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Exercises For The Vision Impaired

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Participants: Dick Nunez (Host), Jonathan Hopkins and Richard Nelson


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Program Code: BASA000033

00:02 The following program is designed
00:03 to demonstrate simple workouts
00:05 that you can use to improve your health.
00:09 Be sure to consult your physician
00:10 before beginning any exercise program.
00:14 Here on Body & Spirit Aerobics,
00:16 we try to meet the needs of many people.
00:18 Today we're gonna focus on,
00:19 how to train if you're visually impaired.
00:49 Hello, I'm Dick Nunez, Wellness Director
00:51 of the Black Hills Health and Education Center.
00:53 Welcome to Body & Spirit Aerobics.
00:56 We try to meet the needs of as many people
00:58 we can here on Body & Spirit Aerobics,
01:00 and I got a request not too long ago,
01:02 why don't we do a program for those,
01:04 who may not be able to see everything we're doing?
01:06 So today, I'm gonna spend lot more time
01:08 describing the motions that we're doing.
01:10 And for those of you who can see
01:12 or you might think I'm going little bit overkill,
01:14 but you should be praising the Lord
01:16 that you have your sight.
01:17 I think we're ready to get started now.
01:19 Helping me out will be couple of friends
01:20 from the Black Hills, Jonathan and Richard.
01:25 Anytime we do an exercise program,
01:27 we wanna start very gently by just warming up,
01:30 and we're gonna do that just by getting
01:31 our shoulders loosened up.
01:33 We're gonna just shrug our shoulders up and around,
01:35 so you're gonna be lifting the shoulders up
01:36 and bringing 'em around,
01:38 lift your shoulders up, bringing 'em around
01:40 and up and around, and up and around,
01:45 and up and around, lift your shoulders up,
01:48 circle back, lift your shoulders up, circle them back.
01:52 You're drawing your shoulders up
01:53 towards your ears and rolling back,
01:55 up towards ears and rolling back,
01:57 again, now scroll the other way.
02:01 Shrug 'em up, rolling forward shrug 'em up,
02:04 rolling forward, and up and forward,
02:08 and up and forward, let's do a few more.
02:11 Lifting your shoulders up high,
02:13 rolling forward by keeping the arms down,
02:15 straight, up, forward, up,
02:18 forward, a couple more, forward and up, and forward.
02:23 Now we're gonna loosen the legs up a little bit,
02:25 where we're gonna do that is we're gonna step out
02:27 to the side, keep your-lets keep our right leg straight,
02:31 and we're gonna step out with our left leg.
02:33 We're gonna bend the left leg
02:35 and stretch the inside of the thigh,
02:38 and we're gonna hold it for a ten second count,
02:41 just to help us stretch the muscles out
02:43 and get them ready to go,
02:45 and that should be about good,
02:47 so let's lean the other direction now.
02:49 So now the left leg is straight,
02:52 the right leg is bend, keep your chest up
02:56 and just let it stretch for about ten seconds.
03:01 All right, that should be about good.
03:04 Now what we're gonna is we're gonna step back
03:07 with our right foot, go up on your toe
03:09 and then press your heel to the floor,
03:11 your right leg is straight, your left leg is slightly bent,
03:15 you're up on the toe then push down,
03:17 so your heel is spot on the ground.
03:19 Now we're stretching the calf area,
03:22 we're gonna hold that for ten second count.
03:27 All right, that's good, switch now.
03:30 Step back with the left foot,
03:31 up on the toe, press the heel down,
03:34 the left leg is now straight,
03:36 the right leg is slightly bend in front of you.
03:40 Hold it, and enjoy this part of it
03:43 because we're gonna start moving here in just a second.
03:47 Okay, relax.
03:50 All right we're gonna start
03:51 with little bit of cardio exercise now.
03:53 Now we're gonna start very gently,
03:55 very important to warm our heart up as we 'redoing it.
03:57 So we're gonna just step in place real gently,
04:01 step in place, let your arms swing naturally,
04:04 you're stepping in place, stepping in place, real gentle.
04:10 Whenever you do an aerobic workout,
04:11 it's important to warm your heart up.
04:14 Do your exercise and then cool it down.
04:22 We're gonna try and go for about a minute or so,
04:25 just at a nice gentle pace,
04:27 and then we'll start picking it up a little bit.
04:33 The eyes are really an incredible creation of God.
04:36 They actually see things upside down.
04:40 But the brain will take the visions that come in
04:43 and turn it right side up again through chemical reaction
04:47 and even though that all happens in this spilt second,
04:50 a baseball player can hit a hundred mile power fast ball
04:55 and only have a spilt second to decide,
04:57 if its going to be a strike
04:59 or is being thrown right at his head.
05:02 Vision is something, we sometimes take for granted
05:06 until such time we start to loose it.
05:09 Okay fellows, we're gonna pick it up just a little bit.
05:14 So now we're just stepping a little faster,
05:18 we're walking in place, we're just walking in place.
05:21 Aerobic exercise does not have to be complicated,
05:27 it's just has to be a rhythmic activity
05:30 of a major muscle group, preferably the legs.
05:34 We do also offer programs for those
05:37 who are challenged in the lower body,
05:40 but for the most part we wanna focus on using the legs
05:44 as our primary target muscles.
05:48 Some people think they can get aerobic work out
05:50 just running their mouths, that won't work.
05:54 This is not enough for our major muscle group.
05:57 Okay, let's speed it up a little bit more
06:00 and start stepping a little higher.
06:04 We're still walking in place,
06:07 but now we're stepping higher.
06:09 Let's move the arms, move the arms, swing the arms.
06:16 Good, up, higher.
06:20 Richard, you look like you've marched before,
06:22 you're doing the good job there.
06:23 No military. No military.
06:30 By now we should start to feel,
06:32 the heart starting to kick in.
06:36 Respiration improving a little bit,
06:38 might start to feel a little bit perspiration starting,
06:40 that's a good thing.
06:46 Okay, little faster still.
06:49 We're stepping in place still.
06:54 Swing the arms.
07:03 For those who can still see, it's important for you
07:07 to keep your vision as long as possible.
07:10 We know that as people will get older,
07:12 they start having problems with their eyes.
07:15 Certainly we have situations
07:18 where cataract start to form, glaucoma,
07:23 lot of different things that frighten people
07:25 as far as possibly loosing their eyesight.
07:29 Okay, let's slow down a little bit.
07:32 We're not gonna step quite so high now.
07:35 We're gonna give our body a chance
07:36 to the heart to slow down just a little bit,
07:39 giving a little bit of interval type of effect,
07:42 but we're not stopping.
07:45 We continue to go.
07:47 Keeping those legs moving,
07:49 keep those arms pumping.
07:52 Because we're dealing with those
07:55 who are visually impaired,
07:56 we're not going to get too complicated in our movements,
08:00 because we wanna make sure
08:02 they gets just a good workout, not having to worry
08:04 about staying up for some new movement.
08:11 Okay, we're gonna go about 30 more seconds at this pace
08:15 and then we'll start picking it up again.
08:20 Good news out there for those
08:22 who are worried about their sight is good life style
08:26 has been shown to help people prevent
08:30 problems with their eyes later on in life.
08:34 Okay, let's start picking it up a little bit.
08:39 Keep swinging the arms, swing the arms.
08:43 The more muscles you get moving
08:44 while you're doing aerobic exercise,
08:47 the more calories you're burning.
08:49 All muscle have their own aerobics and anaerobic system.
08:54 So if you totally stop and go to a different muscle area,
08:59 you're not getting the same cardiovascular effect
09:01 that you were to if you just, keep going.
09:09 Okay, we're gonna pick it up a little more again.
09:13 Lift it up high, pump the arms,
09:18 lift the knee up, lift up.
09:25 Okay, swing the arms.
09:27 Those arms swing, pump 'em Jonathan,
09:29 pump your arms little more.
09:34 Smile guys, you're having good time.
09:36 Yeah, that's fast.
09:44 Okay, good, keep pumping.
09:48 Keep moving the arms.
09:50 Okay, let's slow it down again.
09:53 We're still stepping, we're not stopping,
09:56 keeping the heart going, keep those muscles working.
10:07 Anytime you want to avoid, degenerative type diseases,
10:11 exercise, eating healthy, getting lot of antioxidants.
10:16 I know from own life,
10:18 I was nearsighted at very early age.
10:21 My wife was nearsighted at very early age.
10:23 So naturally we thought our children would be the same way,
10:28 but both our children have not that problem.
10:32 And then we found there was one key thing
10:34 that led to nearsightedness for children
10:37 and that's the consumption of sugar and our children--
10:40 we're not raised on the refine foods
10:43 that my wife and I tended to be raised on
10:45 and so they were much better off because of that.
10:48 Okay, let's start stepping it up again.
10:53 You're picking the knees up at a faster pace.
11:02 How we're going?
11:03 Doing okay? Oh, yes.
11:05 Walking apart for you, Jonathan.
11:07 Richard, how you're doing over there?
11:08 I'm all right. Okay.
11:12 Starting to get warm yet. Yeah.
11:14 Okay, good. Okay, way up high now.
11:18 Lift the legs way up high, we're still walking in place.
11:22 We're just changing the speed.
11:28 We got about six more minutes of aerobic exercise to do,
11:35 and then we'll go into some cool down.
11:40 Okay, slowly back down.
11:43 We're just stepping gently again in place.
11:48 Keep your arms swinging to maximize the muscles
11:52 that are working for your exercise.
12:00 Lot of programs, try and mix aerobics and anaerobics
12:04 by taking people from an aerobic exercise
12:07 to anaerobic exercise, and although
12:11 it can give you a good workout
12:13 as far as perspiring and work your muscles,
12:16 it's not going to be metabolizing fat
12:18 near as effectively as if you just did your resistance work,
12:24 and then did your strength
12:27 or do your cardiovascular exercise.
12:33 Okay, slow it down a little more, nice and gentle.
12:41 Then we're gonna make one more run,
12:44 excuse upon of going faster
12:47 and then we'll could bring it back down again.
12:53 You're doing good.
12:55 But you stand nice and steady.
12:59 Okay, let's speed it up a little bit.
13:05 You're in second gear now, think about that way.
13:13 One of the things I hear about
13:15 from so many people around the world
13:17 is that they're thankful to Body & Spirit Aerobics
13:21 in the regular Body & Spirit program,
13:23 focuses on so many different needs.
13:26 It would be nice to be on sandy beaches of Ohio,
13:29 but sun ray is reality,
13:32 find that gonna happen anytime soon.
13:34 But we do try and do is hit everybody,
13:38 because fortunately or unfortunately
13:40 however you wanna look at it,
13:42 not everybody looks like a 20-year-old model.
13:45 And so we wanna make sure
13:47 everybody is included in exercise,
13:50 because certainly God's kingdom is for everybody,
13:54 not just for those who are extremely physically fit.
14:00 Okay, we're gonna pick it up again.
14:02 We're in third gear now.
14:09 Very good fellows, third gear is looking good.
14:15 I' got to make sure my car is still going.
14:21 Okay, we're gonna stay at that speed
14:23 for about another 30 seconds
14:26 and we're gonna pick it up again.
14:29 For those of you at home, if you do need to stop,
14:34 that's certainly acceptable,
14:36 because you have to take this at your own pace.
14:40 Not everybody is used to exercising regularly
14:44 and even though this is only a simple as stepping in place.
14:48 I know, I'm starting to feel it,
14:51 I know Richard starting to feel it. Yeah.
14:53 And Jonathan had to wear 100 pound pack on his back,
14:57 so equal my bodyweight,
14:59 he would start to feel it too.
15:04 Okay, we're going to fourth gear now guys.
15:09 Very good, Richard, looking like a champ.
15:19 Pick it up. Keep pumping those arms.
15:22 Keep the smiles on your faces.
15:25 We're coming down to that home stretch.
15:29 We're in fourth gear, we're stepping in place.
15:36 Good, Jonathan.
15:37 Now you have to pump your arms a little bit, that's good.
15:39 It will make us feel, it's quite so bad anymore.
15:45 Keep pumping, we're gonna go at that speed
15:48 for ten more seconds
15:50 and then we're gonna shift back down again.
15:57 Okay, shift it down, not quite down to first gear.
16:04 Keep the arms pumping.
16:07 We're gonna hold this pace for a minute
16:11 and then we're gonna slow it down a little bit more still.
16:15 And then once we're finished with this,
16:17 we're gonna do just a little bit
16:18 of upper body work to make sure
16:21 we have a good balance workout program for today.
16:30 People loose their eyesight for many different reasons.
16:34 One of the ones we see so common
16:35 in now is from diabetics.
16:39 Because these diabetics continue digressing
16:42 because of disease, they start to get a lot of growth of few
16:48 vascular tunic behind your eye,
16:50 and try and get more oxygen in there,
16:52 because the high sugar level is keeping it
16:55 from being circulating as well as it should.
16:58 Okay, we slow down
16:59 and because of that the vascular system
17:03 starts put pressure on the optic nerve
17:06 and then that requires people to have laser surgery
17:10 to clean that up, so that-- there isn't so much pressure
17:14 on that nerve, so they can see again.
17:18 And we see great success with circulation in diabetics
17:22 specially as they come in with neuropathy
17:25 and very bad circulation
17:28 and within very short period of time,
17:30 you'll see great changes.
17:31 I've seen diabetics lose
17:33 as much as 18 pounds in one week,
17:36 because they just get rid much of the fluid
17:38 that they're are not been nearly to get rid of it,
17:39 properly because of poor circulation,
17:42 and that effects the eyes as well.
17:45 And I know, I certainly cherish my vision
17:47 and would hate to, have to, not be able to see,
17:51 but I've seen people,
17:53 they can go boldly forward despite the handicap
17:57 of being visually impaired to the point
17:59 where you wouldn't think they're visually impaired,
18:00 I know Jonathan, we've some guys out at the center
18:04 that we were really amazed at how much they could do.
18:08 One Mr. Singer, that you see very regularly on 3ABN here.
18:12 Okay, guys, that's good.
18:15 Let's just kind of closer to a stop now.
18:17 Richard, you definitely look like
18:19 you got a little bit of workout there.
18:20 I'm sweating, yeah.
18:21 You kind of the-- the way we perspire,
18:25 does life perspire too, not at all still.
18:29 Okay, we're closing to a stop.
18:32 All right, good.
18:34 Okay, what we're gonna do now
18:37 is we're gonna put our hands in front of us
18:38 in a prayerful type position
18:41 and we're gonna squeeze our hands
18:42 together as hard as we can.
18:45 We're just squeezing together
18:46 now we're in that squeeze position, we're go up.
18:50 We're gonna push until your arms are straightened out
18:53 that we're gonna keep squeezing the hands together
18:55 and we're gonna comeback down again.
18:57 We're still squeezing, we're squeezing them together
19:00 and we're gonna go up, we're gonna go way up high,
19:04 keeping the hands squeeze together
19:06 bring them back down in prayerful position,
19:09 your elbows are out to the side, your chest is up,
19:14 we'll push 'em back up, way up high,
19:17 and then bring it back down,
19:20 push your elbows out, push your hands hard together.
19:24 Now push 'em back up again all the way up,
19:29 pull it back down, you're pushing your hands together,
19:32 you're elbows are out to the side,
19:34 push hard, push hard, push hard, push hard,
19:38 the harder you push, the more you get out of it.
19:41 Make sure you keep breathing, don't hold your breath,
19:44 that's very important when it comes to exercise,
19:46 you don't want to cause that Valsava maneuver.
19:49 Okay, just go and relax.
19:51 Now what we're gonna do
19:52 is we're gonna put our hands behind our head,
19:54 and we're gonna push our elbows back as far as we can.
19:57 So you're interlinking your fingers behind your head,
20:00 you're pushing your elbows back as far as you can.
20:02 So you feel it stretching the chest
20:05 and you're feeling your scapula
20:06 or your shoulder blades contracting together.
20:10 Just hold the stretch, hold it,
20:13 squeeze your shoulder blades together,
20:15 feel your chest stretch
20:17 and let's hold that for about five more seconds
20:22 just try and relax, breathe, all right and let it down.
20:28 Okay, good.
20:30 Now what we're going to do
20:31 is we're gonna put our left foot on front of us.
20:33 We're gonna bend over to waist,
20:35 we're gonna reach out with our right hand.
20:37 We're gonna grab the wrist
20:38 of our right hand with our left hand.
20:41 We're gonna use our left hand for resistance
20:43 and we're gonna pull our arm back
20:45 just reaching out just like we're sawing some wood.
20:49 Doing a sawing motion
20:52 and using our own hand to be the resistance.
20:56 You wanna pull a way out.
20:58 You wanna feel it stretch in the upper back region.
21:02 Okay, you guys keep going, I'm gonna check from here,
21:04 Richard, we're looking good.
21:06 We'll try to focus on these muscles back here.
21:10 Jonathan, you've been counting. Eleven.
21:11 Okay good, I know, I can count on you.
21:15 Okay, we're gonna go for 20 of 'em.
21:20 Reach way out, reach way out,
21:25 and way out now, okay, two more.
21:30 All right let's switch it around.
21:32 We're gonna put your right foot on front of you,
21:34 reach out with your left hand as far as you can,
21:37 grab your left wrist with your right hand,
21:39 pull back, reach out, pull back, reach out,
21:45 give yourself the resistance,
21:48 and focus on the muscles you're working,
21:51 pull it back so you feel those shoulder blades
21:53 come back together and pull the shoulder blade out
21:56 as far as you can, that upper thoracic region,
22:00 is an tough area especially for women,
22:03 and we'll be focusing a show just on that area,
22:06 because it is such a vital component to physical fitness.
22:11 And keep pulling and pull.
22:14 How many we had Jonathan? Sixteen. Seventeen.
22:18 Okay, and eighteen, nineteen and twenty.
22:23 Now stretch that area,
22:25 we're gonna put one arm up over our head,
22:28 bend the elbow, then grab that elbow
22:31 with your opposite hand and pull it.
22:36 So again you just reach up with your right arm,
22:39 bend it at the elbow, grab the elbow
22:42 with the opposite hand and then pull it over.
22:48 Okay and let's switch to the other side.
22:51 Jonathan, you're sweating just a little bit.
22:53 I don't feel so bad now.
22:55 So we switched it,
22:56 you put your left arm up, bend it elbow.
23:00 So the basically falls across your head,
23:02 grab that with your opposite arm and pull,
23:06 so you feel it stretch along your side area.
23:10 And we're gonna hold that for about five more seconds.
23:16 Okay, good.
23:18 Now we're gonna do something for our shoulders,
23:22 one of my favorite in that arm circles are very simple,
23:25 but boy they give you good workout.
23:28 Put your arms out to the side
23:30 and now what you're gonna do at home
23:32 is we're gonna make little tiny circles,
23:34 while we keep our arms straight out
23:37 perpendicular to the floor.
23:40 Okay, circle it, small little circles.
23:45 And now what we're gonna do
23:46 is we're gonna make bigger circles.
23:47 Now make sure you're smiling guys,
23:49 everybody at home they need to make sure this is fun.
23:51 And they won't believe
23:52 if you're frowning and grimacing.
23:55 Okay, let's go smaller.
23:59 And now let's go bigger again,
24:02 bigger circles, very good, and now smaller.
24:07 People are amazed how difficult this one is.
24:10 I have a lot of women who tell me,
24:12 their husband's watch this and say how simple it looks
24:14 and they try this particular exercise
24:16 and they're going, oh, this is hard.
24:18 Okay, let's go back the other way.
24:23 Very simple moment, we're making small circles,
24:26 going backwards now,
24:28 and now we're gonna make a little bigger circles.
24:31 Now at home if you need to put your arms down,
24:33 because it's starting to burn a lot,
24:35 feel free to do so.
24:37 Richard, if you need to put your arms down
24:39 for a second you can, Jonathan, don't even think about it.
24:42 Now let's go the other way.
24:44 Whatever suffer through you, you have to suffer for me.
24:47 Now suffer is fun. Okay.
24:51 And now we're gonna do
24:52 is we're gonna hold arms out straight.
24:55 And just having a static hold where we don't move 'em.
24:58 It's good for rehabilitative aspect,
25:00 because you're not hurting the joint at all.
25:02 But what we're gonna do now
25:03 is we're gonna hold it for a minute
25:05 and that can be a little bit laborsome,
25:07 and you'll definitely feel your shoulders.
25:09 And the nice thing about this, its feel Richard,
25:11 really good when you put your arms down.
25:13 Yes, it does. Okay.
25:15 And I can relate to that too.
25:17 And people have said, well that,
25:19 its like hitting yourself with head of a hammer.
25:21 Feels better when you stop,
25:22 no it doesn't hurts, it hurts the next day still.
25:25 I haven't tried to do it purposely,
25:27 but done it accidentally.
25:30 Okay, keep holding it,
25:32 wanna keep your palms pointed down to the floor.
25:36 Your arms are straight out of your side,
25:38 reaching out as far as you can.
25:40 You should be feeling it,
25:41 burning in that shoulder region.
25:43 And we're down to ten more seconds to go,
25:48 count down, nine, eight, seven, six,
25:53 five, four, three, two, one and over.
25:59 Now that's feels good, doesn't it? Yeah, great.
26:02 Okay, now we're gonna stretch those muscles out,
26:04 I want you to take your right arm
26:06 and reach it across your body
26:08 like you're pointing as far to the left as you can,
26:11 bring your left arm up behind the elbow and pull,
26:14 pull and hold that, should feel it stretch in those muscles
26:18 as you just made very, very tired.
26:20 You're feeling that, Richard?
26:22 Jonathan? Oh, yeah.
26:23 Okay good.
26:26 All right, let's relax there.
26:29 And as I put left arm up straight,
26:31 put it just straight out,
26:32 reach over to the right as far as you can,
26:34 bring your right arm up behind your elbow and pull,
26:37 hold that tight,
26:41 and feel the stretch,
26:43 it should feel comfortable, so don't over stretch,
26:47 because if you do you're gonna hurt yourself.
26:50 There is no need for a joint to hyperextend,
26:52 you just wanna take it to its normal full range of motion.
26:56 Okay, very good.
26:59 Okay, just kind of shake your arms out
27:01 and that should be good.
27:02 All right fellows, thanks a lot.
27:07 For those of you at home,
27:09 if you have problems with visual impairment.
27:11 I know there is a lot of things you think you can't do,
27:14 but as you keep trying and go boldly forward,
27:16 you'll find that you will be able to do
27:18 a lot more than you thought possible.
27:20 I've seen many people who've looked at being blind
27:23 is simply just a temporary hitch in their step
27:27 and they just keep going boldly forward
27:29 and accomplish whatever they wanted to do.
27:31 And I know it's easy for somebody
27:32 who can see to say to it,
27:33 but we all have been handicap in some way
27:35 that through sin that comes in our life.
27:37 And sometimes we wish we can overcome that very simply,
27:40 but the reality is, its not that easy.
27:43 We all have to focus on the strength of our power
27:45 and that's looking at God.
27:47 We have to know that without Him,
27:49 we can't do anything.
27:50 So as I do the Body & Spirit program,
27:52 I always go with.
27:53 I can do all things through Christ with strengths me.
27:56 God bless, we'll see you next time.


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