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Lead, Follow, or Sing Along: Roles in Corporate Worship

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00:05 Hello, friends, we want to formally welcome you
00:07 again to another edition
00:10 of the General Conference Global Camp Meeting,
00:13 and we were thankful that you are joining us.
00:15 During this particular session, myself, Ryan Day,
00:19 and my good friend, Tim Parton,
00:21 both of us representing 3ABN Ministry.
00:23 We're going to be talking about roles in corporate worship
00:27 whether you're leading, whether you're following,
00:29 whether you're singing along, participating in general,
00:32 we're going to be talking about
00:33 how you can make your corporate worship
00:35 a better, more organized experience
00:38 when it comes to the musical aspect of things.
00:40 But before we go any further and get into our content,
00:42 we're going to have a prayer.
00:44 So I'm going to ask my friend Tim
00:45 to pray for us.
00:47 Father God, what an honor it is to serve You.
00:48 What an honor it is to worship You.
00:51 And it is the cry of my heart to honor and lift up Your name.
00:55 And so I pray that as we worship
00:57 and as we explain what we've learned
01:02 and how to worship You,
01:04 that will be more pleasing to You,
01:06 that we might be able to express our worship
01:09 in a more tangible way.
01:11 I pray that You will be honored and glorified
01:13 and that we will all draw closer
01:16 and be drawn closer through knowing
01:19 how to love you more.
01:21 This is our prayer in Jesus' name, amen.
01:24 Amen. Amen.
01:25 Thank you, Tim.
01:27 Worship, worship is vitally important.
01:30 The Bible says that we must worship Him
01:32 in spirit and in truth.
01:34 It's essential to our experience with God.
01:38 And it's kind of the epicenter of our relationship
01:40 in our experience with our Lord.
01:43 And so we're going to be talking about
01:45 the corporate role aspect of leading out and worship,
01:49 participating and singing, and bringing praise to God
01:52 through the form of music.
01:53 And Tim and I, as he said in his prayer,
01:56 and as we're going to continue communicate
01:58 throughout this time together,
01:59 you know, we have a little bit of experience
02:00 not that we're professionals in this.
02:02 It's not we have it all figured out,
02:03 certainly but little bit of experience
02:05 and some tips and tricks and things over the years
02:08 that I believe is vitally important in including
02:10 and considering when you are either leading out
02:14 in a worship experience
02:15 or just simply participating in any capacity.
02:19 I'm going to get right into this
02:20 because as I was thinking about Lord...
02:24 You know, when we're approaching
02:26 you in worship, when we're about to come
02:27 together as the Bible says an assemble ourselves together
02:31 to give praise, to give worship
02:33 and homage to our God
02:35 in an organized collective fashion.
02:38 Lord, how we do we...
02:39 Can you just jump into that, you just, you know,
02:41 kind of dive headfirst into that experience,
02:43 maybe some people do,
02:46 but the Lord had up on my heart, years ago,
02:47 and I've done this for, you know,
02:49 for many years now as I prepare whether
02:51 I'm leading out or whether I'm participating.
02:53 I'd like to prepare the soil,
02:56 I guess, prepare the heart to be ready
02:59 for that worship experience.
03:01 You know, seeking the Lord in prayer
03:02 is absolutely vitally important.
03:04 So I encourage that when you are preparing,
03:07 again, to lead out or just simply
03:09 participating in a worship experience,
03:11 prepare the soil, prepare the soil of your heart
03:14 for that worship experience.
03:15 So prayer would be, number one,
03:17 make sure that you are going to Lord in prayer and saying,
03:19 "Lord, I'm coming into Your presence.
03:22 I'm preparing myself to bow before You to give you
03:26 the praise and the worship that You deserve."
03:28 And I believe the Lord in that prayerful experience
03:30 will help prepare your mind
03:31 and your heart for that experience,
03:33 of course, always meditating on His Word, right?
03:35 The Word of the Lord is just full of beautiful gems,
03:39 dealing with worship and how to prepare for worship,
03:41 how to get into that worshipful mentality.
03:44 And today, we're going to be talking about
03:46 the musical aspect, we're going to be talking about
03:48 how music is vitally important, and some of the things
03:50 that we can do to have a more organized
03:54 and a more reverential and more,
03:56 a just an overall better experience in worship.
03:58 But I think, obviously,
04:00 one of the most important things
04:01 is that we understand that worship,
04:02 in general, is just simply,
04:04 it's not an event necessarily,
04:06 it's not something necessarily that we do,
04:08 but it's basically the attitude of the heart, right?
04:11 Whether we're studying the word,
04:12 whether we're in prayer,
04:14 whether we're driving down the road
04:15 and we're worshiping the Lord.
04:16 It's the attitude of the heart.
04:18 And so what we're going to be talking about
04:19 is some of those liturgical methods
04:21 in worshiping the Lord in music and in song.
04:24 It's going to help bring up out an overall organized
04:27 and better experience
04:28 when you are leading or participating in worship.
04:31 Tim, read for us Hebrews 10 there.
04:34 This is kind of a great scripture
04:36 that really sets the tone for preparing yourself
04:38 for a worship experience.
04:40 So Hebrews 10:22, 23.
04:42 "Let us draw near with a true heart
04:44 in full assurance of faith,
04:46 having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience
04:48 and our bodies washed with pure water.
04:50 Let us hold fast the confession of our hope
04:53 without wavering for He is who promised is faithful."
04:57 You know what stands out immediately
04:58 is of the heart, the true heart,
05:01 having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience.
05:03 That's right.
05:04 This first step is a step
05:07 that you would take in preparing a message.
05:09 It is a step a teacher
05:12 would take in preparing a Bible class,
05:14 anything, it's about prayer and the Word.
05:16 Those are the connections
05:18 that we want them to God in His Word.
05:22 What do you have to say God about prayer,
05:24 and what does Your Word have to say?
05:25 And I'll tell you one of the things
05:28 I've grieved myself,
05:30 when I have not prepared and instead,
05:34 I've gone into church, grab the hymnal and just,
05:38 you know, almost by lottery picked out numbers,
05:41 you know, oh, today is the 11th,
05:43 and I'll go page 11, you know,
05:45 just random without any forethought and,
05:49 you know, sometimes that will work
05:50 if you've been doing...
05:52 You know, we all have scriptures
05:54 that we can go to that we can,
05:55 you know, expound on, but I do know that one time
05:58 I grabbed the wrong hymnal,
05:59 I was in a room that had a hymnal,
06:02 I had just assumed that was the hymnal
06:03 that was out in the sanctuary.
06:07 And so when I got to the piano,
06:09 I was calling out numbers that were different
06:12 from what the congregation had back when we used the book,
06:16 you know, solely when we didn't have any words
06:18 on the wall or that kind of thing.
06:19 So it pays to prepare
06:21 and this is a beautiful way to compare.
06:22 Absolutely, absolutely.
06:24 And I know you've had many...
06:25 No, absolutely.
06:27 That was a beautiful, beautiful point
06:28 to be made in connection with that scripture
06:29 that we just read in Hebrews 10:22, 23.
06:32 "Let us hold fast our confession and our hope
06:34 without wavering for He who promised is faithful."
06:37 We are serving a faithful God,
06:38 we're worshiping a faithful God,
06:40 and just making the point here that before you just jump
06:43 into that worship atmosphere,
06:44 that worship experience preparing the heart
06:47 for that worship experience is absolutely essential.
06:50 Which now sets us up
06:51 for kind of the preparation of it, you've prayed,
06:54 you've meditated on the Word of the Lord,
06:57 now you're in that mentality that zone,
06:59 that thinking method of,
07:01 "Okay, now, Lord, what would You have me to sing?
07:04 What would You have us to sing today for You to glorify You
07:08 and to bring glory to Your name?
07:10 And this is where the choice of song comes in
07:13 and that's always a preparation
07:15 that needs to be thoughtfully considered.
07:17 And so right here my point number two,
07:19 I'm just simply,
07:20 we're communicating the fact that selecting a balanced
07:23 variety of songs is crucial,
07:25 especially in the times that we're living because,
07:28 you know, you can look out at a congregation today.
07:30 And while there may be a vast majority
07:32 or so just a simple majority
07:33 of a certain age group,
07:35 most congregations have different age groups
07:39 and different generations that are represented
07:41 throughout the congregation.
07:42 And you want to make sure that each and every song
07:45 that you have included in that worship service
07:47 is going to reach the heart of every listener out there.
07:49 That there's something for everyone,
07:51 and oftentimes Tim,
07:53 some people get into this mentality
07:55 that only hymns, right,
07:56 and we're certainly not bashing the hymns, I love hymns.
07:58 Tim and I sing lots of hymns.
08:00 And I love the hymns
08:02 but there're some people out there that,
08:03 well, they enjoy the hymns, you know, an extra,
08:06 maybe it might be contemporary,
08:08 a newer modern spiritual song
08:09 of some kind is helpful to consider in that lineup,
08:13 when you're trying to create a balanced,
08:15 more variety of choice in your song choice.
08:18 So do you have anything you want to add to that
08:20 before we read this text here?
08:21 Well, I'll just say that, you know,
08:23 it's like going to a potluck or whatever,
08:27 you know, you've got a variety of food there
08:30 because if you had one thing, it's going to...
08:33 "Huh! Oh, this again."
08:35 The kind of like the manner, you know,
08:37 but honestly in this situation variety is a wonderful thing.
08:42 And I believe God loves variety.
08:44 He made all the different variety of flowers and trees
08:47 and animals and so.
08:48 So we consider
08:49 that He is a God of variety and opinions.
08:52 Everybody's got one.
08:54 Right.
08:55 But, you know, and it's impossible
08:56 to please everyone.
08:58 But this isn't about pleasing everyone,
08:59 this is about pleasing God.
09:01 So even if our preferences are one certain way,
09:04 if our words are worshiping God,
09:06 we have to say, "Hmm!
09:08 Well, I may consider this,
09:09 and I'll make it through to the end."
09:11 It's not going to last forever.
09:12 I love it. I love that.
09:13 No, I love what you just said.
09:15 Absolutely, just to reiterate the fact that we're not here
09:16 to please necessarily each other
09:17 while everybody has a preference or an opinion.
09:19 We are here to uplift God, this is for Him, right?
09:22 And I love what Colossians 3:16,
09:25 kind of along the same line
09:26 of what we're talking about as far as a variety of songs.
09:30 Colossians 3:16 says, "Let the word of Christ dwell
09:34 in you richly in all wisdom,
09:37 teaching and admonishing one another in psalms
09:40 and hymns and spiritual songs,
09:44 singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord."
09:47 And I just, I like that because,
09:49 again, I go back to what I said earlier,
09:51 I love the hymns, grew up on the hymns,
09:53 sing them all the time.
09:54 I find myself singing them all throughout the week
09:55 when I'm by myself but there are some people
09:58 that have that mentality that,
09:59 "Only the hymns are sacred, only the hymns can be sung or,
10:02 you know, used in church or in worship service."
10:05 But, you know, the Bible makes it very clear
10:07 whether it's a hymn or maybe you're singing
10:09 a psalm or maybe you're singing
10:11 just a spiritual song that may not necessarily
10:13 be categorized as a hymn,
10:15 maybe a contemporary worship song.
10:17 God accepts it all if it's coming from the heart
10:21 in the sense that if it's for Him,
10:22 and it's genuinely for Him
10:24 that we want to make sure that we're creating a variety,
10:27 where everyone can connect with the Lord
10:29 on a spiritual level in our worshipful experience.
10:32 So balance is key, make sure you get that balance
10:36 and you want to add anything else to that section?
10:37 Pretty much balanced.
10:38 Okay.
10:40 So far we're talking about preparing our hearts.
10:41 So make sure you meditate on the Word,
10:43 make sure you get plenty of prayer,
10:44 prepare the soil of the heart for that worship experience.
10:47 And now once you have prepared your heart.
10:48 Now it comes time to make those tough choices,
10:51 not really, but make the choices of selecting
10:53 a variety of balanced numbers of songs
10:57 that can reach everyone at all ages,
10:59 but most importantly, always brings glory to Him,
11:02 reverence, and honor and glory to our Lord.
11:05 Our third point here,
11:07 study to understand the message of what you're singing.
11:11 How many times, Tim, have you, you know,
11:13 maybe you've worked with someone
11:15 or maybe you yourself,
11:16 I had even done this before where I just kind of, again,
11:18 flump thumb through I've pick a song.
11:20 "Oh, yeah, I like this song."
11:21 And then it wasn't...
11:23 But probably years later that I actually read
11:25 the lyrics of that song and comprehended
11:28 what they were actually saying
11:29 because sometimes we get so caught up
11:31 in the musical aspect that we might like that melody,
11:33 we might like that particular rhythmic, you know...
11:37 Riff.
11:38 Whatever it is in the song,
11:40 "Oh, I like this, this is a nice song."
11:41 But we don't really consider what it is we're singing about.
11:43 Understand, comprehend the message of the song
11:47 that you were singing.
11:48 You are leading out in worship.
11:50 This is a form of a communication
11:52 of gospel, right?
11:53 You're communicating,
11:54 basically a mini-sermon through music, right?
11:58 And I love that because the Bible says,
12:00 you know, in 2 Timothy 2:15,
12:02 read that there, it's is a beautiful scripture.
12:04 "Be diligent to present yourself approved to God,
12:07 a worker who does not need to be ashamed,
12:09 rightly dividing the word of truth."
12:10 Amen.
12:12 So sometimes we have to stop and pause and say,
12:13 "Okay, I'm going to sing the song
12:15 but what am I singing about?"
12:17 So that when you're up there and you comprehend
12:18 what it is you're seeing about, it makes sense.
12:21 It's what you would do if you were preaching a text,
12:23 you would, you know, study the commentaries,
12:25 study the Greek and the Hebrew whatever would be appropriate.
12:29 Amen. Yeah.
12:30 So that's...
12:31 I was thinking like, there's an old song,
12:33 old Adventist hymn, I don't even know
12:34 if it's an Adventist hymn.
12:36 I just know it's an old hymn that Adventists sing
12:38 for many, many years.
12:39 And it's the song never part again.
12:41 I can't imagine singing that song just to be singing it
12:44 because when you read the lyrics of the song.
12:47 It's powerful, just to consider.
12:49 Let's do the verse three there.
12:52 Could we but stand where Moses stood
13:00 And view the landscape o'er
13:07 Not all this world's
13:10 Pretended good
13:15 Could ever charm us more
13:22 And I love that song there just because the music's beautiful,
13:26 it just grips your heart, right?
13:30 And it's easy for somebody to get caught up in that
13:32 but if you stop and think about what you're singing about.
13:35 "Could we stand where Moses stood
13:37 and view the landscape o'er."
13:39 It's talking about that promised land
13:42 that we're going to inherit one day, right?
13:44 And it goes on to talk about in the course, you know,
13:46 we're traveling to Emanuel's land,
13:49 we soon shall hear the trumpet sound,
13:52 talking about the Second Coming of Jesus.
13:54 And soon we shall with Jesus reign
13:58 And never, never part again
14:05 And so songs like this and any song that you sing
14:09 that you include in your worship experience,
14:11 you should know the message of that song.
14:14 Because when you know the message of the song
14:15 and the message of the song has gripped your heart
14:17 when you get up there and perform it,
14:19 when you get up there and sing it
14:20 whether you're on the piano
14:22 or whether you're behind the mic and singing
14:23 or whether you're out in the audience,
14:26 in the crowd, in the congregation
14:27 and you're just singing to the Lord,
14:29 it grips your heart, it means so much more.
14:32 Yeah, two things.
14:33 There are great stories behind songs
14:36 that will help you understand
14:38 where the writer is coming from,
14:39 and that is brilliant to know.
14:41 And it's not something necessarily...
14:43 I know a lot of worship leaders who might get up
14:46 and tell the story,
14:47 that might be a little bit cumbersome in a service,
14:50 sometimes it is appropriate but more importantly
14:53 is if you know as a leader,
14:56 you know where the writer was coming from,
14:58 it's extremely, that's vital, you know,
15:00 it's just like again knowing
15:02 the writer of a book in the Bible,
15:04 you kind of know where they're coming from,
15:05 it means a lot more.
15:07 And also the...
15:08 I love the Adventist,
15:11 what is the thing that goes along with the hymnal,
15:15 there's a book that tells
15:16 in fact some of the stories behind the songs.
15:19 And so that's just hugely vital,
15:22 again, not every service has time to go into stories,
15:27 and I've heard worship leaders get up and expound
15:30 a little too much, and it's like,
15:32 "Okay, we're losing the flow."
15:33 And so that's important not to talk too much
15:36 like I get guilty of sometimes.
15:38 That's like my life, man.
15:40 Well, but so anyway...
15:41 No this is a...
15:42 It's very important to know that.
15:44 No, that's a great point that you just made.
15:45 The story. Back to the song.
15:46 Absolutely.
15:48 And you know what,
15:49 what we're speaking of right now,
15:50 it can be accomplished very good,
15:52 especially with the leadership team,
15:53 the ones that are up.
15:55 Have practice sessions.
15:56 You know, be prepared before you get up there.
15:58 I know that Tim and I have worked together in,
16:00 you know, leading out worship
16:02 before here at Thompsonville Church.
16:03 And so we have those practice sessions
16:05 when we come before him,
16:07 we familiarize ourselves with the song,
16:09 and we'll take time to read the lyrics
16:10 to understand the lyrics,
16:12 so that when we're going out there
16:13 and we're going to lead out and represent the Lord
16:15 in this worship experience.
16:17 You know, it's gripped our hearts beforehand,
16:19 and we hope that that trends transpires,
16:22 connects, translates out there
16:24 to those who are listening
16:26 and participating in the worship.
16:27 Through to the point
16:29 that we've even skipped over versus
16:30 if we didn't feel like that was appropriate,
16:32 you know, for that particular occasion
16:34 or if it's something that we didn't feel like
16:36 we were confident in expressing.
16:38 We will skip over that.
16:40 Absolutely, absolutely.
16:41 I'd rather, I'd rather skip it then.
16:42 You know, did you want to give us...
16:44 You had kind of a something prepared
16:45 or maybe?
16:47 Well, you know, I just have like a...
16:48 It's really more of a just a little worship set,
16:52 sometimes this is kind of a little bit of a diversion,
16:55 but along the same path
16:56 that we're choosing songs,
17:00 again it's an amazing process,
17:04 but I was just, you know, after spending time
17:09 praying and doing just some reading a few psalms.
17:13 My heart was stirred to start with praise Him,
17:15 praise Him right off the hymnal
17:17 and this is important also in this hymnal,
17:21 the Adventist hymnal it's in the key F G.
17:23 So...
17:25 Praise Him, praise Him...
17:29 Ever in joyful song.
17:32 Really be cautious of what key you're singing,
17:35 and you know these days we listen to the radio
17:38 and lot of our songs are artist-driven
17:42 that make it really difficult for a congregation
17:44 to sing along with.
17:46 So even if it is a song that you love
17:49 and you hear on the radio,
17:50 consider well this might be better sing along able
17:53 as we would say in a key
17:55 that for the whole audience can sing with.
17:57 But that one is easy
17:59 because it's already in the key of G,
18:01 which is in the hymnal.
18:03 And then out of that I went into 10,000 reasons
18:09 which is a popular modern hymn.
18:10 I support for hymn to a modern temporary...
18:13 Ever in joyful song
18:17 I'm going to the key F D.
18:22 The sun comes up
18:24 It's a new day dawning
18:27 So two things there, there's a little segue
18:29 going out of ever in joyful song, song.
18:33 And then, instead of just doing like a cold turkey, kind of,
18:36 okay, stop...
18:38 Yeah, everybody has to rearrange.
18:40 You keep the flow going, and keep the music going.
18:42 And this takes... It does take.
18:44 This is a like a whole other seminar
18:46 for the church musicians,
18:48 but it's still, the idea is to keep things
18:50 the flow of it.
18:52 And so...
18:53 Bless the Lord, oh my soul
18:55 Oh my soul
18:57 I worship your Holy name
19:00 And then we go to just raise up a half a step,
19:03 we're building up, it's again, it's a chorus,
19:06 but it's an older chorus.
19:08 Bless the Lord, oh my soul
19:12 And all that is within me
19:15 Bless His Holy Name
19:19 You can continue on with that a little bit
19:20 and then...
19:22 I serve a risen Saviour
19:25 He's in the world today
19:27 He lives, you ask me how I know He lives
19:30 He lives within my heart
19:33 So, you've come back to a hymn?
19:35 Yeah, so it's hymn.
19:36 You know, and you can change it up,
19:38 you know, there's times we've done,
19:39 and it's been like hymn, contemporary,
19:40 hymn, contemporary.
19:42 Right, right.
19:43 We may be encouraged a day to do three hymns
19:45 and then a contemporary
19:46 or, you know, three contemporaries
19:47 and a hymn but most of the time
19:49 you want to create a balanced approach to it.
19:50 And I love what you did there with the hymn
19:51 and then the two contemporaries
19:53 and you came back around with that power hymn.
19:54 And musically if you know the musicality part of it,
19:58 you're again, you're building,
20:00 and you're also singing songs
20:02 that are not only vertical where you're worshiping,
20:06 but you're singing songs that are testimonies
20:07 horizontal to each other,
20:09 you're telling each other,
20:11 He lives, and you're praising Him.
20:12 So there's a lot of things that are...
20:17 You have to consider, you have taken consideration.
20:19 And what's your saying all that you're saying makes
20:21 absolutely perfect sense.
20:23 And as you were doing that I can imagine
20:25 someone at home is watching and going,
20:27 "Oh, man, you know, but, Tim, can do that
20:29 I'm not necessarily can do that."
20:31 You know, it may take some practice
20:32 that's where practice comes in,
20:34 invest yourself into practicing to become more skilled
20:37 and more comfortable with the talent
20:38 and the gift that God has already given you, right?
20:41 And so not everyone has to be in Tim Parton
20:43 but you know what there's someone out there
20:45 they can God has still blessed with the talent and the skill
20:47 to play for Him
20:48 and to represent Him in this musical way.
20:51 That also leads me to my next point,
20:52 lead with confidence, right?
20:55 Sing with confidence whether you're again on,
20:57 you know, up there leading out or you're setting
21:00 I've even seen people setting in the congregation,
21:02 they're so terrified for others around them
21:03 to hear them singing,
21:05 and while you know none of us
21:06 really like someone who sings off tune
21:08 to God's ears it sounds beautiful, right?
21:09 You know, it may not sound very good our human ears,
21:12 but we're not singing it for them, anyway,
21:13 we're singing it for the Lord, right?
21:15 And so lead with confidence,
21:16 pray beforehand to ask the Lord to diminish
21:19 and to get rid of all of those
21:21 to completely eliminate all the nerves and the fears
21:24 because we serve a God who was promised us,
21:25 Isaiah 41:10, I love this.
21:28 God says, "Fear not, for I am with you.
21:30 Be not dismayed, for I am your God.
21:32 I will strengthen you.
21:33 Yes, I will help you,
21:35 I will uphold you with a right hand
21:36 of my righteousness."
21:39 And also with that confidence,
21:41 don't be afraid to use your body language
21:43 to express your worship.
21:45 I'm not talking about, you know, running around
21:46 and skipping and flopping and dancing and all that stuff,
21:49 but you know what, sometimes when I'm worshiping the Lord,
21:52 you know, I'm worshiping the Lord
21:54 and I may end up worshiping Him
21:55 with uplifted hands and that's biblical.
21:58 That's because dozens of texts where God says,
21:59 you know, "The people praised him
22:01 with extended hands or uplifted hands."
22:03 Maybe I'll be singing a song and I use my body language
22:07 I use my facial expressions
22:10 to communicate a sense of worship, you're not...
22:13 Again, don't do it in an artificial
22:17 and fake ways if you're overly expressive,
22:19 we don't want this to turn into variety,
22:21 you know, variety hour
22:23 but you're worshiping the Lord,
22:25 don't be afraid to express yourself
22:27 in a heartfelt loving way,
22:29 when you're worshiping the Lord.
22:30 I know, oftentimes, sometimes we think that,
22:32 you know, concept of be still and know that I am God.
22:34 And so we literally are just like
22:35 in our worship experience.
22:37 You can totally be reverent in your demonstrativeness,
22:40 you know, as a pastor we watch pastors
22:43 and we enjoyed the highs and the lows
22:46 of how they demonstrate whenever they preach.
22:49 It's, you know, they can be strong
22:51 and they can be soft.
22:53 So, yeah, it's just a great, being a great presenter
22:57 in what you do.
22:58 And yeah, you're presenting the song and it's...
23:00 That's why you're the leader.
23:02 And also, whenever you are demonstrative
23:05 and are free to worship your audience,
23:08 your congregation will follow at your lead.
23:10 Amen, amen.
23:11 And with that confidence, I believe, is very important.
23:14 This brings us to our point number five,
23:15 and that is, create a joyful worship experience.
23:20 Oh, Lord, help me.
23:23 You know, this is something I believe
23:25 that even I myself have had to learn,
23:27 you know, as I've grown
23:29 in my Adventist worship experience.
23:31 Again, we want to stick to that worshiping Him
23:33 in Spirit and in Truth.
23:34 We don't want to be like the world.
23:36 We don't want to, you know, exemplify
23:38 or bring the world into our worship experience
23:40 but we want to be genuine in our approach.
23:43 And I believe if you truly have a relationship
23:45 with your Creator.
23:46 It's going to be clear in your presence
23:49 and in what you're projecting,
23:50 you're going to be joyful and happy about it,
23:52 you know, again, not trying to be disrespectful
23:54 or anything like that,
23:55 but I have been to worship services where it's, you know,
23:58 we were singing.
24:00 He lives, you know...
24:03 I serve a risen Saviour,
24:08 He's in the world today
24:12 So there's nothing wrong with that necessarily
24:15 'cause there maybe someone back there goes,
24:17 "Oh, this was beautiful, this is wonderful,"
24:18 but certainly create, you know, express it in a way
24:22 and create in a way where it's a joyful experience.
24:24 There's nothing wrong with picking,
24:26 you know, picking your face up,
24:27 being happy and singing about your risen Savior, right?
24:31 You know, I had somebody tell me...
24:32 A minister one time said to me, "Are you happy for Jesus."
24:35 And I said, "Well, of course, I am."
24:36 He said, "Well, then tell your face about it."
24:38 You know, right? Right. Right.
24:40 Yeah, and you know what,
24:41 it doesn't even have to be a fast song to be joyful.
24:43 Exactly. No.
24:44 Slow can be joyful,
24:45 it's the way you sing it with the confidence,
24:48 the love, yeah.
24:50 You know, "Great is thy faithfulness,"
24:51 that's not a very fast song
24:52 but it was just pouring your heart.
24:54 Great is thy faithfulness
24:57 Great is thy faithfulness
25:00 You know when I sing that song
25:01 I'm thinking great is His faithfulness, right?
25:03 Right.
25:04 I love the Scripture in Psalm 100:1, 2,
25:06 "Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth,
25:08 worship the Lord with gladness,
25:10 Come before Him with joyful songs."
25:12 But let me tell you that
25:14 as someone who has led worship,
25:16 someone who has stepped on the platform
25:17 after receiving a terrible phone call,
25:20 after someone has in the congregation
25:22 has said, "You know, I don't like the song
25:24 that you choosed, really, chose.
25:27 So there are a lot of things...
25:30 And this goes for a pastor
25:32 or anyone that who has dealt with the congregation.
25:38 You have to really be careful what you let into your spirit.
25:41 That's right.
25:42 You know, again, everybody has opinions
25:44 but don't let the negative comment
25:47 or something that you've after all the time
25:49 you've spent in the word
25:51 after all the time you've spent preparing
25:52 and praying,
25:53 someone can come along and put a needle
25:56 in your balloon faster than all of that.
25:59 That's right, that's right.
26:00 So don't let that discourage you
26:02 because God is still worthy of our praise,
26:04 no matter what's going on our circumstances,
26:06 they can get us down but our prayers go on.
26:08 A joyful experience that's what we're shooting for.
26:10 That's the goal.
26:11 You know, another one is,
26:13 you know, don't be afraid
26:14 to include multiple instruments.
26:15 The Bible encourages us
26:17 that there's all kinds of different beautiful instruments
26:18 that we can use for His glory.
26:20 Psalm 150:3-5. And read that, Tim.
26:23 "Praise Him with the sound of the trumpet,
26:25 praise Him with the lute and harp!
26:26 Praise Him with the timbrel and dance,
26:28 praise Him with stringed instruments
26:29 and flutes.
26:31 Praise the Lord with cymbals,
26:32 praise Him with clashing cymbals."
26:34 You know, could you imagine coming into church
26:36 and, Praise the Lord!
26:38 You know, some people might be,
26:40 "Oh, you know, that's not reverend."
26:42 But nonetheless, you know, there are a list here
26:44 that are biblical,
26:45 you know, the most important thing
26:47 is the principle of this text
26:48 is don't be afraid to break out the guitar,
26:50 you know, and bring that together
26:51 with the piano
26:52 and bring it together with the flute and the violin
26:54 and, you know, to worship the God
26:56 in an organized melodic, harmonic manner
26:59 to just bring an abundance of joy
27:02 and worshipful expression to Him in song.
27:04 Enforce the more musicians you have,
27:05 more instruments you involve you must practice.
27:07 Practice, practice.
27:08 So please practice, for goodness' sake
27:09 and for the Lord's sake.
27:11 I love that. I love that.
27:12 Man, we've just like a minute and a half here.
27:14 I think the last thing I think that we could do
27:15 is just encourage your congregation,
27:18 and this goes for even the people
27:19 out in the congregation,
27:20 encourage the next person the person next to you.
27:23 If they see you singing with joy,
27:25 they see you're enjoying the worship experience.
27:27 It's kind of, you know, it's infectious.
27:29 Contagious, absolutely.
27:31 It's contagious, right? Yes.
27:32 And so we need to learn to encourage others
27:34 to sing with us while we're...
27:35 When we have visitors coming to the church,
27:38 they go through this,
27:39 this is a really important part to for them to really...
27:43 What are you worshiping, why are you worshiping?
27:45 So why are you so sad when you worship
27:48 if that's the way you worship.
27:49 Yeah, so it's important
27:51 to show others how excited you are.
27:53 Right. Right. Absolutely.
27:55 You know what, it may lead to the leader,
27:58 the person leading out to have to prompt people to sing,
28:01 you know, we're writing over the song,
28:02 and I say, "Sing this out for Jesus."
28:04 And it prompts them to let them know
28:06 it's okay to sing out right,
28:07 encourage them to participate.
28:09 I love Psalm 150:6,
28:11 God takes thing and tie everything together,
28:12 read that for us, Tim.
28:14 "Let everything, everything, everything that has breath
28:17 praise the Lord.
28:18 Praise the Lord!" Amen. I love that.
28:19 Praise the Lord.
28:21 There's a song I used to sing, you know.
28:22 Let everything that has breath praise the Lord
28:26 That's what it's about.
28:27 It's about giving homage to Him,
28:28 it's about giving praise to Him and glory to Him,
28:30 and we hope that your worship experience,
28:32 we hope you can take some of the things
28:34 that we've talked about,
28:35 incorporate them in your worship experience.
28:37 The most important thing, remember,
28:38 to God be the glory, great things He has done,
28:42 it's not about us, it's about Him.
28:44 He must increase, we must decrease.
28:47 And we just thank you for joining us.
28:49 We hope you learned something. God bless you.
28:51 Until next time have a good day.


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