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00:02 The following program is designed to demonstrate
00:04 simple workouts that you can use
00:05 to improve your health.
00:08 Be sure to consult your physician
00:10 before beginning any exercise program.
00:14 One of the great ways of exercising
00:16 is to train with a friend. We're going to show you
00:18 how you can do that, next on Body and Spirit aerobics.
00:49 Hello, I am Dick Nunez, Wellness Director
00:51 at the Black Hills Health and Education Center.
00:53 Welcome to Body and Spirit aerobics.
00:56 One of the great ways to get a regular exercise program
00:59 and stay with it is if we have a buddy to train with.
01:02 That's why personal training has become so popular
01:04 in today's culture because often times people have
01:06 nobody to workout with. And that personal trainer
01:09 adds a support of keeping people motivated to keep
01:11 coming in to working out. But today we're going to
01:14 talk about team training and you can do this
01:16 hopefully with a friend or with the brother, sister,
01:19 spouse, parent, child, whoever you want to do.
01:23 And so we're going to that right now.
01:24 Helping me out will be Jonathan.
01:28 And Jonathan and I trained together
01:29 quite a bit at Black Hills,
01:30 so we're well aware of how to workout together.
01:33 And so, but he is going to be doing
01:35 most of the working out, I am going to be the one
01:37 helping him through it.
01:40 So right now we are just gonna warm up
01:42 because he is going need to be good and warm.
01:45 Otherwise, he won't survive.
01:51 And I may have to do a little bit of this
01:52 just to make sure he has a little bit of break
01:54 and I can't let him have all the fun.
01:56 Okay, up and around the other way.
02:05 Okay, few more times. And now relax. Okay, Jonathan,
02:14 we gonna start by getting into a push-up position,
02:17 why don't we go ahead and lay this way.
02:20 And I am going to provide the resistance for him.
02:23 So, I am going to push down as he is pushing up,
02:27 okay. Now, I am not going to push too hard
02:29 because if I do he won't get much out of it.
02:36 So, I am giving a nice steady push
02:38 to allow him the feel the work.
02:46 And push, and push, and push, and push, and push
02:57 and pushing right on the shoulder blades here,
03:00 push it up, and two more, and good.
03:14 Alright, so just in case people wonder
03:16 if I can still do a push up, I guess I better
03:18 get down there huh! Okay, yeah, push on there.
04:14 Definitely makes it a little tougher
04:15 when somebody is pushing on you.
04:17 Okay, Jonathan, I'm going to have
04:18 you lay on your back now. I am going to try with you.
04:24 Push your leg straight. Okay, now you're gonna,
04:29 let's see. Here you go. Pull yourself up.
04:45 Well, this is working his upper back.
04:58 Three more times, good.
05:09 Okay, now we are going to stretch out a little bit.
05:11 I am going to do that one just for
05:13 the mere sake of my size.
05:17 Push your elbows back.
05:21 I'm little over a 100 pounds heavier than Jonathan
05:24 and for him to hold me might be a little challenge
05:28 even though he is pretty strong.
05:31 Bring it across. You're definitely a Windsor guy.
05:42 Jonathan loves it when we do these types of workouts.
05:49 And it's amazing. What's that? Don't say you're done.
05:54 Okay, and across again. Okay, now let's stretch
06:02 the upper back, arm up over the head.
06:08 Okay, you should really stretch right in through here.
06:14 Okay, the other side and hold on to that
06:23 for about another 5 seconds. Okay, good.
06:29 Go and have a seat on the floor Jonathan.
06:32 Okay, we are going to do a shoulder press.
06:33 Okay, and again I'm gonna add,
06:36 give you some resistance.
06:39 You want somebody in a lower position like this
06:43 which will allow them to get a better resistance,
06:49 he's getting resistance from you.
06:51 Put you in a better leverage position.
06:53 Press up, Press up, and push and push and push.
07:09 You don't have to push real hard.
07:12 You just have to a give steady push
07:13 and it definitely does the trick.
07:23 Up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up.
07:28 Come on Jonathan push it. One more time. Good.
07:39 Alright. Come on up. Now another way we can do
07:43 shoulders is a lot of raise, I'll go ahead and do
07:45 that one Jonathan. Will you resist from here.
08:02 You'll have to forgive me
08:03 if I don't talk much while I do these.
08:14 Okay, now we're gonna do a hold,
08:16 lets see if we can do our thing there Jonathan.
08:25 I haven't done that in a while.
08:26 Okay let's get a towel. Okay, we're gonna do
08:31 some bicep exercise now,
08:33 and I am gonna be the resistance for Jonathan.
08:40 What was that? Okay, he's gonna curl up?
08:53 We're just flexing the bicep and again
08:54 I'm trying to give him the steady pressure
08:57 because if I just try and reap on it,
08:58 that's not going to do him any good.
09:10 Let's go 5 more. Good job, two more times.
09:20 Squeeze up, good.
09:28 Well, you're able to feel your biceps.
09:30 Really. Okay, time for me
09:33 to have some fun.
10:14 Okay, have a seat again. We're gonna do tricep
10:20 extension. Okay, elbows forward and press up.
10:29 This is an excellent exercise for the triceps.
10:43 For those who are concerned about the back of your arms,
10:45 often times women would like to be able to work
10:48 the backs of their arms to make them firmer.
10:50 This is a great exercise to do, it's a great isolator.
11:00 Push it up, and up, and up, push it, push it, push it,
11:09 push it, push it, and up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up,
11:18 up, and up. Come on Jonathan, up.
11:23 Two more times, push it, push it, and push, good.
11:34 You notice I spend a lot of time encouraging him
11:36 to keep pushing because the reality is
11:39 when you're exercising; it's easy to let up
11:43 as you're going through the motion?
11:44 We're thinking we are pushing hard but in actuality,
11:48 we actually kind of work on a,
11:51 a grid where we push hard a little bit and then
11:53 we totally bottom out and then we go hard again.
11:56 So somebody can be doing a big bench press
11:58 and they're pushing a lot of weight at the bottom
12:00 then it almost goes to zero until they kick back
12:03 in again and push it all the way up.
12:05 So, when I am training people
12:06 I am always encourage them to push all the way
12:08 through it because that's an important concept
12:10 when it come to exercise. We are trying to get the
12:12 muscles work all the way through the range of motion.
12:14 And that is one of the things that, well, the isokinetic
12:17 equipment will actually allow you to bottom out zero.
12:19 But when you do, there is some type of equipment
12:22 like we have some equipment called life circuit and
12:24 that one if you don't continue the resistance
12:27 all way through it, it's just going to stop.
12:29 You're not going anywhere. Okay, I'm going to do
12:31 a press down motion Jonathan.
12:32 So, I want you take it, in kind of a curl position,
12:35 okay. Now I am going to slide down here a little bit
12:38 and I'm going to press down.
12:40 Okay, this is another triceps exercise.
12:41 He was doing the one from a seated position pushing up
12:45 and this is the same muscle group
12:49 but just a different motion.
12:52 That'll also work his biceps a little more.
12:57 So, we have to see which one wears out first.
13:04 Okay, up, up, up. And I want to do 5 more.
13:13 And two more times. Very good.
13:18 Okay, let's get this thing out of here.
13:23 Now for this next exercise, we're gonna be going into
13:25 lower body. So Jonathan we'll have to get in a
13:27 squat position. Let's go ahead and turn sideways,
13:30 and so we gonna show a good positioning
13:33 by making sure the hips go back
13:35 and the knees stay over the feet.
13:37 And I'm gonna add you resistance,
13:42 and then down and down and down and down.
13:53 Keep your chest up, push up, way up now, way up.
13:58 Okay, back down and down and down and down,
14:08 Okay. Come on back up now we will go right into lunges,
14:10 right into lunges, okay. And this will actually
14:13 start up our aerobic exercise too 'cause again aerobic
14:16 exercise is rhythmic activity of a major muscle group.
14:19 We're gonna do this on a little bit of strength
14:21 training mode. And do 10 of them.
14:32 You can see in his form skipping the knee
14:34 over the foot. Okay, and go ten more squats.
14:46 Okay, chest up. Always have the hips go back.
14:50 Knees are staying over the feet.
14:54 There's 4, and 5, and 6, 7, 8, two more times 9,
15:07 back into the lunge. And go 10 on each side.
15:16 Lunges are a great exercise. But if you do get knee pain
15:19 from them you want to, not quite, go quite so deep.
15:24 Show a modified lunge Jonathan.
15:26 Okay, and do five more like that.
15:40 And two more. Okay back into squats,
15:53 we're keeping all the emphasis on the legs now,
15:55 and doing squats without weight,
15:57 usually isn't hard for them,
15:59 but I'm probably sure to get a little tired.
16:10 Okay, back into the lunge.
16:17 We're doing another ten on each side.
16:21 Now for those at home if you need to stop,
16:23 go ahead and do so, because this is an
16:25 intensive work out as far as the stress
16:28 we're putting on his legs
16:29 and you might feel this a little bit tomorrow.
16:36 There's number 6. We got four more on each side.
16:40 Got excellent form. A little bit slower,
16:47 a little bit slower, that's better.
16:52 You know, I am being too much of a hurry
16:53 to get these done. Oh! Yes.
16:56 Okay, one more set of squats.
16:59 Okay, 10 squats and don't go too deep this time,
17:02 okay, back up. Okay, all the way up, way up high, down,
17:07 way up high, down, all the way up, down,
17:09 all the way up, down, all the way up, down,
17:15 all the way up, down, all the way up, down,
17:19 all the way up, down, all the way up, down,
17:25 all the way up,one more time.
17:29 Okay, and lunge it out again. Last ten.
17:43 Starting to feel your legs.
17:48 This is an excellent exercise for gluteus maximus,
17:51 which if you don't know where that is,
17:53 you're sitting on it. And 3 more times.
17:59 Jonathan is starting to perspire a little bit.
18:08 Okay, Jonathan get into a step in place, step in place.
18:14 Okay, while he is doing this?
18:15 He is allowing his body to cool down a little bit
18:18 from the intensity of his work,
18:21 but he is keeping his legs moving,
18:24 so the cardiovascular affect is still happening.
18:27 Remember aerobic workout is rhythmic activity of a
18:30 major muscle group. And so if you stop using the legs
18:35 and we go into an arm exercise then he is going
18:36 to be starting over with a new aerobic group.
18:37 So, we want to keep aerobic stimulus on the legs
18:40 and the way you find out if you're aerobic
18:42 or not is you take 220 subtract your age.
18:45 And then you take that figure and it's 70 to 80 percent
18:48 of that to figure where your train rate is.
18:50 Now there are other methods to try and figure that out
18:53 but that's a pretty safe and simple formula.
18:55 So, for example if somebody is 40 years old,
18:57 220 minus 40 is going to be 180,
19:02 and then 40 per cent, excuse me 80 percent
19:04 of that is going to be 144 and 70 percent
19:07 of that's going to be 126 and that will be
19:09 the training weight for 20-30 minute time period.
19:12 And so, if somebody is 50 years old
19:13 it's going to change that. Then the maximum heart
19:16 rate is going to be 170 and now you are looking at 119
19:19 to 136 for a training rate. So, the older you get
19:22 the lower your heart rate is, okay, let's go
19:25 and speed that up a little bit.
19:28 And theoretically what you look at is when we were
19:30 first born our maximum heart rate is 220.
19:33 And every year of our life our maximum heart rate
19:36 goes down a beep, so by time you're 10 years old
19:39 it goes down to 210. By the time you're 20,
19:42 which is close to where Jonathan's at it goes to 200.
19:44 Okay, pick it up, pick it up.
19:47 Now we're jogging in place.
19:50 And he probably feels his legs
19:52 from the earlier motions we were doing.
19:58 Okay, I want you to keep jogging in place
19:59 and let me have your wrist I want to see
20:01 what your pulse rate is doing.
20:02 As we are doing all this exercise.
20:12 Okay, Jonathan's pulse rate is right around 135
20:15 right now which isn't surprising 'cause I know
20:17 he is in pretty good shape. So, you can pick it
20:19 up a little bit and still be safe.
20:22 Now when you are training aerobically
20:23 if you think well I am just going to go
20:25 above my training rate because I will get
20:27 more benefit. Well the reality is you will not
20:29 get more benefit. In fact, you actually increase
20:31 your risk factors. You actually burn fat more
20:33 effectively if you stay in a lower training range.
20:36 Okay, go and slow it down. Very good.
20:43 Okay, go back to a walking type motion.
20:49 And we're gonna do that for about a little over
20:51 another minute Jonathan as we're start to the
20:53 cool down aspect of it. And then we're going
20:55 to do some stretching. Stretch out the legs.
20:57 I know you put in a lot of stress there,
20:58 I know it feels good to stretch those out.
21:06 Little slower, little slower. It's always crucial
21:10 when you're doing aerobic exercise you want
21:12 to have a warm up pace or you start getting
21:14 the pulse rate going so you're not putting a
21:16 great shock on your heart by starting out too quickly.
21:19 And that allows you to get into your aerobic phase
21:21 and then as you finish the aerobic phase
21:23 we want to do a cool down period.
21:25 So that we allow the heart to start slowing down.
21:27 And we are using the leg muscles to help circulate
21:30 the venous blood flow back up to the heart
21:32 so we're not putting a great stress on the heart,
21:34 all of a sudden gone. You do all the work.
21:37 And it's kind of like carrying a piano with somebody
21:40 and all of sudden they decided to let go and say,
21:42 you carry it. Well, it won't be quite that bad
21:45 but you get the idea. Okay, we're down
21:50 let's go about 30 more seconds of slow walking,
21:53 move the hands just a little bit more.
21:55 Keeping those arms moving will help the circulatory
21:58 response as the blood is pumping through Jonathan's
22:01 body. Okay, we are going to go 30 more seconds.
22:06 So, we are going to get into stretch it.
22:09 Stretching is a great way to finish up a workout.
22:12 Stretching is not warming up.
22:14 Stretching is simply stretching.
22:15 Lot of people think that stretching is a warm
22:18 way to warm up, but it's not.
22:19 In fact, I encourage people to stretch after the workout
22:22 not necessarily before. I know a lot of people
22:25 like to stretch before hand if that's
22:26 what you like to do, do it. It's not a problem.
22:29 But I encourage the flexibility training
22:31 after the exercise 'cause it's actually better
22:34 to stretch your warm muscles.
22:36 Okay, let's go and lay on the floor.
22:40 Lay on your side. Okay, and I want to do
22:44 the quadriceps stretch, reach back, grab a hold.
22:47 Now Jonathan is very flexible,
22:49 for somebody who may not be able to get back
22:51 and get a hold of your leg quite as easy as he can.
23:00 Okay, while you're in that position Jonathan
23:03 while on that leg I want you to go ahead and lay on
23:05 your back. And I want you to pull your left knee to
23:08 your chest. Okay, this allows them to stretch
23:14 his hamstring area. Okay, go and put your right leg
23:18 straight. That will increase the stretch.
23:21 And if you want to increase the stretch
23:23 even more straighten the leg out,
23:26 grab behind the leg and pull.
23:32 Now men notoriously have very poor hamstring flexibility
23:37 and poor hamstring flexibility will cause bad back,
23:41 okay. Now let's go through the other leg.
23:46 Start by doing the quadriceps stretch first.
23:53 That should feel good. When you have a hard workout,
23:57 stretching out always feels good.
24:03 Okay, now let's go over to pull the knee to the chest.
24:07 Pull it up. Okay, now let's straighten out the leg,
24:17 and pull. Okay, good, now put your right leg straight.
24:29 Bring your left leg up and bring it across
24:31 and we're stretching the back.
24:37 That's a very relaxing stretch there.
24:38 This is working out, stretching his,
24:40 his abductors of his hips and stretching the lower back
24:43 as well. You're gonna hold out for about 10
24:48 more seconds. Just breath and relax as you do this
24:53 stretch. Are you relaxed? Okay, good.
25:00 Get your pillow and your blanket.
25:01 Alright, switch over. Pull it down.
25:08 You feel it stretching your hip.
25:12 Okay, that X marks the spot.
25:20 Okay, let's go and bring you back up to your feet.
25:25 Okay, now we are going to stretch the calves
25:27 and the way we're going to do that is we gonna to
25:28 step back, push the heel to the floor.
25:38 Your calves will be a little tired by now I suspect.
25:46 Okay, lets switch side. You want to feel that stretch
25:55 down through the Achilles tendon, and then the back
25:58 of the leg, okay. Now we are just going to finish up
26:02 by doing some trunk rotation.
26:04 It helps relax our way through finish of a good workout.
26:14 Turn and turn and turn and turn and turn
26:32 and turn and turn and turn and good.
26:38 Alright, Thanks a lot Jonathan.
26:42 As I mentioned at the top of the show,
26:43 lot of people depend on personal trainers
26:45 in order to get them through their workout.
26:47 And being a personal trainer myself
26:49 I certainly wouldn't want to discourage that
26:51 because a good personal trainer can help people
26:53 to overcome a lot of obstacles
26:55 or a lot of hardships because they can help
26:58 them go through the process of making decisions
27:01 of how they're to exercise. For a lot
27:03 of people that's not practical
27:04 or it's not reality because personal trainers can be
27:06 quite expensive you go to some places
27:08 and you'll find it costing $60 for a workout.
27:11 Now I don't, wouldn't charge near that amount
27:13 but that's what a lot of people are demanding
27:15 and that's what they're getting.
27:16 But also you can get a good workout by just training
27:19 with a good friend and a buddy system has been
27:21 found to be very affective for so many things.
27:24 And certainly exercise is a good way of doing that
27:26 because if you have somebody that's gonna hold you
27:28 accountable or if you know somebody else that's a
27:31 good friend of yours or a relative and they're ready
27:33 to do the workout even if you really don't feel
27:35 like doing it, you're often times finding
27:37 them help to drag you through it shall you say.
27:39 But also when you're doing your workout you want to
27:42 make sure your doing it for the right reason.
27:44 You don't want to train for vain glory
27:45 or just to look good for yourself.
27:47 You want to do it because we realize that we're not
27:50 our own, we're bought with a price
27:51 and that price is the blood of Jesus Christ.
27:53 So claim the promise that we do from Philippians 4:13,
27:57 I can do all things through Christ
27:59 who strengthens me. God bless you,
28:01 we look forward to seeing you next time
28:02 on Body and Spirit aerobics.


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