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00:20 Hello, friends,
00:21 welcome to our Wednesday night Bible study
00:23 here at the 3ABN Worship Center.
00:25 Welcome to A Sharper Focus
00:26 where we continue walking through the Word of God.
00:29 And we would like to welcome you all
00:31 with a hearty amen.
00:32 Can we all say amen?
00:34 Tonight we're gonna open the Word of God
00:35 and walk through a very important topic
00:38 "The Gifts of the Spirit."
00:40 God has equipped His church to accomplish a work
00:43 that cannot be done outside of the Holy Spirit.
00:47 We're gonna talk about
00:49 what the gifts of the spirit are?
00:50 What they are not? How we can know?
00:52 And how we can be lead by God's Word?
00:54 But if you like to follow along with us,
00:56 in just a moment we'll tell you how to do that.
00:57 But before we do anything else,
00:59 we always begin with a word of prayer.
01:00 Let's bow our heads together.
01:03 Our loving Father in heaven,
01:04 we thank You for the privilege and opportunity,
01:07 You said, Your Word is a lamp unto our feet
01:09 and a light unto our paths.
01:11 Father, right now we ask You to turn on the light
01:14 that we may see what Your Word teaches
01:18 and hear what the spirit says to us.
01:21 Unify our hearts
01:22 and even those that are tuning in,
01:24 speak to them
01:25 and give them the strength to live in harmony
01:27 with what You reveal in Your Word.
01:29 In Jesus' name we pray,
01:31 amen.
01:33 Now, if you like to get a copy of the lesson,
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01:39 That's asf.3abn.org,
01:43 download lesson number 41,
01:47 lesson number 41,
01:48 and we're gonna walk
01:50 through the Word of God together.
01:51 But before we do anything, we always sing our theme song.
01:55 And our theme song is called what?
01:57 Together, "Victory in Jesus."
01:59 Let's sing that song together tonight.
02:10 I heard an old, old story
02:14 How the Savior came from glory
02:18 How He gave His life on Calvary
02:21 To save a wretch like me
02:25 I heard about His groaning
02:29 Of His precious blood's atoning
02:33 Then I repented of my sin
02:36 And won the victory
02:39 Together.
02:41 O victory in Jesus
02:44 My Savior, forever
02:48 He sought me and bought me
02:52 With His redeeming blood
02:55 He loved me ere I knew Him
02:59 And all my love is due Him
03:03 He plunged me to victory
03:07 Beneath the cleansing flood
03:11 I heard about a mansion
03:14 He has built for me in glory
03:18 And I heard about the streets of gold
03:22 Beyond the crystal sea
03:26 About the angels singing
03:29 And the old redemption story
03:33 And some sweet day
03:35 I'll sing up there
03:37 The song of victory
03:39 Key change.
03:41 O victory in Jesus
03:44 My Savior, forever
03:48 He sought me and bought me
03:52 With His redeeming blood
03:56 He loved me ere I knew Him
04:00 And all my love is due Him
04:03 He plunged me to victory
04:07 Beneath the cleansing flood
04:11 He plunged me to victory
04:15 Beneath the cleansing flood
04:21 Amen? Amen.
04:23 Now this topic, "The Gifts of the Spirit"
04:25 is an extensive one,
04:27 a one that we have looked into before,
04:30 but tonight we gonna continue from question number nine,
04:33 but I like you to open your Bibles with me.
04:35 I wanna lay some foundation
04:37 because the Holy Spirit has been given to the church
04:40 not only to strengthen the church
04:43 but to keep the church informed.
04:46 And without the Spirit of God,
04:48 then the church is as one person said,
04:50 much of the activity in the church can continue,
04:54 sadly enough,
04:55 if the Holy Spirit were taken away.
04:58 So it's more than activity,
05:00 it's an empowerment
05:02 but another portion or another aspect
05:06 of the Spirit of God
05:07 is He keeps His church informed.
05:09 Go with me to Amos Chapter 3
05:11 and look at this very important passage.
05:14 Amos Chapter 3, because the Spirit of God
05:17 is not something that was just prevalent
05:19 from the day of Pentecost on,
05:21 but the Holy Spirit worked
05:22 in the lives of the prophets of old.
05:24 From Old Testament times to New Testament times,
05:28 the Holy Spirit was active.
05:30 Notice what the Bible says in Amos 3:7,
05:33 really important passage.
05:37 Amos 3:7.
05:41 And what is the very first word?
05:43 Surely. Say it again?
05:44 Surely, it says,
05:46 "Surely the Lord God does nothing,
05:50 unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets."
05:55 So let me ask you the question tonight.
05:56 Does God have secrets? Yes.
05:58 Does God keep secrets? No.
06:01 Uh, yes,
06:03 He keeps secrets
06:05 to reveal only to His servants and prophets.
06:08 Anyone else is not gonna get that secret.
06:11 The Lord keeps secrets from all those
06:13 that are not His servants.
06:14 So the question
06:16 that would lean itself to being this.
06:19 Does everyone know what the Lord is going to do?
06:22 Talk to me. No.
06:24 No, but who does?
06:26 God. His servants.
06:28 Thank you, say it again. His servants.
06:29 His servants know.
06:31 He reveals His secrets to His servants,
06:33 so before anything occurs, God is saying,
06:36 "My servants are going to know first."
06:39 And that's very important
06:40 because if you're a servant of God,
06:42 you've got to be informed.
06:44 Can you imagine being in an army
06:46 and you have no idea what the general is doing,
06:48 you have no idea what the sergeant is doing,
06:51 you have no idea about the direction
06:54 that you need to take, and you're in the battlefield
06:56 and you have no idea,
06:58 there's no connection between you
07:00 and the head of the army.
07:03 But the Lord is saying
07:05 that there will be no such thing
07:06 when it comes to His servants.
07:09 Surely, the Lord God does nothing
07:12 until or unless He reveals His secrets
07:15 to His servants the prophets.
07:16 And, but today, we live in a world
07:19 where so many people claim to be prophets of God.
07:21 Have you notice that?
07:23 I mean, you could,
07:24 going back little ways
07:26 from the obvious fortunetelling days,
07:29 lot of people today claim to have that gift of prophecy,
07:31 they claim to be able to know what God is going to do.
07:34 And one of the reasons
07:36 why there's so much confusion in our world today
07:38 is because not everyone is God's servants.
07:40 So what we have is many people are guessing,
07:44 they're trying to come up with what they think
07:46 what God is going to do.
07:48 But they don't know because they are not...
07:51 They are not what? Holy.
07:54 No.
07:55 His servants. Say it again.
07:57 They're not His servants.
07:58 They may look apart.
08:00 Go with me to 2 Corinthians,
08:03 I want you to see this, they may look apart
08:05 and so, in this modern age of the ability to create.
08:11 I was in the store the other day,
08:14 I was looking at a pair of shoes,
08:16 and I didn't know if they were leather
08:19 or pleather.
08:20 They looked apart,
08:22 they look like they were real
08:23 but I, you know what I did?
08:26 I smell them.
08:29 I sniffed them.
08:30 Because leather has a scent
08:32 that pleather doesn't have.
08:35 But I thought that was a case,
08:37 until one day I ran into a manufacturer
08:41 that actually sprayed their pleather
08:44 to smell like leather.
08:46 So what I have to do, I have to read the label,
08:48 manmade material but he said it's so good.
08:51 And not too many months ago,
08:54 I saw a commercial
08:55 where they set up a store in a mall,
08:59 and they give it a high fashion name
09:02 and they sold the shoes for $100,
09:04 you saw that,
09:05 they sold the shoes for $300, $400, $600
09:08 and people came in with the deep pockets,
09:10 they were buying the shoes, it was a hoax, it was a prank.
09:15 And in the news they showed,
09:17 they walked up to the people
09:18 that have just paid $500 for a pair of sneakers
09:20 and they didn't let them leave the store.
09:23 But they said,
09:24 "Do you know who made these shoes?"
09:26 And they put a designers name on it.
09:29 They said, these shoes are from Payless
09:32 and they were willing to pay for it, why?
09:34 Because in the store,
09:36 the store looked
09:38 like what was inside of it was genuine.
09:40 And so today,
09:42 we see preachers that look genuine,
09:45 we see churches that look genuine,
09:47 we see houses of worship that look genuine,
09:51 but you have to examine
09:53 what an individual says in harmony with God's Word
09:55 to know whether or not that person is genuine.
09:58 Look at 2 Corinthians 11,
10:00 just one more before we go to question number nine,
10:02 it's really important.
10:04 2 Corinthians Chapter 11,
10:06 and I'm looking at verse 13.
10:08 And the Apostle Paul,
10:11 he was confronted on several occasions with those
10:15 that claim to have the ability and the gift.
10:18 Matter of fact, they were those
10:19 that saw the Spirit of God working
10:20 in the lives of the apostles.
10:22 And they wanted the power, but they ran face to face,
10:25 they ran face to face into the enemy, the devil,
10:27 and you know the rest of the story.
10:29 Or if you don't know the rest of the story,
10:31 a demon jumped on them
10:33 and stripped them off all their clothing.
10:35 And all they wanted was the power,
10:37 they didn't want the relationship.
10:39 So be careful when power is your focus
10:42 and rather than a relationship with Christ.
10:44 Notice 2 Corinthians 11:13,
10:47 the Bible says, "For such are," what?
10:51 "False apostles, deceitful workers,
10:56 transforming themselves into," what?
10:58 "Apostles of Christ."
11:00 So be careful when they looked apart.
11:03 And look what it says in verse 14,
11:05 "And no wonder" or "no marvel" as the King James Version says,
11:08 "For Satan himself transforms himself
11:11 into an angel of light."
11:15 "Therefore," verse 15, "it is no great thing,"
11:18 it's not unusual, it's not a stretch,
11:21 "if his ministers,"
11:23 notice, they even have the title,
11:24 but they're called ministers of Satan,
11:26 "also transform themselves
11:29 into ministers of righteousness,
11:32 whose end will be according to their," what?
11:35 "According to their works."
11:37 So they looked apart,
11:39 they sound apart,
11:41 but they have not been transformed by God.
11:44 Who were they transformed by?
11:47 Uh? What did the text say?
11:50 Look at verse 15, what did the text say?
11:58 Uh?
12:01 Who transforms them?
12:03 They transform themselves.
12:06 Who transform themselves?
12:08 In other words, we're in an age of camouflage,
12:11 we're in an age, well, what you see.
12:14 As I saw somebody posted the other day
12:17 and send me a link on Facebook.
12:19 I'm not a Facebook junky,
12:20 that's not the point I'm making.
12:23 But he said,
12:24 "Don't believe everything you see
12:27 because salt looks like sugar."
12:32 Ha-ha, am I right?
12:34 How can you tell the difference?
12:36 You got to taste it, you got to taste it,
12:39 that's the only way you can tell the difference.
12:40 That's why the apostle says,
12:42 "We could taste and see the Lord is good."
12:44 But we have to be careful because today in this age
12:47 where the devil has come down having great wrath
12:49 because he knows he has a, what?
12:50 Short time, he's doing everything
12:52 he can to bring about a camouflage of Christianity.
12:57 So we have to be careful.
12:59 So let's go to question number nine.
13:01 We gonna begin tonight with question number nine.
13:08 Question number nine.
13:15 And the question is,
13:17 how else are we instructed to determine
13:21 whether a prophet is genuine?
13:24 Isaiah 8:20.
13:26 How else are we instructed to determine
13:29 whether a prophet is genuine?
13:35 Okay, let's look at that together,
13:37 and I'm gonna read verse 20,
13:38 but then I'm gonna back to verse 16 in a moment.
13:41 Let's read this one together, it's on the screen,
13:43 it says, "To the law and to the testimony!
13:47 If they do not speak according to this word,
13:49 it is because there is," what?
13:52 "No light in them."
13:53 It didn't say a little bit of light.
13:55 No, it says, no light at all.
13:57 None whatsoever.
13:58 You know, during the day time
14:00 and some of you may have seen that,
14:01 this has happened to me on a few occasions.
14:03 I would walk pass the car,
14:05 but because of the sunlight reflecting in an odd angle,
14:08 I would think that the lights are on.
14:10 But there is no light,
14:11 it's just the reflection of the sun.
14:13 We think that there is light but there is no light.
14:15 And today in the world we live,
14:18 we cannot determine anything based on exterior components,
14:23 but we have to listen and be careful,
14:25 and examine everything that is being said
14:28 by what the Word of God makes it very, very clear,
14:32 which takes me to question number 10.
14:33 So how else are we instructed to determine
14:35 whether the prophet is genuine?
14:36 To the what? To the two things, what?
14:39 To the law and to the, what else?
14:41 To the law and to the testimony
14:42 because those are points that you can't really overlook,
14:45 you can't get away from those,
14:47 you can't break that,
14:49 and really it's important
14:50 to be able to know the difference.
14:52 I mean, how many of us want to know the difference?
14:56 Right.
14:58 I'm from New York,
15:00 I want to know the difference because in...
15:03 We were in Nairobi, Kenya, a few years ago
15:06 and one of the local elders,
15:08 he says much of the security things,
15:10 much of the security programs that you have in America
15:14 are because of what happens here in Kenya.
15:16 And I asked him, "What do you mean?"
15:17 He said, and this,
15:19 I'm not kinda labeling any particular country,
15:22 but he says
15:23 we're very technologically advanced in this country,
15:27 and some of us wake up every day
15:29 thinking of a new thing, or new way, a new idea
15:33 on how to gain access to electronics in America.
15:37 And I thought that was only adversarial countries.
15:42 And so, years ago,
15:44 you may have heard about a guy that,
15:47 because he was so good at counterfeiting things,
15:50 he was the reason why they have on dollar bills,
15:56 pictures that you can only detect by certain light
15:59 or certain chemicals in the bill
16:00 that can only be detected by certain types of ink.
16:03 He was a counterfeiter that was tremendously famous.
16:06 And he was able to camouflage in a very real way
16:10 by making the false look real.
16:14 And so today much of the security we have,
16:17 and for those of you that have credit cards,
16:19 what change, and I'm gonna pick your mind.
16:21 What change took place
16:23 maybe about three or four years ago
16:24 when it came to credit card?
16:26 What... Say it again.
16:27 The chip, that's right.
16:29 And so that became
16:30 another added level of security.
16:32 So in the world around us,
16:34 people want to know whether or not
16:36 something is real or something is camouflage.
16:39 The Bible has given us
16:42 a higher level of urgency,
16:44 because if a credit card is camouflaged and not real,
16:47 the worst you can lose is the money.
16:50 But if you follow a teaching that's not real,
16:52 what can you lose?
16:54 Your salvation.
16:55 So notice what the Lord says, Isaiah 8:16.
16:58 Isaiah 8:16, and the question is under number 10.
17:02 What will be honored among those
17:04 claiming to be His disciples,
17:08 or claiming to be disciples?
17:10 Isaiah 8:16, here it is.
17:12 Let's read this together, "Bind up the," what?
17:15 "Testimony," and do what else?
17:17 "Seal the law among my disciples."
17:21 Interestingly enough,
17:22 the word disciples is not just a New Testament word,
17:25 it's an Old Testament word,
17:27 because the prophets,
17:30 the people of Israel were called
17:32 to disciple the nations around them
17:35 in the way that Satan sought to prevent them
17:38 from leading other nations to acknowledge the true God,
17:42 is he established in and amongst them,
17:45 those who would distract
17:47 and camouflage the real prophets of God.
17:49 You find that in the Book of 1 Kings,
17:52 where a prophet of God ran into a prophet
17:54 that was not a true prophet
17:55 and he said, "I'm a prophet also."
17:58 So this is not something
17:59 that's just common in the last days,
18:01 but ever since the entrance of sin,
18:02 there's always been a camouflage.
18:04 So what's the answer?
18:06 What will be honored among those
18:07 claiming to be disciples of Christ?
18:08 What is it?
18:10 The law of God.
18:11 And I was talking to someone yesterday,
18:15 I want to be very vague about it.
18:17 And what's amazing to me is that
18:20 people even in other denominations
18:22 want to know the difference between
18:23 what is false and what is true.
18:26 They all want to know.
18:27 Okay, let's go to the next one.
18:29 Question number 11. Question number 11.
18:33 What practices
18:36 will be found among leaders
18:37 that are in opposition to God?
18:40 What practices will be found among leaders
18:42 that are in opposition to God?
18:45 Let's go to Ezekiel,
18:46 you find Daniel, go back one book to Ezekiel.
18:50 Right?
18:52 Ezekiel Chapter 22,
18:55 and we are going to look together
18:57 at verse 26.
18:59 Ezekiel 22:26.
19:03 My wife and I are now in the Book of 1 Chronicles.
19:07 We studied 1 Kings, 2 Kings, now in 1 Chronicles,
19:11 and I tell you really,
19:12 if you look at the Old Testament,
19:14 you begin to see,
19:16 the Old Testament would be to me,
19:18 if this was a court case,
19:21 the New Testament would be the summary,
19:23 the Old Testament would be the specifics.
19:26 It will show you exactly why the Lord said,
19:30 "If you love Me, keep My commandments."
19:31 You go to the Old Testament,
19:32 you'll see all the examples
19:34 as to why
19:36 the New Testament apostles, and disciples, and prophets
19:40 have warned us
19:41 because the examples
19:43 that are contained in the Old Testament
19:45 is the case log or the case study,
19:47 showing us how important it is
19:48 for us to be sure
19:50 that what we are exposed to
19:51 is from someone who is truly a prophet of God.
19:55 Ezekiel 22:26.
19:56 What practice will be found among leaders
19:58 that are in opposition to God?
20:00 Look at what the Bible says.
20:03 Ezekiel the Prophet says,
20:04 "Her priests have," done what?
20:07 "Violated My law," and what else?
20:11 "Profaned My holy things," look at this,
20:15 "they have not distinguished
20:17 between the holy and the unholy,
20:21 nor have they made known
20:23 the difference between the," what?
20:25 "Unclean and the clean, and they have" done what?
20:30 "Hidden their eyes from My Sabbaths,
20:33 so that I am profaned among them."
20:37 It's amazing, I was discussing with someone the issue of...
20:43 Well, maybe, I shouldn't talk about that one.
20:47 But I've had discussions with people that have wondered,
20:51 "Why do we have to keep the Sabbath?
20:52 Why is it important to keep the Sabbath?
20:53 Why can't we just keep any day that we want to?
20:58 Why is God telling us
20:59 that we have to honor this day?"
21:04 Okay, now let's go to Exodus.
21:06 Good answer, but let's go to Exodus Chapter 20.
21:12 Good answer because he said, "Remember."
21:15 But it's even larger than that.
21:18 So the answer to number 11,
21:22 what practice will be found among leaders
21:24 that are in opposition to God?
21:28 There's a lot... Say that again?
21:32 Yeah, they...
21:34 What would be found among those that are in opposition?
21:39 Look what is found.
21:40 They will violate God's law,
21:42 they will profane His holy things,
21:44 they will make...
21:46 Matter of fact, just the whole verse.
21:47 You can't really break it down, you can't really summarize it.
21:50 They violate, they profaned,
21:51 they make no difference
21:53 between the holy and the unholy.
21:54 My wife and I were talking about this the other day
21:56 and we were saying,
21:57 you know, strange when you drive down the street
21:59 and you see a sign and it says,
22:01 churches having
22:02 a beer and wine festival.
22:08 And I thought, "Beer and wine festival."
22:12 And I thought, "Is it holy or is it unholy?"
22:16 While I have not met any holy beer.
22:21 But look up what else it says,
22:23 they made no difference between the what?
22:24 Unclean and the clean.
22:26 And today,
22:28 I had to tell someone last night.
22:31 My wife gives me so many...
22:34 She peruses these theological questions
22:36 on the internet
22:38 and she says, "You got to answer this."
22:42 And, all right, all right and so,
22:46 but something very good came out of it,
22:49 because I'm trying to be vague.
22:52 But it's good that sometimes
22:54 you see these controversial issues
22:55 and then you answer according to the Bible
22:57 because there's some people that are parts of churches
23:00 that they will say, "Well, my pastor said,
23:01 there's no difference, there's no difference."
23:05 And I said, "What you fail to sometimes realize..."
23:09 And because this is the excuse they usually say,
23:11 "Well, because it's not in the New Testament."
23:14 Now, if you have your Bible,
23:16 do me a favor, just start from Matthew,
23:18 just put your finger in Matthew and then in Revelation
23:21 and tell me which one is larger.
23:23 From Matthew to Revelation,
23:25 is it larger than Genesis to Malachi,
23:27 what's the answer?
23:29 So I said, "God did not intend to reiterate everything
23:33 in the Old Testament, in the New Testament.
23:36 And they say, "Because it's not in the New Testament,
23:38 then maybe we shouldn't honor it."
23:41 I said, "Do you realize that Apostle Paul
23:42 didn't have the New Testament either?"
23:45 Everything he said, everything the apostles taught
23:48 was from the Old Testament.
23:51 And I said, "Do you believe in creation?"
23:53 He said, "Of course, I believe in creation."
23:55 I said, "That's in the Old Testament."
23:57 So be careful when people decide
24:00 to dissect God's Word
24:01 and they make no difference
24:03 between what the Lord has said...
24:05 Oh I said, Exodus 20, didn't I say that?
24:07 Yes.
24:09 Now I asked the question about the Sabbath, right?
24:12 But it's a little bigger than that.
24:15 Okay, we know verse 8,
24:16 "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.
24:18 Six days you shall labor, and do all your work," verse 9.
24:22 But look at verse 10,
24:27 "But the seventh day
24:28 is the Sabbath of the Lord your," what?
24:31 God. "Your God."
24:32 So the question is not,
24:34 whether or not we should honor the Sabbath
24:36 or what day it is.
24:37 The question is who is your God?
24:40 Right?
24:41 If God is your God,
24:42 if the God of creation is your God,
24:44 then He is already picked the day.
24:46 Amen, someone? Amen.
24:48 He's already picked the day.
24:49 So it's not the matter of, can I pick it?
24:51 No, He says, "No, I've picked it,
24:53 I've only sanctified one."
24:57 And then, Yannick, he says, "Remember."
25:01 Let's go now to question number,
25:04 question number 12.
25:06 Question number 12.
25:12 What promise...
25:17 What has God promise to do
25:21 to those that disobey His law?
25:24 It's amazing how that one letter got away from me.
25:29 What has God promised to do
25:33 to those that disobey His law?
25:37 Okay, let's look at that and see.
25:39 We are going to what?
25:43 Ezekiel 7:26.
25:47 Ezekiel 7:26.
25:53 Wow!
25:55 This is really humbling when you read it.
25:58 He says, "Disaster will come upon disaster,
26:03 and rumor will be upon rumor.
26:07 Then they will seek a vision from a prophet,
26:11 but the law will perish from the priest,
26:14 and counsel from the elders."
26:18 So if you were answering that
26:19 what has God promised to those that disobey His law?
26:23 Give me your answer. Disaster.
26:26 Hmm? Disaster.
26:28 Okay, disaster.
26:29 If you were to summarize it in your own words,
26:31 what it would be?
26:33 Destruction.
26:35 Destruction, what it would be?
26:38 Desolation. Desolation.
26:40 Okay, what else?
26:42 If you were to summarize that,
26:44 it is saying everything they attempt to do
26:46 will fail.
26:48 Everything they attempt to do will fail
26:50 because God is not with them.
26:52 Everything they attempt, disaster will come,
26:54 there will be rumor, they will seek a vision.
26:56 The law will perish and from the priest the counsel
27:00 and counsel from the elders.
27:01 Everything they attempt to do will fail.
27:04 But now let's go to Psalm 1.
27:08 This is an extra one, if you are following along,
27:11 if you want to summarize that everything
27:13 that individual does will fail.
27:21 Okay,
27:25 Psalm 1,
27:27 it's amazing how
27:30 the Book of Psalms begins.
27:36 It says, "Blessed is the man
27:37 who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly,
27:42 nor stands in the path of sinners,
27:45 nor sits in the seat of the scornful."
27:48 But look at verse 2.
27:50 There's a contrast between what we read so far in Ezekiel
27:53 and this next verse.
27:54 "But His delight is in the," what?
27:57 The law. "The law of" who?
28:00 "Of the Lord and in His law He meditates," what?
28:06 "Day and night."
28:07 In other word, He ponders it,
28:09 and when you read in the Hebrew there,
28:11 what's amazing, it says...
28:12 And this is what the Jews did,
28:14 you might sometimes...
28:15 We were in Jerusalem,
28:18 there we went to the Wailing Wall.
28:21 And sometimes you'll see,
28:23 like they're talking to themselves,
28:27 what that actually meant,
28:28 this is little deeper than we think.
28:30 What that actually meant was
28:31 they are reciting the law to themselves.
28:34 They are saying it over and over to themselves,
28:37 so that it could be imprinted.
28:38 You know, when you say something,
28:40 it imprints.
28:41 When you hear it and you repeat it, it imprints.
28:44 It creates a groove in your mind
28:47 and so what it says here,
28:50 they are pondering it,
28:52 they are speaking it to themselves
28:54 and sometimes based on the practices
28:58 that were prevalent
28:59 and still to this very day among some Hasidic Jews,
29:03 they would hold on to the Torah
29:06 and they would...
29:09 All they...
29:11 They're reading it all, they're pondering all day long
29:13 and they do at intervals of the day.
29:15 And you would think that it's all day long
29:17 because they don't miss the opportunities to ponder,
29:20 to think on God's law.
29:22 What in essence is being said,
29:23 is that's how the servants of the Lord should be.
29:26 It should be in our mind.
29:27 It should be in our hearts.
29:28 Amen?
29:30 Think about it, consider it.
29:31 In other words,
29:32 let it be the guide of your transactions,
29:34 let it be the guide of your life.
29:36 All day long when you think about it, should I?
29:39 Should I? Should I?
29:40 I shouldn't. Should I?
29:41 Let the law of God be our guide all day long.
29:44 And look at the blessing.
29:46 Look at the blessing, verse 3, "He shall be like a tree,
29:52 planted by the rivers of waters,
29:54 that brings forth its fruit in its season,
29:58 whose leaf also shall not," what?
30:01 "Wither," and look at this,
30:02 "and whatever he does," what?
30:05 "Shall prosper."
30:07 In other words, God is with him,
30:08 God is with that individual,
30:09 whatever that person is doing,
30:11 once they live in harmony with God's law,
30:12 prosperity is in their way.
30:14 But you notice the contrast between
30:16 what we read in Ezekiel Chapter 22
30:18 and also Ezekiel Chapter 7,
30:19 it says, they will not prosper,
30:20 disaster will come, their prophets will fail,
30:23 even counsel from the elders will not bring prosperity.
30:27 But the one who meditates on God's law will.
30:29 Look at the contrast.
30:31 Look at the very next verse of Psalm 1,
30:34 he says, "But the ungodly," verse 4, "Are not so,
30:38 but are like the chaff which the wind," does what?
30:41 "Drives away."
30:42 You know why that terminology is there,
30:44 same terminology because of the threshing floor,
30:47 whatever is not wheat...
30:48 And this is something we saw
30:50 when we were in Myanmar actually,
30:52 one of the schools there,
30:53 they were burning the chaff in an oven.
30:56 They gather together and they burn it in the oven.
30:58 Then I said, "What happened to the rest of it?"
31:00 They said, "Oh, well, that's already been separated."
31:02 But they have so much chaff
31:04 and then the rice was in the different place
31:06 all together, brown rice.
31:08 But the chaff
31:09 can easily be blown away by the oven
31:11 because there's no weight to it.
31:14 That's what this is all about.
31:15 It's separated from the wheat.
31:18 "But are like chaff which the wind drives away,
31:20 therefore the ungodly
31:22 shall not stand in the judgment,
31:24 nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous."
31:28 Let's look at verse 6,
31:29 "For the Lord knows the way of the righteous,
31:31 but the way of ungodly shall," what?
31:34 "Shall perish."
31:35 There's no prosperity there.
31:37 And so today, and now...
31:38 I know where I'm going with this, today,
31:40 when you have those ministries
31:41 that talk about the prosperity gospel,
31:43 ask them one question, "Do you honor God's law?"
31:48 If they don't, then is their prosperity there?
31:51 Absolutely not.
31:52 Because the prosperity comes
31:54 within the confines or the framework
31:57 of what God has established to bring prosperity.
32:01 They will say yes,
32:02 but examine it based on God's Word,
32:05 because we have this multiple choice generation nowadays.
32:08 Yes, but,
32:10 that's what's often heard from those
32:11 who are not in harmony with God's law.
32:14 Now where are we going next?
32:16 Question number 13, Question number 13.
32:23 What does the Bible teach about prophets
32:26 that falsely used God's name?
32:30 Jeremiah 14:14,
32:33 Jeremiah 14:14.
32:37 Okay.
32:43 Okay.
32:48 Jeremiah and Isaiah are two amazing books.
32:52 But they are so deep sometimes because Jeremiah and Isaiah,
32:55 a lot of what's in Jeremiah and Isaiah
32:58 is also mirrored in the Book of Revelation.
33:01 So when you wanna understand Revelation,
33:02 Jeremiah and Isaiah plays a major role
33:05 in what is in Revelation.
33:07 Look at Jeremiah 14:14,
33:09 "And the Lord said to me, 'The prophets prophesy," what?
33:13 "Lies in My name.
33:16 I have not sent them, commanded them,
33:20 nor spoken to them,
33:23 they prophesy to you," what?
33:25 "A false vision," what else?
33:28 "Divination, a worthless thing, and the deceit of," what?
33:33 "Of their heart.'"
33:39 And not only was that truth then,
33:41 but that's very, very true today
33:44 in the Christian world.
33:46 It's a sad thing.
33:49 I don't like using this analogy because it sounds horrible.
33:52 Okay, so I won't use it then.
33:54 'Cause sometimes I say, if I was a devil,
33:56 I don't like that.
33:57 It sounds terrible.
33:59 But what other method would the devil use
34:01 if he is looking for deception?
34:03 'Cause in Matthew 24:4,
34:04 one of the first things that Jesus said to His disciples,
34:07 and this is...
34:09 Go there with me.
34:10 Look at Matthew 24:4,
34:12 one of the first things He said to His disciples,
34:14 and by the way
34:16 this is after the Old Testament had been fulfilled.
34:19 Look at what He says to His disciples
34:21 the very first thing,
34:23 and I want you to notice the context of what they asked.
34:27 Matthew 24:3,
34:38 Look at the question that they asked Jesus.
34:41 "Now as He sat on the Mount of Olives,
34:43 the disciples came to Him," how?
34:45 Privately.
34:46 "Privately,"
34:48 some of those private moments with the Lord
34:49 are the best moments,
34:52 "saying, 'Tell us, when will these things be?
34:55 And what will be the sign of Your coming,
34:58 and of the end of the age or of the end of the world?"
35:02 Notice the very first thing Jesus said,
35:08 "And Jesus answered and said to them,"
35:10 say it again hon,
35:12 "Take heed that no one deceives you."
35:16 If deception was not going
35:19 to be a massive factor in the last days,
35:21 He wouldn't say, be careful that no one deceives you.
35:25 And by the way many times, He repeats that, He says,
35:28 "For many will come in My name saying, I'm Christ,
35:31 then will deceive many."
35:32 He talks about Satan,
35:34 even camouflaging the coming of the Lord.
35:36 If they say, He is in the desert, don't go out.
35:38 If they say, He is in the secret chambers,
35:39 don't believe it.
35:40 So today, we have a teaching in the world today,
35:44 this is why this lesson is so vitally important,
35:46 and we're gonna get later on
35:48 into the very details of the gifts of the spirit.
35:51 But one of the reasons
35:52 why we are laying the foundation on
35:53 how to determine whether or not a person
35:55 is being led of the spirit.
35:57 Because if the person is not being led of the spirit,
35:59 what happens when the blind leads the blind?
36:07 Does the honest guy miss the hole?
36:10 Now what happens to both of them?
36:12 If the blind person says,
36:14 "Let me lead you across the street."
36:15 And the blind person is being led by a blind person,
36:18 which one is in danger?
36:19 Both.
36:21 You got to make sure that the person leading you,
36:24 their eyes are being led by the Lord.
36:28 Because the Lord said,
36:29 "Take heed that no one deceives you."
36:30 So how would you summarize question number 13?
36:34 Because it's quite a bit there.
36:37 If you went to Jeremiah 14:14, how would you summarize that,
36:40 the prophets prophesy lies in my name?
36:47 I heard the word. I heard the word.
36:50 Deception,
36:53 looking the part but not being genuine,
36:56 claiming to be led by God, but are not led by God.
36:59 And notice what they are called,
37:01 prophets.
37:03 So watch out when people call themselves prophets
37:05 'cause, you know,
37:07 there are prophets many and lords many,
37:08 and people claiming to be able to see things
37:11 and have a vision...
37:13 Lord gave me a vision.
37:15 If it's not in harmony with the law of God,
37:17 if God's law is not in place in the life of that individual,
37:21 it's a divination, it's a worthless thing
37:25 and a deceit of their heart.
37:27 Wow!
37:29 I'll let you summarize that in the way
37:31 that's best for you to understand that.
37:33 But now, since we are in Matthew,
37:35 let's stay there because we gonna go to
37:38 a couple of the New Testament examples.
37:42 Here's number 14.
37:44 What did Jesus warn us about concerning the last days?
37:50 I kinda led you into it.
37:52 I kinda open up the can already.
37:55 So I might as well just go ahead
37:56 and go up to the scripture
37:58 and let's read it together, since it's on the screen.
38:00 What does the Bible say, "For," what?
38:03 "False christs and," what else?
38:05 "False prophets will rise and show," what?
38:08 "Great signs and wonders to deceive,
38:11 if possible, even the elect."
38:14 For the Lord, for the glory of the Lord,
38:16 let me say this tonight, for the sake of the Lord,
38:19 remember the phrase if possible.
38:22 I have even heard people in our church say,
38:24 "Even the elect will be deceived."
38:27 No, what's the phrase there?
38:29 Say it together, if possible,
38:31 is it possible for the elect to be deceived?
38:35 No, not at all.
38:37 If the elect were going to be deceived,
38:39 then nobody is safe.
38:41 But the elect will not be deceived if possible,
38:44 but notice what's gonna happen, show great signs and wonders.
38:48 Doing a study not too long ago,
38:51 about how people access your mind?
38:52 I want you to listen to this very carefully.
38:54 It's very amazing study that I looked at.
38:57 It was talked about, it's repetition,
39:00 how somebody gains access to your mind by repetition
39:03 and that it's pointed out that if you repeat something,
39:06 over and over six times in a row...
39:09 Let me give you an example.
39:13 Okay, I won't use a Christian term,
39:15 I want to be very non psychologist.
39:18 Hare Krishna, Krishna Hare, Hare Krishna, Krishna Hare,
39:21 Hare Krishna, Hare over and over,
39:23 Hail Mary, full of grace over and over,
39:26 whatever the mantra is,
39:28 in whatever form that mantra is,
39:30 what happens is
39:31 and I was talking to a neurologist on this.
39:34 He said what happens is that the frontal lobes
39:36 which is the doorway to the mind,
39:38 it relaxes and in a way it opens the door
39:42 and there is no longer a resistance
39:45 to what is coming in.
39:47 Because your mind has got locked into what he called...
39:50 There is a term he used,
39:51 I'll use layman's term, a repetitious cycle.
39:55 But he used a different term
39:56 and those medical terms that had like 73 letters in it,
39:59 I can't even pronounce them.
40:01 But he said the word, I was trying to write it down,
40:03 but I couldn't even get past the fifth letter
40:05 because I didn't know how to spell it.
40:07 But he said, it causes the frontal lobes to relax.
40:11 And he said, what happens?
40:12 A door opens and he says
40:13 anything from that point on can come in
40:16 and you can't stop it.
40:18 That's why if you look at the methods of deception today,
40:21 it's through repetition.
40:23 That's why the Lord said,
40:24 "Do not use vain repetition as the heathens do."
40:29 Do not use vain repetition as the heathens do.
40:32 He connected it to the heathens because their vain repetition
40:36 and that's what happened in the Mount of Carmel.
40:38 Vain repetition
40:40 and their God never responded,
40:42 but Elijah prayed once, he prayed with sincerity,
40:45 and God responded and God answered right away.
40:48 I've grown up with that.
40:49 I know they're dominant
40:51 and they risk with something tactfully.
40:53 Vain repetition, vain repetition,
40:56 Yannick has commentary, but that's important.
40:59 So, but, what is it saying here is,
41:01 they're going to show great signs and wonders,
41:03 and some of you may have seen the examples.
41:07 People send me all kinds of things,
41:08 and somebody sent me a link.
41:09 They talked about this great gigantic miracle service
41:12 and what preceded that was
41:15 people sang one song that seemed to last 14 minutes,
41:20 and for much of the 14 minutes
41:22 they were saying the same thing over and over,
41:25 and over and over until they're almost...
41:31 Almost in it, like they're drunk, a trance.
41:35 And then the preacher transition
41:37 while they're into that soupy trance,
41:40 he said, "You want some. You want some."
41:43 And he went like this.
41:44 And everybody in the balcony fell down
41:47 almost like they were run over by a truck,
41:51 and they were on the floor vibrating.
41:53 And he turned to left, "You want some."
41:54 And he went like this, you want something,
41:56 and then he says something else at the whole place is withering
42:00 and all in the back, he said, "You want some"
42:01 and he went like that.
42:03 Everybody in the balcony fell out.
42:05 And then it went even worse than that.
42:07 He said, "Go outside and eat grass,
42:12 and they ran outside
42:15 and dove into the grass, grabbing the grass,
42:18 and eating it in handfuls,
42:21 and they're calling that
42:22 the moving of the Spirit of God.
42:26 God is not the author of confusion.
42:28 Amen, somebody?
42:30 That's why when you have these things,
42:31 notice what they show great signs,
42:34 and that's why you have to be very careful
42:35 not to expose yourself to these "miracle services,"
42:40 because the powers that
42:41 we are up against are very, very real.
42:43 But once you come into those places
42:45 and you get locked into that very mantra of worship,
42:51 and you're just almost sedated,
42:52 then anything can come in, anything can come in.
42:55 That's why he says, show great signs and wonders
42:58 to deceive,
42:59 that's the whole purpose of it, to deceive.
43:01 Things that you have not seen before that are unimaginable,
43:04 things that just grab your attention.
43:06 I've never seen that before,
43:07 haven't even seen that in my church.
43:09 And I've had people come back and say,
43:10 "Now, why don't we do that in our church?"
43:15 Because we want people to be able to think,
43:16 come on somebody.
43:18 Think,
43:19 not to fall into this trance, and it's so much of nowadays.
43:23 So much nowadays is based on feeling.
43:25 That's why this next one is so vitally important.
43:27 So question 14,
43:29 what did Jesus warn us about concerning the last days?
43:31 Let no one deceive you.
43:35 And people that deceive are really great in speech.
43:39 We were in a hotel,
43:41 I don't even know which one it was,
43:43 but in the drawer,
43:45 instead of a Gideon Bible, it was...
43:50 I was in St. Louis just before we went to the airport.
43:52 It was a very, very sick
43:54 Middle Eastern book on mantras
43:57 and about 1100 pages thick.
44:02 And I thought, "Well, what happened to the Gideon Bible?"
44:05 Didn't have a Gideon Bible, and I opened
44:06 and began to read it.
44:09 And...
44:13 It kind of goes like this.
44:17 And this is an example.
44:20 "If you think about your life
44:21 which came from the analogy of the past,
44:23 and the conclusion of the former.
44:26 The things that happened, didn't really happened
44:28 but you imagined that they did and they didn't really occur,
44:31 but because you are experiencing
44:32 now there is no pain, no past,
44:34 no present, no future," and it keeps going.
44:36 I'm thinking what is he saying?
44:38 And then they go on to explain what they didn't say,
44:40 and then they go on to explain what they never did say.
44:43 And it's just so confusing.
44:44 And you could spend all day long.
44:46 And you sit in the circle of philosophers, and they,
44:49 they look the part and it's nothing but confusion.
44:53 And they call themselves prophets.
44:55 And they have these fancy names.
44:57 And that's why today in the world
45:00 such as the world where a mega wealthy are,
45:06 most of them are not Christians.
45:08 They're into Scientology,
45:10 or some kind of Eastern meditation,
45:12 some kind of Shakti, some kind of yoga,
45:15 because it's not about submitting themselves
45:17 to a power outside of themselves.
45:21 They write, and they,
45:23 and even Oprah, it's called a secret.
45:26 Just open yourself up
45:27 and imagine the law of attraction,
45:29 you'll get whatever you meditate on.
45:32 Well, that's not the case.
45:34 So this very next one is a very important passage
45:37 in our study tonight.
45:39 Question number 15.
45:42 Why are signs and miracles...
45:45 Look at question 15.
45:46 Why are signs and miracles unreliable in following God?
45:52 Bring that up on the screen.
45:54 Why are signs and miracles unreliable in following God?
46:00 Very careful.
46:01 This is an amazing analogy.
46:04 We're going to break this down in two questions.
46:06 Deuteronomy Chapter 13.
46:08 Now the amazing thing about Deuteronomy,
46:10 Deuteronomy was built for the latter generation
46:13 of the children that came out of Egypt.
46:17 Exodus was written for the adults,
46:20 you know, for example, Xenia or Luis say,
46:23 they just had a child when they came out of Egypt,
46:25 and the child is young.
46:27 Well, as they got older and they passed of the scene,
46:30 you're still here.
46:32 The child is now an adult.
46:34 So Deuteronomy is now written
46:36 to remind the adult child now
46:38 of the things that the parents passed through.
46:41 That's why Deuteronomy is there.
46:43 It's the book that speaks to the latter generation.
46:45 That's why the law of God is reiterated there,
46:47 because the younger generation
46:48 when the law of God was given at Sinai,
46:51 they weren't, they didn't even understand what was going on.
46:53 So Joshua later on,
46:55 when they're just about to cross over the Jordan,
46:58 he says, "Choose you this day, whom you will serve,
47:01 whether the gods that your father served
47:05 on the other side of the Jordan,
47:07 or the God's in whose land we dwell,
47:10 but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."
47:13 He was reminding them of the entire journey.
47:15 Now this is a part of the journey
47:17 that they were reminded of later on in the years
47:20 those who came out.
47:21 Look at Deuteronomy 13:1-2,
47:24 this is powerful
47:25 because sometimes a prophet would say something
47:28 and it will happen.
47:29 A false prophet sometimes will say something
47:32 and it will happen, but here's the caution.
47:35 "If there arises among you a prophet" or a what?
47:40 "Dreamer of dreams,
47:42 and he gives you a sign or a wonder,
47:46 and the sign or the wonder," what?
47:49 "Comes to pass
47:51 of which he spoke saying to you..."
47:54 After it came to pass, notice what he's saying,
47:57 "Let us go after other gods
47:59 which you have not known and let us serve them."
48:06 So I'm going to go to verse 3 and 4 next.
48:08 So notice what he says.
48:10 So let me ask you the question.
48:11 Can a false prophet tell you something and it happens?
48:14 Yes, because you know why?
48:17 He's also working with a different power.
48:21 The devil can make someone sick,
48:23 and remove it for the benefit of his prophet
48:26 and make you think that that person just got healed.
48:29 We have a case study of that
48:31 where
48:34 pastor years ago
48:37 went to a healing service.
48:39 He had a limp.
48:41 He got healed.
48:43 Came back to church.
48:45 I'm trying to be vague about the specifics.
48:48 And the elders gathered around him.
48:50 And they said, "What happened?
48:51 You're not limping any long."
48:53 He said, "I got healed."
48:55 And they said, "Where did you get healed?
48:56 How did you get healed?"
48:58 And he said, "He went to a miracle service."
49:00 They said,
49:01 "You went to a miracle service, and got healed."
49:03 I got healed and he walked.
49:06 They said, "Can we pray with you,
49:08 that if this was not from the Lord,
49:12 He will remove it."
49:15 And they gathered around him and prayed
49:17 and when the prayer was done, he started limping again.
49:22 Now let me tell you why that's important.
49:24 You're going to see the rest of it,
49:25 so let's answer question number 15 first.
49:29 Can a prophet
49:31 that is not of God tell you about a dream,
49:34 give you a sign and a wonder and it could happen?
49:38 Yes.
49:40 Why are signs and miracles unreliable in following God?
49:43 Here's the answer,
49:45 because another power can be behind that prophet.
49:49 Evil is just as real as good.
49:52 So don't say that,
49:53 "Well, the devil doesn't exist."
49:56 I was reading an article just earlier today
49:59 and somebody said, well, the devil.
50:02 Oh, yeah, Jay Z, Jay Z,
50:05 if you don't know who that is,
50:07 I'm not gonna waste time to tell you.
50:08 It might be good that you don't know.
50:10 Jay Z said, "Jesus is not the real thing,
50:16 Jesus is fake news."
50:18 He said,
50:19 "The devil is the real news,
50:21 the devil has been good to me.
50:24 Lucifer, my brother has been very good to me."
50:27 Jesus, he said, "is boring.
50:29 Lucifer is the real deal."
50:31 He said, "Jesus is made up for those who are weak,
50:37 but Lucifer has been good to me."
50:40 Miley Cyrus said the same thing
50:42 in an article we read a couple of days ago.
50:46 Talking about how Jesus is boring,
50:49 if you don't want to be bored,
50:51 let Lucifer be your brother and be your guide.
50:54 But they don't know there's a day of accountability coming,
50:57 so the devil will give you.
50:59 He promised Jesus the same thing.
51:00 He said, "I'll give you all of these things in the world
51:02 if you fall down and worship me."
51:04 And so we have a whole group of people
51:06 nowadays that are worshiping the devil,
51:08 and they're performing...
51:09 They're getting their wealth, they look powerful and famous,
51:12 and they are, in many cases,
51:14 but they have no idea there's another power behind it.
51:17 So now let's go to question 16,
51:19 and we'll finish verse 13 and 14, okay?
51:22 Question 16 says,
51:25 "What are the issues behind God allowing miracles?"
51:29 This is huge.
51:31 'Cause you might say, "Why would God let that?"
51:33 Look at this, Deuteronomy 13:3, 4.
51:39 Look at this.
51:42 "You shall not," what's the next word?
51:44 "Listen to the words of that prophet
51:47 or that dreamer of dreams,
51:49 for the Lord your God is," what?
51:52 "Testing you to know
51:55 whether you love the Lord your God with," what?
51:59 "All your heart and with," what?
52:01 "All your soul.
52:03 You shall walk after the Lord," what?
52:06 "Your God and," do what?
52:08 "Fear Him, and" do what else?
52:09 "Keep His commandments, and obey His voice,
52:13 you shall serve Him and hold fast to," what?
52:16 "Him."
52:17 So somebody might stand before you and say,
52:23 if you just disobey God, all that is yours.
52:25 Come on, do you want it?
52:28 And you might say, "Well, right about now,
52:30 I'm really broke, I can't pay my rent.
52:32 Haven't had a check like this in a long time."
52:35 He says, "Give me a figure, I'll write the check.
52:36 It's all yours, just ask for it."
52:38 The devil said that to Jesus, just ask for it,
52:40 I'll give you all the kingdoms of the world.
52:44 And at that time,
52:45 he was still the prince of this world
52:47 until Jesus died on the cross and took it back from him.
52:53 So be careful when something looks too good to be true,
52:56 and the cost of it
52:59 is to compromise your walk with God,
53:01 be careful.
53:03 Because he'll say,
53:04 "What has keeping the commandments done for you?
53:06 Look what I'm offering you."
53:07 And that's what the devil is doing nowadays.
53:09 What is keeping the commandments of God
53:10 done for us?
53:12 Remember this word right here.
53:13 Remember this word right here? Okay, I'll go back to it.
53:17 The Lord your God is, what? Testing you.
53:19 Every one of us is going to face a test
53:21 whether or not we love the Lord with all of our heart
53:23 and with all of our, what?
53:25 All of our soul.
53:26 The test is going to come to everyone because I think...
53:29 You think of the conditions of our world today.
53:31 I mean, people that are in financial straits,
53:33 people that are not making money,
53:35 people that are without a job.
53:37 If someone came along and said,
53:38 "Hey, ask whatever you want, and I'll give it to you.
53:42 But you have to become a follower of my movement.
53:46 And if you're old enough or have heard about it before,
53:49 you may remember that Jonestown,
53:51 Jim Jones, he offered them all kinds of prosperity.
53:55 What happened to them all?
53:57 Died, and people will come along.
54:00 And somewhere along the way, it's going to flip.
54:02 So let's answer the question.
54:04 What are the issues behind God allowing miracles?
54:07 What is the issue?
54:08 Come on, say it.
54:10 Test.
54:12 This is just a test of the emergency spiritual
54:18 broadcasting network.
54:21 I'm just kind of...
54:22 Is that what emergency broadcasting,
54:24 the emergency spiritual connection.
54:26 This is the test of your spiritual connection.
54:28 Be careful, don't fail the test.
54:31 Pray when those times come because temptations are great,
54:35 but if you think deception is at its height yet,
54:37 you really haven't seen Satan unmask.
54:40 The worst is coming. I'll try this.
54:43 It's about to go to another face.
54:45 That's right, honey.
54:46 So where are we now, number 17?
54:49 Number 17.
54:51 What council does God give concerning false prophets?
54:56 And we're going to read the last verse
54:58 to this whole outline.
55:01 What council does God give concerning false prophets?
55:05 Now by the way, we're continuing,
55:07 we did verse 1 and 2, and then 3 and 4.
55:09 Look at verse 5.
55:11 What council does God give concerning false prophets?
55:16 "But that prophet
55:18 or that dreamer of dreams shall be," what?
55:21 "Shall be put to death, because he has spoken,"
55:24 look at this,
55:26 "in order to turn you away from the Lord your God,
55:31 who brought you out of the land of Egypt
55:34 and redeemed you from the," what?
55:36 "House of bondage.
55:38 He also wants to," do what?
55:40 "Entice you from the way
55:43 in which the Lord your God commanded you to walk.
55:47 So you shall put away the evil from your midst."
55:51 And when they said that, so one of the challenges,
55:53 and I want to go ahead and add this.
55:55 So what council does God give concerning false prophets?
55:57 What did He say?
55:59 Come on, let's just say it.
56:02 Say it again.
56:04 They should be put to death.
56:06 That's why when you look at Revelation,
56:08 in the lake of fire, you know what's going to be in there?
56:11 The beast and the false prophets.
56:14 Read Revelation Chapter 20,
56:16 "In the lake of fire, the dragon, the beast,
56:18 and the false prophets,"
56:21 they're going to be in the lake of fire.
56:23 So here's where the challenge came to the Israelites.
56:27 Let me answer the second part of question 17
56:30 before we go any further.
56:31 Revelation 19:20.
56:33 I think I may have given you the answer already.
56:35 Okay, here it is, how I did.
56:38 Revelation 19:20, here's what the Bible says.
56:41 "Then the beast was captured, and with him the," what?
56:44 "False prophet who worked signs in his presence,
56:46 by which he deceived those
56:48 who receive the mark of the beast
56:50 and those who worshiped his image.
56:52 These two were cast," how?
56:54 "Alive into the lake of fire burning with," what?
56:59 "With brimstone."
57:01 So we see that there's a day coming.
57:03 But right now, are there false prophets?
57:06 Yes, they are by the multitude,
57:09 and they're seeking to take us away from the allegiance.
57:13 That's why you cannot let...
57:15 And I'll wind up this hour by saying,
57:16 "You cannot let feeling."
57:18 You cannot let, what? Feeling.
57:20 Because you know what?
57:21 You could go to some places,
57:23 some worship services, some concerts,
57:25 and you could feel so good,
57:28 you cannot let feeling lead you in the wrong direction.
57:31 You cannot let desire for gain
57:33 lead you in the wrong direction.
57:35 You cannot let materialism
57:38 lead you in the wrong direction.
57:40 And you cannot let sensationalism,
57:42 something that entices you
57:44 and brings to you a feeling or desire you've never had,
57:48 don't let any of those things entice you
57:50 because false prophets and false christs
57:53 will arise and deceive many.
57:55 Keep studying because one day
57:57 it will come into A Sharper Focus.
58:00 God bless you. Let's pray.


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