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Autoimmune Disease

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Participants: Brittany Nunez, Dick Nunez, Rick Nunez


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00:02 The following program is designed to demonstrate
00:03 simple workouts that you can use to improve your health.
00:08 Be sure to consult your physician
00:10 before beginning any exercise program.
00:14 Aerobic exercise can be tremendous
00:16 benefit for immune system.
00:17 With all the immune problems,
00:18 we're having in our society today,
00:20 you can get great benefit by watching,
00:23 coming up next on Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:54 Hello, I'm Dick Nunez, Wellness Director
00:56 of the Black Hills Health and Education Center.
00:58 Welcome to Body and Spirit Aerobics.
01:01 In my career as a Wellness Director
01:02 of the Black Hills, I've seen so many people
01:04 come in with various autoimmune disorders.
01:06 People that have set sensitivity that they just
01:08 breathe in any type of chemical,
01:10 they have serious reactions.
01:12 Fortunately we've seen tremendous benefit
01:14 in reversing those conditions by having
01:16 a proper exercise program, a good life style,
01:20 proper nutrition and most of all trust in God.
01:23 Through exercise program, so we're gonna be
01:25 focusing in on today.
01:26 So I think we're ready to get started
01:28 and helping me out today will be
01:29 my children Rick and Brittany.
01:32 And let's start by warming up
01:33 and where we're gonna do this is we're gonna reach up
01:36 to our left and switch and reach this way and switch.
01:40 Go up in the toe as you turn, and up, and up, and up,
01:47 and reach, and reach, and reach and reach.
01:53 Good, and reach, and reach, and reach,
01:58 and reach, 10 more each way.
02:01 It's one, and two, and three,
02:09 and four, five, six,
02:16 seven, eight, nine, and ten.
02:24 All right, let's put your foot out.
02:27 Put the toe to sealing, now down, and up,
02:31 down up, down up, down up,
02:37 down up, down, seven and eight.
02:42 We're going for 20. Nine, ten, ten more.
02:47 One, two, three, four, five,
02:55 six, seven, eight, nine, and ten, switch.
03:04 Okay toe up down, up down, up down.
03:10 That's four, five, six,
03:15 seven, eight, nine, ten more.
03:22 One, two, three, four, five,
03:30 six, seven, eight, nine, and ten.
03:38 Put your left foot back.
03:40 Press up on the toe and down, up down, up down.
03:46 Three and four, five, six, seven,
03:54 eight, nine, ten more.
03:59 One, two, three, four, five,
04:07 six, seven, eight, nine, and ten, switch.
04:15 Okay press, and press, and press,
04:21 four, five, six, seven,
04:27 eight, nine, ten more.
04:32 One, two, three, four, five,
04:39 six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
04:46 Good job, all right.
04:48 Okay, we're gonna step out to the side and over,
04:50 step over, step over, step, good.
04:57 Step, step, step, step, good.
05:03 Step, step, step, step,
05:08 left, right, left, right,
05:13 left, right, left, right, left, right,
05:20 left, right, left, right, left, right.
05:26 Twenty five more seconds.
05:29 Left, right, left, right, left, right, down to 15.
05:42 Ten, nine, eight, seven, six,
05:48 five, four, three, two, one.
05:53 Now big steps way out, way out, way out,
05:57 way out, good, way out, step,
06:02 step, step, step, big steps, good.
06:07 Way out and out, and out, out, out,
06:12 step, step, right, left,
06:17 right, left, right, left,
06:22 right, left, right, left,
06:26 right, left, right, left,
06:32 right, left, good keep it up.
06:37 Good.
06:42 Ten seconds.
06:53 Okay, start stepping.
07:01 You'll find that stepping and walking in places
07:04 are foundation of many aerobic programs that you'll see.
07:08 Most things just come into a variations of this,
07:11 because it will be the staple of our aerobic training,
07:13 because walking is such excellent exercise.
07:19 Good, keep it up.
07:27 Twenty five more seconds,
07:28 so we're gonna put in some odd movements.
07:44 And now we are down to five,
07:48 four, three, two, one.
07:51 Okay, we're gonna press out and back,
07:55 press, back, press, back,
07:59 press, back, press, back,
08:04 press, back, press, back,
08:08 press, back, press, back,
08:12 press, and back.
08:14 Press, back, press, back,
08:19 press, back, press, back,
08:23 press, back, press, back,
08:27 press, back, press, back,
08:31 press, and back.
08:33 Press, back, press, back,
08:37 press, back, press, back,
08:41 press, back, ten more seconds.
08:52 Okay, squat position, let's squat down and up,
08:56 down and up, down and up,
09:00 down and up, down and up.
09:04 Good, let's keep going.
09:07 Down and up, down and up,
09:11 down and up, good.
09:16 For those at home, if you need to stop and rest,
09:18 go ahead, and then start back up as soon as you can.
09:24 Good, keep going.
09:32 Twenty more seconds.
09:42 Ten seconds.
09:47 Five, four, three, two, one.
09:52 Okay, step.
10:01 Nice arm swing as we step.
10:11 Here we got 40 seconds to go
10:13 and then we're gonna go back into squats again.
10:22 And 30.
10:32 And the 20.
10:43 Nine, eight, seven, six,
10:46 five, four, three, two, one.
10:51 Back in the squats.
11:02 Fifty more seconds.
11:06 Put the knees over the feet, push hips back,
11:09 with chest up, bend at the waist.
11:21 Now we're gonna go 30 more seconds.
11:28 And at the end of this time, we're gonna do a hold.
11:33 Twenty seconds.
11:42 And the ten.
11:52 Stay in hold, hold tight, nice steady hold,
11:59 we're gonna hold this for one minute.
12:02 Just ten seconds.
12:07 Fifteen,
12:12 twenty five, twenty, excuse me.
12:18 And 25.
12:21 And 30.
12:28 Thirty five,
12:32 forty,
12:37 forty five.
12:41 Down to our last ten.
12:43 Nine, eight, seven, six,
12:47 five, four, three, two, one.
12:51 Good, step it out, side to side.
12:56 Hands on the hips.
13:03 Give that chance to rest our legs a little bit,
13:06 still keep they're moving, keep the blood circulating.
13:17 Okay, bigger steps.
13:31 Okay, smaller steps.
13:42 Big steps.
13:55 Step the way out.
13:56 Left, right, left, right, way out,
14:01 step, step, step, step.
14:05 Good, out, out, step, step,
14:11 step, step, smaller now.
14:18 Okay, let's pick up the pace.
14:22 Right, left, right, left,
14:25 right, left, right, left,
14:29 right, left, right, left,
14:32 right, left, right, left,
14:35 right, left, right, left,
14:39 right, left, right, left,
14:42 right, left, right, left, good.
14:46 Big, big, step out, out, out,
14:50 out, out, way out, step, step,
14:55 step, step, step, step, step, big steps.
14:59 Step, step, step, step, step,
15:04 step, step, step, shorten it up.
15:08 Put the pace up.
15:12 Right, left, right, left, right, left,
15:17 right, left, right, left, right, left, big steps.
15:31 Twenty more seconds.
15:38 And 15.
15:51 okay, big step, way up high,
15:56 stay with me, left, right, left,
15:59 right, left, right, left, right, left, right,
16:04 left, right, left, right, left,
16:08 right, left, right, left, right.
16:12 Good, keep picking up the knees.
16:27 Good job, keep going.
16:31 Swing the arms.
16:46 Five seconds.
16:53 Okay, jumping rope.
17:00 We're gonna for one minute?
17:12 Forty seconds.
17:22 Thirty seconds.
17:32 Twenty.
17:37 Fifteen.
17:42 Ten.
17:51 Step it out.
18:04 Swing the arms.
18:12 Forty more seconds.
18:21 And down to 30.
18:32 Twenty.
18:42 Ten.
18:51 Okay, elbow to knees.
19:05 Good.
19:07 Forty five more seconds.
19:21 And down to 30 seconds.
19:32 Twenty seconds.
19:41 And down to ten.
19:52 Step it out.
20:00 The arm swing going.
20:02 We're well into our aerobic part right now.
20:04 In fact we're coming to the home stretch.
20:07 I know that's good news.
20:15 Okay, pick it up a little bit.
20:30 And we're down to 20 seconds.
20:37 Fifteen.
20:51 Okay, we're gonna do ski jumps, side to side.
21:11 Forty seconds.
21:32 Twenty seconds.
21:51 Okay, step it out.
22:06 Yeah, I'm swinging.
22:12 Forty more seconds, then we'll start slowing down.
22:26 Twenty five seconds.
22:37 Fifteen.
22:42 Ten, nine, eight, seven,
22:46 six, five, four, three, two, one.
22:52 Walk it out, walk it out.
22:58 Let the body cool down.
23:03 Good aerobic work out.
23:05 Now this is just the cool down part.
23:07 Running in your legs, the muscles in your legs,
23:10 help it to cool down.
23:15 We find that those who have weak immune systems,
23:17 when they do exercise.
23:19 Stimulates the endorphins
23:21 which strengthen the immune system.
23:23 Also a melatonin production ignite,
23:26 this increase three times to help us
23:28 relax and get better rest.
23:31 And good rest will help us to have stronger immune systems.
23:35 So many times when I see health professionals
23:37 especially doctors and nurses who come up with all sorts of
23:40 various autoimmune disorders, like fibromyalgia, lupus,
23:44 and rheumatoid arthritis, and hypersensitivity,
23:48 because they simply do not get proper rest.
23:51 You may need a good life style program, eating properly,
23:54 regular exercise, drinking lots of water.
23:58 And we find that their immune systems
24:00 turn around very quickly.
24:02 In all my career, we've never had anybody with fibromyalgia.
24:05 Now you get great improvement from
24:07 going through the life style program.
24:11 Great, keep it up.
24:21 And we're down to 30 seconds of aerobics
24:23 and we're really done.
24:25 Oh, I know, well, that will be good to finish.
24:30 I don't know about you, but I am getting little warm.
24:41 Nice and easy, nice and easy, good.
24:49 All right, let's do those stretching now.
24:52 Step out, step on your heel, lean forward into it.
24:58 And hold that, ten more seconds.
25:01 One, two, three, four, five,
25:07 six, seven, eight, nine, ten, switch.
25:14 And hold it, hold it steady.
25:21 Ten more seconds, one, two, three, four,
25:26 five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
25:32 Use me as your post, get a hold of your ankle,
25:36 stretch your quadricep.
25:39 And hold that, hold, ten more seconds.
25:43 One, two, three, four, five, six,
25:49 seven, eight, nine, and switch.
25:55 And hold, hold, hold, hold.
26:03 Ten more seconds.
26:04 One, two, three, four, five,
26:09 six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
26:13 Okay, let's stretch the calf.
26:15 Place the foot to the floor, and hold that.
26:20 And steady.
26:23 Ten more seconds.
26:25 One, two, three, four, five,
26:30 six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
26:35 Switch, first we go--little bit forward, stretch the calf.
26:41 Hold one, two, three, four, five,
26:47 six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
26:53 All right, turn your head to the side.
26:55 And turn, and turn,
27:00 turn, turn, and turn.
27:04 Look to the ceiling and down, up,
27:10 down, up, and down.
27:13 Good, well done.
27:18 Don't give up if your immune system feels week.
27:20 We had a lady who had Candida schatavii,
27:22 she felt a gurgling in her lungs,
27:23 within two weeks, she was better.
27:25 But she claimed the promises of God along the way,
27:27 knowing that He was a divine healer,
27:29 if we do our best, He will certainly do the rest.
27:32 And we can claim those promises,
27:34 and the greatest one I always love to claim
27:36 every time I do a show, is that of Philippians 4:13.
27:40 And that is, "I can do all things
27:42 through Christ who strengthens me."
27:44 I've developed strength on my own during my career,
27:46 but true strength comes from God.
27:49 God bless you, keep exercising.
27:51 We'll see you next time.


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