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The Importance of the Historical Flow, Part 1

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00:15 Well, what a blessing it is to be at the Anchor Bible school.
00:18 This is session number five.
00:20 It seems like just an hour ago that we began.
00:23 And we're already going to study lesson number five.
00:27 What I want us to deal with at this time is the principle
00:32 that states that the historical flow method is the key that
00:36 must be used in order to understand properly
00:40 Bible prophecy.
00:41 Now I'm not going to follow what we find in the outline.
00:45 You can read what we have in the outline under this point.
00:49 What I'm going to do is present the material that is titled,
00:52 "The Dangers of Futurism."
00:55 And as soon as we finish this material,
00:58 you're going to be able to answer all of the questions
01:00 that are found in the syllabus.
01:02 And so we won't follow the syllabus, but we are going to
01:05 cover the material that is found there in the syllabus.
01:09 And so we are going to take a look at the material
01:11 that is titled, "The Dangers of Futurism."
01:16 At one of our workers meetings recently
01:19 here in the conference that I work in,
01:21 we were discussing the signs that indicate
01:25 that Jesus is soon to come, and that He is even at the door.
01:30 The pastors were presenting different signs in the world
01:34 that indicated that the event is imminent.
01:37 And in the midst of the conversation one of the
01:39 pastors stood up and confidently affirmed,
01:44 "I'm not too concerned about what's coming
01:47 or how He's coming.
01:50 My only concern is who is coming."
01:54 At the time it sounded like a nice sound bite.
01:58 But upon closer reflection, it is a very dangerous thing
02:03 not to know what's coming and how Jesus is coming.
02:09 I might say that several of the pastors said a hearty, "amen,"
02:13 to this statement.
02:15 Perhaps thoughtlessly.
02:18 Now some Christians believe that Jesus Christ will return
02:21 before the tribulation.
02:24 Other Christians believe that Jesus will come in the
02:27 middle of the tribulation.
02:29 And others believe that Jesus will come at the end
02:33 of the tribulation period.
02:35 Now as Seventh-day Adventists, we believe that Jesus will come
02:38 at the end of the tribulation period.
02:40 We believe that God's people will go through
02:43 the end time tribulation.
02:45 But most Christians today do not believe that.
02:49 And you might be wondering, who cares whether the
02:52 coming of Jesus is pre-trib, mid-trib, or post-trib?
02:57 Isn't it only important that Jesus is going to come
03:00 at some point?
03:01 Who cares whether it's before, during, or after
03:05 the tribulation.
03:06 Well, if you tune in your television on Sunday mornings,
03:12 you will receive a steady diet of end time scenarios.
03:17 And all of these end time scenarios
03:19 are very, very similar.
03:22 The predominate one is what we call, futurism.
03:27 It is the standard view of conservative Christians
03:30 such as evangelicals, Baptists, and people of a
03:34 charismatic persuasion.
03:36 Although there are minor variations in details,
03:40 they are in harmony when it comes to the common denominators
03:45 of this view.
03:46 It actually characterizes most of the television evangelists
03:51 that come across the airwaves on Sunday.
03:54 Now what is this futurist view of Bible prophecy
03:58 that has been embraced by most conservative Christians?
04:03 The fundamental view of futurists is that God has
04:07 two radically different plans;
04:11 one for literal Israel and the other for the Christian church.
04:16 In other words, God's plan for the Jews and God's plan
04:20 for the church are radically different from one another,
04:24 and they are mutually exclusive.
04:27 Now I want to share with you what the scenario
04:30 of futurism looks like.
04:33 Basically, the entire scenario is based on their understanding
04:38 of the prophecy of the 70 weeks, as well as their
04:41 understanding of the millennium.
04:43 And we'll deal with the millennium
04:45 a little bit later on.
04:47 You see, for them the 70 weeks are to be understood
04:50 as 490 years, as Seventh-day Adventists believe.
04:55 But they believe that the 70 weeks begin in the days
04:59 of Nehemiah when Nehemiah went to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem
05:04 in the year 445 BC.
05:07 As Adventists, we believe that the 70 weeks begin in 457 BC.
05:11 But they believe that the 70 weeks begin in 445 BC.
05:17 Now, they believe that the first 69 weeks,
05:21 the first 483 years, flow consecutively
05:26 without interruption.
05:28 And they end, according to them, in the year 33
05:32 with the first coming of Jesus.
05:34 Now we know that it's the year 31, but they begin later
05:38 and they end two years later than what Adventists believe.
05:42 Now they teach that when Jesus came, He offered the Jews
05:47 His literal kingdom.
05:49 And the Jewish nation rejected the kingdom
05:52 that Jesus offered them.
05:54 And therefore, Jesus had to go to a plan B.
06:00 Because the Jewish nation rejected the Messiah,
06:03 none of the events of the 70th week could be fulfilled.
06:07 Because Jesus came at the end of the 69th week.
06:13 And so because the Jews rejected Jesus,
06:16 the 70th week could not be fulfilled.
06:20 You see, what they do is they separate week number 70
06:25 from the previous 69 weeks.
06:28 Basically, they say that the first 69 weeks flowed
06:32 and ended with the coming of Jesus in the year 33,
06:36 but then the 70th week could not be fulfilled
06:39 immediately after because the Jews rejected Jesus Christ.
06:45 So what God did was to suspend His plan
06:49 for the literal Jewish nation.
06:51 In other words, He put it on hold.
06:53 Week number 70 was never fulfilled consecutively
06:57 with the first 69 weeks.
07:00 And so they say that during the last twenty centuries
07:03 God has been dealing with the Gentiles, or with the church.
07:06 What they call the church age,
07:08 or the period of the times of the Gentiles.
07:12 The plan for the Jews has been put on hold.
07:15 And for twenty centuries plus, God has been dealing
07:18 with the church.
07:20 And week number 70 has never been fulfilled yet.
07:24 It is severed or separated from the first 69.
07:29 Now, they believe that when the Jewish state was re-established
07:33 in 1948, that this was a very significant event.
07:38 In fact, they believe that this is the most significant event
07:42 that indicates that the coming of Jesus, that the rapture
07:46 is imminent; the re-establishment of the
07:49 nation of Israel in 1948.
07:51 They say, "This is the catalytic event that is going to indicate
07:56 that Jesus is coming very, very soon."
07:58 And then, of course, in the 1967 war when the Jews recovered
08:03 certain portions of territory, they said,
08:05 "This is further evidence that the coming of Jesus in the
08:09 rapture is very imminent and is going to happen very soon."
08:15 So they believe that the plan for the Jews was suspended
08:19 at the end of week number 69, the 70th week was never
08:23 fulfilled immediately after the 69,
08:26 for twenty centuries plus God has suspended His plan
08:30 for the literal Jewish nation, and now He is engrafting
08:34 the Gentiles, which is known as the church age
08:37 or the times of the Gentiles.
08:40 Now they believe that when the times of the Gentiles
08:43 comes to an end, when the church age comes to an end,
08:47 the prophetic clock for Israel will begin to tick again.
08:52 And the 70th week will begin to be fulfilled
08:56 with an interval of over 2000 years between the
09:00 first 69 and the 70th week.
09:04 They believe that the event that will mark the beginning
09:08 of the last week, or the last 7 years of Daniel 9,
09:12 is what they call, the rapture of the church.
09:16 According to them, the times of the Gentiles
09:18 will come to an end, the church age will come to an end,
09:21 when the church is raptured to heaven invisibly.
09:26 People will suddenly vanish, drivers will disappear,
09:30 pilots will vanish, and there will be chaos
09:33 and disorder everywhere.
09:35 Believers will be caught up to heaven.
09:38 And those who are not ready, along with the literal Jews,
09:42 will be left behind.
09:44 Now one of the great proponents of this is called, Hal Lindsey.
09:48 And he calls the rapture, the great snatch.
09:51 He also wrote a book titled, Vanished Into Thin Air.
09:57 In other words, people are going to disappear everywhere
10:00 on planet earth in the rapture.
10:02 They will be taken too heaven with Jesus.
10:06 And then they believe that the Holy Spirit
10:08 will be withdrawn from the earth.
10:10 And the events from Revelation 4 verse 1 to Revelation 19
10:16 will begin to be fulfilled.
10:19 They believe that Revelation 4 verse 1
10:21 where God says to John, "Come up hither,"
10:25 that expression, "Come up hither,"
10:27 is referring to the rapture.
10:29 That John symbolizes the church, and it's talking about
10:32 the rapture of the church.
10:34 And so they believe that from Revelation 4 verse 1
10:37 all the way through Revelation chapter 19,
10:41 it deals exclusively with the Jews after
10:45 the rapture of the church.
10:48 Now they believe that during the last seven years
10:50 of the prophecy of the 70 weeks, during this last week
10:54 of the 70 week prophecy, at the beginning
10:58 a personal antichrist, an individual, will rise to power.
11:02 And he will rule over a ten nation Roman federation.
11:08 Which they understand to be the ten horns of Daniel 7
11:12 and the ten horns that we find in Revelation chapter 12
11:17 and Revelation chapter 13.
11:20 And so they believe that this antichrist will rise to power.
11:23 And during the first 1260 days of his dominion
11:29 things will go quite well for the Jews.
11:32 In fact, he's going to sign a peace treaty with the Jews,
11:36 and he will favor them.
11:38 He will rebuild the Jewish temple.
11:41 And the sacrificial system will be re-established,
11:44 and all will appear to be well.
11:48 But low and behold, what the Jews don't realize is that
11:50 this individual, this nice person during these
11:53 three and a half years, is the antichrist.
11:55 But he's hidden his identity.
11:58 At the beginning of the final 42 months...
12:00 Because they separate the 1260 days from the 42 months.
12:04 They take the 42 months to be the last three and a half years
12:07 of the 70 week prophecy.
12:09 So after the 42 literal months...
12:11 Or at the beginning, rather, of the 42 months,
12:14 the ruler of the ten nation federation, who is the
12:17 antichrist, will unveil himself and will reveal his true colors.
12:23 Low and behold, he is the predicted antichrist
12:26 of Scripture.
12:27 He will be a blasphemous individual.
12:29 He will blaspheme Christ and he will persecute the Jews.
12:35 He will sit in a literal Jerusalem temple
12:38 that has been rebuilt, and will have a literal image
12:41 built of himself.
12:42 And he will command everyone to bow down and worship
12:45 the literal image.
12:47 And whoever doesn't worship will be killed.
12:50 He will put a tattoo on the forehead or on the right hand
12:55 of individuals who do not worship the beast or his image.
13:00 They teach that during this time 144,000 converted Jews
13:06 will become Billy Grahams and will preach against
13:10 the antichrist and launch a merciless persecution
13:15 against the Jews.
13:17 This will be the time of Jacob's trouble.
13:21 They believe that during this time literal Moses and Elijah
13:25 will resurrect.
13:26 And then they will be killed for witnessing
13:29 against the antichrist.
13:31 At the end of the 42 months, or the last week of Daniel 9,
13:36 the antichrist will come to his ignominious end.
13:42 Jesus will come gloriously, literally, and visibly
13:46 from heaven with those that He took to heaven
13:48 seven years before.
13:50 And He will destroy the antichrist
13:52 and He will deliver literal Israel from the time
13:57 of Jacob's trouble.
13:58 Then Jesus will establish on earth His literal kingdom
14:03 for a thousand years, a millennium,
14:05 and people will live here in their mortal state
14:08 and Jesus will rule them with a rod of iron.
14:13 So is the futurist scenario that is being fed
14:17 to millions of people every Sunday morning on television.
14:21 And it is believed as gospel truth by conservative
14:26 Christians all over the world.
14:30 Now let's ask as Seventh-day Adventists, what implications
14:33 does this interpretation of prophecy have for us?
14:37 I have several things that we're going to take a look at.
14:39 It has severe implications for Seventh-day Adventist theology,
14:44 Seventh-day Adventist mission, and the very existence
14:48 of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
14:50 So let's take a look at a few things that happen
14:54 with Adventist interpretation when we adopt,
14:57 or if we should adopt, the futurist scenario.
15:01 Point number one, if the fulfillment
15:05 of Revelation 4 through 19 is future with literal Israel
15:12 after the church is gone from earth,
15:15 what relevance do the three angels' messages have today?
15:19 None.
15:21 Because if Revelation 4 through 19
15:24 is going to be fulfilled in the future with the literal Jews
15:26 after the church has gone to heaven,
15:29 the three angels' messages apply to that time,
15:33 not to this time.
15:34 So what the devil is telling people,
15:36 and I've had people tell me this in Revelation seminars,
15:39 they say, "Well we don't worry about Revelation 14.
15:41 That happens after the rapture."
15:43 And so what has happened, the devil has muted
15:46 the very central message of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
15:50 Ellen White has expressed the importance of the
15:53 three angels' messages.
15:54 Let's read these statements.
15:56 The first is in volume 6 of the Testimonies, pages 17 and 18.
16:01 She says, "The three angels of Revelation 14 are represented
16:05 as flying in the midst of heaven,
16:07 symbolizing the work of those who proclaim the
16:10 first, second, and third angels' messages.
16:14 All are linked together.
16:16 The evidences of the abiding, ever living truth of these
16:19 grand messages that mean so much to the church,
16:24 that have awakened such intense opposition
16:27 from the religious world, are not extinct."
16:30 Now listen carefully to this.
16:33 "Satan is constantly seeking to cast a shadow
16:36 about these messages, so that the people of God shall not
16:41 clearly discern..." Three things.
16:44 Their what? "...their import..."
16:46 What is meant by the word, "import?"
16:48 Their importance.
16:51 What's the second thing?
16:53 "...their time..."
16:54 That is, when they're fulfilled.
16:56 And what? ""
16:58 Where.
16:59 When, where, and their importance.
17:03 The devil is trying to cast a shadow over them.
17:06 And she continues saying, "But they live and are to exert
17:10 their power upon our religious experience
17:12 while time shall last."
17:14 Praise the Lord for that.
17:16 In another statement that we find in, Early Writings,
17:19 page 256, this is a significant statement.
17:22 You know, Ellen White says that most Adventists are
17:24 going to forsake the three angels' messages.
17:28 But there will be no decrease in the people that are
17:31 in God's ranks because multitudes will come into
17:33 the Adventist church.
17:36 She says this, "Many who embraced the third message
17:40 had not had an experience in the former two messages."
17:44 This is talking about 1844.
17:46 See, the Millerites proclaimed the first two,
17:50 and there were people who were being converted
17:52 that had not had the experience in the first two.
17:54 Now notice Satan's reaction.
17:56 "Satan understood this, and his evil eye was upon them
18:01 to overthrow them; but the third angel was pointing them
18:04 to the most holy place, and those who had had an experience
18:08 in the past messages were pointing them the way
18:11 to the heavenly sanctuary."
18:13 Because we're going to notice that the third angel's message
18:15 is closely related with the Most Holy Place
18:17 of the Sanctuary.
18:18 And then she says this, "Many saw the perfect
18:22 chain of truth in the angels' messages,
18:25 and gladly received them..." How?
18:28 " their order..."
18:30 Don't preach number three before you preach number one.
18:33 " their order, and followed Jesus by faith
18:36 into the heavenly sanctuary."
18:38 And now she says this, "These messages
18:41 were represented to me as an anchor..."
18:46 This is one of the places where we got our name from.
18:49 " an anchor to the people of God."
18:53 And then she states, "Those who understand
18:56 and receive them will be kept from being swept away
19:02 by the many delusions of Satan."
19:04 How important are the three angels' messages?
19:06 "If you do not understand and receive them,
19:10 you will be deceived by the devil," is what she's saying.
19:13 And so they're vitally important.
19:14 So what does the devil say?
19:15 The devil says, "No, those don't apply to now.
19:18 Those are for the Jews during the tribulation.
19:21 Don't worry, folks, everything is okay."
19:24 Because the devil wants to mute the importance
19:27 of these messages.
19:29 So that's the first thing that futurism does
19:32 to the message of the Adventist church.
19:34 But there's a second point.
19:36 Futurism changes the time for the appearance
19:40 of the antichrist.
19:42 It changes the timing.
19:45 You see, for us as Adventists the antichrist appeared
19:49 immediately after the Roman Empire was divided
19:52 into ten kingdoms, right?
19:54 It's simple.
19:55 Lion, Babylon; bear, Medo-Persia;
19:58 leopard, Greece; dragon beast, Rome;
20:01 ten horns, Rome divided.
20:03 And then among the ten, the little horn
20:06 immediately afterwards.
20:07 It's quite simple.
20:10 And so we know that the timing of the rising of antichrist
20:13 was shortly after the demise of the Roman Empire.
20:17 It would arise where the Roman Empire had been divided
20:20 among those kingdoms.
20:22 And we know that this antichrist would rule for 1260 years,
20:28 beginning in 538 and ending in 1798 with a deadly wound
20:34 that was given by France.
20:37 But now listen carefully.
20:41 If the antichrist did not appear shortly after the Roman Empire
20:47 disintegrated, he is still in the future.
20:51 Right?
20:53 Because that's the way they do.
20:54 They also create a gap.
20:56 See, this futurism is a gap theology.
21:01 There's a gap between week 69 and week 70.
21:04 And they say that Daniel 7 was fulfilled in sequence
21:10 until you get to the fourth beast.
21:14 And then they say that Rome was never divided.
21:17 Now I don't know how they can reach that conclusion,
21:19 but they say that part of the prophecy was not fulfilled.
21:22 And of course, the little horn was not fulfilled either.
21:24 So there's a gap between the legs and the feet
21:28 of over 2000 years.
21:31 Because they don't see the historical flow method,
21:34 how prophecy flows without gaps and without interruptions.
21:39 And so, if the antichrist did not appear in the
21:42 sequence of this prophecy, then the antichrist is still future.
21:47 And if the antichrist is still future, the papacy has
21:51 nothing to do with the fulfillment of the
21:53 prophecy of Daniel 7.
21:57 And therefore, the papacy has nothing to do with the
21:59 change in God's holy law.
22:02 Are you understanding this?
22:03 Your interpretation of prophecy has huge implications.
22:08 You know, people say, "Oh don't study,
22:09 don't talk to me about prophecy.
22:10 Talk to me about the love of Jesus."
22:13 Well, talking about prophecy is talking about the love of Jesus.
22:16 Because Jesus loves you, He doesn't want you to be deceived.
22:20 He wants people to be saved.
22:21 But for that, we have to know Bible prophecy.
22:25 You see, futurists say that Daniel 2 was fulfilled how?
22:32 Actually, it's fulfilled with a gap between the
22:35 feet and the legs.
22:40 They say that the head of gold is Babylon,
22:42 the breast and arms of silver is the Medes and Persians,
22:44 the belly of bronze is Greece,
22:46 the legs of iron are the Roman Empire.
22:48 But then they say that the flow of prophecy is suspended.
22:51 The ten toes represent a ten nation federation that will
22:54 arise in the future under the leadership of antichrist.
22:57 And so there's a 2000 year gap between the feet and the legs.
23:03 Who does that hide from view?
23:06 The Roman Catholic Papacy.
23:07 That's right.
23:09 So secondly, the second big problem with this view
23:13 is that it hides the specific time when the
23:18 antichrist would arise.
23:20 Point number three, futurism changes the place
23:24 for the appearance of the antichrist.
23:26 The place.
23:28 You see, for us the antichrist is a counterfeit system
23:33 of Christianity that arose in the church shortly after
23:38 the disintegration of the Roman Empire.
23:40 And we believe that the temple where
23:42 the antichrist sits is what?
23:45 Is the church.
23:46 We talked about that.
23:47 It's the church.
23:49 And we believe that this temple is not a literal temple
23:52 in the Middle East.
23:53 It is the church of the Middles Ages.
23:57 The temple is the Christian church.
24:00 But what does futurism believe?
24:02 Futurism believes that the antichrist is going to sit
24:05 in a literal rebuilt Jewish temple after the rapture
24:09 for three and a half literal years.
24:12 If this is the case, then prophecy is not
24:14 fulfilled in Rome.
24:16 Prophecy is fulfilled in the Middle East.
24:19 Thus the fulfillment of the prophecy in the papacy
24:21 is hidden from view because people are looking
24:24 in the wrong place.
24:27 Are you understanding this point?
24:29 It's a serious implication.
24:31 If you believe in futurism, well you're saying,
24:34 "Well, it's going to be a future antichrist
24:36 who will sit in a rebuilt Jewish temple over in the Middle East.
24:39 This is after the rapture of the church."
24:42 And so what happens?
24:44 What is hidden from view is that the real antichrist
24:47 arose in Rome, and you can't see this because you're looking
24:51 in the wrong place.
24:52 You're looking to the Middle East instead of looking in Rome.
24:58 Point number four, futurism hides the manner
25:03 of the appearance of the antichrist,
25:04 the way in which the antichrist will appear.
25:08 You see, Adventists, along with the Protestant reformers,
25:10 believe that the antichrist is a system of counterfeit
25:13 Christianity that sat in the spiritual temple of God,
25:18 which is the church.
25:20 And as I mentioned, Paul constantly mentions that
25:23 the temple of God is the church.
25:26 It is not a literal temple in the Middle East.
25:30 Now, if the antichrist will be an individual,
25:34 then he cannot be a worldwide system.
25:36 If he is a blasphemous atheist, as many are teaching,
25:42 then the Christian church has nothing to do with the
25:44 fulfillment of these prophecies.
25:47 So does futurism teach something that hides the
25:51 manner or the way in which the antichrist will appear?
25:54 Sure, they're expecting a blasphemous antichrist
25:58 over in the Middle East after the rapture of the church.
26:03 So they're looking in the wrong place.
26:04 But they're also looking in the wrong way.
26:07 Because Scripture says that the antichrist,
26:09 the manner of his coming will be, he'll sit in the church
26:12 claiming to be Christ.
26:14 He will arise from within.
26:18 In other words, he's an insider.
26:22 Now let's notice what Dave Hunt has to say.
26:24 By the way, Dave Hunt is a dyed-in-the-wool futurist.
26:29 But he got the identity of antichrist right.
26:33 Listen to his description of the antichrist.
26:36 He says, "While the Greek prefix, 'anti,' generally means,
26:41 'against or opposed to,' it can also mean,
26:45 'in the place of or a substitute for.'"
26:49 For example, the word, "antipas."
26:51 Have you ever heard of Herod Antipas?
26:53 Do you know what, "anti pas," means?
26:56 It means that he ruled in place of his father.
26:58 The word, "pas," is, "father,"
27:00 and, "anti," is, "in place of."
27:01 He ruled in place of his father.
27:05 So anti does not mean, against.
27:07 Anti means, in place of.
27:09 So he continues saying, "The antichrist
27:12 will embody both meanings.
27:14 He will oppose Christ while pretending to be Christ.
27:18 Instead of a frontal attack or assault against Christianity,
27:22 the evil one will pervert the church from within
27:26 by posing as its founder.
27:28 He will cunningly misrepresent Christ
27:30 while pretending to be Christ."
27:32 And here comes something very interesting.
27:34 "And right here is where the plot thickens.
27:37 If the antichrist will indeed pretend to be the Christ,
27:41 then his followers must be Christians."
27:46 So Dave Hunt is a futurist, but he got it right.
27:48 Most futurists believe that the antichrist
27:50 is a nasty individual, an atheist, who's going to
27:53 appear in the Middle East, raise his hand against God,
27:55 and he's going to blaspheme the God of heaven.
27:58 Some atheist type.
28:00 But Scripture doesn't teach that.
28:01 Scripture teaches that he will arise from within.
28:04 That is his manner of appearance.
28:07 So does the manner of the appearance of antichrist
28:09 have anything to do with being deceived concerning this?
28:12 It most certainly does.
28:15 Now the next point is that futurism, this is number five,
28:18 futurism changes the parties in the final conflict.
28:22 Who are the two groups that will be involved
28:25 in the final conflict?
28:26 You see, as Adventists we believe that on one side
28:29 there will be the dragon, the beast, and the false prophet.
28:32 The dragon represents Satan, yes, but working through
28:34 the civil powers of the world.
28:36 The beast represents the Roman Catholic Papacy.
28:40 And the false prophet represents apostate Protestantism.
28:45 And we believe that these three powers will be
28:48 global in scope.
28:49 Those will be the enemies of God's people in the end time.
28:54 But what does futurism believe?
28:57 Futurism sees it differently.
29:00 They say that the final battle will be between
29:02 the Jews and the Arabs in the Middle East.
29:05 And perhaps the Arabs and the Muslims are going to
29:08 join with the Russians to persecute the Jews.
29:11 If this is true, then we're wrong in saying that the
29:16 parties in the controversy are the dragon, the beast,
29:20 and the false prophet against all of those who are
29:23 opposed to the kingdom of Christ.
29:25 In other words, futurism gets the parties involved
29:29 in the final conflict wrong.
29:31 And so people are looking for this war in the Middle East
29:36 where, you know, the antichrist is going to be joining the Arabs
29:40 and is going to be joining the Russians,
29:42 and perhaps the Chinese, to war against literal Israel,
29:45 to war against the Jews.
29:47 And meanwhile, the antichrist sits in Rome.
29:51 And the United States, the helper, is taking
29:55 steps to help this power.
29:57 And nobody can see it because they're looking
29:59 in the wrong place.
30:02 The devil is an expert at what we call, the counter play.
30:05 Do you know what the counter play is?
30:07 Some of you might know a little bit about football.
30:10 I'm not talking about Australian rules football.
30:12 I'm talking about football as it is played in the United States.
30:16 The counter play is very simple.
30:18 See, the linemen, they block for the back.
30:21 For the runner.
30:22 And so what usually happens is the linemen will pull
30:26 in one direction to block when the runner is
30:29 going to come to that side.
30:30 But the counter play is when all of the linemen
30:33 run this way, then the defense says,
30:36 "Oh, the runner is coming this way."
30:37 And then the runner goes the opposite direction.
30:40 That's the counter play.
30:42 And so the devil is an expert at creating counter plays;
30:46 showing the antichrist in the wrong place,
30:50 appearing in the wrong way,
30:52 saying that the parties are not the parties that
30:55 prophecy says they are.
30:58 But let me say that futurism also blurs the issues involved
31:02 in the final conflict.
31:04 As Seventh-day Adventists, we believe that the issues
31:06 in the final conflict will be the law, the Sabbath,
31:13 and worship.
31:15 But what futurism believes is that the war
31:19 that is going to take place will be in the Middle East
31:22 and it will be primarily an anti-Semitic war.
31:27 In other words, it's a war against the Jews.
31:32 Now let me ask you, are there good and bad Jews?
31:37 Yes. Are there good and bad Arabs?
31:40 So if you say that the final war is the Arabs against the Jews,
31:46 you're saying that it's good people and bad people against
31:49 good people and bad people.
31:51 The fact is that Scripture teaches that the final war
31:54 will be the righteous against the unrighteous.
31:57 And it doesn't matter which ethnic group you belong to.
32:00 The issues are spiritual.
32:02 They have nothing to do with what your ethnicity is.
32:05 And it has nothing to do with the oil of the Middle East,
32:10 which is one of the favorite topics of those who
32:12 teach futurism; that the final war is going to be
32:15 a fight over oil or it's going to be a fight
32:17 of the Arabs against the Jews.
32:19 It totally misses the point that the struggle is going to be
32:23 over God's law, over His holy Sabbath,
32:25 and over the issue of spiritual worship.
32:29 It hides the issues in the great controversy.
32:34 Point number seven, futurism obliterates the end time
32:39 appearance of the remnant church.
32:41 See, the devil wants to hide when the
32:43 Seventh-day Adventist Church was going to appear.
32:46 Let me just give you this scenario
32:49 coming from Revelation chapter 12.
32:52 In Revelation chapter 12, we have a clear flow
32:55 of historical events.
32:56 We have, first of all, a woman.
33:00 The woman has a child in her womb.
33:03 Now let me ask you, who is that child who is in the
33:05 womb of the woman?
33:07 The child is Christ.
33:08 And who is the woman?
33:11 The woman is not Mary there.
33:14 The woman represents the church.
33:16 Which church?
33:17 New Testament church or Old Testament church?
33:20 It's got to be the Old Testament church.
33:22 Because we can't have a New Testament church
33:24 before Jesus is born.
33:27 So let me ask you a dumb question.
33:29 Who lives first, the woman or the child?
33:33 Of course, it's the woman.
33:34 Did the woman exist before the child?
33:36 Of course.
33:37 Did Jesus come from the lineage of Abraham?
33:41 Did He come from the lineage of David?
33:44 Did He come from the holy line? Yes.
33:46 The woman represents the Old Testament church
33:49 that brings Jesus Christ into the world.
33:52 So Revelation 12 begins with the Old Testament church.
33:55 Then the child is born.
33:57 That's the birth of Christ.
33:59 Then it says that He ascends to God and to His throne.
34:02 That's the ascension and the installment of Jesus
34:04 in heaven as our High Priest.
34:06 And then after that, we find the church fleeing to the wilderness
34:11 for 1260 years.
34:14 Are you seeing the flow?
34:16 And towards the end of the 1260 years,
34:19 the earth helps the woman.
34:22 Now what is represented by the earth that helps the woman
34:25 as this period of persecution is taking place?
34:28 The earth represents the territory of the United States.
34:32 Now in Revelation 13 you have a beast that rises from the earth.
34:35 That's the nation that rises from it.
34:37 And I hope you read the book on Jekyll and Hyde.
34:41 Did you read that book?
34:43 You know, there I show that the earth represents
34:47 the territory of the United States
34:49 before the nation is formed.
34:50 Was this a refuge for people who were persecuted in Europe?
34:54 Yes it was.
34:55 During toward the end of this period, people migrated
34:58 to the United States to find freedom,
35:00 liberty of conscience to worship God according to the
35:03 dictates of their conscience.
35:05 So in other words, towards the end of this period
35:07 the earth helps the woman, the territory of the United States.
35:10 And then I want you to notice that the very next stage
35:14 is that the dragon is enraged with the woman.
35:19 And he goes to make war with the remnant of her seed.
35:25 So let me ask you, when would we expect the
35:27 remnant church to arise?
35:30 Would it have to be after the 1260 years?
35:34 After the earth helped the woman?
35:35 Absolutely.
35:37 It would have to arise shortly after that.
35:39 You're not going to have a gap of several hundred years, no.
35:41 Because prophecy is fulfilled in sequence.
35:45 That's the historical flow method, in other words.
35:48 So after the 1260 years, it says that the dragon is now
35:52 wroth with the woman and goes to make war
35:55 with the remnant of her seed.
35:56 Where are the remnant of her seed to be found?
35:58 On the earth.
36:00 Because the previous verse says the earth.
36:02 Where is the earth?
36:04 The territory of the United States.
36:06 Would it be after 1798?
36:09 Yes it would. In the sequence.
36:11 And what would characterize the remnant church?
36:14 Oh, they keep the commandments of God.
36:18 How many? Ten.
36:21 And they have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
36:24 And what is the testimony of Jesus Christ?
36:26 It is the spirit of prophecy.
36:30 The question is, did such a church arise after 1798
36:35 in the territory of the United States that teaches that
36:39 the law of God has to be kept, and has a prophet in her midst?
36:45 There's a church that appears shortly after 1798.
36:48 The Seventh-day Adventist Church.
36:50 But now listen.
36:51 If Revelation 12 deals with events in the future
36:55 after the rapture of the church, what happens with the identity
37:00 of God's remnant church; when it was going to appear,
37:03 where it was going to appear, and what characteristics
37:07 it was going to have?
37:09 It totally disappears.
37:10 The devil wants to hide the moment when God's
37:14 remnant church was going to appear on the scene
37:18 of human history.
37:21 Is it important whether we believe in
37:23 the historical flow method or whether we believe in futurism?
37:28 Listen folks, it's a matter of our existence
37:32 as a denomination.
37:33 We are a prophetic movement.
37:36 We originated as a result of the study of Bible prophecy.
37:40 And our destiny is clothed with Bible prophecy.
37:45 So we cannot be a church that simply
37:48 preaches the love of Jesus.
37:49 It's important to love Jesus, don't get me wrong.
37:52 We can't simply preach what other churches are preaching.
37:55 God has given us a special message and a
37:58 special mission for this time.
38:00 And woe to us if we don't fulfill that special mission
38:04 and preserve that special message, because we would
38:06 have no reason whatsoever to exist.
38:10 Now the next point is even more serious.
38:13 Futurism destroys the 2300 day prophecy.
38:18 You say, "How is that?"
38:20 Well let's read the verse, first of all.
38:22 It says, "And he said unto me,
38:24 'Unto two thousand three hundred days,
38:27 then shall the sanctuary be...'" What?
38:30 "...then shall the sanctuary be cleansed."
38:34 Now, there are three key factors involved in our interpretation
38:41 of this prophecy.
38:43 Number one, the 70 weeks are the first part
38:47 of the 2300 days, and began in 457.
38:50 Correct?
38:52 That's the Adventist view.
38:53 The 70 weeks, first 490 years, are the first portion
38:56 of the 2300 days, and the 70 weeks began in 457 BC.
39:02 That's the first point.
39:04 The second point is that the 2300 days are really
39:07 symbolic of what?
39:09 They represent years.
39:11 And the third point is that there is no gap
39:16 between week 69 and week 70.
39:20 Those are three non-negotiable items.
39:23 Number one, the 70 weeks are the first part
39:26 of the 2300 day prophecy.
39:28 And they began in 457 BC.
39:30 Number two, the 2300 days are symbolic of years.
39:34 And number three, there is no gap between week 69 and week 70
39:39 like futurists say.
39:41 Now I might say that in the Seventh-day Adventist Church,
39:46 there are scholars who have questioned seriously
39:49 our interpretation of the 2300 days.
39:53 Some notable names are people like D.M. Canright,
39:57 A.F. Ballenger, Fletcher, Desmond Ford,
40:02 and more recently Dale Ratzlaff.
40:04 There must be something that the devil doesn't like
40:06 about the 2300 day prophecy that he would take scholars
40:10 within the church that would be critical of this one
40:13 particular point of Seventh-day Adventist theology.
40:18 Now listen carefully.
40:20 A wrong beginning and ending date for the 70 weeks
40:25 destroys the 1844 date.
40:28 In fact, separating week number 70 from the
40:31 previous 69 totally obliterates the date of 1844.
40:37 So what does Satan want to hide?
40:39 He wants to hide the date for the beginning of the
40:42 judgment of the world.
40:45 You say, "How is this?"
40:48 Well, we believe that the 70 weeks are
40:50 490 consecutive years.
40:53 Then 1810 years more leads you to October 22, 1844.
40:59 Futurism says, "No, no, no.
41:00 The first 69 were fulfilled.
41:03 2000 year gap, and then the 70th week begins."
41:07 Let me ask you, what happens when you create that
41:09 parenthesis or that gap?
41:11 1844 is destroyed.
41:14 Because 1844 depends on the consecutive fulfillment
41:19 of the 70 weeks.
41:20 If you have a gap, then 1844 is a non-entity.
41:27 But the judgment is not the only thing at stake, folks.
41:31 The pioneers of the Seventh-day Adventist Church discovered
41:34 a whole cluster of truth shortly after 1844.
41:40 For example, they discovered that the
41:41 law of God is still binding.
41:44 They discovered that the Sabbath is still binding.
41:46 How did they discover that?
41:47 Well, when they entered the Most Holy Place with Jesus,
41:52 what's in the Most Holy Place?
41:54 The ark.
41:56 So all they did was say, "Okay, what was in the ark?"
41:58 So they go and they look at the shadow in the Old Testament,
42:01 "Oh, the Ten Commandments were in the ark.
42:03 Well, then they must be in the heavenly ark too.
42:05 And so they weren't nailed to the cross."
42:09 And then they started looking more carefully, they said,
42:10 "Now wait a minute, what was in the center of the law?
42:12 The Sabbath.
42:15 And if the earthly Sanctuary was a reflection of the heavenly one
42:18 and there's a heavenly ark of the covenant,
42:20 well the Sabbath must be there too."
42:23 And so slowly but surely, after 1844, they discovered
42:27 all of the distinctive doctrines of the
42:29 Seventh-day Adventist Church that distinguishes
42:31 from every other church.
42:33 They discovered the state of the dead.
42:36 They discovered the judgment.
42:38 They discovered health reform, believe it or not.
42:41 And the gift of prophecy helped explain what had happened
42:45 in 1844 and the mission and message of the
42:48 Seventh-day Adventist Church.
42:50 You say, "Well, how is health reform found in the
42:52 Most Holy Place of the heavenly Sanctuary?"
42:54 Well, you remember there was a little pot of manna?
42:58 What did God want to teach through the manna?
43:00 Well, first of all He wanted to teach Sabbath observance.
43:03 Have you ever noticed that Sabbath observance is
43:05 high-lighted in the Most Holy Place?
43:07 You know, Ellen White had a vision where she saw
43:09 that there was a halo around the fourth commandment
43:11 that high-lighted the fourth commandment.
43:13 Where did she get that idea that the Sabbath
43:16 commandment is high-lighted?
43:17 It's very simple.
43:18 Because in the ark of the covenant you have
43:21 two Sabbath symbols.
43:23 You have the fourth commandment in the Ten Commandments,
43:25 and you have the pot of manna.
43:28 And incidentally, the manna was meant to test Israel
43:32 to see if they would walk in God's law.
43:35 And the Sabbath will be the final test to see if people
43:38 will walk in God's law.
43:39 Are you with me?
43:40 And so the Sabbath, as a test, is found
43:42 in the ark of the covenant.
43:44 Health reform.
43:45 You know, you read Numbers chapter 11.
43:47 It says there that God gave Israel manna to teach
43:50 them a simple diet.
43:52 But they said, "Oh no, we don't want manna, Lord.
43:54 We want the stuff that we had in Egypt.
43:56 All that rich food is what we want."
43:58 But God, through the manna, wanted to teach them
44:00 the simplicity of the diet.
44:01 He wanted to teach them health reform.
44:04 What about the state of the dead?
44:06 Is that found in the Most Holy Place?
44:08 It most certainly is.
44:09 You say, "How?"
44:10 Well first of all, Aaron's rod that budded represents Christ.
44:14 It was a dead rod.
44:16 And by a miracle it sprouted to life.
44:20 By life that was in itself.
44:22 Jesus said, "Though I be dead, yet..." What?
44:27 "...yet I live," He said in Revelation chapter 1.
44:29 And so the rod that budded miraculously represents
44:32 Jesus and His resurrection from the dead.
44:34 But even over and above that, the judgment concept of the
44:39 Adventist church is the only concept that will help us
44:43 understand the state of the dead.
44:45 And let me explain how.
44:47 Let's take Adam as our example.
44:49 Adam was the first individual to be judged
44:53 when the judgment began in 1844.
44:55 Ellen White says beginning with those who first lived
44:57 on the earth Jesus judges each successive generation,
45:02 and He ends with the living.
45:04 So the first person to be judged was Adam.
45:06 Now let me ask you, where was Adam in 1844?
45:12 Adam was in the grave.
45:15 Disintegrated.
45:17 So how could Adam appear before the judgment seat of Christ
45:19 in 1844 if he was disintegrated and totally non-existent?
45:28 How could Adam appear there?
45:31 He appeared there through the record of his life in the books.
45:37 You see, God has a another me in His books in written form.
45:42 And so Adam, when God said, "Adam, you're the first
45:45 to be judged."
45:47 I'm thankful that it's not in alphabetical order.
45:51 He said, "Adam, appear before My judgment seat."
45:54 And so what the angels do is they bring the DVD.
45:59 I'm dramatizing for effect.
46:01 The DVD of Adam's life.
46:04 And so, on a large screen the life of Adam
46:07 is shown in living color.
46:09 The record that was made during his life.
46:13 So is there a certain sense in which Adam is appearing
46:15 alive before the judgment seat of Christ?
46:17 He's not alive in person, but the record was made
46:20 while he was alive.
46:22 And so what's seen on the screen is Adam while he was alive.
46:26 Even though personally and physically he is what?
46:29 He is dead. Are you understanding me?
46:31 And so the record of Adam is examined.
46:34 And it's found that he repented of sin, he confessed his sins,
46:37 and his name is retained in the book of life.
46:40 Now here's my question, how do Christians believe...
46:42 When does the judgment take place, according to Christians?
46:45 They say, "Oh, the second coming.
46:47 He will come to judge the living and the dead."
46:49 As it says in the Credo.
46:52 So they say, you know, the judgment is when Jesus comes.
46:57 And what do they believe happens when a person dies?
47:01 When a person dies, if they were good, they go to heaven.
47:04 If they were bad, they go to hell.
47:06 If they were half bad, they go to purgatory.
47:09 And if they had not reached the age of accountability,
47:11 they go to limbo.
47:12 It's amazing how people invent all different kinds of
47:15 spheres and levels.
47:18 But here's my question.
47:21 If Adam is judged in 1844, he's the first to be judged in 1844,
47:30 did he go to heaven when he died?
47:33 He couldn't have gone to heaven when he died.
47:35 Would God take him to heaven before he's judged?
47:38 Absolutely not.
47:39 He's judged in 1844.
47:41 And then when will he be taken to heaven?
47:44 He will be taken to heaven when Jesus comes.
47:47 So is the state of the dead doctrine involved in
47:50 the idea of the judgment, the Adventist idea of the judgment?
47:52 It most certainly is.
47:54 It's the only idea that makes sense,
47:57 is the Seventh-day Adventist view of the judgment.
47:59 Because we teach that an individual dies,
48:02 they appear before the judgment seat of Christ.
48:04 When they're judged, they didn't go to heaven or to hell.
48:07 Because in that case, when they died they would have
48:09 already been judged.
48:11 And so then they're judged.
48:12 And when Jesus comes, then He gives a reward
48:15 that has been decided in the judgment,
48:18 in the pre-advent judgment.
48:20 So all of these truths are clustered
48:22 in the Most Holy Place.
48:23 And our pioneers discovered them one by one after 1844
48:27 because they entered the Most Holy Place.
48:29 And the Most Holy Place teaches these particular doctrines.
48:33 Now, what are the particular doctrinal points
48:38 that the Christian world despises?
48:42 How about the law?
48:44 Oh, it was nailed to the cross, right?
48:46 How about the Sabbath?
48:48 Oh, it was for the Jews.
48:50 How about health reform?
48:53 Oh, you can eat your pork chops.
48:55 Not a problem. The prayer sanctifies the pig.
49:01 What do they say about the state of the dead?
49:04 They say, "Well, the dead are not dead."
49:07 They're either in bliss or they're in misery.
49:10 Are those the very doctrines that are distinctive
49:14 to the Seventh-day Adventist Church?
49:16 Folks, the doctrines that make us what we are
49:19 are centered in the Most Holy Place of the heavenly Sanctuary.
49:22 And the pioneers discovered it when they entered in 1844.
49:26 So if you destroy the date 1844 by destroying the prophecy
49:32 of the 70 weeks, you are destroying
49:35 Seventh-day Adventist theology.
49:38 Now, there's another thing that's important here.
49:41 After 1844, a method of interpreting prophecy
49:48 was discarded.
49:49 You know that the Millerites taught that Jesus
49:51 was going to come on October 22, 1844.
49:55 And Jesus didn't come.
49:56 Do you know what method Miller and those who preached
50:00 with Miller used to reach that date?
50:03 The historical flow method.
50:06 They used historicism as their method
50:09 to reach the date October 22, 1844.
50:12 70 weeks, 1810 years.
50:15 And then they also appealed to the Hebrew feasts,
50:18 you know, which give you the day and the month
50:21 of the Day of Atonement.
50:23 And so they said, "We have the day and the month
50:25 from the Hebrew feasts, we have the year
50:27 from Daniel chapter 8 and verse 14."
50:29 And so they say, "October 22, 1844
50:32 the judgment is going to begin."
50:34 But Jesus didn't come.
50:36 So you know what the devil did?
50:38 The devil discredited historicism as a method
50:42 of interpreting prophecy.
50:44 Let me read you some statements.
50:46 One is from Richard Kyle.
50:49 He's not an Adventist. He use to be a futurist.
50:51 He use to be a Plymouth Brethren.
50:53 And he had something very interesting to say in his book,
50:56 The Last Days Are Here Again.
51:00 He says, "Despite its visibility the Millerite movement
51:05 had little influence on subsequent end time thinking."
51:10 In other words, Millerism didn't cause very much of an impact
51:13 in future end time thinking.
51:16 "It did, however, have three long-term effects.
51:20 One, Millerism spawned the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
51:25 Two, it discredited historicist pre-millennialism..."
51:31 That's our view; historicism and that Jesus
51:35 is going to come before the millennium.
51:39 And notice it says, " discredited historicist
51:42 pre-millennialism, causing it to fade out
51:45 almost entirely after 1844.
51:49 And number three, the Millerite fiasco demonstrated the perils
51:53 of setting definite dates for Christ's return."
51:58 In another statement we find in the same book, page 102,
52:03 he says this, "The great disappointment of 1844
52:08 had decimated historicist pre-millennialism."
52:13 What did the disappointment do?
52:15 It almost well-nigh obliterated historicist pre-millennialism.
52:20 Which is our method of interpreting Bible prophecy.
52:23 And now notice what he says, "But a futurist
52:26 pre-millennialism called, dispensationalism,
52:29 soon arrived on the scene."
52:33 So what did the devil do?
52:35 When Jesus didn't come, he said the method didn't work.
52:38 So he threw out the baby with the bath water.
52:41 He wanted to get rid of our method,
52:44 because he knew that he could get rid of our message.
52:47 Now notice the words of another futurist.
52:50 This is Thomas Ice.
52:53 What he says is very icy.
52:56 This is in his book,
52:57 "The Tribulation: Past or Future," page 6.
53:00 And he actually mentions the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
53:03 He says, "Historicism, once the dominant view of Protestants
53:08 from the Reformation until the middle of the last century..."
53:11 He's writing, this is in the 1990's.
53:15 So the last century would be the 1900's.
53:18 So he says, "Historicism, once the dominant view of
53:20 Protestants from the Reformation until the
53:22 middle of the last century, appears to exert little
53:27 attraction as a system of prophetic interpretation
53:31 to conservative Christians outside of the
53:34 Seventh-day Adventist circles.
53:36 Within evangelicalism during the last 150 years,
53:41 futurism has grown to dominate and overcome historicism."
53:47 Wow.
53:49 Futurism has done its work of practically obliterating
53:56 the historical flow method of interpreting Bible prophecy.
54:00 According to Ellen White, this shifted understanding
54:05 is the direct result of Satan's desire to get rid of historicism
54:09 as the proper method of interpreting Bible prophecy.
54:12 And now I quote from, Early Writings, 256 and 257.
54:16 She says, "After the great disappointment in 1844,
54:20 Satan and his angels were busily engaged in laying snares
54:24 to unsettle the faith of the body.
54:26 He affected the minds of persons who had had an experience
54:30 in the messages, and who had an appearance of humility."
54:34 Listen carefully.
54:35 "Some pointed to the future for the fulfillment of the
54:38 first and second messages, while others pointed
54:41 far back into the past..."
54:43 What does the devil do?
54:44 He says, "No, these things are going to be fulfilled
54:45 in the future or they were fulfilled..." When?
54:48 In the past.
54:50 "...declaring that they had been there fulfilled.
54:53 These were gaining an influence over the minds
54:55 of the inexperienced and unsettling their faith.
54:59 Some were searching the Bible to build up a faith of their own,
55:03 independent of the body.
55:05 Satan exulted in all this; for he knew that those
55:08 who broke loose from the anchor..."
55:11 See, there's our anchor again.
55:13 "...that those who broke loose from the anchor
55:15 he could affect by different errors and drive about
55:20 with divers winds of doctrine.
55:23 Many who had led in the first and second messages
55:26 now denied them, and there was division and confusion
55:30 throughout the body."
55:34 So the disappointment led Christians to forsake
55:40 historicism, or the historical flow method,
55:42 as the method of interpreting Bible prophecy.
55:45 And by the way, historicism is the only way
55:49 that we can interpret prophecy correctly,
55:51 because it comes internally from Scripture.
55:54 I mean, it's so simple.
55:56 Lion, Babylon; bear, Medo-Persia;
55:59 leopard, Greece; dragon beast, Rome.
56:02 Rome is divided into ten kingdoms.
56:04 Then papal Rome arises, rules from 538 to 1798.
56:09 And then when this beast has its deadly wound,
56:13 "I saw another beast rising from the earth
56:16 that had two horns like a lamb, but at the end
56:19 it speaks like a dragon."
56:22 Even the United States rises at the moment when
56:25 the first beast falls.
56:27 And so with historicism, you know exactly where you are
56:31 in the flow of history at any given moment.
56:35 But when you create huge gaps, you don't know where you're at.
56:39 Because you have no reference point.
56:41 Are you understanding what I'm saying?
56:43 So our method is the method, the historical flow method.
56:47 And incidentally, there's another method called,
56:50 preterism, which is that the prophecy of the little horn
56:54 was fulfilled with a nasty individual called,
56:56 Antiochus Epiphanes, in the Old Testament.
56:59 And that the beast of Revelation 13 represents Nero.
57:03 So all of these prophecies were fulfilled
57:06 with Antiochus Epiphanes and with Nero in the Roman Empire.
57:09 They have no relevance for us today.
57:12 What is the devil trying to do?
57:13 He's trying to make Bible prophecy irrelevant.
57:16 If there ever was a church that has a message to
57:19 share with the world, it is the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
57:22 If there ever was a time that we need to share the book,
57:25 The Great Controversy, with the world, it is now.
57:28 Because that book is the best presentation in the world
57:31 on the historicist method, or the historical flow method,
57:35 of explaining and interpreting Bible prophecy.
57:38 And so, folks, God has called us to do this very thing;
57:42 to proclaim the three angels' messages to the world.


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