11:35 prior to beginning the work in the
11:38 priesthood. So in the same way, Jesus
11:42 entered into baptism before He began His
11:44 ministry. So what makes us any different?
11:47 You cannot begin a ministry with Christ
11:50 unless you enter into baptism. Baptism is
11:54 something significantly important. We're not
11:55 talking about it in this particular topic;
11:57 let's go and answer the question first,
11:58 and then I'll show you how it fits. Here's
12:01 the answer. What else besides repentance does
12:04 the Bible describe for a changed life? Here
12:06 it is- let's read this first one together.
12:21 So, when you know that your past is blotted
12:25 out, when you know that your record is
12:28 expunged, when you know that your sentence
12:31 has been commuted, you don't say, "Aw, man!
12:34 My sentence was commuted." What do you do? Come
12:39 on. "My sentence has been commuted! My
12:42 crime has been paid for! My record has been
12:45 expunged." But the conversion part, it
12:52 comes, "Repent and be converted." So often,
12:56 people enter into a relationship through
12:59 baptism, but they don't repent of
13:01 anything, and then therefore, if you
13:02 don't repent, conversion doesn't happen.
13:04 Repentance is really a change of direction.
13:08 The person is living their lives, going to
13:11 the left or, in the wrong direction (I
13:13 use the word 'left' because the Bible
13:15 always prescribes Jesus on the right
13:16 hand of the Father). But if anyone lives
13:18 their life going to the left, and that's
13:20 the category the goader on the left...and when
13:25 they accept Christ, they don't continue
13:26 in the same direction. Repent- they recognize
13:30 that they are going in the wrong direction,
13:32 and that's where studying God's Word comes in.
13:34 God's Word points out the direction your
13:37 life is headed. It reveals whether or not you're
13:40 going in the wrong direction. It says, "You
13:41 are going in the wrong direction. You need to
13:43 make a change." But let me make a point-
13:45 making the change without committing
13:49 your life to Christ is like putting old
13:51 wine- it's like putting new wine in old
13:54 wine skins. Now, we don't know what
13:56 that is because we don't drink wine (most of us
13:59 don't)... I just wanted to see
14:03 if you would respond. None of us do! Amen?
14:05 [laughter] None of us drink wine. Grape
14:09 juice, yes. Fruit of the vine. But we
14:14 don't drink wine. But the Bible's
14:15 analogy is if you put new wine in
14:18 old wineskins, what happens is the
14:19 wineskins, after a while, they become hard.
14:22 By continually putting wine, the
14:24 leather of the skin starts to absorb
14:26 immediately. The ingredients are in the
14:30 fruit. When it's empty, it dries
14:33 out. Put more in, it absorbs more,
14:36 it dries. And after a while, you could
14:38 tap onto the leather that was supple in
14:40 the very beginning, but all of a sudden,
14:42 it's really, really hard. Well, what's
14:44 happening is, every time they put new
14:47 wine in that, in the matter of a day,
14:50 the wine starts a natural process of
14:53 fermentation. So it's expanding the skin
14:56 even more. When something new comes into
15:00 your life, the Lord wants to expand
15:02 your horizon, expand your understanding.
15:05 But if He tries to expand your understanding
15:07 and you haven't changed, you're gonna bust!
15:10 You can't contain it. Don't put new wine
15:14 in old wineskins. New wineskins happen
15:19 in the person's life who has repented
15:20 and is converted, not just baptized. Amen?
15:24 So write that down. What else besides
15:26 repentance does the Bible prescribe for a
15:28 changed life? What it is - converted.
15:31 Repent and be converted. Go to Luke 9:23.
15:36 Keep Ezekiel there because we're going
15:38 to see some components in there. Go to Luke 9:23;
15:40 let me just show you. Couple of things here.
15:44 Luke 9:23. It's important when you're thinking
15:51 about committing your life to Christ
15:53 and then following that commitment in baptism
15:56 that you do the right thing. And what do you
16:00 do that's right? Let's look at Luke 9:23.
16:03 9:23. "He said to them all, if anyone
16:10 desires to come after me, let him do," what?
16:15 "Deny himself and take up his cross,"
16:18 how often? "Daily," and do what? "Follow
16:22 Me." Have you ever had to deny yourself
16:24 of something? We have a health team;
16:27 they do blood pressure checks and blood checks
16:29 on Wednesday nights. My wife got hers done
16:31 tonight. I'm not going to tell the world what
16:33 her sugar level is, but some denial is
16:41 on the way. [laughter] Love you, honey! You
16:46 know, I say to her, "The reason why your
16:48 sugar's so high is because you hugged
16:49 me before we came to church." And that's
16:51 probably why we- she's sweet and I'm
16:53 very sweet... Anyway. A little laughter
16:57 is not bad. [laughs] So I said, "Honey,
17:01 if we're going to church, you're going to get
17:02 your blood checked. Do not hug me or
17:04 kiss me; your blood pressure's gonna go
17:05 up!" Or your sugar levels... Where did
17:09 that come from. I have no idea. Forgive
17:12 me... But let us get to the place
17:18 where when we know what is not good for
17:19 us spiritually... Let's go to the next
17:23 levels. Physically... Appetite, entertainment,
17:33 way of life... What happens is the body
17:36 and the mind get used to a certain way of life.
17:39 Just imagine a person doing something for
17:42 10 years, 11 years, 12 years, in their
17:45 adult years and they're now maybe in their
17:47 20s or 30s or 40s, and they've lived
17:49 a certain way all the time, and they got
17:51 baptized and they say, "I'm so excited!
17:53 I just got baptized." But that means he
17:56 just made a U-turn. The journey begins
17:58 in the right direction now. And a lot of
18:01 the things that you passed on the way
18:03 going the wrong way, you pass on the way
18:06 going the right way. But that's why it's
18:08 called, "Deny yourself," because you're going to
18:10 pass it. "Deny yourself" says, "I see it, but
18:14 I'm not getting off." [inhales repeatedly]
18:18 "I smell it, but I'm not eating it."
18:23 "Should I go to that show-... No, I'm
18:25 not going." Deny yourself. Denial is
18:28 not a natural thing. How does it happen?
18:34 How often should we deny ourselves?
18:36 [Daily.] Go to 1 Corinthians 15:31.
18:47 1 Corinthians- did I say 15? Yeah.
18:53 15:31. Okay.
19:00 Look at 1 Corinthians 15:31. It says, "I
19:05 affirm by the boasting in you, which I have
19:09 in Christ Jesus our Lord..." What are
19:11 the next three words? "I die...daily." So
19:16 this whole thing about repenting and being
19:18 converted... The conversion happens
19:21 gradually! It doesn't happen in one decision.
19:24 Right? Have you ever rejoiced? Say you say,
19:27 "Okay, I stuck to my plan today." It could
19:30 be diet, it could be a project you have,
19:33 it could be building a project, it could
19:35 be writing a book... It could be anything,
19:39 but you said, "I wrote it all down
19:41 and I got it done today." And you
19:42 feel really, really good. You get up
19:44 the next day with the commendation of the
19:46 last day on our shoulder and you feel really,
19:48 really good, and you say, "What time is
19:52 it?" And you realize you are not on
19:55 schedule to accomplish what you did the day
19:57 before. So, this whole denial process,
20:00 this whole process of repentance and
20:03 daily conversion and dying to self-daily
20:06 starts in the morning. Starts when? [In the
20:09 morning.] You gotta get some spiritual
20:11 food in your mind in the morning, because
20:14 we cannot be converted with natural things.
20:16 Natural things will leave you in a
20:18 natural condition, but spiritual things will put
20:20 you in a spiritual condition. I said
20:22 to somebody once who was having a difficult
20:23 time reading their Bibles- I said,
20:25 "Read your Bible because you have to,
20:27 and then you'll get to the place that you
20:29 read it because you WANT to." I had a
20:31 lady in one of our meetings, she said,
20:33 "I HATED reading my Bible, but since
20:35 these meetings began, I started reading
20:37 it after you did the topic on the
20:39 book that breeds." She said, "You know
20:41 what? I'm starting to love it again." When
20:43 you start to condition your mind- and it comes
20:46 to foods, it comes to changing the diet, it
20:49 comes to- didn't mean to point to you, Luis.
20:50 It comes to anything you do! Any time
20:53 you do something that you haven't done before,
20:55 repetition starts to create a habit.
20:58 A habit starts to create a character.
21:00 A character starts to determine a
21:02 destiny. An action creates a...habit.
21:06 Habit creates a character, and
21:08 character determines a destiny. So you
21:10 have to do that daily denial. Am I
21:12 right? Let's go to the very next one.
21:14 We're going to see some of these things,
21:16 but I'm not going to go back to Ezekiel
21:18 yet. Question #28.
21:25 I'm not going to spend a ton of time
21:27 on this one because we did cover it before,
21:29 but I'm just going to go ahead and touch
21:30 it and keep going. How important is the need
21:33 for a converted life? Look at this. And this-
21:36 I talked about this in the context of a
21:38 different way last time, but I'm going to add
21:41 a different bend to it this time. Alright?
21:44 Here's Matthew 18:3. The Bible says,
21:57 Now, we talked about different aspects of
21:59 little children. They forget quickly,
22:01 they forgive quickly and all that... But you
22:03 know, the best time to teach a person is
22:04 when they are young. The best time to
22:09 create new habits in your life is when your
22:11 Christian experience is new. When it's what?
22:15 New. Because sometimes, people get baptized-
22:18 I've seen this happen, I think, in each one
22:21 of our lives and maybe somebody listening
22:23 and watching. Each one of our lives, we
22:25 start out, we get excited- I remember
22:27 the story of a pastor who- in his church,
22:29 there was a lady that was so excited every
22:31 week. She was SO excited every week.
22:33 "Amen" for everything. She was always happy,
22:35 always positive. And the members who
22:39 had already settled in- old wineskins-said,
22:42 "Give her time. She's always
22:45 saying positive things. Give her time." So
22:47 one of the members, just not content with
22:49 the "give her time" statement, they tried
22:50 to get her to say something negative.
22:52 "What could you say positive about the
22:54 devil?" "Huh?" She said, "He sure is busy!"
22:59 [laughter] She wouldn't say anything negative
23:04 about anybody-even the devil! "He sure
23:06 is busy!" Are you? That's a bright-
23:11 that's a good attitude, right? It's really
23:13 good to see the positive side of
23:14 everything. But the point of the matter
23:16 is, don't- when a person is happy
23:18 in Jesus, don't try to quench their
23:21 spirit. We ought to be joyful! Sometimes,
23:25 people who I call- an Adventist could
23:29 become a Sadventist if they forget the
23:32 message. If you think you've heard it so
23:35 many times, it becomes, "Oh, I've heard that.
23:37 The second coming, yeah, I heard about
23:38 that before. Whatever, yeah,
23:40 I know. Three angels' messages, yeah, whatever."
23:42 And you become a Sadventist and you
23:44 lose your joy! And somebody else comes
23:47 in and says, "I've never heard the three
23:50 angels' message!" And they're excited and you
23:52 say, "Yeah, well, I've heard it before."
23:54 And you kind of pour water on their joy.
23:56 In order- when you know that Jesus is
23:59 soon to come and you've been given the privilege
24:01 to be a part of that reunion or that union
24:04 with Christ, that ought to bring you daily joy!
24:06 Amen? So, we have to teach- and this is
24:10 the reason I'm adding a different bend to this
24:12 rather than about forgiveness and
24:14 forgetting the past is the best time to
24:16 establish habits in your life is when your
24:19 experience with Christ is new. Now, for those
24:22 of you that have said, "But I've been
24:23 Christian for x amount of years!" Here's
24:26 a good opportunity. God's mercies are
24:29 new every morning, so make today the
24:33 first day of the rest of your life.
24:35 Even if you fail terribly! Go to bed
24:38 tonight, confess that thing, give it to the
24:41 Lord, and get up in the morning and say,
24:44 "Good morning, self! Today, you and I are
24:48 going to read the Bible! 'Cause I know if you
24:50 get out of this bed-" talk to yourself.
24:52 "'Cause I know if you get out of this bed
24:54 and take me with you and we don't read
24:56 the Bible, we gonna do some terrible things!"
24:58 Am I right? Have you been there before?
25:01 I mean, this is not an unusual scenario.
25:04 But if you say, "You know what, I cannot
25:05 get out of the bed because I remember the
25:07 commitment I made. Lord, talk to me this
25:12 morning." And when you open God's Word-
25:14 and even when you end your day! Sometimes
25:17 we end our day with news, what just happened-
25:19 a car crash, taxes are going up, there's
25:23 a new issue in the White House... If you
25:26 end your day with Jesus in your mind, you know
25:30 what you have, Nori? The Bible says, "He
25:33 will keep you in perfect peace whose
25:35 mind is stayed on Him." And you have sweet
25:38 sleep if you don't go to bed with the
25:40 world on your shoulder. So my wife and I-
25:42 if she's tired, I read; if I'm tired,
25:44 she reads. Sometimes, we kind of say...
25:48 "Let's read something before we go to bed."
25:50 Just do it. And sometimes, like
25:53 last night, I did that and she said,
25:55 "Yeah, I need something." I need something.
25:57 'Cause you get exhausted sometimes.
26:00 Don't lose that daily opportunity to connect
26:04 with Christ. Amen? Let's look at another
26:06 one. Go to #29. So when you write that
26:08 down (how important is the need for a
26:12 converted life), if you're not converted,
26:14 you won't enter the kingdom of heaven.
26:15 Day by day conversion- and I want to tell
26:18 you something. A habit is not difficult
26:21 to establish. But it first has to
26:25 happen by principle before it happens
26:27 naturally. Somebody said, "Every time I
26:31 see you, you have your Bible." "I forgot
26:33 I had it with me." Because the first
26:36 time you took it, it was like, "Hope
26:38 nobody sees it." But after like,
26:41 four months, it's like, I don't care
26:44 who sees it! Yeah, take it- in the train
26:49 to New York City, I had my Bible on
26:50 the way to work in Wall Street, read my
26:52 Bible. I've had people in my church say,
26:56 "You read your Bible on the train?" I'm
26:59 thinkin', people are listening to their
27:00 music on the train, somebody else is
27:02 cussin' on the train, somebody else is
27:04 arguing "Get out of my way" on the train,
27:06 why don't I keep my mind on the Lord?
27:08 And I noticed when I did that, my mind was stayed
27:11 on the Lord and I found wonderful peace.
27:15 Let's look at the transcript of life.
27:16 The transcript- we're going to go a little
27:18 more quickly now. The transcript of
27:19 life. Question #29.
27:32 Alright? Psalm 19:7. I'm going to hit
27:36 this one and move on pretty quickly
27:37 'cause I'm going to take you back to
27:39 Ezekiel. Let me just keep going a
27:41 little further. Let me keep going a little
27:43 further. Alright? Let's look at that.
27:45 Psalm 19:7. So it was amazing to me when
27:50 somebody says, "God's law was changed/
27:52 nailed to the cross." This text doesn't
27:54 even indicate any desire or need to get
27:56 rid of it. Look at Psalm 19:7. Here's
27:59 what the Bible says. Let's read this one
28:01 together. Are you ready? Here we go.
28:14 The law of the Lord is what? Perfect.
28:16 If you follow what's perfect, you'll
28:21 eventually learn how to live within the
28:24 lines. Do you remember when you
28:27 first learned how to color? Any kids here?
28:32 Nana? Know how to color? Different
28:35 color coloring book? Yeah, maybe not.
28:38 But we all used to be children!
28:40 Do you remember that? Long before grey
28:42 hair. But I remember my first coloring book.
28:50 ...To say I remember my first coloring book
28:51 is like, very sketchy, 'cause it was not
28:54 yesterday. But I think I'm not- I don't think
28:58 I'm different from other kids, but have you
29:00 ever seen a little kid get their first
29:02 coloring book? What do they do?
29:05 [laughter] No, no; his face
29:09 is not blue. [more laughter]
29:10 "No, no! Don't use- no, no. His hands
29:13 are not green. His hand and his face
29:15 are the same color," and you're looking
29:17 at them. The OCD person who's stressin'
29:24 over the kid with a coloring book- the
29:26 other spouse says, "It's his coloring book!
29:28 Let him do what he wants." And as time
29:31 goes on, they notice the lines. And then
29:35 after a while, you say, "You did that
29:39 yourself?" "Yeah, I did that." "Did anybody
29:41 show you?" "No." When you follow God's
29:46 law, He'll keep us in the lines. Our
29:52 lives won't be like this. He'll start
29:54 changing us. Like those pictures years
29:57 ago-one other example- remember years ago,
29:59 you didn't know what the picture was but
30:01 you just followed the numbers? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
30:04 6, 7, 8, 9... Dots, right? Follow the
30:08 dots. Now all you guys are going to go home
30:10 and download a dot picture off the internet.
30:12 [laughter] But remember the dots? And then you
30:15 say, "Wow, it's an eagle!" You can
30:17 never tell. If you follow the line that
30:19 God establishes, your life's picture
30:22 begins to develop more beautifully than
30:24 you imagined. Converting the soul one dot
30:27 at a time. But you can't do it if you
30:30 go outside the lines! So the law of God
30:33 is not a bad thing because it keeps us
30:36 within the lines- converting the soul.
30:39 Go ahead to the next one. So,
30:41 write that down- converting the soul.
30:43 Now, we're going to peak back into
30:44 Ezekiel. Here we are. Let's read the question
30:48 and then we're going to go back to Ezekiel.
30:49 Okay?
30:55 Okay, we're going to dive into Ezekiel really
30:58 quickly here, and we're going to answer
31:00 the question first. But Ezekiel 36.
31:03 Ezekiel 36 is where the answer's going to
31:07 be found. Ezekiel 36:26. All right, here it is.
31:12 We're back in Ezekiel now. Before
31:15 you put the answer on the screen for
31:17 our audience, I want to go ahead and dive into
31:19 the story some, because you remember the last
31:20 question we asked- or the last question
31:23 asked was, "Can these dead bones
31:26 live?" And the answer was- who's the only
31:28 One that knows? Only God knows!
31:31 But now, let's look at this. This is an amazing-
31:35 I began to see this in the context of the
31:39 entire gospel, because what's the
31:41 first thing that happens to get these
31:44 bones back to life? Look at verse 4.
31:46 "Again, he said to me, 'Prophesy-'" Ezekiel 37
31:51 is where I am, sorry. Ezekiel 37. Go to
31:55 Ezekiel 37. We'll go to 36 and get the
31:57 picture here. Alright? But Ezekiel 37. I want
32:01 you to see the value of dry bones. Thank
32:03 you, honey. "Again, he said to me,
32:07 'Prophesy to these bones and say to
32:09 them, "Oh, dry bones, hear the,"'" what?
32:13 "'"The word of the Lord."'" One of the-
32:16 the word 'prophesy' here is not just,
32:19 "Oh, I have a prophecy to give to you." The
32:22 word here really is, "Preach to these
32:24 bones." And what do you say to the
32:26 bones? "Listen to God's Word!" I know what
32:32 Ezekiel feels like. Some Sabbath morning-
32:35 and I know this is not always the case,
32:38 but- some Sabbath mornings, when the
32:40 preacher is ready to prophesy, "The bones
32:42 are really dry." And you say, "Unbelievable.
32:46 Look at that valley." [laughter] "Can these
32:48 dead bones live? Wake up!" But you
32:51 can't wake them up! They are like, "We
32:55 are very dry." But the first part of conversion
33:00 is, they've got to hear the Word of
33:01 the Lord! They gotta do what? Hear the
33:03 Word of the Lord. You cannot have life without
33:08 the Word of the Lord! You can't find it anyplace
33:12 else beside the Word of the Lord.
33:14 Going on- and look what happens. "'Thus,'
33:17 says the Lord to these bones, 'Surely,
33:20 I will cause breath to enter into you
33:24 and you shall live.'" Where would the
33:26 life that we need come from? Where
33:28 would it come from? From the Lord! See,
33:32 the Lord's Word is the living power. It's
33:37 giving us direction. But the Lord says,
33:39 "You need more than just the Word; you
33:41 need the Holy Spirit." That's why He says
33:44 here, "I will surely cause breath to enter
33:48 into you, and you shall live." But
33:52 then, now, he begins to go to the next
33:53 level. Notice the picture coming
33:55 together. Then verse 6! "I will put sinew on
33:59 you and bring flesh upon you, cover you
34:04 with skin, and put breath in you." And
34:07 what will happen? "You shall live. Then,
34:12 you shall know that I am the Lord." The
34:14 process. You have to allow the Lord
34:16 to do it. That's why Paul says in
34:18 2 Corinthians 5:17, "If anyone is in Christ,
34:23 he is a new creation; all things have passed
34:25 away. Behold, all things will become
34:27 new." All things HAVE become new.
34:29 If anyone is in Christ- the whole in-Christ
34:33 motif- nothing could happen. No changes
34:34 could take place in our lives outside
34:36 of Christ-NO changes. We may make an
34:40 attempt, but if the Word of God is not
34:42 there, if you're not praying for the daily
34:43 in-dwelling of the Holy Spirit, it's not going to
34:46 happen, because the Lord is the only One
34:48 that can give us breath, sinew, muscle,
34:51 skin, and cause us to live. The rest of the
34:55 story, we'll go to that in just a moment;
34:57 but let's get the answer to this question.
34:59 It's on the screen. Let's read it together,
35:01 what the Lord promised to do in response to
35:03 the question. "In what way does the Bible
35:07 describe the transaction of conversion?" Let's
35:09 read it together.
35:22 That means, people that have been hard...
35:26 hard, mean... Yeah, bitter, no joy-
35:34 that's why it's not good. Even when you're
35:36 a Christian, a bad advertisement is a
35:39 mean Christian. "Where you goin'?" "I'm goin'
35:43 to church." [grunts]
35:49 I've seen some people that come to church
35:51 wholly angry, and they think it's a
35:55 good thing. They call it, 'righteous
35:57 indignation.' I call it a bad spirit, because
36:00 there should be joy. The fruit of the Spirit
36:03 is love, joy. You should never say,
36:08 "Oh, don't talk to him." And we should never
36:10 make excuses for people that- in
36:12 so many congregations, people say, "Well
36:15 that's just how he is." That's a sad reality,
36:18 because people that don't know Jesus will
36:20 come in and look for an example of Jesus,
36:23 and they'll run into brother...[grunt]
36:26 "And that's how he is. He just-
36:29 he's always that way. That's him!" And when
36:31 he dies, at the funeral, they'll say, "He was
36:33 such a nice guy!" [laughter]
36:37 Right? You know? "He was so patient,"
36:40 no- he MADE patience. [more laughter] So
36:44 you gotta live right. Don't lie at people's
36:46 funerals! [laughter] [Thank you!] Live
36:48 right. I know some people that are just-
36:52 you know, we want to give them a good
36:54 send-off, but they're only going to the
36:57 cemetery. 'Send-off,' that's not a good word.
37:03 The point I'm trying to make- it's okay
37:06 to smile, but the point I'm trying to make
37:07 is, only when the Lord puts His Spirit
37:10 in you can you be a joyful person.
37:11 Right? Christianity doesn't make you
37:14 sour. Some people think you gotta be
37:16 sad and all bent over and wear black all
37:19 the time. It's like... "It's a joyful, sunny
37:26 day!" "What color you wearin' today?"
37:28 "Black." [laughter] I'm trying to stay
37:35 serious. Stop it. [more laughter]
37:39 Pray for a new spirit. Amen, somebody!
37:41 [Amen!] Because if you want a new walk in
37:44 Christ, you have to have the right attitude!
37:48 Attitude makes a difference. You know
37:50 what I mean by that? You go to the store
37:51 and there are people that don't even know
37:52 Christ and they say, "Hey, good to see you!
37:54 How was your day?" [Yes!] And you say...
37:57 [mouth gapes]
38:00 I'm not lettin' them come to my church.
38:02 [laughter] 'Cause they gonna kill this
38:04 joy!" And I believe this statement-
38:08 I believe inspiration tells- I'll find the
38:10 quote. But one of the reasons why the Lord
38:12 doesn't some people to join certain churches
38:14 is because they would not find them there!
38:18 The valley is so dry and they resist any
38:21 new birth! I- I was about to
38:24 testify, but I'm not going to do it. And
38:26 it's not about my church; praise God for that.
38:28 Not talking about this church at all.
38:29 We've had some experiences in the
38:31 past where you're trying to do new things,
38:33 and- here's how you know when a place is
38:36 dead or near death. This is the phrase
38:39 you hear. "We always do it that way."
38:44 "We've never done that before." And then
38:50 they get nostalgic. "I remember when
38:52 this church used to be full."
38:58 "When was the last evangelistic series
38:59 you had?" "...40 years ago."
39:05 But these are signs of people that are
39:08 dying. When you start getting nostalgic
39:10 and you don't have any forward-looking
39:12 vision of what you can be and you
39:14 only look back at what you were, and when
39:17 your joys are behind you, you're dying.
39:19 We should have joy every day. Amen?
39:22 The only way that can happen is if
39:24 you allow the Lord to put that Spirit
39:25 in you. Look at this quotation.
39:27 This quotation is very important;
39:29 look at this.
40:01 [Amen.] What are you? I pray that you say,
40:05 "I'm a Christian Seventh-Day Adventist."
40:09 Not, "I'm a Baptist. I'm a Presbyterian.
40:12 I'm a Methodist. I'm a Presby-..." What
40:15 does that mean? Do you know Jesus?
40:18 If you don't know Him, your life is
40:20 going to be dried up. You're going to blow
40:22 away. First thing: when you know Jesus
40:26 and then you ask for the Holy Spirit to
40:29 come into your life, then you know that
40:30 the power of God is going to come back
40:32 into your life. Alright? But if that doesn't
40:34 happen, then you know that your life
40:38 has moved in the wrong direction.
40:40 You know that your life has moved in the
40:42 wrong direction. But if it does happen, then you
40:45 know things are going to be just fine. All
40:48 right? Okay. Let's go to the next question,
40:52 #32.
41:02 What percentage of character change
41:04 qualifies us as converted?
41:20 Here it is. 2 Corinthians 5:17. Let's go ahead
41:25 and move on. We're going to kind of
41:26 pick it up now. Pick it up now. I like
41:29 this passage because this is completely
41:31 inclusive. It doesn't leave anybody out.
41:33 "Therefore, if-" what's the next word? "Anyone
41:37 is in Christ." It doesn't really matter.
41:39 "He is a new creation." What's passed away?
41:42 "Old things have passed away; behold, all things
41:46 have become new." Whenever I read this
41:50 passage, it makes me want to inventory my
41:53 life. You know what inventory is? Go
41:57 through the closet. You know, like we
42:00 go through the closet. If you've been married
42:01 as long as my wife and I have... We have
42:03 clothes...that we need to get rid of.
42:09 Anybody? No testimonies, but- if you're at
42:12 home, raise your hand; I'll probably
42:14 see it. If you haven't worn it in a year,
42:17 two years, 3 years, 5 years... If it SMELLS
42:24 like you haven't worn it in 5 years...get
42:27 rid of it. [Amen.] 'Cause so many of
42:31 us have stuff in our lives that shouldn't
42:32 even be there. But you know we do- just
42:35 like old habits, we say, "I would throw out
42:38 that shirt but I might wear it one
42:40 day." And in the very same way, we
42:43 fall in love with our way of life, so we
42:46 keep the paraphernalia of our old life
42:49 around us just in case we want to
42:51 revisit it. Nobody here is saying amen.
42:57 [laughter] Because this is true. So, we
43:00 have to inventory our lives. Like the guy
43:03 that smokes- get rid of the lighter
43:06 and the cigarette and the ashtray, and the
43:09 pack under the seat in the car, or the
43:11 one hidden in the toilet roll in the bathroom.
43:15 [laughs] They're everywhere! I had
43:18 a guy that used to drink once, and he-
43:23 the Lord visited him and converted him
43:25 before his wife knew it. He invited me to
43:27 his house. He'd wake up during the night
43:29 and he'd see his- the bed is empty.
43:31 He'd wonder where his wife was, and
43:33 he'd peak in the living room and he'd see
43:34 his wife praying for him during the night.
43:37 And one day, he called me over because his
43:38 wife, a few years before, said, "Please
43:40 do not leave our church until you
43:42 baptize my husband." And I made altar
43:44 call after altar call, the year after year
43:46 after year after year, and he was still there
43:47 and one day, he invited me over.
43:49 I said, "Are you doing okay?" and
43:51 he said, "Yeah, I'm going to be late
43:53 for work today intentionally, but
43:55 yesterday, I couldn't find my keys and
43:57 I was really upset until after I found
43:59 my keys and realized when I was on my
44:01 way to work, that if I had left when I did,
44:03 I would have been in a terrible car
44:05 accident. I realized my wife's prayers
44:08 were being answered. He said, "I've been
44:11 making some changes in my life out of
44:14 conviction." He said, "See that wall bar
44:19 right there? Turn it around. My
44:21 wife does not know I got rid of every
44:23 bottle of alcohol in this house 'cause
44:26 I never move it. She thinks they're still
44:28 back there. I didn't tell her yet. I'm
44:30 letting you know. And, by the way, I
44:32 want to be baptized. I know the message,
44:36 been coming for a number of years,
44:37 but I'm ready now, 'cause I inventoried
44:40 my life and I realize I can't go forward-
44:42 I can't keep the past in my house."
44:45 I think it was a few Sabbaths before we left
44:48 that church or a few months before we
44:49 left that church, and he was baptized.
44:50 His wife said, "Until my husband is baptized,
44:55 I ain't havin' no kids with him.
45:00 I'm not having a child with him
45:02 till he's baptized 'cause I'm not having
45:04 him raise that kid the way he livin'."
45:07 They had a child after he got baptized.
45:10 And that kid is a blessing in the church!
45:13 If you see that young man preach- little
45:15 boy, preaching; little kid, singing,
45:17 leading-I'm thinking, "Boy!" She said,
45:21 "Pastor," (and this is kind of nice).
45:23 She said when I announced that I
45:24 was leaving, it was a sad thing- you
45:26 know? Remember the church? She said,
45:27 "I give you permission. You can leave now,
45:29 'cause my husband's baptized." Beautiful
45:33 to see people's lives change! But you gotta
45:36 inventory. Is there anything old still
45:38 hanging around? Because if you have
45:40 it around in case of an emergency, one
45:43 day, when you fail to die to self, you're
45:46 going to be... [whistles]
45:55 You're going to be walking in direction
45:57 of old things because you had them hanging
46:00 around. Yeah, "oldies but goodies;" yeah.
46:04 Walmart, they try to- and be careful
46:06 when you go to the store! Am I right?
46:08 I'm kind of getting practical today with
46:10 you. Be careful when you go to the store,
46:11 because you go to the store- and those of
46:13 you from the Elvis era... The Top 100 Hits of Elvis
46:19 Presley. "For 3 easy payments of $19.95,
46:23 you'll get all of Elvis' Blue Suede Shoes,
46:24 his Green Suede Shoes..." You walk through the
46:27 store and you hear that song... [plays air guitar]
46:31 And you thought, "I remember where I was when we first
46:35 heard it. Honey, let's just get that for
46:36 old time's sake." And before you know
46:38 it, you're not reading the Sabbath School
46:40 lesson, you hear Elvis echoing off all
46:42 the walls in the house... Resist the
46:47 devil and he will flee from you. Even when
46:50 you're in the car and you're going to
46:53 the station on the way to your favorite
46:55 station 95.9, 3ABN radio... [laughter] FM.
47:01 And you stop at 98.6 and you... "Whoa."
47:07 [more laughter] And you realize
47:10 you stayed there a little longer than you
47:11 need to. You know what I've discovered?
47:13 This is true- I'm talking about the
47:15 practical things of life. You go to
47:16 work and you work at a Christian organization,
47:19 but you hear yourself humming songs that
47:20 don't belong there! And usually, the thing
47:23 that you did last before you left the
47:25 house is what stays with you during the
47:26 day. Have you noticed that? If the last song
47:30 you heard before you left the house was...
47:32 ...whatever it is. I don't even know the
47:33 new songs nowadays.
47:37 Fly Me to the Moon? Is that what you said?
47:39 [Fly Me to the Moon.] That's a Frank Sinatra!
47:42 Are you that old? [laughter] But anyway,
47:46 whatever it is, whether it's Fly
47:47 Me to the Moon or There's a Thin Line
47:49 Between Love and Hate or whatever the song
47:51 is. "It's your thing, whatever it is..."
47:55 Having been a former disc jockey, I have
47:57 to institute more prevention, because
48:01 all I did was play music! Whatever your
48:03 former addiction was, you gotta institute
48:07 more... You gotta say, "Lord, I need
48:10 an extra push to turn this channel."
48:15 And when you do it, your spirit says,
48:19 "That's a good thing. Don't feel bad about
48:21 it." Deny yourself. Take up your cross
48:24 and deny yourself. The reason why it's
48:27 important is because the Lord is getting
48:29 us ready for something. The Lord is getting
48:31 us ready for something. Let's go to the next
48:33 one. Let's see what He's getting us
48:34 ready for. The answer was old things. What
48:37 percentage of the character qualifies
48:39 us as converted? ALL the old things
48:42 have passed away. If it hasn't passed
48:43 away, if it's still around your house
48:45 and if you can hear it or you know it's
48:47 in there, get it out. 33. 33; look at this.
49:01 Woo! This is a different twist, here.
49:03 Ephesians 2:10. How does complete conversion
49:06 take place? Now, I'll qualify this
49:13 because I don't want you to think that
49:14 work changes you. Okay? I want to
49:18 make that clear. But let's look at Ephesians
49:20 2:10. Here it is.
49:27 That's why I highlighted that; we are created
49:30 in Him. But what are we created in Him
49:32 for? For what? Good works, which
49:35 God prepared beforehand that we should walk
49:38 in them." Okay- how does complete
49:42 conversion take place? We are created in
49:44 Christ Jesus. That's what I highlighted.
49:46 But when you are created in Christ
49:48 Jesus, you don't get created- nobody
49:51 creates a car to stay in the show room.
49:54 Nobody creates a plane to stay in the
49:57 hanger. And the Lord does not create
49:59 a Christian to stay in the pew. [Amen.]
50:04 Everybody has a work to do! And the sad
50:11 reality- somebody once said, "The best
50:14 way for a brand new airplane to die is
50:16 not to fly it. The best way for a car to die
50:21 is not to drive it." Now you see why the
50:25 Lord, when He gave that young man one
50:27 talent and he hid it... That's why the Lord
50:30 was so angry. He said, "But I only have one."
50:32 He said, "If you had just planted it, it
50:35 would've multiplied." Something would've
50:37 come good out of it. The seed that does not
50:38 fall onto the ground and die can never
50:41 produce a harvest. Can never produce
50:45 a harvest. Can NEVER produce a harvest.
50:47 Okay? So, let's write this down. How does
50:50 complete conversion take place? Instead
50:52 of the word 'works,' "created in Christ
50:54 Jesus." That's how it happens. Created
50:57 in Christ Jesus. But when you are created
50:59 IN Christ Jesus, the work is going to take
51:01 place in your life. Satan finds work
51:03 for idle hands to do. Is that true? [Yes.]
51:07 Yeah. He said, "What happened to you?"
51:08 "I haven't been working lately."
51:10 "Have you been looking for work?" "Naw, I've
51:13 been just taking a break between the
51:14 last job and this one." "Have you LOOKED
51:16 for a job?" "Well, I'm going to do that."
51:18 "Have you put any applications out?"
51:20 "Well, a few," which really means no.
51:26 "You gettin' social security?" "Well,
51:28 I know how much I'm going to get." "Well,
51:30 have you filed the paperwork?" "No."
51:32 "Are you getting an appointment?" "Well,
51:34 not yet." "Why?" "I know how much I'm
51:36 going to get, but I just haven't done
51:37 the paperwork." Some people
51:39 are waiting for things to happen in their
51:40 lives and they're not producing any action.
51:42 The best way to get nothin' is DO nothin'.
51:46 For every action- this is the reciprocal law.
51:50 For every action, there is an equal and
51:52 opposite reaction. If you do nothing
51:54 and expect something, it's not going to happen!
51:56 God does not make Christians workers
51:58 that don't want to be actively involved
52:00 in the mission. Makes a difference. Makes
52:06 a difference. Makes a difference. Look at
52:09 the next question. Look at som- this
52:11 is really amazing. That's why- this
52:13 next one is so powerful.
52:17 Here it is- question #34.
52:22 Let's go to Colossians 3:5-7. This could
52:28 be in the category of denial, also.
52:31 It's in the category of denial, also, but
52:33 let's read it together. Here it is. I want
52:35 you to walk with me through it. I'm going
52:37 to have it on the screen, and those of
52:38 you that are watching, you can look along
52:39 with me. Here it is. Notice this phrases,
52:42 "Therefore-" what are the next three
52:44 words? "Put to death your members-" it's not
52:48 church members; these are your faculties.
52:53 These are the way you think, the things you
52:55 do with your hand, what do you with
52:56 your mouth, what you do with your body,
52:58 the things you practice... "Put to death your
53:02 members!" Don't do that. "Which are on the
53:05 earth," which are these! Look!
53:07 "Fornication, uncleanness, passion, evil desire, and
53:13 covetousness, which is idolatry. Because of
53:16 these things, the wrath of God is coming
53:19 upon the sons of disobedience, in
53:21 which you yourselves once walked..." Amen.
53:27 "When you lived in them." If you're still
53:32 walking that way, you're not denying
53:34 yourself. And the more you don't deny
53:36 yourself, the easier it becomes not even to
53:39 want to. When you don't create an
53:42 action to do right, you know what you do?
53:43 You're not neutral; you create an action
53:46 to do wrong. There's not right, wrong,
53:50 and neutral. There's only wrong and right!
53:55 Nobody is a yellow line in the highway
53:57 of Christianity. The yellow line means
54:00 absolutely nothing. So you have the right
54:03 and you have the wrong. If you're not practicing
54:05 right, what are you doing by default?
54:07 Practicing wrong. If you're not feeding
54:09 yourself good things, what are you feeding
54:11 yourself? Bad things. If you're not eating
54:15 good stuff- you may not be eating anything
54:18 at all- but if you're not eating good things,
54:20 you'll not get good nourishment. You
54:22 get no nourishment at all which, in fact,
54:24 will be a negative impact on your
54:26 body. And when the body is not well,
54:29 the mind is not well. There are some people
54:32 that binge on television. "Have you eaten?"
54:35 "No, I'm on my 6th series of..." Whatever.
54:41 Some people record their shows and they
54:44 stay in the house all weekend in bed and
54:46 watch it, from Friday to Sunday. "Whatever
54:51 happened to so-and-so?" "Oh, they're catching
54:53 up on their stories." Or they tape all
54:57 of their sitcoms and they'll be watching
55:00 it. I heard a horrible story that's happened
55:03 in Japan; true story. In Japan, there are
55:08 video arcades where the gamers-you know,
55:11 gamers- gamers are drug addicts. In
55:14 this particular arcade- I don't know if they
55:18 sell them there or if it's a practice,
55:19 but I heard the story that some of the
55:21 gamers wear diapers. These are young kids.
55:23 They wear diapers because they don't
55:26 get up to use the bathroom! Because
55:28 they're connecting to the internet network,
55:30 and so they're playing these war
55:31 games and they're on like- they have 6
55:33 guys in their war brigade, and each
55:36 one of them is a particular- so, if
55:37 you're being attacked in the war in the
55:39 virtual world in whatever game you're
55:43 in, if you're not playin', then your
55:45 platoon could get killed. So, a guy's
55:47 fighting with a guy that's living in
55:48 Seattle, another one living in Orlando, another
55:50 one living in South America, and they're
55:52 all in the same team and they're all
55:53 together... If you stop to go to the
55:55 bathroom, your team could get killed and
55:57 they think so real in their mind...
55:59 There was a guy that died in his
56:01 seat and they found him after two days!
56:04 19 years old! He was dead for two days.
56:08 There were so many stations in this
56:09 arcade. They were in private rooms
56:11 where they do virtual networking. Two
56:16 days he was dead at his station!
56:18 Found him two days later. Young man,
56:22 died... And there are some kids that've had
56:29 heart attacks because the body has been
56:32 held up so long, they're playing for
56:34 24 and 28 and 30 hours-they don't
56:36 move-and these places, as long as they're
56:39 getting paid, they don't really care.
56:41 They bring you your drinks, "You want
56:42 your soda? You want your pizza?" They
56:44 bring it to you, you sit right there, and
56:45 they're surrounded by all the accoutrements
56:46 of their addiction, which is not drugs,
56:48 but electronics, and they die. A virtual
56:54 death leads to a literal death. And
56:58 that's why I'm saying we have to be really
56:59 careful, 'cause this is the day and age of
57:01 electronic drug abuse. The world is stitched
57:05 in it. Electronic drug abuse. That's
57:08 why I'm using it, because, "Put away-
57:10 put to death your members." If you
57:12 are a video addict or a movie addict,
57:16 you could- there are some people that
57:18 have like, 9,000 channels! They got
57:22 the top package of everything! "Did you
57:25 see-" and that's all that- when you meet
57:27 them- "Did you see? Did you see? Did you
57:28 see?" "No." "Well, you ought to see
57:31 that!" "See what?" "Well, the latest-
57:34 I got tickets for it. My family's going
57:35 this weekend." "Aren't you a Christian?"
57:38 "Yeah, but, you know, this is really
57:39 a good show." [laughter]
57:43 And they go to church and they fall asleep
57:45 because they have not nurtured a spiritual
57:46 life. They've not nurtured a spiritual
57:48 life. We're talking about putting to death
57:50 that old life, and I've been very practical
57:53 tonight in a lot of other areas, because
57:54 I know that everybody has somebody in their
57:57 family, or you may even be that person,
58:00 that's struggling with something that is
58:02 really killing you. We're hoping that,
58:05 by God's grace, you could be delivered,
58:06 because the Lord wants us to live a
58:08 spiritual life in a natural body. He
58:10 wants us to experience that new life, but
58:13 you can't live a new life without the old
58:16 life being put to death. So, as
58:19 you keep studying the Word of God, remember,
58:21 it's going to make sense. It's going to
58:23 come into fruition, but I tell you, friends-
58:25 if it hasn't made sense yet, keep
58:27 on studying. One day, it'll come into a
58:29 sharper focus.


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