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00:20 Hello, thank you for taken the time
00:22 to join us here at A Sharper Focus.
00:24 It's time to study our Bibles here on Wednesday night
00:27 at the 3ABN Worship Center.
00:29 Thank you for tuning in to continue our study
00:33 on the "Gifts of the Spirit."
00:35 And we know that you have joined us
00:38 to walk through the Word of God with us.
00:41 In just a moment, I'll tell you,
00:42 where you can get a copy of the lesson,
00:44 and where you can follow us.
00:45 But before we do anything else,
00:47 we always like to begin with prayer,
00:49 so bow your heads with us.
00:52 Loving Father in heaven,
00:54 thank You so much for Your Holy Spirit's guidance
00:56 that we can count on tonight.
00:59 We pray that You'll speak to our hearts
01:00 as we study Your Word.
01:02 And we also ask for the Holy Spirit
01:05 not only to teach us,
01:07 but to give us wisdom and understanding,
01:10 so that what we learn we can apply to our hearts,
01:14 and surely to our lives.
01:15 We pray in Jesus' name, amen.
01:19 Now the topic is the "Gifts of the Spirit."
01:21 For a copy of the lesson,
01:22 go to the following website asf.3abn.org.
01:28 That's asf.3abn.org, and download lesson number 41.
01:35 And you may say we already have done so.
01:37 But we're going to start
01:39 from question number 19 tonight,
01:42 and then go on to about question number 29.
01:45 And so thank you for taken the time to study with us.
01:50 Now go to that website once again, asf.3abn.org.
01:56 Before we do anything else
01:57 that we always begin with our theme song,
01:58 and our theme song is Victory in Jesus.
02:01 So join us as we sing that song together.
02:11 I heard an old, old story
02:15 How the Savior came from glory
02:19 How He gave His life on Calvary
02:22 To save a wretch like me
02:26 I heard about His groaning
02:30 Of His precious blood's atoning
02:34 Then I repented of my sin
02:38 And won the victory
02:41 O victory in Jesus
02:45 My Savior, forever
02:49 He sought me and bought me
02:53 With His redeeming blood
02:57 He loved me ere I knew Him
03:00 And all my love is due Him
03:04 He plunged me to victory
03:08 Beneath the cleansing flood
03:12 I heard about a mansion
03:15 He has built for me in glory
03:19 And I heard about the streets of gold
03:23 Beyond the crystal sea
03:27 About the angels singing
03:31 And the old redemption story
03:34 And some sweet day
03:36 I'll sing up there
03:38 The song of victory
03:40 Key change.
03:42 O victory in Jesus
03:46 My Savior, forever
03:49 He sought me and bought me
03:53 With His redeeming blood
03:57 He loved me ere I knew Him
04:01 And all my love is due Him
04:05 He plunged me to victory
04:08 Beneath the cleansing flood
04:12 He plunged me to victory
04:16 Beneath the cleansing flood
04:23 Amen?
04:25 Tonight we're going to continue in our topic
04:27 entitled the Gifts of the Spirit.
04:31 What is the title again?
04:33 The Gifts of the Spirit.
04:36 And we've been talking about this
04:38 from week to week,
04:40 but tonight we're going to start
04:41 with a different approach to it
04:43 because before we go on to the gifts,
04:45 and how we can know the gifts are active in the last days,
04:50 we've been talking about prophets quite a bit,
04:54 prophets quite a bit.
04:56 About a week and a half ago, I listened to a new story.
05:00 And two people were...
05:01 This was here in Southern Illinois.
05:03 Two people were arrested
05:05 for passing around counterfeit $100 bills.
05:10 And I thought,
05:12 after a while you got to kind of get smart,
05:15 if all of sudden every place you go,
05:17 you know, you're passing out counterfeit money,
05:19 you know you're going to get caught eventually.
05:21 But I thought to myself, counterfeit $100 bills.
05:27 Could they have counterfeited $100 bill
05:29 if they were not real $100 bills?
05:32 And what's the answer?
05:34 No, they could not have.
05:35 There could be no counterfeit where there is not a true.
05:40 There can be no copy where there is not an original.
05:44 There can be no false where there is not a true.
05:50 And so when we talk about prophets,
05:51 it's really important to understand that
05:53 because they are false...
05:56 This false money.
05:58 And actually I looked up the definition,
06:00 this is pretty interesting
06:01 when I was talking about counterfeit.
06:02 Listen to the Wikipedia definition,
06:04 it was pretty interesting because
06:06 I thought about in the sense of
06:07 what we're talking about tonight.
06:09 And it says, "Counterfeit money is imitation currency
06:15 produced without the legal sanction
06:18 of the state or government."
06:21 Now we just thought counterfeit
06:22 meant a horrible copy of the real
06:25 or they almost got it
06:26 but they messed up and they got caught.
06:28 But in fact, even if it's an identical match,
06:33 counterfeit is currency produced
06:37 without the legal sanction of the state or government.
06:41 And so when I begin to apply that to false prophets,
06:44 prophets are false when they exist
06:49 without the spiritual sanction of heaven.
06:53 Well, heaven hasn't sent them.
06:56 They have no commission from God
06:58 to do what they've been doing.
07:00 There is no sanction, no divine sanction at all.
07:03 So they could say, "Hey, but I'm a prophet."
07:07 But we could say, "But heaven didn't send you."
07:10 But this money has been used to purchase items in the past,
07:13 but the state did not sanction that.
07:15 It's not legal currency, it's not legal tender.
07:18 And if you look at the currency
07:19 that you use probably on a day by day basis,
07:23 how many of you ever took the time
07:25 to read all that little fine print on there?
07:28 It has a legal tender.
07:30 You'll find phrases like that legal tender,
07:34 and that means the state sanctions it,
07:36 the government is behind it.
07:38 And then when you go to the bank,
07:41 checks have been forged.
07:43 That's why we have the FDIC,
07:46 the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
07:50 Well, I think there's a...
07:52 I think there's an FDIC in heaven.
07:54 We have...
07:56 I mean, not the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation,
07:58 if I could think of an acronym, I'll come up in just a moment.
08:01 But there is a guarantee by heaven that...
08:07 Heavenly Divinity Insurance Corporation,
08:11 okay, I could steal it, I like that HDIC,
08:13 Heavenly Divinity Insurance Corporation.
08:17 I could handle that one.
08:20 And thank you for that, Brian.
08:22 So there is a guarantee by heaven
08:24 that they are true prophets among the false.
08:30 As my good friend Doug Batchelor
08:31 once said, he said,
08:34 "Amidst all the broken glass, there is a diamond.
08:38 Amidst all the broken glass, there is a diamond."
08:42 And the question is, will the broken glass
08:45 or will the counterfeit diamonds
08:48 endure the acid test.
08:50 And you've heard about the acid test.
08:52 Acid doesn't even affect the real diamond?
08:55 Well, the key is we've been laying down the foundation.
08:59 And I like to begin with question number 19 tonight
09:01 because it really brings out a very important point
09:03 about how we can know that the person
09:05 that is being used as a spokesperson
09:09 is in fact authorized by God.
09:12 Here's the question for tonight,
09:14 question number 19.
09:17 It says, "What assurance does the Bible give us
09:21 concerning a true prophet?"
09:24 What assurance does the Bible give us
09:27 concerning a true prophet?
09:30 There are many prophets today
09:32 that are what I might refer to a sleight of hand,
09:34 sleight of hand.
09:36 In other words,
09:37 while they're carrying out a dastardly deed
09:41 with their left hand,
09:43 they're picking your pocket with their right hand.
09:45 They have their hands in your pockets.
09:48 It's really about money.
09:49 It's about finding ways to use people
09:52 to gain financial blessings or as I would say,
09:56 a fraudulent, fraudulent blessings.
10:01 But look at the answer, Jeremiah 28:8, 9
10:04 is where we find our answer.
10:06 Very interesting, the way the Bible unfolds it.
10:08 Jeremiah is a true prophet
10:11 unveiling, how the false prophet works.
10:14 But he says,
10:15 "The prophets who have been before me
10:19 and before you of old
10:21 prophesied against many countries
10:24 and great kingdoms of war, and disaster, and pestilence."
10:30 And he says, "As for the prophet
10:33 who prophesied of peace,
10:35 when the word of the prophet comes to pass,
10:39 the prophet will be known
10:41 as one whom the Lord has truly sent."
10:44 What is in essence saying is,
10:45 what did they prophesied of war or of piece.
10:48 If what they say happens,
10:50 you'll know that that person is sent from the Lord.
10:54 But a few weeks ago,
10:55 we looked carefully in Deuteronomy 13
10:58 because there are certain times
11:01 like in the case of Nostradamus.
11:04 You've heard Nostradamus before?
11:05 Nostradamus is a prophet during the 1700s, I believe,
11:10 maybe I might be wrong on my date,
11:13 but right now they escaped my mind.
11:14 But Nostradamus was a man
11:16 that put many predictions forth.
11:18 And people looking at him
11:20 as a prophet of his day, they said,
11:21 "Well, lot of his predictions were 70% accurate
11:26 or 69% of what he said came to pass,
11:30 but you had to do a whole lot
11:33 to figure out in somewhat of a numerology way
11:37 or making connections
11:38 that were really gray and shady to say,
11:41 'Well, that really did happen.'"
11:43 For example, he might say, "You know,
11:46 the dragon of the earth blew fire out of its mouth."
11:50 And somebody would say,
11:51 "Well, he was talking about a volcanic eruption."
11:54 But he didn't say...
11:56 Like the Bible says,
11:58 "There'll be earthquakes in various places."
12:01 Well, when the earthquake happens,
12:02 you don't have to try to figure out whether they said,
12:04 "Well the earth is going to quake
12:05 or the ground is going to shift."
12:07 It was so correct prophesied by the Bible,
12:10 happened exactly as the Bible said.
12:12 Now what I want to ping off of
12:16 is 2 Kings 8:7-10,
12:19 because one of the things
12:21 that were warned about by the Apostle Paul
12:24 is there will be, in the last days people
12:26 prophesying peace and safety
12:29 when there really is no peace and safety.
12:31 And sometimes the prophet of God
12:32 or the person that the Lord chooses to speak for Him,
12:35 we're going to go to 2 Kings Chapter 8.
12:37 My wife and I reading through the Book of 2 Kings,
12:40 phenomenal.
12:42 I mean, if you really want to see the track
12:43 and the growth of the children of Israel,
12:45 and the kings, and the prophets that led them,
12:47 1 and 2 Kings, and 1 and 2 Chronicles
12:51 will give you some solid history
12:53 to see how the children of Israel grew,
12:55 how Judah, the wars that they faced,
12:59 the prophets that were true, the prophets that were false,
13:02 the kings that were honest, the kings that had apostatized.
13:05 This was a very interesting story
13:07 because it's about Elijah and the king of Syria.
13:10 The king of Syria is Ben-Hadad.
13:12 Ben-Hadad, first of all, didn't like Elijah anyhow.
13:15 Because anytime Elijah prophesied,
13:17 Elijah always said what God wanted him to say.
13:20 And Ben-Hadad didn't like it.
13:23 And even in the case of Elijah,
13:25 when Elijah was alive,
13:26 the kings that went against Israel, they said,
13:28 "How do they know what we're saying?
13:32 Is there somebody in our administration
13:34 leaking information?"
13:36 Does this sound familiar?
13:38 And they said, "No,
13:40 but there's a prophet of God in Samaria,
13:44 who knows exactly what you're saying
13:46 even while you're sleeping."
13:50 But in this case, look at verse 7,
13:53 very interesting story.
13:56 "Then Elijah went to Damascus,
13:59 and Ben-Hadad, king of Syria was sick.
14:04 And it was told him saying,
14:06 "The man of God has come here."
14:09 So in other words, he said,
14:10 there's a man of God in the community.
14:13 "And the king said to Hazael," verse 8,
14:17 "Take a present in your hand and go to meet the man of God,
14:22 and inquire of the Lord by him, saying,
14:25 'Shall I recover from my disease?'"
14:28 In other words, "Am I going to overcome this?"
14:30 And verse 9, "So has he went to meet him
14:34 and took a present with him
14:36 of every good thing of Damascus."
14:39 Look at what he took, 40 camel loads.
14:43 Man, he went to buy a good answer,
14:45 40 camel loads.
14:48 And he came and stood before him and said,
14:51 "Your son, Ben-Hadad, king of Syria
14:53 has sent me to you saying,
14:56 'Shall I recover from this disease?'"
14:58 And verse 10 is somewhat about...
15:03 My wife and I smiled,
15:04 in other words, when we read it.
15:06 Verse 10, "And Elijah said to him,
15:07 'Go say to him, 'You shall certainly recover.'
15:10 However, the Lord has shown me
15:13 that he will really die.'"
15:16 You could tell them what you want,
15:18 but the Lord told me something different.
15:20 And so the reason I used this verse
15:23 is that it's funny.
15:25 And when you read the rest of it,
15:26 Ben-Hadad is so upset,
15:28 he takes a towel,
15:29 fills it with water, and drowns himself.
15:32 Puts it over his face, and he drowns himself.
15:34 He said, "I'm going to die anyway,
15:35 I might just end this."
15:37 Because he doesn't want to die by the hand of God,
15:39 so he takes his own life.
15:41 And when you look at that,
15:42 there were many kings that went against Israel.
15:44 And although they wanted good news...
15:46 I forgot, in 1 Kings, we were reading one,
15:48 and there was another king that was so angry,
15:51 so upset that
15:53 they went and surrounded the house of Elijah
15:57 and demanded Elijah to come out
16:00 because they were going to take care of him.
16:03 And Elijah said, "Lord, blind them."
16:06 And the Lord blinded them.
16:07 So the part of the bottom line here
16:09 is God's prophets always have God
16:13 on his or her side
16:15 because there were also female prophetesses
16:18 spoken of in the Bible.
16:20 So the assurance is when a prophet speaks,
16:22 and it comes to pass, not 80%, not even 90%,
16:26 but when what has been said comes to pass,
16:28 you'll know that that person has truly been sent of God.
16:32 What assurance does the Bible give us
16:33 according to a true prophet?
16:35 The answer is their sayings come to pass.
16:39 Let's go to question number 20,
16:43 question number 20.
16:46 Here it is.
16:49 How can we know
16:52 that the prophet is connected to the true God?
16:56 How can we know
16:58 that the prophet is connected to the true God?
17:02 Lots of prophets nowadays, you could buy a prophet.
17:06 You could buy prophets course,
17:08 you know, you could go to prophet school,
17:12 yeah, and learn how to prophesy
17:15 or you could just make a whole lot of noise
17:17 and tell somebody the Lord spoke to you,
17:20 and they'll believe it.
17:24 What did He say?
17:26 God sent me a message for you,
17:27 nobody could tell what that person said,
17:30 but they said they were in the spirit.
17:32 Listen to what the Bible says.
17:34 1 John Chapter 4,
17:36 and we're going to look at verses 2, 3,
17:40 and here's what the Bible tells us.
17:42 By this you know the Spirit of God:
17:47 Every spirit that confesses
17:51 that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh..."
17:54 What?
17:55 "Is of God, and every spirit that does not confess
17:59 that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh
18:02 is not of God."
18:05 Now watch this.
18:07 Look at this in verse 3,
18:10 "And this is the spirit of the..."
18:13 What?
18:15 "Antichrist,
18:16 which you have heard was coming,
18:19 and is now already in the world."
18:22 And let me add some qualifications to this
18:23 or qualifiers to this.
18:26 Do you think the devil knows that text?
18:28 Somebody tell me, yes or no?
18:30 Of course, so he said, "Okay, now to really deceive somebody,
18:33 all I've got to do is say,
18:36 'I believe in the Christ.'"
18:40 Am I right? That's all.
18:42 If that's all it takes for people
18:43 to believe what I'm about to say,
18:45 I will be glad to say, I believe in the Christ.
18:48 That's why 2 Corinthians Chapter 11 warns us that
18:52 "Because a person sounds the role
18:56 or looks the role,
18:57 doesn't mean they are the one that God has chosen."
19:00 So Satan has converted,
19:01 he'll change into any kind of camouflage.
19:04 He's the chameleon.
19:06 He'll take on anything that's around him
19:09 in order to accomplish his design.
19:11 I may have shown you the passage before,
19:13 but it comes to my mind right now.
19:15 Go with me to 2 Corinthians.
19:18 It comes to me right now.
19:20 And I believe it's chapter 11.
19:24 I'll get there, and I'll tell you.
19:30 That's right, you cannot.
19:33 2 Corinthians Chapter 11.
19:38 Now there are other texts, we talked about that earlier,
19:40 what one of those is 1 John 2:3, 4
19:43 where it says, "He who says, I know Him
19:45 and does not keep His commandments
19:46 is a liar, and the truth is not in him."
19:48 But look at this, and by the way,
19:49 this is an example of how Satan says,
19:52 "Okay, well, what role do I have to take on
19:54 in order for people to listen to me?"
19:55 Here's what the Bible says in 2 Corinthians 11:13,
19:59 speaking of those who will appear as apostles,
20:03 it says, "For such a false apostles..."
20:06 What kind of apostles?
20:08 False apostles,
20:09 "deceitful workers," look at that,
20:13 "transforming themselves."
20:15 Look at the three qualifiers, false apostles,
20:18 deceitful workers,
20:19 transforming themselves into apostles of Christ.
20:24 Is that a tough thing?
20:26 Look at verse 14.
20:27 "And no wonder," or the King James,
20:29 and no marvel, "for Satan himself,
20:33 transforms himself into an angel of light."
20:37 Notice what's happening there?
20:39 See, the Bible says, "Be not conformed,
20:41 but be transformed by the renewing of your mind."
20:45 So Satan says,
20:46 "Oh, is it transformation that you're looking for?
20:49 So I'll transform my false apostles,
20:52 and make them look like real apostles.
20:54 I'll transform myself,
20:56 and make myself look like an angel of light."
20:59 He said, "If that's what you want, transformation?
21:01 I could do that too."
21:02 And you have, I think, years ago,
21:04 movie came out called The Transformers.
21:07 What they look like,
21:08 and what they become is something altogether different,
21:11 but it goes on.
21:13 Verse 15, "Therefore
21:14 it is no great thing if his ministers..."
21:18 What's that word again?
21:20 "If his ministers also," third time,
21:23 "transform themselves
21:25 into ministers of righteousness,
21:28 whose end will be according to their works."
21:32 So there'll be saying what you may want to hear.
21:36 And there are people today as the Bible says,
21:38 look at another one.
21:39 Here's why that kind of deception will work.
21:42 Go with me to 2 Timothy.
21:47 Here's why that kind of deception
21:49 will work so well.
21:51 Okay,
21:53 2 Timothy Chapter 4,
21:56 2 Timothy Chapter 4.
21:57 The reason why that kind of deception
21:58 will be so effective, 2 Timothy Chapter 4.
22:01 Look at this.
22:02 And we're going to look at verse 2.
22:05 This is the reason why that kind of deception
22:06 works so easily.
22:09 We are told in verse 2, "Preach the word,
22:12 be ready in season or instant in season,
22:15 and out of season,
22:17 convince or reprove, rebuke,
22:20 exhort with all long suffering and teaching or doctrine,"
22:23 if you have the King James Version.
22:25 And here's the key verse,
22:27 "For the time will come when they will not endure,"
22:31 come on together, "sound doctrine."
22:35 In other words people don't want today, people don't.
22:38 You could say, "We're going to have a seminar
22:41 on the truth."
22:45 Okay, you made my point.
22:48 Nobody's coming.
22:49 We're going to have a miracle service tonight.
22:52 Parking lot, jam packed traffic at a standstill,
22:56 people want a pill,
22:57 a quick fix, not a change of life,
23:01 not a change of belief system, they want a quick fix.
23:05 That's why when the Pharisees said to Jesus,
23:07 show us a miracle, He said, "A wicked
23:10 and adulterous generation seeks after a sign."
23:15 I'm the Christ, why would you need a miracle?
23:17 I'm right here.
23:18 But it goes on further.
23:20 They will not endure sound doctrine,
23:22 and look at what happens.
23:23 These ministers of unrighteousness,
23:25 look at what they do.
23:27 But according to their own desires
23:30 because they have itching ears,
23:32 they will heap up for themselves teachers.
23:36 These apostles that transformed themselves
23:39 will have converts
23:40 because that's what people are looking for.
23:42 People that don't tell them the truth,
23:45 and tell them what they want to hear.
23:46 And you know the word itching ears mean?
23:48 It's like you're going like this,
23:50 and somebody said, "I'll give you a cue tip."
23:53 So you don't want to hear it, I'll give you,
23:54 I'll tickle your ears.
23:57 Another one, another way that the Bible says is,
24:00 old wives tales or fables.
24:03 And it says in verse 4,
24:05 "And they will turn away their ears from the truth,
24:09 and be turned aside to fables."
24:14 In verse 5, it's beautiful.
24:16 But you, in other words, don't you go that way.
24:19 Be watchful in all things.
24:23 "Endure affliction,
24:25 do the work of an evangelist,
24:28 fulfill, or make full proof of your ministry."
24:31 In other words, while everybody's going
24:32 in the wrong direction,
24:34 want to hear this, want to hear that,
24:35 don't want to hear the truth, he said,
24:36 "But don't let that happen to you, Timothy.
24:39 You do what you're called to do,
24:40 preach the word."
24:42 Say that together with me, preach the word.
24:45 Stand on that because that's the only unshakable foundation.
24:49 When a man is dealing with the Word of God,
24:51 you can't shake him.
24:52 I was talking to a minister once.
24:54 Before I go to question number 21,
24:55 I was talking to a minister once
24:57 on the topic of the Godhead.
24:59 And he was a minister of a different denomination.
25:03 And the person that invited me to be on the panel
25:05 was a minister
25:09 who used to be
25:11 a member of that person in a different denomination.
25:16 And then all of a sudden I'm talking to him,
25:20 and I kept saying, well, the Bible says, the Bible says,
25:23 the Bible says...
25:24 Every question, the Bible says, the Bible says.
25:26 He says, "Would you stop saying the Bible says,
25:29 and just give me your answer?"
25:32 I said, "Sir, what I say has no authority at all."
25:35 But what the Bible says has all the authority.
25:38 "He didn't want to hear the Bible."
25:39 Would you stop saying the Bible says, the Bible says,
25:41 and just go ahead and tell me what the answer is,
25:43 so give me your answer.
25:45 I have no answer outside of the Word of God.
25:47 Can I get an amen?
25:48 There's no answer outside of God's Word.
25:51 But false prophets will tell you
25:52 what you want to hear, and that's what Paul is saying.
25:54 "In the last days," He said, "Timothy,
25:56 people are going to have itching ears."
25:57 In other words they're going to say,
25:59 "The seventh day is the Sabbath."
26:02 What?
26:03 The seventh day is the Sabbath.
26:05 What?
26:06 I want to hear that.
26:10 And I tell you, it's changing rapidly.
26:12 I don't want to go into wrong direction here,
26:13 it's changing rapidly.
26:16 Look, look, go to question about 21.
26:18 So it's the answer, how can we know
26:19 the prophet is connected to God,
26:20 to the true God?
26:22 Try that spirit.
26:23 See whether they are of God.
26:25 Test the spirits because the Spirit of God,
26:28 and here's a very important point.
26:29 The Spirit of God will never lead you
26:32 to believe what the Bible doesn't teach.
26:36 It will never lead you to...
26:38 If it's not in the Bible, and somebody says,
26:39 the Holy Spirit told me that's not the truth.
26:44 Okay, you asked for the text.
26:45 Let's go to John Chapter 13.
26:47 I'm looking at your faces, and you're saying,
26:49 "I need a Bible verse."
26:53 You know, sometimes,
26:55 what they say a picture's worth 1,000 words.
26:58 I just got 5,000 words.
27:02 John Chapter 13,
27:03 John Chapter 16, John Chapter 16,
27:07 "The Spirit of God..."
27:09 And this is one of the problems that happen in the world today.
27:11 A lot of people say, I know what the Bible says,
27:13 but the Holy Spirit told me.
27:15 Well, if it's not in harmony with the Bible,
27:16 the Holy Spirit did not tell you that.
27:19 Look at John 16:13,
27:21 the Bible says, "However, when He,
27:23 the Spirit of truth has come,
27:26 He will guide you into,"
27:28 how much truth?
27:30 "All truth,
27:32 for He will not speak on his own authority."
27:37 You know what that means? "Look at this.
27:40 "But whatever He hears, He will speak,
27:42 and He will tell you things to come."
27:44 Now get this, He's not going to speak independently,
27:48 He's going to speak whatever He hears.
27:51 He's not going to say anything that's in contrast
27:56 to what Jesus said.
27:57 And Jesus never said anything in conflict
28:01 with what His Father said.
28:02 Am I right?
28:04 He said, I, my own self can do nothing,
28:06 I do the will of the Father that sent Me.
28:08 And Holy Spirit says,
28:09 and the Holy Spirit now says,
28:12 the Bible says or Jesus says about the Holy Spirit,
28:14 "He will not speak on His own authority,
28:17 but whatever He hears, He will speak.
28:20 And He will tell you things to come."
28:22 And look at verse 14,
28:23 a powerful verse about how the Holy Spirit works.
28:26 Because today, the Holy Spirit
28:28 is the one that's being glorified.
28:30 When in fact, look at verse 14,
28:33 "He will glorify me," that Jesus saying,
28:36 "The Holy Spirit will glorify Me,
28:38 He will take of what is Mine and declare it to you."
28:45 That's the work of the Holy Spirit.
28:47 Whatever Jesus has already declared,
28:49 the Holy Spirit is going to continue to reiterate that.
28:53 That's why Jesus said, "It's necessary that I go,
28:55 if I don't go, the Holy Spirit will not come.
28:58 When He comes, He will abide with you always."
29:01 And when He says, I'll be with you
29:02 to the end of the age,
29:04 He will be with us through the indwelling Holy Spirit.
29:06 And Jesus made it very clear, even verse 15.
29:09 Notice how Jesus brings all three together, Himself,
29:12 the Holy Spirit, and His heavenly Father.
29:14 "All things that the Father has are..."
29:17 What?
29:19 "Are mine, therefore, I said,
29:21 He will take of Mine and declare it to you."
29:25 Notice in that one verse, He brought the Father, the Son,
29:27 and the Holy Spirit together.
29:29 Holy Spirit's going to take what I give Him,
29:31 but where did I get it?
29:33 I got it from the Father, passing it down the line.
29:36 So if the Father says, honor My commandments,
29:39 Jesus says honor My commandments,
29:41 what's the Holy Spirit's going to say?
29:43 Honor My commandments.
29:45 Declaring it all the way down the line
29:47 is vitally important to understand
29:49 that when a person says
29:51 he or she is a prophet or prophetess,
29:53 they must be in harmony
29:55 with the revealed written Word of God
29:58 because there's something nowadays
30:00 that exist called rhema word,
30:02 rhema word.
30:04 People will say, "Well, I got a word from the Lord."
30:06 In the middle of this, they say,
30:07 "I just got a word from the Lord."
30:09 And they'll say stuff, and you say, "Wow,
30:10 he just said he got a word from the Lord,
30:12 so he must have got a word from the Lord."
30:14 But you have no scripture reference for it.
30:16 And I've heard a lot of people say,
30:18 "The Lord just gave me a word for you."
30:21 But it's not in harmony with God's Word,
30:24 and they're not using Bible.
30:26 But it sounds good
30:27 only because of who it's coming from.
30:31 But remember the text in 2 Corinthians 11,
30:34 "For His ministers also transform themselves
30:36 into ministers of righteousness
30:38 whose end will be according to their works."
30:41 Be very careful.
30:43 Now we're going to transition to a very interesting part
30:45 because we must understand how God...
30:48 What happened to prophets
30:50 when God was communicating with them?
30:53 Various ways, the prophets experienced certain things.
30:57 What happened to them when God was communicating?
31:01 Excuse me, question 21, here it is.
31:05 When prophets are in vision
31:07 what is connected to their experience?
31:11 Daniel Chapter 10, if we go to Daniel,
31:14 what prophet you think we're going to talk about?
31:17 Daniel, that's right.
31:19 Daniel Chapter 10,
31:21 and we're going to peek at verse 16.
31:25 Daniel is a very interesting passage
31:27 because in Daniel 10...
31:32 Daniel is the chapter where as Daniel is praying,
31:37 he's going through great struggles,
31:39 great struggle to get his prayer through.
31:42 But the Lord is speaking to him.
31:45 Daniel 10:17,
31:51 actually, am I going to just give you verse 17.
31:54 I'm going to give you 16 and 17,
31:57 16 and 17, all right.
32:00 Ignore the syllabus, but it's 16 and 17.
32:02 Here it is, starting at verse 16,
32:06 "And suddenly,
32:08 one having the likeness of the sons of men
32:11 touched my lips..."
32:14 That means an angel shows up.
32:17 "Then I opened my mouth and spoke,
32:20 saying to him who stood before me,
32:24 'My lord...'"
32:25 Notice little L, not large L.
32:28 "Because of the vision
32:30 my sorrows have overwhelmed me,
32:35 and I have..." What?
32:37 "Retained..." What happened?
32:39 "No strength.
32:42 For how can this servant of my lord
32:45 talk with you, my lord?
32:47 As for me..." What?
32:49 "No strength remains in me now,
32:53 nor is any..." What?
32:55 "Breath left in me.'"
32:59 He was at a point where his physical attributes
33:01 seem to fail,
33:04 but his spiritual attributes were sharp
33:07 because the Lord is communicating with him.
33:10 In other words, you might pick up his hand
33:14 and it seems to be...
33:16 But he seems to be numb, seems to be in a trance.
33:19 But in fact, that's a point of communicating,
33:22 the Lord is communicating.
33:23 But on the other side, you had, in some cases,
33:25 you had the opposite, completely opposite experience
33:28 when the person seen extremely strong,
33:32 but you couldn't get a breath,
33:34 you couldn't feel any kind of sign of life,
33:38 and then a short while later, that person is fully conscious,
33:43 God communicating with him.
33:44 And Daniel was one, who in Daniel 10,
33:48 matter of fact from Daniel 8 to Daniel 10,
33:51 he had many experiences when he was faint,
33:54 and when he was weak,
33:55 and there was no breath left in him.
33:57 One of the signs of the way
33:58 that the Lord communicated through the prophet.
34:01 So write that down.
34:02 When prophets are in vision,
34:04 what is connected to their experience?
34:06 Sometimes they are weak.
34:07 Sometimes they are not breathing,
34:09 no breath left in them.
34:10 That means it has a dual application here
34:13 because it means in one sense
34:17 what has happened to me has flabbergasted me,
34:19 just taken my breath away, and the other aspect,
34:22 it means I'm as a dead person, I am not breathing.
34:26 But I'm in fact still alive.
34:29 Let's look at question number 22,
34:32 question number 22.
34:35 Moving at a good pace tonight, I feel good about that.
34:40 How can we know that a prophet
34:44 is being led by the Spirit of God?
34:49 How can we know?
34:50 Let's go to Matthew 7:15-16,
34:54 Matthew 7:15-16,
35:00 how can we know?
35:05 Isn't it nice that we're turning to the Bible
35:06 for our answers?
35:08 That's the place where the Bible...
35:09 That's what the place is where we find our answers,
35:12 in the Bible.
35:13 The best place to get some is in the Bible.
35:16 Matthew 7:15, we read as follows.
35:22 "Beware of..."
35:23 Say with me, "false prophets..."
35:26 Once again, how can they be true?
35:29 How can they be false prophets if there's no true?
35:31 "Who come to you in..." What kind of clothing?
35:34 "Sheep's clothing."
35:35 Why would they use sheep's clothing?
35:37 Because they're trying to mimic the shepherd.
35:40 "But inwardly they are ravenous wolves.
35:44 You will know them by their..." What?
35:47 By their fruits?
35:49 Do men gather grapes from thorn bushes,
35:54 or figs from thistles?
35:56 And what's the answer?
35:57 No, you don't.
35:59 Regardless of how they look, examine the life,
36:04 examine the life.
36:07 Inwardly they are ravenous wolves.
36:10 I don't want to be too specific in my application,
36:14 but I remember years ago, we were involved,
36:17 not involved as far as employment,
36:19 but we were involved
36:20 in television years ago, years ago,
36:22 I was invited to be
36:23 in different television programs.
36:25 And before people went on the air,
36:30 and after they went on the air,
36:32 it was like two different people
36:34 all together.
36:36 The meanest, the most unchristian things
36:40 were being said to the workers surrounding them,
36:44 walking into the studio firing people
36:46 because they popped in the wrong spot,
36:49 you know, and employees getting upset
36:53 with people on pins and needles.
36:55 Look out here they come,
36:56 and I'm thinking of some very famous Christian leaders
37:00 that were on television years ago,
37:02 you know, they're deceased now
37:03 and they're not Adventist to be candid about that.
37:06 But people would say,
37:08 "I see, is it like that all the times?"
37:09 Say, "Oh, people get fired here all the time
37:12 because we don't ever know
37:14 what spirit they're going to be in
37:15 when they come to work."
37:16 But if you've been around here, 3ABN at all, you could see,
37:19 it's quite a different spirit, different spirit all together.
37:22 Praise God for that.
37:23 And what makes a difference is,
37:25 who are you on the set and off the set.
37:28 Who are you in the pulpit, out of the pulpit?
37:32 Do men gather grapes from thorn bushes?
37:36 No, or figs from thistles? No.
37:39 In other words, you're not going to get
37:40 figs from thistles,
37:42 you're going to get your finger pricked.
37:45 And it's vitally important to know
37:46 that we have to be where,
37:48 especially in this day and age nowadays.
37:49 Right now, it's unfortunate but, you know,
37:52 there's a big meeting, Pope Francis has gone,
37:55 undergone a huge meeting for these years,
37:57 20, 30 years of sexual scandals
38:01 facing the Roman Catholic Church.
38:05 Thousands, it's just an amazing exhibit,
38:08 exhibition of what was happening.
38:10 And so you ask yourself the question.
38:13 Beware of those who come to you in sheep's clothing.
38:16 Be careful because inwardly
38:18 there's a different motive altogether, ravenous wolves.
38:21 So what would the answer be for number 22?
38:24 What would the answer be?
38:26 Check out
38:27 what's at the end of their branches,
38:29 fruits.
38:32 What should we look for?
38:35 Because it says,
38:36 "You'll know them by their fruits."
38:38 In other words, it doesn't just mean
38:39 the fruit of the Spirit,
38:41 it means look at their life.
38:43 Look at what's happening, not just what they're saying,
38:47 very important, very important.
38:50 Look at what's happening, not just what they're saying.
38:53 Let's go to another very important one,
38:57 another very important question.
38:58 Question number 23.
39:01 Now what you'll find as you look at
39:03 question number 23
39:04 is the Old Testament and the New Testament,
39:07 it's the same God.
39:08 Can I get an amen?
39:10 From Genesis to Revelation, there's only one God.
39:13 From Genesis to Revelation, there's only one Jesus.
39:16 In the Old Testament,
39:18 He was called the angel of the Lord or the Lord.
39:21 But His name was Jesus at His condescension,
39:27 when He came into the world through Mary,
39:29 called His name Jesus.
39:31 But then also at the same time,
39:33 they said call His name Immanuel,
39:35 meaning God with us.
39:37 So depending on the role He's in.
39:39 As some people may say,
39:41 "He is our savior
39:42 when it comes to the issue of salvation.
39:44 But He is our Lord
39:46 when it comes to the issue of how we live our lives."
39:49 Lord from the Greek word that we get landlord.
39:52 In other words, the person in charge.
39:54 Now if you are a tenant,
39:57 you don't make changes to your apartment
39:59 without permission from the landlord.
40:02 Any changes you make without permission
40:03 from the landlord could result in an eviction
40:06 or being put out or heavy fines,
40:08 whatever the case may be.
40:09 In the very same way,
40:11 Jesus is not just the one who saves us,
40:13 but He is the Lord,
40:15 that we should follow His examples,
40:16 we should follow His instructions.
40:18 And that's why He said in Luke, "Why call Me Lord, Lord,
40:22 and do not do the things which I say."
40:25 It's easy to say, I'm saved, but what are you doing?
40:28 How you living?
40:29 That's where the Lordship comes in, very important.
40:32 And where are we now?
40:34 Question number 23.
40:35 Here's the question.
40:37 What promise has the Lord made
40:38 to those that follow his instructions?
40:42 Really important council to Judah,
40:44 and this comes from 2 Chronicles 20:20.
40:48 2 Chronicles 20:20, beautiful passage.
40:55 We're told in 2 Chronicles 20:20,
40:58 "So they rose early in the morning
41:01 and went out into the Wilderness of Tekoa,
41:05 and as they went out, Jehoshaphat stood and said..."
41:10 Here's what he said,
41:12 "Hear me, O Judah
41:15 and you inhabitants of Jerusalem..."
41:19 Let's read this together, "Believe in the Lord, your God,
41:24 and you shall be..." What?
41:25 "Established, believe in his prophets,
41:29 and you shall..." What?
41:31 "Prosper.'"
41:32 Notice and that's where Lord comes in here,
41:34 believe in the Lord, your God, you'll be established.
41:38 Believe in His prophets, you shall what?
41:41 Prosper.
41:42 So what is, the Lord's word is for establishing us,
41:47 but we get prosperity when we follow the words
41:51 that the Lord has given to His manservant
41:55 or His maidservant, prophets, prophetess,
41:58 and all throughout
42:00 the existence of Judah and Israel,
42:02 the Lord spoke to them through prophets.
42:04 Now, from Malachi to Matthew,
42:06 the voice was silent
42:08 because the Israelites were in captivity,
42:10 they were in rebellion, the voice was silent.
42:12 When they were in Babylon, the voice was silent.
42:15 When they went into captivity,
42:16 the voice of the prophets were silent.
42:18 But between Malachi and Matthew,
42:20 the voice was silent.
42:21 That's why the Lord said in Malachi,
42:23 "Behold, I will send Elijah
42:25 before the great and dreadful day of the Lord."
42:27 And when Jesus came,
42:29 people saw John the Baptist preaching,
42:31 and they said, "Who is that guy?"
42:33 And Jesus said, "What did you go out to see?"
42:36 And they began to describe him, and they said, "Is he Elijah?"
42:39 And Jesus says, "He's greater than Elijah."
42:42 But He said, "If you hear his message,
42:44 he is the Elijah that is to come."
42:47 So the silence of the voice of God from Malachi,
42:50 but then when Jesus came, John the Baptist,
42:52 His cousin, who was six months older than Him,
42:55 can you fathom that?
42:57 Jesus, who is from eternity,
42:59 has a cousin who is six months older
43:01 in the human sense.
43:02 His cousin preached His...
43:04 He was the forerunner of Christ proclaiming His coming.
43:08 And Jesus said, "If you hear his message,
43:10 he is the Elijah that is to come."
43:12 And so many people think that when the Bible says,
43:15 Elijah the prophet is going to come,
43:16 that somehow Elijah in the physical form
43:18 is going to come.
43:20 No, it's the message of Elijah, the message of Elijah,
43:23 the message that Elijah took to King Ahab was,
43:27 "I am not the one
43:29 that's causing trouble in Israel, but you are
43:31 because you have forsaken the commandments of the Lord."
43:34 Anytime, anybody forsakes the commandments of the Lord,
43:37 that person is not a true prophet of God.
43:40 Amen?
43:41 I want you to see that very quickly.
43:42 Now write the answer down.
43:44 What promise has the Lord made to those
43:45 that follow his instructions?
43:47 Believe in the Lord, He'll establish you,
43:49 believe in His prophets, you shall prosper.
43:51 But I want to give you a clear indicator
43:54 of how you can know
43:55 that person is a prophet of God.
43:57 I talked about it, I alluded to it.
43:59 I made reference to it.
44:01 But let's go ahead and see it very quickly,
44:02 doesn't hurt to see it.
44:04 And as you know, if we don't cover tonight,
44:07 we will cover it in our next program.
44:11 I always begin with the good intentions
44:13 of doing the whole thing
44:15 and come to discover the Bible is bigger than me.
44:18 Look at 1 John Chapter 2, 1 John Chapter 2,
44:22 and we're going to look at verse 3 and 4.
44:25 Find the answers in God's Word because anybody could say today
44:28 that they are prophet.
44:30 Anybody could say that, but here's the test.
44:33 Here is a very valid test.
44:37 Here's a very valid test.
44:39 1 John Chapter 2 beginning with verse 3.
44:43 Because the prophet is one that says, "I know the Lord."
44:45 Am I correct?
44:47 They say they know the Lord, but look what the Bible says.
44:50 1 John 2:3,
44:53 "Now by this we know that we know Him,
44:55 if we keep his..." What?
44:58 "If we keep His commandments."
45:00 But this is a powerful verse, verse 4.
45:03 "He who says I know Him,
45:06 and does not keep His commandments
45:09 is a liar, and the truth is..." What?
45:12 "Not in him."
45:13 A very important test, listen very carefully,
45:16 because there are a lot of preachers today
45:18 that say they are from the Lord,
45:19 ask this, this is a test.
45:21 Do you honor God's Ten Commandments?
45:27 Well...
45:31 Well, you get some cases nine
45:33 because they exclude the Sabbath,
45:34 they think that somehow that's an optional one.
45:37 And it's amazing that's the only one that says,
45:39 "Remember."
45:41 But so many preachers make that optional,
45:42 "Well, that doesn't really mean you."
45:44 Then they say that was for the Jews,
45:45 it was nailed to the cross,
45:47 it was done away with, it was fulfilled.
45:49 All the excuses when Jesus simply says,
45:52 "If you love Me, finish it with Me,
45:54 if you love Me, keep My commandments."
45:55 John, 14:15.
45:58 So if a person says, "I'm a preacher of the Lord,
46:01 I'm a servant of the Lord, I'm a spokesperson of God,
46:04 I'm a prophet of God, ask him or her this question,
46:07 do you honor the Ten Commandments?
46:09 And on the authority of God's Word,
46:11 if they say, "Well, I'm not sure.
46:15 Well, well, it depends on what you mean.
46:17 Well, it's just for the Jews."
46:18 No, do only Jews die?
46:20 Somebody tell me?
46:24 Are only Jews the ones...
46:25 Are the Jews the only ones that could be guilty of murder?
46:28 Yes or no?
46:29 No, are only the Jews the ones
46:31 that could be guilty of adultery?
46:32 Yes or no? No.
46:35 Are the Jews the only ones that have been given
46:36 the commission to honor their fathers and their mothers,
46:38 and if you're not a Jew,
46:39 you could dishonor your parents?
46:41 No, absolutely not.
46:43 So when you think about that,
46:44 if honor your father and your mother,
46:46 "Thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal,
46:49 thou shalt not commit adultery,
46:50 thou shalt not bear false witness,
46:51 thou shalt not covet."
46:53 And then, "I'm the one that brought you
46:54 out of the land of Egypt by the house of bondage.
46:56 You shall have no other gods before me."
46:57 So is that saying that because you're not a Jew,
47:00 you can have any god you want?
47:02 No, all Ten Commandments apply to the same Lord.
47:06 And if we are creations of the Most High, God,
47:09 which all of us are, then it applies to us, right?
47:14 Very important,
47:15 believe in the Lord, He establishes you,
47:17 believe in His prophets, you will prosper.
47:19 But you cannot prosper
47:21 under a person claiming to be a prophet
47:23 that doesn't honor the commandments of God.
47:26 Don't forget that,
47:27 that's the key to not being deceived.
47:28 Can I give you one more?
47:30 'Cause it says in Isaiah 8:20,
47:32 I'm going to show you that the Old and New Testament
47:34 are not in conflict 'cause some people say,
47:37 I'm a New Testament Christian.
47:38 Oh, that means you've missed, you know, 5/6th of the Bible,
47:43 most of the books are in the Old Testament.
47:45 And if you're just the New Testament Christian,
47:47 then the question is
47:49 do you still believe in creation
47:50 because the creation story is in the Old Testament, right?
47:55 I hope you're a full testament Christian.
47:59 Because the apostles used the Old Testament.
48:03 None of the New Testament writers had the New Testament.
48:07 Did you get that?
48:09 James, John, Matthew, they all, Paul, Barnabas,
48:12 they didn't have a New Testament,
48:14 their writings became the New Testament.
48:17 They used the Old Testament.
48:20 Isaiah 8:20, and so did Jesus.
48:24 If the Old Testament's good enough for Jesus,
48:26 it's good enough for me.
48:28 And the Bible is not old versus new.
48:31 It's old covenant versus new covenant.
48:34 But in the new covenant,
48:35 the commandments of God are still there.
48:37 Okay, Isaiah 8:16, stop with that one.
48:40 One of the very few places in the Old Testament
48:42 where you find the word disciples.
48:45 Isaiah 8:16 says, "Bind up the..." What?
48:50 "Testimony, seal the law among My disciples."
48:55 In the Old Testament law and disciples,
48:58 testimony, law, and disciples.
49:00 Law, testimony, disciples, I want you to see that cadence.
49:04 Now look at verse 20,
49:06 "To the law and to the testimony,
49:09 if they do not speak according to this word,
49:12 it is because there is..." How much?
49:15 "No light in them."
49:18 No light in them.
49:20 Don't go in the tunnel with them, it's dark.
49:25 No light in them.
49:26 And you know what that means?
49:28 That means they may give you a little bit of tint of hues
49:32 of scriptures to get your attention
49:35 and then lead you down a dark road.
49:37 No light in them.
49:38 And that's, I want you to see something
49:40 because the law and the testimony,
49:43 what are they?
49:44 The law and the what? Testimony.
49:46 Now get this now, I want to make this,
49:48 the lesson kind of took a different turn here,
49:50 but I want to make this very clear for tonight.
49:55 If you...
49:56 Let me allude to you.
49:57 I'm not even going to give any kind of alluded to me
49:59 if I were or if you are,
50:01 but the devil because he knows that,
50:04 he knows what Isaiah the Prophet said,
50:06 he knows what the Apostle John said.
50:10 So who do you think he's upset with?
50:15 Those that keep the law and the testimony.
50:19 Let's look at this, Revelation 12:17,
50:22 a very familiar passage,
50:23 but the Lord is telling me
50:25 that I think I need to connect this with you.
50:27 And when I say the Lord is telling me,
50:29 He's not giving me messages through my ear,
50:31 but the Word of God is clicking together.
50:34 When the Word of God is clicking together,
50:36 we must honor that.
50:37 Here it is, the very, the very, very things
50:40 that Isaiah the Prophet warned against,
50:43 the various indicators that John the Apostle said,
50:46 "Look for," are the very things that make Satan angry.
50:50 Now here's the question before we read the verse.
50:52 Revelation 12:17, before we read the verse,
50:55 here's the point.
50:56 And I want you to answer me verbally.
50:58 If you do something that makes the devil angry,
51:02 are you doing what's right?
51:04 Yes.
51:05 If you do something that makes a devil happy,
51:07 are you doing something wrong?
51:09 Yes.
51:11 Okay, now let's see what makes him angry.
51:15 Revelation 12:17, Revelation 12:17,
51:19 by the way, verse 17, "And the dragon,"
51:21 according to verse 9 of Revelation,
51:23 "the dragon is Satan, the Devil, serpent of old."
51:26 "And the dragon was enraged with the woman..."
51:29 Or the dragon was angry with the woman.
51:33 "And went to make war with the rest of her offspring
51:36 or the remnant of her seed..."
51:38 Depending on the translation you have,
51:40 but here's what's identical,
51:42 "Who keep the commandments of God,
51:44 and have the..." What?
51:46 "Testimony of Jesus Christ."
51:48 Notice, Isaiah said, "If they don't speak
51:50 according to the law and testimony, be careful.
51:53 John said the same thing, he, who says,
51:56 "I know Him, does not keep His commandments is a liar,
51:58 and the truth is not in him."
51:59 Look out for that.
52:00 He who says, I know Him, and does look out for that.
52:02 And then Revelation says,
52:04 the devil is mad if you keep the commandments of God
52:06 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
52:08 Now, the testimony of Jesus Christ
52:11 connects us right back to our lesson.
52:14 Go to Revelation 19:10,
52:16 Revelation 19:10
52:18 because the testimony of Jesus,
52:20 these two, not one or the other,
52:23 but these two components qualify you
52:28 to receive the Spirit of Prophecy.
52:33 Watch this, Revelation 19:10, here it is.
52:39 John speaking,
52:42 "And I fell at His feet to worship Him,
52:44 but He said to me, 'See that you do not do that.
52:48 I am your fellow servant, and of your brethren,
52:51 who have the..." What?
52:53 "Testimony of Jesus.'"
52:55 What did he say?
52:56 Worship God, and get this,
52:58 for the testimony of Jesus is the what?
53:01 Spirit of Prophecy.
53:05 When the Spirit of God is working in you,
53:07 when you are communicating the testimony of Jesus,
53:10 that makes the devil angry
53:13 because the spirit is prophesying through you.
53:16 And what is prophesying is the Word of God.
53:19 Paul even says in 1 Corinthians Chapter 14, he says,
53:22 "I wish you had all the gifts that I had,
53:25 but desire the best gift that you may prophesy."
53:30 That you may prophesy.
53:31 The word there prophesize is proclaim.
53:33 Not speak in tongues which in today's language
53:36 is a confusion,
53:38 is not interpretable
53:40 because it's not a language of a nation
53:41 that exists according to Acts Chapter 2.
53:43 "On the day of Pentecost,
53:45 everybody spoken language from where they were born."
53:48 But today, it's confusion at its height.
53:51 Now, let's go to 1 Corinthians Chapter...
53:53 Let's see if we can get a few more in here.
53:55 Question number 24, question number 24.
53:59 How do we know that the gift of prophecy
54:02 is still active today?
54:04 How do we know?
54:06 When the Lord established the New Testament church,
54:09 He made a very particular point to make sure that
54:12 what happened among His people of old
54:14 will continue because here's the key.
54:17 The same work He gave to the children of Israel
54:20 that they forfeited, that their leaders forfeited,
54:23 He continued that work.
54:24 He says, "I want this project to be completed,
54:27 and that's carry the gospel to the world."
54:29 But to do that, He had to equip them.
54:32 Here it is in 1 Corinthians 12:28,
54:35 "And God has appointed these in the church..."
54:39 These in the what?
54:41 "In the church, first apostles, second prophets,
54:47 third teachers, after that miracles,
54:52 then..." What else?
54:53 "Gifts of healings, helps, administrations..."
54:58 And get this, "A varieties of tongues."
55:02 When you look at that word there in the Greek,
55:04 varieties of languages.
55:06 And that's why the Apostle Paul says,
55:08 "I speak in more languages than all of you guys."
55:11 He wasn't meaning I made more confusing sounds
55:14 in all of you, he was a very educated man.
55:16 He said, "I speak with more languages
55:18 than all of you."
55:19 That was the gift the Lord gave him,
55:21 that's why he was able to travel
55:22 to so many countries
55:24 because he spoke in the languages
55:25 of those countries.
55:26 But on the day of Pentecost,
55:28 the Galileans that only spoke in that native tongue
55:31 were given the gift of other languages,
55:34 so they were able to communicate to those
55:36 from Arabia, from the Medes, the Parthians,
55:42 Elamites, all the different nations,
55:43 the Arabs,
55:45 they spoke the language of all those nations.
55:47 And Peter on the day of Pentecost,
55:49 who was a Galilean,
55:51 they from all these different nations
55:53 around the world said in Acts 2,
55:55 "We hear him speak in our own tongue,
55:59 where we were born."
56:01 So today people are told,
56:06 "If you sound like you're in gibberish,
56:08 the Spirit of God is involved in that."
56:11 No, God is not the author of confusion.
56:14 What did we say?
56:16 He's not the author of confusion.
56:17 If what is happening is confusing
56:19 and you can't understand it,
56:20 don't relegate it to somebody to interpret that
56:23 when it's not measurable by the Word of God.
56:26 Let me say that again.
56:27 It's always to be measured by the Word of God, right?
56:32 Not some independent person.
56:34 So here you find clearly
56:35 the Lord says in 1 Corinthians 12:28,
56:38 hey, prophets are still going to be there.
56:42 With our world being a worldwide work,
56:44 we just came back from Cali, Colombia.
56:46 I had an interpreter there. You know why?
56:49 Because I didn't have the gift of variety of tongues,
56:51 but now I'm learning Spanish.
56:53 I mean, I could say a more words now
56:55 that I went there,
56:57 but the Lord did not give me the gift of interpretation
56:59 or the gift of tongues because I had an interpreter.
57:04 But I had my sermon title, it was Agua Caliente.
57:09 Come on say with, what is that?
57:11 Hot water.
57:12 And I preached that sermon,
57:15 the pastor came to me and he said,
57:16 what's the sermon title? I said, Agua Caliente.
57:18 He said, "Hot water, is that really a sermon title?
57:23 Hot water?
57:24 I said, "That's the sermon title,
57:26 Agua Caliente, water, Caliente, hot.
57:29 See I just spoke in a different language,
57:31 but it's not a gift from the Spirit,
57:33 it's a learned language.
57:35 We're going to go into some deeper aspects
57:37 because we're going to see that not only
57:39 is the gift of prophecy still active
57:42 in the last day church,
57:43 the Holy Spirit is still doing the work through us
57:47 that the Lord had commissioned Him to do.
57:50 And He says, in the last days
57:52 I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh.
57:55 And one of the gifts that makes the devil angry,
57:58 and here's why the gift of prophecy
58:00 is so important.
58:02 The gift of prophecy tells you what's going to happen
58:05 before it does,
58:07 and the devil doesn't want us to know,
58:09 what's going to happen before it does.
58:11 He wants to sneak up on us and catch us by surprise.
58:14 But Amos 3:7, the Lord says,
58:16 "Surely the Lord, God, will do nothing,
58:18 unless He revealed His secrets to His servants,
58:21 the prophets."
58:22 Friends, keep studying God's Word
58:24 because we are sure that if it doesn't make sense,
58:27 one day, it will come into A Sharper Focus.
58:30 God bless you.


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