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00:21 Hello, friends,
00:22 welcome to Wednesday night here at the 3ABN Worship Center.
00:26 It's time for A Sharper Focus
00:28 and we are starting a new topic tonight.
00:31 I'll tell you what that is in just a moment,
00:33 but thank you for taking the time to tune in.
00:36 All you need is a Bible,
00:37 and just about 57 minutes to walk with us
00:41 through a very important topic
00:43 that we gonna be sharing with you tonight.
00:45 In just a moment,
00:47 I'll tell you how to get a copy of that.
00:48 But before we do anything,
00:50 I'd like you to bow your heads with us
00:53 as we go to the Lord in prayer.
00:55 Loving Father in heaven,
00:57 thank You for the precious opportunity
00:59 that You present to us.
01:01 When we invite You to come in Lord,
01:03 we know that You'll speak to our hearts.
01:05 We invite Your Holy Spirit to be our teacher tonight,
01:07 teach us.
01:09 And we pray also for those
01:10 who are watching that are inquiring,
01:12 looking for the truth of God's Word,
01:14 may they find it as Your Spirit reaches out to them
01:17 and teaches them.
01:18 In Jesus' name I pray, amen.
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01:50 Now we always sing our theme song
01:52 and tonight,
01:54 our theme song is "Victory in Jesus."
01:57 Let's sing our theme song together.
02:07 I heard an old, old story
02:11 How the Savior came from glory
02:14 How He gave His life on Calvary
02:18 To save a wretch like me
02:22 I heard about His groaning
02:26 Of His precious blood's atoning
02:29 Then I repented of my sin
02:33 And won the victory
02:37 O victory in Jesus
02:41 My Savior, forever
02:45 He sought me and bought me
02:49 With His redeeming blood
02:52 He loved me ere I knew Him
02:56 And all my love is due Him
03:00 He plunged me to victory
03:04 Beneath the cleansing flood
03:07 I heard about a mansion
03:11 He has built for me in glory
03:15 And I heard about the streets of gold
03:19 Beyond the crystal sea
03:22 About the angels singing
03:26 And the old redemption story
03:30 And some sweet day I'll sing up there
03:34 The song of victory
03:36 Key change.
03:38 O victory in Jesus
03:41 My Savior, forever
03:45 He sought me and bought me
03:49 With His redeeming blood
03:53 He loved me ere I knew Him
03:57 And all my love is due Him
04:00 He plunged me to victory
04:04 Beneath the cleansing flood
04:08 He plunged me to victory
04:12 Beneath the cleansing flood
04:18 Amen? Amen.
04:20 Tonight our topic is, I'd like you to say it with me,
04:22 "The Truth about the Secret Rapture."
04:26 Tonight's topic is
04:27 "The Truth about the Secret Rapture."
04:31 Now,
04:32 you may or may not have heard
04:34 of the term secret rapture before.
04:37 Tonight we're gonna understand what the Bible says about it,
04:40 what the Bible doesn't say about it.
04:42 We're gonna find out how it got started
04:45 from its very beginning,
04:47 all the way through history up until the present,
04:49 and then we're gonna look at the scriptures
04:51 and see what the Bible says
04:52 about the second coming of Jesus.
04:54 But first,
04:55 open your Bibles to the Book of Acts
04:56 Chapter 1.
04:58 Want to lay some foundation about
05:00 the second coming of Jesus.
05:02 You know, when the Lord was resurrected,
05:06 and the Bible give record
05:07 that He appeared to more than 500,
05:10 He appeared to Cleopas and another disciple.
05:13 And it was very clear,
05:15 then He commissioned His disciples
05:16 as He met with them.
05:17 They were hiding for fear of the Jews.
05:19 And then He said to them,
05:21 He gave them some final words before He ascended to heaven.
05:25 And these words are found in the Book of Acts,
05:30 and it's in Chapter 1.
05:32 All right.
05:35 And I'm gonna actually start Acts 1:1,
05:41 I'll just read, right?
05:42 And I'm gonna go right, very quickly.
05:44 "The former account I made," this is Dr. Luke writing,
05:47 "O Theophilus, of all that Jesus
05:53 began both to do and to teach,
05:55 until the day in which He was," what?
05:57 Take up.
05:59 "Taken up,
06:00 after He through the Holy Spirit
06:03 had given commandments to the apostles
06:05 whom He had chosen."
06:07 So He was taken up
06:08 after He had given commandment to the apostles
06:11 whom He had chosen.
06:12 And verse 3 says,
06:13 "To whom He also presented Himself alive
06:16 after His suffering by many infallible proofs."
06:19 That mean, there's enough evidence
06:22 existing today
06:23 to prove that Jesus was seen by many
06:26 after His resurrection.
06:28 And it goes on,
06:31 "Being seen by them during 40 days
06:34 and speaking of the things
06:35 pertaining to the kingdom of God."
06:37 And now verse 4,
06:39 "And being assembled together with them,
06:40 he commanded them not to depart from," where?
06:43 "From Jerusalem,
06:45 but to wait for the promise of the Father,
06:48 'which,' He said, 'You have heard of Me,
06:51 for John truly baptized with water,
06:53 but you shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit,
06:55 not many days from now.'"
06:58 But then he goes on
06:59 because they were asking the question,
07:01 verse 6,
07:02 "Therefore when they had come together,
07:04 they asked Him saying,
07:05 'Lord, will you at this time
07:07 restore the kingdom of Israel?'"
07:08 Very important question,
07:10 because what we're gonna talk about tonight
07:11 has to do with the restoration of the kingdom of Israel.
07:16 A philosophy, a doctrine,
07:18 a theory that has existed for many years,
07:23 for hundreds of years, that twists two things,
07:27 the restoration of Israel,
07:29 and the truth about the coming of Jesus.
07:31 Let's go on and see what the Lord says
07:33 in verse 7 and then verse 8.
07:35 "And He said to them,
07:38 'It is not for you to know times or seasons
07:41 which the Father has put in His own authority.'
07:43 " Let's read verse 8 together.
07:45 "But you shall receive power
07:47 when the Holy Spirit has come upon you,
07:49 and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem,
07:52 and in all Judea and Samaria,
07:55 and to the end of the earth.'"
07:57 And now notice would happen, verse 9,
07:59 "Now, while He had spoken these things,
08:02 while they watched."
08:04 While they did, what?
08:05 So do they see Him?
08:07 Okay. Do they see?
08:08 Yes! Okay.
08:10 "While they watched, He was taken up,
08:13 and the cloud received Him out of their sight."
08:15 So Jesus is ascending,
08:17 a cloud is receiving Him out of their sight.
08:19 And the cloud that's talked about there are angels.
08:22 You'll see that in Luke, in Matthew,
08:24 the same way He left
08:26 is the same way He's coming back.
08:27 And you'll notice, verse 10.
08:29 "And while they look steadfastly toward heaven,
08:33 as He went up, behold,
08:34 two men stood by them in white apparel,
08:37 " those are angels.
08:39 And notice what they said,
08:41 "Who said, 'Men of Galilee,
08:43 why do you stand gazing up into heaven?'"
08:45 And this is the key.
08:48 "This same Jesus who was taken up
08:51 from you into," where?
08:53 "Heaven,
08:54 will so come in like manner
08:57 as you saw Him go into heaven."
09:00 So if they saw Him go, will they see Him come back?
09:04 Yes.
09:05 So the Lord, the angels right there
09:07 established this truth.
09:08 They watch steadfastly towards heaven.
09:11 They asked Him, are you gonna restore Israel now?
09:13 He said, it's not up to you to know that.
09:16 He was taken up.
09:17 They saw him and the angel said,
09:18 "The same way you saw Him go,
09:20 you're going to see Him come back," right?
09:23 Is that clear?
09:25 Now let's go to Revelation Chapter 1.
09:27 Let's go to Revelation Chapter 1,
09:29 laying some quick foundation
09:30 because we're gonna walk through some serious
09:33 history tonight.
09:34 And I would recommend, if you can do that right now
09:36 press record
09:37 because if you have friends
09:39 that believe in the secret rapture,
09:40 this topic is gonna give them clarity
09:44 about where that theory came from.
09:46 And I'd say at the very beginning,
09:48 it's not in the Bible.
09:50 Look at Revelation 1:7.
09:53 Notice the Bible said, you saw Him left,
09:56 you're gonna see Him come back.
09:57 Revelation 1:7,
09:59 "Behold, He is coming with," what?
10:01 "Clouds."
10:02 Same way He left, same way He is coming back.
10:05 "And every eye will," what?
10:07 "See Him,
10:09 and they also who pierced Him.
10:12 And all the tribes of the earth will mourn because of Him.
10:16 Even so," what's the next two word?
10:18 Amen.
10:19 That means, why the tribes of the earth mourning?
10:21 Because they're seeing Him.
10:23 When they see Him, there's gonna be a reaction.
10:25 I'm establishing some very important truths.
10:27 When they see Him,
10:28 there's gonna be a reaction to what they see.
10:31 Let's look at the reaction. Go to Revelation Chapter 6.
10:34 Let's see the reaction.
10:35 I'm establishing some very important truths
10:38 that He did not restore Israel then,
10:41 they saw Him leave, the angel said,
10:43 the same way He left, He is coming back.
10:44 The Bible says, "Behold, when He comes,
10:46 every eye will see Him,
10:48 even those that pierced Him
10:49 and all the tribes of the earth will mourn."
10:51 Let's see what the mourning is all about.
10:53 Revelation Chapter 6.
10:55 All right.
10:57 And the Bible says in verse 14.
11:01 Revelation 6:14,
11:03 "Then the sky receded as a scroll
11:06 when it is rolled up,
11:09 and every mountain and island was," what?
11:12 "Moved out of its place."
11:13 What a massive earthquake.
11:15 "And the kings of the earth,
11:17 the great men, the rich men, the commanders,
11:20 the mighty men,
11:21 every slave and every free man,"
11:24 what did they do?
11:25 "Hid themselves in the caves,
11:28 and in the rocks of the mountains."
11:30 These are those that are mourning
11:31 because look at the next verse.
11:33 "And said to the mountains and rocks,
11:35 'Fall on us,
11:37 hide us from the face of Him who sits on the throne
11:41 and from the wrath of the lamb!
11:43 For the great day of His wrath has come,"
11:45 and what's the question?
11:46 "Who is able to stand?"
11:48 So right away we see a number of things.
11:50 He left with clouds.
11:52 The Bible says, behold, He cometh with clouds.
11:54 The same way He left they saw Him go,
11:56 people gonna see Him come back.
11:58 The tribes of the earth are gonna mourn.
12:00 They gonna be mourning
12:01 by running to the rocks in the mountains
12:02 and are looking for a place to hide,
12:04 because they see Him coming.
12:06 Very clear.
12:07 So this idea,
12:08 this idea that the coming of Jesus
12:11 is going to be secret,
12:13 some arch-enemy found a way
12:18 to create a false theory,
12:22 just like Darwin, the father of evolution,
12:25 just like a number of other people
12:29 that are the fathers of theories
12:30 that are existing today.
12:32 You'll see clearly that
12:33 we'll find out where the father of this theory came from,
12:37 and how it found its way into Christianity.
12:40 So let's begin with question number one.
12:43 And by the way, you're gonna be writing down
12:45 a lot of answers.
12:46 And hopefully all of them
12:47 and I'm gonna give you a lot of names
12:49 that you're gonna be able to follow through.
12:50 Once again, if you're just joining us,
12:52 go to asf.3abn.org
12:55 and download lesson number 42.
12:57 Question number one, here it is on the screen.
13:01 "What does the Bible teach about Rome,
13:03 the fourth kingdom of Daniel Chapter 7?
13:07 What does the Bible teach about Rome,
13:08 the fourth kingdom of Daniel Chapter 7?
13:10 Let's go to Daniel 7:23,
13:13 and see what the Bible teaches about the fourth kingdom
13:16 in Daniel Chapter 7.
13:19 Here's what the Bible says,
13:22 "Thus he said,
13:24 'The fourth beast shall be a fourth kingdom," where?
13:28 "On earth,
13:29 which shall be different from all other kingdoms,
13:32 and shall devour," how much of the earth?
13:35 "The whole earth,
13:37 trample it and," do what else?
13:39 "Break it in pieces.'"
13:41 So the Bible is telling us right now
13:43 that whatever Rome does,
13:45 it's gonna devour the whole earth,
13:48 it's gonna trample down the earth,
13:50 it's gonna break it into pieces.
13:52 There's a lot of havoc
13:53 that Rome is going to create on earth,
13:55 the whole earth is gonna be devoured.
13:57 So let's go to question number two.
13:58 So what does the Bible say
14:00 about the fourth kingdom of Daniel 7?
14:02 It shall devour the earth and trample the earth.
14:05 That's the answer to question number one.
14:07 Let's go to question number two.
14:09 Here it is.
14:11 "What was one method used by Rome,
14:14 to devour the whole earth?"
14:16 What was one method used by Rome,
14:19 to devour the whole earth?
14:21 And let me just make it clear.
14:22 We're not talking about Rome as far as the city.
14:24 We're talking about the Roman hierarchy.
14:27 Those who were leading,
14:29 the popes, the prelates, the priests,
14:31 the religious authorities of Rome,
14:33 what did they do.
14:34 Not the people living in the towns,
14:36 not the city of Rome,
14:38 but particularly what the Roman hierarchy do.
14:41 Daniel 8:14 describes this power once again,
14:44 and tells exactly what it did.
14:47 Here is Daniel 8:12.
14:49 The Bible says, "Because of transgression,
14:53 an army was given to the horn,"
14:56 that's the little horn,
14:58 "to oppose the daily sacrifices,
15:02 and he did," what?
15:03 Say together.
15:05 "Cast truth down to the ground."
15:08 Let's try that again.
15:10 Because you guys together, what did he do?
15:12 "Cast truth down to the ground."
15:15 That's what he did.
15:17 And what did the Bible says, "He did all this and," what?
15:20 "Prospered."
15:22 He did all of that and he prospered.
15:24 The prosperity of the Roman Church
15:26 during the Dark Ages was unrivaled.
15:29 No one was able to stand up against it.
15:32 And everything it did, it prospered.
15:34 It created false doctrines
15:37 like purgatory, limbo, eternally burning hell,
15:42 a new day of worship, the first day of the week,
15:44 just to name a few.
15:45 It created the teaching that the pope was an infallible man,
15:48 he was God on earth, to teach infant baptism.
15:52 But it came up with something
15:54 because the reformers during that time,
15:57 they knew that there was something about the Bible
16:01 that began to reveal the conditions of Rome.
16:03 And the Bible began to point people clearly
16:06 to this fourth beast of Daniel Chapter 7,
16:10 and give clear indication
16:11 as to what role that beast would play.
16:14 But Rome was clever, because the power behind it.
16:17 Revelation 13:4, says,
16:19 "The dragon gave him his power,
16:22 his seat and his great authority."
16:24 So Satan was behind this fourth beast
16:26 because it was great, and dreadful, and terrible,
16:28 had great iron teeth, nothing could stand in his way.
16:30 It was a devouring power.
16:32 But let's look at question number three,
16:34 because it's very clever how Rome did this.
16:36 Question three.
16:40 "Who did Rome commission to attack
16:42 the '70 weeks' of Daniel 9?"
16:45 Okay, now what I want you to do before I answer the question,
16:47 go with me to Daniel 9.
16:49 Let's go to Daniel 9, very quickly,
16:50 so you can understand what I mean.
16:52 Because Rome and the reformers of the Dark Ages,
16:57 like Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, Hus, Jerome,
17:01 Wycliffe, Melanchthon,
17:02 these men began to study the Bible.
17:05 And they began to see, "Wait a minute,
17:07 Daniel 7 is describing the power of Rome.
17:12 They began to proclaim that and the people,
17:14 the common man began to lose its attraction to Rome.
17:18 And Rome is saying,
17:20 while we're losing the power over the people,
17:22 what can we do to "convince" them
17:26 that we are not that beast of Daniel Chapter 7,
17:30 that we are not that beast.
17:31 We are not the beast the Bible is describing.
17:35 They came up with a theory
17:37 that the antichrist is not existing now.
17:43 But it's gonna come way down
17:45 in the distant future.
17:48 And they did this by going to Daniel,
17:50 let's go ahead and show you Daniel Chapter 9,
17:53 and I'm gonna give you just a snippet of the 70 weeks
17:55 because it's a long prophecy
17:57 and that's entire study all by itself.
18:00 But what I'm gonna give you is look at Daniel Chapter 9
18:04 and let's look at verse 24.
18:06 I'm gonna jump through it
18:08 only for a purpose of establishing
18:10 a particular cadence.
18:12 Daniel 9:24.
18:14 The Bible says,
18:15 "Seventy weeks are determined," how many weeks?
18:18 Seventy. Seventy.
18:19 Okay, look, so 70 weeks...
18:21 How many days in a week?
18:22 Seven. Seven times seven...
18:24 70 times 7 is 490.
18:27 So there was a 490 year period
18:31 that the Lord was telling Daniel,
18:33 70 weeks are determined,
18:35 the word determined there in the Hebrew is cut off.
18:39 Seventy weeks are cut off from this larger 2300 days.
18:44 Seventy of those weeks belong to just your people.
18:47 But let's look at the breakdown.
18:49 Now, let's go to verse 25.
18:53 It says,
18:54 "Know, therefore and understand that
18:56 from the going forth of the command
18:58 to restore and build Jerusalem until Messiah, the Prince,"
19:01 until Messiah the who?
19:03 The Messiah is talked about here.
19:05 This is about the Messiah.
19:07 The end of verse 24 is about the Most Holy.
19:10 Verse 25, it's about the Messiah.
19:12 Who's it about, tell me?
19:14 It's about Jesus.
19:15 Now, this whole prophecy is about Jesus.
19:18 It's about the Christ.
19:20 But you'll see how clever the twist was, all right?
19:23 It says, "There shall be," until the Messiah,
19:26 "there shall be 7 weeks and 62,"
19:28 7 and 62 gives you what?
19:31 Sixty nine.
19:32 Okay, so you have 69 weeks.
19:35 So out of 70, how many weeks are left?
19:38 Come on, say it together? One.
19:39 How many days in a week? Seven.
19:41 So if seven weeks, so if the seven days,
19:45 a day for a year, how many years is that?
19:49 I'm trying to make it.
19:50 How many years is that?
19:52 Okay, just make it clear.
19:53 So, half of those years were occupied by Jesus.
19:57 Let's look at this again.
19:58 Verse 26 now, we're gonna come right back to the Messiah.
20:02 Verse 26,
20:03 "And after 62 weeks, Messiah shall be cut off,
20:07 but not for Himself."
20:09 Okay, who did Jesus die for?
20:12 He died for us, all right?
20:14 Now, so you find once again,
20:15 verse 24,
20:17 the Most Holy, that's Jesus.
20:18 Verse 25, Messiah, the Prince.
20:20 Verse 26, Messiah.
20:22 Who is it about, tell me? Jesus.
20:24 It's all about Jesus.
20:26 It's about the Christ, clear?
20:28 Now let's go to verse 27.
20:31 Speaking about Jesus again,
20:32 "Then He shall confirm a covenant with many for,"
20:35 how long?
20:36 "One week, but in the middle of the week,"
20:38 if you go to the middle of the week,
20:40 how many days is that?
20:41 Three and a half days?
20:43 So a day for a year,
20:44 three and a half years after Jesus began His ministry,
20:48 He was crucified in the middle of His ministry.
20:52 He was crucified three and a half years
20:54 after He was baptized,
20:57 and then He went to heaven.
20:58 So the question is, if He went to heaven,
21:01 and the Bible says,
21:02 He's gonna confirm His covenant for one week.
21:04 He only did it for three and a half.
21:06 How is it gonna happen from that point on?
21:08 A great question, right?
21:10 But look at what it goes on to say.
21:12 "Then he shall confirm," verse 27,
21:15 "a covenant with many for one week,
21:17 but in the middle of the week,
21:18 He shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering."
21:21 When Jesus died, did the sacrificial system end?
21:26 You guys need some energy, ready?
21:27 Did it end, what?
21:29 Yes, it ended because He was the final lamb.
21:33 But I just asked the question.
21:35 If Jesus only had a ministry for three and a half years,
21:38 how will His covenant be confirmed?
21:41 Let's go to Hebrews Chapter 1.
21:43 Are you ready with me? Let's go there.
21:45 Because when the Bible says, He shall confirm,
21:47 He will confirm.
21:48 Amen?
21:50 So what we're gonna see now is...
21:53 I'm gonna ask you a very powerful question
21:55 in just a moment.
21:57 We're going to Hebrews Chapter 1.
22:00 Actually, Hebrews Chapter 2.
22:02 Hebrews Chapter 2.
22:03 Remember, He shall confirm His covenant with many
22:06 for how long?
22:07 One week.
22:09 Now, let's look at Hebrews Chapter 2...
22:14 verse 3.
22:17 And the Bible asked the question,
22:20 "How shall we escape,
22:22 if we neglect so great a salvation,"
22:26 watch this,
22:27 "which at the first began to be spoken by the Lord,"
22:33 that's verse 3,
22:34 "First began to be spoken by the Lord."
22:37 And look at the next,
22:39 "And was confirmed to us by those who," did what?
22:41 "Heard Him."
22:43 So was it confirmed? Yes.
22:44 The Bible said it was confirmed.
22:46 The first three and a half years
22:47 Jesus did it.
22:49 When He ascended, He said,
22:50 "Go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel."
22:53 And for three and half more years,
22:55 they appealed to the Israelite leaders
22:57 to accept Jesus, when they didn't,
22:59 Stephen was stoned.
23:02 And the gospel went from the Jews to the Gentiles.
23:07 Paul was called the apostle to the Gentiles.
23:10 Now, here's the question, are you ready for it?
23:13 Was the covenant confirmed? Yes.
23:16 Okay, first three and a half years was,
23:18 for who?
23:19 Jesus.
23:21 The next three and a half years was confirmed through who?
23:23 Through the disciples.
23:24 So were all seven years could finished?
23:27 Yes.
23:28 This is huge.
23:29 This is huge.
23:31 If the last week happened, first for the Christ,
23:35 then the last three and a half years,
23:37 the work of Jesus was finished by His disciples,
23:39 then there is no more seven years.
23:42 So now, the secret rapture, and this is the key.
23:47 When I asked the question, go back,
23:48 bring question number three on the screen again.
23:51 When this question came up,
23:52 it was in reference to this very teaching.
23:55 And here's the question.
23:56 Who did Rome commission
23:58 to attack the '70 weeks' of Daniel 9?
24:01 So here's what Rome did.
24:03 They decided,
24:04 we got to find a way
24:06 to get the eyes of the common man off of us.
24:09 They know who we are.
24:11 So they attacked the 70 weeks, and they taught...
24:15 Wait a minute.
24:16 And remember, the only way
24:18 that the 70 weeks could be confirmed is this.
24:21 The only way the 70 weeks could be confirmed is this.
24:25 Either the 70 weeks, look at me,
24:28 either the 70 weeks referred to Christ
24:31 or it refers to the antichrist.
24:33 According to the Bible, who does it refer to?
24:37 Christ.
24:39 So here's the key.
24:40 If you accept the fact that the seven years
24:43 refers to the ministry of Jesus,
24:45 then the appeal to the Jews, all seven years are completed.
24:48 It was completed.
24:50 But if you reject Jesus,
24:52 that's the only way you can come up
24:54 with those seven weeks not happening.
24:57 And that's what Rome did.
24:59 They took that prophecy and said, it didn't happen.
25:02 So what they did? They created a diversion.
25:05 Let's go to Daniel 9 very quickly.
25:06 Let me show you the diversion.
25:08 I mean, the devil is clever.
25:11 And then we're gonna walk...
25:12 We're not gonna obviously finish this tonight
25:14 because we have like 65 slides,
25:16 but you are going to get some history
25:18 that you have never heard before.
25:19 And if you have, praise the Lord.
25:22 Let's go to Daniel 9 again.
25:25 And here's the key.
25:26 So they commissioned someone,
25:28 you'll find out his name in just a moment.
25:30 They commissioned someone to study,
25:32 they commissioned a theologian to study a place in the Bible
25:36 where they can chop off the antichrist
25:39 and put him in the future.
25:42 But the key was,
25:43 in order for this entire prophecy
25:45 to be fulfilled,
25:47 you had to start at a particular date.
25:49 Look at Daniel 9:25.
25:54 What does it say?
25:55 "Know, therefore and understand
25:57 that from the going forth of the command
26:00 to restore and build Jerusalem."
26:02 So watch this.
26:03 Are you ready?
26:05 The moment the command was given
26:07 to restore and build Jerusalem,
26:09 the clock started on the 70 weeks,
26:13 or the 490 years,
26:15 from then on, everything was supposed to fit.
26:17 So you had seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks.
26:19 Why did the Bible break it down that way?
26:21 Why seven weeks?
26:23 Because Jerusalem was restored in seven weeks.
26:26 How many days in a week?
26:27 Seven. Seven times seven is 49.
26:30 It only took 49 years to rebuild Jerusalem.
26:33 The first seven years was done.
26:34 And then it says, and after 62 weeks,
26:36 the Messiah is gonna be crucified.
26:38 But He could not be called the Messiah,
26:40 lest He was anointed,
26:41 and He was anointed, He was baptized.
26:43 And after the next 62 weeks,
26:45 that's when it led to the death of Jesus.
26:48 So here's what Rome did.
26:50 They said, we got to change the beginning date,
26:52 and there were two more dates.
26:54 I'm gonna ask a lot of... How many days did I say?
26:57 There was a date by Darius and Cyrus.
27:00 This decree was by Artrexerxes.
27:03 Spell that.
27:04 Okay, don't kill yourself.
27:06 A-R-T-R-E-X-E-R-X-E-S.
27:08 Okay, that's how you spell it.
27:10 Artrexerxes gave the decree to completely restore
27:12 the entire city of Jerusalem.
27:14 It's monetary system, it's government,
27:16 it's economy, it's houses, it's temple.
27:20 Darius said, build a wall.
27:26 Didn't mean to smile.
27:30 Cyrus says build a temple.
27:35 Behave yourself.
27:37 But only Atrexerxes says restore the whole thing.
27:42 That's the commission date that they started at.
27:44 So this Roman Jesuit
27:47 chose the decree of Darius
27:50 and when you follow the decree of Darius,
27:54 nothing happens
27:55 because you begin at the wrong date.
27:58 Okay,
27:59 so if this was January, which is not,
28:02 if this was January, and I said,
28:04 in seven months, my birthday is gonna be.
28:07 Seven months from January is what month?
28:09 July.
28:11 January, February, March, April, May, June, July.
28:14 We're talking about inclusive reckoning, including January.
28:17 So July is the seventh month.
28:19 But if I said seven months from now is my birthday
28:21 and I began in March,
28:24 would you find my birthday?
28:25 No, because my birthday is in July.
28:28 See, if I said,
28:30 my birthday is in the seventh month,
28:31 we began at March, you wouldn't find my birthday.
28:33 That's what they did.
28:34 They picked the wrong, they picked two other dates.
28:36 So when the people in the village
28:38 began to look at this,
28:39 they said, "You're right.
28:41 Nothing happened according to this last week."
28:45 So let's go to the answers now.
28:48 So who did wrong commission
28:49 to attack the 70 weeks of Daniel 9?
28:51 We're gonna see how they did it.
28:53 Here's the answer on the screen.
28:56 The man was named...
28:58 Please bring that up for me.
28:59 Francisco Ribera, that's a Spanish.
29:03 He in 1585,
29:05 he was a Jesuit theologian,
29:07 and he was from the city, Villacastín, Spain,
29:11 that's where he was born.
29:12 In 1585,
29:14 he wrote a commentary on Revelation,
29:17 and it was called "Futurists Eschatology."
29:20 Now the reason why his teaching was accepted,
29:24 there were two men, Francisco Ribera,
29:27 the other one was Luis De Alcazar.
29:30 His was not accepted because he taught Preterism.
29:34 Big term, simply means,
29:36 all of prophecy already happened.
29:39 Futurism says,
29:41 they believed that only a portion of Revelation
29:44 referred to Rome
29:47 and the rest of it had nothing to do with Rome.
29:50 They said the rest of it, push it all into the future.
29:53 You wanna see how they did that?
29:54 You want to get that?
29:55 Let's go to Revelation Chapter 4.
29:57 And they found clever ways.
30:00 I wanna tell you tonight
30:01 there's so many untruths existing in Christianity today
30:04 because they just accept these things
30:06 without knowing where it came from.
30:08 And I just saw recently into, just this past weekend,
30:11 I saw on Television,
30:12 a very well known speaker in Christianity,
30:14 a very wonderful preacher, very credible man,
30:17 wonderful individual.
30:18 He's not emotional.
30:20 He doesn't have loud church services.
30:21 He's not trying to get to your emotions.
30:23 But he made the statement he said,
30:24 how would you react if 144,000 evangelists
30:28 were unleashed on the world.
30:31 He said that's what's gonna happen,
30:32 when the rapture takes place,
30:34 and the Jews are converted,
30:35 and the gospel goes to the world.
30:36 And I said, "No, no, please, don't do that."
30:41 And you'll find out in this study,
30:43 where it came from.
30:45 So Revelation, that's what I said, right?
30:47 Revelation, according to futurism,
30:50 they said, that's why today and most of these churches,
30:52 they don't teach Revelation
30:54 because they don't believe that
30:56 in the futuristic ideology.
30:57 They don't believe Revelation has any credibility to now.
30:59 They believe it's a sealed book,
31:01 and we don't need it anyway
31:03 because we won't be here.
31:05 You get it.
31:07 The rapture is gonna happen.
31:08 We're not gonna be here, so why do we need it.
31:10 And the rest of is for the Jews.
31:12 That's what they believe.
31:14 Look at Revelation Chapter 4.
31:17 This is where they teach the rapture takes place.
31:20 Revelation 4:1.
31:21 So how many chapters are there in Revelation,
31:23 somebody tell me?
31:25 Twenty two.
31:26 If I teach you that,
31:27 we're gonna be leaving the world at Chapter 4,
31:30 I say to you, we don't care about the last 18 chapters.
31:33 Just like watching a movie,
31:35 watching a baseball game,
31:36 watching a sporting event,
31:38 and 18 minutes left and you cut it off.
31:40 Forget about it.
31:42 We don't really care what happens
31:43 at the end of the movie.
31:45 Let me say it slower,
31:46 we don't really care how the story ends.
31:48 Does the Lord want us know how the story ends?
31:50 Yes.
31:52 But the devil doesn't.
31:54 So he says, "Fine, I'm gonna use the power, I commission."
31:58 Revelation 13, "For the dragon gave him his power,
32:01 his seat and great authority."
32:03 I'm gonna use that power to twist the Bible
32:06 and get people to turn away from the truth.
32:08 And they are gonna say, "We don't even need to know
32:11 because we're gonna be leaving."
32:12 Here's the verse they use.
32:14 Look at Revelation 4:1,
32:16 "After these things I looked and behold,
32:19 a door standing open in heaven.
32:22 And the first voice,
32:24 which I heard was like a " what?
32:26 "Trumpet, speaking with me saying," what?
32:29 "Come up here, and I will show you things
32:31 which must take place after this."
32:33 They are saying that
32:35 that trumpet is the trumpet call of God,
32:38 and He's calling the church to come up here.
32:41 But that's not what that's happening.
32:42 The angels calling John
32:45 to come up in vision.
32:48 John is being told to come up in vision.
32:50 The angel is inviting John in vision
32:54 into the throne room of heaven,
32:57 not the church.
32:59 So from that verse on,
33:01 and notice what it says in verse 2
33:02 because John is showing you, this is not the church going.
33:04 Notice what he says in Revelation 4:2.
33:07 "Immediately," what's the next word?
33:10 "I was in the spirit, and behold,
33:12 a throne set in heaven and one set on the throne."
33:15 John is saying, I was envisioned,
33:18 but they're being taught that that's the verse
33:20 that calls the church out of the world.
33:22 Isn't that deceptive?
33:24 So from Revelation Chapter 4,
33:25 they don't care about the last 18 chapters.
33:29 And let me show you how they did it.
33:30 So in 1585,
33:33 Francisco Ribera was commissioned,
33:35 so write that down.
33:36 Who was the first man...
33:38 Question number three.
33:39 Who did Rome commission
33:40 to attack the 70 weeks of Daniel 9?
33:42 His name is Francisco Ribera, there it is on the screen,
33:45 Francisco Ribera in 1585.
33:47 And by the way, you can look this up.
33:49 On...
33:51 Go to any resource, you'll find this.
33:52 And by the way,
33:54 some people have been
33:55 wonderful enough to put this on.
33:57 You find this in encyclopedias.
33:58 You find this in Britannica.
33:59 You may even find this on Wikipedia sites,
34:01 but not everything on Wikipedia you take
34:04 because it's a contributory.
34:06 That's why it's called Wikipedia
34:08 contributed by many individuals.
34:09 But check it out whenever you read it.
34:11 But the person's name was Francisco Ribera.
34:13 Say that with me Francisco...
34:15 Ribera. Ribera.
34:16 He began this Futurist Eschatology.
34:19 Eschatology simply meaning
34:21 the teachings about the second coming.
34:22 That's what the word eschatology is all about.
34:25 Let's go to the very next question.
34:27 Okay, we're gonna see the track of this.
34:30 What did Ribera's futurism theology
34:33 teach about Revelation?
34:35 Here it is.
34:36 It's on the screen.
34:37 And it isn't in particular, so you read as,
34:40 follow as I read it on the screen.
34:41 Futurism,
34:43 it's a teaching of Christianity.
34:46 Let's go to that answer.
34:48 "Futurism,
34:49 which is a teaching in Christianity,
34:51 is the proposal
34:53 that the Book of Revelation does not bear
34:57 the application to the Middle Ages or papacy,
35:01 rather the future,
35:03 more particularly to a period,
35:07 prior to the Second Coming.
35:10 Futurism teaches that only the," what?
35:13 "Introductory chapters of Revelation
35:16 referred to ancient Rome,
35:18 and the remainder to a literal
35:21 three and a half years
35:23 at the end of time."
35:26 So watch this now.
35:27 How many years did I say?
35:28 Three and a half,
35:30 that last period of the seven years,
35:32 they said, the three and a half.
35:34 They put this in.
35:35 That's when the antichrist is gonna show up.
35:37 The tribulation is gonna begin when the church disappears,
35:41 the antichrist is going to show up.
35:43 The Jews are gonna convert the world,
35:45 I mean, preach to the world.
35:46 And then in the middle of that, there's gonna be a commission,
35:49 and the rest of it is theory.
35:51 I don't even say history, the rest of it is theory.
35:54 So you see, clearly,
35:55 this teaching is promulgating itself.
35:58 We don't have to know all of Revelation
35:59 because only the introductory part
36:01 refers to Rome.
36:02 Forget about the rest.
36:03 And I showed you how they cleverly did that.
36:05 Now, if it died there, we would have been fine,
36:09 but it didn't die there.
36:11 You know, there's a saying that goes this way.
36:14 "A lie would run all around the world
36:17 while truth is just lacing up his sneakers."
36:22 You ever see when something goes bad,
36:24 what do they call that? What do they call that?
36:26 The rumor, right?
36:28 A lie takes off like a jet and somebody tells the truth
36:33 and well it's just lacing up his shoes.
36:39 This thing took off.
36:40 Let's look at the next question.
36:42 So write that down.
36:43 So you gonna answer question four,
36:45 what does futurism theology teach about Revelation?
36:49 It's gonna be three and a half years
36:51 is in the future.
36:53 What does futurism theology teach
36:55 that Revelation applies to the future.
36:59 Revelation applies to the future.
37:03 Majority of Revelation applies to the future.
37:06 That's why today,
37:07 you go to most Christian churches,
37:08 you don't hear anything about Revelation.
37:10 Now many of them are making attempts.
37:12 But I would say the attempts are bad,
37:15 because they don't understand it.
37:16 And what I'm listening to and what I hear being taught
37:19 from Christianity today, it's just like,
37:22 "Where are they getting that from?"
37:23 I know where they're getting it.
37:25 But let's look at the track.
37:27 Question number five.
37:29 What was the aim of Francisco Ribera
37:32 as it relates to Rome?
37:34 What was the aim?
37:35 And by the way,
37:37 if you wanna put another term for Futurism Eschatology,
37:40 write this word down.
37:42 See that word if you could spell it.
37:43 Dispensationalism.
37:46 It was very sensational.
37:48 Dispensation taught that various times God dealt
37:53 with the church in various ways.
37:55 So today,
37:56 there's some Christians that will say,
37:57 "You ever heard the phrase,
37:59 we're no longer under law but under grace."
38:00 Have you heard that? Yes.
38:01 Because they taught
38:03 that there was a dispensation of law.
38:05 Now, that the dispensation of law is done,
38:07 we're now under grace.
38:09 In other words, they're saying,
38:10 "You don't have to keep the commandments anymore
38:11 because that was for then.
38:13 Now we're free from that."
38:14 They misunderstand it all together.
38:17 While we're free from the condemnation of the law,
38:20 God doesn't say, if you love Me,
38:21 don't keep My commandments.
38:23 Jesus said, "If you love Me," do what?
38:25 "Keep My commandments."
38:26 So what was Ribera's aim?
38:27 Here it is.
38:29 Jesuit Francisco Ribera purposed
38:32 to remove the focus from Rome as the system of antichrist,
38:36 and place it on the rise of a single person,
38:39 in the future, prior to the return of Jesus.
38:42 So they pick this.
38:43 So nowadays, when you see those movies like...
38:46 What's the name of the movie?
38:49 Rapture movies?
38:51 Left behind. Left behind.
38:54 They focus on the single characters
38:56 coming somewhere out of Europe.
38:58 A guy that looks ominous and he's wearing a black coat.
39:01 He's gonna be the one, that's gonna be the beast.
39:04 It started here.
39:06 It's gonna be a single person,
39:08 they say it's gonna be one single person
39:10 coming way down in the future.
39:13 So, in essence, effectively what they did was,
39:16 the pope could continue by saying,
39:17 "See, guys, it's not us.
39:20 It's not us.
39:22 It's not us."
39:23 So the eyes of Rome,
39:25 the eyes of the people were focused away from Rome
39:27 and the Rome follow that up with art,
39:30 and science, and music, and literature.
39:32 Just like today,
39:34 Christianity is going to the same route today.
39:36 We're looking more for entertainment
39:38 than for the Word of God.
39:40 That's what's happening to the church today.
39:41 They're going more towards entertainment.
39:43 They want to feel Christianity,
39:44 rather than understand the power of God's Word.
39:47 Remember this point, friends,
39:48 when Jesus was in the wilderness,
39:50 He didn't say to the devil, it is sung.
39:52 He said, it is written.
39:53 Can I get an amen there? Amen.
39:55 He didn't quote songs or lyrics,
39:57 He quoted the Word of God.
39:58 And if Jesus used the Word of God
40:00 in His hour of trial and test,
40:03 how much more do we need the Word of God?
40:06 You might think I'm excited.
40:07 I am.
40:08 Question number six, let's go on.
40:10 It's a powerful. Yes.
40:11 We're not going to cover all tonight and that's okay.
40:14 Here's the next question.
40:15 "Who followed Ribera
40:17 in advancing the teaching of Futurism?"
40:20 It's amazing to track.
40:21 And what I'm going to do in the next segment
40:24 which we're not going to cover all tonight.
40:25 I'm going to literally show you a chart,
40:27 a timeline of how a God toward us today?
40:29 We're going to see the timeline broken down
40:31 but I'll have a visible timeline
40:33 from its inception to the very present.
40:35 All right? Like a ruler.
40:37 The second person that embraced the teaching of Futurism
40:40 was a man by the name of Saint Robert Bellarmine, S.J.
40:45 Saint Robert Bellarmine.
40:48 And by the way he was an Italian Jesuit.
40:51 The city that he was from is Montepulciano
40:54 and that's in Italian.
40:56 Hope I didn't do injustice to that.
40:59 But he was one of the most important
41:01 Counter-Reformation contributors.
41:04 Now, Counter-Reformation, very powerful term.
41:07 Counter-Reformation means while there's a pushback
41:10 to the Bible,
41:11 these men arising up to push away from the Bible.
41:15 They're pushing to theories, and false ideas,
41:18 and false theology.
41:19 They're now pushing,
41:20 they're pushing in the opposite direction
41:22 of the reformers.
41:24 And the reason why he was not called saint
41:26 by the way, until he was sainted in 1930.
41:29 Back then he was Robert Bellarmine.
41:33 He was just an Italian Jesuit.
41:35 He was not made a saint until 1930.
41:37 And by the way,
41:38 there are only 36 people that were ever sainted
41:41 in the Roman Catholic Church.
41:42 Only 36, he's one of them.
41:44 But he contributed to the...
41:46 He embraced what Francisco Ribera taught
41:48 and began to propagate it himself.
41:51 He took that theory and embraced it
41:53 because it was perfect
41:55 to fight against the movement back to the Bible.
41:57 I'm teaching a lot tonight.
41:59 Are you ready for question number 7?
42:01 So the name of the man
42:02 for question number 6 is Robert Bellarmine.
42:07 Okay?
42:08 Question number 7.
42:09 "Who embraced Futurism and propagated
42:13 in the coming centuries?"
42:16 It's amazing how this happened?
42:17 This is very interesting.
42:19 This is question number 7.
42:20 And the answer of the person is Dr. S.R. Maitland.
42:25 And by the way, those of you watching this,
42:27 you can record it and play it back and pause,
42:29 and do your own homework
42:30 with all the names I'm giving to you.
42:32 You'll find that what I'm sharing with you
42:33 is legitimate history and the track.
42:36 And by the way, you'll notice in quote it says,
42:38 "The Keeper of the 1593 Manuscript."
42:42 Bring that upon the screen one more time.
42:44 This manuscript that was written by Francisco Ribera
42:48 was passed on from one individual to the other.
42:51 But the Keeper of the 1593 Manuscript
42:54 was kept in the Lambeth Palace in London, England.
42:57 And Dr. S. R. Maitland was the one that
43:01 had access to that manuscript.
43:04 He was the Keeper of the 1593 Manuscript.
43:07 So since he was the...
43:09 As you might refer to the person
43:11 who was in charge of all these artifacts,
43:13 all these pieces of literature.
43:15 He began to study it and he embraced it.
43:18 Listen to what he included in that.
43:20 And he added another component,
43:23 it was called Futurism Eschatology,
43:26 it was also called Dispensationalism.
43:29 But he gave it another term which meant the same thing.
43:31 Listen to the history books.
43:33 It says that it was called Futurism,
43:36 called the Gap Theory.
43:37 Why the gap?
43:40 Focus on me for a moment, here's the gap.
43:42 Here's the gap.
43:46 Seventy weeks.
43:47 One, two, three, four, five, all the way, sixty nine.
43:51 Big gap.
43:53 Nobody knows where the seventieth week came,
43:54 then all of a sudden,
43:56 seventieth week way down in the future.
43:58 Sixty nine...
43:59 What happen to the last one?
44:01 Oh, nothing.
44:02 Boom.
44:03 Hundreds of years later, it happens in the future.
44:05 In other words, they say...
44:07 Well, that's a last one and that's going to be the week
44:10 the antichrist is going to use in the end time.
44:12 That's why it's called a gap.
44:14 There was a gap.
44:15 Nobody knew what happened to that last week.
44:16 It was called the Gap Theory.
44:19 Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. S.R. Maitland,
44:22 republished the manuscript of Francisco Ribera,
44:26 on the Secret Rapture,
44:27 and he published it three times,
44:29 in 1826, 1829, and 1830.
44:33 Now, I must ask this, I must ask the question.
44:37 Why do you think that manuscript resurfaced
44:39 in the 1830s?
44:42 Come on, historians.
44:43 Come on, Adventist historians.
44:46 Because a man by the name of William Miller
44:49 was studying about the truth of the second coming
44:54 and the devil saw a perfect opportunity
44:56 to affect,
44:58 infect another generation with the secret.
45:02 So it began to be published,
45:03 but the problem was it was over in Europe.
45:06 It wasn't here yet.
45:07 The devil resurfaced it in Europe,
45:09 he had to find a way to get it to America.
45:11 While the preaching
45:13 of the second coming resurfaced,
45:14 William Miller began talking about
45:16 the coming of Jesus.
45:17 All the Protestant Churches once again began
45:19 preaching about the coming of Jesus.
45:21 Satan was in Europe getting ready to gift America
45:24 with the secret rapture.
45:26 It hadn't made its way here yet.
45:28 Are you following? Yes.
45:30 Let's go to question number 8.
45:33 Okay.
45:34 So the answer there to number 7 of who embraced Futurism
45:38 and propagated it?
45:40 Exactly.
45:42 And B is Futurism, the Gap Theory,
45:47 Futurism, the Gap Theory.
45:48 That's what he added to it.
45:50 Futurism, the Gap Theory.
45:52 There's a big gap.
45:53 We don't know what happened to that last week.
45:56 It's gonna be putted all the way to future,
45:58 that's the Gap Theory.
45:59 What happened to that last week?
46:02 So let's ask another question.
46:04 Here it is. Question number 8.
46:06 How did Ribera's Dispensationalism Theory
46:11 enter other countries?
46:15 "How did Ribera's Dispensationalism Theory
46:19 enter other countries?"
46:22 Let's see how it happened.
46:24 Let's see where it went next.
46:26 Remember, it was in Europe,
46:28 but has to take a trek around the world
46:30 and find its way to America.
46:31 Here is the next place it went,
46:34 Manual Lacunza.
46:36 Manual Lacunza, a Jesuit priest in Chile.
46:41 He was a Futurism and Dispensational believer.
46:45 And by the way,
46:46 he got a hold of the manuscripts
46:49 that were republished by Dr. Maitland,
46:52 began to study them, and he knew,
46:55 this is the amazing part,
46:56 he knew that this theory was not widely accepted.
47:02 So instead of giving his real name,
47:03 he published it under an alias, instead of giving his name,
47:07 Manual Lacunza.
47:08 He published it under an alias, Rabbi Juan Josafat Ben-Ezra.
47:13 So when you read it,
47:15 "Oh, Rabbi Juan Josafat Ben-Ezra."
47:18 Now, why did he do that?
47:20 Because it gave credibility to the future restoration
47:23 of Israel, and he said, "A Jew wrote this."
47:25 So people thought,
47:26 "Ah, it must be legitimate,
47:28 they're writing about their own future."
47:31 How clever the enemy is.
47:33 Manual Lacunza, a Jesuit priest in Chile,
47:37 a believer in Futurism and Dispensationalism.
47:39 And I want to add this component,
47:41 it wasn't widely embraced,
47:43 it's just the devil found from era to era somebody else
47:47 to take the torch of error and to light something else
47:50 to keep it going to the very next century,
47:52 and he found very amazing men.
47:53 And by the way, if you may noticed the trek,
47:56 almost all the men he found were Jesuits.
48:01 Let's go to the very next question.
48:04 Okay.
48:05 Question number 9.
48:07 "Who was the next to embrace
48:11 and convey Dispensationalism?"
48:14 Who was the next to embrace
48:16 and convey Dispensationalism?
48:20 His name is...
48:22 Are you ready?
48:23 Rev. Edward Irving.
48:26 And by the way,
48:27 his theory was so rejected by his contemporaries,
48:32 that he was removed
48:33 from the Church of Scotland in 1832
48:35 for preaching this teaching.
48:37 He refused to get rid of it.
48:39 And by the way, I want to say this today.
48:41 There are some people today that are being put out
48:43 of the church for teaching things
48:44 that are not based on the Bible.
48:46 But they refused to let it go.
48:49 I mean, Rev. Edward Irving,
48:51 he was removed from the Church of Scotland in 1832,
48:54 and he embraced the pre-tribulation rapture,
48:58 and notice what he did.
48:59 Look at the trek, this is amazing.
49:00 He founded the Catholic Apostolic Church
49:05 which was the beginning of the church
49:06 that will later become the Pentecostal movement.
49:11 Wouldn't you say, how clever the devil is?
49:13 He is slow and artistic.
49:15 He is slow and clever.
49:16 He began the Catholic Apostolic Church.
49:19 Once the church put him out, he started his own movement.
49:22 The Catholic Apostolic Church,
49:24 so you have Apostolic Catholics nowadays,
49:26 but you have an even more solidly,
49:29 you have the Pentecostal movement.
49:32 And that was in 1832, right around the time,
49:36 but it didn't get to America yet.
49:38 That what's missing right now.
49:39 It didn't get to America, it is going to get there.
49:42 It's going to get there.
49:43 So you got that?
49:44 That was number 8.
49:46 That was number 9, right?
49:47 Now let's go to number 10.
49:49 This is where it finds its way to America.
49:53 Okay.
49:56 "What was the name of the woman known
49:59 for her contribution to the promulgation
50:03 of the Secret Rapture?"
50:04 Promulgation meaning, simply sharing,
50:06 and conveying it, and passing it on.
50:08 What was the lady's name?
50:10 Okay. Are you ready for that?
50:12 Here is her name.
50:15 Margaret MacDonald, Margaret MacDonald.
50:19 Look her up, very interesting lady.
50:21 She was known as a visionary, she was known as a visionary.
50:25 That means,
50:28 she claimed in 1830.
50:31 This is how amazing the devil works.
50:34 See, this is around the time...
50:36 She was born in 1815.
50:37 This is around the time, when not long after this,
50:40 a young lady by the name of Ellen White
50:43 would legitimately get a vision from the Lord.
50:47 She claimed, Margaret claimed to receive a vision
50:50 about the Pre-Tribulation Rapture,
50:52 meaning, she claimed that the Lord showed her in vision
50:55 that the church is gonna disappear
50:57 just before the tribulation begins.
50:59 Now the reason why we deny
51:01 that is because the Bible doesn't teach it.
51:03 And why will the Lord show you in vision
51:04 what is countered to the Bible.
51:06 Can I get an amen? Amen.
51:08 He will never show you in vision,
51:09 that's why today you have phrases like this.
51:12 People say, "I know you believe that,
51:14 but the Lord hasn't revealed it to me yet."
51:18 And you have these churches nowadays,
51:19 they call them rhema word, "God just spoke to me,
51:23 He just told me to say this to you.
51:25 Wait, well, I'm receiving a message from God."
51:26 And they say things that are not in the Bible,
51:29 but they come from that kind of movement
51:31 that believes in impressions
51:33 and they believe in, "Okay, wait.
51:35 God has shown me something."
51:37 And it's not confirmed by God's Word.
51:39 Anytime God gives a vision,
51:40 it must be confirmed by God's Word.
51:43 Am I right?
51:44 God's Word must always confirm it.
51:46 So Margaret MacDonald, she was known as a visionary.
51:51 She said, "The Lord showed me,
51:53 the Lord showed me that there is going to be
51:55 a Pre-Tribulation Rapture."
51:57 And the amazing thing about it
51:58 is the Lord doesn't show anything
52:01 that doesn't have foundation
52:03 in the Scripture.
52:06 Are you ready for the big watermelon?
52:08 You're ready?
52:10 Okay.
52:11 Here is the next question.
52:12 "Who was the next key Contributor
52:15 to the Secret Rapture?"
52:16 Who was the next key Contributor?
52:19 Here it is.
52:22 John Nelson Darby.
52:25 J.N. Darby, also known as
52:27 "The Modern Father of Dispensationalism."
52:32 He was known as the Modern Father
52:34 of Dispensationalism.
52:36 John N. Darby's views was called Darbyism.
52:40 It was embraced by the Plymouth Brethren.
52:43 Now, somebody tell me
52:44 where were the Plymouth Brethren?
52:46 Where was Plymouth?
52:47 Okay. There you go.
52:49 Found a way in America, the Plymouth Brethren.
52:52 You heard of Plymouth Rock?
52:54 The Plymouth Brethren embraced this teaching
52:56 and it found its way into obscure growing America.
53:01 John N. Darby,
53:02 the father of modern Dispensationalism.
53:08 You know, the amazing thing about the devil,
53:10 he is patient, but he takes his time,
53:13 and by the way, how do I know that?
53:14 Because the very lie he told in the garden to Eve,
53:16 "You'll not surely die."
53:18 People still today believe that you don't really die."
53:21 That was told 6000 years ago.
53:23 People still believe that the dead really don't die.
53:26 Took a long time, but they still believe it.
53:28 Every time, you hear the news, they are in heaven now.
53:31 Took a long time to get that light of stick,
53:32 but it seems to stick,
53:34 no matter how you try to get people out of the fog,
53:36 they say, "Well, that's what I believe."
53:38 But now, let's look at the next one.
53:41 This is huge. I want to get this in.
53:44 "Who was the largest modern Contributor
53:47 to the Secret Rapture?"
53:49 Who was the largest modern Contributor
53:53 to the Secret Rapture?
53:54 Got to get this in before the program is done.
53:56 Here is his name, Cyrus Ingerson Scofield.
54:02 Look at the year, 1843.
54:08 What was happening?
54:09 There was a band of people called the Advent people
54:12 under William Miller, preaching about the second...
54:13 This is the year they were thinking that,
54:15 "Well, Jesus could be coming around this time.
54:17 And someone comes, He was an American theologian,
54:21 He popularized in America Futurism,
54:23 Dispensationalism,
54:25 and fundamentalist Christianity.
54:27 So when you say, are you a fundamental Christian?
54:30 You're embracing the teachings that
54:32 Cyrus I. Scofield embraced himself
54:35 and propagated in America.
54:38 He propagated them here, notice this,
54:40 as you're writing that down, 1843.
54:42 But look at this next screen.
54:44 The Secret Rapture.
54:46 Cyrus Ingerson Scofield embraced Darby's/Ribera's
54:52 teaching on the Secret Rapture and created the annotated
54:56 Scofield Reference Bible.
55:00 So many of you watching the program
55:02 might have a Scofield Reference Bible in your very library.
55:05 Here is a picture of the Scofield
55:06 Reference Bible.
55:08 These are three of the modern versions of it.
55:09 The Scofield Study Bible III, The Scofield Study Bible,
55:12 different New King James Version,
55:14 New International Version, and King James Version.
55:16 Three separate translations, King James Version,
55:18 New King James Version, and NIV.
55:20 Or King James, New King James, and NIV.
55:22 So what he did was now,
55:24 he took a Bible, the contents of the Bible is fine,
55:28 but he created his own study notes.
55:30 And so he would say, let me give you an example.
55:33 Have you heard the phrase, they use Acts 20:7,
55:38 to teach that Sunday is a holy day.
55:40 When they said,
55:41 they broke bread on the first day of the week,
55:42 have you heard that before?
55:44 Well, in the Scofield Bible, if you look at Acts 20:7,
55:48 they pointed that to try to prove that
55:50 that's a new day of worship.
55:52 And then they also try to point, I was in the...
55:55 Revelation 1:10,
55:56 "I was in the spirit on the Lord's day."
55:59 They try to make that phrase
56:00 point to the first day of the week.
56:03 And they take...
56:05 Revelation 1:10,
56:06 and point at the Acts 20:7 which is the day
56:10 that they broke bread on and they say,
56:11 "See, a new day of worship."
56:13 It's an amazing twisted way of distorting the Word of God.
56:16 But let's look at this before we go to the next one.
56:19 It says, The Scofield Bible and Study Notes:
56:23 Non-Biblical Teachings, The Gap Theory,
56:25 The Restoration of the Nation of Israel,
56:27 the Conversion of the Jews, the Pre-Tribulation Rapture,
56:31 and the Millennial Earthly Reign of Jesus.
56:35 All those were embraced in the Scofield Study Bible.
56:39 And I'm going to wind up on that note tonight
56:41 because we're going to take off.
56:43 So we have just about a little more than a minute.
56:46 So what we're seeing is,
56:47 we're seeing something started in the 1500s,
56:49 now we're in the 1840s,
56:54 and next study when we get together,
56:57 we're going to find out how it came into the 1900s,
57:01 and then into the 2000s, and where it is today.
57:05 And by the way,
57:06 if you have a Scofield reference study Bible,
57:09 if you have a Scofield reference study Bible,
57:11 I won't give you the other names
57:13 'cause there are so many more names
57:14 I'm going to release on the next study.
57:15 You'll see that what's being taught
57:17 on there is Dispensationalism,
57:20 Futurism, the Rapture theory, the Gap theory,
57:23 the Pre-Tribulation theory, and the Earthly
57:26 Millennial Reign of Jesus.
57:27 All started 500 years ago by the Roman Church
57:34 during the Dark Ages.
57:35 You see, friends,
57:37 today, God wants His people to be unlike.
57:38 Can I get an amen to that? Amen.
57:40 But so much of what sincere Christians
57:42 have swallowed today,
57:44 is not found in the Word of God.
57:47 But here at Sharper Focus, we say,
57:48 if it doesn't make sense, friends, keep praying,
57:51 keep studying God's Word,
57:53 keep trusting Him
57:54 because we know that if you're faithful,
57:56 one day all that's not clear will come into A Sharper Focus.
58:01 God bless you.


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