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The Formulation of the Rapture Part 2

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00:20 Hello, friends,
00:21 welcome to our Wednesday night Bible study
00:23 here at the 3ABN Worship Center.
00:25 We are continuing on
00:27 "The Formulation of the Secret Rapture."
00:30 Thank you for taking the time to tune in.
00:32 And all you need for this program is a Bible,
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00:39 You'll need a lesson also and I'll tell you
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00:43 But thank you for just pausing in the evening
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00:50 we just appreciate all you do
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00:55 Before we go any further though,
00:57 we're going to have our theme song
00:58 but first we're going to have our prayer,
00:59 and then I'll tell you
01:01 how to get a copy of the lesson.
01:02 Let's bow our heads together.
01:03 Loving Father in heaven,
01:05 we thank You so much for Your goodness,
01:06 Your mercy, and Your truth.
01:08 We pray that You will guide our hearts
01:10 and minds tonight as we study Your Word.
01:12 Give us wisdom from above.
01:14 Give us an understanding from Your Word.
01:17 And may all the praise and glory go to you,
01:19 in Jesus' name we pray, amen.
01:23 Now, to get a copy of the lesson,
01:24 go to the following website,
01:26 asf.3abn.org
01:29 and download lesson number 42.
01:32 What number did I say?
01:34 Lesson number 42,
01:35 "The Formulation of the Secret Rapture."
01:39 Very, very interesting lesson.
01:41 It's based on the reality
01:42 that hundreds of years ago someone,
01:46 and you'll find out tonight
01:47 if you missed the first episode,
01:49 someone formulated a teaching
01:51 that's widely embraced in Christianity today
01:55 that has no Bible support,
01:57 and millions of Christians have embraced it.
02:00 They're looking for this event to take place.
02:02 But without Bible support,
02:03 it's nothing more than a theory.
02:06 And so tonight we're going to unfold
02:07 what that theory is and what the Bible teaches
02:09 about the true Second Coming of Jesus.
02:11 But before we do that,
02:13 let's sing our theme song together.
02:14 And that is "Victory in Jesus."
02:26 I heard an old, old story
02:30 How the Savior came from glory
02:33 How He gave His life on Calvary
02:37 To save a wretch like me
02:41 I heard about His groaning
02:45 Of His precious blood's atoning
02:49 Then I repented of my sin
02:52 And won the victory
02:56 O victory in Jesus
03:00 My Savior, forever
03:04 He sought me and bought me
03:07 With His redeeming blood
03:11 He loved me ere I knew Him
03:15 And all my love is due Him
03:19 He plunged me to victory
03:23 Beneath the cleansing flood
03:26 I heard about a mansion
03:30 He has built for me in glory
03:34 And I heard about the streets of gold
03:38 Beyond the crystal sea
03:41 About the angels singing
03:45 And the old redemption story
03:49 And some sweet day
03:51 I'll sing up there
03:53 The song of victory
03:55 Key change.
03:57 O victory in Jesus
04:00 My Savior, forever
04:04 He sought me and bought me
04:08 With His redeeming blood
04:12 He loved me ere I knew Him
04:15 And all my love is due Him
04:19 He plunged me to victory
04:23 Beneath the cleansing flood
04:27 He plunged me to victory
04:31 Beneath the cleansing flood
04:37 Amen.
04:39 Our topic tonight is
04:40 "The Truth about the Secret Rapture,"
04:43 or more specifically
04:44 "The Formulation of the Secret Rapture."
04:47 The question is, does God operate in secret?
04:53 Now we know
04:55 that He has made a promise in His Word
04:58 that whatever is going to happen,
05:00 His people are going to know about it
05:02 before it takes place.
05:05 Go with me to the Book of Amos.
05:07 Amos Chapter 3.
05:10 If you can't find Amos,
05:11 Daniel, Hosea, Joel, Amos.
05:15 All right?
05:17 Daniel, Hosea, Joel, Amos, or go to Obadiah
05:21 and go one book back.
05:23 Depends on how well you know your Bible.
05:25 Amos 3:6.
05:32 Let's see what the Bible says
05:33 about how secretive God really is.
05:39 The very first word in Amos 3:7 is what word?
05:43 Surely.
05:45 What is the word?
05:46 Surely, 3:7.
05:48 "Surely the Lord God does," how much?
05:52 "Nothing unless He reveals His secret to His servants,
05:57 the prophets."
05:59 So are there secrets?
06:01 Yes or no?
06:02 Yes.
06:03 Okay, I just went to...
06:06 But does He reveal them?
06:07 Yes or no? Yeah, okay.
06:08 There are secrets,
06:10 meaning the Lord has a timetable,
06:14 but what we are short of
06:16 is if there's an event that's going to happen,
06:18 is He going to reveal it before it happens?
06:21 Yes.
06:22 He says, surely, the Lord God does how much?
06:25 Nothing.
06:26 Nothing is going to happen unless He first reveals it
06:30 to His servants the prophets.
06:32 And what does the servants, the prophets do?
06:35 They reveal it.
06:36 They warn individuals, as was the case in Noah's day.
06:40 Was the flood coming?
06:42 Who did He tell?
06:45 Noah. And who did Noah tell?
06:46 Everyone else.
06:48 For 120 years Noah preached the flood was coming.
06:51 Okay, when Sodom and Gomorrah was about to be destroyed,
06:54 did He tell anyone?
06:56 Yes, he told Lot and his family,
06:58 and they tried to warn, but did anybody listen?
07:01 No.
07:02 When Nineveh was up for judgment,
07:04 who did the Lord tell?
07:06 Jonah. Did Jonah tell anybody?
07:08 He told the whole city and 120,000 people repented.
07:12 And you will find
07:13 that continual cadence throughout the scriptures.
07:15 Just before any event takes place,
07:17 the Lord always warns of the coming judgment.
07:21 He never wants to sneak up on us.
07:24 He doesn't want the most glorious event
07:26 of the ages,
07:27 the Second Coming to be a secret event.
07:30 Matter of fact, let's go to the Book of Acts Chapter 1.
07:35 Acts Chapter 1,
07:36 because we're talking about the Second Coming,
07:38 the return of Jesus.
07:41 Now, the world knows that Jesus came the first time,
07:44 that was not a secret,
07:47 that was outlined in the Bible.
07:50 Many of the minor prophets,
07:51 major prophets talked about the coming of Jesus,
07:53 Isaiah predicted it 700 years before it came,
07:56 some prophets 300 years, some 500 years.
07:59 Some even further back than that.
08:01 You find in the writings of Moses in Genesis 3:15-17,
08:05 the Lord gave Moses an understanding
08:07 that the seed would come.
08:11 And then Paul in Galatians 4:4 says,
08:13 "When the fullness of time had come,
08:14 God sent forth his Son."
08:16 But look at Acts Chapter 1.
08:18 And this in particular is going to be referring
08:20 to the Second Coming of Jesus.
08:23 Jesus is with His disciples on the Mount of Olives.
08:28 And He is now going to depart.
08:32 And let's look at verse 9.
08:35 Acts 1:9.
08:40 The Bible says,
08:41 "Now when he had spoken these things,"
08:44 that is when he told them
08:45 that they were going to receive the power
08:47 that the Holy Spirit's going to come upon them.
08:49 In verse 9, it says,
08:51 "When he had spoken these things,
08:53 while they watched, while they watched,
08:58 he was taken up
08:59 and a cloud received him out of their sight."
09:03 What received him?
09:04 A cloud.
09:06 Look at verse 10.
09:08 "And while they look steadfastly
09:10 or while their eyes were fixed towards," where?
09:13 "Towards heaven.
09:15 As he went up,
09:18 behold," how many men?
09:20 "Two men stood by them in white apparel,
09:23 who said, Men of Galilee,
09:27 why do you stand gazing up into heaven?"
09:30 And this is the key.
09:31 "This same Jesus,
09:34 who was taken up from you into heaven,
09:37 will come, will so come in like man as you," what?
09:42 "As you have seen or as you saw Him go."
09:45 Did they see Him go?
09:47 And what does the Bible say?
09:48 He's going to come back the way He left.
09:50 Yannick share your Bible.
09:52 Put in the middle there.
09:53 Yeah, share your Bible.
09:55 Put your Bible in the middle.
09:57 A little bit of housekeeping.
10:00 So did they see Jesus leave?
10:03 Did the angels say that He was coming back
10:05 the same way?
10:07 Did they see Him go?
10:09 And the assurance was the same way
10:11 you saw Him go, He's coming back.
10:13 Now let's look at another passage
10:15 in the Bible.
10:17 Where do you think I'm going?
10:18 Revelation Chapter 1, Revelation Chapter 1,
10:22 and we're going to look together
10:24 at a very powerful verse.
10:26 Revelation 1:7.
10:30 Remember He left with clouds,
10:32 clouds received Him out of their sight.
10:35 Remember that?
10:36 And those clouds were angels.
10:38 You look at that in Matthew Chapter 25.
10:41 You find the angels,
10:43 He will come with the clouds of heaven.
10:46 But look at Revelation 1:7.
10:49 And this is the fulfillment of Acts 1:9-11.
10:53 "Behold together, He is coming with," what?
10:56 "Clouds and every eye will see Him."
11:02 How many eyes?
11:04 Every eye.
11:05 Is that going to be a secret event?
11:08 Can every eye see the 4th of July fireworks?
11:11 No, only if you are there.
11:14 If they had 4th of July fireworks
11:15 in New York and you're in Thompsonville,
11:17 you're not going to see it.
11:18 If they have it in Thompsonville
11:19 and you live in New York, you're not going to see it.
11:21 But when Jesus comes back, how many eyes are gonna see it?
11:24 Every eye will see Him, not only every eye alive,
11:28 but the Bible says, and they also who pierced Him.
11:31 That means when Jesus died, they adjured Him.
11:35 They said, "Are you the Christ?"
11:37 They kept pushing Him to announce
11:39 whether or not He was divine.
11:40 He says, "I am.
11:42 And you will see Me coming in the clouds of heaven
11:43 with power and great glory."
11:45 So those who persecuted Him, that's what the Bible says.
11:48 And they also which pierced Him.
11:51 Those who were involved in the persecution
11:53 and the crucifixion of Jesus
11:55 will see Him when He comes back.
11:56 So it's not going to even be a secret to them.
11:58 They're going to be raised for this special introduction,
12:03 which I wouldn't want to be a part of.
12:06 I want to see Jesus coming in peace, right?
12:08 But it says, and then notice,
12:10 "And all the tribes of the earth will mourn
12:15 because of him even so," what's the next word?
12:18 "Amen."
12:20 So is it going to be secret?
12:22 How many eyes are going to see Him?
12:24 Let's go to Revelation Chapter 16.
12:27 Let's see what's going to happen.
12:28 I'm just giving you some precursor because
12:30 for some reason, somebody is teaching,
12:33 it's going to be a secret.
12:35 And so far, we haven't found any scriptural support
12:38 for the secret return.
12:41 Let's go to Revelation 16.
12:42 Remember, it says,
12:43 "All the tribes of the earth will mourn,"
12:46 meaning those that are going to mourn
12:48 are going to mourn for a particular reason.
12:50 Let's see why they're going to mourn.
12:52 I said Revelation Chapter what?
12:54 I meant Chapter 6.
12:56 I heard myself say 16.
12:58 And I just corrected myself.
13:01 Revelation Chapter 6.
13:03 And let's look at verse 14.
13:07 All right?
13:08 See who's going to be mourning.
13:10 And the Bible says in verse 14,
13:13 "Then the sky receded as a scroll
13:17 when it is rolled up or rolled together.
13:19 And every mountain and island were moved out of its place,
13:24 and the kings of the earth, and the great men,
13:27 the rich men, the commanders, the mighty men,
13:31 every slave and every free man hid themselves in the caves
13:36 and in the rocks of the mountains."
13:38 And look what they said.
13:40 And said to the mountains and the rocks,
13:43 you know, you got to be nervous
13:44 when you start talking to inanimate objects.
13:47 "Fall on us," what did they say,
13:50 "Fall on us and hide us from the face of Him
13:53 who sits on the throne."
13:55 Will they see His face?
13:56 Yes or no?
13:57 Of course, they're saying, we don't want to see His face.
13:59 Hide us, this is not an invisible event.
14:02 "Hide us from the face of Him who sits on the throne
14:07 and from the wrath of the lamb,
14:08 for the great day of His wrath has come."
14:12 And what is the question?
14:13 Who shall be able to stand?
14:15 So is it going to be secret?
14:17 It's going to be so unsecret
14:20 that the people that are mourning
14:22 or talking to rocks and mountains saying,
14:24 "Do something?"
14:25 We don't want to see this lamb.
14:27 You see to those who are saved, He's a lamb.
14:30 But to those, he's the peaceful lamb,
14:33 but to those who are not saved, he's the lamb of wrath.
14:36 It's amazing how you can look at a lamb
14:38 and think that he is a wrathful lamb
14:40 when you are not in right
14:42 walk with God or harmony with Him,
14:44 you see Him quite differently.
14:46 He means something completely different.
14:48 Now, so far we've read...
14:50 We've read Amos 3:7.
14:53 We've read Acts 1:9-11.
14:56 We've read Revelation 1:7.
14:59 And we've read Revelation 6:14-17.
15:03 And so far, the Bible has not said
15:07 that the coming of Jesus is going to be a secret.
15:09 Am I correct?
15:10 Let's try to find out what happened.
15:11 Now, we're going to do a quick review.
15:13 But let's start with question number 12.
15:15 Question number 12,
15:17 and it will be on your syllabus,
15:18 and it will appear on the screen
15:19 for those of you who are at home.
15:22 Here's the question.
15:23 We were talking about the unfolding
15:24 of the secret rapture.
15:26 And what I'm going to do today
15:27 is I'm going to give you a little timeline,
15:30 just so if you missed the last program,
15:32 you'll get the timeline of how it started,
15:35 and how it progressed through the ages.
15:38 And these answers are, matter of fact,
15:40 they are on the prior program, but here it is,
15:43 talking about the contributors to the secret rapture.
15:46 "Who was the largest modern Contributor
15:49 to the Secret Rapture?"
15:51 Let's look at the answer.
15:52 And this by the way is historical.
15:55 His name is Cyrus Ingerson Scofield
15:58 or Ingerson Scofield.
16:00 He was an American theologian and by the way,
16:03 look at the year he introduced this theory,
16:05 what year was it?
16:08 If you know anything about Adventist history,
16:09 1843 is a very significant year.
16:12 It was around the time that the preaching
16:14 of the second advent of Jesus was being broadcast
16:17 throughout North America and other parts of the world,
16:20 the visible coming of Jesus.
16:22 But at that time, this American theologian,
16:25 he was the one that popularized futurism,
16:30 dispensationalism,
16:32 and fundamentalist Christianity,
16:34 meaning they had this belief
16:36 that there were different dispensations,
16:39 one of law, one of grace,
16:41 one of the secret rapture,
16:43 one of the earthly reign of Jesus
16:45 and then one of the visible coming of Christ.
16:47 They taught that there were different ways
16:48 that the Lord dealt with people in different ages.
16:50 But let me ask you the question.
16:52 What does the Bible say about the Lord,
16:54 "He is the same," when?
16:56 Yesterday, today, and forever.
16:58 He's always the same.
16:59 He doesn't change.
17:01 But this is how the secret rapture
17:06 was inserted into America.
17:09 Many of the other contributors...
17:10 And we'll see that in just a moment.
17:12 Many of the other contributors
17:14 were in different parts of the world,
17:16 in South America, in different parts of Europe,
17:19 but it had not yet made an inroad in America.
17:21 But Cyrus I.
17:23 Scofield, notice this,
17:24 I'll give you some further information
17:26 about the Secret Rapture,
17:27 Cyrus Ingerson Scofield embraced Darby's
17:31 or Ribera's teaching on the Secret Rapture,
17:34 and created the annotated Scofield Reference Bible.
17:38 Have you heard of the Scofield Reference Bible?
17:40 Here are three representations
17:41 of the Scofield Reference Bibles.
17:44 You have the one to the far left,
17:45 the purple one,
17:46 that's the New International Version.
17:48 The one in the middle is the New King James Version,
17:50 and the black one is the King James Version.
17:53 And each of these Bibles now,
17:55 the Bible when it comes from Genesis to Revelation,
17:57 it's fine,
17:59 but he inserted column notes,
18:03 study notes.
18:05 And those study notes led people to beliefs
18:08 that were not supported by Scripture.
18:10 I'll give you an example as to whether
18:11 or not your Bible has been affected by that.
18:14 If you have a Bible at home, go with me to Acts Chapter 20.
18:18 Matter of fact, let me just do this quick test, all right?
18:22 And see if...
18:23 And by the way,
18:25 let me make a point here as I go on.
18:26 It is important
18:27 to let the Bible speak for itself.
18:29 Can I get an amen?
18:31 The Bible doesn't need annotation.
18:33 And you'll notice.
18:34 Let me see if it has it in here anywhere
18:36 because sometimes these notes,
18:38 okay, praise God from whom all blessings flow.
18:43 My Bible is not an annotated Scofield Reference Bible.
18:47 I'll say myself, hallelujah.
18:49 That means, when you look at certain Bible verses,
18:52 in your Bible,
18:53 if you have a Bible that was affected
18:55 by the annotation of Scofield,
18:57 Revelation 1:10,
18:59 look at what it says in Revelation 1:10.
19:02 Let's see that.
19:04 Oh, I take that back.
19:07 My Revelation 1:10 has Scofield's annotation in it.
19:12 Look at Revelation 1:10.
19:13 I want you to see something.
19:15 This is how you'll know whether or not you have a Bible
19:18 that has been affected by Scofield's annotation.
19:21 Revelation 1:10 reads as follows.
19:24 "I was in the spirit on the," what day?
19:28 "The Lord's Day."
19:29 Now next to the word or the phrase,
19:31 "The Lord's Day," do you see a little R?
19:33 A reference.
19:35 Any of your Bibles have that?
19:37 No, no, no, no, no, no. Okay.
19:40 If your Bible has a little reference,
19:42 if it has a little R,
19:43 and then and it points you to Acts 20:7,
19:48 like my Bible does.
19:51 If you go to Acts 20:7, notice, Scofield,
19:55 not only did he teach about the secret rapture,
19:58 but his annotations will make people think
20:00 that the first day of the week is the Lord's Day.
20:05 Notice, Revelation 1:10 says,
20:08 "I was in the spirit on the Lord's Day."
20:10 And the annotation says,
20:11 now go to Acts 20:7 to see what day that is.
20:16 Yours has it, Marlena?
20:17 Okay, yours has it. Okay.
20:19 Notice it says, Acts 20:7, right?
20:22 You'll be amazed how many Bibles
20:24 that has been inserted in.
20:26 Let's go to Acts 20:7.
20:29 This is a sidebar, but just to get you to understand,
20:31 how Bibles have been affected.
20:34 And people that pick up a Bible and say,
20:37 I want to study it.
20:38 And I want to study my annotated notes.
20:40 They'll read their Bibles and they say,
20:41 "Oh, the Lord's Day is Acts 20:7.
20:45 Let's see what that says.
20:48 Acts 20:7,
20:49 "Now on the first day of the week,
20:52 when the disciples came together to break bread,
20:54 Paul ready to depart the next day,
20:57 spoke to them and continued his message
21:00 until midnight."
21:01 Now what day did he point out?
21:03 Acts 20:7, what? First day.
21:06 But does it say Lord's Day?
21:08 No, but the trick is to make you think
21:12 that because it's in the Bible, that it's legit.
21:16 Let me make a point right away.
21:17 Are you ready for it?
21:18 Caution,
21:20 watch out for the annotation.
21:24 When the verses don't say Lord's Day
21:27 in both places,
21:29 do not connect the annotation to the Word of God
21:32 when the annotation is done by man.
21:36 If you follow the Bible,
21:38 you'll let the Bible speak for itself.
21:40 Now let's find out what day is the Lord's Day.
21:42 Now, this is completely off topic,
21:44 but I want to make this very, very clear, okay?
21:46 Let's go to Isaiah 58.
21:48 Okay?
21:50 Isaiah 58.
21:55 So and now what I'm going to do,
21:57 we just read Revelation 1:10.
21:59 Now, we're going to look at Isaiah Chapter 58.
22:01 And we're going to see what the Bible says.
22:03 Not what the annotated note says,
22:06 but what the Bible points out.
22:09 Isaiah 58.
22:11 Look at...
22:13 Okay.
22:14 Isaiah 58:13.
22:18 You ready? Look at it.
22:21 "If you turn away your foot
22:26 from the," what day?
22:28 "Sabbath, from doing your pleasure on," what?
22:31 My what? "Holy day."
22:33 What day did the Lord identify as His holy day?
22:36 The Sabbath.
22:37 And he says,
22:39 "And call the Sabbath a delight,
22:42 the Holy Day of the Lord,"
22:44 what day did he say was the Sabbath day?
22:47 It's the holy day, twice in that verse.
22:50 He says, My holy day,
22:54 then he speaks about Sabbath twice.
22:56 And then he says, the Holy Day of the Lord,
22:59 so what day is the Lord's day?
23:02 The Sabbath. One more reference.
23:04 Are you ready?
23:05 Let's see New Testament
23:07 because there's some people that are so poisoned.
23:09 There's some people that have been so tainted
23:11 by their church's teachings
23:13 that they say, "Well, that's Old Testament,
23:14 it must have changed in the New Testament."
23:16 Let's go to Mark Chapter 2.
23:18 Let's go to Mark Chapter 2.
23:20 It's amazing how just to prove a point,
23:23 let's let the Bible speak for itself one more time.
23:27 Mark Chapter 2.
23:29 And here I am.
23:32 I'm reading verse 27
23:35 and verse 28.
23:39 Okay, Mark 2:27.
23:42 Here it is.
23:44 Verse 27.
23:46 He said to them,
23:48 "The Sabbath was made for," who?
23:50 "Man." And not man for the Sabbath.
23:53 "Therefore, the Son of Man is also," what?
23:57 "Lord of the Sabbath."
24:00 Who's Lord of the Sabbath?
24:03 Tell me.
24:05 Jesus is.
24:06 So is the Sabbath belonging to the Lord?
24:09 Because He is Lord of the Sabbath,
24:12 clear unequivocal definition.
24:16 It's very clear.
24:17 So instead of reading the annotation,
24:19 let the Bible speak for itself.
24:21 What do we say?
24:23 Okay, now let's go back to the screen.
24:25 I want you to see this.
24:26 So the Scofield Chain Reference Bibles,
24:28 these are three of the popular ones.
24:30 It goes on further on the screen to point out
24:33 the Scofield Bible and study notes.
24:36 Here are the things that are taught in that,
24:38 non-biblical teachings, the Gap Theory,
24:42 we talked about that, the 70 weeks, it points,
24:45 pushes one week all the way to the future.
24:47 The other one, Restoration of the Nation of Israel,
24:50 today, right now,
24:52 what's affecting evangelical America.
24:54 I'm going to be clear, can I be clear?
24:56 What's affecting evangelicals in America
24:59 is somehow they think
25:00 that we've got to have
25:03 the embassy in Israel, in Jerusalem,
25:07 because that's where Jesus is coming back.
25:10 No, He's not coming back to the Old Jerusalem,
25:13 we are going to the New Jerusalem.
25:16 Right?
25:17 But this is all the dispensational teachings,
25:20 and the other one is the conversion of the Jews.
25:23 They're thinking that during the Secret Rapture,
25:25 the Jews are going to be converted,
25:26 the world's going to be converted,
25:28 everything is going to be, it's not scriptural.
25:31 Conversion takes place now.
25:32 When the Lord comes back, there will be no conversions.
25:36 Am I correct?
25:38 It also teaches in the annotated Bible,
25:40 it teaches something else,
25:41 the pre-tribulation rapture,
25:45 and the millennial earthly reign of Jesus.
25:48 I was recently at a music show,
25:51 when I say music, equipment,
25:53 sound equipment, lighting, cameras,
25:56 video equipment, all that,
25:57 and I was speaking to a Jewish man
26:00 who was checking me out.
26:01 I bought something at a cash register
26:03 and he was checking me out.
26:04 And I said to him, I said, "Hello,"
26:08 and his name was Daniel.
26:09 My name is John.
26:10 I said, "Hello, Daniel."
26:12 He said, "Hello, fella."
26:13 I'd say, maybe in his early 70s,
26:15 nice, rich gray beard.
26:18 And I said him, "I keep the Sabbath like you do."
26:20 He said, "Really?"
26:22 And I said, "I don't need unclean foods
26:23 just like you don't."
26:25 "Really?"
26:26 He said to me, "Why?"
26:28 I said, "Because the Bible teaches against that."
26:31 I said, "But we do differ on one thing."
26:33 He said, "What is that?"
26:35 I said, "We believe...
26:36 I believe in the Messiah,
26:38 and you're looking forward to the Messiah."
26:40 And he said, "If the Messiah had already come,
26:43 the whole world would have been converted
26:45 and everything would have been right."
26:47 I said, "That's what the disciples also believed."
26:50 Will you at this time restore Jerusalem?
26:53 Well, that's what Merlin,
26:54 that's what the dispensationalists teach,
26:57 that when the rapture happens,
26:59 the Jews are going to be converted,
27:01 and these 144,000 Jews
27:03 are going to preach to the world
27:05 and turn the world upside down.
27:06 But that's not in Scripture.
27:08 But you'll see that's what's in the Scofield Bible
27:11 and study notes.
27:12 Now let's do a quick review.
27:13 Are you ready?
27:15 Let's look at this quick review,
27:16 what we pointed out in the first program,
27:17 and I'm going to take some time to walk through this.
27:19 Bring that up on the screen for me.
27:21 We talked about the Formulation
27:23 of the Secret Rapture, and where it came from.
27:26 Let's follow, let's walk together.
27:27 Here it is.
27:28 To the far left, I know it's kind of small.
27:30 You have futurism,
27:32 was first formulated by Francisco Ribera,
27:35 in the year 1585.
27:37 He was commissioned by the Roman Catholic Church.
27:39 In 1585,
27:41 he formulated this theory called futurism.
27:44 But the very next one,
27:46 St. Robert Bellarmine,
27:49 he was made a saint
27:52 in 1930 years after he died,
27:55 he embraced futurism, right?
27:58 He embraced futurism, he was born in 1542.
28:00 He embraced the theory of Francisco Ribera
28:03 and began to propagate it.
28:05 Then the next one is Dr. S. R. Maitland.
28:08 He was the one
28:09 that was the keeper of the transcripts in England.
28:13 And in reading these transcripts,
28:16 he republished in 1593,
28:18 the teachings of Francisco Ribera
28:22 about 40 years earlier.
28:23 But now the bigger jump, the very next person,
28:26 Manuel Lacunza,
28:28 Manuel Lacunza, he was a South American,
28:33 a Chilean Jesuit.
28:36 And in that year,
28:38 he published his beliefs on futurism in a manuscript,
28:42 and he believed
28:43 same as the other three prior to him,
28:45 but notice about 200 years later,
28:48 but he published his under a Jewish name
28:52 that covered his actual identity.
28:57 Let's go to the next one.
28:59 Then in 1830,
29:00 a lady by the name of Margaret McDonald.
29:02 She said she received a vision
29:04 claiming that the rapture was true,
29:06 the secret rapture would really occur.
29:08 But examining what she, what she believed by the Bible,
29:12 they found no biblical support.
29:14 Then, the pre-tribulation rapture in 1832
29:17 was taught by Reverend Edward Irving.
29:19 It had not made its way to America yet.
29:21 That's in 1832,
29:23 then to the 1830s, John and Darby,
29:25 Darbyism very popular in Europe.
29:28 Well, he popularized the dispensationalism theory,
29:31 which included the secret rapture.
29:33 But then we get down to the person I just mentioned,
29:35 Cyrus Ingerson Scofield,
29:38 which made it to America in the 1843.
29:43 So that's the trek right now,
29:45 we are at that point,
29:46 but now let's look at something.
29:48 Let's look at the next question.
29:49 Did you get that?
29:51 It was covered in our lesson.
29:52 We walk through that on the prior lessons,
29:54 and if you didn't get that,
29:55 you'll be able to get that back.
29:57 This will be uploaded and you'll see it.
29:59 But now, this is a very powerful question.
30:03 "What popular author
30:05 impacted the 1980s
30:08 with his secret rapture predictions?"
30:12 Okay, I heard somebody say it.
30:14 Here's the answer.
30:16 Harold Lee,
30:18 known as Hal Lindsey.
30:21 He popularized Christian Zionism
30:24 and also dispensationalism.
30:27 You may remember the book that he wrote.
30:29 Here's a copy of it.
30:30 There's a picture of it actually,
30:32 "The Late Great Planet Earth,"
30:33 remember that, anybody old enough?
30:36 That book was, that book flew off the shelf.
30:38 Fifteen million copies at that time
30:41 was a huge circulation,
30:43 15 million copies.
30:45 And I remember hearing him on TV
30:47 and on the radio,
30:49 back then television was not like it is now.
30:51 And he was talking about
30:53 how the rapture would take place.
30:54 And what he kept on doing every time the date passed,
30:57 he'd pick another date, and another date,
31:00 and another date, and another date.
31:02 And Time Magazine did an article
31:04 observing the continual setting of dates
31:07 by Hal Lindsey.
31:08 Here's that article, Time Magazine,
31:11 May 20, 2011.
31:14 What's amazing about this
31:15 is they put this out around the time
31:18 that another prediction failed.
31:20 This is amazing.
31:22 "If you follow Hal Lindsey,
31:24 you've probably changed the "end of the world" date
31:27 in your calendar several times.
31:30 His Late Great Planet Earth,
31:32 which was the best selling nonfiction book of the 1970's
31:37 predicted that the world would end sometime
31:40 before December 31.
31:41 What year? 1988.
31:44 His later books though less specific,
31:47 suggested that believers not plan
31:49 on being on earth past the what?
31:52 1980s and then the 1990s
31:55 and, of course, the 2000s.
31:58 But Lindsey did more than just
32:00 wrongly predict the end of days,
32:03 he popularized a genre of prophecy books.
32:08 So what he did was instead of...
32:11 We were living in California, I remember at that time,
32:14 we were in the Bay Area in the North Bay,
32:17 and we were in the 1990s.
32:21 When we heard somebody had picked the date,
32:25 Hal Lindsey had picked the date again.
32:26 And then when it passed,
32:28 the article that came out says 99,
32:31 2000, again it faded off.
32:33 In other words, pick a date.
32:34 It'll happen eventually, but it never happened.
32:38 But now,
32:40 this is one more point in history.
32:43 So did you write that down?
32:46 What was his name?
32:48 Hal Lindsey.
32:49 Okay, now we're going to the next question.
32:52 Question number 14. Question number 14.
32:58 And by the way, much of this is history
33:00 that I'm walking you through.
33:01 "Who made the greatest modern impact
33:05 teaching the secret rapture?"
33:08 Who made the greatest modern impact
33:11 teaching the secret rapture?
33:14 Here's the answer.
33:16 Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins.
33:20 Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins.
33:25 One is a theologian, the other one is a writer.
33:28 They dramatized the secret rapture
33:30 through books and movies.
33:32 And by the way,
33:34 I have a little typo there, but that's okay.
33:35 We understand the reality of it.
33:37 These are two of the books.
33:40 We were living then in Fairfield, California
33:43 when these books came out.
33:46 My wife and I remember that very well.
33:48 There were Christians standing on the side of the highway.
33:51 Look at that next slide.
33:52 There were Christians standing on the side of the highway.
33:55 And these books that were made popular
33:58 based on what Tim LaHaye taught,
34:00 what, Hal Lindsey taught, notice what it says,
34:04 "Tribulation Force and Left Behind."
34:07 Tim LaHaye, Jerry Jenkins,
34:09 and they sold an estimated 75 million.
34:14 Now, was it not only in books for adults,
34:17 but if any of you has a copy of that book,
34:19 if anyone has a copy of that book at home,
34:21 do me a favor.
34:22 Here's what I'd like you to do.
34:24 Go get that book off the shelf, and turn it around to the back
34:27 and look to the bottom left close to the spine of the book.
34:30 And you see these two words.
34:32 You see this word, fiction.
34:36 Fiction.
34:37 I did that when I went to a Christian bookstore,
34:39 I was standing in a Christian bookstore,
34:41 and they had the entire set of the Left Behind,
34:44 The Tribulation Force.
34:47 And this was also popularized in movie form.
34:51 It's still, you can still download it on Netflix
34:53 or whatever new movie service.
34:55 Every now and then they do an update.
34:59 The most recent one I think about maybe 10 years ago,
35:02 a person by the name of Nicolas Cage,
35:04 he starred in that and a number of other popular actors.
35:07 I never saw it because I know it's a theory.
35:09 And the problem with watching movies
35:10 that are based on the Bible is it's not based on the Bible,
35:15 like Noah's Ark.
35:16 Somebody told me watch Noah's Ark.
35:17 It's not based on the Bible. I didn't watch it.
35:20 Even the Ten Commandments, it's all as it is,
35:22 it's not based on the Bible.
35:24 They always fictionalize it.
35:25 However, this theory doesn't even exist.
35:28 On the back of these books,
35:30 I should have done a copy of that.
35:32 It says fiction on the bottom right.
35:34 And there were Christian
35:35 standing up on the side of the highway
35:37 in our community, with banners and flags,
35:40 giving out tickets to come to their churches
35:43 to watch the movie Left Behind.
35:46 But you know what's been left behind
35:47 in this whole teaching?
35:49 The truth.
35:51 The only thing that was left behind
35:52 in the Left Behind theory is what?
35:55 The truth.
35:59 But somehow people believe it,
36:02 they embrace it.
36:04 So did you write that down for number 14?
36:07 Who made the greatest modern impact
36:09 teaching the secret rapture?
36:10 Did you write the names down.
36:12 Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins.
36:14 And they got their inspiration from Hal Lindsey's books,
36:18 The Late Great Planet Earth.
36:21 National Geographics
36:23 did an article on this and did a...
36:25 They actually did a one hour special.
36:27 You might want to look that up
36:29 on the secret rapture,
36:32 a theory that is not based on the Bible.
36:35 And they said millions of Christians
36:37 have embraced the teaching
36:38 that has no scriptural foundation.
36:40 And we're going to go to the Bible
36:41 in just a moment to see what the Bible says about it.
36:43 We began by laying some text down,
36:45 but the danger in believing
36:49 what the Bible doesn't teach is this.
36:52 It is not going to happen.
36:55 What did I just say?
36:56 It's not going to happen.
36:59 It's a theory.
37:00 There are Christians today.
37:01 That's where you get this phrase from.
37:03 It could happen any day now.
37:06 Any day now.
37:08 They don't follow Bible prophecy.
37:10 They don't follow Bible timeline.
37:11 So to them, it could happen any moment.
37:15 You see popularized pictures.
37:17 I've seen pictures in Christian bookstores
37:19 where the plane is crashing, cars are running into building,
37:22 people disappear at the breakfast table.
37:24 The postman, all of a sudden he's delivering letters
37:26 and the letters drop because he's gone.
37:28 Cars run into your house,
37:30 and there's just sand on the ground.
37:32 These are not taught by the Bible,
37:34 Can I get an amen somewhere?
37:36 It's not taught in the Bible,
37:37 but Satan...
37:40 He does such a good job
37:43 of taking certain scriptures and twisting them
37:47 to make them appear to teach
37:51 what these theories claim to support,
37:53 but they do not support that.
37:55 Let's look at the next question.
37:57 Let's look at the next question.
37:59 Number 15.
38:00 And then we're going to dive into the Bible
38:01 right after this one.
38:03 All right, number 15.
38:05 Who failed...?
38:07 "Who failed in the most recent predicted date
38:12 for the secret rapture?"
38:15 Okay, does anybody know his name?
38:17 Harold Camping,
38:20 preacher and radio host.
38:22 He's deceased now.
38:24 He predicted the date
38:25 he says of the secret rapture.
38:30 My wife and I just so happened to be...
38:33 Look at this next slide.
38:34 We just so happened to be in California during that time,
38:38 and Judgment Day,
38:40 May 21, 2011.
38:42 We were driving on to the Bay Bridge.
38:46 And we saw to the left on these big posters,
38:49 "The world is ending."
38:51 The world is coming to an end, and they picked the date,
38:53 May 21, 2011.
38:56 So we drove over to the radio station
38:59 Family Radio in Oakland,
39:01 and we drove into the parking lot,
39:03 it was obviously closed,
39:05 because they were waiting for the rapture to take place.
39:08 And we just heard the radio in the background.
39:10 We saw a truck in the parking lot.
39:12 And on the side of the truck it had,
39:14 "World ending May 21, 2011."
39:17 Well, what they didn't know is our anniversary is May 22,
39:22 the day after that,
39:24 and not that the world
39:26 is not going to end before somebody's anniversary,
39:28 but I knew it was not based on the Bible.
39:30 And I said, "Honey,
39:32 we'll be able to celebrate our anniversary tomorrow,
39:34 because the world is not ending today."
39:37 And how do I know that?
39:38 Because it's not based on God's Word.
39:40 And the sad reality...
39:42 Did you write that down?
39:43 Who made the last public push for the secret rapture?
39:47 Harold Camping, and you know,
39:50 that was not the first time but this one was so devastating
39:54 that he never really recovered his reputation after that.
39:57 He was never formed.
39:59 He was never fully restored in the eyes of credibility
40:02 because you know what happened.
40:03 People so believed him
40:05 that some of them sold their houses,
40:07 sold their businesses,
40:08 they pumped money into the radio station
40:11 to get this news out, and the day came,
40:14 and the day went, and the world kept on going on.
40:18 And that was how many years ago?
40:20 That was about eight years ago.
40:22 But as we said earlier,
40:24 the Lord before He does anything,
40:25 He's going to reveal it to His servants, the prophets.
40:28 Now let's look at what the Bible says.
40:30 Let's look at this very brief chart
40:31 that I put together about the most recent ones.
40:34 We have 1970, Late Great Planet Earth,
40:38 Hal Lindsey, 1995,
40:40 Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, and 2011,
40:43 The Secret Rapture with Harold Camping.
40:46 But the next question is,
40:47 bring in the next slide up for me.
40:48 The next question is,
40:50 does the Bible teach the secret rapture?
40:52 And how many of you know the answer?
40:53 What's the answer?
40:55 The answer is absolutely not.
40:57 Absolutely not.
40:59 So now what we're going to do is go to the Bible
41:02 and find out what the Bible teaches.
41:05 All right, let's go to the first
41:07 of these three questions.
41:10 Question number 16. Question number 16.
41:15 And the question is,
41:17 what warning did Jesus give concerning His second coming?
41:22 What warning did He give?
41:24 Let's go to Matthew Chapter 24.
41:27 Matthew Chapter 24.
41:37 Okay.
41:42 Matthew Chapter 24,
41:44 and we're gonna look at verse 4 together.
41:49 Okay, notice what He said.
41:52 Perfect words of Jesus, can we read that together?
41:56 Here we are, or let us read that together
41:59 "And Jesus answered and said to them," what?
42:02 "Take heed that no one deceives you."
42:06 If you look at the context of Matthew Chapter 24,
42:11 if you go back to verse 1 to 3,
42:14 actually, verse 3 is the most significant.
42:17 Now as he sat on the Mount of Olives,
42:20 the disciples came to him privately saying,
42:24 tell us when will these things be?
42:27 And what will be the sign of your coming
42:30 in at the end of the age?
42:32 What sign did they ask for the sign of what?
42:35 What sign did they ask for, the sign of what?
42:38 The Sign of the coming of the Lord.
42:39 They said, tell us what is the sign of your coming
42:43 and of the end of the age,
42:45 or the end of the world as the King James Version says.
42:48 So notice, Jesus use words
42:52 that are indicative of what's happening today.
42:55 He said, take heed that no one does, what?
42:58 And when we look at that chart from 1585 to the present,
43:04 over and over and over and over
43:06 again a theory has been taught
43:09 that people are being deceived by.
43:10 There are millions of Christians today,
43:12 that for some reason or the other.
43:16 They'll see what the Bible says,
43:18 and they will prefer the theory over the Bible.
43:23 Look at Matthew 24:27.
43:28 The Lord made it clear
43:30 how His second coming is going to be.
43:33 Notice this, Matthew 24:27.
43:38 We read,
43:39 "For as the lightning
43:43 comes from the east
43:45 and flashes to the west,
43:48 so also will the coming of the Son of man be."
43:52 You ever saw lightning before?
43:55 Is lightning secret?
43:57 Matter of fact, lightning appears at the darkest night.
44:01 Sometimes we're sleeping at night
44:02 and our curtains are closed.
44:04 And we see that lightning.
44:06 What do you wait for after lightning flashes?
44:09 What do you wait for next?
44:11 Thunder.
44:12 And depending on how bright it was,
44:14 you wait for the intensity of the thunder.
44:18 The Lord is saying, "My return is going to be
44:22 as visible as the lightning flashing
44:24 from the east,
44:26 all the way to the west."
44:30 But not only that
44:32 He says in verse 24.
44:34 Look at that in the Bible.
44:37 Once again, He's continually warning
44:39 about the possibility of deception.
44:41 He says, "For false christs
44:44 and false prophets will rise
44:48 and show great signs and wonders
44:51 as to deceive,"
44:54 what's the next two words?
44:56 "If possible," Yannick, share your Bible.
44:59 In the middle.
45:01 Yeah, yeah, share it again.
45:04 If possible, what are the next two words?
45:07 "If possible, the very elect."
45:10 So will the elect be deceived, yes or no?
45:14 Because it's not possible, why?
45:15 Because the elect are informed about the coming of the Lord.
45:20 They're not in the dark about the coming of the Lord.
45:27 Let's look at verse 11.
45:29 Once again, He makes it clear,
45:32 "Then many false prophets will rise up
45:35 and," do what?
45:37 "Deceive many."
45:39 Now the question is, why will they be deceived,
45:41 is a big question.
45:43 Let's go now in the Bible.
45:44 I want to see these
45:46 before I show you the last few verses I have.
45:47 The question is why will they be deceived?
45:50 Go with me now to 2 Timothy.
45:54 Second book of Timothy.
46:01 I am so amazed.
46:03 Because today Christianity is very popular,
46:06 but what's not popular?
46:08 What's not popular?
46:10 Truth is...
46:11 Going to churches is popular,
46:13 Christian entertainment is popular,
46:15 Christian music is popular, Christian movies are popular,
46:18 Christian songs are popular.
46:21 But the truth for whatever reason
46:25 is not popular.
46:28 And we know why.
46:30 Okay,
46:32 2 Timothy Chapter 4.
46:37 Here I am.
46:40 Okay, I'm gonna read through a number of verses.
46:42 I'll start with 2, verse 2.
46:45 What are the first three words, so say it together?
46:48 "Preach the word!
46:50 Be ready or be instant in season and" what?
46:54 "Out of season.
46:55 Convince, rebuke, exhort
46:58 with all longsuffering and" what else?
47:01 "Teaching or doctrine."
47:02 And look at this, verse 3.
47:07 "For the time will come,"
47:08 can we modify that just a little bit,
47:10 for the time has come.
47:13 We're living in that time friends.
47:15 "For the time will come
47:16 when they will not endure," what?
47:19 "Sound," do you know the word sound means.
47:22 The word sound means whole, that means complete.
47:25 That means words of integrity, that means the whole story.
47:29 They won't endure the whole story,
47:32 but look what they're going to do.
47:35 But according to their own desires,
47:37 because they have itching ears,
47:40 they will heap up for themselves, teachers,
47:43 and they will turn their ears away from the truth
47:47 and be turned aside to what?
47:49 To fables.
47:50 Now, I want to just bring this text out
47:52 very quickly here because,
47:54 you know, when I looked at this the other day,
47:56 I'm gonna go ahead and show in context
47:59 and I'm going to change my translation here to the NIV
48:02 because when I looked at this the other day,
48:03 it was amazing to me.
48:05 I was showing a lady by the name of Ramona,
48:09 this text in the NIV.
48:12 And she may remember that.
48:15 And it was amazing how the Bible brings this out.
48:18 I've gotta look it up here.
48:20 2 Timothy Chapter 4,
48:23 and I'm gonna read it to you.
48:24 And it's amazing how it is put in the NIV.
48:28 All right,
48:29 I'm gonna read verse 3 and verse 4 in the NIV.
48:33 "For the time will come
48:35 when men will not put up with sound doctrine."
48:40 Is that amazing?
48:42 "Instead to suit their own desires
48:45 they will gather around them
48:48 a great number of teachers,
48:51 to say what their itching ears want to hear."
48:54 Isn't that amazing?
48:56 And this is in verse 4,
48:57 "They will turn their ears away from the truth
49:00 and turn aside to myths."
49:03 Are we living in that day and age?
49:05 It's hard to tell people the truth in Christianity.
49:10 I mean, if you go to the bank and the teller says,
49:14 you have $40 in your account,
49:17 and you say, what happened to my money?
49:20 They say you have $40 in your account.
49:22 You said, that's not true.
49:23 They say, well, according to me is true.
49:25 What would you say?
49:27 I'm just telling you what I think you need to hear.
49:30 Well, it may be more than 40.
49:31 But I'm telling you there's $40 in your account,
49:33 would you be satisfied?
49:35 Come on, what would you say?
49:37 Get another teller.
49:39 Get the manager.
49:40 I have a receipt from the machine
49:41 that says I have X amount of dollars,
49:43 but she's telling me I have 40 bucks.
49:45 You wouldn't tolerate that.
49:47 But let's go to the next step.
49:48 You pause and I remember being in Oakland, California
49:51 number of years ago,
49:52 my wife and I were looking for the Oakland bus station.
49:56 We didn't know where it was.
49:58 And a police officer, we said, well, surely he should know.
50:01 We waved him down and I said,
50:04 "Officer where's the bus station?"
50:06 He said and he pointed that way.
50:07 And when he walked away, we were about to drive away.
50:10 And transients, a guy that looked like
50:12 he hadn't been home for a long time,
50:15 trying to be respectful.
50:17 You can see he lived on the streets.
50:18 He said, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute,
50:20 and we thought he was going to ask for food or money.
50:23 He said, "Ain't that the way."
50:26 I said, "What do you mean?"
50:28 He, ain't the away, is that way.
50:31 And he said it with pretty broken language.
50:33 I said, well, "How do you know?"
50:34 He said, "I go every day."
50:38 He know where it was.
50:39 So here's my point,
50:42 because they look like they know
50:44 don't take their word for it,
50:48 because preachers are hired.
50:51 Let's go to 2 Corinthians.
50:54 The devil's got him some ministers.
50:57 It's a sad reality, but we are...
51:02 2 Corinthians Chapter 11,
51:05 and then we're gonna dive to the last three scriptures.
51:07 2 Corinthians Chapter 11.
51:09 Look at this, verse 13.
51:11 So because they look the part do not mean
51:14 that they are telling you the truth.
51:18 You got to know it for you, the Word of God is your guide.
51:21 Look at verse 13,
51:23 "For such a false apostles,
51:26 deceitful workers,
51:28 transforming themselves into apostles of Christ."
51:33 I was shaken a few weeks ago
51:34 when I was listening to a Sunday morning show.
51:38 We were at on the road for 3ABN in the hotel in Michigan,
51:42 and I turned on Sunday morning and there on television
51:44 a preacher that I had listened to many times,
51:47 and he was saying,
51:48 how would you like it when the world,
51:50 what would you think if the world was
51:52 all of a sudden taken over by 144,000 evangelists?
51:55 And I thought that'd be great.
51:58 He said that's what's going to happen
52:00 when the secret rapture takes place.
52:01 And I said, no, you didn't just say that.
52:04 And my estimation of him just went like this...
52:08 Reputable preacher,
52:10 wonderful man, had beautiful teachings.
52:13 And I thought either he doesn't know
52:16 or he knows and just doesn't embrace it.
52:19 But look what it goes on and say in verse 14,
52:22 "And no wonder!
52:24 For Satan himself transformed himself
52:27 into an angel of light."
52:28 Verse 15, "Therefore, it is no great thing
52:32 if his ministers also do," what?
52:35 "Transform themselves
52:37 into ministers of righteousness,
52:40 whose end will be according to their work?
52:44 So the Bible is in essence saying,
52:46 according to their works false apostles,
52:48 but they looked apart.
52:50 Ministers but Satan himself looks like an angel of light.
52:53 Always check it out by the word.
52:55 Together, always check it out by God's Word
52:59 and not one scripture, but upon...
53:01 Notice what we did earlier one, two, three.
53:03 Just follow them all.
53:05 Let's go to the very next question.
53:09 Question number 17.
53:11 "How does the Bible describe the nature
53:14 of the return of Jesus?"
53:16 Let's go to Psalm 15:3.
53:19 How does the Bible describe the nature
53:21 of the return of Jesus?
53:22 Here's what it says together, "Our God shall come,
53:26 and shall not," what?
53:28 "Keep silent,
53:30 a fire shall devour before Him,
53:34 and it shall be very," what?
53:35 "Tempestuous all around Him."
53:38 Is it going to be silent? Yes or no?
53:41 It's gonna be the loudest event of the ages.
53:44 It's gonna be earth shaking.
53:45 Islands and mountains are going to move out of their places.
53:48 The heavens are going to depart as a scroll.
53:50 We read that earlier.
53:51 It's not gonna be a silent event.
53:54 Look at number 18.
53:57 "How does the return of Jesus affect the earth?"
54:02 2 Peter 3:10.
54:05 Let's go there.
54:06 2 Peter 3:10, the Bible says,
54:10 "But the day of the Lord will come as a" what?
54:13 "Thief in the night."
54:14 You don't know the date.
54:16 It's gonna come upon men unaware.
54:17 "In which the heavens will pass away with a," what?
54:20 "Great noise."
54:22 But it's not gonna be silent,
54:24 "And the elements will melt with," what?
54:26 "Fervent heat, both the earth
54:30 and the works that are in it will be," what?
54:33 "Burned up."
54:34 Notice, heavens passing away with a great noise,
54:38 elements melting with fervent heat,
54:41 the earth is on fire, the works are being burned up.
54:43 Is that secret? Come on, yes or no?
54:45 Absolutely not.
54:47 So, friends, let the Bible be the only guide.
54:49 Let's look at another one.
54:52 Question number 19.
54:54 Let's look at question number...
54:56 "What is the method that Jesus will use
54:58 to gather the saints to heaven?"
55:02 Matthew 24:31.
55:05 Here's what the Bible says.
55:07 It says clearly, "And he will send His," what?
55:11 "Angels with a great sound of a trumpet,
55:14 and they will gather together His elect from the four winds,
55:20 from one end of heaven to the," what?
55:23 "To the other."
55:24 Is that going to be an invisible event?
55:26 No.
55:28 He's gonna send His angels, they're gonna go...
55:29 In the Bible, when it says,
55:31 from one end of the earth to the other,
55:32 or from one end of heaven to the other.
55:34 It means everywhere where the people of God are.
55:38 They're gonna be gathered together.
55:41 But now the most beautiful passage
55:43 of them all, culminating this.
55:44 Question number 20.
55:46 Let's go ahead and hit this one.
55:47 Question number 20.
55:49 Praise God for His Word.
55:52 The Bible says, "How do we know
55:55 that the return of Jesus will not be a secret?"
55:58 Oh, I tell you, what a powerful passage.
56:00 Here it is,
56:01 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18.
56:06 How do we know that it will not be secret?
56:08 Here it is,
56:09 beautiful, "For the Lord Himself
56:11 will descend from heaven with a," what?
56:13 "Shout," that's audible,
56:15 "with a voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God.
56:19 And the dead in Christ will do," what?
56:21 "Rise first."
56:22 A resurrection is going to take place,
56:24 is going to be audible.
56:25 It's gonna be a voice, it's gonna be a trumpet.
56:27 Then verse 17,
56:29 "Then we who are alive and remain
56:32 shall be caught up together with them in the clouds
56:36 to meet the Lord," where?
56:38 In the air."
56:39 There's gonna be a resurrection.
56:41 People are gonna be ascending not souls, but people,
56:44 "And thus we shall always," what?
56:47 "Be with the Lord."
56:49 And then verse 18, it winds it up by saying this,
56:52 "Therefore comfort one another with these words."
56:57 Can we say amen?
56:59 Is the coming of Jesus going to be a secret?
57:01 Yes or no?
57:02 Is it gonna be audible?
57:04 Is it gonna shake the earth?
57:06 Is there gonna be fire?
57:07 Is there gonna be a resurrection?
57:09 Will the islands move?
57:11 Will people be running to the rocks and the mountains?
57:14 Is it gonna be an invisible event?
57:16 Will they see Him coming back?
57:18 Will He come back with angels?
57:20 Will there be a resurrection?
57:21 Will there be an earthquake?
57:23 Will the kings and the mighty men
57:24 and the rich men, the captains be
57:25 running from Him?
57:27 How my friends can you believe it's going to be secret?
57:32 How can somebody convince you
57:34 that Jesus is gonna come back and say, let's go.
57:38 Shh, let's go.
57:42 No!
57:44 The only thing that's going to be secret
57:46 is people that ignore the signs
57:49 like the flood will not know He's coming back.
57:52 Friends, let me tell you,
57:54 if it doesn't make sense, keep studying,
57:56 one day it will come into A Sharper Focus.
58:00 God bless you.


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