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00:01 Music...
00:05 Hello Friends,
00:07 welcome to the Adventist Virtual Global Camp Meeting.
00:09 I'm Pastor John Lomacang
00:11 and I welcome you to this message entitled: The Remnant.
00:14 Let us seek the Lord in prayer.
00:15 "Father in heaven, thank You for Your Word...
00:19 for the integrity and unwavering value of Your Word.
00:23 We pray now that You will calibrate our hearts and minds
00:27 to hear what the Spirit says to the Churches
00:30 and to Your people.
00:32 In Jesus' name I pray, amen. "
00:35 The title of this message is: The Remnant.
00:39 Subtitle: The Coalition of Deliverance.
00:43 You know, Friends, Revelation introduces God's Remnant
00:47 in the unfolding scenario of last-day events.
00:52 Revelation chapter 12 walks us
00:54 through the development of this Movement
00:58 as we look together at verse 17
01:01 and I'm reading from the King James Version.
01:04 Revelation chapter 12 and verse 17, we read,
01:06 verse on screen.
01:20 I've always asked the question, "What is it about the Remnant
01:25 that makes the devil so angry?"
01:28 We'll discover in eight points today what that is
01:32 but come with me to the last act
01:34 in the controversy of the ages.
01:37 Come with me to the Presentation
01:40 of the fellowship of the unashamed.
01:43 Come with me to the introduction of those
01:46 who stand in these last days
01:50 on uncompromising truth.
01:53 You see, Friends, Revelation introduces the Remnant
01:56 that had been in production for more than 6,000 years
02:01 and the closer we get to the end,
02:03 the more furious and angry Satan becomes
02:07 with this group that are determined to follow
02:11 the unflinching Word of God.
02:13 Let's look at the first point about the Remnant.
02:16 Point Number One:
02:17 The Remnant remain Focused amidst Distractions.
02:22 That's a powerful point
02:24 because we live in a world today that's filled with distractions.
02:28 Distractions on the right hand
02:30 and distractions on the left hand
02:33 but the Remnant are convinced
02:34 that through the fulfillment of Bible prophecy
02:38 that the time has come for the proclamation
02:41 of the final message
02:42 and so, they remain focused amid the distractions.
02:46 The Remnant...
02:47 unlike the climate that has gripped the world recently...
02:51 the Remnant are not politically sidetracked
02:55 by the agenda of a divided nation
02:57 or the agendas of a divided world.
03:00 The Remnant are divorced from worldly alliances
03:04 and worldly political movements.
03:06 Listen to the words of Jesus,
03:08 He said it very clearly in John chapter 18 verse 36.
03:12 "My kingdom is not of this world.
03:15 If My kingdom were of this world,
03:18 My disciples would fight. "
03:20 I've been looking at what's been happening
03:23 in the Christian world
03:25 and more specifically in the Christian churches.
03:28 How could Christian churches be divided
03:29 when Christians fail to focus on God's Word?
03:32 When they fail to take God's Word as the foundation
03:35 of their guidance... they will be sidetracked
03:39 and they will be divided.
03:41 When they listen to the voice of political leaders
03:43 rather than... to the voice of Jesus and His Word...
03:45 when they listen to the meanderings
03:47 and the musings of those
03:49 that seek to find allegiance to one side or the other...
03:53 they fail to hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches
03:56 and then they become so sidetracked
03:59 that they fight amongst themselves
04:01 with terms like: Conservative and Liberal
04:04 and you find those words are not in Scripture anywhere
04:07 but in the book: Counsels for the Church
04:09 page 344 and paragraph 4, we read these words
04:14 as a description as to why Satan seeks to distract the Remnant.
04:19 We are told...
04:20 Words on screen.
04:39 Look at that... "More determined
04:41 and more decisive in his efforts to overthrow them.
04:45 Like a football team trying to get to the goal line,
04:48 they are decisive and determined not to allow the opposing team
04:53 to prevent them from getting to the goal
04:55 but the opposing team is decisive and determined
04:59 to try to do everything in their strategic notebook
05:04 to keep those on the other side from getting to the goal
05:08 and I've discovered something very significant.
05:11 When you study the Bible, you begin to see how Satan works.
05:14 You begin to see the tactics that he uses
05:17 and he goes back to them time and time again
05:20 because the same tactic that Satan used
05:22 to discourage the people of God in the Old Testament,
05:26 he is using the same tactics
05:28 to try to discourage the people of God in these last days.
05:32 Look at one of those tactics in Nehemiah chapter 1 and verse 3.
05:35 The Bible says... speaking about the Israelites
05:39 when they came back to their province, it says,
05:41 "And they said unto me... " that is: unto Nehemiah...
05:45 verse on screen.
06:02 What a significant description!
06:04 The walls are broken down...
06:06 the gates are burned with fire...
06:08 the people are in great affliction and reproach...
06:11 they are in distress.
06:13 Something is happening to the church today...
06:16 Satan is seeking to break down the walls.
06:19 Why does he want to demolish the walls?
06:21 The walls keep us in and the walls keep him out.
06:26 Satan is chiseling at the wall of the church today
06:30 by introducing political controversy
06:34 to distract us from the message of the hour.
06:37 Let me encourage you.
06:38 When you hear one politician fighting with the other,
06:42 close your ears to the voice of the politician
06:44 and open your ears to the voice of Jesus and His Word.
06:48 Satan is also using terms like Conservative and Liberal
06:52 to label us and to put us in a false sense of security.
06:56 You know Friends,
06:57 I'm not secured by my political persuasion,
07:00 I am secured by the blood of the Lamb.
07:02 I am secure by the righteousness of Jesus...
07:06 I am not secure by any political agenda
07:09 or any financial plan...
07:11 I am secure by the righteousness and the Word and the power
07:15 of God's un-moveable Word.
07:18 Also, Satan seeks to introduce disputes over issues
07:22 that have no relevance with eternity...
07:25 he does that...
07:26 he does that by trying to incarcerate us into inactivity
07:31 while Jesus is saying to the Christian,
07:33 "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations... "
07:37 We stay hovered into our locked-in positions on politics
07:41 and we fight one with the other
07:43 incarcerated in an inactivity while Jesus is saying,
07:48 "Go and turn the world upside down... "
07:51 which brings me to my second point.
07:53 The Remnant Preserve their Alliance with Jesus...
07:57 The Remnant Preserve their Alliance with Jesus.
08:01 You know, Jesus illustrates a striking separation
08:05 between religion and politics.
08:08 Look at Matthew chapter 22 and verse 21...
08:12 the words of Christ...
08:13 He says, "Render therefore to Caesar
08:17 the things that are Caesar's
08:19 and to God the things that are God's. "
08:24 Now let's... let's allow that to sink in for a moment.
08:26 You know, it's amazing to me
08:28 how Christians become so agitated over issues
08:32 that have nothing to do with eternity.
08:34 Fighting... listen...
08:36 over whether to take the COVID Vaccine
08:39 or whether to ignore the COVID Vaccine.
08:41 Some Christians that you thought
08:43 believe the everlasting gospel
08:45 are saying, "Maybe there's...
08:46 maybe this is the Mark of the Beast. "
08:48 How foolish
08:49 and how far away from Scriptural support
08:52 and integrity those ideologies are.
08:54 And some people say, "Wear a mask
08:56 or not wear a mask... "
08:58 and some have been so saturated by this ideology
09:02 that they weave it into their sermons
09:04 trying to convince their congregation
09:06 to follow their own convictions.
09:07 Friend, the only conviction that you should follow
09:10 is a "thus saith the Lord... "
09:11 and by the way, the vaccine and the mask
09:14 are not associated with the Mark of the Beast.
09:17 I'll say "Amen" myself.
09:19 But the Bible is making it very clear,
09:21 "Give to Caesar what's his
09:23 and give to God what belongs to Him. "
09:25 We find the reason for this destruction and confusion
09:29 in the book: Counsels on Stewardship
09:31 page 154 and paragraph 1, listen to these words.
09:35 On screen.
10:16 Did you notice that?
10:17 They're getting ready for the second coming of Christ
10:20 and their desire is to keep all the commandments of God
10:23 and Satan says, "Those are the ones I'm concerned about. "
10:26 He said, "Popular churches. "
10:28 Popular churches are lulled to sleep by speculation
10:33 in reference to their own ideologies.
10:37 They choose speculation over Scriptural integrity.
10:40 They choose tradition in place of truth.
10:44 The choose the "Prosperity Gospel"
10:47 in place of the Prophetic Gospel.
10:50 They are distracted...
10:51 they are lulled to sleep
10:53 and Satan says, "Remain asleep
10:55 while I try my best to work on the Remnant
10:58 to get them on their side. "
10:59 But let me encourage you,
11:01 Scriptural integrity must be the guiding light
11:05 for the Christian.
11:07 Look at the words in 2nd Peter chapter 1 and verse 19,
11:09 "Scriptural integrity must be the guiding light
11:12 of the Christian. "
11:14 Here's what Peter the Apostle says... He says:
11:16 verse on screen.
11:33 He said, "Pay attention...
11:35 the Bible is reliable...
11:37 prophecy is reliable...
11:38 it will never lead you astray.
11:40 Scripture is reliable...
11:42 take heed to the light...
11:44 don't allow yourself to walk in darkness...
11:48 use God's Word as your own guiding light... "
11:50 which brings me to my third point.
11:52 The Remnant will not Abandon the Truth...
11:55 The Remnant will not Abandon the Truth of the Word...
12:00 that's my third point.
12:02 The Remnant will not Abandon the Truth of the Word.
12:06 You know Friends, when you think about it,
12:09 truth has always been the measure
12:11 of those following Jesus...
12:12 it's always been the measure.
12:14 Teachings that veer away from the truth of God's Word
12:17 always leads to deception.
12:20 That's why Paul told his understudy, Timothy, these words
12:24 and we find it in 2nd Timothy chapter 4 verse 3 and 4,
12:28 listen carefully.
12:30 He says, "For the time will come
12:32 when they will not endure sound doctrine,
12:34 but according to their own desires... "
12:37 a powerful word... their own desires...
12:39 "because they have itching ears,
12:43 they will heap up for themselves teachers:
12:47 and they will turn their ears away from the truth,
12:50 and be turned aside to fables. "
12:52 Now, I'm always amazed when I read that Scripture
12:54 because it's saying that there'll be Christians
12:57 who are so turned off from sound doctrine
13:01 that they'll look for preachers and teachers
13:05 that tell them what they want to hear
13:08 and like a very comfortable Q- tip...
13:10 those teachers will tickle their ears
13:12 and they'll find themselves
13:14 under the altar of deceptive teachings.
13:16 That's the age in which we are living today.
13:19 Don't fool yourself...
13:20 don't follow emotion and ideology...
13:23 allow the Word of God to be your own guide
13:26 because the remnant will not abandon the truth of God's Word.
13:30 But Satan's agenda is to persuade Christians
13:34 that religious activity
13:36 is more relevant and valued and pertinent
13:40 than the truth of God's Word
13:42 and nothing is further from the lie.
13:45 There are people that are preaching in His name...
13:47 casting out demons in His name...
13:49 that is the name of Jesus...
13:51 doing many wonderful works
13:52 but Matthew 7:21 to 23 says that He'll say to them,
13:56 "If activity is more important than truth,
13:59 I never knew you... "
14:00 and I'm going to tell you today,
14:02 you don't want to be in that crowd
14:03 which brings me to my fourth point:
14:05 The Remnant Preserve Doctrinal Integrity...
14:10 The Remnant will Preserve Doctrinal Integrity...
14:14 a powerful point.
14:16 Doctrinal integrity.
14:17 When doctrinal controversies arise among those of like faith,
14:22 Satan is behind it.
14:24 I've been a Pastor for more than 33... 34 years
14:28 and I have seen amongst those who claim to believe
14:32 the three angels' messages,
14:33 all kinds of doctrinal controversies arising among them
14:37 and I can tell you, Satan is behind it.
14:40 That's why they are controversies over the teachings
14:43 that we have studied for decades
14:45 and are solidified on the framework
14:47 of a "Thus saith the Lord... "
14:49 but Satan is saying,
14:51 "Let me try to put something in your tea...
14:53 let me try to put something in your word...
14:56 let me try to guide your mind in a dark and deceptive direction"
14:59 and so, what does he do?
15:02 He... he causes them to argue
15:04 over this... the truth of the sanctuary.
15:05 He tries to introduce things like: New Generation Theology
15:09 meaning somehow that Jesus has changed His ideology
15:13 in the everlasting gospel.
15:15 He questions us
15:17 on the avenue of the validity of the Holy Spirit.
15:20 Is He just a force?
15:22 Is He really a part of the Godhead?
15:24 That's doctrinal controversy and Satan is behind it.
15:27 Then he leads some to go to date setting...
15:29 Jesus is coming on this date or that date
15:32 or in five years or ten years...
15:34 Satan is behind it
15:35 and then he tries to predict the close of probation
15:38 which no one knows when Jesus will wrap up His work.
15:41 You just have to be ready at any moment.
15:43 And finally he gets those to try to re-interpret prophecies
15:47 that have stood the test of time for decades and for centuries...
15:50 re-interpreting the 1260 years of Revelation
15:54 and lastly... and more diabolical...
15:58 he is trying to get us to question the divinity of Jesus
16:01 "Is He really, in fact, equal with God
16:04 or is He just a God?"
16:07 Friends, the devil is behind
16:09 the destruction of doctrinal integrity
16:13 and as with ancient Israel,
16:15 Satan is seeking to burn our gates.
16:19 But Ephesians chapter 4 and verse 13 tells us that
16:23 unity is the catalyst of Christ being formed within
16:27 and the foundation of those who are unified
16:30 on Scriptural integrity.
16:32 Look at Ephesians chapter 4 and verse 13,
16:34 the words of the Apostle Paul says,
16:36 "Till we all come to the unity of the faith... "
16:40 notice what? "the unity of the faith
16:42 and of the knowledge of the Son of God,
16:45 to a perfect... " or mature man...
16:47 "to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ. "
16:53 That's the aim of Christ.
16:55 He wants us to grow up... not to blow up...
16:58 not to fight amongst ourselves...
17:00 He wants us to come to the measure
17:03 of the stature of the fullness of Christ
17:05 and that is done by faith
17:08 in the knowledge of the Son of God
17:11 so, Satan seeks to challenge the knowledge of the Son of God
17:14 because he knows that when we know who Jesus is,
17:17 we'll finally find out who we are.
17:20 The Remnant practice and preserve unity of faith
17:24 in doctrinal integrity and fellowship.
17:26 Point number 5:
17:28 The Remnant remain United in the Mission of Jesus...
17:33 The Remnant remain United in the Mission of Jesus.
17:38 That's why Satan is so angry.
17:40 He is angry with those who are unified in the mission of Jesus.
17:43 Satan is angry because we don't just proclaim the message
17:48 but we live the message.
17:50 We are on the same page when it comes to the mission of Jesus.
17:56 We are not on opposite sides of Christ...
17:59 we are not just using His name
18:01 to say that all we want is Your Name...
18:03 we will have our own teachings and our own ideology
18:06 and our own righteousness...
18:08 they are on the same page of salvation
18:11 with the mission of Christ.
18:13 And look at how Isaiah the prophet outlines
18:15 the beautiful mission of Jesus
18:17 and how we must be on the same page
18:20 in every one of these categories.
18:22 Isaiah chapter 61 verses 1 to 3.
18:25 These are the words that Isaiah the prophet predicted
18:27 about the mission of Christ.
18:28 He says:
18:30 "The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon Me,
18:32 because the LORD has anointed Me to preach good tidings
18:36 to the poor;
18:37 He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted,
18:41 to proclaim liberty to the captives,
18:44 and the opening of the prison to those who are bound... "
18:49 verse 2, "To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord,
18:52 and the day of vengeance of our God;
18:54 to comfort all who mourn
18:57 to console those who mourn in Zion...
19:00 to give them beauty for ashes,
19:02 the oil of joy for mourning,
19:05 the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness;
19:09 that they may be called trees of righteousness,
19:13 the planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified. "
19:17 What an amazing mission!
19:20 What an amazing mission.
19:21 If the remnant... the children of God
19:25 can embrace that mission,
19:28 captives will be freed...
19:30 the brokenhearted will be healed...
19:32 those who are bound will find freedom...
19:34 those who mourn will be comforted...
19:37 those who are in a spirit of heaviness
19:39 will find reasons to rejoice
19:42 and those who are looking for the garment of praise
19:46 will be glad to embrace it
19:48 rather than walking around in the darkness of mourning
19:51 and heaviness.
19:53 You see Friends, the Remnant... the children of God
19:57 embrace the same mission that Jesus has...
20:00 praise God for that...
20:02 which brings me to point number 6:
20:04 The Remnant will Reflect the character of Jesus.
20:10 Now, this is powerful.
20:11 You see if all you have is doctrinal integrity
20:14 but you don't have the character of Christ,
20:16 you can keep the Sabbath and still be lost.
20:18 You can believe in the right day of worship...
20:21 the right diet...
20:22 you can believe the truth about every doctrine
20:24 you have ever embraced
20:25 but if the character of Christ is not present in your life,
20:28 you can be just a good thinker
20:30 but there's no evidence in your life
20:32 of the presence of Christ...
20:34 that's why Galatians 5 and verse 22 and 23 tells us:
20:37 The kind of character that Jesus is looking for to be reflected
20:42 in the lives of His children...
20:44 here are the words of the Apostle Paul:
20:46 he says, "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy,
20:50 peace, longsuffering,
20:53 kindness, goodness, faithfulness... "
20:57 listen... the list goes on verse 23...
21:01 "gentleness, self-control... "
21:04 and then he ends by saying...
21:06 "Against such there is no law. "
21:09 What does he mean?
21:10 He says, there's no law that says you can't be kind.
21:13 Can you imagine somebody going to jail for being too kind
21:16 or being too gentle...
21:18 or being too good... or being too longsuffering?
21:20 He's saying... there is no violation of any law
21:22 against a kind person...
21:24 be as kind as Jesus was and you'll never be arrested.
21:27 But why does Satan seek to break down our character?
21:31 Listen to this quotation from the Review and Herald.
21:34 It was written February 9, 1892
21:38 but it's as relevant as it is today... listen carefully.
21:41 "Men may speak fluently upon doctrines,
21:44 and may express strong faith in theories,
21:48 but do they possess Christlike meekness and love?"
21:53 Is the question...
21:54 "If they reveal a harsh, critical spirit,
21:59 they are denying Christ.
22:02 If they are not kind, tenderhearted, long-suffering,
22:08 they are not like Jesus,
22:10 they are deceiving their own souls.
22:13 A spirit contrary to the love, humility,
22:18 meekness, and gentleness of Christ,
22:20 denies Him,
22:22 whatever may be the profession. "
22:25 So, somebody might say, "Hey, I believe in the Sabbath"
22:28 but you're as mean as an angry dog
22:30 that hasn't eaten for a week.
22:32 It makes no difference in what you believe...
22:34 the Lord is looking for your beliefs
22:36 to line up with your life.
22:37 If you say you believe the truth,
22:39 the truth should have an impact on your life.
22:42 We can be doctrinally sound on one side
22:45 and spiritually corrupt and dry on the other.
22:47 If the truth has not affected your character,
22:50 it means absolutely nothing
22:53 which brings me to point number 7:
22:56 The Remnant Understand the Times...
22:59 The Remnant understand the times.
23:02 Romans chapter 13 verses 11 and 12,
23:04 the Remnant understand the times.
23:06 He says to the Remnant:
23:08 verse on screen.
23:33 Paul is saying, "You should understand by the wars
23:36 and rumors of war...
23:37 by nations rising against nations...
23:40 by strife and political division...
23:43 racial division...
23:44 unrest...
23:46 anarchy among the nations...
23:48 deceptive political practices...
23:50 you should understand by what you see...
23:53 earthquakes... the weather out of control...
23:56 you should understand more than anybody else
23:59 that we're living in the closing hours of earth's history
24:02 and I shouldn't be telling you that the time is now...
24:05 he says, "You should know the time. "
24:07 You see with the fulfillment of end-time prophecies,
24:09 the Remnant know
24:11 that they cannot abandon the end-time message.
24:16 Why?
24:17 Because the Remnant calibrate their lives
24:20 to the understanding of the times.
24:23 1st Thessalonians chapter 5 verses 1 to 4,
24:26 Paul's words once again...
24:27 here's what he says to you today:
24:29 on screen...
24:42 "for when they say... " listen to this,
24:45 'Peace and safety!'
24:47 then sudden destruction comes upon them
24:50 as labor pains upon a pregnant woman.
24:53 And they shall not escape.
24:55 But you brethren... " I love the way he says it:
24:57 "But you, brethren, are not in darkness,
25:01 so that this Day should overtake you as a thief. "
25:05 That's right, if you claim to be a part of the Remnant Church,
25:09 you are not in dark...
25:10 you can only be in the dark if you're not studying and praying.
25:13 You can only be in the dark if somehow along the way
25:16 you have found a false sense of security
25:18 in believing that since you know the truth,
25:21 there's no need to advance.
25:22 Friends, don't let the days of the coming of Christ
25:26 catch you unprepared.
25:28 This message that the Remnant has been given
25:31 must not be forgotten.
25:33 Do not ignore the signs
25:35 of the imminence of the return of Jesus
25:38 which brings me to my last point:
25:41 The Remnant will have on the Whole Armor of God...
25:46 The Remnant will have on the Whole Armor of God.
25:51 Yes, they do...
25:52 you see the final conflict
25:54 is going to require total preparation
25:57 and if you don't have on the whole armor,
26:01 you can be an unprepared soldier.
26:02 The devil will find a weakness in your character.
26:05 He'll find a weakness in your armor.
26:07 You may be fully armored but no helmet... you're in trouble.
26:09 Satan's final onslaught is going to be so intense
26:13 that it's not just for church members...
26:15 it's going to be for soldiers of the cross.
26:17 If you're just a church member and you're content to be there,
26:20 you're not ready.
26:21 The last battle is going to be too fierce
26:23 for those who are spiritually complacent...
26:26 you got to have on the whole armor of God.
26:28 And having faced every weapon of Satan's arsenal,
26:31 Jesus tells us these following words,
26:34 Ephesians chapter 6 verses 10 and 11,
26:37 listen to how He speaks through the Apostle Paul, he says,
26:41 on screen...
26:59 What makes the devil angry?
27:01 The Remnant are awake...
27:03 they are not leaning back on the comfort of complacency...
27:07 they are leaning for on the promise of God's prophetic word.
27:10 They are not a people that are just content with entertainment,
27:14 they are not content until they make it to the kingdom.
27:17 They are living the life proclaiming the message
27:21 and the remnant stand in the full armor of Jesus
27:25 but the Remnant kneel as they fight in prayer on their knees.
27:29 Friends, are you a part of the Remnant
27:31 or do you want to be a part of the Remnant?
27:33 The Remnant are meek... not weak
27:35 and they won't give up until the battle is won.
27:40 But make no mistake about it Friends,
27:42 it's not going to be easy.
27:44 That's why Jesus says these words...
27:47 as I close, listen to what He says,
27:49 in Matthew 24 and verse 13,
27:51 "But he who endures to the end shall be saved. "
27:57 Throw that doctrine of "Once saved... always saved"
28:02 out the window...
28:03 you haven't seen the best of the enemy yet.
28:07 You haven't been punched and slapped and kicked
28:10 like he wants to...
28:12 you got to hold on...
28:13 you got to covered with the whole armor...
28:15 you got to be dedicated.
28:16 And Friends, today, Jesus is calling you
28:18 to make that eternal decision
28:19 to be a citizen of that Remnant Kingdom.
28:22 He's calling you to join the Coalition of Deliverance
28:26 because the Coalition of Destruction is being formed.
28:30 Why are you waiting for a later date
28:34 before you make a decision
28:35 to join the Coalition of Deliverance?
28:38 And who are they? The Remnant.
28:40 Friends, I pray that when Jesus calls, you will say,
28:43 "I want to be in that Remnant...
28:45 I'm going to be in that Remnant number
28:46 so that when Jesus comes, He will come for me. "
28:50 God bless you.


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