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Participants: Dick Nunez (Host), Janet Nelson


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00:02 The following program is designed to demonstrate
00:04 simple workouts that you can use
00:05 to improve your health.
00:08 Be sure to consult your physician
00:10 before beginning any exercise program.
00:15 Often times, seniors think
00:16 they really can get off and exercise.
00:18 Nothing can be further from the truth.
00:20 Just when they needed the most,
00:22 most aren't doing it.
00:23 But we have a program just for seniors
00:26 next on Body & Spirit Aerobics.
00:56 Hello, I'm Dick Nunez,
00:57 Wellness Director of the Black Hills
00:58 Health and Education Center.
01:00 Welcome to Body & Spirit Aerobics.
01:02 During my career I worked with a lot of senior citizens.
01:05 And now more are starting to pick up the word
01:07 that they should start exercising,
01:09 but still not enough.
01:10 Only 10% of those 65 and over
01:13 are in a regular exercise program.
01:15 And sadly by the age of 75, two thirds of all women,
01:18 and one third of all men can no longer put 10 pounds
01:21 over their head which makes impossible for them
01:23 to carry their own groceries
01:24 or even lift up their grandchild.
01:26 And unfortunately many of them end up in nursing homes
01:29 because they can't take care of themselves anymore.
01:31 We have a simple exercise program,
01:33 has helped many people.
01:34 In fact I've gotten calls from all over the world
01:36 from people who've said, "I didn't exercise at all.
01:39 Then I saw your show,
01:40 and saw that you could do workout
01:42 very simply by sitting in a chair or whatever it is
01:45 and found that I could workout and it's changed my life."
01:48 So we're gonna do that just now
01:49 and helping me out will be Janet Nelson.
01:52 Come on now, Janet.
01:55 Okay, let's go and have a seat.
01:59 Many people are surprised
02:00 when they turn into Body & Spirit
02:02 and Body & Spirit Aerobics
02:03 and they see they were sitting in chairs.
02:05 But then they realized wow,
02:07 that's look like a program I can actually do.
02:09 We have to realize that not everybody sitting at home
02:12 is a 20-year-old swimsuit model.
02:14 Many people are having trouble just getting around.
02:16 And when they see it, they can actually do
02:17 an exercise program sitting in the comfortable chair.
02:20 They say, "Wow, I can do that."
02:22 And as they start doing it,
02:23 it opens up a whole new life for them again
02:25 to the point where they're able to start doing
02:27 the regular Body & Spirit and Body & Spirit Aerobics
02:30 without any problem.
02:31 So instead of just sitting here
02:32 in a chair talking about Janet,
02:34 I guess we better start doing something.
02:35 So let's do so, we're gonna start by working our chest.
02:38 Pushing out, drawing back, pushing out.
02:41 Range of motion is very important for senior citizens.
02:44 Actually it's important for everybody.
02:46 We're starting out with just some real basic movements
02:49 will be very helpful to allowing us
02:51 to get a good overall workout. And press out and back.
02:56 Press out and back. And press, back.
03:01 Janet told me that I could inform everybody
03:04 that she is almost a senior citizen.
03:06 She will be one next year.
03:09 And she also shared with me
03:11 that her husband is already qualified for that status.
03:15 Okay and press out and back.
03:18 And press out and back.
03:20 Press out and back, and press.
03:24 Let's do it five more times.
03:26 Press way out and way out
03:30 and way out, two more times, and out and out.
03:36 Now put the hands behind your head
03:38 and push your elbows back.
03:40 Janet, you are actually feeling some big issues
03:42 because mom Ford has helped me do this programs
03:45 for quite a few years now.
03:50 Okay, and cross the arms.
03:54 So we'll see how you do taking her place.
03:57 Big shoes to fill. Okay and back.
04:03 Mom Ford always make sure that Body & Spirit Aerobics
04:07 didn't get too dancy.
04:12 Okay, let's cross the arms again.
04:19 Now we're gonna work the upper back.
04:20 Reach up, gonna pull down, around and down.
04:25 Put it back up, pull, down around and down.
04:29 There you go, back up.
04:31 So you're driving the elbows down into the side.
04:33 Reach all the way up, down.
04:37 For some this is gonna difficult breathing
04:39 to even get their arms over their head.
04:41 Work on that and you'll find,
04:43 you'll get a lot more mobility.
04:47 If you stop doing full range of motion that is a danger.
04:51 You'll start loosing the mobility
04:53 and that's something we don't want.
04:56 And sadly so many people are in nursing homes
04:59 in assisted living programs not because of the fact
05:04 that they are mentally gone,
05:06 but they're physically cannot take care
05:07 of themselves anymore.
05:09 One time Janet, I was asked to do
05:11 an interview on a television station
05:13 and came on right after somebody was doing hospice.
05:17 Talking about hospice care.
05:18 And then the person comes on and says,
05:20 "Then what's your motivation, sir?"
05:22 And I said, "To keep people out of hospice."
05:24 Not that I don't think hospice is a great program
05:26 because it is.
05:27 But I'd like to see people be healthy and vibrant
05:30 and they need a terminal healthcare.
05:35 Okay and pull, and pull. Let's do about three more.
05:42 And pull and pull one more time, and pull.
05:48 Okay, now we're gonna stretch out,
05:49 bring one arm up, grab the elbow
05:51 and pull it over.
05:54 Hold the stretch for about 10 seconds.
05:57 Flexibility is also a key component.
05:59 Fitness has broken down into three areas,
06:01 strength, flexibility,
06:03 and cardiovascular conditioning.
06:04 You want to have all three aspects
06:07 of total physical fitness.
06:08 Okay, let's go the other side now.
06:14 And even though somebody can do a lot of exercise,
06:16 often times he can't stretch.
06:18 And by just getting in there and stretching,
06:20 you'll find that you'll start making improvements.
06:22 And you'll be able to start moving more.
06:26 All right, now we're gonna go a shoulder press motion.
06:29 Now push up and push up.
06:33 If you want to use light weights, you can.
06:36 Press up, press up, press up.
06:42 Since we are sitting in chairs,
06:44 we only get to do about it
06:45 10 minute of aerobic work today,
06:48 because for seniors even that amount of time
06:51 is gonna be difficult.
06:53 So we're gonna spend a little time
06:54 working other aspects of the body
06:56 in order to give us
06:58 a good balanced exercise program.
07:02 Now if you need to stop and rest for a moment at home,
07:04 because even just lifting your own arm weight
07:07 over head can start to get difficult
07:09 if you're senior citizen.
07:12 So Janet is almost senior citizen.
07:14 You're doing okay? All right.
07:17 Well must be my arms are a lot heavier
07:19 than yours or something,
07:20 because I'm starting to feel it.
07:24 Okay, we're gonna do 10 more.
07:27 And there's two, and three, and four,
07:33 press it up, press it up
07:37 and press, and press, two more times.
07:42 Up and last one, up, good.
07:46 All right, bring the arm across the body and stretch.
07:51 I personally trained Janet as well.
07:54 And you've gone lot stronger
07:55 since you've started that, haven't you?
07:57 And it's also I believe helped your posture.
08:00 One of the reason why I want to get Janet
08:02 into posture or into training,
08:03 because she had some postural problems
08:05 with the upper thoracic region.
08:06 And we're still working out, but its gotten lot better.
08:12 Okay and switch the other side and pull.
08:18 But I know you've more than doubled your strength
08:21 in a very short period of time.
08:22 And during that time getting so much stronger,
08:25 you haven't really bulk out.
08:27 But a lot of women think that will happen
08:28 if you started to lift, and it just doesn't.
08:32 But the reality is you can do lot more things
08:34 than you could before.
08:35 Okay, now we're gonna do a curl motion.
08:38 Bring your arms down.
08:39 Curl them up and down and up and down
08:43 and up and down and up.
08:46 Flex the muscles act like you're curling away.
08:51 Act like you got those 15 pounders
08:53 in your hand, Janet.
08:55 This is a lot easier. This is a lot easier.
09:00 Well, I'll get you next time, we train again.
09:05 Flex the muscles and flex and flex.
09:10 We're gonna modify here in just a moment.
09:13 Flex up, and up, and up, and up.
09:20 Now bring the arms up like this, and now reach out.
09:23 And flex from this position.
09:28 Little bit like the marvelous bicep curl there.
09:32 So you should be well familiar with these movements.
09:37 All right and let's go ten more repetitions that way.
09:40 There's one and two, flex the biceps each time.
09:44 Three, four, and five, six,
09:52 seven, eight, two more times, nine, and ten,
09:58 hold that position now.
09:59 Now turn the wrist so we're doing
10:02 like the tricep press and push out.
10:06 And push out.
10:08 We're reversing it down instead of curling it up.
10:10 We're extending it out.
10:12 The antagonistic muscle of the biceps is a triceps.
10:16 So when the biceps are flexed,
10:18 the triceps are extended and vice versa.
10:22 Any time you want total joint strength,
10:24 you need to have both aspects of the muscle developed.
10:27 If one muscle is developed and the other isn't
10:29 and you still gonna have a compromise joint.
10:34 Okay, push out, push out.
10:38 Let's go ten more repetitions.
10:40 And two and three and four, five,
10:47 six, and seven, three more times,
10:51 eight, nine, ten.
10:55 Now bring the elbows into the side, Janet.
10:56 Now we're gonna push down
10:58 and push down and press and press.
11:05 Pump those arms up, Janet.
11:07 Press down and push and push and press
11:13 and press and press ten more times.
11:17 There's one and push. Flex your triceps.
11:21 There's four and five and six, seven,
11:28 press it eight and nine and ten and shake it out.
11:35 And good, all right.
11:37 We're ready to start some movement of our legs.
11:40 We're gonna start by putting one leg out straight
11:42 and just raising it up and down.
11:45 We're just gonna warm the legs up by doing this.
11:51 And we're not gonna leave the chair,
11:53 but we'll still gonna try and give ourselves
11:55 a good aerobic workout.
12:01 And four more.
12:05 Okay, switch.
12:07 Now raise your leg up twenty times.
12:09 So just loosening up the knee, getting your legs moving.
12:13 Letting our body know
12:14 we're gonna be doing something here momentarily.
12:25 Now for those at home if you don't need to sit in a chair,
12:28 you can get up and do this.
12:30 Okay, we're gonna start stepping in our chair.
12:39 Nice and gentle.
12:44 This will get the hip flexures little bit tired.
12:47 Try and do this in a seated position.
12:50 And we'll try not to get too complicate
12:51 as we go through the motions.
12:53 First of all because I'm not that coordinated.
12:56 Second of all a lot of people at home are either.
12:59 So we try and keep it fairly simple.
13:01 So you won't feel like you'll get lost in the shuffle
13:04 as we go through it.
13:05 And really just doing the rhythmic activity
13:08 like we're doing right now
13:10 will be adequate for a lot of you.
13:13 But you can't get monotonous
13:14 just doing the same simple thing over and over again.
13:23 I'd like to tell the story, Janet of the 86-year-old woman
13:27 that came out to our program
13:29 and there were some 50-year-old women
13:31 having the pushup contest.
13:33 And the best one did about 10 and this old lady,
13:36 86-year-old lady who has already
13:38 stooped over a little bit wanted to know
13:40 if she could do some of the pushups
13:41 and try the contest.
13:43 And they kind of laughed and sure they said,
13:44 true sweetie, go ahead.
13:46 She got down and wrapped off 18
13:49 military style pushups
13:51 to the shock of the women watching her and they said,
13:53 "How in the world did you do that?"
13:55 And she said, "Well, I've been doing Body & Spirit
13:57 for five years now.
13:59 I started by doing pushups against the wall
14:01 and then I got, so I can get on the floor
14:03 and doing off my knees.
14:04 And now I can do them regular military style."
14:07 And she goes, "I had a bad day,
14:09 I usually do 20 of them."
14:11 Okay, now we're gonna put the legs out
14:13 and moving back and forth that way.
14:16 Out and out and out.
14:23 Little bit like doing that Russian dance
14:25 although they are not sitting in chairs
14:26 while they do it. Right.
14:27 Always been impressed by that maneuver.
14:30 I've never tried it before,
14:32 but I'm sure we might be able to get.
14:35 That's real squats.
14:37 Yeah, I've to see if I get one of the staff
14:40 at the Black hills to try that, but it won't be me.
14:45 And while you're doing this, you will probably feel
14:46 in your abdomen a little bit.
14:52 It's encouraging, you reach your leg out
14:55 like extending the knee and drawing it back.
14:57 So you're getting both an extension and leg curl
15:00 type action at the same time.
15:05 Now it's getting that rhythmic activity
15:07 of a major muscle group bring the legs.
15:11 Now if you have to do this slower, that's okay.
15:13 If you can't quite keep up with us,
15:15 that's understandable.
15:16 Just do them at your own pace.
15:19 Also for you at home, if you have to totally stop,
15:23 that's okay as well.
15:25 I always try and remind people
15:27 that even if you just do
15:28 a few minutes of aerobic exercise,
15:30 take a rest period and then do a few more minutes
15:33 and take a rest period
15:34 and do a few more minutes, that's fine.
15:37 You'll get, so you can go longer without stopping.
15:40 So if you just start with two minutes now
15:43 and then you workup to three, four, and five minutes.
15:46 The great thing about exercise is progressive
15:48 and you always have another day.
15:50 But you don't wanna go too hard, because if you do,
15:53 you might put yourself or set yourself back.
15:56 So you better off just to keep a nice
15:58 even pace as you go through the programs
16:01 and allow yourself the ability to progress.
16:05 Okay, let's go back to our original move.
16:13 Okay, we're gonna try to get a little hip flexibility
16:16 as we do this.
16:17 So we're gonna step out
16:21 and back and forth that way, good.
16:23 Step to the side.
16:32 Janet, how long you've been working out now?
16:34 About two years. About three years, okay.
16:36 Two, two years. Two, okay.
16:41 And you find out about working out
16:43 by originally coming to the wellness programs.
16:45 That's right. Several years ago.
16:47 Now were you surprise when somebody said
16:49 you're gonna pump weights while you were there?
16:50 Yeah. And how do you like it?
16:55 Um, sometimes I really enjoy it.
16:58 Sometimes I don't.
16:59 Now that's a brutally and honest answer
17:02 especially since I'm the trainer.
17:04 Right, but I know that I really need to do it
17:05 and it's good for me
17:06 Okay, so you always feel good when it's over then.
17:09 Yeah, I always feel good when it's over.
17:11 Okay, now here's the million dollar question,
17:15 do you look forward to it? Mostly.
17:18 Okay. Some days not.
17:19 Okay, let's go back to the front and step.
17:30 We have a doctor that Janet knows
17:32 of out of our wellness center who hadn't worked out
17:34 before in his life until he was 71 years old.
17:38 Could only do two pushups and no pull ups,
17:42 and he could do about 60 pounds on the pull down
17:45 and about 110 pounds on leg press.
17:48 Now he's 74 and he can-- she has done 20 pull ups,
17:51 80 pushups, 510 pounds on leg press,
17:56 200 pounds on the pull down, and Janet, I can assure you
17:59 I'm telling you truth because she has seen him in action.
18:02 In fact I bring him to orientations
18:05 of our wellness programs.
18:06 Then he gets down and does one pushups
18:08 for the incoming guest to encourage them
18:10 that they can do it.
18:11 Okay, let's step back out again.
18:18 So you're starting to feel it yet or you're doing okay?
18:20 I am feeling it.
18:21 All right, that's what we're hoping up here.
18:25 You're my guinea pig.
18:30 Movement is exercise,
18:31 so we want to keep those legs going
18:34 because as we do that, we'll get the good aerobic work.
18:36 Remember, all muscles have their own aerobic,
18:39 anaerobic system.
18:40 A lot of programs try and implement
18:42 both resistance exercise with aerobic exercise
18:47 in a soccer training type fashion.
18:49 But that's not gonna give you the best of you they want.
18:51 You're better off to do your aerobics
18:53 and then do your anaerobics or vice versa.
18:56 You'll find yourself getting a lot better workout.
18:59 And there're various types of exercise.
19:02 We have the isometric type exercise
19:04 which is resistance where there is no movement.
19:07 And then you have it's called isokinetic
19:09 which is resistance through a range of motion.
19:12 And that would be doing like hydraulic exercise equipment.
19:15 Those two are very effective for rehabilitation
19:18 and the final type is isotonic
19:19 which would be weight training.
19:22 Weight training is resistance through a range of motion
19:24 where the speed is in control.
19:25 And that's when it's gonna give you the most development.
19:28 And that's a kind of exercise equipment
19:30 we use on Janet, isotonic.
19:33 And a lot of people are encouraging women
19:34 to only do isokinetic, and that's unfortunate
19:37 because it's not gonna allow the women
19:39 to get to the full benefit that they really are looking
19:42 to get by resistance training.
19:44 And of course if we're gonna spend the time doing workouts.
19:47 It would be nice to maximize your benefit.
19:50 And Janet that's the beauty of program,
19:52 because how much time does it take you to lift weights?
19:55 Fifteen minutes.
19:56 Fifteen minutes, yeah, 15 minutes
19:58 and that's all that the doctor spends.
20:00 I wouldn't do it if it's longer.
20:01 Okay, let's go back to the front.
20:03 Step in place.
20:06 Someone told me I have to workout an hour.
20:08 I bet I wouldn't do it.
20:09 Well, that's what a lot of people think they have to do.
20:12 They think they've to do an hour or two a day
20:14 in order to get any benefit, and I tell them,
20:16 look I've done everything from seven days a week
20:18 to four hours a day to just three times
20:20 a week for 15 minutes.
20:22 Then I get much more benefit just doing the three times
20:25 for 15 minutes than I ever did the seven days a week
20:27 for four hours a day.
20:29 Of course I hung with a little different crowd back then.
20:32 Hung out with some world record holders
20:34 in power lifting and pro bodybuilders
20:36 and even with Arnold Schwarzenegger himself
20:39 back when he wasn't the governor
20:42 and back then he lifted weights in.
20:44 As we get a new generations of people they might gonna
20:47 remember the fact that one time he was a bodybuilder.
20:51 They're gonna think all he was an actor
20:53 and then a governor much on the same vein
20:57 as Roland Reagan, another former governor
20:59 of California or is it California,
21:01 but no one say that right now.
21:06 Okay, step out to the side, and step, and step, step,
21:11 step, step, step, step, good, step.
21:19 I remember a famous story Janet about a 93-year-old
21:23 woman in Europe who was jogging past a nursing home
21:27 and a police stopped to try and arrest her
21:29 to take her back at nursing home.
21:31 She tried to convince them that she indeed was a jogger.
21:34 And they did not believe her at first.
21:36 But after they jogged with her for a little while,
21:38 they realized she was telling the truth.
21:41 And then we have our old friend Jacquelyn
21:43 who is really the pioneer of all this.
21:46 You turn on some of the classic television station,
21:49 you might even find a Jacqueline program
21:51 from back in his youth.
21:53 Back then when he was doing back in the 50s and 60s
21:56 and the thing I like about Jack's program
21:58 is he would then stop during the exercise and sit down,
22:01 look right into the camera and tell people unless
22:04 you have a good walk with your maker,
22:05 you never have total health.
22:07 So it isn't just about the physical work,
22:09 it's also about the spiritual work.
22:11 But I remember laughing while I watch my mother
22:13 do that back when I was just a little boy.
22:15 And she would go through these exercise programs.
22:18 And you must have like him, I know you're dog lover,
22:20 and he always have his dog out there, okay.
22:24 Of course you were back in England during that time.
22:25 So you may never seen him before,
22:27 but you heard of him.
22:29 Yeah, I know Jack is in his 90s now
22:32 and on his 90th birthday,
22:34 he actually did a 26 mile underwater swim
22:36 using air tanks and a writer for sports illustrated,
22:41 he said, "If I lived to be 90, I need air tanks too
22:43 but not for swimming."
22:44 So very impressive feat, and Jack is still selling
22:48 his Jacqueline juicer and he is a--
22:52 will still duet with himself.
22:56 From fifty years apart, where he sings this old song,
22:59 God be with you until we meet again.
23:02 And the sad thing is somebody wrote in two letters
23:04 that the editor to sports illustrate,
23:06 saying I'd rather die at the age of 70
23:10 than live to be 100 and live like Jacqueline.
23:13 But the thing that people don't realize
23:15 is when you change your lifestyle,
23:17 you feel so much better.
23:19 You don't want to go back to the old way.
23:23 And I'm sure that Jack doesn't regret the changes he's made,
23:28 because really what it all comes down
23:30 to is quality of life.
23:31 In the Boston Hebrew Rehabilitative Center
23:33 found there by having people exercise on a regular basis
23:37 that after just a two month time period,
23:42 the average increase in strength was three fold,
23:45 and that means people were getting
23:46 out off their wheel chairs.
23:48 Getting rid of their walkers, getting rid off their canes,
23:50 and in some cases were able to walk out
23:51 of the nursing home because now
23:53 they can take care of themselves.
23:54 So Janet, slow it down.
23:57 We've had a good aerobic work.
23:58 I know I'm starting to have perspire a little bit.
24:00 Yeah, it's amazing. It is amazing.
24:02 So you tell people all the times like look
24:04 you still get good work out even if all you can do
24:07 is sit in a chair as long as you keep moving.
24:10 You can even do this while working in your office.
24:12 So I'll go what you're doing?
24:14 Working out.
24:18 So that's why I go back to the thing if people say
24:21 I can't exercise, usually they're making
24:23 an excuse for themselves.
24:25 And so we even have programs on Body & Spirit
24:28 and Body & Spirit Aerobics.
24:29 There we do for people who can't even move their legs.
24:33 So those programs have been very helpful
24:36 for a lot of people because you're not gonna
24:38 find those any place else.
24:39 We try and accommodate everybody.
24:42 From those who are very, very fit,
24:43 to those who can't move very well.
24:46 We're down to our last ten seconds.
24:48 Winding down to stop. And down to five more seconds.
24:54 Okay, Janet, you're doing a good job winding down.
24:56 You look like you're winding down.
24:57 Okay, good.
24:59 Now we're gonna do is we're gonna put our hands
25:02 on our abdomen and we're gonna blow out
25:04 and cross forward and then we're gonna push back.
25:07 Blow out and then back. Blow out and back.
25:13 Now this is a very simple movement.
25:15 But it still working those abdominal muscles
25:18 very important for overall physical health.
25:22 You want your abdomen, and your lower back strong.
25:26 Squeeze it in and squeeze and squeeze.
25:33 Blot as you come forward that will help you to contract
25:36 your abdomen more fully and squeeze,
25:40 and squeeze and squeeze
25:45 and squeeze, blow out and squeeze.
25:51 Let's go ten more, and there's two and three
25:58 and four, five, and six, seven,
26:06 and eight and nine and ten.
26:10 Okay, let's turn to the side.
26:12 You can use the chair as to help
26:15 to get you to stretch a little more.
26:19 Hold that.
26:23 All right, let's go the other way now, stretch.
26:34 Okay, let's bring our leg over and pull.
26:39 Let's pull it too so it comes to the side.
26:41 So you're feeling the stretch down in the gluteal area.
26:44 Feeling that.
26:49 Okay, let's go the other way now.
26:50 Well, Janet, you've done a great job.
26:56 Thank you.
26:57 Mom Ford would be proud of you.
27:01 I feel like that kind of workout.
27:02 Okay, good, all right, thanks a lot Janet.
27:08 There's another saying I use at our wellness center
27:10 all the time and that is
27:12 when you feel strong, you feel young.
27:14 When you feel weak, you feel old.
27:17 When it's hard to get out of a chair,
27:18 hard to get out of a bed,
27:20 we never be gonna feel well.
27:22 But when you can bounce out of bed,
27:23 spin right out of a chair, you feel young again.
27:26 And that's what you want.
27:27 If you want you to enjoy the part of your life
27:29 and realize that you can get
27:31 into a good exercise program.
27:33 We also want you to focus on doing it for the right reason.
27:35 Not for a selfish glory or vanity.
27:38 I want you to do it because you wanna glorify
27:40 God with your body.
27:41 The scripture we use on Body & Spirit all the time
27:43 is Philippians 4:13 which states,
27:46 "I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me."
27:50 God bless you.
27:51 We look forward to see you again
27:52 next time on Body & Spirit Aerobics.


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