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Participants: Becky Garber, Dick Nunez, Fred Garber


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00:01 The following program is designed to demonstrate
00:04 simple workouts that you can use to improve your health.
00:08 Be sure to consult your physician
00:10 before beginning any exercise program.
00:14 Training the abdominal wall is something
00:16 many people are interested in.
00:17 They have no idea where to start or what's gonna
00:19 happen once they do start.
00:21 Find out the details next on Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:52 Hello, I'm Dick Nunez, Wellness Director of the Black
00:55 Hills Health and Education Center.
00:57 Welcome to Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:59 Today we're gonna be talking about something
01:00 that's very popular amongst people
01:02 today and that's training your abdominal wall.
01:05 Before we get too far into that,
01:06 we need to understand the fact that the abdominal
01:09 muscle does not really cross a joint.
01:11 It basically just makes you go like this, it's all it does.
01:14 It doesn't raise your legs,
01:16 there's nothing real fancy about its moment,
01:18 but the thing we do find is body fat
01:20 starts to gather on top of it.
01:22 And when it does it starts to be somewhat unsightly.
01:25 So we think, well, if we do
01:26 a bunch of crunches or do something,
01:28 we'll get our abdominal looking good.
01:30 Or there all that is for men as they want to take it
01:32 and bring it up to their chest.
01:34 Well, that make very funny picture
01:37 if they take all their abdominal fat
01:38 and stuff it on their chest
01:39 because the harsh reality is fat
01:41 and muscle are not interchangeable.
01:43 We've to loose the fat,
01:44 we've to develop the muscle.
01:46 So during this program today we'll show
01:48 some specific abdominal training
01:50 but also we'll talk about how we burn abdominal fat
01:53 while we get into our aerobic training.
01:55 I believe we're ready to start.
01:57 Helping me out today will be Fred and Becky Garber.
02:01 And let's keep going with some warm-ups.
02:03 So let's bring it up and around.
02:06 I'll step forward here so we don't hit each other.
02:15 And let's go backwards now. Up back and around.
02:31 And I think what we'll do to start our workout
02:32 today is we're gonna right into abdominal training.
02:35 So let's go and get down to the backs.
02:39 The best way to do abdominal training
02:41 is just to put the hands behind the neck.
02:44 We want to do it that way because we pull on your head
02:47 you can hurt your vertebrates in the back of your neck,
02:49 or you can cause some other pain.
02:51 So if we put it behind the neck
02:53 then we're gonna be a lot safer.
02:55 Then when you do abdominal training,
02:56 it's good to exhale as you start
02:58 which encourages the abdominal wall to come in.
03:00 So exhale then you comes forward,
03:03 and then you inhale as you go back.
03:05 So let's do some of that now.
03:07 Let's exhale and come up and down,
03:10 and up and down, and up and down.
03:14 Keep going with that pace.
03:16 What we want to do is we want to try
03:17 and push the lower back into the floor
03:20 as much as we possibly can.
03:23 And that will help get it to maximize
03:24 the contraction of the abdominal wall.
03:28 Okay, let's go ten more. One and two and three,
03:34 get together now, so both go down and up,
03:38 four, up, five, up, six, up, seven,
03:43 up, eight, up, nine, up, ten, okay.
03:49 Bring your feet off the ground and cross at the ankles.
03:52 Okay and ready. Up, one,
03:55 up, two, up three, up, four, up, five,
04:02 up, six, up, seven, up,.
04:06 eight, up, nine, up, ten
04:10 One, up, two, up three, up,
04:15 four, up, five, up, six, up,
04:20 seven, up, eight, up, nine, up, ten.
04:26 Okay, put the legs straight up. Okay and go.
04:30 One, two, three, up, and up
04:38 and up and up, and up,
04:42 that's eight and up, nine, up, ten, up,
04:47 eleven, up, twelve, up, thirteen,
04:51 up, fourteen, up, fifteen, up, sixteen,
04:56 up, seventeen, up, eighteen,
05:00 up, nineteen, up, twenty.
05:03 Okay, on your feet.
05:06 Abdominal exercise I like to do is simply one standing
05:09 and that's where we put our hands behind our back.
05:11 We're gonna contract our abdomen.
05:12 We're gonna bend over,
05:15 we're gonna come up and lay back.
05:18 Contract, over, up and back,
05:23 contract, over, up and back,
05:27 contract, over, up and back,
05:30 contract, over, up and back,
05:34 contract, over, up and back,
05:39 contract, over, up and back.
05:43 Good, keep it up. Let's go ten more.
05:49 Contract, over, up, and back,
05:53 contract, over, up, and back,
05:57 contract, over, up, and back,
06:00 contract, over, up, back,
06:04 contract, over, up, back,
06:07 contract, over, up, back.
06:10 Five more, contract, over, up,
06:13 there's one, contract, over, up,
06:17 there's two, contract, over, up,
06:21 three, contract, over, up,
06:24 four, one more. Good, all right.
06:29 Now we're gonna see some trunk twisting.
06:31 We're gonna turn, and turn,
06:35 and turn, just keep going.
06:39 Now this exercise, it really give us
06:41 the flexibility going back and forth.
06:43 It does work the external obliques somewhat.
06:46 They're also muscles on the sides here.
06:51 Now they also--
06:52 what people tend to call the love handles.
06:54 Folks going keep turning.
06:56 And often times people want to do the side bends
06:58 but doing the side bends
06:59 will actually make that thicker.
07:01 Not too many people I know
07:02 want to make their waist thicker,
07:03 but I suppose if that's what your goal is,
07:05 that's a good way of doing it.
07:07 With this twisting motion is gonna help
07:09 keep that area toned up.
07:11 In other words keep those muscles
07:12 in a semi-state of contraction,
07:14 but its not going to bulk it up
07:16 or build it up, make it larger.
07:19 Okay, and let's do a couple more.
07:24 Okay, that did two things, you got your abdominal
07:26 trained and actually gave us
07:28 somewhat of warm up too I would think.
07:30 So now we're gonna give way for aerobics
07:32 and doing the abdominal training
07:33 although is a nice warm up.
07:35 We still want to make sure
07:36 we warm up the lower part of the body.
07:38 And we're gonna especially what I worry
07:39 about is the ankle area, the anterior tuberosity
07:42 which is your shin area and the calf area.
07:45 So we're gonna start by warming up
07:47 the anterior tibialis by putting our foot out
07:49 and lifting our toe up, pressing down.
07:52 And up and down, up and down,
07:55 up down, up down, up down,
07:59 up down, up down, up down.
08:04 Ten more, one, two, three,
08:12 four, five, six, seven,
08:17 eight, nine, ten.
08:21 Switch over, and up,
08:25 up, up, up, up,
08:30 up, up, up, nine, ten.
08:36 Ten more, one, two, three,
08:41 four, five, six, seven,
08:47 eight, nine, ten.
08:50 Okay, put the foot back.
08:52 Press up on the toe and down,
08:54 up, and up, and up,
08:58 and up, up, and up,
09:02 up, nine, ten.
09:06 Ten more, one, two, three,
09:11 four, five, six, seven,
09:16 eight, nine, ten.
09:19 Switch, and up, and up,
09:24 and up, four, five,
09:27 six, seven, eight, nine.
09:33 Ten more, one, two,
09:37 three, four, five, six,
09:42 seven, eight, nine, ten. Good job.
09:47 Okay, we're gonna start by stepping out,
09:50 then back together.
09:53 Out, back, together, out, back, together,
09:59 out, back, together, out, back, together,
10:06 out, back, together,
10:09 out, back, together,
10:12 out, back, together,
10:15 out, back, together,
10:18 out, back, together,
10:21 out, back, together,
10:24 out, back, together,
10:28 out, back, together,
10:31 out, back, together,
10:34 out, back, together,
10:37 out, back, together. Good keep it up.
10:41 We'll do twenty more seconds,
10:46 out, back, together, out, back, together,
10:51 out, back, together, out, back, together,
10:57 out, back, together, out, back, together.
11:02 Okay, let's start stepping.
11:12 When you start doing aerobic exercise
11:14 you'll start metabolizing body fat.
11:17 However you'll burn it in the opposite
11:19 order you put it on.
11:21 So if the first place you put fat on is in your belly,
11:25 it's the last place is coming off.
11:27 The first place you put it on is in your hips and thighs,
11:31 that's the last place it's coming off.
11:33 You know, it doesn't sound fair,
11:35 that's the way it is.
11:38 But the aerobic exercise will help
11:40 you to metabolize fat.
11:46 And it will bring it from all over.
11:48 A lot of times when people leave our wellness program,
11:50 their glasses are not too big
11:52 because their nose has lost fat.
11:54 Their shoes are too big
11:56 because their feet have lost fat,
11:58 their rings are falling off
11:59 because their fingers have lost fat.
12:01 Do you think I'm kidding, it's true.
12:04 As you know one of the places
12:06 you can first tell people lost weight
12:09 is you look at their faces as their face losses fat.
12:13 Okay, let's pick it up.
12:23 And we're gonna try and go for one minute at this pace.
12:33 There's ten seconds.
12:42 And twenty.
12:52 And Thirty.
13:02 Forty.
13:12 Fifty.
13:22 Okay, slow it down.
13:33 Starting to get into the fat burning hopefully.
13:37 We've been into first five minutes of the cardio.
13:40 Takes about that much time to get the system warmed up.
13:46 And we'll be putting a little intensity in here.
13:54 Thirty more seconds at this pace.
14:03 And twenty.
14:13 And ten.
14:22 Okay, pick it up again.
14:32 There's ten.
14:42 You're in twenty.
14:52 And thirty.
15:02 Forty.
15:12 Fifty.
15:22 Slow that down.
15:27 We do that somewhat in interval training.
15:30 Get the pulse up and going. Now we slow it down.
15:34 So we don't over do our self.
15:36 So I want to make sure you stay aerobic,
15:40 you need to check your pulse.
15:43 Best to do it off your temple area,
15:46 on the thumb side of your wrist,
15:48 unless you know exactly where you carotid artery is,
15:51 I wouldn't go after that.
15:54 Now also carotid artery will throw off your
15:58 heart beat a little bit as far as the speed,
16:00 because your brain will pick up there's pressure
16:02 there and slow it down.
16:06 So if you do it anymore for about six to ten seconds
16:09 you may not get an accurate reading.
16:19 Okay, time to pick it up again, let's go.
16:30 This is awful lot of running, we're not getting anywhere.
16:34 But actually we're getting somewhere,
16:37 we're getting exercise.
16:39 And we're burning calories, burning fats,
16:44 and we'll feel good when it's done.
16:46 Some say, it's like hitting yourself
16:48 on the head with the hammer.
16:50 It feels good when you stop.
16:52 No, it's not exactly true,
16:53 hit yourself on the head with the hammer.
16:55 It still hurts, even after you're done.
16:58 Fortunate with exercise,
17:00 you have this immediate feeling
17:02 of gratitude that you've done it,
17:04 feel good about what you've accomplished
17:06 and your endorphins are released, you feel good.
17:13 Ten more seconds at this pace.
17:22 Okay, slow it down.
17:25 Keep the arms pumping.
17:33 Fifty more seconds here.
17:42 Forty.
17:52 Thirty.
18:02 Twenty.
18:12 And ten.
18:22 Okay, let's do some jump roping,
18:24 ready? Let's go.
18:51 And here' we go for thirty more seconds.
19:02 and twenty.
19:22 And ten.
19:23 Step it out.
19:31 No we're into the heart of our aerobic workout.
19:38 It's good to do easy part, now.
19:40 Now, we're warmed up and going.
19:43 Sometimes I first little bit, and leave the hardest.
20:02 Twenty more seconds.
20:21 And ten.
20:22 Back to the jump rope.
20:32 There's ten seconds.
20:43 And twenty.
21:01 Thirty.
21:03 Forty.
21:21 Fifty.
21:23 Step it out.
21:37 Coming towards the end of our aerobic training.
21:43 These are last part of it.
21:53 Thirty seconds at this pace.
22:03 Twenty.
22:12 Ten, nine, eight, seven,
22:16 six, five, four,
22:19 three, two, one.
22:22 One more time with the jump ropes.
22:30 It will be the last go around, I promise.
22:42 There's twenty seconds.
22:52 And thirty.
23:02 Forty.
23:12 Fifty.
23:14 One, two, three, four, five,
23:18 six, seven, eight, nine, step it out.
23:45 Got 35 more seconds, this pace
23:49 and we'll slow it down a little bit more
24:07 Fifteen seconds.
24:22 Okay, slow it down.
24:24 Just go to a walk now.
24:47 And we're gonna try and do this
24:49 for one more minute as we cool down.
25:00 Doing great, best part of the workout.
25:05 Cool down time period.
25:12 When you're doing a good aerobic workout,
25:14 it's important to keep your legs going
25:16 while your heart is slowing down.
25:18 Let yourself help your bodycool down,
25:20 otherwise you put a great demand on the heart
25:23 when you just stop abruptly.
25:42 And ten more seconds in that pace.
25:51 Okay, good. Okay,
25:52 just real gently, some side to side.
25:56 Real easy, we're just cooling off.
26:03 Good. Forty five seconds.
26:21 Good job, folks. Thirty seconds.
26:32 On to our last twenty.
26:43 And ten, nine, eight,
26:45 seven, six, five,
26:49 four, three, two, one, good.
26:54 All right, well done. Good job, folks.
26:59 There's no magic contraption you can buy
27:01 to get your abdominal in great shape.
27:04 Abdominal muscle is often times underneath the skin layer
27:07 as far as the fat is on top of it or the fat
27:11 is underneath the abdominal muscle.
27:13 So if you can have that beer belly effect
27:15 and it still as might be tight as a drum,
27:17 but there's still plenty of fat in there.
27:19 So you want to get regular aerobic exercise,
27:22 that will help burn the body fat
27:23 throughout the body and then do some abdominal training
27:26 to get the abdominal muscles tight,
27:28 but don't do it just for glamorous looks,
27:30 because beauty should come from within as we magnify
27:33 God's character not from with out.
27:35 So do your exercise to His glory
27:38 and you'll find your benefits much greater still.
27:41 And remember what Philippians 4:13 says,
27:44 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."
27:47 God bless you, keep on exercising
27:49 and we look forward to see you next time.


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