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Creating A Worship Experience

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00:05 Thank you for joining us today.
00:07 We're going to have a great time
00:08 I believe in the Lord.
00:10 I'm here with Brother Tim Parton.
00:11 Tim, it's good to have you here today.
00:13 Awesome to be here.
00:14 And you're the general manager
00:15 of the Praise Him Music Network.
00:17 Yes. Yes.
00:18 And I couldn't have anybody any better handpicked
00:20 by the Lord brought you here, how many years ago?
00:23 Five years ago. Five years ago.
00:25 So if you've not familiar with 3ABN Praise Him Music,
00:29 you can go to our website, there's many ways,
00:31 if you got Roku, there's a number of ways,
00:33 just go to our website, and it'll tell you
00:35 how to watch, 24/7 music, right?
00:37 Yes, that's the truth.
00:38 So today we wanted to talk about,
00:40 we've been asked to talk about creating,
00:42 you know, using music, creating a worship atmosphere.
00:45 So I sometimes think about, of course, our church services.
00:49 And so your background, you come from...
00:51 I come from a more of Pentecostal...
00:53 Pentecostal like Cinda Garter's background.
00:56 I came from Seventh-day Adventist,
00:57 we have people who come from Baptist,
00:59 and, you know, you name it.
01:01 And all of us, it seems like in different cultures,
01:04 the black, the white, the Hispanics,
01:05 we all have different ways of music.
01:08 And sometimes we get to think and what we do is exactly what,
01:12 you know, the right way what God wants.
01:14 Sure.
01:15 But I have a feeling when we get to heaven,
01:16 we're all going to be educated on what God...
01:20 He wants the praises of His people.
01:21 Most definitely.
01:22 Now I'd like to start out by asking our folks at home,
01:26 why would God want the praises of people?
01:29 I mean, think about it.
01:30 Here's a God who's a Creator God.
01:32 And it talks about the angels praise Him,
01:34 he wants the praises of His people.
01:37 I mean, it seems kind of self-centered
01:38 if you first think about it, Tim.
01:40 Right.
01:41 Like, if I went around saying, "Tim, I want you to praise me."
01:44 I mean, you'd be gone,
01:45 "Oh, my, oh, my, what's wrong with him?"
01:47 But it really hit me
01:49 because I was talking to Lord one,
01:52 you know, not long ago.
01:53 And I said, I was asking about,
01:55 He inhabits the praises of His people.
01:57 But He says, you know, we should praise the Lord.
02:01 And suddenly, it's just like, He told me,
02:03 "I don't need the praise, you need it.
02:05 You need to praise Me."
02:06 Why do we need to praise the Lord?
02:07 The answer to me is really pretty simple.
02:09 When I'm praising the Lord,
02:11 when you're praising the Lord whether it's through prayer,
02:14 whether it's through reading, whether it's through music,
02:18 whatever it is, you are now inviting
02:21 the Holy Spirit into your heart.
02:23 You're pushing everything out.
02:24 You can't praise the Lord,
02:26 and be thinking about things
02:27 you shouldn't be thinking about.
02:29 So for our own salvation, for our own growth,
02:32 our own spiritual growth,
02:34 I believe, that's why God wants us
02:37 to praise Him.
02:38 It's for us to Him, He doesn't need it.
02:40 He knows who He is, don't you agree?
02:41 Right.
02:43 And it reminds me of that song that says,
02:44 turn your eyes upon Jesus and the things of earth
02:46 will grow faintly dim...
02:47 That's right. In the light of His glory...
02:50 Right. Right. And grace.
02:51 I want to talk a little bit again today about music.
02:54 So there in churches, there's fast music, you know,
02:59 there's some medium, there's your slow,
03:01 there's your, what we call worship,
03:02 a lot of our universities have classical music.
03:06 But there's something that I've learned several years ago,
03:09 I was reading about
03:11 and began to discuss in creating a worship,
03:14 you know, atmosphere,
03:16 but there's what we call a horizontal praise music,
03:20 and then there's a vertical.
03:21 Right.
03:23 You're familiar with that, right?
03:24 Sure. Yeah.
03:25 Maybe you could give us an examples of some,
03:27 maybe how about doing a horizontal,
03:29 and then tell me when and where that would be used.
03:31 Well, I think the horizontal is
03:34 when we're singing to each other,
03:36 we're singing down here on this level.
03:37 And that's a more of a testimonial type of song.
03:40 Even if it were to,
03:43 even if you did something like...
03:44 I will praise Him I will praise Him
03:48 We're still...
03:49 Even though we're praising Him when we say it,
03:52 we're not saying I will praise You.
03:55 Because that would be, you know, up to...
03:57 I'll get to heaven.
03:58 So that would be definitely horizontal.
04:01 Because we're testifying...
04:03 When we all get to heaven
04:06 What a day of rejoicing that will be Okay.
04:10 Yeah, right. So that is the horizontal.
04:12 Right.
04:13 It's a testimony we're sharing with each other.
04:14 So it's like if you go to church
04:16 and somebody says,
04:17 "Okay, we got our next five minutes
04:19 so we're going to give you a chance to get up
04:20 and give a testimony."
04:21 Right.
04:23 So you're testifying in front of the others,
04:24 guess what God did for me this week.
04:25 Right.
04:27 So there's a lot of music
04:28 and a lot of your faster tempo music
04:30 would be more...
04:32 Horizontal. Horizontal. Sure.
04:33 So and there's nothing wrong with that, right?
04:36 No, no, absolutely.
04:37 In fact, that's edifying the saints,
04:39 that's encouraging each other.
04:40 Okay. All right. Yeah, that's what that's...
04:42 So it's like getting around
04:43 and having a Bible study and talking.
04:45 Right. Yeah.
04:46 Let me tell you what the Lord has done for me.
04:47 Okay, got it. All right.
04:49 Now tell me about vertical music
04:51 and give me some samples.
04:52 So there are...
04:53 Especially, over the past few years
04:55 where the new praise choruses and but even...
04:59 Lord, I lift Your name on high
05:02 Lord, I love to sing Your praises
05:05 You came from heaven to earth to show the way
05:09 So it's just to Him.
05:11 Right up to Him. Yeah.
05:12 You can do that right at home while you're...
05:14 Give me another sample, something else.
05:16 So let me think here.
05:22 Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
05:26 There's just something about your name
05:30 Sing it some more. That's beautiful.
05:32 Master, Savior, Jesus,
05:37 You're like the fragrance
05:39 After the rain
05:44 Jesus, Jesus,
05:48 My Jesus,
05:52 Let all Heaven and earth proclaim
05:58 Sing it.
05:59 Kings and kingdoms will all pass away
06:05 But, Lord, there's something about Your name
06:11 So you can even take... Right.
06:14 You can even take a horizontal song like that,
06:17 and even change, you know, because...
06:19 Several years ago I wrote this little song.
06:22 And it was just sitting around in the evenings...
06:24 All my prayers I don't know, if you hit a D, maybe.
06:28 All my prayers
06:31 I give You all my prayers
06:36 That's all
06:39 I have to offer You
06:44 I now build, I build a sanctuary
06:49 Oh, come on.
06:50 Now deep, where, deep within my heart
06:57 And all my prayers,
07:00 I offer up to You
07:05 And it goes through, I love You, Lord,
07:07 I love You, Lord, Oh, how I love You, Lord.
07:10 And so I was going through some pretty rough times,
07:14 and it was just me and the Lord,
07:16 and I picked up my guitar.
07:17 And there it came, you know, and all these words.
07:20 And it drew me so close, I almost felt like,
07:24 God lifted me out of where I was,
07:27 and took me into His presence.
07:29 And that's what we're talking about, right?
07:31 Totally, totally.
07:32 So it's out of that personal experience.
07:34 And, you know, I really feel like
07:36 you're really good at that.
07:37 I know, we do on 3ABN, we will do some special events,
07:42 like a Thanksgiving event.
07:44 And we get in the mood,
07:47 and we get to talking about the goodness of God.
07:50 And that's what creates an atmosphere.
07:53 And so, you know, it's basically like,
07:55 a relationship with any of your friends,
07:59 you know, when you get to memorializing
08:01 or just, you know, eulogizing,
08:03 you just talking about each other,
08:05 and the kindness of each other,
08:09 and you begin to say, you know, "I love that about you."
08:12 And so we celebrate each other that same way.
08:15 And so even more so when we're talking about God
08:18 because He's done so much for us.
08:20 So I love the idea of celebrating Him.
08:24 And that's what we do.
08:26 And so we can really create...
08:27 Once you get to talking about God,
08:29 then you're beginning to create and invite that experience.
08:33 Now when you get into church, oftentimes,
08:34 we don't have that the time to really develop,
08:38 you know, and really talk about Him
08:40 like we should
08:42 because we're under the restraints of, you know,
08:44 the church service time
08:45 but that's why songs were written
08:47 to cut to the chase, get to the point.
08:49 So anyway.
08:50 There's been a big change in music
08:54 in the Adventist Church.
08:55 For instance, if we go back
08:57 to the early founders and foundation,
08:59 I've been reading some
09:01 and I go back to the widest stage,
09:02 you can find a lot of information
09:04 there about music.
09:06 But we saw a different kind of music
09:08 than maybe you would see
09:10 in a lot of our churches today, Tim.
09:12 We talked about, it is one story about
09:15 James White says no matter where he was,
09:17 he was standing at the back of the church
09:18 and when they were singing,
09:20 louder, more up-tempo songs, again,
09:22 because they're excited.
09:23 Jesus is coming again, Jesus is coming soon.
09:26 We're so excited.
09:28 So they said, "He would come down
09:29 the aisle tapping his Bible, or he would sit up
09:32 and be tapping his foot and like,
09:33 just praising the Lord.
09:35 Ellen White makes a statement
09:37 that music as important to a service as prayer.
09:42 Now for a lot of us,
09:44 that may be kind of a shock, like what?
09:46 Because I have to tell you, when I go to a church,
09:49 and we travel a lot,
09:51 so there's not any particular church,
09:52 I'm not talking about yours,
09:54 but we've traveled most of the world.
09:56 And a lot of the churches you go in and you...
09:58 So I think sometimes we're talking, you know,
10:01 Adventist Christian to Adventist Christian
10:03 since General Conference
10:05 but some of us are so worried that
10:07 we're going to look like the rest of the world
10:09 or we're going to look to "Pentecostal,"
10:12 if I use that term,
10:14 that we somehow pull back so far,
10:16 we don't want to be associated with that,
10:18 that our music sometimes is dry.
10:20 It's like, I've been in church services,
10:22 where it seems like and you start may be
10:24 a Sabbath school.
10:25 And it's like, hardly no one is singing.
10:27 And I've actually seen some years ago on 3ABN.
10:31 So I told the people, "Look,
10:32 if you're going to send videotapes
10:34 of your church services,
10:35 when the camera shows the audience,
10:37 people either looking like this or just limping a little bit
10:41 or they're looking at to watch."
10:42 I said, "That's not going to invite."
10:44 No one's going to say,
10:45 "Wow, I want to be a part of this service."
10:47 So music, when we go to churches,
10:50 I've been to churches, I call it may be cold,
10:53 but it's when there's no enthusiasm,
10:54 it's like, okay, whoever plans a service, "Okay,
10:58 we're going to come out with this,
10:59 we're going to have a prayer."
11:01 It might be a great prayer, and may it even be prayer time.
11:04 Now let's do music, you know?
11:05 Okay, we'll do this song.
11:07 And as soon as this over,
11:08 we tell our mission story we do.
11:10 But what she's saying here that
11:12 music as is important to prayer.
11:15 And I can see that bringing in, inviting the Holy Spirit.
11:19 Again, that's part of that praise
11:21 we were talking about earlier.
11:22 You're inviting the Holy Spirit to come down and be with you.
11:27 Now on the other side, I'll flip the coin.
11:31 I've gone to a lot of churches,
11:33 where, in fact, I remember years ago,
11:35 it wasn't Adventist church
11:36 but more in a Pentecostal line.
11:38 And my daughter and I was singing there.
11:40 I had never met the preacher
11:41 but somebody had told them we should come.
11:43 So they had an evangelist there.
11:45 So the evangelist came up to me,
11:47 and he said, "Now listen, I want you to do this song,
11:51 that song, and other."
11:52 Now that I didn't know what songs that he was talking.
11:53 They were really the fast, upbeat songs.
11:56 So he said, "What do you got for tonight?"
11:58 And I said, "Well,
11:59 we got My House is Full by Lanny Wolfe,
12:01 My house is Full, My Field is Empty.
12:04 You know, we have surely the presence of the Lord.
12:06 He said, "No, no, no, no." He said, "I don't need.
12:07 I need some good foot stomping."
12:09 And he said, "Listen, I want you,
12:11 when I get up to preach,
12:12 I want these people in the aisles."
12:14 He said, "I want them excited in the house
12:16 so don't give me that slow stuff."
12:18 So we go from one extremes, it seems like, you know...
12:21 Yeah, which is a little bit of manipulation.
12:23 Yeah, totally.
12:25 And you know what music does that.
12:26 And again, it's like you say,
12:27 sometimes we're afraid to get too close to that,
12:31 you know, so we try to take control of it
12:33 and that's respectable.
12:36 And you can worship slow, you can worship fast.
12:38 But it totally is not about manipulation.
12:41 It's about worshiping God.
12:42 And so your right on.
12:46 So we always say the devil doesn't care
12:47 which side of the boat you falls out
12:49 as long as you fall out.
12:51 So what we're finding in churches,
12:53 how important it is to create an atmosphere of worship,
12:59 at the beginning of your service
13:00 before Sabbath school,
13:02 before the church service comes.
13:04 Yeah, establish that.
13:06 Now I'll talk about music.
13:08 Now I love lots of kinds of music.
13:10 Classical music is always intriguing.
13:12 It's very something you don't just pick up a guitar
13:14 and begin to play.
13:16 I mean, it's... It's very skilled.
13:17 It is very, very skilled and lot of our universities
13:20 but in the late 1800s into the early 1900s up
13:24 to around 1920s or so,
13:27 the Adventist church had more of the when we all
13:29 get to heaven coming in
13:30 'cause we were excited that type of worship.
13:33 But then as we began to build our universities
13:36 and our university, our learning centers,
13:41 that we begin to bring in more classical music,
13:44 which was looked at.
13:46 My dad just call it high eyebrow,
13:48 high eyebrow stuff,
13:50 but they bring in a lot of classical music,
13:52 which sounds great.
13:53 And we kind of get in the habit that's, you know?
13:56 So God can, again, He can...
13:59 I think all kinds of music when we get to heaven,
14:02 there'll be styles of music
14:04 we've never even heard or thought of,
14:06 that God has created.
14:08 And so music is something He's created for our benefit.
14:12 Yeah, yeah.
14:13 So for me, in order to really get,
14:16 and I hate to use the word mood
14:18 'cause people think you're talking about feelings.
14:19 But again, the whole plan of salvation,
14:22 everything is about feelings.
14:24 I mean, you have to have the Holy Spirit.
14:26 So in order to prepare for the Holy Spirit,
14:29 when we come in prayer shouldn't be very important.
14:32 We should take time in prayer.
14:35 And not just, "Okay, thank you,
14:37 this morning, happy Sabbath, you know, to everybody.
14:40 Thank you, Lord."
14:41 And go on and then, "Okay, let's sing,
14:43 end of my heart and then let's go on."
14:45 But I think that we should spend more time
14:47 as a church praising the Lord through music
14:50 because people come in, now it's the Seventh-day,
14:54 it's a Sabbath, and we've been busy all week
14:57 and even up till Sunday and we were busy
14:59 getting everything done,
15:00 in the time you get kids in bed and you get a little study
15:03 and you get up in the morning,
15:05 you head to church, you still have that busyness.
15:07 But when you sit down and you begin
15:10 to just worship God and music,
15:13 whether it's upbeat a little bit
15:14 to loosen you up,
15:16 whether it's more, you know, a softer, little melodic,
15:19 whatever you want to get us
15:22 to kind of slow down our whole system.
15:24 And I think it will change
15:26 the atmosphere of the entire service.
15:29 Right. I totally agree.
15:30 I think, you know, when we, like,
15:36 for our spouse,
15:37 when we set up a special occasion,
15:40 well, we don't have to be told
15:43 how to love our spouse, you know?
15:45 And so we will set the table,
15:47 we will make reservations at the restaurant
15:50 that we know that they like,
15:51 we will put on music, we know that they like,
15:54 you know, we wear the cologne we know that they like.
15:56 And I think to me,
16:00 that's whenever I go to worship God,
16:02 I want to create this,
16:04 because it's a personal relationship.
16:06 That's the connection that I have with my God.
16:10 And so he says, for me to love Him
16:12 with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength,
16:14 everything that's within me,
16:16 and you were referring to those situations
16:18 you've been in where they were not,
16:20 they were just kind of mumbling their song.
16:21 Well, I think God says, "Is that all you got?"
16:24 That's not all that's within you,
16:26 you could do more than that at an event at
16:29 your kid's soccer game or whatever.
16:31 And we use that reference a lot.
16:33 But truly to give what we know...
16:37 We know how to love one another, you know,
16:39 especially those people that are really close to us
16:41 even celebrating our child,
16:43 we give them a certain specific kind of praise
16:46 and adoration and love and attention.
16:49 And that's the same kind of...
16:50 When we have spent time in the word
16:52 as you say and in prayer,
16:54 we can create that atmosphere with God.
16:57 And your study is, of course, music has been your life.
17:01 Is there any particular scriptures
17:02 that you've referred to or that you like
17:04 or that talk about music that you're go-to?
17:07 I do love Romans 12:1 that talks about us being...
17:12 To present our bodies a living
17:13 and holy sacrifice acceptable to God,
17:16 which is your spiritual service of worship.
17:18 And then I also love 1 Peter 2:9,
17:21 that where we are called a peculiar people,
17:25 and we are for God's...
17:26 Separated. Right.
17:27 We are God's... We are His own possession.
17:31 And so that we may proclaim
17:34 the excellencies of Him
17:36 who has called you out of darkness
17:38 into His glorious light.
17:39 There again, there's that testimony.
17:42 I love the fact that
17:44 we may proclaim the excellencies of Him.
17:46 Worship is an awesome tool of evangelism.
17:51 You know, when you can sing praises about God
17:56 and those who hear that aren't Christians,
17:59 they'll, you know, there'll be drawn in to
18:03 by you singing because everybody loves music
18:05 around the world whether, you know,
18:07 Christian or non-Christian, it's an international language.
18:11 So I love the fact that
18:13 we can testify through those songs,
18:17 and people can see our love for our Savior.
18:21 What about planning?
18:23 You think that we ought to do some planning,
18:26 rather than when we just get there like the preacher...
18:28 Oh, yeah.
18:29 Wouldn't it be a mess,
18:31 if the preacher just got up, he hadn't planned anything.
18:34 And then he just got up and started talking
18:36 or started to try to preach something that he hadn't...
18:38 So as far as getting together, our churches,
18:42 we should have our little groups,
18:44 if you got a group of singers.
18:46 One, I'd say if one singer is good, maybe 10 is better.
18:49 You know, but to get your praise singers together,
18:51 a lot of people don't like that word.
18:53 But I have to say, if it's praise,
18:55 and it's can't be all bad, right?
18:57 It's up to what you do with a bit of praising,
19:00 people get together,
19:01 maybe you practice during the week.
19:03 And if you have some instruments you get together,
19:05 you practice during the week because, again,
19:07 you're not going to get up in a church service
19:09 and start literally...
19:11 If you're solo music or if you're the pastor,
19:13 you're not just going to get up without practicing.
19:15 So let's give God the very best that we can.
19:18 And then let's use some spiritual common sense.
19:22 And when to put in what style of music
19:26 into our church services.
19:28 For instance, the preacher preached this great sermon.
19:33 The Holy Spirit is working on the people.
19:37 And he makes an altar call.
19:39 Even when I've been in Pentecostal churches
19:41 or others,
19:42 I don't hear the fast boom, boom, boom, gone.
19:45 I hear softly and tenderly,
19:48 Jesus is calling, right?
19:51 Absolutely. Yeah, that's true.
19:52 So why are we doing that
19:54 because that fits the atmosphere.
19:56 Right now the Holy Spirit's been
19:58 working on the hearts and the minds of people.
20:01 And so now song softly and tenderly, Jesus is calling.
20:05 So each and every one of us there,
20:07 we're already preparing right now our hearts.
20:10 He's speaking to me.
20:11 Wow, this song speaking to me.
20:13 Maybe I've been a Christian for 30 years, 50 years,
20:16 or maybe I'm new,
20:18 and still at the end of this service,
20:20 and the pastor makes that call that I can,
20:23 "Wow, you know, Lord, I want to draw closer to You."
20:26 And you turn your eyes on Jesus,
20:28 His wonderful face and the things of Earth
20:31 will grow strangely dim
20:32 in the light of His glory and grace.
20:35 So our music, there's a time
20:36 I think, to be up, to be excited,
20:39 to show praise, there's a time to get out
20:41 our orchestra, you know?
20:44 And sometimes I think we're so critical, Tim,
20:47 in music.
20:49 I know in our church... Anyway, we're critical.
20:52 For instance, if you talk about drums,
20:55 people automatically,
20:57 many people are automatically turned off.
21:00 Yet the same people, if you take a drum
21:02 and you put it around your neck,
21:04 and you hit it like this, it's okay, right?
21:07 Yeah.
21:08 If you look at marching bands, and schools and academies,
21:09 that's all okay.
21:11 But if you turn the drum upside down
21:12 and hit it, oh, that's the devil.
21:15 But once again, it's not the drum,
21:17 it's how you play the drum.
21:20 And for instance, when I was in India,
21:23 several years ago with Maranatha,
21:25 with McNeilus and a big group,
21:27 we were over there and thousands of people
21:29 were baptized.
21:31 Guess what they pray?
21:32 When we went back to the villages,
21:34 they didn't pull out their pipe organs
21:36 or Steinway pianos,
21:38 they didn't pull out their trumpets,
21:39 they didn't even have a...
21:41 Harmonica. Harmonicas.
21:44 They didn't have any of those.
21:45 They had drums, they had some out of steel,
21:48 some were built out of wood,
21:50 and they were beating those drums.
21:52 And they were so excited about accepting Jesus,
21:55 that those were loud.
21:57 I think about scripture,
21:58 praise Him on the loud-sounding cymbals.
22:00 People say, "Oh, well, I don't like that."
22:02 Well, it's not what we like.
22:03 It's what we read, you know, the Bible is here.
22:05 But back in those days,
22:07 I would say the children of Israel out
22:09 in the wilderness.
22:10 They're in the same positions, as I was just talking about.
22:13 I got a feeling the drum and cymbals
22:15 was one of the few things, that they really have.
22:17 Affordable, right?
22:18 Yeah, that they can take with them
22:20 and no big pianos and all that.
22:22 So God accepts that praise.
22:25 So the praise that comes from your heart.
22:26 Absolutely.
22:28 And that's exactly,
22:29 so creating a worship experience
22:32 should be something that's planned,
22:34 just like the rest of your service.
22:36 Then, again, if we take that statement
22:37 that music is as powerful as prayer.
22:43 It's amazing to me because it does to me
22:46 and you've talked about it,
22:47 we do it in church services without even, for instance,
22:51 we didn't just plan all my praise.
22:52 Right, right. No. I started singing.
22:54 But after our camp meetings, and we do our little afterglow,
22:58 somebody talks and then all of a sudden
22:59 you just start playing something...
23:01 It sparks the song in your mind, is that...
23:02 Yeah.
23:04 And all of a sudden, I began to feel closer,
23:06 drawn closer and closer to Jesus.
23:09 Yeah. Now that...
23:10 I love the...
23:12 That's just a beautiful, beautiful picture of, again,
23:15 our relationship with someone that we love so dear.
23:20 And we have these songs,
23:23 like you were talking about having...
23:25 I think it's important to have a list of songs in your mind
23:28 that you've been working on and praise,
23:31 we wouldn't just go to the grocery store
23:33 and grab the $5 clearance bouquet
23:37 because to take home to the missus.
23:41 We definitely want to spend time,
23:44 allotting time for planning,
23:47 for what we're going to do, what we're going to share...
23:49 In prayer. Yeah, absolutely.
23:51 Praying, Lord, what would you have us,
23:52 how would you have us create a worship experience
23:57 for this Sabbath, for this Sunday,
24:00 wherever you go to church, prayer meeting, how would I...
24:03 Prayer meeting, especially sometimes it,
24:05 let's just come in and get it over and we go back,
24:07 but still, we can take time, I believe.
24:11 And another thing I believe,
24:12 also is when your team
24:16 not only includes your music team,
24:19 but the pastor, I think it's important.
24:21 There are a lot of pastors
24:23 who maybe separate
24:24 the music section of the program
24:27 or of the service with from the preaching,
24:29 and it's, I've seen pastors who will flow in that
24:34 and will maybe even carry on...
24:37 You don't have to be the greatest singer.
24:38 I've heard some preachers that will really tear it up,
24:41 literally tear up a song.
24:43 But they'll just continue on maybe even ask
24:46 the song leader to sing that chorus again,
24:48 and then go right into the sermon.
24:51 So I think that's as much as creating that atmosphere,
24:56 where it just flows
24:59 because you wouldn't just stop until a joke, you know,
25:03 before you go into a message
25:04 should continue into that experience...
25:07 And again, you're not trying to manipulate anyone,
25:10 you're just encouraging an atmosphere of praise.
25:14 So that's...
25:15 So plan your worship service, right?
25:20 Plan get together with a pastor,
25:21 with your group,
25:23 whoever, if you got people playing instruments
25:24 or the singers,
25:26 you get together, you pick your songs,
25:28 ask the pastor,
25:29 if he knows what he's preaching on,
25:31 try to coordinate that with him.
25:33 Then when we come
25:34 into the church service in the morning,
25:36 to get people in an atmosphere of prayer
25:39 and praise and worship,
25:41 to do songs that will draw them closer.
25:44 Sometimes, it's a happy song, you know,
25:46 and sometimes it's a little more slowed down.
25:49 You know, when I walked through the door,
25:51 I sensed His presence, you know,
25:52 I realize I'm standing on holy ground.
25:55 But so to me, I think God is there,
26:00 He loves to inhabits the praises of His people.
26:03 He loves it when we praise Him for our spiritual growth,
26:06 as I mentioned earlier, not for His,
26:08 He doesn't need it but for our spiritual growth.
26:12 So when we're praising the Lord,
26:14 it's like my dad used to say,
26:16 "Son, he would had me go mow the yard,
26:19 we'd mow the yard with push mowers back then,
26:21 with no motors on them.
26:22 I'm talking about the wheels.
26:24 But then pull the weeds around the little shed,
26:27 then about a day or two later,
26:29 if I was acting bored or something didn't happen,
26:31 he'd say, "Son, go pull those weeds around the shed."
26:33 And I would say,
26:35 "Well, I just did that a couple days ago."
26:37 He'd say, "Idleness is the devil's workshop,
26:40 so go out and get busy."
26:41 So for us as Christians, when we're praising the Lord,
26:45 we're not busy thinking about things
26:46 we shouldn't be.
26:47 We're not over here. We're not over there.
26:50 So that's why there's praise and worship, and then preparing
26:53 for the divine worship hour to get that all in.
26:57 So it's steps that you go to.
26:59 And I believe that each of us could see a big difference.
27:02 I've had people,
27:04 I know that come to churches that say,
27:05 "Well, I believe what y'all teach,
27:07 but I didn't really feel, you know,
27:10 much of a worship experience there.
27:12 It was like I went to school and get educated."
27:14 Right. Right.
27:15 And I know what they're talking about.
27:16 Now not all our churches that way, praise the Lord.
27:19 But I do know what they're talking about.
27:21 And so we want to plan the church service,
27:24 try to work with the pastor,
27:26 pick out songs that are appropriate
27:27 for the beginning
27:29 and for an altar call and appeal.
27:30 And then don't forget to prayer.
27:32 So prayer, praise through music.
27:36 And then, of course, the word.
27:38 I mean, to me that it's kind of the...
27:41 We don't have a lot of time to go into it.
27:43 But to me, we've got about a minute.
27:44 You got any closing thoughts?
27:46 Well, I would say, why don't you just sing this
27:48 that's what you were singing, We Are Standing on Holy Ground.
27:50 Okay.
27:52 As I walked Through the door
27:56 I sensed His presence
28:00 And I knew This was a place
28:05 Where love abounds
28:09 For this is the temple
28:14 Jehovah God abides here
28:20 We are standing
28:24 In His presence
28:27 On holy ground It's the way
28:30 I sing at home to the Lord.
28:32 I don't try to really get my PA system out
28:35 and really push it and really hit it,
28:37 and like your hairs, just kind of it's almost...
28:39 Spontaneous.
28:41 Talk, sing, it's just to get it out
28:43 and give God that worship.
28:44 We're standing on holy ground
28:46 and I know that there are angels all around.
28:49 Amen.
28:50 Our time is all gone for right now.
28:51 So we'll see you in just a bit.


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