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00:05 Hello, I just want to welcome you
00:07 to the Adventist Virtual Global Camp Meeting.
00:10 I'm Jill Morikone, and we're so delighted that
00:12 you have joined us.
00:14 This is an exciting camp meeting
00:16 where the world church gathers together.
00:18 There's so many seminar tracks
00:20 and presentations from Biblical scholars,
00:24 teachers, preachers from all over the world.
00:26 So what a blessing it's been for us already.
00:28 And this is 3ABN's Live Bible Q and A.
00:32 That's right.
00:34 We're taking your Bible questions
00:36 for the next hour.
00:37 So if you see the chat at the bottom of your screen,
00:40 and you have a question that you would like
00:42 answered by Pastor John Lomacang,
00:44 or Sister Shelley Quinn,
00:45 or Pastor Ryan Day, or Pastor John Dinzey,
00:48 now is your opportunity.
00:51 So jump on that chat right now
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00:55 and we will get to as many as those...
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01:01 I introduced briefly the panel,
01:03 but I want to go back and do a better job of it.
01:05 To my left is Pastor John Lomacang,
01:07 my pastor, pastor of the Thompsonville
01:09 Seventh-day Adventist Church
01:10 and Director of World Evangelism.
01:12 Yes.
01:13 And we're enjoying General Conference
01:15 this camp meeting or this global camp meeting.
01:18 It's been a blessing and this program promises
01:20 to be a blessing also.
01:22 Thank you for the opportunity. Amen.
01:23 Tell me, Pastor John,
01:25 why do you like studying the Word of God?
01:27 I'm always learning.
01:28 I'm like a doctor or physician.
01:29 I'm always practicing God's Word
01:31 because it's so deep.
01:33 It's like an ocean with no bottom.
01:35 The more you dive into God's Word,
01:38 you get to another layer,
01:39 where you realize what you thought you knew
01:42 becomes even more clearer.
01:43 Amen. That's beautiful.
01:45 To your left, my sister Shelley Quinn,
01:47 who is 3ABN New Program
01:49 Development Manager and Producer.
01:51 And thank you for being here, Shelley.
01:53 It's wonderful to be here.
01:54 And I love getting into the Word of God
01:56 because it changes me.
01:58 Amen.
02:01 To your left Pastor Ryan Day,
02:03 part of the 3ABN Pastoral Department
02:06 and brother in Jesus, and student of the Word.
02:09 I'm glad you're here. Amen.
02:11 It's always a blessing to be
02:12 a part of the Bible Q and A panel.
02:14 And I just love the Word of God.
02:16 I just love answering questions so send in those questions.
02:18 Amen. That's right.
02:20 To your left, last but not least
02:22 at the end of the panel here,
02:24 we have Pastor John Dinzey,
02:25 who of course is the General Manager
02:27 of 3ABN Latino,
02:29 and a wonderful student of the Word as well.
02:32 It's a joy and a blessing
02:33 and a privilege to be here also.
02:35 And I'm looking forward to seeing how God is going to use
02:38 each and every one.
02:39 You know God does something marvelous
02:40 because He says that the Holy Spirit will guide us
02:42 into all truth and this is what we're praying for today.
02:45 Amen. Thank you so much.
02:47 So just encourage you one more time
02:48 to chat in your questions that would be
02:51 at the bottom of your screen there.
02:52 There should be a chat button.
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02:56 for the panel here.
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03:34 Let's jump right in with the questions.
03:36 Before we do, we always like to open up
03:39 with a word of prayer.
03:42 And Pastor John Dinzey, would you pray for us?
03:44 Sure. Let's pray together.
03:47 Our loving Heavenly Father,
03:48 we come before You in Jesus' name.
03:51 And we thank You so much, Lord, for the Holy Scriptures.
03:53 We thank You, Lord,
03:55 that they are a light unto our path.
03:56 And we ask for Your Holy Spirit
03:58 that we may rightly divide the Word of Truth.
04:01 We pray, Lord, that as we share together,
04:04 we will be drawn closer to Jesus.
04:07 We pray that for Your blessing
04:08 also to be upon all those that will be watching
04:11 or listening in different ways.
04:13 And we ask You, Lord,
04:14 to give us a blessed experience in Jesus' name.
04:17 Amen. Amen.
04:18 We're going to Pastor Ryan first.
04:20 All right.
04:21 This comes from Morris,
04:23 who is from Danville, Virginia.
04:25 And he says, "My question is
04:27 what are the Seventh-day Adventists?"
04:29 So maybe for someone
04:30 who's watching right now who's tuned in
04:32 who's not a Seventh-day Adventists,
04:33 or not sure what that means
04:35 or you're trying to explain that to your neighbor,
04:37 who are Seventh-day Adventists?
04:39 Amen. That's a great question.
04:40 In fact, pray for that clock right now
04:42 because I could go on hour on this.
04:44 The Seventh-day Adventist,
04:46 many people might call it a church.
04:48 But I want to correct and say that
04:50 we are a worldwide mission driven movement.
04:53 The Seventh-day Adventist movement
04:55 is what I like to refer to it as.
04:57 Even though we are a part of God's remnant church,
04:59 you know, God has people all over the world.
05:02 And so the Seventh-day Adventist in our very name,
05:05 it testifies to who we are.
05:07 We are a commandment keeping people.
05:09 Right there in Revelation 12:17,
05:11 it says, "In the last days
05:13 that the enemy is going to go out
05:14 and make war with God's people,
05:19 a commandment keeping people
05:21 that they keep the commandments of God
05:23 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ."
05:25 And we know that to be talking
05:26 about God's last day remnant church
05:28 because a woman in Bible prophecy
05:30 represents a church.
05:32 And so God's last day remnant people
05:33 will be a commandment keeping people.
05:35 And so when you read that name, Seventh-day Adventist,
05:38 the seventh-day, of course,
05:40 points to the fact that we believe in keeping
05:42 all of God's Commandments,
05:43 including the Fourth Commandment.
05:45 Especially the Fourth Commandment
05:47 because God said, "Remember it," right?
05:48 And we are a people who believe in
05:49 keeping all the Ten Commandments,
05:51 but we also believe in upholding that
05:52 Fourth Commandment which says, "Remember."
05:54 And, of course, we live in a world today
05:56 where many people have forgotten that,
05:57 but as God's last day remnant church movement,
06:00 we are upholding all the Ten Commandments,
06:02 including the seventh day Sabbath.
06:04 It points back to God's creative work
06:06 when He established the Sabbath at creation.
06:09 Also, the fact Seventh-day Adventist means that
06:13 you are a people.
06:14 It's talking about a people who are looking forward
06:17 to the soon return of Jesus Christ.
06:19 So actually, you could be a Baptist Adventist,
06:21 you could be a Pentecostal Adventist,
06:23 you could be a Presbyterian Adventist.
06:26 Anyone who is looking forward
06:27 to the soon coming of Jesus Christ is an Adventist.
06:30 We are Seventh-day Adventists,
06:32 which means we believe that
06:34 we are people that God has called in these last days.
06:36 God has raised up for the purpose
06:39 of finishing His work to proclaim the message,
06:42 the everlasting gospel of Christ is found there
06:45 in the three angels' messages of Revelation 14:6-12.
06:51 Three angels' messages that are going to
06:53 the entire world
06:54 and if you are a part of that last day remnant movement,
06:57 then you will proclaim that message as well.
06:59 And so, yes, I believe that
07:00 the Seventh-day Adventist Church
07:01 is a church movement that has been raised up
07:04 for the purpose of co-laboring with the Lord
07:06 in these last days to restore His name,
07:08 to restore His character, to restore His law
07:12 and His sanctuary message in these last days,
07:15 pointing people back to the risen Savior,
07:17 our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
07:19 That's a very juiced version,
07:21 but I'm sure my brothers and sisters would like
07:22 to add something to that.
07:24 I know Pastor Lomacang down there...
07:25 Come on, brother.
07:27 I think you did an excellent job.
07:28 Absolutely. Amen.
07:30 But let me also...
07:31 Just the only thing I'm going to add
07:32 is the word Adventist means we're looking forward
07:35 to the visible literal Second Coming of Jesus.
07:37 Yes, audible.
07:39 Audible, literal, visible, not going to be a secret.
07:43 The Lord is not going to make
07:44 the most important event of the ages a secret.
07:47 Amen. Absolutely.
07:48 That's powerful.
07:49 Doesn't that make you grateful and thankful to be
07:52 a Seventh-day Adventist Christian
07:53 in these last days of earth's history?
07:54 What a privilege.
07:56 Pastor John, we're coming to you.
07:57 Okay.
07:58 Mark 13:32 says, "No one knows not even
08:02 the Son of God when Jesus is returning.
08:05 Would it be a lie to say that
08:07 the Son who is God does not know?"
08:10 Very good question,
08:11 but let me also make it clear that
08:13 when that statement was made
08:14 when Jesus made that statement,
08:16 He was talking about His condescended knowledge.
08:19 The Bible makes it clear in Galatians 4:4,
08:22 when the fullness of time had come,
08:23 God sent forth His Son born of a woman,
08:26 born under the law.
08:28 Born of a woman simply meant
08:29 He came into the world in human flesh,
08:32 and that human flesh came with limitations.
08:34 The reason for Jesus to be able to face in the way that
08:38 we would overcome the way that we have to is
08:41 because He couldn't have any advantages over us.
08:43 Any advantages at all would say,
08:46 "Well, we can't overcome sin because Jesus used His divine,
08:49 His preexisting divine powers."
08:51 So in the human form,
08:52 He had to learn as He went along.
08:54 So in the condescended form,
08:56 and His earthly humanity, He said, "I don't know.
09:00 My father does, but I don't know.
09:02 The angels don't know but I don't know."
09:04 However, when Jesus rose when He was victorious,
09:07 He made a statement in Matthew 28:18.
09:10 He says, "All authority has been
09:12 given to Me in heaven and in earth."
09:15 Now, what does all authority mean?
09:16 Does all authority means, well,
09:18 you've given all authority,
09:20 but just going to take you that part.
09:22 Now the reason why I know
09:23 He knows is because Revelation
09:25 is the revelation of Jesus.
09:27 Revelation 22:12, says,
09:30 "And behold, I am coming quickly,
09:33 and my reward is with me
09:34 to give to everyone according to his work."
09:38 Here's the key.
09:40 How could Jesus say I am coming quickly,
09:44 if I don't know when I'm returning?
09:47 When Jesus was victorious over death,
09:50 when Jesus was restored,
09:52 add to that sinless perfect,
09:56 divine sense,
09:59 He knew everything.
10:03 As Isaiah 46:9-10 said,
10:06 "I'm able to declare the end from the beginning."
10:09 He says, "I'm the Alpha and the Omega,
10:10 the beginning and the end, the first and the last."
10:13 How would He not know when He's returning?
10:16 To say I'm coming quickly means I know when that is.
10:18 Yes, that's powerful.
10:20 Thank you.
10:21 We're coming to Shelley next,
10:22 but I want to remind you to chat in your questions
10:25 to us right now.
10:26 Just jump on the bottom of your screen there
10:28 and send any question,
10:30 Bible question that you have
10:32 for the 3ABN panel right now,
10:34 and we will get to as
10:35 many of those questions as we can.
10:37 Shelley, this is for you.
10:38 "Why do other churches besides
10:41 the Seventh-day Adventist Church,
10:42 believe that when you die you go straight to heaven?"
10:44 Oh, mercy, I grew up believing that.
10:46 I grew up being taught that.
10:48 And I remember one time I was writing a book,
10:51 my sister would call every evening
10:53 and I'd read her a chapter from the book.
10:55 And as I'm reading along,
10:57 I quoted John 5:28-29 where Jesus said,
11:01 "All who are in their graves will hear My voice
11:04 and will come forth
11:05 either to the resurrection of righteousness,
11:08 or to the resurrection of condemnation."
11:10 And I kept reading it and my sister said,
11:12 "Wait, whoa, back up,
11:15 would you read that scripture again?"
11:17 So I read it, and she said, "What do you mean?"
11:20 She said, "What does He mean, all who are in their graves?"
11:24 And she became extremely upset.
11:28 And she said, "I just detest talking to you.
11:32 You're always teaching me
11:33 something that what I believe was not true."
11:37 And I told her, "Go do a study on rest,
11:40 sleeping, death and the resurrection
11:44 and you will believe."
11:46 Well, she hung up on me and six hours later,
11:49 she called me back understanding.
11:51 Why do people believe,
11:53 why do they ignore all of the scriptures
11:57 that say that death is a sleep?
11:59 Jesus called death a sleep.
12:01 Why do they...
12:02 You know, it says that the dead no nothing
12:04 that there's no knowledge in the grave.
12:07 Let me tell you why.
12:09 In 2 Corinthians 5:8, it says,
12:15 "We are confident, yes, well pleased rather to be
12:19 absent from the body
12:21 and to be present with the Lord."
12:23 That is the one scripture
12:24 they will always quote,
12:26 to say that as soon as you die, you go on to be with the Lord.
12:29 But let's back up and look at this just a little.
12:32 When Paul starts writing
12:34 in 2 Corinthians Chapter 5,
12:36 he says, "We know that
12:38 if our earthly house, this tent is destroyed,
12:41 we have a building from God, a house not made with hands,
12:44 eternal in the heavens.
12:46 For in this we groan in this earthly tent,
12:50 earnestly desiring to be clothed with our habitation,
12:54 which is from on high, that's our glorified body."
12:57 And he says, "If indeed having been clothed,
13:00 we shall not be found naked."
13:03 Pay attention, "For we who are in this tent groan,
13:08 being burdened,
13:10 not because we want to be unclothed."
13:13 So we're clothed.
13:15 We're in a tent of flesh.
13:16 We're unclothed that's what
13:18 he was talking about being naked.
13:21 Then there's a third thing,
13:23 "But further clothed that
13:26 mortality may be swallowed up by life."
13:31 So in context, Paul is talking about three conditions,
13:35 being clothed with our earthly flesh,
13:37 being unclothed or naked,
13:39 or being clothed with our resurrected glory.
13:44 Now, if we look at
13:46 1 Corinthians 15:52,
13:50 let's look here.
13:53 The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 15:52,
13:56 "In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye,
13:58 at the last trumpet..."
14:00 When? This is when Christ returns.
14:03 "The trumpet will sound,
14:05 the dead will be raised incorruptible,
14:08 and we shall be changed.
14:09 For this corruptible must put on incorruption.
14:13 This mortal must put on immortality."
14:17 When? At the last trumpet.
14:20 He says so when this corruptible
14:22 has put on incorruption
14:24 and this mortal has put on immortality,
14:26 then shall be brought to pass
14:28 the saying that is written,
14:30 "Death is swallowed up in victory."
14:33 What people don't understand 1 Timothy 6:16 says,
14:38 "God alone has immortality at this time."
14:42 We put on immortality at the last trumpet,
14:47 and then we will be raised to live with Him.
14:50 Amen. Thank you so much.
14:52 Praise the Lord.
14:54 Pastor John Dinzey,
14:55 "What became of the Jewish Church organization
14:58 run by the then priesthood leadership?"
15:03 That is a good question. You know, one of the...
15:04 I had a different question myself,
15:06 which was what happened to the Christian,
15:08 the Jewish Christians that became...
15:12 The Jews that became Christians?
15:13 That was a question I have for some time.
15:15 Did some research on that.
15:17 But what became of the church organization
15:20 under the priest?
15:22 They had a difficult time
15:23 because of the fast growth of the Christian church.
15:27 You remember on the day of Pentecost,
15:28 how many were baptized on that day?
15:30 Three thousand. Three thousand.
15:32 And there in the Book of Acts, you can see that
15:36 there's a phrase there in Acts Chapter 2.
15:38 It says, "And they were added to the church daily
15:40 such as should be saved."
15:42 We need to see that today.
15:43 People added to the church daily such as should be saved.
15:46 And let's go to Acts 6:7
15:51 and see here a scripture
15:53 that even tells you about the priests.
15:56 Some of them were being converted to Christianity,
15:59 the Christian belief.
16:01 In Acts 6:7, it says,
16:03 "Then the Word of God spread and the number
16:07 of the disciples multiplied greatly in Jerusalem.
16:10 And a great many of the priests were obedient to the faith."
16:15 So we see that there was this struggle
16:18 of the Christian Church growing
16:20 and the Jewish faith
16:25 having this challenge.
16:27 Nevertheless,
16:28 the Christians suffer persecution
16:31 from the Jewish people.
16:33 The Jewish Christians suffer persecution
16:35 from the Jewish people and from the Romans.
16:37 And for a while, the Romans didn't know
16:39 what to do with the Jewish Christians.
16:41 They just thought it was
16:42 another group of the Jewish believers,
16:46 like a splinter group of them.
16:48 But these Jewish Christians,
16:50 who are more evangelistic minded
16:53 that they didn't stay within their own,
16:55 the confines of the Jewish people.
16:58 They were preaching to Gentiles as well.
17:00 So what happened to the priesthood and all of them?
17:04 They continued.
17:05 When the destruction of the temple took place,
17:09 they didn't know what to do.
17:10 How do we continue?
17:11 And, of course, they had to change their system
17:14 of worship practice
17:15 because they could not sacrifice animals.
17:17 The temple was in ruins.
17:20 Today you have many different groups
17:22 among the Jews and so that's another story.
17:26 Amen. Thank you so much.
17:29 We're going to Pastor John Lomacang here.
17:31 "Why do we hear so little
17:32 on the 144,000 mentioned in Revelation?"
17:37 This is from Gladis.
17:39 Well, I don't know why you hear so little
17:42 because it may be who and where you're hearing
17:45 your sermons or where you're hearing your messages.
17:48 Revelation Chapter 7
17:49 and Revelation Chapter 14 bring this group into view.
17:53 Let's go ahead and look at that very briefly,
17:56 Revelation Chapter 7.
17:59 Now, there are varying views on the 144,000.
18:03 Some believe it's literal numbers,
18:05 some believe it's a symbolic number,
18:07 some believe that
18:09 both groups are exactly the same,
18:10 some believe that they're distinctly different.
18:12 I'll tell you what category
18:14 I fit into and why I feel that way.
18:17 And I'd like to say this.
18:19 I don't like to feel a certain way.
18:22 I like to make sure that
18:23 what I'm concluding
18:24 I could support it by Scripture.
18:26 Now, when Revelation Chapter 7,
18:28 sorry, let's go to Revelation Chapter 7.
18:31 We find Revelation 7:1-4.
18:35 Now, this number is distinctly
18:39 referred to right before a major event takes place.
18:43 Revelation 7:1, "After these things,
18:45 I saw four angels standing
18:47 at the four corners of the earth,
18:49 holding the four winds of the earth that
18:51 the wind should not blow on the earth,
18:54 on the sea, or on any tree.
18:57 Then I saw another angel ascending from the east
18:59 having the Seal of the Living God.
19:02 And he cried with a loud voice to the four angels,
19:06 to whom it was granted to harm the earth and the sea."
19:09 It says, "Do not harm the earth,
19:11 the sea or the trees, till we have sealed
19:14 the servants of our God on their foreheads."
19:17 And some say, "In their foreheads."
19:19 And it says, and I heard the number, verse 4
19:21 says, "And I heard the number
19:23 of those who were sealed
19:24 144,000 of all the tribes of the children of Israel."
19:28 Let me pause right there very briefly and say,
19:30 what you find first,
19:32 the first picture that's brought
19:33 into view is the 144,000,
19:35 specifically of all the tribes of the children of Israel.
19:38 Now secondly, this is not
19:40 the literal progenitors of the Hebrews
19:44 and the Israelites
19:46 and those who are Jews during the time of Christ.
19:49 Believing me, I believe this is a spiritual number
19:53 because the Apostle Paul says in Romans 9:6,
19:56 "They that are of Israel are not all Israel."
19:58 And he said, "It's not that
20:00 the Word of God had taken no effect."
20:02 But he was saying,
20:03 "Don't think that your national birth
20:05 automatically disposes you
20:06 or prepares you for being saved.
20:10 We know that salvation is a spiritual act.
20:13 And if anybody's in Christ, he is Abraham seed,
20:15 and heir according to the promise."
20:17 Galatians 3 and also Romans. So we see that...
20:19 I believe this is a spiritual group,
20:21 however, the number is mentioned.
20:23 And when the Bible talks about
20:25 the number then you find the shift in the picture.
20:27 In verse 9, look at the distinction
20:29 between the two groups.
20:31 Verse 9 says, "After these things,
20:33 I looked and behold a great multitude
20:35 which no one could number of all nations,
20:38 tribes, peoples and tongues,
20:40 standing before the throne and before the Lamb clothed
20:43 with white robes, and palm branches
20:45 in their hands."
20:47 And so when you're looking at this,
20:48 the dialogue takes place in...
20:50 A question is asked in verse 13.
20:52 "And one of the elders answered saying to me,
20:55 'Who are these arrayed in white robes
20:57 and where did they come from?'
20:59 And I said to him, 'Sir, you know.'
21:02 So he said, 'These are the ones
21:04 who come out of the Great Tribulation,
21:06 and washed their robes and made them white
21:08 in the blood of the Lamb.'"
21:10 Now, the Great Tribulation has a dual application,
21:14 those who died during the Dark Ages
21:15 and those who will die again in the Greater Tribulation
21:18 at the time of the end.
21:19 The Lord is saying these groups
21:21 were gathered from that the past group,
21:23 and those who are in the future to be persecuted.
21:25 But I believe that the 144,000
21:28 has a special focus
21:30 because we see them one more time.
21:32 Let's go to Revelation Chapter 14.
21:34 That's right. We see them one more time.
21:36 And I didn't think that John the Revelator
21:38 was given this picture arbitrarily.
21:41 Revelation Chapter 14,
21:43 and the Bible brings them back into view here again.
21:47 Now he talks about them,
21:48 "I looked and behold the Lamb standing on Mount Zion,
21:52 and with Him 144,000 having His Father's name
21:55 written on their foreheads.
21:57 And I heard a voice from heaven like the voice of many waters,
22:00 and like the voice of its loud thunder.
22:02 And I heard the sound of harpists
22:03 playing their harps.
22:04 They sang as were a new song before the throne,
22:07 before the four living creatures
22:09 and the elders.
22:10 And no one could learn that song except 144,000,
22:14 who were redeemed from the earth."
22:16 It describes who they are.
22:17 "These are the ones
22:19 who were not defiled with women,
22:21 for they are virgins.
22:22 These are the ones
22:23 who followed the Lamb wherever He goes.
22:26 These were redeemed from among men
22:27 having being firstfruits to God and to the Lamb."
22:31 If you know anything about firstfruits, it doesn't...
22:33 It resembles the larger group
22:36 but it's the first.
22:38 It's a group that's separate in choosing.
22:42 The first fruits were always given
22:44 as the harvest was selected.
22:46 But it didn't represent the entire harvest,
22:50 the rest of them came later on.
22:52 I believe that the 144,000 are those who are living
22:55 at the time of the end,
22:57 who charged by the outpouring of the Spirit of God
23:00 will proclaim that final message
23:02 to the world, the three angels' messages.
23:06 Now, the beautiful thing about
23:08 that is I don't believe that the Lord is going to get to
23:11 143,999 and say,
23:15 "Stop, we only have one left."
23:17 I believe in that application,
23:19 they represent a group that's symbolic,
23:22 but the work that
23:23 they are given to do is specific.
23:24 The proclamation that calls the people of God
23:28 out of the Great Tribulation as Revelation 18:4 says,
23:31 "Come out of her."
23:32 How will they come out
23:34 unless they hear the message proclaimed by this group?
23:37 Amen. Thank you so much, Pastor John.
23:41 Before I go to the next question,
23:42 we're going to Pastor Ryan here.
23:44 We want to remind you to chat in your questions
23:46 at the bottom of your screen there.
23:47 We would love to get to them
23:48 through this hour here as many as we can.
23:51 This is going to Pastor Ryan.
23:52 And after you answer,
23:54 we're going to toss it around to see if anyone else has
23:55 something to add to it.
23:57 Sure. Okay.
23:58 "Susan has a terminal cancer diagnosis.
24:01 She has been recommended to go visit a man
24:03 who is a faith healer
24:04 and will pray over people for healing.
24:07 This man doesn't charge any money.
24:08 However, Susan is still uncomfortable.
24:11 Is it biblical to ask someone to pray over you for healing?
24:14 And should you travel to that individual?"
24:16 So it's kind of a twofold question.
24:18 Is it biblical to ask someone to pray over you for healing
24:20 and should you go to that person?
24:22 Absolutely. Okay.
24:24 Well, first of all, I just want to just say that
24:26 my heart goes out to Susan.
24:28 I mean, that's a horrible situation
24:29 to be in and I know that, first of all,
24:32 the Lord knows and the Lord is there for you.
24:34 And I'm going to answer this question very directly,
24:36 and I'm sure others will chime in as well.
24:39 But, first of all, do you need to go to someone
24:42 who calls themselves or refers to themselves
24:44 as a faith healer?
24:45 First of all, I just want to say,
24:47 I'd be careful with that.
24:48 Just because I myself have come
24:50 from a background of churches in different denominations,
24:54 who practice this type of work,
24:57 this type of terminology known as faith healers.
25:00 And you have to be very careful
25:01 because the Bible says that
25:02 there are false christs and false prophets out there
25:04 that are performing, again, signs and wonders
25:07 and miracles that could even deceive,
25:09 if possible, even the very elect.
25:11 So when a person considers themselves a faith healer,
25:14 and you can go from one place to the country
25:16 or one town to the next
25:18 and you're traveling to them to be prayed for,
25:20 I would be very careful with that and cautious of that.
25:24 First of all, let's point back to the Bible.
25:25 What does the Bible say?
25:27 What counsel does the Bible give for us who may be sick,
25:29 who may have some type of ailment or sick condition
25:33 that we want healing from?
25:35 What does the Bible tell us?
25:36 First of all, let's go to James 5
25:38 and let's look at
25:39 what counsel is given to us there in the Bible.
25:41 James 5:14-16, notice what the Bible says.
25:45 It says, "Is anyone among you suffering?
25:47 Let him pray. Is anyone cheerful?
25:50 Let him sing psalms."
25:51 And then in verse 14, this is where it comes in,
25:53 "Is anyone among you sick?
25:56 Let him call for the elders of the church," right?
26:00 "And let them pray over him,
26:02 anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord."
26:05 And it goes on to say, "And the prayer of the faith
26:07 will save the sick and the Lord will raise him up.
26:09 And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven."
26:12 And then verse 16,
26:13 "Confess your trespasses to one another,
26:15 and pray for one another that you may be healed.
26:19 The effective, fervent prayer
26:20 of a righteous man avails much."
26:22 So is it biblical for someone to pray for someone else?
26:26 Absolutely.
26:27 Should you be going to someone
26:28 who calls themselves a faith healer
26:30 or some type of prayer healer?
26:32 I would be a little skeptic of that.
26:33 The Bible tells us what to do.
26:35 We don't have to go to anywhere else
26:36 but what the Bible says.
26:37 And that is you contact your local church pastor
26:39 and you tell your local church pastor.
26:41 It is that man's job
26:42 to gather the elders of the church
26:44 at your request.
26:45 And when you bring the pastor and the elders together,
26:48 as they pray for you and anoint you with oil,
26:50 by following that biblical counsel,
26:52 you are in good hands with the Lord.
26:54 I also want to add in there, 1 John 5:14-15.
26:59 I think the second part of your question was,
27:01 should you travel to that individual?
27:03 There's no need. God hears your prayers.
27:06 You don't have to travel across the country
27:07 or travel to someone.
27:09 If someone tells you,
27:10 you have to travel to somebody else to get heal.
27:12 My friends, let me tell you what the Bible says right here.
27:14 1 John 5:14-15, "Now this is the confidence that
27:18 we have in Him that
27:19 if we ask anything according to His will,
27:22 He hears us.
27:23 And if we know that He hears us,"
27:25 speaking of the Lord,
27:26 "whatever we ask, we know that
27:28 we have the petitions that we ask of Him."
27:30 God is interceding in the Most Holy Place
27:33 right now for you, Susan.
27:35 He hears that prayer.
27:37 And if you call out to Him and pray to Him,
27:39 He's going to hear that prayer.
27:40 And if it's according to His will,
27:41 He will hear you and He will answer
27:43 according to His perfect will.
27:45 And could I add just one thought is that
27:50 the gift of healing is a gift of the Holy Spirit,
27:52 but I don't believe it's one that rests
27:55 on someone permanently.
27:56 And I'll tell you why.
27:58 Paul had such an amazing ministry.
28:02 He raised the man that
28:03 fell out of a third storey window.
28:06 He raised him from the dead.
28:07 He had such healing power at times that
28:12 they took a handkerchief and he prayed over it,
28:16 touched it, they took it out.
28:18 And people who touched that hanky, they were healed.
28:21 But this same Paul, listen to this.
28:24 He's writing to Timothy, and in 2 Timothy Chapter 5...
28:29 Excuse me, 2 Timothy 4:20,
28:33 he tells Timothy, "Erastus stayed in Corinth,
28:38 but Trophimus I have left in Miletus sick."
28:44 Now, wait a minute, Paul had this great,
28:48 amazing healing power.
28:51 Don't you know he was praying for Trophimus?
28:55 That's right. But he didn't.
28:58 It's not something that is resident on someone,
29:01 so I'm very skeptical of anyone
29:05 who calls himself a faith healer.
29:06 That's right.
29:08 And also Paul had his own infirmity
29:10 that he has been pleading for the Lord to remove
29:13 and the Lord said, "No,
29:14 My grace is sufficient for you."
29:17 Healing is not something...
29:19 Remember Matthew 7:21-23,
29:22 "Many will even go as far as
29:23 casting out demons in the name of Jesus,
29:26 but Jesus would say,
29:27 "I don't even know who they are."
29:29 So let us not look at the works
29:30 that a person performs as evidence
29:32 that they are connected to Christ.
29:33 Amen. Amen.
29:35 Shelley... Oh, Pastor Johnny, please.
29:37 I just want to say, you know,
29:39 all of that you have heard is great counseling.
29:43 And I just want to say,
29:45 no matter what you're going through
29:47 Jesus is with you.
29:49 He says, "I will never leave you
29:50 nor forsake you."
29:52 He is there with you
29:53 and He's willing to give you His peace as John 14:27 says.
29:57 So whatever situation you're going through,
29:59 just put yourself in the hands of the Lord,
30:02 because He is there with you
30:05 and He will never leave you nor forsake you.
30:06 Amen.
30:08 Thank you for that encouragement, powerful.
30:10 Shelley, we're going to come over to you.
30:12 This is from Vanessa.
30:14 "Is there power in prayer?"
30:17 Hmm, goodness.
30:20 Okay, well, we just referenced James 5:16, says,
30:24 "The prayers of a righteous man availeth much."
30:27 Let me tell you something that
30:29 prayer is communication with God,
30:33 and communication is the relationship.
30:36 And as you pray to God,
30:39 He's asking you to seek His face
30:41 and get to know Him.
30:43 And there is power in prayer.
30:47 Let's look at 1 Peter 3:10.
30:50 And in 1 Peter 3:10...
30:53 Hang on, let me get there.
30:56 1 Peter 3:10, Peter says...
31:02 If I can find it.
31:03 I'm not thinking of 1 Peter 3...
31:06 1 Peter 3:12, "The eyes of the Lord
31:09 are on the righteous
31:11 and His ears are open to their prayers,
31:14 but the face of the Lord is against those who do evil."
31:19 I love what Hebrews says,
31:23 in Hebrews Chapter 4.
31:25 Let's go there
31:27 because this is such an encouragement.
31:31 Hebrews Chapter 4,
31:33 and we will look at verses 15 and 16.
31:38 He says, "We do not have a high priest
31:41 who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses,
31:44 but was in all points
31:46 tempted as we are yet without sin.
31:51 Let us therefore, for this reason,
31:55 let us come boldly to the throne of grace that
31:59 we may obtain mercy
32:02 and find grace to help in our time of need."
32:08 You know, I think that
32:11 prayer demonstrates our humility.
32:16 If you think about this in Philippians 2:5,
32:21 Paul wrote to the Philippians.
32:23 And he said, "Let this mind be in you
32:24 that was in Christ Jesus."
32:27 And then he talks about
32:28 how Christ humbled Himself to become a man
32:32 and was totally dependent upon the Father.
32:34 Did you know that's God's plan of salvation
32:37 for you is complete dependence upon Him?
32:41 And if you go through the day
32:44 without praying, you're saying,
32:47 "God, I don't need Your help."
32:49 But we should let prayer come forth at all times,
32:54 and not just asking for things,
32:56 but just celebrating the presence of the Lord,
33:00 and spending time with the lover of your soul.
33:03 But prayer is very powerful
33:05 because it moves God's hand and it brings His blessings
33:11 from heaven to earth.
33:12 James said, "You don't have because you don't ask."
33:15 Amen. Thank you.
33:17 Pastor Johnny, we're coming to you.
33:20 "Why is this not happening today,
33:23 the 3,000 souls being baptized at a time in America?"
33:28 And this question was sent in from Grace.
33:32 That is a wonderful question.
33:34 And that is something that personally,
33:36 I'm concerned about
33:38 because it should be happening today.
33:41 I believe the church needs to wake up.
33:44 I believe it is time to trust in the Lord
33:46 and not to get distracted by all the things of the world.
33:50 You know, talking about 3,000 in a day, we've had some...
33:53 The Seventh-day Adventist Church
33:55 is doing a wonderful work,
33:57 but it's not doing the work entirely
34:01 as it should be done.
34:02 We're waiting for the latter rain.
34:03 We need to pray for the latter rain to come.
34:06 But for the latter rain to come,
34:08 we need to do what the disciples did.
34:10 For the early rain to fall,
34:12 they came together, they prayed.
34:14 They confessed their sins before God.
34:16 They confessed their faults one to another.
34:18 There was a submitting to God, a surrendering to God.
34:24 And we are, according to Ellen G. White
34:26 there's going to be a revival of primitive godliness.
34:30 And we should do our part for that to happen in our lives
34:35 and we're going to see these miracles
34:36 when the Holy Spirit is poured out.
34:38 It happened in the early rain.
34:40 It's going to happen in the latter rain again,
34:43 and this is what we need, the latter rain.
34:45 Let us pray for it with all of our hearts.
34:47 Let us get ourselves prepared and pray for others
34:50 so that they will get prepared as well.
34:52 Amen. Can I add something to that?
34:54 Please.
34:55 America is the place that
34:57 has become a place
34:58 of worship-tainment.
35:03 The gospel has metamorphosized into entertainment
35:08 in so many churches in America.
35:10 And then the second thing
35:12 is the distraction level in America is amazing.
35:16 We are probably one of the countries where
35:18 and I would...
35:19 As I've traveled around the world,
35:20 we know this in England,
35:22 it's similar to that, Australia is that place too.
35:24 Wherever you find the technology at its peak,
35:27 you find soul saving at its lowest.
35:30 Where there are least distractions,
35:32 there are more people coming to Christ.
35:34 That's right. That's true.
35:35 You find that, you have some countries
35:36 and you noticed as a Latino pastor man that
35:42 the countries where
35:43 there's one pastor to 15 churches,
35:46 the churches are exploding.
35:48 In America, the man has
35:51 become the focal point in so many ways.
35:53 That's why every Sabbath morning I pray,
35:55 "Lord, please give them ears to hear
35:58 what You're saying."
35:59 When we exalt the man,
36:00 it becomes an entertainment aspect
36:02 and then the work ceases
36:03 because they expect the pastor to do the work.
36:06 On the day of Pentecost,
36:08 the people were filled with the Spirit of God
36:10 and they went out and I just end with the story.
36:13 We have a lady that's a part of our study now.
36:15 And I would say this to the glory of God,
36:18 she just two and a half years ago
36:19 became a Seventh-day Adventist,
36:21 but was Jehovah's Witness for 37 years.
36:24 And I do a Bible marking class that she attends online.
36:26 And she joins us
36:28 on Wednesday night prayer meeting.
36:29 After my last Bible marking class,
36:31 she said, "I'm going to put to practice
36:32 what you just taught me."
36:34 She went across the street to her neighbor,
36:35 asked if she want a Bible studies.
36:37 Now, she's going to be studying with his entire family.
36:39 Praise the Lord.
36:40 People are fearful of trying
36:42 when the Lord said He will give us success in
36:44 if we simply put it to practice.
36:46 So don't be afraid
36:48 and think you have to go through
36:49 19 weeks of training.
36:50 Just try it and as the day of Pentecost,
36:53 you will see the results.
36:55 Amen.
36:56 I think just in response to that
36:57 why is it happening in America?
36:59 I think sometimes we forget that America is probably...
37:01 The churches in America
37:03 is one of the best examples of that last church age
37:05 we see in Revelation Chapter 3, Laodicea.
37:08 She thinks that she's of need of nothing,
37:10 but yet she's wretched,
37:11 miserable, poor, blind and naked.
37:12 Her spiritual condition is in need of a spiritual revival,
37:17 which is why Christ counsels us to buy from him gold
37:21 refined in the fire.
37:22 He basically counsels our righteousness
37:24 by faith experience.
37:25 Also, think of the 10 virgins in Matthew Chapter 25,
37:29 you know, they all slumbered and slept.
37:32 My brother, rest his soul, Kenneth Cox, he would say,
37:35 "I think we're doing a little bit of that."
37:37 And I agree with that.
37:39 You know, I think we've been in a slumbering state
37:41 while the bridegroom is tarrying.
37:43 But as Brother Johnny brought out very clearly,
37:45 God is going to pour out His Spirit in a mighty way.
37:48 There's going to be a separation
37:49 between the sheep and the goats,
37:50 the wheat and the tares,
37:52 and God's true remnant people are going to rise up.
37:53 And they will preach the gospel
37:55 where thousands will be converted in a day.
37:57 Amen. Amen for that.
37:59 Amen. Thank you so much.
38:00 More questions are coming in.
38:01 Pastor John, this is coming to you.
38:03 This is Madeline,
38:04 and this is actually a follow up
38:05 from the last Bible Q and A that we did,
38:09 where I answered a question.
38:11 She says, "Ezekiel 33:7,
38:14 was given as a response to James 4:17 in regards
38:18 to truth being a liability.
38:21 Would it then be appropriate
38:22 to plainly tell her first day Adventist friends that
38:25 those who consider Sunday the Lord's day
38:27 will receive the mark of the beast?
38:29 Wouldn't this not only turn our friends against us,
38:32 but close the door for future interaction?"
38:35 Well, you know,
38:37 I'm glad you asked me this question
38:40 because just recently Madeline...
38:42 Would it be okay if I just mentioned this about
38:44 my two sermons on the mark of the beast?
38:45 Yeah, sure. Absolutely.
38:47 I did a two-part series on the mark of the beast.
38:49 And what I mentioned in that series,
38:51 you can find that at
38:54 That's my name,
38:57 on the sermon's tab.
38:59 Or you can go to our church's website
39:04 When I did that sermon two-parts
39:05 on the mark of the beast, I never said that
39:07 people that go to church on Sunday
39:09 will receive the mark of the beast.
39:11 I never said that because right now that
39:14 is not an issue anywhere in the world.
39:17 When we talk about who the beast is,
39:19 it's clear that according to the Bible,
39:22 it is describing the papal system of Rome.
39:24 The influence of Rome surely did lead
39:27 into the changing of the...
39:28 As they said, the transferring of the solemnity.
39:31 This, their words from Saturday to Sunday.
39:34 They said, "And Protestants agree with them
39:38 in observing Sunday."
39:40 But Sunday has not been urged upon the world
39:43 as now a point of allegiance
39:45 to either one power or the other.
39:48 So we don't teach that
39:50 our friends who go to church on Sunday
39:52 will receive the mark of the beast.
39:54 What the Bible teaches is that
39:56 when the time comes that
39:58 you have to choose
39:59 between serving the Lord in Spirit
40:01 and in truth or serving tradition,
40:04 or a false doctrines, anything you exalt,
40:08 not just Sunday.
40:10 If you choose any error that replaces any truth,
40:15 you will receive the mark of the beast, any error.
40:18 Somebody might say,
40:19 "I don't believe in what death teaches.
40:20 I don't believe the teaching about death.
40:22 I believe they die and go to heaven.
40:23 I don't care about Sunday.
40:25 I believe my mother's in heaven."
40:26 You will receive the mark of the beast.
40:28 Any error that replaces any truth will result
40:31 in the mark of the beast.
40:32 Now, let me end on this point.
40:34 You don't have to receive
40:35 the mark of the beast to be lost.
40:37 You can receive the mark of the beast
40:38 or the number or the name.
40:40 Any one of the three will condemn you to being lost.
40:43 But the Lord doesn't want us to be lost,
40:45 so here's the protection you get.
40:47 We don't turn our friends off
40:48 because we firmly believe that God's people are everywhere.
40:52 But Revelation's three angels' message
40:54 is a gathering message back
40:56 to the truth of God's Word,
40:57 and the Sabbath is a part of that truth.
40:59 Amen. That's powerful.
41:00 Amen.
41:02 Yeah, I just want to add to that really quickly
41:03 and Pastor did a beautiful job.
41:04 You know, I just want to say please, please, please,
41:07 we've got to get better at watching
41:09 how we describe things and how we say things.
41:12 I have thousands of Seventh-day Adventists on my Facebook page.
41:15 And I often hear people say,
41:16 "The mark of the beast is Sunday worship."
41:18 We got to get away from that kind of language
41:20 because the mark of the beast is not Sunday worship.
41:22 When you say that you're implying that
41:24 the mark of the beast is...
41:26 that Sunday worship is somehow bad in the sense that
41:29 we can't worship God on Sunday when we should worship God
41:32 every single day of the week.
41:33 The Sabbath, you know, the seventh day Sabbath
41:36 is the only Sabbath of the Lord thy God.
41:38 And as Pastor brought out,
41:39 if any type of rejection of a truth
41:41 can get you or help you or encourage you
41:43 to receive the mark of the beast,
41:44 but we know that final test
41:46 is indefinitely surrounded around the question
41:47 of the Sabbath.
41:49 Mark of the beast is the rejection
41:51 of God's biblical Sabbath and the reception
41:54 or the acceptance of the false Sabbath.
41:57 And so I just wanted to say that
41:59 just for clarification purpose
42:00 because I hear a lot of people say,
42:01 "The mark of the beast is Sunday worship."
42:03 Well, I worship God on Sunday but Sunday's not my Sabbath.
42:06 The Sabbath of the Lord
42:08 is the seventh day of the week, Saturday.
42:10 Amen. Pastor Johnny?
42:11 I just want to add a little something
42:13 about the approach we...
42:17 I mean, you don't...
42:19 I don't know if this is what Madeline is intending to,
42:21 go to your friend and say,
42:22 "Hey, I want to talk to you about the mark of the beast."
42:26 There's Jesus that you have to talk about first.
42:29 What He did for us, what He's doing for us,
42:32 talk about Jesus.
42:34 And as you're studying the life of Christ
42:36 and what He's doing for us,
42:38 it may be that you'll get to
42:39 the subject of the mark of the beast
42:41 and the time will come for that.
42:42 But that should not be the leading topic
42:45 to bring to people
42:47 because there's so much truth that is so beautiful.
42:51 And remember, "And I, if I be lifted up
42:55 will draw all men unto me."
42:57 So Jesus should be the center
42:59 and the focus of reaching out to others.
43:01 Amen.
43:03 Pastor Ryan, we're coming to you.
43:05 This is from Elizier. "Why don't you wear jewelry?"
43:09 Well, probably not you specifically,
43:11 but why don't you wear jewelry?
43:13 And they're writing in from French Guyana.
43:16 All right. That's a great question.
43:18 Well, I can tell you very clearly
43:19 the reason why I don't wear jewelry
43:21 is there's a personal choice
43:23 based on my conviction of what I believe
43:25 the Word of God to say and to teach very clearly,
43:27 from Genesis all the way through
43:29 to the Book of Revelation.
43:31 Now, there's a lot of people out there
43:33 that's going to work hard to try to manipulate
43:34 the Word of God to say
43:36 what they wanted to say or not say.
43:37 But the truth of the matter is
43:39 if you allow the Word of God to speak to you,
43:41 and you study those passages
43:42 that speak very clearly and directly about
43:44 ornamental jewelry,
43:46 then really there's no other conclusion
43:47 that you're going to come to
43:49 than that of the fact that God says,
43:50 He doesn't want us wearing jewelry now
43:52 in this lifetime,
43:54 in the sense that we should refrain from it.
43:55 Let me give you a couple of passages here,
43:57 Genesis 35:1-4.
44:00 I may not read all of this, but the truth of the matter is,
44:02 I'll just reference verse 4 here,
44:05 where it says, "So they gave Jacob
44:07 all the foreign gods that were in their hands,
44:09 and the earrings which were in their ears,
44:11 and Jacob hid them under the terebinth tree,
44:13 which was by Shechem."
44:15 So what happened here is God said,
44:16 "I want to sanctify you as My people.
44:18 You are My chosen people.
44:19 Come up and build Me an altar and make a sacrifice unto Me,
44:22 and I'm going to set you guys aside
44:24 for a special use."
44:25 And so one of the requirements was God said, "You know what?
44:27 You came out of this pagan heathen way of life.
44:30 You're supposed to be separate.
44:31 You're My peculiar people.
44:33 Not dressing and looking and living your life like
44:35 the way of the world but differently."
44:37 So God said, "Take off your ornamental jewelry,"
44:40 and so they did so.
44:41 You see the same situation come back again
44:43 when Moses brings
44:45 the children of Israel out of Egypt.
44:47 He says to them once again, Exodus 33:4-6, it says,
44:51 "When the people heard this bad news,
44:52 they mourned and no one put on his ornaments.
44:56 For the Lord had said to Moses, say to the children of Israel,
44:58 you are a stiff neck people.
45:00 I could come up into the midst in one moment and consume you.
45:04 Now therefore, take off your ornaments that
45:06 I may know what to do with you."
45:07 And the Bible says they removed
45:09 those ornamental jewelry and took it off.
45:10 Why?
45:12 Because they were in the presence of the Lord.
45:13 And God said, "If you're going to be My people,
45:15 I don't want you to be like the world.
45:17 You're supposed to be separate from the world.
45:18 I'm calling you out and different
45:20 and apart from the heathens
45:22 and the people that are living of the world."
45:25 And, of course, this even bleeds over,
45:27 there's so many passages I can share on this that
45:30 we could talk about all day long.
45:32 But this message, the same message bleeds
45:34 over into the New Testament as well.
45:36 1 Timothy 2:9-10, 1 Peter 3:3-4,
45:41 where God tells them,
45:42 "Tell them not to wear the gold or the fancier,
45:45 finer things that
45:46 it's the hidden man of the heart
45:47 that I want from you.
45:49 I want you to be transformed from the inside out."
45:52 And also think about it from the sanctuary perspective.
45:54 Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit.
45:56 You wouldn't walk in a church
45:59 and put graffiti all over the inside and the out.
46:04 You consider that a holy place
46:06 because it's a place of holy convocation
46:07 with the Lord.
46:08 The same thing with us.
46:10 If our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit,
46:11 are we going to go putting holes
46:13 and poking holes and putting all these
46:14 different things on us?
46:15 The truth of the matter is
46:17 if you follow the principle of what the Bible says,
46:19 God just simply says,
46:20 "I don't want you to wear it.
46:21 Please, remove it."
46:23 And we even see it all the way down
46:24 to the last book of the Bible in Revelation,
46:25 where we see two women.
46:28 Of course, a woman represents a church
46:29 in Bible prophecy.
46:30 The pure woman in Revelation 12,
46:32 she's clothed with all the natural pure lights
46:34 that God created, no ornamental jewelry.
46:36 And then you get over in Revelation 17,
46:38 and a right opposite, you see this harlot woman
46:41 who's decked with all the precious jewels
46:43 and pearls.
46:44 And I think that that's a clear communication
46:46 from God to say that
46:48 here's My holy people, and they're dressed in a pure,
46:51 simple, modest way.
46:52 And over here you have these false church systems
46:55 that are dressed like the ways of the world.
46:58 We must be separated from the world.
46:59 I don't think that God hates gold.
47:01 He created gold. I don't think He hates silver.
47:03 He created silver. I don't think He hates pearls.
47:05 He allows that process to occur.
47:07 But does He want us to apply them
47:09 to our body as appendages?
47:11 I think that's where the pride of life comes in,
47:13 and we must allow the Holy Spirit to separate us
47:16 from that selfish type of thinking.
47:18 Wow, that's an evangelist right there.
47:22 Whenever Ryan responds to a question,
47:23 he does it enthusiastically.
47:24 I love that.
47:26 And scripturally, praise the Lord for that.
47:27 And we need people
47:28 with that kind of passion today.
47:30 I just want to add one thing to it.
47:31 The principle of it
47:33 and this is the powerful thing
47:34 because when you say what's wrong with...
47:35 Let me just switch it away from jewelry for a moment.
47:38 The body, our body is God's temple
47:41 and Ryan mentioned this.
47:43 When you rent a property, you have to get permission
47:48 from the landlord to make any changes,
47:51 whether internally or externally.
47:53 I could imagine just buying a car and say,
47:56 "You know I want to change the color of this car."
47:58 And I go to the dealer next week and say,
47:59 "What happened to the color of the car?"
48:01 "Well, I bought it. I just changed the color."
48:02 He said, "Do you realize that now that coating
48:04 I put on the car has just been null and void
48:06 because you violated my contract?"
48:09 We have to keep in mind that
48:11 God has made a contract with us,
48:13 internally and externally.
48:14 So somebody might say, "Well, is smoking a bad thing?
48:18 Can I do one cigarette at a time
48:21 or maybe drugs here and there?"
48:23 The body of God that He made is His temple,
48:26 so the outside and the inside belongs to God.
48:29 And really jewelry is not
48:32 just about the ornamentation,
48:34 but it's about recognizing the temple of God
48:36 that it belongs to Him.
48:38 And He as the owner has told us
48:40 to keep it clean both internally and externally.
48:42 And really all you have to do
48:44 nowadays to be weird is not have
48:45 a tattoo or wear jewelry.
48:47 This is a true statement.
48:48 Honestly, that's all you have to do
48:50 nowadays is to be weird not to be normal,
48:53 but to be weird.
48:54 That is true.
48:55 Shelley, we're going to come to you.
48:57 "Can my prayers bring about a change in a person,
49:00 who has a personality disorder like narcissism?"
49:03 Hmm, what a question.
49:06 I'm going to hear that one.
49:08 I'm all ears. Oh, yeah, all ready.
49:10 Let me just say this.
49:13 In Isaiah 59, there's a wonderful scripture,
49:18 well, it's a sad scripture, verse 16.
49:23 God is looking down and it says,
49:26 "He saw that there was no man and he wondered that
49:31 there was no intercessor."
49:34 Have you ever wondered what God wondered?
49:36 I think He wondered why no one had enough faith
49:41 to believe He could do something.
49:43 And secondly, He wondered
49:46 why no one cared enough to intercede.
49:50 If you are praying for anyone, is that powerful?
49:56 Absolutely.
49:57 In Hebrews 7:25, it tells us, in my interpretation,
50:03 that intercessory prayer
50:05 is the highest calling to ministry
50:08 that there is because it is the ministry
50:10 of our risen and exalted Savior.
50:13 In Hebrews 7:25 it says that
50:15 He is able to save to the uttermost
50:19 those who come to God through Him,
50:21 since He always lives to intercede for them.
50:26 And here's how I explain it.
50:29 A God of love created us as agents of freewill.
50:35 So you know what He does?
50:37 He puts handcuffs of love on His own hands
50:42 and when someone...
50:43 And I'll use my sister as an example.
50:45 My sister was a drug addict for 15 years,
50:49 and I prayed and I say, "Oh, Lord."
50:53 Psalm 129:4 says, "You are righteous that
50:57 you cut us free from the cord of the wicked
50:59 that bind us.
51:00 Oh Lord, cut her free."
51:02 I said, "Oh, Lord, open her eyes
51:04 and turn her from darkness to light
51:06 from the power of Satan to You
51:08 that she can find an inheritance
51:10 among those who are sanctified by faith in You."
51:14 And I would claim God's scriptures over her.
51:18 And you know what that does?
51:20 God would not force Himself on my sister
51:24 but in answer to my prayers,
51:26 He unlocked His cuffs
51:27 and He started working in her life
51:30 in an amazing way.
51:32 And she said, I mean,
51:33 she came to know the Lord
51:35 and quit a 15-year habit overnight
51:38 and stay drug free for 30 years until she died.
51:40 Praise the Lord.
51:42 But she always said to me, "Had you not prayed for me
51:47 I think I would have been dead by now."
51:49 And so, yes, you have to realize that
51:55 anytime you're working
51:56 with a mental disorder, they need counseling.
52:00 They need...
52:02 If it's a brain chemistry, they may need drugs.
52:04 But yes, pray for them and ask God
52:08 to get them the help they need here on earth.
52:11 Amen. Thank you so much. That's powerful.
52:13 Pastor Johnny, we're coming back to you.
52:16 "How do you explain to a friend that the feasts of the Jews
52:20 as the Apostle John called them,
52:22 have been fulfilled in Christ Jesus?"
52:24 And this question comes from Florida.
52:27 This is a good question
52:29 because this thing is brought up
52:31 by different groups from time to time.
52:34 And in the limited time that we have,
52:36 I like to say to you that yes, they were fulfilled in Christ.
52:38 All of the feast and all of the sacrifices
52:42 were fulfilled by Christ.
52:44 And there is a scripture that
52:46 helps us to see that,
52:47 and I'd like to point that out to you.
52:49 And that is found in the Book of 1 Corinthians Chapter 5
52:53 talking about the Feast of Passover.
52:57 1 Corinthians 5:7,
53:01 is the place to go and here it is.
53:06 This is what the Bible says here.
53:07 "Therefore, let us keep the feast
53:09 not with old leaven,
53:11 with the leaven of malice,
53:13 but with the leaven of unleavened bread."
53:15 And that's actually verse 8, the verse 7 actually.
53:18 "Therefore, purge out the old leaven
53:20 that you may be a new lump, since you truly are unleavened.
53:23 For indeed, Christ,
53:25 our Passover was sacrificed for us."
53:29 Since Christ our Passover was sacrificed for us,
53:32 there's no need to be sacrificing lambs
53:36 or any animals because Christ has done it all.
53:39 This is the place to begin.
53:41 And He fulfilled each and every one of us,
53:45 each and every one of these feasts
53:46 and there's no...
53:48 And each and every one
53:49 of the feast included a sacrifice.
53:51 So Christ fulfilled all these in the short time that we have.
53:56 The beauty of all the feast
53:58 is they're all pointing to Christ.
54:00 Christ is our Passover.
54:02 He's the one that delivered us.
54:03 He's the one that is our sacrifice
54:06 and He's the one that is outlined
54:09 in all of a sacrificial system and all the feast.
54:12 Amen. Thank you so much.
54:14 We're almost out of time,
54:16 we just have a couple minutes left.
54:17 And what I want to do now
54:19 is toss a question to all of you.
54:20 And this question has not come in,
54:22 so we're just going to throw it out
54:24 and then whoever wants to jump in.
54:25 This is the Adventist Virtual Global Camp Meeting,
54:29 so we presume that most people watching
54:32 are Seventh-day Adventist Christians.
54:34 How do we witness?
54:35 I guess that's my question.
54:36 How do we share our faith?
54:38 How do we share Jesus in our community
54:42 or in our neighbors or to people around us?
54:45 So if someone were to ask you, "I want to witness,
54:48 but I'm not sure how or I'm afraid
54:50 or I don't know what to do."
54:51 How do we witness?
54:53 I think the first thing you have to do is pray
54:54 for the Holy Spirit to be poured into your life.
54:57 You know, the Bible says in Acts 1:8,
54:59 "When the Holy Spirit is poured out on you,
55:03 you shall be witnesses."
55:04 If we look at witness as an act or five steps that
55:08 we have to follow,
55:09 we're doing it in the power of humanity,
55:11 and we'll get frustrated very quickly.
55:13 But when we do it as the day of Pentecost,
55:15 equip the disciples who had the knowledge
55:17 of being with Jesus,
55:19 then prison wouldn't stop you,
55:22 threats won't stop, being jailed won't stop you,
55:25 people that hate what you say wouldn't stop you.
55:28 The key to being an effective, consistent witness is praying
55:31 for the Spirit of God to take over your life
55:34 and cause you to fear nothing but death,
55:37 worship no one but God
55:39 and proclaim nothing but the undiluted truth.
55:41 Amen.
55:42 I just want to add to that, this thought.
55:44 We have to speak the truth in love.
55:49 You know, sometimes people
55:52 will take Ellen White quotes out of context,
55:56 you know, from a compiled work.
55:58 Or they'll take a scripture from the Bible,
56:00 and it's just like they're beating somebody
56:04 over the head, to say, "You got to do this.
56:08 This is what the Bible says." And you know what?
56:12 You cannot beat somebody over their head
56:14 with a fiddle to convince them how beautiful the music is.
56:18 If your heart is not flowing with love,
56:24 then you're never going to be an effective witness.
56:28 Amen.
56:29 I just want to add to that really quickly.
56:31 The only method that I've ever seen to work
56:33 and witnessing to people the correct way is
56:35 what we find in Ministry of Healing, page 143.
56:38 And she says, "Christ method alone
56:41 will give true success in reaching the people.
56:43 The Savior mingled with men as one who desired their good.
56:47 He showed His sympathy for them,
56:49 ministered to their needs,
56:50 and won their confidence then he bade them,
56:54 'Follow me.'"
56:55 So Christ method alone,
56:57 when you pour out your heart in the way that
56:58 Christ did to the people around Him,
57:00 and you become a friend to them.
57:02 Friendship evangelism is key.
57:04 Create friendships with them.
57:05 And when you create
57:06 that beautiful Christ-lead friendship,
57:08 then they will come to trust you
57:10 to share with them
57:12 the truth that's found in God's Word.
57:13 Amen. Amen.
57:15 That's wonderful.
57:16 I would suggest to get acquainted with Jesus,
57:20 read the gospels, read the Desire of Ages,
57:25 and get full of Jesus so that you can share
57:29 Jesus with the people.
57:30 And this quote is key to understanding
57:33 how to witness to people.
57:35 Amen.
57:36 Thank you all so much for sharing your insight
57:39 into the Word of God,
57:40 your knowledge of God's Word,
57:42 and most importantly, your love for Jesus.
57:44 It comes through and what a privilege
57:46 it is to open up God's Word
57:48 and to share with each one of you.
57:49 So thank you, Pastor Johnny,
57:51 and Pastor Ryan, Shelley, and Pastor John.
57:53 And we're just so glad that you have tuned
57:55 and that you have joined this 3ABN Bible Q and A.
57:59 We do this actually, every Monday.
58:01 We do a 3ABN Today program that's a Bible Q and A.
58:04 We also have our Sabbath School panel.
58:06 It's not necessarily the same concept,
58:09 but we follow the quarterly
58:10 put out by the Seventh-day Adventist Church
58:12 and study that weekly.
58:13 So the key in all of this is that
58:16 we need to open up the Word of God.
58:18 We need to study and know Jesus for ourselves.
58:22 So God bless you and keep you.


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