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00:20 Hello, friends, welcome to our A Sharper Focus
00:23 Wednesday Night Bible Study
00:25 here at the 3ABN Worship Center.
00:27 We thank you for taking the time to tune
00:28 in as we continue our topic on
00:31 "The Stewardships, the topic of Stewardship."
00:34 You know, so much as been said about stewardship
00:37 but then sometimes,
00:39 so little is really understood
00:41 as the Bible teaches stewardship.
00:43 Tonight, we're gonna look at stewardship
00:44 in five different areas
00:47 and we'd like to invite you to stay tuned with us
00:49 as we walk through the Word of God together.
00:51 In just a moment, we'll tell you
00:53 how to get a copy of the lesson
00:54 but before we go any further,
00:56 all you need really is your Bible.
00:59 I invite your family and friends to sit down
01:01 and this time we're gonna walk through the scriptures
01:05 in God's Word asking Him to teach us and guide our minds
01:09 about how we can be faithful and effective stewards
01:13 that is in charge of the property
01:15 that really belongs to Him,
01:18 but before we go any further, we're gonna have prayer.
01:20 I'll tell you how to get a copy of the lesson.
01:22 We're gonna have our theme song
01:24 and then we'll go into our Bible study.
01:26 So bow your heads with me tonight.
01:28 Loving Father in heaven,
01:29 thank You for the privilege and opportunity.
01:32 We know that we cannot understand
01:33 Your Word without Your guidance and so speak to us, we pray.
01:38 Send Your Holy Spirit to be teacher
01:40 and as we open Your Word, inspire us
01:43 with Your power and Your presence.
01:46 We pray that You'll teach us not only what we will learn,
01:50 but that You'll give us wisdom and deep understanding
01:53 to find ways to apply it through our lives
01:56 and to be empowered to live in harmony with it.
02:01 And so, Lord, come and exalt Your holy name,
02:03 we pray in Christ name, amen.
02:07 Now every now and then, we get new viewers
02:10 that we have opportunities to meet.
02:12 And not too long ago,
02:14 I found out about somebody very special to us,
02:16 a good family member actually that's watching.
02:19 Tonight I wanna gonna say hello to Aunt Joyse
02:21 who is a first time viewer of A Sharper Focus.
02:24 Can we all say amen? Amen!
02:26 And we'd like to welcome you as you join us tonight
02:28 in a wonderful Bible study.
02:31 If you'd like to download a copy of the lesson
02:33 that I have in my possession,
02:34 go to this following website ASF.3ABN.org
02:40 and download lesson number 43 which is in fact
02:43 the truth about complete stewardship.
02:46 The truth about complete stewardship.
02:48 We'll find out what that means in just a moment,
02:52 but before we go any further,
02:53 let's sing our theme song tonight
02:55 which is "Victory in Jesus."
02:57 Join me as you sing that song.
03:05 I heard an old, old story
03:09 How the Savior came from glory
03:13 How He gave His life on Calvary To save a wretch like me
03:20 I heard about His groaning Of His precious blood's atoning
03:28 Then I repented of my sin And won the victory
03:35 O victory in Jesus My Savior forever
03:43 He sought me and bought me
03:47 With His redeeming blood
03:50 He loved me ere I knew Him And all my love is due Him
03:58 He plunged me to victory Beneath the cleansing flood
04:06 I heard about a mansion He has built for me in glory
04:13 And I heard about the streets of gold Beyond the crystal sea
04:21 About the angels singing And the old redemption story
04:28 And some sweet day I'll sing up there
04:32 The song of victory Key change.
04:36 O victory in Jesus My Savior forever
04:43 He sought me and bought me With His redeeming blood
04:51 He loved me ere I knew Him And all my love is due Him
04:58 He plunged me to victory Beneath the cleansing flood
05:06 He plunged me to victory
05:10 Beneath the cleansing flood
05:16 Amen. Amen.
05:18 The topic tonight is
05:21 "The Truth about Complete Stewardship."
05:23 Say that with me, "The Truth about Complete Stewardship."
05:28 You know a lot of times
05:29 we think of the word stewardship.
05:32 There was a time when flight attendants
05:34 were called stewards or stewardesses,
05:37 remember that?
05:38 Now my wife continually reminds me
05:41 they are no longer stewardess, stewards or stewardesses,
05:43 but they are flight attendants,
05:46 a new word, but every now
05:47 and then I get pushed back into that,
05:48 you know, where is the stewardess
05:50 or the steward,
05:51 and that's an old word
05:55 but if somebody talks about stewardship,
05:57 let me just give you an overview
05:59 of what the word stewardship means.
06:01 It means someone responsible for someone else's property.
06:06 Someone responsible for someone else's property
06:11 and as we've been walking
06:13 through the truth about stewardship,
06:15 it is in reference to time, temple,
06:20 talent, testimony, and treasure.
06:24 Say that again, time,
06:27 temple, talent, testimony, and treasure.
06:32 So stewardship really is in more than one area.
06:36 A lot of times we talk about stewardship,
06:38 we think to ourselves, well,
06:41 stewardship has to do with money
06:42 and in most cases, people talk about tithe and offerings.
06:45 We're gonna talk about that,
06:47 but we're gonna talk about that last,
06:48 because that's the one that's most commonly talked about.
06:51 But if you think about it today,
06:53 how much do we really own in the world?
06:56 When you really think about it, if a person owns a home,
06:59 and they refuse to pay taxes, do they really own that home?
07:02 No because everybody that owns a home what?
07:05 Pays taxes.
07:06 If you think after you paid off your house,
07:08 that you no longer have to pay taxes,
07:10 then I got news for you,
07:12 you start paying the taxes,
07:13 you'll discover that you really don't own that home
07:17 and then when it comes to the air we breathe,
07:20 can we say because I breathe my own personal air
07:22 that I own my own air?
07:24 No, everyone, the rich and the poor,
07:27 the free and the bond,
07:28 the righteous and the unrighteous,
07:30 the birds, the animals, everyone breathe the same air.
07:34 And when it comes to the earth,
07:36 the Bible says the David the Psalmist says,
07:38 "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof,
07:42 the world and those who dwell in it."
07:44 So when we really think about what we own,
07:47 there's a passage in the Bible
07:49 that really brings it to us very clearly.
07:51 I'll go ahead and find it and have you turn with me,
07:54 the Apostle Paul, let's go to the book of,
07:56 I think it's 1 Timothy,
07:58 and I'm gonna get there with you.
08:02 Yeah, yeah.
08:07 Yeah, it's in, I'll tell you right now where it is.
08:10 It's a beautiful passage in the Bible.
08:12 When I say beautiful, it brings the point home very clearly
08:17 and here it is.
08:20 1 Timothy 6:7.
08:23 Let's go to 1 Timothy 6:7.
08:27 You get the 1 Thessalonians, 2 Thessalonians,
08:31 then you are at 1 Timothy.
08:35 All right?
08:37 Yeah, 1 Timothy Chapter 6.
08:40 1 Timothy Chapter 6.
08:43 Yeah, that's the 1st and 2nd Timothy,
08:45 but now we're gonna go to 1 Timothy Chapter 6
08:48 and let's look at the reality of stewardship.
08:50 This is a really powerful passage and notice
08:53 what it tells us.
08:57 The Bible says,
08:58 "For we brought nothing," how much?
09:02 "Nothing into this world
09:05 and it is certain we carry nothing,"
09:08 how much?
09:09 "Nothing out."
09:10 My mother-in-law used to say, my wife's mother used to say,
09:13 "Open the hand of a baby, when they are born and see
09:16 what they have.
09:17 That's what they're carrying out."
09:19 We don't own anything.
09:21 We don't own anything.
09:23 You can't even nowadays in some cases,
09:25 you can't even die for free.
09:28 Somebody's got to pay for it.
09:31 And so the world really is, in fact,
09:33 a continual test of stewardship.
09:36 And when you really, when it really comes down to it,
09:39 these aspects of ownership, and time, and your talent,
09:44 and your finances, and your body,
09:45 and your materialism, and your health,
09:48 all of those are really in fact evidences
09:51 that somebody else is giving you those things
09:54 and they are ours as long as we can breathe.
09:57 We began our lesson, we covered quite a bit.
10:00 We discovered how the Lord gave man
10:03 dominion, gave Adam and Eve dominion over the world.
10:06 He gave them control of the world,
10:10 but He never gave them ownership of the world.
10:13 In Genesis 1:26, the Bible says,
10:16 "The Lord gave man dominion."
10:18 Another word for dominion is control responsibility.
10:22 But we know that man lost that and as we go on,
10:28 we found out, we started with time,
10:30 how important time is.
10:33 How long does the Bible say
10:35 each one of us can expect to live?
10:38 Huh?
10:39 Seventy years, right?
10:41 The Bible says three score and ten
10:42 in the King James Version.
10:44 So if you pass 70 years, you are on gifted time.
10:48 I won't even say borrowed time, but gifted time.
10:51 And so we start with time, we've been talking about time.
10:54 And so tonight, we're gonna go to that question.
10:57 Question number 20,
10:58 which if you have a copy of the lesson,
11:00 you can go along with us.
11:01 Question number 20, and now when we think about time,
11:04 you know, the Bible talks about how time began.
11:08 Who owns time? Can someone tell me?
11:11 Who owns time?
11:13 God owns time.
11:14 Time is under the control of God.
11:16 But if you look at the world in which we live today,
11:20 there are so many signs around us telling us.
11:23 The Book of Daniel, the Book of Revelation
11:25 reminds us that we're living in the time of the end,
11:28 which means we're coming down to the end of time.
11:31 But now when we consider the things
11:32 that are happening around us,
11:34 let's look at question number 20.
11:38 And here it is.
11:40 In what way does the Bible express
11:43 the urgency of time?
11:53 We visited with a family
11:56 who has a somewhat of a seasonal home
12:00 and a certain time of the year, when the weather gets good,
12:04 this location is opened up where people,
12:07 it's kind of like a spring, summer, early fall home.
12:11 But when the season begins to change,
12:13 the island shuts down for the season.
12:16 Fire Island, New York, it shuts down.
12:18 You can't get there except by boat,
12:19 beautiful, peaceful, serene.
12:21 We had a chance to spend time there
12:23 with one of our family members and enjoy the serenity.
12:26 And I said, it reminds us
12:28 somewhat of where we live here in Thompsonville,
12:29 just quiet, peaceful.
12:32 The major difference is, they have ocean around them
12:36 which we have lake around us.
12:38 But in fact, one of the things I noticed
12:42 was as the seasons begin to change,
12:44 the homeowners, you notice in their behavior,
12:48 that they recognize that it's almost time to shut down
12:51 their home for the season.
12:52 So their patterns begin to change.
12:54 They begin to buy less groceries
12:56 because they're not gonna leave them
12:57 there all went along to spoil, they begin with a storm comes,
13:00 they put shutters up,
13:02 they make sure things are secure,
13:03 because they know that the season is changing
13:06 and something about the time is telling them
13:08 how urgent their activity needs to be.
13:11 Well, the question is,
13:12 in what way does the Bible tell us,
13:14 express the urgency of time?
13:15 Look at Romans 13:11,
13:18 and for those who are joining us,
13:20 this text will appear on the screen.
13:24 Romans 13:11.
13:27 And here's what the Bible says,
13:30 "And do this knowing the time
13:33 that now it is," what are the next two words?
13:36 "High time to awake out of sleep,
13:39 for now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed."
13:45 Now, what does that mean?
13:46 Are we living in an urgent time?
13:48 Of course, the Bible says in 2 Timothy Chapter 3,
13:51 in the last days, perilous times will come.
13:54 So when you see the condition of the world,
13:56 the Bible say it's perilous,
13:59 and there is not a place in the world
14:01 outside of some of the isolated places
14:03 like Thompsonville, like West Frankfort,
14:05 like Southern Illinois, like Fire Island,
14:07 like some of the places in Switzerland
14:09 in the mountains,
14:10 where you're pretty much
14:12 isolated from all the bad news
14:13 and all the turbulence and the gunshots.
14:16 We were in New York not too long ago
14:18 and I tell you,
14:19 the sounds of silence are nonexistent.
14:24 Sirens and cars screeching and motorcycles and cars,
14:30 it's like, and I said to my wife,
14:32 "Oh, this is just not
14:35 what I'm really accustomed to anymore.
14:38 Being born and raised in New York,
14:39 beautiful city, it has a lot of things.
14:41 But I said, Honey, "I want to go back home,
14:43 where when I go to bed at night,
14:45 and I hear sounds on the porch,
14:46 I know it's the raccoon.
14:50 Nice, it's a good thing.
14:52 If I hear something on the roof,
14:53 I know it's the squirrel
14:55 or it's the raccoon and the squirrel.
14:56 If something's running through the yard, it's a deer or fox.
14:59 I just feel good about the sounds I hear at night.
15:02 But that's not the case in New York,
15:04 and Detroit, and Chicago, and Atlanta, and Pennsylvania,
15:07 and LA, you know, the urgency that you begin to see
15:10 when you live in the cities that this text is true,
15:13 knowing the time and what is this text saying?
15:15 When we see
15:16 the condition of the world around us,
15:18 it calls for people to be awake.
15:21 It calls for us to be awake.
15:22 Go with me to 2 Thessalonians.
15:24 Actually 1 Thessalonians.
15:26 Let's go to that book.
15:28 1 Thessalonians, I want you to see this.
15:30 1 Thessalonians Chapter 5 and I want you to see verse 1
15:35 because time is so important for us to understand,
15:39 and even more so for those
15:40 who are Christians and study God's Word,
15:43 it's important that what we see happening in God's Word,
15:45 what we see being fulfilled as God's Word unfolds it.
15:48 It says to us, this world does not have long.
15:51 And when you study the Bible, you begin to become familiar
15:54 with all those signs like Matthew Chapter 24,
15:57 Daniel Chapter 2, Daniel Chapter 7, Revelation,
16:01 the whole book, Isaiah 24, Jeremiah,
16:05 all these prophets in the Old Testament
16:07 and New Testament begin to inform us
16:09 of the condition of the world.
16:11 And notice this, the Apostle Paul
16:13 in this passage is speaking to the Christians
16:16 at a place called Thessalonica,
16:19 and he's saying, "I've told you so much,
16:22 I really don't need to tell you anymore."
16:24 Listen to what he says in 1 Thessalonians 5:1,
16:29 notice he says, "But concerning the,"
16:31 what's the next word?
16:33 "The times and the seasons," the very thing we live by,
16:37 "brethren, you have no need that I should write to you."
16:41 He says, "You should know," verse two,
16:44 "For you yourselves know perfectly
16:48 that the day of the Lord
16:49 so comes as a thief in the night."
16:52 For those in the world that are living for the world,
16:55 they have no idea.
16:57 It's like a storm that's not even being forecasted.
17:01 It's like a coming tsunami that nobody has even detected.
17:05 It's like a building storm out there in the Atlantic
17:08 coming off the coast of Africa that meteorologists
17:10 haven't even picked up
17:12 and it's coming at a rapid pace,
17:14 it's coming at a fury of unimaginable proportions,
17:18 and the Apostle Paul says in verse 3,
17:21 "For when they say peace and safety,"
17:23 in other words, when they say everything is just fine,
17:25 look what's gonna happen.
17:27 "Then sudden destruction comes upon them
17:29 as labor pains upon a pregnant woman,"
17:32 and what's gonna happen?
17:33 "And they shall not escape."
17:35 But look at verse 4,
17:37 and this is about time once again.
17:40 "But you brethren are not in darkness,
17:42 so that this day should overtake you as a thief."
17:46 Verse 5 "You are all sons of the light,
17:49 and sons of the day.
17:51 We are not of the night, nor of darkness."
17:54 So then he says, "What should we do?"
17:56 And here's going back to this very passage,
17:59 it's time to wake out of sleep.
18:00 Notice what it says in the very next verse.
18:02 Verse 6, "Therefore let us not sleep,
18:07 let us not sleep as others do,
18:10 but let us watch and be sober,"
18:13 that is, be awake, be aware,
18:15 be self controlled, be on the lookout.
18:18 When you know what's coming, it's time to be awake.
18:21 Amen.
18:23 Let's go to question number 21.
18:24 So, fill the answer in,
18:25 in what way does the Bible express
18:27 the urgency of time?
18:29 The urgency is, it's time to awake.
18:32 It's time to awake.
18:34 How many of you set your alarm clocks?
18:37 I think we all do.
18:39 Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.
18:43 But at least we know there's a time
18:45 that we must be awake.
18:46 Let's go to question number 21.
18:49 All right, it says, when we understand
18:53 the fragility of time, what impact should it have?
18:58 When we understand how fragile time is,
19:01 what impact should it have?
19:04 Let's go to the Book of Psalms 90:12.
19:07 Psalms Chapter 90, and we're looking together
19:10 at the 12th verse.
19:12 All right?
19:14 Here's what we learn in the Bible.
19:18 The apostle says to us, "So teach us," to do what?
19:22 "Number our days
19:24 that we may gain a heart of wisdom."
19:27 Teach us to number our days,
19:30 so that we may gain a heart of wisdom.
19:32 So put that down.
19:34 What impact should it have?
19:36 Number our days,
19:38 that means be aware of the time,
19:40 be aware of how you spend your time,
19:43 because one thing I've heard before and this is very true,
19:46 when you spend time, you can't get it back.
19:50 There is no refund on time.
19:52 You can't say, well, I remember
19:54 one week when I did nothing for two days
19:57 and when you're living
19:59 in those closing hours of your life,
20:00 you can't say, could I have those two days back?
20:03 So the patriarch here is saying to us, number your days,
20:09 make your time count,
20:11 instead of counting time, make time count.
20:14 As the person who's preparing for the coming storm,
20:18 if he or she doesn't get his roof covered,
20:21 the storm is gonna come and find them unaware.
20:24 For those of us that know that life is changing,
20:27 our seasons are changing.
20:29 We're getting older, older.
20:33 This hair is not colored, it's actually gray.
20:36 Seasons is changing.
20:38 And when we know and we see that we say, "Wow,
20:41 Lord, teach us to number our days."
20:43 And it doesn't matter when you start.
20:44 At any point you can start and say, you know what?
20:47 I've just become aware of the urgency of time.
20:50 I can start from right now
20:52 and make the rest of my days count.
20:55 I can use those days to get ready for eternity.
20:58 Amen? Amen.
21:00 The only time is too late to start
21:02 is when you have no more days left.
21:04 But as long as you're breathing,
21:05 as long as you are alive,
21:06 it's a good time to stay, you know what?
21:09 Now I can make sure that the rest of my time
21:13 is going to count toward eternity
21:16 because as we read earlier
21:18 in the passage just before this,
21:20 for now, our salvation is nearer
21:22 than when we first believe.
21:24 And we could trace that back to the many years we believe,
21:26 but we say, wait a minute, it's been 30, 40, 50 years.
21:30 Now it's nearer. It's time to get ready.
21:32 Look at the next passage.
21:37 Psalm 89:47, very short but very powerful.
21:43 It says, "Remember how short time is.
21:47 Remember how short my time is, for what futility
21:51 have you created all the children of men?"
21:57 And so what's that in essence saying
21:58 the futility that's been talked about here,
22:02 for what futility have you created
22:04 all the children of men.
22:05 That means we live with pretty feudal activities.
22:10 I'll give you an example.
22:11 I could use an example of a baby
22:14 trying to catch a racehorse.
22:16 It's an act of futility.
22:18 Will they ever catch a racehorse?
22:19 No.
22:20 So what is being said in the case of time,
22:23 when you think of how short your time is, it's futile.
22:26 It's an act of futility, meaning it's senseless
22:29 to try to get more
22:32 when you're not really doing anything
22:33 with what you have.
22:35 That's what David the patriarch is saying here, its futility.
22:39 All the children of men, it's futility
22:41 when you think about how short your time is.
22:44 So when you know your time is short,
22:46 make that short time count.
22:47 Do something with it.
22:49 I was talking about it not too long ago
22:50 how people should put plans together,
22:52 and goals together,
22:53 and dreams together, and visions,
22:55 and then start moving in the direction
22:57 of making that happen, fulfilling that.
23:00 Question number 22.
23:01 So did you put that in?
23:02 So Psalm 89:47, is in essence, make your time matter.
23:09 Okay, question number 22.
23:11 How does the wise man Solomon,
23:14 summarize the challenges of life?
23:18 How does he summarize the challenges of life?
23:22 Ecclesiastes Chapter 9.
23:27 And we're gonna look at verse 11 and 12,
23:29 the challenges of life, okay?
23:35 All right.
23:37 Now, if anybody is qualified
23:42 to write what we're about to read,
23:44 it is Solomon.
23:45 Do you all agree?
23:47 Because Solomon had, I would say, hands down,
23:52 more experience in the area
23:54 of who to marry and who not to marry
23:57 than anyone else on the planet.
23:59 Solomon had enough money to try anything and everything.
24:03 Solomon was the wealthiest
24:05 and the wisest man outside of Jesus
24:08 that ever lived.
24:11 And so when he began to look at all the things he tried,
24:14 all the things he pursued, all the decisions he made
24:19 that were just senseless and empty.
24:22 We get wisdom and if there's anything
24:24 that you get as you're getting older,
24:27 it should be wisdom.
24:28 You should be getting wise.
24:30 Look at what he said.
24:32 And I like the way he begins this because what he does is
24:35 this passage is suggesting that he sat down
24:38 and start to think back.
24:40 He started thinking back
24:42 and he started looking at his life
24:43 the way it actually happened.
24:46 He said, "I returned and saw under the sun.
24:52 The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong,
24:58 nor bread to the wise,
25:00 nor riches to men of understanding,
25:04 nor favor to men of skill,
25:07 but time and chance happen to them,"
25:11 what's the last word?
25:12 "To them all."
25:13 All the categories he put together,
25:15 the strong, the swift, the men that are wise,
25:19 those who are rich, he's saying,
25:21 "There's no difference because every one of them.
25:24 I read this, I don't know if I read it
25:28 or my wife showed it to me, I think was a cartoon.
25:31 And it was a cartoon of two graves opened up.
25:36 And the first question was,
25:38 what is the size of a plot for a rich man?
25:44 And he said, "I think it was seven feet long,
25:48 four feet wide and six feet deep."
25:51 And then he says, right next to him,
25:52 what is the size of a plot for a poor man?
25:56 Seven feet long, four feet wide,
25:57 and six feet deep.
25:59 That's what Solomon is saying,
26:01 time and chance happens to every one of us
26:03 and the sad reality is, I have more time behind me
26:08 than I have ahead of me.
26:10 And if the Lord doesn't come within the next,
26:14 and I wanna use a broad scale here,
26:16 if the Lord doesn't come within the next 120 years,
26:19 I'm starting from the youngest to the oldest.
26:21 If the Lord doesn't come within next 120 years,
26:24 everyone alive today, this entire planet,
26:27 everyone alive today on this entire planet
26:29 will have already passed away.
26:31 That's the reality of it.
26:33 Time and chance happen to how many of us?
26:36 All.
26:37 So you see the picture is dire when you think about it,
26:40 what can I do?
26:41 What can I do as Jesus said,
26:43 "What can a man give in exchange
26:45 for the greatest gift he has been given?"
26:48 What can you give in exchange for his soul?
26:50 What can you trade for that?
26:52 And what he means by that is,
26:53 when you put the scale of eternal life
26:55 and temporal life,
26:57 what can you put on the scale of temporal life
27:00 that can ever outweigh the scale of eternal life.
27:02 And what's the answer?
27:04 Nothing, absolutely nothing.
27:07 So, but there are a lot of people
27:08 that are giving up the scale.
27:09 They're packing the scale of temporal life,
27:12 like the story of the man who was very wealthy.
27:14 He was called the rich fool.
27:16 I think it was in Luke, in the Book of Luke.
27:18 He had so much crops, he had so many possessions,
27:20 he tore down his old barns, filled up his new barns
27:24 with all the things he had.
27:26 And he said, sit down, relax, take easier,
27:30 take easy of stuffs saved up for many, many years.
27:34 And the Bible says,
27:36 and the Lord said to him that night,
27:37 "Thy fool your soul is required of you."
27:41 Who's all this stuff going to before
27:44 and he died and left it all behind.
27:47 And just like the court jester to the king,
27:51 the king said to him, whenever the king was sad,
27:53 he would invite the court jester
27:55 to come into the court just like David
27:58 was invited to cheer up Solomon.
28:01 I mean, Saul, cheer up Saul and,
28:05 and he came when he was on a sad day
28:08 and the king said, "Dance for me, cheer me up."
28:12 And he danced for the king and the king began to laugh.
28:15 And the king just begin
28:17 a hearty belly laugh and he said,
28:19 "Oh, you're the greatest fool I've ever met.
28:21 Go ahead and leave my court."
28:23 The court jester left with his head down
28:24 with all his bells and his funny
28:26 multicolored outfit.
28:29 And one day he heard the king was taken very early,
28:32 came to the king side.
28:34 And one day the king said to him
28:36 as he was leaving,
28:38 "Go, leave my court.
28:40 You're the greatest fool I've ever met.
28:41 If you ever find a fool greater than yourself,
28:43 let me know."
28:45 And he heard the king was dying and he came to the king's bed
28:48 and he said, "What's wrong?"
28:50 He said, "Well, I think as soon my time is soon.
28:54 I think my time is coming, that I'm going to die.
28:58 He said, "Do you know where you're going?
29:01 Do you know what's gonna happen to you?
29:03 No.
29:04 Have you made any plans for what's gonna happen to you?
29:08 No.
29:12 And he remembered the ring
29:13 that the king had given him a while ago.
29:15 The ring was given in the midst
29:17 of all the subjects of the castle.
29:19 He says, "This ring is for the greatest fool
29:21 in my kingdom
29:23 and that court jester took off the ring and...
29:26 placed it on the king's finger and he said,
29:28 "I finally found the fool greater than I."
29:33 You see, the point of what's being said
29:35 by David and by Solomon,
29:37 and by the Apostle Paul,
29:39 is when we know our time is winding up,
29:42 we take no advantage to prepare for a time
29:46 that will never end.
29:48 It's not a wise thing to do
29:50 because as it is no matter of the category,
29:52 time and chance happens to how many of us?
29:55 All.
29:56 Very sobering thought, happens to all of us.
29:59 Now, notice, I'm gonna continue
30:01 because it continues in verse 12.
30:03 "For man also does not know his time."
30:09 Look at this, Ecclesiastes 9:12,
30:12 "For man also does not know his time,
30:15 like fish taken in a cruel net,
30:20 like birds caught in a snare.
30:24 So the sons of men are snared in an evil time
30:28 when it falls suddenly upon them."
30:32 That's what happens.
30:33 I hear stories, I just heard a tragic story
30:36 in New York city were on the way
30:39 home from school, a BMW sedan lost control
30:44 and ran upon the sidewalk and took the life of a child
30:49 on his way home from school, time and chance.
30:53 Some are snared in an evil time when suddenly it falls upon us.
30:56 No one knows how long his or her time is.
31:00 Very sobering, isn't it?
31:02 Let's go to question number 23.
31:05 Question number 23.
31:08 So if you look at question 22,
31:10 how does wise man Solomon summarize
31:12 the challenges of life?
31:14 Everything that happens, happens to every one of us.
31:16 We are all subject to the same things.
31:19 Question 23, it says,
31:23 what description does the Apostle James
31:25 give us to describe life?
31:27 Okay, let's look at James 4:14.
31:35 All right?
31:39 Here's the answer.
31:42 He said, "Whereas you do not know
31:46 what will happen tomorrow.
31:48 For what is your life?
31:51 It is even a," what?
31:53 "Vapor that appears for a little time and then,"
31:58 what happens?
32:00 "Vanishes away."
32:02 Does anybody like tea?
32:04 Like a hot every now and then?
32:06 I like ginger tea.
32:08 My wife makes some of the good ginger tea,
32:10 we were in Africa and they, ginger tea,
32:13 ginger with lemon and honey, they call it Dawa.
32:16 In Kenya, Dawa in Nakuru, Kenya, it's called Dawa.
32:21 Very good, I like that.
32:23 But what I notice is, I can always tell
32:25 when the hot water is ready because I see the vapor.
32:29 Now if you sit there long enough,
32:31 how long does the vapor last?
32:38 Okay, now just let's get this text in our head.
32:41 First answer the question.
32:43 How does James describe life?
32:45 Let's put down in one word, vapor.
32:49 If you don't know how long vapor last,
32:50 just go ahead and boil something,
32:52 it just rises and is gone.
32:54 And when you think about eternity,
32:55 when you think about the broadness of eternity,
32:58 when you think about God
33:00 who has no beginning and who has no what?
33:03 Has no end.
33:05 If you try to, if you took a piece of paper like this
33:08 and it's very bright and I don't want
33:10 to blank out the camera.
33:12 If I try to draw little lines on this white piece of paper
33:15 that represented my life,
33:18 this pen is still too thick
33:22 to represent how long my life is,
33:25 this whole piece of paper represents God's existence.
33:28 If I tried to draw a little line on here
33:29 representing how long I was around this,
33:32 this will still be too thick.
33:34 You couldn't even see the thin, thin, thin line
33:37 that represents my life
33:40 in comparison to the alpha and the what else?
33:43 Omega.
33:44 The beginning and the what else?
33:45 End.
33:47 From everlasting to everlasting,
33:48 where are we in that?
33:55 Wow.
33:58 Say it again, vapor.
34:00 Say it, vapor.
34:04 Wow.
34:06 Young people don't get caught vaping
34:09 because your life is a vapor.
34:12 Think about it.
34:14 I've seen these young people nowadays getting messed up
34:16 with this vaping thing.
34:18 Teenagers smoke and filling their lungs,
34:24 losing consciousness, but their lives are a vapor
34:28 still short and fleeting.
34:31 Okay, let's go to number 24.
34:34 Let's see what we can do here.
34:36 Let's crack the code.
34:37 Number 24.
34:41 In light of the urgency of time,
34:45 what kind of worker should we be?
34:50 What kind of worker should we be?
34:54 In the light of the urgency of time,
34:56 what kind of worker should we be?
35:00 Wow.
35:01 And you know, for those of us who live here in the Midwest,
35:03 this really jumped out because
35:05 we are in the breadbasket of the United States.
35:07 You know, you can drive down the road still here
35:09 in the Midwest and you can see,
35:10 you know, cornfields on one side,
35:12 wheat on the other, soybean on the other
35:15 and in the good season, it's just like,
35:17 endless rows, endless you could see,
35:21 but when the winter comes, what do you see?
35:24 What do you see?
35:26 What do you see out there, Roger?
35:28 Nothing in the winter, and you think to yourself,
35:32 "I can't believe how much stuff was out here
35:34 just four months ago or three months ago."
35:36 And the winter comes, what do you see?
35:38 Nothing.
35:39 That's why, and this is gonna be powerful.
35:41 That's why when you see how ripe the harvest is,
35:44 you have to know it's just for time
35:47 because soon they'll be after the harvest what's left?
35:51 Nothing.
35:52 So now with that in mind, let's read this passage.
35:54 In light of the urgency of time,
35:56 what kind of workers should we be?
35:58 John 4:35.
36:01 "Do you not say,
36:04 'There are still four months and then comes the harvest?'
36:07 Behold I say to you, lift up your," what?
36:11 "Eyes and look at the fields,
36:15 for they are already ripe for," what?
36:18 "Harvest."
36:19 He says don't get caught by missing
36:22 what's right in front of you.
36:24 We were driving on highway 55,
36:27 that's off of highway 64 in Southern Illinois here,
36:30 when you go to 55 through Staunton
36:34 and all those back roads, but on left and right,
36:38 the road ebbs and goes up and down
36:40 and sometimes you're above the field,
36:42 sometimes you're below the fields in visibility.
36:45 And my wife one day, she said,
36:48 "Why are you so captured by this?
36:49 It's like you've never seen this before."
36:52 I said, "It's so green
36:53 and it just seems like it's so far."
36:57 Let's do the same thing in the winter.
36:59 You don't see anything, but just black fields,
37:02 shrubs, dried up ground.
37:05 And so what the Bible's in essence saying to us here
37:07 in light of this is,
37:08 there is a time the harvest is before us,
37:11 we should all be diligent laborers
37:12 because the harvest is just for very, very, very short season.
37:16 Okay.
37:17 So in light of the urgency of time,
37:18 what kind of workers should we be?
37:20 What word?
37:22 What's the word you can give to me?
37:24 Diligent.
37:26 That's right, diligent, diligent,
37:29 because I see some of those corn stocks.
37:31 They're just so close together.
37:33 And I asked a farmer, said, "How do you get in there?"
37:34 He said, "Well combine, it's higher up,"
37:38 'cause I thought to myself,
37:39 who would walk in that field and pick that corn,
37:42 it's so close together.
37:43 He said, "You don't walk in there and pick it,
37:44 you just get a combine and it just cleans it out."
37:49 So also the worker of God should be in the field,
37:52 because the harvest is ripe and ready to be gathered in.
37:56 Question number 25.
38:01 Okay.
38:04 As a steward of time,
38:06 what should the servants of God do?
38:10 What should the servants of God do?
38:13 This is a wonderful calibration.
38:16 Revelation 1:3, as a steward of time,
38:19 what should the servants of God do?
38:22 Okay.
38:23 There are three words that are highlighted in yellow.
38:25 When I get to those, I want you to read it with me.
38:27 All right?
38:29 Revelation 1:3, here it is on the screen.
38:33 You gonna read the yellow together, remember,
38:35 "Blessed is he who," does what?
38:37 "Reads and those who hear
38:40 the words of this prophecy and," what else?
38:42 "Keep those things which are written in it,
38:46 for the time is at hand."
38:52 Now, think about that, when John wrote that,
38:55 he was on an island
38:58 in the Aegean Sea on an island called Patmos.
39:01 He was a prisoner,
39:03 practically almost 2000 years ago.
39:07 And he said, the time is near or the time is at hand.
39:13 If the time was near then,
39:14 how much nearer is the time now?
39:17 And what he meant by that,
39:18 there's a particular word he brings out here
39:22 the words of this prophecy.
39:24 He said, "What is being prophesied
39:26 is a lot closer now than it was then."
39:29 Want to get a glimpse of that?
39:31 Go to Matthew 24.
39:32 Let's see what he's talking about.
39:34 Let's see what he's talking about,
39:35 Matthew Chapter 24.
39:37 These are the words of Christ.
39:38 But you'll see the words of John
39:40 are also intermingled with these.
39:44 Matthew 24, just briefly look at that.
39:49 Okay, and I wanna go to verse 36.
39:52 Because Matthew 24:36,
39:55 because this once again goes down to the issue of time.
39:58 All right?
40:00 Matthew 24:36,
40:05 "But of the day, but of that day,
40:07 an hour no one knows.
40:09 No, not even the angels of heaven,
40:11 but my father," what?
40:13 "My father only."
40:14 But now look at the comparison.
40:16 But as the days of Noah,
40:18 that's the days before the flood,
40:20 so also will the coming of the Son of man be.
40:23 Now what kind of days where they?
40:26 For as in the days before the flood,
40:29 they were eating and drinking.
40:30 Are people doing that today?
40:32 You go to major cities, that's the major event,
40:34 where can we eat, where can we drink,
40:36 where can we go out?
40:37 They were eating and drinking,
40:39 marrying and giving a marriages,
40:41 that mean some people were getting married,
40:43 some people given their children to be married.
40:45 Nothing wrong with either of those
40:46 but look what happened,
40:48 they were unconscious of the time
40:50 until the day that Noah entered the ark,
40:52 and verse 39,
40:54 and did not know
40:56 until the flood came and did what?
40:58 Took them all away.
41:00 So also will the coming of the Son of man be.
41:03 That's why let's go now to verse 32.
41:05 I want you to get this.
41:07 I'm kind of going backward setting the stage.
41:09 Look at verse 31. I mean, verse 32.
41:12 All right, now learn the parable.
41:15 Learn this parable from the fig tree.
41:18 Once again, another parable about time,
41:22 "When its branch has already become tender,
41:25 and puts forth leaves,
41:27 you know that," what is near?
41:29 "The summer is near."
41:31 Once again, a parable on time.
41:34 So you also, when you see all these things,
41:37 know that it is near what?
41:40 At the very doors.
41:42 So now we're going back now, I'm just setting the stage,
41:45 we're going back, we're talking about
41:47 the urgency of time.
41:48 Nobody knows when it's gonna be,
41:49 but if you check out the fig tree,
41:52 when you see the shoots coming out,
41:54 you know the summer is coming.
41:55 So when you see all these things,
41:57 you know, it's really near.
41:59 The question is what things?
42:00 Let's go very quickly.
42:01 Go back to verse 6.
42:11 Once again about all the urgency.
42:14 Solomon talked about it.
42:16 Paul talked about it. John talked about it.
42:19 Look at what the Lord Jesus said,
42:21 "And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars.
42:24 See that you are not troubled,
42:26 for all these things must come to pass,
42:29 but the end is not yet."
42:30 Now, the scene changes.
42:33 "For nation, verse 7,
42:35 "will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom
42:39 and there will be famines,
42:40 pestilences and earthquakes in various places.
42:44 All these are the," what?
42:46 "Beginning of sorrows."
42:48 The end is not yet the beginning of sorrows.
42:49 And then he talks about the scene changing.
42:52 Verse 9, "Then they will deliver you up to tribulation,
42:56 and kill you and you will be hated of all nations
42:58 for my name's sake."
43:01 But the good news is,
43:02 and I want you to get the good news
43:04 because these are not such good things to focus on.
43:08 But one of the most encouraging signs of the end
43:11 is in verse 14.
43:14 Look at verse 14.
43:17 And that's what's happening today,
43:18 even as you watch this program,
43:21 "And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached,"
43:24 in how much of the world?
43:25 "All the world for a witness to all nations
43:29 and then the end," will what?
43:32 "Will come," amen?
43:33 So you have wars, rumors of wars,
43:35 earthquakes, pestilence, that's diseases,
43:37 fires, floods, marrying, giving in marriage,
43:40 drinking, eating, people just oblivious of what's happening.
43:44 And the Bible says
43:46 that's how it was in Noah's day,
43:47 that's how it's gonna be today.
43:48 But then something that should tell you that the end is very,
43:51 very near is the gospel is being preached
43:54 in all the world
43:57 to let all the nations know, you know, now you know,
43:59 now you know, now you know, now you know.
44:03 And it's not necessarily something
44:04 that's gonna be accepted by everyone,
44:06 but it's gonna be as a witness to all nations.
44:09 And heaven is checking off the box
44:10 of all those who've heard and then the end will come.
44:16 And right now as you're watching this program,
44:18 3ABN is on the forefront of fulfilling
44:20 that beautiful push of getting the gospel
44:23 into the world by television and by radio.
44:25 Amen?
44:27 Now we're gonna transition.
44:30 We talked about the stewardship of time.
44:33 Is time important?
44:34 Let me get your response, is time important?
44:37 Is it important to know the times?
44:38 Yes.
44:40 And it's important to also know what to do
44:41 in light of the times not just to say,
44:43 well, it's 11:30, I need to go to bed
44:46 as well.
44:47 I need to get, go to bed so I can get up in the morning.
44:49 See, not only what you need to do on this end,
44:52 but why you're doing it,
44:53 it affects what happens on the other end.
44:55 Everything we do on this end affects
44:57 what happens on the other end.
44:59 If I get ready for the coming of the Lord now,
45:02 I won't have to worry about when Jesus comes.
45:04 If I go to bed in time to get up early in the morning.
45:07 I can be refreshed in the morning
45:08 if the Lord gives me another day.
45:10 Everything on this end affects what happens
45:12 and how we look forward to what happens
45:13 on the other end.
45:15 All right?
45:16 Which now takes us to another, second category of stewardship.
45:20 The first one is time.
45:22 The next one is temple.
45:24 And I'm gonna go to testimony, talent and then treasure.
45:30 All right?
45:31 So we're now gonna go
45:32 to the stewardship of the temple,
45:36 the stewardship of the temple, the stewardship of the temple.
45:40 Now the temple is,
45:42 is almost all throughout the Bible.
45:47 I'll use another word for temple, sanctuary.
45:52 All throughout the Bible.
45:54 So much of the Bible is written in the understanding
45:57 of this concept of the temple.
46:00 And, huh?
46:02 Oh, yeah, we'll get there in a moment.
46:05 He already knows, but he thinks he does.
46:09 But that's a good one.
46:10 And so we're gonna begin to see
46:11 when we understand the stewardship,
46:13 but once again now who owns time,
46:16 just to recollect, who owns time?
46:17 God does.
46:19 Okay, so we're gonna get to see now,
46:20 who owns the temple, who does?
46:23 Now we'll see how the Bible illustrates
46:24 that very point.
46:26 God owns the temple.
46:27 So the question is, where is the temple?
46:30 What is the temple?
46:32 Let's stop with this question tonight.
46:33 And by the way, as you bring this slide up,
46:36 I wanna show you the five T's, here it is.
46:39 Stewardship is time, temple, testimony, talent, treasure.
46:44 Once again, together, time, temple testimony,
46:48 talent, and treasure.
46:49 That's the five areas of stewardship,
46:52 just to reiterate.
46:54 All right?
46:55 Now let's look together at question number 26,
47:00 number 26.
47:02 How does the Bible describe the stewardship of the temple?
47:08 How does the Bible describe
47:10 the stewardship of the temple?
47:13 This is so amazing
47:15 in light of the world we live in today.
47:18 1 Corinthians 6:19,
47:22 "How does the Bible describe
47:23 the stewardship of the temple?"
47:25 Let's see
47:26 what the Apostle Paul says to us.
47:28 1 Corinthians 6:19, here is what we read,
47:34 "Or do you not know that," what's the next two words?
47:39 "Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit,
47:45 who is in you, whom you have from God
47:49 and you are not your own?"
47:51 Now, this is huge.
47:52 I don't want to run past this.
47:54 Because the words that are in yellow
47:56 that you saw is simply your body is the temple.
48:00 Your body is the temple of the who?
48:04 Holy Spirit.
48:05 Now this is huge,
48:06 because when you think of the furniture
48:08 that was in the temple, Solomon built a temple
48:11 that was supposed to be for the glory of God,
48:13 but even still to this very day,
48:15 we call it Solomon's temple,
48:17 when in fact it was supposed to be
48:18 God's temple.
48:19 The glory went to him instead to the Lord.
48:22 It was built for the Lord,
48:24 but it's not called the Lord's temple.
48:26 It was called Solomon's temple.
48:28 Now, when you think of your body,
48:30 your physical body this is talked about.
48:32 It says your body
48:34 is the temple of the Holy Spirit.
48:39 Where is the Holy Spirit wanting to live?
48:42 In us.
48:43 So when you give your life to Christ,
48:45 this is a powerful exchange,
48:47 because we have to come to the conclusion
48:50 that not every spirit is holy.
48:56 When you give your life to Christ,
48:58 a transaction takes place.
49:01 That means who was the body,
49:05 the owner of the body hasn't really changed
49:10 but the stewardship of the body has changed.
49:13 Can I say that again?
49:18 Well, let me give you some questions.
49:22 The answer is yes, so when I ask you.
49:25 Remember the answer is what?
49:27 Yes.
49:28 I'm making it really easy.
49:29 Who created, did God create the human body?
49:31 Yes.
49:33 Okay, that was very easy.
49:35 Never got an answer from the teacher,
49:36 but you got the answer.
49:38 So now with that answer, with that answer,
49:41 who owns our bodies?
49:42 God.
49:44 Okay, so the wealthy, the poor,
49:47 the sinner, the righteous, the good, the evil everybody?
49:51 Did everybody that every human body
49:54 that ever walked this planet
49:57 come from the original hand of God?
49:59 Yes.
50:00 Right because the human bodies could not exist
50:02 without God creating them,
50:03 but has everyone that walked this planet
50:06 honored the living God?
50:08 No. Okay.
50:10 So you could see the impact on the human body
50:12 of the person who doesn't acknowledge the true God.
50:17 You can see the impact.
50:19 The external evidence is, boy, that person looks worn out.
50:29 Look at what's happened to that individual.
50:32 The external evidences
50:35 of who you recognize to be your God
50:39 is manifest in the body.
50:45 Did you get that?
50:47 The body is either the place where the Holy Spirit
50:51 is dwelling and changing us
50:54 or the body is either the place where evil spirits
50:58 are dwelling and the change is not for the glory of God.
51:03 There is no third category.
51:07 When you give your life to the Lord,
51:08 your body is the temple
51:10 of the Holy Spirit who is where?
51:12 In you.
51:13 Whom you have from God and it ends by saying,
51:17 "And you are not your own, you don't belong to yourself."
51:21 There's so many people today and I've heard this before
51:26 even some songs years ago,
51:29 you know, this is my body
51:32 and, you know, contemporary songs,
51:34 I used to be a disc jockey
51:36 that just one just came to my mind, people saying,
51:38 you know, do what you want to do, it's your body.
51:42 And they feel that there's no accountability to anybody
51:45 but themselves.
51:46 But according to the Bible,
51:48 none of us belongs to ourselves.
51:52 So I want you to write that down.
51:53 How does the Bible describe the stewardship of the temple?
51:57 Who does your body belong to?
51:59 Write it down, who does your body belong to?
52:03 God.
52:05 We must give an account
52:09 to God about our bodies.
52:15 Wow.
52:16 And when you think of the way today
52:18 that the body is abused,
52:20 it's abused, materialistically.
52:22 It has become a canvas of ink.
52:24 It has become a dartboard of holes.
52:26 It has become a place where people don't care
52:28 about multiple sex partners
52:31 and dumping ground for alcohol and drugs,
52:37 and people have just degraded the human body
52:41 to the point where God is saying,
52:43 "What happened?
52:45 What are you doing to My temple?
52:48 It's the canvas of ink tattoos,
52:52 but I want to give you some good news.
52:55 There is no depth to which a person has sunk,
52:58 that the Lord can't pull them out.
53:01 Amen?
53:02 He ever lives to make intercession.
53:04 He can save us to the uttermost,
53:06 if we simply come to Him.
53:08 There's nothing we could do
53:10 as Paul says that can separate us
53:12 from God's love, but if we come to Him,
53:14 that change is made.
53:16 But let's make no doubt about it.
53:18 Each one of us is accountable to the Lord
53:23 for what happens to our bodies.
53:25 Let's go to the next question. See if we can get it tonight.
53:27 Question number 27, might be able to get them in,
53:30 question number 27.
53:32 Through what event
53:34 does the Bible reveal God's ownership of our bodies?
53:38 Through what event does
53:39 the Bible reveal God's ownership of our bodies?
53:45 Let's go to Genesis 1:26.
53:51 Okay, let's look at that together.
53:56 Going back to the original creations,
53:58 "Then God said," it's on the screen,
54:00 "Let us make man in our," what?
54:03 "Image according to our," what?
54:06 "Likeness, let them have dominion
54:09 over the fish of the sea,
54:11 over the birds of the air, and over the cattle,
54:15 over all the earth,
54:17 and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth."
54:21 So who are we designed after?
54:26 God.
54:27 Not only did He make us according to His image,
54:31 but He made us according to His likeness.
54:34 Now something happened, all have sinned in Romans 3:23,
54:39 "All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God."
54:42 That's what happened to humanity
54:43 when sin came into the world.
54:45 Romans 5:12, "By one man sin entered the world,
54:48 and death through sin
54:49 and thus death spread to all men
54:52 because all have sinned,"
54:53 which simply means
54:55 not that a baby does something wrong,
54:56 but she or he as they are born
54:59 has the same defective nature
55:02 that Adam received after he led the world unto sin
55:05 after he opened the door to sin,
55:06 that same defect was passed on to his genes.
55:09 And every one of us from that point on,
55:11 that very image, and that very likeness
55:13 that we were created in, was distorted.
55:16 All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.
55:19 Right?
55:20 So let's see, the ownership of our bodies
55:23 is because now through what event does
55:25 the Bible reveal God's ownership of our bodies?
55:28 Genesis 1:26.
55:29 What is that event that's being described there?
55:32 What is it? Creation.
55:34 Creation, so write it down creation, through creation,
55:38 through creation, through creation,
55:42 we are all property of God.
55:46 Through creation we are all the property of God.
55:49 But now let's go
55:50 because remember I said a moment ago,
55:52 something happened, and we all fell into sin,
55:55 and that cord between us and God was broken,
55:59 and somebody else confiscated our rights,
56:02 because we gave it up.
56:04 Somebody else was in control of us.
56:06 But look at the love of Christ.
56:07 1 Corinthians 6:20.
56:14 This is the next event that shows God's ownership.
56:18 "For you were bought at a price,
56:20 therefore glorify God," in your what?
56:24 "In your body and in your spirit,
56:26 which are God's."
56:27 That means your spiritual walk and your physical walk
56:31 should be evidence that God is your Lord.
56:34 But what was this event talked about here?
56:37 The first event in Genesis 1:26 was creation.
56:41 What event here describes God's ownership of our body?
56:44 Somebody tell me, what does this event describe?
56:46 Say it again. Redemption.
56:48 Redemption, that's right.
56:49 Creation was one, redemption is the other,
56:52 for you were bought at a price.
56:55 The devil by Adam's sin
56:58 confiscated the ownership of the human body.
57:03 But the Lord brought us back, amen somebody?
57:07 He bought us with the price and what is that price?
57:11 His own life, His own life, so I want to summarize
57:16 because I don't want to go to the next question tonight,
57:17 I want to summarize, what we've covered tonight
57:20 is the stewardship of time, the stewardship of what?
57:22 Time. Who owns time?
57:24 God does.
57:25 All of our time belongs to the Lord.
57:28 What we do with our time,
57:29 one day, we'll have to be accountable to that time.
57:32 Who owns our bodies, together?
57:34 God does.
57:36 What we do with our body,
57:37 for we must all appear
57:39 before the judgment seat of Christ,
57:41 that every one of us must give an account
57:43 of the things done in the body, whether good or whether evil.
57:47 So, friends let me encourage you,
57:49 give your time and your temple to the Lord,
57:52 who in fact is the rightful owner
57:54 and if it doesn't make sense,
57:55 keep on studying God's Word because one day
57:58 it will come into A Sharper Focus.
58:00 God bless you.


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